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Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.

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2023.06.05 05:09 No_Music_5374 In front of the world, a renowned Métis Leader and Aboriginal Rights advocate Jim Sinclair confronts SK's Premier Grant Devine of blatantly taking a small opinion and turning it into an excuse to invalidate a deal with Aboriginal Peoples (1984 )

In front of the world, a renowned Métis Leader and Aboriginal Rights advocate Jim Sinclair confronts SK's Premier Grant Devine of blatantly taking a small opinion and turning it into an excuse to invalidate a deal with Aboriginal Peoples (1984 )
"I'm disappointed as well that you would say to us - that the people of Saskatchewan are against you making a deal..."
While holding a folder up which contained lists of names, businesses, town councils, Jim Sinclair would say to SK's Premier:
"I have here, town councils including the city of Regina and the city of Moose Jaw..... supporting our right to self-govern, our right to land.... and I think it's unfair to you to accuse all of Saskatchewan of racism."
We aren't anymore advanced in nation to nation relations than that day in 1984. There isn't one person on planet Earth that can prove to you that we are stronger with Canadians more than ever. It is 2023 and we're the same people survivng a foreign regimes politics while the world turns a cheek.
Wow. How does that not compute or do they not care?
(Bonus Segment with B.C. Premier Vander Zalm:)
Sinclair also pointed out the hypocrisy of B.C.'s Premier Vander Zalm saying "you shared that you came from Holland in 1949 and you said you met Indian/Native troops from Canada who went into your country and died for your country and for your people...... And it's a shame when you could come here and in a few years become the Premier of one of the largest provinces in Canada and that you will not recognize the rights of our people here in this country."
And those same attitudes exist today, family.
That is why I made this post and the statement I shared - we're no closer today than we were yesterday.
I have not read anything that has encouraged a healthy relationship between them and us. I shouldn't even have to say them and us but that's where we're at still. We are not living together in a good way, we're roomates living in a toxic environment that is only getting worse every single day.
However, I did find some peace in what Sinclair said at the end of this discussion: in speaking to Canada's political leadership and our Canadian Cousin's he said "I am glad to see that we stuck together on a right .....that is truly right for our people and right for all of Canada and right with international law throughout the world based on humans rights alone."
Even after all his hard truth that was shared and the inequality that was stated and the death that was taking place, he still walked away wanting to sit with the Canadian Government in a good way. How can they not see the humily and the beauty in that message?
That is the kind of stuff that keeps me going and wanting to build with our Canadian Family which is something I truly stirve for.
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2023.06.05 05:09 Plane_Honeydew6507 Vacation in four days with six month old naval piercing

Hi so im going to the ocean in a few days and i wasnt sure if id be able to get in with my piercing? i got in on december 27th and i have been in pools and stuff since and it was fine i just wasnt sure if it’d be okay in the ocean since thats a bit different and would i have to take extra precautions or anything while there. help!!
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2023.06.05 05:09 Act_0f_Defiance 178 Runs. 178 Ecthar Runs And Only 7 Rocket Launcher Drops.

After around 35 hours over 4 days, I am finally throwing in the towel. Congratulations Bungie, you win. 178 runs of Ecthar and only 7 Rocket Launcher Drops. None of which were good.
That’s 178 times the Ghost was finished. Estimated 40 different LFGs. But sure, give me the Glaive 55 times.
178 Runs and nothing to show for it. Thanks Bungie. RNG is definitely a feature. It’s been tested throughly.
Well done Bungie. You got me to play your game. Congrats.
Note: The 178 runs does not include the runs for the first encounter or the final boss.
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2023.06.05 05:09 Affectionate_Ad_3737 Newb here

Newb here
So is 150w x2 @ 4 ohm the equivalent to 300w x1 @ 4 ohm?
If this is correct, could that ALSO equal 150w x1 @ 8 ohm?
I have two 8 ohm 18 inch Subs, and two amps.
Amp 1: 300w rms x1 @ 4 ohm bridged
Amp 2: 150w rms x2 @ 4 ohms
Basically, I'm trying to push 150 watts into each 8 ohm sub with two different amps powering each sub separately.
What youre looking at in the pic, are the Amps getting their signal from the head unit via a pair of RCAs and two splitters.... im not using the RCA outs on either amp
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2023.06.05 05:09 PoohGem Can I exchange an N license (from BC) for a G2 license (in Ontario)?

Hello, I am wondering if I can change my N (novice license) from BC to a G2 license in Ontario.
If it's not allowed, I am mainly concerned about having to wait another 12 months to take the G2 test. On this Ontario.ca page, it says " You might still be able to fast-track and get credit for previous driving experience."
If they see I have my N license, would I be able to simply book a G2 test after doing a G1 test in Ontario right away without having to wait a year in between?
Anyone with similar experience or some knowledge on this would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.05 05:09 PassiveParsley3 Alcohol?

Ok so I’ll admit I cheated with alcohol a couple times after starting this, but that’s not what this post is about.
Has anyone else drank to the point of drunkenness and had… different effects? I find I don’t feel “drunk” just really sick to my stomach and the usual sloppy/clumsy but not the same kind of drunk as before. I’m not really sure how to explain it. Overalls not pleasant and I’m not tempted to do it again.
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2023.06.05 05:08 Tinawebmom How to maintain boundaries?

Not bringing her back is not an option.
Mother (75) fell May 1st and shattered her shoulder.
She's been in rehab for a month now. I suspect they'll discharge her home this week.
It has been such a lovely time not having her here!
While at the rehab she let her mask slip. There was one nurse in particular she treated horribly. When I spoke with this nurse I was gobsmacked. Mother treated her like she does me when no one is looking! Yelling at her, cussing at her, telling her she was hardly better than a CNA, threatening her, et cetera
I called mother later and made it clear this was absolutely unacceptable behavior. She later began using that fake nice personality to everyone.
She's continued to argue, demand and hang up with me.
She's lied to staff so much that even though I've told them 4 different times her bedroom is upstairs they think she only needs to be strong enough to go up three steps!!
I need to set a lot of boundaries, stand firm and make her comply. (eating diabetic diet, sleeping in her bed not on my couch, changing clothing daily, showering at least twice a week et cetera)
What might work?
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2023.06.05 05:08 ItsScarzzz My Opinions on the Upcoming Balance Changes

-Increased main attack damage from 440 to 480 per card
-Increased SCR from 12 to 11 cards
Despite how toxic of a brawler Tara can be with her super attack in ladder, I will magnanimously accept that Tara did need buffs. Her damage felt insufficient in most 3v3 matches, although I see her played very frequently in ladder Gem Grab. I really do hope that these changes don't make her too unbearable in ladder gameplay, but more viable in competitive play.

-Increased main attack damage from 900 to 940
This has been one of the most controversial balance changes since they were released to the public eye. I too, am very skeptical of even the slightest buffs to Mortis. He ruins Brawl Ball matches throughout all of ladder and mid-level power league, and is often extremely toxic in general matches. However, his win rates were abysmal and I wouldn't mind a small buff as long as they continue to proceed with caution in balancing these certain brawlers.

-Hexed enemies no longer charge super
-Increased super range from 7.67 to 8.33 tiles
-Willow now shields herself while an enemy is hexed
I do think Willow is naturally annoying as a thrower, but I also think that her super was fundamentally useless everywhere except for Volley/Brawl Ball game modes. She's been forgotten and mostly neglected since her release a couple of months ago, and I am looking forward to seeing some more Willow abundance with these buffs.

-Increased health from 4800 to 5000
I do think this is a good buff, but I don't think it's necessary either. In my opinion, 8-Bit was already one of the most solid/balanced brawlers in the entire game. If anything, they should have reworked his 2nd gadget because that ability is completely otiose outside of Heist. However, I don't seem to mind this change too much because it's doesn't make much of a difference for a brawler who was as tanky as Pam.

-Decreased Drop The Bass health form 1500 to 1000
-Decreased Drop The Bass lifespan from 20s to 10s
-Decreased main attack damage from 1000 to 940
-Decreased main attack SCR from 6 to 7
These changes are nothing short of overkill. I predict that Janet will easily by a bottom 10 if not 5 brawler in the game. And I say that because of the damage nerf in particular. Janet already dealt a relatively low amount of damage with her main attack and took some time to focus to layer on top of that. I think they missed a core detail making her so strong: her super duration. For me, Janet has been an extremely annoying brawler to face against in a 3v3 setting. Her super lasts 6s and she remains airborne for that long. She is also intangible to other brawlers and cannot be damaged, while she drops bombs on opposing players. I think they should have nerfed her super duration from 6 to 5s or maybe even 4s, because that super is very unfun and annoying to deal with in most matches. On the contrary however, I do agree with the other changes and am hopeful that Janet will finally subside once and for all.

-Decreased health from 3200 to 3000
-Decreased main attack damage from 340 to 320 per zap
-Decreased main attack SCR from 12 to 14 zaps
Boy am I glad to see some Max nerfs. She along with a select handful of brawlers (including the aforementioned Mortis), have ruined my 3v3 experiences far too often. She has an extremely annoying gadget which hasn't been balanced since its release, and her super ensures that her team will claim victory in most cases. She offers such immense pressure along with all of these tied together, and again, allows for easy, effortless annihilation.

-Decreased Mech Form health from 4000 to 3700
-Decreased Jolting Volts healing from 2250 to 1500
I agree with these changes, because Meg was running rampant everywhere, especially in Solo Showdown. She felt nearly immortal starting in that mech after her recent rework, and definitely needed to be toned down significantly. I do think that this will make her a much healthier option throughout most ranks and levels, and won't be as much of a nuisance as she once was among most.

-Decreased Shell Shock duration from 4.5s to 2s
-Decreased health from 3800 to 3700
I completely agree with Shell Shock being nerfed, although it was way too harsh in my opinion. Also, why did they slap her with what seems like an unnecessary HP nerf? That was the least of her issues of being top 5 in the meta, unless somehow she was too problematic for noobs, but I am satisfied to see these nerfs taking place as soon as they are.

-Decreased Power Shield duration from 5s to 2s
-Decreased Power Shield shield from 80% to 50%
One of the most toxic brawlers in the entire game, FINALLY receives more nerfs to his gadget. That ability alone made him a shredding feral monster against nearly any brawler, with zero skill necessary. I don't know why they addressed him again any sooner, but I'm thankful that they decided to do it at all.

-Decreased Salty Barrel health from 2000 to 1500
-Decreased health from 3400 to 3200
It's about time that Salty Barrel received some much needed nerfs in favor of those assassins and close-rangers. However, I will send one message to Supercell: PLEASE stop nerfing her base HP and revert that change before you roll it out. Her health is already low enough, and is now again starting to struggle with approaching enemies due to the reduced range compared to before her rework last year. You will reverse the progress you've made with the rework. If anything, her cannon needs to be addressed. It is way too toxic and unbearable in so many maps, and it is able to cover way too large of a proximity for being able to shoot over walls. Other than this, the Salty Barrel nerf was a very welcome change.

-Decreased health from 5400 to 5200
Much like 8-Bit's health change, I don't mind it too much, but I think it was also unnecessary because Ash already seemed to be solid and not too overbearing from what I've seen. I don't play or face against Ash much, so I'm not very obligated to opine here, but that's where I stand.

-Decreased main attack SCR from 3 to 4
Very delighted to see more nerfs to that brain-dead menace. I've always hated facing against Bea, and would much rather be prompted to throw my phone across my room in fits of rage than tolerate her spamming mechanisms. I applaud the fact that Supercell is addressing more of the toxic brawlers among most players, yet more forgettable brawlers among high-level players. I do agree with this change, and it should suppress her dominance in the current metagame.
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2023.06.05 05:08 Captain-Avocado Fellow druids, help me understand if this is a bug.

Most of you I’m sure have seen the Legendary affix that increases core skill damage per active companion. I’ve been using one for about twenty levels now however my issue is when I check my character stats for core damage bonus it does not show benefit from this effect. I’ve tried all separate companions and slotting them on my skill bar in different ways and never have seen the core damage bonus move. Does it show for you guys ?
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2023.06.05 05:08 5n32h1 Nextra images issue

Hi everyone!
I am trying to build my one site portfolio based on nextra framework. Everything is perfect, except one — images. Here is the problem:
Sometimes I need to render images on pages with component, not the markdown tag ![](). In order to apply some specific class or other settings. And the difference is that in such case nextra don't copy images located in page dir, and I can't refer them by relative path. I need to copy them to static dir, and that is not very convenient. I what to store all the images next to text content.
Is there any solution?
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2023.06.05 05:08 KalenLiver Charismatic v Hypercharismatic

What’s the difference?
This question came up for me when I was looking back at Nutton’s videos to see some of their cringy fights and saw that the title of one video was on Nate speaking tongues. My thought was, “wow, this was just after their trip with Porgan, I wonder if Porgan is still okay with them since they had a falling out with Hannah William or Williamson or something like that when Porgan moved away from the hypercharismatic movement.” So, I looked back at Porgan’s video where they talk about leaving the hypercharismatic movement because Paul felt like he was forced to fall when they laid hands on him and in the same video both Paul and Morgan discuss praying in tongues. So, praying in tongues is still fine with them. So, where is the line between charismatic and hypercharismatic? Why is speaking tongues acceptable but being slain in the spirit?
Note: all videos watched through mirrored site
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2023.06.05 05:08 Lazysquirrel27 Is there some pattern or method to persona fusions?

I am trying to do those missions for the warden twins but for the most part it feels like there no way to do it without just brute forcing a ton of mixtures in which case I would prefer to just look em up. I looked up the matador one because I had summoned/fused a bunch of different things and checked "fuse by result" repeatedly but never could find the combination.
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2023.06.05 05:07 Lilredridinghood666 Aita for being unnerved by my boyfriend’s ex?

Hi! My boyfriend (24M) and I (19F) have been together for a while now. His one ex (26F) unfortunately is not doing well health wise and has not received a good prognosis from doctors. My boyfriend and her remained friends after breaking up which I respected as I am also still friends with an ex of mine. He has clear boundaries in place with her and always makes sure to reassure me and answer any questions I have and I the same with him. She however recently has gotten worse and is now on the phone with him from 6pm until he gets up at 5am. I feel bad for being bothered by this as I understand they are just friends but I unfortunately had an ex prior who I have no contact with that cheated on me 5 times with 4 different girls. His excuse also being that they were going through personal issues and needed a friend to rely on. I know that is not this relationship but it has left me with trust issues as a result. I discussed this with my boyfriend and he reassured me that he was only trying to be a good friend to her and make her feel less lonely which I respect and understand. Currently she is in another country receiving treatment and will be returning on the weekend. She asked my boyfriend if she could stay with him for a week as she does not want to be home due to family problems. She had originally asked him for 2 nights and is now asking for a week. I explained to my boyfriend I was very uncomfortable with this as I understand they are friends but they are also exes and them staying together makes me anxious. Again my ex would let the girls he cheated on me with stay with him due to personal reasons he claimed. So this triggered the anxiety in me. Despite my friendship with my own ex I have never stayed with him nor him with me ever. We were long distance the entire time and even when we do meet up we stay at hotels nearby as a sign of respect and loyalty to our partners. My boyfriend offered to stay with me or a friend while his ex stayed at his house to make me feel more comfortable with the situation but decided to not let her stay with him due to speaking with his brother who said she was being manipulative to my boyfriend. She is also constantly flirting with my boyfriend and is unaware I’ve heard her. I do understand that she is not close with her family and does not have any other friends however I am unnerved by her actions. Aita?
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2023.06.05 05:07 -cheetodust- Electrical or Engineering Physics (accredited)?

Hello, I know there are a few old posts asking for advice when deciding between pursuing EE or Engineering Physics, but most compare their Engg Phys program to MechE, which is not the case for me. My university (Canadian) offers Engg Phys as a cross between EE and Physics, leading to a more theoretical program tailored towards grad school and academia, although it is accredited as a BSc in engineering. The major difference between the two programs at my uni is that in Engg Phys, the power and programming courses are replaced with physics courses. Generally, I find physics fascinating and would love to take higher level classes in physics, but I feel reluctant choosing Engg Phys due to fears that it’ll make me less employable in the future. I’m also wondering if there’s anything I can do with an Engg Phys degree that wouldn’t be possible with an EE degree. I do plan to pursue grad school, but I don’t see myself working in academia. I know Engineering Physics is quite commonplace and well-known in Canada, but I’m not sure about living in Canada long-term so I want a degree that won’t close any doors for me overseas. Any insight is appreciated.
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2023.06.05 05:07 TurkeyOfAlbuquerque Pocket Thrower Recommendations

Good evening all. I did some reading on the subreddit and wiki so hopefully I have a decent understanding of the terminology.
Purpose: I’m looking for pocket thrower recommendations with a solid balance between lumens and candela. Probably like 800+ lumens and 40k plus candela? Similar in use case to “tactical” lights. Would be used for everything from spotting things in the field to being my handheld for night range trips and EDC light.
Sizing: I’d prefer something that can easily slide into a jean/pant pocket and not be super bulky in it. Something along the size of my Thrunite Neutron 2C, but a touch shorter.
Other requirements: If it can enter “turbo” mode at a single press of the button that would be ideal. A clip would be super cool too. Tailswitch preferred.
Price Range: I’ll pay for quality, but if it could be somewhere in the sub $100 range it’d be great. I can stretch higher than that to like $150 if it fits the perfect use case for me.
Friends of mine have the Modlite handhelds which are great for their strong throw and quick single push activation, but the battery life leaves much to be wanted. Plus I assume that a specialized flashlight maker would probably make higher quality lights at a cheaper price point than Modlite’s nearly $400 handhelds.
Thank you for all the help, I really appreciate it everyone.
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2023.06.05 05:07 rando999555 How do you know if you're ready to move in together? Bf[29M] Me[28F]

Ok, me and my bf have been together for 3 years now and we are both closing in on 30 and we both want marriage, a house and kids one day, so it really feels like the clock is ticking on us. But when I think about the future, I don't know if he's in it and yet somehow we are still together when the future plans come because I can't bring myself to break up either. I'm terrified of ending up alone forever and never finding someone that I think is "good enough".
We are very compatible. There is a ton of positives to our relationship and it feels very easy, natural and low effort to maintain. We rarely fight and we think similarly most of the time. He is secure and confident in himself and has no baggage or trauma that negatively impacts the relationship.
Over time, I feel we have really grown together. He taught me to be more relaxed, enjoy life, laugh, to love and accept myself as I am and to not take everything so seriously. That maybe it's ok and even healthy if we don't have that "deep emotional connection" I thought we needed to have. He's gotten more mature. He's very receptive to most feedback. I feel much more confident and stable and happy in my life since we started dating. Some days I think I need someone more like me so some things are easier. Other days I feel thankful for our differences because it balances us out and helps us both grow.
He always know what I'm thinking or feeling and is naturally in tune with me. He is really good at reading the room and treating others with respect and patience even if deep down he can be a bit cold or not get it. I always say I want someone more socially aware and empathetic but I worry they would be immediately turned off by my own rude and bluntness and cluelessness and so I feel lucky that I found someone who is socially aware but unbothered by my lack of social skills.
But, some issues keep coming up:
Don't love his political views. Don't like his family or friends. They are all very cold, rude, unempathetic with their words and jokes but oddly thoughtful and considerate with each other.
His idgaf attitude means it often feels like he just doesn't care about me. The laziness and lack of ambition is unattractive.
Just don't know if I truly love him. I don't want to compromise for him. I don't fully admire him as a person. My needs feel more important to me than his.
When we talk about my doubts, we always seem to squash them. But the next day they are back. I can't change who he is at his core or his family or friends no matter how good the relationship is otherwise. He doesn't understand what my problem is though. It's not like we are in a toxic relationship or are incompatible. Everything is fine and good, I just can't commit.
I feel completely insane. Everyone says relationships are hard and they take work. But here I am, in a relationship that feels so naturally easy, almost no work needed, perfectly healthy and good etc. etc. and yet I have all these doubts anyway. Is it crazy to walk away from something that has a net positive influence on your life just because you think you could love someone more or you want to be more sure or confident?
Tl;dr: Not sure if I should move in with my bf or break up. We have a great, healthy, positive relationship for the most part. But, I often wonder about seeing if I could find a better fit for me or if I truly even love my bf. He has traits I admire but he also has traits that I don't respect. I don't feel like I love him to the point where I want to compromise for him or that I feel excited or confident in our future together. But I'm also scared of starting over just to realize nobody compares to him. There is no doubt that my life is better with him in it vs. me being single.
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2023.06.05 05:07 dayspassingby how do i check in on someone who had someone close to them pass

i’ve been seeing a guy for approximately a week. but we have seen each other almost every night. like 5 times in this week. i really like him and we were supposed to hang out today but he messaged saying someone who was really close to him died and couldn’t. i said im so so sorry and im here if he needs to talk and that was the end.
we usually message through the day about random things. but i don’t want to do that as im sure he’s grieving. but i don’t want him to think im ghosting him by giving him space. how can i message him just to check in on him in different ways to show him that i still care. idk if should say something like hey how are you doing but i feel like that’s kinda dumb cause i’m sure he’s doing bad
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2023.06.05 05:07 Star-Lord199999 Across the Spider Verse question...

How come the scene where Gwen comes back to Miles dimension for the first time is different than the scene we saw at the end of the first movie? They say over a year had passed since the first movie and it was the first time Gwen had come back to see Miles...So what were we seeing at the end of the first movie? Was Miles having like a vision of her coming back?? Because obviously the scenes are different, he is older, wearing a basketball jersey and listening to a different song... so yeah im just a bit confused by what we saw at the end of the first movie.
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2023.06.05 05:07 NopeTunechi Screens?

I see that there are a couple different options for screens on the Ram 1500/2500 models. One is a large screen that is pretty much a tv turned sideways and another is a smaller one with buttons to accompany it. My question is what works better? What’s everyone’s preference and what are the pros and cons of each one?
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2023.06.05 05:07 SunkenCrayon GNOME (Wayland) login freeze

I've been using Asahi for a while now, and everything works fine. I switch between GNOME and Hyprland, and I've not had problems until recently with GNOME. When I login into GNOME, my cursor snaps to the right and the whole thing freezes. I can't seem to do anything. I've tried changing the tty but that also doesn't seem to work. Here are the gnome-shell logs:

Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Running GNOME Shell (using mutter 44.1) as a Wayland display server
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Failed to open gpu '/dev/dri/card1': No suitable mode setting backend found
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Added device '/dev/dri/card2' (apple) using atomic mode setting.
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Failed to initialize accelerated iGPU/dGPU framebuffer sharing: No matching EGL configs
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Created gbm renderer for '/dev/dri/card2'
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Integrated GPU /dev/dri/card2 selected as primary
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Using public X11 display :1024, (using :1025 for managed services)
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Using Wayland display name 'wayland-0'
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Unset XDG_SESSION_ID, getCurrentSessionProxy() called outside a user session. Asking logind directly.
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Will monitor session 5
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/extensions/a>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/exte>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/extensions/>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/ex>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [n[email protected]](mailto:n[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shel>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/extensions>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [s[email protected]](mailto:s[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shel>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/extensions/>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/extensions>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/exten>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Extension [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) already installed in /usshare/gnome-shell/ex>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare org.gnome.Shell.desktop[5816]: Window manager warning: Failed to parse saved session file: Failed to open file <80><9C>/valib/gdm/.>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Failed to launch ibus-daemon: Failed to execute child process <80><9C>ibus-daemon<80><9D> (No such file or dir>
Jun 04 21:45:13 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Error looking up permission: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.portal.Error.NotFound: No entry for geolocation
Jun 04 21:45:14 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Failed to launch ibus-daemon: Failed to execute child process <80><9C>ibus-daemon<80><9D> (No such file or dir>
Jun 04 21:45:14 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Registering session with GDM
Jun 04 21:45:38 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Error connecting to the screencast service
Jun 04 21:45:47 flare gnome-shell[5816]: Shutting down GNOME Shell

Not really sure what the issue is. Any ideas?
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2023.06.05 05:07 Thepersonpeople119 Injury depression from nerve injury from 3 years ago

Recently I’ve been struggling on and off with bad depressive episodes from not being able to play guitar for almost a year now from a nerve injury that happened in my left hand 3 years ago and has been causing problems on and off. Music is such a huge part of my life and my identity, and this kills me so badly that u can’t do it right now. The past year (as far as the condition goes) has been the most problematic. It pains me so badly to see all of my friends be able to play their instruments anytime they want and I’m left to suffer in these chains and not be able to do anything about it but be at the will of doctors and having to wait a month after month after month for the next appointment. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t think about this to some degree. Some days are better and I’m more active and optimistic that I’ll get to the bottom of this, but today I guess woke up in the wrong side of the bed and just felt awful and hopeless about this issue. It doesn’t help that I’ve had sleep/exhaustion problems for a while either, but that’s a whole different story.
I’m so bored at home. Now that the semester is done (I’m in college), whenever I’m not hanging out/partying with my amazing friends or going on vacation, I get home and I get sad and bored. I’m basically never at home until midnight for many days. All I can do at home is play video games and read books, but those get boring for me and are not as exhilarating as playing music.
If I didn’t have this god forsaken nerve condition, I would be the happiest son of a bitch in the whole world. Everything else in my life is absolutely great. Except for my physical health, which has deteriorated greatly. Not only have I not been able to play guitar for a year now, I can’t use my left hand or arm for anything anymore, I’m basically handicapped at this point. I can’t type on a computer with my left hand and can’t lift heavy things without nerve pain and stinging symptoms going all through my neck, my head, and down my spine. It has spread steadily over the years from my hand to my spine and has weakened my body. Can barely play sports right now. I’m worried this is it. I’m worried that I’m never going to play guitar ever again, can never run or workout again without stinging nerve pain, and that I’m going to be crippled and weak for the rest of my life and that there is nothing I can do about it. I got an MRI of my spine, came back fine. Negative nerve test in my hand for carpal tunnel, did a bit of physical therapy for different parts of my body, all to no avail. My doctors and I haven’t even figured out what the CONDITION EVEN IS!! And what nerves are affected. I’m going to see a new neurologist about all of this soon and probably do new testing to finally just FIGURE OUT WHAT THE ISSUE IS! But need to find a better way to cope because I’m not sure what to do right now.
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2023.06.05 05:07 stepharf Boxshrub help

Boxshrub help
Alright y’all… hoping for some wisdom. I’m an avid gardener in my little backyard oasis, but struggling with my bushes out front. Earlier this spring, half of our decades-old bushes started dying. We think the half that are dying are a different variety from the living ones. I’ve been watching to see if it’s temporary, but it doesn’t look so. We haven’t planted anything there or put any chemicals down. No clue what’s going on. We’ve lived here for three years.
Any way to save them? Or suggestions on how to cut them out and replace the empty space next to these 20 year old ones?
Also sharing what they looked like last year compared to this year. The ones last year are all green!
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