Carburetor for stihl fs36

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2023.06.09 12:13 seoautoparts Emission Control

Improve your vehicle's performance with emission control system parts from The Autoparts Shop. Our products are designed to fit your vehicle's make and model, so you can easily find the right replacement parts at The Autoparts Shop
Some of the more popular emission control devices installed on the automobile are: EGR VALVE, CATALYTIC CONVERTER, AIR PUMP, PCV VALVE, CHARCOAL CANISTER .
Your vehicle's exhaust and emission systems are responsible for managing harmful gases like nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrocarbons. These gases mostly come from the crankcase, engine exhaust, and the fuel tank and carburetor
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2023.06.09 05:40 YaBoiTrevor Need Mechanical Advice

I’m fairly handy and have done plenty of labor, but I grew up in the country with a pretty rural property that didn’t require mowing so I’m not very mechanical. I recently moved into a rental house and it came with a self-propelled push mower. Landlord said it hasn’t been used in ~2 years. Looks in good condition, but I couldn’t get it to start.
For fuel, so far I have taken the carburetor out and cleaned it well with Sea Foam, replaced old cracked/dry gasket, replaced old fuel line, put in new gas with Sea Foam, replaced air filter, and replaced oil. I don’t know much but the carburetor itself looks in fine condition.
I also replaced the spark plug and did a test by grounding against the edge of the motor and couldn’t get a spark, so I am thinking maybe it is an electrical issue out of my league.
Any ideas of what the problem could be? Is it worth trying more from an expense standpoint, or are further fixes increasingly expensive? We could just buy an old lawn mower off Facebook or something for relatively cheap, so I’m just wondering how much effort I should invest.
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2023.06.09 03:52 Open-Cream-4479 Do I need to add this part?

Do I need to add this part?
I installed an intake manifold onto a scooter I'm repairing (Baja suncity 50) and saw the second part after I had already put it on, do I need it on or is it for the carborator? (I bought a whole carborator that came with all of it)
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2023.06.09 00:28 UncleIstvanSaysHello Demon Days

Demon Days
Inspired by the Timmy Talks video a few weeks ago I decided to find the ones I had and order the ones I didn't, and am excited to try and make dedicated decks (probably more janky than competitive ...) to each. Any requests or tips? I have some themes/mischief in mind for some but not all (looking mainly at you, Miss Orca... Sigh, did she HAVE to be vanilla?)
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2023.06.09 00:18 pitsburgh101 Friend finally getting permit, has bike but needs work.

So my buddy is finally getting his permit. He has a 2016 honda rebel 250. Unfortunately, the bike has been sitting for around for years. No upkeep has been done. It wasn't even out of the break in period when he purchased it. Need some advice on what we should look into on the bike. Problems I know he has are as follows. Sticky clutch cable, old gas in the tank, expired oil, and brake fluid. It's also carburetor from the looks of it.
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2023.06.08 22:42 iscashstillking Unreasonable expectations

So I sold two SR430's to a customer back in late March.
One came back a few days later with a hard to start complaint. The primer bulb had no fuel in it, pressing it would not get any fuel. I replaced the primer, it fixed the problem. That was in early april.
Yesterday this machine comes back again. No information on what is wrong. I tried it, and it started on the first pull. I removed the spark plug anyway just to take a peek and the electrode was carbon fouled. It was bad enough that I'm quite surprised that it started at all.
I cleaned the plug. I took the carburetor off and looked inside, I found nothing wrong. The fuel lines are clear and appear to flow just fine.
I took it outside and ran it for 15 minutes at idle and at speed. It never missed a beat.
I told the customer I believe it was a fouled plug that was the root problem.
He told me since this is the 2nd time he's had to bring it in that he wants a -new machine-.
I told him spark plugs are not warrantied and are a wear item and that sometimes plugs get a carbon whisker, it happens.
Should this guy be entitled to a new machine?
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2023.06.08 16:17 bobbyjonesvet Comparable battery unit to Stihl 025 gas?

We have a 025c gas great. However, we have been impressed with a Stihl battery unit, MSA 140c. We now use this battery unit 90% of the time, but need the larger unit for bigger trees (lots of Ash....)
Don't want to spend $900....any thoughts on the Stihl models in the $500 range (with battery) ? Lots of other vendors at this range, but we have most everything Stihl and have been very satisfied with design, ease of use, and service.
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2023.06.08 14:06 Bayripper70ym Velocity stacks for carburetors

Velocity stacks for carburetors
Hi guys I just tested my new project and works great! Improving fuel economy and performance at the same time
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2023.06.08 09:21 Noahs_Asylum Possible HillBilly buff?

Possible HillBilly buff?
What are y’all thoughts on this? Think they are going to incorporate an actual buff this time around? Or just empty words to get us to shut up about Billy for a while?
As a huge Billy fan myself, I’d love to see some solid changes that aren’t just a few number tweaks.
For example, since so many maps are as cluttered as they are now, maybe make dads or spiked boots base kit?
And hopefully they will remove his “stealth” perks, they don’t work on new maps AT ALL.
I also wouldn’t mind if they made tuned carburetor 4.6 instead of the 4.4
Or maybe even reduce the collision and miss cooldown after a chainsaw. Billy already has a charge time and overheat mechanic that can all eat away at precious time. While yes his ability is an instadown, it just feels a bit too punishing for the user itself on current maps.
What are y’all’s thought on what Bhvr said?
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2023.06.08 03:00 SkitzyMcGee Need some help to get riding again

Need some help to get riding again
She started up and idled for a bit but gas was coming from this hose. Any ideas
Part # 92059F
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2023.06.08 01:29 cheapthrillzz 2008 Yamaha Zuma 50

Hey y’all. Wondering if anyone knows anything about this.. I took my Zuma in for a general service and the dealer called me and told me there was a recall on the carburetor. They’re going to put a new one in and I’m just wondering if/how this would alter the performance of the scooter compared to the original carburetor. I can’t seem to find any info online about this recall and was hoping someone here might have some knowledge. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 21:41 alexgrandjot Honda Hornet outside cylinders cold

CB 600 has been sitting for 4 years. It starts but runs rough, dies when I turn the throttle. The two outside exhaust pipes are cold. Spark plugs fire fine. Could it be the carburetor and if so, are there easy ways to clean it? YouTube shows dismantling the whole thing. Any additives that could clean a bunged up carb? Thanks
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2023.06.07 17:15 Melton_81 Mower Dies when Blade is Engaged

Alright Grease Monkeys and Grass Rats I've got a weird situation on my Husqvarna 2012 Zero Turn Mower it has the V-Twin 28HP Briggs engine and it was running fine when parked a few seasons ago and buy a few I mean 10 so basically its been sitting 10 years and my trusty John Deere Z-Trak which was this mowers replacement went down last week and now I need to mow with this one until parts come in.
Now that you know the situation and back story, the mower(Husqvarna) will run fine at normal operating idle and at full rpm (assuming you get it started) but as soon as you engage the blade it spits sputters and dies even with shutting off the PTO I was thinking initially it was the carburetor so I tore it down and cleaned it with Berryman carb and choke cleaner blowed out all the jets and even let it soak it my ultrasonic cleaner with Gunk Brand Carb cleaner for an hour at 165 Degrees Fahrenheit. Put it back on with new gaskets and o-rings and still has the same issue. It does have an electronic fuel management system that controls the choke, and I'm guessing this is what has gone bad but it is functioning when the key is activated but when cranking it does not move until the engine fires then when the engine dies it moves back out and will not restart without manually moving the choke lever back forward. If anyone knows this situation or can point in the direction I need to go I would greatly appreciate it.

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2023.06.07 16:46 KiltedSasquatch F850GS ‘23, annoying clutch and throttle play questions

Morning folks. I’ve got 1000mi on a ‘23 F850GS, and the clicky/grabby nature of the clutch lever seems to have gotten worse following the run-in service.. it feels like the location of the friction zone moves around on me at will, leading to some weird takeoffs and over-revving when bouncing stoplight to stoplight. I can’t describe it any better, it just feels “off”.. but then again, the bike only has 1k miles on it, and it’s my first bike ever with a slippequickshifter. So is it in my head, or lack of experience with a “new” breed of bike? I’ve been riding for 30 years, for what it’s worth. And this is only my third bike ever without a carburetor, so maybe I’m just not “up on the tech”. Does this sound like an issue, or a “shut up and ride it ffs” thing..?
And question 2.. also my first ride by wire bike, and the lack of ANY play to the throttle is foreign to me. So do these adjust at all? I can get used to it, for sure.. just wondering if there’s a way to tweak in a couple mm of wiggle. I’m guessing no; I bet it’s a position sensor setup versus something that can be tightened or loosened, but just wanted to see if anyone had thoughts. Thanks for bearing with me.
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2023.06.07 15:48 MyMomToldMeSo12 Went for an oil change, ended up paying over 300 dollars for car break down

Hi. This is my first post so be patient. This past Sunday, I took my 2004 Toyota Prius to get an oil change at one of those big chain stores that are dedicated to cars and parts and offer discount for oil change. I am a woman alone walking in there (I feel is important to mention gender in this). I do the check in and the guy at the counter asks me to sit down. So there I am sitting when they called my name, I go to the counter and they are telling that my car needs xyz services immediately. I refused them all, wanting to take it to my usual mechanic and so they tell me to sit back down. I wait for about half an hour after that, they called my name again and I pay and leave. Im about half a block away from the shop when my car’s triangle of death comes on on the dashboard. I pray that the car will make it to my house but it didn’t. About 2 blocks after that, the car began to lose speed and the engine to lose power. I pull over and the car would only go from park to neutral. The electrical part of the car didn’t die but the engine would not turn on. I called the shop to tell them what happened but the sent someone over with a battery pack. It didn’t help because the battery wasn’t the problem. They didn’t offer to tow the car, but they did offer to plug in the scanner for 100. I spent 150 to towed the car. When my mechanic looked at the car, he realized that the scanner wasn’t giving out codes because the engine wasn’t on. So he began to look for the most obvious things and work his way up like that. So he looked to what amounts to a carburetor on a Prius. It is a rectangular cylinder that is divided in two on the left side is several filters and on the right side is the entrance to the tube that takes the air where it needs to go. My angel of a mechanic found a chestnut blocking the entrance. It was very much placed where it would do what it did. Now i am out of 150 from tow truck, plus the rental because I had to work and the mechanic. All because of an oil change. I don’t know what to do. Any advice is much appreciated
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2023.06.07 15:39 Savings-Code-069 What's with the the conversation transcript and the end of daddy?

In other words who is the two people talking? and how is it related to the song's main idea?
this part does not show up on most lyrics sites except for musixmatch.
This is the part I am talking about:
Hi, Geri Uh, is it okay if I come over and take a look at your exhaust manifold on your Dodge Dart? I've got a piece missing somewhere on mine, and I'm not sure what it is I wanna see what you got on yours, ha-ha Throttle lever strikes dash-pot rod, the rod must push diaphragm back Before it can move back, air must be pushed up in This causes the diaphragm to move slowly when the throttle valve is moved away Stream will force diaphragm out, the air must now vent, dash-pot is ready to work again (Mhm, see this?) I don't care what that- (The rod, that they're talking about-) I don't care what that looks like Geri, I'm telling you what the dash-pot is Where's the dash-pot on here, Geri? (I don't know) Dash-pot is inside. Geri, where it's hooked up at And that is not made-, that is not made to regulate the fuckin' choke goin' back and forth! (And that's not the end-loader?) That's so you can get pure fuel in there As soon as you start cranking it over, whoa! It will start sucking, and when I start sucking, this choke here- 'Cause you can't just have pure fuel, it won't light, you have to have a little bit of oxygen It sucks open and it cracks the choke like this And that's how that works (That is not what you just said) I said no, Geri, the heating is the motherfucking spring! This one here, as soon as you start turnin' over the engine It's supposed to pull it back when the vacuum starts When the vacuum starts, nothin' to do with fuckin' heat, vacuum (Why are you screaming?) Because you said-, you said "It's supposed to work off heat!" no, Geri (You said, "As the car gradually warms up...") As it gradually warms up, this motherfucker with the coil, the spring, opens it up This has already done its job, the only thing its job is to do is when you're cranking the engine up After it's been choked, all it does is pull back, and it cracks it open just a pinch (Then you don't know what it's called) The Choke Vacuum Diaphragm (okay) I mean, it's right there in the book (Sure it is) Oh, God, you're a hard, hard woman to live with (If it was right here in the book, I would have found it) Oh, you motherfucker, you asshole, you stupid son of a bitch, you showed it to me! (What?) You showed me the goddamn thing in the book what it was called, that's what I knew what it was! (Get out of here and quit yelling at me) No, Geri, you're fucked! (I haven't seen that in there) "I haven't seen it," you stupid son of a bitch (That vacuum thing? Yes) (We don't know what the little business is.) (It doesn't explain anything, I haven't read anything that explains that) I told you what it says (yeah, you did, yes, yesterday) I just told you what it did And you're sittin' there saying you never saw that before And yet you're the one that fuckin' showed me it, Geri (You stink like gas) (I told you that fuckin' fuel filter was not on there) (It's not that fuckin' orange business hanging across the goddamn business) Let's try rebuilding the fucking carburetor first, Geri Let me tell you something, Geri Let me tell you a little secret, Geri (Don't tell me any secrets, be quiet) Oh, man, I quit, I am fed up, I mean I tell you something and you fuckin' don't believe me You show me something and you still don't fuckin' believe me (I can't show you anything Michael, because your head is blank) Well, you're sitting there telling me that motherfucker isn't that Well, that's not how it works Well, Geri, a mechanic told me that's how it works (Who's talking about the truck? We're talking about-) A Dodge Dart, on slant 6 (You have lost your mind) What are you talkin' about? (My God)
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2023.06.07 15:10 bitgus 026 upgrades

Picked up an 026 a few months ago. Think I've ironed out all the issues and she's now ready for work.
What kind of upgrades or mods are worth doing? Already got a clutch driven oil pump fitted. The top end is brand new OEM, I'm not going to port it yet. Will open up the muffler soon. Anything else?
The air filter and tank vent seem a bit crappy.
I need to order a new fuel cap and some clutch springs anyway; are there any upgraded parts from the 260 or 261 which will bolt on?
Anybody explain what's going on mechanically that makes my old Stihl saws so easy to start, too? My 028's start first pull cold. This 026 first to third pull. My 2 series Husqvarnas from the same era sometimes take 6, 8, 10, 12 pulls from cold and always need choke.
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2023.06.07 07:24 Academic_Worth_4782 Would you buy this as a project?

Would you buy this as a project?
Looking at possibly picking this up as a little project for the summer. Also is there supposed to be a big void by the engine like in the pictures?
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2023.06.07 07:12 Ill-Milk-2126 Carb tuning

Carb tuning
Hey, looking for some elder wisdom. Inherited this 68' sportster custom recently and am trying to get it running right. Currently have it rideable but I'm having trouble getting the aifuel ration and jet setting down. If anyone has some good information on these bendix carbs you'd be a real life saver. Any information is helpful ✌🏼
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2023.06.07 07:09 Ill-Milk-2126 Carb tuning

Carb tuning
Hey, looking for some elder wisdom. Inherited this 68’ sportster custom recently and am trying to get it running right. Currently have it rideable but I’m having trouble getting the aifuel ration and jet setting down. If anyone has some good information on these bendix carbs you’d be a real life saver. Any information is helpful ✌🏼
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2023.06.07 04:29 Cheeky-Monkey-Tees Fuel Pump Problems, Fuel Supply Issues

Fuel Pump Problems, Fuel Supply Issues
I have a riding mower that uses a fuel pump like the one pictured, these same pumps are all types of small engines and even some outboards. I'm tired of repeated failures of the pulse hose and the fuel pump diaphragm due to ethanol in modern fuel. I'm thinking about replacing this mechanical pulse activate pump with an electric fuel pump. The lowest pressure electric pump I can find is 2 to 5 psi my question is what is the pressure limit for the needle and seat on a small engine carburetor? In automotive applications, you see fuel pressures anywhere from 2 to 7 psi.
If you find this post interesting and of use please click the UpVote arrow.
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2023.06.07 04:28 External-Standard775 Ported with a Oz reed and windowed piston. 21mm PWK carburetor and a pipe with same dimensions as the MZ65. it's actually a solid pipe. I like it. For the price I paid it's worth it.

4 weeks or so I will have a Screamer on this beach cruiser. I'm putting a new "Josh Zeda" China Doll engine. I could be hitting in the 60's. Move over Minarelli's. I'm coming through.
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