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Edward Christopher "Ed" Sheeran is an English singer and songwriter.

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Discussion and examination of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's beautiful romantic relationship through readings of their music and public personas. Open your eyes to Edlor! The edvidence is insurmountable!

2023.05.29 04:53 wharrisofficial Top comment add word to hail to the thief cover DAY 59 (Why is it called taking a shit, when you are leaving a shit?)

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2023.05.29 04:53 mialg Can Erectile Dysfunction Due to Nerve Damage Be Cured?

Can Erectile Dysfunction Due to Nerve Damage Be Cured?
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common condition that affects millions of men worldwide. While various factors can contribute to ED, one of the lesser-known causes is nerve damage. Nerves play a crucial role in initiating and maintaining an erection, and any impairment to these delicate structures can result in difficulties in achieving or sustaining an erection.
In this article, we will explore the causes of nerve damage-induced ED, the available treatment options, and whether a complete cure is possible.

Understanding Nerve Damage-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Nerve damage leading to ED can occur due to several underlying causes, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, pelvic surgery, or prolonged pressure on the nerves. When nerves responsible for triggering the necessary blood flow to the penis are damaged, the communication between the brain and the penile tissues is disrupted. As a result, the ability to achieve and maintain an erection is impaired.

Treating Nerve Damage-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

While a complete reversal of nerve damage-induced ED may not always be possible, there are various treatment options available that can help improve erectile function and restore sexual satisfaction. The choice of treatment depends on the severity of nerve damage and the individual's overall health condition. Here are some common approaches:
  1. Medications: Oral medications like sildenafil (Viagra), tadalafil (Cialis), and vardenafil (Levitra) are often prescribed to enhance blood flow to the penis, helping men with nerve damage-induced ED achieve an erection.
  2. Vacuum Erection Devices (VED): These devices use a vacuum pump to draw blood into the penis, causing an erection. A constriction ring is then placed at the base of the penis to maintain the erection.
  3. Penile Injections: Medications such as alprostadil can be injected directly into the penis, bypassing the need for nerve signals to initiate an erection. This method has proven effective for many men with nerve damage-induced ED.
  4. Penile Implants: In severe cases where other treatments have failed, surgical implantation of penile prostheses can be considered. These implants provide a mechanical solution to achieve and maintain an erection.

The Role of Rehabilitation and Support

Beyond medical treatments, rehabilitation, and support play crucial roles in managing nerve damage-induced ED. Physical therapy can help improve blood flow, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, and enhance overall sexual function. Additionally, counseling and support groups can address the psychological impact of ED, offering emotional support and strategies to cope with the condition.
Related: Unveiling the Key to Overcoming Psychological Impotence - A Permanent Solution Revealed

Is a Complete Cure Possible?

While nerve damage-induced ED may not be entirely curable, significant improvements in erectile function can be achieved through a combination of treatments and lifestyle changes. It's important to consult with healthcare professionals who specialize in sexual health to determine the most suitable treatment plan. With advances in medical technology and ongoing research, future treatments may offer even more promising outcomes.
Suggested Read: What does this 75-year-old know about rock-hard stiffness at ANY age?


Erectile dysfunction caused by nerve damage poses a unique challenge to men seeking treatment. While a complete cure may not always be feasible, there are several effective treatment options available that can significantly improve erectile function.
The key lies in early diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and a holistic approach that includes medical interventions, rehabilitation, and emotional support. By addressing the physical and psychological aspects, men can regain their confidence and enjoy a fulfilling sex life despite nerve damage-induced ED.
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2023.05.29 04:48 Victor-Zee Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran
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2023.05.29 04:31 KryoKurse [FOR SALE] Alkaline Trio, All Time Low, Ed Sheeran, Liam Gallagher, Grayscale, Neck Deep, Twenty One Pilots, Robert Plant, Stand Atlantic, State Champs, Twenty One Pilots, Weezer, The Wrecks, and plenty more (pop punk, punk, alt rock, and rock outliers)

Alright, friends.
I've got like a hundred records that I don't spin enough or are duplicates, all taking up a lil' too much space, so here we go.
Here's a spreadsheet with said records, including pressing info, pricing, description of condition, ...:
Shipping from South Florida, $5 flat rate media mail to the contiguous U.S.
Prices for some may be negotiable to varying degrees, and I'll end up taking something off for most bundles as well (i.e. buy multiple and I'll knock the price down).
Orders placed tonight/tomorrow (Monday) will be packed Monday and hopefully shipped out by Tuesday evening (end of the week/Saturday worst case scenario, but I'll do my damnedest to have it out sooner rather than later).
Questions about pricing, if you desire pictures, ... Just message. I gotchu babe. <3

EDIT 1: Paypal G&S by default, of course.
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2023.05.29 04:30 Victor-Zee Nancy Mulligan - Ed Sheeran
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2023.05.29 04:26 WideJellyfish3436 selling ed sheeran gillette tickets!

i have 2 tickets for ed sheeran on saturday 7/1 at gillette stadium that i'm trying to sell! 200s level for $130 – DM me if interested, will transfer via ticketmaster!!
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2023.05.29 04:25 the_art_of_the_taco [30F] What might cause a several-years-healed (biopsy) scar to suddenly open and bleed?

Photos of the current situation as well as the pre- and post-biopsy. I found the May 2020 photo after already making the other collages, whoops! I feel like there's some other weirdness going on with my skin around it but that might not be related.
In 2020 had a blue (?) mole biopsied after it went from a slight discoloration to a substantial entity in about two and a half years (doubling in size over the year leading up to the punch). As far as I know it was benign.
I've scrounged up a few pictures to try and show how it progressed, I'm sorry they're shitty quality. I ended up covering it with my hand or my sleeve most of the time, it had grown both around and "out" by the time finally had it yoinked.
After the procedure it healed normally, less noticable than most of my scars, and I put it out of my head for the first time in years. Last march it was nearly invisible.
Several days ago, I felt something on my arm and reached under my sweater to scratch it (I know, I know, but thought it was just a hair or something), when pulled my hand back there was blood on my fingers. It was a few hours later, while getting ready for bed, that I realized the biopsy scar itself had been bleeding and opened up.
It's now been like 5 days and there's a scab but it's still irritated and tends to almost flake blood off over the day and night, the scab looks "fresh". It doesn't seem like it's healing super well.
I do have an appointment with a new dermatologist late June, but I'm honestly more confused than anything. Google kept giving me information about how scabs take a while to scar, instead of old scars scabbing. I'm sure it's nothing serious, I've just never had it happen before and I'm a curious person.
Per the rules, here's what's been going on elsewise medically (I won't drag out the symptoms unless someone requests it):
I have a lush family medical history (besides ADHD and insomnia on both sides). Maternal: Grandmother had hypothyroidism, likely EDS, passed at 63 to cholangiocarcinoma; uncle has Polycythemia Vera; mother has idiopathic pancreatitis. Paternal: Grandmother had breast cancer and a myocardial infarction in her 40s; grandfather had prostate cancer, pulmonary embolism; aunt had something with her gall bladder and it was removed; uncle and father have various amounts of degenerative disc disease; father has non-small cell lung cancer. I did not inherit BRCA or any other associated familial mutations but I am at a slightly elevated risk of breast cancer. I did inherit a spine that hates me.
Thanks to anyone who can give me some sort of insight while wait for my appointment!
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2023.05.29 04:23 Victor-Zee Hearts Don't Break Around Here - Ed Sheeran
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2023.05.29 04:16 desertlefty Looking for books similar to Winston Brothers series but better? 🫣😂

Hey! I am relatively new to the world of romance books and have been listening to some of the Winston Brothers books on Scribd. I have mixed feelings. They’re the first modern romance books I’ve ever read so I’m not sure what the norm is. I read the one about Jethro first and it was fine, then read the Cletus one and actually really liked that one. I’m reading the one about Duane now and not really loving it.
Things I’ve liked:
Multiple books within the same family/town- I’m enjoying following the characters through multiple books and “interacting” with the whole town
Both male and female perspectives
I’m a country girl myself so it’s fun to have a more rural setting but that isn’t a requirement
Some of the romance/sex I guess? Idk. I’m still new to it so I’m still figuring out what I like.
Things I haven’t liked: (spoilers for some of the books)
I’m reading Truth or Beard right now and it’s weirding me out that the MMC basically pretended to be his twin at the beginning and then somehow that’s fine?
Overly faux-academic sounding monologues. It’s weird and comes across as clunky and unrealistic. I feel like there’s got to be a way to write intelligent characters without them having to tell you about it all the time. Show, don’t tell, ya know?
Anyway I am looking for some modern romance suggestions. I prefer M/F, no cheating or SA, or mafia- fairly lighthearted I guess? Varying levels of spice are fine. Not picky. Would maybe even like to read something about married people finally falling in love/back in love years after marriage? Idk. I’m a newbie! Hit me with your favorites! ETA it doesn’t have to be contemporary romance - historical is good too!
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2023.05.29 04:11 LucidityAI Chance Me for Columbia, Amherst, and other top LACs/Ivies! (Also help me with my ECs)

Demographics: Male, Asian, v competitive/highly ranked public school, upper middle class income, no hooks
Intended Major(s): Political Science/Econ (pre-law)
SAT: 1520
UW: 3.9, W: 4.15, School doesn't rank
Coursework: Planning to graduate with 14 AP classes taken + 2 DE and Calc 3. Got 5s on both exams taken last year, expecting 5s on all except Calc BC this year.
(Will be very general with rest for obvious reasons)
  1. Debate Awards: A few Regional Awards
  2. Model Congress: A few awards at national conferences
  3. NHS
  4. Won an international essay contest (#1 out of appx 3000 submissions)
  5. A few scholarships
  6. A few regional/national essay contests won/placed in
  7. Certification from national political organization to organize campaigns
Extracurriculars (in no particular order, please help me figure out what to include and not):
  1. Social media intern for online based company, 40k followers amassed
  2. Campaign intern for national campaign, phonebanking/doorknocking, training volunteers
  3. Campaign intern for local campaign, doorknocking, training volunteers, some admin work
  4. Campaign intern for local campaign, administrative roles and tasks in planning
  5. Intern at Nonprofit (this summer), will work on new projects and outreach across the nation and internationally
  6. Cofounder of educational database website, 100k+ site views
  7. Cofounder of environmental nonprofit, 11 local schools affected
  8. Founder of two apps related to political info, 10k+ downloads together across App Store and Google Play Store
  9. Paid legal aide for judge (this summer)
  10. Intern at finance consulting company (will be fall of senior year)
  11. Summer Camp Counselor
  12. ACLU volunteer
  13. Writer for 2 online, student run publications: one economics focused, one politics focused

Essays will be 8-10/10 at least, will have college admissions counselor help, plan to write about my experience of being a closeted bisexual in a very conservative family and how it led to my passion for advocacy
LOR 1: English teacher, 10/10
LOR 2: Science teacher, 8/10
Columbia ED
EA/RD:Amherst, Williams, Swarthmore, UPenn, Cornell, Harvard, Yale, Vanderbilt, Boston University, Stony Brook, Binghampton, Hunter, Baruch, John Jay
If you want more info to be more accurate, DM me. Don't want to put out too much to not get doxxed or outed lol.
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2023.05.29 04:09 STA0756052 Low volume ejaculate

The last couple weeks I've had low volume ejaculate when masturbating. My erection is also weaker than usual. I'm relatively fit, no major physical issues or history of ED or any dick issues. My diet isn't great and I've also been sleeping badly so those could be factors. I had retrograde ejaculation like four months ago for a couple of days but then I had sex and it was fine.
I have severe depression and it's gotten worse in the last six months so I'm almost sure that has something to do with it. I'm supposed to see a urologist soon but is there anything I can do/try that might help? Anyone have any similar experience?
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2023.05.29 03:11 Illegal_FrenchToast Chance a Hopeful Liberal Arts Workaholic with Big Dreams Hoping to Get Out of my Hometown (Class of 2024)

Demographics: Male, white, gay, rural Pennsylvania, small uncompetitive high school (No big hooks other than location and sexuality?)
Income Bracket: 70K-110K
Intended Major(s): Psychology (intent to declare pre-med for psychiatry)
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1450 (760 EBRW, 690 Math) -- Retaking in June after intensive Math study -- hoping for at least a 740 Math for 1500 superscore at least
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.0 UW, 4.44 W
Coursework: 16 Honors Classes, AP Lang (expect to get a 5 in July) There are only 8 APs offered in my school, and only two are offered prior to senior year.
Senior Year Courseload: AP Lit, AP Euro, DE Statistics (uPitt), Honors German 3, several other low-level classes related to my major where AP isn't offered + Media and Chambers (Which is honors credit --- see ECs) Could not do AP Calc due to schedule conflicts
Eagle Scout with two Eagle Palms
Regional Musical Theater Award (nominated and won) -- first individual winner in school history
PMEA All-State Musician (Choir) -- First to make it from my school in 8 years
PSPA Student Journalism State Champion -- again, first ever from my school
College Board Rural and Small Town Recognition
National Commended Scholar (only one in my class to be commended)

Extracurriculars: Leader of Boy Scout Troop, one year; president of my school's chamber singers, two years; president of my school's media team, two years; member of NHS, two years; member of Tri-M honor society, two years; varsity cross country runner, 3 years; musical cast member (principal roles), 3 years; choir, 7 years; Week-long scholarship and leadership camp by invitation, gardening, novel writing, music production (song on spotify)
Essays/LORs/Other: My personal essay isn't going to be formatted very traditionally, but it comes straight from the heart, discussing why my intended major doesn't correlate to my ECs. I will emphasize the opportunities my area gives and what I made of it. My long-time desire to solve the mental health crisis in our country will also be discussed, seeing how I've witnessed its effects on my friends, family, and myself. I'll also touch on community impact through boy scouts, working with only partially supportive family and friends, and staying humble even though I was being put on a pedestal.
LORs are going to be 9/10. Deep connections to all three, including my guidance counselor.
Additional Question: Should I try self-studying for AP Psych?
Bowdoin (ED)
Amherst College
Case Western
Westminster College (safety in PA)
Johns Hopkins
Ithaca College
Colorado College
Penn State
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2023.05.29 02:51 Victor-Zee Perfect - Ed Sheeran
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2023.05.29 01:11 IchbinRalfTanner I feel very uncomfortable about my sexuality

Hello, I'm M20 and bi and sexuality problems have been eating me up for the past one and a half years and I just don't know why and what to do.
So, I'm bisexual and on the "gay" side I would say I have a perfectly "healthy" (or what do you think?) attitude, I certainly feel very good about it.
Even though I have not yet had any same-sex experience, I have never felt ashamed, self-conscious, uncomfortable, worth less etc. because of that. Indeed, even with my inexperience I actually feel surprisingly good and in particular confident about myself, I don't feel pressured to have sex or have to lower my standards and so on. In regards to relationships, I don't feel the uncomfortable pressure of "needing" a relationship, to feel confident, to prove something, as a end in itself (in particular regarding confidence) and so on.
I feel so much more relaxed and comfortable, indeed, thinking about dating a guy in the near future I feel excited and look forward to it happily, no stress whatsoever!
On the "straight" side, a whole different story. When I was 19 and still a virgin (even just writing it now I feel ashamed), I felt absolutely miserable about me being a virgin, sometimes to an comical extent (which sounds funny and in hindsight it certainly seems silly, but I still have parts of that attitude lingering and I did feel awful).
After I lost my virginity, I still felt terrible about my sexuality on the straight side, now regarding the way I lost my virginity and, and I still occasionally feel really bad about this, my inexperience. In June '22, I discovered Scarleteen and lilli dot ch
lilli dot ch is in my native German; btw maybe one reason why I felt so horrendous sometimes about being a virgin was that anything relating to that on the German internet was 99 % toxic, like, maybe a paragraph was a smug "Ja is doch normal" but the entire framing is that being a virgin even at as young as 21 is weird and you're an awkward outcast, an "absolute beginner" (basically an incel), and undesirable freak for it. I am probably too sensitive/insecure as well, anyway.
Scarleteen and certainly helped a lot and I feel that the "emotional sex ed" component especially I had been missing out on. I also like "Paging Dr. NerdLove" because some of the blog pots, I feel like, call out some of the deeply-held nonsense beliefs, even those I didn't know I had, head-on.
But even with all of that, I generally feel quite uncomfortable on my heterosexual side. I feel SUPER insecure and vulnerable, undeserving, unworthy, inadequate, super self-conscious about my inexperience in particular, I feel like I need to have a relationship, not necessarily because I want a relationship, but to "fit in" (yeah, I know), "prove" something, be "allowed" to feel confident etc.
Like, I would probably want to be in a relationship with a girl. I had one or two crushes on them in the past, but I can't even think about a relationship further than "getting" one since in my head, it's entirely performative with no clear end goal. (To a lesser extent this applies to straight sex as well!) At the same time, partly because of this attitude, (straight) dating doesn't seem fun or exciting, but primarly daunting. I don't see it primarly as fun, getting to know someone and so on, but as a stressful challenge, a chore.
This has REALLY been eating me up. Why and how is that?! Why can't I be normal?! How can I have the same attitude for my "straight" side? Is it a self-esteem issue? But why then is it not a problem at all on the gay side? I was abused by my mother as a child, has that something to do with it?
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2023.05.29 00:44 ILoveWesternBlot Mouthbreather's """Guide""" on matching Diagnostic Radiology

I’m an MS4 that fully matched DR this year. I had 21 interviews for DR and matched my top 3 for both DR and intern year. I wanted to share some of my thoughts/reflections/things I wish I knew applying into diagnostic radiology this past cycle. There have been writeups in the past but in the era of virtual interviews, mass applying, and record application numbers, I thought I’d talk a little about how I think the application landscape is changing for radiology and my lowly n=1 opinions on how rads hopefuls can prepare themselves. This is colored mostly by personal experience so obviously take it all with a tablespoon of salt. Everyone’s story is different, I’m just sharing what I learned from my journey.
This year, there were 0 unfilled spots for DR and 2 for IR (those spots were programs that didn’t participate in the main NRMP match cycle, and one nucs med spot that’s being internally filled). For reference, the only other specialties that also filled completely were ortho and Plastics. Neurosurgery, ENT, and Derm all had unfilled spots. This isn’t to suggest that DR is now more competitive than those fields (it’s not, those fields are still far more self selecting and you don’t need to be proficient in softball to match) but just emphasizes how cutthroat the field has gotten in the past couple of years.
Disclaimers: I’m writing from the perspective of a (low tier) USMD. If you’re a DO or IMG, you can probably learn stuff from this info as well but truthfully I’m not fully familiar with all the extra hurdles DOs and IMGs go through to match DR and I don’t want to espouse misleading information for you guys. Connecting with matched DO’s and IMG’s on the discord or spreadsheet will be in your best interest. Also, I only applied DR. The broad strokes advice may still apply here but IR is pretty different in terms of your application and approach so if you’re gunning for integrated IDR you may not glean much from this.
--------------------------------Application Foundations--------------------------------
School Rank: Yea no shit this matters. In general USMD >> DO >>>> IMG except for a couple programs that are IMG heavy (Mercy catholic, Yale bridgeport as examples) No, this isn’t Yale’s main program you prestige whore If you’re at a T20 why are you reading this. You’ll match by virtue of existing. Go outside.
DOs and IMGs really struggled with the match this year and it will not get better. If you’re a premed reading this and choosing a school and you’re at all interested in DR or any other competitive specialty then attending an MD school with an attached academic centehome program is your best bet.
Step 2
With step 1 now P/F this will be the big number programs use I think. My general benchmark estimates:
Sub 240- would consider this to be a genuine weakness/borderline red flag in your app, I’d make the effort to compensate in other areas of your application
240- will probably put you among the weaker end of radiology applicants, but not unworkable
250- baseline goal you should shoot for, basically the average range of matched applicants
260- a great score, theoretically makes you competitive for any program in the country depending on the rest of your app
270- 🤓
If you fail step 2 or step 1, your app is dead in the water.
I’m gonna get like 50 comments saying shit like “well I know xyz student who matched UCSF rads with a 196!!!” yea well as you can see by the length of this post scores aren’t everything. Anyone can match with anything theoretically. But these score benchmarks at least let you get an idea of your competitiveness relative to the rest of the pack, which is important for building the rest of your app. Bottom line: P/250 should be ok as a USMD. P/260 is ideal tho. DO’s should shoot for P/260 as a baseline I think.
DO’s- take both steps. Yes, even though step 1 is P/F. This is non negotiable. Programs do not give a single shit about COMLEX even if their site says they accept it.
Clinical Grades
Don’t need perfect grades, but honor as many as you can. Do whatever is necessary outside of academic dishonesty. Practice your head game. This isn’t a guide on how to honor rotations, those exist elsewhere. Honors in big rotations (IM, surgery) mean more than smaller ones. How much Honors vs HP vs P impacts you depends on your school’s grade breakdown. If you’re High passing when 45% of your class is honoring that’s less than ideal. If only 5% of your class honors then HP is fine. If you’re Passing and your school is P/F then you’re chilling. DON’T FAIL A CLERKSHIP. You probably will not match. If your school publishes shelf grades in your MSPE, don’t fumble those. Avoid shitty MSPE comments and try to get those scrubbed from your record.
Preclinical Grades
Don’t matter as much as clinical grades, especially if they don't factor into AOA. Doing well in preclinicals doesn’t hurt though, and being bottom quintile certainly won’t help. Don’t fail anything. Probably not as big of a deal as failing clerkships but you don’t want any red flags in your app no matter how small.
Nice to have. I was AOA and had several programs comment on it. If you’re squinting for patterns mostly community programs and lower tier academics actively mentioned it (“Congrats on AOA” or “I see you’re academically strong, since you’re AOA” and comments of that ilk were what I heard). The big name programs I interviewed at did not mention it, so not sure if they care. If you’re gonna rant about how AOA is a diversity award/popularity contest go soapbox somewhere else. You definitely do NOT need AOA to match radiology (the vast majority of people that match don’t, I was the only rads match from my school in AOA). I’m just commenting on my thoughts on how much it impacts your app, not making a political statement.
No one gave a shit. This is a mickey mouse award
Do something. This isn’t ortho, you don’t need 20 first author papers in the field. But do something. Does not have to be rads related, unless you’re gunning to match Stanford/UCSF/MGH/NYU or the like. For reference, I had several pubs/presentations/posters in non rads fields that were based on interesting clinical/translational studies. I also had 2 first author radiology case reports. Every interviewer asked about the clinical projects. No one mentioned the case reports. Obviously rads clinical research would be the ideal, but the point here is to not only demonstrate academic productivity, but to have something interesting/memorable to talk about in interviews. 20 case reports isn’t a conversation starter. Original research, even in another field, is a conversation starter. Original rads research is harder to do as students generally can’t read scans which is a big part of most studies but if you can swing it it’s awesome.
Can’t comment for sure on numbers, NRMP says like 8 total items which sounds about right. I’d try to do like 1-2 clinical research projects (in any field, no need to be super anal about radiology) and then fill the rest with case reports. ACR case in point is a good place to pump those out if you have a good mentor (RIP RSNA case reports). Radiology Case Reports has a publishing fee but turnover time is like 1 week so you can really go hard in that journal if your department pays for it.
Former surgical subspecialty switchouts/dual apps, you’ll be okay (I was one of those) Radiology accepts people like you all the time, including residents that match these fields then regret it. I wanted to do a surgical subspec before rads and had a decent body of research in that field. Bonus points if that ENT work you did looked at imaging, It’s an easy pivot on interviews! Like I said before, this isn’t ortho. Research productivity doesn’t compensate for poor grades and scores, and you can’t kill an away like you could in surgical subspecs. So make sure your raw grades/scores are good as they build the foundation of your app. Good grades/scores with low research >> great research with shitty grades/scores.
Bonus: If any research work you did involved coding, statistical programming, or machine learning, try to swing it as a budding interest in AI. Many programs, especially academic ones, get their dicks hard the minute someone mentions AI/deep learning models.
Conferences: Unfortunately, networking is becoming more of a thing in radiology as is the fate of any competitive field in a world of less objective metrics. If you can present at RSNA or ACR or SIR or any other conference, absolutely take the opportunity. Introduce yourself to as many PD’s and APD’s as possible, plant the idea of your existence as a seed into their subconscious. If you have nothing to present, I don't know how much value these conferences would have though unless you're a rizz god or somethng. I can’t comment on this too much because I did literally none of this but if your above application metrics are weak then I’d highly recommend doing this. As a terminally online introvert with the personality of a cement block I think networking is cringe but you gotta play the game. IMGs/DOs should especially be trying to do this.
Extracurriculars/Work Experience
No one really cares about interest groups. No one cares if you worked in the student clinic. Programs do care if you did an interesting service/leadership activity. I had one cool service activity I did in preclinicals that got brought up in every interview (wasn’t rads related at all). Make sure you can speak well on what the activity entailed and how you personally contributed.
Nontrads with previous work experience, wear it like a badge of honor. It makes you more interesting as an applicant. I can’t comment on it firsthand because I went straight through but anything that makes your story more than “I was premed in college and now I’m in medical school” is gonna be a talking point on interviews.
--------------------------------Building your App--------------------------------
Letters of Recommendation
IMO the best setup for this is 1 radiology letter and 2 nonradiology clinical letters. Assuming all you did was a rads rotation and little else, a radiology LOR is going to inherently be weak. Students don’t do much besides shadow on rads rotations and everyone knows it, so what’s it gonna say? “Oh student X sat there like a good little boy/girl and didn’t fall asleep in the reading room please RTM them :)” -yeah not the best letter pal. Your clinical letters on the other hand can actually speak to your ability as a medical student so they can be more impressive. The specialty doesn’t matter too much, just make sure they can speak strongly on your ability as a future resident.
If you’re wondering how to get a good rads letter, the best answer is to do research with a rads mentor. Then they can say that you’re academically productive and worked well on projects which makes your letter nicer. If you do research with multiple rads mentors, that’s the only instance in which I’d get a second Rads letter.
How you set up your 4th year rotations should depend on what you need. If you aren’t sure about getting a good nonrads letter, do a Sub I, especially in IM or Surgery- I really really recommend this as a great way to get a good letter or two. If you’re a newer switch into the field do a rads rotation to get a letter. Honestly your rads letter is more of a checkbox at that point than anything else but having one at least confirms you’re not blatantly backup applying.
Dual/backup appliers should get try to get one rads letter from a rotation. Also, make sure your other letters don’t say how great of an orthopedic surgeon you’re gonna be lol don’t get snitched on by your own homies
Away Rotations
Ding ding ding the big million dollar question. You probably scrolled to look for this. I am of the opinion that yes, you should do an away if you can. This is coming from someone who didn’t do one. Now, they aren’t mandatory like they are for surgical subspecialties, but you should try to fit one into your schedule if you can. With step 1 going pass fail and the increasing number of apps, programs are looking for more ways to separate applicants from the flock. Away rotations can be your key. Some general guidelines:
1. DO A ROTATION AT A PROGRAM YOU WOULD BE ALREADY BE COMPETITIVE AT. Doing an away at a rotation at a program does not guarantee an interview. This may sound lame, but think about it- all you do on most DR aways is shadow, or maybe take an exam or present on a topic. That’s nice but it tells a program nothing about how good you’d actually be as a resident.This is why I made a big deal of being able to assess your relative competitiveness as an applicant. Use texas star and residency explorer to get a better idea of this- if you’re in the upper 25% of matched applicants statistics then it’s probably a good idea to do an away there. Don’t rotate at UCSF or MGH if you’re a DO or have below average stats- you’re not gonna get an interview and you’re gonna waste everyone’s time.
2. Aways should not take precedence over important application building rotations. If you need a non radiology letter and you’re debating between doing an away vs doing a sub I in medicine, the answer is the sub I. A strong application with no aways > weaker app with an away IMO. Getting letters from aways is hard to say. Do it if you don’t have a home program. Otherwise, it’s probably more valuable to build a strong connection to your home program and get radiology letter(s) there.
3. If you’re looking to match in an area that you have no educational/personal ties to, do an away there. If you’re from the midwest and want to match in NYC, do an away in NYC. If you’re looking to match to california and aren’t attending medical school there, do an away in Cali. Unless you’re a superstar candidate you will probably see poor yields in areas outside of your med school/hometown area so an away can help boost yields. That being said, rule 1 takes precedence here.
4. I don’t recommend getting LOR’s from away programs. The big exception here is if you don’t have a home program, in which case then you should. It’s just that these letters are probably gonna be mid at best and home rads letters where the PD/writer knew you for longer will probably be of better quality. Again, everyone is different-maybe you really really vibed with an away faculty and want a letter from them. If you are confident it’ll be a really quality letter, then go for it. But don’t strategize your app around getting letters from MGH or NYu or Stanford and thinking this is like surgical subspecs where you do aways at places for great letters- it’s not.
Make sure to apply early and broadly- it’s first come first serve for most programs. If you haven’t finished your app and submitting to programs already, you’re probably running late. Oops, probably should probably have submitted this sooner. This is what League of Legends does to you folks. Try to do research and ask around about what programs highly value away rotators. I have some leads but there are definitely many many others out there.
NYC- Mt. Sinai Icahn SOM- great away experience, gave interviews to away rotators
PA- Einstein Philly- highly highly values away rotators/demonstrated interest in the program
CA- Santa Barbara Cottage- gave interviews to away rotators, great “foothold” program into CA
CA- Cedars Sinai- another great “foothold” program into CA
Shoutout to these programs for doing the exact opposite:
Wash U St. Louis- rejected an away rotator 3 weeks into the away (per name and shame)
UMD- did not provide interviews to multiple away rotators
FYI both programs I listed above are great places to train at, and programs are under no obligation to give interviews to away rotators, especially in DR. Just know if you rotate there that you should prepare for this possibility.
Post-ERAS submission aways are probably still valuable especially early on in interview season. The only thing is that you won’t be able to get LORs from those but I think LOR’s from away rads programs are almost guaranteed to be mid at best so I’d recommend not building your app around those unless you have no home program.
The other million dollar question. This year apparently applicants get 6 gold and 6 silver signals. I think the best thing to do with signals is just send them to where you wanna go. I have no clue why anyone would want a silver signal, but I don’t think it’s worth the headache of trying to mindgame which programs are getting silvers and which are getting golds. Send your golds to the ones you really like, and your silvers to the ones you also like but maybe not as much. Don’t overthink it.
My only advice regarding signals is to NOT signal big name academic centers. UCSF, NYU, MGH, Upenn, etc do not put much weight into signals. They know everyone wants to train with them so they get their pick of the litter. Sending a signal to them is likely throwing your signal in the trash, especially if your application metrics aren’t at or above their matched averages. I think you get the most bang for your buck from signaling smallemid tier academic centers and community programs. That being said, I’m not your dad. Signal who you want.
PS ask your home program if they want you to signal them. Some don’t but others are dickheads and want one of your signals. Make sure you know.
Damn i dont know what the fuck they’re smoking at AAMC with this change but I guess I can talk about it. Sounds like common sense but talk about shit that’s actually meaningful and you can talk freely and confidently/passionately about in interviews. Especially now since you have limited space. The student clinic you and 1000 med students volunteered at probably doesn’t mean much. Oh, you led the student clinic? Well that’s a lot better, you should talk about that. Activities where you took a leadership role are always gonna be more meaningful and interesting in interviews than stuff you were just a floater in. Gonna copy and paste a comment I made a while ago about putting research as experiences in your ERAS. Applies to any specialty I think:
Publications and "experiences" are different parts of your ERAS application, with Pubs having no cap. You can enter any publication as a "research experience" but you'll need to think a little harder about which ones you wanna put in.
For example, if you do a small filler case report and it gets published in a smaller journal, this is a publication and should be in your ERAS publication section. You could enter it as a research experience as well, where you describe the process you went through to get it written and published. However, this would not be a very meaningful experience and a waste of one of your ten entries.
Let's say you lead a longitudinal translational research project in your field of interest that gets presented at a conference as an abstract, and then subsequently published in a large journal. Both the abstract and the pub will, again, go in your ERAS pubs section. However, this would also make a great research experience to use in your experiences tab. You could talk about how you led the project, the role you played in completing it, where it was presented, etc. This would make for a strong candidate in your experiences tab.
TL;DR: Smaller filler projects are pubs but shouldn't be listed in experiences. Larger important projects should be publications and also listed as a research experience. Hope this makes sense.
I would highly highly recommend including some space for hobbies in your eras. DR interviews are like 80% hobby talk, 10% why rads, 10% random shooting the shit. You don’t need to have insanely interesting hobbies- even mundane stuff is great conversation food. I talked about TV (almost spoiled an interview on Better Call Saul's ending) and manga (Chainsaw Man my love) in some of my interviews. Just be sure you’re genuine in those interests and can talk about them. Don’t fabricate a hobby like underwater basket weaving to make yourself look cool because if you sound fake then that’s gonna be an almost instant DNR. My home PD told me a story of a great applicant they DNR’ed because he said he loved fly fishing in his hobbies section and our PD (who loves fly fishing) asked about it he couldn’t talk anything about it. because it was made up. Yeah, don’t do that.
Probably 2-3 hobbies and elaborate a little on each. Don’t just say running- were you on any competitive teams? Did you run a marathon/halfy/5k? Give some meat to it but not your whole life story.
Personal Statement
I feel very unconfident in talking about this part so I won’t say too much. I was told my PS was good but no one really commented on it in interviews. I think the 10/80/10 rule applies here- 80% of PS’s don't move the needle in any way, 10% are profound, 10% suck ass. You’re not gonna be in that top 10% most likely so just try not to be in that bottom 10%. Spell check, and don’t talk about how you wanna do rads because of lifestyle or because you “Like PUZZLES” -it’s generic as fuck. Have as many eyes on it as possible- your mentors, your friends, your parents, your parole officer, Dealer Jim- get as much feedback on it as possible. Just make sure it doesn’t suck or unintentionally reveal any personality disorders- that time you lit a live squirrel on fire and looking at the bones made you interested in Xrays is probably not a good radiology PS.
Conclusions/I skipped to the bottom
Rads is getting pretty competitive. I’d say it’s not on the level of the surgical subspecs/derm but probably the most competitive one of the remaining ones. It’s still not too bad if you’ve built a decent app- I’m not gonna hype it up like the psych and gas doomposters, but it’s not a walk in the park like it was pre-COVID. Especially if you’re a DO or IMG….
My spicy prediction we will see a small dip in application numbers this cycle- ChatGPT “concerns” and people realizing it’s not a safe backup may cause a small decrease in app numbers- but the process is becoming more opaque with tiered signals and more importantly P/F step 1.
-GET GOOD STEP 2 SCORE. 250+ goal, 260+ ideal if you want to feel safer but I don't think there's really a safe score nowadays
-GOOD GRADES IN MEDICAL SCHOOL- honors and HP’s, don’t low pass. DON’T FAIL ANYTHING. Be top tertile/quintile/quartile/kitchentile or whatever your school does.
-DO SOME RESEARCH- a couple case reports and a independent project or two that you can talk about is your goal. Don’t need 10+ pubs like an ENT manwhore but don’t have nothing.
-DO AN AWAY AT A TARGET RANGE PROGRAM. Know your competitiveness and choose your away intelligently. Don’t ego it. Do it in a region you’d potentially like to match in especially if you don’t have prior ties. Again, not mandatory but it can really help.
-BE A REAL PERSON- you’re not a stat stick. Mention hobbies, ecs, prior jobs that you can talk about in interviews. The first 3 points get you the interview- it’s these last two points that get you the match.
I hope this helps a little. I wish I wrote this in march post match because then some of this advice would have been more timely like the aways but what can you do.
I might do a part 2 on interviews and rank lists and what I think you should look for in a program so let me know if that's something you might be interested in. I feel like those are later cycle questions and wouldn't be super relevant right now. Plus I've already procrastinated on writing this up when I said I would so I try to write that this shit is never gonna get done.
Other matched rads people feel free to chime in/correct me/share your experiences. I don't claim to be a know it all for this process by any means I still wonder how I managed to pull the devious heist on the program that matched me.
I’m willing to take DM’s if you have more specific/personal questions but no butthole pics please.
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2023.05.29 00:34 Apprehensive_Tax8780 Cassie at Taylor

Her being at Taylor is making me irrationally annoyed. She's not even a big Swiftie and I swear she's only there because she thinks Ed Sheeran will be there. Her obsession with him grossed me out. He's married with kids and his wife just went through horrific health challenges and the fact she keeps calling him daddy is gross. Also, CT looks nothing like him.
Also nice to know she said she wasn't going to announce whether she is pregnant, but then shares she's drinking in the parking lot of the stadium and then declares she's not pregnant. So much wtf. She's so desperate to share every waking second of her life it's so pathetic.
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2023.05.28 23:52 Ill_Advertising4798 Asian male in business/econ gets very very surprising results? Ivy bound?

Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Asian
Residence: Texas
Income Bracket: Upper middle class
Type of School: Large, relatively non-competitive high school. Sends 2-5 kids to Ivies each year (out of 1000+ students).
Hooks (Recruited Athlete, URM, First-Gen, Geographic, Legacy, etc.): None
Intended Major(s): Business/econ as first choice, environmental science/engineering/policy as second choice where available
GPA (UW/W): 4.0 UW. 5.6ish Weighted
Rank (or percentile): 1/1000+ students
# of Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment/etc.: 16 AP courses.
Senior Year Course Load: AP bio, AP Calc BC, AP Euro, AP Lit, AP Macro, AP Gov, Public speaking/debate course, AP Psych, APES
Standardized Testing
SAT: 1560 (780RW, 780M)
ACT: 35
AP/IB: All 5s except one 4 and one 3 in Covid year
#1 Taking care of ill sibling for several years, 10 hours weekly, all 4 years
#2 Paid internship over summer working on ESG/data science, 40 hours/week, 2 years
#3 President and founder of cultural org at school, 2 years
#4 Vice president of school DECA chapter, 4 years
#5 President/treasurer of school honor society, 3 years
#6 Captain of humanities academic competition team, 2 years (we were never good enough to make it past regionals as a team)
#7 Volunteering with local food bank, led a several-thousand dollar donation drive
#8 Volunteering with local cancer prevention charity
#9 Working at fast food restaurant throughout pandemic as shift lead, 2 years
#10 Relatively selective local leadership org with city government
#1 1st at national business competition (DECA)
#2 Admitted to and participated in selective, all-expenses-paid, summer business program at a T20
#3 National competitor 1x and state competitor 4x for DECA
#4 Qualified for state 4x for another business competition (FBLA)
#5 Won regions 1x for previously mentioned humanities competition
Letters of Recommendation
Internship manager - 8/10, knew me fairly well, and I think it gave my business app a unique edge because I already had real corporate experience
History teacher - 7/10, known for writing good rec letters, but he probably writes 30-50 each year so I doubt mine was that incredible
Club sponsor - 4/10, knew me decently, but probably not the strongest writer
Languages teacher - 6/10, probably decent, but coming from a large public school probably meant the rec letters were overall not as strong as private feeder letters
Counselor - 5/10, explained my family situation, but overall probably very generic
Georgetown, Yale: Felt like I connected on a personal level with both of my interviewers. Neither of us seemed to want to end the conversation, and I think I left an overall very positive impression while expressing my true self. 9/10
Dartmouth, Duke, Harvard: All in one week, back to back, so it was stressful. However, the constant practice made it so that these were all pretty good. 7/10
UPenn ED: First interview so I was really nervous, but he kind of dominated and guided the conversation. Overall did decent. 7/10
UT Austin Business Honors, MIT, Rice: Plain old generic college interviews. 5/10
Princeton: Was my first in-person interview, so I was super nervous. Lasted only 20 minutes, and I really felt like I put on a fake personality that def hurt my chances. 1/10
Personal statement - 6/10. Generic essay about how a generic hobby taught me to learn from others. Spent maybe 8-10 hours on it? Really felt nervous about this tanking my application because a few friends said it was really really bad (not to be mean, they were genuinely trying to help). However, this was cancelled out by a few adults and college students saying it was really good, so idk. Overall was probably decent, and appealed to more serious readers.
Supplementals: A majority were good, probably around 7-8/10. A few were super cringe looking back, so like 3/10, while a couple were genuinely 10/10. Even got a note from my Stanford AO saying she loved my essays. Lots of research and time put into the "Why Us?" essays. Took a huge risk on my why major essay, and it ended up leading to mixed results. The community essay was probably my weakest, while the essays in which I got to explain my family situation, express my passion for econ, and the 50ish-word short responses were my best. As a whole, I think my supplements and how I approached them through expressing my personality and passions rather than flexing my accomplishments really helped me stand out.
Just a note on the essays: the amount of time you spend on an essay has no correlation to how good it is. It's perfectly fine to finish one quickly and use a first or second draft. Some of my best essays were written like this when I was just in a good mood and trying to finish quickly to go hang out - while the ones I grinded on for days (looking at you Princeton) ended up being fake and cringey.

UPenn Wharton ED Deferral - Acceptance
UMich Ross EA
IU Kelley EA
UT Austin Business Honors EA
Texas A&M EA
Stanford RD (committed!!)
Dartmouth RD
Carnegie Mellon Tepper RD
Vanderbilt RD
Notre Dame RD
Georgetown McDonough RD
Rice Business School RD
Harvard RD -- waitlisted then rejected
Cornell RD - opted out
Columbia RD - opted out
Brown RD - opted out
Duke RD - opted out
Princeton RD
Yale RD
NYU Stern RD
Additional Information/final reflections:
I think the biggest, biggest thing that I regret, and am still trying to overcome, is the glorification of Ivy students. What I mean by this is the echo chamber prevalent on this sub, and A2C and even among the students I met at the various competitions I participated in, that believes that anyone who gets into a school like Harvard or Stanford or any Ivy for that matter is somehow smarter or better than kids who get rejected. This belief led me to believe that only those with super stacked god-tier resumes get in, leading me to be completely shocked by my results. Looking back, even though I'm not a perfect applicant, I should've been a lot more confident and realized that I was definitely "average" for an Ivy applicant. I have a deleted post on an alt asking where I'd get in, and most people said Kelley and Ross at best. I think people as a whole need to realize that although college admissions is super selective and complete BS, the reason you won't get in is NOT because you didn't do enough, or because your resume is weak - it's because of factors like luck and institutional priorities. If I applied again, I could see myself getting into Harvard and Stanford again, or ending up at A&M or UT. It's literally all luck once you're past a certain point. I hope all applicants in the future are more optimistic (without being unrealistic), while taking the admissions process a little more lightheartedly.

One final thing: if you're a prestige whore. Stop it now. It never ends. This is going to sound so fucking dumb, but until like last week, while I was waiting for Harvard waitlist results to come out, I genuinely had the thought that I wasn't "good enough" because I got into Stanford and not Harvard. WTF. I can't believe I genuinely thought something like that. Objectively I know it's false because I can see people on this sub with similar applications to me get into Harvard and not Stanford, and even without that, it's just so dumb to place my value on an admissions decision. I've really sat and thought about it for a while, and I think being a prestige whore comes from a mix of needing validation and also feeling insecure. I've been working towards addressing both, and hope in the future I won't give a shit what people think and will stop being in my own head.
Anyways, sorry for the rambling at the end of this post! Good luck to the class of 2024 and all future classes applying! I hope everything works out amazing for you all, and dm or comment if you have any questions. Hopefully this post helped just a little.
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2023.05.28 23:48 soomdong 감사명상을 할 때 참고해 보세요

감사명상을 할 때 참고해 보세요

<뒤로 가기>)

원본: 앤드류 후버만이라는 스탠포드 의대 신경생물학과 교수가 운영하는 유튜브인데, 이번 영상에서 감사함을 연습하는 방법에 대한 주제를 다뤘더라구요.
뇌과학적으로, 억지로 일반적인 모든것에 '감사함'을 느끼려는 시도는, 자기 자신을 속일 수 없기 때문에 그렇게 효과적이지 않다고 하네요.
대신, 감사명상 등 감사함을 느끼는 연습을 할 때는 스토리를 중심으로 떠올리며 연습하는 것이 뇌에 아주 강력한 효과를 미친다고 해요.
그리고 누군가에게 감사할 때보다 누군가에게 감사인사를 받을 때 더 강력한 영향을 미치구요.
내가 공감할 수 있는, 누군가에게 베풀거나 베풂을 받은 감동적인 이야기들을 이용해서 감사명상을 하는 거죠!
이 지식을 활용하기 위해 인터넷에서 몇가지 아름다운 사건들에 대한 이야기들을 찾아 정리해 두고, 그것을 머릿속으로 떠올리며 이야기 속에 이입해서 감사함과 감사받음을 느끼며 감사명상을 진행해 봤어요.
정말 효과가 좋더라구요. 평소에 감사명상을 할 때보다 효과가 훨씬 강력하게 느껴졌어요. 억지로 감사한다는 느낌도 들지 않았고, 자연스럽게 몰입이 되었구요.
여러분도 감사명상을 하실 때 이 정보를 참고하시면 좋을 것 같아요!
아래는 제가 영상에서 개인적으로 발췌한 몇가지 부분이에요.
This study looked at changes in so-called functional connectivity within the brain and between the brain. And the heart in response to gratitude practices and as a control they used what i think is very interesting a resentment intervention. uh i think resentment is a an apt control uh and quite different than gratitude.
To make a long story short what they found is that a repeated gratitude practice could change the resting state functional connectivity in emotion and motivation related brain regions if i haven't mentioned a strong enough incentive for doing a regular gratitude practice until now.
**This is definitely the one to pay attention to because what they found was a regular gratitude practice could shift the functional connectivity of emotion pathways in ways that made anxiety and fear circuits less likely to be active and circuits for feelings of well-being but also motivation to be much more active. (정기적인 감사 연습이 불안과 공포 회로를 덜 활동하게 만드는 방식으로 감정 경로의 기능적 연결성을 변화시킬 수 있고 행복감과 동기부여를 위한 회로를 훨씬 더 활동적으로 만들 수 있다는 것을 발견했기 때문에, 이것은 분명히 주목해야 할 부분이다.)
I find that remarkable and important because a number of people struggle with issues of motivation a lot of people who are highly motivated also have issues with anxiety and fear and so this study really points to the fact that it's a twofer if you have a good gratitude practice and you repeat it regularly, you can reduce the fear anxiety circuits and you can increase the efficacy of the positive emotion feel good circuits and the circuits associated with motivation and pursuit are actually enhanced as well. so that's very strong incentive to have a gratitude practice and one that you use regularly, and what's really cool about this study also is that the interventions are only five minutes long it's incredible five minutes long.
Your gratitude practice can be very brief i mean can be as brief as one minute 60 seconds or five minutes which still seems very brief to me. although in these studies they were getting these really major effects just from five minutes of gratitude practice.
Some of these papers involve people doing some focusing on their breathing and calming themselves as they go into the gratitude practice but that's within the five-minute block.
I think once a narrative has been set you've heard the story and it has meaning for you or you have a recollection of a story where you were genuinely thanked then i think just 60 seconds or maybe 120 seconds should be sufficient.
아래는 제가 감사명상을 할 때 이용하는 몇가지 미담들이에요.
아이가 열이 심해 급하게 운전하다 사고, 상대 차주는 꼭 안아줘
딸 생일인데 잔고 571원…한부모 아빠 울린 '피자아저씨'
"배달 시켰는데 감동이 왔네요" 한 소방서에 도착한 '훈훈' 메시지 "배달 시켰는데 감동이 왔네요" 한 소방서에 도착한 '훈훈' 메시지 중앙일보 (
아이의 새엄마로 지내는게 너무 힘드네요 ..
경로당 몰래 들어간 전과자
자신의 장례식에서 사람들이 우는게 싫다고 자신의 목소리를 생전에 녹음해 들려주는 사람
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2023.05.28 23:25 kawaiihusbando [TOMT] [Song] Semi Popular Song?

It has Lewis Capaldi, Lukas Graham, James Arthur, Calum Scott and Ed Sheeran vibes. Barely remember anything about this song. So, my attempt to hum this song might be a little bit out of this world. Lmao.
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2023.05.28 22:51 elizabethjanet Disordered Eating

So, I was just watching something on YouTube (not related to dieting or weight, just a humour video, If you’ve never seen Everyone’s So Creative by Tamara Double Chocolate) and realized I wasn’t looking at the food in the video as much as I was looking at plates of calories.
All I saw was calories, how many, too many, and if I were to eat what was on that plate I would be consuming the equivalent of two days calories.
It was just a casserole but it freaked me out.
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2023.05.28 22:29 PinkSodaMix Ed staying true to himself by playing his pop songs on the loop pedal

Ed staying true to himself by playing his pop songs on the loop pedal
I like = but I'm a X girl at heart. My favorite part of his concerts is watching him build the songs on his loop pedal. I was surprised and elated his pop songs are also loop pedal songs instead of using the band he's traveling with. The band is great, but this is my Ed Sheeran 🥰
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2023.05.28 22:26 Urpervyneighbor LAMBS REVEALED - Clues discussion. Spoilers for LAMBS only. CLUES REVEALED SERIES #8.21

Since I did not post this from last season; here it is: Lambs are Wilson Phillips! Let's discuss how the clue packages related to them.
Here is my ongoing accolades tally. It's still a work in progress, and I'm open to improvement suggestions!
What did I miss?
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