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/r/CaptainHair59 Go one, go all, Captain Hairs 1-58!

2015.12.30 22:26 CaptainHair59 /r/CaptainHair59 Go one, go all, Captain Hairs 1-58!

Hopefully the other CaptainHair\s will leave me alone here...

2018.04.26 16:39 Drex143 A place to meet other 19th century mutants.

X-files memes based on our favorite monster Eugene Victor Tooms. Discuss strategy and gain reputation points to help score you your next meal! Learn valuable techniques to rip out that liver like an old rug! Squirm and slush your way through our community bile hot springs. Stay in your very own newspaper vent lined with the premium juices of an alcoholic businessman near you! Come join us, and spend your many lifetimes at the bile pit!

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the Dav D Fletch archery appreciation society

2023.06.10 23:33 HorrorLasagna 27[M4F] Netherlands/Online Looking for someone to hang with

Hello there, I am looking for someone to talk with through voice calls or texting, either one is fine. Would love to have some meaningful connections and conversations.
A bit about myself: I am 27 years old, Dutch, 5'4 (pretty short), brown hair, hazel eyes, have some piercings and tattoo's. Can send a picture of myself.
I am into gaming, reading webnovels, cruising on my longboard. Games that I play are World of Warcraft, Path of Exile, Destiny 2 and Escape from Tarkov. My steam library is filled with games so if you are interested in playing games with me, just let me know and perhaps we can play some games together.
If you want to know more about me, hit me up on here or ask for my discord
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2023.06.10 23:32 HazelEyes_99 Numb

I am just numb. Not just due to a relationship that wasn’t genuine, coming to an end…. Not just cause my job is taking up too much of my life…. Not just cause I’m having to start all over again…. Not just cause I feel alone… Not just cause my kids deserve a better mom then what I am capable of being… I just feel numb to life.
I used to be pure and happy. The little things in life used to bring me genuine joy. My smile wasn’t forced, my heart didn’t constantly hurt. I was a better person then.
I just don’t know
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2023.06.10 23:31 Intelligent_Ad8224 Just need to Vent a little/Get a little a Support

Hi Everyone. I am just so frustrated with this stupid disease. Slynd was really helping me for a while but now another BC has stopped helping. I have had to miss multiple very fun things I was planning on for a while now and it makes me sad. I have a history of ruptured ovarian cysts and pretty sure I had another one the other day because it was the same pain. Now I still have a dull ache near my left ovary and in addition to that I have my normal feels like knives stabbing my butt hole when I'm trying to go to the bathroom alternating with diarrhea alternating with horrible cramps, I can't tell are coming from my pelvis my intestines or what but they're definitely from Hell. I am maxed out on Ibuprofen and Tylenol and I know if I go to the ER there's not much they'll be able to do. My skin is raw from having so much heat on it from my heating pack. I think my only option left now is to go see my GYN asap and talk about surgery. THIS SUCKS! My friends don't understand I think they just think I'm being dramatic but they've never had a cramp that feels like someone took all of your pelvic/intestinal muscles and twisted them at the same time. It doubles you over and takes your breath away. Anyway, love to you all. I feel your pain!
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2023.06.10 23:31 Queasy_Trainer545 I think that my boyfriend (M20) is going to propose to me (F20) soon, but I don't know how to react.

First things first, he is the love of my life and I am excited for him to propose to me.
The only issue is, I lack the ability to LOOK excited. I see all these proposal videos of people crying and smiling and now I feel like that's how l'm supposed to react. I've never been someone to have big emotions, and I feel awkward or disassociated when someone else is having big emotions. An example:
When I got my first car my reaction was: "Oh, neat."
When I got any presents that I really wanted my reaction was: "Oh cool, thank you."
When people cry near me I just stand there in silence like
I'm just not good with emotions, it doesn't mean that I'm NOT excited or happy- I just don't really outwardly express it. So what I'm getting to is, I don't want him to think that I'm not happy when he proposes to me- but I don't think l'Il be as excited as people in social media posts. I don't know, I just feel like it'll send him the wrong message.
What should I do? Should I fake my emotions for the big event?
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2023.06.10 23:31 anaphylactic_accord 6 weeks bite-free!

Doing very good now that the semester is over (fuck college homework, makes me have the nibbles). Seeing them makes me so happy.
I've been a chronic nailbiter since I was a very little kid, and have been struggling on and off for the past few years with quitting (was relatively bitefree for 8 months but still had my issues, then relapsed). Finally combined my knowledge and used press-ons for the first couple weeks to keep myself from nibbling, then have been letting them grow out with nail polish and lots of moisturizing. Now I'm hoping the nail beds recuperate!
The 1st set of pics is today 6/10/23, the second set is from a couple years ago, 8/8/21, as they were the only ones I had, but that's what my nails looked like a month and a half ago.
Currently using Cuccio's cuticle oil (milk and honey, it's fantastic) and Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream to keep everything nice and soft, I moisturize a few times a day and try to make that the new 'habit'. Invested in some nice indie polishes to treat myself and keep them protected, too.
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2023.06.10 23:29 Stapletapeprint Saints you are. $2500 Max - 1st new build in 20yrs - Gaming and AI Image Gen. Thank you!

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Looking to run Stable Diffusion and do 1440p gaming.
Games such as Modern Warfare 2 / War-Zone, Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, Apex Legends, and Control.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Max is $2,500
($1700, $800 reserved for purchase from a friend noted below)
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Looking to buy within a week or 2.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
Towecomputer parts, monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Texas, USA
Not near a Microcenter, but at willing to visit a friend in Dallas that can buy for me.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I have 3 old 3.5 hard drives I’d like to access. Whether putting them inside or putting them in something that I can connect to the PC.
PS5 controller
Philips SHP9500 Over-Ear Open-Air Headphones with V-MODA BoomPro microphone
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Yes, in the future. -A modest overclock on both CPU/GPU. One that wouldn’t require much fidgeting with.
Interested in undervolting the GPU for Stable Diffusion down the line.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
I’d like a fast 2 TB SSD for OS/current games and a 4 TB hard drive for storage
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I prefer no RGB, though I prefer value over aesthetics any day.
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:
$800 of funds are reserved for purchasing a used 3090 TI from a friend - I want the 24 GB of VRAM.
Value, acoustics, and thermals are my priorities.
Hesitant on liquid cooling though I’m open to AIO’s if performance and acoustics are significantly increased.
I’d like a 27” monitor low latency / 144 Hz. HDR would be a nice plus if it would fit in without affecting the rest of the build. (Everything else takes priority over hdr)
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2023.06.10 23:29 A-1Z Unpleasant things get me aroused? Help

Hey, i'm going to make this brief, i'm not sure why but odd body types, sweaty or slightly foul smells, some weight/fat and slightly unhygenic people give me a shameful type of arousal, I like a bit of unkempt hair around the body with weight.
Has anyone else felt like this?
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2023.06.10 23:29 Barch3 The party that just held the country's economy hostage because they said the debt is out of control is now proposing to decrease the amount of tax the country collects? you got to be kidding me!

The party that just held the country's economy hostage because they said the debt is out of control is now proposing to decrease the amount of tax the country collects? you got to be kidding me! submitted by Barch3 to RepublicanValues [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:28 Shock-n-Awe-with-EP Never Put all Your Eggs in One Basket

Be sure to have plenty of diversification in your portfolio so when you have stocks that are not performing well, like INO, you can continue to grow your portfolio. There are plenty of stocks and many ways to grow your portfolio but, if you insist on smaller biotechs look for companies that can give you an edge as an investor.
Some of the parameters that can give you an edge, that I personally look for include at least some or all of the following: An FDA approved drug and/or one additional drug that is already commercialized, is earning revenue, have been approved in the EU as well as US, have other trials in PHIII, have a partner in the global commercialization (EU) or have a management team that is respected by Wall Street and their scientific peers. This is not a creed to which I always subscribe to but, as an investor in this space for nearly 20 years, it has taught me that there are some investments that look extraordinary based on their novel approach, therefore I may take an entry as I did with INO.
There are dozens and dozens of these small cap, revenue generating companies that meet at least one of these criteria. Otherwise, know that investing in a biotech that has yet to have an approved product is a lengthy process, decades or more. I have been in INO since 2008 and taken this round trip from the .70 cent range to it's current SP. But, it hasn't been a complete loss with many wins during catalysts. I play the catalysts and hold only when a product is finally approved and thus meets my own criteria.
Here is a list of my current biotech holdings, as an example of how I'm spread out, based on my criteria. Also, my biotech holdings only make up 10% of my entire wealth as "momma didn't raise an idiot": AGEN, AQST, ASND, AVDL, EYEN, GMDA, HIMS, IMGN, INO, KPTI, MCRB, MNKD, ORIC, ORTX, PLSE, RCKT, RIGL, SENS, XNCR.Do not fall in love with a company! It's irresistible and will cause you to make mistakes. Believe me.
So, who else takes this approach? What other criteria or suggestions for investing in this space are used by members?
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2023.06.10 23:28 Barch3 The party that just held the country's economy hostage because they said the debt is out of control is now proposing to decrease the amount of tax the country collects? you got to be kidding me!

The party that just held the country's economy hostage because they said the debt is out of control is now proposing to decrease the amount of tax the country collects? you got to be kidding me! submitted by Barch3 to usa [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 23:28 Ill_Goose_8154 Do you guys like my German shitter?

Do you guys like my German shitter?
I tried posting this on watches but they want me to write a 500 char novel about how this chuffs my bits and makes my life whole after the wife left with the kids, so enjoy.
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2023.06.10 23:28 Curly-Mary Help, retaking the pill: awful side effects + gaining weight :((

Hi, I've had two children in the last 4 years and my husband and I don't want any more kids, so I'm back on the birth control since beginning of the year. Also because I've developed heavy PMS symptoms (heavy cramps, bad mood etc.) that lasted half of my cycle up until the bleeding would start. With taking the pill they've been better now, but now I'm suffering of all kinds of other stuff: itching down there, loss of libido, occasional nauseousness and quickly gaining weight (1-1,5 kg every month!). Have to add: since starting the pill, I'm much more active, eating healthier than the last few years, but I keep on gaining weight. Can this happen from the pill!? I've only ever heard from that, but never believed it's actually true that you could gain weight from the pill...
Since I've stopped breastfeeding I've lost quite a bit of the "baby weight" that I put on during the pregnancies, but now I'm almost the weight that I've had WITH my baby in my belly. I'm lost!! My doc is also not taking me seriously that I feel not well on general and really heavy going about life in my body that's feeling (and in the scale) heavier by default every month. It sounds so superficial and focused on my weight, I know, but think most of you understand what I mean... and I just feel like there's something wrong and I'm so uncomfortable. :((((
I also feel like it's too early for my husband to get a vasectomy and we don't really want to go back to condoms...What shall I do?
Anybody here that had the same experience and what alternative for contraception did you use after? I don't trust those pill hormones any more... We can't take turns having the guys getting pregnant and then we also need to go through other hormonal crap because of contraception ...That's so unfair and sometimes it just sucks for us women!
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2023.06.10 23:28 stonksrneat (M30) trying to get the loml (f34) back

Alright Reddit fam, I’m turning to you because I need your help…bad. Backstory, about 2 months ago I went to visit a friend in FL (live in Mi). At the time going through a divorce and matched with this girl before leaving on a dating app. Absolutely gorgeous girl and ended up going on a date after talking for three weeks. Best date of my life. Dropped her off back at her place later that night and shared a kiss that left me feeling like a little kid again. Everything seems to be going well right? Well the next few days, I came off way to strong as I was trying to use this new relationship as a way to move to FL and start over. Totally understand it was all my fault. Needless to say I found myself blocked everywhere. I was heartbroken. This girl thought I was only in it for sex but after our date I genuinely thought this could be the start of something incredible. Got back home to MI and tried to get her off my mind but I couldn’t. I have never felt that way even through my marriage.
Fast forward until the other night when I “accidentally” texted her to see if I was still blocked. Come to find out I’m not anymore however she never responded.
Here’s where I need your help. I have no idea what to make of 100% being blocked to now not being blocked (I know for sure I’m not) but her not responding. I genuinely have not stopped thinking about this girl and would do absolutely anything to try and mend things or just clear the air but also don’t want to overstep like I did before which is why I haven’t texted her back again since my last text.
Ladies of Reddit, why would you unblock someone a few weeks later but not say anything back? Is it knowing I’d reach out and still be there?
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2023.06.10 23:28 DukeOfMania04 19 [M4F] - UK/Europe/Anywhere - Looking for an LTR

A bit about me:
I'm a relaxed, friendly, young man who is very mature for his age. I work a full time job, I have my own car and I'm a very aspirational person who has many goals I want to achieve in my life.
My Appearance:
White Average Build 6'2 Dark hair Don't have any tatoos or piercings
I'm a big animal lover, I have 3 adorable pets and it'll be great if you're an animal lover as well!
In my free time I like to hang out with friends, play video games and exercise. I'm also quite focused on my physical fitness at the moment, I've recently started consistently lifting weights again and I go to 2 different martial arts classes twice a week.
I do drink socially in pubs and bars and occasionally at home but I don't smoke and I would prefer you to be a non-smoker aswell.
There's a lot of different countries and places I want to visit in the near and far future, so if you're just as interested in travelling as I am then that'll be great!
I don't really have many dealbreakers, obviously I want you to be childfree (permanently of course, as I will be childfree forever) like me but I don't really have a particular 'type' so to speak
If you want to get to know me better then feel free to drop me a message!
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2023.06.10 23:28 i_love_thee Used to see mum and dad having sex

When I was a kid sometimes mum and dad used to perform sexual acts near me which used to make me feel gross, once I woke up to dad eating mum's ass and the bastard pointed at her ass as if to say "you wanna try?" like ewww
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2023.06.10 23:28 LiviRose101 [QCrit]: YA Contemporary Fantasy - SOULBOUND (95k, 2nd attempt)

Hi all! This is my second attempt after some great feedback on my first. On the opening 300 words, I've focused to the conflict at home and Freya's relationship with her sister, but please let me know if you think I'd be better off scrapping the opening paragraph completely and try something else!
Any comp ideas would be gratefully received!
I am seeking representation for my first novel, Soulbound, a YA contemporary fantasy complete at 95,000 words. The novel follows the struggles of eighteen-year-old Freya after the murder of her sister by supernatural criminals drives her down a path of vengeance. I’m particularly excited to submit to you as [reasons].
Freya’s sister is killed in a brutal attack by criminals controlling a monstrous spirit. Grief-stricken, traumatised, and blamed by her superstitious family, she swears to get revenge, but the only way to stand against the power of the monsters responsible is to become one herself.
She binds her soul to a spirit that promises to help her, but it seeks its own bloodthirsty vengeance against the criminals and is willing to kill anyone who stands in its way. Unable to control it or the wild powers it granted her, Freya accidentally injures one of her friends. She is arrested and forced to join the secretive Gemini Corps that polices those who use spirits for evil.
Freya dedicates herself to mastering her new abilities, determined to see her sister’s killers brought down, but at every step she battles with her untameable spirit and the rage that binds them. She learns that the criminals are working to harness an ancient spirit to help them bring the Corps to its knees. Freya knows that if she gives in to her spirit’s savagery, they might be strong enough to take down the criminals, but it would mean losing her humanity altogether.
Soulbound will appeal to older YA readers who enjoyed the fiery emotional journey of Melinda Salisbury’s Her Dark Wings.
300 words:
I saw it on the news first, a jagged black shape filling the city street. Its head was inside a building like a vulture at a carcass, twisting and tearing at something inside, and its wings rose taller than the abandoned bus nearby. Flashing lights stained the gleaming spines blue.
I took the remote from Mum’s limp hand. She’d fallen asleep in front of the TV, a half-empty glass of wine on the coffee table. If she woke and saw the news, my night was over.
The newswoman was following the usual script about a ‘Gemini’ attack, as if people would ever believe they weren’t just demons, and I caught the word ‘Birmingham’ before the clatter of heels on the stairs behind me made me change the channel.
I quickly put the remote down before Cara saw; I wasn’t going to let a demon attack fifteen miles away ruin the best night of summer.
“Ready?!” Cara said, wobbling on her heels.
We were identical twins, but where her dark hair fell in a cascade of curls around her shoulders, I had spent half an hour taming mine with a jewelled clip and about a million hairgrips.
Mum blearily opened her eyes. “I hope you’re not sneaking off without giving me a kiss goodbye.”
I glanced at the TV – a cheerful gardening show now – and wondered if she would notice I’d changed it. Could we be away before she changed it back? We could put our phones on silent, ignore the calls and messages and guilt, and deal with the consequences tomorrow. Knowing Cara, though, she’d rush back at the first text and spend the night soothing Mum’s wild terror, and she wouldn’t even have the sense to be pissed about it.
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2023.06.10 23:27 jackharvey343 Spiritomb

Is there anyone who could trade me a spiritomb? Ive been one wisp off of completing the game for nearly a month and just dont seem to find it, if anyone can on switch let me know if theres anything youd like for it :)
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2023.06.10 23:27 RSN_Mayllene I wish i had friends irl so i had company to go on like walks and to the gym with

My work out sessions and cardio is pretty much just me listening to spotify and on the rare occasions going on discord and maybe being on call with one of my discord friends.
But yeah it sucks not having a physical person to be around, I really just want someone to be around like they don't even have to be my friend i can be a acquaintance or we would be like "we're not strangers but we're not friends" i just really want someone be near me lol idk is that weird
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2023.06.10 23:27 leftofmarx I've been interested in Skinny Bob for years. Yesterday I just found out about Bill Hermann, Ashleigh River Charleston, and his 'abduction' experience in 1978 with a craft and beings that look like Skinny Bob.

I'm a casual alien/UFO conspiracy enjoyer, so I'm not super up on everything, but I do go down rabbit holes when I'm drinking and bored.
That said, yesterday I saw this post on /highstrangeness and in the comments was an additional full length video, linked here.
Pay close attention to the appearance of the craft in these videos. Saucer shaped with a "nipple" on top. Looks pretty much just like the craft in the Skinny Bob videos to me. These pictures are from 1980.
Also check out the drawings of the beings based on his descriptons. They have a small nose and mouth and are wearing black jumpsuits.
Final point, there has been much discussion about the location of the Skinny Bob videos. Bob Hermann's experiences are from near the Ashley River near Charleston, SC. There's an Airforce base there, and there are also plantation houses all over the place. I haven't had time to look around for one with a similar appearance to the Skinny Bob videos, but I will and it seems like maybe a really good place to focus on. Also Poplar trees are indigenous to South Carolina and there are Poplars in the Skinny Bob video.
Anyhow, my mind was blown when I saw this. I immediately connected it with the Skinny Bob videos and wondered why I hadn't seen anyone else connect them before.
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2023.06.10 23:27 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 709

Capes and Conundrums
“Alright, watch and learn kiddo.” Deadshot says as he brings his gun into position. “Most people think that a rifle is a point and click answer to their problems. Point, pull the trigger and problem solved. Those people are idiots.”
“Oh?” The Merc beside him says. Since Deadshot was categorically a solo act and maybe on occasion has some mooks to do the heavy lifting having someone hang around close would be an issue. So the excuse was he was training another sniper. Franchising as it were.
“Okay, really quick out of character.” Silicon says.
“Yeah?” Pavel asks.
“How the hell are you going to cause half of that construction to come apart with a bullet? I understand it’s not massively up to code, but at the same time. A bullet is small. It has only so much kinetic energy it can carry and if you bring Axiom into this you’re setting up a flare.”
“Architecture and physics.” Pavel says as he adjusts the gun and then leans away from it. “Look down the scope. It should start to make sense.”
“That’s one of the main cables of that sign. But there’s at least one more and it only needs one to stay upright.”
“Look at the angle, also remember I’ve got a reinforced bullet for this one. It’s designed to stay intact and ricochet.” Pavel says and Silicon rises up to look at the back of the sign again and mentally trace where the bullet will go.
“You’re going to shatter one support and weaken the other.”
“That is an absurd level of accuracy.”
“When the Undaunted claim to be better than the best of the best, it’s not idle boasting.” Pavel states as he takes a full shooting position again.
“So what’s the event in question?”
“We’re going to move along five positions and they have to find our ‘safe house’ in the point between them all. For that we’re going to need to leave some clues at each one. This first position to let people know they need to look is going to have the bullet casing, the bipod and of course the imprints we’re leaving on the roof gravel. For the next one we’re butting a type of polish on our boots that will get easily rubbed off so they get that, the casing and the imprint.”
“Are we leaving three clues at each place?”
“Yes. Some more obvious than others. Which reminds me.” Pavel says before digging out and tossing a wrapped bar at Silicon. “Eat that. It’s the third clue for the third location. Each one gets a bullet casing and the imprint of us hanging around.”
“What’s the fourth clue then?”
“A novelty sticker from a nearby business. It’ll let all the girls on the case know that Deadshot is staying nearby and has at least a hotel room, if not a full on base of operations.”
“And the last one?”
“Hardest one of all. Only two clues. The imprint and the casing.”
“And the ultimate place is in the middle of all of it...”
“Not exactly middle, but a place where you can reach all five locations without being spotted on a camera. Which is why we’re going there and then back out to relocate each time. So I hope you’re ready to take the stairs, because we got cardio in our future.”
“Oh joy.” Silicon says before a small timer goes off and Pavel grins.
“Show time.” He says as he double checks the wind, tastes the air and then slowly squeezes the trigger on his rifle.
The rifle is silenced and therefore the first sound that the danger makes is the calamitous clang as the grip of the frist cable is shattered and the still very active bullet goes careening downwards and slams into the base that holds the second cable. Cracking it ever so slightly.
Even from their position on the building, both men can hear the screaming groan as the metal slowly gives before the sign suddenly collapses forward and slams into the ‘civilians’ that Deadshot was hired to kill.
“Time to go.” Pavel says rising up as he disengages the bipod mount.
“Really? We’re just going down the stairs?” Silicon asks.
“The elevators have cameras, and the stairwells only have camera’s above the doors. However, the five buildings we’re using are in the middle of a maintenance upgrade that was massively overbooked as about fifteen different buildings decided they wanted the upgrades all at the same time. So these five are at the end of the list.” Pavel explains as he walks down.
“But the older security networks...” Silicon says.
“Pardon, I should have been more clear. The removal of the old equipment is already done for these five buildings, the actual replacement parts are not currently available.”
“And since the stairs are rarely used the security cameras in here are the last of the last priority.” Silicon says and Pavel nods.
“That’s right. Now we need to be able to get to our next location in a hurry. So time to skip some stairs.” Pavel says as he jumps down one flight and then flings himself down the next.
Silicon teleports down to the bottom but only has a few moments before Pavel arrives. He then waves for Silicon to follow him and then leads him through the building in a very strange, roundabout manner.
“We’re avoiding all the cameras they have left aren’t we?” Silicon asks and Pavel nods as he casually exits the building. He also points up and Silicon sees many Sonir in the air, a lot of them in Batman outfits of some kind and clearly scanning the upper areas and completely missing the two men casually walking around dressed like Deadshot with one of them lugging around a gun roughly as big as he is.
“Hey! Hey hey hey! You’re one of the actors right? Playing a bad guy?” A young Sonir girl asks flapping up to them. She’s tiny, dressed in all pink and clearly has gotten into at least a small amount of glitter lately.
“That’s right. Is there something you want?” Pavel asks in amusement.
“Can I take a picture?” She asks holding up her communicator.
“Sure thing little lady.” Pavel answers and she all but throws herself at him and turns in midair.
“Say boogers!” She exclaims.
“Boogers?!” Pavel demands before he hears the little camera go off a few times and she slides down with a giggle to examine her new selfie with the supervillain.
“Thank you mister badguy! Have fun!” She says rushing off with a laugh.
“Well that was adorable. Let’s keep moving.” Pavel states before they cross the street and make it into an a mall. A mall where he immediately leads Silicon into a side passage that’s lacking any kind of signs whatsoever.
“Where are we?”
“The building layout had some design fails. There are unregistered rooms back here. Well... not so much rooms as unused space, gaps between the stores. No security, no cameras, not even on the registration.”
“So is this tresspassing?’
“Even if we hadn’t informed the owners and legally rented the space? No. The place isn’t technically on the building plans so even if we squatted here it wouldn’t be a crime. But since we’re renting it, as is, we’re not only allowed in here, but are the only ones allowed.” Pavel explains as he opens a semi-hidden doorway to reveal.
“A sniper’s lair.” Silicon notes.
“That’s right.”
“This is an almost unfair test. They have to figure out that you weren’t spotted because you avoided the cameras, then look at a building’s blueprints and find out that there’s one place with none whatsoever.”
“That’s right. This is what level four puzzle challenge is about. If they catch us, it’s a win. But catching us is the hard part.” Pavel says and Silicon considers.
“I mean... this seems a little... I don’t know? Unfair?”
“It’s a riddle. Not every problem is solved by shooting things or using brute force.” Pavel replies as he fetches his replacement bipod. “Alright. Time to go. After I fire my shot the girls will all be given a warning about the second crime scene. They can then trace the bullet trajectory to our new location.”
“I still say it’s asking a bit much of people.”
“It’s far more data than Batman in the comic gets.”
“I don’t think comparing people to a person who’s superpower seems to be hyper-intelligence and a hefty dose of denial is fair either.” Silicon notes before Pavel leads him out.
“Probably not.” He admits and they’re shortly out of the mall and climbing up the stairs of another high rise.
She rushes to the scene of the next crime. It’s just like the last one. Massive collateral damage, one shot. A single attack, a single actioan and dozens of lives are done. It’s meticulous, it’s brilliant, it can only be Deadshot with that kind of aim and...
“Hey we got one too deep here!” Someone calls out and she’s pulled out of her head.
“What? That... I what?” She asks and looks around. The mannequins in a state of placement. The ‘explosion’ caused by the perfect unleashing of a gas valve that was sheered by a bullet. It blew out the front of a restaurant and left it a mess with all the mannequins in pieces.
“You were brooding girl! I could tell! You were forgetting to pull yourself out!” The other Sonir says and she holds her head.
“I was, wasn’t I?” Damn that’s not good.
“You alright there Batman?” The Undaunted playing the part of Jim Gordon asks.
“Fine, I’m... fine...” She says examining the area again. She lets out tiny pulses of sound and hears the place. The tiny hole where the bullet went through. The scalpel precise sheering of the pipe. No actual restaurants here used gas stoves, so it HAD to be part of the entire event. But still...
She lets out a little click and then imagines a straight line going backwards. Directly from the hole. She turns and sees the top of a large building nearby lines up nearly perfectly with it. “Up there!”
That said she takes off and gains altitude fast. Climbing upwards on the ash flecked wind until she crests over top. Empty already. She lets out a supersonic pulse and there’s a shape far different from the rest among the gravel atop the roof. A little cylinder. One that still stinks ever so slightly as she leans in close.
She steps around the slight indents suggesting where Deadshot laid and sees a slight smudging of some substance on the gravel as well. She doesn’t know what it is but...
“This... what is the puzzle?” She asks herself out loud. “There has to be some kind of answer to this.”
“There’s something up with you isn’t there?” Another Sonir asks as she alights on the landing. She looks back to where more are joining. “If you want it to stay private, keep it in your head. We all have good hearing sister.”
“I...” She begins before swallowing it.
“If you’re not up for these challenges then you’re not up for them and that’s that, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. These are for fun. No one’s lives actually depend on them. There’s no one getting hurt if you don’t do them.”
“Except maybe her ego!” One of the other Sonir calls out and there’s laughter from a friend that lands beside her.
There’s another indicator of the next part of the scene in just a few minutes and they all get the address. A police dispatch stating that a vehicle has had it’s tire shredded and gone wildly out of control.
She stays behind a bit as she thinks. Before sighing and deciding to fly away. Not really feeling her best today. Although completely unsure as to why. Something’s up, but she can’t figure out what.
She sends a message that she’s bowing out of the rest of the little context and will not be taking part of any more for the rest of the day. There’s a brief moment where she smirks as she confirms that no, it’s not something The Undaunted have done, she’s just not at her best.
She swoops downwards and lands at street level in a few moments.
“Excuse me miss.” Pavel says as he moves around the freshly landed Sonir woman and she outright stares at both him and Silicon as they move towards the next sniping positin. “Something wrong?”
“I bow out of the competition and I stumble on you moving?”
“Life’s funny isn’t it? Sorry, but I have to go.” Pavel says before rushign away with Silicon in tow.

First Last
PS: I really need to figure out what's killing my motivation. My mind keeps wandering and I just can't focus. I don't want to start guzzling caffeine again... but this is getting out of hand.
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2023.06.10 23:27 Elfy_zzz 26 [M4M] Rhode Island - Any weebs and gamers in the area?

Heya Everyone! ✨
Figured I would give it a try making a post on here. I am a college student and my hobbies are music, reading, anime/manga, and gaming. I live in the northeast of the U.S also known as the New England area and I am only looking for someone in the area to befriend and hang with. Not sure if this sub reddit is for dating or friends but my primary reason posting here is to make friends locally whom I may have the opportunity to meet some day. I'm not put off by the idea of dating, as I am bisexual and have been with a guy before. But dating to me comes with time if we really click as friends for a bit. ~
Description 🍥
For the most part I'm pretty introverted but I'm not too shy. I just need time to recharge alone if I was hanging with someone for awhile. To give a little description of myself I'm pretty short for a 26yr ol male. I am like 5'2 last I checked? Skinny and I have long black hair that is naturally wavy/curly that goes down to my shoulders. My face is clean shaven but can't exactly say the same elsewhere, though it's not like I'm hairy either I don't think, but it's not like anyone notices since I'm covered up in a hoodie or long sleeve shirts n such. I'm Hispanic/Latino. PR 🇵🇷 to be exact if that matters. (Yo puedo hablar poco de español pero yo me prefiero ingles si esta bien)~
About Me/Hobbies 🎮
When I'm not busy with college assignments I often enjoy listening to music. When it comes to music I love taking turns sharing and listening with someone. It gives an opportunity for us to be introduced to something new. Lyrics in music often encompass a lot of thoughts and feeling I have trouble communicating. They often encompass and reveal a lot of how I kinda think, feel, and process many things in life. If u are similar to me in that regard, it may make for some interesting convos if u are a curious individual. Curious people are very comforting for me to talk to, so by all means if u are comfortable with it, say whatever u would like to say. I love going on about ideas and tangents with someone for a good bit. It leaves me feeling refreshed in gaining new perspectives and learning from someone.
With gaming there's not much to say. I really love fighting games and would ideally love someone who is just as into them to play with! For sure one of the easiest ways to connect with me but not the only. Guilty Gear is my favorite fg but with the release of Street Fighter 6 recently, I have been playing that game a lot! I enjoy attending locals often to hang with some friends and enter in some bracket tourneys. Outside of fighting games I love playing Yu-Gi-Oh or relaxing playing various games on my PS1 and PS2 emulators.
With anime I like a variety of generes and have watched many shows. Perhaps I can I send u my MAL or Anilist. But my favorite has to be Spice and Wolf (all time fav) and my current favorite anime/manga has to be Call of the Night. (current fav). ~
Wrapping things up 🎁
To wrap things up here, I apologize for giving u so much to read. But if u did I really am appreciative of that! I value communication and let's just take these step by step and feel each other out and go with the rhythm. I am still new to same-sex dating so I apologize if my texts seem bland or come off as if I'm disinterested. I am used to my last relationship with a guy being like a very intimate friendship or bromance of sorts if that makes sense? I have a discord and would prefer that as the main platform to communicate. If we connect with each other over text, I would not mind possibly hanging out in a call and from there let things work its own magic. 🪄 Thank u so much for reading! Chao! ~💖
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2023.06.10 23:27 RoBoggie F29- Please, Rate me. Included are pics with hair down and up; with and without glasses; and with and without makeup

F29- Please, Rate me. Included are pics with hair down and up; with and without glasses; and with and without makeup submitted by RoBoggie to truerateme [link] [comments]