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All about the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. survival-horror computer game series: Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat, community mods for each, and the upcoming official sequel S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl. This is not a subreddit about stalking people nor discussing real-life stalkers!

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Fight together with your friends against hordes of enemies in this new Warhammer 40,000 experience. From the developers of the best-selling and award-winning co-op action franchise Vermintide, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is a visceral 4-player co-op action game set in the hive city of Tertium.

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A subreddit to discuss the concealed carrying of weapons (CCW) and other self-defense topics.

2023.06.08 20:02 LordDouble_Speech_14 Old Horizons, part 4

First Prev [Next]
Joseph Miller, Specialist Third Class. Aboard the NTFS Pride of the Homeworld.
Master Sergeant Turner marched his way into the cafeteria. Everyone expected him to head to the coffee dispenser, as was his routine, nobody expected him to jump onto a table. Everyone stared at him.
He looked around, took a deep breath, and began to bellow. “Marines! Command has seen fit to organize an expedition down to our possible new home, some of you lucky sods are going to have to escort a team of eggheads for the duration of this expedition. So, listen up, the following high scorers have been selected to take part in this expedition! Sergeant Whitaker… Specialist Allanach… Specialist Bishop… Specialist Miller… Private Atkins… Private Watkins… and Private Ewing. Congratulations, you lucky SOBs are boldly going where few have gone before, the armory.”
Miller, like all others who had been selected, made his way to the armory. It was true that few had actually been inside the armory, there had been little need of it since they embarked on their journey, yet Miller suspected that might change soon, he suspected that the attached shooting range would be a very busy place quite soon…
The Armory’s many weapons lockers were open, weapons visible to any who might enter it. All kinds of weapons were stored there, from plasma-edged blades to LMGs, and heavy weapons too. Indeed, Miller spotted everything from grenade launchers to Laser cannons, and even an odd weapon which Miller didn’t recognize from his studies but certainly seemed like a heavy weapon. Master Sergeant Turner instructed them to gather whatever weapons they’d need for their expedition, barring heavy weapons that is.
Miller selected a standard magnetic accelerator rifle, the standard weapon for all Federation soldiers, a Combat knife, two magnetic accelerator pistols, and a falcata which he hoped he wouldn’t have to use for its intended purpose. The role of melee weapons in the federation military was something that many modern military strategists often argued about, with many saying that they had little role to play outside of parades. Miller, however, was of the opinion that melee combat (and the usage of melee weapons) was something worth learning, as knowing how to use one’s strength in close quarters would most certainly be useful against weaker species and those with more primitive technology. Miller doubted that melee combat would ever be “truly obsolete” as some people claimed.
Miller collected the rest of his equipment; A set of light armor with a camouflage pattern and a portable communications array that would allow him to communicate with the fleet through the electromagnetic disruption caused by the anomaly they’d be investigating, as Miller would soon learn during the briefing.
Sergeant Whitaker was given the honor of leading their little squad. Miller had been selected due to his experiences on the ‘Aranyani’, a malfunctioning habitat, and because they might need a comms expert. Declan had also been selected, as they might need a demolitions specialist, for whatever reason. There were also a few privates in the squad, seemingly having been selected to fill out their numbers. The final person to be selected was an infantry specialist by the name of Allan Bishop, he didn’t talk much and stayed out of sight.
They were surprisingly well armed, considering the task they had been given. They were to protect a team of scientists as they attempted to find the origin of an electromagnetic anomaly, be it natural or artificial. It seemed like it would be an easy task, a coilgun would undoubtedly put down any hostile wildlife and the environment didn’t seem to be a very hostile one, at least not from afar. It all seemed like command was simply being overly cautious. Still, Miller hoped their caution was for nothing, he wouldn’t want to be stuck down on that planet for too long or he might miss first contact with whatever aliens were out there.
Miller, and the rest of the squad, armored up and marched off to the hangar bay, where the engineering team would undoubtedly be preparing their shuttle for departure.
Author's note: I don't know why but this section was extremely annoying to write, I had to rewrite it like ten times, this is what I settled on and I'm still not satisfied...
Also Author's note: Yay! posting another section today, that one was much easier to write, and much more satisfying.
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2023.06.08 20:00 DTG_Bot This Week In Destiny - 06/08/2023

This Week in Destiny... yeah, you read that right. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are fully leaning into this becoming a Destiny-centric space going forward. More on that in a bit! Before we jump into it, let's recap the contents of the previous week:
  • Ghosts of the Deep rundown.
  • Bungie Rewards got new dungeon-themed merch.
  • Did you get your Marathon emblem?
  • You got new Prime Gaming loot.
And here's what we have for the first TWID ever:
  • A new name for the TWAB.
  • Ready for a new Community Fashion Contest?
  • Grandmasters will be back on June 13.
  • And Supremacy, too.
  • You all owe Kalli an apology.
  • Preview of some fixes.
  • Collaboration art!
  • The usual Player Support Report, and our AOTW and MOTW picks. ##Rebranding the TWAB
For as long as anyone can remember, there has been a weekly check-in between Bungie and our community. Back in February of 2016, we rebranded the “Bungie Weekly Update” to “This Week At Bungie.” This was done primarily because, at the time, there was a lot of confusion when a live game put something out with the name “Update” and there weren’t patch notes to read.
Fast forward to today, and it’s time once again to evolve the name of our weekly ritual. Don’t fret, our weekly check in for Destiny news and community highlights will continue! The main change here is that we will be keeping things Destiny-specific, so we need a name that reflects that since Bungie has now publicly announced a new game.
Starting today, the weekly Destiny blog will be named This Week in Destiny. As you may have noticed already, each week’s blog post will be announced on official Destiny social channels rather than on Bungie’s channels, and we’ll continue to drop the occasional standalone blog with in-depth details and insights from the dev team. Now that you know the new name and the reasoning behind it, you can do what you do best, Destiny Community: Meme away! But first, please join us in bidding farewell to the TWAB and welcoming the TWID.

Put On Your Best Dress

Fashion is the ultimate, true endgame. Matching the perfect textures, forms, and colors to express the right idea is not easy, so we want to reward those who succeed in such endeavors.
Given that Season of the Deep is all about how the scariest floors of the sea can also be the most beautiful, how Guardians are good at killing gods, but better at catching exotic fishes, and how even the most dangerous warmonger can break down a bit when recalling simpler times... Well, why not celebrate all that complexity with a good Community Fashion Contest?
We know you can express what Season of the Deep is all about with just five pieces of armor, . Don your drippiest designs and try out the most combinations, and of course, let us know with the #DrownInTheDrip hashtag for a chance to earn our very new and exclusive Prêt-à-porter fashion emblem. You have until June 15, so get to work, fashionistas!.
Image Linkimgur

Ready for Some Early Grandmaster Nightfalls?

As we mentioned in our ”Reflecting on Lightfall” article, Grandmaster Nightfalls will be available a bit earlier than usual during Season of the Deep. The reason for this is simple: without the seasonal Power climb, and with the requirement level changes we added during Season 19, we believe we can successfully launch them earlier. Grandmasters are coming on Week 4, and that means you'll have a chance to earn Exotic materials and Adept weapons starting next Tuesday, June 13.
Note that this is only for the Weekly Grandmasters. The Conqueror gilding node is still planned to open in Week 7. So, get ready to face The Lightblade if you are aiming to get the Adept version of the Wendigo GL3 Heavy Grenade Launcher next week. And in case you are wondering, The Loaded Question Fusion Rifle and the Braytech Osprey Rocket Launcher will be featured in the following two weeks.

Supremacy Enters the Relentless Rotator

For those of you who got a taste of Supremacy during Guardian Games and wanted more, congratulations! Supremacy will be added to the Relentless rotator in the Crucible starting next week.
This Crucible game mode requires you to collect the crests dropped by the enemies you take down to score for your team, while you also deny the enemy their points by picking up crests from fallen allies. Show everyone who’s in charge here and secure each kill. While you earn ranks, you might even get that renewed Randy's Throwing Knife Kinetic Scout Rifle that Shaxx has brought back into the loot pool. Keep an eye on Cascade Point or Box Breathing for this one... Trust me.

You Owe Kalli an Apology

People, we need to talk. Why? What did she ever do to you? What's your problem with murderous, Taken Techeuns? We know The Supremacy got Rewind Rounds, that Techeun Force has a sick PvP roll and that Reconstruction and Bait and Switch make Apex Predator a top-tier option for DPS, but that's no reason to put Kalli into such a situation!
A lot of you stepped into every plate to get double rewards, while others just cursed their aim over how many Golden Gun or Sleeper Simulant shots they missed... Either way, the outcome would be the same: a lot of good loot.
We hope you consider it time well spent. Because I do.

Some Fixes Coming Next Week

The Destiny 2 Update will be deployed on June 13. Although we'll have our usual patch notes available the moment it's available, we wanted to give you a preview of some of the implemented fixes.
First, a reminder that the extra reward awarded by the weekly Last Wish quest, the one handed by Hawthorne, was not intentional, so it's going away. Starting Tuesday, you'll get one Deepsight weapon from it, since that was always the plan. You'll still earn at least another one every week, because the final chest after dumping Riven's heart gives one per week and account. But you still have a few days until the fix is implemented, so if you want that extra reward, go for it.
Now, for a few Exotics' fixes. This update will reenable the Vesper of Radius, since it won't have such explosive behavior with certain weapons anymore. Sunbracers will have their increased duration of Solar grenades restored. And after Saladin had a very long conversation with Kephri's Horn, the strange interactions that this Titan Exotic Helmet allowed have been fixed, so it will also be reenabled.
Finally, to name a few other fixes coming: we also have one for the issue that allowed certain grenades to go through Barricades and Wards of Dawn, we are toning down the new Collective Obligation perk in PvP (10% damage buff instead of a 20%), and we are giving the new Mercurial Overreach Competitive Sniper Rifle a bigger reticle when scoping so it's easier to use.
The rest of the patch notes for the updates will be available on June 13.

Keep That Art Coming

Remember two weeks ago when we announced a small art and cosplay contest to celebrate the collaboration between Destiny 2 and PlayStation? Well, we have some amazing submissions already, like these two below:
"Death can have me... When it earns me"
image if some characters from PlayStation games became characters in Destiny. Who would you love to see?#Destiny2AOTW #Destiny2 #Destiny2Art #DestinyTheGame #GOW
— BO (@BO_7aSSan597) May 30, 2023
To go with the Titan Kratos armor I made a matching Atreus Set![#Bungie]( #Destiny2 #Dresstiny#GodofWar #Destiny2Fashion @Destiny2Team @DestinyTheGame
— Amanda TheBeebo (@TheLadyBeebo) May 26, 2023
We love to see your creations, so please keep them coming. You have until the end of June and each winner will earn the Art of the Week emblem and all the bragging rights in the world, of course.

Player Support Report

20,000 Screebs Under the Sea
Image Linkimgur
Known Issues List Help Forums Bungie Help Twitter


The Dazzling Iridescence Trials emblem was meant to be rewarded to the best of the best, those who could go Flawless while earning a Flight of the Pigeon medal (lead in score for the entire game) in every win along the way. Ultimately, an issue caused this emblem to be awarded to anyone who made it to the Lighthouse at all which, while still a challenging endeavor, made seeing the emblem a little more common than we had hoped. In this upcoming patch, we will have a fix for this which is two-fold:
  • Starting with Week 4’s Trials (June 16) the emblem will no longer drop from the Flawless chest for those who have not achieved the requirements on their way to the Lighthouse.
  • Those who already have the emblem (meaning those players who went Flawless in Week 1 or who go Flawless in this upcoming weekend) will be able to retain the emblem in their collections but will not be able to equip the emblem unless they complete the requirements AFTER the patch has gone live.
We understand in some cases this will mean that people who rightfully earned the emblem must re-earn it a second time if they want to equip it, but we felt that this was a necessary step to retain the original intent of the emblem.


Due to an issue causing Exotic focusing to not grant intended rewards, we have temporarily disabled Advanced Decryption focusing. Precision Decryption focusing will continue to be available as we investigate.


Some UI pricing elements in Eververse will be disabled with the release of Note that the displayed price is the correct one.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help Forum:
  • Due to an issue the Kephri’s Horn exotic Titan helmet has been temporarily disabled.
  • The Helm of Saint-14 Exotic Titan helmet is not functioning as expected.
  • Players can get stuck outside of the final boss arena after self-reviving in the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon.
  • Spending Salvage Keys after a Salvage activity is not providing progress toward the "Spend Salvage Keys" Triumph and is instead progressing the "Spend Deep Dive Keys" Triumph.
  • The Bump in the Night Weapon Pattern Triumph requires the Season 17 Season Pass.
  • The Standard Fare bounty does not gain progress on Kinetic weapon kills.
  • The Warlock Courtier Longcoat chest ornament has a gap beneath the right arm.
  • The Verity’s Brow perk “The Fourth Magic” is not functioning correctly in PvP.
  • The New Pacific Epitaph Grenade Launcher is doing less damage than intended to Stasis crystals.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article. Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

You Gotta Work For It, Guardian

Image Linkimgur
Hippy: An artist with synesthesia, a phenomenon that allows a blending of senses like the ability to hear color and feel sounds, took their unique lens of the world and turned it into art for fellow Guardians to enjoy. Titled The Fear of Dreams, here’s a really cool opportunity to see the world in a way that someone else does and how truly beautiful that really is.
Movie of the Week: The Fear of Dreams
(I have synesthesia. I paint music. This time, I used Tilt Brush and an Oculus Rift to sculpt/paint the song to get a closer facsimile of what I perceive.) #Destiny2Art #AOTW #MOTW
— Runesael L. de la Peña Flynn (@Runesael) May 29, 2023
Sam: Sometimes you want to be the very best, but it helps when you put in the extra work. Take these Guardians for example; couldn’t jump, couldn’t fight, and after... nope, not going to spoil it. Go check it out.
Movie of the Week: Guardians try the Cloud Strider workout
Video Link

That's One Big Bonk

Image Linkimgur
Ivan: Looks like a solid battle just finished and this Titan came out as victorious. As with many great paintings, you first spot the brightest object — the Titan's hammer — and then find more and more details. Amazing #Destiny2AOTW. Well done!
Art of the Week: The last Sunbreaker
The last Sunbreaker#Destiny2 #Destiny2Art #Destiny2AOTW
— Max Vick (@MaksymPotselui1) May 31, 2023
Timon: Look at this amazing fishing art! When I see this I just wanna drop everything and go out there grinding those Exotic fishies! Always remember: Less working, more fishing.
Art of the Week: Go fish
Made this birthday present for my sister @MajaroniArt who had her birthday yesterday 🥳🩷💜
Had a lot of fun making this 😁👍#Destiny2Art #Destiny2AOTW #Destiny2 #DestinyTheGame #Destiny2Fishing #DigitalArtist #DigitalArt
— Pickles ✨Comms open!✨ (@xPickles77x) May 29, 2023
BLASPHEMY. BLASPHEMY![#Destiny2]( #Destiny2Art #Destiny2AOTW #Destiny #DestinyTheGame @Bungie @DestinyTheGame
— AliveWake (@AliveWake) May 29, 2023
Another week that goes by, and it's almost summer around here. Or winter, for those of you in the southern hemisphere. We are deep into Season of the Deep and there's still much to uncover from under the methane seas.
Methane, what a thing, by the way. I checked the other day and liquid methane has a temperature range between 91 and 112 kelvins, which makes me think those new Guardian armor sets not only look amazing, but also have some pretty insane heating systems. And speaking of heat, how can Solar grenades scorch stuff under such extreme circumstances, or Stasis crystals even hold their structure under such pressure? Anyway, transmat firing!
‘Hasta Luego’
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2023.06.08 20:00 Shironye Does anyone here use the mod "Automatically Lower Weapons"?

I'm asking because I've been suddenly having issues with it where installing it causes my game to CTD, and it does not launch again, it just repeatedly CTD's when I try and launch FO4, and it won't launch again until I clear my reserved space to delete it from my game. I never used to have this issue, so I'm a little baffled.
The mod in question:
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2023.06.08 19:59 ClanAdvertisment morning everyone! I’m making a post because I’m pretty new to the Mustang scene and I’d like to know a little more about where I should and shouldn’t start.

morning everyone! I’m making a post because I’m pretty new to the Mustang scene and I’d like to know a little more about where I should and shouldn’t start.
I just recently bought a 2020 Ford Mustang ecoboost and Id like to add mods but there’s so many so if any of you could maybe educate and also give me a list of where I should start, it’d be appreciated. Some things I’ve been looking into :
  • Roush performance pack Level 2
  • Nx2 turbo upgrade
  • catch can ( unsure of which but any recommendations? )
  • mishimotor downpipe + mishimotor performance intercooler
  • I’d like a tune but unsure of which is best - turbo smart blow off valve
  • roush cold air intake ( again unsure of which .. the most recent closed doesn’t seem promising )
  • roush cat back exhaust ( seen/heard a couple let me know which you guys best recommend)
  • tornado kit by Parker performance
This is my car currently and how it sounds. I didn’t add anything to it just bought it like this.
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2023.06.08 19:59 The_Angry_Strategist Which of theese would be the best Mod Idea?

View Poll
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2023.06.08 19:58 dryver /r/MechanicalKeyboards will go private June 12th-14th in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party Reddit Apps

/MechanicalKeyboards and Keyboard Enthusiasts,

We will be making the subreddit private for 48 hours on June 12th through June 14th. You will not have access to the community until we open it back up to the public. This was a unanimous decision from the entire team at /MechanicalKeyboards.

The reason for this decision is because we are protesting reddit's policy change on their API usage. More details can be seen on this post here. A number of the most popular 3rd-party Reddit Apps will either have to shell out huge fees in order to continue their API usage, or they will be forced to shut down.
More specifically for /MechanicalKeyboards, over 50% of our traffic comes from mobile devices. A large chunk of these come from 3rd Party Applications.

The consequences can be viewed in this infographic - videos (Link to Original Post).
Here is the open letter for those that would like to read more and sign.

Please also consider doing the following to show your support pics (Link to Original Post):

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the /MechanicalKeyboards moderation team believes this is important and in the best interest of the community.

MechanicalKeyboards Moderation Team

Additional Resources:

Participating Subreddits

How to set a Subreddit Private
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2023.06.08 19:57 Effective-Remote8513 H: "Winter is coming" bundle with Mask and White Powder Jumpsuit, incl. Q25ghost Cryo and Bonus weapons to choose your bundle - see gallery or my comment for details! W: UNY/INT/SENT RA + RL any type

H: submitted by Effective-Remote8513 to Market76 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:56 kriscrossapplesause Can someone list weapons the best weapons that are only fuled by heat consumption? I only know about hot flash and heat bomb

Can someone list weapons the best weapons that are only fuled by heat consumption? I only know about hot flash and heat bomb submitted by kriscrossapplesause to SuperMechs [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:55 Literallyaneighbor Growl Werebeasts of Skyrim Issues

Hello everyone, I've decided to switch from Moonlight tales to Growl in because of my already pretty heavy load order. But at the expense of customization, which is something I really want, but I've been having issues with. I've tired searching for a player model only Werewolf mesh but I couldn't find any of them, and Growl is having issues by not allowing me to feed at all, please help!
Here's my Load Order in case you guys need it.
Lux Resources
Lux Via Master File
Lux Master File
The Cheat Room
Get Immersive Cheats (expanded)
Modern Brawl Bug Fix
The Dragonborn Dreams
Extended Encounters
Busty Skeevers
Nordic Skyhud]
Nordic UI
Sovngarade a Nordic Font
House of Horrors quest expansion
The Paarthurnax Dilemma
Dragonborn and Dawnguard delayed
Wear Multiple Rings
Supernatural Strength
Sneak Tools
Smeltdown Update
Werewolf Hunger
Carnis Hysteria
Convenient Horses
50 pct more perk points
perk points and more gold for bounty
Perk Points at skill lvl 50, 75, 100
Dragon Souls to Perk Points
Training Dummies and Targets
Financial Crisis
Andromeda Unique standing stones
Predator Vision
Growl Werebeasts of Skyrim
Odin - a Skyrim Magic overhaul
Odin + Ordinator patch
Swift Kingdom
4th Unknown's Armory AIO 1k
Halegel Straight Sword
Craftable Linen Wrap
Equipment Flexibility Project
Cloaks and Capes 1k
Faction Overhaul - No Cc
Improved Bandits
Seasonal Wildlife Distribution
Realistic Waterfall sounds
Heart of the Beast - Feral Werewolf Sounds
Quieter Dungeons and Caves
Immersive Sounds Compedium
Surreal Lighting
Obsidian Weathers and Seasons
True Storms
True Storms and Obsidian Patch
Cathedral Grass Standalone
Landscape fixes for Grass mods
Insignificant object removal
Dead NPC cleaner
Xp32 + Realistic Ragdolls and force
Belt Fastened Quivers
Realistic Impacts
No spinning death animation
Definitive Beauty pack - Males
Unofficial Botox Project (Textures)
Cinematic Dragon Soul Absorption
DAR NPC and Player Animations Redux
GDB The Revenge
GDB Animation Pack (Sekiro)
Stronger Swimming Animations
Vibrant Weapons Lite - Particles
Diverse Dragon Collection 1k
Fluffy Apex Werewolf
Diverse Werewolves collection Lite
Skyland AIO
Happy Litte Trees
Fantasy Flora Takeover Redux
Less Vanilla Trees - Balanced
AI overhaul Lite
Serio Enhanced Dragons
Wild World SE
Lightly Populated Settlements
Jay Serpa's Line Expansions
More Werewolves
Vampire Clans and Bloodlines for Better Vampire NPCs
Skyrim Reputation (Improved)
Better Intimidation
Immersive Patrols
KS Hairdo's Lite Lighter Salt and Wind
Salt and Wind for Vanilla Fixed
RS Children Optimized - Salt and Wind
Natural Eyes
Seriously Improved Sparks
There will be blood... and Bubbles
Skyrim Sewers v.4
After the Civil War
Skyrim Border Holds
JK Skyrim AIO
eFPS Jk Skyrim Patch
Landscape for Grass Mods - JK Skyrim Patch
Queen of the damned - Deadlier Serana
Im Glad your Here
Serana Dialogue Add-On
SDA Glad Your Here patch
SDA Campfire Patch
SDA Convenient Horses Patch
SDA House of Horrors expansion patch
Hedy's Serana Replacer CBBE
Live Another Life
New Beginnings - ALT start
Dealing with Backstories
Sivaas Raan V2 Extended
Dealing with Backstories RDO patch
SDA RDO patch
RDO - USSEP patch
Realistic Conversations
Dawn Water w/ Natural Waterfalls
Realistic AI Detection Medium
Proper Aiming
Lux Via Plugin
Lux/JK Skyrim AIO Patch
Please don't be afraid to recommend any Player Werewolf Mesh Mods for Growl, Thanks for all the Help!
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2023.06.08 19:55 SageTegan Why does Amiri glow when she charges? (Additional details within topic)

Why does Amiri glow when she charges? (Additional details within topic)
The only mod I have is Bag of Tricks.
Everytime she charges, she glows like she's casting a spell. Is this normal for Sword Saints? I thought it had something to do with her Saint Weapon, so I deliberately changed to a weapon she had no feats or abilities, using. The glowing charge still happens. Here are some photos
submitted by SageTegan to Pathfinder_Kingmaker [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:55 kriscrossapplesause Can someone list weapons the best weapons that are only fuled by heat consumption? I only know about hot flash and heat bomb

Can someone list weapons the best weapons that are only fuled by heat consumption? I only know about hot flash and heat bomb submitted by kriscrossapplesause to SuperMechs [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:54 DarkLordJurasus Doom Patrol #5- Consequences of Broadcast Television

There is nothing. No sound, no smells, no darkness. All that exists is a vast openness of white, a blinding, expansive non-existence, where all that remains is pure, unfiltered light. There is no corner of the vast openness where the light is absent, no room for darkness to hide, to escape the seemingly hungry emptiness.
Suddenly, the world glitches slightly. It is for less than a second, but a hint of gray slices through the sky, warping the world around it with the sound of static. But like everything else, the gray is devoured, blinking out of existence as white becomes the only color again.
The small glitch in the world, the spark of gray in blankness left something behind. Something reformed, floating there, alone in the emptiness. It was motionless, asleep, as still as the world around it. Then it awoke.
Memories instantly began to flood back, memories of fighting crime, of loving, of feeling loved. The figure remembered it all, including its name, Haxxalon the Star Archer.
Haxxalon opened his eyes, or at least he thinks he did, the whiteness so bright that darkness didn’t even take him while asleep. His first thought was that he must have been captured by a villain of some sort, a villain that destroyed earth, maybe destroyed the entire universe.The villain could possibly be searching for the star bow, a weapon powerful enough to fire stars into space. It wouldn’t be the first time a villain attacked him for it. Haxxalon would just need to figure out how the villain attacked earth and reverse it.
Haxxalon brought his arms up, trying to regain his sense of sight by focusing on something not white. The problem is, there is nothing. Haxxalon can feel his arms move, but he doesn’t see anything. Haxxalon screams, or at least the sound of screams comes out, as Haxxalon doesn’t feel his mouth move. A sudden feeling shivers down Haxxalon’s spine and he touches his face.
Haxxalon’s face is mere skin, there are no grooves, no holes: it’s all simply soft skin. Haxxalon feels his heart start to beat in his chest, the constant beat fighting against the oppressive silence of the world.
Then… something strange happens. For a split second, Haxxalon swears he sees a drop of blue for a second. A second later, he sees it again. Small sparks of blue electricity fly around and off of a circular object, an object that Haxxalon is sure is his arm. He doesn’t have electricity powers, and yet, that is certainly blue lightning.
Haxxalon barely has time to process that as between the beats of his heart, he hears something. It’s faint, and non-aggressive, conversational in tone. He can’t make out what the figures are saying, but he’s sure there is more than one. The noise is getting closer.
Haxxalon shifts his body, turning around slowly, ready to encounter whatever captured him.

Doom Patrol Presents:

Can’t Escape the Flows of Time

Created by: u/DarkLordJurasus
Produced by: u/brooky12 and u/predaplant
Ambush Bug paces back and forth across the dry grass, his strides large and fast. It has been ten minutes since the Doom Patrol passed out, and Irwin is still as unsure of what to do as he was when the team originally went unconscious.
On his pacing path, Irwin crosses over to Larry, and slightly pushes at him with his foot. Larry begins to tilt, the brown and green backside of his bandages, stained from the grass and dirt, begin to show themselves, as Irwin removes his foot. Larry’s body shifts back to his laying flat on his back.
Irwin sighs in defeat. That was his fourth time trying that, and the third person he tried it on. He’s not going to try it on Robotman, so it looks like he is out of luck.
Ambush Bug looks out at the horizon, the light blue sky, the large, everpresent sun. Retconn hasn’t arrived yet, and Irwin can’t quite tell if that is a good or bad thing. Maybe the six of them lost Retconn, or maybe the company is biding their time for a larger assault on the team.
Behind him, Irwin hears a groan. It’s deep, and yet, sounds like a voice that was autocorrected one too many times. Irwin turns around as other groans join the first, the team has woken up.
Being the first to awake, Cliff Steele, Robotman, is the first to rise from his position on the ground. Looking around, he asks, “What the everloving fuck just happened?”
Niles Caulder replies, “That’s an interesting question Cliff. To answer that though, we must make sure that we all had a similar experience.”
Rita, Elasti-Woman, responds, “I, I remembered everything. It was like a flood of memories unlocked. I still remember what was implanted, what Retconn wanted me to think my past was, but they seem more distant, but…”
Steven Dayton, Mento, continues, “It feels different, like a movie I saw just yesterday. Still burned into my mind with clarity, but not me.”
Rita nods and looks at Steven. For a moment their gazes lock, their hands slightly touching. Rita is the first to cut their gaze, and jerks her hand back. A sadness enters Steven’s eyes as he nods and looks forward.
Niles nods, “I had quite a similar experience.” Niles stills for a moment, his fingers gently stimming on the arm rests of the wheelchair. “It’s possible,” Niles slowly continues, his mind still working as the words exit his mouth, “It is possible that when our specific atoms reintegrated themself into their reality or origin, we essentially experienced a system wide reset, our minds regaining the memories that were originally wiped.”
“Uhm,” Irwin pipes up, “I’m not a scientist or anything, but from the little I understand about multiverse travel, that doesn’t make much sense.”
Niles sighs and stares down in thought. Picking his head back up, he says, “Until today, I thought of the multiverse as a purely theoretical concept, a mere thought experiment. In truth, there can be hundreds of different reasons for our memory recovery, and each one would be just as plausible as the last.”
The whole team is silent again, their thoughts on the insanity of what is happening. Between all of them is an air of uncertainty, and for some, an air of mourning, their memories telling a story that ended without them even being aware.
Larry, looking down, bitterly asks, “Where’s Arturo or Mallory when you need them.”
Silence once again overcomes the group, but only for a moment. Eyes widening, Larry doubletakes, “Did I just make a reference to Sliders? How the hell do I know what Sliders is, that wasn’t a show before Retconn appeared.”
Larry turns to look at Niles who guesses, “Maybe reality is trying to reconnect us to it through inserting popular culture and current events into our brain?”
Seeing unconvinced faces, Niles sighs, “I don’t know. Let’s just go with multiverse magic for now. That makes as much sense as anything else I’ve seen or learned in the past few days.”
For the first time since waking up, Cliff begins to speak, “Yea, real nice conversation, and maybe a different day I’d give two shits about it, but right now we are standing in the middle of nowhere, and I for one would like to get out of here.”
Upon hearing that, Niles smiles, “Now, that is one problem I do have an answer to.”
Looking out to the open expanse, Niles calls out, “Danny, old friend. This is Niles Caulder. I am in need of sanctuary.”
For a moment, nothing happens. The grassy land remains the same. Irwin and Cliff both look ready to make a comment, but stop due to Niles holding up a single finger.
Then, two large Public Access Speakers grow out of the ground, towering over the assembled team in size. From them, the song “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond is playing.
Buildings begin to rise from the dirt in front of the Doom Patrol, both small and large, these buildings grew out of nothing, seemingly not affecting the ground beneath it. At first, all are monochromatic white, but as the taller buildings begin to rise, color blossoms throughout the seemingly growing civilization.
The buildings are each unique and different, some looking more typical in design, others covered in expertly made graffiti, and some even looking like random buckets of paint were thrown haphazardly onto the walls.
Billboards are plentiful, advertising everything from makeup, to planned get togethers. One of the largest advertises a bar having a Drag event for later that week. Strangest of all was the empty billboards that seemed as plentiful, if not more so than the ones that had advertisements on them.
As the final buildings settle, people begin to rise from the ground, most of them mid-movement of conversation. It does not seem they even realize that they moved, and that is because they don’t; the action so invisible to them, that they don’t even acknowledge it.
Everyone seems happy and aware of their surroundings, although there is the occasional incident of knocking over each other due to conversation or looking at the phone. The reason for the air of happiness may be due to their clothing though. Reds and pinks make up the majority of the clothing, and even for those without, navy blue is more common than pure black, although the streets are not without darker colors entirely. A few people in the crowd look as if they shop exclusively at Hot Topic, and despite their clothing choices not meshing, many are conversing happily with someone else in brighter colors.
The last thing to appear is a sign right outside of the new residential area saying, “Welcome! You Are Accepted Here.”
Quietly, but not as quietly as he wanted, Cliff says, “What the fuck?”
Hearing Cliff, Larry quietly agrees with Cliff’s verbal thought.
Continuing to smile, Niles rolls over to the sign and says, “Danny, I must say thank you for coming in such a timely fashion. It is great seeing you again, have you expanded since the last time we met?”
The sign welcoming the team changes, the words, “Hello Niles. Where have you been? It’s been a long time.” appearing.
Niles nods, his smile becoming slightly strained, “Yes, it has been around 60 years, hasn’t it? The story is long and quite strange, but I promise I will tell it to you in its entirety. First, do you think you can get us a place to regroup?”
The words on the sign quickly change again to say, “Your house is still vacant, Niles. After all you did for me, keeping a place empty for you in case you ever returned was the least I could do.”
Niles nods. “Thank you,” he says, before gesturing for the rest of the team to follow.
The team walks through the street, no one around them giving them a second look of shock or fear. To the other people there, the Doom Patrol does not look an ounce out of place. If that’s assuring or worrying, well, Larry is not quite sure.
Finally breaking the silence of the group, Steven gasps, “A talking street is…” Steven stops himself, not wanting to call the new seemingly-sentient street he is on an it, but not knowing what else to call Danny.
Seemingly knowing why Steven stopped, Danny responds on one of the empty billboards, “You can use they/them when referring to me. I don’t necessarily mind being called other pronouns, but I’m not an it, or a thing, and I don’t feel any more masculine or feminine than I would imagine other cities or towns would feel if they were alive.”
Steven nods, but decides to address Danny directly, “You are obviously fully sentient, but does that mean you have a brain? What about other organs? How do you see?”
It takes a second longer than the last response did, Danny replies, “I am not quite sure. I see, but at the same time, I don’t see like how people have described seeing to me; it is more an echolocation than sight. I have energy impulses going throughout me at any moment, but if that is a brain, or if that is just the energy keeping me alive, I can not say. If I do have organs, they are so well hidden, that I do not even recognize them as such.”
Steven nods at the information as both Larry and Irwin open their mouths to ask a question. Cliff beats both of them to it though as he asks, “Do you have a bar?”
A white arrow appears on multiple billboards, pointing Cliff to a place called Danny’s Bar. Cliff gives a stiff, curt nod and walks away from the group towards it.
Larry is quick to follow, but Niles grabs his arm, whispering to him, “Cliff needs some time alone before he will appreciate your presence.”
Larry nods and continues to walk with the group.
Hours later, Larry walks into the bar, a fresh, clean, set of radiation-proof bandages on Larry’s body. The bar is huge, with a lot of people doing a myriad of things. Some are playing pool and billiards, others are singing karaoke, some are hanging out with friends, while others are trying to find someone to spend the night with. It didn’t take long for Larry to find Cliff though. Even in the dimmer light, Larry is able to see Cliff, the golden bronze contrasting with the rest of the bar.
Cliff is sitting at the bar, his metal face staring down at the dark wood. There is a beer in both of his hands, and a good dozen or so empty bottles scattered around him. He is silent, taking a large gulp from the beer in his right hand every ten seconds or so.
Larry walks over and gently places a hand on Cliff, unsure if Cliff will even feel the action. “It’s time to go.” Larry says.
Cliff shakes his head, “You can go, I’m staying here.”
Larry tries again, “The team needs you. We need to figure out how to- -”
Cliff slams his drinks against the table and looks up, his robotic eyes still not facing Larry, “What team? There is no fucking team. We had our lives stolen from us by a fucking TV network.”
Larry responds, “That’s why we need to stick together, we need to ensure Retconn can’t take us again.”
Taking a swig of the right beer, Cliff asks, “What if I want Retconn to capture me again?”
Larry is silent, unsure of how to respond. Cliff lets out a roboticized noise that sounds like a sigh. “I had a daughter.”
Cliff stops for a second, recollecting his thoughts. “I had a god damn daughter,” Cliff continues, “When she was born, when I saw her bright smile and innocent eyes, I swore to be a better dad than my own father. I would be in her life, make sure she knew she was loved. Then I left her.”
Larry softly tells Cliff, “It wasn’t your fault.”
Cliff lets out a roboticized laugh. “But it was. I got in a crash drinking while driving, and I woke up in the show with a robot body. Sure, Retconn kidnapped me, but if it wasn’t for Retconn, I’d be dead, I still would have left her.”
Larry says, “I’m sorry.”
Cliff shakes his head, so lost in thought that he doesn’t hear Larry, “It was almost better with Retconn. Sure, I wasn’t human, but I was a hero, I was Robotman, not the deadbeat dad Cliff Steele. I failed Clara, I failed the only thing that mattered to me.”
Cliff’s left metal fist grips the bottle so hard that it smashes in his hand. “The worst part is, for the hours I’ve been in here, I don’t feel any more tipsy than when I came in. I’m still sober, my mind is still functioning, I’m still remembering. This body can’t get fucking drunk, and I hate it.”
Cliff places down his right beer, and lets out a robotic, metallic sigh. “I’m tired,” Cliff finally relents, “Maybe I can get buzzed with enough persistence, but it isn’t happening tonight. I’ll meet you back at Niles’ house, Larry.”
Cliff walks out of the bar, his stride slow and methodical. Larry sits there for a moment stunned. Larry debates buying a drink, but remembers the bandages wrapped around his skin make doing so impossible. Instead he just sits there for a moment. Larry begins to watch, the four women singing off key in the corner, the guy trying to do a cool darts trick to impress his girlfriend, two guys kissing.
Larry’s skin begins to curl as he watches the sight, his head pounding. He needs to get out of there now. It’s clumsy at best, but Larry begins making his way to the door, struggling to not focus on the memories attempting to resurface. He ends up knocking into a chair, and not even seeing who is there, mumbles out a “Sorry” as he continues to move. He needs fresh air, he craves it. Finally the doors to the bar close behind him, and Larry collapses on the front steps, memories forcing their way to the front of Larry’s mind.
Larry stood in front of the door to his house, his body frozen solid. For a moment, he thought he couldn’t do it, he thought about running away, running away from the screaming, the crying, the cursing, and the occasional slapping. He’s endured it for over a month now, and it hasn’t lessened, he isn’t sure how much more he can endure.
He wanted to scream that it isn’t his fault, that’s it’s not his fault God made him wrong, broken. He doesn’t though. He only ever said something like that once and it led to his father punching him, not slapping him or spanking him, but straight up punching him. Since then, Larry had made sure to repeat what his parents told him. It wasn’t God that made him wrong: Satan was the one to give Larry temptation, and Larry was the one to sin by kissing that boy under the bleachers.
Larry opened the front door, cringing at the noise of rusted metal. There was no chance he could get by his mother without more screaming and crying.
But the screams never began. Instead his mom ran up to him and held Larry in her arms, tears running down her face.
Startled, but not necessarily disliking this change in behavior, Larry asked, “Mom, what happened?”
Larry’s mom responded through sobs, “I-I went to the pastor today and told him about you. Larry, he said he can help you. He told me there is a special summer camp he runs that can help fix people like you, Larry…a camp that can bring kids back to the path of God.”
Larry is broken out of memory as the door behind him swings open. A darker skin gentleman with stubble walks out holding a glass of water. The man is wearing a light pink shirt that greatly contrasts with his brown eyes and black hair. Walking down the step, the gentleman sits down next to Larry.
The two sit in silence for a minute, until the man says, “I saw you getting out of there fast. It was my chair you knocked into.”
Larry opens his mouth to respond, but the man beats him to it, “Honestly, it’s fine. Just thought you may need something to drink.”
The man holds up the glass of water, but Larry shakes his head, “I can’t really take off the bandages, but thank you anyway.”
The man gives a curious look, “Is it like plastic surgery or something?”
Larry nods, not really wanting to go into it, “Something like that.”
The two sit in silence for a moment. Letting out a sigh, Larry says, “Listen, I’m sorry, it’s just- -”
The man cuts Larry off, “Something inside messed with you. You don’t have to explain.”
Taking a sip of water, the man continues, “Danny picked all us strays up because the world doesn’t want us. Here, the past is healed and mended, for us to be what we want, and live how we want.”
Larry replies solemnly, “That sounds nice.”
The man nods, “Don’t sweat your reaction today. Healing takes time, and no one is going to fault you if you accidentally bump into a chair on the way to progress.”
Larry is silent, conflicted. On one hand, the idea of being accepted is nice, on the other, well, what if Retconn was punishment for his sin? What if his family was right, what if he doesn’t deserve to be healed?
Standing, Larry says, “Thank you- -” Larry stops, realizing he doesn’t know the man’s name.
The man rises with a smile, “My name is Morris Mingo.” Morris holds out his name for Larry to shake.
Larry shakes the man’s hand, “Larry Trainor.”
“Well Larry,” Morris says, “I hope to see you again, hopefully under better circumstances next time.”
Back at the Nile’s house, or better to say mansion, Rita and Steven are staring at two doors, each going to separate rooms.
Their hands are intertwined unconsciously, their bodies filled with uncertainty. Rita is the first to talk, “I’m sorry. I know we’ve been married for so long, but it just feels…”
Rita doesn’t finish the sentence, not wanting to make the words feel more real by their exiting of the tongue. Instead it is Steven that ends the sentence, “Like everything changed.”
Comfortable silence permeates the room as the two turn to look at each other. “I still love you.” Steven says, his voice almost a whisper.
Tears threaten Rita’s eyes as she responds, “I love you too.”
For both of them, the desire to kiss the other is strong, but both resist. “How about,” Steven suggests, “We start from square one? Build back up to what we once had, that way the new us can get to know each other.”
Rita gives a light smile, “Are you asking me on a date, Mr. Dayton?” she asks in a joking, yet sincere, tone.
“I believe I am. Ms. Farr.” Steven responds in the exact same tone.
Rita’s smile brightens, “Then, I accept.”
A joyish feeling washes over both of them as they go to sleep. They almost don’t recognize the fact that this will be the first time they are sleeping alone in over sixty years as they drift off to sleep.
Niles is sitting in his living room parler alone with Irwin. Rita and Steven went up to rest, while Cliff and Larry still haven’t returned to the house.
The two are watching the news, as Niles scribbles on a pad of paper. Irwin asks, “What are you writing?”
Niles stops his scribbling for a moment as he responds, “I am attempting to create a timeline of current events through the news and any books Danny has in order to tell if there are any gaps in the new memories I have.”
“Already?” Irwin asks, “I would think you would be busy processing your memories, not immediately analyzing them for falsehoods. If I learned about my past, first thing I would do is try to connect with it.”
Niles waves Irwin off, “I’ve processed enough. I can’t dilly dally with reminiscing. Retconn could arrive any second, and I refuse to be caught unaware.”
Irwin thinks for a minute, before getting up. Seeing Niles look at him curiously, Irwin explains, “I’m getting a piece of paper myself. Two people trying to understand current events should hopefully make the deciphering process faster.”
Irwin walks away in order to grab paper and a pen, hoping that the help will make Niles’ stress lessen.
Doom Patrol #5- Consequences of Broadcast Televisionl
Author: u/DarkLordJurasus
Book: Doom Patrol
Arc: Another Multiverse Story?
Set: 85
A Retconn Production
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2023.06.08 19:52 eilonwyhasemu What is the feeling of r/declutter on joining the June 12-14 protest blackout?

Our major options are:
My priority in this situation is to do what best serves the sub. I am 100% sure that making a unilateral decision without input does not do so! I realize that with an issue this controversial, there will be hurt feelings whichever way we go -- apologies in advance.
Please state in this thread your views on participating. Don't silence yourself if you see a number of comments supporting the opposite view from yours -- all I have to decide with is what you tell me.
The Be Kind rule will be strictly enforced in this thread (except you can gripe about Reddit all you like).
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2023.06.08 19:52 crownzz__ [NA/EU] The Nest - Looking for a helpful community? Join up today

Are you excited for wipe? Are you tired of playing solo while trying to get the pocket watch? Are you destined to get Kappa and want to find a helpful community to help you get it? Look no further.
We're a community of almost 1500 people full of fellow gamers and Tarkovians who enjoy helping everyone be the best Chad they can be.
Some of the things you'll find in the community are:
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2023.06.08 19:48 CursedEstonian So it doesnt make a noise or show that i have gotten a 10 kill streak even tho i have killstreak weapons.. anyone know whats the problem? (sorry for horrible fps, screen capture isnt the best)

So it doesnt make a noise or show that i have gotten a 10 kill streak even tho i have killstreak weapons.. anyone know whats the problem? (sorry for horrible fps, screen capture isnt the best) submitted by CursedEstonian to tf2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 19:48 BowelMan Best graphical mod combination for DX1?

I've been meaning to return to this game for a couple of years now.
I'm looking for visually stunning graphics, but I'm not looking for mods that affect gameplay in any way, so revision and the like are out of question.
I also have a good enough rig that it can run all modern games without a hassle.
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2023.06.08 19:47 Inevitable-Sea-3451 Need GPU connectivity help!

I already own a MSI PCIE5 PSU and just bought the MSI Radeon RX 6800 Gaming Z Trio, which has 3 8-Pin ports.
Since my PSU has 4 8-Pin ports and the 2 8-Pin cables that came with it are already used for the motherboard, whats my best way of connecting the GPU?
Would it be fine to get a CableMod 3x 8-Pin to 16-Pin PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR cable and just plug the 12VHPWR side into the PSU?
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2023.06.08 19:47 RealScrapz The state of IW4X servers post takedown [MW2]

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2023.06.08 19:47 RamirezMcManus How do I properly engage with buildcrafting in the Armored Core series?

Weird question, but I’ve been a fan of the AC series since the release of 4A and branched out from there. Despite this I could never get good at really customizing/building my own AC. I get through many iterations before I just fall back to a simple dual Gatling gun build. Or I just give up and look up the best build to get through AC3.
I’m the same with a lot of other games like the Soulsborne games and Destiny. Where I resort to just looking up builds because anything I make is going to be subpar.
Are there any tips/tricks into properly experimenting with parts and weapons in the AC series? It’s a bit broad because I’m not really talking about a specific gen of AC but anything helps!
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2023.06.08 19:45 Gatadat The Sources of David Grusch Have Just Given a Description of One of The UAPs In Possession of the Military. The Resemblance to the Metapod is Uncanny.

The Sources of David Grusch Have Just Given a Description of One of The UAPs In Possession of the Military. The Resemblance to the Metapod is Uncanny.
I'm re-posting this because it was deleted without explanation, I have provided sources for this and the resemblance of the UAP is just my thinking. This subreddit was one of the best and the most open minded on this topic, so deleting threads like this is confusing. Mods please let me know what is wrong in this post:
The same sources that informed David Grusch about the 12 or more alien spacecraft in the possession of the military have provided an interesting description of one of the crafts.
'It looked like a chopped up helicopter, with the front bubble of a Huey helicopter, with the plastic windows, or more like a deep sea submarine, with a thick piece of glass bubble shaped, and where the tail rudder should have been, it was a black egg, shaped pancake and instead of landing gear it had upside-down rams horns that went from the top to the bottom and rested on the ends of the horns'.
A few months ago, I made a video case about the Metapod/La Bruja UAP, which indicated that the UAP filmed in the Gimbal case resembled the shape of the Metapod. The description of the UAP provided by the sources matches the shape of the Metapod UFO.
Watch the video to see the resemblance, and note that this UAP has been filmed all around the world. You can find some of the cases here:
They gave a description of a UAP that resembles a triangle too.
You can find the full article at Michael Shellenberger's Twitter account and here with all the sources
What do you think?
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2023.06.08 19:42 Carboskie Tips to avoid A2G deaths

There has been a lot of discussion and complaining about the state of A2G. As an esf main, here are some tips I’d share with you infantry guys to avoid some deaths. (Edit: some of this may seem obvious, but I continue to see it happen every day)
  1. Don’t just shoot at every esf you see flying in your area!
    A lot of times pilots fly around looking for A2A action and are not bothering your ground fight at all. But when you guys shoot at an esf engaged in a dog fight or one just making a pass, you poke the bear for no reason. I tend to get annoyed when this happens repeatedly, pull an A2G Mossi, and spend the next half hour wracking up infantry kills until I feel like justice has been done.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that when pilots hear other ESF using A2G weapons, it triggers the swarm effect. So where you had a couple esf flying around not bothering infantry, now you have a half dozen ground farming because someone wanted to blast off a couple lockons with no hope of getting a kill.
  1. Don’t take the bait!
    When you see that esf peeking from behind cover, stop trying to lock on. My strategy is always peek, let you fire at me, dip behind cover and let the rocket miss. When you fire, I get to see exactly where you fired from on the minimap and it usually results in an easy follow up kill.
I see this with sky guards too. They will start blasting away as soon as an esf comes in to render distance which gives the pilot plenty of time to evade. Be patient…. Most pilots I see will take the same route when farming A2G. Flying in, kill, fly out and come back around to the same spot for the next assault. Get your skygaurd in a position to have the best line of sight for the route you know the esf is going to take and then blast it when it gets close.
  1. Burster maxes
    Most ground farming occurs at or near spawn rooms. Usually one bursted max can shut the party down. Pull a couple…
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