How to test pentair salt cell

Wasserstoff ist die Zukunft

2016.10.29 08:08 chopchopped Wasserstoff ist die Zukunft

Wasserstoff = Hydrogen in Germany and Brennstoffzellen = Fuel Cell. Watch the new energy revolution unfold, and please subscribe. Post anything relating to Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in any language. Translate articles into your language at

2015.09.30 11:24 chopchopped Toyota Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Mirai

Welcome to Mirai, a sub about the Toyota Hydrogen Electric Mirai, the first Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle for sale in the world. Ask questions, tell us about your Mirai or post anything you think is important relating to EV's in general, and please subscribe. "Toyota believes that to bet on a single technology to solve the challenge of decarbonising transport is too risky."

2018.06.02 10:48 chopchopped Hydrogen Buses are Electric Buses

Hydrogen Buses are Electric Buses

2023.06.11 00:07 su1eman Am I dumb? - ADHD newbie here

Hi so I fell down this rabbit hole of IQ testing after trying to see if I would qualify for school accommodations for ADHD
Basically I’ve had ADHD since I was 13 I’m in my mid 20s now (male, USA, south Asian) and I was just shooting the shit to see if I would be considered for accommodations for dental school that begins in a few months.
Then that brought me to the Mensa Norway test. I asked gpt4 what’s the best free online iq test to get an indicator of where I’m at. It suggested the most trusted to be 1. Mensa Norway 2. Cambridge brain sciences and 3. Queen doms iq test
Now see getting into dental school was very competitive. I scored a near 90th percentile on my DAT the standardized test for admission, and have been running on a high ever since
So I thought ok - instead of trying to get accommodations let me just see what my iq is to see if it’s necessary. So I begin Mensa Norway, on my phone, on the couch and like a couple questions deep I lost motivation but decided to stick through it. I’ve never done a formal or informal iq test before so it was all very new to me. I deffinitley burnt out on focus towards the end but idk.
The result? 95 IQ lmao. I feel dumb as hell now. But my mom was yelling at me in the meantime, I was questioning the validity of the whole thing to begin with, and felt I was stuck on a few for too long and overall didn’t give it my all.
What do you all think? Poor test conditions or more so that someone with a truly genuine higher or lower iQ who took the test in the same exact conditions as me would have respectively scored higher or lower?
Now forget all the neuropsych Evals - how the hell am I gonna do dental school with a sub average IQ especially if I wanna specialize which is competitive to another level- fully dependent on exam scores.
What should I do from here? I’m ready to give these iq tests my all in the search of the best reliable online cheap iq measure. Retake Norway? Is there a better alternative? Are first attempts the end all be all regardless of testing conditions? Should I take my adhd medication or go without it? I take it daily regardless.
Ahh someone tell me I’m not dumb lol. Or at least give me the run down on how this all works and what you recommend I take as a online test and how many times to get a true average iq guesstimate?
Should I give myself time between the next time I take an iq test or is it ok to go back to back if I feel okay mentally? Is empty stomach okay or should I eat?
I know this was alot so whatever you can provide input on would be massively helpful.
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2023.06.11 00:07 katrod158 Quant advice

Hi everyone,
I think this is the right spot for this question. I have taken the GRE twice thus far for graduate school, and I just can't get the hang of the GRE quant section. I am a senior STEM major in undergrad and I'm in the middle of submitting graduate school applications (schools require GRE and focus on verbal and quant). I took the GRE once in march without studying and got 147 (27th percentile) and then again in may after completing the magoosh prep course and got a 152 (40th percentile). I am taking it again this coming august and I have been using Gregmat (saw great reviews on reddit), but I feel like my problem does not have to do with the material itself, I think it has to do with my test-taking. I scored pretty well on verbal with 74th percentile, so I don't think it has too much to do with test anxiety, but I don't know what else it could be. I have always been good at math in general and mathematical applications (I have a 4.0 math GPA and a 3.73 science GPA), but for some reason I just can't do well on the GRE quant section. All of my graduate schools give preference to >50 percentile, and I am so nervous this score will cause me to get rejected (its a masters medical program). Anyone have any advice on how I can try and improve? I'll do whatever I have to do, I just do not know what that would be!
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2023.06.11 00:07 thestrangemusician How should I adjust my gauge?

How should I adjust my gauge?
I’m starting my first sweater and I knit a test swatch to be sure the fit was right. 21 stitches x 28 rows is supposed to be 4”x4” according to my pattern. I lightly hand washed and left the swatch flat to dry to gently block it, as the pattern instructed. My swatch is the right width, but is slightly too long. Will this significantly affect the fit of my sweater? If so, how should I adjust?
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2023.06.11 00:06 ZealousidealFan9219 How do I calm myself down until my STD test?

I (18m) had my first sexual experience on June 9. I hit up someone who is much older than me, and we met and hooked up. And I lacked the foresight to consider that what I did was incredibly unsafe, and I was a fool.
We did unprotected oral (I received and gave it), but nothing else.
He said he was HIV negative, that he doesn’t have sex often, and that he keeps track of his sexual health, but I just don’t believe those last two things. He has an OnlyFans and he posts videos with other dudes (which I found out after we did it), and he was on a cruising website, so to me, this means he must be very active.
Now I am panicking and I’m stressed that he lied and now I am in big trouble. My only opportunity to go to planned parenthood without arousing suspicion from my parents (they track my location) is in a little more than two weeks; I have to take a university exam, and a planned parenthood is nearby. I have ulcerative colitis so I don’t know if I am at an increased risk.
Also, I know that for some period of time after sex, some STD remain undetectable. And I’m scared that I will test myself too early.
And I’m scared that I can’t afford the medication I need, in case I do have an STD.
How do I calm myself down for these few weeks before my STD test? What do I even do if I can’t afford medication and they prescribe it to me in the case that I have an STD?
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2023.06.11 00:06 VideoSubstantial551 LR-LG-LR-RC

First LR was way harder than the second so hoping its experimental! LG was def tough too, but finished it at least. The second half of the test felt easy tho.
When can we start discussing the test more specifically? Would love to know which LR was the experimental.
How did everyone else feel?:)
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2023.06.11 00:06 fiveMop 25F with very high LDL, how screwed am I?

So I had a blood test and my LDL came back at 165 mg/dl. My HDL and Triglyceride are quite normal. 44 and 77mg/dl respectively. My blood pressure is also normal.
And I don't know where that's coming from. I'm not active but not completely sedentary either. I mostly eat at home and maybe once a week out (usually a pizza or pasta). I also eat quite a lot of eggs. (Maybe 45-50 per month)
I don't eat red meat every day. I rarely eat butter. I'd think I eat healthier than majority of people, maybe 10-15% of my calories come from saturated fats in the worse case possible but my LDL just shocked me.
Genetic wise, heart disease runs in my paternal side. Although they are in their 50s and 60s, None of them has died from it yet though. So I'm not sure how genetically I'm unlucky given the prevalence of heart disease in older folks.
So how dangerous is this now? I've decided to lower my saturated fats intake to 5% and replace industrial seed oils with olive oil. But truth is, I don't know how effective they are going to be and how sustainable that'd be.
And BTW, should I have a ApoB test? I've heard that sometimes you could have high LDL but low ApoB and that'd be completely healthy.
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2023.06.11 00:06 helpagirlout101 Stopped birth control November 2021 and still breaking out

As the title suggests, my skin has been a mess for quite a while, from cystic acne to hyperpigmentation. I started BC when I was a teenager and used it for almost 10 years. I decided to stop because honestly, the idea of taking a pill every day was just obnoxious to me at that point....also, I believe it affected my sex drive (sex is much more pleasurable now). My skin was fine for about 6 months but I started to notice breakouts around June of 2022. Let me also add that I stupidly stopped Tretinoin as well around November of 2021 (only explanation I have for this, is that I wanted to see how my skin would do without....stupid, I know) after being on it for damn near a decade.
Fast forward to now, I'm back on Tretinoin (every other day) since October 2022 and my hormones seem to be regular (just got blood drawn last week). Yet, I'm still getting breakouts on my jawline and cheeks. What the hell could be causing this?! Could it be from the amount of dairy I consume? I eat it on a daily basis multiple times a day (I fucking love cheese). Or could it just be my overall diet since it's not the cleanest. I even added Azelaic Acid into the mix from March 2023-two weeks ago and all it did was break me out some more so I stopped. Should I just give up and go back to BC?
Below is a list of hormones that were recently (last week) tested and are in normal range:
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2023.06.11 00:05 Hauchzart Natural killer cells

TW success
After our 5th transfer I got tested for endometritis and natural killer cells. I needed two rounds of antibiotics for the endometritis and intralipid infusions for the natural killer cells. 6th transfer was a success. We have one embryo left. I'm not sure if I even want to try again but my heart aches when I think of that embryo. So I wanted to be prepared if we decide to transfer. Is there anybody who did intralipid and tried for a 2nd pregnancy? Did you need intralipid again? I would do a biopsy to check for both again but hoped for some experience from others.
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Tons of live feedback
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2023.06.11 00:04 troco72 Life stolen per hit and crushing blow

The two databases I use don't state wether or not this works. Was hoping someone was informed so I wouldn't have to do some testing (holding off on making strength with crushing blow and life stolen per hit until I know about how they work together, as really this would be my secondary claw , and mainly used for life steal and then ofc for tanky bosses. But there's other better methods I could have access to for boss slaying specifically, was hoping this could be an all rounder claw though. 7 percent life steal on a claw isn't really great if that's the only factor besides enhanced damage (when not facing bosses) for a runeword atleast.
So yeah wether or not this runeword makes sense for my build at this current point in progression. Is dependent on if these affixes work together
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2023.06.11 00:04 ShortSalamander2483 When overloading arithmetic operators for a non-copy struct, is it possible to have them behave as copy?

I have a struct that looks like this:
#[derive(Clone, Debug, PartialEq, PartialOrd)] pub struct Row { Signal: Vec, freq: Step, start: NaiveDate, } 
It can't be copy because it has a vec in it, which is fine. I'd like to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide the contents of the cells with numbers and other such structs in a custom way, which I already defined by implementing ops::Add, ops::Add, ops::Add and a bunch of their fiends:
impl ops::Add for Row { type Output = Row;
fn add(self, rhs: f64) -> Row { let mut tempvec = vec![]; for i in self.Signal { tempvec.push(i + rhs) } Row::new(tempvec, self.freq, self.start) } } 
All my tests work, all my impls work, when it came time for the rubber to hit the road, for me to add one to the other, it worked fine. However, the operation consumed both Row structs going into it and when I tried to use them next they'd been moved by the add operation. The only way to get around this that I've found is to clone each operand in the add/subtract/etc operation. Is there a way to adjust the impl for an arithmentic operator to not consume the operands, to spit out a new Row object?
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2023.06.11 00:04 No_Interaction_3957 General secondaries questions...

Hey all, hope everyone is doing well. I'm trying to pre-write secondaries now but I keep second-guessing myself with how to approach prompts. Doesn't help that I recently found out someone I know is using a counselor and advised me to do the same (some of the prices look kinda steep...). ig I have some questions about general secondary prompts that I would like some second/third/etc opinions on!
This could totally be a thread of sorts too so if you have some questions put 'em here haha
  1. What counts as an "inconsistency" regarding academic grades/standardized test scores. Like, do I have to explain grades below a B or something? If I P/F a premed requirement hard science course during the pandemic? If my MCAT scores aren't super high or if I retook it but without much improvement?
    1. For some of the "life story/describe yourself" questions any recommendations on how to portion it out? Like focus on childhood, schooling, things outside of premed stuff or try to weave everything so it all kinda ties back into why med?
    2. When they ask abt activities that I've covered already, how necessary is it to use a dif story/theme/idea when I already spoke abt it 2x and feel like I already covered the main ideas
Will probs update this as I go but as always thank you all for the advice!
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2023.06.11 00:02 Thelonelyspider18 Hi my name is Carly and Spencer Webb was my baby brother. Let’s make outdoor recreation safer!

When Spencer passed away. Several bystanders went out of their way to try to reach 911. Some literally had to run a mile or two and others called 911 over 50 times. Due to the lack of cell service Emergency Medical Services were delayed. I thought long and hard about how we can do our best to prevent this from happening again. We can’t prevent all accidents but we can do our best to get proper medical care quickly. This petition will bring awareness to the Spencer Webb Bill. Which aims to put solar powered satellite connected call boxes in as many rural parks as we can. I hope to push this issue to a national level. Calling for help while enjoying the great American outdoors should not be that hard. Losing my brother is the most pain I’ve ever felt and I am dedicated to helping keep another family from that pain. Please sign and share. Thank you.
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2023.06.11 00:02 physicisting Does this look like a mole or skin cancer? [28][F]

My info: 28F, 5'5", 125 lb, caucasian
I just noticed this dark spot on my scalp today, I've never seen it before. It's not painful or itchy, and hair is still growing from it. It has a noticeably lighter center and darker, irregular borders.
I've already messaged my dermatologist, but I'd like to know how nervous I should be. I've always wore sunscreen/hats, stayed out of the sun, etc, but I do have an extensive family history of skin cancer (usually squamous cell carcinoma, that I know of, no melanoma).
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.11 00:01 darkIvor "Please leave a 1 star review" ~ Neiim

Map of raiding targets
One option when beginning a journey onto the plains, is to raid other villages. The goal is to gain items which are not already present in the home village. One place to look for fellow raiders is at a Neiim Camp, which has shared maintenance from the nearby villages. Here you will meet other Neiim, but not all of them are raiders. Usually there will be rumors in the surrounding villages if a raid is being prepared. Listen for these rumors, so you do not travel unnecessarily. You yourself can also organize a raid if there is not one already.
When packing for a raid, you will wear hemp clothes while traveling to survive the heat. It is also important to pack a bow in case someone decides to resist. Arrows can be made before the raid since “if the land is too poor to make arrows it is also too poor to raid.” Instead fill the animal packs with food and water. You are not in foreign lands to steal food to eat. Although looting foreign food to bring back home can be a good idea. Also remember to pack leather clothes. Leather will provide minor protection if it comes to fighting.
When you are traveling with your horse, remember to follow the stone piles. Ask nearby villages if you do not understand what a particular animal means. Usually predator stone piles are the last stone piles you see before entering non-Chiim lands.
Raiding Zhilln
Your favored target will be the Zhilln. They have the wealthiest non-Chiim villages. Treated seafood from their food storage is highly valued. Even more is their salt. If you see any container with this, take it.
Do not raid the Zhilln during a monsoon, since the Joiim are not there to protect us from their waters. The best time to raid is during midday when the sun is highest and the fishers are out at sea. The trick here is to avoid their harpoons which function a lot like spears. The difference is that every Zhilln knows how to use a harpoon. If you can make sure there are no harpoons readily available to the Zhilln, raiding at night is also a possible option.
Raiding Gorgoneans
A secondary target are the wealthy Gorgoneans. Inside the dense forests, Gorgonean tribes can be found. Dense forests are terrible for horse riding, so try to find open paths to their villages.
Good loot are tools like sickles which can be used by the Joiim. A weapon they use, called the Atlatl, is considered highly dangerous. If you spot a strange spear, run away, but not in a straight line. Looting an Atlatl and mastering it however, can make you a formidable warrior.
Raiding Southern Xantheans
To the south there are other tribes which readily practice raiding. There is only one target worth raiding here, and that is the copper village. On the path to the copper village there are more stone piles than anywhere else on the steppes. The Xantheans here are dangerous and are prepared for our raids. Do not raid this village without a proper host.
If you decide to raid another South Xanthean village, look out for exotic items, which they have looted from elsewhere.
Raiding Northern Xantheans
Do not raid here, they do not have access to any loot which is worth the trip. On the other hand, be prepared to compete against their raids.
Raiding Chiim
Only the most desperate hosts will attempt to raid fellow Chiim. In this case, tradition is to paint your horse red to show the desperation. Only a disaster can make you do this and the goal of the red paint is to mitigate the disaster. Usually violence can be avoided when your target understands the need.
Do not raid Chiim for any other reason. “Do not hunt horses in a desert”.
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2023.06.11 00:01 sjanevardsson Better With a Friend

The PV Hobby Horse, a small cargo ship in the manufacturer’s default medium grey, sat at one end of the docks. Mid-bulk transports took the other occupied slots, while the big ships were loaded by drone on the opposite side of the station.
Sidra Boston, captain of the Hobby Horse and professional bounty hunter, found herself facing a trip back into aslodzhin space to fulfill a promise. The trip was going to cost. Any other species’ space, she’d find someone that needed a small cargo delivered, but not so the aslodzhins. They already had her and her ship registered as a private vehicle for the purpose of bounty hunting, and their rules were as strict and inflexible as their carapace.
On a whim, she checked for any bounties put out by the aslodzhin courts. That she found one surprised her; the fact that the bounty was so low it wouldn’t even cover docking fees didn’t. Still, the skip was reportedly on this station, and it saved her a few credits.
Sidra wandered the station, stopping in the first eatery she encountered. They did a passable burger and fries, but the milkshake tasted like sweetened sludge, and was undrinkable.
She paid for her meal and looked at the warrant again. The hikarin female shouldn’t be difficult to find. Hikarins were tall, often well over two meters, thin, fine-boned, furry, and had six limbs, sometimes walking on four, sometimes on three and sometimes on two. The center two limbs were long and strong enough to act as legs, yet they had grasping feet-hands. This station, in human space, had few hikarins, and even fewer with the rare, orange fur of her bounty.
Finding her quarry was easier than expected. She sat against the wall in the main concourse and held a sign asking for food or assistance to get to Lizshak, a world in aslodzhin space.
Sidra didn’t have any weapons or cuffs on her, but thought she’d give it a try. “Minsahee?” she asked.
The hikarin nodded. Her large eyes were sunken, her fur a matted and dull orange-brown beneath crusted clothes. “Can you help me get home?”
“Minsahee, I have a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear before the aslodzhin court. You can come with me quietly, or I can go back and get my cuffs and shackles and we can do this the hard way.”
Minsahee’s eyes filled with tears. “You mean, you’ll take me to Lizshak?”
“I wasn’t planning on going that far, but I’ll get you to aslodzhin space, Station 47, and the court will take you wherever you’re meant to stand trial.” Sidra extended a hand to help the hikarin to her feet.
She was too weak to walk on two limbs, instead leaning over to walk on four, and even then, her steps were unsteady. Sidra put an arm around her and was surprised at how bony the woman felt under the fur.
“Do you need a doctor?”
Minsahee leaned against Sidra. “No, I’m just tired.”
Sidra didn’t see a need to put the hikarin in the cell built into the cargo bay, and instead offered her a bunk in an unused cabin. “I’m trusting you not to be stupid,” she said. “Remember, I could take you on my worst day and your best, so don’t make me lock you up.”
Minsahee said nothing. Instead, she lay on the bunk, once again on the verge of tears.
Sidra grabbed a meal bar from the pantry and gave it to her with a jug of water. “There’s a washroom right next door if you need it. Once we’re in the hyper lane I’ll have time to answer any questions.”
At least the return trip to aslodzhin space would be quiet. She’d spent the last two weeks with a crippled turgen in the cell, cursing her every minute he was awake, until she finally snapped, “You wouldn’t stop! You threatened to kill the hikarin you’d already hurt, and the aslodzhin officer, and me! How was I to know you can’t walk or stand without the use of your tail, anyway?”
The court was at first reluctant to pay the bounty, given his condition. Once they saw the bodycam footage, though, they relented.
This was a strange one, though. She’d picked up skips in various states of injury or illness, but never one that seemed on the verge of starving to death.
Once they were in the lane, course plotted in, she returned to the cabin Minsahee was using. The door was still open, and the empty wrapper for the meal bar was folded neatly and laid next to the pillow on the bunk. The hikarin had drunk half the water and was sleeping curled up in a ball.
Sidra closed the door and slept in a chair right outside it. It wouldn’t do to have the gal try to sneak to the cockpit and reroute the ship to Lizshak.
When Sidra woke a few hours later, Minsahee was still asleep. She heated up a can of potato-leek soup with ham and filled a bowl for herself. It was just as she started on her meal that Minsahee entered, carrying the half-empty water jug and meal bar wrapper.
Sidra looked up at her. “You hungry?”
Minsahee nodded and Sidra got up and poured the other half can of soup into a bowl, put a spoon in it, and set it on the table opposite herself. She sat back down and nodded at the bowl.
The hikarin got the message and sat to eat. She ate as if it was the last meal she’d ever get. Still, she only managed to eat half of it.
“Thank you, Captain.”
“So, Minsahee, why Lizshak?”
“I have—had a home there. Maybe I can go back to my job after I serve my time.”
“Your warrant didn’t say anything about your crime. You mind telling me?”
“Not a crime, a civil infraction.” Minsahee still held on to the meal bar wrapper until Sidra pointed at the recycler where she finally deposited it.
“What was the infraction, and how much time are you facing?”
“Mandatory three standard days for failure to appear for an appointment to have my signature notarized.”
Sidra’s spoon stopped halfway to her mouth which hung open. She set the spoon back in the bowl. “Say that again?”
“I was closing out a lease, which required a notarized signature. I had an appointment at the court notary but had to leave the day prior for Amherst station where you picked me up.”
“Why is that?”
“My hemi-brother was injured and in intensive care there. He was my only remaining family.”
Sidra sighed. “Was. I take it he didn’t make it?”
Minsahee shook her head. “I spent every credit I had getting there and had no way back.”
“How long were you on Amherst?”
“I don’t know in standard days, but seventy-one human days.”
“Shit.” Sidra went back to eating her soup. “Do you feel a little better with some food in your belly?”
“Yes, Captain. Thank you again.”
“I’m going to lay out a few simple rules on my ship. One: never enter the cockpit unless I tell you to. Two: never cycle an airlock unless I tell you to. Three: Clean up after yourself. That includes putting your leftovers in the fridge over there and finishing them later. I hate waste. Four: if you’re using the washroom, flip the switch just inside the door up, so I know you’re in there, and flip it down when you leave.”
“Yes, Captain, I will do those things.”
“As long as you don’t break the rules, you can call me Sid. Is it okay if I call you Min?”
Minsahee nodded. “Yes, I’d like that.”
Sidra stood up and cleaned up her dishes. “Not rules, but a few helpful things. If you want to wait to eat when I eat, that’s fine, but if you’re hungry, don’t be afraid to come in and feed yourself. Drinking water is available from the labeled tap over there. First aid kit is right there, too, but there’s nothing in there to make me go night-night or get you high. If you need to, feel free to use my shampoo. I take it you haven’t had a good wash in a while, right?”
Minsahee looked down at the table. “Right.”
“Hey, don’t be embarrassed. It’s not your fault. Social Services on Amherst should’ve done something to help.”
As Minsahee put her leftovers in the fridge, Sidra flopped down on the sofa and started up a holo series. She hadn’t been able to pay any attention with her last passenger, so it seemed like a good time to catch up.
She heard the shower start and stop several times. At least she knows how to wash without wasting water, Sidra thought. During quiet parts of the holo she could hear pained grunts and sharp intakes of breath from the cabins.
Sidra paused the holo and went to check on Minsahee. Her door was open, and she was trying to untangle bright orange fur with her fingers. Her clothes lay in a pile beside the bed.
Sidra grabbed a comb and brush from the washroom and tapped on her door. “Would you like some help?”
“I don’t want to be a bother—”
“Nonsense. You can throw those clothes and the bedsheets in the sterilizer and come sit in the galley with me. I’ll work on your back while you work on your front.”
“But I’m naked.”
“So? See anyone else around here?”
Minsahee picked up the clothes and sheets and put them in the machine that Sidra pointed to. It started automatically, and she followed Sidra back to the galley.
“I’m gonna sit on the sofa, just sit on the floor in front of me and I’ll get started on your back.”
Once they’d settled in, Sidra resumed play on the holo and began to comb the mats out of the hikarin’s fur. She was careful not to pull too hard, instead treating it as she did the rescue cat she’d had years before.
“Captain, why would you do this for me?”
“I told you, Min, call me Sid.” She took a deep breath and let it out. “Maybe I just don’t want the court to think I abused you on the way.”
Minsahee shook her head. “That’s not it. You could’ve brought me in exactly as you found me, and they wouldn’t care. So why, Sid?”
“Most of the time my job’s pretty lonely. I guess it’s just nice having a skip that isn’t trying to run, or kill me, or anything of the sort.” She laughed. “You’re the first bounty I’ve ever picked up that wanted to go serve your time.”
“I can’t get work until I do,” she said, “so I should.”
Once Sidra had worked out the mats on Minsahee’s head, back, and upper arms, she handed the comb to her and began to brush out those areas. All the while, the two watched episode after episode of the holo.
They stopped partway through the evening to eat; Minsahee reheating and finishing her soup and Sidra making herself a sandwich. Even though her clothes were clean, Minsahee didn’t rush to dress. When Sidra had finished with the brush, Minsahee took over, brushing her forelimbs and legs, chest, belly, and neck.
As one of the holo episodes ended, Sidra stopped it and stood. “I’m going to shower and go to bed. If you want to keep watching you can, just no spoilers.”
“If you watch more episodes, don’t tell me what happens. I like to find out for myself.”
“I think I’m just going to finish brushing out my legs, and then go to sleep myself. I’m not ready to put clothes on with how good my fur feels right now. Besides, I think the show’s more enjoyable with a friend.”
Sidra nodded and left the galley. A friend, she thought, is that how she sees me? The sterilizer was on the way to the cabins, so she pulled out the sheets and clothes, made up Minsahee’s bed, and laid her folded clothes in the center of it. The four-sleeved top had a large rip on one of the lower sleeves, but Sidra didn’t have any way to repair it.
She stepped into the shower, wet herself down, scrubbed, and rinsed quickly. She walked out carrying her clothes and wrapped in a towel. Minsahee waited for her just inside the door of her cabin. “Thank you again, ca—Sid.”
“Get some sleep, Min.” Sidra dropped her clothes and the towel in the sterilizer on her way by and lay down to sleep in her own cabin. She knew for sure now that Minsahee wasn’t going to sneak onto the bridge or try to strangle her in her sleep.
The next morning, Sidra pulled the treasure she’d picked up on Amherst out of the pantry. Two real potatoes. She’d planned on gorging on home fries, but since she had company, she’d share. Shit, she thought, company? I thought I was hauling a skip.
As she finished chopping the potatoes, she answered herself aloud, “No, she’s a good woman. She just missed an appointment, we all do. It’s the bugs that are the baddies here.”
“Did you say something?”
Sidra jumped, knocking the knife off the counter. It landed on her foot, leaving a long gash. “Ow, shit!”
“Lay down and elevate your foot,” Minsahee said with more force than Sidra thought her capable of. She pulled the first-aid kit off the wall and dropped down next to Sidra. In a matter of seconds, she’d cleaned the wound, and begun pulling out the suture kit. “I’m sorry, Captain, it’s deep and it needs stitches.”
“What was your job?” Sidra asked.
“Second-rank-emergency-trauma-physician-first-class,” she answered, as she sprayed a numbing agent on the injury.
“Aslodzhin titles. That would be like, what, an ER doctor in human space?”
“Similar,” she said, while stitching up Sidra’s foot. “The only things we don’t do are those we pass off to surgeons or specialists.”
Within a matter of minutes, Sidra’s foot was stitched and bandaged, and Minsahee helped her to the sofa where she could lie down and elevate her foot. Only after she was settled did she notice that besides tending her wound, Minsahee had cleaned up the blood, tidied up the suture and bandage packages, and repacked the first aid kit.
“Thanks, Min. Or I guess I should say Doctor Minsahee.”
“There’s no need for that. But I will have to take care of you for a few days. You need to stay off that foot as much as possible.”
“What were you preparing to cook?”
“I was going to make us some home fries. The potatoes are chopped and ready.”
“I don’t know what home fries or potatoes are, but if you talk me through it, I can make it for you.”
As Sidra lay on the sofa, eating home fries, she looked at the hikarin woman seated in the chair across from her, savoring them, taking her time.
“You know, Min, I think these may be the best home fries I’ve ever had. I don’t know whether it’s the potatoes, the cook, or the company.”
“Like I said, everything’s better with a friend.”
“We’ll have to do this again.”
“When I finish my time?”
“That sounds like a plan. I can hang around and wait a few days for you. Maybe even find some potatoes there on the station…wouldn’t that be something?”
Minsahee cleaned up the mess in the galley and made sure Sidra had water close to hand. “I’ll go make sure the cabins and washroom are clean. If you need anything, call.”
“They’re clean enough. Let’s watch some more of this series.” The next episode started, and Sidra looked at her foot, then at the hikarin woman curled up on the floor watching with her. She’d always worked alone, but maybe she could do with a doctor on board…or even a friend.
Reedsy prompt: Write about two people striking up an unlikely friendship.
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2023.06.10 23:59 PolarisWolf222 We're going to have to end up putting down my dad's wolfdog.

Thor just turned four a couple of months ago. Through a convoluted chain of events starting with owner #1 being taken to spend time with the state, and then owner #2 also later being taken for an unrelated long term sleepover with the state, the puppers finally made his way to my dad. He was only 9 months old at that time and it was already his fifth but final home.
Thor is one of the most stubborn, thickheaded furballs I've ever had the pleasure to know. He is also one of the sweetest, gentlest, most loving dogs I've ever seen. He'll walk up to a toddler and lick their face, he loves everyone he meets, and you can do practically whatever you want to him and he doesn't really mind. Reach into his food bowl while he's eating to take out/add food? Who cares. Play with his face? Sure. Ears? Yup. Toes? No biggie. Tail? Whatever, just don't grab too long or hard.
He's also only of the most unique looking dogs most people have seen. Red haired, brown, and tan, shield shaped mane between his shoulders, big and bushy tail. Almost every person who sees him mentions how beautiful he is, from the mailman to random people walking in our neighborhood. And he is always, and I mean always, happy. He knows what life he has now compared to what he had, I guarantee it.
Also, while he's my dad's dog I'm the one that walks him about 90% of the time to help because of dad's own health issues. He says that Thor is basically half mine anyway because of all I do for him and all the time I spend with him playing, feedings, you name it.
He's had very small issues and gotten sick briefly before but within a day or two he's always better. Lately he's been a bit lethargic and we just thought he had a little bug or something. Like usual... but he collapsed today while I was walking him. We took him to the vet and a few tests were run. Heart worms, and it's bad. His breathing is very labored and he's barely moving, and now that we're home he's urinating orange-brown, so that probably means kidney/liver.
My dad is a bit of a mess because of all this and also because this isn't the first dog of his to decline so rapidly. His last dog had a series of strokes out of nowhere and went from completely fine to gone in less than 2 hours. I'm doing so-so myself but it just absolutely sucks for all the reasons. We're going to try the meds the vet gave us on the slim chance he could turn around (she said she's gotten extremely lucky pulling a dog out of late stage heart worms before) but with how he's looking and acting I don't see him even coming close to the month of meds we got today. Maybe not even tomorrow.
I don't know. I guess I don't really have much of a point saying all this but there's only so much I can say to him without just constantly repeating myself and I just need to vent.
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2023.06.10 23:59 Dry_Breed A critique of ‘personality disorders’

I just want to preface this by saying that I know very little about psychology and the DSM-5 outside of my own issues and struggles with what I believe it to be CPTSD after many years and types of abuse that I’m not going to go into. I’ve had a grand total of 2 therapy sessions and haven’t been diagnosed with anything at the moment. Feel free to correct me if anything I say here is wrong.
I find there to be several large glaring problems with the concept of personality disorders.
Moreover, even if it doesn’t cause shame internally, there’s no doubt that it’s a socially shameful label to have. I’ve seen many people on here talk about how mentioning that you have NPD, ASPD, or similar disorders is enough for others to assume you’re abusive and a danger to society.
Thank you for listening to my rant lol
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2023.06.10 23:59 dickles_pickles 26 [M4F] - New Jersey/East Coast/USA - Closeted goth "gamer" guy and tall girl appreciator looking for loving relationship. Open to relocation, pictures included!

Here's a very informative post because I'm very serious about finding the right person for me. I've clearly marked and categorized everything, so feel free to skim the parts that interest you the most.
What brings me to reddit for dating: For the short of it, I've been doing online dating for about 7 years, and could only describe my experience as a sisyphean struggle. With more traditional dating platforms having been absolutely torturous and a complete waste of time, with me rarely ever finding matches and those I do get ending up being ghosts or people who just don't respond less than productive, I'm hoping this might give me a breakthrough.
Age: 26, open to 18-32~. I’m less about age, more about attraction.
Appearance: 5'8", medium length blond hair (pictures are from when it was short), blue eyes, white skin, slim fit body type. I dress almost exclusively in black if I can help it, hence "closeted goth". I've been told I'm fairly handsome, but I'm including a few (poorly taken) pictures, so you can decide for yourself whether or not I've been lied to!
(Imgur seems to be having problems lately so if you're getting an error that's why. My posts tend to get automatically removed if I include any other image hosters but if you message me I can send alternatives no problem.)
Body (Warning: Shirtless):
Interests: Many of my interests fall into the "nerd" category. Games (video and tabletop), anime, music, art, sci-fi and fantasy stuff of all varieties. I enjoy a lot of RPG's, and some of my favorite game series include kingdom hearts, fire emblem, dark souls, and a fair few others. I play a lot of league at a fairly high level, but I'm not exactly proud of that because the game damages my sanity at times.
In general, I like to keep in shape, play games with friends, share music I think is great, watch tv/movies/anime (horror and psychological stuff especially), share memes, read, and do some amateur writing. I'm also rather intelligent/insightful and enjoy some nuanced discussion.
Location: Currently in central NJ, somewhere in the no man's land between nyc and philly. I'd prefer someone local who I can meet in person, but won't pass up someone great online who's willing to eventually relocate or that I can eventually relocate to.
Looking For: Monogamous relationship, ideally something serious. I feel that what I'd like the most is to find someone very special to me, who I can love with all my heart and spend my life with. It'd probably be my greatest joy in life to be able to do that, and have someone do so in return. That said, this is just a description of my ideal scenario, not what I'd expect out of every relationship.
Traits I'm Looking For: Kind, loving, trustworthy, understanding. Good sense of humor, emotionally intelligent, communicates well. In this regard, I wouldn't ask for anything I don't freely give. I also very fond of women who are dominant/aggressive in a playful way, as well as role reversal dynamics.
Personality: Generally cool headed, laid back, and kind. Introverted, but can be extroverted when I'm in my element and otherwise comfortable. Deceptively intelligent despite how incredibly basic my pictures look, but I also tend to clown around a lot so that's not easy to discern at first. I’m also very reasonable, with a strong preference for peacefully resolving issues, so you can expect very little to no drama and good communication. Oh, and according to a myers briggs test, I'm an INFJ?
Fun facts: I have a deep and sexy voice which many people don't expect, and a great many people tell me I should get into radio or voice acting. I'm also a bit dead on the inside but that's probably because there's a skeleton living inside me.
Partner preferences: I'm a big fan of goth/alt girls, as well as tomboys. I also really like short hair, usually between pixie and neck length, and have a sizable interest in women that are taller than me. But these aren't dealbreakers! As long as I find you attractive, everything is fine.
Dealbreakers/Requirements : Similar interests are pretty important for me. I tend to play a lot of games in my free time for entertainment, so having a partner that I can do that together with is my ideal. I do have a strong preference for body type that I unfortunately can't get past, with that preference being the thinner end of the spectrum when it comes to proportions/body fat. So basically petite/slim/fit/muscular. PLEASE DON'T BE A SOCIOPATH, OR ACT LIKE ONE!
If you have any questions about anything I mentioned (or didn't), just ask and I'll absolutely answer them for you. I'm very friendly so absolutely feel free to come talk to me.
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2023.06.10 23:58 bjckashiwa Suspect I'm on the Spectrum - Where to Start?

Howdy folks!
I'm suspecting that I am on the spectrum but pass as neurotypical. I came to this realisation a few years ago and ended up taking several of the diagnostic tests available online (e.g. ASQ, EQ, SQ, CAT-Q and RBQ-2A). I scored well above threshold on all of them and am wondering how to go about speaking about it seriously with a medical professional.
I consulted a psychologist once a few years ago and I feel she was a bit dismissive and chalked my symptoms up to a bout of depression I had not long before I saw her. I never took it further because I thought maybe I was being silly. Anyway, it was a very brief bout of depression and I'm fine now but years later I still have all the same quirks that she suggested were actually slow-healing symptoms of depression.
I think I'd like to start exploring a diagnosis again but can't help but think I did it wrong. Was a one-off consultation with a psychologist the right route and I just had a not-great experience? Or would I need to go to therapy and explore it gradually over a period of time?
Interested to hear what those diagnosed as adults think. Would appreciate any advice on how to get the ball rolling or the best way to approach getting assessed.
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