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2023.06.08 10:12 StripeyTiger1 59 [M4F] #UK, England, (Northants) - seeking young breeding partner (long term)🍆💦🤰

Can't really explain why, but I feel much more attracted and devoted to someone much younger than me, so I really want to find someone who is okay with having an older long term partner. As far as I'm concerned the younger you are (legally of course) the better, so I'd like to find someone under about 25 to live with me for mutual breeding
I'm open to various styles of relationship. I'd quite like to find someone who wants to be a "homemaker" and look after the house (and me!) whilst I work, but if you want a part time job, career or to continue education I'm open to discussion.
I live in a large village but it has a railway station just 5 mins away on a direct line to London.
I believe that in a relationship I should help you achieve your goal in life, whether it's a career or being a stay at home parent, but I'm there to be a partner, not baby you 24/7. Similarly, although I want someone younger, you're not my slave (except in fun roleplay!).
I'm quite vanilla sexually and my primary kinks are the age difference and potential breeding (with associated kinks such as cream-pies, breastfeeding etc). I'm not an exhibitionist but if you want to have sex in the woods, fields or anywhere else its certainly up for discussion. I'm not really into anal sex but butt plugs and other sex toys are fine with me.
I'm really turned on by the idea of filling your young fertile pussy with my seed and whilst I won't push you about it, I'd really like you to stop birth control and hopefully get pregnant so I can enjoy feeling our baby grow inside you and your breasts fill (which I hope you'll let me milk too). I'm not looking to use condoms, so whether you get pregnant or not will be entirely your decision. If you're horny and your partner is asleep, its okay to start things unless they tell you to let them get some sleep. I like spooning, ideally with my cock at the entrance to your wet full pussy. Whether you do it deliberately or have a birth control failure I will be happy if you get pregnant. I am pro-choice, so all decisions on whether to have a baby are entirely yours.
I believe in spontaneity and "free use", so after agreeing to have sex the first time, you don't have to ask to start things next time, however "Stop" and "Not Right Now" are valid! Also valid is "OMG, This team meeting is so much better with you playing with my cock!" 😈

Due to the prevalence of people who are just looking for fun {fine 👍} or fake 👎, I apologise to those who are seriously interested in that I will have to continue looking until I am in a committed physical relationship with someone!
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2023.06.08 10:01 lobstah_monstah Dog having accidents in house since neutering

My pure bred mini pincher pup who’s a year and almost 6 months old, male, 22 pounds. Just for context he’s slightly larger than the standard of the breed, he goes on a minimum of 2 mile walks a twice to 3 times a day including trips to the dog park at least 2-3 times a week.
He has been having bladder issues since he got neutered. My partner and I took him to the vet because of his rather sudden change. He went from being able to hold his pee over night and change as he’s waited as long as 5pm the day before to almost noon the next day and that’s a very rare and extreme example but he was very good about not having accidents.
Now if he’s not let out roughly every 4 hours he’s having accident. Today he had one after 2 hours after a walk no warning, as he was trying to beg for food and once he started peeing he couldn’t stop and went straight to his crate and he does this a lot after an accident in the house.
When we went to the vet to address this they did a blood and urine test and all they said he did not have a uti but his bladder did seem thickened and only offered pain killers but it’s been serval months since procedure and over a month since that vet appointment and nothings changed.
We just moved and I’ve found a new vet that I will be calling and making an appointment with when they open but I’ve been trying to google his issues to no end and I’m now slightly convinced it’s a bladder infection or urinary incontinence. The last 2 vets we’ve been to have either been dismissive or pushed unnecessary treatment and I mainly want to know how to advocate for my poor boy in the most informed and best way possible
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2023.06.08 09:50 thejoshway Luton Sensible Transfers – Defensive Midfield

Sensible transfers – Defensive midfield
Welcome to another edition of my ‘Sensible Transfers’ series, where I analyse what I believe to be realistic transfers (to varying degrees) for Luton Town FC ahead of the 2023/24 Premier League season. In this post we discuss the defensive midfield position. with Nakamba’s loan finishing and him returning to Villa, there’s a huge void in front of the defence that needs filling. This list includes some ‘first-choice’ picks I believe are realistic, and some ‘wildcard’ picks that I think would be nice but are less realistic for one reason or another.
I cannot stress how important it is that Luton sign Marvelous Nakamba permanently. His presence and ball-winning ability was pivotal to Luton’s rise from January onwards, providing the shield that the defence didn’t have under Nathan Jones. His wage demands might be a stumbling block, but he’s a known quantity at the club and thus worth the outlay. Bring him back!
I have been a fan of Ethan Ampadu since I saw him boss the midfield at the base of a diamond for Exeter at 16 years of age. Since a big money move to Chelsea, the versatile Ampadu has fallen victim to the loan merry-go-round that plagues Chelsea’s development team. This has allowed him to develop a pedigree playing in a number of different positions in different leagues. Given his utility in midfield and defence, either a loan or a permanent loan here could be win-win for all parties involved.
I know Hamza Choudhury didn’t pull up any trees for those lads down the road, but I’d imagine its hard to succeed in such a toxic atmosphere. He’s strong in the challenge, has Premier League experience, and is available on a free. He’s worth a punt as a rotation player in my opinion.
Daniel Neil was a key player in Sunderland’s rise into the playoffs this year. Capable of playing across the midfield, Neil was a product of Sunderland’s youth system. He chipped in with 2 goals and 4 assists this year, and could deputise for Nakamba with the potential to make the position his own in the long term. He would command a substantial fee however, having just signed a new deal in March.
Stefan Bajcetic is in this section as its unlikely Liverpool will loan him, but has shown enough talent in the limited time he’s been given for their first team this season that he should be under consideration. For a teenager he shows incredible poise on the ball and demonstrates an ability to dictate the tempo of a game. As Liverpool are rumoured to be signing up to 3 midfielders, he could be sent out on loan to gain more experience.
Another longshot is Tunisian anchor Ellyes Skhiri. I was impressed with Tunisia’s ability to defend at the world cup, with Skhiri key to their defensive shape. Domestically, he’s managed to chip in with 7 goals and 1 assist in the Bundesliga this season. As such, he’s likely to have a lot of suitors this year, especially as he’s out of contract.
Florian Grillitsch is set to leave Ajax on a free transfer after joining them for free last year. Ajax have not had a great season, and neither has Florian personally, only making 10 appearances in the Eredivisie. Before this, he was a solid Bundesliga defensive midfielder. A spell at Luton in the Premier League provides him with a big stage to revive his career.
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2023.06.08 09:48 Mosley_stan My bengal hates being picked up

Hello we adopted a bengal about 2 months ago and she's the sweetest cat ever. (doesnt bite or scratch) I've noticed though that she's hates being picked up. She starts wriggling a lot so she slips out.
Some background she's a rescue cat and has been spayed so she might have some trauma there but she was also used to breed more kittens, to put this into person she's 2 (turns 3 in 3 weeks) had been at the shelter for a year to have her kitten.
You can tell she gets terrified because her pupils dilate and I mean really dilate and her heart starts pounding, she's also a bit of a scaredy cat and even when she's asleep her ears are all over the place and her head spins round whenever someone enters the room, rings our doorbell or enters the apartment.
She's due at the vets soon and we're thinking about her getting put on anxiety meds, is there a way we can train her to trust us more? She's been trusting me more and more and now sleeps next to me on the couch regularly.
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2023.06.08 09:43 _billy_the_kid 22 [M4F] #New Zealand - Escape to New Zealand with me?

Wanna escape it all?
Imagine coming home from a hard days work and we’re there for each other, knowing each other inside and out…
imagine how amazing it’d feel, wrapped around me, my hot cum pumping deep inside, every night and every morning, leaving you full like you need it…
About me:
So I’m 6’6 / 197cm with a 9 inch cock
I’m looking to chat or to breed, maybe you should escape to NZ with me.
I’m tall and strong. I love the outdoors and sports, I play basketball and hockey. I love music and chilling inside too. Going down on you is my biggest turn on, after filling you with my hot cum.
Flick a chat and we can talk about how you’d take all of my load 😌
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2023.06.08 09:12 wyze-litten Whippet as first dog?

To preface, I am in no way currently able to own a dog.
With that said, I do have some questions about the breed.
How do they do with cats?
How much training do they need?
Are they generally okay being left alone for long periods of time?
Are they a decent choice for a first time dog owner? I've had cats all my life but my baby is now a grumpy old man and I would like a dog in the near future (but will always have at least one cat)
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2023.06.08 09:11 Majk___ Breeding Hisuian Voltorb

I am currently breeding Hisuian Voltorb. Since Voltorb is genderless, the only way to breed is using Ditto. The breeding pair is as follows: Parent 1: Serious Hisuian Electrode with Everstone Parent 2: Modest Ditto with Everstone
After around 10 eggs all I get are Serious Hisuian Voltorbs. In my case, shouldn't the odds of either parent passing down their nature be 50%? I am really confused
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2023.06.08 09:05 SoftSpecial9400 German Shepard Insurance UK

Dear All,
I wanted to gauge the general price point and what others are paying for insurance
German Shepard Age 4 Hip Dysplasia (caught during breeding screening) Insurance company unaware, as no issues. He's been with the same insurwnfe company throughout since we've had him(Many Pets). No missed payments. No claims. Our premium has gone from £52 to £74 this year. He's covered for life, up to £7000/yr.
I'm reluctant to change insurance company but prices are rapidly going up each year inline with inflation and age of dog.
How much do you pay for your dog insurance? Do you think this price is fair and reasonable?
Best wishes
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2023.06.08 08:22 QTLime ☆.。.:* HA 5IV Aprimon Giveaway!! .。.:*☆

Hiya folks! Need to clear my boxes for more breeding and it felt wrong to just release these Pokemons to the nether. So, what better way than to give them a new home!
There's just a random assortment from me trying to breed 6IV mons and so these are basically all the good eggs that got the 5IVs. Just a reminder that all mons have HAs and are 5IV.
Ball Pokemon Nature Egg Move(s) Quantity
Beast Skrelp Modest 4 (Acid Armor, Dragon Tail, Haze, Twister) 0/1
Dream H-Qwilfish Adamant 4 (Acid Spray, Bubble Beam, Aqua Tail, Astonish) 0/6
Fast H-Growlithe Jolly 4 (Covet, Double Kick, Double-Edge, Head Smash) 1/6
Friend H-Growlithe Jolly 4 (Covet, Double Kick, Double-Edge, Head Smash) 48/51
Friend Sobble Timid 2 (Aqua Jet, Fell Stinger) 0/4
Friend Stantler Adamant 4 (Bite, Double Kick, Psyshield Bash, Megahorn) 0/5
Heavy Carbink Calm 0 0/4
Heavy Stonjourner Adamant 2 (Ancient Power, Curse) 1/5
Heavy Squawkabilly-White Hardy 4 (Double-Edge, Final Gambit, Flatter, Parting Shot) 0/1
Heavy Fennekin Timid 0 0/2
Level Fennekin Timid 4 (Heat Wave, Hypnosis, Magic Room, Wish) 0/3
Love Hoppip Jolly 0 1/2
Love Oranguru Quirky 4 (Dream Eater, Extrasensory, Yawn, Last Resort) 1/2
Moon H-Zorua Timid 2 (Extrasensory, Comeuppance) 2/3
Premier H-Voltorb Timid 0 0/5
Safari Scyther Jolly 0 0/3
You can adopt as many Pokemons as you like, but only one of each! Please shoot through your IGN and LC and I'll let you know when it's your turn and I'm searching. (˶◕‿◕˶✿)
I will be updating the list as I go, so apologies to those that don't manage to get what they want.
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2023.06.08 07:57 ithrowdiscgolf Anyone has a full froggydex?

Hello everyone. I’m curious if any of you have completed the entire froggydex- I’ve been working on it but only have 14%, I’ve been trying different ways to breed and fill in the froggydex such as colorwheel etc. what’s the fastest way to do it. It’s becoming a new OCD where I’ll breed and sell the eggs and run out of money to fill in the froggydex 😩.
I had an idea where I’ll have all 368 Anuras in habitats and breed each species quickly- but I would need 47 something habitats to make it work and I only have 15. Any way to collect coins faster to buy habitats?
Am reaching out to see if any of you have an idea/solution. I am more than happy to try anything new :)
Thank you all!
I just realized I’m happy to dex and regift- but for that much frogs, how long would it take? Since it would have to go through the mailbox and etc.
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2023.06.08 07:55 flowinginside 40 [M4F] #SanJose, CA - wrap your legs around me and make me cum in you

I'm an older guy interested in doing it bareback with someone at least 10 years younger. It feels better to follow your instincts and do things the natural way and let me cum inside. I'm a clean guy so there's no risk there since I usually have safe sex. But I'm also a dad so there's the pregnancy risk. So let's forget about condoms and if you're not on the pill then we might end up breeding, and that turns me on too. If I'm on top then wrap your legs around me when we're having sex and don't let go till I finish cumming in you. But if you're on top of me just keep riding me till I cum. We could do doggy too. I hope we meet up a lot and try all different positions.
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2023.06.08 07:53 docparik Existential Crisis, Questioning The Practice

Heya Fellow Vets, English is not my first language so kindly bear with my long rant, sometimes it’s hard to convey thoughts as words.
Background : I’m a 31yr old Male Veterinarian with Masters in Microbiology & Immunology. I can say I was a passionate student and always top of my class. And a fairly successful small animal Vet during my 2yr of private practice.
Hobbies : Like any other average science student I’ve always been curious about other scientific disciplines as well, like - Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Environmental Science, Evolutionary Biology, Marine Biology etc all the superbly exciting fields. And reading about world history, social science, economics has been my hobby as well.
Philosophical Paradigm : Overtime something deep has changed inside me. My perception to see the world, how most things in world are just weird and not what they seem to be and their overall output has a negative impact on world. I don’t wanna sound communist or socialist or anti-capitalistic but in a simple scientific manner I find many industries empty and their utility for human societal betterment or the betterment of natural environment is non-existent. We humans just like to do a lot of things for the sake of aesthetics and outta sheer selfishness to keep ourselves amused and busy.
Coming to the Issue : Given all that rant above - I started seeing our profession of Small Animal Veterinary Clinical Practice (most part) as a sham. Imo - Other than service and utility dogs, majority of dogs and other pets are kept by humans for no other reason other than “company”. It all sounds great and emotional but at the end of the day modern relationship of Humans & Dogs is not based on practical benefits but emotional and selfish ones. I very well understand that it has some real benefit to humans who live alone or a human family who just want to add a furry family member to the pack. But in an objective sense it’s all - One Sided! From a purely practical and objective point of view - Humans see pets are live toys for their own happiness. And this demand and practice inadvertently leads to poor health of these pets - starting with wrong breeding practices for purely aesthetic reasons, lack of natural environment for these dogs/pets in cities where they are kept in closed apartments. And I think there is no-need to talk about exotic pet business since my view for domestic pets are already too strong. I now despise this industry for the indirect suffering of all these pets that serve no real purpose for human development. We once needed dogs to hunt prey and to keep ourselves safe from predators. But in modern days I believe that these animals belong back to the wild (not literally since we can’t just release them in wild) but figuratively that breeding and selling of pets is not a good industry.
I know it’s just my personalised opinion, even all that objective reality that I referred to. And I’m in no-way dictating right or wrong to anyone. I’m not advocating people to stop keeping pets. I am also aware my views are bit extreme and maybe non-sensical to many but please try to respond thoughtfully.
I just personally can’t help it anymore since I have lost my passion and purpose to continue to be a Vet. It’s like I’ve done self inception to my mind. I am unable to perform the way I should and it’s hampering with my career, life and everything. Easy way would be to just switch my career to something that aligns with my ideologies but I am finding it hard to find the right way. Maybe large animal Vet or go for a research career in Microbiology & Immunology.
But before I make a decision, I just wanted personal inputs of y’all on this and possibly some professional guidance too for the career switch.
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2023.06.08 07:53 air_yeezy23 35 [M4F] #LosAngeles Tall & Athletic Male Looking for FWB - Willing to travel to LA or OC

I would best describe myself as a soft/caring/nurturing daddy dom, but still dominant in bed and can initiate, lead, and control the experience. I'm affectionate and love to cuddle during aftercare and outside the bedroom. I also got a pleasure/service dom side of me that gets pleasure out of pleasing my partner. Some other kinks I have are rough sex (spanking, light choking, hair pulling, throwing you around like a rag doll), public sex, and breeding/creampie to name a few kinks. I have a few harder kinks that we can discuss later. I'm mostly looking for a FWB or one night stand, but if we click maybe it can become more exclusive. I love to go on weekend getaways and trips so it would be nice to have a travel buddy.
I'm mainly looking for a 18-34 year old woman, latinas to the front of the line but open to all races. Please be clean and have good hygiene, I love a woman that smells good. If you are interested send me a DM with a brief description of yourself and a few pictures, I'll do the same. Be prepared to facetime call to verify, so don't waste your time if you're catfishing or scamming.
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2023.06.08 07:47 DogzInfo 7 American Bully Skin Problems & their Solutions

7 American Bully Skin Problems & their Solutions
All dogs are susceptible to various skin diseases, which are very common. Many people don’t know these common diseases and often mistreat their dogs and blame the breed for these defects.
Here are a few skin diseases common in dogs:
  1. Skin Sores
  2. Skin sores or skin lesions
  3. Dry skin/flaky skin/scaly skin
  4. Rashes
  5. Lumps
  6. Redness
  7. Dandruff
  8. Bumps
  9. Intense itching
  10. Excessive licking
  11. Excessive scratching
  12. Hair loss/bald patches
  13. Hot spots of inflamed skin (also known as acute moist dermatitis)
Read the full article at:
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2023.06.08 07:44 air_yeezy23 35 [M4F] #LosAngeles Tall & Athletic Male Looking for FWB - Willing to travel to LA or OC

I would best describe myself as a soft/caring/nurturing daddy dom, but still dominant in bed and can initiate, lead, and control the experience. I'm affectionate and love to cuddle during aftercare and outside the bedroom. I also got a pleasure/service dom side of me that gets pleasure out of pleasing my partner. Some other kinks I have are rough sex (spanking, light choking, hair pulling, throwing you around like a rag doll), public sex, and breeding/creampie to name a few kinks. I have a few harder kinks that we can discuss later. I'm mostly looking for a FWB or one night stand, but if we click maybe it can become more exclusive. I love to go on weekend getaways and trips so it would be nice to have a travel buddy.
I'm mainly looking for a 18-34 year old woman, latinas to the front of the line but open to all races. Please be clean and have good hygiene, I love a woman that smells good. If you are interested send me a DM with a brief description of yourself and a few pictures, I'll do the same. Be prepared to facetime call to verify, so don't waste your time if you're catfishing or scamming.
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2023.06.08 07:32 andiesy What type of lawyer suits this case?

Posting for a friend.
My friend is looking to sue the breeder she got her service dog from after her dog developed several issues and was told her dog still had to be bred. She is wanting to sue in hopes that this person can no longer breed service dogs/ dogs in general and justice for her dog but doesn’t know what type of lawyer to look for. Not looking for legal advice but just a general direction on where to start.
Background: My friend bought what she thought was a fully trained service dog a few years back, it was not fully trained. Her dog was not potty trained and barely task trained. The big issue however is that her dog developed hip dysplasia, chronic pneumonia, and had to eat in a specialized chair that allowed her to eat sitting up like a person would. Unfortunately her dog had to be retired as a service dog after only 1-2 years and passed away about a year later. The health problems were brought up to the breeder who called her back and threatened to sue her for slander if she called him again.
I hope this is enough information as I don’t have all the details.
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2023.06.08 07:31 JDGBOLT Outdoor stray cat that we feed may have gotten bit in leg and infected, unfortunately taking her to vet is unrealistic, is this potentially life threatening?

Species: Cat
Age: Been feeding her about 5 years, was pregnant at the time.
Sex/Neuter status: Spayed, though has had several litters
Breed: Black American Shorthair?
Body weight: Unknown, perhaps a few pounds.
History: First noticed her limping May 28th, didn't see any signs of injury, due to having no vehicle as well as her being quite skittish being a stray, not really realistic to be attempting to trap her and taking her to a vet. She would visibly limp as well as avoid putting weight on the leg, though was still able to move around to a certain extent. She then proceeded to not show up at all on the 29th. On the 30th found her again, did notice her licking her leg, and later did notice a sort of bald patch of fur as well as what looked like a puncture wound.
May 31st saw her moving a bit better, would still extend the leg and sit in some a different posture with the leg out, though visibly the wound didn't seem to change.
6/1 I found her kind of out of it as well as kind of coughed a bit here and there. She did eventually wake up a bit more and was behaving more normally, and for the most part did have an appetite and would go and eat and such.
6/2 she seemed to be moving more normally, though did notice that the wound kind of looked dirty.
6/3 she did seem to eat a fair amount and also noticed that the wound kind of looked not the greatest and definitely looked kind of infected, but from a behavior standpoint she seemed to be bahaving normally, able to move around all right and jump over a wall between back yard and front yard.
6/4 The wound didn't seem to change a whole lot and honestly there was no limping or anything of the sort, nor has there been for any days after that.
6/5 I noticed that the scab or whatever that was on the wound itself seemed to be thicker, maybe about 1-2 millimeters or something.
6/6 I noticed that she seemed to be having some sort of liquid discharge coming out of the left eye, which may have been slightly infected by her scratching the area with the hurt leg, would spread some liquid onto the ground if she shook her head, and also had the eye kind of squinting.
6/7 I noticed that the eye seemed to be looking mostly normal, and at least comparing pictures it did seem like the wounds on her legs had healed up a little bit, but hard to say whether it was that or just that there was less hair surrounding the wound and it having a cleaner appearance.
Clinical signs: Currently a fairly large bald spot on the leg, as well as a large red patch with what appears to be a slight mass or scab raising from the site. General behavior was initially limping and being ginger with the leg itself, but now has become mostly normal, other than the wound on the leg itself which seems to have festered and gotten infected, though seems to have gotten perhaps a bit better this past day. Has had good appetite throughout most of the injury period and seemed to be eating and drinking normally, as well as sleeping during the day because of the Arizona summer.
Duration: First noticed her limping the 28th of last month
Your general location: Arizona
Links to test results, X-rays, vet reports etc:
Have a stray mama cat who we have been taking care of the past 5 years get into a fight of some kind and get what appeared to be a bite wound on her left hind leg, and initially was limping a bit when moving about but that has gotten better as the days have passed, and she is mostly behaving and moving normally now, eating and drinking what appears to be a normal amount, but still concerned because the leg appears to have gotten infected, and due to present circumstances of both no vehicle as well as her being a stray and while generally friendly toward me, is also quite skittish and will run away if startled. As a result I wasn't really able to try to clean off her leg when I did see her usually in the evening due to sleeping during the day as summer. Mostly just concerned if this could be something that could become life threatening, or if given time it will heal on it's own as getting her to a vet would be difficult at best, if not impossible. There was some points where she seemed a little bit lethargic, but overall has been eating and drinking normally, and her movement has improved over the days and now generally she behaves as normal, just with the wound obviously appearing not the greatest, but it appears at least not to be bugging her or causing her any pain. Any potential insights would be appreciated, included above is a photo album of some pictures of how the wound has looked over the past week or so. It appears to be healing somewhat, but could be wrong on that.
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2023.06.08 07:30 Apathy_Level_9000 My 4 year old Pomeranian requires food rather consistently or gets sick.

I don't believe he has a fast metabolism. For being a toy breed, he weighs 13lb! With the air quality getting worse since it's gotten hotter, we've reduced how much he walks outside, so we play a lot of catch indoors. We've tried to reduce the amount he eats per serving, and has small meals throughout the day. He has breakfast at 9am, lunch at 4-5pm, dinner at 7pm, and a small late night serving left out for him at 9-10pm. I know the last one sounds insane, but if I don't do that, he vomits bile in the morning. He can only eat wet foods. He particularly enjoys Hills Sciences beef and barley or chicken and barley (adults 1-6 years).
His health checks out rather fine, save for allergies, tracheal collapse, and luxating patellas. We've run all kinds of tests for him and biopsies. Save for a recent case of Alopecia X and skin dermatitis that has been treated, he's fine if you keep his allergies in check.
Does anyone else have a toy breed that seems to break down food rapidly? I wouldn't say my dog eats quickly. He often takes a few bites and then walks away and comes back. He goes to the bathroom immediately after eating or 1-3 hours after.
The morning vomiting unless he eats late at night is what worries me. The vet says that everything checks out health wise so this might just have to do with how rapidly he digests food. Anyone else deal with this? Have you found s solution?
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2023.06.08 06:45 MangoNeverDiesxxx Sewn Shut

At the hands of my father
I learned to keep my words to myself,
to listen to the spaces between sharp syllables and be grateful for the blessing of
nothing at all.
At the hands of my teachers
I learned I breed disorder and impatience,
the sounds I make are cacophonous to the ear, and incontinent, spilling out
of my mouth vile and rank.
Silence sits with me again,
to teach me what I may change in myself that this world could be satisfied.
Husk, this shell of flesh and tears,
it drifted on quiet winds through years and
empty streets before her shaking hands tore me from aimless flight.
I hit the ground and we melted together like warm butter in a hot skillet,
bubbling with life,
burning for more just over the pan wall, out of reach.
In all the confusion of being drunk on infatuation and nostalgia,
I barely noticed as she cut away the strings that so many had sewn through my lips before,
but I noticed the way she let me smile wider than I felt I could in
as many Decembers as I had been away.
I noticed the way my kiss on her cheek made the sun blush and the
planets swoon, and how soft it felt.
Softly with the beating of her heart.
In the throes of love I never felt her lowering that hook down my throat,
a lure for my thoughts and dreams,
She could have caught my desire as well.
But fish are meant for throwing back,
away she tossed my heart and lungs,
to sink in chilled dark water outside the week we shared.
As I lay at the bottom of this ocean I hold a needle and a thread,
and wonder how much less I would have lost
if I had just kept my mouth shut.
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2023.06.08 06:26 tranktank1 Update for Soju 🐻

Update for Soju 🐻
We are surprised on some percentages but not surprised at all on the breeds! She’s tracking a little slow on growth- looking like she will be 40-50 pounds which is definitely explained here. Also one inbred girlie!
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2023.06.08 06:20 Emilee1213 Help me ID my dog

Help me ID my dog
We rescued our boy and all his records have different breeds on it. Terrier, hound, blue heeler. He weighs about 70 pounds. Thank you for the help!
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2023.06.08 06:19 Ad-Dependent I've been reported to the ATG after getting fired off a job and doing extra work for a client

I got an insurance remodel job through a previous client. He opened up with I think the insurance was pretty generous and I might like to get a few extra things done at my place.
I was expecting a child and have done small add on for clients before so I thought sure we can make it work.
I was on the tail end of the job and he decided to throw me off for taking too long.
I did a ton of extra work for him besides what the insurance paid for and he refused to pay any more then the insurance claim.. -custom backsplash -new sink -new faucet - refinished pantry And the insurance covered refinishing but i eneded up having to reolace and reinstall all new stuff (The pre existing stuff had been beaten up because they basically breed dogs in the home)
I'm not sure what to do...
The entire job was about 40k with materials and labor (not counting his extra work) now he wants 20k from me.
I also can get written testimonys regarding his character from a subcontractor that he insisted on paying extra ( to stiff me) and his insurance adjuster who he constantly tried to maneuver profits form.
I need any credibility advice please. TIA
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