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2019.01.01 06:01 khennlionhart [GL] STMR Rankings

Happy New Year everyone!
With our first year in the GL release of 7★ era closing, I wanted to share something with the community to give back. This was inspired by u/XenaRen 's [JP] STMR Ranking which has been very helpful for me playing in JP. Though his list is also applicable to GL, there are a lot of GLEX changes and new units/STMRs that need to be accounted for. My goal is that after checking the list, readers get an idea of the worth of the STMR and FAQ's are addressed such as:
  1. Is it worth going for the STMR?
  2. Will this STMR serve me long to justify going for it?
  3. Am I better off keeping (2) 7★ units?
Disclaimer: STMRs are considered whale territory and with good reason at that. However, by playing for a good while, managing resources, off-banner summons, step-ups, mixer prisms, & UoCs (inc. GLEX variety), it is possible for even F2Ps to get them. Also, recently JP released a feature where we can trade STMR tickets to get a 100% Super Trust Moogle (STM).
As always, everything is open for discussion and please feel free to let me know if there are things I missed or you might want to add. I intended this to be a guide of sorts and not as gospel so take it with a grain of salt.
Side-note: STMRs being in the same tier does not necessarily mean they are equal ie. STMR A & B is at S tier but A maybe closer to S+ tier while B maybe closer to A tier. Also, being in B tier doesn't mean the STMR is thrash, they will always be strict upgrades to TMRs. Even those in B might be S+ for your specific unit or lineup. Considering of adding a proper C tier to emphasize the difference to B tier later on. The list is also in no particular order.
Update(s): as of 1/11/2019

S+ Tier

These will give the most improvement in your team and they will almost be always equipped in your units. Definitely worth pulling/fusing 4 of.
Unit Type Effect Remarks
Arngrim Greatsword Bahamut Tear [Two-Handed] ATK+165, Lightning-element (Accuracy+50%, Variance: x1.0 to x1.6, LB Dam.+30%) 2H variance, good for non-imbue TDH units, especially if LB is part of their rotation and/or they can capitalize the Lightning-element.cough, Hyoh
Dracu Lasswell Accessory Gothic Amulet ATK+50 (Equipment ATK+50%, Accuracy+25% when single wielding TDH, Phys./Mag. dodge+15/10%) BiS for a long time for any Phys. TDH unit. Even units with high innate TDH could use 1 of these (no 300% innate TDH unit yet). The additional dodge passives may allow a 100% dodge TDH unit (ie D. Lasswell himself)
Felix Light armor Toy Soldier's Uniform ATK+45, DEF+10, MAG+45, SPR+10 (ATK/MAG+10%, Fire/Earth Resist+30%) Highest offensive stat Light armor currently. With added passive % increase to reach that 400% cap and couple elemental resist to boot. Also, flexible due to combined ATK & MAG flat stats
Luneth Clothes Luneth's Clothes ATK+45, DEF+1, SPR+1 (Fire/WateWind/Earth Resist+30%) Highest ATK clothes - which a lot of phys TDH unit capitalize. The elemental resists more than made up for its 1 DEF/SPR and is more desirable for "Elemental Tetris" trials later on.
Wilhelm Heavy armor Imperial Armor DEF+110, SPR+110 (HP+20%) Best tank armor on any unit that can wear Heavy armor. Future trials will dish out both phys & mag type attacks and your tank may only cover 1 type. Thus, will appreciate having high both defensive stats.
Rem Accessory Betrothal Ring (FF TYPE-0) MAG+40, SPR+40 (MAG/SPR+40%, Auto-Regen:60+1.2x) High flat stats with high increase stat percentage passive? Both MAG & SPR at that? All in a single accessory. The regen is just icing on the cake.
Queen Accessory Lucid Lenses ATK+55 (100% chance to ignore fatal damage above 1% HP, max.1) Current highest flat ATK accessory for those TDH units. Though there will be +60 ATK accessories later on, its the 100% chance to escape death as long as above 1% is what makes this top item and may spell victory or defeat. Especially for units who abuse stacking moves

S Tier

These also provide significant upgrade on your line up. Enough to make you seriously consider pulling a fourth one to complete them. Always worth fusing 4 of.
Unit Type Effect Remarks
Aurora Fryevia Sword Daybreak [Two-Handed] ATK+160, MAG+120 (MP+20%, Accuracy+50%, Variance: x1.05 to x1.55) 2H for added variance, Elementless for flexibility since GL has many hybrid/TDH+imbue units that can maximize this. Moreso once GL gets the "STMR triggers Trust Ability" patch
KH Cloud Greatsword Buster Sword (KH) [Two-Handed] ATK+180 (Accuracy+50%, Variance: x1.0 to x1.6) Carbon-copy of OG Cloud's STMR (unreleased yet)... for now. Highest ATK 2H GS to abuse the damage variance. No innate element, otherwise S+. Will be buffed to its JP counterpart 8-9 months from now, remember Ring of the Lucii?
Cloud Greatsword Ultima Weapon [Two-Handed] ATK+180 (Accuracy+50%, Variance: x1.0 to x1.6) The original Buster Sword. Literally the same as KH Cloud's right now only relatively easier to get due to non-limited
Nal Spear Vajrayana [Two-Handed] ATK+175, Lightning-Element (Accuracy+50, Variance: x1 to x1.5) High ATK, damage variance, with innate Lightning-element to abuse. If only there are many TDH units that can capitalize this weapon type, would've been S+. I suppose CG Cid using external lightning imperil anyone?
Ramza Light shield Escutcheon (FFT) DEF+60, SPR+60 (HP+15%, All-Element Resist+20%) Being Light shield gives this more units who can use it. Also, the added HP and elemental coverage makes this shine better later on.
Mercenary Ramza Heavy shield Reverie Shield (FFT) DEF+92, SPR+84 (DEF/SPR+20%) Best Heavy shield currently in terms of pure defensive stats. Units with scale off DEF/SPR will also want this.
Lucius Hat Glorious Headpiece ATK+52 (LB+3/turn, ATK+30% if with Fist) Decent upgrade from Prishe's Hairpin. With flat LB per turn to assist LB-centric rotations. More so if the unit happens to be a Fist-user. Fei, from future Xenogears collab comes to mind
Kryla Hat Kryla's Veil DEF+35, SPR+84 (Fire/Ice/Light/Dark Resist+20%) Highest SPR hat currently and will see more use when future trials hit GL due to its elemental resists. Be sure to farm those Magic Sanctuary before fusing, you need all of them
Eileen Hat Scanning Goggles ATK+52 (Plant/Stone/Bug/Machine-Killer+50%) Same ATK as Lucius' but with killers to common types instead. Better if enemy is applicable type.
Seaside Nichol Clothes Summer Trunks DEF+24, MAG+70, SPR+24 (HP/MP+20%, LB Fill-rate+50%, Water Resist+50%) Real solid stats, offense and bulk, for a mage with water-resist as cherry on top. If this were a robe - preferred by most mages...
CG Sakura Robe Sakura's Robe DEF+14, MAG+77, SPR+42 (LB+1/turn, Lightning-resist+50%) High MAG robe. Lightning resist and flat LB per turn as bonus only made it better. Oh, and its not restricted to Female btw.
Yuna Robe Yuna's Clothes DEF+32, MAG+44, SPR+78 (EVO MAG+20%, Fire/Ice/Lightning/Water Resist+20%) High SPR robe with EVO MAG and elemental resist. Best if used by a summoner but still great if by others. Also, not 7★ male summoner yet though
Dark Fina Robe Amiculum Nigra [Female-only] DEF+30, MAG+72, SPR+72 (MP+30%, MP-Refresh+5%, Sleep/Paralyze-immunity) Though restricted to females, its high stats both MAG & SPR, MP support - which future mages want due to MP-hungry Q/V-cast, and immunity to 2oo4 debilitating status ailment more than made up for it.
Fryevia Accessory Florid Hairpin ATK+25, MAG+25 (Equipment ATK/MAG+50, Accuracy+25% when single wielding TDH) Currently the only accessory with TDH for both ATK & MAG. If flat stats were higher, would be S+. Useful not only for Hybrid units but also more for TDH mages due to scarcity of MAG TDH sources currently.
Awakened Rain Accessory Knight's Medal ATK+30, DEF+30, MAG+30, SPR+30 (All-Elemental Resist+30%) Though the flat stats are relatively lower, the full-elemental resist made up for it. Its also versatile in who will use it (not limited to a DD or a support). You may be tired of seeing this but, Elemental Tetris, remember?
Zargabaath Materia Judge's Oath HP+30%, DEF+30%, SPR+30% (All-Elemental Resist+20%) Complete tank stats and full-elemental coverage. Besides, no use having 2x 7★ Zargs, right?
Gladiolus Materia Shield of the Chosen King HP+50%, DEF+30% (Increase DEF by 100% when HP drops below 80%) Real solid physical bulk. The DEF crisis buff that can be easily proc'ed is just bonus. Will make completing the HP-parameter mission easier later on.
Basch Materia Unquestionable Loyalty HP+50%, SPR+30% (30% chance to counter magic attacks with self +50 MP-refill) Magical version of Gladio's and deserves such tier as well. MP-counter instead of a crisis buff
Sora Materia Heart's Light ATK+70%, Equipment ATK+20% when DW Unconditional high ATK passives and a bonus TDW. Will get buffed to its JP counterpart (see KH Cloud's notes)
Christine Materia Winter Child MAG+50%, Equip MAG+30% when DW, Ice Resist+30% Unique materia being a source of unrestricted equipment MAG and passive MAG stat increase. TDW also being a lot easier for mages. Ice resist is always welcome

A Tier

These are top-tier items but rarely worth pulling a 4th to complete. Also, fuse at your discretion.
Unit Type Effect Remarks
Lenneth Bow Soothsayer Bow [Two-Handed] ATK+160, SPR+30 (Accuracy+70%, Variance: x1.25 to x1.75) Though, there are few innate Bow TDH unitscough, Ang, the higher than GS variance (x1.5 ave.) may make you consider using Equip Bow on a materia slot. Now I regret selling those Artemios' before
Nyx Dagger Nyx's Dagger ATK+158, DEF+50, Fire-element (HP+20%, All-Element Resist+20%) Innate Fire-element as GLEX upgrade. Also BiS for tanks (HP + Elem. resists) that utilizes daggers
Kurasame Sword Iceblade Himuro ATK+130, MAG+162, Ice-element Good Hybrid stats with more favor for MAG. Higher rating than in JP since we have Fryevia and even Reberta who can make use of it
Orlandu Greatsword Thunder God's Sword ATK+174, Light-element High ATK GS and innate light element. DW units makes the most use of this. Will probably drop a tier if we get the 2H ATK-parameter GS (assuming the same)
CG Citra Staff Badrosa ATK+12, MAG+110, SPR+150 (EVO MAG+30%) High MAG and SPR for any support. Though summoners will make the most use of it since EVO sources are scarce.
Ayaka Staff Serapia's Staff ATK+12, SPR+166 (HP/MP+15%) Highest SPR staff currently with a sprinkle of HP & MP for added bulk and mp pool. Also, nice for those SPR-scaling damage dealers that we have
Dragonlord Rod Dragonlord's Sceptre ATK+28, MAG+159 (MP+40%) High MAG rod but what makes this good is the high MP passive. You want to stack as much MP without compromising MAG due to future mages Q/V-casts
Circe Rod Sibyl Crescent ATK+24, MAG+164 (MP+20%, LB+2/turn) Mag stat stick with MP increase as well but with flat LB per turn which LB-mages prefer
Vincent Gun Death Penalty (FFVII) [Two-Handed] ATK+175 (Accuracy+70%, Variance: x1.3 to x1.7) Strong elementless 2H gun. Would be S if we have many gun-users (see Regina) but may also be niche for self-imbuing TDH units, or those with elements in their skills (ie. Citan)
CG Sieghart Heavy shield Attractive Shield DEF+85 (HP+30%, Earth Resist+80%) Great for tanking physical attacks, more so if its also earth element
Elfim Robe Elephim's Dress DEF+25, MAG+30, SPR+75 (HP+20%, LB Fill-rate+50%, Songs' MP cost-20%) High SPR robe with HP and fill-rate. The MP reduction to songs is almost negligible
Freya Hat Empress Garland DEF+40, MAG+50, SPR+50 (HP+30%, Silence/Petrify-Immunity) Any squishy mage/healer will appreciate the added bulk on top of high offensive/healing stats. The status immunity also help and may allow to forgo a Ribbon/Discernment when combined with the unit's innate status resists
Malphasie Accessory Ravenheart ATK/MAG+40, DEF/SPR+10 (MP+10%, ATK/MAG+20%, Phys & Mag Demon/Bird-killer+25%, enable Dual Cast Nice accessory for hybrids. Good flat stats and good passives. If only the passives were higher, it would be the Rem accessory hybrid version
Kunshira Accessory Magic Control Ring ATK+50, MAG+50 (Fire/Lightning/WateWind/Light Resist+15%) Great for Hybrids looking for high flat equip stats. With added elemental-resist, otherwise B tier
Barbariccia Accessory Barbariccia's Bangles MAG+50 (HP/MP+20%, Wind Resist+50%, enable Wind of Chaos - increase mod to Aero/Aerora, Aeroga/Tornado, AeroI/AerogaV/Aeroja/RagingWinds by 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, respectively) Good flat MAG stat with added HP & MP. Wind resistance is good if it matters and adds mods to common Wind spells. Wind-element stacking magic users get the most out of it. Comparable to Freya(VP)'s TMR, otherwise
Squall Materia A Lion's Heart LB Dam.+55%, LB+3/turn Perfect for LB centered damage dealers. Additional LB modifier and flat LB fill per turn. Though there is Kyanos (4★ TMR) in the future. Will drop a couple tier once he's released
Reberta Materia Dragoon's Wisdom Jump Damage x1.50 (HP/MP/DEF+20%, ATK+50% if with Spear) Solid source of offense and defensive stats for a spear-wielder. Also, jump damage boost which jumpers and future CG Cid is sure to love. See jump mechanics/cap to appreciate
A2 Materia Gentle Traitor Machine Phys/Mag killer+50% (ATK+80% if with Greatsword) GS users still being META and will see a lot of use. Especially against a Machine enemy
Viktor Materia Marchenko's Secrets Sleep/Paralyze/Confusion/Petrify-immunity, DEF+80% if with Heavy armor Immunity to all debilitating ailments is always welcome.While the high DEF passive is almost unconditional as most tanks can wear Heavy armor anyway
Shantotto II Materia Witch's Cackle Auto-Refresh+5%, MAG+80% if with Rod Almost unconditional since most mages use rods and the additional MP/turn is always welcome for mages.
Beatrix Materia Loyal General Equip ATK+50%, Accuracy+25% when single wielding TDH, Equip ATK+10% when DW, ATK+50% if with Greatsword Useful for both TDH and TDW unit as long as they equip a GS
Onion Knight Materia Onion Knight's Mission ATK+80% if with Sword, Phys. Undead-killer+50% High ATK passive and GL has greater number of sword users. The undead-killer is just the bonus
CG Fina Materia Pure Lotus Auto-Refresh+12%, Auto-100%ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR Buff, Auto-Regen (2900+1.2x), LB+2.5/turn Great HP & MP passive recovery with nice flat LB fill, albeit 2.5 being weird. Though the full-buff is easily overwritten by strong ones, this ensures equipped unit is always buffed even after dispelled, revived, or for those preemptive attacks. Also, Arena Cancer materia
Aranea Materia Skylancer Equip ATK+100%, Accuracy+25% when single wielding TDH, ATK+30% if with Spear A buffed version of Buster Style for Spear-users. Even if not equipped with spear, this is still good for those without Cloud. Later on, CG Cid will maximize its use
Ellesperis Materia Vampyrism Demon/Human Phys-killer+25%, ATK+40% if with Katana, ATK+40% if with Clothes Though the killers seem low, its a rather common enemy type. Both the ATK passives are also easy to proc as Clothes are also a nice source of equipment ATK. Will shine even more later on when GL hit the Katana-META with Akstar
Sephiroth Materia Twisted Hero ATK+80%, DEF/MAG/SPR+20% if with katana Real solid offense boost with some defensive passives as well. Also, will see much use once we go to Katana era (see Ellesperis')
Rinoa Materia Winged Heart All-Ailment-immunity, Fire/Ice/Lightning/Wind Resist+60%, Auto-cast Charm Resist+50% A ribbon on steroids with high resist on 4oo8 elements. Damage dealers also appreciate it being a materia as they need the accessory slot for their flat stat needs. 50% charm resist is niche and RNG can screw you. However, it will be better once GL fixed it to stack ie. with a units innate charm-resist
Grim Lord Sakura Materia Grim Brilliance HP/MP+20%, Equipment MAG/SPR+50% when single wielding TDH Same as Demon Rain's although this will see more use due to the scarcity of MAG TDH sources. No SPR-scaling TDH units currently but otherwise BiS for Grim Lord Sakura herself
Lilith Materia Malefic Heart HP+30%, Fire/Dark Resist+50%, DEF/SPR+30% if with Mace See fusion of Rasler's and Crow's TMR with good fire/dark resistance. Easy to proc for tanks since most of them can use mace, or even healers like CG Fina. Though I doubt you'd rather fuse the other Lilith instead of having (2) of her in you-know-where

B Tier

Nice-to-have items, sometimes niche but nothing game-changing. Not worth pulling specifically to complete. Less pressure in fusing now or later
Unit Type Effect Remarks
Machina Sword Excalibur (FF TYPE-0) ATK+163 (allow DW) Stat stick with added DW. Though most DW units do have their innate DW
Estark Sword Hell Sabre ATK+176 (enable Shocking Slash - AoE Dark Phys 2.8x + 50% Dark-imperil for 3 turns, Onion Slice frames) High ATK sword and gives a Dark-element chaining move. It has low mod for current standards but niche if you lack chaining partners in 10-mans.
Lightning Sword Omega Weapon (FFXIII) ATK+176 Stat stick. Maximized by DW units
Shadowlord Sword Sagasinger ATK+160 (HP/MP+20%) Lower ATK than other STMR swords but with added HP & MP instead
Lorraine Greatsword Chrome Sphene ATK+170, DEF+20, SPR+20 High ATK greatsword with some defensive stats
CG Hyou Greatsword Ultima Weapon (FFBE) ATK+180 Highest ATK GS but one-handed. Consider keeping (2) Hyohs instead
Aloha Lasswell Katana Beach Umbrella ATK+170, DEF+40 2nd highest ATK katana with some DEF stat. Also, 1H
CG Lasswell Katana Zantetsuken (FFBE) ATK+174 (LB fill rate+50%, Increase esper's bonus stats+10% Current highest ATK katana with a LB-rate bonus to keep LB rotations going
Duke Spear Virtue Drake ATK+173 (Phys/Mag Dragon-killer+75%) Beefed up version of Reberta's TMR
Summer M. Fina Whip Summer Whip ATK+93, MAG+163 (change to inflict all ailments+80%, enable Rainbow Whip - AoE hybrid 9x all-element type) High MAG whip and good for "inflict X-element" missions due to its added skill. Will shine for Scorn of Gilgamesh Trial
Ace Projectile Black Trump ATK+62, MAG+169 High MAG throwing weapon though very few mages prefer this weapon type
Tiana Projectile Flask of Uncertainty ATK+60, MAG+170 (MAG+30%) Slight upgrade to Ace's STMR and with added MAG passive increase. BiS for herself but would be higher if there were more MAG units using throwing weapons
Gilgamesh Helm Genji Helm (FFV) ATK+45, DEF+15, SPR+2 (Dark Resist+30%, Paralyze/Confuse/Petrify-immunity) Its ATK is a bit higher than AD Kain's TMR as both Helm type. Though, the immunity to 3 disabling status and some Dark resist is nice.
Adam Jensen Clothes Jensen's Trenchcoat ATK+35, DEF/SPR+20 (ATK+50% if with Gun) If used by a Gun-wielder, better than Luneth's. Otherwise good offensive Clothes-type armor.
Forren Light armor Rider's Armor ATK+40, DEF+14, SPR+18 (Wind Resist+80%) High ATK Light armor. Would be a tier higher if Light armor is commonly used
Olive Accessory Olive's Journal ATK+40, Phys Machine-killer (ATK+50% if with Gun) Great item if mastery is applicable. Otherwise TMR level with Machine killer
Beryl Dagger Fallen Angle ATK+10, MAG+142, SPR+142 (Light/Dark Resist+40%, Equip MAG+50% when single wielding TDH - Beryl only If only the MAG TDH is also applicable to others, would be a couple of tiers higher. Still good dagger for mages and almost all of them can equip daggers naturally. The high resist, albeit only light and dark, certainly helps when it matters
Ignis Dagger Zwill Crossblade (FFXV) ATK+145, MAG+145 (MP+20%) For mages to take advantage of its high MAG and MP bonus. Also, if we get a GLEX hybrid Dagger-user
Roy Harp Two-Headed Dragon's Harp [Two-Handed] ATK+20, MAG+70, SPR+156 (HP+30%, MP+20%, SPR+30%, Accuracy+70%, Variance: x1.3 to x1.7) Nice weapon for bards, if you still prefer using them. Especially on Roy himself
Prompto Gun Executioner (FFXV) ATK+161, SPR+66 (enables DW) High ATK 1H gun with good SPR. As if designed for DW units in mind, also grants DW
Prishe Fist Godhands (FFXI) ATK+171 (enables Shijin Spiral - ST 3x, ignore 50% DEF Phys, imperil Fire/WateWind/Earth by 50% for 3 turns, inflict Disease (100%) Great 1H Fist. The added skill may be useful if you needed to apply an external imperil and the disease is always good as long as enemy is not immune to it
Tifa Fist Premium Heart (FFVII) ATK+170 (enables Premium Heart - gain 3LB/turn) Another high ATK 1H elementless fist with flat LB fill. Comparable to Aigaion's Fist but still a strict upgrade regardless
Dark Veritas Heavy armor Darklord's Armor ATK+34, DEF+34, SPR+24 (Dark Resist+80%) Good ATK on a Heavy armor with high dark resist which is great if it matters. Would be a tier higher if there are a lot of damage dealers who prefer Heavy armor or ATK was higher
Fire Veritas Heavy armor Flamelord's Armor ATK+38, DEF+28 (Fire Resist+80%) Same as Darklord's with SPR sacrificed to increase its ATK by 4. Also, Fire resist being more common to see more use out of it
Light Veritas Heavy armor Lightlord's Armor ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR+30 (Light Resist+80%) Good all around stats but nothing game changing. Like all veritas STMR, high resist is great if it applies
Trance Terra Accessory Three Stars (FFVI) DEF+3, SPR+3 (MP+33%, MP Cost-50%) OK accessory if you're really hurting keeping up your MP pool. Would be a tier higher if they increased the flat stats but hey, they needed to keep using (3)
Noctis Materia Hexatheon's Revelation HP/MP/ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR+20%, Fire/Ice/Lightning/WateWind/Earth Resist+20%, LB+2/turn) Its GLEX upgrade made it from a slight TMR upgrade to a proper STMR. Though 20% stat increase is low, coupled with a 20% elemental resist (for future trials) and the flat LB per turn makes it good.
Lulu Materia Booster Cactuar MAG+60%, SPR+20% (Water Resist+50%) Unconditional MAG source with some SPR and Water resist which is nice if applicable
Emperor Materia Corrupt Emperor HP+10%, MAG+60% (Fire Resist+50%) See Lulu's but with HP instead of SPR
Knight Delita Materia Dark Aspirations HP/ATK/DEF+30%, Phys Human-killer+50% Nice phys bulk on top of ATK passive. The killer is there for common enemy type. Arena anyone?
Dark Knight Cecil Materia Dark Sword Arts ATK+30%, Equipment ATK+100%, Accuracy+25% when single wielding DH High Doublehand passive even if for 1H only. Useful for any DH unit, sometimes we even build TDH units DH due to lack of 2H elemental weapons
Demon Rain Materia Demon's Gambit HP+30%, Equipment ATK/DEF+50%, Accuracy+25% when single wielding TDH The bulk and DEF TDH is nice on top of the more common ATK. However, most likely be used by counter tanks like Demon Rain himself or DEF-scaling units like Viktor
2B Materia Executioner Phys/Mag Human-killer+50%, ATK+40% if with Sword/Katana/Spear Human killer is always nice being a common enemy type. More for DW units who can easily proc full ATK passive as its for common weapons
White Knight Noel Materia Noel's Legacy HP+10%, MAG+40%, SPR+20%, MAG+20% if with Rod, SPR+40% if with Light/Heavy shield Almost unconditional 60% MAG as most mages use rods. The SPR passive may be good for supports who can equip Light shields. Definitely BiS for White Knight Noel himself. If only we can dual wield shields..
Marie Materia Original Arrival All-Element Resist+30%, SPR+50% if with Staff Supports can easily proc the staff passive while having unconditional elemental resist coverage
Elfried Materia Truth Seeker HP/DEF/SPR+30%, Equipment ATK+50%, Accuracy+25% when single wielding TDH She kept her role as a source of TDH even in STMR. This time with added bulk which is always appreciated for future trials but who am I kidding, you'd always want the highest ATK stat you can manage anyway
Balthier Materia Zodiac Shot Phys Machine-killer+50%, ATK+80% if with Gun Due to gun not being commonly used. Expected to raise a tier once we get someone like Regina. Machine killer is always welcome
Tidus Materia Dream of the Fayth LB fill rate+150%, Increase esper's bonus stats+50% 150% fill-rate is a huge boon to any unit using their LB especially for LB-dependent units like Zarg/HT Lid and may be A/S- for them
Eiko Materia Essence of Summoning HP/MP/SPR+15%, EVO MAG+30% Unconditional stat increase, albeit small, is always nice. Though its summoners who will want this for the EVO MAG
Runera Materia Force Mysterion Dark Resist+30%, Phys/Mag Demon-killer+100% Dark resist is welcome but you'd only use it for the high Demon-killer, a common enemy type
Delita Materia The Subservient ATK+80%, Inflict 2000 damage to self at start of turn Unrestricted 80% ATK passive is always nice, if you can manage the self-inflicted damage. If the damage were at the end of turn, would rank higher. Still good for e-peen and for ATK-parameter missions
Marquis de leon Materia The King of Beasts Phys/Mag Beast/Bird-killer+50% Congratulations on pulling another (2) of him in the raid pool. Nice if applicable, more so if enemy procs both type

C Tier

This is a special tier. Free STMRs or if in the future, some of them become near TMR-level, might move or add to this tier
Unit Type Effect Remarks
Popstar Katy Materia Popstar's Pendulum HP/MP/MAG+10%, EVO MAG+20% - Popstar Katy only What did we expect from a free STMR? If only the EVO MAG wasn't restricted to Katy, would've been at least serviceable
And there goes the list. I plan to keep this updated as future STMRs are released (already have a criteria score sheet) depending on the sub's reaction to it. Its also my first time writing with so many reddit formatting, which to be honest is what took a lot of time. As mentioned earlier, please feel free to comment if you want to add or there's something I missed.
I'll try my best to keep updating the list and as early as I can. There were numerous discussions in this thread and it may help provide you with additional insight, too.
May your pulls this 2019 yield rainbows.
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