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Dedicated to Chicago's SaveMoney crew featuring Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, Towkio, Kami, Brian Fresco, Dally Auston, Sterling Hayes, Knox Fortune, Caleb James and more

2019.12.20 21:04 tesimbp We are DataHoarder from Switzerland

This subreddits is specific for DataHoarders coming from Switzerland. We focus more on swiss deals about SSD, LTO Tape, HDD, NAS/DAS, Software, Thunderbolt Devices, NVME Enclosures, etc. It doesn't matter if you live in the italian/german or french part of Switzerland. What only matter, is that you are a DataHoarder!

2023.04.01 16:45 jp_swift [WTS] Vortex Viper PST gen II 1-6x with Badger Ordnance tan 1.7” 30mm mount and throw lever
$750 for scope, mount, and throw lever
I bought this a year or so ago and have realized it’s not practical for the area i live in. Only has been used at the range a couple times and is in near perfect condition. Looking to sell the scope, mount, and throw lever as a package for $750. Not considering splitting yet.
Venmo payment
Message me if you want more pictures or have questions.
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2023.04.01 16:45 Nearby-Appearance509 With great love, comes great loss, with great loss comes great pain.

My dachshund Gus would do this thing I loved so much. It always made my day. But getting home from work no matter how bad the day gets. This part of my day always made it worth living.
I would get home. Unlock the metal door and try to open the wooden door as quietly as possible to sneak up on Gus. And yet Gus was already 19 steps ahead of me. And would do 1 of 2 things.
A.Just stare back at me while I stare at him in awkward silence. (It reminded me of those TikTok videos when the music is like “and he looks at me, and I look at him, and he looks at me, and I look at him,) Or B. Creep and crawl around the couches to try and sneak up on me 😂😂 and that was my favorite because there’s this loud medium sized dog,(20lbs) thinking he is so smooth that I can’t see him. And whenever I can’t hold my laughter anymore he pounces!
It also amazes me how much he understood us, dogs are smart and people don’t really believe dogs are smart. But when I would get home, after all our greetings are done I would be like “let’s go!” And he ran to the restroom door because he knew I always went straight to the restroom when I got home.
It’s been 9 months since he passed away. I’ve gotten use to the empty feeling of coming home and not having our silly interactions. I’ve gotten used to not petting him and telling him how much I love him every night. Nevertheless I still miss him every day. And I have to believe that dogs live multiple lives. And reincarnate to other dogs, because I can’t accept that this amazing personality no longer exist. That this spark is just gone forever. He was the best dog for me. Even though my mom paid for him. I chose him. I carried him home. I spoiled him with toys and cuddles and treats. I knew when something was wrong with him before anyone else did. I put myself through $6,000 in debt, in efforts to saving him. And I would do it all over again for him. At the end of the day I may have not bought him. Or raised him (I was away for work, his first few months) but he was my dog. He was my son. And I feel so lucky to have been able to love him.
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2023.04.01 16:44 unequivocally-stupid Store bought Ground Nutmeg Trip Report - First Nutmeg Trip - insanely slow buildup

This is my first post to this subreddit. Thought I'd leave a trip report for anyone wondering what a first experience with store bought ground nutmeg would be like, as I was wondering before yesterday! (TL;DR at bottom)
MYSELF: 18 yo Male. 160 Lbs. PREVIOUS NUTMEG EXPERIENCE: absolutely none - had seen one fried have an enjoyable experience PREVIOUS GENERAL EXPERIENCE: alcohol, thc, mdma, mushrooms, lsa, dxm, dph (never do dph), oxy DOSE: ~15g Total (Low - I think it was a great starter)
T 7:00a - I mix 4tsp of Nutmeg into some water and drink it. I believe this to be about 8-9 grams (Conversion Link). It tastes surprisingly mild for a huge pile of spice, but the texture is godawful. I slurp it down, my stomach feels extremely filled but not nauseous.
T 7:30 - The nausea is pretty strong, and it's worse because every time I exhale it tastes spicy. I used mouthwash, but should have fully brushed probably. I notice no effects, except a feeling of excitement, but I think that was just me being genuinely excited for the experience, not a psychoactive symptom.
T 8:30 - As I sit in class (I know, bad setting) I start to realize it's damn near impossible to pay any attention at all. I'm surprised to realize this, because I've heard nutmeg can take 4-8 hours to kick in. I attributed this to excitement and nausea, nothing else, but looking back I think I was already feeling it a little bit.
T 9:30 - While walking to second period, my one friend who has any drug experience gives me a knowing look. "Okay," I think. "Maybe I AM feeling this now." Going into second period, I feel more confident in this conclusion. The walls look to have a static filter over them (similar to DPH) and I'm nauseous, and also feel like my environment does not matter at all to me. I put my earbuds in and listened to the first playlist that popped up and it sounded wonderful. I don't feel super euphoric or trippy yet, but I can definitely feel myself coming up slowly.
T 10:30 - This really slow comeup starts sort of piling on me in waves. My effects at this point are feeling very detached from my environment, sort of like I'm watching a movie. My arms and legs feel VERY warm, my palms are sweaty. Visuals are very very mild if any. Mentally/Emotionally, I just feel kind of baked; it reminded me a lot of weed at this stage. (I haven't smoked weed in over 3 months.)
T 12:00p - I sit with my friends at lunch, and I'm able to keep up in a normal conversation, it just seems really boring to me. The feelings from my 10:30 update stay with me for a long long time, all the way until:
T 3:30p - I took another 2 tsp about an hour before this. This time, I just put a spoonful in my mouth and used water to swallow it. I sit outside on my porch, and realize that I am HAPPY. Like, just listening to music and seeing the trees blow in the wind is making me feel GREAT. Comparable euphoria to some of the best I've felt w/ substances. The trees are glowing and the sky is super bright and clear. The grass is so green. I'm not TRIPPING at this point, but the experience is getting a lot different.
T 5:00 - I took one more tsp right before this. I am laying on the couch, with my eyes closed, kind of jumping between listening to music and the outside world. I feel great, and there are closed eyes visuals. Right now, it feels like DXM to me, but with a more grounded and less "out of it" feeling.
T 7:00 - I open my eyes and see that the world looks almost 2D and very vibrant, like I'm watching a cartoon almost, but this goes away as soon as I focus my vision. I live at home of course since I'm in my SR year of HS right now, so I decide to take this to my bed so my parents don't get upset. "I could no longer hide this," I realize. I go to my bed, and...
T 9:30 - I laid in bed, just kind of taking it in. This feels a lot like my LSA (morning glory) trip. My vision continually shifts between "tripping" and "sober," but my mental and mood is permanently set to "just high." It's a really good combination of the two. I really enjoyed this, but still couldn't hold off the sleep from a long day of nausea and acting normal around people.
This morning - The day after, I have a slight headache, my eyes are a little red, but I still have a really good mood and some dissociation.
OVERALL (TL;DR) - Super slow buildup (peaked like 12 hours after taking it) - Some trippy visuals, but SUPER mild - Mentally/Emotionally, more euphoric weed (plus DXM feelings at times) - Body high: Just a warm feeling, sort of nice but not very strong - Nausea was exhausting but went away around 4 hours after dosing - Afterglow mixed with hangover... - 7/10 experience, would do again when my stomach resets. Probably will increase dose by 1.5x
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2023.04.01 16:43 suhiab1 [Store]Store of TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache

myprofile steam

I am selling Ti8 and ti9 and ti10 Immortals and Collector's Cache and not buying them.
Buyer goes first, no exceptions unless you have a reputable rep

All conversations will be saved for safety and record.
Steam Rep: Steam Reputation
Buyers go first, add me now if interested for 30 days cooldown, make sure to leave a comment on my profile . 20% reserve fee required at the time of reserving cache sets.
Immortal Treasure 2022 
Hero Immortal Treasure I - II 2022 Price(USD) Reserved/Sold
Queen of Pain Bloodfeather Finery 55$ 3 Sold!- 2 left
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The Battle Pass Collection 2022 
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Mars Molten Bore 10$
Batrider Charms of the Firefiend 5$
Ageless Heirlooms 2022 
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Mars Wings of Imperium (Ultra Rare) 15$
Medusa Jewels of Anamnes(sa (Very rare) 5$
Night Stalker Twilight Legions (Rare) 3$
Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache II 
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Void Spirit Sublime Equilibrium 35$
Anti Mage) Brands of the Reaper 25$
Treant Grudges of the Gallows Tree 20$
Phantom Assassin Darkfeather Factioneer 12$
Pudge Cursed Cryptbreaker 10$
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Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache I 
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Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache 
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The International 2018 Price (CSGO keys) Reserved/Sold
Stonemarch Sovereign [Wraith King] 20$ 3 Sold - 1left
Pattern of the Silken Queen [Broodmother] 5$ 1 sold
Shimmer of the Anointed [Nyx] 8$ 3 Sold!
Molokau Stalker [Venomancer] 10$ 3 Sold- 1left
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my profile steam
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2023.04.01 16:43 OlStickInTheMud LPT: If you rent your home/apartment. Take pictures and document literally everything that is wrong or could be considered wrong, that could cost you when you move out!

I have been a renter for over 20 years and have lived in 11 different apartment or rental homes of various economic levels. From small time land lords to big corporate renters. They will all nickle and dime you to down right try and rip you off. Of the 11 places I have lived I lost some or all of my deposit to stuff I had no clue would ding me. Being charged for damages for things I didnt even know was anything. Some examples of things I have been hit with that are easy to not think about or miss.
Scuff on wall from the back rest of a couch.
Loose wall sockets.
Loose closet shelves and hanger poles.
Was charged 500 dollars for a dishwasher that was broken I never used or knew was broken while living in the apartment
Charged 400 dollars for a broken garbage disposal for the same reason as the dishwasher.
250 dollars for a door from a sticker the previous tenant left on it. That the renter claimed damaged the door to needing be replaced when I moved out. (A dumb faded out In and Out sticker that was probably there for several years).
Test everything. Document it all, take pictures time stamp and send to your landlord or building manager.
Document everytime you have someone come fix something.
Its a huge pain in the ass. But can save you hundreds if not thousands from the scummy reality of renting when you decide to move out.
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2023.04.01 16:42 blah_bleh_blahh I'll have to break up with my near-perfect boyfriend

short version: he wants kids, and I don't.
long version: he's (24 M) my (23 F) first bf, but I have seen so many relationships around me, some, good, some terrible, but this guy...he really is near perfect. In our one-year relationship, he has been extremely caring, is a feminist, easily the funniest guy in any group, looks very hot, is a better cook than me, his things are much more organized than mine, and he can lift my mood up in seconds. In this past year, he has helped me become a better version of myself - both physically and mentally. If that wasn't enough, he helped me financially as well on an occasion. Yes, we do fight over petty things, and like everybody else, there are some issues as well, but none of them are big enough to overpower our relationship. I might come across as delusional, and that's justified, given how I am describing everything, but yes, things are really good. My friends who have met him, LOVE him, but we both know we have to end this someday and the sooner the better. I guess all I am trying to say is that it is going to hurt really bad, to let go of such a good guy, in a world where good guys aren't found that easily.
I mean, I know that there's no guarantee we would have ended together even if we had the same stance on having kids, we could have broken up regardless, but at least there was some hope. All I know is he makes me really happy and I'll be immensely sad to let him go.
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2023.04.01 16:41 BLKSHTX Hi 👋🏽 My name is Brandon. Music is an old friend. It’s wiped many of my tears. It’s sat in quiet rooms with me and told me it’s stories..

Hi 👋🏽 My name is Brandon. Music is an old friend. It’s wiped many of my tears. It’s sat in quiet rooms with me and told me it’s stories..
And in those moments I began to develop a deep admiration and appreciation for the art.
So join me as I share with you my passion and pay homage to the craft that saved my life.
I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed making it.
Artist Picks :
  1. PPV
Happy Listening 🖤
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2023.04.01 16:41 idolnsac14 Comcast Bundles Near Me Coupon Code

Get Comcast Bundles Near Me Coupon Code from this link and save money on your next purchase. First, visit the link for Comcast Bundles Near Me Coupon Code. Then, on that page pick the best promo code, or deals, you interested and click the 'View Coupon' button. Enjoy the discount!
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2023.04.01 16:41 mschneider1217 Bonded Through Tragedy Chapter 2: Alone and Forsaken

tw: depictions of torture
Years Later…
The sound of fist connecting with face reverberated through a small cabin in the thick woods. Bone-crunching squelches bounced off every surface. Each splatter of blood on the nearby walls grew thicker and darker than the last. Muffled cries of pain bled through corridor after corridor, loud enough to make its inhabitants sick if it hadn’t been such a common sound for them to hear.
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.
Rodney stared directly ahead, incessantly tapping his foot as he gazed into the dark maple of the polished wood in front of him. The dark maple formed the base of a clock, a clock that had long since stopped ticking. Besides the continued smacks of knuckle, the tapping was the only noise heard throughout the house.
Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap.
Rodney couldn’t care less that he was tapping his foot in the middle of a puddle of blood. Eventually it would dry and fit in with the rest of his look. The puddle made a soft splashing sound with every tap.
“Hey man, can you knock that off? It’s fucking annoying.” Judas asks him, who was sitting on his right. Without averting his gaze, Rodney stops tapping.
“What, I hurt your pretty lil’ eardrums?” Rodney asks him, the corners of his mouth wrinkling up into a smirk before it quickly fades.
“Nah man,” Judas replies, chuckling under his breath, “just you always doing these little… things that you do. Tapping your foot, bouncing your leg, shaking them bitches back and forth, somehow every single one of ‘em is annoying as hell.”
“Surprised you haven’t gotten used to it already.” Rodney answers dryly. After a moment of silence, the punching in the background stops.
“He finally finished?” Judas asks him.
“‘Bout damn time.” Rodney responds. He sits up.
“You think he went extra tryna impress you?” Judas asks.
“Every fuckin’ time. I tell him not to bother, but he tries anyway.” Rodney answers, not looking at Judas as he looks over his instruments one last time. As he puts his swiss army knife back in its place, he hears the scraping of a baseball bat against the wooden floor, the undeniable shrieks and hisses of metal scraping wood becoming louder by the second.
“You use good form?” Rodney asks, raising his voice over scraping of the bat.
“Of course I used good fucking form.” Ethan answers. He rounds the corner, Ethan stepping into view of them both. His knuckles were coated with fresh blood. Eventually that blood will dry, just like the layers of past already caked and gone.
“He’s all yours.” Ethans says to Rodney, pointing his bat down the hallway. Rodney looks back at Ethan, who nods at him. With that, Rodney turns around and starts walking down the hallway. The bright green paint on the walls was cracked and chipped, the flower print that used to make this place look inviting made it now look withered and decrepit as the flowers on the walls faded. A small line of blood ran from the room he was in to the room he was headed to.
Rodney walks to the end of the hallway and turns into the only door left before the front door. Inside the room, a bloodied and bruised man is sitting halfway slumped in a chair, his arms and legs bound to the chair. He’s an older man, with graying hair. His face is more red and purple than it is white. The room stunk of must and blood.
Rodney grabs a knocked over chair from the other side of the room, dragging it across before placing it down directly in front of the man. The battered man lifts his head.
“Kid’s got a hell of a punch.” the man chuckles weakly, his chuckle quickly turning into a raspy wheeze. Rodney doesn’t respond, just staring daggers into the man’s eyes. A moment of tense silence passes.
“Now here’s the thing man,” Rodney starts, grabbing the folded swiss army knife out of his pocket. “I don’t got all day, but I got enough time.”
He flicks the knife out, pointing it about an inch away from the man’s face. “Now… where is the food you stole from us?”
With a twinge of nervousness flashes across his face, before his face molds into a steadfast sneer.
Rodney puts the knife even closer, so the tip of the knife is touching the bridge of the man’s nose. “The only way you get out of this room alive is if you tell me where it is. You wanna end up like your wife? Your daughter?”
“FUCK YOU MAN!” the man explodes with rage, struggling against his restraints. “They were so hungry, all they wanted was a little food! And you fuckin’ put ‘em down like a pair of dogs!
“The food was ours. They were stealing from us. They got what they signed up for. And maybe they woulda survived if you did your job in feeding them.” Rodney replies coldly, his death stare not budging an inch.
The man’s face remains filled with rage, and he spits in Rodney’s face. His face doesn’t move, but he wipes the spit off his face, shaking his head after he does. Rodney takes the knife away from the man’s face, before wedging the knife underneath one of his fingernails. The man howls in pain as Rodney pushes the blade deeper, before thrusting the knife downward, successfully separating nail from index finger. The sound of the nail cracking and tearing from skin was enough to make most people’s skin crawl.
“FUCKIN’ BITCH!” the old man emits from a guttural scream, doubling over from the pain. He grits his teeth, trying to hold back from yelling again. Blood was flowing from his finger, dripping down onto the already blood-splattered hardwood floor.
“Now, I’m gonna ask you again. Where is the food you stole from us?” Rodney asks him again, a bit more emphasized this time. His patience was starting to wane.
The man stands firm, gritting through the pain as no noise escapes his mouth. Rodney drives his knife under the nail of the second finger, the owner of said finger yells again, another gruesome cracking sound emitting from the procedure as nail is separated from middle finger.
Tears were starting to form in the corners of the man’s eyes as he gritted his teeth even harder. He starts sucking in big gulps of air through his gritted teeth, trying to focus on anything besides his throbbing, bleeding, nailless fingers.
The third finger nail comes off just as messily as the first two. The man was gripping the chair so hard that his knuckles turned bone white. The man starts breathing slow, deep breaths, breaths that eventually morph into a weak chuckle.
“You… can take as many fingernails as you want… I ain’t givin’ up that food. I’ll die without it.” the man hoarsely tells him. “There ain’t no more food left anywhere near here. It’s all gone. Every last bit.”
“Bullshit.” Rodney tells him to his face.
“It’s the truth!” the man defends, grimacing from the pain as he does..”I consider myself a pretty good scavenger, bein’ a survivalist even before it was required, and I can’t find more than a crumb anywhere! There ain’t no food for miles!”
“Fine.” Rodney says. He pulls away the knife, before plunging the knife straight into the man’s left knee.
“Ahh FUCK!” he instinctively yells, his head falling down as he looks toward the floor.
“Nope.” Rodney says, forcing the man’s head up. “Look into my fucking eyes.” He drags his chair up a little bit, getting closer to his victim. He stares daggers into the man’s eyes, who nervously stares back at him.
“Now,” Rodney starts, “I’m gonna give you one more chance to tell me, or else your fucking kneecap is coming off.”
After a moment of silence, Rodney pushes the blade deeper into his knee until he feels the knife touch bone.
“Wait wait wait!” the man yells, his posture relaxing as his body gives up. “I… I’ll tell you where it is. Just… let me walk, please.”
“Go on…” Rodney nudges him on, wedging the knife underneath the kneecap.
“Stop! Stop! It’s… it’s under that bookshelf back there.” the man pleads, motioning toward the back right corner of the room with his head. “There’s a trapdoor underneath it, leads to the basement where yer stuff is.”
A moment of tense silence passes, the man’s face contorted from nervousness. Rodney pulls the blade out of his knee, the man wincing as he does it. He walks over to the doorway.
“I got it!” Rodney calls down the hall. After a moment, he hears two pairs of footsteps walking down the hallway. Judas and Ethan enter the room.
“Where’s it at?” Judas asks.
“Under the bookshelf. There’s a trap door.” Rodney answers, pointing towards the shelf. Both Judas and Ethan start walking toward him, but Rodney halts Ethan in his tracks.
“Nope. You stay.” Rodney tells him, pointing at the maimed main, who was now slouched over, his head drooping. If it wasn’t for his shallow breaths he would very easily be mistaken for dead.
Rage quickly flashes on Ethan’s face, before being replaced by a deadpan scowl. Rodney and Judas walk over to the bookshelf, moving it to the side. Underneath it was a wooden trap door with a metal handle. Rodney pulls on the handle and opens it, revealing a wooden staircase led down to a dark room.
“Stay and watch him. We’re gonna scope this out.” Rodney tells Ethan. Both men grab small handheld flashlights that were attached to their waistbands.
“As you wish.” Ethan responds, sighing after the fact. He turns and faces the beaten down captive. Rodney starts descending the steps, flashlight in left hand and pistol over the top in the right, followed closely behind by Judas.
“Watch yourself.” Judas whispers to Rodney.
“I should be tellin’ you that.” Rodney whispers back. They slowly descend down the steps, scanning the room with their flashlights. After a dozen steps, they reach the floor of the basement. It was incredibly dark inside, the only sources of light were coming from the trap door above their heads and their flashlights.
The room was pretty barren. Besides four stone walls, there was a bookshelf behind the stairs, lined with books, their fronts facing outwards instead of their spines. There were a couple pieces of moldy, turned over furniture on the ground. At the end of the room, there was a table with a large blanket covering it. The blanket had numerous lumps underneath it.
Rodney walks over and takes the blanket off, revealing their stolen goods. Cans of beans, rice, and other non-perishable foods cover the table.
“Bastard finally told the truth for once.” Judas remarks, smiling.
“Go upstairs and get our backpacks.” Rodney tells him. Judas starts heading back up the stairs, leaving Rodney alone in the cold dark room. Rodney looks at a large jar of rice that was sitting at the front of the table, and he picks it up, starting to inspect it. He was just barely able to notice the thin wire attached to the jar befor-

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Shit!” Rodney yells, instinctively dropping to the floor and covering his head, the rice jar shattering on the ground. The hidden gun continues to fire several more times, shattering several jars and cans of food as glass falls to the floor. Finally, the magazine of the gun empties, and Rodney can finally take a breath. He sits up, taking in deep breaths as he looks around the room warily.
“Rodney?? Rodney!” Ethan yells down from the floor above. Rodney can hear the thumping of Judas’ shoes as he runs across the cabin.
“I’m okay!” Rodney yells back. “Motherfucker set a trap on us!”
Rodney’s relief quickly boils into anger. He shines his flashlight on the ground where he dropped the jar, finding the thin wire. He grabs it, following it until he reaches the bookshelf behind the stairs, where he sees a hole carved into one of the books. He snatches it, revealing a handgun with the wire wrapped around the trigger.
“Rodney! What Happened??” Judas also yells from upstairs. Rodney grabs the gun and starts heading up the stairs.
Rodney emerges from the basement, a thick scowl on his face.
“It was a fucking trap.” Rodney says again, showing them the gun. He points to a small metal piece on the end of the glock. “Look at that, a fucking auto sear.”
“Fucker managed to make a glock fully automatic.” Judas observes out loud. He looks up, before squinting at Rodney’s face.
“Dude, you got nicked. Right ear.” Judas tells him. Rodney feels his right ear, a tiny chunk of the top of the ear missing.
“Fucking hell.” Rodney mutters. “Adrenaline had me not feelin’ anything.”
“Alone and forsaken by fate and by man…” the tortured man starts hoarsely singing. The trio turns to him.
“What you wanna do with him?” Judas asks.
“Take both his kneecaps and leave him for the walkers.” Rodney responds after a moment of deliberation.
“Oh Lord, if you hear me, please hold to my hand…”
Ethan starts walking toward the man, his eyes filled with fury, his jaw clenched, his bat gripped in hand.
“Oh please understand.” the man finishes, looking up to see Ethan walking toward him with unbridled rage.
“No, Ethan, I said t-” Rodney tries to get out, but Ethan raises the bat above his head, bringing it down on the man’s skull with a sickening crunch. Rodney throws his arms up in frustration and Judas shakes his head as Ethan repeatedly brings the bat down on what used to be the man’s skull, the crunching of bone slowly turning into the squelching of brains.
Ethan stops after a couple more swings, his rage quickly extinguished and is replaced by his usual resting bitch face demeanor. He walks back toward the others, wiping chunks of skull and brain off his bat with his sleeve.
“You done?” Rodney scolds him in an annoyed tone. Ethan nods.
“Good.” Rodney says. “Because every nearby walker is headed this way. We gotta get our shit and get the hell out.”
Both Judas and Ethan nod, and each of them grabs their backpack and descends back down into the basement. They all turn on their flashlights and scan the remaining food. Over half the stolen food had been destroyed from the trap, shattered glass and spilled food covering the floor.
“Make sure not to cut yourself. Barely got any peroxide left.” Rodney tells them. They act quickly, stuffing unharmed jars and cans into their jabs. Rice, beans, canned tomatoes, corn, peas, and soups quickly filled up their bags.
“Let’s go!” Rodney commands, climbing quickly up the steps back to the main floor. Judas and Ethan follow behind just as quickly. They rush to the front door, opening to see walkers emerging from all sides of the forest around them. Several stood in the way to the caravan.
Rodney charges forward, driving his knife under the chin of the nearest walker. Ethan whacks one in the side of the skull before caving in the skull of another. Judas quickly brings a crowbar down twice on the skull of another. With a series of smashes and stabs, they ruthlessly cut their way through the herd like a safari explorer slashing effortlessly through thick brush. Walkers continue to emerge from the all encompassing forest. Ethan reaches the car first, pulling the sliding door open.
“Go! Go!” Ethan yells. Rodney and Judas quickly hop inside, with Ethan slamming the door shut behind them. Ethan pushes a walker away with his bat before throwing the driver door open, hopping inside and quickly shutting it behind him. Walkers start to pound on the caravan on all sides.
“Ethan, fucking go! Now!” Rodney yells. Ethan turns the key in the ignition, the caravan’s engine roaring to life. He slams on the gas pedal and the caravan explodes down the road, leaving the walkers to slowly trail behind in their wake.
“Hell yeah!” Ethan excitedly yells. “You see that shit?!”
Rodney ignores him, wincing slightly as he touches the top of his right ear, which continues to bleed.
“Well…” Judas starts, rifling through his backpack. “You, my good man, are in luck, because you just got the last of the peroxide.”
Judas takes a dark bottle from his pack, holding it up to look from the bottom and swishing it around a little bit. There was barely enough to fill the corner of the bottle. Judas retrieves a patch of gauze from his pack, pouring the last of the peroxide onto it.
“That should’ve gone better.” Rodney reflects out loud.
“It could’ve gone worse.” Judas counterpoints, slowly rubbing the peroxide-dampened gauze on Rodney’s ear, causing him to wince.
“I mean, you’re lucky as hell you weren’t standing a couple inches to the right.” Judas points out. “Maybe you should look on the bright side every once in a while.”
Rodney responds with only a grunt.
“All I know for sure,” Ethan butts in from behind the wheel, “Is that motherfucker got what he deserved.”
“He deserved worse.” Rodney responds. “Which you decided to ignore.”
“Really? This again?” Ethan asks, his tone quickly changing from energized to annoyed.
“What I say isn’t a fucking suggestion.” Rodney scolds. “When I say to do something, I don’t care if you’re mad, you do what I say, when I say it. We clear?”
A moment of tense silence passes.
“Yeah. We’re clear.” Ethan answers in an annoyed huff, keeping his eyes on the road. They drive for a minute in silence, watching the never-ending green and shadow of the surrounding forest envelop the caravan on all sides.
“Stop at the spot over there, we’re runnin’ on fumes as it is.” Rodney says. Ethan turns off the road and parks the car on the edge of the forest, right next to a path that led deep inside. Ethan takes the keys out of the ignition and tosses them haphazardly on the armrest. The keys slide off and fall in between the armrest and the passenger seat.
“Careful.” Rodney scolds. Ethan opens the front door and exits the vehicle, not paying heed to Rodney. Rodney mumbles under his breath.
“Man, take it a little easier on him. He almost lost his brother today.” Judas says to Rodney before attempting to fish the keys out from in between the armrest and passenger seat. Rodney looks at Judas solemnly for a moment, before exiting out of the sliding door of the caravan without a word.
Ethan opens the rear door of the caravan, grabbing their gasoline canister from the cabinet underneath the sink. He shakes it a little, with not as much splashing as he would like. There wasn’t much left. Ethan exits the way he came, slamming the back door behind him.
Ethan walks over to the side of the caravan, where Rodney was scanning for any permanent damage caused by walkers. Ethan opens the fuel flap and unscrews the cap, pouring the now amber fuel inside.
“Y’know, I wish we didn’t have to siphon gas all the damn time.” Ethan complains out loud.
“Well, when all the remaining gas left in cars is as orange as your piss, it doesn’t last as long as it used to. So we gotta re-up all the time.” Rodney answers him.
“I know, I was just complainin’ out loud, and my piss ain’t orange fucker.” Ethan defends himself, closing up the lid of the gas canister after finishing pouring.
“Maybe not, but it’s probably close.” Rodney jabs back. “I know you don’t drink as much water as us.”
“I drink plenty.” Ethan says back.
“Sure you do.” Rodney says sarcastically. Judas emerges from the caravan with three siphons in hand.
“We good to go?” Judas asks.
“Think so.” Rodney answers, making sure the silencer attached to his pistol was screwed on the right way, before cleaning his knife of now dried blood.
“We got maybe five minutes before that herd catches up, so we gotta get going.” Ethan chimes in. Rodney nods.
“Keep an extra lookout for food too. We don’t have nearly as much as we used to.” Judas says.
“Hold up, before we head off, I gotta take a leak.” Rodney says, holstering his pistol as he starts to walk into the woods.
“Don’t be pissin’ orange out there!” Ethan calls out to him.
“Yeah we’ll see about that!” Rodney calls back, chuckling under his breath. He walks for a moment into the brush, before stopping in front of a tree. As he pisses, Rodney takes in the silence of the forest. Rodney truly enjoyed silence these days, better than Judas and Ethan yapping their damn heads. But his silence is interrupted by voices. Loud voices. There was yelling going on behind him.
Rodney quickly finishes pissing before grabbing his gun and running back towards the caravan. The voices were getting louder, and he could tell there were more than two voices in the argument.
“What the hell is going on?!” Rodney yells as he rushes out from the forest. Judas and Ethan had their guns trained on a pair of two other survivors standing opposite them near the entrance into the forest. One was a taller guy with long dreads, the other a boy with an afro. The guy with dreads was holding his hands up, while the boy touted a gun of his own, training his on Judas and Ethan.
“Woah, woah, woah! We don’t want any trouble!”
“Tell that to pipsqueak!”
“Put the fucking gun down kid!”
“Back the hell off! Or else!”
“The fuck are you gonna do?”
“Guys, guys, guys, please, calm do-”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Rodney bellows, cutting the dreaded hair guy off. “And you.” he says, pointing his gun at the kid. “You put that fucking gun down now, and slide it over here, if you wanna walk away from this.”
“You don’t tell me what to do!” the kid yells back. He spastically aims his gun back and forth at all three of them. “I’ll kill you! I’ll kill all of you!”
“Really?” Rodney asks him, having to suppress a laugh. “Because the moment you pull that trigger, you and string bean both die.”
“No! I can do it! I know I can! I’ve killed people worse than you!” the kid angrily yells. It almost seemed like he was trying to hype himself up.
“AJ, please, just put it down.” the dreaded guy pleads with the kid.
“But Louis, I’m supposed to protect us against bad people. We can’t just surrender!” AJ answers, remaining steadfast.
“If you don’t surrender, we both die!” Louis says in return.
“Give us. The gun. Now.” Rodney commands. AJ looks at Louis, who nods at AJ. He looks back at Rodney furiously before he angrily tosses the gun at his feet. Louis sighs in relief. Rodney picks it up, holstering it in his belt.
“Now,” Rodney starts, “what the hell do you two want?”
“I believe we got off on the wrong foot here. I’m Louis. This is AJ.” he explains, holding out his hand for a handshake
“I don’t care what the hell your names are.” Rodney bluntly states.
“Okay, okay, point taken.” Louis says, retracting his hand. A moment to collect himself and his thoughts. “We saw that you guys parked here a few times, and we wanted to check you guys out for ourselves. See if you were good people and all.”
“And clearly they aren’t good people, Louis.” AJ remarks.
“And why is that?” Judas asks. “For defending ourselves?”
“No, I can just tell. You guys are bad people. And bad people deserve to die.” AJ says. Louis elbows him in the ribs.
“Ow! What the hell!” AJ exclaims.
“Shut. Up.” Louis whispers to AJ.
“First good thing you’ve said so far.” Ethan quips. “Kid really has a mouth on him, huh?”
“How about you shut up shithea-” AJ tries saying before Louis puts a hand over his mouth.
“Now, if we’re troubling you guys, we can go. We want no problems with you.” Louis states.
“Good.” Rodney says, putting his gun away. “Now, let’s all make like a tree and fucking leave, shall we?”
“Hey! You can’t leave without my gun! Give it back!” AJ yells, pulling Louis’s hand away from his mouth.
“Watch me.” Rodney shoots back, turning around back to the RV. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees the herd from earlier starting to close in on them. There were dozens of them.
“Shit! They’re here!” Rodney yells.
“Louis, we gotta go!” AJ yells, tugging on Louis’s shirt.
“Rod, what the hell are we gonna do?” Judas asks him. “We can’t hide in the RV, they’ve already seen us.”
“You guys could come with us!” Louis blurts out.
“Louis! No!” AJ yells.
“We have a settlement nearby. Surrounded by brick walls. It’s a 30 minute walk, 10 if we run.” Louis explains further.
“That could work.” Ethan says. The walker horde was continuing to close in on them. They’d be on them in about 30 seconds. Rodney deliberates for a moment.
“Fuck it. Lead the way.” Rodney relents. Four of them take off into the forest.
“Stupid Louis!” AJ mutters to himself, clenching his fists, before running into the forest after them.
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2023.04.01 16:41 I_love_Hopslam Can we stop to give the rest of the NFC South some credit.

I know we like to give our divisional rivals a hard time but they’re really not so bad. It’s time to give them a little respect.
On the field, these are 3 clear juggernauts. Tell me you aren’t shitting bricks thinking about Kyle Trask taking over in Tampa. And the Falcons fans are right, Desmond Ridder is way scarier than Lamar Jackson all day every day.
And the fans. All 3 of these fanbases are truly great. The Bucs fans were definitely die hards prior to 2020 and the Falcons fans have taught me so much about dealing with disappointment. Let’s not forget how hospitable Carolina fans are saving 30-40,000 seats for visiting teams each home game.
Today of all days I want to give thanks for the great teams we get to share a division with!
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2023.04.01 16:40 yarharfirethezar Management may consider Dottie expendable, but we don't! (Mission ideas)

Just some thoughts on some DRG ideas. Broken up into sections for ease of reading. Feedback is appreciated. R&S.

Minor Tweaks

Fun idea: Add some dialogue from Mission Control if you rescue Doretta.
2nd fun idea: Steam achievement: Refuse to leave Doretta behind # of times.
Practical idea: Perk points - Bring Doretta home # of times. Can be a one time thing or repeatable.
2nd Practical idea: Salvage bonus - "Due to your heroic efforts and thoughtful consideration for the revenue of Deep Rock Galactic's shareholders, Management has rewarded you with a small (credit/XP) bonus for salvaging the Drilldozer's onboard control unit."

Mission ideas:

Dottie Rescue

"Our rivals are getting bolder: in their continuous encroachment upon Hoxxes IV, they've attacked one of our Escort teams, wiped them out, and subsequently have stolen our Drilldozer! Find the Dozer's Head and Chassis, reconnect them, and escort it to the Cargo Extraction Pod."
Basically a cross between industrial sabotage and escort duty, but in reverse.
  1. Defeat a mini-boss or two, then stick Doretta's head back on the body, OR, after defeating a robot mini-boss, unlock the "prison cell" that is holding Doretta.
  2. Repair / refuel her with Fuel Cells (exclude Oil Shale for simplicity's sake), then escort her to the extraction point, where everyone extracts simultaneously. For the sake of saving time and resources, you can re-use the cargo drop pod and possibly add a bit extra to make it look as if it can ascend back into space.
As a funny alternative, management just drops in a really large 1950's classic style gas pump and you hook it up to Dottie.
  1. As an alternative style of mission, could just attach Doretta's head back on and protect a stationary target (similar to salvage operation), then have the pod land nearby and extract the dwarves. Somehow, Doretta has a secret rocket booster attached to her that management conveniently keeps in case of emergencies.

Escort Duty (CHX-4 Edition)

"In our efforts to combat the ever-present threat of Rockpox, R&D have discovered a way to weaponize Lithofoam on a larger scale. We have received telemetry data that indicates a large concentration of Lithophage is building up on this part of Hoxxes. Left unchecked, it could pose a greater threat than the Glyphid Dreadnoughts.
R&D have modified a Drilldozer and outfitted it with a Litho-Bomb, dubbed the 'Prototype 1 Experimental Hoxxes Germ Eliminator' (P1EHGE)'. We're emergency dropping you in alongside the Dozer, your job is to escort it to the heart of this infestation, protect the device as it arms, and ensure its detonation. Don't worry, R&D have assured us that this bomb won't harm you, but you still should report any symptoms. On a side note, if you can get your hands on some plague-hearts, R&D would most appreciate it."

  1. Main Objective: Escort a Litho-Dozer to a large cavern immersed in Rockpox. You'll be going up again Rockpox Glyphids, so be careful! The dozer runs and takes damage and repairs similar to the original Dozer.
  2. "Refueling": Either the Dozer needs Oil Shale, or as an alternative, Dottie stops in 1-3 smaller caverns to detonate a payload. When she stops to do it, a dwarf arms the bomb and it becomes a temporary defend-in-place mission.
  3. "Ommoran Heartstone" style mission: Similar to drilling for the stone, instead a dwarf needs to initiate the bomb and defend Dottie while it arms. Rockpox Glyphids will try to stop you. Once it detonates, extract like normal.
  4. For this mission, I would suggest that staying near Dottie decontaminates you faster, or there is a faster decontamination rate, to balance out being attacked/near the bugs. Furthermore, bugs can take a bit of extra damage from attacking non-weak points, but it is still far better to shoot the boils.
  5. As a side bonus, perhaps mining "egg-hunt" or "gunk-seed" style hearts could work for a side objective, or just have the standard meteor plaguehearts as an idea. I personally like the thought of delving headfirst into an infected "egg nest" and ripping out the plagueheart. As another suggestion, Dwarves/Dottie come with enhanced litho-vacuums that don't need lithofoam to work, and you need to vacuum a certain percentage of plague, akin to gathering morkite/dystrum. Could have it individually assigned to each dwarf in the mission (press a button to pull it out), or have it retrieved from Dottie, and once you drop it, it despawns and "teleports" back to her after like 8 seconds.

Escort Duty (Industrial Sabotage Edition)

"Our rivals are becoming a serious nuisance. They've set up another operation in this vicinity of Hoxxes, but something there is jamming our readings. We're sending you in with a Drilldozer armed with an EMP. Escort it to the site, arm the EMP, and defend it while it charges up. Once it detonates, we'll send in a drop pod to get you out."
  1. Same idea as Escort Duty for a Heartstone, except the main enemies are Rival Robots.
  2. "Refueling" - can leave as is with Oil Shale, or have Dottie stop at several waypoints and detonate the EMP on Power Station targets before going to the main target.
  3. "Ommoran Heartstone" - Dottie charges up an EMP to take down a Caretaker or something similar. Additional enemies could be designed and added for creativity. I suggest if it is a Caretaker that the tentacles are massively nerfed (less damage, slower fire rate, only dealing with 2 instead of 4, etc).
Once the EMP is detonated, extract like usual. For a fun twist, have an EMP detonation cause a temporary shield disruption. Shield's are out for 10-15 seconds, but you gain the increase health and damage resistance until they're back online.

Bonus Dumb Idea - Bulk Rockpox Detonator

No ranged attacks, and is tough as hell, but spraying it or having it walk through lithofoam allows players to damage it similar to a regular detonator. Upon death, it explodes like normal, but spits out a bunch of plaguehearts that can be deposited.
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2023.04.01 16:40 InternetWeakGuy Is there a way to find the LL or owner for a commercial property?

I'm trying to find a place to lease in one of the industrial parks near me, but almost none of them have signs and in my city there seems to be a million different agencies with small portfolios online that don't list/update on any of the publicly available sites.
Is there a way to look up the various owners of the units in these parks to contact them? Based on that Office Space website, one of the parks has a whole bunch of leases up for renewal in March/April so I know there's a good chance there's a unit available in there somewhere, but the one sign outside has a number that nobody answers or returns calls from.
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2023.04.01 16:40 juanly_xx Explore Scientific 82° 14mm disappointment

I've bought a new ES82° 14mm from Explore Scientific, I expected an excellent view quality from this premium, $180 eyepiece...
The build quality is perfect, okay.
The 82° of fov is really nice to have too, I liked it.
BUT the first target I used with this eyepiece and my 8" f5.9 dob was yesterday's moon. this is the fov I got, the edge of the moon is pretty far away from the eyepiece border, but all the border of the moon was completely red/orange, like a ring of fire all over the perimeter of the moon. I tried to take a photo but it didn't show this problem on my phone.
I changed to a 14.5mm Edge-On eyepiece from Orion, at $80, and the image was great, with no color aberration whatsoever, the only difference was the small 55° fov. I also tried a Svbony SV190 18mm and 65° (similar to APM UFF) and I also got a great imagine, didn't get this red ring...
How a premium eyepiece got that kind of aberration so near to the center of field? If it were on the last 10% of the fov, okay, but as you saw on the image, it is pretty centric.
Also, the only problem I read about this eyepiece on cloudy night was that it suffered from field curvature. I didn't experience that, all the moon surface was crispy and focused, but this ring of fire annoyed me compared to the other eyepieces...
Any suggestions? I'm thinking of returning this 14mm ES82° and just stick to the 18mm UFF to my main DSO and mid-magnification eyepiece. I bought the 14mm as it's close to 12mm, where 2mm exit pupil is reached...
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2023.04.01 16:40 lBLVCKTEAl I didn't earn anything for 3 months already, got issues and may be unemployed for another month:(

Every months counts when i'm saving on phalloplasty, but i've been sitting at home like a loser being depressed and everything. I thought i found a great place, but now i have issues with which i won't be able to work (prev post). I just feel so bad and can't stop blaming and hating myself for everything, it's all my fault because i'm stupid and asocial. Idk how long i want to live with all the stress related to my genitals, phalloplasty is like the only goal keeping me alive rn, i want to be done with surgeries and move in a small town and just live. I hate this city and its people, the forced lifestyle, but i need to exploit biggers salaries here and i'm in the opposite situation instead :(
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2023.04.01 16:40 Bernie668 Game 3 vs Tau.

Continued from the following thread comerades.
A brutal and bloody game, but a big win for the Eaters of Worlds.
Game 3: Conversion - TAU!
ugh . . . UGH . . . UUUUUUUGH! Really from guard to Tau? What fresh bloody hell is this. Ah, well. Let's do this.
TAU List Breacher team in Devilfish Hammerhead 2 x Cold Star commanders one with re-roll all the bullshit and shield drones. Big Crisis Squad with all sorts of bells, whistles, and airburst fragmentation stuff. 2 x squad of Kroot Hounds 1 x Stealth suits team 1 x riptide 1 x 3 man Broadside team Rail Cannons and smart missisles. 1 x Kroot shaper with the bullshit push-back field thing. 5 x Stingwings
There may have been more, but basically, he had guns for days. 😖
I won the roll off for deployment. Deployed aggressively, ready to get all up in his grill turn 1. . . . He won the roll of for first turn. Ah. . .
Angron dies immediately. Rail cannon from Hammerhead and riptide shot him off the board, no sweat.
Crisis squad puts some hurt on the jakkals from for away, and the Kroot hounds pre-game moved to get in the way of my 8 bound and somthing else killed a spawn. 😖
Fortunately, the rest of my army was fairly well hidden, and I spent the 3 tithe points for +1 to charge.
Time to get tactical. Jakal squad 1 moved up to charge kroot hounds in the centre of the board. Spawn follows them, and they secure the centre.
Rhino moves up to my left, and I position him exactly 6" from the centre objective and its ass angled towards the top left objective. Invocatus and Demon prince fly up behind the rhino.
8 Bound fails a 6-inch charge on the right flank into stealth suits due to Tau reducing charge strat. Things are looking gim.
Tau turn 2. Return fire is intense. Jakals in the centredie. Spawn in the centre die. 8 bound that failed charge shot to pieces. Rhino dies . . . But HA! He's fallen into my trap.
Emergency disembark stragem! 5 Bezerkers launched 6" out of the Rhino onto the centre objective. 5 More Bezerkers disembark out the back of the Rhino towards the top objective being held by the kroot hounds. This unit was subsequently shot up further to only 1 man, the man with the executioner.
Something else killed the invocatus. I can't remember what. 🤔
Kroot hounds charge the lone bezerker at the top board objective. This absolute champ SURVIVES on 1 wound and kills all the Kroot hounds with 1 savage swing of his executioner. He consolidates onto the top objective oooooh yes. 😈
The left side of the board is now mine. The shaper with the pushback is that Relic is too far away. His crisis bomb is over extended and vulnerable rubbing shoulders with his broadsides. Retribution is at hand.
Pod drops down, Angron respawns, demon prince moves up. Centre bezerkes move up. To eat the overwatch coming their way.
It is a glorious blood charge. Angron, 10 x bezerkers from the pod and Demon prince all charge successfully and wipe out the broad sides and every single crisis suit and their stupid drones. The heart of the Tau force is ripped out, and my opponent is suddenly very quiet.
From here on, it was a slow and steady mop up of the Tau forced.
Angron would respawn 2 more times this game, each time successfully charging and killing first the riptide and then the Stealth suit team.
Stingwings flew over and killed 7 Bezerkers with their snazzy guns . . . I bloodsurged into them and slaughtered them.
Demon Prince made it into the one cold star commander, killed him, and consolidated into the hammer head. This led to a beautiful moment where my opponent shot the prince in melee and was midway to explaining that the Rail cannon ignored invulnerable saves when I calmly made my 5+ Demonic save. 😎 and ripped the Hammerhead to pieces.
Eightboung in reserve came on and charged the Devilfish and eventually caught the breacher team as well.
By turn, 5 the Tau were tabled. It was a tough game, and I did get lucky with some charges, but brothers here me!
They can be beaten! We have the tools and the means to do so. Use blood surge and use pods. Fly Angron into their lines and keep the pressure up. But most importantly, play the game to the end. Do not yield EVER!
It was just a caveat, but despite my aggressive tone, it really was a very amicable game. I knew my opponent well, and we were regular sparring opponents at tournaments. 😌 he took the loss graciously, and we enjoyed a beer together at the end of the tournament.
World Eaters is feeling good. 😎 stay tuned to see who's next. . .
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2023.04.01 16:39 Shrek_the_cursed_one [online] [DnD] [5E] [GMT] looking for a group

So hey, I'm Garth, I've been playing dnd for just over a year now and i've beeb tryna find a game that I fit in with. I am currently 17, near 18, available most days, and kind of up for any sort of campaign as long as I find its premise enticing. If you want to contact me, do so via reddit or to my discord Garth#8422
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2023.04.01 16:39 Fish--- is there a real Advantage of being married?

ok, I'm not sure it's the right place to post this but I figure since we're all married and it concerns marriage... here goes:
My wife and I were having dinner with 3 other couples (2 married and 1 just BF/GF) and you know, once dinner was over, ladies stayed for sweets and wine while we guys went in the garden for a cigar and an after dinner liqueur.
so 3 married guys and 1 non married, and well you guessed it, the topic of marriage came up and the single guy asked us to give him 1 advantage of getting married vs staying single. He was seriously asking because he could not understand the advantage of getting married vs staying living with his GF.
All our attempts (proof of love, lifetime commitment, sense of belonging together, security...) were rebuffed. He doesn't understand why we would need to let the government into our love lives.
His points: what was a lifetime commitment isn't anymore as divorce rates are more and more frequent, earlier in the marriage and mostly triggered by women. 50% asset loss, pre-nups starting to be rejected in some courts (this was new to me as I always assumed it was a rock solid legally binding document), alimony, child support...
This guy would not be talked into it, saying his love life was his and his partner's business, no need any legal entities meddling.
We called the ladies up and added them to the discussion (once the younger couple left) and they all agreed he's delusional and his GF will be expecting a ring in the near future.
We were a little taken aback and uncomfortable (ok, we're all in our 40's and this guy is in his late 20's) so I guess my question is, what are we missing? what did we forget in our argument to lead this guy to consider marriage as the beautiful testament of love and commitment we believe it is?

I'm curious if everyone is starting to think like this guy?
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2023.04.01 16:39 stuck_in_the_fridge Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Glycinate, and water

I was a 7 year benzo user 1mg klonopin a day plus xanax in various amounts
Tapered/jumped over pandemic, 11 months of brutal torturous hell while withdrawing. Insomnia, heart palpitations, agoraphobia, blood pressure spikes and drops, ear pressure/ring/ DP/DR, literally almost every symptom over the course of that year, i had.
Now that im coming up on 3 years completely off i still have little issues that linger here and there but the biggest thing that's helped me is being physically active, weight training, jiu jitsu, cardio, whatever you can do, do it and do it till youre exhausted.
Also, i see so many supplements thrown around in here, (been around this sub since 12k members) and none of these supplements are going to "fix" anything except for these 2 which have fixed my heart palpitations and blood pressure issues
Potassium Citrate 1/4 tsp twice a day
Magnesium Glycinate twice a day
Water, Water, Water,
This combo has helped me dramatically i can't even begin to explain.
Reason? Our diets no matter how perfect they are probably aren't getting the daily recommended amounts of both of these supplements. And they're so important for our bodies to function as they should . Blood work may come back with those numbers as "normal" however its because our bodies store them in various places. But getting the daily recommended amount of potassium is nearly impossible unless you're specifically trying to hit that number.
Try it for 30-90 days and i hope you start feeling a difference.
I continue to use these supplements to this day because of the effect they had on my akathasia symptoms and general uneasyness during withdrawal
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2023.04.01 16:39 Littlebigman2292 Needed some help on the rules for other party members riding centaurs

So a friend of mine is DMing a campaign and we’re staring at level 4. I plan on playing a Centaur who is a Cavalier Fighter, with essentially the idea that he’s used to having other soldiers or people riding on his back into battle, due to his backstory as a Centaur Mercenary. What I wanted to know is that with the “Born to the Saddle” subclass feature, it allows you to have advantage on saving throws to not be dismounted as well as other things. Considering that well…Im the mount, would it be too far of a stretch to use that feat for another player who is riding me. So for example, say I have a ranger in my party and they’ve mounted my Centaur and are shooting from his back while he runs around and fights people, and they get shot by an arrow, and are about to fall. Instead of them having to role a saving throw to not be dismounted, could I instead roll for them with my Cavalier feature, and say grab, and or catch them before they fell off the back of me?
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2023.04.01 16:38 cowls176 Fractured Plane is still infuriating

Sometimes maintenance release says devs listen to player feedbacks. Who is providing these feedbacks? Where are they posting these feedbacks?

I am providing feedback about Fractured Plane. Its so annoying. Its infuriating. Spider attacks are way too strong. Health globes drop rate is near zero. Health pool from the shop at the beginning of each level doesnt heal completely. Timer keeps running after clearing each level. Timer keeps running after clearing boss level. Game crash-to-desktop (CTD) when i open inventory. Game CTD when i equip an item. Timer keeps running when CTD and restart the game.

I am doing my best to clear each level under 2 min. I do my best to skip some areas, maybe 4/5, but sometimes the portal doesnt show up until all 5 areas are cleared.

Yes its difficult for me. Yes its supposed to be challenging. But why does it have to be nearly impossible to clear 15 levels under 30 min? Unable to beat the time limit, each Fractured Plane takes about an hour. Trying to run twice a week to get all rewards, its long and small rewards.

What does it take to get response from the devs? Are they aware of any of the issues im posting here? Am i just crying baby to you all? Is it too much for you all to reply and say this is the intended difficulty for Fractured Plane?

For those who say its a skill issue what the fuck is that? What skills? Poor aiming accuracy? Not pressing keys fast enough?

Not getting solid response from the devs, and receiving toxic replies like You Suck Its a Skill Issue, getting ignored patch after patch maintenance after maintenance is really frustrating.

Can the devs look into any of the issues im posting? Or is this another money issue where if it doesnt concern making profits for Blizzard, its just noise to you all?
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2023.04.01 16:38 TayneTheBetaSequence Regarded Recap

Not going to lie, Thursday/Friday was a bit of a mind fuck, but most importantly, didn't sell.
But.. this 8k filing from Newell got my tits jacked to my dick!
None if this is proven yet, and Icahn could be buying something complete different.. don't forget that.
BUT! Let's go over a few things that help this case.
  1. RC's pumpy/dumpy trial seems to be wrapping up.
  2. RC and Larry Cheng left the board of firefly a few weeks ago.
  3. Brett Icahn left the board of Newell the same week.
  4. Newell just filed an 8-K for 1.5 billion dollars for MA purposes. Alot of people have been valuing baby at 1.5 billion for about a year now.
  5. Months ago Carl Icahn said he had his eye on a particular company and was waiting for earnings to come out. (Assuming bbby)
  6. There is still one open board seat on BBBY board.
  7. Larry Cheng tweeted his tits off yesterday.
  8. The shills are out in full force shitting on BBBY main board.
  9. FUD articles are through the roof right now.
  10. RCs standstill agreement is over (not sure if the court case effects this)
  11. Gamestop NFT of Mount Rushmore and TEDDY Roosevelt "winking" on it.
  12. Teddy Trademark filings list nearly all of BBBYs product offerings, as well as, Buy Buy Babys offerings.
  13. No buying/selling of insider stock.. indicates something is known about a deal. And you're shares are locked until it plays out.
So we got three guys who are off boards. I understand Bret leaving Newell if the play is BBBY. Conflict of interest due to Newell being a supplier to BBBY and he cannot be a shareholder on both boards. Basically will get nailed for insider info.
Not sure what the conflict of interest would be with RC/Cheng and Firefly/BBBY. But interesting this happened the same week as Bret leaving newell.
From what I can understand is that this pump/dump trial can be restricting RC from certain actions, therefore, I think while the shorts think they have an advantage by keeping RC jammed up in court.. it gives the Icahns a chance to strike.
They just filed for 1.5 billion through Newell for M&A purposes. I don't think they could buy bbby outright with 1.5 billion, but they would have a majority shareholders position if they made a move with that amount of money. Also, we've all heard that Buy Buy Baby is valued around this for a year now. So either going to try to buy baby outright.. or hostile takeover bbby.
I was thinking... about Newell and their product lines/brands. A vast majority of them can be sold at BBBY.
They own 6 baby brands/companies.
They own 5 household cleaning brands such as rubbermaid/quickie.
6 brands/companies that do food storage/preservation products.
4 home fragrance brands/companies such as Yankee Candle.
4 appliance brands/companies such as Crockpot, Mr Coffee, and Oster.
And 7 outdoor brands such as Coleman, Marmot, Stearns, etc. (These don't really apply to bbby.. outside of like thermoses and drinking to go cups etc)
Okay.. where am I going with this.. so if you look at my history, I would say I am easily the top shopper at BBBY out of all you fucks on any boards. I've been to the stores easily 30 times since July. Sometimes I go just to look at inventory levels, just see how busy they are etc.
After the recent batch of closings I have decided to drive further to a non closing store and observe what I'm seeing.
About three weeks ago I went to my new store to observe. Shelves looked decent, spots are definitely front loaded (when a store pulls products to the front edge of the shelf to make it look more stocked than it is).
I spoke to an older shelf stocker when I was there. Nice guy was happy to tell me what he's been seeing. Said that deliveries up until three weeks ago have been here and there a couple will pop up on his app. But at that time he said there appears to be 12 vendors back on the list.. which is good news. It's not 12 items.. 12 vendors with multiple items.
Went back to the store yesterday. It appears Sodastream was stocked up and bedding looked great.. but I wasn't wowed by this alleged 12 vendors. So, i saw the guy and spoke to him again. Says things are coming in slower than expected, cookware was slow and no scheduled deliveries for pots/pans and also vacuums. Not great with Easter and cooking.
This concerned me as.. stores are closing.. bbby sold stock to pay debt and pay vendors up front.. but not a ton is coming in.
I had a Eureka moment this morning. So BBBY got into this financial situation by greatly reducing their big brand presence and Triton pivoted to store brand. While the quality is decent, it was overpriced and a greedy margin play. I think Triton was trying to tank the company, but if the store brand play with big margins plays out.. he looks like a genius.
So this leaves BBBY in a spot where they are struggling to bring back the big name brands in short order with all the FUD going on right now.
Who has alot of brands....? NEWELL you fucking dopes. Who has alot of shelf space. That's right BBBY, I'm proud of you.
If they can get this company at a bargain and it has alot of shelf real estate.. you can then load the stores up with your 25+ brands with wide range of offerings under each brand.
It will basically become a Newell showroom.
The great thing is.. they are essentially selling to themselves.. so they don't need to up charge as much per item.
Example - $1 sponge Newell sells to BBBY now. BBBY is going to sell that with a 40 to 80 percent mark up. Newell pays about $0.15 per sponge. Let's say BBBY does 80% mark up.. $1.80. That $0.15 sponge is being sold for alot more due to Newell buying the foam from a fabricator, getting it packaged, shipped to their warehouse, overhead, labor, storage fees, more shipping.
In the ultra competitive retail market, anytime you can cut out a middleman the more competitive your price and the easier it is to move product. Going back to my example.. while walmart and target are selling that sponge for $1.80 ea. Bbby can sell it for $1.50 ea giving them a competitive advantage.
I think that Newell is going to make a move on BBBY, get Bret in the open board seat. He will probably start to try to open up new seats for our boys RC and LC.
There is no insider buying/selling right now. As they know that Icahn is going to be making the move very soon.
I think it's going to RS to get share price up so they can sell baby for 1.5 billion to Icahn.
I digress. Godspeed boys.
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2023.04.01 16:38 Tasteless-casual Gauntlet pass is padded with unnecessarily low value rewards in the beginning and middle of it.

First of all, I appreciate and like the addition of the shard rewards for the daily rumbles. It doesn't matter to me because I have a lot of shards but It probably incentivized new players to play it seriously as a way to develop up their card collection and specially with how rotation probably hits hard the new players.
Second, I like the addition of rumble tokens for the ruthless rumble in the gauntlet pass. It is potentially a high reward item that can refund itself if you do well in the ruthless gauntlet and progress the gauntlet pass significantly.
Third, I appreciate the addition of rewards at the end of the gauntlet pass even if they are not of high value nor unique cosmetics. In the previous season , I had no extrinsic motivation to make me play vs 30HP nexus Ryze players.

Ok why are there useless 1K shards rewards on the Gauntlet pass and specially early in the pass ? Like it is near to non reward tbh. People playing daily rumble and doing well will have their shards increased from it at much higher rate than 1K shards and people who are not doing well will be losing shards at much higher rate.
This useless reward being early in the pass forces people to play nearly everyday to guarantee the Prime Glory. Adding those unnecessarily low value reward doesn't favor the players but the game. I understand/speculate the concept behind it but It doesn't prevent it from being obviously against the players.
To be honest more useless rewards such as prismatic rewards can be put at the end of the gauntlet pass to extend it rather than awkward 1K shards in the beginning/middle of the pass.
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