I want that juicy shaq meat

They're Made out of Meat

2014.11.10 21:06 They're Made out of Meat

Offbeat character actor Tom Noonan started off his career in various theater troupes that utilized his skills as a guitarist and composer. A graduate from Yale's acting school, he founded the Paradise Theatre in 1983, which was instrumental later in his growth as an artist.

2008.03.30 23:00 Bacon - Nuff' Said...

Bacon is the only food that goes great with absolutely everything.

2010.09.30 22:28 ecpenguin Zerocarb / Carnivore Way of Eating

This is a subreddit for carnivores, people who enjoy and eat only foods from the animal kingdom. [Note to New Year's or any-time-of-year diet shoppers: This is not a quick weight loss method, it's a health first approach. For more info about it, see the pinned Read This Before Posting thread and the FAQ.] Live your life however you want to but this subreddit is for discussing living on animal source foods only. It really is. Pls read the rules<--

2023.03.28 19:16 cavylover75 Ibuprofen

Since my insurance company is being a jerk about Otezla I decided that in the interim to at least take ibuprofen to relieve the inflammation. It helped tremendously but I am wondering how often I should take it because I don't want to overdo it and have it lose it's effectiveness.
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2023.03.28 19:15 Conclusion-Striking Chat-GPT opinion about the Panther "web framework" !

As an AI assistant, I do not have personal opinions, but I can provide you with information about the Panther Python web framework.
Panther is a relatively new Python web framework that is designed to be easy to use, fast, and scalable. It is built on top of the ASGI specification, which makes it fast and efficient. It also offers several features that make it easy to build complex web applications, such as built-in support for authentication, middleware, and routing.
One of the advantages of Panther is its simplicity. It has a small codebase, and the learning curve is relatively low. This makes it easy for developers to get started with Panther and build web applications quickly. However, this simplicity also means that Panther may not be as feature-rich as some of the other more established Python web frameworks.
If you are looking for a lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use Python web framework for building web applications, Panther may be a good option to consider. However, if you need a more mature and feature-rich framework, you may want to consider alternatives such as Django or Flask.
Panther Documentation
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2023.03.28 19:15 rHFYguy Slaves [CH1/?]

[Memory transcript: Planet_001, Unit-3640 Rank: Transhuman Soldier, Year: 2136 July 10th]
I have been activated, my stasis pod was unlocked as i made myself out of it, i saw as several other units got out from their designated stasis pods, standing in front of my pod i awaited my suit to activate.
POWER: 100%
"All units. Report to Zone A for extraction, all units will be given their designated weapons and ammo shortly." Groundwatch's sound echoed throught the whole stasis room, we grabbed our weapons&ammo and started marching towards Zone A.
[Memory transcript: James Smith age: 23 years, Rebel, City 7]
I stared at a scar on my wrist, where a tracking implant was before i joined the resistance and removed it. I was tired, very tired, we helped many people to get down here, in the old abandoned underground railroad, our next plan is to smuggle these people outside of the city, to a rebel outpost and from there, to another rebel outpost, much safer than the first.
But that task won't be easy, not at all, our plan was to silently move people here in the first place, but that failed and we had a firefight with the Civil Enforcement, we killed some of 'em and they killed some of us, also captured some of us... but we managed to escape and smuggle these defenseless people here, but i'm sure that the Civil Enforcement haven't forgotten about us, they don't know where we are but it's only a matter of time until they do, whatever happens we have to protect these people.
Suddenly a baby started to cry and the mother began to comfort him, by singing softly to the infant, soon the baby settled down and began to drift away into sleep.
A pleasant thing to see in this cold world, i will die for Humanity's freedom so that our kids will have a brighter future.
[Memory transcript: Unit-3640 Rank: Transhuman Soldier]
Our dropship arrived at the destination and we quickly disembarked
"All Units. Anti-civil activity has been detected in this zone. Expunge all hostiles. Restore stability." Cold, deep, robotic voice of groundwatch ordered us as we began making our way into the underground railway.
We navigated our way around the underground railway and met a dead-end, our path was blocked by debry, it looks like the path was intentionally blocked.
[Commander]: "[Boomer] clear the path"
[Unit 3780-Boomer]: "Affirmitive. Placing charges, keep clear. Detonating in: 3, 2, 1." The satchel charges detonated clearing the path ahead of us, we got out from the cover and kept going.
[Commander] "All units 10-0. Groundwatch, activating reconnessance dro-" commander got shot right in the visor, the bullet detonated which sent the helmet flying, combat suit let out a high pitched noise indicating death. The rebel that shot the commander got knocked down by the recoil of his weapon which also broke his arm.
"Contact!" I shout as i take aim and gun down several rebels turning them into pulpy mess, lower ranking squad units don't have this weapon but they do a great job without it anyway.
We kill one after another, barely facing any opposition their weapons barely scratch our armor and in turn, we transform the Rebels into minced meat.
[Memory transcript: James Smith, rebel, City 7]
"Station 20 to station 21 come in!" Panicked man shouted through the radio startling me awake
the man's shouting was replaced by gunfire then static, "fuck this shit"
"Guys, station 20 has been overrun, get ready for attack!"
[First time writing and i'm positive that my writing sucks, but hey, thanks for reading my story anyway!]
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2023.03.28 19:14 Omeon [5e][Online][homebrew][Saturday 1pm-4pm EST][Weekly][looking for players]

Hi! I'm looking for players to join an already on-going campaign. One of my player left and now I'm looking for 1-2 player to replace him. I accept new player that want to get into dnd and player with experience that have idea they might want to try. It's a really open game where I accept almost everything that can be find in wikidot 5e.
What about me? New DM that has a head full with idea. I'm more into the fun side of playing than following the book to the letter.
About the game: You're on Noveria, war is upon the continent between all the major faction. But something darker is going on and it's your mission to find what's the source of it and to stop it.
You can reply here to ask me any question or on discord Omeon 626#4285
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2023.03.28 19:13 matthewtaranto Suggestions for USBC extension on Kamvas Pro 16 (2019)?

This is a good tablet but its cable is driving me crazy. It's the standard 3-in-1, but the length is a bit short for my usage, so I've been wanting an extender in order to put less stress on the joint.
First, I ordered a couple standard USB-C male-to-female extender cables. To my dismay, they wouldn't physically fit into the Kamvas's port, which is recessed and tight, keeping all but the narrowest of cables from reaching it.
I then ordered one of these bad boys: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MBWH7QG?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
...Which DOES fit inside the port (and thus allows me to connect my extender to the opposite end)...but brought with it a new realization: normal USB-C cable extenders aren't sufficient for this purpose! As such, the device turns on, but it announces that there's "No signal" and promptly goes into power-saving mode.
So what I really need is a cable that...
1) can connect to the USB-C ports on both ends of the "1" in the 3-in-1 cable, 2) is narrow enough to fit in the uniquely tiny crevice of the Kamvas's port, and 3) ALSO can support the video aspects of the cable needed to run the device as a second monitodrawing tablet.
This has been a long, frustrating saga, so any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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2023.03.28 19:13 Noodlese Aspect powers should be obtainable for your Codex in other ways to balance levelling experience

My suggestion is to include side quests for the occultist, which provides certain build enabling aspects tailored for each class to minimize RNG of the levelling experience and help introduce players to the legendary aspect system. This is similar to POE skill gem rewards, which introduce the player to that system and the complexities of different gem types. Another idea is for the occultist to provide side quests which help the player locate relevant dungeons such that they can upgrade their choice of skill without relying on external sources to locate aspects.
Currently without certain build enabling legendary drops for certain classes, the skill tree is not enough of a power curve to keep up with level scaling. The existing solution to this are the aspect dungeons, which is decent, but seems incomplete as a system through 1 to 25. There are not enough options available through "normal" non-assisted play to enable a large enough variety of builds. On release, I expect the meta in order to play a particular skill to be looking up where the build enabling dungeons are located on icyveins, and then target them. This works for players who want to look up everything about a game, but doesn't seem in line with the goals of the Diablo IV dev team.
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2023.03.28 19:12 yana_yt My (20M) GF (22F) thinks I cheated on her but I didn’t and I’m struggling to find ways to prove it

We’ve been together for almost 2 years at this point and I would describe nearly every aspect of our relationship as perfect. The only thing I would change is that we’ve been long distance basically the entire time, but she treats me incredibly well and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing in the world. This all started a little under a week ago when I got a message on instagram from somebody claiming they “had information that would take down my career.” The account was clearly a bot and I thought it was funny so I just didn’t respond and moved on with my day. The issue comes a little later when this person creates a group chat with a bunch of my female friends (I presume found by just going through followers or something) and sends nude photos of me from a couple of years ago. In a state of panic, I did the dumbest thing possible and actually sent some money (I know, you don’t need to tell me I’m an idiot), but obviously the photos stayed up. One of the people in this chat was my girlfriend, so obviously I called her first thing and explained to her the whole situation. She would never have seen this had I not brought it up since I know she doesn’t check her message requests, so I could’ve waited a week until I see her, delete it from her phone and she would never have known, but I felt like she deserved to know. I told her they were from before we started dating, she believed me, and we moved on (or so I thought). I also told her she probably wouldn’t wanna look at them, but obviously she could if she really wanted to, since obviously nobody really wants to see their partner sexting somebody else. The problem arose when she looked at the photos and immediately texted me saying we’re done. I called her and we talked for a few hours running through the whole story. We started hooking up about half way through my senior year of high school while she was at university. I obviously loved spending time with this girl but I never even considered anything romantic happening between us since the timing just wouldn’t make sense, so when she went home for the summer I started talking to a couple other people to try and move past her. It didn’t feel right to me since I wasn’t ready yet so I stopped shortly after (I never acted on anything) and luckily about a month later we started dating. I had never told her about this since I figured she didn’t wanna know and frankly I didn’t think it would ever come up (I know that’s bad to say but still). The main reason she was so suspicious was that in the photos I’m using an iPhone, and for about the first 6 months of our relationship I used an android. I completely understand why that is a MASSIVE red flag and I would be extremely scared in her position too. Luckily I was able to find the photos in my camera roll, so I sent her a screenshot with the date included and I thought that was the end of my problems. I deleted all the photos since obviously I didn’t think it was fair to her to have them there and had I known they were there they’d have already been deleted. Unfortunately, she texted me a day or two later saying that she found out you can edit the date and time of a photo on iPhone, which was news to me. She asked for the original picture, which I’m not really sure how that would solve anything but I was still happy to do if it would help her feel more reassured, but like I said I had already deleted it. This made her even more suspicious, understandably so, but I deleted it since I didn’t think I needed it and I feel as if I had already found pieces of evidence that were far more concrete. First, my ears are not pierced in the photo. I got them pierced with her a couple weeks into dating and you can clearly see that they are not pierced. You can use a different phone, you can’t unpierce an ear. Secondly, I borrowed the phone for a weekend from a classmate of mine who’s dad worked for some tech firm (I have no idea which one) and therefore they got to test out beta/demo versions of products and accessories a few months early. I had been thinking about what my next phone was going to be so I wanted to see if I had any interest in switching back to iPhone. I have a screenshot of a text conversation between us in which he says he doesn’t have access to anything but he does remember lending me the phone to test out. I thought I looked good (and android picture quality is terrible on snapchat) so I took a couple pictures and saved them just in case. I know, it’s really fucking stupid, but it’s what I did. She’s still skeptical and I really want to know if there’s any more conclusive evidence I can find to save this relationship. I think that partially comes from the really shitty circumstances, and also partially from trust issues and insecurities from scumbags in her past, so she may feel like what she has is too good to be true and that she doesn’t deserve it so she will try and find problems to protect herself, which of course I’m sympathetic to. Like I said I love this woman to death and I can’t lose her (Ik I’m corny but that’s just how I feel.) I’m hoping that when we get to see each other next week and hug and look into each other’s eyes she will trust me, because like I have told her time and time again, I have always considered cheating (emotionally or physically) to be one of the most despicable acts you can commit and I could never bring myself to do that to her. She has treated me so fucking well and I wouldn’t throw that away for anything in the world, especially not some stupid snapchat exchange. She has every right to feel hurt and I understand this won’t be resolved immediately, but will instead take time to heal regardless, but that’s work I’m willing to do a million times over and I genuinely believe this will someday be something that tested us and made us a stronger couple. I also have addressed her concern over her friends and family, stating that of course I will do the work to earn their trust and admiration back too, since I have always deeply valued my relationships with them and view them as a part of my life forever just the same way I do with her (Ik I’m young and you can call me crazy but that’s how I feel.) I have promised her that going forwards there will never be a situation like this again, as I will be much more of an open book. Additionally, I have promised her over and over again that I would never even dream of being unfaithful to her, pointing to acts of love and dedication to prove that. I’m hoping this reassurance helps her at least somewhat. It pains me to my core knowing how much I have hurt her and I will stop at nothing to make it up to her, but I need to earn her trust first in order to get the opportunity to do that. If you can think of any way I can do that better than I have, please let me know, I’m desperate lol. Sorry this is an essay but I felt I needed to explain the situation properly. Thank you ♥️
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2023.03.28 19:12 AidenAB1994 I’m interested in knowing how many hours people spent on this game.

I was a big geek for this game when it originally came out. Even to the extent that I put in hours and hours a day. My play time was 805 hours, and I stopped playing when the second island was released.
I stopped playing due to being a solo player, and my friends didn’t want to play because at the time it was only duos. Also because my first couple of games when the new island came out, the mechanics felt extremely different to the point where I was doing amazingly bad. I had a 18% win rate before the new island update, then I couldn’t even get an knock out whatsoever for some reason. Then I never went back until I heard they were shutting it down and had a few hours in playground mode to which I also didn’t really like (because of the combat mode spammers).
But yeah I feel like the time I put into this game is quite mental, for the period of time I played, and expect that others maybe the same if not more, if you played consistently till closure.
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2023.03.28 19:11 Fit_Bad_9703 Suspected CCL Tear

My 1.5 year old hound mix has a suspected CCL tear. He started limping a week ago (saturday 3/18) and it negatively progressed through the weekend. By Sunday evening he wouldn’t put any weight on the leg and I noticed that he was no longer sitting square. I called the vet and they managed to squeeze us in for an appointment on Monday. The vet performed an orthopedic exam and suspected a torn CCL. She sent us home with an anti inflammatory, pain meds, and a sedative. Her instructions were to wait a week and if there was no improvement, to come back in for sedated x-rays. He is on strict rest and has only been going out on a leash for potty breaks.
It’s now been a week and my dog has shown tons of improvement. He is putting weight on the leg and if I hadn’t seen him limping before, I would not be able to tell there was anything wrong with him. I’d say he looks 95% normal, but if you look at him from behind, he is placing slightly more weight on his good leg.
My question is, how much of this improvement is from the pain meds? Is surgery always the best option or does it depend on the degree of the tear? And how much can we infer about the injury by taking x-rays? What I don’t want to happen is to try and heal it without surgery and him end up needing it anyway. My vet is out of the office until Thursday, but I will be speaking to her upon return. Ultimately will be going with whatever she suggests, I am just trying to get a better understanding of the situation!
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2023.03.28 19:10 lauren1426 I have terrible financial anxiety

so i grew up very poor and because of that a lot of my dental needs got put off. i’m 25 now and i know i probably have some income i can use for dental work (still very little amount but) and i’m looking for a new dentist but i am terrified of going. i already hate the dentist like most people so when you add my financial to it i don’t even want to schedule it and i keep putting it off. i know it’s only harming myself in the end. anyway idk what i could do or like any tips and advice anyone has that also deals with this. thank you.
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2023.03.28 19:10 Loud_Ad_807 Guidance

Hi, I am about to graduate in a month, I want guidance regarding CAE, the school where I study had no strong foundation for such course and the country I live, there's not much implementation. As a result, the subjects which form the foundation for CAE were sort of neglected. I want to seek guidance of experienced members to guide me what strategy should I take to learn CAE from the very basics given that I only know the very basic level knowledge of theoretical subjects such Statics, Thermo etc. considering I would also be working on a 9 to 5 job.
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2023.03.28 19:10 Jabberwock11 Is it any different than 22 outside of DD?

Now that people have had time with it: for those of us who want to play franchise & RTTS, is 23 any different or better than 22? If so, why? I really want it, but not if it isn’t any good. Shame there’s not more MLB games on the market and I even have to ask this, but I digress.
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2023.03.28 19:09 Pbtops Do you guys think popular contestants should always stick together for strategic purposes?

As an avid M-net survival show fan, a recurring theme I noticed in Produce seasons is the virality of friendships, ESPECIALLY among popular contestants. Among all the survival shows, I have the best memory of Produce 48 and Girls Planet 999, so I will be using examples from these two. Both of these survival shows had a significant emphasis on friendships/dynamics among the contestants and, through that, blossomed pairings of very popular trainees.
The most popular one in Produce 48 was definitely Chaeyeon and Sakura, which M-net milked so much, resulting in the two receiving so much more screentime, memes, and exposure. That ship formed so many memorable memes, such as "CHAEYEON!" and "HOTARU!". Other popular pairings included Wonyoung and Yujin, Yena and Yuri, Sian and Eunbi, and Hitomi and Juri also incentivized M-net to give these dynamics significant screen time because they were both popular and wanted or accepted by M-net in the IZ*ONE lineup.
Similarly, Girls Planet 999 had the iconic Xiaorina ship of Xiaoting and Yurina. Cliques and dynamic duos were a STAPLE of this show due to the cell system that was implemented. Naturally, this meant that all the popular trainees stuck together and created popular pairings/trios. YXY (Yurina, Xiaoting, Youngeun) was definitely the most popular trio in the show, and M-net always showed their interactions with one another. The 22U (Yujin, Cai Bing, May) and Avengers (Hikaru, Ruiqi, Jiyoon) also received tons of screen time and overall praise from the audience, mentors, and M-net. Among the debut members of Kep1er, 7/9 of them came from the Top 5 overall cells, which were formed by populatop trainees choosing each other. Moreover, popular duos included Yeseo and Mashiro, Yujin and Cai Bing, Yaning and Ruiqi, and Bahiyyih and Youngeun.
With those examples listed, I think it is clear as day that this is STILL the case in Boys Planet. So many of the top dynamics/ships are from two very popular trainees. The most obvious ones are Mattbin (Matthew and Shanbin) and Haobin (Zhang Hao and Shanbin). Obviously, there are many other factors, but one thing I noticed is that both Matthew and Zhang Hao got P02 after receiving friendship edits with Shanbin. The other members of the F4 (Yujin, Jiwoong, Gyuvin) also seem to have many interactions with one another where Jiwoong basically adopted both of them, causing their respective fanbases to also support each other and be less competitive about the rankings. Kim Taerae has also been getting a lot of friendship edits recently with Woongki and Seowon (who are both widely beloved despite being less popular).
I saw a post on this subreddit recently discussing whether top trainees were cliquish or not since Say My Name is extremely top-heavy. Honestly, I think it's really more of a strategy rather than a hesitance to interact with less popular trainees since eliminated contestants have all mentioned how nice the top-rankers, especially Shanbin and Zhang Hao, are to everyone. Additionally, as bad as it sounds, I think it would make sense for popular contestants to exert effort to form chemistry with other popular contestants since they are likely to debut together. This will incentivize fans of BOTH fanbases to push harder for both contestants to get in due to the existing bond/friendship.
Lastly, I know that at the end of the day, this is a one-pick competition, but I genuinely believe that switching one-picks because of friendship dynamics (for example, Shanbin one pick switches to Zhang Hao because they realize they like the other person more) is a genuine possibility and happens more often than you think. For example, I think Keita getting a storyline with a popular Korean trainee could definitely strengthen his Korean-one pick or exposure, at the very least. What do you guys think?
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2023.03.28 19:09 ifelseworks Identifying UI objects with machine learning. Ideas on further use cases?

I worked on a simple app that uses a custom machine learning model to identify UI components on a screen. In my case, the user can upload a design and then receive a list of elements (UIKit) that appear on screen. I wanted to learn more about CoreML, CreateML, and machine learning in general.
Now that I have this app almost completed, I'm wondering if I can apply this model to other projects or develop a use case for creating more apps. Ideas?
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2023.03.28 19:08 ididntfuckyourmom321 Hit and run

While driving my car a car hit me from behind. Then while I was slowing down to stop I realized that the car left. Luckily i managed to get his license plate.
I called the police which told me to report it within 24 hours.
What happens if I don’t report it and he/she does? Will I be the hit and runner in that case?
Reason I dont want to report: planning on selling my car soon and the damage done is minor ($200 bucks) but the carfax will see the accident and my cars value will drop more than $2,000 for barely visible cosmetic damage.
What is my exposure here if i dont report?
Basically the question is what happens if he goes and lies to claim insurance and also makes police report and I don’t? Will I be in trouble. My damage is minimal so i dont know if I hve to report since it is under $1000. But what happens if the dude is petty and reports me as hit and run?
Should I just take the devaluation hit and report it? Will I be in a world of trouble if he/she decides to lie and say I did the hit and run( unlikely given they left the scene and I have damage on the back while the other car on front)
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2023.03.28 19:08 Christian_112-hiland How do I make a Python project into a executable for Linux & Windows?

Hi, how do I make a executable for Linux & Windows? I want it to be a single executable for Linux, just for organization. I tried to do appimage, but found out that is a tad too hard for me. Is there an easy way to make an executable for both of the OSs, from Linux?
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2023.03.28 19:07 Key-Guidance5938 I (f31) dated while separated and fell in love. What should I do?

I (f31) am currently separated from my husband for almost 2 years…2 months ago, I reconnected with an ex co worker (m53). Upon reconnecting, we immediately clicked. We developed such a deep and emotional connection. I hadn’t connected like this in my past relationships or in my marriage. He gave me the ultimate comfort of being myself. We understood each other. He accepted me with the good and the bad. We were so in sync and compatible intellectually, physically, emotionally etc. Although we meshed so well, I had some concerns. I was indeed concerned about his age due to health risks and how it would affect our future. I was also concerned that he had 3 children (as I don’t and never wanted to be a step mom). We talked about it and he understood my position. Ultimately, he made me feel comfortable enough to want to pursue the relationship.
After one month of dating, we were together one day and he suffered a stroke…i called the ambulance and he was taken to the hospital. I religiously visited him every day and made it a point not to let him go through this alone. However, this made me fear for our future. I brought my concerns up to him and he still understood, to the point where he wanted me to decide what was best for me, even if it wasn’t with him. However, he would still tell me that he wanted to be with me and wanted to have a love child with me. He said he was 150% about me. I started to question whether I still wanted to have children just to be with him and to not place that burden on him.
At the same time though, he would always question about what I was going to do with my marriage. I was stuck because I wanted to be with him but I wanted to have a family in the future and was fearful his health wouldn’t allow it and, crazy enough, i somehow felt a moral obligation to my husband. Idk. Becoming emotionally prepared for a divorce was taking me a long time, and I also did not expect to even connect with my ex co worker. The connection just happened so quick after a dinner date.…I also told him that it was disrespectful of me to string him along while still figuring out what I was going to do with my marriage. (Although, I was not in contact with my husband while dating him)…when I told him this, he said goodbye…and blocked me from every thing so that I no longer have access to him.
I feel like I abandoned him while he was still in recovery. Almost like I poisoned him and left him to die. Before his stroke, he wanted to end it with me three times because I was still married and I begged him to stay and now that he really needed me, I essentially left…I let him and us down. I truly fell in love with this man. In 2 months he made me feel what my husband didn’t make me feel in 2 years of marriage…My emotions were just all over the place, but I couldn’t deny that he was my guy. I felt rushed to have to tell him how I felt. It’s been 3 weeks since we last spoke and I want to reach out to him so bad. I think about him constantly and life is not the same anymore.
I just don’t know what to do. I don’t think I will ever see him again and it makes me so sad. I admired and respected him so much…He probably hates me. Part of me doesn’t want to reach out because he will lose respect for me then he probably already has. I also don’t want him to feel like I’m crossing his boundaries. But another part of me just wants to fall into his arms.
As I think about it, I never felt like this for my husband. Our marriage was very tumultuous. I don’t have anything to talk about with my husband anymore. Where with HIM, we would talk for hours even after seeing each other.
I just need some clarity from a man’s perspective please. Thank you 🙏🏽
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2023.03.28 19:07 m1n1_ninja In need of tips for how to run an effective team meeting

Group meetings are not my greatest strengths. I've experienced most meetings unorganized, unplanned, which has wasted time. Few meetings that were efficient and direct were hosted by those who remins me of your traits. So .. here I am looking for any form of tips and advice.
For a brief context, I want to host a collaborative <1 hour project meeting where each member participates. The end goal is for everyone to bring their ideas into tangible results to present on a shared file.
My weakness falls under deligating. Mostly with how to phrase myself without coming off demanding as I have heard complaints upon that with our current leads. I noticed this is not conducive when it comes to teamwork and am wondering if you all have tips and advice for that as well.
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2023.03.28 19:07 LPJCB My grief from losing my dad is manifesting in weird ways and I don’t know what to do.

My amazing dad passed away in January after a years-long battle with a terminal lung disease. He was an incredible person; we had over 150 people at his Celebration including co-workers from jobs he had over 20+ years ago. Hearing all the stories about him really reinforced how much charisma he had. He was vibrant. He was silly and goofy and loved to tease us and always made everyone laugh. He was an incredible friend and knew how to support people. He knew how to tell a story.
In his final weeks he told me a few times how alike he and I were. It’s true, and his service got me thinking more about in which ways we are alike. I’ve been thinking that I’m also a vibrant, charismatic person, and I’ve always been emotional. I’ve therefore gravitated towards rock-steady, even keeled people; these are the people that surround me. With my dad’s loss I now find I am DESPERATELY missing vibrancy, energy, unexpected laughter and joy, witty jokes, charisma, magnetism. I don’t have this in my life after his loss. I DO have strong, steady, quiet, support and love. But my mind and heart are now dwelling on people from my past who were like this and I feel like I am spiraling. I am happily married with a good job, nice house, and two crazy but cute young kids- pretty much just the life I wanted. But I’ve started fantasizing about how to get back one of the feelings I miss from my dad. I’m on day four of being obsessed and I don’t know how to move past this. Has anyone felt similarly? Any advice?
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2023.03.28 19:07 Dibb_9 Gf difficult to understand.

My(21M) gf(19F) keeps telling me how hot the other girl is on our dates. During our first few dates I thought she is testing me. Sometimes I told her "yhea maybe" and she is like "just look at her, so fuc**g hot". I was in dilemma if I said something good, she might be jealous. She also sent many insta pics without any text and I am like what to do with it. After many months I realised she is showing me their dress and makeup and wants me to admire it and she is interested in buying them either on her own or I buy it for her (though she never told me to buy)🤯.
Tell me what was your moment of difficult to understand behavior.
Tl;dr : Gf admires other girls but we both interpret that differenty as being hot bcz of looks and body vs bcz of dress and makeup.
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2023.03.28 19:07 Quietly_Alice So fucking tired of it all

Let's start with my fucking husband. Yesterday, we went to 711 for some snacks. I forgot my phone, I was going to use my husband's phone to pick out music while he got the snacks. (He can't drive in the dark, his eyes are shit.) I don't usually snoop on his phone because I don't have any trust issues with him. (Small miracles) but there was a message from his long time female friend that read "I would never call you a POS for taking a mental health day". Which implies, he's bad mouthing me because I got annoyed that he called out once again. He claims he's not but that seems like just straight up bullshit.
He didn't tell me he was having a bad mental health day by the way. He just said he was calling out. I pointed out we need fucking money and he said he knew but called out anyway.
Onto the kids, I promised them both a cruise for graduation this year. (One graduates from High School and the other from Middle School) I have almost paid it off but neither of them are fucking passing. This is an ongoing issue and I just ask that they get a D (passing) or better. I'm not asking for A's. I'm asking just to fucking pass. I can't help them with the school work anymore because it's beyond what I know.
Just fuck everything
I hate everyone right now. I'm sick of their shit. Half of me wants to cancel the cruise and fucking leave them. I just want to run and be free of them. I know it's shit. I know it's awful. But I'm so tired of trying so hard to make things nice for us and NO ONE FUCKING CARES.
I typed out something here about the insurance and the high deductible and how I fucked myself into being unable to afford care because my husband needs his care more than I do. But I somehow managed to delete it so fuck it. There's the long short of it.
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2023.03.28 19:06 RefrigeratorKey1518 Will chemical castration help me stop worrying about girls? It may be the route I have to take.

I’ve honestly have no choice now but to look into chemical castration.
More than anything I want a relationship, to date, have sex.
I may seem like a terrible human but I’m not. I’m a 25 M virgin because I’m brown, short, fat and lack game and confidence.
I have certain redeeming qualities like I guess I’m average smart, graduating grad school soon, I am lifting and dieting but slow progress. I go to therapy. But I’ve never gotten a match on any dating app, I pray to God he’ll atleast send me someone who’ll cheat on me or beat me.
I just wanna spoil someone and give them my all but it’ll never happen. I can’t stop thinking of sex either. I’ve been looking into chemical castration, atleast that way I won’t be worried about something I screwed up.
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