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2013.01.30 07:21 IIHURRlCANEII For .gifs that provide knowledge!

Gifs are great at getting quick to digest info, and /educationalgifs strives to give you educational info in this quick to digest format. From chemical processes, to how plants work, to how machines work, /educationalgifs will explain many processes in the quick to see format of gifs.

2013.07.24 00:33 gugulo Conscious Like Us

Animals are conscious like us. Here we discuss animal intelligence, emotion and consciousness.

2016.07.27 21:18 thriftyaf Black Magic Fuckery

Anything that clearly has no other explanation but no good voodoo black magic fuckery.

2023.05.29 04:25 WomanInAVan Memberberries

Happy cake day to meeeee.
How are you beautiful people? It's 3.22am and I just woke up from a nightmare lol. My phone tells me it's my cake day. I just wanted to make a short post to say I'm doing well, still streaming (younow) and still uni-ing (just finished year 1), that I still miss our dear Finbacks so much and that I'm still drawing, listening to music and doing my woman-in-a-van thing. Thinking of you all and wishing all the best to you lovely people.
Infinite spoons to all Gem x
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2023.05.29 04:24 LeelandK AITA for complaining to the Dean?

I (19M) am taking summer courses in journalism. I have a documented need for accommodations. As a kid I was diagnosed with Selective Mutism and a few years ago was diagnosed with Spasmodic Dysphonia. To summarize, speaking is nearly impossible, mentally it’s hard but the physical part is the most impactful. I communicate vocally sometimes but am able to use gestures, writing, and sign language. Speech devices cost $15,000 and my family could never afford one.
I grew up getting good grades and have held a job since age 16. Now, one of my courses is not going well. The first assignment was to give a presentation on ourselves. Mine was written. My professor asked one of my classmates (Andrew) to read mine aloud without asking either of us first. I got the vibe that he wasn’t happy (subtle eye-rolling, sighing, slouching) but I tried to give him my thanks.
Next assignment was a group presentation. Andrew was assigned to a group with me and 2 others. Per the rubric each member needed to speak for 5 minutes minimum and cover 3 slides. I offered to format all slides and to help write scripts for their parts (they had to do the research though). I had 3 of my own slides and one of the group members read them. The presentation was going okay but Andrew was mispronouncing a country which is frowned upon in reporting. I got his attention and slowly managed to get the name out with the proper pronunciation… sort of. He said, “Oh NOW you decide to speak up.” I brushed it off but noticed the professor was one of the loudest to laugh.
There was a written peer evaluation at the end. I praised my group and gave one bit of constructive feedback for each. They all gave the same feedback for me: “Didn’t do his part.” Via email I explained to the professor the arrangements we agreed on for me to make up for not doing a spoken part and he said, “You can’t expect me to try to change how your classmates feel about your participation.” I never asked him to do that. I just explained that I tried to contribute extra in other ways.
Despite him saying that we gave a “model” presentation that the rest of the class should follow, we got the worst grade because “speaker requirements weren’t met” and “peer reviews were negative.” The next class was spent talking about what we could personally do better. Andrew said, “I could refuse to work with someone who can’t do their job.” The professor then said, “Self-advocacy is important in reporting so if someone isn’t up to your speed then you should do what you need to do to be successful.”
I took his advice and wrote to the Dean and the Disability Rep recounting the whole thing. In the most recent class Andrew gave me a hearty “you’re an asshole” as I took my seat (I ignored it) and the professor sighed and shook his head when we made eye contact.
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2023.05.29 04:24 mmm123124 Can anyone help me figure out how to make a career change?

I’m looking for insight on how to change my career path. I’ve been working in daycare/preschool settings for 10+ years and wanting to make a change. I have two kids of my own and ready to move away from working with little ones directly, as I’m starting to become worn out. I will finish my bachelors in spring 2024. My bachelors will be in general studies with a focus on social and behavioral science. I have an associates in social science, my CDA credential, and a Montessori teaching diploma. I know General Studies is less than ideal, but it was my only option to finish my bachelor anytime soon because of issues with transfer credits across state lines. I would be happy to continue working with kids, but more on the administrative side. I’m seeing a lot of jobs I will qualify for once I have my bachelors such as RBT, case manager, family support specialist, etc. I’m open to working in child care administration, and interested in HR and social work, school counseling as well. I’m considering getting my masters but I would rather not if I can avoid it for now.
I’m looking for any insight on any of these jobs or any other jobs I sound like I could be a good fit for. I’m even open to any ideas for a totally new career path. If anyone with a degree in general studies has any guidance, I would appreciate that as well!
The most important part to me is having a job that is flexible enough with my hours for me to be able to figure out how to get my kids to/from school and care for them when they’re sick, etc.
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2023.05.29 04:24 RafterRattlerVT P365 Macro or Hellcat Pro

Need some thoughts or opinions. Looking for a slim 9mm CCW, and after doing a ton of research and handling, I've narrowed my choices to either a P365 Macro or Hellcat Pro. The Hellcat grip is nice, but the Sig fits my hand slightly better, and I suspect I'd love it because I love my P322. The downside is that I live in a state that restricts mag capacity, so my lgs would keep the included 17rd mags with no compensation. I'd be left buying some p365xl 12rd mags and adapter plates which will add another ~$150 to the effective price. The up side would be that I can attach my Holosun EPS Carry with no adapter plate. The Hellcat comes out of the box with 15rd mags which are allowed here, readily available and cheaper, but I'd need to use an adapter plate with the Holosun. I also kinda like the brand variety idea since I already have a Sig P322. I also have a few others, but nothing from Springfield. Given only those two choices, what would be your reason for choosing one over the other?
Thanks for any thoughts to noodle on...
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2023.05.29 04:24 Deathhorrorninja Bi_irl

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2023.05.29 04:24 Revolutionary-Ad9731 Where to buy a pool cover and then store it?

Hi everyone, great posts this week on all the pool openings! I will be needing to purchase a new pool cover for my kidney shaped pool. Does anyone have recommendations on which company to use and how to get the right size?
Also, where do folks store their pool cover when it is off. It takes up most a good portion of our garage and interested in ideas of how to do this differently.
Thank you all for your help.
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2023.05.29 04:23 gaga_gabs Friendship heartbreak

One of my friends and I have never seen eye to eye on certain topics. She is a very reckless person, and I consider myself to be planned out and organized when it comes to decision making. We had a falling out because of our different perspectives and just recently reconciled.
The problem is, she started dating a new guy 4 months ago, and while we were on 'a break,' she got pregnant. I just found out about this and went into panic mode. I haven't replied to her since she told me the news, but i honestly feel terrible.
To me, having a child at our age is irresponsible. I mean, she can barely care for herself! And not to mention all of the things she wanted to do and won't be able to. It feels as if she's just doing it to tie this new guy down, and it makes me feel disgusted. I really wanted to be a better friend for her, I really wanted to have her back, but I just can't stay truthful to myself if I fake being happy for her. I just feel awful about everything. I really love her, but she's throwing her life away.
I should also mention that this whole ordeal has taken a toll on me. I've always had trouble making and staying friends with people, so it's especially hard for me to let go the few i still have left. I've honestly cried over this situation. I don't know what to do.
It breaks my heart to leave her, but I feel that if I can't be happy for her, I shouldn't be her friend. Should I confront her or just leave it and let the friendship die on its own? I could really use some advice.
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2023.05.29 04:23 BadTemperament 39 [M4F] Help, I'm having a midlife crisis and my lease is up

Looking for anyone else out there looking for some friendly chat or possibly light online friendship. I've recently found myself having a bit of freedom, looking to see some things. Pens fan; music lover; part of my pretty extensive midlife crisis has been learning to play the electric guitar; pretty interested in current events, especially international; prestige TV, even though I'm skipping the Succession finale tonight; fitness and healthy eating and cooking, though I am not a fanatic lol. Been listening to (lately): The War on Drugs, Arcade Fire, Beck, and Spoon. Looking for fans of same, just one is ok!
What I offer: companionable conversation; won't be creepy; low stakes; I have a pic if you do; probably a good chance I'll be actually interested in what you have to say haha. My background is pretty eclectic, I have more interesting things to say about research psychology and self-employment just because of where I've been. Hope to hear from you!
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2023.05.29 04:22 6Emo6Witch6 Arduous Love

As I lay here watching you peacefully sleep, I wonder what you dream about, and is it of me? Are our hands still intertwined? Is your heart and soul still tangled with mine? Are we still growing into each other like vines do, indefinitely? Into oblivion we go, eyes locked on one another. We wear masks to hide our deepest secrets from each other; what is yours painted like? As I hold you close to me at night, I silently scream, wondering if you will ever hear me reaching out for you. I stroke your beautiful face and try to console you for all the pain and strife you have been through. As I watch your eyes flick back and forth in a mysterious dream, I wonder if you ever do the same for me. I watch us running through an overgrown field behind the darkness of my eyelids, only for us to be stopped by something. It is complete and utter bliss. Our lips lock, and we say everything we’ve ever wanted to say to each other through our timeless interaction. Ah yes, timeless—the only word to describe my love for you. And I’m lost and confused as I lay in our bed of thorns every night, locked in my mind's trap.
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2023.05.29 04:22 awayteamriker [WTS] Garage Sale Parts Bin Clean Out - ALG, Geissele, VLTOR, Uppers, Mags, and more

Cleaning out the parts bin and have the following available. Prices include shipping except where noted on the lower cost items. I prefer Zelle and Venmo F&F but can also do PayPal F&F.

Upper receiver group with Geissele 11.5 inch 5.56mm 1:7 CHF barrel (parkerized and chrome-lined, not black oxide), Geissele pinned gas block, Geissele 9.5 inch MK14 rail, and VLTOR MUR upper. Parts were all non-blem but there is some light wear and scratches from a little bit of use. Not more than 400 rounds through it. Includes Magpul MBUS sights but no BCG or charging handle. Looking for $425 on this one. More photos here:
Upper receiver group with KAK 8 inch 300 Blackout 1:7 stainless steel barrel, Geissele pinned stainless steel gas block, ALG 10 inch EMR V3X rail, KAK flash can, and a Cerro forged upper. Parts were all non-blem but there is some light wear and scratches from a little bit of use. Not more than 300 rounds through it. Includes Magpul MBUS sights but no BCG or charging handle. Only ever shot subsonic and no problems cycling unsupressed. Looking for $375 on this one. More photos here:
Bushnell Banner 2 3-9x40 1 inch tube scope. Supposedly this is a long eye relief scope but I had no problem using it in the typical position on a Ruger American. Only one range trip with this one to sight it in, could probably pass as new. Includes box, bikini cover and chinesium scope rings. How about $45 on this one. More photos here:
Lucid HD7 red dot sight. These were pretty popular about 10 years or so ago before Holosun or Primary Arms were really on the scene this was considered the good Chinese made budget red dot to get. Has a built in mount, selectable reticles, manual and automatic brightness, looks kinda like an ACOG from a distance if you squint. It has spent most of its life on a .22 but it has been dropped and scratched up a little but overall in pretty good shape. The rear lens does have some sort of small spot on it but you only see it if you are focusing on it. How about $45 on this one. More photos here:
Green Mountain 16 inch 223 Wylde 1:6 (yes, actually, it's a thing) stainless steel barrel with rifle length gas. Barrel was originally 18 inches but had it cut down by Class III Machining down in TX. Mrgunsngear on YouTube has a video of him testing this same barrel and shooting a 1/2 inch group with 69gr. I never did any accuracy testing though so I can't confirm. It will definitely prefer 69gr and 77gr though. Its a heavier profile and weights around 2 pounds. Includes a pinned Geissele gas block. Has a pretty good scratch just in front of the gas block from removing it unfortunately. Looking for $75 on this one. More photos here:
9mm AR components being sold together as a kit. KAK mag well conversion block for Colt SMG mags with last round bolt hold open, Ballistic Advantage 9mm barrel with FSB (same length as a 10.5 inch 5.56), CMMG blow back BCG from before they switched to the radial delay, KAK extra heavy extended buffer. Parts are all a little salty, probably around 600 rounds of 124 and 147 FMJ through it and never any problems feeding. How about $175 for the components.

The below items must either be bought in conjunction with something above or bought with at least one other item below or add $10 to ship.

ASC 32 round 9mm SMG magazine. A little salty and dirty but function fine. 7 available, looking for $12 each.
ASC 20 round 9mm SMG magazine. A little salty and dirty but function fine. 3 available, looking for $8 each.
VLTOR Vulcan RE1, standard length milspec 7075 buffer tube. Salty and blem. 2 available, looking for $8 each.
No name milspec buffer tube with castle nut, pretty sure this came with one of my pistol braces but can't be sure. Salty. How about $8 here too.
Magpul grip, (SL maybe?), too skinny for my hands. Includes Magpul screw and a star washer, very lightly used. $8 again.
Magpul RVG. Just a little salty. $8
Magpul AFG. Just a little salty. $8
ETS Glock 43 6 round 9mm magazine. Used only once or twice. $8
Magpul Scorpion magazine. Never used. I don't even have a scorpion. $8
Lancer 30 round 5.56 magazine. Only used once or twice. $8
Make an offer if you are interested in several items as a bundle.
Trades I would be interested in:

Edit: Fixed table alignment.
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2023.05.29 04:20 Ambitious_Lychee_478 Communication

I really want the best for my new relationship. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 4 months and have already made plans to be together for the rest of our lives. We are working on getting a place and being able yo take care of ourselves and ourselves for the long term. Recently we’ve had a real problem with communication….we assume we are going to see each other everyday unless something else comes up but he doesn’t communicate when plans change and I really can’t stand that he can’t just tell me his next move.
Going to the store with a friend turns into a 6 hour adventure to a restaurant and the movies. Granted he can have all the time in the world for friends and I understand friends looking out for one another but the lack of communication is bothersome. We had plans to see each other but he decided to take the offer to eat and go to the movies instead of just saying no….He says he wants to do everything with me and see me everyday. We love each other very much but this feels bad. I want to feel better whenever he goes out and I want to also do my best to communicate too because neither of us are perfect. I just feel slighted when shit like this comes up.
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2023.05.29 04:19 girlboss1988 What has been the surgery that made the most difference for you?

Hey all,
So I am on my glow up journey and have been since 2016. I have had several surgeries and I’d say I’m now about 60% of the way to where I want to be and it’s a great feeling.
Just wanted to share some of my tips and also see what surgery has made the most impact on someone’s self esteem?
For me - by far the biggest impact was double jaw surgery. I only discovered this surgery in 2018 or so and realized I had a very glad face with no support for my cheeks and under eye area and a recessed chin. It was by far the most intense surgery and healing process but I can say now, 1.5 years later, my entire face structure has changed and since I addressed the underlying structural issues, the changes are permanent.
The doctors tried to convince me that I could achieve the same results using filler. And by having a sliding genioplasty however, this would not have provided the same structural support for my mid face.
Secondly, I wanted to offer my own experience in point of you, as someone who has been on this journey for quite some time.
Number one - space out your surgeries. Only combine surgeries that will complement each other and don’t do too many things at once. If you do not only will this be a huge shock to your psyche it will also potentially distort your face causing permanent damage, and you will not get the results you are intending.
Number two - start out with the structural/biggest surgeries first by biggest. I mean the ones that are going to have the biggest impact. After each surgery, allow your face plenty of time to heal because residual swelling can last several months or in some cases like with Jaw surgery or a rhinoplasty an entire year. I know that this seems like a long time, but you will be able to look and observe the changes in your face overtime and reassess what other procedures you want to do.
Number three - always take advantage of any zero interest opportunities when paying for your plastic surgery. In my case there is usually either a six or 12 month zero interest payment plan that allowed me to get the surgery right away and separated into equal incremental payments to completely pay off the surgery before incurring any interest
Number for - thoroughly do your research and understand that a lot of what you see on Instagram or TikTok is not a good source of information. There are plenty of doctors in virtually every city that can perform most plastic surgery as satisfactorily. I relied on Instagram and went to a very prominent doctor in Los Angeles for upper eyelid surgery and while it looks good for the first year or two, it has actually made my eyes appear smaller. This is added the need to have a revision surgery in the future and one out at the top of my priority list. It is something that I could have avoided if I would’ve done more thorough research on the type of surgery that I needed to achieve my intended result, and not relied on websites Instagram and purely online. It’s a journey, so don’t beat yourself up too bad if you make a mistake.
Number five - take lots of photos of yourself both from the front and side profile and really analyze what it is that you want to change. I used items such as the golden ratio and the golden ratio mask, gonial angle, and principles of symmetry to really analyze what was going to make my face the most best version of itself that it could be. Don’t go into surgery thinking that you want a specific celebrities face or feature. You are not going to look like that celebrity and it is going to look bad. However, you can look like the best version of yourself the way that God intended you to be with a little bit of help from science. Remember, beauty is in nature in the form of symmetry.
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2023.05.29 04:19 Domino_Hero Opium Math Project ft. ye 😎😎😎

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2023.05.29 04:19 Kamui134 Clickworker support Answer about the new Payoneer Change

as we all know Clickworker did make this change only to solve the 30$ fee of payoneer but when your solution is making it even bigger problem to the people then you need to not do this change its just simple but after i did talk to Clickworker support in a Ticket i can tell you CW didn't consider anything when they made this Decision, i told the support that this change will harm me way more than the 30$ fee of payoneer and all what the support said to me is (sorry to hear that unfortunately thats the only way we will pay right now and you can hold your earnings in CW wallet and you can transfer them any time you want)
like what is the point of this CW wallet ? any time i will transfer this money i will pay the same fuckin Bank fee in my country, i don't know how they thought this decision is a good one when literally anyone gonna know it will make it worst, its clearly thats not a solution to solve the Workers problem, its a solution to solve Clickworker managers problem, i don't know what is this problem but im pretty sure they made this solution for them not for us.
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2023.05.29 04:19 Zilloclaw The Moonshadow Slave Chapter 1

It was a dark and dangerous night in the Midnight desert, with the Soulfang serpents lurking around, waiting to sink their fangs into a victim to consume their soul.
Luckily, though there was an oasis in the desert, and a new group, Team Zym, was safe inside of it. Two members of this group had been there before, but the rest hadn’t.
“This place is beautiful!” The young King Ezran exclaimed as he took in the oasis; a lush green area contained in a huge magical shield.
“Yes it is,” Ezran’s older half-brother, Callum, agreed.
“Yeah, but we should probably get some rest,” Rayla said.
After their failure to get the clue to the location of Aaravos’s prison from Rex Igneous, the group had gone back to Katolis to think. They had realized that the next clue to Aaravos’s prison was in the possession of the Archdragon of the Ocean, but they needed a guide to that dragon. And while Callum and Rayla had travelled with Nyx the Skywing, they had learned that she knew a lot about the ocean. So they had travelled back into the Midnight Desert to try and find her, but they had had no luck.
So Team Zym had gone to the Oasis and now they settled down to sleep.
Ezran, Bait and Zym slept next to each other.
Rayla and Callum on the other hand, lay apart from each other.
Rayla sighed as she wished she could sleep next to Callum. During their journey to return the Dragon Prince to his mother, they had fallen in love and shared several kisses, but later, Rayla’s lingering anger and grief over the loss of her parents and her mentor at the hands of the ruthless dark mage Lord Viren had led her to leave Callum to seek revenge. She had lied to him that they would look for Viren together, and then left him on his BIRTHDAY of all days.
Callum had already forgiven Rayla, but things were still awkward between them. They both wanted things to go back to the way they were, but they both knew they needed to rebuild the trust between them again.
But it wasn’t just the awkwardness, something else was happening.
Rayla and Callum were both eighteen now; officially adults. They still felt deeply for each other, and something new unfamiliar feeling had awakened within them. A nice warm feeling.
Looking Callum, sleeping so peacefully now, Rayla wanted more than anything to be lie down beside him, but she restrained herself.
Rayla knew that the awkwardness between her and Callum was her fault. She may have had good reasons for leaving, but that did not change the fact that she had deceived and abandoned him. Regret pierced Rayla’s heart as she thought of how her own desire for revenge had almost cost her the one last person who truly loved her. I was so obsessed with revenge that I almost lost him for good, she thought.
Rayla needed to think, and she couldn’t think clearly staring at her handsome prince mage. So she stood up and walked to another place near the edge of the oasis. She sat down upon a log and looked out into the desert, letting her confused thoughts flow through her head. She wanted more than anything than to get back with Callum, but how could she regain his trust?
Furthermore, she couldn’t think of a way to deal with these strange new warm feelings of hers. This… lust. She wanted Callum in a way she had wanted no one before.
Rayla was a beautiful Moonshadow Elf; a type of elf that drew power from the magical energy of the moon. As an elf, she had four fingers on each of her petite hands, dark violet stubby horns and pointed ears that peeked out from underneath her hair. She was slim and willowy with shoulder-length white hair, light pink skin, and purple eyes that had indigo tear-like elven markings underneath them. She wore a braid on the right side of her head. She also wore a form fitting teal and navy bodysuit secured by a black vest, dark brown straps, and a dark brown belt embellished with a silver brooch. The outfit was topped off with thigh-high navy blue boots and bracers. Now that she was eighteen and officially an adult, Rayla’s body had become a bit curvier, and her breasts had grown a little larger and perkier. And with the maturing of her body came new feelings.
A sudden touch on Rayla’s hand startled her. She looked up, expecting to see Callum. But it wasn’t. It was Stella, the female cuddlemonkey she had found and adopted while hunting Viren. “Oh, hey Stella,” Rayla cooed, giving the little primate a gentle touch on the nose. Stella chirped gently, looking at Rayla with huge eyes.
Rayla sighed. “Ah, I don’t know what to do Stella. I want Callum to trust me again, and I… I want him, but I don’t know how to get back with him.”
Stella gently nuzzled Rayla’s four-fingered hand. “Thanks, Stella, but there are problems you can’t nuzzle away,” Rayla said gently, appreciating the gesture, but knowing it could not make her problems go away.
Rayla’s thoughts drifted back to Callum; his handsome face, his powerful magic, and she felt the strange hot feeling in her body again. It seemed to burn like a fire in her skin. What could she do with these feelings?
For a long time, Rayla just sat there, thinking her strange thoughts and feeling her strange feelings.
Then, quite suddenly, Rayla became aware that Stella was not beside anymore. “Stella?” She asked, looking around. When Rayla look over her shoulder, she gasped, her purple eyes widening in shock and horror.
Standing several feet behind her was a huge, green creature, dressed in armor and with a green face like a pig. It was holding Stella tight in its hands and keeping one hand tight over the cuddlemonkey’s mouth to keep her from screaming.
“Hey, let her go!” Rayla cried, leaping to her feet and reaching for her butterfly blades. But before she could even touch them, two long, strong, green arms swung down and wrapped a large, white kerchief around Rayla’s mouth, sealing it shut.
“HYRAGMMMHHGAMMMMPH!” Rayla sputtered incoherently through her gag. Instinctively, she grabbed it and tried to pull it off, but the creature that was pulling the gag against her lips was too strong. It tied the gag behind the nape of her neck in a VERY hard knot, sealing her mouth tight shut and muffling her voice. “LHH MHH GHH!” Rayla whined through her gag. “LHH MHH GHH! MMMMMMPH!”
The creature behind Rayla seized her arms and forced them behind her back. Then, there was a jingling sound something made of metal and had chains was whipped out. Next moment, there was clicking sound as a pair of iron shackles was slapped onto Rayla’s slender wrists. “OWRMPH!” Rayla gasped through her gag as she felt the cold metal snap onto her wrists. That HURT! She thought.
Rayla was quite helpless now; with her mouth tightly gagged, her wrists cuffed behind the small of her back, and her shoulders held tightly by the creature behind her, she couldn’t move. “GHH OFHH MHH! LHH GHH! MMMMMMMPH!” Rayla whined through her gag, wriggling and thrashing will all her might, but the creature was too strong.
Rayla was able to take one last look at Stella before the creature forced her to turn around, revealing itself to be yet another big, green, armored, two-legged creature with a boar-like face. Before Rayla could do anything, the creature raised its right hand, curled it into a fist, and PUNCHED Rayla square in the forehead!
“OWRMPH!” Rayla grunted through her tight gag as the creature punched her so hard that her white-haired head buckled under the blow. Rayla straightened up. She felt stiff and then dizzy. Her purple eyes rolled in her head and her vision went foggy. Then, very slowly, the beautiful Moonshadow Elf fell to the ground, blacking out before she even hit it.
The two Gamorreans looked down at their new captive with satisfaction. They had been sent by their master to hunt for new slaves, and they had found one.
They looked at each other and smiled in their own hideous way. “Jabba will be pleased,” they said in unison.
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2023.05.29 04:17 Background_Bar_1899 AITA for calling someone out on treating me like a 2nd class person?

So a while back me (45m) was dating a younger woman (25f). First date she tells me her most intimate stuff, me being me hold back certain things about my past (minor criminal stuff) because I have been judged in the past and not to mention that she comes from a cop family. Things are going great until I get myself into a situation (DUI). I call her and tell her this. She runs my background and sees that I had a previous one (dark times, never again) and proceeds to tell me that I lied to her because I didn’t disclose this beforehand. Keep in mind we had been dating for just a couple of months. So I get dropped, but there’s something about this girl. Over the next year or so, we occasionally chat via text or Snap and the conversation is decent. She goes in and out of a few other relationships during this time. I occasionally ask her to meet up for coffee or something and was always met with “maybe, IDK, LOL,” stuff like that. Always told her “ if you don’t want me to ask anymore, just say so and I’ll stop but I would at least like to be your friend again.” She never said to stop or f*** off or anything. So recently I asked again if she wanted to get ice cream. Again met with the LOL and IDK. I have never been mean or done anything to hurt this person, but she refuses to do anything in public and will only occasionally chat via text. So I got fed up and called her out for acting like royalty and treating me like a piece of garbage and that I wanted a yes or no answer on things. For this I got removed from her Snap and I’m a terrible person. This is so dumb, but hurtful because I’ve been nothing but a good person to her and have drastically changed my ways. For her. Is it me?
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2023.05.29 04:16 griggori Drill bit broke, driller is charging me for it?

Hello fine well-driller folk,
I recently had an existing well re-drilled and deepened, and the cost came in close to the estimate, except apparently a 6" hammer drill bit broke during the course of the drilling and the company is charging me the cost to replace it -- about $750 dollars.
That may not seem like much, but that's a lot of money to me right now.
My question is, is this industry standard? Are client normally charged for broken bits or equipment? Isn't this just part of the normal operational costs for operating a drill rig?
I'd love to know your thoughts. Thanks.
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2023.05.29 04:16 coffeeisawesome101 Suggestions on how to keep my clarinet in the car the whole day ?

I have a job where I'm outside doing traveling around Houston doing field work the whole day and I would have to bring my clarinet with me in order to make researsal on time. I can't leave my car on. Houston in the summer is very hot and I know my clarinet would be ruined sitting in the car. I was thinking of insulating my clarinet in something so it wouldn't get too cold then putting it in a good cooler (like a yeti) with a little bit of ice. Is this a horrible idea ? I have an expensive clarinet and I really don't want to ruin it. I've missed playing my instrument in a band since I've been out of school so I really want to make this work. Any better suggestions?
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2023.05.29 04:16 achristophermerrow Request for similar experiences!

For the past 2 years I have been struggling with uveitis, caused by sarcoidosis. Despite my condition managed with methotrexate and not finding any other inflammation (heart, lungs, eyes all good), I still have very high sed rate and c reactive protein. My rheumatologist is taking a wait and see approach so I decided to see a naturopath who recommended low dose naltrexone. I am nervous about taking another medication, so I would love to hear about any similar experiences.
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2023.05.29 04:16 holytindertwig Sorcerer is a better party member than wizard

After having played my first sorcerer in Icewind Dale, after having played many wizards, I have come to the opinion that wizard is the main and potentially only culprit of the martial caster divide. Wizards disrupt play in two main ways:
  1. Amount of spells known
  2. Variety of spells known
For the sorcerer, additional spell slots and ability to turn metamagic points into spells and or alter spells was not a detriment to the party. Fireball hurt the enemies but didn’t outright kill them it did not invalidate the fighter. As a sorcerer I f you pick a good selection of spells you add to the party without overshadowing other players. Invisibility may invalidate aspects of a rogue but maybe you wont also have spells known space for knock for instance, you may have charm person but maybe not disguise self.
By having a smaller pool of spells it may in fact be a benefit to party balance rather than a detriment as it forces the sorcerer to be very efficient and pick one or two specialties without overshadowing the rest of the party.
Wizard basically means you don’t need a rogue or a face or a survival expert or a mobility and speed expert.
I feel like sorcerer is more of a team player than wizard because the main issue with the martial caster divide is the power of individual spells and wizards get unfettered access to it all.
On a similar vein Rogues invalidate monk’s mobility and compete with bard’s face skills while paladins are tanks dpsers and healers all in one package. I feel like these classes are also poor team players but that might just be my opinion.
A way to curtail the Wizard’s reign might be in limiting spell selection by school or the initial 6 in spellbook 2 at level up mechanic. Thoughts?
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2023.05.29 04:15 Suspicious-Olive9183 18 [M4F] #Houston #Tx Looking for a partner, age does not matter

Hello redditor nice to meet you. I am here because i want to meet my other match in hopes to find “the” person. I want to grow as a person so i hope you and i can work things out :) I would love to talk about myself here but id rather do that in person.
Feel free to reach out to me or ask me anything :)
No i am not a bot you can ask me to send a recent pic or something
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2023.05.29 04:15 hel743 Everyday camera recommendation?

Hey everyone!
I am currently in the process of searching for a good everyday camera. I have read a lot of articles, watched a lot of videos but I can't seem to choose one specific camera since some articles will say one camera is great but another article will say how it is not that great. So if you have any recommendations of cameras you like it would be really appreciated and maybe it would enlighten me on my choice!
Here are my preferences:
-small camera that I can carry in a purse everyday with me
-better quality than smartphone and more manual control (I have the iPhone 11)
-great at videos (does not have to be filmmaker video quality but something decent, same level or better than iPhone)
-if possible, a zoom for when I travel
-decent low light performance (better than iPhone)
- Ideally, something that would be good quality enough to take portraits photos without too much noise (I currently have a bridge camera and when I take a portrait the image isn't so sharp and there is a lot of noise)
I will buy my camera second hand and my budget is around 400$-500$ but the less the better!
Thank you in advance!! :)
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