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This is a subreddit for Philippine Real Estate market. House for Sale and House for Rent. Condos for Sale and Condos for rent in the Philippines.

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Costa Rica Real Estate: A place to post property listings (houses, condos, apartments, lots, farms, etc.) for sale or rent in Costa Rica. Agents welcome! Disclosure: Moderated by The Costa Rica Real Estate Group -

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The Latest Real Estate Market News, Trends & Advice For Toronto GTA and Surrounding areas Halton, Peel, York, & Durham.

2023.03.27 15:45 AutoModerator [Get] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Courses Collection Bundle List in the description

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2023.03.27 15:44 darjeelingdarkroast Indieheads Weekly Top 50 Albums Chart, March 27, 2023: Praise A Lord Who Gecs But Which Does Not Gec; (Or Simply, Gec Between Worlds)

Indieheads Weekly Chart #7

Sign up here (need reddit username and

Current list of participants

Weekly Chart Video

Weekly Chart for March 70th, 2023

For this chart issue, we tracked everyone's top 10s from Wednesday, March 15th 12:00 AM GMT to March 22th, 11:59 PM GMT.

Rank Album Prev. Position Peak Weeks Points # of Listeners and #1
1 100 gecs - 10,000 gecs NEW #1 1 wk 1156 23 out of 96 listeners had this album as their #1
2 Yves Tumor - Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) NEW #2 1 wk 1029 26 out of 83 listeners had this album as their #1
3 M83 - Fantasy NEW #3 1 wk 601.5 12 out of 51 listeners had this album as their #1
4 Unknown Mortal Orchestra - V NEW #4 1 wk 417.5 14 out of 32 listeners had this album as their #1
5 Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You #2 (-3) #1 6 wks 228 2 out of 21 listeners had this album as their #1
6 Alvvays - Blue Rev #1 (-5) #1 7 wks 200.5 4 out of 19 listeners had this album as their #1
7 Kali Uchis - Red Moon in Venus #7 (=) #3 3 ks 134 1 out of 12 listeners had this album as their #1
8 TIE Beyoncé - RENAISSANCE #21 (+13) #2 7 wks 133 2 out of 12 listeners had this album as their #1
8 TIE slowthai - UGLY #5 (-3) #1 3 wks 133 2 out of 12 listeners had this album as their #1
10 Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet Re-Entry #10 3 wks 124.5 2 out of 11 listeners had this album as their #1
Full Top 50 Albums + Top 200ish Songs
Spotify Playlist
How the chart works: These charts are created based on how frequently each album appears in the top 10 albums for all of the users signed up for the chart. If the album occupies that user's #1 spot in their individual chart, it receives 15 points, then 14 points for #2, so on and so forth until 6 points for #10. If there is a tie, which is a common occurrence, then the number of points is averaged across those positions, e.g. if two albums are tied for #1, both will receive 14.5 points. Oftentimes there will be multiple albums tied for the last place, in which case the number of points each song receives decreases until it bottoms out at 1 point each.

Bubbling Under

Highest albums outside of the Top 50 that have never entered the Top 50 Chart
Rank Album Points
51 U2 - Songs Of Surrender 42
56 Jazmine Sullivan - Heaux Tales 39.5
58 Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues 39
59 Ari Lennox - age/sex/location 38.5
60 Taylor Swift - Fearless (Taylor's Version) 38

Personal Chart of the Week

One of the joys some people have on the chart is seeing their own impact on the chart. Whether its seeing your #1 album at #1, or seeing it bubbling under, people like seeing songs they like being adored by other users. In this section, one lucky chart participant will see their own chart and the impact it had on the full chart this week. This week, we have the chart of u/boldsprite
Click here to opt-in to Personal Chart. User needs to have also signed up for Weekly Charts.

Rank Album Their Points Actual Rank Total Points
1 Yves Tumor - Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds) 15.0 #2 1029
2 MSPaint - Post-American 14.0 #11 123
3 100 gecs - 10,000 gecs 12.5 #1 1156
3 M83 - Fantasy 12.5 #3 601.5
5 Ludacris - Word Of Mouf 11 #799 11
6 Brent Faiyaz - WASTELAND 7.5 #1310 7.5
6 Deerhoof - Future Teenage Cave Artists 7.5 #1310 7.5
6 Food House - Food House 7.5 #1310 7.5
6 Fred again.. - Baby again.. 7.5 #97 27.5
6 Pinegrove - Marigold 7.5 #1310
Looking for new, lesser-known music? Don't forget:
Thanks again to u/driftwoodprose and u/gripfx for assistance on technical end of Weekly Charts.
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2023.03.27 15:43 BlueSunflowers4589 Tenant wants to make improvements to condo [IL]

My husband rents out a condo in DuPage County, IL. It's his only rental (used to be his residence). The tenant has asked to replace the floors, and offered to pay half the cost. Part of the floors are carpeted and might need replacement in a couple years; the rest is just a cosmetic upgrade. The tenant has been there for a while, and he'd like to keep them as a tenant, so he plans to make the requested upgrade, but he isn't sure about their plan to pay for half of it. The only reason he'd let them pay for part is to avoid a long list of future upgrades. If the tenant paid for half, would he owe them that money (possibly with interest) at the end of the lease? Would he need to add it to the security deposit? He uses a property manager, so he'll probably ask them as well. Thanks in advance for all advice! I won't be able to respond to any questions until after work.
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2023.03.27 15:43 srvcaptdelhi Service Apartments Gurgaon

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2023.03.27 15:41 Cerenity1000 How much does it cost me to by Ayaka? (im a newb)

I just tried Genshin Impact for the first time 1 week ago since I got a new cellphone that could run the game and I like it so far. I made it to adventurer rank 10 so I am still a small potato. What I do know is that I do not like the starter characters I have been given so I want to buy a new one.
I have been watching some guides on Ayaka and Kokomi and I love their kit and playstyle so I want to go for them. I see that Ayaka is on sale now so I was curious, how much would it realistically cost me to get her a 5 star? Do I just have to buy her once or is it RNG involved.
While I do not intend to be F2P, I am also not going to be a big spender so I was just curious what a rough estimate in price for a new champion. I also want to buy the pack that contains a great weapon for Ayaka, is that too rng?
Also, I have installed the game on my computer (rtx 3060 ti, ryzen 7 5700g, 32gb ram) as it can run great in 4k with medium settings and the game looks absolutely stunning so I will most likely play the game mostly on pc.
But on pc the option to buy a battle pass does not show up, then I checked on my phone and there is still no option to buy battle pass.
The only thing I could buy was that daily resin pack
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2023.03.27 15:40 AutoModerator [Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery

[Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery
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[Get] Ryan Moran – 5 Days To 7-Figures Challenge Full Course Download Instant Delivery
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Find the suite of products your customers crave, so you can take sales from day 1
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2023.03.27 15:40 ThisToastIsTasty How should I act near my wife's friends who are struggling with money.

My wife has some close friends she's had since middle school, high school, and college, respectively; none of them are doing well and are all horrible with money management.
Every time we all meet up, they catch up for a while and then at some point, it's the same complaints about not being financially independent, and complaints about their job.
For context.
Middle school friend: 27yrs old
Job: Petsmart, doesn't work full time by choice, bought a new car for "work", commutes 5 minutes to work.
Living expenses: living in a condo owned by the boyfriend's mom and paying rent 300 a month + utilities. approx 1000 a month for the car.
Debt: 30k in CC debt. (I was shocked when I heard this), and 50k in car loans
SO: Boyfriend went to culinary school and then dropped out. no job, Streams on twitch.
High school friend: 28 years old: blew her college fund her parents saved. dropped out
Job: Starbucks, doesn't work full time by choice,
Living expenses: rented a new apartment in the expensive part of the town (paying 3k for a 2bd appt when there are 1.4k 2bd appts that are 10 minutes away), commutes 15 minutes to work.
Debt: no CC debt, her parents (Doctor, paid off her credit card as a birthday gift) and she bought herself a new bag to celebrate (800usd)
SO: Works door dash, says he makes 25 an hour.
College friend: 32yrs old dropped out
Job: no job
Living expenses: lives with parents
Debt: no debt.
SO: Long distance relationship: has her little sister drive her and her boyfriend around. Also, does not have a driver's license.
Pretty much, none of them have an education, I can go into so much more detail, but it is a mess.
The main reason for making this post is how to give advice to people who are financially irresponsible, complains about not being able to succeed in life, but at the same time currently trying to buy a house together because mortgage is "so much cheaper".
Whenever the subject is brought up, I mention about how rent is the most they'll pay vs how mortgage is the minimum they'll pay. They don't understand so I pretty much just sit there and listen to their financially irresponsible nonsense. (Oh, and how they all want to have a baby now, which is their choice, but given their finances and education, it's not the best time.)
If they were willing to educate themselves and become more financially responsible, I would be 100% willing to help out. but given their history, they would just spend it on something else.
I'm sure most people who are fatfire'd already cut these people out of their lives, but they did help my wife out when she was in a rough patch during school and they are her closest friends. Apart from money management and how horrible they are at picking partners, They are some of the nicest people. Helped my wife plan the baby shower etc.
tl;dr Wife's friends have lots of "wants" but never plans to achieve them. How do I act around them? I grew up poor my entire life so i can relate what it feels like to have wants but not being able to get it, but I can't empathize because I wasn't poor by choice and I don't want to tell them how well off I am. They "know" that I'm not struggling but they don't really know.
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2023.03.27 15:40 Working_Falcon5384 March 27, 2023 BUY/SELL/TRADE THREAD!!!

As our sub becomes more popular, more folks will join who are looking to trade and sell cards.
u/elduderino262 and u/working_falcon5384 will post a monthly “SELL/TRADE” thread, similar to the one on baseballcards The goals of this specific thread are:
  1. ⁠to streamline our main feed for show offs, insights or questions.
  2. ⁠to make it easier for you to find specific cards you want to buy, trade or sell.
“TRADE” (FT) posts that don’t involve sales - - the main page in the form of a post is the right place.
Baseball Cards are a type of trading card and trading cards are meant to be traded.
“SELL/TRADE” (FS/FT) - - the comment section below is the right place.
“SELL” (FS) - - for selling a card only (no trades accepted) the comment selection below is the right place.
Note: if you complete a sale or trade transaction, please delete your comment and leave feedback about the user on sportscardtracker
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2023.03.27 15:38 handmade-spinus 5 tips on how to make better crochet couch for cats

5 tips on how to make better crochet couch for catWhat is crochet couch for cats?

As the name implies, it is a cat sofa made of "crochet".

A crochet cat sofa is a small piece of furniture handmade from wool, fleece and other materials, designed to provide a place for cats to rest and play. It is usually made using crochet techniques.

So it is also known as "crocheted cat nest".

Crochet cat sofas can come in a variety of shapes and designs, such as simple cushions or mattresses, or complex multi-layered structures, including tunnels, stairs, caves, etc. Crochet cat sofas are usually made of soft, comfortable materials, such as wool, fleece or leather, for your cat’s comfort.

Making a crochet cat sofa requires some crochet skills and basic crafting abilities.


You need to choose the right material and color, and then crochet according to the design requirements.


You will need to make a cat sofa base and then add other decorations and designs to it, such as pillows, blankets, etc., to increase your cat’s comfort.
Crocheting a cat sofa is a fun craft activity that can provide an exclusive place to create for your cat, cater to your cat’s various needs and curiosities, and can also be a common hobby and way of interaction between you and your pet.

We make sofas for cats with the following benefits:

Provide cats with a private space

Cats need a private space of their own to rest and relax. A sofa tailored for cats can provide them with a quiet, comfortable place to have their own private space.

Protecting other furniture

Cats by nature love to scratch and if there is no suitable place for them, they may scratch and damage furniture, carpets and other items. Making a sofa for cats can satisfy their need to scratch while protecting other furniture from damage.

Enhance the interaction between cats and their owners

Cats making sofas can become a common hobby between cats and their owners, increasing interaction and emotional communication between them. Owners can play with their cats next to them and rest and relax with them.

Improve your cat's comfort and happiness

Sofas for cats are usually soft and comfortable to allow them to relax and be more comfortable. Some crocheted cat sofas will also add toys and decorations to increase your cat’s entertainment and exploration.

Making a sofa for cats can meet their needs for rest and play, protect other furniture from damage, increase interaction between the owner and the cat, and improve the cat's comfort and happines

So, then how can we make better crochet couch for cats

The following are some suggestions for making a crocheted cat sofa that will help you create a sturdy, beautiful and comfortable cat sofa:

I. Choose the right material

Cats prefer soft, comfortable materials such as wool, fleece or leather. You can choose a material with the right thickness and density to ensure that the sofa is structurally sound while keeping your cat comfortable.

II. Well-designed structure

Design a reasonable sofa structure based on your cat’s size and preferences. You can choose to make a simple cushion or mattress, or design a complex multi-layered structure such as tunnels, stairs and caves.

III. Ensure security

To ensure your cat’s safety, the structure of the sofa needs to be strong and stable. You may choose to use support bars or reinforcing frames to enhance the stability of the sofa. If you use padding, make sure the padding is dense enough to prevent your cat from swallowing it.

IV. Choosing the right crochet technique

Being skilled in different crochet techniques can help you create a more beautiful, comfortable and durable cat sofa. For example, you can use techniques such as cross-knitting or fancy crochet to add to the beauty of your cat sofa.

V. Add toys and decorations

To increase your cat’s entertainment and exploration, you can add toys and decorations to the cat sofa, such as lanyards, fur balls and bells.

Making a crochet cat sofa requires some crochet skills and basic crafting abilities, so make sure you have enough time and patience to complete the task. Also, don't forget to give your cat a quiet, comfortable place to rest and relax.

We do something about crochet couch for cats

If you are an avid cat slave, there are several things you can try to contribute to a crocheted cat sofa:

Share your experiences and ideas

If you have already made some cat sofas, share your experiences and ideas through social media or cat-themed forums. This can help other cat slaves learn how to make a beautiful, comfortable and functional cat sofa.

Tutorials and patterns available

If you are a skilled crochet crafter, you can make some cat sofa tutorials and patterns and share them with others. This can help more people make their own cat sofas and provide a quiet, comfortable and entertaining place for their beloved cats.

Support local animal protection organizations

If you want to provide help for more stray cats, you can consider supporting local animal protection organizations. You can contribute to these organizations through donations, charity sales or volunteer services, so that more cats can receive care and help.

Buy or sponsor a cat sofa

If you do not have the time or skills to make a cat sofa, you may choose to purchase or sponsor some good quality, safe cat sofas. This will allow your cat to have a comfortable, safe and entertaining place to stay while supporting the crochet craftsmen and makers involved.

Doing something about crocheted cat sofas can help more cats get a better quality of life while promoting the related art of crochet crafts and animal protection.

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2023.03.27 15:37 justmeganokay Appliance Stores for used washer/dryer

Has anyone shopped at Affordable Appliance Sales in North College Hill or Tri-State Appliance Repair Sales or Quality Appliance Sales & Services in Northside?
We're moving from just outside of Northside to NCH and need a washedryer. Open to other store locations as well but figure the proximity would be great for any of these.
I've read good reviews of the two in Northside online but figured I'd put out some feelers here for testimonies. If anyone has any type of recommendations, I'll welcome them! Neither of us has bought a washer or dryer before so we're definitely open to any tips and tricks people have to offer to make our lives easier. Thank you! :)
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2023.03.27 15:36 Andre3000RPI Yahoo Morning Briefing

As I look around the economy, things look calm...too calm perhaps given how March has gone so far.
The most surprising calm I see is with U.S. consumers, aka the same ones ingesting weeks of banking crisis headlines at the same time still dealing with too high inflation at retail stores.
Just peep recent credit card spending data out of Citi and Bank of America. Aggregate retail spending among Citi cardholders for March is only down slightly compared to this same point in February. Interest rate sensitive sectors such as home improvement and home furnishings continue to see the largest declines in sales. But apparel, food and restaurant spending is holding up very well.
Over at BofA, total card spending fell by only 0.4% year-over-year for the week ending March 18.
Then there are the anecdotal signs of economic calm I have picked up of late.
Ford came out last week and maintained its full year financial guidance. CFO John Lawler told me the guidance reflects what he is currently seeing in the economy — presumably tightening financial conditions from the banking crisis. The next day, Ford CEO Jim Farley (video above) sounded another upbeat note on business trends when we talked (and teased an autonomous pickup truck).
At a dinner of big-time thought leaders I went to last week, one financial services CEO stood up and said there have been no demand trend changes in March compared to the company's last earnings call.
I got the same "everything is ok right now" vibe talking to Petco's CEO Ron Coughlin last week, too.
How long can all of this economic resilience last? No clue, but it's something I plan to put to top retail CEOs while on the ground in Las Vegas to kick off the week at Shoptalk 2023.
I will be sitting down with four executives leading businesses that offer a great snapshot into consumer spending: Foot Locker CEO Mary Dillon, Chewy CEO Sumit Singh, Pinterest CEO Bill Ready and Ulta COO Kecia Steelman.
My interviews will be running throughout Yahoo Finance Live starting at 9am today so tune in for those economic clues.
I leave you with these thoughts below from two friends in the world of finance. All good things eventually come to an end, which certainly applies to when the Fed is out there raising interest rates into a banking crisis that many would argue they helped sew the seeds of by keeping rates too low for too long.
Can you say false dawn?
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2023.03.27 15:35 theoknowsbest What The Heck Does This Mean? This Is The Third Time I Am Seeing It, All Different Houses.

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2023.03.27 15:35 Kriz-tuhl How can I get help? Spouse coercing me into selling both homes against my wishes. Me and our kids are disabled. I need help.

Hi. Thank you for reading. I am going through a nightmare divorce. My spouse has been heavily manipulating me, lying and hiding assets in addition to neglect and abuse of me and our kids. Me and the kids are developmentally and physically disabled. We have a home (home #1)with 1.99%, paid off in 12 years cash flowing rental property. Makes no sense to sell and he says he is doing it to punish me because I finally stood up to his abuse after 12 years.
WHAT HAPPENS IF I REFUSE TO SELL AND MY SOON TO BE EX IS STILL ON MORTGAGE ALONE but I am on the DEED WITH HIM? The market doesn't look so great right now and he doesn't want this sale to fall through. We have a second home (#2)I live in with the kids and he lied and said I WAS ON THE DEED FOR THAT HOUSE TOO BUT IM NOT and he says nest we have to sell the home me and the kids live in which he has never lived in with us. The buyers for home #1 submitted an addendum for 5k for the roof. Can I kill the contract somehow? This rental property could help support me and the kids and also I want on the deed for #2 before I agree to sell #1.
I am positive he has broken -several- laws especially since me and the kids are "vulnerable" persons by law. I have so much evidence of his neglect, manipulation and abuse. I have a divorce lawyer but I wonder if I should hire another attorney or advocate?
Can I use this as leverage somehow? He is forcing me and my kids out of our other home which I JUST FOUND OUT I am not on the title for that house I raise the kids in. He lied about it repeatedly in writing. Me and the kids are disabled. He won't let us stay in our home he says.
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2023.03.27 15:35 samacora Official Monday Free Chat Thread

Good Morning Patriots
Free place to chat and a good place to discuss whatever you like with other sub users

Key dates on the 2023 NFL / Patriots calendar.


New England Patriots News Link Catchup - Patriots already a better team than pre-free agency

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2023.03.27 15:34 mistersuccessful Indicator Sale recommendations

So, I'm considering some purchases in the Indicator / sale before it ends and want to know your thoughts. These are mostly blind buys.

What do you guys think of this selection? I've seen trailers for more of these. Are there any other films (especially) in the 3 for £15 offer that you recommend? Thanks
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2023.03.27 15:34 armandacosta Garmin deal

My old 820 got fried a few months ago (the usb connector got fused to usb cable while plugged in). I had been waiting for garmins to go on sale (i’m already in the garmin evosystem). has the 1030 plus for $399 ($60 cheaper than amazon, and $100 cheaper than most other places). in case you’re looking for one.
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2023.03.27 15:33 SaltyWoodworker Would this guitar be worth considering?

Would this guitar be worth considering?
I am a fairly new guitar player and have been playing on acoustic. I am now thinking about buying an electric guitar. I found this 1996 Fender Strat (MIM) for sale locally. They want $400 for it and that includes a Line 6 amp. It sounds like a good deal to me, assuming it’s in good working condition. Any thoughts? I have heard that some models are really horrible, but I don’t know which ones are supposed to be bad, or if that’s even true.
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2023.03.27 15:33 Napalm-1 The uranium market in 2023/2024 + Ukraine contracting 150% of their needs in situation of underfeeding because now they have to OVERFEED. Next ALL other Western Utilities + Many unexpected U-turns in favor of nuclear power + many unexpected licence extensions

Hi everyone,
While the broader market is trowing the baby out with the bath water, the uranium spot price went up again today (and held up very well the last 10 months).
1) In this sector there is a real structural global supply deficit at current uranium price, while soon above ground uranium stockpiles of the past will not be enough anymore to compensate that annual supply gap => More U3O8 will have to come from production at much higher production cost than past production cost of U3O8 from those rapidly decreasing stockpiles of past
It is easy to sell uranium at 50 - 60 USD/lb that you bought in 2011-2017 at the 30 - 50 USD/lb range, because the production cost of that uranium is already paid for a long time ago and the production cost back then was significantly lower than the production cost of newly mined uranium today.
But buying newly mined uranium by the NEEDED higher production cost miners will not be possible at 55 USD/lb today. UR-Energy, Energy Fuels, EnCore Energy, Uranium Energy Corp, US mines of Cameco, ... will not restart their mine to sell at 55 USD/lb! Forget that!
They are talking about restarting their production... but each time I read: "We are making the necessary steps to put the mines in production ready state", but when are they really restarting production?
In December 2022 UEC, UUUU, EU, URG sold a bit of uranium for delivery early 2023 at 58 - 70,50 USD/lb. But when was that sold uranium produced?
Thos sales at those cheap prices (58 to 70.50 USD/lb), because the biggest portion of that uranium wasn’t produced by them, but was uranium they bought in 2020-2022 from US stockpiles of past.
UEC & PEN didn’t produce in 2020-2022.
UUUU only produce ~120 to 150k/y in 2022 with REE process and bit from clean up service
URG only produced at reduced production levels to keep infrastructure in production readiness (-> Break even sales). Meaning that to really restart their own uranium production they will need higher uranium sell price than the price applied for those sales of U3O8 they bought cheaper in 2020-2022
Note: 25% of my uranium investment is in US uranium miners (UUUU, URG, EU, UEC, PEN)

2) The shift from underfeeding to overfeeding creates a lot of additional uncovered uranium demand that can’t be covered with additional uranium production in coming 2 years => Much more uranium spotbuying coming from other stakeholders than financial players like SPUT
Here more information on the subject:
"Alissa Corcoran: incentive price 75-100USD/lb (now closer to 125USD/lb?)
Per Jander: ~50USD/lb is the floor now
Mike Alkin: Excellent overview, as always, on why the uranium fundamentals are so bullish."

3) Ukraine signed uranium supply contract covering 150%!! of their U3O8 needs for that period in situation of underfeeding.
Secondary supply from underfeeding is gone & now ALL western utilities have to OVERFEED!
Next? ALL the other western utilities that will have to OVERFEED as well.

4) Many license extensions + many U-turns in favor of nuclear power the last 10 months
Japan that shut their 54 reactors (1/9 of world nuclear fleet back then) down after Fukushima, is now shifting back from an important uranium seller to a major uranium buyer for coming decades.
This BIG shift in Japan + Shift last 9 months from South Korea, FR, USA, UK, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, ... are totally unexpected for many (utilities & producers that expected much less license extensions, financial players & investors) => Uranium sector isn’t ready for this!
Investors, even uranium investors, are in for a big surprise.
And if you don’t like the mining risk, you can get exposure to the math (80USD/lb (90 USD/lb now) is needed or not enough production will be online to satisfy global uranium demand) without being exposed to mining risk => Sprott Physical Uranium Trust ( $U.UN on the TSX (CAD), $U.U on TSX (USD), SRUUF on US stock exchange)
This isn't financial advice. Please do your own DD before investing.
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2023.03.27 15:31 dedsmiley Erying motherboard with 11980HK from Alliexpress

Erying motherboard with 11980HK from Alliexpress
I bought a mATX motherboard from Alliexpress with HM570 chipset and a soldered 11980HK mobile CPU. I actually got the ES of this board. I kind of wish I had gotten the legit 11980HK, but this is where I am.
ERYING Gaming PC Motherboard i9 Kit with Embed 11th Core CPU 0000 ES 2.6GHz(Product Performance,Refer To i9 11980HK i9 11900H)

I bought this board because I was just interested in it. My main PC has more power, but it is also a lot more expensive. I specifically was seeking out inexpensive parts to see what I could do and I got this done for under $1000. I included pricing for a the things I bought and the SSD I had, so I included current pricing for that as well. If you follow sales you can get some of this stuff for less, like recently I have seen 2TB M.2 drives as low as $60. They sell out quick at that price.

The PSU was super cheap. I didn't realize it only has one PCIe cable, so only up to 2x 8-pin cards will work. I wasn't too thrilled with that, but it does work and I saw zero difference in my TimeSpy runs with this PSU vs. the Corsair RM850x that I use in my test stand.

The BIOS is NOT user friendly and I used several TY channels to get to the details that I cared about, which of course is overclocking the thing. I put it on my test stand and went to work.
One of the interesting things to note is that in order for standard 15xx CPU coolers to work, a copper spacer was added on top of the CPU to make up the socket/CPU height difference between this and a regular socketed CPU. This is important later.
The YT channels I looked at were mostly not in English, but I was able to turn on CC and translation and able to understand what they were doing. That is pretty cool. Here the YouTuber that helped me the most.
ERYING HM570 11900H ES Mi configuración basica en bios , secure boot , Resizable Bar, RAM, OC
I paired this board with 2x 8GB Erying DDR4-3200 RAM and a Sapphire Pulse 6800XT I picked up off eBay. List is below. I got the RAM because it was an OK price, and I was curious if it would work. It works well at 3200. I tried a pair of HyperX DDR4-4000 and I could not get the board to post at anything over 3200. So I decided to just throw in that Erying RAM and run it. Honestly, the Alliexpress site is bit wack and I thought I was getting 2x 16GB 3200 for $40, but I read it wrong. Oops.
This is my price list. This is what I actually paid. I really wanted a low profile CPU cooler to help cool the VRMs, but I had the Arctic cooler so I used it. I am sure that some of these parts could be had cheaper if I really tried.

Description Price including shipping/tax
ERYING - Gaming PC Motherboard with Embed 11th Core CPU 0000 KIT I9 ES 2.6GHz + 2x8GB DDR4-3200 Rosewill PRISM S500 ATX Mid $256.14
Thermaltake - Smart 700w PSU, non-Modular 80 plus White $58.29
Teday - 10Dbi Antenna Wi-Fi 6E AX210 Bluetooth 5.3, M.2 $33.91
chenyang CY USB 3.0 20pin Male to Female Extension Adapter for Motherboard Mainboard Down Angled 90 Degree $7.29
Tower Gaming PC Computer Case, Aura Sync Compatible Dual Ring RGB LED Fans, Top Mount PSU, Tempered Glass & Steel $59.32
2TB Inland M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD, I had this from another machine and included current pricing. $114.99
Sapphire Pulse AMD 6800 XT, used off eBay. $461.10
ARCTIC Freezer 34 eSports DUO $55.94
TOTAL $1,046.98
I was having high temperatures and thermal throttling on this CPU when overclocked so I decided to remove the copper CPU spacer and apply liquid metal between the CPU and the copper spacer. This was an easy task because the CPU doesn't have a heat spreader to remove and I already had the liquid metal. The only show stopper was the screws to remove the spacer needed a triangle shaped tip, which I did not have so I bought some off Amazon. Turns out they weren't tight at all and came right out. I replaced these with standard Phillips head screws to make it easier if I ever have to remove the copper spacer again.

Before liquid metal. I just ran the CPU-Z benchmark for these numbers. This was in an open air test stand. I had about the same results in TimeSpy, but this was a much quicker test.d
The standoffs go through the motherboard and uses flathead screws with a backing plate. (not shown)
Cleaned CPU die. I applied Thermal Grizzly conformal coating prior to applying the liquid metal (not shown). I also didn't take photos of the liquid metal application as I have done this a few times so it's old hat to me.

Temps after liquid metal application. This dropped temps from 96c down to 73c. The CPU is using up to almost 120w of power here and it is undervolted -30.

Rosewill PRISM S500 ATX Mid Tower from Newegg fro about $60. Had the case before I had the motherboard. This is my first mATX build and if I had planned a little better I would have went with the Fractal POP case. Next time baby, next time...
Plug in the CPU power before mounting the motherboard as there is no room after it's screwed into the case.
It's snug.
Completed build, parts list at the bottom of this post.
The fans have a hub for the RGB, but no controller, so we are left with this. If I had an Asus

My best TimeSpy run. I can't link it because the CPU is an ES and 3DMark hides it from pubic results.
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2023.03.27 15:31 Dardha How long does Blizzard usually take until the first sale?

Hey! I wasn't planning to buy D4 but give it a try over the weekend and love it. Sadly I don't expect to have the amount of free time that a game like this requires to do everything it has to offer. I'm also in no hurry, so will probably wait until the first sale... but that made me wonder how long does usually take for Blizzard to do one? With some game companies it's crazy and three months after release you already have it at 66%. I'm not expecting that from Blizzard... but thinking on a time period of 6 months - 1 year its realistic?
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2023.03.27 15:31 DewieCox1982 [For Sale] Thirdman Vault titles, Icky Thump Mono, Live In MS, DW SoC Live, lots of 7”, Black Crowes Lions RSD

White Stripes-Live In Mississippi VG+/VG++ $200
White Stripes-Icky Thump Mono VG+/VG++ $500
DW-Sea of Cowards Live + Encore 7” VG/VG++ for both 12” and 7” $175
Black Crowes- Lions Pink 2LP RSD Sealed $60 as is, no returns
586 Now That You’re Gone/Sunday Driver Gold swirl NM/NM $25
078 Great Balls of Fire/Hanky Panky VG+/VG++$15
622 Help Me StrangeSome Days…. NM/NM $25
243 Open Up/Rough Detective Yellow/black swirl VG+/NM $25
037 Top Yourself/You Don’t Understand Me VG+/VG+ $20
028 No Horse/Jawbreaker VG+/VG+ $30
097 Signed DC/I’ve Been Loving You Too Long NM/VG++ $20
303 Let You Down/Ain’t No Sweeter Than Rita Blues White NM/VG++ $25
275 Alone In My Home/Entitlement Blue VG+/VG+ $25
178 Freedom @21/Love Interruption, Hypocritical Kiss Blue NM/VG++ $25
067 Jolene/Hello Operator Pic Disc NM/VG++$35
017 Let’s Shake Hands/Look Me Over Closely VG+/VG+ $45
Would bundle all the 7” for $250
All prices shipped and Paypal’d. Chat for more detailed pics and offers. Singles are basically untouched and unlistened to. A few are 1x max. 12” have been ran through a time or two and sat on the shelf.
Located in US
Used Hoffman forum grading for ease of cross posting. Similar to Goldmine with more options between grades
Repost with adjusted prices
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