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2023.03.28 19:54 jdizzler432 Is tipping in restaurants necessary?

Can someone present to me the reasons why I should tip in restaurants?
I am not against tipping as a concept, but rather the expectation that you will leave 10-15% of your bill no questions asked regardless of your experience.
Here are what I understand to be the main reasons for tipping; (*not exhaustive by any means)
  1. Culture - There is a culture of tipping your servers in this country, this has always been the case, an unspoken social agreement that customers in a (certain type of) restaurant will leave a tip an top of what is owed for the meal. (The amount that should be left is less clear, generally at least 10%)
  2. Personal aspect - There is a personal aspect to the work of providing customers with food and drink, refilling water, clearing plates etc, customers like to acknowledge this with a direct tip for their waiter, a "thank you for looking after us" gesture
  3. Income supplement - This is a combination of reasons 1 and 2 really, it is felt that the work serving staff do is not remunerated appropriately and that tips are provided in recognition of this.
I agree these reasons have some validity , however upon further scrutiny I don't think they stand up at all. (The culture argument unwinds very quickly) To clarify, I am for tipping in circumstances where I feel service is excellent, I am against being made feel like a social pariah by not leaving any tip.
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2023.03.28 19:54 Few_Bunch1578 Matthew

I need Matthew to direct a horror movie. Preferably with clowns
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2023.03.28 19:54 Shopping_Small Reminder that augmentation is a useful and meaningful way to push the game forward and we can make sure it’s just right before release

It’s not going to bring us closer to EOC
This isn’t RS3
It’s not going to ruin the game
Powercreep remains the most misunderstood term in MMO history
If anything it’ll just be a lot of quality of life
Look forward to the fact that we’ll have some direct input on the fundamental rewards of a skill and put an ounce of trust in the OSRS team to get it right with our input. Don’t make this another completely useless skill out of baseless fear of an OUNCE of change
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2023.03.28 19:53 RegExrBot 5 items are now available at Amazon

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2023.03.28 19:53 illusiveconsistence Programming Growth

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2023.03.28 19:53 -en- @AP: BREAKING: Former Vice President Mike Pence will have to testify before a grand jury after he was subpoenaed by the special counsel investigating former President Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, a federal judge has ruled.

@AP: BREAKING: Former Vice President Mike Pence will have to testify before a grand jury after he was subpoenaed by the special counsel investigating former President Trump’s efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, a federal judge has ruled. submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 19:53 Sancho_IV_of_Castile [WTS] Spyderco SpyderSaw and 4V Native Chief

Timestamp and album:
Beauty shot:
Description/condition: One of the rarest Spydercos out there. A true unicorn. The dream of any Spyderco fanatic. This one is in excellent condition, and does not appear to have been used (or if so, then only very lightly). A couple of very light scratches on the blade, some light staining from age in the ricasso area, and a couple of small dings in the FRN (see all photos please). Other than that it’s in great condition. Smooth, solid lockup and well centered. The clip works perfectly and is not bent (unlike many old integral FRN clips from Spyderco). Does not come with box or papers, but will come in a very nice zippered pouch.
Price: $180 via PayPal friends and family or Venmo. Shipping via USPS priority mail. U.S. only.
Nota bene: Please try to avoid sending a “chat” request, as I don’t have the reddit app and do not receive any notices that a chat request has come in. Use the DM (direct message) feature instead. Or better yet, just say "I'll take it" here in the comments and I'll promptly DM you. Inquiries are welcome, but please note that I reserve the right to (and will likely) sell to the first person who unconditionally YOLOs. Thank you!
Timestamp and album:
Beauty shot:
Description/condition: Used but loved. Spyderco’s DLC is very hard, and what looks like weascratches on it is usually just deposits on the DLC itself. There are smudges/marks here and there on the DLC from cutting, but again, if you apply some elbow grease it should likely come off. The clip is scratched and worn. The G10 is in good shape. Smooth, solid lockup, very sharp. Centering is off just a tad to the right. Does not come with box or papers, but will come in a velcro pouch.
Price: $200 via PayPal friends and family or Venmo. Shipping via USPS priority mail. U.S. only.
Nota bene: Please try to avoid sending a “chat” request, as I don’t have the reddit app and do not receive any notices that a chat request has come in. Use the DM (direct message) feature instead. Or better yet, just say "I'll take it" here in the comments and I'll promptly DM you. Inquiries are welcome, but please note that I reserve the right to (and will likely) sell to the first person who unconditionally YOLOs. Thank you!
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2023.03.28 19:53 kai-ote Mars is todays planetary representation. As an agricultural guardian, Mars directs his energies toward creating conditions that allow crops to grow, which may include warding off hostile forces of nature. There is more to him than just combat among people. Enlist Him in your garden pest war.

Mars is todays planetary representation. As an agricultural guardian, Mars directs his energies toward creating conditions that allow crops to grow, which may include warding off hostile forces of nature. There is more to him than just combat among people. Enlist Him in your garden pest war. submitted by kai-ote to elderwitches [link] [comments]

2023.03.28 19:53 gardenparty82 A forgetting problem

My therapist had the idea that I should make a forgetfulness board with all the things that I’m prone to forget.
At first I was thinking of all the tasks I tend to forget: work stuff, my kids’ school stuff, getting blood drawn, planning birthday parties etc…
But then after talking for a little while we had an idea to conceptually expand the board to other things I tend to forget: that I am capable, what is most important to me, that I’m worthy of love and care from others.
Of course now I’m hyper focused on finding the board and cool push pins and post it notes in cute shapes, but I think this board will help me to consider all the ways I’m forgetful. And remind me I’m ok and help me figure out what to do in a day.
Or it will help me until I get bored of it in a few months, but even a few months can help get you rolling in a good direction.
I was wondering if anyone else has thoughts on what we tend to forget?
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2023.03.28 19:53 nameage Trigger iOS shortcut with HA?

The newest iOS version 16.4 supports intercom in shortcuts. I would like to trigger such a shortcut from home assistant but only found documentation for the other direction (triggering Siri/Shortcut to trigger something in HA). Have ye got any ideas?
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2023.03.28 19:52 eskimoboob Illinois Senate proposes bill that would crack down on “fake” women’s health centers

State Senator Celina Villanueva (D-Chicago) is sponsoring bill SB 1909 ( ), which is titled the “Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act.” This proposal will likely be called in the Illinois Senate Executive Committee ( ) hearing scheduled for 3 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29.
This bill takes direct aim at shutting down fake “medical” centers (aka “Pregnancy Crisis centers”) usually created by religious organizations that use coercion or misinformation to persuade clients that abortion is not available for them. These centers purposely mislead clients into believing they are receiving medical assistance and accurate medical information.
However, these “clinics” do not require licensed medical staff, and the volunteers usually do not have any medical certification at all. Although medical equipment may be used (sonograms), the volunteers can not accurately measure the age of gestation.
Usually, these “clinics” falsely inform their clients they have already passed the available window for safe termination. Inaccurate 3D models of mature fetuses are also displayed to the client for emotional manipulation. These clinics use other coercive measures by promising discounted infant supplies at their “boutiques”, only if clients return for their “parenting” classes. Some “clinics” try to appear non-threatening by using home-like decor to give the impression that clients can trust the staff like they would a family member.
SB 1909 allows the Illinois Attorney General (AG) to investigate all centers it believes are providing any wrong information or omitting any correct information in any form (advertising, speaking to a client, offering services, denying services, answering questions, etc.). If it is determined there is a violation of this Act, Pregnancy Care Centers can be fined up to $50,000 per incident and clients may take centers to court for other civil penalties with the AG’s blessing and detailed documentation against the centers.
To show support for the bill, fill out a witness slip to support SB 1909:
-Fill out your name, address, email and phone number. Leave everything else blank or put self.
-Highlight “Proponent” and “Record of Appearance Only.”
-Check Terms of Agreement and click Create Slip.
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2023.03.28 19:52 JoeTSax Honestly, I love my boss, but how the fuck do I respond to this. Weirdest fucking conversation about absolutely necessary legal requirements

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2023.03.28 19:52 Prest1ge89 Dishwasher & Washing Machine have begun stopping mid cycle

All of a sudden both my Dishwasher and Washing Machine have begun stopping mid cycle. This has happened once while both were running but has continued to happen when trying to run either independently.

For the washing machine the clothes seem to stop after the wash cycle but are left soaking wet as it did not finish its spin/drain cycle. I have been able to run just spin/drain to wring out the clothes and move them to my dryer but this has become frustrating. I have brand new Maytag MHW5630HW and I have gone through cleaning out the drain pump filter but found nothing which didn't surprise me given how new the unit is. My thoughts here are either an interrupted power supply or faulty electrical latch connection causing the machine to think its been opened when it has not and therefor stopping the cycle. Basement laundry room was finished in December, has dedicated power supply for the washer and have had no issues before this week with plenty of cycles so far this year without an issue.

Dishwasher is an LG LSDT9908ST and has been stopping anywhere from 20-40 min into the turbo cycle (60 min duration). We have been using turbo almost exclusively as we have been cleaning bottles and breast pump equipment trying to keep up with a newborn. I have ensured the drain filter is clean and otherwise have had no issues with this unit for the past 3-4 years that we have had it.

I find it very odd that both the dishwasher and washing machine have begun experiencing trouble at the same time which is why I feel like some sort of electrical issue is the culprit but i have a 200 Amp subpanel and dedicated circuits to each appliance. Both kitchen and laundry room have been renovated in the last 4 years. Struggling to focus on one appliance at a time when researching and hoping folks can help direct me to the most likely solutions that I can do myself before resorting to calling an appliance tech. I consider myself handy but not exactly a technical or electrical wizard. Would appreciate some help or others experiences. Thank you.
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2023.03.28 19:51 dgbdfhghdhdfh Ari Aster Reveals Next Project Will "Almost Certainly" Be a Western

The 'Beau Is Afraid' director hopes to reunite with Joaquin Phoenix on the project.
While Ari Aster's new film Beau Is Afraid has yet to be released into theaters, the director is already thinking about what's next, revealing in an interview with The New York Times that his next project will "almost certainly" be a western. While the genre may be an unexpected shift from Aster's usual horror outings, the director may be joined by a familiar face as he teased the star of his upcoming project Beau Is Afraid, Joaquin Phoenix, may return to star in the proposed western film.
While Aster may be about to release only his third feature-length film, the director has already poised himself as somewhat of a horror icon, and has certainly established himself a creative force through his chillingly surreal films: 2018's Hereditary and 2019's Midsommar. It comes as a little surprise then that the auteur's next project would take an unexpected direction, should the film in fact take form as a western.
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2023.03.28 19:51 Status-Leadership192 Denji in part 2 and chapter 117 specifically have had the laziest and weakest writing I've seen from fujimoto

Since fujimoto continues to write asa beautifully and masterfully and denji didn't appear in today's chapter, I think it's a perfect time to vent out my frustrations with denji in part 2 and chapter 117 especially
1) fujimoto turned denji into a dumbass in part 2 : he completely ignores all of the obvious red flags around asa after all what happened to him with other girls in part 1 , from her going from calling him a loser to asking him out on a date , not questioning her how she got them out the aquarium and where did it go like what did he think eternity just gave up or something ? ,the whole spinal cord incident when their world is filled with devils with different powers and just assuming she's just weird and quirky like that,her saying she hates him out of nowhere then kissing him , him ignoring the possibility that asa is a devil when nayuta herself said she smelled something fishy with asa , fujimoto basically dumb downed denji (who we know is super perceptive and good at noticing and remembering little details) for the sake of the plot moving forward
2) his goals are contradictory :he wants to be known as csm so that he would get all the love and girlfriends he always wanted . He also wants to nayuta to go to college and have a normal life , but are you telling me denji is dumb enough to not realised that by revealing himself as csm to the world , diffrent devils and governments and assassins will all target him directly making it so that nayuta can't possibly live a normal life and go to college unless you are telling denji is planning on abandoning her ?
3) chapter 117 has by far the weakest writing of any of fujimoto's works that I've read , denji ignoring the entire fight with eternity to focus on a penguin so that he can't know that asa is a devil and pretty much forgetting about the whole thing , not asking asa how she got them put of there like did he think eternity gave up and gone home of something????
And the worst part is fujimoto could have easily fixed this by having yoshida knock out denji so that he wouldn't see asa kill eternity and then say he got them put and killed eternity and denji would believe him and he wouldn't look like such a dumb ass
Sorry for the rant ,its just that I wish fujimoto wrote denji in part 2 as well he is writing asa right now since he's my favourite character if you couldn't tell from my flair
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2023.03.28 19:51 avega89 Preacher/Speaker Suggestions

God bless everyone. Recently I’ve had a true desire and hunger to listen to sermons and teachings that are Christ centered and inspired directly from God, that’s is, of sound doctrine. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions on preachespeakers.
I’ve tried google but all who pop up are prosperity preachers. I was, for a time listening to Paul Washer, John McArthur, etc. but grew weary of them when I heard they were Calvinist.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.03.28 19:51 NineNecks LA based Post Hardcore band looking for a vocalist

Los Angeles based punk/post-hardcore band looking for vocalist.
We’re Nine Necks an early 2000s Midwest post hardcore sounding band from Los Angeles. We’re on the lookout for a vocalist. If you like what we do, live near LA and can sing a bit then we want to hear from you.
Our direct influences are: Planes Mistaken for Stars, Hot Water Music, ATDI, Hot Snakes, Small Brown Bike, Botch, These Arms are Snakes, KEN Mode, Modern Life is War, Etc. etc. etc.
Please be reliable and genuinely into what we do. We have an EP and another EP worth of new material. Give a listen if you like it and can help us pull this shit off live the hit us up. Bonus points if you can play guitar. Thanks!
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2023.03.28 19:51 SirFozzie (2nd Draft) the r/Battletech FAQ for new players

The only guideline is that we should try to keep things A) Relevant to new players and B) Welcoming. Let's not yuck others yums, so to speak
1) First off, what is Battletech?
Answer) In short, Battletech is a game about big stompy robots called BattleMechs (primarily, but there is support for many other types of units) blowing each other up. The backstory is either 300+ (in-game) years of reasoning for big stompy robots to blow each other up, and/or intricate histories full of heroes and villains, and the fate of worlds decided.. by big stompy robots. blowing each other up. Whatever your view, welcome!

2) What rule set should I play?
Answer) There's not an easy answer for this, so let's break it down as follows:
A) Do you want detailed damage charts and lots of technique/strategy? Then you want the Battletech base rules from Total Warfare (or the Mech Manual if you just want the big shooty robots part), at the cost of slower game play. There are also box sets available (Battletech: A Game of Armored Combat, and Battletech:Clan Invasion) with the main Battletech rules, maps and miniatures, as well as the Battletech Beginner Box, which has a simpler version of the rules and information suitable for new players
B) Do you want something more similar to Warhammer40K in game speed, less granular, but allowing bigger battles to be completed in one evening? There's also Alpha Strike, which is a hex-less miniature game somewhat closer to Warhammer 40K in crunch level. It loses some of the granularity Battletech has (no more hit locations, for example), but there's plenty of strategy still available.
C) Do you want a crunchy role playing game set in the Battletech Universe? Then you want A Time of War. While it can be.. somewhat intimidating for new players (and even some vets have found it a bit over the top), it will allow you to create and play any type of character you want).
D) For a more rules light, narrative take on the Battletech universe, look at Battletech: Destiny. It's more keyword and narrative based than A Time Of War
e) There is also a "collectible" miniatures game (MechWarrior: Dark Ages), set in the Dark Ages, that is somewhat lighter than Alpha Strike, but is out of print. It still has its adherents though
(note: both C and D can cross over into A and B, so you can do role playing in one system and battles in the other)

3) What faction list should I choose first?
Answer) That's the best part! You don't have to choose. Unlike other miniature war games, while some units are more known for being from one faction than anything The Draconis Combine (Kuritans) LOVE their Panthers and Dragons as a notable example), there is no limiting what units you can take into battle. Many people specifically do mercenary forces specifically so they can pull stuff from all factions without really following the stories. If you do want to paint a unit in its in-universe colors, the CamoSpecs website has many unit's "official" colors.

4) Do my miniatures have to be painted? Will I be judged at the table if I show up and my models aren't painted or not What you See is What you Get? (WYSIWYG)
Answer) Not only do nearly all tables don't care about whether your miniatures are painted, you don't even have to use miniatures! The rule of thumb in is that as long as you can tell what the unit is at a glance and you can clearly identify a front facing, that's good enough! For people who have little to no miniature painting/assembling skills, this is a godsend. For example, you can use different colored eight sided dice to identify the opposing force. Although Catalyst Game Labs makes a lot of great Mech ForcePacks, so if you WANT to paint up your force, that's an added bonus (and their partner, Iron Wind Metals, makes good metal/pewter mechs.

5) Are there various eras of history available to play in?
Answer) Is there ever! Many folks could write pages about them, about what era they prefer and why, but here are the main eras of play available.
3025 (The Succession Wars)- Five Great Houses control most of the Inner Sphere, and the upcoming marriage between two Houses are about to shake up the political situation like nothing else in the past three hundred years. Humanity is at its low ebb in technological regression, but the technological renaissance starts in this era.
3050: (The Clan Invasion)- An offshoot of humanity that left the Inner Sphere the Clans (The former Star League Defense Force) invade the Inner Sphere, bringing advanced technology and elite warriors. At first, the only victories the Inner Sphere can muster is when they use the Clans bidding practices and fighting style against them, but they work together (sort of) and with the victory of the Com Guards over the Clans at Tukkayid, a truce is called.
Later, the Inner Sphere actually DOES assemble a joint task force and kicks one Clan out of the Inner Sphere, travels to the Clan Homeworlds, and wins a "permanent" end to the Invasion, that allows the Clans to keep the worlds they already own in the Inner Sphere. The Clans have Superior technology, and while the Inner Sphere tries frantically to match the Clans technology-wise, it's a long, slow trek.
3062 The FedCom Civil War- The Marriage of powers that began in the 3025 era breaks down and former allies in the Federated Commonwealth, the preeminent power in the Inner Sphere, take up arms in a costly civil war. The other nations conduct operations to realign their borders, and as always mercenaries are employed to advance goals and perform the dirty work.
3067 The Jihad and the Wars of Reaving
Jihad Era - A religious sect within the technology husbanding neutral power ComStar triggers a schism over the unsatisfactory resolution of the Clan Refusal invasion and the FedCom Civil War. The Inner Sphere erupts in conflict all at once. The Word of Blake causes a blackout and and activates reserves that have been stored and building up for two centuries. The conflict escalates rapidly and nuclear weapons are employed with abandon leaving the inner sphere a burned wreck.
The Wars of Reaving: While this is happening, back in the Clan Homeworlds, a change in political power reflecting on the failed invasion causes the Clan Homeworlds to shift ideologies to sever connection with the Inner Sphere, with the end result of some of the Clans being kicked out of the Homeworlds or destroyed.
3139: Dark Ages- The Interstellar communications network goes down, and the Republic of the Sphere (formed after the Jihad) melts down, as small units try to reclaim Republic Worlds for their chosen faction
3150: ilClan era: Two Clans battle to decide who takes Earth, Humanity's homeworld. Theoretically under Clan honor rules, the Clan who takes Terra is the "ilClan", ie, the true leader clan. Meanwhile, the space these factions left behind in the race for Terra is contested by factions both large and small.
One Reddit user wrote a brief explainer that goes a bit more into the Battletech Timeline, and its ups and downs:
6) Are there video games set in the Battletech Universe?
Answer) Yup! There's a strategy game, simply called Battletech, available on Steam. It's set just prior to the Fourth Succession War, in a corner of space populated by smaller nations, but that doesn't make the story any less grand. There's also the Mechwarrior series, which is more of a FPS mech game. The latest game: (Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries), is also set at the end of the third succession wabeginning of the fourth. There's also an online MMO-like FPS (Mechwarrior Online). They have also announced a new Mechwarrior series game for 2023. There is also MegaMek, which translates the rules to be playable on computer, online, self-play, or versus AI.
7) What sources of media should I try first?
Answer) There's several free official PDF's to get you started in the Battletech Universe:
General Universe Information) (16 pages.) (48 pages(
or straight from the Battletech website

If you want to get up to date with Battletech's history before going to more "current" eras, you start with the Warrior Trilogy (covering the events of 3025's Fourth Succession War), and the Blood of Kerensky (Covering the Clan Invasion Era).
There are also numerous books or novellas covering all different eras of Battletech's history, available from Amazon and other online booksellers. Catalyst Game Labs releases additional fiction often, including a seasonal magazine (in book format), Shrapnel.
There was a 1994 cartoon set in the Battletech Universe. While it's nearly three decades old, it does show off the Battletech Universe and BattleMechs, and is considered to be portraying events that happened in the greater Battletech Universe, albeit in a semi-propaganda kid's show kind of way. You can find it on YouTube

8) I've played a game with the base rules, is there more books with stuff in the Battletech Universe?
Answer) There is plenty of additional optional rule books or books that dig deeper into one era of Battletech History. While the types of books available are varied, and for the sake of brevity, here's the link:
The best books for getting into the history of the different factions in the Battletech Universe, as they started in the 3025 era, are the original House Book series. While long since out of print, they were widely made available online for free.
Most books, even out of print ones, are available in electronic format through Catalyst Game Labs' Webstore, or through DriveThruRPG
9) What's with all the "PAY YOUR PHONE BILLS" jokes?
One of the factions in the game, ComStar, was initially believed to be a neutral communications provider between worlds. They were so ubiquitous that the closest thing the Inner Sphere had to a universal currency was the C-Bill (Comstar Bill), which was converted into a length of time in your interstellar message. It turned out later on that they were secretly trying to encourage the Inner Sphere to club themselves into the metaphorical stone age, so they could take over.
As it became well-known in later eras, they also built up had a large, secret army! So if you don't pay your Phone bill, then ComStar will send out some big stompy robots to MAKE you pay your phone bill). As it turned out, their religious revival faction, the Word of Blake, launched the most destructive war in quite some time.

10) Assorted Other Information
Urbies (UrbanMechs) are called trashcans because they look like a slow moving trashcan on legs (but don't say it to their face, they have a powerful weapon if you get too close.)
Atlas's are made to have a skull faced cockpit because it was made to scare the hell out of people
No faction is the true good guys. They've all done wonderful things. They've done horrible things. Play whatever faction you like. You may get some banter about the faction you choose (especially from your rival faction's players), but we're all Battletech Players.
There are no aliens in the Battletech Universe. Unless you count the Taetae. And please don't. That was a one off and will never ever hap-SQUAWK!
And remember, Information is Ammunition. Unless your guns are empty..
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2023.03.28 19:50 RegExr Hanna-Barbera X Funko Series 2 now available at Droppp

Hanna-Barbera X Funko Series 2 now available at Droppp

Click here to purchase Hanna-Barbera X Funko Series 2

Join the Official Discord Server or follow and enable alerts on Twitter for instant notifications.
Click here for all links.
A small commission may be earned through purchases made via links in this post. Proceeds directly fund this automated service.
[Image: Hanna-Barbera X Funko Series 2]
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2023.03.28 19:50 tonnie_taller Pence Must Testify to Jan. 6 Grand Jury, Judge Rules

The ruling in Washington was the latest setback to efforts by former President Donald J. Trump’s legal team to limit testimony to grand juries investigating him on various matters.. U.S.
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2023.03.28 19:50 Still_Combination632 Moving to Ottawa for work?

I finished my master’s degree a few months ago and I’ve been applying EVERYWHERE. I know the pandemic has affected the job market, but I’m really feeling it in Toronto. I’ve been applying to entry and mids-level jobs both in (immigration) and out of it. I’ve applied to both government and non-government jobs and I’ve yet to hear back. Because my mom and I don’t have a car, I’ve only been applying to the GTA.
There seems to be a lot more government (IRCC) jobs available in Ottawa (of course). I would consider this upon a job offer, but rent would probably half my salary & I want to save as much money as possible while I pay off my student debt.
In addition, mom is almost 70 and it gives me anxiety to leave her here (esp taking the TTC). Since she is a homeowner, it would just too much for her to be moving with me. Moving away would also be. last resort because I’m from Toronto & all my friends are here, renting would be so expensive, etc. However, I’ve noticed a few of my classmates had to move far away for work and I’m wondering if I’d have to do the same. My mom is physically active and in great shape but I always worry for her, especially when taking transit.
Thanks so much!
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2023.03.28 19:50 InternationalTime676 4070TI + 13600k New complete build

I am planning to build a 13600k build, have I cheaped out on anything or spending to much? The GPU is something I plan to buy later on, but for now plan on using a old 2060. Planning mainly to just use it for Gaming, minor video editing, and coding.

[PCPartPicker Part List](

**CPU** [Intel Core i5-13600K 3.5 GHz 14-Core Processor]( £311.97 @ Laptops Direct
**CPU Cooler** [Deepcool AK400 66.47 CFM CPU Cooler]( £32.99 @
**Motherboard** [MSI PRO Z690-A WIFI DDR4 ATX LGA1700 Motherboard]( £179.99 @ Amazon UK
**Memory** [Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory]( £74.98 @ Amazon UK
**Storage** [Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( £80.90 @ Amazon UK
**Video Card** [Gigabyte AERO OC GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12 GB Video Card]( £929.99 @ AWD-IT
**Case** [Corsair 4000D Airflow ATX Mid Tower Case]( £79.98 @ Amazon UK
**Power Supply** [Corsair RM850x (2021) 850 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply]( £164.99 @ Box Limited
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **£1855.79**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-03-28 18:43 BST+0100

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