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Beautiful / hot / sexy girls from all types of backgrounds.

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This is a community for flamboyant gamines or structured mixed people as described by either Kibbe Body Types, Body Geometry, or 13 Body Types. If you're one of us looking for advice, someone who isn't sure if they're a St M and want advice or someone who is just want's a place to ask something directly to St M people, that's your place.

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2023.04.02 14:12 SmokeAway14 Black anon goes to Poland

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2023.04.02 14:11 ns1337 Headed to NL in Mid-May, looking for a few recommendations!

Hey Newfoundland! After ending up with some Air Canada credit we had to use up, my girlfriend and I are headed up your way in Mid-May (13-20th). We are flying into St. John's and have a rental car booked for the week so far, but our itinerary is pretty open as of now. I was hoping to get some local intel on the following:
Thanks everybody - happy to return the favor if you ever come down to New England!
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2023.04.02 14:10 Walter_F90 31/M/Netherlands - Looking for some good chats

Hello there Reddit,
I'm just a regular guy. I work in engineering, some stuff involving manufacturing equipment for semiconductors. I'm a natural introvert but I like meeting new people from time to time. Very wide range of interests and not a bad conversationalist. Weird mix between old-school values and hedonism. Definitely into some good banter with a stranger.
As far as my interests go: I'm interested in travel, fitness, hiking, camping, guitars, cars, history, philosophy, gaming (PC), reading, movies, whisky, stonedoom rock, would've probably been a gun nut if I was American.
I'd prefer it if you were close to my age and time zone, although that is not strictly necessary. I just find that it makes for more better chats on average. It can be a short term thing if you just want to chat for an hour or an afternoon or if you're looking for something a bit more regular. I usually prefer to text chat although we may also voice chat if we get along well. I mostly use Discord.
If anything about this post sounds good to you then send me a message or chat.
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2023.04.02 14:10 el_toro7 Navigating a Speedy Recovery

Hi all,
Thanks to many commenters and some I have private messaged who have helped me think about what is going on with my body. I believe I have enough data to confidently say that I am mildly floxed, and yet I have been particularly concerned with a number of issues that might be of interest to others, and about which some more anecdotal and informed advice might help me.
What happened:
Last week of Feb, 2023, I had a number of symptoms that led me to believe I might have something going on with my kidneys (all very mild, but I noticed slight hematuria [blood in urine] and on wife's orders went to the walk-in clinic) on Feb 28. The doctor confirmed microhematuria, and very quickly prescribed an antibiotic I'd never heard of (Ciprofloxacin). He told me to start right away, as did the the pharmacist. No comments about any neuropathic/tendinopathic side effects.
Now, I have a degree in exercise science; and am an exercise enthusiast; and participate mutliple times a week in recreational grappling sports (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Judo). I've lifted weights and done cardio and fairly intense training for years. Had I known about such potential issues, I'd have put the breaks on. I'm a healthy 32-y/o male.
Anyway, I took my first dose of 500mg Cipro ~14:30 and thought nothing of it. ~18:30 I made an off-hand comment to my wife about my left knee bothering me (unrelated to antibiotic). Thank God, she says to me "I'm remembering a comment from nursing school [10 years prior!] about FQs causing spontaneous achilles tendon rupture." -_-
Some "looking up," and I was on the phone with the pharmacist, who told me to stop taking and go to emerge. 9 hours later (over night) it was confirmed I had no infection/no need for any antibiotic, and I was advised to stop taking it.
My symptoms:
I was up all night in the ER that night seeing if anything else had happened, but felt "fine" other than tingling lower legs. The next day I was tired (from not sleeping), and the day after I thought I was fine (hadn't yet found this sub) and trained pretty hard martial arts. The following day I trained hard again weightlifting. It was the weekend now, and I felt pretty beat up; my ankles were not feeling good at all.
I began to feel mild (2-3/10) soreness in my ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees, and in the process of trying to figure out if this really was related to Cipro, I found this subreddit.
Week 1 was the week of the incident, and discovering these early symptoms, which all presented by the end of that week.
Week 2 I began to have symptoms both of peripheral neuropathy (burning in distal arm and leg structures), and after continued mild pain. By early week two I had purchased the usual suspect supplements: CoQ10, PQQ, Magnesium, etc. I already was taking Creatine Monohydrate, Vitamin D, and procyanidins (in the form of pure cacao extract): both Creatine and Procyanidins on oxidation, blood flow, cognition, and mitochondrial protection. Creatine has a good protective effect against fatigue and DNA damage (these are evidence-based health outcomes as collated by the team at examine.com).
By late week 2 I had stopped most normal activity. But late on week 2 I had gone for a ~20 minute walk (many of you wouldn't even dare have tried this; my symptoms are milder). This left me with symptoms of tendinitis in my left hamstring at the knee which effected my gait for 3 days with moderate (more than mild) pain. Went away by day 4.
Week 3. On week 3 I felt pretty good if I didn't do anything, but would still be sore with any stressful physical activity (ie., on my feet a lot; doing groceries, carrying kids, etc.). I tried my first workout, which involved a couple sets of about half reps, half weight pull ups and presses; lighter for legs. Slow, controlled. I felt good overall, but fatigued from even this. However I had symptoms of elbow tendinitis for 3 days (I assume from the combination of pull ups and push ups).
On week 3 I returned to my sport training, which involved even less than the above workout (mostly some movement on the ground on soft mats. Given my background in exercise science and in consultation with a family member who is a physio, I made a 6-month, auto-regulated plan for a full return to sport and a return to higher capacity training.
Week 4 was very much like week 3, with ups and downs and minor strains lasting a day or two when I tried pushing a little more.
Week 5. I am now near the end of week 5. My symptoms seem to continually improve, but half of the time feel about the same. Part of this is due to insomnia which I have had throughout (I suffer from chronic insomnia, take a "z-drug" for it (strict rules: no more than half a dose, no more than two nights in a row, no more than three-four nights [at most] over a seven day period).
Note: I have spoken with the prescribing doctor who dismissed my concerns. I have reported the side effects to the governing health organization in my country. I have had one follow up with an internal medicine specialist who supposed neuropathy, and have a follow-up tomorrow where I can be clearer about FQT. I have a neurologist appointment scheduled for August of this year.
My ongoing concerns/plans/comments
  1. Research suggests exercise should help with mitochondrial health. Almost any form of exercise will. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31674658/ . My auto-regulated plan has me increasing capacities week over week for weeks where I feel ~7/10 on average.
  2. I am struggling to come to grips with the transient nature of symptoms and the idea of "turnover" rates for tissues that might be affected. I believe I am out of the acute phase in my case, but don't know when I can begin to push more for body parts that seem ok. However, every time I do a workout, some minor strain occurs.
  3. I have lived fairly normally, while increasing my fruits and veggies and decreasing overly processed foods. I have had alcohol on three occasions and felt ok; I have had small amounts of caffeine (but I don't drink coffee ever anyway); I have had meds (zopiclone, a PPI which I sporadically take for reflux, and tylenol a couple times) and felt fine.
  4. I don't intend to take so many supplements for too long. My plan is to phase out of things like PQQ, and Curcumin, and long-term just have a good multi, and CoQ10.
  5. Many people who are young, healthy, and mildly affected are anxious about returning to sport. I would love to open a conversation about this and share information and support. There is every reason to believe that measured activity will only improve symptoms across the board.
Can people who perceive themselves to be like me (feeling pretty good in normal routines most days) share their experiences returning to sport early? I believe that some on the mild end come out of most issues within a 12-week time frame. I don't know if this correlates with the turn-over rate of mitochondria in some tissues. But I am very curious about the 12 and then 24-week milestone (24 weeks might have research-based significance because it was the period suggested in the published rehabilitation literature for an increased risk timeframe: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4080593/)
Thanks in advance. I hope to contribute here re: exercise. My physio family member did therapy on a young person he believes had what we have (worse than me, milder than many of you), and spent 6-8 months with him moving towards near full recovery.
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2023.04.02 14:10 rib-gg-bot Team Secret vs Paper Rex / VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League - Regular Season / Post-Match Thread

Team Secret 2-1 Paper Rex

rib.gg vlr.gg
Haven: 11-13
Fracture: 13-11
Split: 13-10
Team Secret rib.gg Liquipedia Twitter VLR YouTube
Paper Rex rib.gg Liquipedia Twitter Twitch VLR YouTube
Join the subreddit Discord server by clicking the link in the sidebar!

Map 1: Haven

Team ATK DEF Total
Team Secret 5 6 11
Paper Rex 7 6 13
Team Secret ACS K D A
Jremy Raze 274 22 20 5
DubsteP Killjoy 223 23 17 1
BORKUM Omen 166 15 16 8
JessieVash Sova 160 13 17 9
invy Breach 146 11 18 14
Paper Rex ACS K D A
Jinggg Raze 248 20 20 6
Benkai Cypher 235 21 15 5
d4v41 Sova 234 23 16 5
f0rsakeN Yoru 183 14 20 8
mindfreak Omen 132 10 13 16
Detailed Haven Statistics

Map 2: Fracture

Team DEF ATK Total
Team Secret 8 5 13
Paper Rex 4 7 11
Team Secret ACS K D A
invy Breach 257 22 15 11
DubsteP Cypher 212 20 13 4
BORKUM Brimstone 211 18 16 12
JessieVash Fade 171 13 16 7
Jremy Raze 166 13 19 4
Paper Rex ACS K D A
Jinggg Raze 238 18 20 9
f0rsakeN Neon 208 17 19 5
mindfreak Viper 197 16 17 7
Benkai Breach 170 15 14 9
d4v41 Killjoy 148 13 16 5
Detailed Fracture Statistics

Map 3: Split

Team ATK DEF Total
Team Secret 8 5 13
Paper Rex 3 7 10
Team Secret ACS K D A
DubsteP Jett 265 22 12 2
Jremy Raze 262 22 15 2
BORKUM Astra 171 13 12 8
invy Skye 159 13 15 16
JessieVash Cypher 131 11 11 5
Paper Rex ACS K D A
Jinggg Raze 311 23 14 3
f0rsakeN Jett 189 13 18 5
d4v41 Skye 153 12 15 6
Benkai Viper 147 11 17 5
mindfreak Astra 85 6 17 6
Detailed Split Statistics
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2023.04.02 14:09 rib-gg-bot Team Secret vs Paper Rex / VALORANT Champions Tour 2023: Pacific League - Regular Season / Post-Match Thread

Team Secret 2-1 Paper Rex

rib.gg vlr.gg
Haven: 11-13
Fracture: 13-11
Split: 13-10
Team Secret rib.gg Liquipedia Twitter VLR YouTube
Paper Rex rib.gg Liquipedia Twitter Twitch VLR YouTube
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Map 1: Haven

Team ATK DEF Total
Team Secret 5 6 11
Paper Rex 7 6 13
Team Secret ACS K D A
Jremy Raze 274 22 20 5
DubsteP Killjoy 223 23 17 1
BORKUM Omen 166 15 16 8
JessieVash Sova 160 13 17 9
invy Breach 146 11 18 14
Paper Rex ACS K D A
Jinggg Raze 248 20 20 6
Benkai Cypher 235 21 15 5
d4v41 Sova 234 23 16 5
f0rsakeN Yoru 183 14 20 8
mindfreak Omen 132 10 13 16
Detailed Haven Statistics

Map 2: Fracture

Team DEF ATK Total
Team Secret 8 5 13
Paper Rex 4 7 11
Team Secret ACS K D A
invy Breach 257 22 15 11
DubsteP Cypher 212 20 13 4
BORKUM Brimstone 211 18 16 12
JessieVash Fade 171 13 16 7
Jremy Raze 166 13 19 4
Paper Rex ACS K D A
Jinggg Raze 238 18 20 9
f0rsakeN Neon 208 17 19 5
mindfreak Viper 197 16 17 7
Benkai Breach 170 15 14 9
d4v41 Killjoy 148 13 16 5
Detailed Fracture Statistics

Map 3: Split

Team ATK DEF Total
Team Secret 8 5 13
Paper Rex 3 7 10
Team Secret ACS K D A
DubsteP Jett 265 22 12 2
Jremy Raze 262 22 15 2
BORKUM Astra 171 13 12 8
invy Skye 159 13 15 16
JessieVash Cypher 131 11 11 5
Paper Rex ACS K D A
Jinggg Raze 311 23 14 3
f0rsakeN Jett 189 13 18 5
d4v41 Skye 153 12 15 6
Benkai Viper 147 11 17 5
mindfreak Astra 85 6 17 6
Detailed Split Statistics
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2023.04.02 14:09 Gamesplanet [Gamesplanet] Sunday Deals: BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light (-47%), NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection (-36%), Empires of the Undergrowth (-10%), Sifu (-15%), The Last Worker (-15%), DREDGE (-15%), Troublemaker (-25%), Dungeons (-70%) and more

Wield a sword, command colonies of ants and salvage hidden treasure under the sea with deals on Ninja Gaiden, Empires of the Undergrowth and more!
Sunday Deals Platform % Off US ($) UK (£) FR (€) DE (€) Type
BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light Digital Deluxe Edition W 47% $38.99 £31.99 39,99€ 39,99€ Steam
BLUE REFLECTION: Second Light W 47% $31.99 £26.66 31,99€ 31,99€ Steam
Combat Mission Black Sea - Battle Pack 1 W 21% $7.93 £5.71 6,50€ 6,50€ Steam
Combat Mission Black Sea W 52% $28.79 £22.31 23,99€ 23,99€ Steam
Combat Mission Shock Force 2 W 52% $28.79 £22.31 23,99€ 23,99€ Steam
Combat Mission Shock Force 2: British Forces W 50% $17.49 £13.99 14,99€ 14,99€ Steam
Combat Mission Shock Force 2: Marines W 50% $17.49 £13.99 14,99€ 14,99€ Steam
Combat Mission Shock Force 2: NATO Forces W 50% $17.49 £13.99 14,99€ 14,99€ Steam
Disciples III Renaissance W 50% $4.99 £3.99 4,99€ 4,99€ Steam
Disciples III: Resurrection W 50% $4.99 £3.99 4,99€ 4,99€ Steam
Disciples: Liberation - Digital Deluxe Edition W 50% $24.99 £22.99 24,99€ 24,99€ Steam
Disciples: Liberation - Paths to Madness W 50% $7.50 £6.50 7,50€ 7,50€ Steam
Disciples: Liberation W 50% $19.99 £17.50 19,99€ 19,99€ Steam
DREDGE - Blackstone Key DLC W 10% $4.49 £4.04 4,49€ 4,49€ Steam
DREDGE W 15% $21.24 £18.69 21,24€ 21,24€ Steam
DREDGE: Deluxe Edition W 10% $31.55 £27.90 31,55€ 31,55€ Steam
Dungeons 2 W / L 70% $5.99 £4.49 5,99€ 5,99€ Steam
Dungeons 2: A Chance Of Dragons DLC W / L 70% $1.20 £0.75 0,90€ 0,90€ Steam
Dungeons 2: A Game of Winter DLC W / L 70% $2.40 £1.80 2,40€ 2,40€ Steam
Dungeons 2: A Song of Sand and Fire DLC W / L 70% $1.20 £0.75 0,90€ 0,90€ Steam
Dungeons 3 - Complete Collection W / M / L 50% $19.99 £17.49 19,99€ 19,99€ Steam
Dungeons 3: A Multitude of Maps DLC W / M / L 50% $2.50 £2.25 2,50€ 2,50€ Steam
Dungeons 3: An Unexpected DLC W / M / L 50% $2.50 £1.99 2,50€ 2,50€ Steam
Dungeons 3: Clash of Gods DLC W / M / L 50% $4.99 £3.49 4,99€ 4,99€ Steam
Dungeons 3: Evil of the Caribbean DLC W / M / L 50% $2.50 £1.99 2,50€ 2,50€ Steam
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Dungeons 3: Once upon a time DLC W / M / L 50% $2.50 £1.99 2,50€ 2,50€ Steam
Dungeons W 70% $2.99 £2.09 2,99€ 2,99€ Steam
Dungeons: The Dark Lord W 70% $2.99 £2.39 2,99€ 2,99€ Steam
Empires of the Undergrowth W / M 10% $17.99 £14.39 17,99€ 17,99€ Steam
Europa Universalis IV: Domination W 10% $17.99 £15.08 17,99€ 17,99€ Steam
LUNARK W 20% $15.99 £13.40 15,60€ 15,60€ Steam
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection W 10% $53.99 £44.99 53,99€ 53,99€ Steam
NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection Deluxe Edition W 38% $31.00 £24.80 31,00€ 31,00€ Steam
NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection W 36% $24.99 £21.00 24,99€ 24,99€ Steam
Ravenbound W 10% $26.99 £26.99 26,99€ 26,99€ Steam
Saga of Sins W / M / L 20% $11.99 £11.19 11,99€ 11,99€ Steam
Sifu - Deluxe Edition W 15% $46.74 £38.24 46,74€ 46,74€ Steam
Sifu W 15% $33.99 £27.19 33,99€ 33,99€ Steam
Smalland: Survive the Wilds W 20% $19.99 £15.99 19,99€ 19,99€ Steam
The Great War: Western Front - Victory Edition W 10% $35.99 £31.49 35,99€ 35,99€ Steam
The Great War: Western Front W 10% $31.49 £26.99 31,49€ 31,49€ Steam
The Last Worker W 15% $16.99 £13.59 16,99€ 16,99€ Steam
This is the Zodiac Speaking W 92% $1.04 £0.82 1,04€ 1,04€ Steam
Total Tank Generals W 15% $21.24 £16.99 21,24€ 21,24€ Steam
Total War: WARHAMMER III - Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs W 15% $21.24 £16.99 21,24€ 21,24€ Steam
Troublemaker W 25% $14.99 £12.56 14,99€ 14,99€ Steam
W = Windows / M = Mac / L = Linux
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2023.04.02 14:09 BusyZenok Fam ☠️

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2023.04.02 14:09 PMCNEELY I've tried every Glossier You "dupe", and the results aren't good...

I have tried pretty much every scent recommended as an alternative to You, and sadly none can compare to the original formula. All are disappointing or different if you're looking for a 1 to 1. Here's what I've found:
Diptyque Fleur De Peau-- By far the most similar but in a more mature way. Disclaimer, I do NOT like this scent, as sadly the iris comes off as boiled carrots to me. Very vegetable base and not so powdery as You. I can definitely see this being your choice as a grown-up You, but I recommend buying the tester before commiting!
Juliette Has a Gun: Not a Perfume-- Not close to You, smells like clean linen and powder. Beautiful scent but is not musky, very light wearing. I find this lasts best on clothes but disappears instantly if sprayed on skin. Wonderful scent but not similar! I also enjoy the Superdose version.
Le Labo Another 13-- Another beautiful skin scent but this one is heavy and not light wearing. Very mature and peppery, love it, but both Another 13 and Santal 33 are heavy and spicy.
Phlur: Missing Person-- I LOVE this scent so much!! Definitely my favorite new scent and I might be jumping ship simply because of this. Definitely more musk, then pepper, then powder, but it sits close to the skin and blends powdery to me. But remember this is a skin scent and it sadly might not be the same on everyone (perfumes tend to be powdery on me!) Test this one!
Maison Margiela Replica: Lazy Sunday Morning-- It's the only Maison Margiela Perfume I truly despise. Bubble Bath, Coffee Break, Whispers in the Library, Sailing Day, Autumn Vibes, Matcha Meditation, etc are all such LOVELY scents. Lazy Sunday Morning somehow reminds me of "perfume department" scent--a horrible blend of too many at once. I think Maison Margiela does an excellent job 9/10 times but this isn't it.
BBW Kaleidoscope-- Sadly smells cheap to me. It's like new Glossier formulation but more alcohol. BBW scents can be very nice depending on the person and I'm fond of budget scents, but it's just a disappointment if you're looking for the original so don't waste your time.
Mixbar Cloud Musk-- Cheap and, in my opinion, horrible. 99% rubbing alcohol. I don't understand why this was recommended at all.
Fragrance Revival: Glossier You: This is a scam website, bottles contain 90% alcohol or another (cheap) perfume entirely. Don't waste your time!
There are a few more but these are the ones I see most often. Let me know what you think!
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2023.04.02 14:09 Traditional-Moment78 Please read

Hey everyone.. 3 weeks ago I went through a similar situation.. but worse i think. Please help me with an adivce. Sorry my English it s not so good. I don t know if my case ever happened to anyone else but i am really happy i found this group and i read and think that i am not alone with this horrible feelings. I will try to keep the story short. So … i am from a small country in Europe. One night 3 weeks ago i received a phone call from a number that was not in my agenda. He said that he is a guy from a town (relatively close to me) and that his work is about fixing phones. He said that an old phone of mine is now in his shop because i sold it, and he said i probably forgot to reset it to Factory settings so, all my photos, my ICloud account and all my other accounts were in that phone. He said i have some indecent pics there and that in the morning he has to sell the phone to a new buyer so if i want the pics and apps to be deleted and to reset the phone, i need to give him the password to my ICloud so he can begin to delete the apps and the photos! I was so shocked and scared that someone could see my nudes that i believed him! I feel so stupid. So i gave him the password to my iCloud. After a lot of hours of talking and him claiming to be a good man and helping me, at some point he saw i had some photos and videos with my bf. So he said that we have to make kind of a sex tape (me and my bf) because one of the videos couldn’t be deleted and if we make another one… it s possible for him de delete it. Huge bullshit i know. Then i hang up the phone, i changed my iCloud passwords and all my account passwords, and then deleted them. Since then nothing really happened except that a fake instagram account was made with my bf name and profile photo but we made a request and instagram deleted it. I don t know what to do! I am terrified. I cant sleep and i hate myself. I am 24 yrs old and almost graduating but now i cant think of anything else than the fact that a stranger has all my pics saved to him. Normal pics as any other human but also lots of nudes sent from me to my boyfriend. Not just one, many! Please tell me what you think, what does he want to do with them?
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2023.04.02 14:09 BadMrWales Forgotten Circles in a nutshell

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2023.04.02 14:09 centenarian007 Opportunity to test Advantage+ audience targeting email

I run FB ads for my business and received this email from the Meta team. Does anyone whether it is legit? It does sound like it and leads to a Qualtrics.com website but I just wanted to check if anyone else received it before filling in the survey?

It shows it as coming from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with replies to [email protected]

Dear .... (my name)
I am from the New Products Team here at Meta. My team runs ad product tests to better understand how businesses use the various advertising solutions Meta offers. Meta is offering a limited number of businesses a chance to be a part of new study that will test a new product we are planning to launch later this year, Advantage+ audience.
Advantage+ audience is a new user flow which allows advertisers to opt into a fully automated targeting experience that optimizes delivery based on conversions - and we are excited to invite your business to be a part of this study! This is a partially funded testing opportunity with ad credits up to USD 15,000 per participant, the exact amount will be determined upon participant selection.
We have limited slots, so if you are interested in testing this feature, simply fill out this short survey via the following link within three (3) business days and we will follow up with next steps if you are selected. Please note that completing this form does not guarantee that you will be selected to participate or receive a coupon.
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2023.04.02 14:08 totse_losername Astronomical (ticket) prices put Olympics out of reach

Astronomical prices put Olympic tickets out of reach
The sky-high price of tickets will mean attending key events at the Brisbane Olympics will be unaffordable for many Australians, according to Olympic boss John Coates.
Des Houghton 6 min read March 31, 2023 - 9:00PM
The new concept of dynamic pricing for events is “no excuse for ripping of Parisians who want to see events in their city.” Guests on #WorldThisWeek share views on the high price of tickets for sporting events like the Olympics and concerts, stressing the importance of inclusivity and accessibility to culture for all. Olympic powerbroker John Coates admits most Queenslanders will not be able to afford tickets to key events at the 2032 Brisbane Olympic and Paralympic Games.
When asked if prices to watch finals of the athletics at the Gabba or swimming at Brisbane Arena would be prohibitively expensive he said: “Correct.”
Seats at the opening and closing ceremonies would be at a premium, too.
Straight-talking Coates, the vice-president of the International Olympic Committee, said the IOC had to be “hard-headed” and steep prices were inevitable.
His comments follow uproar in Europe over prices to next year’s Paris Olympics with family tickets running to thousands of dollars and tickets to athletics and swimming finals about $3000 a double – if you are lucky enough to get them.
Coates said spectators had to pay the price for the international trend towards smaller Olympic stadiums that offered fewer seats at higher prices.
Andrew Liveris (left) and John Coates at the announcement of the CEO of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Cindy Hook (centre). Picture: Richard Walker Andrew Liveris (left) and John Coates at the announcement of the CEO of the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Cindy Hook (centre). Picture: Richard Walker “That’s the trade-off for not having to spend as much money on venues that may not be used afterwards,” Coates said.
“You can’t justify building large venues that aren’t going to be utilized afterwards.”
Coates is up front in admitting he has no answer to soaring Olympic admission prices.
“There is no avoiding this,” he said. “The size of the venues was coming down at the direction of the IOC because we don’t want to see white elephants left behind afterwards.
“So as a consequence of that is there will be less seats available for the punters at those events (held in the main stadia).’’
Coates, one of the most influential figures in world sport, sits on the Brisbane organising committee, OCOG, and as IOC vice-president serves on the IOC’s Games Optimisation Group.
He backs the selection of the Gabba as the site for Brisbane’s main Olympic arena and says the benefits will be continue for decades after the Games are over.
While the Sydney Olympic stadium offered seating for 115,000 spectators, Brisbane will offer 50,000 at the revitalised Gabba, 8000 more than currently available for cricket and AFL matches.
It’s too early to predict the prices of seats in Brisbane, but if Paris is any guide, they will be astronomical.
Australia will send a strong team to next year’s Paris Games, which will run from July 26 to August 11. The Paralympics will follow from August 28 to September 8.
Sports fans had to go into a ballot in Paris for the right to buy the first batch of 3.25 million tickets. “Winners expressed joy when their names came out of the hat, then dismay at finding that they had to buy tickets for three separate events at up to EUR 690 ($1121) each,” Adam Sage wrote in The Times.
“It led to athletics fans buying tickets for sports such as weightlifting and volleyball too, with the overall cost often topping EUR 1,000 ($1624) for a family.
“It’s completely crazy,” Florent Lamour, who works for the French Tennis Federation, said. “For me, it’s quite simply inaccessible. As a sports fan I find it very disappointing.”
Paris organisers say there will still be thousands of tickets to minor sports for EUR 50 ($81). But critics say the organisers have broken a promise to make the games accessible to all.
Coates blames poor planning for cost blow-outs at the Gabba.
“I don’t think enough thought had gone into the scoping of that before the decision was taken. But I still support the decision.
“While there has been a blowout at the Gabba its proximity to cross-river rail made it a very (good) venue.
“And if you want to get the first cricket Test back and if you want to look after the AFL it needed to be done. Brisbane needed it. You were being left behind by the other cities; left behind by Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth in terms of cricket alone.”
He said ticket prices were high because organisers had to balance their budgets.
“Paris has been hit by the war in Ukraine and it has been affected by inflation,” he said.
“I won’t put a figure on how much over their original budget they are, but they can’t just go back to government and say you have to pick up the tab because of these other factors.
“The (organising committee) will have to try to balance it themselves, as will we.”
He said in Sydney and in London the IOC softened the blow for families by offering free seats to schoolkids at rowing events.
Coates said the London model of an independent Games delivery authority was not necessary for Brisbane 2032.
He backed the Deloitte report recommending a collective of government departments carry out the work.
The revitalisation of Woolloongabba will include an active travel corridor to South Bank and the CBD. The revitalisation of Woolloongabba will include an active travel corridor to South Bank and the CBD. “For Brisbane we don’t need to acquire sites or appropriate sites and, take control of them like London and Sydney had to,” he said.
“The Gabba and the site for Brisbane Arena (at Roma St) are already in government ownership.’’
And many others were under the control of councils.
He said there were some proposed venues on the Sunshine Coast and at Moreton Bay the government “didn’t own at the moment”.
He added: “There is not going to be any difficulties in appropriating land.
“Even the two main venues, the Gabba and the Brisbane Arena, are in what’s called Priority Development Areas and they are managed already by an entity called Economic Development Queensland and it’s got all the powers an (independent) authority would have to appropriate any adjoining land or other land you might need.” The IOC would monitor Brisbane’s progress, Coates said.
“The Olympic people (will) come in and say, ok, yes, we understand the Gabba is for cricket and for AFL but please in your scoping make sure you fulfil these requirements of World Athletics to run Olympic athletics. Please make sure your scoping includes all the IOC requirements for ceremonies.
“All of that stuff is being provided. The swimming details are being provided and it can be managed by these existing government departments who have got authority-type powers if they need them.”
Coates said he knew his position was in contrast to that of Sir David Higgins, the Queenslander knighted for delivering the 2012 London Olympics infrastructure a year early and $1bn under budget.
Higgins was critical of the decision by Annastacia Palaszczuk to run the delivery authority.
“It’s not going to work, is it,” said Sir David Higgins.
Higgins said planning had to be done at arm’s length from the government with bipartisan political support. And the taxpayer who had to pay for it had to be told what was happening every step of the way.
Sir David said he saw no signs of this happening in Queensland.
“You’ve got to have a clear brief, proper governance and an independent board so that it can work with the various sporting bodies and the IOC,’’ he said.
Moreton Bay Indoor Sport Centre planned for the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games. “I think what is happening in Brisbane at the moment is a bit of a challenge.’’
Coates disagreed. He said there was no need “to set another bureaucracy”.
He pointed to the Sydney Olympic model.
“Do you know who ran everything there? Michael Knight. One man. Michael Knight was Minister for the Olympics and chair of the SOCOG (the Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games).
“Michael was the minister responsible to Parliament.’’
Coates said Steven Miles, as Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympic Infrastructure, and Sports Minister Stirling Hinchliffe would likewise have to answer to Parliament for their decisions.
Coates said the Opposition also “had the protection of the Organising committee” including president Andrew Liveris, CEO Cindy Hook, a former Deloitte executive – “and their people and me if needs be.’’
“This will make it very transparent, absolutely.”
He said the work towards Brisbane 2032, “we call it B2032” was well underway.
“The IOC is already getting briefings monthly from B2032 on all these things,” he said.
“The IOC will have people here all the time.”
Would they be watching over the State Government departments?
“Yes,” said Coates.
“I am absolutely satisfied these projects will be completed before the Games and that they will meet the Olympic requirements.
“That’s what our objective is.’’
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2023.04.02 14:08 Kaszmirowy I'm sorry I had to do it

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2023.04.02 14:08 Sexdoer Indian International seeking aid gets rejected from all his top choices and makes it to the big H

Demographics: Indian International Male from a relatively underrepresented state
Intended Major(s): Computer Science+Psychology
EFC: 25-30k/yr
ACT/SAT/SAT II: 1520 (800M + 720EBRW)
Coursework: CBSE curriculum with Physics Chemistry Math Computer Science and English
Percentage: 9th Grade: 95% 10th Grade: 98% 11th Grade: 94% 12th Grade (Predicted): 98%
AP Tests: AP Chem (5) AP Physics C Mechanics (5) AP CSA (5) AP Physics C E&M (upcoming) AP Calc BC (upcoming) AP Psych (upcoming)
  1. State Topper 10th Board exams (regional)(#1/~50,000). Got interviewed by the biggest news channel in my state with 140k+ views on social media.
  2. Qualifier for one of the country’s biggest olympiads (top 0.4%)
  3. MUN best delegate (international) at redacted International MUN (#1/140+)(20 countries) and redacted MUN (15 countries)
  4. Best speaker at redacted debate competition (#1/500) (state level) and several others.
  5. Principal’s all-rounder award. Second student in school’s history to receive it.
  6. AP Scholar Award with Distinction
  7. Zonal Bronze Medal at an english olympiad (intl rank 32)
  1. Lead Developer and Founder, prodspace: Built a productivity based website from scratch in 3 months. Integrates tools like to-do lists, task manager, pomodoro timer, etc. users from 45+ countries. 25k+ lines of code.
  2. Founder, We Will Listen Initiative: Mental health non-profit. Podcast heard in 20 countries with 23 episodes and counting. Helped to connect over 100 people to professional psychologists though our Instagram page. Developing a website for the same.
  3. High School President: Brought the we will listen initiative in school by helping school hire their first ever psychologist for helping out with student’s mental health. Introduced 5 new clubs to the school and represented school in various international and national events.
  4. Founder and President of Debate club and Secretary General of my school’s MUN: Secretary General of my school’s own MUN, ended up being the biggest MUN conference of my city. Revenue generated: ~$8,000. Founded debate club. Lead the school debate team and won 3 best delegation awards in 1 one year (highest in school’s history)
  5. MUNs and Debate: Participated in 40+ MUNs since 6 years. Chaired 5 of them. 12 Best delegate awards (2 international) 9 high commendation awards (1 international). National winner at 2 debate competitions.
  6. Volunteering: 250+ hrs of volunteering at an NGO in my locality. Taught mathematics and english to the underprivileged. Worked for another organisation. Organised mental health webinars, hired interns and raised funds.
  7. Web Development: Just something I love. Built a personal portfolio website, tic-tac-toe game, quiz app, and many such minor projects. 100k+ lines of code.
  8. School Representative: Round Square International Conference. 1,400+ delegates; 36 countries; 14 keynote speakers including Dr. Soumya Swaminathan (chief scientist WHO)
  9. Internships: Web Development internship at a US based tech firm for a month. Helped them with bug fixes and front-end development. Another mobile app dev internship at an Indian firm for a month.
  10. School team captain, Squash: Been playing for over 4 years. Lead the school team to win 3 inter-school competitions.
CA Essay: 8/10. A very personal and emotional one but could’ve been better if my writing skills didn’t suck lmao.
Harvard Supplementary: 9/10. Talked about my background and growing up in a terrorism prone environment and how it has shaped me as a person.
CS Teacher: 8/10. A well written one. Known me for more than 5 years and has seen me grow a lot in the subject.
Math Teacher: 7/10. Kinda generic but still a decent one. Discussed my passion for learning and my competitive nature
School Counsellor: 9/10 Witnessed me perform at a number of public speaking events, all the leadership positions I have held, and the impact I have created. She’s a great writer too.
Stanford REA: Rejected. Was my dream school for the longest time and it felt like a meteor hit me alive when I saw the rejection
UIUC EA: Rejected
UMich EA: Deferred and then Waitlisted
UW Madison: Accepted
ASU, PSU, MSU: Accepted
UChicago ED2: Rejected
JHU: Rejected
Purdue: Waitlisted
Northeastern: Waitlisted
Northwestern: Rejected
Vanderbilt: Rejected
Dartmouth: Rejected
Duke: Waitlisted
Cornell: Rejected
UPenn: Waitlisted
Princeton: Rejected
Yale: Rejected
Harvard: Accepted with full aid!! I still can’t believe it but dreams do come true, I feel like the luckiest person on earth. Already committed lol
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2023.04.02 14:07 CIAHerpes I had an uncle with 13 fingers. There were things in his mansion that shouldn’t exist (part 2)

Part 1: https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/11yvdle/i_had_an_uncle_with_thirteen_fingers_there_were/

Ahead of me, there was an opening in the massive chamber. The darkness parted way to reveal what looked like a nest. Ancient tomes had been torn into pieces, the scraps of paper and leather bindings forming a circular hollow ten feet wide. I heard subtle movement within, like someone walking on crisp autumn leaves. Moving slowly, I approached the nest, soft light glowing from an unknown source that seemed to emanate from the walls, ceiling and floor.
Within the center of the nest, I saw what looked like dozens of leeches slithering over each other, writhing and twisting in a pile. But these were far larger than any leeches I had ever seen back home. Each one looked like it had to be at least a foot long, black and shining, with tiny, oval eyes on stalks that all turned towards me at the same time. They gave off a low, hissing sound, others joining in a murmuring susurration that sent chills running up and down my spine. The nest itself seemed to be held together with some sort of mucus, splinters of wood and shreds of paper connected by a phlegmy, pale-yellow substance.
Echoes rang out in the chamber. Something massive moved far off in the darkness, but the acoustics made it impossible to tell which direction it came from or how close it really was. The leeches moved at once, agitated and wriggling faster as the noise echoed back and forth, and underneath them, I saw a human body. I gasped in horror.
It was an old man. He appeared to be dead, his eyes shut tightly. Countless holes had been drilled into his skin, letting rivulets of blood run down his body from each of them. I inched closer, trying to get a better look.
That was when he inhaled a deep, shuddering breath, his eyes looking back and forth randomly, yet apparently seeing nothing. With a shaky exhalation, I backed away quickly, starting to cry. It crossed my mind that I should go into the nest and try to save him, if he even could be saved. His lips were a cyanotic blue, his fingernails and toenails also turning a purplish-blue color. He breathed deeper and faster, coughing and gasping, and then stopped again, his eyes turning glassy as he stared up at the ceiling. This continued for a minute or two, his breathing starting and stopping, and then his head fell to the side, his eyes left open and staring as his last grating breath exited his lungs. The leeches swarmed all over his corpse. Without a look backwards, I ran deeper into the chamber.
Doors had begun to appear on both sides of the wall as the chamber went deeper into nowhere. I ran over to a cluster of them, looking from one to the other. They all had the same beautiful mahogany wood, but on each, a different symbol had been cast.
The one in front of me showed a single green eye, dripping blood that constantly pooled on the floor underneath the door. The one ten feet to the left of it showed a little ship on some blue waves. The one far to the right showed a massive pyramid. I froze, not knowing which, if any, I should open.
The choice was taken away from me when I heard that same hissing sound behind me that the tentacled-monster had made before. I glanced back and saw it slithering towards me, less than twenty feet away, opening its jaw as it closed in. Without thinking, I opened the door with the bloody eye on it, slamming it shut behind me. Seconds later, I heard something heavy thud into it. I saw that, on this side at least, there were heavy metal deadbolts near the handle. I began to feel something trying to turn the handle on the other side.
I was only a small boy, weighing maybe 65 pounds soaking wet, but I pulled back against the handle with all of it. I felt the door starting to open slightly, as if the creature was just testing the handle, figuring out how it worked. Covered in sweat now, I pulled back harder, flicking the deadbolt and letting go of the handle as soon as it clicked into place. The handle swung wildly to the right and left as the thing on the other side violently twisted it, but I ignored it, backing slowly away. I hadn’t even seen where I was.
The door shuddered as something heavy landed against it on the other side. This repeated over and over. Running away, I heard the splintering of wood.
I looked around and realized I was in some kind of castle. Beautiful stonework surrounded me on all sides, covered by banners with the symbol of the sickly, bleeding eye. I had taken the dagger out and was holding it pointed directly in front of me when I heard the first boards of the door fall inwards behind me. Turning to glance one last time at the entrance, I saw tentacles with fanged suckers began to shoot through, searching for prey. At that point, I ran blindly ahead.
My footfalls sent echoes across the castle chamber. I ran past an antechamber and a set of dozens of marble stairs inlaid with silver and gold that must have cost a fortune. Ahead of me, I saw a door of thick wood, covered with criss-crossing strips of iron to reinforce it. Gasping for air, I ran through the threshold and immediately slammed the door behind me. The door was able to be locked from the inside with an ancient-looking deadbolt. It clicked into place, and outside, all I heard was silence.
I turned and realized I was in a giant library. Bookshelves rose to the ceiling thirty feet above me, and each one was completely full of ancient tomes. I recognized some of them as being similar to the books on the desk when I first entered Golgotha, and I wondered who was bringing them out there- or why.
A beautiful oak desk sat near the far wall. It had a book open on it, surrounded by trinkets and oddities. One of these was a globe, but the continents on it were all wrong. They showed a world where all the continents were smashed together, and on the other side of the globe was a massive ocean.
The book had opened to a random page in the first chapter. Peering down, I saw it was written in English.
“The secretion of the Golgoths,” it stated, “is used to feed their young. While the larvae of the Golgoths are able to live on meat or blood from any animal or human, they are not able to develop into adults without the secretion laid over the nest by a female.
“The secretion appears as a yellowish, gelatinous material covering the nests of the Golgaths. Recent tests have shown that it has various substances unknown on Earth. Among these are alien growth hormones, certain neurotransmitters not found in any natural terrestrial lifeform, and…” At that moment, something smashed into the door- hard. It held, but some of the wood had cracked. The iron reinforcements did a good job of holding it together, however. I kept reading farther down the page.
“When this secretion is given to human beings, it acts as a psychoactive drug. Studies have shown it increases reaction time ten-fold, as well as increasing the speed and strength of those who take it. Beyond these potential beneficial side effects, however, loom the adverse ones.
“The secretion is a known mutagen, able to alter the DNA of those who take it. The offspring of those previously or currently addicted to the secretion have shown numerous effects, including an increased number of toes and fingers, an increased risk of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, and, in rare cases, multiple heads or bodies fused together. Some have also shown beneficial effects, including an increased healing rate, higher IQs and, very rarely, psychic phenomena.
“The secretion is also physically addictive, with a euphoric rush that has been described by many subjects as ‘orgasmic’ with an instantaneous rush, releasing far more dopamine than commonly abused recreational drugs such as heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine…”
The entire time, that monster, which according to the book I was reading was called a Golgath, kept smashing its body against the door. I should have ran rather than standing there reading, but I felt like whatever this book contained was important, perhaps even vital for my survival. And yet the forcefulness and violence the Golgath exhibited was astounding. No human could have damaged such a door by sheer brute strength, but this one creature had already caused the wood to splinter and the iron reinforcements to bend inwards. I knew I couldn’t stay here forever. I grabbed the book, closing it and shoving the thin volume into the back of my pants underneath my belt, taking my shirt and covering it up.
I looked around the room frantically, finding a small servant’s door on the far side of it, hidden in the corner. I ran for it as the main entrance door came down with a crash. Flinging it open, I flew through it.
Multiple people worked there, cooking and preparing tea and coffee and other drinks. They all looked up at me in shock and surprise as I sprinted through the kitchen. It smelled absolutely delectable, like ginger, peppermint, fresh bread, bacon, pastrami and green tea, and my stomach growled. I realized it had been a long time since I had eaten or drank anything. I wished I could stop and grab something off the counters on my way, but I heard the Golgath close behind me.
The yells of the kitchen staff at seeing an unknown boy turned to horrified screams as the monster slithered in. Disengaging its jaw, it allowed its dozens of tentacles to spring out at once, whipping around in a frenzy. I saw one pick a chef up by his leg, dangling him upside down in the air. Another tentacle went for his jugular vein, biting into him and releasing a spray of blood as it began to feed. I kept running, knowing that I would be next if I didn’t get out of there.
The kitchen connected to a huge dining chamber, a bare table long enough to hold forty or fifty people set up in the middle. And standing on top of it, I saw another Golgoth. It slithered forward towards me. A second one was coming through the main entrance to the dining hall, and the one in the kitchen behind me must have been nearly done feeding, as the screaming of the kitchen staff had all ceased.
They began to close in on me. I shut my eyes tight, tears of horror and panic slipping past my eyelids, waiting for the end and hoping it would be quick and relatively painless. And then, just when I assumed everything was lost, a voice came from the front entrance of the dining chamber.
“Now, now, what’s the meaning of this?” an angry male voice yelled. “Who’s letting all these Golgaths in?” I opened my eyes. The three Golgaths, which were all less than twenty feet away from me now, turned their black, reptilian heads towards the newcomer in unison.
The man was a disturbing sight. He had on black robes and carried a heavy walking stick with an iridescent, shimmering quartz crystal on top. His hood was pulled back, and I saw his eyes were gone. They looked like they had been cut out, the eyelids stitched back together over the empty sockets. His face was a map of old scars, his nose half-missing and oozing pus. His jaw looked like it had been repeatedly broken and healed without being set properly. Blood trickled down his face from his empty eye sockets, continuously dripping onto the floor. Even though there was no possible way he could have seen me in that condition, his face was pointed at me, as if he were staring directly at me.
The three Golgaths all hissed at him. Ignoring me, they all went at him at once, slithering and sending out their worm-like tentacles. The stench of the Golgaths as they all clustered together was putrid and overwhelming, reminding me of rotten eggs and starter fluid.
Almost lazily, he raised his thick wooden staff and began to swing it in an arc, back and forth. The nearest Golgath ignored it, jumping for him anyway. Fire swelled from the crystal, shooting out in clusters at the Golgath’s face and tentacles. I smelled burning meat, and it began to wail, its shriek deafening me, sounding more and more like a tornado siren as it rose to a crescendo. I tried to cover my ears as I ran back the way I had come.
I grabbed a few fresh rolls off the counter in the kitchen as I went, stuffing them in my mouth. They were delicious. It was the first food I had had in what felt like forever, and already I felt a small burst of energy from them. Then I saw the corpses of the kitchen staff, still bleeding on the floor. They looked like they had been sucked dry, their faces sunken, dozens of round slices on each of their bodies. None moved or breathed. I wanted to stop and cry then, but I forced myself to keep going, knowing I would end up just like them if I didn’t get out of this place.
Suddenly, an idea came to me. I headed back towards the nest I had seen, the one with all the Golgath larvae feasting on the dead body. The cries of the robed man and the shrieking of the Golgaths followed me out of the castle. I burst through the shattered remnants of the door with the eye on it and knelt down over the nest.
The larvae started to slither towards me. I heard more hissing from multiple directions all around me, and realized that there might be hundreds or thousands of adult monstrosities in this chamber. My only hope, at least as I saw it, was to take any advantage I could get.
I grabbed a handful of the yellowish secretions from the corner of the nest, forcing it in my mouth and down my throat before I could change my mind.
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2023.04.02 14:07 BusyZenok Fam ☠️

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2023.04.02 14:07 HalfVast59 Why do I get sick seemingly every time I leave the house?

59F, mildly obese, hypothyroid, pernicious anemia, CRPS/RSD, blown ligaments in one knee limiting mobility - hence the weight - with a history of sepsis 5 years ago, and possible sepsis ten years before that. Social drinker - so very little alcohol since 2020. Fully vaccinated against C19, also flu and pneumonia. Postmenopausal.
Medications: synthroid, cyanocobalamin, Wellbutrin XL, modafinil, red yeast rice, valcyclovir (after multiple outbreaks of shingles post-vaccine).
The only events I've been to are some political events - mostly fundraisers. We're pretty much all fully vaccinated, although I know C19 is still circulating and a lot of my contacts travel regularly to Asia.
About two weeks ago, I went to a dinner and theater event, came home, and ended up sick in bed for close to a week. My temperature was over 100°F most of the week, as high as 103.9°F at one point. I was too sick to drive, didn't want to pay for an ambulance, so I rode it out. I figured vomiting would be my sign, and I only vomited once.
5 different C19 tests over the week were all negative.
Thursday night I went to a dinner, with a breakfast the following morning - and now I'm in bed, with a temperature of 102.6°F. I haven't tested yet, because it really came on tonight, around when I got in bed.
Other symptoms are sore throat, stuffy nose, a little coughing, and slight difficulty breathing. It's not flu, I don't think, because there aren't muscle aches, although some of my joints are hurting.
I realize none of you can magically fix this, and I will definitely call my doctor tomorrow or Monday, but I do have a couple of questions:
It occurred to me that pernicious anemia might be involved in the immune system - could that have something to do with me becoming a complete virus magnet?
Could the hypothyroid thing affect my vulnerability to viruses?
Is there anything I can do that might help me avoid getting so sick so frequently? Other than staying home forever more...
Can anyone suggest directions to explore? I do trust my doctor, I promise I'll listen to her over any of you - but I predict I'll be in bed tomorrow, and it would give me something to read about...
Thanks for any and all information offered.
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2023.04.02 14:07 weltallic What are Horizon's sales numbers *in America*?

I've been searching the net, and I just can't find anything.
Wikipedia says the following:
For a game released over a year ago (February 2022) I am baffled as to why I cannot find any sales numbers releases anywhere.
I've found some articles mentioning fan theories that the game sold well due to being bundled with the PS5, but a tweet by Christopher Dring (gamesindustry.biz) claims that he has "seen the data" and insisted that:
"80%+ of Horizon's sales across Europe were not part of a bundle."
"Across Europe."
So 80% of the 730,000 copies sold in Europe were individual sales. Fine. Good to know.
Does anyone know how many copies were sold in America?
Literally the ONLY website that mentions "worldwide" sales numbers is a German website called Play3.de, who claim the number is 10 million, and other websites use this Play3.de webpage as their source. But the only data Play3.de cites is... the same tweet by Christopher Dring.
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2023.04.02 14:06 checkoutmyun 9 months down the drain

I took my first sip of alcohol after 9 sober months. I was on my child’s field trip to the aquarium and I snuck a 14.5% Russian stout with me. I sneakily tried a sip and realized simultaneously how much I equally missed the comfort of this beverage and found it almost undrinkable. I immediately felt as though this was a mistake. I could only make it through half of the beer, before I felt sick to my stomach and poured out the other half. I was beating myself up for breaking my streak, especially with a drink I didn’t even find enjoyable. Next thing I know, for lunch the school had Chick-fil-a catered but they ran out of chicken nuggets so all I had to eat was a small handful of soggy waffle fries topped with mayonnaise. I thought to myself, that’s weird…why is there mayonnaise on my soggy waffle fries? Then I woke up and realized it was all a bad dream.
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2023.04.02 14:06 amr_youssef "Inflation: More Than Just a Number - How Different Types of Inflation Can Impact Your Financial Decisions"

"Inflation: More Than Just a Number - How Different Types of Inflation Can Impact Your Financial Decisions"
Inflation refers to the rise in prices of goods and services over time, leading to a decline in the purchasing power of money. It is an essential economic indicator that can significantly impact financial decisions. Inflation can be categorized into various types based on its causes and effects. Here are the different types of inflation and their implications for financial decisions.
1- Demand-pull Inflation: This type of inflation occurs when there is excess demand for goods and services compared to the available supply. This creates a situation where sellers can increase prices, resulting in inflation. Demand-pull inflation can happen due to factors such as an increase in money supply, increased consumer spending, or government spending. Financial decisions in such an environment should be geared towards investing in assets that can benefit from increasing demand, such as stocks or commodities.
2- Cost-push Inflation: This type of inflation occurs when the cost of production increases, leading to an increase in prices of goods and services. Cost-push inflation can happen due to factors such as an increase in raw material costs, higher wages, or a rise in taxes. Financial decisions in such an environment should focus on investments in sectors that can benefit from increased pricing power, such as healthcare or utilities. Or investing in assets that can provide inflation protection, such as real estate or gold.
3- Hyperinflation: One of the worst types of inflation. This type of inflation is an extreme form of inflation where prices increase rapidly, resulting in a loss of faith in the currency. Economists define it as the case in which the rate of price increase exceeds 50% per month. Hyperinflation can happen due to factors such as government deficits, money supply growth, or political instability. In such an environment, financial decisions should focus on investments in assets that can provide a hedge against currency devaluation, such as foreign currencies or precious metals.
4- Sectoral Inflation: This type of inflation occurs when there is a disproportionate increase in the price level of a particular sector, such as food or housing. This can happen due to supply constraints, increased demand, or other sector-specific factors. Financial decisions in such an environment should focus on investing in assets that can benefit from the particular sector's growth or this inflation.
5- Imported Inflation: This type of inflation occurs when the price of imported goods and services increases due to a rise in global commodity prices or a depreciation of the domestic currency. Imported inflation can have significant implications for countries that rely heavily on imported goods, such as energy or raw materials. Financial decisions in such an environment should focus on investing in assets that can benefit from increased pricing power, such as companies with high export earnings or commodities that benefit from global price increases.
6- Asset Price Inflation: This type of inflation occurs when the prices of assets, such as real estate, stocks, or bonds, increase rapidly, leading to a decline in their yields. Asset price inflation can happen due to various factors, such as low-interest rates, easy credit conditions, or increased investor demand. Financial decisions in such an environment should be made with caution, as the prices of assets may be disconnected from their underlying fundamentals.
7- Stagflation: The hardest kind of inflation. This type of inflation occurs when the economy experiences both inflation and stagnant growth. This can happen due to a supply shock, such as a sudden increase in oil prices or a disruption in the supply chain. With high unemployment. Stagflation can have a significant impact on financial decisions, as investors need to balance the risks of inflation with the potential lack of growth in the economy.
8- Repressed Inflation: This type of inflation occurs when the government artificially suppresses inflation through price controls, subsidies, or other interventions. Repressed inflation can create a situation where prices remain artificially low, leading to shortages and rationing of goods and services. Financial decisions in such an environment should be made with caution, as the true inflationary pressures may be hidden from view.
In conclusion, Inflation can come as a result of one reason or come with several reasons together so understanding the various types of inflation can help investors make informed financial decisions that can protect their portfolios from inflationary pressures. However, it's essential to note that inflation is a complex phenomenon that can be influenced by multiple factors, making it challenging to predict and manage in the short term.
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2023.04.02 14:06 EntireSquibble Less complex IT work, tired of sysop and programming jobs

Dear folks,
I have been in IT (in Europe) for over 10 years and it has lost it's shine. Since there are some personal things playing it's part I need to focus more on a low stress environment. A 9-5 job that does not boast how complex their environment is. I also don't want to be a team manager.
The easy jobs seem to be very customer oriented, the helpdesk stuff. That would make me quite unhappy. I don't mind making less, just want to see if there are lightweight IT jobs out there. Preferably I want to do remote work as open office spaces don't agree with me.
Scrolling through vacancies there is lots I can do, but the jobs just seem 'dry' to me: it doesn't seem exciting.
Does anyone have recommendations on light IT jobs?
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