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This sub is about your ex-boyfriend(s) or husbands. The good, the bad and the ugly. Did he dump you? Did you dump him? Did you move away? Did hhe cheat on you? Do you miss him? Do you still keep sentimental pictures or videos? Did he pass away? Do you regret your breakup? Do you still love him? Do you stalk or cyber stalk him? Do you think you see him in passing? Any topic regarding your ex-boyfriend is on the table to discuss.

2023.04.01 16:02 ApocalypseErik April 1st, 2020: Day 18

April 1st, 2020
A new month begins today. It's April, and yet here we are still on the March. There's a puzzle for you.
All in all it seems we did about 50 miles last month, which considering we started halfway through the month comes out to about 25 miles a week, or 3.5 miles a day. Doesn't seem like very fast progress, and yet I think that's the fastest progress we're going to see. Let me crunch some numbers here... We started with about 2000 miles to go, now 1950. If we do 3.5 a day then that's... Well, a hundred days would be 350 miles, so a year is about 1300. Call it two more years, hopefully less. My original estimate was around 18 months, which I guess was a bit short. Figures.
Two years... That sounds a lot longer than 18 months. Maybe I can call it 22 months instead. Eh, that still sounds like a lot. Maybe I'll just try not to think about it. Gotta focus on the positive, right? At this rate we'll just about be in Texas by this time next month. A quick jaunt across the panhandle, and then we're in Oklahoma. Texas should be interesting though, our latitude starts getting a whole lot more populated once we hit the panhandle. I can only imagine what the Lone Star State has been cooking up all these years. Fingers crossed that we won't get pulled into the Amarillo offensive... But I guess someone's got to draw the short straw, haven't they?
In other news, we had chapel service earlier. They did a bit of a service for Williams, which was... I don't know, kind of sad, but not in a bad way? I don't know the word. He didn't have a religion on file, so they kept it pretty non-denominational. Hope that's alright by the guy. Johnson was there, along with the rest of us. That had to be hard for him, not that he showed it. He seems to be doing OK, just keeps plugging along. I hope he's dealing with whatever he needs to deal with, not just pushing it down. I don't really know him well enough to bring it up, so I guess hoping is all I can do. It's a rough world sometimes.

22 more months.

[Note: Three more posts for Day 18 are available on Patreon]
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2023.04.01 16:02 Anxious_Hippie-vibes When a man tried to kidnap me

Hi everyone! I got this other story sticking in my mind.
I (22F) was 18 years old at that time. In those days, I was a party girl, going out three times a week and drinking a lot. That time was wild. I decided to host a party, it was my first party and I rented a space in my village, it was a cabin on location for events, very cheap for locals. I organized everything with my (18F) best friend, let’s called her Marie and another friend (18F) named Rose. We were having fun decorating and preparing the party, I was so stressed about the party was going to be lame. I decided to cope the stress with alcohol. When the party started and people arrived, I was already tipsy. I invited unrelated people I knew from middle school to high school and some friends I made at college. Even though no one knew anyone, the party was great and people were meeting each other. I had a boyfriend(19) who was coming with his friends, we were around thirty. It was late summer so the weather was mild and most people were outside talking, laughing and dancing.
I had this middle school friend let’s called her Luna, who binged drink and threw up at the entrance of the cabin. She even hurt her foot and so she had some difficulties to walk. I was a that point, drunk, but I wanted to help my friend. I asked her if she wanted to be put to bed and she said yes. I took her arm and guided her to my house.
I live in a small village in the countryside, so it takes less than 5 minutes to get to my house.It was super safe, I used to wander alone in the streets late at night (1AM -4AM) when I had insomnias and nothing ever happened. It was pitch dark, we were the only ones outside. As we walked, we saw a white suv, but I didn’t think much of it. I came home, gave her some water and let her sleep in my room. I was alone with my sister that night. I warned her of the presence of my friend and headed back to the party.
I was not walking straight, since I was so intoxicated. I saw the white suv parked near the farm. As I continued walking, a black car stopped next to me and opened its window. I looked at the man (I still don’t know what age he was, it was so dark), he said to me “I’ve seen this white suv following you for a while, it is dangerous you should come to my car”. I was drunk but I directly felt that something was wrong. I just answered that I was okay and my friends were nearby. He insisted, he repeated to come to his car for my safety. My inner alarm went off as I was trying to walk faster and answered again that I was okay. Suddenly, I heard the car’s doors opened, he was not alone. I didn’t think twice, I just ran for my life.
I arrived quickly to the cabin, my friends were all drunk, one of my drunk male friends was complimenting Rose. They saw me coming at them in a hurry. The male friend looked at me and started to compliment me. I told him, “Man, someone tried to abduct me”. He stared at me and told me that I shouldn’t have left alone, that it was not safe.
The party lasted until 4AM, people who didn’t drink, took their car and left, the few others were inside the cabin and started to talk. One of my boyfriend’s friends was mad on the Snapchat group because he forgot his knife at the cabin (why did he carry a knife with him at the party?). I told them about what happened and we were all spooked.
After that event I stopped wandering in the village late at night but I hosted a few other parties. I have never seen this man and his black car again.
Most people keep telling me how great the party was, a couple who met at the party are still together. I still wonder to this day, what would have happened to me if I didn’t react that spontaneously.
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2023.04.01 16:01 puppers0331 Day 4 and counting. I wonder how much longer it will continue?

Day 4 and counting. I wonder how much longer it will continue?
Did up to 50 on my first day but now only have the patience to do 10 a day haha
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2023.04.01 16:01 Quirky_Tangerine9806 3 things that bug me Books vs. Movies

  1. People actually think there was a love triangle. Katniss loved Gale but I don’t think it was a romantic kind of love, she would only kiss him when he was emotionally hurt or injured because that’s what Gale wanted. Gale loved Katniss but it was conditional, he wanted her to love him. Peeta actually loved Katniss unconditionally and let her be exactly who she needed to be. He didn’t shame her for loving Gale, he didn’t hold her back but raised her up and made her desirable. Katniss wouldn’t have suggested the berries if she didn’t want to protect and save Peeta. Then Peeta gave up everything for her… there’s no triangle, it’s clear who Katniss actually loves she just doesn’t want to admit it to herself as it would cost her Gale.
  2. They didn’t include so much from mockingjay book in the films - 5 whole hours and they missed some of the most important details. For example; Joanna and Katniss’s relationship in district 13, for me this was one of the highlights of the book. When Peeta made the cake for Annie and Finnick’s wedding, and how Katniss felt when she saw it. Finnick’s breakdown was so crucial and all we saw was a two second clip of him in hospital? There’s so much missing, which is a shame because the actors are exactly how I imagined the characters and I would have loved to have seen it all played out on screen.
  3. Why did they remove Peeta’s sass and sarcasm? He had so much more to him than being kind and liking to paint.
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2023.04.01 16:01 AutoModerator [Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree

[Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree
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The Digital Economics 101 module will open 1 week prior to the cohort start date.This is an onboarding module that will get you up to speed so we can get straight into the material.This will be required to finish before the start date.

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Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.

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Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:

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Bonus) The Creator Command Center

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Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch

In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.04.01 16:01 BartholomewChilling Reccomendations for a new player since Pconc is "nerfed"

I was planning on playing the poisonous concoction build for league start because it was the build I saw most recommended to new players. I even did the first few acts in prep for the season and to get used to some mechanics. It seems like that the build has been nerfed pretty heavily now with the flask usage changes. And additionally the league mechanic is weapon focused so I'd like something with a weapon. Wondering what people would recommend now for a new player.
I'd like to go ranger base class because I want to do a bow focused build eventually, (even better if I can league start a bow build). I have a hard time deciphering build guides though and a lot of guides seem to be made for more advanced players which is why I gravitated towards pconc because of the simplicity.
Wondering if the knowledgeable people on this sub had some reccomendations, or if I should wait for someone like ziz to push out their league starter vids.
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2023.04.01 16:00 twoshillings We recently did a taste test on hot cross buns. What should be our next test?

This is at work during breaks and it’s an item a week rather than a head to head. Nothing smelly or expensive and an item common to all supermarkets. Waitrose ones came top and M&S Extremely Cheesy was awarded an award.
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2023.04.01 16:00 Jancey3 How long can you play in one session?

Without taking a break. My limit seems to be at 45 minutes to an hour right now, and it isn't because of motion sickness or anything like that. The headset feels fine at first, but it just really starts to get uncomfortable after 30 minutes and I always have to take it off and take a break and go again. The only way I can keep it in the sweet spot is by tightening it quite tightly; otherwise it falls onto my nose and the image gets blurry. I know that a lot of people let it rest on their nose, but that doesn't work for me, so it just really starts to get tight on my forehead.
Does anyone have any tips to counteract this? I did buy a strap on amazon that's on its way to hopefully relieve some pressure and not have to tighten so much.
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2023.04.01 16:00 BadgersLoveHoney Pooch gets anxious in crate at night

We've adopted a Podenco Orito who is about 6 years old. He was originally a beach bum in Spain before he was rescued. We've now had him for about 5 months and for the most part he's absolutely adorable!
But as with any street dog, he has some issues that we're working through and some that we're just learning to live with ... He's getting better with scooters and sirens , but Saint Bernards are enemies for life !
One of the issues that we're really battling with is crate training. I know it's not everybody's favourite thing, but for us, living in a fairly small apartment it's feels pretty necessary, and honestly for the most part he really likes the crate.
We initially were allowing him to sleep on the couch, but then we discovered that he has a sleep startle reaction, and while he's never bit anybody, it definitely gets your heart racing. We then changed things to him only being allowed on the couch when he's being invited, as we figured that he was seeing the couch as his bed, rather than a 'privilege' and we were really just crowding his 'bed' when we sat on the couch... We hope that eventually he will grow out of the sleep startle but in the meantime we need him to start going into his crate when he's tired and sleeping there and not on the couch.
Now we get to the meat (or should I say bone?) of the problem. In order for us to ensure that he doesn't sleep on the couch he needs to be locked in his crate at night, and he HATES this. He barks, whines and eventually starts getting so anxious that he hyperventilates.
To be clear, during the day you can lock him in the crate for hours (2 or 3 is the max I've done, as it was just to test the theory mostly) and he doesn't care.
We've tried the following with him: - having his crate in the bedroom with us, somewhat successful , only a few barks initially - 10ish minutes every night and then after about 2 weeks this just massively escalated to an hour or 2 every night
At the moment because we've failed so monumentally with getting him to sleep in the crate at night with the door closed we have to barricade the apartment and leave all the doors open , otherwise he just barks all night. Which isnt great for us and while I have spoken to the neighbors and they have been patient I can't rely on their goodwill for ever....
Any thoughts/guidance on possible ways forward?
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2023.04.01 16:00 AutoModerator Monthly Thread for Those Not Yet Done Trying/Not Yet Done with Treatment/Not Sure How to Move On

While the primary purpose of the subreddit is to provide space for those who are embracing childfree life after infertility, we recognize there are people who come to this subreddit nearing the end of their treatment/ttc process and want to read about the experiences of others who decided to stop trying and embrace IFCF life.
The general consensus in this community, evidenced by a poll conducted in April 2022, is that while these conversations have value, they can be quite upsetting to members of this community.- especially when they are repetitive. In an effort to decrease the number of posts asking "How do you know when to stop trying/stop treatment? How do you move on?" in this community, this monthly megathread will serve as the only space for these discussions. All posts and comments on this topic outside of the monthly megathreads will be removed. All subreddit rules still apply in this thread.
For great examples of previous discussions on this topic, please scroll through our past posts. Here are a few examples from the past year prior to our recent poll and rule change:
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2023.04.01 16:00 anytvnews Akshay Kumar: Akki did not desist from his fun, did such a prank on April Fool's Day

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2023.04.01 16:00 Low_Change_117 This One Annoying Repeat Customer 😠

I have a customer in my area who lives in a really nice house 🏠 but 10 miles away from Walmart she's ordering from. What's the issue u asked? Well, she ordered 4 to 6 times a week as I saw her orders popping out all the time and ordered 4 to 10 items. The main problem with her is that she never left a tip. There were a few occasions that her order bundled up with another order that also didn't tip at all. So that's how I know her never tipped. Nowadays, her orders are usually tied up with other real good tipping orders, but because of her. It's not worth taking it.
I did take a +$8 order with her name on it once. It was worth it because other customers tipped so well. I was hoping she may add a tip later or a cash tip or something to prove me wrong . Nope!
Now, imagine she's there to mess up a good tipping customer 4 to 6 times a week.
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2023.04.01 16:00 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 60

Chapter fucking 60, and we answer the biggest question that’s existed since chapter two. I tried my best, so i really hope you like it. Point out any logic faults or inconsistencies as soon as you spot them, cuz i don’t want to ride this chapter out and have to contort later to accommodate it. Have fun, guys. I’ll see your opinions and theories in the comments!
First Prev Next Royal Road
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Adam leaned away from the recording device, the man sitting on a single chair next to a woman seated to his right, his partner smiling brightly as she took his hand. The room seemed to be a Union passenger accommodation aboard some transit craft, though the lack of flourishes suggested it was not a public ship. Adam cleared his throat, giving the woman an excited look before addressing the device.
“This will be our first contact with the newly discovered sapient races, and as such, a few of us representing Humanity have decided to record our experiences. All that we know so far is that they are insectoid in nature, and have developed in a peaceful society with a heavy focus on the arts. From architecture to sculpting, and anything else that involves making something into something else.”
He glanced to the woman, a passive excitement on his face as he got over the initial nervousness.
“My wife, Clara, and i are both excited to have been given the opportunity to participate. She is a xeno-pediatric specialist, so we hope to glean more information from her expertise while we are there. Out of the several hundred Humans who were selected to contribute to this introduction to the broader galaxy, we feel our reports back to the Union may aid in deciding if they will be welcomed with open arms, or if they will be assigned a section of the cosmos that they will be allowed to occupy without outside influence.”
Clara almost bounced out of her chair at the opportunity to chip in. “We look forward to presenting this log to the Human representatives, and we hope you find our findings useful in your decision!”
Adam laughed, reaching forward to end the recording. “You just want to meet their babies.”
“Of cour-”
The video flicked to the next scene, the area now an intricately carved, if a little rustic, room that seemed to be primarily dug out of stone, though it held lighting and very basic furniture carved out of the wall.
Adam had changed clothing, his wife not in the frame as the man visibly tried to get comfortable on the hard seat, his professional presentation abandoned as he spoke more casually. “It’s been two days, give or take, since we have arrived. The language barrier has been eased by a rudimentary translator that we were provided, but once we mentioned the issue to our hosts, they asked for one themselves and set to work in an attempt to improve it.”
The man chuckled as he gave up trying to make the stone less difficult to sit on. “It’s looking like the Union had sectioned off a newly developed planet for these introductions, with the Atmo’s blessing, and we are the fifteenth species to be shown to these people, though the first who require the kind of comforts like this.”
He gestured around the room. “The amenities you see that were provided to us were done in a few hours, once we described what we would need. We were hesitant to complain, rock isn’t exactly the best material to sleep on, but they asked if Clara would like to accompany them while they try to adjust our room as we wait for arrangements elsewhere.” The man snorted, a look past the device given to something else in the room. “It was pretty amusing to watch her walk out with an eight-foot-tall mantis-arachnid, i have to say.”
His eyes widened. “Right! The Atmo! I forgot to describe them.”
Joseph glanced at Pan, her paw gripping his hand firmly as she watched with a slightly worried expression. Violet seemed very interested in the two sets of subtitles under the video as the man described her race in far greater detail than the Grand Hunter would want to, using several anatomically correct words that sounded more like an incantation than anything recognizable.
“...And their forelimbs are two longer blades that they use for pretty much everything. It would be difficult to say how much they would be able to accomplish if they didn’t have a ‘sister-species’ with more manipulation to assist them.” Adam mused, a hand reaching up to scratch at his chin. “They’re much the same, though. From our limited translations, they seemed to have been a case of divergent evolution that converged again after gaining seven manipulator appendages rather than the two weapon-focused ones that the Atmo use. The Kuoori are visually similar, though lower in number. They’re the ones working on the translator, by the way.”
Clara’s voice called from off-screen, the volume lacking as she seemed to be talking from across the room. “You said you’d wait longer!”
Adam held his hands up in deference. “I just wanted to get the boring stuff out of the way!”
“We’re visiting our homestead tomorrow, and you want to spend the day giving them-”
The screen flickered as a feminine hand covered the image, the next frame of the video starting inside a much nicer construction, the furniture having moved locations around the room suggesting they had changed venue and looking far more comfortable for it. Several of the instalments looked much like the ‘Atmo couch’ that Mama had made for themselves at the base.
Clara spoke up before her husband could start. “We’re visiting a new wing of the habitation compound!”
“It’s a nest.” Adam corrected with a glare, though the smirk showed he was far more amused than annoyed at his wife’s enthusiasm.
She stuck her tongue out at him, all pretenses of the video being educational tossed out the window. She turned back to the device with a smile a mile wide. “They live in huge groups! I couldn’t count them all, but i think there are upwards of three-hundred here alone! And there are several places like it!”
“It’s a sea of colour.”
“It’s beautiful and you know it.” She countered playfully, prodding his cheek with her knuckle. Adam chuckled, pushing away the offending limb.
“I don’t think i mentioned how many colours there are.”
Clara lit up at the chance to talk more. “They are recorded to cover most of the visible spectrum, from what i was told, but majority seem to be shades of red and blue, with some green and yellow being far less common.”
“They’re also very eager to ask us about our interpretations of art.”
The woman rolled up her pants leg to display a stylized tattoo of a lighthouse against stormy seas. “They seen this and within an hour they started adding the style to one of their newest rooms.”
Adam rested his cheek on a fist, watching his wife with an amused and loving smirk. “I heard one of the other groups showed them origami and twenty minutes later there were forty Atmo asking for sheets of paper.”
Clara looked at her husband in surprise. “Really?”
“Yeah. Apparently another group-”
The scene changed to a stabilized recording, the device being carried by one of the two. A few moments passed as they panned over the expansive tunnel network brightly lit by a slightly green shade of white light, tens of Atmo stopping to wave to the couple once the pair had started the gesture. Clara’s voice again became prominent.
“We’re visiting their nursery today!” She whispered into the device, though it was pretty damn loud for what should have been quiet.
“Hatchery.” Her husband corrected, not very concerned by her volume. She waggled the recording device in his direction, answering that small question.
“We get to see the little baby Atmo!”
Adam shook his head, his own excitement showing through. “They’ll be in their eggs.”
“We get to see the little baby Atmo eggs!”
The scene cut to the ‘hatchery’, carefully carved divots lining shelves where hundreds of rice-looking ‘eggs’ sat upon what looked to be very soft materials that seemed closer to silk than anything else Joseph could identify. Each egg seemed to be about large enough to reach past his knee if you were to stand them up, making the scale of the room rather impressive. Adam had taken the device, his wife being supervised by an amused Atmo that looked oddly familiar, the blue coloration striking him as the same that Mama sported, though the green tint and similarity between the ones he had seen so far made it pretty clear that it was exceedingly unlikely for his Atmo to be the same one. He raised a brow at the chipped blade, though it was on the opposite side and thus settled the suspicion.
Clara tentatively pet an egg, glancing at the watchful Atmo every so often to make sure she wasn’t doing anything wrong, though her face was filled with wonder rather than worry. She asked if it would be okay to hold one, the subtitled response from the Atmo directing her to an area where the eggs were hardened and more able to manage her handling.
The woman looked to be in euphoric shock as she cradled the seed of life in her arms, Adam absently commenting from behind the device with a suppressed chuckle. “This is what happens when you get your wife pregnant.”
The screen flickered, a slightly longer pause between clips giving Joseph a chance to look at Pan. The female seemed to have been watching the Human woman cradle the egg with a longing deeply set in her eyes, the paw not resting within his hand laid to her stomach. The Grand Hunter gave her paw a squeeze, getting a sad smile in return before the next part of the video played.
Adam was alone in the room, though the distant voices suggested that Clara and someone else were talking in another part of wherever they were staying. Occasional clicks were replied to with laughter or questions, the woman’s voice carrying further than the indeterminate gender of the other. The man shook his head.
“If it wasn’t obvious; they finished working on the translator.” He turned his head to point at a thin cut behind his ear. “It wasn’t forced, before you ask. One of the groups apparently brought along an entire medical ward worth of textbooks and files, and just gave it to the Atmo. Looks like half of the time they spent with the device was training a separate version for text so that they could figure out how to implant it safely.”
Adam held up his hand to stop an imaginary rebuttal. “I know what you’re thinking, but we got to watch it be installed on several people who volunteered, and twenty three doctors confirmed it was on the up-and-up. Honestly, the Kuoori could probably perform a heart transplant in a couple minutes if they wanted to. Either way, we learned a few things!”
He clapped his hands softly. “They have royalty! Sort of. It’s complicated. There’s a ‘sub-species’ of sorts that are a bit smaller than the normal Atmo, and they have a slightly different exoskeleton structure than the usual you have seen so far. The biggest visual identifier is their legs. Atmo typically have conical legs, where as the sub-species have more angular legs. Think kite-shields or an orchid mantis. They can breed with normal Atmo, but the offspring are always female, have a very low chance to take after their mother, as far as their legs, and those who do are raised from hatching to lead. They spend most of their formative years under the guidance of one or more ‘Advisors’, kind of like guardians or parents for Humans, that helps guide them through morals, values, so on and so forth.”
His rolling hand showed how briefly he was condensing the history of the position, a muttered comment about how Clara was going to re-do it all in greater detail later showing that he was mostly just recording to remind his wife in future what to mention.
“The position is chosen by the ‘Hatcher’, who raises them to the point where they are able to begin the process, and approved by the mother Queen, if she is still able. Then the Hatcher will take a more supportive role in their life, rather than being directly influential. Think of it as a maid taking care of the kids until they are old enough for tutors to become available in old houses of nobility. Anyway. The ‘Advisor’ acts as their guardian and compass for how to act as a Queen, and it’s not a position taken lightly. The rest of the Nest’s second priority is the ‘Advisor’, after the young Queen herself, obviously.”
Adam leaned back on the carved couch, the soft material over it looking similar to what was used in the hatchery. “We were invited to see a ceremony as several Queens are nearing the proper age, though it won’t be until a year or so. We’re expecting the process to take about three, before we’re brought back to Sol, so it should make a fun addition to our time here.”
“Adam!” Clara called. “Red want’s to know if you want to meet her son! He hatched a few months ago!”
The man shunted his eyes closed, visibly pained at the moniker as he muttered something about Atmo adoring Human naming conventions. “Do i have a choice?”
“Do you want to sleep on the floor?”
A sigh escaped the man as he grinned, reaching for the device as he got up from his seat. “We’re recording it, ri-”
A clip of Adam on his knees playing with a tiny yellow Atmo was accompanied by Clara squealing every time the young one successfully caught her husbands hand between its blades, the two-foot tall child looking to the large Red Atmo in excitement with each victory in the little game that had developed.
Joseph felt Pan’s grip on his hand tighten, a tear building in her eye as her gaze refused to move away from the scene. Violet sat on the floor with her legs tucked underneath her as she silently continued the viewing.
The next clip showed that quite some time had passed, Adam looking like he hadn’t shaved in quite a while as he sat on the floor against a wall, the device held in his hand and pointed towards him.
“Clara went into labour early.” He started, the exhausted expression only saved by the smile of disbelief. “I know it’s been a long while since we’ve documented anything, but I’ll go over that later. For now? Remember those textbooks and the like that were given when they asked for a translator? Well, It happened to cover c-sections, and If it wasn’t for Red and Jack, I’d probably be here crying as opposed to just tired after helping our baby boy take his first breaths.”
The man laughed, a tear of relief running down his cheek. “We didn’t even get time to really figure out what was wrong. Jack, sorry, Red’s partner... Yeah, they like the sound of our names and insisted that we give them nicknames. Jack took one look at Clara and in all of thirty seconds we had twelve Atmo rushing us to their Human hospital. Yeah. Human hospital.”
A fresh chuckle emerged from the man. “Turns out that they were implementing every single thing they could copy from those books. Entire fields were populated by Atmo involved in this ‘mixed species introduction’ who wanted to be able to help their new friends. Some martial arts guys from a few sectors over even showed off their skills and now it’s a popular past time amongst the species. They’re sponges for information. Best yet? They learned that we have over a thousand languages, and have started work on adaptive translators, just because they were worried they wouldn’t be able to talk to any new Humans. It’s insanity.”
He paused, soft clicking was subtitled as a request for him to return since Clara had woken up. He winked to the device. “Time to go tell my wife she’s the first woman to be fully cut open by a new species.”
Static overtook the screen, Pan’s wide-eyed glance in his direction being met with his own. Joseph looked down to Violet, the Atmo seeming transfixed on the screen and oblivious to the importance of the information dumped on them so offhandedly.
A series of clunks and assorted handling noise ripped the question from his mouth as he refocused on the video, the scene switching to what looked to be several months later, based on the growth of the baby boy laying in a red Atmo’s arms next to Clara as she played with the now slightly larger yellow Atmo child. The two’s conversation was barely coherent as the noise from the four garbled most attempts to parse any particular words. Adam called out to them, gaining the attention of all but the baby boy who seemed more interested in slapping the exoskeleton of his seat rather than humour his father.
“So, what are we excited about?”
Clara rolled her eyes, looking far more well rested than Joseph would expect a new mother to be. “Just say that the next selection for the ‘Advisors’ is tomorrow, Adam.”
The husband sighed audibly. “At least pretend to document something.”
“I’m busy!”
“Playing with Michael.”
“He’s adorable!”
Red chittered, the subtitled text labelling her thoughts on how cute the Human baby was in return. Clara laughed, picking up the small Atmo in her arms and receiving a small cut on her arm from not being careful enough. Red started to worry before the woman dismissed her concerns and reassured Michael that it wasn’t his fault, the young insect taking greater care to tuck his blades, much to Adam’s amusement.
A flicker of the footage transitioned the scene to a massive hall with tall ceilings, large pillars sporting the style of Clara’s tattoo and several other more ‘realism’ inspired works that Joseph recognized from some co-workers who often decorated their skin. Many Atmo were standing orderly around the room as the device panned to show off the gathering, settling towards the ‘front’ of the room where three Atmo, each looking a lot like Violet, angular legs and all, sat on modified blocks. The three were different colours, two a shade of blue and one an almost orange colour, and all had ten Atmo standing nearby behind them.
Four young Atmo ‘Queens’ that were only slightly larger than Violet waited patiently as one of the adult Queens gave a speech about why each ‘Advisor’ was chosen, two falling into the category of an appreciation or excellence in one form of art or another, though one was chosen for their involvement in the newly developed medical fields that would enable them to assist their new friends.
One last young Queen remained, the rest being escorted out with commentary from the Human couple. She approached the orange Queen, her color almost the same tint, as the adult Atmo left her seating to address the room instead of remaining at rest. Clara apparently prodded Adam in her excitement in the different procedure, a hushed yell masquerading as a whisper for him to make sure he was getting a good angle.
A longer speech was given, vague and broad, until the Queen mentioned that she would be entrusting her heir personally to someone who may offer lifetimes of new experiences and values that would be irreplaceable to her people. An Atmo pushed Adam from behind to usher him to the Queen, the device snatched from his hands by Clara as she squeaked in excitement. It followed the man as he was presented to the Queen, a familiar blue Atmo approaching from off to the side. The Hatcher from when Clara held the egg, if Joseph was right.
The Hatcher lowered itself to Adam’s level, resting her blades over his back like the other Hatchers did for their selected Advisors, placing their head to his as the Queen continued her speech and Clara asked a nearby Atmo for an explanation of the gesture.
The response described it as a vestigial display of trust, for leaving one’s blades far from oneself leaves your life forfeit to whomever you do it to. The only people that a Hatcher would do it with is those they entrust the young Queens to, and a Queen will do it to accept. There existed no higher honour than to have the formality performed, so it was rare that one would, but if someone wished to deny, they would separate.
Clara visibly bounced in excitement, her voice cracking from tears of joy as Adam, hesitant and confused, accepted the embrace from the Hatcher, young Queen, and even the orange Queen herself, once she publicly announced that Humans were to be considered ‘allies of the Atmo’ in light of their contribution to their society and willingness to integrate.
The venue exploded into excited clicks and chitters, Clara doing nothing to fight her overwhelming emotions.
Joseph’s eyes started to dry from how wide they had grown, the strain stinging slightly as he looked down to Violet, the daughter having shrunk into herself as she watched passively. A million thoughts flashed through his mind, several of which were dedicated to replaying the moments where something exceedingly close to the video happened back when it was just them in the cave.
“Adam, have you seen Mary?” Clara’s voice called, the scene changing back to the place where they were staying, presumably with Red. The man quickly gestured for the orange juvenile Queen to hide behind the couch he was sitting on with a smirk, the Atmo quietly chittering as she complied.
“No, why?”
She entered the room, taking two steps before a loud click and a jumping figure emerged from behind the seating, causing Clara to jolt with a hand to her chest as she tried to look angry at her husband for encouraging the behaviour. Adam laughed, winking to ‘Mary’ and giving her a subtle thumbs-up as his wife tossed a pillow at him.
Many clips played, each snippets into the everyday life of the young Queen becoming more and more like a genuine child to the pair. Mary holding the baby and feeding him, her sleeping on Adam as Clara laughed, the group walking around the outside and Mary excitedly escorting them from place to place. It looked perfectly natural to Joseph.
They were a family. The Human couple had fully embraced the Atmo as their second child, and the young Queen seemed delighted for every second on display. Even going so far as to stomp all six legs in sequence when denied her request to stay up late so that she might watch the baby for a little longer, much to the couple’s suppressed amusement.
Static signified the next transition, Adam sitting at a table with a muscular man and chatting, Clara’s voice behind the device halting their joking for a moment. “So what did you do, Steven?”
The man, Steven, laid down his cup and pointed at the woman off-screen, a smirk on his face giving away his amusement. “I held a fighting competition.”
“With his Queen.” Adam added, his own entertainment gained from the reiteration of the conversation.
“Becky wanted to see what would happen if Humans and Atmo competed!” Steven laughed as he defended himself.
“And?” Clara chipped in, prodding him to get to the point. Steven shook his head as he worked down the chuckles.
“Well, David clocked Mark, the Atmo, and sent the big guy to the ground. It was a tense moment, I’ll tell you now.” Steven widened his eyes, his lips drew thin, though the smile still tugged the expression to a positive one. “Once Mark was helped back up, he complimented David, and the entire fucking arena blew up in cheers from everyone. Even Becky looked worried for a minute.”
“Because you almost caused a cross-species diplomatic incident.” Adam chided with a bemused shake of his head.
“Hey,” Steven pointed a finger at the husband, raising his cup with his free hand. “Becky loved it so much that she’s been taking lessons from the rest of us, and the Atmo have started joining in on our training to learn the art properly instead of just using it to dance.”
Clara snorted behind the device. “The art of smacking people with sticks?”
“And fists.” Steven added, laying one arm over the backrest of his chair. “It’s not everyday that you spar with living weapons.”
Adam reached over to smack the man over the head. “She’s supposed to be like your child.”
“And I’d want my kids to know how to fight off a bully!”
The wife sighed loudly. “You military boys...”
“Send it to the Union!” Steve protested, some of his drink spilling outside of the cup with the raised hand. “It’s a pretty good case to have them join if we show off how willing they are to embrace other cultures.”
Adam opened his mouth to argue, shutting it as he considered the point and giving Clara a conceding tilt of his head. “Sounds like a good idea to me. Every other race seems pretty isolationist. Can’t hurt to show some ‘unity’ to the Union.”
Clara perked up, her voice contemplative. “I’ll send it in the morning. Right now though, i need to go pick up Daniel from Red. The poor girl was nice enough to babysit for me for us to have this little get-together.”
“Tell Jack i said to-”
Static again, though this time it was just Adam sat alone at a table, his stubble showing that he had skipped shaving for a while. The man ran his fingers through his hair as he exhaled.
“It was a mistake. A huge fucking mistake, to send that to the Union.”
He rubbed the stress out of his eyes.
“They sent a retrieval force after Steven for ‘violation of protocol and intention to cause discord’. Ten armed soldiers came to crash the tournament and dragged him kicking and screaming.” Adam cycled a deep breath. “Becky did what her Advisor had taught her... She fought the bullies.”
A hoarse laugh escaped the man, his eyes glazing over for a moment as he spoke.
“It was a slaughter. Once the Queen made her decision, every Atmo who could fight, did. Steven and the guys ended up helping out part way through, once the guns started firing. One minute, forty seconds. It took a minute-forty from Steven yelling at a soldier approaching his Queen, to three dead Atmo and two dead Humans, surrounded by ten dead Union species.”
Adam leaned forward in his chair, his eyes hazy yet still meeting the device. “I don’t know what’s going to come of this, but we’ve been talking with the various adult Queens... They normally don’t gather like this, each controlling their own territory and convening for important events, but it would be a massive cultural and societal blow if this planet gets taken out, so we suggested an alternative. Sol.”
He braced his head against his thumb. “The system has flooded with Union ships, but if the tech guys can work with the Kuoori, we might be able to scramble their systems enough to sneak out a few ships. Maybe send them in random directions for a while before they set out to inhabit a few planets in our system to help them get back on their feet, where it’s safe. Where the Union won’t find them.”
He sighed, closing his eyes tightly. “We’ll find out.”
The screen flickered, Mary, the juvenile orange Queen, gently held the baby boy on her blades while Clara and Adam watched with strained smiles from the couch. Steven and a red young Queen, Becky, apparently, both stood by the wall.
Steven spoke first, his voice loud and intense as he snarled at the husband, Mary purring to soothe the Human child. “A planet-breaker. A FUCKING planet-breaker, Adam! They nuked the shipyard!”
“I KNOW, Steven...” Adam toned back his own shouting when Mary looked at him warily. “I know... We have eight ships ready... out of an expected two hundred.”
Clara touched her husband’s shoulder tenderly, worry evident in her expression. “Did they say what they’re going to do?”
“Fuck knows.” Steven threw his arm to the side. “The Queens want to send two hundred adults and forty eggs per ship.”
“That’s all?” She asked, her voice almost painfully dejected at the prospect of so few being given the chance to live.
“That’s it.” He confirmed, his rage bubbling under the surface. He lightly gestured to Becky. “They want to send the next batch of Queens to hatch en route, and enough Atmo to raise and provide for the rest.”
Adam scowled. “What about the Kuoori? They saved Clara’s life and sacrificed more than half their population to build these damned ships.”
Steven shook his head. “The Kuoori want to make a stand. They said that they have spent much of their existence being protected by the Atmo, and it’s their turn to do the same. They’ll be helping us distract the fleet.”
“But we don’t even have proper escape pods! How in the hell are they going to survive anywhere without the Kuoori to back them up?”
“It will be slow, but they are still an intelligent people, Adam.” Clara reassured him, her grip tightening on his shirt as the baby began to whine. She thanked Mary for holding him and left to feed the child. Adam rested his hands in his head as Steven exhaled, his anger exhausted.
“Adam, look. I know that we didn’t get everything ready, and there are lines that are going to be crossed, but this is their best bet. We get them out of the system and to Sol through whatever means we can. They’ll take backwater, never used routes. We’ll get something sorted for if shit goes south and they need to get off.”
“And then what, Steven? The fighters want to follow us to hell, the medical teams want to delay that journey as long as possible, and everyone else is fighting for the chance to defend the very people who spelled their doom.”
“It’s very Human of them, right?”
Adam laughed, though it came off as hollow. “Tooth and nail, to the last... What about us?”
“We’re staying.”
“You’re going. You’re taking Clara and the kid. Mary and Becky are going with you too.” He held up a hand at the protesting Atmo without turning his head. “It’ll be a smaller shuttle on a more direct route to Sol. We managed that much, it looks like. You can take maybe twenty others and some eggs. It won’t be great for a population, but they’ll bounce back with that many.”
“The seed-ships?”
“Like we agreed. Random routes to get them far away from this shit-show and then straight to Sol. It might be more than a few years, but the Queens should be hatched and ready to learn from the group you guys land with. They can hear what happened to them.”
The screen flickered again as Mary knocked it off the table in her curiosity, the anxious fidgeting leading her to interact with it.
Adam sat back in the original room where he made his declaration to Humanity, the bottle of alcohol half empty and no attempt was made to hide it this time.
“They managed to do it, at least.” He started, his expression flat as emotional exhaustion had taken even tears from him. “The seed-ships got out and will arrive in Sol... whenever, i suppose. The new translators were given to all of them and implanted in the young while they were in their eggs, so there shouldn’t be too much friction whenever they meet us. Schematics are available aboard the ships.”
He took another drink.
“Though we lost almost everyone. The Union kept up the planet-breakers. We got to watch as each world exploded. Kuoori, Human, Atmo... All obliterated.” The man took a breath and emptied his glass, a slight slur working its way into his voice. “Clara and Daniel are with Mary and Becky to help calm them down, and I’m here setting up the automated message for the seed-ships to use before they get out of range.”
The man slipped lower in his chair as he stared at the ceiling. “About a thousand Atmo are on each ship, all said and done. It was the most we could convince them to pack. Though, most of those numbers are whatever we could get from the Hatchery before it went up. Each ship was given two Queen eggs... the mothers didn’t want to abandon their people and new allies.” He laughed, some genuine feeling behind it. “Sarah, the orange Queen that left Mary with me, told me to raise her as my own along with Becky, once she accepted that Steven was trusting me with her. That, although it had been a short time, she thought Humanity would take care of her people... That they could live with us, and be better for it.”
Adam lowered his gaze to the device again. “The speech was something else, I’ll say that much. They addressed as many Atmo as they could and told those who would be leaving to find Humans, and they will find a home. A new Nest. A Family.” A tear, held in reserve for this specific memory, trailed down his cheek. “I want to believe that you will give it to them. Please. For the people who saved my wife, my child, and myself. For the people who gave me... Two beautiful and curious daughters, i suppose.”
Adam cycled a breath, fetching another cigarette from his pocket and igniting it in his mouth, taking a long draw before speaking as he exhaled. The sound of wood being carved inside of the terminal room filled the silence that the first exhale of smoke allowed, though Joseph was too focused to pay it any mind.
“They’re gone now. Red, Jack, Steven... Little Micheal... The Union took them with fire and brimstone as they raided and stole whatever they could before the rounds dropped. I watched it happen... We’ll arrive near Sol in a few months, since we need to fly under the radar, but this message will be distributed to all eight ships. Most will never know what a Human looks like, just that the few Adults and Hatchers were told roughly what to look for, and to entrust us with their lives. To do what Sarah and the other Queens asked of them before they made their last stand with their people.”
He nodded his head, taking another puff. The rapid scratching ceased after a small delay, a muted clatter punctuated the recorded words. “Let’s not let them down this time.”
Adam extinguished his smoke, folding his hands and sitting up straight, licking his lips with a tongue that was barely effective. “This has been Adam Callam. Hopefully, this isn’t the first time you have seen this message. If not, then i hope that you send whatever people are on this ship to their family. I hope it eventually includes you. Adam out. As Sarah said to those seeking refuge in the stars; May the Nest guide you to greatness, inspire your craft, and give you hope, for you are a pillar of the Atmo.”
The screen went dark, leaving the Terminal room to be dimly illuminated by the ambient light streaming in from the hall. A single line of Atmo text was translated below with the words Adam ended with, a familiar series of runes Joseph had seen on his armour that Mama crafted for him so long ago, displayed as the last frame of the video. The final words spoken from a Queen to her doomed people with a single wish that they might find somewhere to belong with a people they had just met, yet embraced wholly.
A choked sob came from Pan, the gravity of Violet’s situation hitting her like a canon.
Joseph’s adoptive daughter had lost everything before she was even able to know what she should have had. Her mother was dead, along with almost all of her own kind. Those that survived were sent in a desperate gambit to find somewhere that they wouldn’t be killed for just existing, and based on the fact that the Union had this message and not Humans, it didn’t look to be working out too well, to say nothing of the fact that her own ship had ended up so far from its destination and crashed into the one he was on.
It was the only answer he could come up with. The Union fucked with the cruise, dragged it all the way out here, and parked it directly in the path of the escaping Atmo ship. Add on whichever was taken out before it got to Sol, and that’s likely seven seed-ships still unaccounted for. He’d want to say that Adam had made it, but Rob not knowing about this before now suggested that it was the family's ship that was...
Who’s to say the other seven made it?
Violet, and whatever Atmo survived on this planet, could very well be the last of their people in existence... All because Humans taught them how to fight for sport.
Pan threw herself at him, the vocal crying stinging his soul to its core. He wrapped his arms around her and helped her to the ground next to Violet, the Atmo still quietly staring at the script displayed on the frozen screen.
A tablet lay next to her on the floor, Lilhun and Atmo script hastily scratched as if she was trying to reply to the desperate wish of a dead man in every way she thought might work, then discarded as the reality and futility of such actions set in.
Joseph held the tablet for Pan to read, his gentle patting drawing her attention between breaths. Her voice hitched while she read it, claws digging into his skin as her agony for the child renewed with his own before her screeching needed to be muffled by his chest. He felt his eyes burn as he rubbed her back and braced her head into his embrace, the heat pouring down his face contrasting the arctic chill in his core as her translation echoed in his ears.
“Please tell mother i found one, and that I hope she can meet him soon.”
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2023.04.01 16:00 AutoModerator New Member Introductions - April, 2023

Please tell us a little about yourself! :)
Some discussion points:
This thread repeats on the first of every month.
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2023.04.01 15:59 Queerios89 Fix or Trade?

Hey, all. I'm just looking for some opinions, advice, and a little bit of a space to organize my thoughts.
I have a 2016 Forester XT with 84k miles on it. I bought it used in 2020 from Carvana, right before the world shut down. I am the 4th owner.
I love this car, but it has already been the most expensive car I've ever owned.
July 2021, SOA paid in full to have the engine completely resealed due to seepage. Ever since then, I had been dealing with a gas or exhaust smell that I feel hinted at an exhaust manifold leak. I took it back a couple of times, and the dealer service dept. kept telling me they couldn't recreate the problem, or told me it was normal in winter, etc.
I took it in recently because I was having some surging when coming to a stop, and I thought it was the CVT. They instead found the engine was running lean, and changed some sort of sensor that I can't remember the name of. In the process, they found a small cam carrier leak (quoted $6k), but Reddit quickly reassured me it's not vital to do right now.
Now, the smell is more prominent, and almost smells like something is burning. I took it back in, and they told me they still want to do the cam carriers, and now add in the exhaust manifold, as well as all of the hard fuel lines. They said it would be a minimum of 20 hours of labor, and I'm looking at like $7-8k for all services.
They told me they did not see any safety concerns, so I took the car back and they advised I reach out to SOA again.
I do plan to call SOA, and maybe that will be the end of the story. They were fantastic the first time, so my hope is I get the same generosity this time around.
If they cannot help, or cannot help enough, my next step would be a second opinion at an independent Subie mechanic, but they're 35 minutes away.
If nobody can help, I think I would have to trade the car in for another Subaru and let it be the dealership's problem.
The thing is, I'm losing trust in this car's long term reliability. I don't want to trade it in, and wanted to try to get 10-15 years out of it. While I'm not a CVT hater, I'm concerned the extended warranty will expire and then the CVT would fail.
Carvana offered $6k over what I owe on the car. I'm in a position where I can afford to trade in and get something else (ideally under $25k with a warranty), but prices are still pretty ridiculous in my area right now. $30k for a 2018 Crosstrek? No.
But I also love this car, and don't want to get rid of it. But I can't afford the costly repairs on this thing. I do maintenance myself, but don't have the space to do larger repairs. It's draining my mediocre savings each year.
What would you do in my situation?
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2023.04.01 15:59 bigelow6698 How do I deal with my eye hurting?

I am a 24 year old white male (I know you are supposed to mention personal information about what demographic you are).
Two nights ago, I noticed that my eye was hurting. I would experience mild pain in my eye every time I blinked or rubbed my left eye. Imagine the pain you feel when spraining your ankle. I experienced the equivalent of that in my left eye. This is obviously worse than a sprained ankle, because at least when my ankle is sprained, I can sit still, apply ice to my ankle and my ankle won't hurt. When I experienced that kind if pain in my eye, it is not that simple.
I went to bed, woke up the next morning and my eye felt even worse than it did the previous night (presumably from sleeping on that side). Over the course of the day, my eye started hurting less. I went to bed. I woke up this morning and once again my eye hurts as bad as it did the the previous morning. I looked in the mirror and, underneath my left eye, there appears to be a tiny bump, it looks like a wart.
Click this link ( https://blog.walgreens.com/health/skin-health-conditions/warts-on-the-hands-causes-symptoms-and-treatments.html ) to see a photo of a wart. The bump underneath my eye looks exactly like the one in that photo. I am 99% sure that that bump under my eye is a wart.
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2023.04.01 15:59 Astrolodgik The distance that Daniel is able to travel is absolutely mind boggling. How did he get to Herman Park, on foot?

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2023.04.01 15:59 RookTheGamer Honor Among Thieves Popcorn Bucket

The movie was fantastic. If scalpers bough out the popcorn bucket at your theater like they did mine, they’re on the website right now with lots of other nice merch. No tankards though.
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2023.04.01 15:59 Mongthew Tips and tricks

Hi just sharing tips that I found out playing the game, I've seen lots of talk about the limeware plate in the beginning but did you know, in the other room where the knife is stuck in the note on the table, you can literally take everything in that room without being caught and also the little room with a bedroll and few sacks in it too, if you sell your cheapest items first one at a time, the traders disposition towards you increases by 1 everytime you trade with them as along as you don't exit talking to them,(continue doing that until they are 100 disposition) then sell the more expensive items to them, doing it that way will get you alot more money for your items and better prices at the beginning of the game with no skills or personality required
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2023.04.01 15:59 Gusmanbro Landlord claims that repairs due to faulty plumbing are MY responsibility.

Here is the situaion:
My toilet has always been slow to flush (ever since we moved in, so I thought it was just normal). Well, yesterday, the toilet backed up and obviously my roommate and I tried to plunge it, but it didn't work. Immediately, I contact my landlord and he responded instantly telling me to call a plumber. The plumber comes, and very quickly resolves the problem, agreeing that the clog was no fault of us, but normal wear and tear. Now, the toilet flushes instantly - miles better than it did when we moved in. Since it was an "emergency" visit, it needed to be paid on the spot, so I paid it and made sure to get a detailed receipt and note that it was due to normal wear and tear. I sent him this receipt immediately, but he says it's my job to pay?
It says in my lease it says "the tenant shall now allow any feminite products [or other things that aren't normally flushed] to be deposited in the toilet. Clogged drain lines or any damages associated with the clog will be the responsibility of the tenant" it also says that repairs needed due to normal use shal be repaired by the landlord.
This situation is absolutely normal wear and tear - we have never flushed anything besides toilet paper down the toilet. I live in Colorado.
TLDR; It seems that my lease contradicts the law (Colorado's implied warranty of habitability law). My landlord wants me to pay the bill for plumbing repairs due to normal wear and tear (and they weren't in perfect order when we moved in). I subtracted the repair bill from April's rent. Who is in the wrong?
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2023.04.01 15:59 karmicthief Full disclosure: I’m the one who committed a crime.

On a night out I found a wallet belonging to the guy (42M) who stalked and eventually rped me (28F) over 10 years ago. I was visiting my small hometown so it’s weird but not infeasible I found *his of all people. I never reported the assault.
In an act of stupid and slightly tipsy karmic retribution I bought a bottle of wine for £12 on his contactless card and was intending to hand it into the police station as I have zero desire to go to his home.
Anyway, he posted on the local Facebook group about it. Said if it’s not given back in 24 hours he’s going to the police to report the fraud. There’s CCTV footage of “a girl (me) using the card”. Now I guess my question is, what kind of trouble am I in? I’ve never done anything like this and couldn’t tell you why I did it this time except getting caught up in the moment.
Should I take it the police station? Pop it in the post? Doubt it’ll reach him within 24 hours regardless, so if he files a report will I be getting a knock on the door? I suppose CCTV could have followed me as far as the train station I got off at.
I’d appreciate any advice, even the telling off kind. I know I’m an idiot.
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2023.04.01 15:58 Wide_Candy1151 Help what do I do in this situation? Opinions on who is in the wrong?

Apologies for the long post but never been in this situation before and need opinions and what to do next?!
I’ve had my Welsh pony, Jasmine, since 2010. I got her when I was 7 and outgrew her in 2014. My little sister then rode her for the next 4 years until she also outgrew her.
In 2019 we decided to find a long-term lease/loan for Jas. She was very bored of sitting in the field with no job, and we had no riders small enough anymore.
At the time, Jas was 14, so still fairly young.
We find a great home, a long way from us (8 hour drive) however visited the property before we agreed, had a contract written up, thorough checks and references from new loaners. It seemed perfect, this family wanted a trekking pony so their young daughter could join on rides.
We made the visit twice after she went to her new home, however the next year covid hit, so we weren’t able to see Jas for 2 years. We had the new loaners on Facebook so seen lots of photos, had frequent updates, they were very happy with Jas.
At the end of last year, they told us Jas has been outgrown and they would like to buy her and retire her at their place.
We are unsure, not sure if Jas is ready to be retired. She is 18 at this point, but hadn’t shown us any signs of slowing down. Plus, we aren’t sure if we would even like to sell Jas, although made it clear we have no intention of taking the pony off them unless they don’t want her anymore.
I try to arrange to come and see Jas, I haven’t seen her since the beginning of COVID anyways, plus I’ll see for myself how the pony is doing.
I get no reply.
I try again a few times over the next month, and Im being rudely brushed off every time. These people have been great and I don’t want to overstep/annoy them, but at this point I’m getting frustrated.
I give them a certain date and time, and tell them I will be arriving to see Jas then. It’s not an option, I’m coming then.
The lady now is getting abusive, telling me I’m being a control freak and there’s no reason for me to come down. She says she can’t believe I am doing this to them after they have looked after my pony for nearly 4 years.
I ignore messages and drive down on the date I say. I have my horse box with me- I have no idea how this might go.
They have padlocked their gates shut. I wait outside properly for nearly 6 hours but no one is to be seen/replying to me.
It’s dark now, and up the road I can see one of the fences has came down. I enter through the fence and I find Jas.
She seems in great condition, and canters up to the gate to greet me.
At this point I’m quite emotional from 1) annoyance from waiting around all day. 2) excited to see Jas again.
It’s about 9pm. They live on property, but no lights on, I’m pretty sure no one is even here. I am very lucky I knew where Jas’s passport would be kept (she showed me where paperwork was kept when I first visited)
I decide to load my pony up that night and drive her home. We don’t get back home until 4am next morning.
Once she’s unloaded I go straight to bed. When I wake up in the afternoon the loaner has left me lots of threatening messages and voicemails. She tells me she is suing me for taking the pony off her property.
Now, I had already spoken to a solicitor about this, and was assured I was well within my rights to take the pony back if I feel she has breeched the contract we first put in place.
I explain I was tired of being taken for a fool and had been very patient with her. I thank her for looking after the pony well (I have to admit Jas was in great condition) and block her number to stop anymore threatening messages coming through.
Okay… fast forwards a few months. Jas settled in straight away, as if she had never left, but we still have no rider. She is growing very bored and we can see she is definitely not ready for retirement.
Not wanting to full lease again, we decided to offer a part loan, so someone could ride her on our property but we can keep an eye on her.
We put the post up, offering Jas as a good first riding pony, since that’s the job she has done for the past few years.
The women who had Jas on loan, comments on my post, slating me. She says Jas is a very dangerous horse and was drugged when she first viewed the pony, and nearly killed her daughter when they brought her home and the drugs wore off… but out the ‘kindness of her heart’ wanted to retire pony at her place so ‘I couldn’t get away with doing it again’
Apparently in her area, this women has a good name for herself, as suddenly I’m getting dozens of messages telling me how awful I am for what I’ve done.
There was multiple posts put up about me and shared around different Facebook groups, all with 100k+ members. I have been blocked from these groups so I can’t even defend myself!
I’m now lost on what to do. I do feel bad for taking Jas as suddenly as I did, but at the time I wasn’t sure what would happen if I’d left that night. I wasn’t sure if they were even planning on giving her back and could have moved her to an unknown location if they knew I wanted her back.
All of my friends have told me not to worry, as everyone who knows me, knows it all lies. But I just hate that there is people who genuinely believe I am drugging kids ponies. I’m scared to post anything incase I’m harassed again.
What are people’s thoughts on the situation? Where do I go from here? What can I do?
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