doctor on demand no longer free for us?

2023.01.10 20:03 kittykat_h doctor on demand no longer free for us?

apologies if anyone else has posted this recently - if someone has, if you could please link me, i would appreciate it and i can delete this post.
i noticed when updating my insurance on the doctor on demand app that now there are charges listed for appointments - medical, therapy, and psychiatry alike. previously, this was free for us with our insurance through walmart. i have seen no indication of this change through walmart. when i enrolled in this year's benefits, i don't recall seeing anything about this changing. the walmartcare page on the doctor on demand site still exists and says our cost is $0. meanwhile, the app itself tells me i would be paying $79 for medical, $129 for therapy, and $299 for psychiatric.
has anyone else seen this? has anyone seen an indication that walmart was changing this up? is this an error of some kind?
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2020.10.26 23:05 JSie87 Job openings (delete if not allowed)

I'm an HR rep at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on 98th and Sage. We have several part time positions open. Apply at Pharmacy tech., Pharmacy cashier (closing weekdays), cashier positions (times will very), closing in the deli, Frozen/ dairy department (both opening and closing), and lots of closing stockers positions. If you have any questions call me at the store 5058313618 No drug screens unless you want the pharmacy positions. Background checks for all positions Hours very for most positions but schedules are out 3 weeks in advance.
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#keanu #breadtaking #god #keanumeme #breatthtaking100 #CBTtutorials #gowlingbreenmassacre #realmomswantdickinyourarea #speakyourtruth #truthordare #CBTmethods #shareyourstory #walmartcares #obamacare #minecraftcumflationmodnovirus #livingmybestlife #besties #bestiality #beastieboys submitted by MadBooda to okbuddyretard [link] [comments]

2014.02.04 07:20 specialjason Some Spirit Cards

First post. I'm so glad I found other people that are trying to make this game happen. A group of friends and myself have recently started the long process of making this game happen. We drafted teams today and even made team photos. It seems the spirit round has some people stumped so here are some cards that we came up with. (Forgive me if similar ideas have been suggested).
  1. The other team gets to post a craigslist ad about anything (that won’t get deleted off craigslist) and must include your real e-mail and phone number.
  2. You must play a teammate like an instrument of the other teams choice. You must sing the song while your teammate only makes the musical sounds that the instrument would make.
  3. You must fill out an online job application for Wal-Mart. You must put in proper information. The other team gets to put in your previous work history. You must sign in through and share the link when you are done with the application.
    I hope these help and sprout some more ideas!
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