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I’m not ready to copy. I’m flying! Even we know two-way comms is not a bravo clearance.

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Post your favorite themes/achievements you use on your Xbox One.

2023.04.01 15:50 NucularOrchid Does anybody else find sex embarrassing?

I am nearly 30 but the older I get the more I don’t want it anymore. I’ve been with my man for 5 years and he’s great but I just never want him to touch me. Having someone touch you and judge your reactions, having someone go down on you and not knowing what to do, where to put your hands, how to silent the negative thoughts in my head, feeling shy because you feel like you need to act a certain way but then moaning is embarrassing, am I doing to too much? Not enough? Getting stressed because there’s some light in the room and I don’t want someone to see me undressed. He reassured me all these things he finds so sexy, everything I do he finds sexy or attractive, even things like eating nice food, talking about my passions, even when I’m painting (hobby) he says it’s so attractive to watch me work and get lost into creating, but I don’t feel sexy.
Even if I do get into it as soon as I’ve climaxed I’m absolutely mortified. I don’t have any sexual trauma. I have childhood trauma where mum was emotionally neglectful and she used to hit me so I don’t know if that has a long term effect. I’m sure it does as I’m typically embarrassed walking into a shop or crossing the road haha.
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2023.04.01 15:49 Independent_Pace2023 Need some help.

Hello, Im a very much new modder and I was wondering if someone perhaps knew how to make it so that once you collect an item it makes it so that isaac's head is seperated from hsi body and he just flies around? (basically like transcedence) ive already made it so that isaac flies around after collecting the item, but im still having a bit of trouble finding out how to do the "flying head" part.
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2023.04.01 15:49 hashtagtylerh 23 [R4M] looking for someone to play Diablo 2: Resurrected with on Xbox ✨️

hiiiii Diablo 2: Resurrected is on sale rn so I just got it and I'm looking for someone to play it with. would also like to chat and make a friend not just play together 🕸 some things I like: cats, horror, and games of course 🎮
pls msg me if interested. looking forward to chatting more 🥀
also I'm nonbinary assigned male at birth if that matters 2u 🦋
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2023.04.01 15:49 Psychological_Sock10 I (15M) need to decide if I should get with a dumb girl (17M)

First things first, I'm in 11th grade, people are shocked when they hear my age, and I would like to say I'm more mature than an average 15-year-old. (Although I'm sure they all say that)
Alright, so I'll explain the situation. I go to this teenage youth group to meet people and make friends. I would say I'm doing pretty well, and it happens to be, that I've been asked out by multiple girls that go there. I had said no to every girl so far, because I was worried about the consequences of getting into the wrong relationship. In addition, I've never been desperate for a relationship, so I did not mind saying no. However, this means I have been single my whole life.
One of my good friends, that I thought was way out of my league, confessed about a month ago that she had feelings for me. Initially I had feelings for her as well, but I thought they were gone by the time she told me. She is a fun person, with a good heart, but is not the brightest out there (she is in 10th grade). She also suffers from depression. I told her I just wanted to stay friends, and we still are.
Recently, I realized that I do like her. But have been advised by my friend not go out with her, because she is not smart, she gets attached, and I might not want to deal with her emotional issues. Nonetheless, I care about her as a person, she gets along with my friend group, and when thinking about it, I feel like I should go out with her. I know this relationship wouldn't work out long term, but if I want someone to mess around with, that is not a bad influence, this girl might be fine.
Overall, if I just wanted to gain relationship experience, I'm not sure if there would be any harm in going out with her. However, I'm worried that it might be better to go out with a different girl I know, who is a lot smarter, and we have more to talk about.
When I was younger, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted in a relationship, but the older I get, the more I realize I have no idea what I'm looking for. Please let me know if you think it would be silly of me to go out with her, if I should try and find someone else, and how to proceed with the relationship with this girl. (Make sure I don't do anything stupid, I'm young and naive lol). Thanks in advance.
P.S. I was thinking about asking her to causally date, where we don't get too attached, and be together just for fun.
TL;DR A good friend of mine likes me, I like her, but I don't want to do anything stupid, and regret it later on.
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2023.04.01 15:49 Fit-Ad-3524 Do I need a 1099-k? Ex claims he never received one

Ok so i hope this is okay to post. If not please delete. I am a 50/50 owner of an llc with my ex.. we’re going through a pretty ugly custody battle and he changed all of the passwords for the business on me. I am trying to do my personal taxes and the business has made approx $137k in 2022. Everything is done online and people buy their items mostly via Shopify. My ex claims he never received a 1099-k form and the tax accountant he is using says that it is submitted after your taxes are filed and I guess they are making one for him? Can someone please help me figure out how I handle this on my taxes? I would be extremely grateful. ‼️I have never been paid from this business and neither has he‼️ TIA
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2023.04.01 15:49 Just_Danieru I'm looking for a specific NateWantsToBattle song, but I forgot the name...

So, from what I remembered, the lyrics of the song have like 2 individuals that are talking to each other. He's singing the part of these both individuals. It was not a song that is based on a video game (FNAF, Undertale, etc), and it's not uploaded to either his channel or the Give Hearts channel. I think I either saw it on YT Music or someone re-upload the song to YouTube with lyrics. I know how little my description narrows it down, I'm just testing my luck in this subreddit...

If you know what song I'm talking about, please let me know...

Thank you...
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2023.04.01 15:48 siestacat How to best leverage mix of SSD+HDDs on new proxmox build

Cross posted to homelab.
I'm wrapping my head around how best to provision storage. I have built a new host to replace my power hungry ml350p gen8 with...
AMD EPYC 7551p
256gb of RAM
1 NVME boot drive, 2 NVME 1TB crucial m.2 drives on a pcie riser card
7x14TB 7200RPM seagate exos drives
Latest version of proxmox is already installed on the boot NVME.
I'm planning to take two of the seagates and do a mirrored setup for family/more important files (have other offline backups).
The other 5 will be in raid5/the ZFS equivalent. This'll be mostly for plex and archived security footage.
I've got somewhere near 10 VMs i'll be running on this same host - home assistant, plex, a linux box, and a sandbox for work projects (qradar ce, zabbix, etc).
This'll be my first time leveraging ZFS - do I make two big pools and throw in a few of the SATA SSDs as special vdevs for each pool? I was thinking of using the NVME for just VM storage with no redundancy (I will have online and offline backups).
Right now my seagate drives are going through badblocks so I've got another day or so to decide.
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2023.04.01 15:48 ronarprfct Dysfunction in a sin-fallen world doesn't create new categories

The notion, because some people are born with their genetics and/or physiology dysfunctional concerning gender, that they represent genders themselves(or that gender is a social construct) is foolishness. It is akin to someone seeing that some people are born with genetic abnormalities that result in them not having one or more limbs. This doesn't prove that having two functioning arms is a social construct any more than some people having an accident in which they lose an arm proves that armedness is a social construct. Because of the effects of sin, all of creation is fallen. This results in genetic dysfunction leading to physical deformity AND mental illness. Even IF some portion of the people who aren't part of the actual 0.018 percent of humans who are clearly born intersex have some brain abnormality(or mind abnormality) that causes them to not feel as though they are the gender their genetics or genitalia show they are, or that they don't fit into either male or female gender, this is no indication that there are more than two genders. It is an indication that they were born dysfunctional, as all humans born into a sin-fallen world--to some extent--are. I was born with various differences and difficulties due to genetic dysfunction caused by the dioxins in the "Agent Orange" my father was exposed to in Vietnam. I have had GERD my whole life as one example. ADHD is a one possible mental dysfunction that can result. Muscle wall weakness leading to greater tendency to develop hernias. Children born in Vietnam often have MUCH greater dysfunction as a result. These things are not what God originally intended when He made humans. This is an example of the sin of man directly affecting creation negatively(man created Agent Orange). Dysfunction in gender doesn't create a new category any more than some people not having both arms creates a new category, or people who received dysfunctional genetics and subsequent mental or physical dysfunction as a result of those genetics create new categories. It just indicates we are all part of the category "dysfunctional human per original design due to our sin and the sin of our ancestors". If I buy an xbox that was manufactured less perfectly than some others, such that it tends to overheat more easily and shutdown, it doesn't create a new type of xbox. The designers didn't intend it to do that and it is a dysfunction, rather than a function that we have to give a new name to and affirm as a new ideal just as valid(the category, not the xbox. I am not saying some humans are not validly humans because they are dysfunctional humans, even if they are more dysfunctional in some ways than other humans) as "fully-functioning xbox".
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2023.04.01 15:48 Neckties-Over-Bows What profile clichés do you notice the most?

This is a question for everyone, man or woman. What things do you notice on people's profile so often that it's funny?
For me, it's gotta be something making reference to whether or not they like on pizza, whether they put the cereal or the milk first, or someone saying that the best way to ask them out is actually not to ask, but just tell them to be ready.
I'm not knocking it—people can build their profiles how they want. I'm just curious to see if others see similar things when they're scrolling through.
P.S. What the heck is a "passenger princess?" I've seen that term on people's profiles, but I'm not familiar with what it is or where it comes from
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2023.04.01 15:47 Trick-Calligrapher89 I was rejected by Emirates Airlines days after my final interview.. anyone else?

So I had an assessment day with Emirates 2 weeks ago (cabin crew position). It went well (objectively speaking), I also made it till the final interview, interviewer asked me a couple of questions based on my CV (recent graduate), if I ever modelled, or volunteered... and how much time it would take me to relocate to dubai (which I said 2 months but she wasn't having it and said 1 so I just complied without looking defiant or anything). She told me someone at HQ would contact me 24h-4 days max for the final results.
2 days later a woman from HQ called me, she just asked for me to upload a copy lf my high school diploma instead of the university one. So I did but I also kept my university certificate on my application, I didn't understand why they'd let me take it off since it was perfectly fine.
2 days later i got a rejection email saying that after careful consideration I was not accepted for the job. Which was a bummer because the pay was good and the lifestyle suited me more than my current job (at least on the short run, i wasn't really planning to go and live my life as an FA but i was planning on staying 3-6 years, enough to save up some money and meet people i guess)
What bugs me is why was i not accepted? And has anyone else had a similar experience?
For further info: 22 yo I don't have major experience in customer service apart from working remotely as a customer service operator for a few months I have a BA in a highly sought-after medical/health-related field which should be a plus considering the health side of the job I have the friendly smile and personality that they look for in a FA I'm fluent in the 3 typical languages we all know And last but not least, i made a good impression that day, was fast on my feet, fast to fix up mistakes and make them feel like nothing, perceptive, funny yet professional, and i just don't know, it bugs me a little, the fact that life (or in this case Emirates) doesn't give you a reason for something that to their defense, wasn't my top priority ( i was actually happy when i got the rejection email, i didn't like the idea of throwing away everything and moving to sunny-as-heck dubai but the situation here is seriously messed up, and people shouldn't be earning 100-200$ per month, that's low, even for a fresh graduate)
Sorry for this awfully loooooong and meaningless post but it was my first time getting rejected in my entire life. And yes I mean rejected in anything life-related, not just a job 😂. I think my ego took a hit and i came here to vent so i don't discuss it with my parents
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2023.04.01 15:47 KittenWolfFluff i (30 F) have my phone blown up by older women from church ( F 50s 60s) and i want to ghost them permanently. but i feel like the AH for doing this

I have started attending service regularly since march and Bible study the day after. I met a lot of foreign older women whose husbands work here and they’re living with them. They relocated 15 years ago. So ever since I went on a coffee hangout with a couple of them they wouldn’t stop blowing my phone up. I have 4-5 women at my tail constantly talking about when I get off work and when do I have time to hang out. We have nothing in common.
first of all, we are at different stages in life, at a different ages, and have nothing in common regarding hobbies or interests. I love gaming, drawing, comics, and staying in. When I went on a coffee hangout with 2 separate ladies all we talked about is Church, faith, and prayer. I already attend service and Bible study for that, so there is literally nothing else to talk about. I feel awkward whenever i meet up because i have to keep the conversation going or else there would be a long silence. I would rather invest this time in Dating and trying to find someone that would be in my life long term. Sitting on a chair for 3 hours and talking about faith is draining especially if it’s multiple women all week straight.
the main woman lets call her Susan, gives my phone number to her other friends and tried to set us up to go out, her friends are also around her age, 50s no one around my age tho. she told me that she's way into converting people from the area to Christ. when she goes home in North Carolina she phones different colleges and asks about a certain ethnicity or country and get these girls to come to her house and she would try to convert them to Christianity. still a bit weird for me
I feel like these women are entitled to my time, just because I am off work doesn’t mean I should spend it entertaining them if they’re bored. We went on a group lunch after service in a mall near by and Susan said sarcastically: my love language is quality time. Meaning: you should spend more time with me.
How do I stop this without being an Ahole? what is the polite way other than ghosting?
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2023.04.01 15:47 Ethereallie13 Dealing more dmg as a preservation evoker?

Legit no matter how hard i try, i get 20 mil dmg overall maximum, while I heard from a friend that evokers usually do 50 mil. There are 4 dmg abilities like how can i go wrong? usually when its a large group i use fully empowered fire breath and then i usually wait for some healing tics to cast living flame, but in the meantime i use azure strike or deep breath. When its single target dps or like maybe 2 - 3 mobs i use 1st lvl flame breath, living flame and disintegrate, i use the procs but often i like to be at 3 essence so sometimes i dont even wait on the procs. And thats kinda it, I don't get how someone can do double the dmg, btw my gear lvl is 405 so it's not low but my dps didn't rise at all since i geared up. Do i need crit or something. I also have a 4 piece so when i have 4 of those bouncing flames i usually cast temp anomaly and reversion and i wait for the proc so that my living flame deals even more dmg
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2023.04.01 15:47 KRXJ I've been looking into becoming a claims adjuster

Hi I am a 32 year old black man, I have been working as a CNA (nursing assistant) off and on since 2008 I've had various jobs outside of that often more than one at a time despite that, I still managed to be arrested for possession of Marijuana ('11, '12, '18) received deferred adjudication each time paid my dues and continued to work I've been working as a Travel CNA since 2017 making $1200.00 a week.
I do not maintain a homebase meaning I go contract to contract sometimes I feel homeless I am single and do not have kids, all of this I want to change. I would like to have a little more normalcy to my life so that I could meet someone for more than just a hook-up. at this rate I am on track to dying alone with nothing to show for my life. there's so much I want to do with my life that I simply cannot do with this lifestyle.
I would love to go to nursing school, but it's a slim chance that I would be able to get my record expunge in Texas and have no desire to live in another state (Texas is the best, imo) and even if I did, I would still have to go through the Texas court system in order to get my record expunged and it's very unlikely getting a non-disclosure would help with getting past the B.O.N
so I have to do something different, something that would pay the same as I am getting now if not more, the current plan once I find out what my options are is to stop travelling and pay rent and utilities somewhere for a year, do the math put the money in an account set for auto withdraw so I don't have to think about it and just work as needed while in school or training for this new career path
so the question is would my unfortunate background prevent me from pursuing and career in claim adjusting like it would with nursing from what I've read CA's can make $60K a year if not more I can survive on that and possibly even be able to afford a wife and if she had job making at least $30k together we may even be able to afford a child. Ultimately I just need some guidance because life is starting to seem a bit pointless for me. I am so tired of hooking up and having fleeting relationships and the only way I can change this is by changing my lifestyle and that starts with changing how I make my money... i am completely legal nowadays haven't smoked Marijuana since 2018 and have never been in trouble for anything else but Marijuana. I accept full responsibility for my actions, but rather die than be poor again and honestly don't think I mentally keep up this lifestyle without going insane for more than 3 more years. If I cannot figure something out by time I'm 35 I am going to have to call it quits
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2023.04.01 15:46 scknnd thinking before speaking

Its been several years ever since I've realized that I really don't think before speaking, and it has become such a prevalent and serious issue that at many instances I either get into trouble or hurt someone terribly, especially my own close friends. Although in other instances I end up saying the most senseless and stupid shit every single goddamn time both annoying everyone else as well as making myself look stupid and worthless amidst others.
One may think that I have a blunt personality and another would say that that is a good thing, but from my own perspective, I've met blunt people and I'm nothing like them. Unlike them, I would barge in with a very rash or vulgar comment/joke about anyone or anything, possibly for my unconscious motive of seeking attention or praise from an individual or group, especially in impromptu. My thought-to-speech system is so fucked I could only with to be silent, cut my tongue off or just literally stitch my own mouth shut without anesthesia.
I wish I could just stop, think about what I say and about how it would affect not just myself but others as well, but I just feel like once I get an opportunity to talk I go into autopilot mode and my thoughts get hardwires straight to my mouth no matter how much I try to stop it. I've tried scouring for some solutions both on the Internet and via therapy, some of which went along the lines of "wait 3 seconds before talking" or "think of the THINK acronym" and so on and so forth. I've tried applying them but to literally 0 progress as I could even see my unconscious self throw those ideas away as I continue to spew harmful and stupid words every single time to everyone I ever meet.
Thus here I am, and I just really want to know what advice would you all think I need to follow so I can get myself out of this rut I've seemingly dug myself in both as fast and as effective as possible so I don't end up in situations where I say stupid things for attention or find my own friends seriously threatening me to shut my mouth as is happening at the very moment and the very thing I wish to not happen ever again.
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2023.04.01 15:46 Least-Designer7976 I'm (25F) seeing a guy (25M) for more than a month, but idk

I've (25F) been seeing a guy (25M) for a bit of time ; talked since begining of February, met 15th February, and since then we've been talking everyday and meeting every Friday. He's not like my ex ; desire isn't our only focus, we talk a lot about other things, he's cute, sensitive, interesting, always goes with my jokes ... Also he's pro feminist and LGBT, and he knows about the mental charge. When he comes to my home, he always bring in food I like, propose to cook, take out the garbages ...
When he hugs me, the whole world seems less shitty. He's visually disabled, but when he looks at me, I feel like the most pretty girl in the world.
He's not perfect, he's very introvert when I need someone who's ready to travel and go out, but no relation is perfect and he already does a lot comparing to most of actual guys. I would rather date a man who's ready to be a father and a husband rather than a lover and a teen.
But I also knew the exact opposite. Love at first sight, crazy desire, feeling like you've met your other half ... But I never went this far to be in a relation with this person, so I don't know how we would have behaved as a couple.
So long story short, I don't have any example of a healthy relation (my parents hate each other, no sibling), so I'm coming for neutral opinions.
Would you rather live a passionate crazy clichee relation even if it means ot always have to be sure you stay sexy to your partner, or dating your best friend even if it means less desire and a relation more based on friendship and talks ?
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2023.04.01 15:45 LogicNewbie3 AITA for telling my dog to stop barking around my family?

I (28m) and currently living with my parents and brother. They have a great dog (smaller schnauzer) who has one major problem - he barks like a lunatic. His bark is also very ear piercing and loud. If you're in a car with him you have to get out because it will physically hurt your ears. Multiple friends/family members have commented on how bad his barking is. Also I've lived with this dog for most of his 8 years of life, so he is partly mine too as the (family dog). It's not fully accurate to say he's my parents dog as if I live far away and only see him once in a while.
Lately I've been having the dog come to me and lay down when someone gets home. Only once he has stopped barking and is calm do I release him. This is an attempt to not only get him to stop hurting my ears, but also teach him that calmness and quietness gets you rewards.
Lately my dad has been ordering me not to have him stop barking. He gets mad at me when I tell the dog to stop or call the dog over to me to lay down. I'm not mean about it, I just calmly tell him to come over. My dad isn't having it. He gets angry at me and tells me "He is excited that X is home, he is allowed to bark. It's how he shows excitement." I told my dad that may be fine, but it really hurts my ears and it's not cool. My dad gets even more mad and says "this is my fucking house, and if I want my dog to bark he can. You're being ridiculous." So I reply "it's pretty rude that you think that just because you're cool with a dog's ear piercing barks right in your ear, other people are and should have to endure it. It's not that big of a deal to ask him to be quiet until someone actually walks into the house."
Sometimes he'll bark for several minutes before someone even comes into the house. So it's not like I'm forcing him not to see the person who just came in. As soon as they walk in the door and he's quiet, I tell him he can go say hi. It's basic dog training (I'm a dog trainer by the way). At this point in the argument, my dad came back with some stupid reply, so I just ignored him. The rest of the night he wouldn't talk to me.
AITA for calmly asking my parents dog to stop barking when I'm around my family members and someone gets home?
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2023.04.01 15:45 Docsmash401 Presumptives

Hi all, wondering what the understanding of gulf war presumptives. From how I have read the law as long as someone who serves in the Persian gulf and develops symptoms of any of the conditions list before 12/31/2026 it doesn’t matter if people complained while in. But I have been denied by vba on ibs and headaches. Any information to address this would be great. Thanks.
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2023.04.01 15:44 Crystalastro11 AITA: For not attending my mother's wedding?

I (F 19) do not have a close relationship with either of my parents. Growing up, I never experienced their love for me. They didn't want to do anything with me. As time went on, they spent less and less time with me. To the point, when my mom would pick me up from the daycare, I would cry because I didn't want to go home. They worked overtime, so I guess I can't blame them for not being there for me. One particular night, I was having a hard time trying to sleep as my mom and dad were fighting. My mom came in crying and slamming the door shut. She thought I was asleep and called someone. I wish I didn't listen to their conversation. Turned out my mom was having an affair with someone. I ought that day to never forgive that man for ruining my parents relationship. I was about 9 y/o at that time and was aware enough to know what my mom was doing. That shattered my little trust I had in her. I became insecure and in result, isolated myself from my family.
Years went by, and my mom got stage 3 cancer. Even after all the trauma I went through my life, I wasn't that heartless to leave my mother be. You can say, I still cared for her. My dad and I (though mostly my dad), stayed by her side as she was fighting through cancer. My dad would bring her gifts and would try to remain cheerful but I knew he was going through a lot too. My dad was trying his best to repair his and hers relationship. And, I was glad he was trying. My mom on the other hand, refuse to forgive him. I was trying to convince my mom, but my grandmother resisted me from doing so. She told me that they both need a break from one another.That break turned into months and months. One day, my mom called me to come home. I came home, and I see my parents sitting on the couch looking serious. I asked them what's wrong and they told me that they were divorcing. I didn't say a word. I didn't know what and how to respond. I went to my room, and minutes later I hear them fighting. I happen to hear them calling me the main problem. I had enough at this point. I ran outside and told them to never call me again. I never saw them after that. I thought they would give me a call or so, but guess they didn't. They divorced, and some months after that my mom was getting married to a new man. She did not send me an invitation, and I didn't even knew she was getting married. My aunt told me the news. When I called my mother, she was like, "oh yeah. Uh, well.. i was going to send you an invitation but..". She didn't say a word after that. I was a bit mad and said, "Well it's not like i was going to attend your wedding either. I do not want to cause you the problems by being their right?". And hung up after that. So, AITA for not attending her wedding?
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2023.04.01 15:44 Krokettenkeks Got a new AM5 setup but my boot time (with fast boot enabled) takes somehow more than a minute..pls send help

I disabled safe boot already yet from pushing the boot button to getting the first image on screen takes a little more than 30sec and then to get to the win11 login it takes a total of can I improve that? I remember having boot times twice as fast...
My specs:
AMD Ryzen 7 7700 Processor 3,8 GHz
ASUS ROG Strix B650E-F Gaming WiFi
G.Skill Trident Z5 RGB - DDR5 - Kit - 32GB: 2 x 16GB - DIMM 288-PIN - 6400 MHz (DOCP II is enabled)
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2023.04.01 15:44 TornHex31 Institute RP situations

I’m planning on doing an institute role play through where I’m going to be emotionally detached (apart from towards Father), believe that the commonwealth is a lost cause and everyone above ground are just a means to an end. There are few situations/interactions where I’m unsure how my character would react:
Meeting Valentine: Would I be amazed by his technology and personality or would I sway towards a more brotherhood mindset where I think he’s an abomination?
Blind betrayal: There are only railroad or BoS themed choices in this quest, would I tell him his emotions are real (very un-institute) or be more BoS where I think he should die (but that would be damaging institute property/remarkable technology). I feel like I should go more railroad in this scenario.
I’m sure there are other storyline moments however I can’t remember them, any help/input would be appreciated :)
P.S. If there are any story moments (or side quests) which someone would like to mention where there’s an option to be very institute themed, please comment
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2023.04.01 15:44 gear_driven87 35 [M4F] #AL/TN - Let's get coffee or tacos or throw rocks at trains.

Are you around the north Alabama area? Do you eat food? Like to throw rocks? Drink coffee? Like music?
You ain't gonna believe this, but so do I!
I'm bored, single, and awkward as hell and terrible at meeting people. I thought it may be nice to have someone to get to know. No pressure or expectations.
Let's be weird, but not make it weird, know what I'm saying?
I'm 35, no kids. Have my own place and car and somewhat have my shit together. Together enough to take you out for tacos and I'll pick up the tab. There are some, um, interesting pics on my profile. I'm skinny, brown hair and eyes with glasses, just a pretty standard issue white dude.
If you're bored, and 18-50 and don't think this post sounds too miserable, send me a chat and you can tell me how pathetic I am or maybe you might like me. I'll roll those dice if you will 😉
Thanks for nothing, hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.04.01 15:43 Bran_Oldfield About authors privacy

Nfts are a trend that can make you lots of money. The thing is, your wallet as an author will be displayed and with that the amount of crypto you earned. This may not be the best if you manage to create a relatively large comunity and the avatar online starts to mix with the person. Once someone knows 'you', how can you protect you from thiefs irl? It is imperative to keep you anonimous all the time?
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