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2023.03.22 23:26 BroshBB Recommendations for introducing formula? Stomach flu supply drop & planned trip :(

My baby is 7.5 months old and has been exclusively breast-fed. Last weekend I had a stomach flu and my supply took a serious hit. I had what I thought was a decent freezer stash but I am currently not pumping enough to cover what my baby eats while she’s at daycare. I have increased the number of times I am pumping a day, but I haven’t seen a real increase in output. I have a trip this weekend where I’ll be away from my baby for 48 hours. Unless I have an incredible increase in output, I’ll need to supplement with formula. Any suggestions on brands? How should I introduce? Mix it with breastmilk? I am scared to waste the precious breastmilk. I have on formula she might not tolerate.
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2023.03.22 23:25 Kintaro10 Cuanto es ?

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2023.03.22 23:25 DeadlyProtocols Is there anything to do late game?

Loved the premise of EG2. Fun graphics and theming. I’ve played it for a few days.. built my base out - still have more things to research, but it seems like it’s getting really easy fast.
Early on power was annoying and I had problems due to not understanding the work stage mechanics - but it mostly now just feels like watching enemies die as they hopelessly attack my base, waiting on minions to train, and waiting on world stage missions or research to happen.
Honestly the funniest part is having to build a massive vault. I have so much money it’s ridiculous. I don’t even worry about building or reshaping my base - wait 5 minutes and more money will appear.
I get city builders are always a little like this, but it just seems really passive to me. Are there later missions that pop up and evolve the gameplay or is it more of the same, simply with bigger numbers?
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2023.03.22 23:24 Ok_Standard_4447 VSF Rolex Sub Date 126610LN from Sead

  1. Dealer name: Sead
  2. Factory name: VSF
  3. Model name (& version number): Submariner Date 126610LN
  4. Price paid: $469
  5. Album Links:
  6. Index alignment: looks good
  7. Dial Printing: looks good
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: looks good
  9. Hand Alignment: looks good
  10. Bezel: looks good
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): n/a
  12. Timegrapher numbers: none provided
  13. Anything else you notice: is the polishing on the clasp ok?
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2023.03.22 23:23 IAMYELLOWBOI DP: Approved for Navy Federal cashRewards, $14,600 CL

Hello, just wanted to provide a data point regarding my approval for the Navy Federal cashRewards credit card.
Approved for Navy Federal cashRewards with a CL of $14,600. Applied today, March 22, 2023 and got approved literally 10 seconds after I submitted the application and the webpage refreshed.
Credit Score:
Credit Age Average: 2 years, 5 months
Other Credit Cards:
Total Credit Before Approval: $14,100
Total Credit After Approval: $28,700!!
Hard Inquires in the Past 2 Years: 1
First data point post. Very happy with the CL approved for as I was nervous it was going to be only $1,000 or somewhere on the lower end of CLs. Hope this helps anyone out & please let me know if I missed something that should be added.
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2023.03.22 23:23 manvirk84 I was looking to buy the 2023 Prius AWD and MSRP was at $32,790 when were outside. When we went inside the dealership in my area gave me a markup of 10% looking at the number is it still worth the purchase? They put down the msrp as $45,299 total OTD price $46,731.52 even for cash price.

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2023.03.22 23:22 daddy_cuddlez 49 [m4f] #nyc #financialdistrict Necessary Roughness, or, the girl who secretly craves to be degraded. Hosting

Good evening, I'm glad you clicked despite my cryptic post title. Why am I posting? What am I posting about? Well, for some time, I've posted on reddit and CL before that for a number of different activities. And thankfully, I've met with several dozen women over the years and have had a wonderful time.
As I have met women and also have corresponded with probably 5 times as many women (apparently I give good email or give good text lol), one thing has increasingly come up from women from so many different walks of life, from the erudite professorial Harvard type, to the 20-something girl working in retail. Many women secretly seek an experience where they are degraded and "used" by a man.
What do I mean? I think, through our correspondence, women feel comfortable sharing very secretly held, almost pornographic desires.
What did I hear?
Their words: They want to be used and abused (in a safe context of course). They want to be the cum slut, the dick whore, the miserable useless f-ck hole. Is that you? Do you secretly want to be subjugated, held in place by a hand cuffed around your neck while your breasts are coarsely grabbed and slapped? Do you want to be called miserable and wretched names? Do you crave a cock slapped across your face, or your face held against a hard cock, rubbed across that cock before it's shoved in your mouth deep? Do you want to gag til your eyes water? Do you want to be tied up while someone f-cks your mouth rough and deep, and then smears all your spit over your face as you gasp to catch your breath?
Does that turn you on? Are you wet thinking about this?
Do you want me to slap that pussy and tug your nipples before your tits also get slapped? Do you secretly want a daddy? Are you seeking a daddy to be kind and affectionate to you, to play bouncy horse on his lap, but also to deliver punishments you deserve, like a stinging red bottom from a thorough spanking, followed by a firm grasp of your jaw with a stern warning "not to do it again." I don't even think we're close to the limits of what some secretly pervy girls want.
For example, after a thorough humiliation, and an intense pounding while I finger your a-- and step on your face, you want to get pissed on, don't you? You have this hidden fvcking curiosity, what would it be like to feel that hot golden water pulsed on my face, on my tits, all over me. What the fvck is wrong with you? You want it so bad...
As you can see, I finally decided to write a post and offer this head on, not as a subsequent thing, but calling it out for what it is, pulling the layers and layers of secrecy right off and shining an intense light on it. Feeling a little exposed? Good.
All of this is driving you a little crazy reading it? Good. Very good, big girl. You touching yourself while reading this? Very nice. Rub it hard and then send me a little note about what you liked the most. Maybe we can start with that. I'm 49, white, Mediterranean, very paternal, educated, executive, playful, respectful (except when you don't want me to be).
Ok... send me a message admitting that you are one of the craven, one of those women who secretly harbor these desires but no one would ever know on the surface. That's you, miss VP. That's you, mom with the SUV. That's you, the lesbian with invasive cock-sucking thoughts. That's you, college student doing the 'curious' thing. Well, what are you waiting for?
I'm free tonight after a work dinner. You can come by my hotel, near Wall Street. Happy to host.
If you like, I can share a success story by direct message, to get your juices gushing.
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2023.03.22 23:22 Ayden136 New to C++ Help

I need help taking the percfentage of numbers from 1-50 and 50-100 from a random vector. So if it the user inputs 5 for the max number of elements and the vector was {43,96,40,41,25}, how would I go about selecting only the numbers from 1 to 50 to average and then only the numbers from 50-100? I am new to C++ (coding in general) and I was thinking it could be done in a for loop but I am not sure how to. Any help is appreciated.
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2023.03.22 23:21 Uber1337pyro333 Had this absolute king on my team in battle today. Sat in the back of the map with arty all match even when it was 14-3. Called me a virgin when I called em out lol. Been playing since 2014 and can't even stat pad right.

Had this absolute king on my team in battle today. Sat in the back of the map with arty all match even when it was 14-3. Called me a virgin when I called em out lol. Been playing since 2014 and can't even stat pad right. submitted by Uber1337pyro333 to WorldofTanks [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 23:20 micha8st Thoughts about replacing TD Ameritrade

I've received official notification that my TD Ameritrade account will be moved to Schwab over Memorial Day weekend. And that has me rethinking our investment life.
This is long -- I've used headers to try to make it easier to jump around where I get wordy. In short, I'm looking for the hive-mind to help me decide what to do about the TD Ameritrade account, given that I'll be able to ACATS to another investment house for free.


We opened our Ameritrade account (yes, we predate the TD merger) as a gambling account. This account holds all of our stock except vested RSUs we've not yet sold, but is only a little over 10% of our investing world and, if we include cash in the bank and our house, is well under 10% our net worth.
We hold on the order of 50 securities in the account; we've used a buy/sell-half strategy to diversify our holdings. That strategy entails selling half our stock once the value doubles; thereby giving us the cash to diversify. The last time we added cash to the account was back in 2008, when we bought 10 securities. Of those 10, 9 have doubled in value and we've sold half of those 9. Between dividends and cash from sales, we've bought stock in 27 more companies, and chosen to sell half of 12 companies beyond those 9 (total of 31 sell orders). We hold stock in several companies we did not buy into due to spinouts.
But we've slowed down. We're having a harder time finding new companies we wish to gamble on, so we have over 10% of the value of the TDA account not in stock... either in SWVXX or an ETF, or just plain cash.
A few years ago (2018, I think) we started trying to slow down how dividends add to our cash in the account -- all the stock in the "don't sell half" category reinvests dividends through DRIP.
We sell as needed, per my formula. We buy as we wish...but not since November of 2021.


Besides buying and selling using the computer browser interface, the other feature that I actively use is the alert feature. For each of the stock that is in the "sell half when doubled" category, I use an excel spreadsheet to compute the "sell-entry" price, and I have Alerts set up to notify me when a stock crosses the threshold. So some way to have automatic price notification to multiple devices is required.
We use a limit stop order (I think that's right). The computed sell-entry price is actually 10% over the double price, and I'll enter a sell order that will execute once the price drops by 10% from the peak price following order entry.
And, we use DRIPs.


I'm looking at other options, and I'd like your input. I think I want to keep the ability to buy and sell, and the alert capability that Ameritrade affords.
  1. the no-action option is moving to Schwab. I hold one ADR that participates in DRIPs; info I've read is that Schwab will honor the TDA-setup DRIPs except for ADRs. I assume that means they will not sell fractional stock moved from TDA to Schwab.
  2. move to Vanguard. I already have an account there; in terms of purpose, moving to Vanguard puts the securities into an account that's purpose-wise most like our Ameritrade purpose. It might be of interest to instead of DRIPs, to reinvest dividends from my formerly TD Ameritrade stock into VTSAX, which I already hold at Vanguard.
  3. move to Fidelity. I have a NetBenefits account and 529s at Fidelity.
  4. Move to work brokerage. I mentioned above that I receive RSUs...they use another online discount brokerage. In fact, when we opened our Ameritrade account, we debated between Ameritrade and what has since become my work brokerage.
  5. Move somewhere else.
I realize that if I move my account somewhere other than Schwab, the fractional shares I hold through DRIP will not that will result in a lot of small sell orders on my 2023 taxes. I'm going through this now because last year I ACATS'd my Edward Jones account (3 stock, 2 muni bonds) over to Ameritrade.
Anyway. Ideas? Preferences? warnings?
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2023.03.22 23:20 Phantara A difficult case...(Help appreciated)

So I'm wondering if anyone has any tips/experience with something like this. For context I'm a Asset Protection Captain working for Macy's. I work by myself primarily. (My manager who is a multi store manager so she's not there often. Maybe once or twice a week). I work in California, SoCal area. I'm a male detective (this is relevant to our policies on fitting room cases).
Here's the problem: I have an adult female who is in my store roughly every other day/every few days. She is in the store for anywhere between 2 to 8 hours, usually averaging about 5 hours. She comes in with a large suitcase which has gotten all the colleagues and myself to start calling her "Suitcase Lady". Most days she'll sit in the store and just loiter for hours. I have had reports that two separate customers have seen her concealing merch on the floor and reported it to managers. She has also waited to go into fitting rooms until after closing. From what I can gather is when she does it's only for one or two items at a time in fitting room (fitting room policy on both number of items and gender makes this hard to get progress on this front) and even if she does she'll still stay in the store for hours after possibly hitting.
For a while I was doing surveillance on her with no luck. At this point I'm just ignoring the issue unless it's quiet and I can watch her or I have nothing else to do. It seems that she is concealing on the floor (have yet to see it) and in fitting rooms. At this point I don't have the time or resources to keep trying to chase this down.
Thoughts? It really feels like there isn't much I can do at this point. I feel like if I keep watching her I might catch a lucky break and get something substantial, but like I said my resources are limited.
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2023.03.22 23:19 Practical_Warthog_33 IQ of some categories of scientists.

I recently stumbled on the Harmon study that deals with the IQ of science doctorates and searched for something similar so I found the Gibson and Light study of IQ of university scientists. So I did some math and I want to share it with the good people of this subreddit along with some toughts:
The two studies shared these four categories: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. The mean IQs in the studies in this categories is represented in this table:

Harmon Gibson-Light
Mathematics 138.2 130.4
Physics 140.3 127.7
Chemistry 131.5 129.6
Engineering 134.8 125.0
Now as the Gibson-Light used WAIS with std 15 points but the Harmon used Army Standard Intelligence with std 20, these “raw IQs” cannot be compared, so I made the same table for percentile and Harmon IQs equivalent in std 15:

Harmon Gibson-Light
Mathematics 97.19% 97.87%
Physics 97.80% 96.76%
Chemistry 94.24% 97.58%
Engineering 95.51% 95.22%

Harmon Gibson-Light
Mathematics 128.7 130.4
Physics 130.2 127.7
Chemistry 123.6 129.6
Engineering 126.1 125.0

Sadly only the Gibson-Light study shows the ranges of IQs in each of the categories:

Gibson-Light IQ ranges
Mathematics 124 - 136
Physics 112 - 136
Chemistry 121 - 138
Engineering 111 – 138
But it can be observed that the mean values of the Harmon study are in the range of those in the Gibson-Light study.
Now some final thoughts and questions in the air:
The two studies scores line up pretty good despite one being in the USA (doctorate holders) and the other in the UK (Cambridge scientists).
Engineering has the lowest average in both with only 1.1 point diference beetween studies.
All categories had a higher than 94% of the population IQ average.
No really crazy scores (+ 3 sd or more) in averages or the ranges of IQs of the categories (the higher of them is in biochemistry with 141 with 15 sd in the Gibson-Light study).
It appears that the average physical scientist in the 60s was about a little bit less than 2 sd higher IQ than average.
Maybe today, with the Flynn adding some points to the average and then sustracting some points to the average, the average score for scientists in these fields would be around the same.
Arthur Jensen said:“there is a threshold property of IQ, or g, below which few if any individuals are even able to develop high-level complex talents or become known for socially significant intellectual or artistic achievements. This bare minimum threshold is probably somewhere between about +1.5 sigma and +2 sigma from the population mean on highly g-loaded tests.”
Wich falls pretty in line with the scores seen wich would correspond to 122.5 and 130 points with 15 sd.
Also Linda Gottfredson argued that a 125 IQ is suficient for doing almost anything you want to do in life ( not achieving anything, just being able to do any intellectual activity you want to do, with less or more effort, be it mastering a language or programming a simulation of a flight to Mars ).
And this number also kind of aligns with Jensen's and the averages in the scores of these undoubtedly intelligent and learned people that were researching, working in the intellectual vanguard and teaching the future generation of science in the 60s.
Thank you for reading. Any thoughs or corrections are welcomed.I'm going to sleep now, I wish you all a good day, evening or night.Resources:High School backgrounds of sciences doctorates. Lindsey R. Harmon. 1961Intelligence among university scientists. John Gibson, Phyllis Light. 1967Discussions on Genius and Intelligence Mega Foundation Interview with Arthur JensenWhy g matters: The complexity of everyday life. Linda Gottfredson. 1997
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2023.03.22 23:18 WrongYak34 Tools to help with swing path? Technology for a backyard hitting area?

I have an over the top swing and I am taking lessons. I cant remember all the specifics but I have to work on closing the face. External rotation of my trail arm in the back swing and I believe internal rotation in the downswing. Last numbers we had were 5.4 degrees Right I believe. I am a lefty so forgive me if I am incorrect. I am definitely going back for more lessons. Just trying to spend less on simulator sessions as there are none open in the great white north quite yet HA

Hes got this protractor looking device that he puts on the sim that I would like. But what are talking for price wise for a net, hitting mat and some tech that will have the stats for swing path etc?
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2023.03.22 23:16 FlamingMangos Meta: 150 Titles In The Works With Oculus Publishing
Announced during GDC 2023, Oculus Publishing provides a new name for Meta’s existing efforts to work with developers on everything from conceptualization and funding to promotion of their projects.
According to Meta, the company assisted with funding games like Among Us VR, Bonelab and Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, and Meta claims there’s “another 150 titles in active development today”.
“Over $1.5 billion has been spent on games and apps in the Meta Quest Store, with 40 titles grossing more than $10 million in revenue, and the number of titles making $20 million has doubled year over year,” according to Meta. You can read more in the official blog post.
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2023.03.22 23:14 ParlenceOfOurTimes I'm starting to question my relationship with a long-time friend.

My friend and I have known each other since we were in middle school (over ten years ago) and have honestly had some really good times growing up together and sharing memories. We often consider each other brothers and say it to each other whenever we're together and especially when we've had a couple of drinks.
This past weekend we went on a trip with a few of our other guy friends and there were some instances that made me aware of some of his character traits that haven't really sat well with me since.
The biggest thing was that over the course of three days, he would not stop talking about girls, sex, the number of women he's slept with, how much he wants to have sex with that girl over there, etc. It was honestly like an obsession for him. And that would all be fine except for the fact that he has a history of cheating and currently has a long-term girlfriend of 5+ years. I don't think he's cheated on her as of now, but at one point my friends and I confronted him about his how strong his wandering eye is and how disrespectful to his girlfriend who is honestly a genuinely nice person (I've known her since they started dating). His response was something like, "Hey, we're not married. If it happens it happens."
That really rubbed me the wrong way as I have my own reservations about infidelity plus it seemed like he really had no remorse about his attitude or his past instances of cheating.
I have no intention of getting involved in that situation, but I cannot help but feel like my view of his character has diminished since the trip. He also happens to be someone who makes everything into an unhealthy competition and consistently engages in other behaviors such as bragging and whining (about his girlfriend in particular... A lot of 'shut up b*tch' and those kinds of things).
I'm willing to bet that a lot of these things have to do with deep insecurities that haven't been addressed for which I hope he finds the necessary tools to help him heal. It's also possible that he may be stressed from work as well, with which I can empathize.
What cannot be ignored is the fact that I felt, and have been feeling, very drained in his presence as of late due to all of these behaviors. There's just a lot of dark and negative energy that I sense in him which is something I don't really care to voluntarily be around.
My other close friend who was with me on the trip shares some similar sentiments and we both agree that it can be very draining listening to him obsessively talk about how much he wants to cheat on his girlfriend, whine, etc.
He also has a habit of saying "f*ck you (my name)" to my face whenever I happen to beat him in some kind of game or act in a way that is contrary to his behavior. It's not the playful " aye f*ck you" that guys sometimes give to each other, but the "f*ck you" that is filled with anger and contempt. Not the healthiest energy to be around IMO.
It's a tough spot because he has been my friend for a long time and I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it feels like one of those instances where I've seen/heard too much.
I'll continue acting with kindness and love without expectations but for the sake of my health, I feel like it's time to start distancing myself from him.
We also just started a podcast project together before the trip so it's been weighing on me whether to continue with that or find some way to gently bring it to an end.
Thank you for your thoughts. Would love to hear some opinions on this 🙏🏼
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2023.03.22 23:12 vkrama17 What are some fun ways to teach a 3-3.5 yo alphabet and letters? He knows the alphabet song, recognizes many letters and some numbers, but it's not 100% consistent. I use flash cards, but I'm trying to find a more engaging way. Honestly, at times it seems like he's doing it for me 😁

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2023.03.22 23:12 PiotrTheGM [Paid][5E][Online][Campaign][+1 GMT][Friday][18:00] [3/5] Homebrew Campaign, seeks brave Adventurers!

Paid: $10 per session (Session 0 and 1 are free.) VTT: Roll20+Discord Discord: Xjed#4046 Time: 18:00[GMT+1] Weekly starting on Friday, 31.03.2023 Age requirement: 18+ Available Slots: 3/5 (3 STILL AVAILABLE!!) System: D&D 5E Additional Info: I'm gathering brave adventurers that want to explore and experience the world of Fearn. Great Adhenian Empire stands before you with its vast riches, huge dungeons and many exciting places to visit! Will you answer the call for adventure? Things that you can expect - 3-4 Hours of Game time with a 15-20 minute brake somewhere in the middle. - Expansive downtime activities like crafting or managing your own stronghold. - Character backstories intertwined with the plot of the game. (Some of them even will become the core of the campaign) - A introduction to both System and Virtual Tabletop if you're new. - Magic items curated to your character idea! Want to be a weaponless barbarian, let me help you with those bracelets! And lightning base cleric? Maybe a sword called Zap!?
To join, contact me on discord. I look for players who want something more from the game than numbers and dice rolling. I hope together we will create a fantastic and heroic story.
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2023.03.22 23:12 Frequent_Ad_8183 Apple Card Ultra

I watched this video on how GS lost over $3B in consumer banking in the past 3-4 years and got me wondering, do yall think they will ever release an “Apple Card Ultra” similar to Chase Reserve/AMEX Platinum?
While we’re at it maybe some benefits:
$500 annual fee
Feel free to add any other possible “Apple Card Ultra benefits.
Would you apply for the card?
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2023.03.22 23:12 oddv8gue Last year saw the highest number of group songs inside Gaon Digital Year-End Chart since 2018

Awhile back I made a post of a detailed list with all the songs by groups that made the Top100 of the Gaon/Circle Digital Year-End Chart since the creation of the chart, and now I decided to update with the 2022 stats as well, which made me notice some patterns.
2022 was the first year since 2018 to cross a total of 30+ group songs inside Top100, which is great since I've been wondering if numbers will be able to go back to the 30-ish range again. 2022 is also the year with the 5th most songs by groups since the chart's creation.
2022 is also the year with the most Girl Group Songs charting inside Top100 since 2011, and the 2nd year behind 2011 with the most variety of Girl Groups inside Top100.
Per companies, SM has four groups charting(most total), followed by Hybe with three and YG with two.
Pattern-wise, I imagine this year we will either see another huge increase, as in numbers might hit the 40+ range which hasn't happened since late 2nd/early 3rd gen, or a big decline. But given there are many (anticipated) debuts to still come out, I lean more towards the first scenario.

Year Total Songs in Top100 by Girl Groups by Boy Groups GGs BGs
2022 31 25 6 Aespa(5), IVE(3), (G)-IDLE(3), NewJeans(3), Blackpink(2), Le Sserafim(2), ITZY(1), Red Velvet(1), GOT the beat(1), Oh My Girl(1), Brave Girls(1), SNSD(1), STAYC(1) BTS(5), BigBang(1)

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2023.03.22 23:11 RetroGamingChicken QC Request: VSF Rolex Sea-Dweller from Steve

QC Request: VSF Rolex Sea-Dweller from Steve

Hello all, please can you assist a newbie here, I have given my thoughts
  1. Dealer name: Steve The One
  2. Factory name: VSF
  3. Model name (& version number): 126600 with VS3235
  4. Price paid: $538
  5. Album Links:
  6. Index alignment: looks ok if slightly off
  7. Dial Printing: seems ok
  8. Date Wheel alignment/printing: magnification of cyclops seems way too much
  9. Hand Alignment: looks good
  10. Bezel: the triangle at top that has the pearl does not look straight on the left
  11. Solid End Links (SELs): looks fine
  12. Timegrapher numbers: seems ok to me, maybe amplitude a bit low
  13. Anything else you notice: nothing else
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2023.03.22 23:11 fenway324 (WTS) Stripped rmr cut g17.5 slide, 30mm mount, Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod

Willing to trade towards SRO, g19.5 RMR slide, stripped 19.5 slide, obviously cash on my end.
First up I have a u/wage92 cut Glock 17 gen 5 slide stripped. Probably has 1000 rounds through it. $250
Second, I have a primary arms 30mm scope mount. Used for one range trip and got a Unity. $25
Lastly, I have a Heavy Tungsten Guide Rod for a Glock 19.5 used for a couple hundred rounds. $50
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2023.03.22 23:10 DogshitHandGrenade PXMD - 818k Share Float - 54% Shorted - 450% CTB - Trigger Ortex Type 1, 2, 3 Squeeze Alerts. Today the debt-to-equity investor gave all you newcomers a gift by short attcking it down to the best entry point you're ever going to see. LFG!

PXMD - 818k Share Float - 54% Shorted - 450% CTB - Trigger Ortex Type 1, 2, 3 Squeeze Alerts. Today the debt-to-equity investor gave all you newcomers a gift by short attcking it down to the best entry point you're ever going to see. LFG!

PXMD – The Brief DD

Stock Price (SP) = $1.78/share
Outstanding Shares (OS) = 12.04m
Market Cap = $30.45m
93% Insider Held = Only 7% Free Float
Largely held by the early founders still, very little freely traded

Free Float (FF) = 818k shares
Ortex Short% of FF = 54% (440k Shares = $783k)
Cost to Borrow (CTB) = 450%

Past (7) Trading Days the volume was 41.4m or 51x the Free Float
March 14 & 15 this tripped Ortex Type 1, 2, & 3 Squeeze Alert

Nov 22 - $20m funding facility established with LINCOLN at $1.55 stock price. This facility will cause dilution when it is used, but it has not been used yet. Lincoln has been shorting the stock because the lower the price the less they will pay once PXMD chooses to use this facility. It benefits PXMD to wait until the Stock Price is higher to use this facility because they will give up less ownership and receive more cash.

PXMD is pissed about the shorting and went out and got new financing so that they didn’t need to dilute to the vulture financier LINCOLN.

Feb 3 - $3.68m of cash secured from LIND at a valuation of $3.50. The dilution of this will not start to occur until August 2023 and will be slowly issued over 12-months. Only 1.23m shares so 10% of ownership. This $3.7m of cash will fund PXMD for most of 2023.

PXMD has not reporting using the LINCOLN facility to dilute and raise funds. I do not expect they need to given the $3.7m they just got from LIND 6-weeks ago. LINCOLN is pissed about the LIND financing because LINCOLN thought they were going to get 20% of PXMD at a valuation of $1.5/share or lower. The higher the stock price goes the more LINCOLN will need to pay for 20% of PXMD.

LINCOLN is giving it everything they got to keep this stock down and avoid a squeeze. If this squeezes to $8 PXMD will dilute and make LINCOLN pay the full $20m. At no time in the near term can PXMD dilute the stock more than 2.3m shares from the LINCOLN purchase agreement because per NASDAQ rules they cannot grant more than 20% ownership without shareholder approval. PXMD doesn’t want to use this LINCOLN dilution anyway, which is evidenced by them getting the LIND funding at $3.5/share just 6-weeks ago. It would be insane for a stock, or LIND, to offer cash at $3.5/share knowing PXMD would just dump week later at $1.5/share.

3 What Happened Today
This was the ideal day for LINCOLN to short attack the stock. All buyers are on the sidelines from the Fed announcement. The Fed announcement drove more sells to the market which only strengthened the short attack. Also, PXMD will announce earnings tomorrow after market, this further keeps buyers on the sidelines. LINCOLN has shorted this stock down routinely with attacks today, I pointed this out in my DD earlier today. This hurts the folks that got in at $2.40 but this is a gift to anyone wanting to add or just finding out about this stock now. Each short spike in the past has been rapidly unwound. This is due to the 400% CTB that has been persistent on this stock.

4 What could happen post earnings tomorrow
After earnings tomorrow we will confirm that no LINCOLN dilution has taken place. We will also get the big buyers back into the market. Guys, with only a 817k FF it’s so easy and cheap for LINCOLN to attack the stock down. This goes in reverse once the buys turn back on. LINCOLN and shorts need to exit these short positions due to the high CTB. The low free float will make the up-moves more violent. Think about it, at 450% CTB, these shorts need the stock to go down 5-cents per day JUST TO BREAK EVEN.
Secondly, the last time we had earnings on Nov 14th the stock ran up 100% from $1.52 to a high of $3.02 in (12) trading days. This was under similar, but slightly lower Short% than we have now.

What else do we have to say. The smallest amount of attention into this stock is going to send it soaring and we’ve all just been granted a gift from LINCOLN via their short attacks to get in at a much lower price. I am not a financial adviser; I am a potato. This is not financial advice.

Party on Potatoes
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