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2014.09.18 05:49 JetpackSpaceman Outlets in Odd Places - PurpleCoco

For pics of electrical outlets in odd places. Home to the best place to find odd outlets.

2009.12.26 07:56 ImLyingWhenISay Reading, Berkshire and the surrounding postcodes.

The town of Reading, located in Berkshire, UK. Probably the best place on the River Thames.

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Live in Connecticut? Travel the likes of 91, 84, 95 or the dreaded Merritt? You belong here! Our subreddit is dedicated to connecting the redditors of Connecticut so they may share their experiences with Connecticut's cultural offerings.

2023.06.08 18:22 Significant_Talk4943 Moving avatars

Afternoon my fellow collectors quick question to all you nice people. I've brought myself a avatar off of opensea and want it in my vault to mash etc but is says external wallet. So my stupid question is do I need to buy one for my pc and if so any good recommendations on which one is best. Thanks in advance 💚
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2023.06.08 18:22 kupcakezz Roommate keeps sighing

I (21M) have a roommate (24M) who keeps sighing every evening and it’s been stressing me out.
He studies in the evening until 5-6 am (he’s very studious and I respect him for that) but he would keep sighing and it makes it hard for me to sleep.
Though my main problem is that whenever I turn on the AC (around 12 midnight, right when I’m about to sleep), he would let out this big sigh which makes it so obvious that he doesn’t like it turned on.
I talked to him about the AC and how we can compromise on a temperature because I like it cold since it helps me sleep and we “agreed” about it. Though a few hours later, he would completely turn it off which would wake me up feeling hot (not the best feeling ever 🥲)
He’s just so passive aggressive and it sucks since I tried to communicate with him but to no avail. I can’t help but feel guilty now whenever I try to turn on the AC…
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2023.06.08 18:21 Downtown-Depart293 19f uk, could do with a fun conversation today and see where it goes! [friendship], maybe [relationship]

So as the title says, I’m 19f from the uk, south east (ish). Looking for someone also south east ideally but if not then just uk is fine.
Had a crap few days so I’ll be honest I might not be as chatty today but maybe a fun conversation is just what I need. I just want to talk to someone who can equally keep up a conversation, if we’re getting to know eachother then I genuinely want to hear about you, I love people who don’t stop talking and I’ll never get bored of it so don’t worry!
As for interests I’ll watch basically any sports, even if I don’t understand them all and I’ve recently got into travelling, I’d love to hear your favourite place and somewhere you’d really like to go. I don’t want to go into interests too much because I feel like it’s more natural learning as you go.
A picture in your message would be great as it’s obviously nice to know put a face to the messages but no pressure straight away.
Look forward to hearing from you!
(I wont respond to 2 word messages and it’s pretty easy to tell when someone’s actually bothered to read the post)
Also, sorry for the new account, I had one a while back but don’t know the login
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2023.06.08 18:21 Skellic The state of the games makes me sad.

Just a rant to be honest but it needs saying. People will probably disagree but that's cool, my opinion isn't fact.
I've been a lifelong fan of Pokémon, and I can almost say that without it being an exaggeration. I remember watching the TV show as a kid and I absolutely fell in love with it. I begged my parents to get me the game when I found out about it, even though I didn't own a Gameboy or had ever played any games before this, I just knew it was for me.... It wasn't. Not at the time anyway. It took me another year or two before I stumbled across the cartridge and decided to give it another go. This is where I REALLY fell in love with the game. It felt like I had a whole world to explore, so many things to find, people and Pokémon to meet and teams to build and battle. I was overwhelmed at the time but as I grew and the games came out more and more of the mechanics became clear to me, and the games only got better with time. It was genuinely my favourite series, the films, the TV show and the games were a core part of my growing up.
This was up until Sun and Moon. Not saying these are bad games, but it's the turning point that Resident Evil had with 4 where they did it so completely differently it was hard not to compare it with the older games. Every few steps, a cutscene or large amounts of dialogue and the routes? God the routes were so shallow. Some were very good don't get me wrong, but as a whole flying through multiple routes that were flat out corridors just felt so lifeless and sad. Sure we had fancy graphics (for the time) however so much of what made the older games good was just not there for me. I ended up finishing the game and I did get US/UM too and I enjoyed them a bit more, maybe because I knew what I was getting into. They were the last new games I finished.
Everything since those new games and the dive into open world on the switch just makes me sad and angry. I feel like the Devs either don't care or are just at the mercy of whatever profit focused shareholder is waving the stick currently. The games just have nothing to them. The only thing I can honestly give credit to is the new Pokémon themselves, a lot of them are great and every single gen has more than a few bad Pokémon, the variety is what makes it all fun. But the rest of the games I honestly wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy. The world is now one big glob of bland and empty environments, Pokémon that stand in place or in big groups and just do nothing? At least sword and shield tried to give us some old style routes, weren't great but it was something. S/V has nothing even resembling that.
I just feel like whoever is in charge cares more about profit and keeping the brand alive than appealing to fans. I don't care about difficulty, I don't care about hand holding or long cutscenes or them easing off on the difficulty, I care about them disrespecting us so hard as fans.
Interested to see others opinions but honestly, the series is dead to me now and only a major overhaul will change that.
(New show is pretty fun tho).
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2023.06.08 18:21 Professional_Stop960 16 m I talk to nobody and have no friends

I use to have a decent amount of friends who I now realise were just acquaintances who I had to communicate with because of school. Outside of that my best friend of 7 years moved away which lead me to rarely seeing him. I deleted all social media because no one ever talks to me and I’ve just been going gym and eating till the point of throwing up or nearly throwing up every day in order to gain muscle mass however I became sick and lost 4kg in 5 days. All my numbers in the gym plummeted. Also my voice broke due to the cold and despite me in school currently I realised I don’t need it. I’ve gone a week without saying a word with no more than 4 people realising I broke my voice. I am completely isolated and talk to no one other than my family for months. No one in my school has ever offered to meet up with me during the weekend ever and for the longest time I just had 1 friend who I basically don’t talk to anymore. There’s so much more to say and I might schizo post in the future but I cannot be asked to write more.
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2023.06.08 18:21 Cautious-Ad-600 Almost got me with the D option

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2023.06.08 18:21 r3crac Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System 2K with Solar Panels for 187.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 199.99 USD)

Here is the link (Banggood): Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System 2K with Solar Panels
Coupon code (apply in the cart!): BG589b2e
Current price is 187.99 USD. The lowest price in my database is 199.99 USD.There're already 5 records in DB. Price monitoring since 21.12.2022!
This post may be old (if you're here from Google), so just go here to get currently active coupons (and price alerts :)) for Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System 2K with Solar Panels:
I hope it's useful for you!
Pretty good deal with big price discount.
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2023.06.08 18:21 ImissBagels Zelda Lynel off-brand set

We purchased my 8 year old a knockoff Zelda Botw Lynel, he built in entirely himself, which was pretty impressive. Unfortunately the pieces used on the face just do not latch together firmly. They pop off at the slightest touch, putting them back causes others to snap off. I know gluing Lego type things is frowned upon, but I just can't see any other way to make this one work. Does anyone have any tips on gluing it? Brush it around the seams, put it under then push into place, etc.I'm trying Elmer's craft glue, as at least if that fails I will be able to get the glue off. I do have kragle if necessary. I linked the set we bought below. Thank you!
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2023.06.08 18:21 friedeggtoast Samantha Spade

I got the task from Samantha Spade to get some shoe prints in a hidden place for the orange stamp. The hint says to look at a pond but I don't understand which one I'm supposed to look at
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2023.06.08 18:21 NopalesTaco1650 Black Women with White Men - Do you experience harassment for your relationship?

I'm a Black woman living with my white male partner of 12 years. I've lived all over the city, many boroughs, for 15 years. I've lived with my partner for 9 years at various places in the Crown Heights/Flatbush area.
Lately the harassment I've experienced from people in my neighborhood has gotten out of control and I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.
It began as catcalling and harassment of just me by the Black middle aged men who chill on sidewalks and stoops near my building. As soon as we moved in, when I would walk my dog, it was near constant comments on my looks, positive, but intrusive, sometimes even unsolicited critiques of my looks, telling me what they would prefer or like better. This alone made me uncomfortable, but felt harmless in the end and I just avoided those areas if I wasn't in the mood to hear it.
Then once they realized I was with a white guy, the energy felt more charged. When he wasn't there, they would call out the fact that they knew I was with a white guy. Belittle him. "Casually" mention his skin color.
A Black woman at a bodega was annoyed with me for a perceived slight that was a misunderstanding. I said excuse me under a mask. She didn't hear me and called me rude for then asking her to move when she didn't. She called out the fact that I was with a white guy as if that proved something.
Then one night, we were on the 5 train and a seemingly normal Black guy was staring at us. He began fuming then started screaming at us. Saying we made him sick. I belonged to him. "He was more man than my white devil." I was a traitor. He gestured like he was gonna punch us in the face for a few stops. Screamed in my face. Tried to get my partner to react and fight him. We just stayed quiet, got off at our stop and thankfully he did not follow us.
After this last encounter where someone threatened to physically harm me and my partner because we are interracial, I'm just feeling very sad. Feeling rejected by some of my people. Feeling more afraid.
Moving isn't an option or a desire. We lucked out and have a rent stabilized lottery apartment. Me being a gentrifier walking out of a new building is possibly part of this too.
I was actually born on the block I live on though I was raised in other states. I was excited to move back to where my parents had lived. Now, I've never disliked living in a NYC neighborhood until now cause I can't decide if I should feel unsafe, be on guard, relax. I'm sick of feeling judged and hated by people on my block and just wondering if anyone else, specifically Black women, is experiencing similar hostilities.
TL;DR: I see other Black women coupled with white men living in Flatbush/PLG and around NYC. Are you being harassed for being with a white man too or is it just unlucky me? :(
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2023.06.08 18:21 Crazy_Wargeek Need help building an "Isengard deforstation" themed list

Need help building an
Hi everyone
To keep it very short : someone mentioned to me how well Saruman and a great beast of Gorgoroth worked together. And I had a great idea for an Isengard's industry themed proxy : one of those early steam engine. The whole army theme would be the force that stayed at Isengard and were harvesting Fangorn's wood at an industrial scale.

Here is two potential 800pt list with very different approach, could you advise me wich would perform decently ?

Variant 1 [Mouth of Sauron / Kardush] Fire and evil magic 52 models
Saruman on horse
  • 8 Uruks scouts with shield
  • 6 Uruk scout with bow
  • 2 Crebain
  • 1 Warg rider with shield
Mouth of Sauron on armored horse (converted as evil/broken gandalf)
  • 5 Orcs with shield
  • 5 Orcs with spear
  • 1 Warg rider with shield
Kardush the firecaller (converted as a chaman/flamethrower orc)
  • 5 Orcs with shield
  • 5 Orcs with spear
  • 1 Orc tracker
Greath beast of Gorgoroth and commander (converted as a steam bulldozer)
  • 9 Orcs with bows

Lot of magic, Mouth of sauron has march and is the cheapest valor hero for an alliance. Kardush synergize well with the beast, giving Fury and using its orcs as magic battery. I can spam magic, but the mouth is the best I can align in term of melee.

Variant 2 [Razgûsh / Drummer] Elf hatred and evil beast 46 models
Saruman on horse
  • 7 Orcs with shield
  • 7 Orcs with spear
  • 2 Crebain
  • 2 Warg rider with shield
Razgush (converted as big orc supervisor)
  • 2 Batswarm
  • 6 Orcs with shield
  • 7 Orcs with spear and a banner
Greath beast of Gorgoroth and commander (converted as a steam bulldozer)
  • 9 Orcs with bows
Lone Orc drummer who sets the work pace (and is a 4th warband drop)

Lot of flying units for taking objectives, batswarm isfar more scary against any hero who wants to neutralize the beast. Hatred elves on all orcs even in Saruman warband (if I understand the rule correctly), less troops but a banner and a better hero fighter.
Thanks :)
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2023.06.08 18:21 Pointshilling Anxious about my postgraduate prospects due to amount of time taken to finish degree and lack of experience

I’m hopefully going to be finishing my bachelors in modern history and politics this summer. Until a few months ago I still had no idea whatsoever what I wanted to do after university, however I am now hoping to take a psychology conversion masters with a view to becoming a psychotherapist in future (I would ideally like to go down the clinical psychology route, but psychotherapist seems a more realistic ambition considering the competitiveness of clinical psych doctorates). This is a job I can certainly picture myself in with the correct training. However, although I am glad to have a potential career in mind, I can’t help but feel as though I am already in a very weak position when it comes to being able to pursue this - or indeed any other future plan - due to the amount of time it will have taken me to finish my degree by the time I graduate.
I began in September 2017, completed my first two years of uni without a lot of drama, then went for a year abroad in 2019/20 which was ultimately disrupted by the pandemic. To cut a long story short, in October 2020, a week or so prior to the start of what was due to be my final year, I was unexpectedly told by my university that I had in fact failed the year abroad and would subsequently have to revert to the three year variant of my degree (this entire situation occurred due to a misunderstanding about whether I could stop online learning in April 2020). This impacted my mental health badly, as I couldn’t get past the feeling that the entire year had essentially counted for nothing. I began to develop anxiety and depression, the effect of which was exacerbated by the fact I was stuck in student accommodation by myself during the late 2020 lockdown, and eventually intermitted. My mental health has been unstable since this point, and as a result I am only approaching the end of my final year now, almost six years on from when I began the degree.
I am now very anxious about how this gap will affect my job prospects upon graduation. I did some agency work very sparingly during uni, but aside from this my CV is pretty blank, and I’m worried that employers won’t even consider a candidate with gaps as extensive as mine. I feel that only having a three year degree to show for six years of being a student will surely make me an off-putting prospect. This thought really demotivates me and makes me feel hopeless about the future.
Is there anything I can do now to increase my chances of finding work upon graduation? Although I’d like to pursue the conversion MSc, after so long in education I’m also considering whether it may be best to try and get out into the “real world” and get some experience doing any job first. I feel that this option may be better both in terms of my overall employability and my mental wellbeing in the short term. However, if it would not be disadvantageous to my employability I’m also not averse to going straight for the masters, as I am quite certain about pursuing the career path I mentioned previously.
Earlier today, a friend mentioned the idea of gaining experience in an entry level psychology role once I graduate from my bachelors. However, I’m not sure about the feasibility of this. Is there any such role out there? Is it possible to gain experience in psychology without having studied it at undergraduate level? If so, what type of positions should I look for and how should I go about this? I’m not concerned about the pay, just looking for any kind of experience to get my foot in the door. If anyone knows more and is willing to share I would be really grateful.
I’m aware that this post has been a mess, and I apologise wholeheartedly for that but hope my situation is at least somewhat comprehensible. I’m basically pretty lost and looking for a way forward right now, that’s the crux of it. If there’s anything I need to clarify further, please point it out to me and I’ll be happy to do so. I wrote this in a pretty bad headspace, so apologies again if anything is unclear.
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2023.06.08 18:20 LifelyDangerous Is there a Kumasawa fan out there? Or at least the servants enthusiasts like me.

I love her penchant of playfulness with the rest of the cast, her voice filled with plethora of real, vigor, humanly sounds ( i really cant find the word, i forgot) noises like shrieks, screams, laugh and all that. But most importantly shes the only one who sympathize Natsuhi. And rest of the servants were all so great. And when those massacres happen during the question arcs, the execution were incredible, staggering, shattering but really job well done. One more, the magic system was so undeniably the best among fictions. The Senate, the Endless Witches' power and concepts and the furniture idea was never been explored so its fresh and refreshing despite the grim truth behind it. So in all, this post has become an appreciation publication far from the title.
(I actually wanna post an appreciation post for my first time in this subreddit but i forgot what was it that i want to write)
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2023.06.08 18:20 PaintedLive [Online][R20][5e][Sundays 1PM PDT] Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos!

Who Am I? (DM)
Feel free to call me Paint! I am the DM! I've been running D&D 5E for the last 5 years now. And I've been running the majority of it on Roll20! I have a vast knowledge on how to use Roll20 effectively as to make games run smoothly! Don't mind my 3000+ hrs on Roll20 lol.
Campaign Overview. (Level 1-10)
Founded seven centuries ago by five ancient dragons, Strixhaven is the premier institution of magical learning, drawing promising young mages from all over. Each equipped with its own campus and faculty, Strixhaven’s five colleges cover a vast array of academic and magical specialties.
As a Strixhaven student, you start with a well-rounded education in a rigorous first-year program. In your second year, you choose your preferred specialty at one of the five colleges. You can also partake in a vibrant campus life, with plenty of clubs and other activities. You might even play on one of Strixhaven’s prestigious Mage Tower teams and bask in the adoration of cheering crowds!
Accepted Into Strixhaven?!
A magical world boasts many places where students can study magic and many sages who take eager learners under their wings. But being accepted to Strixhaven University is a special honor, the dream of many young students. Strixhaven is a place of enlightenment and learning, and both its graduates and its delegates are typically welcomed and respected wherever they go.
Game Rules.
1. Have a good Microphone and Internet connection.
(Just enough to not cause issues with hearing you or slowing the game down.)
  1. Must be 18 or Older.
  2. LGBTQIA+ Safe Space! I will not allow any level of disrespect in my games.
  3. You must be available at the time and date of the game, no exceptions. If you can't do it, then you should not apply.
  4. Have fun! Make friends with the other players! Once we meet in the discord server feel free to chat each other up! I have a discord server that everyone will have access to once I invite you!
  5. No politics. We ain't here for that. And honestly idc.
Apply Link:
If you have anything to ask feel free to comment down below!
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2023.06.08 18:20 dowurkson What’s the deal with girl getting off to a guy buying her drinks/dinner?

Agreed to meet a girl for a simple first date at a bar to get to know each other.
The day before she suggests going to an expensive restaurant before the bar, but I couldn’t make it earlier so said just the bar.
It so happened it was ladies night at the bar and she drank free. I didn’t know this, but was pleasantly surprised. She joked that I probably planned it.
Things were going really well. She then said she was hungry and suggested walking to some places nearby… we did, but they were all closing down.
She suggested some other places to drive to but I think she could tell I wasn’t really feeling it and said she was going to just go home.
I get being cheap is unattractive, but isn’t frivolous spending stupid? When I look back at the amount I’ve spent at dinnedrinks it’s sickening. Has to be 6 figures that I’d definitely rather have in my pocket.
She seemed like she wanted to get together again and mentioned “next time we should….”, but I haven’t heard from her and not sure if I want to reach back out. Glad I didn’t waste a couple hundred bucks though
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2023.06.08 18:20 officialflowium What colour should your email CTA's be?

Color theory plays an important role in influencing consumer behavior and can significantly impact the conversion rate of your call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Here are some key considerations regarding color theory and CTA conversion rates:
Contrast: Creating a contrast between the CTA button color and the surrounding elements helps draw attention and makes it stand out. Use colors that complement or contrast with the overall color scheme of your email to make the CTA button more noticeable.
Color Associations: Different colors evoke specific emotions and associations in people. Understanding these associations can help you choose colors that align with the desired action or message. For example, red is often associated with urgency or excitement, while green signifies growth or trust. Consider the desired emotional response when selecting colors for your CTAs.
Brand Consistency: Consistency with your brand's color scheme is essential to maintain a cohesive and recognizable identity. Use colors that align with your brand's guidelines and visual identity to establish familiarity and trust among your audience.
Primary Color for CTAs: Studies have shown that certain colors tend to perform well for CTAs. Generally, bold and contrasting colors like red, orange, and green have demonstrated higher conversion rates. However, this can vary depending on factors such as your target audience, industry, and overall design context.
A/B Testing: Conducting A/B tests with different CTA button colors can provide valuable insights into what resonates best with your audience. Test different colors and monitor conversion rates to identify which color combinations yield the highest engagement and conversions. Remember to test one variable at a time to isolate the impact of color on CTA performance.
Remember that while color is an important factor, it is just one element in the overall design and messaging of your CTAs. The effectiveness of your CTAs also depends on factors such as placement, copywriting, size, and overall user experience. It's important to consider color theory in conjunction with these other elements to optimize your CTAs for conversion.
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2023.06.08 18:20 LuminousViper I dont get it - from a place of naivety and respect

Hello people,
Happy pride month.
Simply put, i do not understand gender and would like to ask some questions to understand where my point of view and understanding has differed. I have a libertarian viewpoint and therefore respect anyone's freedom to do as they wish. For my own personal understanding i would love/appreciate knowing where i have gone wrong in my viewpoint.
So to begin: (Source: ) Using this source, the idea of gender is to describe the norms and role of males and female & what is considered to be masculine and feminine (and to paraphrase in the case of non-binary, they differ from what is considered to be masculine and feminine).
What i dont understand about this is, males and females have a vast difference in personality and thus very few are the stereotypical view of what a male & female are based on old fashioned societal norms. Furthermore, on a slight tangent, the stereotypical views of masculinity and femininity are quite sexist and in reality males and females differ quite drastically on whatever viewpoint you come across. From my naive perspective, i would consider this to be a range of different personalities since no one (or very few) are the stereotypical "male" and "female" and the difference, in my point of view, is a difference of personalities.
So to summarise, how is gender different from personalities?
Either way, i have a lot of respect for peoples freedoms and therefore really want to understand where i have gone wrong in my perspective on personality and gender. I hope you can respect my willingness to engage and learn, especially since peace comes from understanding.
All the best and thank you for your time.

Note* i tried posting on lgbt but awaiting moderator approval and saw this community in the sidebar. I thought this may be a more appropriate place for this post.
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2023.06.08 18:20 Downtown-Depart293 19f uk, could do with a fun conversation today and see where it goes!

So as the title says, I’m 19f from the uk, south east (ish). Looking for someone also south east ideally but if not then just uk is fine.
Had a crap few days so I’ll be honest I might not be as chatty today but maybe a fun conversation is just what I need. I just want to talk to someone who can equally keep up a conversation, if we’re getting to know eachother then I genuinely want to hear about you, I love people who don’t stop talking and I’ll never get bored of it so don’t worry!
As for interests I’ll watch basically any sports, even if I don’t understand them all and I’ve recently got into travelling, I’d love to hear your favourite place and somewhere you’d really like to go. I don’t want to go into interests too much because I feel like it’s more natural learning as you go.
A picture in your message would be great as it’s obviously nice to know put a face to the messages but no pressure straight away.
Look forward to hearing from you!
(I wont respond to 2 word messages and it’s pretty easy to tell when someone’s actually bothered to read the post)
Also, sorry for the new account, I had one a while back but don’t know the login
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2023.06.08 18:20 kittiemouse ORB OF UNITY

Has anyone gone back into the Dark Castle and gotten the Orb of Unity. I put it in the Skull Rock Pillar. And these runes popped up on the sand around it. And there is an option to place Furniture. It's a quest for Merlin but he knows nothing about it. Can someone help?
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2023.06.08 18:20 AdInternational6840 [Advice] New College Grad Moving to NYC

I'm starting an entry-level media job at $45,000 in NYC and am planning on moving there within the next few weeks and splitting an apartment with a friend. At $45,000 with the 40x rent rule, Manhattan seems out of the picture for now, so we're looking at apartments in some Brooklyn neighborhoods (Williamsburg, Bushwick, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant) with a budget range of $2,000 - $2,250 a month ($1,000 - $1,125 per person).
Are there any other neighborhoods in Brooklyn or Queens worth checking out for budgets in that range?
This is an estimated per-person monthly budget. I have enough saved to cover a security deposit and moving costs, I don't have a car, my company has a gym and free breakfast and lunch, and I'm still on my parent's healthcare and cell phone plan. Would there be any additional costs to think about?
Gross Income: $45,000
Net Income (just guessing after taxes): $33,000/12 = $2,750 Net Income per month.
Rent: $1,125
Utilities/Internet (Per Person): $150
Restaurants: $200
Bars/Entertainment: $200
Groceries: $300
Metro Card: $125
Renters Insurance: $50
Laundry: $50
Taxi/Ride Share: $100
Miscellaneous (Clothes, Furniture, etc.): $200
Savings?: $250
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2023.06.08 18:20 ProfessionalMatter77 I just made such a big mistake befriending a pick me again

I was friends with this girl (A). A was my friend from childhood. She was a wonderful soul. But after the lockdown. She became a female hater constantly bullying girls and putting them down to befriend guys. Girl thinks shes all that. She thinks shes better than most of the girls. Girls having opinions are arrogant and mean and rude in her mind.
We had a fight in 8th grade. Her family was rumouring me of being a whore( i never even had a bf) and i asked her to tell her family to mind their owm bussiness. And she got mad. She screamed at me infront of the whole classroom. Then i stopped talking to her for few months. Her other friends begged me to talk with her. She even herself begged me to befriend her again. After i talked with her for a few months she told me she got raped my her mom's brother. I eventually got close to her give her support. (HUGGEEEEE MISTAKEEEE) . Girl criticizes everything i do. When i top the class she makes fun of me. Insecure lil bitch . She constanly tells her other friends to worship her because she thinks her friends got their confidence because of her. Bro cries when i humble her. She thinks she owns the world while everyone pities her. I once called her "oversmart" and she cried. The same day a guy called her a "whore" and cursed her mother. But its fine when he did that cuz hes a guy and she laughed with him. But now that i called her oversmart im now "arrogant","dominating", and "toxic". Also when the guys made fun of her rape incident she laughed with them. Such a male attention seeker.
When my friend called her a "pick me" she cried in the classroom. What makes me mad the most is that she constanly favors guy. Once we organized a farewell for our teacher who was leaving the country. He said we should distribute the cake among ourselves as he wont be eating the cake. That pick me cutted the cake and gave the girls 1/4 of the cake and also cutted that 1/4 of the cake into 3 parts and saved it for the two guys missing. The guys didnt even pay for the cake But the girls did. I wanna put her in her place so badddd. Someone tell me what to do.
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