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Funny antics for those that work in grocery stores

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2014.09.22 18:20 A decision was made here...

Do you ever see products in grocery stores...but they are on the WRONG SHELF!?!?!? It's so crazy! Those plums aren't supposed to be there -- I MUST ALERT THE INTERNET!!!!

2023.04.01 15:50 Inner-Discipline7281 [PC][2000-2015] Clothing store game

There was a game when I was little that I used to play, don t remember the name or if it got deleted or not.. I remember you had a clothing store, you made the clothes, waited some time to complete and then sold them. Customers used to come in, take your product and go in a cabin to put it on them if i remember correctly. It was 2D, you had other friends which you could wisit, you could customize your shop, make it bigger, change the floor tiles and many more. I think you could go to something like a park where you could meet with other players too and socialse. And the last thing I remember is the logo was like a sewing thing with buttons.. Sorry for my english, but it s not my first language, hope you understand what I wrote!
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2023.04.01 15:50 shampooze Tidal gone in play store?

I couldn't get in, so I deleted the app. Try now to reinstall, it's gone... Say what?!
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2023.04.01 15:49 Zukaarinokushi Is there a trailer store in Northern Aegis Installation, Amur?

If yes, then where is it located, if no, how the heck am i suppossed to tackle it? The biggest problem is getting to NAI because Urska River is a poorly designed hellhole.
That is all. Thank you.
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2023.04.01 15:48 MCNUGGET0507 I think walmart violated the ADA

Hello all. About a month and a half ago I had to have knee surgery, and my managers at Walmart were unwilling to provide a reasonable accommodation to let me come back to work. It started last November when I learned I had to have surgery, so I reached out to Sedgwick who Walmart uses for leave of absences, and got a leave of absence approved for about two weeks. Included in the paperwork I got from Sedgwick, there was a form for my doctor to fill out releasing me to work and with what restrictions. I asked several managers what it would look like for me to return to work, and they all said I couldn’t unless I was released without restrictions. They said that even if I got the restrictions approved by Sedgwick, they were not going to schedule me until I was without restrictions. If I were to file a lawsuit under the ADA, would I have a case at all? I ended up quitting because of my managers saying that. I asked my store manager why this was, and he said it was too much of a liability. I do know of a few people however that were working there with restrictions very similar to what mine would have been. If they would’ve scheduled me about two to three weeks after surgery, all I would’ve needed was a chair at my register to sit on and I would’ve been able to do my job just fine. I’ve been asking around and I have the names of some lawyers, but I wanted to ask here before I called someone
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2023.04.01 15:48 Ingybalingy1127 Daughter smashed the 2nd cell phone because it’s on 1%…now what

My 11 yo daughter is High functioning and is obsessed with the phone. She can play for hours. I am a single mom to her and an 12yo. I work two jobs and both kids stay home alone (latchkey) from time to time when I work the second job 10 min away from home. Daughter also has an Apple watch. Son has an iPad. So we’re in touch. This post is not about shaming me for leaving them home. I have no help and their father left them to move to another state. He is in arrears with the court order child support he owes and the enforcement process has begun, but until then I must work two jobs to support. Daughter has been taking Ritalin for 3 months now. She is very impulsive and at 11 is still unclear about cause and effect. She threw her iPad over a rail last month at a sleepover b/c a “she wanted to see if it would land”. So her ipad broke. She would use the 2nd phone when I wasn’t home, but last night called me screaming and raging (think like a Narcissist) because the phone was on 1%. I redirected her to say she had a Chromebook and her smart TV in her room she could use while the phone charges. She hung up on me. Next call was from the 12yo telling me she smashed the phone b/c she was so mad. I am feeling all sort of emotions and am worried, truly worried about my daughter. I feel guilty for not being there, but am not beating myself up as I am financially and emotionally as a single mom caught between a rock and a hard place. Plus, since COVID they have had to at times be alone (me going to store) My daughter is not one to hug especially during or right after the tantrum. Her ODD is so alarming her teachers said , “when she is help accountable she goes to the extreme” My daughter looked sad and scared last night when I got home shortly after the call. I had to wait to come home because I was so mad. I almost called my social worker. But I want to be there for her, I feel the message doesn’t stick with her in the moment. We even set up a plan with the social worker about how to stop and seek out her brother (12yo) as the voice of reason. Also, how Much of a factor is the Ritalin? I was never on ADHD meds (fathers side ), so I’m clueless with that. She’s on it to focus at school. I don’t know what to do or how to handle this…. Background: Daughter currently gets counseling 3x a month, we have a psych who prescribes the Ritalin
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2023.04.01 15:48 Silent-Fly1621 Missing in some stores

The Indiana Jones sets have released today but not at all store locations. Be sure to call your local stores and check if they have the sets in stocks
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2023.04.01 15:48 dylanisamemelord Cyberwars store in teaser trailer has an image of tabletop alt Cunningham

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2023.04.01 15:47 AutoNewsAdmin [Local] - Stored ammo pops as house burns on Quarry Street in East Huntingdon

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2023.04.01 15:47 Easy_Ad5289 Would it be worth it to stay in the reserves with a 70% VA rating?

Navy reserves btw.The only reason I can see myself sticking around is for the health insurance and secured pension(not much but something).
I understand that I have access to free VA healthcare but honestly the quality of that really depends on where you live.
Should I just stay in for another decade until retirement or just leave after this contract?Anybody else in here have to make a similar decision?
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2023.04.01 15:47 IHaveDontDainBramage Polaris Sportsman Battery / Control Module Question

Hi folks,
I have a 2006 Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI, and my father has a 2004 Sportsman (H.O. I believe - it's carbureted). Both of our machines have a phantom draw on the battery at rest that results in dead batteries over time, usually if not ran or charged for a month. I've been contemplating putting in a battery disconnect in-line with the positive terminal to prevent me from having to replace batteries more often than I'd like to, but I have an electrical question related to doing so:
Will disconnecting the entire machine's power for extended periods of time potentially damage/ruin any electrical components on the machine? My knowledge of computers tells me that this should be fine, but I want to double check that something like the "Single Control Module" (or something like an Electronic Control Module (ECM) on other machines) doesn't need persistent power to preserve semi-volatile memory or something like that. In other words, computer RAM is referred to as "volatile memory" and looses all things stored in it when powered off. I'm assuming that the control modules (and anything else on this pretty simple ATV) has persistent memory in it, but just want to double check that I'm not using the system's power circuit in an un-intended way since it's a multi-hundred dollar part.
If no power for many months on end (I'd be using the machine at least a few weeks a year) is totally fine and won't leave me with a bricked/problematic control module, then I'll be happy and able to attempt desolating myself to a long battery life. Thank you all for your expertise and time!
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2023.04.01 15:47 savageADIO Is being shown videos of death a qualifying event

Is being shown videos of death a qualifying event
Got to see death mostly by bombs on deployment was hoping to know if this is a qualifying event or the list of qualifying events. I took a lot of the bombs that we used in these videos to the flight line.
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2023.04.01 15:46 k12academics Ball State University

Our program provides resilient, sustainable, and adaptive design solutions that enhance the function, safety, and aesthetic quality of indoor environments as a professional interior designer. Our bachelor’s degree in interior design will prepare you for an exciting and challenging career in a variety of settings like commercial offices, health care facilities, hospitality (restaurant and hotel), store planning, and much more.
As one of our students, you’ll develop strong visual design skills, which you’ll use to produce the drawings, structural models, computer simulations, or full-scale prototypes you’ll work on as a professional. You’ll also gain the verbal skills you’ll need when working with clients, contractors, architects, and others involved in design projects.
Our curriculum focuses on global diversity and universal design, or design that is accessible to all people, as well as creating sustainable interiors. You’ll apply these lessons to professional experiences because we are one of the few programs in the country that will pair you with real-world clients.
The University Design Center faculty members and students work closely with organizations and businesses to provide Interior Design and Space Planning services in Indiana. Businesses benefit from our experienced faculty and motivated students to tackle real-world design challenges.
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2023.04.01 15:46 mindvalleycheap [DOWNLOAD] - Mindvalley 45+ Courses Collection [HERE](

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2023.04.01 15:46 attentioncat Found cat - small orange tabby 3/31

Found cat - small orange tabby 3/31
This cutie showed up in our front yard around 7:30 when my partner got home. She snuck into our garage while he was unloading groceries.
She's super affectionate and cuddly, might even be in heat but seems to just be a sweet cat. We originally left her with a makeshift bed, food and water on our front porch. She ran when we stepped inside for a minute, and then we saw on our security camera that she came back several times, leaving in different directions.
We saw how cold it would get last night, so we put her up in our garage with a makeshift bed, food, water, and a makeshift litter box. It wasn't ideal but we have 3 pets in our home already and we didn't want her to freeze.
Her collar doesn't have a tag, and the condition of the collar isn't great. Can't tell if she spends a lot of time outside, or if she got into trouble.
She scarfed some treats and then calmly ate some dry food, which she finished over a couple hours. We will give her more today.
We plan to check with our closest neighbors and then call humane when they open, but hardly anyone has responded to our nextdoor post so we wanted to post here.
Thank you!
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2023.04.01 15:46 Embarrassed_Rush6830 (Find) Chrome Hearts Sword necklace (95¥) and across necklace (88¥)

(Find) Chrome Hearts Sword necklace (95¥) and across necklace (88¥)
QC for necklaces I GP’ed from weidan store. More information in comments.
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2023.04.01 15:46 johngotlit I asked CHATGPT to make compose a J. Cole song.

No Role Modelz
Every night I pray for a better way
Struggling every day, wish I had a better way
Guess I gotta play the hand I was dealt
I was raised in the gutter, I was raised in the projects
Mama died when I was young, and that's when my dad got sick
He was in and out of jail, that's why I never had a role model
And that's why I never knew just what it was to be a man
So I started selling drugs, and I started packing pistols
And I started living life in the fast lane
I was on the road to nowhere, I was headed for disaster
But then I got saved by the grace of God
And now I'm trying to make a change, I'm trying to be a role model
Now I'm trying to be a better man.
Gotta give it one thing.... It's creative and makes untrue shit up but how long until chatgpt doesn't miss anymore. Thought you guys would find this funny. I did😆
Download and try this app:
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2023.04.01 15:44 Neither-Meeting-1507 I ask my cousin to pay rent now she isn't very happy

I (26F) live in the city, we (me and my family) have rented an apartment, cuz I work here and my family visits from time to time. I am an Asian and live in Asia so we have family system here. And my cousin (26F) came here about 6 months ago. And been living with me. And she stared a job as well. And it's been 6 months now she doesn't pay for grocery or the rent. And today I asked her to pay for it. Because one of my sister's who is married pays half of my house rent for me and she doesn't even live with me. So my cousin doesn't seem very happy with it. And deep down I don't know feel bad for asking her to share the rent. Thought I earn more then her, but I have no saving because of all the expenses. And we have inflation in our country as well.
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2023.04.01 15:44 PilgrimofEternity Epic Foreshadowing with flashbacks and actress connections for our Tae-chan

Ok, I and probably a lot of other fans have theorized and dearly hoped that Tae Yamada will awaken in the future. One prime reason is that her voice actress, Kotono Misuishi, did the lead character for Sailor Moon who was a great singer. Therefore they are probably saving her for later.
Anyways, I came across the most tantalizing hint about what she sounds like in series. During Yugiri's flashback we encounter girls who like and sound exactly like the rest of the girls, presumably ancestors. Tae's ancestor is apparently of local nobility or something, being pulled around in a cart. She briefly gives a sound of surprise at a local love-struck idiot (look up Kiichi), revealing a voice that is sweet and girly but mature. This effect carries over into the English dub as well.
Anyways, I was just looking at Kotono-san's profile. Known as the "woman of a thousand voices", a couple of prominent roles stick out. Such as Misato Katsuragi of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series, who I find has a frightening number of similarities to Tae. With similar hair (Tae's may have been purple orginally) and only slightly shorter in height, and is 29 years old in the first series (Tae's age at death). She serves as a stern cold military leader against the "Angels", supernatural(?) monsters of varying appearances (like the Sagako). She both resents her father for being neglectful towards her with his work in fighting the Angels and the Angels themselves for his death and what they did to her. She represses a lot of her true emotions and mostly vents them away from work. She is described as being a broken-hearted child inside, who does not get to be with the love of her life. Later she even dies with a heroic sacrifice. How much of Tae is not in there? I will say that Tae actually seems more stable in comparison, with Misato drinking regularly and being very vain and lashing out.
Bonus, Boa Hancock of One piece also shares the same VA. She herself is a troubled beautiful woman (childhood trauma) with an age of 30 and black hair and well-developed body. I'm sensing a pattern here.
Coincidence?? I think NOT!
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2023.04.01 15:43 prettydotty_ And now I have bronchitis

Shits been rough lately. Got back 6 days ago from a multi day work trip where I was corralling small town teenagers in the big city for a conference, the same week i was aired on a Got Talent show and buzzed off stage, the same week I finally finished and released an EP I'd been working my butt off for that didn't really go anywhere and the next day after I get back I wake up with a sore throat. And the next day. And the next. It keeps not getting better. Now my chest is on fire, I'm dry heaving and just trying to breathe in and out without dying. This is so stupid. I'm traveling to see my best friend in less than a week on the other side of the country for Easter. I worked so hard for my job, for my music, for my dreams and i wake up coughing and hacking. I know I'm supposed to take care of myself first and all but after I've done all the hustle, work and pursuing my goals I have an acute case of bronchitis to show for it. This is stupid. I did run a hot bath with lavender salts and am drinking lemon ginger tea with honey which is good.
Still, I can't be too upset even if I am frustrated. Even if I'm underpaid and overworked, ridiculed in front of thousands of people, and exhausted from trying to learn every little thing in music to get traction in the industry.... I have a partner who made me soup, got me medicine, holds me really tight while I hack away. I don't think even those rich stuffy judges can brag about something like that. As soon as I showed signs of sickness he searched the grocery store and read through countless labels to find a soup that my body could handle. Then, dissatisfied with the ingredients even after he bought it, made me an even better soup at home. He goes to the pharmacy and buys whatever they recommend for bronchitis and gives me specific instructions to take them. I'm frustrated, yeah. Exhausted, absolutely. But some people will spend their entire lives accumulating wealth, fame, and experiences only for them to be outdone by a burnt out loser with bronchitis because I have someone who loves me in sickness and in health, for better or worse. For richer or poorer. Take that Howie Mandel!
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2023.04.01 15:42 MizGames Mikey & Grover Unexpected Adventures - Chapter 3 is almost done!

Mikey & Grover Unexpected Adventures - Chapter 3 is almost done!
Lots of progress this week, chapter 3 alpha is almost ready!
Here is another sneak peek, including a little tribute to my favorite fiction hero.
More in the latest blog post:
Wishlist on Steam:
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2023.04.01 15:42 _xMx_xMx_ Is there a mobile app for managing vouchers, coupons and gift cards from multiple stores?

Quite often I use gift cards or vouchers (sometimes digital, but also paper) for various stores and I'm finding it difficult to manage them on my phone or in the wallet.
Is there an app someone can recommend that would help manage them, e.g. scan paper ones to keep them in one place, categorise by store, mark as used or partially used etc.
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2023.04.01 15:42 MizGames Mikey & Grover Unexpected Adventures - Chapter 3 is almost done!

Mikey & Grover Unexpected Adventures - Chapter 3 is almost done!
Lots of progress this week, chapter 3 alpha is almost ready!
Here is another sneak peek, including a little tribute to my favorite fiction hero.
More in the latest blog post:
Wishlist on Steam:
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