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2023.03.27 16:15 DawsonismyAngel Curious and Curiouser....

I'm trying to figure out why they're is no uniformity with fnd. Some of you on here are saying that you received a diagnosis and entered into intensive treatment others are saying that they were told that there's no treatment at all, some are offered physio, while others are told it won't work .Both my specialists worked in London for over 20 years each and told me the only thing used to treat are Lyrica and Seriously and that therapy does NOT work for the at all. Why are we all told different things?.If we all have the same disorder the treatment should be the same across the board. I have to add though, the Lyrica and Seroquel worked, 3 months ago I was in a wheelchair popping opiates for pain now I'm walking the dog ...that's progress.
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2023.03.27 16:15 howcanibehomophobic1 [Real] (27/03/2022) Today sucks.

Today sucks. This whole last week has sucked. My heart feels very heavy, and my stomach sunken. I don’t like this feeling. I’m going for a friend’s birthday dinner today, but I just want to sit at home, turn the AC on and have my room stupidly cold, hug a pillow and sleep with my heavy comforter on.
I went to work today, spoke to a few friends. All surface level stuff. Very average day. Just got home a while ago, and I’m writing this. Excited but not excited for the birthday dinner. I hope it ends early. I just want to be home. I want to sleep this pain away. It’s caused by a certain someone I love, but I don’t want to waste energy writing about her more than I need to.
Anyway, today sucks. I hope tomorrow is better.
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2023.03.27 16:15 mr-monty Baoran war

By the time of 990 atc the world was in the politest ways on the edge, technocratic and roundtable were staring each other down over lands rights while the pax democratic engaged in a spate of land wars.
Far over in nova brovoa war was the last thing on any one’s minds, Boaren a self-governing colony of the empire Meran was an arid place made for mostly long steppes, plains, and forest and hilled barren areas, with scrubs land in between.
The colony had long been Meran pantry’s and mine, with vast quantities of cattle and minerals extracted form the colony in return for protecting the mostly independent and religious inspired governments of Boaren who sought to escape Meran grasping religious conformity.
By the start of 990 things where reaching a crisis points, for a long time a mix of population pressure, riches and rather unclear borders drove settlement deep in to the heart of the continent, which bought them in to conflict with the local powers, for a and more importantly Olmar.
In the run up to 990atc a succession of governors had drawn up border agreements with tis larger landed eastern neighbour Olmar , theses held for a while as focuses was put in to setting the interiors, but as Boaren started to reach increasing poor grazing land that was often under siege from encroaching deserts. The idea for settle in to less populated border areas looked more and more attractive.
Olmar had been Boaren neighbour it long had small population with its northern eastern neighbours with its bordered defined by a series of slow running rivers, and white border posts than anything solids.
Under governor Orn the 3rd, in 950 atc a series of families where settled on the very border between the two nations, drawing no ire from the Olmar government after all they were only a few family little more, the few families where soon join by more , and more each group more armed than the next.
In 959atc when a series of Olmar tax collectors were driven off by an armed posse Olmar was naturally enraged, the tax collectors returned the next day this time with a squadron of cavalry.
Likewise, the armed Posse had returned this time with reinforcement and serval machines guns. The results whereas could be guessed and Olmar was after a series of just as fruitlessly border skirmish driven off.
Serval high level meeting between nations failed to deal with the issue with Boaren claiming that the line was in fact further west that it had agreed centuries ago, due to the changing of rivers, poor maps, cheating etc, the meeting ended up leaving with a bad taste in the mouths of everyone with a treaty signed between the two under the watchful eyes of empire of Meran who naturally sided with their colony though noted with very great reluctance as Meran saw there colony increasing coming loose from its lease.
While Olamr were able to stop further expansion in the treaty, Olmar ended up losing hundreds of miles of lands, and worse still the border was just as leaky as ever.
For the next 2 decades Boaren play book was the same, settlers would creep over the border and settled on Olmar lands, sometimes they would be driven off other times they would hold, the first settlers would soon give way to fortified farms and armed militia group, Olmar would get back ether driving off the group at which point the cycle would be started over again, or Olmar would lose, ground.
The simple vastness of the border an lands meant it was possible with North eastern border with Boaren had long been a vast line on the map with little in the way of lands marks or defensive terrain to halt this cycle of settlers and counter settling had some but little success.
At a 2nd conference to mediate the disputes between the two nations hosted by Hanu in 976 atc did some results come in slowing the Boaren settlers, along with cleaning up the dispute in favour of Olmar with the border moving to pre 1st treaty borders in favour of Olmar being pushed back but by then a great deal with Olmar North eastern marches had been settled by Boaren sponsored or backed settlers.
That said Boaren found itself hard pressed to do much to dispute this claim, Meran put it foot down and reigned in its colony, there where issues abroad with the anti Meran- Anti salve alliances and growing slave rebellions. Meran had no desire to get involved in what looked to be a growing crisis, promising it colony no support if a war came due to their colony actions.
Though Meran would find thing would soon spin out of it control, the election for governor Helmrn in 980 atc a fire breathing preacher was spanner in the works, representing a base of landless citizens made up of second, third etc sons that could not inherit their vast grazing field of their fathers, veterans of Boaren serval border wars, and families of settler that now lay ie with in Olmar newly secured [on paper at least] Border herlmn pushed hard to tear up the treaty and return what it viewed as ti rightful land which would deal with their population crisis.
He was unable to get what he wanted, international opinion was against Meran [ and it colonies ] more than ever, and a series of minor economic bumps set the price of grazing herds such as cattle , horses and drakes tumbling, meaning that more herds was no longer needed. But he would soon get his wish.
There was three thing that helped him, a war in pax democratic distracted world attention , the the second was aftermath the Meran civil war, the central government was becoming powerless as pro -slavery factions sought to try and unit its divided nation, while the 3rd was a economics distress, cause by rising [prices of grain set the world more or less on edge with government searching for a source for cheap grain.
Through out of power Helmrn was able to capitalise on his large support base now larger thanks to out of work farm and ranch hands, Helmrn was able win an emergency election by a landslide on the ideas of a expansions with the promise that with in the first 10 days of office, they would be grazing there cattle in olmer capital unfortinialy for his he would be provide wrong by a mix of olmar and hanu military
Order of battle
On the surface the Boaren military was powerful it boasted 120,000 full time member with graze guards [ paramilitary Gendarmerie] adding a futhger60,00 member it could also call up over 210,00 reservists along with a variety of militias members most of them trained to a high stranded it total , Boaren could boast an army of around 500,000 to a million give or take this is force with you adding the 4 brigades for regulars Meran troop stationed at the capital.
While there navels and air forces was lacking it was still large with the Boaren boast,ed 4 squadrons of light bombers , and recon planes with some biplanes m45s and more modern monoplane m67 fighters kept at the capital in a large squadron.
With the nation being home to Meran western fleet, seen as critical part of Meran defence against Orcsen naval incursion, Boaren boasted a numbers of frigate, destroyers, support craft, and the carriers Empress, Duke and Baron, with the old but serviceable battles ships “vertywn “, Fang” and “Nova bravieu “
The Olmar military was small by comparison with the navy equipped with some outdated cruisers modernish subs that had not been combat tested and mix for frigates and destroyers of varying age and use. The air force was better boasting a heavy mix of fighters, dive bombers Olmer with even a squadron of heavy bombers imported for the pax democratic.
The army was small drawing Olmar a smaller population Olmar could count on mere 60,000 men at arms with 90,000 reserve and they could call up on conscription, though the use of them was debatable with the length of service was only a year many would need to be placed though refresher training to places up to scratch. The final number could put them army at around 250,000 to 300,00 thousand give or take.
But number alone tell one story, as is well known amateurs talk tactics, professional talk logistics. Of course, neither nation could deploy their full might aignsit the other having and need to secure other borders etc.
While Boaren boasted a large force of all cavalries, its soldiers expert marksman who would be able to fight dismounted as crack dragoons this was outdated, left out of the loop in regards to modern warfare, the Boaren army’s lacked modern equipment.
Radio something that was platoon assets in Olmar armoured [ thanks to hanu help] was a battlion asset in Boaren , motorized was likewise limited though this could be forgiven had they forced elsewhere outside of Meran regularly formation, Boaren lacked any motorized vehicles, beyond some old armoured cars [useful for dealing with rebellion or riots] and artillery tractors, by comparison the Olmar was almost all motorized and mechanised with only some comparison formations lacking vehicles.
Coordination between combat arms was also poor not helped by lack of radios, Olmar having been Involved as Hanu rather young brother in the pax democrat small wars had a helpful learning experience for combined arms giving rise to modern officer training that emphasized, firepower, artillery and combined arms.
By comparison, Boaren forces placed almost extreme expertise of marksman and horsemanship training, with each formation and combat expected to behave almost independently stalking around here opponent.
Boaren had no history with aircraft in production design or usage, seeing them as useful for scouting roaming hordes of the undead, the aircraft pilots , training and plans where outdated with only modern planes being the monoplane interceptor at the capitals thought how much help they would be was doubtful as there was little effort to combined arms.
This was in stark contrast to Olmar air forces which was viewed by Olmar as a priority service given not only some of the lest design [in bomber, attack aircraft and fighters] the “falcon fighter” though lacking was homemade but also welled used with pilots having trained with pax democratic forces during its many small wars where they learned not only modern fighter skills but also combined arms.
The navy was in better shape but had been stuck in defence for so long they still emphasized the big gun battle theory where the battleship backed fleet would win, ignoring say submarines, aircraft carriers or raiders. The aircraft carrier through new and untested still sporting old steam catapults, seen more as recons or harassment weapons used to wear the enemy down, after aircraft had never sunk a battleship though serval ships.
Olmar navy might not have been the largest or most modern but most well led, having a more modern understanding of naval warfare, sporting a modern if fresh naval air wing made of sea planes and serval torpedo bombers some modern if untired and tested submarines and a 2 old heavy cruisers “light” and “shadow” along with some frigates and destroyers”.
To even things, Olmar had the almost unlimited backing of Hanu, backed in turn by the pax democrats Hanu was eager to return to its old role as the “tip of land” police and started at first to export weapons, then train, then full units of “volunteers” to Olmar to stop what it saw as the spread of Meran influence by proxy.
No friend of the slaving Meran, the Anti slave alliance saw a way of humiliating Meran and “gifted” serval planes and tanks to olmar.
By the 990 ATC what would be a simple border war would become mini proxy war one that promised to be eventful.
The fire
The first spark was not hard to find, within Olmar borders, plenty of Boaren settled sought to escape Olmar rule , Boaren settlers still under olmar defied the government sometimes this was as simple as driving the wrong see for the roads, other time by not paying tax.
By the start of February 990 atc a group of farmers [ the sons of grain] would launch a armed protest at what they saw as harsh Olamr laws, over farm regulations seized control of the critical border cross at White water, where they engaged in an armed standoff with Olmar border guards, and military personnel.
Supplied by Boaren and broadcast on radio, the sons of the grain could not be dislodged, after serval attempts to get them to stand down, the Olmar attacked, not notifying Boaren authorities Helmrn sized on this decrying it, stating that serval shells had caused property damages, and that citizens standing up for their right.
Helmrn demanded reparations along with serval rather humiliating demands such as the right of Boaren graze guard to be given not only extrajudicial rights with in Olmar border bur immunity form laws to police Boaren citizens, Olmar rejected them in anger at Helmrn plan.
Claiming shelf defence, Boaren declared war and the next day. The next day troops crossed Olmar boarder on 30 of February.
The start.
Boeran plan was fairly simple, without the support of Meran, Boaren could at least rely on Meran imperial troops to defend the home tuff, focusing on the attack, Boaren focused on two axis of advances on1 though the well travel southwest Plains in the north and the other following the main coastal roads in the south.
In made sense both of them followed a variety of trails along access to watefodder and ease of communication.
The armies were devoured in to two forces, one called costal, of roughly 173,000 men and the plain forces in 150,000 men, the Boaren army’s enjoying their minds serval advantages, they had better men and weapons, [least they believed] and they outnumbered them.
The Olmar army would have two choices either to concentrate on the plain forces and risk losing their most heavily populated and economic valuable areas, and maybe Boaren could advance right on to the Olamr coastal capital, or Olmar could concentrate on the coastal advance forces and risks being outflanked and or losing economics and grain lands to the plain advance.
The only issue was time, Boaren majority of the manpower came from a variety of grazing and farming industry and being summertime, the war would need to be over in a few months to bring in the harvest, though as long as Boaren forces had mounts they would succeed and be able to out move.
To make up for this Boaren high command divided the army in to 3 echelons, a first wave was made up of militia, volunteers and graze guard would advances deep in to enemy lines and recon and raid, the 2nd wave was mostly conscript and reservist s would follow and deal with main Olmar army, and the 3rd wave would be heavy and slow artillery with professionalas that would deal with any sieges or holdouts.
The aim was to be fast, secure any disputed territory and more for bargaining in future negotiations cities where to be bypassed by militas who would not last in a longslug out fight, before being sieged later by part of 2nd and 3rd waves and used as bargaining chips.
Though as was to be found out it was not without issues. The advance was fast, given the high levels of mounts the advances averaging 40-50km a day, better yet, of the two coastal cities that stood before the Olmar capital of tide city, the 1st city [ Pose ] fell quickly leaving only the 2nd city the port of Spilts end though even that was not expect to last long.
Olmar defence plan had call for disputed territory to be given up both to trade space for time and to guards there rear [ Olmar saw the disputed territories as unfriendly, give them up, to take back over later would easier]
The defences plan had called for the army to hold on to Pose of splits end and conduct a series of series of mobile staged withdrawals to the city till, Hanu forces relieved the countries, however as Hanu forces started to very slowly trickle in Olmar realised something.
The plains army and the Coastal armies both had only a thin line of militias between the two armies and with a variety of resistance by towns and villages the twos forces because more drawn out and more clumped together, with little effort or thought to guarding the flank as both armies operated independently of each other with scarce communications, merely sticking to their own orders, Olmar decide to gamble.
The plan was simple, they would use the advantage of mechanisation and equipment’s, such as airships and aircraft they would decide to spilt the army in the middle and entries and destroy each one in turn.
This was surprisingly easy there was little communication, little recon and little intelligences, little coordination little more than a rough outline of coordination.
It was decided to destory the coastal army first, begin it was larger, and could be more easily trapped against the coast.
After a great deal of effort and gathering a army of 80,000 men was created with the 1st 2nd armoured division and 3rd and 4th mechanised divisions, repeating considerable striking power backed up by serval squadron of fighter bombers and more importantly
Airships more specific supplies airships, thought much has been write about the it so to paraphrase, seeing how useful they where in combats and commerce now if they could be good for transporting cargos, why not military cargo using the air ships as mobile forward operating or supply bases.
Though not unheard of the idea of the airship operating so far forward was about to be put ot the test.
Starting in the early hours of Monday morning 15th of march, called the great spring awakening Omlar forces drove forward slicing though the thin line of forces that separated the two forces and over the courses of serval days encircled the coastal army.
While most history would include tales of large battles etc there is little the coastal army was encircled without clear communication the coastal army first heard reports of it being surrounded but dismissed them as rumour or perhaps skirmish units they had little idea of the full picture, commanding so many forces with so few radios it made sense to sense keep on the tasks at hand the siege then just wait for better reports.
The army headquarters often did reports by landline telephones [ often tapped by Olmar intelligences] they would have little idea of that they are being encircles Boaren was used to units not reporting so the idea for them missing units was dismissed, Occult communications was not a Boaren strong point, and was like wise when jammed nothing was amiss.
They realised was when the coastal army stopped receiving ammunition, and supplies. The commandeering officer lieutenant general Joon held firm at first, drawing the wagons so to speak and getting ready to endure a long hard siege to be relieved.
though one that would not be comes, hopes of navel support/breakout where dashed when the Meran navy first attempt was bombed in its home base and put off in serval submarines attacks, supplies started to run low worse with no airs support and few AA weapons, meant they were sitting duck to daily Olmar air raids it was a fortnight later before it was decided to break out while Coastal army had been able to keep in contact with high headquarters by carrier Pigeon, lack of organists, communications, supplies etc meant that the break out was the only option as the plains army attempted to break out.
The forces under the control of mostly militia had already started to frays, expecting a quick war of conquests they were starting to feel the expendables, worse supplies came from living off the land or from slow supplies trains.
The breakout was the most successful part the operations with the forces already starting to scatter, splitting in to small bands, destroying heavy equipment, it was partly success a full 50,000 managed to slip away and reform in Meran as the home army, with others deserting.
Merna had lost much irreplaceable equipment and prisoners and casualties where highs, and morals at an all-time low.
For the plain army’s things where now much mreo difficult though, they were in fact worse, word had only reached them of coastal armies destruction they had to turn around a larger more undisciplined army and face the enemy.
The results where not great, the plains armies relied more heavily on militia rather than reservists they had less equipment, and now that the coastal army had bene destroyed, they found themselves under the full attention of the full might of Olmar air forces, with little chance to strike back.
The army of plains marched onwards, the battle plan had changed to in what they hoped would be a large attack to the flanks for the Olmar army with lighting speed, back up by milita who would harass the army while it dealt a knockout blow forcing Olmar to surrender.
High command
By the 1st of April In Boaren high commands things were different the destruction of an entire army so fast, in such a short space of time had changed things, morale had slumped it was clear that to most Boaren of Olmar tanks often cut their way though under equipped forces while the losts of the coastal army had been a hit, Olmar was getting bolder and a week ago had bombed the capital with little danger.
Boaren was discovering it had badly underestimated their foe, while it had a large army much of it was a mix of militia and conscripts much of them where more used to light skirmish and raids,
There olamr opponents where well equipped and armed, Boaren had little answer to olmar army and aircrafts. There is navy superior to olmar had been reduced almost impoantace by a mix of mining and serval daring submarine and aircraft attacks forcing The navy to stay in the harbour.
Morlae had fleln what had been an advance now was a series defeats, command made the decision to try and tie down and over whelmed the Olmar main battle forece, and happily destroy the army’s, all the while navy would go to sea and conduct a series of amphibious landing on Olmar coast to distract them regardless of how much the navy protested.
naval war
This part was well somewhat easy to deal with and explain, have little experience in amphibious landing the idea was to take serval nationalised civilians ships and make a landing on one of the many suitable point along olmar coast it would be used to threaten olmar forces [ they did to have many Boaren hoped] then pricnering.
The Meran navy did as asked [ Meran now paying attention to the war hoped to keep it contained ] while they had little experience with amphibious landing in fact they had only a company of marines and no specialised landing ship, the idea being to slowly ferry troops to the shore in small rowing rowboats, was seen as acceptable the amphibious lands they hoped would bring the Olmar fleet to action where it could be engaged in decisive battles and destroyed allowing for Meran fleet free action along Olmar coast.
Meran was starting to pay attention to the war war and was feeling it was gettign out of hands the operation and idea was soon as quick fix with little attention focused.
Nothing went well the fleet was together in one long convoy centred the carriers empress, [ the other two carriers out of action due to Ariel attack even the empress was not operating at full strength, with the battleships “Vertywn “, Fang” and “nova bravieu” backed by over 12 destroyers and frigates 8 transports and 2 oils 1 ammunition vessels and 3 armed thugs.
Olmar looked to give battle the Omlar fleet of 8 frigates and the 2 heavy cruiser appeared not far on the horizon shadowing the convoy, before speeding off, seeing a opportunity to give battle and destroy their foe in a decisive battle [ after all submarines where mere harassing weapons] split the forces in to a battle wing of 10 destroyers and the carrier and battleships and gave chase.
It was ruse, the Omlar fleet led the Meran fleet on a wild chase, going far out to sea then returning in to Olmar water’s before docking in Hanus, friendly waters where Meran could not attack them [ Hanu was still “Neutral”].
The amphibious fleet was on the other hand left the tender mercies of Omar submarine and air fleet, from dusk to dawn, the convoy was attacked time and time again, though there was some hits Olmar had only minor training for the night operations, Meran was just as bad, with few AA guns and poor radio communication the fleet was sitting ducks till the empty handed Meran fleet returned having nothing to show for it having sunk 2 destroyers, the convoy lost nothing while all vessels where afloat, though all having taken damage [ though the oil and ammo tender where unharmed and with 4 transports where taken on water and listings.
In the end cress fallen all the vessel returned home, with 1 tug being lost on the way due to sea mines and the oil tanker 459 being lost due to fire caused by believe occult storm powers on April 4th. The Meran navy would spend the war in port enduring many air attacks.
The plains army
The plain army by the time it meet its foes on April 4th had not been told he amphibious assault had failed[ so as to keep morale high] and more importantly the army having correlated in to a large mass working their way forwards had no idea that they were to being surrounded by the Omlar army, whose use of electronic airborne and Hanu intelligence and supply allowed for 1st armour and 3rd mech division to form the left pincer and the 2nd armoured and 4th division to the right pincer, while the plain army had serval skirmish they were often wiped out with little way of stopping the armoured recon units.
The lack of anti-tank weapons, lack of recce and the bombardment from the air, was the death knell for the plains army’s, unlike the Coastal army with a clear battle then destruction, the plain army’s death was quick and like bread in water, with no communication between units and with few AT and AA weapons many units went to ground or deserted .
By the time many Olmar foot infantry had caught up with the mechanised units here was nothing to do but take prisoners and loot.
With both army’s defeated there was little to stop army marching on to Boaren which the government knew worrying about Olmar marching into its lands.
In the end
In the ned Peace was declared on the 11th of April 41 days after the war had begun Boaren and Olmar along with Hanu as natural “third party” signed a peace deal in the lore gardens in Hanu formatting the peace.
The peace was not the worst thing that Boaren could have got, the borders where unchanged, with Boaren agree to the old borders, a DMZ was placed that stretch 2 miles inland to Boaren boarders that forbid Boaren forces within though this did not include the graze guard, Boaren had to allow Hanu and Olamr military inspectors in to monitor Boaren military and war reparations.
For Meran It was oddly a good thing, sure it had lost some ships but that could be fixed the western fleet was in need of drastic reform anyway and the peace gave an excuse to exile or dismiss anyone too politically connected that stood in the way of reforms, Boaren long a wayward child had been humbled and came more firmly back in to Merans orbits, surrendering key political power in return for an increase in Meran military increase and equipment though this was not without some loss. Meran lost political standing and the idea of it being a failing power was confirmed by its inability to defeat a lesser rival though given the hatred between Meran and the rest of the world this did not trouble anyone.
For Hanu and Olmar it was a massive success, both powers gained political standings, both not only accomplishing their goals and were seen as reliability member for the pax democratic defence pacts.
For Hanu being seen as police man for the tip gave further rise to its standing as a growing power, being able to helps its ally go toe to toe with a world power even if a failing open would encourage Hanu to deepen its tie with surrounding allies Olmar being one of them.
Through Olmar would be busy too, the war convinced Olmar to carry out massive industrialising it had bene hold off along with greater mechanisation of its army, which would get a lot of uses as it would be used to police its newly secured borders, for much of the decade till the great industrial war, Olmar forces would be used in serval police actions gain some experiences that would be useful for it later occupation of Boaren.
Boaren for its moment doubled down, the sudden and viwed a weaker power was a surprise to alI, long independent, running home and humiliating itself at the base of the emperors feet in return for protection was viewed was near treason, the Boaren army was never reformed being view as too political damaged.
Instead the war was doubled down on ignored and scapegoated, while reformers tried to argue that Boaren loss was due to material not men , hard liners saw it differently and were silenced, rather than face the music they turns, training was increase along with the size of the army but modernizing reform was uneven and scattered, confined to few key items.
The war becomes something of taboo, unspoken about the war was dressed up as mix of traitors, weak men, and ungodliness, such was the unspeakableness of the war that war widows were denied pensions and the prisoners of war where not even allowed to return.
A feeling of dreads and despair griped he country, giving rise to the so called “grain “dictatorship as a mix of graze guards officers, business priests and politicians would create an emergency government that would last for over decades stifling dissents, and reform least till Boaren was “liberated” during the great industrial war by its old.
But that is a tale for another day.
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2023.03.27 16:15 Specialist_Aide215 Recommendations for my next mini/medi dog for agility?

I'm looking for recommendations for my next pup as I'm going around in circles.
1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
This will not be my first dog. I grew up with dogs as my parents bred Belgian Shephard Tervuren. Later I've had my own (working) Malinois, shelties, (working) husky who was more of my boyfriends but besides the running, I took care off her. Now I have two old hunting-line parson russel terriers.
All my dogs are always trained to the lowest level for obedience competitions. With some we have done more if obedience has been the focus. With someone we have then focused on other sports.
I'm also a lisenced trainer for obedience and agility and teach both.
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
Unpopular opinion but breeder. My goals are competiting in national / international competitions which you cannot do with a "x-breed". I also want to choose the litter based on the parent's health results and the breeders thought process what comes to breeding.
3) Describe your ideal dog. Small, up to 43cm and 15kg. Likes to spend time with you and even comes to sit next to you in a bathroom, but calms down in their own place when you leave the house or tell them there. Always ready to go out and play and work but calms down and rests when nothing happens. A working on-off switch.
Has a healthy built and is a fast runner. Learns quick and is motivated easily with food and toys. Loves to do things together and is also motivated by the work itself.
Friendly or unphased about other dogs. Not unnessary reactivess wanted. No dog-aggressio. Brave and curious. Easy on the day-to-day life. Playful, happy, and human friendly as I like to take dogs to the office every now and then (and because in sports they must be okay with other people than the handler). Not unnessarily nervous or shy but can be nonchalant about other dogs and people.
I'm main sport is agility so the dog should have physical possibilities to do the sport.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
Another parson russel as my dogs are great in all ways. They're healthy, compact size, easy on the day to day life, learn fast, always ready to do stuff and so on.
Shetland sheepdog. I have own two and something in me misses having a shephard because there's just something in them the terriers don't have. Sheltie has a compact size, they're extremely good considering agility, and mine were easy enough. Unfortunately I lost both of my shelties to serious illnesses rather young (7 and 8), and I have many friends whose shelties have chronic health issues.
Mini american shepherd is my new interest. My thinking process is that it could bring me the shepherd side of things without having to take a big shephard (ie. another mali is not an option for me). However, this is the breed I don't yet know very much about.
Pyrenean sheepdog is another dog I've closely followed through the years but never before considered getting for my own.
Please note that I'm happy to hear recommendations outside of these breeds too.
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
My main things is agility. Hoopers would also ne nice to try. I aways spend a lot of time on obedience with puppies, and hikes are something we do a lot. I also cycle with dogs (if they're into it: my current parsons never got into cycling so we don't). We also go swimming during summer time and play fetch/frisbee, and do playful parkour with everyday obstacles outside.
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Competing. However, when not in training or competition, the dog must adjust to normal life.
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
I have a pretty established schedule we're I got to work and come back home to be with my work. I don't really go to places where they cannot come. However, I do dogs that sometimes things don't happen and once a week we have an off-day when we're just on sofa and do nothing. Another time, the walk might be 3h in a forest with other dogs, another time just 45min on leash because it's raining.
For me it's important that the dog can go without exercising if needed. What made me switch away from Belgian Shepherds were the issues with them if their health declined (temporarily or permanently) and they couldn't work hard all the time as they couldn't adjust into a more boring life.
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
We exercise six days a week and have one off a week with just short walks around the block. Our schedule is one long walk a day and rest and sniffing walks. Long ones go from 45-minutes fast-paced walk to several hours (usually off leash and in the forest but occasionally on leash and discovering a new city etc). I try to make it so the dogs can be off-leash at least every other day. The dogs also swim in summer and some have liked running by bicycle. We don't use dog parks but go for walks with dog friends. We also do agility training multiple times a week.
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
I already familiar with trimming and stripping hair. However, I don't wish for a dog whose coat takes hours a week as that time could be spend much better. This is, however, not the biggest deal breaker for me.
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
Max 42cm / 15kg
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
Normal shedding is okay but nothing as excessive as huskies. The less the better. Barking cannot be constant alarm-barking because we live in a village and dogs, people, trucks will surely pass by and the dogs see them from the windows. Barking while working is okay, both my parsons bark constantly in agility and so did one of my shelties. No big time slobbers either.
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Very important. We do most of our walks in forests and similar areas where the dogs can run. It's also the best way for them to maintain good muscles and joints for agility.
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
Snuggly dog for use. (Many are surprised but my Mali wasn't the snuggles dog I have ever had and I loved it.)
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
Eager to please.
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
Couple warning barks are fine but I don't want them to try to attack the person. It's fine that the dog is vary of new people but it shouldn't be scared of people, let alone aggressive. The best case for me is when a dog goes to sniff a person who has held out their hand, allows to be petted, and then comes back to me.
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
I wish it does come this. I dealt with an dog-aggressive dog for years and it wasn't easy. If this can be avoided, then great.
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
No excessive shedding, no excessive barking, no elevated nervoussnes.
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
4-8 hours at time on then days I go to office. Otherwise I work form home. I'm trying to switch to work fully from home as I'm planning on moving ever deeper to the country side in the upcoming years so I can build my own agility field at my own yard.
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
It's me and my two parson russels (8 & 13)
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
Not currently. When moving to the country I'm planning on introducing a kitten.
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
Rent still for some time, no banned breeds allowed: Staffordshire Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier (Pitbull Terrie), Japanese Tosa Inu, Boerbull Mastif
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
I live in France, country 100km from Paris. No rules besides the banned breeds.
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Winter -3 celsiuc to +6 Celsius, summer +25 Celsius to +40 celcius
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2023.03.27 16:15 sender_mage 4 days in the workweek at 10 hours a day sounds horrible to me and is not something I’d like to switch to.

There’s a lot of hype behind this lately but I don’t think people realize how much of an impact extending those last two hours do to your schedule.
I currently have my 8 hour “shift” (I’m salaried / work remote, so it’s more just what time I’m available for meetings and such) end at 5 PM. This gives me plenty of time to still go out on a work day, get some work done around the house, or get into some hobbies.
If I have to sit there two more hours before I’m done, by the time I’m out of the shower, dressed for going out and ready to roll it’s nearly 8PM and none of what I said before is anywhere near as easy to do.
At various points in my life I’ve worked a 3/4 12 hour swing shift, a 10 hour 4 day week, and the traditional 8 hour 5 day week, and to be completely honest the 8 hour day is optimal for not feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck or just having work days be a complete wash where nothing gets done except work. I don’t think people are considering just how long and tiring those extra 2 hours per day make a schedule.
The only actually decent forward progress could come from a 4 day 8 hour setup, but then you have the obvious problem this poses for hourly employees.
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2023.03.27 16:15 the_following_is When it comes to posting content. How can I post my first issue here and keep it safe?

How can I create a place for my work to be viewed but not download and shared. Sharing the link would be great i just would want to prevent down loading. Is there any other issues or concerns I need to be aware of when it comes to post one’s work digitally?
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2023.03.27 16:15 dbarila Watching Phillies on Xfinity away from home?

I just went back to the dark side (Xfinity) after having YouTube TV for about a year. I can't remember how to watch games online when I'm not at home. When I do the watch TV online it says I need to be on my home network. I know I used to watch games online at work somehow but it's been so long I can't remember how I did it.
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2023.03.27 16:14 Liontaris Building a bedroom studio, looking for advice.

Hey guys! Looking for advice for bedroom / hobby studio setup.
Here’s gear i have already MacBook Pro (2019) with Core i9 and 32 GB memory; Audio Technica ATH-50x headphones; Roland digital piano; cheap-ass midi keyboard that does its job, pretty good electric guitar. That’s pretty much it.
Here’s options i’m looking at.
Audio interface. Universal Audio Volt 1 or 2, because it’s fabled UA. But it’s only USB 2.0 so i’m a little afraid of latency issues. Audient iD 14 MK II, because everybody say it sounds real good, and it’s got USB 3. Zoom TAC-2R, because it’s got Thunderbolt.
Speakers Yamaha HS8 Adam Audio T8V KRK RP8G4
Headphones My ATH-50x is not perfect, but alright. Though, i’d like to add a pair of open headphones like Sennheiser HD560s or HD600, or Beyerdynamics DT900.
Mic No idea, haven’t researched anything yet.
And here is my story (abridged): I’m a hobby musician / composer, getting into music production. I play piano and guitar, so i’m planning to record guitar, and use midi keyboard for other instruments. I rarely work with vocals, though sometimes i might. I have a saxophonist friend, we play together a lot. I do mostly jazz from old school bebop to jazztronica, sometimes jazz rock and prog rock, sometimes (rarely) EDM because it’s easy and fun. I work a lot with sampled instruments like Kontakt libraries for example. Some of them are quite resource consuming. Well, the main goal is to have fun, and produce convincing demos. If i ever decide to push my music out there, i’ll hire a professional, of course.
So what do you think, what options would you pick? Or would you suggest something entirely different within the same price range? Which mic would you recommend? Should i get different types for vocal and sax?
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2023.03.27 16:14 thom_de_m Test

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2023.03.27 16:14 ThrowerWayACount I've never seen it discussed online before but is there any significance or intentional link between autism and David Fincher's work? He has numerous protagonists who seem autistic & there's a curious crossover between his themes & traits of autism (obsession, perfectionism, social isolation, etc)

I'm a 21y/o male. David Fincher's been one of my favourite directors since I started following cinema a few years back. I've also recently discovered I'm probably autistic (so high functioning it's gone unnoticed my whole life though, and probably masked by my IQ which I recently scored in the top percentages for on a test). Looking back too, it's curious that Fincher has always been one of my favourite directors and his filmography coincidentally has an undercurrent of autistic ideas throughout.
The Social Network (2010) depicts Mark Zuckerberg in a way that largely seems autistic .. as speculated by many online, from reddit users to famous autism spokesperson Temple Grandin. a year later, Fincher released The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) .. where no explicit reference to autism is made but the protagonist is again widely considered autistic, due to exhibiting all the hallmark traits both in the movie, the other movie adaptations and in the books, and even being explicitly speculated as autistic by Blomkvist in the books. Mindhunter (2017-) is the latest I've seen speculated as having representations of autism. I consider TSN and TGWTDT as definite depictions of autism but I'm not as convinced for Mindhunter ... that said, there are several threads pointing out the autistic traits of Holden (1, 2, 3) or Bill's son.
My first question is whether we think there's any significance or intent behind the pattern there with autistic protagonists. I know Fincher has some recurring themes or for example loose groupings of movies like his serial killer productions (Se7en, Zodiac, TGWTDT, Mindhunter), or those centred around sex/gender (Fight Club, TGWDT, Gone Girl) .. is there any intent/significance behind the pattern of some of his work subtly invoking autism?
My second question is whether people think Fincher's wider filmography, excluding the three works I've mentioned .. could be described as vaguely autistic/aspergian? I suppose I'm putting out feelers with this second question to see if there's any noticeable prevalence of autists among Fincher's fanbase (akin to how STEM industries have a higher prevalence of autists), and whether an explanation could be his themes and style naturally appeal or seem relatable to the aspergian mind. Because just thinking about it .. his work has themes of obsession, highly competent protagonists who reach their goals through hyperfixating on their work, loners/alienation/social isolation, plots that engage the viewer's brain more than their heart and get propelled by detail-orientated analytical elements more than any emotive elements (so mostly thriller+scifi plots, characters formulating plans or poring information, a lot of systemising involved, etc). Or ignoring content and focusing on the construction of his films, I can equally understand the appeal or relatability to an autist there with Fincher's meticulous mechanical-seeming camera movements, hidden use of technology, perfectionism with his incredible number of takes (for the goal of essentially making his actors operate like clockwork with human error removed), etc. Or even other things like the majority of fincher's filmography involving wider mental illness/neurodivergence (Se7en, Fight Club, Zodiac, TSN, TGWTDT, Gone Girl) meaning divergent human minds is an interest of his. In short, even before knowing I'm probably autistic .. Fincher's work really appealed to me .. and now in retrospect, I can identify many elements that seem geared to appeal to an autist mind. I don't think Fincher's autistic, I think he's by no means the only filmmaker with a logical detail-orientated style or elements of obsession or systemising ideas (see Nolan, Cameron, De Palma, hundreds others) .. but I do think with both his content and approach having autist appeal and at least three protagonists of his seeming autistic..it is worth a discussion.
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2023.03.27 16:14 Delicious_Squirrel75 Is accepting gifts allowed?

Hey besties - fellow Starbucks partner 320xxxxx here. I have a question about if I am allowed to accept gifts, or not. Hypothetically, if my grandparents came in while I was working, ordered a drink, paid for the drink, and gave me a $20 bill "for myself", am I allowed to take the bill, or am I obligated to put it in the shared tip jar with all of the other tips? Thanks.
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2023.03.27 16:14 philosophiesde The paradigm shift - or the renovation of the dualistic science building - Part 2

The #paradigm #shift - or the renovation of the dualistic science building
The major construction sites theory of science
First construction site "the foundation": ontology - the doctrine of being
In the first part of the essay the plan for the "renovation work" on the science building was drawn up. Now this is to be implemented on the two major construction sites of the philosophy of science "Ontology" and "Epistemology". Every form of science (humanities or natural science) claims to be able to describe reality (reality) through knowledge (truth) in order to justify the legitimation of its claim to explanation and effect intersubjectively. This means that the descriptions and explanations provided by the theories and models must have a real (ontological) and true (epistemological) relation to the world in order to be recognized as intersubjective knowledge.
I am already explicitly avoiding the dualistic pair of opposites "subjective-objective" in order not to further underpin the rift in the old paradigm and the accompanying illusion of objectivity. The botched construction should be avoided.
More at: https://philosophies.de/index.php/2021/03/31/der-paradigmenwechsel/
There is an orange translation button at the bottom left that translates into English.
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2023.03.27 16:14 twili-midna Dragon Quest III Review! **Spoilers**

After much longer than I expected, I’ve finished DQIII for the first time. And it was…
Look, I’m gonna be honest with y’all I front: I love job system games, especially Dragon Quest. But I hated this game in so many ways. I had fun, it was easily the best of the Erdrick Trilogy, but good lord is that a low bar to cross. Let’s get into it!
The Good:
  1. The battle mechanics are substantially improved from the first two games, with lots of party composition options and a much wider selection of interesting equipment. I love boomerangs in this series, so it was nice too rock up to most fights with the ability to hit everyone.
  2. Dungeon design is a lot less frustrating than previous games, being a lot more straightforward while still maintaining some challenge overall.
  3. The fact that the overworld is modeled after Earth is pretty neat, and Alefgard being “hell” is also interesting.
  4. This game added a lot to the lore of the series, expanding on Erdrick’s origins, as well as Rubiss and how Alefgard was saved.
  5. You can have a female protagonist, which is always a good thing.
  6. The Zoma reveal is the first of the series’ classic “your evil overlord is in another castle” format, and it doesn’t feel like too much of an asspull. Plus the fight itself was tense, challenging, and a lot of fun without being frustrating. I pulled by on the last gasp of a Prayer Ring and a frantic three-way Zing fest.
  7. Ramia was cool, and the first major flying transport for the series.
  8. Immigrant Town names itself after the Merchant you supply, so when you name them, say… Balls, you end up with Ballsburg. Comedy.
  9. The music was great, very classic.
The Bad:
  1. Everything about character building beyond equipment sucks. Choosing classes to start is fine, but the way reclassing works (get to level 20, reset to 1 with half stats) would maybe be okay if not for the random, capped stat growths. I’m sorry, but I hate random growths in non-SRPGs, and even then they aren’t preferable. So classes having their own growths and having caps was really annoying.
  2. But on top of that, there’s also the terrible personality system. So now my characters have two layers of growths that contribute to their random, capped stat growths. Oh, and if that’s not enough, 90% of accessories change the user’s personality, meaning you can’t use them unless you want to drastically shift your character’s growths. It’s just… such a bad system.
  3. The story was somehow less present and more aimless than II, which is saying something. I never knew why I was in a location beyond it being the next place I could reach, and so many towns felt completely extraneous.
  4. Speaking of towns, not being able to Zoom to every town was a really bizarre choice, especially Immigrant Town.
  5. The encounter rate is painful. Once I got to Alefgard, I was literally getting into fights every 1-3 steps on average. It was almost enough to make me quit without beating Zoma and enough to make me not do the postgame.
  6. Baramos is such a huge difficulty spike that he fully stonewalled my progress until I grinded up for Multiheal on my Priest.
  7. It was incredibly frustrating to not know what items did for the entire game. Apparently Merchants can tell you, but they’re not worth using outside of their utility abilities and can’t be reclassed until level 20, so they’re dead weight until then.
  8. Offensive spells mostly sucked. The Bang line was useful for a bit, but then everything starts to resist it.
  9. On the topic of spells, not a super negative, but spell distribution didn’t make any sense. Why did Priest, the defensive support class, get Sap and not Buff, while Mage, the offensive class, gets Buff but not Sap? Just a really weird stylistic choice.
So… yeah. This is a game I went in fully expecting to love, but by the end I was ready for it to be over and found myself almost completely ignoring the aspect I thought I’d enjoy the most (the jobs).
Overall, I still had fun, but I can’t give the game more than a 7.5/10. That’s better than the other Erdrick games, but not as much as I expected.
If you got this far, thanks for reading. I’m planning to play the DS versions of the Zenithian games next, and I’m interested in playing IV and V again because it’s been almost 10 years since I last touched them. I know I love VI, but I’m also looking forward to that revisit. See you next time!
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2023.03.27 16:14 Ferris869 World’s Biggest Seller of Carbon Offsets Accused of Being a Scam

This is a big story that will probably fly under the radar. That’s too bad because it gets at the underlying scammy nature of the climate change movement.
Every time a state government or a corporation announces a particular environmental target, most of the time what they mean is that they’re going to make some small changes and then they’ll buy some offsets or credits to compensate for the rest.
For example, makers of actual cars were forced to buy credits from Tesla by California so that working-class drivers were financing luxury car owners. Airlines now routinely announce that they’re buying offsets which means a portion of your ticket is going to pay off some company that is supposedly doing some environmentally sound. Your power company buys credits resold by some company that’s supposedly running wind farms in Wyoming (that nobody needs) which doesn’t mean that you’re using wind power, but that you’re paying for someone else to use wind power to atone for your use of fossil fuels.
Obviously, this is already a scam. And the few sincere environmentalists who believe the sky is actually falling denounce it as such. But it’s an incredibly lucrative scam that moves billions if not trillions of dollars around.
Here’s a nuts and bolts look at what happens when it turns out that the commodity, environmental virtue, being sold may not even exist.
Renat Heuberger gathered his co-founders on a glacier in the Swiss Alps for a celebration. The half-dozen men behind South Pole, the world’s leading seller of carbon offsets, raised their beers around a crackling fire: Business was booming and the Zurich firm’s valuation was hurtling toward $1 billion, making it one of the first “carbon unicorns.”…
The company’s biggest moneymaker is a mega-project in Zimbabwe called Kariba, which South Pole claimed has prevented the annihilation of a forest nearly the size of Puerto Rico. That’s South Pole’s business model: help finance projects that can credibly counteract rising levels of greenhouse gas, such as by stopping deforestation, and then sell the resulting credit to corporate clients who want to compensate for their own planet-warming pollution…
Yet according to several outside experts and South Pole’s own analysis, the firm and its partner ended up vastly overestimating the extent of the preservation by Kariba. As a result, Gucci, Nestle, McKinsey and other South Pole clients have — unwittingly — overstated their own progress in combating climate change, because the Kariba credits they bought haven’t generated enough real atmospheric benefit…
Most of Kariba’s €100 million in proceeds have gone to South Pole and its project partner, a company called Carbon Green Investments, not — as both companies previously indicated in interviews and public blog posts — to people in the rural communities who do the work of fighting deforestation.
My response to this is much like my response to FTX. Can it be a scam when the entire industry is a scam? Crypto, carbon offsets, are all basically peddling an imaginary commodity as a currency. Does it matter how imaginary it is when its value is wholly artificial and not backed by anything? Except, in the case of carbon offsets, government and bank mandates.
“No one who buys a five-kilo pack of potatoes at the supermarket wants to end up only having one kilo,” said Jürg Füssler, a carbon market veteran who heads up environmental work at INFRAS, a research and consulting firm in Zurich, speaking broadly about the industry. “That’s what’s happening now. The basic market confidence is shattered.”
But the market is inherently worthless. If you believe that the planet is about to die because people are flying jet planes, then paying someone else to protect trees isn’t a serious answer.
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2023.03.27 16:14 FondlyPond Does anyone else's store cut hours for people who have 4 points?

Basically my store started taking days away from people who had 4 points, at first saying we had to many people working but now they're saying we're being punished for having to many points. This is my first job that uses a point system so I always thought of the points as their own kind of soft reprimand because of how they were handed out. I thought of the points as the process to use in case life happens and I just can't be there like how at other jobs I would just communicate with my boss about different situations. Since I do this I am almost always at least at 4 points and am usually not far from having them fall off. Now I'm missing two days off my schedule even though I'm back to either 2.5 or 3 points and have more coming off soon. I overheard some TLs from the mornings say that if you stay at 4 points that they plan to keep cutting your hours until you have nothing left. I thought to many points was 5 and that was grounds for termination, 4 has never been to many before. Have I been misunderstanding the point system this past year? Or are we being punished twice because of storewide issues? I have a rug being pulled from beneath me feeling over it all and it's making it hard for me to concentrate. Thank you in advance to anyone who could possibly explain it all a little better.
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2023.03.27 16:14 VRChavan Cranking but not starting

Working on this car is pain. Let me explain the issues first, 1. Car turns off automatically with VDC and Slip lights on. Tried to start, cranks and does not start, unless you turn off, remove key, wait for few mins and start again.
  1. Engine temp fluctuates when on slope and is on high side. (Maybe that is what turning the engine off?)
  2. Codes were (from Actron CP9125 reader) P1564 (because I have NRG wheel with no cruise connected) P0345 P0327 P0113 MIL ON MONITRS 4 Inc Evap O2 Snsr O2 Htr Misfire Fuel Comp
  3. I have oil pressure stuck above 120, but I know I just have to change oil pressure sensor (I don't think this is the problem for not starting or shutting, please advise)
  4. I changed both Camshaft sensor and crankshaft sensor with OEM from Z1 (crankshaft came in Nissan packaging, but camshaft came in just bubble wrap, I called them and they said those are from Hitachi). One thing I noticed was the driver side camshaft sensor did not have a green tab which you push towards sensor to release it, instead it had regular press and pull (check comments for images). Idk why so, but maybe previous owner changed harness? Or is that normal for 2003 Nissan 350z touring?
  5. While I was at it, I also cleaned MAF sensor and Throttle body without removing the throttle body.
  6. I tried to reset ECU once I was done with the whole thing. I tried the ignition ON (wait 3 seconds), Press accelarator fast and hard 5 times, wait 10 seconds, press accelarator, wait 12 seconds and the Service lights should have blink but it did not, release accelarator, wait 10 seconds, press acc., Wait 10 secs, release and start car. Car did not start, it just cranked.
8.Now the car is cranking and not starting. Will check today if displacing the car and starting works or not? Because before it use to do. I am worried now, I have seen post were people are not able to fix this.
  1. When turning the key ON, I can hear throttle body Infront and fuel pump starting at back. Not sure how to check fuel pressure.
Please advise.
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2023.03.27 16:13 GrapefruitFlashy4698 Why I think nicotine is the worst for dopamine

So I picked up vaping (with nicotine) for the past 2 years and I finished every 600 puff vape in about 2 days. So I'd smoked that shit a lot. What I noticed was I became lazier and lazier and my theory is that I was continously vaping that nicotine consistently and I fed my body the dopamine to keep me happy 'just enough'.
Before I started vaping, I was a lot more motivated. I haven't smoked in 3 days now, and I noticed this desperation of doing stuff for dopamine like going out, talking, working out etc, almost like feeling heartbroken from a relationship and I'm trying to distract myself? It's weird. I feel more motivated despite the nicotine withdrawal, you could call it restless.
My theory is that when you smoke cigs or vapes, you have a constant flood of dopamine throughout the day unlike something like let's say, cocaine. Which you'd do maybe once a week or whatever. Smokers feed that addiction probably more frequently than any other addict. The runner up I can think of is coffee. But people tend to smoke more cigs a day than drink cups of coffee. I'm not a doctor or a scientist, I'm just theorising.
What you guys think?
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2023.03.27 16:13 throwra39iddkxk Boyfriend 30M cheated the entire relationship. Girl 26F he cheated with told everyone he cheated. We 25F stayed together and want to make it work

I’ve F25 been dating my boyfriend M30 nine months. He was cheating on me the entire time with a girl F26 he was seeing sexually for seven years. He lied and kept telling her he was single. She found out about me and apologized profusely and said he’s done this before and she didn’t know. Then sent tons of proof. She told my family too. I chose to forgive and stay with my boyfriend. I feel she pressured him and was crazy. He admitted to it but he said she stalked him and he loves me.
Yesterday she sent all his friends this message:
Hey, (bf) was cheating on his very naive and young looking librarian girlfriend with me his entire relationship. He was hooking up with me in the morning, at work (her family was paying him to cheat on her on the clock), after work and sometimes at night. When he committed to her he saw me almost everyday that month. Her first month with her first boyfriend she was getting my sloppy seconds. I work nights. I saw him multiples times a week with really no breaks. Sometimes twice a day, I have stamina. I’ve been seeing him for seven years. He lied to me that he was single and I’m against cheating it’s deceitful. I told kelly and messaged her entire family as well. He admitted to it. Her family contacted me and they want me to tell them if he cheats again. I’m not going to do that. If you have the facts you already know what it is.
(Boyfriend) if you see this I never really gave a shit if you saw other people causally and now kellys actions are telling me she doesn’t care if you see others. If people don’t respect themselves no one will. You know my personality and know what? If you want me and one of my girlfriends to give you a double blow job I can make that happen. I literally don’t care if you’re cheating anymore and it’s kind of like a hott power play secret thing. If I wanted to bite your dick off I would have after Ashley but I didn’t.
Does it seem like my boyfriend wanted her but she dropped him? Why is she doing this? My boyfriend wants to make it work with him, I am trying to prove his innocence to everyone and make this go away. What do I do?
EDIT: to everyone thinking she’s so nice, she sent him this text message after she found out:
I could make an ugly 25 year old virgin obsessed with me but what's the point? At the end of the day I'm with someone uglier than me... who's winning? It’s not hard to do either. You play stupid games and you win a homely special ed prize. Couples are suppose to look good together. You have issues, I must of put you on a pedestal. You publicly showed you stuck your dick in THAT? No shame dude!! Who cares if you have two girls or more if that's how low you're stooping. Congratulations you can manipulate someone with no experience who is undesirable! You can cheat on your ugly gf congratulations, you still have to pay for and fuck that. I think you have a lot of insecurities I didn’t realize which is sad
EDIT 2: she sent this to my mom
Hi your daughter Kelly is getting cheated on. I’ve been seeing (bf) for seven years now and he’s used me to cheat in the past. He wouldn’t let me follow his new private instagram page so I did some digging and stumbled on to your account. He told me he was going to North Carolina for Christmas but I see he’s in your family’s house holding your daughters leg while still fucking me multiple times a week!!!! Sorry if I sound crazy he’s done this before and he’s been telling me he’s single. He’s not a good person he’s a LIAR
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2023.03.27 16:13 TTLYShittyThrowAway I’m accidentally rude sometimes and it eats me up inside

While at the store, I believe I accidentally almost ran into someone while coming out of the aisle because I was so distracted with multiple things going on in my head and didn’t look both ways before going out. I didn’t notice this person until I walked away without saying anything and I heard “Rude as fuck” from a man. I was so embarrassed and wanted to die right there so I went to another section of the store. I also don’t have the best hearing so once a guy that I knew from school said “hey” to me before while I was at the mall and I accidentally ignored him. He tapped me on the shoulder and then said “I said “hey”, do you not remember me from school?” while I was at the store and I apologized profusely and said that I genuinely didn’t hear him and wasn’t trying to be rude. I used to work as a cashier and instead of saying goodnight to an elderly woman, I said rest in peace and the look that I got was priceless. I also have said “pardon me sima’am” to the wrong gender and blurted out embarrassing stuffs I also have ADHD and there are countless instances of me being accidentally rude and it eats me up inside and I just know that some people must hate me…
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2023.03.27 16:13 TheSirFreitas Issues with 3CX and sending SMS

Hey, We have been finding this really annoying issue along our journey with 3cx.
We require SMS support (Inbound/Outbound) and we have been using a supported provider for some time now (Telnyx), recently we bought another number and it works for inbound but not for outbound.
We went through our config and nothing looked wrong, so we decided to contact 3CX, which basically told us to f*** off because Telnyx is not supported anymore.
Then, we contacted Telnyx, which seems to be having issues making this work.
Because of the lack of support, we are now a few weeks down line and on the 3CX website it is not clear which are supported or which supply UK numbers.
Am I the only one having issues?
Please note that Telnyx numbers we added in the past, were working and are still working.
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2023.03.27 16:13 thebeginingisnear Forge press build. How much space do I need between the vertical beams on an H frame?

Hoping someone with some first hand experience can chime in here. Working on my first hydraulic forge press build (not counting my log splitter conversion) for damascus making. On an H frame press how much space do I need between the vertical columns?
I just picked up my steel H beams yesterday, 8 inch wide flanges/web with 1/2 thick material.... had them cut a 16 ft beam and change beam into 5, 5, 2, 2, 2ft lengths... After laying it out on the floor this thing is going to have an unnecessarily wide footprint with no functional use for that 2 foot of clearance that I can think of
Trying to figure out what an ideal width would be before I get these things cut again. is 12" good, do I need more/less? Plan was to have 6"x6" die plates. Thought about doing a setup with combo dies but thought that would increase risk of binding/lateral stress on the frame
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2023.03.27 16:13 specter800 T-55 Mission Ports: 'Op: Desert Cobra' and 'Naval Mission'

In the past I've ported the Op: Desert Cobra to the F-45A and the MP "Naval Mission", I've done it again for the T-55.
Op:Desert Cobra for the T-55:
Disclaimer: Due to time restraints, I have not finished a complete playthrough of this like I did for the F-45A but it should be technically playable. That said, the small payload and low thrust of the T-55 might make the complete campaign impossible without some RNG assistance from wingmen. Play at risk to your sanity. All missions are available from the start so maybe skip any that are feeling impossible. Maybe I could tweak balance a bit based on feedback but this isn't my work and I don't want any credit at all, send it to Baha for making the game.
All Units: Naval Mission:
The stock multiplayer "Naval Mission" but the carrier now has 2x F-45's, 2x F-26's, 2x T-55's, and an AH-94 so you can approach any phase of the mission however you want. Nothing else has been changed from how the mission shipped. As before, I take no credit, please send that all to Baha.
Cheers. Love you Baha
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