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2023.06.08 17:23 studdedpistols Is this abusing confession?

Lately I’ve been struggling with masturbation again, and I usually confess every 2 weeks. It used to be once a week because that helped me not to commit it and I eventually stopped for a period of time; but I’m not sure I should do it again.
I just don’t know what to do, to confess or not today. I literally just confessed that one week ago and I feel bad because I don’t think I have contrition. I just feel bad because I’m not capable of controlling myself, I disrespected my body, and that I hurt my relationship with God. I also feel like I’m not adhering to one of the purposes of confession, which is not to commit those sins again; which makes me think that I’m abusing confession…especially if I go frequently confessing the same thing over and over.
I do avoid the near occasion to sin, of course not perfectly, and make efforts not to do that but idk I’m just scared for my soul and scared that my efforts are useless maybe bc I’m not doing them correctly since I’m still sinning with this.
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2023.06.08 17:23 AD_lookingbottom 30 [M4M] hoping to meet up with other guys (maybe cuddle up at your place, too)

hi there c:
so I've been on this sub for a while now, and while I've chatted with some guys, I've never really been able to meet anyone in person. I'd like to change that, and hopefully you and I can meet up somewhere near us (or relatively near, heh)
whether it's for a meal, to walk together, or maybe even go back to your place and cuddle up a bit. so as long as we meet up somehow, I'd be happy to get to know you.
about me: 30 years old, 5'7", dadbod, wears glasses, loves to talk with other people, pretty affectionate when it comes to cuddling, from taguig
about you: I have no set preferences, but I would like it if you got a place we can cuddle in, and if you're bigger than me in height or build. but again, these would be nice but not really a requirement
if you're up to meet up, hit me up and let's chat!
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2023.06.08 17:22 Acanthaceae69 NordVPN $5 HBO MAX $5 Hulu Netflix Disney Plus IPTV Paramount+ Google Drive $2 ESPN+ Deezer MalwareBytes ExpressVPN RealityKings Brazzers OnlyFans $2 Pornhub $5 (Doesn't Downgrade) Mofos WTF Pass Fakehub Blacked redditbay PayPal/ Google Pay, Credit/Debit cards/ Binance, All Crypto

OFFER: You'll get free IPTV (for PC) for any purchase
On the shop you'll always have unlimited warranty/replacements on your purchase.
Please feel free to DM me 24/7 with any questions, requests or clarifications you'd like me to make on the products.
PayPal, Google Pay/Debit & credit cards, crypto accepted. BTC,ETH,LTC,BCH,USDT, BNB,Shiba,Ape,Dai,Tron
Access the full product list in the store link below
Access the shop by clicking here
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2023.06.08 17:22 throwaway22029971 Help - Street dogs gang up after one dog

There is one female dog who lives near me and 2 of her pups. They are all very sweet and loved by all in the community. However, everyday they are being attacked and chased by other Street dogs, especially at night. They are always bleeding and limping.
Is there an animal shelter that can help out? Or can somebody adopt atleast one of the pups? This is in Delhi btw.
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2023.06.08 17:22 OhZvir Why Such Difference In Pricing of “Lion Dog” By Hanwei? (In the US)

SBG shop sells new for $999 Cas Iberia are asking nearly $1500 Kult of Athena is somewhere in between around $1250
Is it risky to get it from the SBG shop? Sounds like they have “”free”” returns with restocking fee and shipping charge back to their store.
Or, maybe, other vendors are just getting away with the extra high price because they can?
Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated!
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2023.06.08 17:22 ShafordoDrForgone Average heuristics of thought

One of my favorite books is Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. It's basically about a bunch of ways that human beings think incorrectly almost as if by design (irony intended). I'm thinking it gives people too much credit. But I'm not content with just calling people stupid. Here are some of the heuristics I find most prominent:
Post hoc rationalization - Feelings come first. Justification comes after. Kahneman might call this the "Availability Heuristic": the more familiar something is, the more true it seems. It's why companies spend so much money on ads and why politicians stick to repeating talking points. It's also why despots require recitation of pledges of allegiance
Justification by story - Confusing a coherent story with logic. Many post hoc rationalizations stop the moment a minimally coherent story has been formed. The problem with such thinking being two fold: there's often more than one story that suits the details and there's often way more details that are not accounted for by the story. Kahneman might refer this to his "Linda the Bank Teller" story or "Conjunction Fallacy". Human intuition cannot help but add weight to any predetermined associations
True for me is true for everyone (and everything) - This is rather an extension of the first two but it speaks straight to hubris. It is why half of America thinks it won an election that it didn't. The true scale of a single person or even humanity itself on the scale of just the visible cosmos is inconceivably unimportant. Yet so many people consider their own thoughts to be key to the creation, destruction, and infinite salvation of everything. Which brings me to...
"Somebody must have done it" - This is a special and universal story. From birth somebody must do a bunch of things or else you die. Most people's jobs exclusively deal with people doing things. But again, virtually 0% of the universe and universe events is done by somebody. The story is just so simple and so universal that all it needs is a post hoc rationalization to be the answer to any question that could be asked. And of course we all know what that rationalization is
I can't say that this is a comprehensive list, but I wanted to consider what might be the most prominent underlying mistake being made when someone (legitimately) calls someone else an idiot. Anyone think any of these are unfair or have other especially prominent heuristics they want to add?
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2023.06.08 17:21 Gonkulator5000 Re-capping reconstituted vials?

Has anyone come up with a simple way to re-cap reconstituted vials?
Even with best practices of cleaning the stopper with a prep pad prior to reconstituting and drawing, it worries me that storing vials in a fridge with food could still lead to contamination or evaporation with the stopper left exposed. (Rubber if you don't know it not entirely air-tight which is why you periodically have to fill your tires even if they are just sitting in a garage.)
I think I might start putting my reconstituted vials in a zip lock bag before refrigerating them as an extra precaution unless I can find some kind of protective cap that will seal an opened vial. I might even think of getting a small fridge just for the purpose of storing vials.
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2023.06.08 17:21 dylanmadigan When people say "Play something Jazzy" – what do you play?

What would you do if asked to just "play Jazz" on command?
Do you have a specific chord progression or standard that is a go-to?

If I were to pin myself on a genre, it would be blues. But I play a bit of everything. So often times I'm playing with friends or around people and some one asks for something Jazzy. Maybe there are other musicians in the room I'm jamming with.
And what I've realized is that most people don't listen to jazz and don't actually know classic jazz songs. They just know the general vibe of jazz when they hear it playing in the background, or in a movie/store. Furthermore the other musicians in the room are not jazz musicians and I can't hit them with a standard. The other day I played Autumn Leaves and people thought I just made it up. Someone was like "Cool! Lo-Fi!"
If someone were to ask me to play something bluesy, it's not that hard. I do a 12 bar blues or a common variation of it. Most novice musicians can pick it up quickly even if they don't know it. And then I can apply any sort of tone or expression to it I need. Major or Minor. Fast or Slow. Treat it like a Delta Blues or a Chicago Blues or a Shuffle, etc.
The art is in the inflection, but the chord progression usually needs to be something established. It doesn't have to be any particular song. But can you do that with Jazz?

What I've done:
In the past I've done a major or minor ii-V-I on a loop and I would just make up a melody and treat that as the head. Sometimes it'll do and other musicians can pick it up and follow along easily. Otherwise, this can get boring quickly because it's so short, there's no bridge, and it doesn't have the rising/falling-action of a 12-bar blues. It also can easily end up not sounding "jazzy" at all.
Adding the vi chord can help. Then starting the progression on the I or the vi can change the impression.
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2023.06.08 17:20 bearbearpie Is throbbing pain normal on day 3?

I got all 4 removed a few days ago and I’m now on day 3. They prescribed me some ibuprofen and oxy, however the pain level has been like a 0/10 ever since I left the office. I was so worried that the pain was going to be intense but I’m barely taking the ibuprofen because I don’t really need it, not even thinking about taking the oxy. However, I woke up this morning with some throbbing pain in my lower jaw. Pain is probably a 4 or 5/10, and it’s harder for me to talk. I have a dull headache too.
I was worried it might be dry socket because I’ve been eating strictly liquids and soft ice cream, and just last night I ate mashed potatoes because I couldn’t stand eating so much sugar all the time.
I also started doing the saltwater rinses yesterday 2 times a day and wasn’t sure if that’s enough, same for brushing. The paper the surgeon gave me said 2-3 times daily but I feel like my mouth is always dirty, and I’m really scared to do a thorough brush because I don’t want to cause dry socket. I’ve only been brushing close to the front and near my molars.
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2023.06.08 17:20 EngieNeer1968 Don’t Step on Snek - Chapter 2

Note: The situation escalated, then de-escalated, and then escalated again. Links in comments.
The R&D team at the ASS (Actively-Shitposting-Scriptwriters) reminds you that proof-reading and editing services are provided by u/Saint-Andros & u/Killsode-slugcat*.*

{Wrong foot}

[3rd of June, 2224] - [James Walken - Workshop Owner]
I fucked up.
Good fucking lord, I fucked up so bad.
Why the fuck am I even considering a contract? The only thing she can do is clean floors and connect data drives!
And not only that, she’s an asshole too!
I don’t know what she went through, but fucking hell! Don’t blame it on me!
My ego had gotten the better of me once again. If I had just kicked her out, I would have one less problem.
Also less entertainment and dirtier floors…

I’ll give her a chance. Redemption and all that. Wish it was that easy.
I didn’t notice the evening roll in due to the clouds, but that means she’ll probably go back to… wherever she sleeps at.
“I think we can call it a day.”
“We? You just sat in front of a screen while I cleaned your floors!” Oh for crying out loud!
“Do you want the damn job or not? You’re getting on my nerves!”
“If you don’t want me here, just kick me out!”
“I’m about to! The day’s over, there’s no one coming at this hour, just… fuck off, will you?”
The… snake headed towards the door, but stopped halfway there.
What now…

“What a surprise. What is it?”
“I don’t have a house.” Huh?
“What do you mean… you don’t have a house?”
“I just got here, like, today. I’m pretty sure no one knows who I am except you.”
Of course, the one person who actually shows up to work is a homeless snake with anger issues. Maybe I should’ve stayed in the survey fleet like Dad…
“So let me get this straight. You ran away from… fuck-off station thirteen, got all the way over here through unknown means, and forgot to buy a house?”
“That… about sums it up. Yes.”
“You’re not very smart, are you?”
“Smart enough to know that job listings from the Free Systems barely get any attention, and even then, you get shit workers.”
“At least you know what you are.”

The situation rapidly escalated, and I’m pretty sure we were about to kill each other.
We looked at one another, her head moving to prepare for a possible strike, and my hand moving towards a screwdriver.

“Alright… Alright… let’s calm the fuck down.”
“Calm down? I’m fucking homeless on a fuck-off plane-”
“Fucking shut up for a minute! Jesus Christ! Do you not understand how fucking annoying it is to hear your voice drilling into my fucking ear? Shut up and let me fucking speak!”

She recoiled at my outburst, and quickly stopped talking.
“Alright. Listen. I absolutely fucking hate you right now. But you are the only one who hasn’t fucking left me in the rain, and actually showed up. ” I raise my finger. “This is one of two things that are keeping you in this workshop.”
“Now, the second, " I raise another finger" Is that you actually do know how to clean pretty well. I can see my white hairs in the reflection.”
“That’s… it?”
“Yes, that’s it. You’re on thin fucking ice.”
“...And you’re not kicking me out?”
“No. We may have started on the wrong foo- tai- Hmph…”
“Keep going?”
“Well, I want to give you a chance. There’s a somewhat empty room in the back where I just store some of my older tools. You can stay there.”
“I’m assuming there’s a caveat?”
“You gotta go find your own mattress. I’m not letting you out at night, so you’ll have to make do with some shitty blankets and a sandbag, at least for tonight.”

She seemed… confused?
“You’re serious?”
“Like, really?”
Really serious?”
“Get to the point, Tajara.”
“...Thanks…” Huh. That was an odd reaction…
“It’s… not a problem, I gue-”

The front door was kicked open by a space crow.

“Sup, James! You up for a- What the fuck? What’s a snake doing here?”
“You’re calling ‘em snakes now too, twitter?”
“Don’t call me that, mate. Who is that?”
“That’s Tajara. New hire.”
“Finally, you’re getting some bi-”

I clamped down on his beak.“I wouldn’t finish that if I were you, Huey.”
Tajara seemed to notice my attempt. Fuck.
“What kinda fucking name is Huey?”

I let go of the damned space crow’s beak.
“Adoptive human parents, snake. I don’t like her, mate. Can you get rid of her?”
Tajara and I shared a glance at each other.
“Nah, I’m good.”
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2023.06.08 17:19 GrossSoreaeros Calling out?

Question, so I been at qt for two years and i recently got super sick with no more days. I sent out a store message willing to pay anyone to come in and cover for me, I'm a clerk btw. And I've done this before. Paying someone to cover me/asking someone to switch on the store message system but my manager looked at it today and asked if I sent a message and idk if I should respond lol.
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2023.06.08 17:19 ashleypenny Quick help with some switch wiring and backbox questions

I recently installed a 4 bulb light in our hallway to replace a bog standard plastic ceiling rose.
Light looks great and room is now ready to paint and fill/sand around the current light switch however our entire home has hue lighting and heavily built into automations via home assistant and when it came to fitting the light, the glass globes were a few mm too short to fit the bulbs we use so we had to just use standard e14 filament candle bulbs.
I can't have one light fitting in the whole house not work with our ecosystem as it would drive me nuts, so am looking to fit a zigbee module in the backbox of the switch to allow home assistant to control that light outside of hue. I don't want to use hue's version of the module as it's nearly 3x the price and has a 5 year battery instead of just being powered.
Anyways, other challenge is the backbox fitted to my switch is quite shallow so to make it fit I would need either a deeper backbox or to sit this one further back in the wall, which is a solid wall but fairly soft as made out of thermalite blocks
The zigbee module; ZigBee Mini Smart Switch,SONOFF ZBMINI 2 Way Light Switch, Compatible with Alexa, SmartThings Hub, Philips Hue Bridge, Google Home and SONOFF ZBBridge, ZigBee 3.0 Gateway Hub Required, 10A/2200W
1) do I need a new deeper backbox or can I just take this one out, multitool/chisel a deeper hole and push the existing one back? Although I'd guess an issue with using the existing one is the positioning of the entrance for the existing wires coming in the top of the backbox?
2) I've installed sockets before and this was my first light fitting but never done a switch other than straight swaps on like for like switches. The current switch is a 2 way switch for the downstairs hall light and the upstairs landing light although both are permanently left "on" and we do not use the switches at all due to smart lighting, but think I'll still have to wire it up. Can someone give me some guidance on which wire goes where so I can confirm my understanding?
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2023.06.08 17:19 Trash_Tia How exactly did Josie get to camp Redwood? And presently, what do the kids need the sleeper agents for? 🙏👀 New part in a few days! Here's a preview:

I wasn't sure how exactly I ended up on a school bus. My head was still spinning, and my mouth and nose were choked with poison. Whatever chemical agent had tainted Lemrac's business card had paralyzed my body and thoughts. There were colors at one point. That I had to look at. Those colors hurt my head a little. I remember being unable to look away, no matter how hard I tried. But the colors, in a way, were... peaceful. I was aware I wasn't... working properly. My body felt floppy and wrong, like a puppet detached from its strings.
Through flickering eyes, I could pinpoint one, no two, no, three figures in front of me. The bus's engine was a low grumble, every time it took a turn, my head lolled from the window before thudding into the pane with a gentle thump. It was almost relaxing until I saw how filthy the seats I was sitting on-- blood-stained seats, a remarkable splatter of intense red splattering the floor underneath me. Time seemed to go by slowly. The bus ride came to a stop, and a figure loomed over me. My age, and yet aged way beyond eighteen in his eyes. The boy existed as a blur of darkness which made him jump out under the dim light of the bus.
All of him was suited up in black clothing, his hair more of a dark blonde, gelled back while his expression was blank, vacant eyes penetrating me. This was what Sam had talked about, I thought. Agents who looked like us, but… weren't us. Victims of a town who turned their youth into weapons. In the stranger's hand, to my confusion, was a can of spray paint. And before my fuzzy mind knew what was happening, something ice-cold was shocking me into sobriety. Paint. I felt it dripping from the back of my neck and bleeding through my shirt. Looking down at the mess on my seat, I realized it was blue paint.
The most beautiful shade of blue I had ever seen-- and in front of me, a mirage of red, blue, and purple paint tainting every other kid around me. And it hit me. When the soldier looming over me introduced himself as Agent Salta, I realized I wasn't staring at blood splattering the seats. I was seeing paint.
A girl in front of me with curly brown hair screamed suddenly, her cry enough to rouse me to semi-awareness. There were two things I noticed about her.
1). Unlike most of the other kids around me decorated in red and purple, the back of her baby pink shirt was marked in red.
2). There was something wrong with her nose, thick rivulets of red dripping down pasty skin.
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2023.06.08 17:19 foolwire Any cool shops for fun/eclectic home decor and gifts?

I’m fairly new to NYC and was originally looking for a store where I could find a couple of cool mugs to add to my place…but that kind of led me down a rabbit hole of finding quirky stores for general home goods and gifts.
I’m ultimately looking for stores similar to Lancelotti Housewares (before they closed, rip). Searching this subreddit, I’ve added Fishs Eddy, ABC Carpet, and Friends NYC to my list of places to visit. But I’d love to add more! I’d also love any recs for weekend craft fairs or flea markets.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.08 17:19 lampdl Repotting OLD Aloe plant the was neglected far long time with drooping twisted leaves

Repotting OLD Aloe plant the was neglected far long time with drooping twisted leaves
Help - Repotted Aloe That Desperately Needed It But Did I Just Make Things Worse?
My aunt gifted me a very mature aloe plant that was all twisted up bc it had totally out grown the pot, and the had lots of “pups” on it that were nearly full grown plants (see image 1). I believe it was also fairly neglected and I know it was in a room with little Sunlight.
So, when I recover the plant I got to work on repotting it. I gently removed the plant from the outgrown container, divided the pups up, made sure there were plenty of roots etc, and split the plants into 2 pots (see images 2 and 3).
While it’s only been a week, the plant is still listless and dropping with twisted leaves, some of which are bent and close to breaking, but have not broken yet. Will these eventually recover or was the plant just neglected for far to long before reporting? Also does it appear I potted the new divisions deep enough? Do I need to basically remove all the leaves and hope they grow back straighter and stronger?
Any advice anyone can offer would be much appreciated
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2023.06.08 17:19 PennyworthInvesting Canada Nickel’s Carbon Storage Technology Exceeds Expectations

Canada Nickel’s Carbon Storage Technology Exceeds Expectations
Canada Nickel Company Inc. (TSXV:CNC) (OTCQX:CNIKF) today announced that test work for its novel carbon storage process, In-Process Tailings (“IPT”) Carbonation, is demonstrating results that are significantly above expectations.
The Company also announced that its Integrated Feasibility Study (“IFS”) is expected to be released in September, following the completion of final engineering design for IPT Carbonation. All other engineering work for the Crawford feasibility study has been successfully completed.

Bottom Line
  • Carbon Capture testing continues to exceed expectations, both on time and the amount of carbon that can be stored. Canada Nickel’s tech can store 7x more carbon than traditional methods and in 1% of the time (7 hours vs 100 days)
  • Crawford is on track to be the lowest emissions primary nickel mine in the world.
  • This carbon capture technology will qualify Canada Nickel for significant government tax credits, potentially funding the entire equity portion of the project’s startup capital. Less equity means less stock issuance.
  • IPT Carbonation testing was conducted on rock samples with the same characteristics as the main deposit, increasing the probability carbon capture will work at scale.
  • The Crawford project alone could achieve 7% of Canada’s entire carbon removal goal making it a key asset for government leaders.
Canada Nickel CEO, Mark Selby commented:
We believe the IPT Carbonation process has transformative potential for the Company. Our test work demonstrates the ability to efficiently store one million tonnes of CO2 annually when the project is fully ramped up utilizing a process plant design of only 6.5 hours of residence time versus an initial design target of 12-24 hours. These results can help contribute to delivering this solution at relatively low capital and operating costs.
Canada Nickel’s Crawford Project is hosted in ultramafic rock, which naturally absorbs and sequesters CO2. Canada Nickel has developed the novel IPT Carbonation process which involves injecting a concentrated source of CO2 into tailings generated by the milling process for a brief period of time. This simple process captures CO2 geologically in the tailings while they are still in the processing circuit, rather than after they
have been finally deposited.

Mr. Selby continued:
Crawford is poised to be a leader in the energy transition through the large-scale production of critical minerals, including nickel and cobalt, and to become the sole North American producer of chromium, while also supporting Canada’s climate objectives through large scale carbon capture and storage and providing an anchor for a Zero Carbon Industrial Cluster in the Timmins-Cochrane region.

Access to the required testing facilities for pilot scale tests to confirm the engineering design for IPT Carbonation has been delayed to this summer and as a result, the integrated feasibility study for the project is now expected to be delivered in September 2023. This delay has no impact on the overall timeline to production as the Company continues to target receipt of permits by mid-2025 with construction to follow. Permitting remains on-track and good progress is being made through the second stage of the federal permitting process.

Mr. Selby continued:
We are very pleased to reach successful completion of the remainder of the engineering for the Crawford project. Our decision to incorporate our IPT Carbonation into an integrated feasibility study has been validated by the multiple approaches we’ve received from multinationals pursuing comprehensive carbon solutions. I am very proud of our team that is taking our IPT Carbonation process from breakthrough to a feasibility study engineered design in just 14 months.

The Crawford Project has the potential to achieve 7% of Canada’s 15 megatonne carbon removal goal.
The Company believes that the successful incorporation of IPT Carbonation could potentially allow a portion of the Company’s project capital expenditures to become eligible for the carbon capture and storage refundable investment tax credits of 37.5% to 60% for years 2022-2030 and 18.75% to 30% for years 2031-2040, as announced in the 2022 federal budget.
The interest received from multiple large multinational companies pursuing carbon storage solutions further supports the Company’s belief that the mineral sequestration utilized by the Company may be considered an effective carbon storage approach that would meet Environment and Climate Change Canada requirements.
Canada Nickel has received approaches from several large multinational companies seeking carbon storage solutions.
Mr. Selby concluded:
Canada Nickel has generated significant momentum in 2023 with the strategic investment by Anglo American, our successful completion of the first phase of federal permitting for Crawford, our appointment of Cutfield Freeman & Co. to support the debt portion of our project financing team alongside our equity advisors, Scotiabank and Deutsche Bank, and our ongoing success in our regional exploration program.
We expect this momentum to continue through the rest of the year with the completion of the integrated feasibility study, our initial resource estimate and Preliminary Economic Analysis for potential near-term production at our Texmont Project, and advancing both the permitting and financing to allow a construction decision to be made for Crawford by mid-2025, when permits are expected to be received.

IPT Carbonation Test Work
In the current phase of test work, Canada Nickel has conducted a series of variability tests to establish the IPT Carbonation Process engineering design criteria and develop predictive CO2 storage models. The results have exceeded expectations. Testing was done on samples based on their brucite content as well as their location within the deposit with a bias towards material that is expected to be processed in the initial project phases. The results received to date have confirmed the ability to store more than one million tonnes of CO2 per year.

Qualified Person and Data Verification
Arthur G. Stokreef, P.Eng (ON), Manager of Process Engineering & Geometallurgy and a “qualified person” as such term is defined by National Instrument 43-101, has reviewed and approved the technical information in this news release on behalf of Canada Nickel Company Inc.
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2023.06.08 17:19 Single-Alfalfa-9619 Question about endgame

I know this is a pretty discussed topic i am sorry if this has been asked before. I am currently near lvl 60, i have a build pretty much completed, as pulverize bear i got vasilys, shockwave aspect and insatiable fury, i have nothing else to get for this build i am afraid apart from paragon glyphs, my question is if there is anything worth to keep going up to lvl 100? Looking for higher rolls seems boring to me i am already godly powerful, may be t4 brings new stuff?currently i am just looking for a couple aspects to try another build but ultimately i am thinking on creating a new char, would i be missing important things at endgame on my main?
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2023.06.08 17:19 violetdream1 Husband refuses to make a 5 year plan.

We have been married for 4 years now, and have a 1 year old together. I (31f) quit my job to be a stay at home mom and am going to school to get my masters online so that I’m able to go back to work when our child goes to school. My husband (35m) is in the military and works ridiculous hours. I will be finishing my masters in 3 years and was going to continue to stay home with our child until they enter prek or kindergarten. My husband has no idea if he wants to re-enlist or get out or what he wants to do. And isn’t really taking my life or our child’s into consideration.
Right now he is a recruiter so we aren’t near a base or anything and it would be a good transition out if we wanted to purchase a home etc. Our child is enrolled in several programs here and we really like our doctors and friends that we have made.
I have tried to get him to work with me and take a month or so to figure out a 5 year plan, since now that we have a child we cannot just “wing it” especially at school age and with me working on my masters. He could then also start looking into jobs around the area and figure out what he wants to do and we could actually be settled. I would like to potentially start reaching out within the next year or so to do some networking for my own career but it’s pointless if we don’t stay here.
We also want to have another child at some point, I have an IUD so we can plan it for whenever he is ready but he just won’t make any plans. Has no idea what he wants to do and is very unwilling to compromise if I was to suggest that he get out/stay in. So I feel like my life and our child’s life just rest in the hands of whatever career move my husband decides to make and I’m feeling resentful.
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2023.06.08 17:18 Moist_Chemistry1418 Unaging Marvels: Bats & the like as Key Allies in Age-Related Research

Unaging Marvels: Bats & the like as Key Allies in Age-Related Research
Non-aging is not something odd but exist casually everywhere in nature within many species and most of them are mammals with no special out-of-world tricks like reduced metabolism but just the right genes or attainables components. It means it's doable for us and many groups are working towards that : the idea to stop (and not reverse in that case) aging in the near futur and i personally think it can happens, i would say, with 2 chance out of 3 in 10 years, and 1 chance out of 2 in 5 years. Yes, that much more likely to happens, if you ask me, than others approachs at least in the near futur. That's just the most logical, senseful, cheapest and doable way because there is no need for crazy therapies replacing or sorting tons and tons of things.
An exemple :
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2023.06.08 17:18 Rare_Beach_9916 Have you ever been banned from the store?

If you have ever been banned from the store, could you please let me know what it looks like? I’m still seeing orders from “ Publix now” but not from “Publix supermarket”.
When I contacted the support, they said that I’m not banned.
So why would I see it from half of the store?
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2023.06.08 17:18 Marilena_95 How to Meet Macros While OMAD

Hello All! Just came across this sub today and thought it would be the best place to ask my questions rather than one of the general weight loss subs.
To provide a little background/info on me, I am 28F, 5'4", SW:415lbs CW:350lbs GW:150(ish)lbs. I unintentionally started OMAD around November 2022 and since the weight has continued to be shed and its just easy and works for my lifestyle, I have stuck with it.
I have not cared about nor been keeping track of my macros in any way, I have just been kind of eating whatever once a day and been happy with my weight loss. Just yesterday I decided to look up what I should be eating as far as protein, carbs, fat, etc. goes and I was surprised to realize, after taking a look at what I generally eat, that I am getting nowhere near what I should, most especially in protein. Here is where my question comes in: what is the best way to meet macros and keep low calorie while eating OMAD? I generally eat a salad or a sandwich for my meal, and it just seems like I need to eat so much more food to meet my recommended macros, which has me a bit wary because I don't want to slow the pace of my weight loss. Is it protein shakes, high protein low cal foods, something else I don't know about?
Any info or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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