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2023.03.28 20:38 Seeyouon_otherside The Isolationists - Chapter 22: Predator vs Predator

Memory Transcription Subject: High Captain Ferlinn, Secessionist Fleet Command
I stared grimly out at the darkness of subspace. I had just doomed a colony of thousands to be atomized. The glassing wouldn’t be as quick as the Feds or Arxur would have done it. Our antimatter arsenal was small due to the weapons being an offensive weapon, needlessly expensive to produce, and all our military being primarily focused on defense. The only reason Operation Hailstorm succeeded so well was because of the Federation’s incompetence and cowardice. Looking back at the battles, our attack strategies were quite sloppy, relying only on the overwhelming force of our dreadnaughts to constrict and crush our enemies.
Vajo would likely expend whatever antimatter, nukes, and Class-3 seismic charges he had before switching to standard bombardment. If that wasn't enough, he'd send down death squads to clear the survivors. I looked at the coordinates Overseer Noctif had given me. Sot Lovin, a planet heavily scarred by centuries of weapons testing and one that was well out of the Unity’s way. Large portions of its surface had been rendered uninhabitable by radiation and toxins and a seismic charge test gone wrong had gouged a deep scar visible from space called Odorala’s Folly after the long-dead woman who’d designed and tested it. Although it was still occasionally used for more testing, fresher planets had been acquired for similar and Sot Lovin had been more-or-less reduced to a hazardous, historical wasteland barely worth notice. It was a perfect rendezvous point.
As I relayed the coordinates to Faznik, who had yet to receive them, I ordered our subspace trail be hidden. The Federation had no such technology to accomplish that but we weren’t able to secretly keep tabs on the xenos for so long without learning how to hide our footsteps. I leaned back into the Captain’s Chair and rubbed my organic eye. Everything had gone to shit - more than usual at least - because of one person. I still couldn’t fathom as to why Edo had done this. He was a die-hard Isolationist and should have withdrawn the Guardian Fleet and hunkered down like he originally wanted to. Instead, he’d escalated the war and I had a suspicion that the Arxur weren’t going to be very happy. After witnessing their power at Earth, I had concluded that the reptiles could easily destroy the Federation but they didn’t because the xenos were their food supply.
With Edo vaporizing that food supply, he was drawing the Arxur’s ire.
Memory Transcription Subject: Captain Drozo, Arxur Dominion Sector Fleet
This Zeyzell Unity was quickly drawing the Dominion’s ire. Their hatred of the animals was commendable but destroying our food source was unacceptable. Betterment had been attempting diplomacy with them for a week now only to be completely ignored. My target was a colony they had yet to glass and seize it from the pitiful predators. I chuckled as I recalled the first time I came face-to-face with one. The tiny carnivore had growled threats at me when I drew too close and spat the word "xeno" the same way a prey animal would call me a "gray." Despite the xenophobia, it seemed that a predator alliance with them and the Humans was entirely plausible as they continued to pledge more and more support.
And then they left. Every ship and troop battalion packed their bags and went back to Zeyzell-10 without any explanation. Rumors began to leak through about some sort of attack on the Zeyzell ruling council and then the canines suddenly turned and began glassing every Federation planet under their control down to the last city, using weapons that nobody had ever seen: bombs that cracked planet's crusts, satellites that sent the weather into pure chaos, among others. It was obvious that whoever took control after the attack, they wouldn't stop there so, against our better instincts, we attempted to talk them down. Every transmission was ignored and every vessel was turned away at gunpoint at best and blown up at worst.
So here we were. We'd give whoever this was one last chance to stand down before we attacked.
"Exiting subspace nowng subspace now, Captain.”
The sudden shift from darkness to light dazzled my eyes for a second. Blinking the afterimage away, I stared at the scene before me. The wreckage of a battle lay scattered in orbit while a large Zeyzell fleet turned the planet to glass. The way the fleet instantly fell into a defensive formation instead of panicking and running like the prey usually did was oddly refreshing. Bombers continued to skate through the atmosphere while the larger ships trained their weapons on us. Those boxy and vulnerable Carriers of theirs opened their bay doors and allowed clouds of swarmfighters to spill out.
“Hail them,” I snarled.
The hail transmitted for a few seconds before it was picked up. A Zeyzell appeared with disgust evident in his eyes.
“What do you want, xeno?”
“I am Captain Drozo of the Arxur Dominion. I have been sent here to relieve this colony from your control. This is non-negotiable.”
The canine laughed.
“Overseer Edo wants those things down there dead and who am I to disobey him? I would have thought that our goals would have aligned right here.”
“We agree that the prey are lesser than us, but the fact of the matter is that we need them. The animals exterminated our livestock and so we have been forced to turn to eating them to survive.”
“So what? There are plenty more planets throughout the Federation. This isn’t even a blip on your radar.”
“I think we both know that this Edo will not stop here. And what’s stopping him from turning on us once the Federation is destroyed? We are putting an end to things right here and now, one way or another. I will give you one last chance. Stand. Down.”
The Zeyzell bared his teeth in a laughable threat display.
“May Maa scorch your soul.”
WIth that, his image dissipated and target-lock warnings began blaring. Opening volleys from railguns on both sides lanced through the void. More of theirs struck a target than did ours. Oh, what I would give for some of those metal balls the Zyezell were fond of using. The Zeyzell hastened their glassing campaign as we closed in.
“Incoming swarmers!”
The clouds of swarmfighters launched forwards when the railgun strikes lessened and began tearing our front ships apart. The Zeyzell fleet spread out into a defensive blockade with the Carriers in the middle of formations of a few dozen ships. Giant gaps were opened up in the formation. Of course. The goal wasn’t the defense of the planet. It was holding us off until the glassing was finished. Who cared if we landed on the surface? We didn't have time to besiege them. We had to find a way to kill them or drive them off as soon as possible.
Many other captains saw the openings and allowed themselves to be overtaken by their bloodlust and sped forward.
“Wait! They’re baiting you! Turn back!”
Some heeded my warning and pulled back. Those that didn’t met a swift end to a second wave of swarmers. This was going to be difficult. We surrounded them, but they held all the cards. Anyone who got too close was vaporized and all the canines had to do was sit and wait until their job was finished. The Zeyzell held remarkable control over both their fear and aggression, not a single one breaking formation to fight or flee. I growled. I didn’t see a way to get through them.
Railguns continued to fire and some were able to hit a target but most were intercepted by a swarm. I sighed. There was no brilliant strategy that came to mind. The Zeyzell obviously weren’t worried about the populace so there was no need for them to spread themselves thin to cover more of the planet and the small groupings were well defended, only breaking formation to fire a railgun shot before falling back behind the curtain of swarmfighters. I recalled a few Zeyzell once bragging about how they were the masters of defense. At the time, I couldn’t fathom as to why they thought such cowardice was worthy of recognition. I know now. The Zeyzell had been hiding from the Federation for centuries. That gave them plenty of time to learn how to turn cowardly defenses into fleet-killing formations just in case they were attacked.
I thanked the Prophet that this fleet had no Weapons Platforms. That would probably put an end to this battle real quick. I watched the battle for a few more minutes before resigning myself to the fact that we were going to take heavy casualties no matter whether we won or lost. We might as well throw everything we still had at once. Otherwise, we might as well be bashing a titanium shield with our bare hands.
“All ships surge forward on my command. We will overwhelm them with brute force. We will not allow these pitiful predators to hold us off!”
Growls of anticipation answered me over the comms.
“Ready… Now!”
Every remaining warship burned their sublight thrusters and flung ammunition wildly at the blockade. I could practically feel the Zeyzell’s eagerness as they pounced. Warships fell in droves as the blockade tore them apart. But then they began to fall off as well. A cloud of swarmers that had been on the verge of tearing my own ship apart suddenly stopped as their Carrier was destroyed. We were doing it! We-
Suddenly, the Zeyzell broke their formation and began retreating around the planet. Swaths of bombers rose up out of the atmosphere and joined them.
"Sir, they're hailing us."
Perhaps they were surrending.
"Accept it."
The Zeyzell from earlier appeared before me again with a smug look on his face.
"Congratulations, xeno. You win. Here, have the ball of glass and carbonized corpses. Maybe you can clear out any survivors for us."
I growled with hatred. We'd been too late.
"What was the point of all this? You know what we would have done to the population. They might as well have been killed. We would have done your job for you!"
"Orders are orders, xeno. I follow them to the fine print. Have a good day."
With that, they jumped out of the system and left us with a useless, dead colony. All that food just wasted!
The Dominion would get our retribution eventually.
Memory Transcription Subject: Chief Nikonus of the Kolshain Commonwealth
I was in a bit of a pinch, that was for certain. The Zeyzell had gone from yet another problem to deal with to perhaps the greatest threat to the Federation except for maybe the Humans. We and the Arxur both used each other for our own purposes. The Arxur needed us for food and we needed them to keep the population under our control. The Humans had thrown a wrench into that balance but I was certain that they could be dealt with in time. The Zeyzell at first posed a similar problem as the Humans until a week ago.
No matter what the predators claimed, I hadn't blown up their Council Chamber. I didn't even know where Zeyzell-10 was. But whoever did it, they had royally pissed the canines off. They had turned full genocidal on us and they didn't have the same needs as the Arxur did. Normally, I would just let the veil of our cowardice fall and wipe out the predators but I had no idea of their true defensive capabilities. Their offensive abilities left something to be desired but there were plenty of rumors abound of their impossible defenses such as energy shields that covered entire planets and gigantic turrets that could take out orbital targets from the surface. For all I knew, any Extermination Fleet would be ripped to shreds within days. Not to mention that they were almost certainly spread out over many worlds. Glassing Zeyzell-10 would complete the amazing accomplishment of killing a portion of their population and pissing the rest off even more.
I had to hope that they would stop where they are now.
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2023.03.28 20:33 newsfeedmedia1 Jennifer Lawrence bundles up in black maxi-coat to brave NYC’s windy 40F-degree weather

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2023.03.28 18:36 Mistawondabread The inside of a National Weather Service radar dome.

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2023.03.28 17:43 MBA1vsMBA2 Kellogg ($$$) vs Stern (Full-Ride)

Hello everyone,
I apologize in advance for adding another "this MBA vs other MBA" post to the mix but I am now facing a conundrum. During R1 I was admitted with a full scholarship at Stern and I was already mostly set on going there but I was surprised to learn that I was admitted to Kellogg during R2 with a scholarship (around 2/3 of tuition). I am still going to see if I can get a bit more but my issues are the following:
I am interested in going into management consulting (hoping to go into TMT focused practice mainly on the media and technology part) but I also want to explore tech.
I've already networked with many current Stern students and even joined the consortium through them. I've had a good experience meeting them and I feel I would fit in well at Stern and I already feel a bit part of it since I already talked to some professors, students, and potential future classmates.
Being in the consortium gives me access to early recruitment opportunities and since Kellogg is not a member I'd be missing out on those and the Consortium network. Which I feel could be a good asset
Both schools have resources to get me where I want and I feel Stern has a bit of an edge in the media and entertainment aspect given it is in NYC but I don't think Kellogg is far behind.
I also feel that there will be more competition for MBB spots at Kellogg than Stern. I come from a non-traditional and non-corporate background so I wonder if being a "big fish in small pond" with the $$$$ at Stern will help me stand out more than not having a "named scholarship" at Kellogg and competing with everyone for consulting but I know people at Kellogg are more collaborative than competitive.
There is also the aspect of location. I was already having the idea that I was going to move to NYC and I was becoming very excited about it. Post-MBA I want to be in a big bustling city (mainly NYC or LA maybe SF) and I am not looking to stay in Chicago especially because of the weather. Stern gives better opportunities to network in NY since it's already there whereas I don't know how recruiting outside of Chicago works through Kellogg (I know it's possible but there is a reason around 1/4 of students decide to stay in the area)
I will most likely not be able to attend any admit weekend for either school and I haven't visited either campus so I don't know how I'd feel. I am having to make this privileged but difficult decision and I know this post might seem like a humble-brag to some but I am genuinely struggling with this. If anybody has any real insights I would really appreciate it!
P.S. I might be editing the post if anybody is looking for more info.
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2023.03.28 17:00 Hopairenterprises Hop Air Enterprises Llc.

An HVAC Contractor You Can Trust

Our goal is to be known as the leading HVAC contractor who provides experienced, expert, and economical HVAC solutions in Dallas and the surrounding area. As a Trane Comfort Specialist, we maintain high standards in the areas of professionalism, business practices, quality products, and customer service. In addition to our knowledge of local weather conditions, there are other reasons you can trust us for your HVAC needs:
Whatever you might need in the way of air conditioning service, our technicians will work with you to find the preferred solution for your home and your comfort. From a home automation system to air conditioning repair, you can trust the professionals at Metro Air Conditioning. If you’re interested in optimizing your home comfort, call us today.
Call us today: 718-844-3854 or visit http://www.hophvac.com/
#newyork #hvac_cooling #heating #air_conditioner #ac_servicing #repair #installation #maintenance #hvac_installation #contractor #new_york_city #commercial_residential #ac #winter_storage #new_york #air_conditioner_removal #disposal_nyc #ac_recycling #queens
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2023.03.28 13:05 TallStore8424 Moving from NYC to Houston in 2023

I have contemplated moving from NYC to Houston. The good thing is that my job is remote and if I "move," I will switch location and will get a 20% adjustment. I ran the numbers through tax calculators and my current total compensation is $176.2K and it will become $141.5K. The net difference after taxes is $9,926.76. I will get a lower 401K, which compounded 8% until retirement is at least $326.8K. However, my 401K is projected to hit at least $6M with my current contributions and match.
Currently, the 3 BD houses I am looking to purchase in the next 2 years are $380K-$450K in Houston. If I stay in NYC, I will be purchasing a 2-3 BD co-op for the same price. Even though the maintenance is $1K/month for NYC, property taxes are 2.5%-3% (comes out to be under $1K/month) in Houston, although utilities appear higher due to housing maintenance and weather. I will have a newer build and have to drive everywhere. Eventually, I will be purchasing a car if I stay in NYC as well. Would you make the move? My base salary will go from $143K to $114K. I can also wait until March of next year to switch location, my compensation goes up by $10K, so my adjustment is a bit higher. I am just afraid my new adjustment wouldn't be enough to maintain a decent lifestyle on top of saving for retirement. I can apt/house hack in both cities by renting out a room, but ideally, I want to be able to afford to be a homeowner without relying on that if I need to. Thoughts?
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2023.03.28 10:51 kyrie_leclerc NYU Tandon MSCS vs Rice MCS vs UW EE PMP

As an international student, I am currently facing a difficult decision of selecting the best master's program for Fall 2023. I have been offered admission to several programs including NYU Tandon MSCS, Rice MCS, and UW EE PMP. However, I have some concerns and uncertainties about each program that I would like to discuss and get advice on.
NYU Tandon: Pros:
Rice MCS: Pros:
UW EE PMP: Pros:
I would be grateful for any advice and insights on which program would be the best fit for me as an international student. Thank you for your time and help!
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2023.03.28 06:31 rrmdp 📢 Honeywell is hiring a Advanced Hardware Engineer - Weather Radar!

Apply → https://jobboardsearch.com/redirect?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=bot&utm_id=jobboarsearch&utm_term=www.localjobs.com&rurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cubG9jYWxqb2JzLmNvbS9qb2Ivb2xhdGhlLWtzLWFkdmFuY2VkLWhhcmR3YXJlLWVuZ2luZWVyLXdlYXRoZXItcmFkYXIvP3JlZj1qb2Jib2FyZHNlYXJjaA==
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2023.03.27 23:45 tonnie_taller Fired NYC weatherman launches new weather subscription service after leaked nude scandal

Recently fired New York City weatherman Erick Adame promoted a new weather subscription service after he was previously axed by Spectrum News NY1 for leaked nude photos. Adame made the announcement in a video on his Twitter account Tuesday afternoon. “Soon, you’ll be able to see me on camera delivering the forecast just like before, … Continue reading Fired NYC weatherman launches new weather subscription service after leaked nude scandal
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2023.03.27 23:00 AutoModerator Join our Weekly Happy Hour on Tuesday!

Looking to expand your social circle? Our weekly happy hour is a great place to start. Join us for a drink, pub food, or just a friendly chat!
Who: Members of this community, old, new, and hopefully you What: Happy hour at our cherished dive and home for 10+ years When: Every Tuesday, officially starting at 6pm Where: Peculier Pub (145 Bleecker St.) Why: To see friendly, familiar faces and have a pint without pretext
A few early birds show up before 6pm. Peak time is 7:30, and on busy nights we're around until 10-11pm before calling it quits. We're typically inside just past the jukebox but when the weather is nice we sometimes take advantage of the outdoor dining area. If you can't find us, just ask the staff for NYC Meetups and they'll point us out.
And if you want to get to know us prior to coming to the Happy Hour, feel free to join our Everyday is Tuesday Discord server! It's also an easy way to stay in touch with those you've met for future events.
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2023.03.27 21:53 tacos4days [Race Report] NYCRuns Spring Fling 10k - new PR!

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Sub 53:20 Yes
B Sub 55:00 Yes
C Negative Split Yes

Splits (unofficial)

Mile Time
1 8:43
2 8:39
3 8:44
4 8:22
5 8:10
6 7:45
7 7:05


This race was the capstone of week 8 of a 12 week HM training block and was treated as a tuneup. I ran my first HM in October after starting running in June and finished in 2:05:30. I had a great time and got totally hooked. That training block peaked at 25mpw and I was able to move through it entirely healthy, though I was sidelined for a couple of weeks with peroneal tendonitis after the race. I worked on that via PT and slowly started building up my base at around ~20mpw before starting this block. I'm training for the NYCRuns Brooklyn Half and I really want to break 2 hours, so I upped the number of days from 4 to 5, and added in interval work and tempo runs to compliment my easy runs (all within Z2 based on LTHR), while continuing heavy strength training in the gym 2x a week. I'm lucky that my work/life balance right now is as good as it's ever been, so I have more time to train and recover, and less work/life stress on my plate. It makes such a big difference!
I've deviated from the plan (Hal Higdon Intermediate 2) a good bit. I was already doing long runs above the starting distance, and my weekly runs were a bit longer as well, so I followed the structure but upped the distance a bit. I also skipped the 5k and 10k (as prescribed) and back filled those weekends with long runs. I did this last year as well, because HH plans don't have as much of a taper as I'd like. This lets me hit my distances while still winding down over the course of the final 2 weeks. I decided to do this 10k only a couple of weeks ago, and I'm so glad I did. It was a big confidence boost and ultimately a lot of fun.


This race is on Gov Island in NYC which means taking the subway to the ferry. The weather was absolute shit- a real feel somewhere in the mid-low 30s, whipping wind, and rain. The next day it was sunny and 60! To be honest I prefer running in the cold over the heat, but there was a couple of hours in between leaving my apartment and the start of the race, so I had to grin and bear it in my light layers.


I had a PacePro plan loaded into my watch, but unfortunately didn't start recording until like 30, 45 seconds into the race. I forgot when you're using one of these you need to hit the start button twice! No matter, I felt great. Ran steady for the first 3 miles and then started ramping it up at the end. My programmed splits were kind of meaningless since I was out of sync with the coarse, so I switched off that screen and just went based on feel. A couple of weeks ago a 40 minute tempo run at 8:22mpm had me pretty cooked, so it felt awesome to hold that pace for the whole race.
I didnt have any super concrete goals for this one, which mean there I put very little pressure on myself, I just wanted to know how to appropriately set goals for my upcoming half, and it seems like I'm on track! I hit a PR for the distance and felt like I had some good gas in the tank at the end. I can't wait until April!


I ate a bagel and headed back to towards home with my friend who braved the cold with me. Made and devoured a couple of bean and rice burritos, took a shower, and took a nap before heading out to celebrate my friends birthday.
I got my official results, and my final time was a bit longer than my Strava, which makes perfect sense given the mishap at the start. It's nice to know I was in 8:21 pace shape, but as the saying goes, you race the course not the distance, so my official pace was 8:32. Annoying, but something to work on!
While longer distance events are certainly what drew me in to running, I had such a good time and see more 5, and 10k races in my future.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.03.27 21:06 CrassostreaVirginica Southwest Virginia weather radar down for two weeks. Here’s what that means for forecasting. The National Weather Service is conducting planned maintenance on the Doppler radar

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2023.03.27 21:01 CrassostreaVirginica Southwest Virginia weather radar down for two weeks. Here’s what that means for forecasting. The National Weather Service is conducting planned maintenance on the Doppler radar

Southwest Virginia weather radar down for two weeks. Here’s what that means for forecasting. The National Weather Service is conducting planned maintenance on the Doppler radar submitted by CrassostreaVirginica to swva [link] [comments]

2023.03.27 20:37 GroundbreakingRun186 What advice do you have for moving to Australia from the US with kids?

Hello, apologies for the essay I’m about to write, but want to give context since I haven’t been able to find specifics in any of the other “move from the US to AUS” threads I’ve read.
I am a US citizen and my wife and 3 kids (6, 5, & 1 years old) are both US and Australian citizens. My wife was born and raised in Australia and moved to the US after graduating from Uni. I did a study abroad program in Sydney when I was in college so I’m somewhat familiar with the culture differences, but more so familiar with life in Sydney as a college kid looking to party, not as a dad trying to raise a family.
We have a pretty comfortable life here in the US but my wife and I keep thinking Australia seems like a better place to raise a family. We currently live in a pretty average Midwest city and really want to live somewhere warmer, away from the intense pro trump crowd, and in a bigger city.
Right now I am in the “don’t know what I don’t know” phase so any advice that you think a family should know before moving to Australia would be appreciated! Apologies if any of this is a stupid question or ignorant, it’s all coming from good intentions, just trying to learn. We are open to any city. But top choice is Sydney and if we can’t afford that, Brisbane.
A few specific things we are trying to figure out are:
  1. Schools- in the US we moved to a suburb specifically because the public schools were great, better than a lot of private schools in the city. Is this an option in Australia? Are public schools worth looking into? If so how do students get in? Is it based off where you live or do you have to apply and get accepted? If private schools are the best option, what are some of the typical tuition costs?
  2. Childcare- What are after school childcare options like? My wife’s mom was a stay at home mom and in the US they have programs sponsored by the school until 6pm for working parents. Can’t find good info on what options are available in Australia.
  3. Housing- What are some hidden costs or things to look out for when buying a house? (eg. I saw something about a stamp tax? We didn’t have anything like that when we bought our house in the US). In Sydney do many people actually own their house with the prices so high? If renting is the norm. How do you manage potentially frequent moves with kids (ie school changes, depending on how #2 is answered / moving away from neighborhood friends / big shake ups to daily routines / etc. ) or is it common to rent and stay in one place long enough so that’s not an issue?
  4. Work- This one is kinda specific. But for anyone who works in finance or management consulting. What are the hours/culture/pay/travel requirements like? Coming from the US, the pay is pretty good ($150k+ for low level manager role) but that comes with; 60-70 hours/week, cut throat & highly competitive work environment, and for consulting specifically, travel to a random city Monday - Thursday every week. Im aware the industry is pretty intense globally, but I’m assuming (hoping) most of the extreme aspects are uniquely American.
  5. Work- part 2- Post covid, how common is working from home or hybrid work schedules (in either finance, consulting, or advertising)?
  6. Location- What cities suburbs should we look into? For anyone familiar with us cities. If we stayed in the us we’d probably end up in LA or Boston (if it was warmer). When we lived in NYC we were about to buy a house in west Chester but moved to the Midwest for work.
  7. Pets- we have a 10 year old dog that’s pretty chill now but also very furry. For people with cold weather dogs (ie huskies) how do they do in the Australian climate? Does a medium/large size dog make renting significantly harder? For people who have immigrated with a dog. What are some of the things I’ll need to do to clear her through customs (and what fees are there)?
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2023.03.27 19:50 ExcuseOk2709 Widget refresh super delayed?

I love carrot weather's customization and features but I just cannot seem to get the damn widgets to actually stay up to date. right now my Home Screen iPad radar widget is displaying data from 20 minutes ago. if I tap on it and then close it, the radar will be updated. that's annoying because the radar widget's purpose is to give me at a glance info showing if there are storms nearby and here in the midwest that can happen quickly.
background app refresh is on. low power mode is off. wifi is connected.
does apple throttle these kinds of requests? I honestly have the same issue with my Apple Watch weather widget. the native weather app always shows up to date info, but carrot weather will regularly be an hour 'behind', as in, it will be 2:30 and the watch face will still be showing 1PM 2PM 3PM et cetera
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2023.03.27 16:55 bulleteyedk EU XBOX CustomDayZ.io Chernarus Hard Survival

- Name : CustomDayZ.io
- Slots: 20 (we increase this if server reach max capacity)
- EU based
- Server Resets : Every 2 hour starting at midnight 00.00 CET
- Xbox
- Controller Only
- 1PP/3PP
- Cold weather -18° to -10°
- Hard environment
- PVP/PVE/KOS (Play how you like)
- 3 hour days / 20 min nights (not complete dark)
- Vanilla loot+ and item conditions adjusted a bit
- Vehicles + Helis increased a bit
- Increased zombie spawns
- Zombie hordes
- Increased wolf and bear spawns
- Build Anywhere (garden plot restrictions)
- Weekend raiding
- Boosted stamina
- Discord Shop with json delivery every reset (pistols, ammo, clothing, storage/tents and tools)
- High tier equipment only lootable
- 3x Custom dropoff areas
- Active adult Staff
- Discord currency earned in game and by time spent playing on server
- Sell items at dropoff areas to optimize your discord economy
- A lot of quality custom areas
- Custom items, more weapons, fruits and tools
- Safezone for dropoff areas
- Extra player spawn points at coast areas
- Hulk Kilfeed stats + radar
- Events
- Factions
- Lightly modded Milis
- Holiday Inserts
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2023.03.27 14:57 robmos619 Some warnings from a thunderstorm near me last night.

National Weather Service Wilmington NC 401 AM EDT Mon Mar 27 2023
The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a
Other locations impacted by this tornadic thunderstorm include Bolivia, Varnamtown and Brunswick Novant Medical Center.
TAKE COVER NOW! Move to a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. If you are outdoors, in a mobile home, or in a vehicle, move to the closest substantial shelter and protect yourself from flying debris.
National Weather Service Wilmington NC 339 AM EDT Mon Mar 27 2023
The National Weather Service in Wilmington has issued a
For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building.
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2023.03.27 14:49 Incognito_Canadian KarmaLab's Drop It Like It's Hot: March 2023

KarmaLab's Drop It Like It's Hot: March 2023
Please note this newsletter is for internal use only.
TL;DR: Hello again, Reddit Sales! Welcome to March’s edition of Drop It Like It’s Hot where we bring you our latest decks, resources, campaigns and inspiration from the past month
Content Round Up: In this section, you’ll find a collection of our favorite RFPs of the month as well as new resources from KarmaLab.
New Resources:
Creative Best Practices 2.0 (Global): As you may have seen, we are extremely excited to have officially launched our new Ads Creative Best Practices (*cue the happy dance*) this month!
As a TL;DR, the GCS team evaluated over 13,000+ ads running on Reddit to generate insights that answer key market questions for your clients. Looking at over 30,000 features across both video and static promoted posts, we identified that success on Reddit comes down to 5 key themes:
  1. Build for Mobile.
  2. Be a Brand.
  3. Show and Tell.
  4. Reddit Like Reddits.
  5. Be Prescriptive.
To learn more, check out the full presentation HERE.
Yes, you certainly can share this on your LinkedIn. Go on - you know you wanna.
RFP Responses:
Google x Reddit Inspiration 1-Sheeters (US): Developed for the head of marketing at Google, we created concise one-sheeters to inspire and drive FOMO. Each featured timely Reddit insights + high level thought starters that focused on Google’s 5 priority areas. Check it out HERE.
  • Status: Pitched.
Intel 2023 Community Care Playbook (US): Designed to communicate Intel’s strategy for building a community-first content ecosystem, this playbook outlines Intel’s key communities, moderation and targeting tools, as well as creative engagement strategies to activate using our ad products. Check it out HERE.
  • Status: Pitched.
Taco Bell Creative Thought Starters (US): Taco Bell’s Breakfast Crunchwrap is coming in hot and the brand needed some rapid fire creative ideas that didn’t involve Pete Davidson with his mouth full. The result? We put together a smart, concise “white paper,” outlining the reddit insight, concept and why redditors would care. Check it out HERE.
  • Status: Pitched.
Home Depot Holiday 2023 (US): The holidays are… upon us? Well, not quite, but the specter of Q4 looms over us all, and Home Depot came to us as part of their ramp-up and planning for this year’s holiday season! This deck gives a comprehensive overview of everything KarmaLab has to offer, our rotational ad units, and great custom ideas. Check it out HERE.
  • Status: Pitched.
Old Spice x The Witcher (US): Guess who’s back, following the success of last year’s Smelly Bard Bot? Old Spice’s partnership with The Witcher is here to hype for the new season, featuring fave characters new and old, smelly and less smelly. We came up with custom ways for Old Spice to activate in a splashy, fun, and bot-less way, encouraging OS to try some different custom approaches. Check it out HERE.
  • Status: Pitched.
Activision Call of Duty (US): Call of Duty is back with an ask to help promote yet another entry in the CoD archive, and we are faithful friends and partners here. We put together an RFP response that gives Activision options building on what they’ve done before, and building beyond it. A great example of continuously working with a high-value partner across a few strategists. Check it out HERE
  • Status: Pitched.
Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (UK): To launch the latest Transformers film in the UK, we pitched a full-blown transformation of Reddit (pun very much intended). First, we invited Paramount to bring the battle of the beasts to the comments section of our platform using Locked Polls. Then, we invited Paramount to transform our video ad unit into an unexpected takeover, introducing redditors to the latest Transformer: the Maximal. Check out our response HERE.
  • Status: Pitched.
Live Campaigns: Here’s a look at what we’re loving that’s live from around the world.
Campaign Call Out: M&M's Takes Over Reddit
Note: This image was for pitching purposes only and is internal.
As M&M’S Undergoes New Leadership, Former Spokescandies Explore New Interests on Reddit
After 63 years in the spotlight, M&M’S announced it would be taking an “indefinite pause” with the beloved spokescandies. After some previous public backlash with the characters’ redesign, they figured replacing them with new leadership would be the best move for everyone. Naturally, the spokescandies felt a little lost and what better place to explore new interests and connect with others than on Reddit. Enter Jaime Flynn, who was able to work across brand, agency and media partnerships to deploy a creative strategy to not only promote the change at the company, but simultaneously give each spokescandy an opportunity to individually find their people on Reddit.
While ongoing promoted posts and conversation placements acted as “news headlines” to announce the company happenings, the spokescandies used a variety of other ad placements across various interest groups that spoke to their new individual careers. The Purple spokescandy took out an entertainment category takeover to promote her new career as a singesongwriter. Blue became a sports newscaster, responding to redditors’ conversations around NFL gameplay. Yellow signed on to become a Snickers bar. Orange sought comfort from Reddit’s wellness communities through an engagement prompt to “find inner peace.” While mass media focused on the new change in leadership, the Reddit team was able to carve out separate niche narratives that reflect the love the public has for the spokescandies, and prove that there really is a place for whatever you’re passionate about on Reddit.
Other Live Work:
Now TV F1 (UK): F1 is back and better faster than ever. To promote the new season’s return on NOW in the UK, we enlisted the help of F1 driver Jenson Button to get redditors excited, inviting them to share which team they’d want to drive for and why. And while we couldn’t offer redditors a trophy for their most creative answers, we sure did award them with some Reddit Gold. Check it out HERE.
Burberry Fashion Show Live Stream (UK) : Luxury fashion meets Reddit for a first-of-its kind Reddit Takeover. To promote Daniel Lee’s first show with Burberry, we partnered with the iconic fashion house to livestream its runway show across Reddit’s frontpage and trending takeover ad units. The result? An iconic debut from Burberry, successfully positioning themselves at the heart of Gen Z culture to demonstrate their a new brand with a new identity. Check it out HERE.
Adidas Adizero Megathread (UK): As a brand-first for Adidas in the UK, we partnered to build a megathread that introduces redditors to its new Adizero range. And in true Reddit fashion, we offered redditors the TLDR… but this time with a twist. To demonstrate how Adizero is made for speed, we used spoiler tags to cut down the reading time of the Megathread by three whole minutes. Check it out HERE.
The Consultant Engagement Prompt Carousel (US): Turns out redditors are pretty slick when it comes to getting out of work. In order to promote Prime Video’s new, comedic series, The Consultant, we solicited stories of outrageous workplace culture. **Grabs popcorn** After asking redditors to share a time that they lied to their boss, we rounded up the best answers to share in a UGC carousel. Check it out HERE.
Kraft Singles x Reddit Rap Battle (US): Since Kraft Singles entered the music industry, it’s certainly got Reddit talking. Thus, we challenged redditors to share their skills. Through an engagement prompt, we challenged Reddit to battle Kraft’s latest single through a rap-off in the comments. And of course, Kraft Singles rapped back. Check it out HERE.
Scream VI - NYC Survival Guide (US): Queue the first movie studio to leverage a megathread–Paramount Pictures Launches a “Survival Guide” for the Upcoming SCREAM VI movie. Running alongside custom GIFs that position Ghostface as a redditor, this guide provides weekly updates on how to survive in the big city based on the cast of pros. Check it out HERE.
Subreddit Spotlight: Shining a light on our favorite subreddit of the month: RomanceBooks
Romance novels get a raw deal. They’re considered trashy, stupid, or just plain bad. And reader, they can be all of those things, but they are also one of the top-selling genres (at least in the US) with the strongest presence on Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service. And Reddit’s community for discussion, recommendations, and reviews is RomanceBooks.
Here you will find nonjudgmental responses to requests for alien lovers, enthusiastic use of emojis (on Reddit?! Dang skippy), biweekly author AMAs, meme posts, vent posts, and posts about whether or not self-published authors should use editors (IMO yes). But the best and most interesting part of this community, which is roughly as engaged as much larger subreddits like movies, is where it sits in internet culture. They don’t have a Discord server, but everyone can recognize every TikTok reference. They share fanart unabashedly between Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit. They’re on Goodreads, but also on Storygraph, and always on the lookout for new apps in the book world. They grew up with fanfiction and can recognize when their favorite authors did, too. One of the members even created a website, romance.io, that functions similarly to Goodreads or Storygraph but is customized for what romance readers care most about as they choose what to read next. And now there’s a Romance-Bot that works off of romance.io to link users to the books others are recommending to them.
As we continue to think about when and why redditors share posts from Reddit, why they come to Reddit, and how to keep them on Reddit, non-insular communities like RomanceBooks should be at the top of our radar.
And as if this newsletter wasn’t 🔥🔥🔥 enough, we have a few treats left for you to explore:
  • KarmaLab Wiki: HERE
  • Creative Showcase (Updated Weekly): HERE
  • “How Reddit Grew Its Ad Business” (with a special KL Shoutout) in The Information: HERE
  • A feature on KL’s very own Shayna & Miko in Reddit’s Black History Month Digest: HERE
  • Product Comms Update on Promoted User Post Collections: HERE
Feedback, comments, questions? We'd love to hear from you, so please send them on over!
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