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2023.06.09 16:54 watashiwaanj 27 f [chat] with someone in LA also

Hey, I am 5'4 brunette and petite. I enjoy anime, asian culture, k pop, k drama, travelling, eating good food, sight seeing etc. My preference for men is east Asian, so it would be a plus if you're asian. Hmu with a selfie plz :)
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2023.06.09 16:51 GeetaBite 30 [F4M] I hope you find your special someone

If you're like me, you want an easy to read post with additional context if I want to learn more.
Me: 30, single, South Asian raised in TO, 5'4, plus sized
You: 29-38, single, progressive, South Asian raised outside of South Asia, > 5'5, bearded
I've settled into my career in tech, have the best sidekick dog I could wish for and am excited to continue personal development throughout my life.
I'm looking for someone passionate, ambitious and level-head. Ideally, you can meet regularly and want a long-term relationship.
I am a city girl but I enjoy balancing excitement and high-energy with content & relaxation. I love to travel - solo, with friends, weekend road trips, backpacking, slow travel - I love it all! I enjoy having a plan even if the plan is to be flexible.
My cultural roots are important to me; the food, the music, the people, the cringey bits, all of it. Ideally, you enjoy watching South Asian movies. (PS2? 👀)
Communication is really important to me and I find it critical for all phases of any relationship. While I don't have a preference for voice, I think how you communicate and speak can be attractive for the right person.
What I bring:
Other than the cutest dog, I will be your best friend and show/give you all the love you deserve. I have a feminine and compassionate spirit. I can be the person who supports you and the person you support. The best cheerleader in your court and a partner for all of the desires you want to share.
I want to add so much morale and value to your life that it becomes the best life you could ever dream of.
Some caveats:
I have commitments that require me to live in the GTA (or near the GTA) long-term.
I do not feel a sense of calling to have children of my own. I am open to adopting, fostering or having no children.
Let's chat. :)
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2023.06.09 16:49 jasondfw Finally have crow visitors, but need help getting them to the backyard

TL;DR: I've attracted crows, but I need to lure them to the backyard instead of the front.
I've been working on getting crow visitors for about 2 months now. I slowly started adding feeders and baths to my backyard so I can watch right out my home office window. You can see my backyard setup below. Shepherd's hook with a tube feeder and platform feeder, window mounted feeder, and 2 bird baths. There's also a giant catalpa tree to the right. I replace the bird bath water every 1-2 days and have been testing out different waste free seed/nut/fruit mixes. I started out with just peanuts in the shell, and I still put them in the platform feeder or on the ground sometimes.
As you can see, the yard is wide but not very deep, so I know they're probably cautious about such an enclosed ground area.
So I currently get several other birds (grackles, doves, blue jays, cardinals, finches, starlings, and more), squirrels, and rabbits. I enjoy those, but I want the crows.
I found the local crows a few weeks ago and have been walking by them every few days tossing peanuts as I go. On Monday, we heard them outside so I ran out into my front yard and saw them on top of a house nearby. I started tossing peanuts into the yard and then went inside. Shortly after he swooped down and started eating them. SCORE! He brought a few friends and we had 4 crows visit on Monday. They've actually visited every day this week, so I'm finally on their food route!
But there are a few problems... First off, as luck would have it, a bunny dropped a couple kits in a nest in our front flower garden on Monday. So she's been guarding our front yard and charging anything that gets near, including the crows.
Second problem... My new friends like to visit at around 6-6:30am. I get up for work around that time, so I don't mind it, I enjoy waking up to cawing outside before my alarm goes off. But the crows sit on the neighbor's house across the street when they caw. I don't want to upset the neighbors with my new friends. I'm really going to look like an asshole if they see me tossing peanuts to the crows that are waking them up every morning. They also sometimes sit on the houses behind me that can see into the backyard, but I haven't been able to get them to visit these feeders.
So, how do I lure my new friends into the backyard? I've tried leaving a trail of peanuts along the side of the house with the gate open leading into the back. I've also tried a couple of bowls of peanuts. The grackles and squirrels eat this up, the crows don't. I also tried lining the top of the fence with peanuts. I did that this morning while one of the crows was on top of the house behind me, but again the squirrels and grackles ate them all, the crows did not.
Sorry for the long post, but I'm very close to cementing the murder I've been seeking for the past couple of months and just need a little help.
EDIT: I realize that I should have included a picture of my new friends! Here they are on Tuesday, second day visiting. They don't immediately fly out of the yard if I go out front, so they aren't too scared of me. You can see mama bunny staring daggers at them from across the street because her babies are in those bricks right between them.
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2023.06.09 16:28 idontknowhowtofly 44 [M4F] Valencia, Spain - someone to have a drink with and maybe more

Single, been told I’m good looking (197/90 - if that’s important). I’m currently on a vacation at Valencia, visiting a friend. Architect by profession…like long walks, photography, art, IT, music (all kinds), anime and Asian culture/food in general (finished graduate school in Japan so I can speak Japanese, still wrestling with Chinese and Korean though) Just looking for someone to hangout with while I’m here. Let’s see how it goes, maybe it can lead to something more…
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2023.06.09 16:21 AdamR46 r/GPT x FanAmp Austrian Grand Prix Meetup in Graz - Bring friends and hang out Saturday, July 1st

GPT x FanAmp Austrian Grand Prix Meetup in Graz - Bring friends and hang out Saturday, July 1st
Our next meetup is for everyone traveling to the Austrian Grand Prix! We’ll be celebrating an amazing weekend with a night of drinks and new friends in the Austrian city of Graz, located nearby the Red Bull Ring.
This will be my first time in Austria and I'm excited to meet some of you out there in Graz!
Whether you're heading to Austria solo or with a group, this is the perfect evening event to make friends and share in the memories from the track. The bar we chose is conveniently located in the city center - the Innere Stadt. And, because it will be a busy day, we'll have food for those arriving early!

Where: Hops Craft Beer Pub, Graz

When: Saturday, July 1st at 9pm

And don’t forget to join the Grand Prix Travel Base over on FanAmp (download here). So many people from the community are sharing tips and tricks, coordinating dinners and nights out, and watching together at the track.
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2023.06.09 16:19 kakkrot95 AI Recommendation for a 5-6 Night stay

We are 28M/25F couple,
Looking for an AI close to beach which has like some party scene if we want to attend a day or two, Food Should be a Priority.
Also looking for something which has excursion nearby such as scuba( want to give it a try) cant get other excrusion on mind right now.
Its our first time going to mexico so the place should be safe
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2023.06.09 16:15 zhebrand [NY] Possible racism from Security Guard at work? Do I report them?

I'm Asian and have a State Job in New York. I have been working there for about a year and a half. There are not that many Asian people who work in the state. I have to work in the Assembly Chambers 6 months out of the year and the area has some security guards. In the beginning of the year, this black security guard asked me to show some ID and started asking me questions. He has seen me in the Chambers last year. This guard has been working there much longer than I have.
He starts flipping my state ID front to back constantly. He starts questioning me what department I work in and who my boss is. I gave them the information and he says I never heard of it. I jokingly ask him do you want to see my license. He looks at both and starts questioning my license to. I told them if there is something wrong I can bring in my birth certificate and black light tomorrow to confirm
After that incident he asks me 1-3 times what my name is and what department I work for when he sees me in there for a few days
There have been late nights at work recently and there is food in the assembly members lounge. The black security guard (BOSS) encourages me to grab food from the lounge all the time. This black security guard recently denied me from going into the lounge for the past 2 nights. I noticed that my white co-workers go in without any issues. If I go in there with my white co-workers together we all get kicked out. I talked to this black security guard 1 on 1 and he starts making excuses saying rules have changed and no email was sent out about it. I talked to my boss and the security guard (BOSS) about it. The black security guard past by me last night and seemed unhappy after I talked to a superior. He also stared at me when I walked into the lounge last night afterward. I know people have had other issues with this same guard too.
I was wondering if this sounds like a race issue. I just feel like the security guard probably doesn't like me. I was talking to one of my white coworkers about it and they said it kinda sounds like racism. I want to know people's thoughts. I never reported anything to HR before
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2023.06.09 16:08 Cookies_n_Cream33 Need help reading into the situation.

Yesterday, I went out with someone I met on the Hinge app. We went to watch a movie together and ate afterwards. We are around the same age (I’m 22 and he’s 21) and we’re both college students entering our senior year.
The day of the movie he messaged good morning to me and we talked for a little bit. When I got to theatre I saw him and we both greeted each other. We made our way to the seats and he wanted to buy me something but I kept saying I was alright because the lines were super long and if we both went, no one would watch our stuff/potentially take our seats. So while sitting down, he asked me about my job and I explained. He said I was a sweetheart and also said I smelled good as well. I think we just watched the movie after this.
After the movie, he was super stunned (he really enjoyed it) and we talked about it for a bit as well as what I enjoyed about the movie. So I think atp, we were heading to a food court at a mall nearby.
Once we got to the food court, he saw something he wanted and I agreed to get it as well. He paid for the food we ordered and found a seat. Now, at this point there was some silence between us. I jokingly asked if it was still the movie and he nodded yes. After we sat down, I started eating but he didn’t like the food he ate. I felt bad and there wasn’t anything else around he wanted either. There was still a lot of silence even though I talked a little about where I go to school (which he asked me about) and the journey to where I am now. He said I was smart smart and then asked if I had any questions for him. The only question I asked was about his job and I said I was really impressed by him. Other questions didn’t come to my mind even though I was trying to think of some. We also talked about music tastes for a bit, which I blanked a little on, and then anime. He then wanted to go home and I agreed. He wanted to drop me at my bus stop I got lost a little so we just hugged goodbye.
After I got home, he texted me saying that he enjoyed our movie date and thanks with a thumbs up emoji. I responded by saying that I also enjoyed it and if he was still interested in going out with me and where this goes to let me know. He reacted with a thumbs up emoji.
Honestly, I feel like he’s not that interested in me because there was a lot of silence and his message after I got home. I can’t really pinpoint it but I felt like he was way more interested in the movie than talking to me. But then also feel like I could be reading him wrong.
What I can say is, whichever girl he really likes and wants to be serious with is very lucky.
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2023.06.09 15:44 repulsims 37M SoCal - looking for friends to voicechat, watch things and game with!

Ahoy there! It's been pretty lonely lately, so I figured I'd put myself out there and try to make some new friends. I'm of SouthEast Asian descent born and raised in Southern California. Definitely more of an indoor person, but I'm making an effort to go outside more and explore new places. Also a bit cringe so don't say I didn't warn ya!
I'm a huge fan of anime, science fiction, fantasy, documentaries, procedural crime shows, and series like Futurama, The Simpsons, Love Death Robots, and The Twilight Zone. I also enjoy playing a bunch of PC games (open world survival, fps, rpgs, fighting games, ect), so hit me up if you want to game together! I'm open to trying anything that looks fun.
Currently trying to improve all areas of my life and trying out new hobbies, listening to new music, watching new things. Mostly trying to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. Feel free to send a message if you're up for a friendly chat/voicechat but I'm going to ignore all "hey, sup" messages. Not asking for a lot of effort tbh, just tell me a little about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What movies, foods, games, or songs are you really into? I look forward to getting to know ya!
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2023.06.09 15:38 TGISeinfeld Who eats all the food?

On shows like these, where does all the extra food go? I assume the contestants and judges have a nice buffet dinner with all the food. But if there are leftovers, do they just give it to the crew or to a nearby shelter or something?
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2023.06.09 15:33 Atomicblonde So you want to import a horse (tales from a first timer)

For context: I am based on the US, ride dressage and work with a trainer who has imported numerous horses, so I was pretty well prepped on what to expect. Nothing was bad or crazy about this experience, I just feel like this might help others out there.
Finding an agent: Most likely if you are working with an experienced trainer, they will have contact info for an agent in Europe. If not, always ask how the agent is compensated. Some go on % of the price you pay on the horse, but others go on a fixed cost model (fee + travel expenses like hotels, food, rental car). Personally, I prefer the fixed cost model, but to each their own. Make sure you are clear with the agent about your price range and know that they typically work in euros - so if your budget is in USD or your local currency, do yourself a favor and make the conversion ahead of time. Also remember that that conversion changes regularly and, when you're talking in 5-6 figure budgets, you will notice those differences. Also be clear about any deal breakers. If you are staying in one general area, you probably need 4 days or so. Give yourself more time than you think you need (explained in etiquette section)
Booking the trip: Chances are, if you want to be able to view video ahead of your trip, you will not get a long lead time between booking and going. Obviously flights can be cheaper if you book well ahead of time, but sellers can only hold horses for so long. Some are quite accommodating and will hold for a week or 2, but remember that this is an inherent cost on their end. Also, when it comes to hotels and such, trust that your agent knows the best places to stay. A good agent will know small, nearby places that are typically less expensive and closer to the barns.
Etiquette: Shopping in Europe is quite differently paced than shopping in the US. For example, when you arrive, they will typically sit you down and have some coffee, maybe tell you about the stables, etc. It's friendly, welcoming and shouldn't be rushed through - even if you are dead-set on seeing a lot of horses on your trip. Great barns want to know that their horses are going to the right homes. When it comes to trying the horse, however, the timing aspect is sort of reversed. The moment you know this is not the horse for you, even if you haven't gotten on, you can say that you would like to pass. They will be glad you haven't wasted their time and will not be annoyed (I tend to find that such a terse interaction in the US would be considered rude - that doesn't apply at these barns that are getting in people regularly from around the world). Just as an aside, the horses will always be fully braided and turned out as if they are headed to a show. I honestly think that that presentation (and the offering of a drink or coffee) are very inexpensive ways that US sellers could heighten their game. But I digress.
Vetting: At least in Germany, it is federal law that the seller provide a standard set of 18 x-rays at their expense. I think it's feet (not skyline view), hocks, and stifles. Any additional x-rays can be purchased at your cost and they are generally quite a bit cheaper than in the US (because vets are doing x-rays regularly). So, for example, I added back and neck and the clinic charged me 250 euro. I vetted 2 horses and the sellers actually paid for both clinical vettings because, by their explanation, I was the first to vet both horses and it was easier for them to pay for it and then own the vetting if I decided to pass so they could keep it on file. (Obviously I was given the reports first so it's not like I had to get the reports through the sellers and worry about tampering or whatever)
Price negotiations: Aside from a language barrier and having a guide through the country, this is where a good agent can be key. This is a lot like it is in the US (prices can change based on vet findings, etc), but having a native speaker is very helpful. Also be aware (if this matters to you) if the seller works on a "coupon system". Essentially, some really big sale barns will tell you "if you don't like the horse, you can exchange it for another of equal value in such and such length of time". I'm honestly not sure if I find this good or bad, it's just sort of how it works. These barns have so many horses, it becomes easier to basically give you "store credit" to buy a different horse than give back your money. Oh, because I forgot to mention: European laws protect the consumer far more than the US (which does basically nothing in the case of horses). You have 2 years to return a horse, even if the horse was properly represented and it just didn't work out.
Import: Depending on where you fly into, it's safe to say that you will need to allocate $7500-$12k to import. Geldings only require 2-3 days of quarantine (depending on the time it takes to get bloodwork done), so that is why they are the most popular for import. Mares have to stay in quarantine for 3 weeks (I think that's right? Feel free to correct me anyone who has experience with this). If you are importing a stallion, I believe they are also 3 weeks AND they are required to breed to 2 mares during that time (it's flushed, no foal) to ensure they don't have equine STD's. Obviously since this is quite a hassle, only certain quarantine barns will accept stallions and I'm sure the import cost is far beyond what I have estimated above. Also, a pallet of horses (yup, they call them pallets) has 3 stalls and they will not fly the horses if the pallet is not filled. (Yeah, no extra leg room situations)
Ok, this was pretty long, but I'm sure I've missed something. If anyone has questions, please ask! I hope this was interesting and/or helpful.
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2023.06.09 15:29 Visual_Advice_2687 I don’t love my parents and I don’t want to spend time with them

I (25f) moved out with my boyfriend, now husband, two years ago when I got a full time job. I enjoy the freedom so much and I finally feel like I can be myself.
I went from crying, missing mum so much, every time after I visited, to avoiding visits as much as possible. Now I visit her around twice a month only out of obligation.
Mum tried her best to raise me and we were close when we lived together. We always have enough food and warmth and she make sure I got my grades and qualifications, like learning piano, for a more promising future (Yes, I’m Asian). Well, never not enough but also not too much. My father was always not around because of work, he will expresses that he loves us with words but not much actions. It also feels like he is not present even he is physically here. It’s like he’s a robot, he say what he needs to say ‘I’m happy seeing you guys happy’ and then shuts off to either watching TV, listening to audiobooks out loud or playing games on phones.
After I moved out, I explored a lot about myself. I went to therapy because of my anxiety (which my mum also has but she is ignoring it) and found out a lot about my childhood traumas and the ways I was brought up. I don’t hold a grudge against my parents because I know they did what they thought was best to raise me.
When I am around them now, I don’t feel accepted as an adult. I feel like there’s still a lot of judgement around what I do and how I do things when I was just simply answering my parents questions on how is life lately. So I gave up on answering sincerely and just gave short answers when they ask about my life. My mum starts to peer into my life by asking staff at a beauty salon that we both go to about me. It feels weird to me. We also don’t have similar interests, so we usually just talk about the weather and news when we have dinner. I hate going to pointless social events (which I usually just won’t go) and I enjoy my time alone. Having dinner with parents just become one of those boring things now that I’m starting to go less. Oh and we have very different values, like on political issues, racism, world view, life goals… etc.
I’m also very occupied with my life, going to work, keeping my home clean, going to yoga class, play dnd and video games with friends. My weekends are very precious to me and I want to spend it the way I want.
The less I spend time with them the happier I am. Sometimes I imagine if they are sick in hospital, I still can’t find the motivation to care for them (My mum had a history of hypochondria, maybe that’s affecting how I feel about them being sick). It sounds really heartless not wanting to take care of your parents and not being grateful and giving back.
Am I weird? How do you genuinely care for your parents? Do you think of the happy moments you had together? When people whine about how annoying their parents are how do they see it through?
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2023.06.09 15:15 elevatedcorn92 25 [M4F] To/online - long weekend connection

Hi there ! Current goal is to make connections I can talk to consistently as I have a decent amount of time outside of working from home for an environmental organization. I'm mixed asian, love animals and have tattoos of animals as well as a dog.
My current interest is diablo 4 as seen in the title and the other main game I play is league. I do like to read manga more than watch anime but happy to watch and I do like to try new foods with my friends ! Currently learning as much as I can about long term investing so that would be interesting to talk about.
Overall I'm happy to make connections long term and short term and am open to any type of connection. Happy to trade pictures if you're comfortable and hop on a voice call too ! Generally looking for people up to 30 with some kind of similarity but happy to learn something new .
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2023.06.09 15:03 GreatYarn Hyrule on the eve of the Akkalan War, 310 A.C

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2023.06.09 15:01 ab1741 A beginner's guide too...Gewurztraminer

A bold golden grape with Italian routes, but a German name. One of the hardest to spell, but one of the easiest to pick in blind tasting!
Despite the overly German name, Gewurztraminer actually originates from Italy, albeit a German-speaking city called Tramin in the north of Italy! Gewurztraminer literally translates to “spicy [grape] of Tramin”. Gewurztraminer is an aromatic white grape most famous examples of it come from Alsace (France), but high quality wines are made from this grape throughout the world.
Gewurztraminer is both early budding and early ripening. As such, it is best suited to cooler climates that allow the grape to ripen slowly. A longer time ripening is better for aroma development: in warm climates they might ripen too fast, and not be able to develop the characteristic aromas. The variety easily accumulates sugar and has distinctive pink skins, which can give the wines a golden colour. Growing Gewurztraminer can be very laborious though as it is prone to many diseases and pests. A result of this has been research into the production of resistant clones in Alsace.
The name is one of the more difficult grapes to spell, but spelling the name is definitely the most difficult part of blind tasting these wines. Gewurztraminer is golden in colour and the aromas of lychee, rose, spice and peach will jump out of the glass. On the nose, the lychee and rose will lead you immediately to the answer. The alcohol is high for a white wine, as is the body. Acidity is low. Finally, it is not unusual for these wines to have some residual sugar (off-dry), but they can be made in all styles from dry to sweet.
Because these wines pack a punch, they are rarely consumed daily. It is often suggested that Gewurztraminer accompanies spicy asian food nicely: the sweetness of the wine balances out the spice of the food. The finest examples may be aged for up to 10 years, but generally these wines are best enjoyed young.
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2023.06.09 14:41 sugar-soad Creatures

My wife Sara and I decided it was better if we moved to the countryside with our family, after the news reports of the attacks got more numerous. We had two young children and we wanted to keep them both safe.
We stockpiled food and water as we didn't know how long we would be trapped here until it was safe to leave. We told our sons that it was all a big game as we didn't want to frighten them. We found some old boardgames which we began to play as it was a good way of distracting everyone from what was happening outside.
We had been in our new home less than a month when we were woken by screams from one of the nearby houses. We quickly hid the children and tried to barricade all of the entrances. I looked out one of the upstairs windows and could see that the building across the street was on fire, and there appeared to be someone trapped on the top floor.
Sara screamed as the hammering on the outside of the building commenced. The noise was ear splitting and it sounded like there were thousands of them outside. I stared around in shock as the building seemed to be moving. I ran back downstairs to comfort Sara as I knew what was coming.
I jumped backwards as the living room smashed in by what looked like a tree stump. The creatures began piling in through the window and it didn't seem to phase them as the glass slashed into their flesh.
I was quickly overwhelmed and pinned to the ground as they had superior numbers. Sara seemed to be fighting them off for a few moments but one of them jumped onto her back which momentarily distracted her, and she was then dragged downwards.
The creatures stopped making any noise and gazed towards the door as she walked in. She stood tall and regal and her eyes were hypnotic. I tried to move as my sons were dragged in front of her. She gave them a reassuring smile before removing the pliers from her pockets. Neither of my sons resisted as she pulled out the last of their baby teeth. My sons eyes went vacant and they stood up and joined the rest of the feral children that worshipped her. I watched the Tooth Fairy swallow their teeth as she left with her ever increasing army
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2023.06.09 14:22 Hypocriticuss NoP Fanfic: Secret Predators - 14

Memory Transcription Subject: Supervisor Tern, Constellation Capital Ship*
Date [Standardized Human Time]: 20 October, 2136
Aliens can't see below the surface.
That fact is as true now as it was when the aliens first invaded us. That fact has also been the saving grace for Ranghals for 150 years. Act like a herbivore, act like you're in a "herd", act "cured", and hide underground when you think you can't act as convincingly, and the aliens will be unable to see your true self. Because aliens can't see anything beyond what's on the surface.
Captain Korman's briefing is a testament to that.
He, along with the captains of all the other ships, have decided to leave the expedition before establishing a settlement, citing dangerously ineffective ship maintenance and predator diseased behaviour from settlers and crew. And not just the captains, most of the staff on their bridges and even some of the doctors and mechanics no longer want to be in this fleet anymore. All in all, 65 aliens, roughly one-third of the crew, will be departing shortly after this briefing, in the two ships this capital ship has been housing. Just like how you'd expect a prey species to react, running at the slightest hint of danger.
Our plan to secure the fleet from the Nevok worked perfectly, more than perfectly, in fact, since there was always the possibility of the command being shifted to the exterminators instead of us. The sabotage that was meant to take away the exterminators' primary weapon also seemed to break any trust the soon-to-be former command had on them. So the captains didn't want to transfer power to any of them, especially after the tantrum some of the exterminators threw when their flamethrowers were taken for inspection, instead they relied on the supervisors, most of whom were Ranghals, fortunately.
And here was where one of the more infuriating prejudices of the aliens reared its ugly head. It's no secret they consider Ranghals primitive by their standards, the constant berating by the captains and the alien crew members remind us of that every single day. But it seems they saw us like some moss-licking cave dwellers who have never even seen a spaceship much less be inside one. Talking to us like we were academy freshmans who never touched a simulation in their lives, trying to teach us basics like engine control, sensor data readings, proper landing procedures, and how to avoid collision with other ships. It was like they hear the word "primitive" and all that pops up in their minds are barely sapient animals who just discovered tools for the first time in their history.
The look of surprise on their faces when we showed them that the ones to replace them were already experienced in piloting ships and managing crews from our days in commanding orbital defense and patrol ships was as amusing as it was frustrating. I guess Captain Korman and the others conveniently glanced over that part when they read our files when they sent me and a few others in this room for a "predator disease" screening. Hearing that, the inexperienced alien mechanics and officers the captains did select to be their replacements backed out, clearing the way for us Ranghals to take their place. The captains seemed uneasy about that development, but didn't refute it. I had to commend them at least for that, for trusting us "primitives" over the exterminators. Otherwise, taking over the bridges, and subsequently, the fleet, would've been a more difficult and bloodier endeavor.
The second infuriating aspect of the aliens showed when Captain Korman discussed how to start our settlement should this planet be deemed suitable for it. His last act as captain was to send atmospheric and surface probes to survey the planet, to get more detailed readings of the planet's atmosphere and geology to see if it was really inhabitable, and also to look out for signs of sapient life. And this was where the discussion got interesting, as before we were just nodding along to the captain's words, since commanding ships was a familiar topic.
Apparently, if this planet did contain sapient life, we were supposed to not make first contact. Instead, we were to inform one of the founding species of this planet's location and leave in search of another planet. When I asked why we weren't allowed to make first contact, the captain said it was standard for Kolshians or Farsuls to take on first contact projects.
"It is most likely that whatever new species we find will be a herbivore species", Korman elaborated, "Usually they're peaceful, as we all are, but they could be especially prone to violence if they're too primitive, like the Yotul".
He said "Yotul", but he eyed all the Ranghals in this room as he said it, clearly trying to implicate us too, but without being too blatant about it.
"In that case, if something goes wrong with first contact, it could sour the potential relationship between that species and the Federation"
"And what if the new species is a predator?", Supervisor Heda asked the obvious question that was in all our minds.
The aliens in the room gasped and clutched their fur in shock. Their eyes went wide and their mouths hung agape, acting like we committed some grave blasphemy. While we Ranghals just looked at them with confusion. It was a simple question, but judging the aliens' reactions, it seems even bringing up the topic of sapient predators sends them into a mild panic.
"W-well th-there's nothing to worry about", Korman reassured himself and the others, "Predators don't possess the ability to cooperate as well as we do, unless it is for killing and hunting. So it is near impossible that we'll find an entire civilization of predators, if they even reached sapience, that is. Maybe just a few tiny primitive colonies here and there", the aliens all flicked their ears in acknowledgement.
Korman continued, "Of course, there are fringe cases, like the Arxur and Human, but they're just that, fringe. Whatever new species we do find, it'll most certainly be a herbivore species, like the rest of the galaxy"
Lies. The alien was lying. More than 300 species in this galaxy, and including us, they're only 3 species of sapient predators? It didn't feel right. If what the aliens tried to do to us Ranghals is any indication, what happened to other omnivores like us is abundantly clear. And so is the reason for not initiating first contact. Either "cured" or wiped out, the founders of the Federation have been modifying entire species to be herbivores for thousands of years, and changing their history to be hateful towards all meat-eaters. We are the only ones that apparently managed to prevent this, at great costs. The Southern Strip Massacre, the loss of our cattle, the vilification of our deity, and now the collapse of so many of our forests. The aliens are a scourge on the existence of life and nature. It's abundantly clear just hiding from the aliens isn't enough anymore. It's time we took Rangha back from the invaders, however risky it may be. This is the first step towards it.
The meeting concluded, the captains transferred leadership to their replacements, and headed to the return ships as they were being prepared for the 9 day journey back to our home planet. As for me and my crew, we headed to the bridge to assume our new positions, as did the rest of the replacement crew in their own respective ships. The fleet was now ours, however, there was still a dangerous element in it that still remained. The alien exterminators will need to be dealt with for us to be in complete control.
As we entered the bridge, we were greeted by the only alien officer who decided to stay behind instead of leaving like the rest of his crew. Rimik, a Nevok, sensors officer, and apparently the only one of the previous crew with a big enough mental constitution.
Even then, by his mannerisms and fidgeting, it was clear he was a bit intimidated by us. The crew suddenly changing from of his own people to one of a different, unknown species must be a little unsettling. But then again, it could be his instincts telling him something is wrong. He is a prey species, after all, and we are predators, we are about to ambush them. Rimik may not have succumbed to his instincts like the rest of the aliens, but they still affected him.
One of the more troubling and confusing aspect of the alien's psychology was the fact that they never seemed to have evolved past their base instincts. Uncontrollable stampedes, running or fainting at the slightest hint of fear, a voracious appetite for expansion, often to the detriment of their own ecosystems, and the mindless tendency to kill anything even remotely threatening to them. All these are your typical herding prey species behaviour. But these are what you'd expect from mindless animals, not from a sapient, intelligent, spacefaring species. Their instincts don't explain the callous disregard for the natural order they have, nor their refusal to learn anything about predators that doesn't reinforce their prejudices. Sometimes I wonder whether the aliens were really like this, or some elaborate act to take our planet for themselves. I made a note to myself to make learning about the aliens' nature a secondary goal of this mission.
"So, Rimik, how's the planetary survey coming along?", I asked the alien, who was sitting in his chair already pouring over the data the probes were sending back.
"It'll be another hour until the survey is complete, er… captain Tern", the sensors officer answered, "But from the data we have by now, this is looking promising", his voice got slightly more cheery as he continued, "Breathable air, farmable, non-toxic land and water, stable geology, this could be it, the planet we're looking for"
"That's good to hear", I said while silently signaling the others to start the operation. 3 officers got up and left the bridge to inform the others.
"It's a shame Captain Korman and the others decided to leave now. We're so close, I wish they stayed until the end of the expedition", Rimik spoke somberly.
"It's a shame indeed", I pretended to agree with the alien. My screen showed cam footage of the two ships where the aliens who would be leaving were. They were lounging around near the hangar and inside the ships, waiting for the final food crates to be loaded for departure, completely unaware of what was about to unfold.
"What made you stay then, Rimik? Why not go with the others?", I asked him.
"Oh… um… I just wanted to find new planets, I guess", Rimik staggered as he was not expecting this question, "Also… er… gaining favor with the Imperium, better financial opportunities, maybe even a title..."
Rimik rambled on about the Imperium and the potential good that can come out of being in their good graces. But I didn't pay attention to any of that because my mind was focused on what was happening on my screen. Several bright flashes of light curtained the footage of the hangars and ships for a split second as several LS bombs went off in the aliens' vicinity. The disoriented aliens there didn't have time to react to the white smoke that quickly filled the room, and the aliens collapsed where they stood one by one.
Alarms started blaring on all sections of the ship. The white sleeping gas seeped out from the vents and spread throughout the ship.
Toxic gas alert! Toxic gas alert! All personnel, equip your gas masks and stay clear of affected areas
The automated voice kept repeating itself. Not that it'd do much to help, since most areas of the ship were affected and I doubt a lot of the aliens will get to their gas masks before the sleeping gas gets them. Security cams showed aliens and Ranghals alike scrambling to get to their living quarters or the nearest utility room to get their gas masks. A lot of them did not manage to do so before they fell unconscious. The hangars and social rooms were the most affected, while the crew in the generator and engine rooms were mostly intact since they already had gas masks nearby.
"Wh-what the…? What's h-happening? Why now?", Rimik got up from his chair to get his gas mask, only to freeze in place as he saw his crewmates, including me, pointing their firearms at him.
"Wh- wh- wha… er… C-captain? Wh-what i-is…", all blood drained from Rimik's face and fur stood up on end in fear, he ducked his tail between his legs, which were now shaking uncontrollably.
I ordered two of the officers on the bridge to tie up the alien. They lowered their guns, donned their gas masks and left the bridge to find something to tie up Rimik with.
"Th-this is a j-joke, r-right?", the alien was sobbing, "W-why are you d-doing this?"
"You're getting your wish, Rimik. No-one is leaving this expedition", I said with a threatening glare, "Don't move. We don't want to hurt you unless we have to"
I guess we should stop calling this an expedition now. It was an insurrection, our first real fight against the aliens since the Southern Strip Massacre. The last thing we want is the larger Federation knowing about this, especially when we still can't take them on in a head-on-head fight.
I addressed the communications officers, "Open channels to all ships. Tell them we're moving to Stage 2"
The two officers came back with wires and began tying up Rimik, who looked like he was ready to scream his lungs out, but the officers shut his muzzle so all that came out of Rimik was loud muffles.
With the only alien in the room subdued, we relaxed a little.
"I'll lock the bridge now. Don't open the doors for anybody until Fria and her team arrives", I closed my eyes as I sat on my chair.
This was it. Our first step away from living under the aliens' claws.
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2023.06.09 14:17 NathanWelsh Judgmental map of Seattle.

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2023.06.09 13:32 wardXn 35 day solo itinerary check across western Honshu, Shikoku, Osaka/Kyoto, Kanazawa and Tokyo

Hello, I would like to seek fellow redditors opinions, input and recommendation on how I could better finetune my itinerary better. There's only so much I can think of, and plan as an individual, but with everyone's input and comments I can further refine and enhance the travel experience before I set foot into Japan. Do forgive me in advance for the theorycrafting wall of text.
I know it may be difficult to review the itinerary, so to make the review easier I have broken the itinerary down into specific sub-groups e.g. Shikoku, Kinki etc. Specific questions that I have are bolded.
Thank you in advance for taking your time to provide your opinions!
Baseline information

Specific goals/objective:
  1. Experience Shikoku in autumn (specifically the views at Iya Valley) and in other prefectures (thus making nature sightseeing more of a priority this time round)
  2. Experience Kanazawa for anime stuff
  3. Experience the Shimanami Kaido in full (including any sightseeing spots in between the 6 island chains)
  4. Bonus - try as many sightseeing trains as possible.
  5. Bonus - if weather, time and schedule permits, try skiing as an option in Nagano.
  6. Bonus - stay in as many onsen ryokans as possible, without breaking the bank.

Locked-in prefectures [i.e. I will definitely go to those prefectures no matter what]:
  1. Shikoku (as per above objective)
  2. Hiroshima (because its on the opposite end of the Shimanami Kaido)
  3. Kanazawa (for anime related reason)
  4. Tokyo (that is my starting and end point so it has to be included by default)
All other prefectures are basically float i.e. I am open to consider dropping said itinerary for something else based on your suggestion that aligns with my preferences/interest. Most of the other locations I added are prefectures that are often next to each other, or well-connected (apart from the initial Tokyo Kagawa jump via Sunrise Seto/Shinkansen).

Wait-list prefectures (prefectures that I want to go, but I don’t think I can realistically fit in without dropping other locations):
  1. Snow skiing at Nagano (depending on how cooperative the weather is in early-ish December (would 2 days be sufficient?))
  2. Ehime, Kochi expansion [spend 1-3 more days]
  3. Izu Peninsula (~2 days, via Saphir Odoriko)
  4. Nagoya + lower Nagano (Kiso Valley) (~3 days)
  5. Ishikawa expansion [1 extra day at Kaga]
I am open to dropping a few days in Tokyo/Osaka etc to make that trade off [currently kept 3 days free for further development]. Alternatively, if the planning can be better optimized based on your inputs I might be able to do one of those without compromising on the base set. I would like to hear your opinion on what locations you would drop in the itinerary to make time for one of the above.

General planning philosophy:
  1. My itineary adopts a breadth approach (cover as much area as I can humanely possible without rushing/touch-and-go) as opposed to depth (i.e. spending much more time within Shikoku than what I allocated); though I would be open to considering more days at selected locations if you have strong recommendations. My thought is to experience how different autumn is at various parts of the country (if possible), and maybe winter too (to a certain degree).
  2. Due to the nature of my travel, I note that luggage logistics is a critical consideration when moving between prefectures; my thought is to park that luggage at the next hotel as quickly as possible so that I can free myself for sightseeing within the vicinity, or leave the luggage at the hotel after I check out until I am ready to travel to the next location. I will need to send (quite a fair bit of) emails to the hotels to confirm on this prior to booking.
  3. I will attempt to minimize transit time between prefectures to no more than 2~3 hours a day to avoid having excessively long transport days (except the initial Tokyo Kagawa jump).
  4. Because of the long trip, I will also need to factor a bit of downtime at night for administrative stuff (e.g. catching up a little bit on work, laundry etc).
Shikoku (~7 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. I will need to exploit Limited Express trains as much as possible to minimize downtime between the 4 prefectures. Fortunately, for the most part these train frequencies are almost hourly, thus missing one train isnt too deadly consequence-wise.
  2. The transfer between Kochi and Ehime [Matsuyama] is oddly quicker via express bus as opposed to trains (!)
  3. For Kochi, my opinion is that it is best explored on car instead of public transport [it’s a really wide prefecture]; I feel that 1 day may not do it justice, but it is probably adequate for exploring the city centre as a whole.
  4. There's a fair bit of uncertainties while planning this leg so I would deeply appreciate any advice you may have.
  5. This current iteration is unable to weave in the Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari sightseeing train [四国まんなか千年ものがたり] ; if you people think its something not to be missed do let me know and I will reshuffle my timetable as such.
Day 0: Tokyo Kagawa (Sunrise Seto) [Saturday, 11 Nov]
Day 1: Kagawa (Takamatsu) [Sunday, 12 Nov]
Day 2: Kagawa (Kotohira) Tokushima (Iya Valley) [Monday, 13 Nov]

Day 3: Tokushima (Iya Valley) [Tuesday, 14 Nov]
[Post-research note: I realized that there is NO public transport to Mount Tsurugi on a weekday. I will have to rent a taxi direct to Mount Tsurugi, make the 'climb', then thereafter take the taxi down to the other attractions. I am inclined to just go full hog on the private taxi and rent it (almost the whole day, probably 7~8 hours for 4300yen/hour) to save the trouble.
Otherwise, I will need to hike downhill which can be rather rough since its just a single lane road (looking at nearly 10++ km) so I think it wise not to penny pinch in the interest of both time and safety.]
Spend the day at Iya Valley.

Day 4: Tokushima (Iya Valley) Kochi (Kochi) [Wednesday, 15 Nov]

Day 5: Kochi (Kochi) Ehime (Imabari) [Thursday, 16 Nov]

Day 6: Ehime (Matsuyama / Imabari) [Friday, 17 Nov]
Day 7: Ehime (Imabari) Hiroshima (Shinamani Kaido) [Saturday, 18 Nov]
I am of the opinion that 1 day in Shimanami Kaido is adequate if I attempt just the main route which is about 80km [as a test run, I did 70km and finished it within 6-7 hours with lunch breaks included]. For now I will plan for two full days, however should I truncate it down to one day later, I will add an extra day to either explore Matsuyama or Okayama.

Hiroshima + Yamaguchi (~4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Onomichi is a pretty good base to jump to Okayama to explore Okayama, Kurashiki or Tomonoura with the Shinkansen accessibility, but it is impossible to cover them all within a single day. If I finish the Shimanami Kaido within a single day or finish it early on the second day, I will have that extra time to visit those.
  2. There's another sightseeing train etSETOra from Onomichi to Hiroshima but it only operates on Monday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday. For now the schedule could fit the train timetable pretty nicely.
  3. Would anyone suggest visiting Miyajima in the morning or in the evening? This would help me determine the order for the Kintaikyo Bridge/Miyajima day trip. Watching the sunset at either destination is pretty good in my books.

Day 8: Hiroshima (Shinamani Kaido Onomichi) [Sunday, 19 Nov]
Ideally reach Onomichi just around lunch or earlier. Chill for the rest of the day, and if I'm still up for it, explore Onomichi, including but not limited to:
Retire at a guesthouse/hotel near JR Onomichi that I have forwarded the luggage to.

Day 9: Hiroshima (Onomichi, Takehara+Kure OR Tomonoura OR Okayama) Downtown Hiroshima) [Monday, 20 Nov]

Day 10: Hiroshima (Downtown Hiroshima) [Tuesday, 21 Nov]
Spend the day surveying Hiroshima proper.

Day 11: Hiroshima (with a day trip to Yamaguchi) [Wednesday, 22 Nov]
Shimane + Tottori (4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Matsue becomes the main jump point for Shimane just because of the subsidized highway bus from Hiroshima, and ease of access towards Tottori later. There's no direct train between Hiroshima and Izumo/Matsue (!).
  2. Tottori is really wide size-wise, to the point that it feels more efficient to have two separate hotels in two nights (Kurayoshi/Misasa Onsen + downtown Tottori) rather than one hotel for two nights (i.e. downtown Tottori). Could be just me making excuses to get into an onsen ryokan however.
  3. Is there anything interesting at Yonago (Tottori) that I should take note of? Based on my initial survey nothing in particular pops up (other than the Tottori Prefectural Flower Park).
  4. Skipping Tottori Castle since it doesn’t seem to be interesting at first glance. Any other interesting things to at Tottori downtown (or nearby)?

Day 12: Hiroshima Shimane (Matsue) [Thursday, 23 Nov]

Day 13: Shimane (Izumo / Matsue) [Friday, 24 Nov]

Day 14: Shimane (Matsue) Tottori (Kurayoshi) [Saturday, 25 Nov]

Day 15: Tottori (Kurayoshi Tottori) [Sunday, 26 Nov]

Hyogo, Kyoto, Osaka , Nara, Mie (10 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Kinosaki Onsen is intentionally designed to be a slow-paced leg to recover [and also to make time to enjoy the onsens].
  2. The limited express train between Kinosaki Onsen and Osaka stops by Himeji thus I thought of resting a night there instead of doing day trips via Osaka.
  3. Osaka itinerary does look sparse but that is in large part because I have already visited most of them in the past. Nevertheless, I would like to experience how different it is in autumn compared to summer [based on those few destinations that I loved going previously].
  4. I have kept one float day to decompress, OR shift to any of the other prefectures (TBC).
  5. There are (multiple) special limited express train by Kintetsu; they're not covered by JR pass but nevertheless I would love to ride on those as an experience. The Kintetsu pass covers the basic fare only but based on my preliminary cost estimate, it is still worth getting it.
  6. Is it feasible to compress Himeji and Kobe to a single day?
  7. The itineraries for Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Mie are flexible since they're literally beside one another - makes it particularly easy to shift around base on ground situation.

Day 16: Tottori (Tottori) Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen) [Monday, 27 Nov]

Day 17: Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen + Northern Kyoto (Amanohashidate) day trip) [Tuesday, 28 Nov]
Day 18: Hyogo (Kinosaki Onsen Himeji) [Wednesday, 29 Nov]
Retire at Himeji for the night.
Day 19: Hyogo (Himeji Kobe) Osaka (Dotonburi) [Thursday, 30 Nov]
Day trip to Kobe, before continuing further down to Osaka.
Day 20: Osaka [Friday, 1 Dec]
Osaka Nostalgia (acid) trip, speedrun edition: revisiting places that I want to go again
Day 21: Osaka (Nara day trip) [Saturday, 2 Dec]
Spend a day in Nara.
Day 22: Osaka (Mie day trip) [Sunday, 3 Dec]
Day trip to Mie.
Day 23: Osaka ('north' Kyoto day trip) [Monday, 4 Dec]
(north) Kyoto day trip.
Whichever choice, return back to Osaka for the night. Look out for Kyoto-specific food such as Yudofu, Saba Sushi, Warabi Mochi, Nishin Soba (にしんそば) etc.
Day 24: Osaka ('south' Kyoto day trip) [Tuesday, 5 Dec]
(south) Kyoto day trip edition (mainly Uji and Fushimi).
Head back to Osaka and retire for the night. Consider doing any other night activities in Osaka if time, and body permits.
Day 25: Osaka (wildcard) [Wednesday, 6 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning
Kanazawa, Gifu+ (4 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Is it likely for the skiing season to open around 9~10 December at Shiga Kogen or Nozawa Onsen? Would very much like to try skiing for fun, but am uncertain if the snow condition would be satisfactory by then. Some of the skiing website indicates that these two destinations are usually the first to open. I would like to seek advise on this if possible [never skiied before].
  2. As an additional question to point 1, is 2 days adequate just to get a flavor on skiing?
  3. Kanazawa is a pretty solid jump point to Shirakawago/Takayama via express buses (~1 to 2 hour one way).
  4. My initial planning considered going to Kurobe Gorge (Toyama) but apparently the railways are closed from December onwards. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
  5. Another sightseeing train in Kanazawa that I can fit in nicely in my current plans (花嫁のれん), runs on Mon/Fri/Sat/Sun.
Day 26: Osaka Ishikawa (Kanazawa (Kanazawa cityside)) [Thursday, 7 Dec]
Any outstanding spots not completed today, to be rolled over to the next 2 days (if possible).

Day 27: Ishikawa (Kanazawa cityside) / Gifu (Shirakawago, Takayama) [Friday, 8 Dec]

Day 28: Ishikawa (Kanazawa cityside / outskirts) [Saturday, 9 Dec]
Side trip to Wakura Onsen / Nanao for anime-related sightseeing. (Insomanics after Class, Hanasaku Iroha)
Day 29: Ishikawa (wildcard) [Sunday, 10 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning
Tokyo (~6 days)
Specific thoughts while planning:
  1. Specific interest to target: anime/vtuber stuff, music (piano in particular), bookstores etc.
  2. This is the point in time I should go ham on souvenier purchase if I have not done so. I'll probably get an extra cardboard box or duffel bag to lug with me to the airport to store extra stuff.
  3. Would like to seek recommendation on where I should set my base for the 5~6 days here. For now I am planning to pit at Ginza, subject to availability and cost. My thought is that as long as its along the Yamanote line everything rolls I suppose.
  4. Hard pass on Golden Gai on the Shunjuku leg (I do not drink).
  5. There's way too many to list in terms of what I would like to do in Tokyo, but I have listed items that are of particular interest to me first within the available time frame. If you have strong opinions on specific locations do let me know.
Day 30: Ishikawa (Kanazawa) Tokyo (Ginza) [Monday, 11 Dec]
Day 31: Tokyo (Shibuya, Shinjuku and Nakano) [Tuesday, 12 Dec]
Explore ('west') Tokyo, namely Shibuya, Shinjuku and Nakano.
Day 32: Tokyo (Akibahara, Asakusa and Sky Tree) [Wednesday, 13 Dec]
Day 33: Tokyo (Kamakura day trip OR Ikebukuro) [Thursday, 14 Dec]
EITHER take a day trip Kamakura, OR explore northern Tokyo (Ikebukuro)
Kamakura leg:
Tokyo (Ikebukuro leg):
Day 34: Tokyo (wildcard) [Friday, 15 Dec]
Spare day to do whatever I feel like doing OR reallocate this to another prefecture. Intentionally left blank for later planning

Day 35: Tokyo Home [Saturday, 16 Dec]
If you're still reading up to this point, here's my own personal ramblings/thoughts on JR pass usage:
I have thought of two ways of doing this for the first 21 days:
a. easy-mode : just get 21 days JR global pass before the price hike at 60450 yen, OR b. hard-mode: get a 7 day JR global pass (to cover the NEX fees, the basic fee on the Sunrise Seto to Shikoku, as well as limited express trains within Shikoku) (29650) + 5 days for JR Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass (15000) + 4 days for JR Sanin Okayama Area Pass + 5 days for JR Kansai Wide Area Pass (10000) for a total of 59230.
The initial conclusion was to go with option A since that reduces the administrative burden, but I realized the individual passes do have its own perk which truimphs over the global JR pass. For instance, the Sanin Okayama Area Pass provides a (minor) discount for the Adachi Museum of Art; the Kansai Wide Pass covers the Kyotango route between Kinosaki Onsen and Amanohashidate which the global JR pass does not cover, JR Okayama Hiroshima Yamaguchi Area Pass covers JR buses within Hiroshima for free, therefore I am inclined to go with the hell option (option B) as it stands.
For the remaining 14 days, I could also get the global 14 day JR pass at 47250 yen but it is not worth it at all, because I will be relying largely on Kintetsu for the Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Mie leg which the JR pass most certainly does not cover.
So all in all, there's quite little incentive to get the global JR pass after I worked out my schedule, apart from the initial 7 days for the Sunrise Seto jump which the All Shikoku Pass will not cover.
Through the hodge-podge of multiple area passes, it works out to around 102890 yen for the whole trip of 35 days, contrast with 107700 yen for a 21 + 14 global JR pass. While there's a minor cost saving doing the hard way which sweetens the deal, the additional minor perks associated with the area passes sells it for me, as I would had to pay more out of pocket to cover non-JR pass buses/rails and such which would add up to much greater cost than I would had anticipated. Also, if I did this trip post-price hike in October, the calculus becomes a no-brainer: avoid the global JR pass like the plague.
Thank you very much for your opinions, suggestions and advice in advance!
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2023.06.09 13:32 repulsims 37M SoCal - looking for friends to voice[chat], watch things and game with!

Ahoy there! It's been pretty lonely lately, so I figured I'd put myself out there and try to make some new friends. I'm of SouthEast Asian descent born and raised in Southern California. Definitely more of an indoor person, but I'm making an effort to go outside more and explore new places. Also a bit cringe so don't say I didn't warn ya!
I'm a huge fan of anime, science fiction, fantasy, documentaries, procedural crime shows, and series like Futurama, The Simpsons, Love Death Robots, and The Twilight Zone. I also enjoy playing a bunch of PC games (open world survival, fps, rpgs, fighting games, ect), so hit me up if you want to game together! I'm open to trying anything that looks fun.
Currently trying to improve all areas of my life and trying out new hobbies, listening to new music, watching new things. Mostly trying to get outside my comfort zone and do things I normally wouldn't. Feel free to send a message if you're up for a friendly chat/voicechat but I'm going to ignore all "hey, sup" messages. Not asking for a lot of effort tbh, just tell me a little about yourself. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? What movies, foods, games, or songs are you really into? I look forward to getting to know ya!
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2023.06.09 13:30 gummywormsandkisses Moving to Tokyo or Berlin?

Hi, I have job offers in both countries. I’m currently an expat in Singapore but I need to move to a country where it is possible to obtain PR or citizenship in the future. I am married with no kids as of the moment. I have been to both countries as a tourist. Here are the pros and cons that I can think of for each place:
Tokyo: + 12M jpy base salary + bonus + generally safe + food (we like asian foods in general) + wfh setup + good transportation + more holidays - crowded trains - extra payment to rent (Key money?) - small homes - 18 AL
Berlin: + 100k euro base salary + hybrid setup + can easily travel to other EU countries (big plus as we like travelling) + 28 AL - as what I have read online, it’s hard to find an apartment to rent especially as a foreigner - confusing trains and not very clean - takes a long time to approve visa (3 months?)
By the way, me and my partner can’t speak the language of both countries but we’re willing to learn when we get there. Let me know your opinions of either country to help us decide. I think generally both are okay but which one will you choose given the salary and our current situation? We’re both Filipino. Any advice is also welcome.
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2023.06.09 12:27 vickymalvo Suggest good food places near ECR Nemmeli/Perur/Kovalam

Booked a resort near nemmeli. Booking person said there are no swiggy options nearby and we have to drive and get food. Kindly suggest some food places in the above locations
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