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10 update ideas for osrs in 2023

2022.10.09 05:02 BigScapeFan 10 update ideas for osrs in 2023

  1. More Guilds like the farming guild for skills. (Hunter Guild would be cool)
  2. Prayer renewal potion, would be useful for bossing & slayer
  3. Buff some slayer task drops, Dark Beasts, Black Demons, Hellhounds, Waterfiends
  4. More slayer bosses, Fire Giant, Bloodveld or Suqah boss
  5. Penguin finding from 2008
  6. Slayer & tool bag to add items into, rock hammer, slayer ring, tools, rings, coins
  7. Max Guild for players with 99 all, 2277 club
  8. More pets! Barrows, Pest Control, Castle Wars, skilling pets
  9. Prifddinas social area, bonfire for firemaking/cooking, Ge also
  10. Old Content from 2010, 2012, Desert Wyrms, QBD, Tormented Demons, Dominion Tower
Also a clan section on the homepage for players returning to osrs or looking for a clan, a list of current active clans in osrs showing size and players.
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2020.05.16 09:04 Iron_Chemist Inexperienced and looking for advice on 75-87 slayer, thank you in advance!

Pardon my ignorance, but I have always enjoyed skilling more than PvM/Slayer so i'm lacking knowledge in those areas. Watching people stream PvM content definitely brought me back to OSRS and i'm excited to finally be at the very early stages of PvM so any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated.
Here are some of my achievements/items that may or may not affect your suggestions:
- Quest Cape
- All Hard Diaries
- Cannon + 40k Cannonballs
- All DK Rings (Except Seers')
- Duradell Block List?
Some have recommended greater demons, fire giants, spiritual creatures, kalphites, and suqahs

I'm torn on whether or not I want to use my cannon. I don't have a trident or blowpipe so I feel like the DWH grind is a bit far away. I also think that between now and 87 slayer I will have gotten so many steel bars from zalcano and slayer that cannonballs won't really be an issue (as long as I don't go super dry). I know it's not efficient to make them but I only make them when I normally wouldn't be playing so it's not too bad since i'm not going out of my way to make them.
You can look up my stats: Iron Chemi5t
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2019.07.17 03:48 Tangibilitea Production of Magical Equipment in OSRS

I want to focus on the core premise of Warding from the Warding Dev Blog:
Warding is a brand new production skill that teaches you the art of making magical equipment, items, and tools from the very best wizards in Gielinor.
Warding is pitched as a production skill for magical equipment: weapons, armors, and tools. The only problem with this is that there's already a multitude of existing avenues in which magical equipment has entered the game:

This post isn't to say that facets of warding aren't beneficial to the longterm health of OSRS, but based on the above list, the core premise of Warding already exists within the game. Imbuing equipment with magical energy can be done already through magic, smithing, crafting and runecrafting under various cirumstances. Any of the content from warding can be implemented into OSRS through any of the prior 4 skills because they're already diverse enough to cover a multitude of magical instruments.
To me, the above bulleted list fits the oldschool theme. To me, warding simply raises the following questions:
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2019.03.14 12:29 From2005 List of all quests that unlock slayer monsters

Questlist that unlock slayer monsters
Unfinished quests
Completed (mini)quests
Not sure:
Sources: (old) OSRS wiki, old reddit posts, Mod Ash's tweets.
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2018.12.12 00:51 GStarG Old Cities need more attention

There's a lot of dead content in OSRS. There are many cities and regions that were developed by quests after 2007 that are currently just completely empty and new content is being created for completely new areas like Kourend and already heavily trafficked areas instead of these dead areas.
Cool unique cities that require quests to access should be better than the normal places you can just access with no requirements.
List of places I'd love to see expanded on, and how:
Keldagrim: Why is all the smelting, crafting, and smithing done in Edgeville/Varrock anvils...? Shouldn't the dwarves be in the lead for these? A few things I'd add to keldagrim: - A new bank on the east side of keldagrim - A furnace just as close if not closer to a bank than Edgeville. Can only be used after Giant Dwarf. Fremmenick Hard Diary adds built in moulds for all jewelry. After Between A Rock, you can stash gold bars at the furnace so you can make gold jewelry easier. - Add some a high level rock quarry with a bank deposit box - Make the train less out of the way - Buff cooking XP from Ale Brewing, add more ales for stats that can't yet be boosted without stew, and make ales +2 or 3 and mature doubles the boost.
Dorgeshuun: The main activity it seems these guys are good for are construction and thieving. Here's what I'd add: - Make all the food stalls thieve-able and make the food decent (8-18 depending on lv req for stall) - Move Barlak less out of the way and make him an estate agent with a new goblin house style - Add a house portal closer to a bank than yanille and put an unnoter closer than the one in Rimmington - Move the agility course closer to the city and greatly improve rates
Relleka: Some of the nearby Fremmenick areas are pretty good, but Relleka itself has almost nothing. - Have some silver rocks with a bank deposit box in the quarry area - Add some fishing spots closer to a bank than Catherby for harpoon and lobsters

Lunar Isle: Not much to do here besides Suqahs task and astral runes. - Add a Nightmare Zone by the Brazier (consider making harder modes require this location over Yanille, it's a lot more fitting for dream related stuff) - Fremmenick Hard adds a 5-10% chance (maybe 5 for hard, 10 for elite?) to not consume Astral Runes when casting Lunar Spells on Lunar Isle
Tai Bwo Wannai: - Make Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup(TBWC) give some construction xp for repairing fences(10k/hr with light thatch, 20k with medium, and 30k with dense) - Add some use for drops from TBWC like Proboscis Darts, buff Spider Carcass and make all jungle spiders drop them, not just ones spawned from TBWC, and give Broodoo Masks high defense bonuses (enchantment from Legends quest makes it on par with rune helm, but with high magic defense and a magic atk bonus) - Add a spear store and make Karambwan Poison better than P++, but only works on spears up to Dragon (buff to spears and Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest).

Penguin Outpost: - Add a hot air balloon (you tell them about it in the quest). Requires Penguin suit to go to this destination. - Buff the agility course to be much faster XP compared to rooftops at that level, but of course no marks of grace as the tradeoff. (or honestly just make all agi courses give marks; rooftops giving marks made all the other courses dead content) - Maybe make penguin gliders for crafting xp as a minigame or skilling activity? idk about this one
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2016.12.16 18:53 alpha_faux [Suggestion] Replace the Guam/Marrentill drops from Suqah

I get that they are only there because of the quest potion requiring them, but how difficult/against the "osrs feel" would it be to swap the quest and the suqah drops to something slightly less worthless. Toadflax arent on standard herb drop tables and even replacing one of those two with toadflax would make them so much more bearable.
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2016.08.07 15:09 Redmelange Slayer Efficiency Questions

I'm a RS3 pleb that recently started an OSRS account. Slayer has always been my favourite skill, back in the old days and in RS3.
I want to set myself the goal of 99 Slayer and I still have some questions, mainly regarding efficiency. Main focus will be maximizing experience.
Hopefully someone can clear this up for me. Thanks for your time! :)
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2016.06.09 21:48 funnyf Rant: Zeah catacombs and the evolution of Slayer

A heads-up: This has nothing to do with the experience rates for Slayer. It's more about how it feels to train Slayer nowadays.
I can't be the only one that is disgusted by the OSRS evolution of Slayer. This update is just an alignment of rooms that contain way too many monsters for no reason whatsoever.
Spreading out the different monsters all over Runescape feels so much more natural and fitting. If they wanted places to be easier to access they could just add more teleports (e.g. coming from new/existing clues) or fairy rings (like the lighthouse code that was recently added for dagannoths). People will train there as long as it's not too annoying to access.
For example:
Hellhounds are always packed so why not introduce a volcano in lovakengj that cointains mainly hellhounds (maybe allow cannons or make it multicombat if that's what people want) and gradually on the way to the bottom you find the brutal dragons (with the brutal black dragon being at the very bottom). And for bloodvelds: Put them in/on a different cave, dungeon, mountain whatever... to create more variety and design layers to form a decent map. Maybe somewhere in a cave near the blood altar?
The reality:
These "caves" (especially Nieve's cave and these catacombs) make no sense at all. They just put a bunch of monsters in a single area for absolutely no reason at all or for a complete bullshit reason like "the slayer master caught them xD". These caves concentrate Slayer to a single place thus making it into a minigame and a chore. A good example of an existing high level slayer task are Suqahs: They are spread out on Lunar Isle, are decent experience and easy to access via teleportation methods. A good example of Zeah content are Sandcrabs. But why the fuck are Giant Sandcrabs in this crappy dungeon and not on the beach???
A possible change:
Slayer is one of the skills that could potentially help Zeah to be redesigned. Zeah lacks layers and depth. Adding different dungeons, mountains, caves etc. to provide a slayer alternative for Nieve's cave and creating a continent that doesn't feel like an empty square would have been a win-win situation.
Slayer "Caves" like Nieve's dungeon or the Zeah catacombs concentrate Slayer to a single place thus making it into a minigame and a chore. Slayer is one of the skills that could potentially help the flat Zeah to be redesigned by creating new fitting layers that contain existing (and new) Slayer monsters instead of throwing everything into one place. The catacombs are basically nothing but a combination of a product of lazyness and forced rushed content, because of time and capital constraints.
What's next: A cave that contains every single monster in the game?
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2016.05.06 03:46 FeintDemise Question about prayer flicking.

I have a question about prayer flicking; primarily about flicking against slower attacking monsters (e.g. Fire giants, Suqah, etc.).
I'm a newb who MUST pray flick all tasks. It's in my blood. Back in the old days I was a scrub who flicked Soul Split and Turmoil. Now here in OSRS over the last few years I simply flick protect prayers. The way I usually do it is just the standard double click quick pray right before enemies attack. It's hard to explain the timing, it's just kind of a sixth sense.
Now I have one problem, and that's monsters that attack slower than most others. Some monsters, like trolls, have a different variant, such as the generals inside the stronghold, that are a regular attack speed. I was wondering if there was some sort of technique to better flick against these problematic monsters that don't have a different variant with a quicker attack speed as my method is very inaccurate. I would quickly count to 5 in my head then try to flick again, but usually with bad results due to varying timing in my counting.
So generally during tasks of which include these slow attacking monsters I just flick piety and take the damage like a man and waste a bunch of food. But if there's a nice method to better aid flicking, that would be much appreciated.
tl;dr : how do you (more accurately/successfully) flick against slow attacking monsters?
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2015.09.12 12:56 Menaceman22 Slayer assignment rework - New task weightings

Hi all, after seeing a few posts complaining about the new task weightings and the changes made to assigning slayer tasks I thought I would share what the new weightings are to those who have not seen them yet. They are found here on the OSRS forums, page 3. Anyway, the new weightings are below:
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