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2023.04.01 08:00 Coffee7320 WIBTA if I banned my MIL from spending alone time with my kids because of what she said to my stepdaughter?

A little background, my husband and I (both 34) have two kids, Axel (6M) and daughter (Ashley 10F). Ashley is not my bio daughter; she is my husband's from his previous relationship. Her bio mother (Mina) unfortunately died on the day Ashley was born. However, I have known Ashley since she was a little under 2 and we have always had a good relationship. She calls me mom and her late mother mommy whenever we talk about her.
To clear things up, I adopted Ashley when my husband and I got married because of many reasons unrelated to this post but it was a decision all three of us made unanimously and are very happy with. This means if my husband and I were to divorce or anything were to happen to him, Ashley would still be my daughter and I would still be obliged to take care of her.
My MIL is not happy with this at all. She has always been an absolute nightmare about it and made hurtful comments every chance she gets. According to my SIL and BIL, she was looking forward to my husband and Mina's wedding and is still sad about Mina's death. She doesn't think anyone could ever be good enough to be Ashley's stepmom let alone adopt her.
It all came to a head last night. MIL and FIL were over for dinner. I had just brought dessert out when MIL gave a cookie box to Ashley and said "Give this to your mom". So Ashley brought it to me. MIL then corrected her and said, "That's your dad's wife, not your mom. The one who takes care of you is your mom." She also gave my son a chocolate box with similar instructions. The kids were confused but I knew she was talking about their part time nanny. I work from home and sometimes I get to spend the whole day with them but other times my schedule is crazy so my nanny steps in to pick them from school and take care of them on my crazy schedule days.
I asked my MIL what she meant by that and she said with my logic, a mother is a person who takes care of you. So since I think it's okay for Ashley to call me mom, it's hypocritical if I don't think both Ashley and Axel can call the nanny mom. My husband told her she was being disrespectful. FIL excused himself and they both left early so the argument didn't escalate but after thinking about it, I'm worried what kind of things MIL might tell the kids in private, especially Ashley who has always known she is not my bio daughter. They spend every other Saturday with their grandparents and so MIL would have plenty of time to mess with their minds.
My husband is going to talk to her tomorrow since he couldn't say much with the kids in the room but I think this time MIL crossed a major line and should not be allowed to spend time with them unmonitored. So WIBTA if I enforced this rule?
ETA: FIL doesn't always agree with MIL but he never voices his opinion so I don't think his presence counts as "monitored"
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2023.04.01 07:38 International_Tip527 Y'all ever go, "Why, Author?"

Kind of frustrated because the webtoon for Heeran Love Song/Twilight poem is so good for me right now. I know most of the readers are divided and dislike both mls (and I'm not a fan of either visual but Yato is extra not my type), but I honestly kind of love the general? He's not great, but he's got understandable flaws. He liked a girl. He wanted the girl. He was told to fight for her, and became a successful general for said girl. It's not romantic (he's even admitted to lusting for her more than loving her), but like, I get it? Respect?? That's some dedication for some shiny hair.
More than that, he gets Soru and is upset at first (he put his life on the line and gave his all for something that didn't come in clutch, like bruh moment but I understand) but he starts to feel protective over her. He dislikes when she purely gives out her body even though he went to war over another girl's. It's character development for me. He's dumb but I like it.
It would be FINE if he wasn't ml if only...the webtoon progressed as if he wasn't? Why do they bother with the arc of him starting to like her, starting to care for her, and STRAIGHT UP refusing to hand her over?? To demons, for healing, etc. He wants her protected and safe. I know it may be slow for people who want immediately head-over-heels I'll-destroy-everyone-but-you perfect handsome powerful rich CEO-but-in-fantasy lover, but I just like him. I like that he doesn't change immediately because that's just...boring. And yeah ig they wanted to make him look like he was a viable option as a male lead, but the focus the story got really made it seem like he was a husband that cared?? It's not some kind of isekai where we see him secretly plotting away but never saying anything out of concern to the fl. Like he straight up goes "quit being this way??" like mans keepin it real and as much as I love Soru like bro ain't wrong even if he's a mule going about it
Knowing that he gets progressively worse just makes me sigh. It's one thing to pull a bait and switch and it's another to organically lead the story only to hastily make a switch. And no, him starting to "hate Soru" for illogical reasons, suddenly "get jealous/envious," or go all "psycho mode on Yato" isn't an organic flip. It doesn't feel like the webtoon is going in the same direction of the story, which means it's going to be severely disappointing when it does. If Yato was going to be the ml they should have kept him as the same emotionally-constipated idiot. What's the point of giving him an arc of protecting Soru?? Now I like him? He feels real? He's not a demon who doesn't understand feelings and hasn't stolen her eyes and isn't super old and known her since she was a child? Stole her eyes when she was a child? Sure he's a demon, evaluate him in demon context, but don't ship him with Soru then.
I just don't buy the "but humans are just as bad as demons and hurt each other" because like why justify him? Why make him seem good? Why is he a confused puppy that just kills? I would like him more if he was more methodical in killing. Like even if he killed the same amount, if it was more reason based and less "wandering around killing" because the writer seems to want to give him plausible deniability over SLAUGHTER and that's just laughable imo
Sorry but I laughed at that. It will be a cold day in hell before I like the "we've known each other since we were children trope" and it's funny they think I'll like it if he wasn't even a child himself at the time.
Also feel this way with other second mls like Eclis from Villains are Destined to Die (I love Callisto it's just...we been knew it would be the emperor) and just a few other tropes that were shoved in to make something else (usually an overdone trope) happen. Like, yeah, I'm not going to like the character when it happens, but there was a writer in charge of that. They had an organic story and they chose to stagger the flow in order to fit someone else in there.
tldr; idk, I know I'm going to hate a best friend/male lead when you MAKE him god-awful garbage, but if it feels inorganic/feels like it was written to make the plot go how you want then I'm not going to dislike the character as much as i am the planning of the writing
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2023.04.01 06:16 ExpiredNapkin80 Every Series I Start Just... Fizzles ig

I dont know if its just me, but I feel like so many of the series I pick up to read in webtoon are all the same, get randomly wonky in quality, the story shifts and becomes spotty, and I lose any interest to read them. I was one of those huge Lore Olympus girlies, and since the return from like the three hiatus's it just so spotty and so many holes in the story exist now. I loved Midnight Poppyland and now the plot is just un-followable and the characters dont even seem to like eachother.
Heres some others I was reading but just stopped from either way to much reliance on a cliffhanger to make audiences return the next week, the main couple having no romance at all, the story isnt going anywhere for AWHILE, the story being repetitive, or the story being so dragged out that one action takes an entire episode: His Majesty's Proposal, Down To Earth, Act Like You Love Me!, The Remarried Empress, and more.
Am I alone on this? Maybe I'm just reading the wrong stories? Or are dozens of personal favorite comics suddenly fizzling out on us audiences? The only comic I'm really liking currently is "Marry My Husband" so Ihave no idea if its just a me thing
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2023.04.01 06:04 spicy_dons_sprite Webtoon ideas?

I have been reading a lot of the same type of webtoons.
They all involve "Players, or Dungeons, or Regression"
And they are good don't get me wrong.... but they all lack imagination. The only differences between them all so far are:
- weapon type
- character build (powers)
- how simple-minded the "world" is with their ideas and acceptance
Most characters lack any sort of uniqueness... every story is about some weak loser who magically gets a second chance or gets super powers, and for some reason they actually put in effort this time around.
What if someone made a story about something more dark. even if they don't change the whole idea of randomly getting chosen for powers it can still be good
(just the first idea in my head) A regular person in one of these worlds has his family killed by an accident caused by these heroes. They make their own skills, plan/train and don't become a hero but a villain. They only want revenge and nothing else.

Idk, its a terribly made idea, but I'm just trying to come up with something new.
If anyone has a good idea share it!
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2023.04.01 05:56 Living_Honey_3842 Custody schedule change

Does anyone have experience with an ex trying to change custody after 5 years of having a stable schedule? Ex thinks I don’t work enough with him on extracurricular activities for the kids. The reality is he picked an activity for one daughter that is only 15 min from himself and 30 from me. My husband and I also have another younger child while he and stepmom do not have younger children. He always holds over my head that I have more time and i should do this and that whenever they request it. I’m ready to just say take it to court and see if you get 50/50. It’s basically 60/40 or 55/45 now. I’m a stay at home mom and he works full time so it’s been important to me to be with my girls since I can accommodate that and he’s at work anyways. Has anyone’s ex ever tried to change custody time over something small like this? I should add that kids are fine with schedule as is and it took a lot of adjusting to get them to this schedule because after he left and divorced I had primary custody of my kids for 4 years. Then he came back with a new wife and wanted 50/50 and to change the schedule within 1 week with no transition for the kids who had never even met stepmom.
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2023.04.01 05:46 Backoverf Desi hot bhabhi me and my stepmom in bathroom - lesbian sex

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2023.04.01 05:45 K1ngShad0w Hello, could someone help me find my old minecraft skin that I used a long time ago, please? The skin was of the character "N the zombie" from the webtoon "Boyfriend of the Dead" and this is the only reference image that I have that can only be seen a little with the diamond armor

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2023.04.01 05:41 ARumpusOfWildThings I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but - can anyone give advice on how to move states when you don't drive/have a car?

(TW for suicidal ideation, emotional abuse, self harm, etc) also this is long

Hello, I actually posted something similar to this a few weeks ago, but now I'm even more desperate...
As the title suggests, I need advice on how to move states without a car, or knowing how to drive. I've lived in MI for the last 8 years, and have lived with my family (mom, stepfather, siblings) ever since. I moved here to live with them partly for insurance reasons (although I don't really go to any doctors or health professionals often anyway, since I don't really trust anybody except for like two people - more about that later-I don't drive and I don't feel ok about asking anyone to drive me) and partly to escape living with my stepmother, who was emotionally abusive to both my dad and I. I never should have moved in the first place; I see that now - my dad needed me too much. I helped him with his health issues as much as I could, and I was a sort of buffer between him and my stepmother. They both passed away in 2020-'21. I miss my dad with every fiber of my being, think about him every day, and even wish that I was also dead, just so I could be with him (I mean, I might as well be dead...)
Anyway, the only thing I think about every minute of every day even more than my late father is moving back to Kentucky (Louisville in particular), where I was born and raised for 23 years...I know things are kind of a shitshow over there currently, but it's home to me. I have an almost photographic memory of where everything is, all the different places where my dad and I used to go, and I have friends there (I mean, I don't really feel safe around people at all, but I still did have friends there). I've never fit in here in MI, and I never will...when I moved here, I thought my family would be understanding of how after all the sh!t I had to put up with from my stepmother (and also from being neurodivergent and dealing with people), I do not want to be around people AT ALL. It is detrimental to my psyche and overall wellbeing. I can tell them that over and over and over but they just don't listen or take me seriously. Because of them I'm forced to interact with people constantly (the job I have where I'm essentially my mom's employee requires it). I work at an afterschool program that she's in charge of, and it's really triggering for me to watch her interact with the kids in the same authoritarian way she did with me when I was young. Once I f-cked something up at work and started melting down and self-harming, and she literally screamed at me, "STOP IT, ARoWT! STOP IT! I CAN'T HANDLE THAT RIGHT NOW!"
Whether it's justified or not, I don't really feel appreciated for what I do at my house...I do chores (dishes, putting away leftovers, vacuuming, watering plants), I pay the utilities, I take care of my brother's pets that live here while he's at college, and he always seems to come back with more and hasn't really ever offered to reimburse me for what I spend on them...I've lost track of how much at this point), I've done my own laundry the whole time I've lived here (my siblings-both in their 20s- still have mom do it for them), and it feels like my siblings are the ones my parents have actual conversations with, while they really only talk to me about work-related things, or to ask me to do things. For several weeks, my mom had to go take care of a friend of hers who was very sick, and it pretty much fell to me to be The Woman of The House, basically...It was on me to do what she normally did at work (on my own, some nights), and even though I tried my hardest, I still didn't do a good enough job (which my stepdad kind of hinted at)....
I could go on about why I'm so unhappy here, and I feel horrible and ungrateful for doing so as it is (seeing as how my family really has done a lot for me and essentially rescued me from my stepmom) but...honestly...I just don't like it my house, or in MI in general. I keep having these weird, surreal dreams about me wandering around various areas of MI I've been driven thru...I'm all alone, everything is grey and desolate, and I'm just wandering around with no destination and nowhere to go. The weirdest, most distinct dream was one where I was in this abandoned mall, and in this room completely covered in dirty, moldy white tiles. There was water up to about my ankles and facing me was this completely waterlogged pile of various Lamb Chop plushies (I loved Lamb Chop when I was little, and had/still have a stuffed animal of her). Off in the corner was a group of people (mostly women) my age huddled close together, talking about something that they clearly didn't want me to overhear. I distinctly remember considering asking them for help with wringing out/rescuing the Lamb Chop plushies, but then deciding not to, cuz why would they want to help me with that?...and then the dream ended/became inscrutable.
The only two people I wholeheartedly trust and can actually talk to are my aunt and my therapist. They both agree that moving to Kentucky would be a good thing for me...although, my aunt texted me tonight saying that she's been thinking about my situation a lot, and mentioned a plan she's coming up with to help me "gradually" achieve a "safe and supported independence." The "gradually" and "supported" parts scare me a little tbh - if by that she means having to actually live in the same space as another human being, or just living on my own somewhere in MI (the thought of which terrifies me) then...I'm sorry, but just no. I feel so bad for my aunt because she's had to witness/hear me completely breaking down over how miserable I am over here and want to move back to KY several times over the last few years...I don't know how or why she puts up with me. I haven't even ever told my mom, stepdad and siblings about how I want to move back, even though it's been on my mind for years now. They'd probably all hate me for the rest of my life if they knew, or just make me stay here somehow for the entire rest of my misbegotten existence. No offense to anyone reading this who lives in MI and actually likes it, but...I've just never been able to fit in or feel safe here, and I don't know why.
All I want out of life is to just go home. And if I can't I'd really rather not exist anymore.
On a more positive note, I've been saving money for a potential move someday, and even though the health insurance I currently have has an income limit (what I'd really love to do for a living is medical billing and coding, after being properly certified - it plays right to my professional strengths, I'm told it pays well, and I want to become self-reliant and not be dependent for the rest of my life like I currently am), I've been selling things on Mercari as a side hustle of sorts. Over the years, I've amassed a ton of stuffed animals, toys and stuff (trying to pacify my inner child, I guess) in my Depression Cave (aka my room), and I've been listing a bunch of them on Mercari, and I'm quite surprised at how much people seem to be interested in it! So, I have that going for me, I guess...
If you've read thru this entire rambling mess and/or have any advice or words of comfort to give, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm also 31, if that makes a difference. Even though I asked a question in the title, I'm flairing this as a rent/vant.
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2023.04.01 05:41 Sanlop1193 FamilyXXX - Fucked My Milf Stepmoms Big Tits And Big Ass In Her Halloween Costume (Natasha Nice)

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2023.04.01 05:00 Lower-Cap-7580 Promoting my Webtoon, "Element High!" Recently posted last week after a 2-year hiatus. Hope you enjoy!

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2023.04.01 04:51 aitamomvacation AITA for not skipping or shortening a vacation with my mom because my bio mom will be in town

So, some background: My bio parents were 19 and 21 when they had me (15f). They were both in college and didn't think they could take care of me so I moved in with my paternal grandparents when I was born. My dad transferred to a school an hour away so even tho I didn't live with him I saw him every weekend and on school breaks. Bio mom just kinda fucked off. When I was almost 2 I moved in with my dad and his girlfriend, now wife. I'll be calling her my mom for the rest of the story. I think I finally met bio mom when I was like 5 or 6, she visits maybe once a year, and we talk like once a month.
Now that I'm older, the way my bio mom's visits go is she gives me a few weeks notice that she's coming to visit, she gets a hotel, someone drops me off to go out to eat or shopping or something with her, picks me up a few hours later, and we do that like 2 or 3 times and call it a day (or year).
Spring break is coming up and my school has 2 weeks off so my mom's gonna take me on a girls trip for the first week and a half. My brothers (8 and 10) have one week so my dad's gonna take them for a guy's thing for the first couple days then they're gonna meet up with me and my mom for a family vacation. I'm really excited for it.
The problem is my bio mom texted me a few days ago that she, her husband, and their kids are going to be here for the 1st week of my break. I made the mistake of telling her my mom and I will be going on vacation that week. She asked if I can have her move it to the 2nd week and I said no because we'll be on a family vacation then. She said something along the lines of "great! You can have your stepmom (she refuses to call her my mom) cancel the first week and spend the week with us then you can go on your family vacation". I told her I'm not going to have my mom cancel our trip and she got upset because her visiting with her husband and kids is a really big deal, I haven't seen them in 4 years and haven't met the younger 2, and she already booked the flights and hotel. I told her my mom also booked the flights and hotel and it's not fair to ask her to cancel it because she couldn't give me more than 2 weeks notice.
She got my dad involved and he's kinda pushing me to see my bio mom. He keeps saying my mom will understand if I skip the first week and meeting my half siblings is a big deal but I don't really care about them or my bio mom and really want to go on this vacation.
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2023.04.01 04:42 NoBonus9671 CAT FIGHT with my BFs stepMOM

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