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2023.06.10 20:53 PanchoBaker I'm hoping someone can tell me why I'm wrong about Jaay Brooks & Done??

TLDR: Why would Jay be willing to take such a hit to his "legacy"? what unknown unknown is he and his slime balls keeping from us? WCC
Long time listener first time caller here. With so many great things and story lines happening in the game of golf over the past two and half three years it's a shame Jay had to clousterfuuken it all up. He and he alone allowed for this all to happen and to get to the point it got to. He such a narcissistic sociopath that it's hard not to think that he thinks he's crushing it like 400y drives! I mean Rory said in his presser that Jay now runs golf... WTF How can he be the cause and the solution?? His admission of hypocrisy and Webster like display of such leads me to wonder why would he be willing to castrate himself like that? CEO of world golf could be one, money/power. I've heard convenient truth thrown around and wasn't it convenient for a Tuesday 10 am in Canada with a memo containing a monster 'red herring' in the way of the tax exempt status in the first paragraph?!?! Congress is actively talking about this and I can't help but think that plays perfectly into what/why/where/when and most importantly how this was announced??? I mean Claude Harmon III calling it all the Truman Show was a lights on moment for me and the timing of this seems to perpetuate that thought. Jay and his quack out friend with whom should also be done must be singing Dixie right now with the pied pippers flute. I mean come on how dumb do you think we as fans of golf are? If nothing more I hope this post opens up some eyes to the truth. As to the PGeeJay Tour's (that's my vote for the new name) force feeding me the value of "legacy" is yet another wonderful example of hypocrisy and I think ultimately will be Jaay's legacy to the game. To me legacy is built on tradition (see ANGC ask for Jim) where you look back fondly with admiration on the hard work put in by those who came before you. Not always but generally through hard work or some form of merit one might get to join that tradition and still then a "legacy" is not guaranteed. Realizing no one person or thing is bigger than the foundation that was laid before you invokes a sense of integrity and accountability in that in order to not only maintain the tradition but to leave it better than you found it. That is legacy. It's actions steming from a place of good with good purpose and well intent. So for Jay to say and continue to talk about the tradition is the vomit leaving his soul
Oh wait there's more since I'm here and will probably never post again I would like publicly shame Jay for what he allowed to happen under his "watch" and the most egregious of which is what he did to our favorite uncle Phil. Here a question for who is the oldest major winner and when/where? It's not Jack at Augusta in '86? What do you mean?? Phil didn't even get to defend his title and with jays hard on for legacy what Phil did was incredible like awe inspiring especially now that brooks has 5 and likely 2 more coming this year (every now and again I get a whiff of a Brooks slam). It's Phil!! why am I suppose to hate him again Jay I keep forgetting?? Every year the open loves to remind us Turnberry and Watson's eluding Father time yet Phil actually does it and in instead of giving the what we can now only speculate what would have been the sweetest victory lap of all time we get crickets not to mention he doesn't even get the chance to defend. Horrible... The world however is horrible see "Brandon in Shambles" he'll fill you in on why you should care. I guess I don't because I just want to watch golf and cheer for people I like. Ok which brings me to my question and that is with the DOJ investigation and senator talking about 501(c) tax exempt status and how Norman is now apparently "getting what he deserves bc he's a dick and blah blah blah" how is everyone ok with this decently tacky smokescreen? For real how? And why is he willing to take this on the chin? And why now after all the lies and forced narrative? As rumsfeld said what unknown unknown's does Jay possess? Is it the power? Could it be the power bc his "legacy" is in one of those port-o-potties after a hard rain at hot humid us open, you know the one I'm taking about where you open the door and you are sheet everywhere.
I personally want nothing to do with his new tour so long as he has any part in it... bc Phil was right and long before I realized Phil (at that time I was still believing the Jay invoked PGA Tour narrative that Phil was evil now how associating with him was reputation suicide) was right I always kept coming back to why in the world would Phil of all people be doing this?? I'll never forgive Jay for making me feel that way and that's why he needs to hit the dust trail and head off into the sunset never to be seen or heard from again.
and I just needed somewhere to get all of this out and whew deep breath I feel better... Thanks Redditeers
I'll take my answer of air as the theme song to CHiPs plays me out
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2023.06.10 20:51 rationalunicornhunt Tips for over-eating and emotional eating!

  1. Over-eat mindfully: notice the sensations in your body as you eat and ask yourself: does my body really need this right now? Am I really hungry? If you still want to eat the thing, give yourself permission and savour the treat mindfully. Notice the taste, the texture, the way it looks, the way it smells, the way it makes your body feel. Don't feel guilty. Stop when you feel satisfied. When I gave myself permission to eat a variety of foods mindfully, it helped me control my cravings. You might still be depriving yourself mentally if you see some foods as "bad" and feel so guilty that you can't enjoy these foods fully even if you're not literally depriving yourself.
  2. Drink 6-8 tall glasses of water a day. Sometimes what we think is hunger is actually thirst and what we need is water. If you don't like the taste of water, try to flavoured it with lemon or buy fizzy, naturally flavoured water.
  3. Give up your membership to the "clean plate" club. As kids, we are told to clean our plate before we can play or have dessert and it can get in the way of us feeling our satiety and hunger cues. Try to put less on your plate and eat more slowly. Chew well and savour the food. Try to eat without the distractions of electronics or TV. I forgot to add....try leaving some food on the plate and see how it feels....process the guilt and the issues around food in your journal or with a friend/therapist)
  4. Notice that eating for emotional reasons doesn't leave you satisfied and you keep wanting more because food is not what you're really hungry for. Talk to a friend, go for a walk, do gentle yoga, or journal, or find some other way to meet your emotional need, because otherwise we can become a bottomless pit of despair and just keep eating until we are sick and still feel like shit in the end. Notice how eating to resolve emotions actually makes you feel....guilty, out of control? and notice that emotions tend to come and go in wave. There are mindfulness meditations and other ways to learn to "surf your urges" and not give into those waves.
  5. Use calories trackers. This may or may not work well for you, depending on your relationship with tracking. Tracking works for me because it makes me more mindful of my choices and it made me notice that I don't have to eat as many calories as I was eating to feel full and satisfied. However, this last one is not recommended for people with complex histories of eating disorders.
  6. Get the book 'End Emotional Eating' and actually do all the mindfulness exercises, including eating a raisin or a chocolate square mindfully and slowly while noticing all the sensory experiences of it. I did this and it helped me enjoy food more and not feel deprived with a smaller amount of food.
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2023.06.10 20:51 ElectricalDelivery56 Hudski Doggler vs. Surly Bridge Club vs. Kona Dr. Dew?

Just cracked an aluminum frame I had built up custom with a local shop, and I want to replace it. For some reason, I have always found myself riding cross frames, and I’m sick of that kind of geometry / ride experience.
I’ll mostly be using this bike as a do-it-all NYC bike. Commuting 5 days a week, carrying random shit to-and-from, going on a 20+ mile ride at least once a week. I really want something with a longer wheelbase that is very comfortable, has big tires, and will be able to haul shit well on the front end (I like to run racks / baskets).
So far, I’ve narrowed it down to:
Any thoughts are appreciated!
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2023.06.10 20:48 biancamission 🆘🆘 EUTHANASIA LIST - DEADLINE 5PM TUESDAY (June 13th) - ORANGE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES, ORLANDO, FL🆘🆘 BLU, HANSON and LUCKY only have until 5 PM TUESDAY (JUNE 13th) to be ADOPTED or RESCUED. If interested in fostering one of them for a rescue, please send me a private message. PLEASE SHARE 🙏🏻❤️

🆘🆘 EUTHANASIA LIST - DEADLINE 5PM TUESDAY (June 13th) - ORANGE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES, ORLANDO, FL🆘🆘 BLU, HANSON and LUCKY only have until 5 PM TUESDAY (JUNE 13th) to be ADOPTED or RESCUED. If interested in fostering one of them for a rescue, please send me a private message. PLEASE SHARE 🙏🏻❤️ submitted by biancamission to adoptdontshop [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:48 biancamission 🆘🆘 EUTHANASIA LIST - DEADLINE 5PM TUESDAY (June 13th) - ORANGE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES, ORLANDO, FL🆘🆘 BLU, HANSON and LUCKY only have until 5 PM TUESDAY (JUNE 13th) to be ADOPTED or RESCUED. If interested in fostering one of them for a rescue, please send me a private message. PLEASE SHARE 🙏🏻❤️

🆘🆘 EUTHANASIA LIST - DEADLINE 5PM TUESDAY (June 13th) - ORANGE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES, ORLANDO, FL🆘🆘 BLU, HANSON and LUCKY only have until 5 PM TUESDAY (JUNE 13th) to be ADOPTED or RESCUED. If interested in fostering one of them for a rescue, please send me a private message. PLEASE SHARE 🙏🏻❤️ submitted by biancamission to National_Pet_Adoption [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:48 xzkandykane How to approach husband's doctor about not being able to lose weight?

My husband, is 31, 5'10, 325 lbs. He has always been big, even as a kid. In highschool, he drank soda, ate pizza, fries, etc everyday. We've been mostly cooking at home for several years, no more sugary drinks or soda. His portion are normal portions. He is a mechanic so fairly active job but cant lose weight. We did track for several weeks what he eats in calories and it ranges from 1900 to 3000. His last metabolic tests in September shows fasting glucose at 85mg Chloestrol 185, triglycerides 138, hdl 47 and ldl 106. Blood pressure 128/78. All his tests improve year after year. But his weight hovers with 10 lbs. His clothes are looser though. He did gain 5lbs on a 10day cruise(but so did I..). I worry alot, should we approach his doctor on the next check up about not losing weight? Or does it seem like he's just eating too much? Our lunch and dinners are mostly meat + some veggies(sautee or oven). We go out 1-2 a week. Im at my wits end of him not losing weight and I dont want him to have a heart attack when he's young. We're also thinking about having kids so Im even more worried that his health will deteriorate. He does do about half an hour of weight training 2 times a week. He had his TSH checked several in 2016, 3.25 and in 2018 at 1.67. Both his mom and sister are on the bigger side, but I cant speak to their diets...
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2023.06.10 20:48 biancamission 🆘🆘 EUTHANASIA LIST - DEADLINE 5PM TUESDAY (June 13th) - ORANGE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES, ORLANDO, FL🆘🆘 BLU, HANSON and LUCKY only have until 5 PM TUESDAY (JUNE 13th) to be ADOPTED or RESCUED. If interested in fostering one of them for a rescue, please send me a private message. PLEASE SHARE 🙏🏻❤️

🆘🆘 EUTHANASIA LIST - DEADLINE 5PM TUESDAY (June 13th) - ORANGE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES, ORLANDO, FL🆘🆘 BLU, HANSON and LUCKY only have until 5 PM TUESDAY (JUNE 13th) to be ADOPTED or RESCUED. If interested in fostering one of them for a rescue, please send me a private message. PLEASE SHARE 🙏🏻❤️ submitted by biancamission to rescuedogs [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:47 Rutfz CRASH: The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Mixin transformation of net.minecraft.class_329 failed

CRASH: The game crashed whilst initializing game Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Mixin transformation of net.minecraft.class_329 failed
I was trying to update my client-side mods to 1.20 but it's crashing please help!
[12:41:44] [main/INFO]: Loading Minecraft 1.20 with Fabric Loader 0.14.21 [12:41:44] [main/INFO]: Loading 107 mods: - architectury 9.0.7 - badpackets 0.4.1 - blanket-client-tweaks 1.1.3 - clickthrough 1.19.3-fabric0.68.1-0.4 -- crowdin-translate 1.4+1.19.3 \-- gbfabrictools 1.3.4+1.19.3 - cloth-config 11.0.99 \-- cloth-basic-math 0.6.1 - completeconfig 2.3.1 -- completeconfig-base 2.3.1 -- completeconfig-gui-cloth 2.3.1 \-- completeconfig-gui-yacl 2.3.1 - essential-container 1.0.0 \-- essential-loader 1.0.0 - fabric-api 0.83.0+1.20 -- fabric-api-base 0.4.29+b04edc7a27 -- fabric-api-lookup-api-v1 1.6.34+4d8536c927 -- fabric-biome-api-v1 13.0.10+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-block-api-v1 1.0.9+e022e5d127 -- fabric-blockrenderlayer-v1 1.1.39+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-client-tags-api-v1 1.0.20+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-command-api-v1 1.2.32+f71b366f27 -- fabric-command-api-v2 2.2.11+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-commands-v0 0.2.49+df3654b327 -- fabric-containers-v0 0.1.61+df3654b327 -- fabric-content-registries-v0 4.0.7+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-convention-tags-v1 1.5.3+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-crash-report-info-v1 0.2.18+aeb40ebe27 -- fabric-data-generation-api-v1 12.1.10+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-dimensions-v1 2.1.51+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-entity-events-v1 1.5.21+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-events-interaction-v0 0.6.0+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-events-lifecycle-v0 0.2.61+df3654b327 -- fabric-game-rule-api-v1 1.0.38+b04edc7a27 -- fabric-item-api-v1 2.1.26+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-item-group-api-v1 4.0.7+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-key-binding-api-v1 1.0.36+fb8d95da27 -- fabric-keybindings-v0 0.2.34+df3654b327 -- fabric-lifecycle-events-v1 2.2.20+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-loot-api-v2 1.1.37+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-loot-tables-v1 1.1.41+9e7660c627 -- fabric-message-api-v1 5.1.6+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-mining-level-api-v1 2.1.47+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-models-v0 0.3.35+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-networking-api-v1 1.3.8+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-networking-v0 0.3.48+df3654b327 -- fabric-object-builder-api-v1 11.0.6+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-particles-v1 1.0.28+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-recipe-api-v1 1.0.18+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-registry-sync-v0 2.2.6+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-renderer-api-v1 3.0.1+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-renderer-indigo 1.3.1+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-renderer-registries-v1 3.2.44+df3654b327 -- fabric-rendering-data-attachment-v1 0.3.33+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-rendering-fluids-v1 3.0.26+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-rendering-v0 1.1.47+df3654b327 -- fabric-rendering-v1 3.0.6+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-resource-conditions-api-v1 2.3.4+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-resource-loader-v0 0.11.7+f7923f6d27 -- fabric-screen-api-v1 2.0.6+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-screen-handler-api-v1 1.3.27+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-sound-api-v1 1.0.12+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-transfer-api-v1 3.2.2+b3afc78b27 \-- fabric-transitive-access-wideners-v1 4.2.0+b3afc78b27 - fabricloader 0.14.21 - ferritecore 6.0.0 - forgeconfigapiport 7.0.0 - indium 1.0.18+mc1.20 - iris 1.6.4 -- io_github_douira_glsl-transformer 2.0.0-pre13 -- org_anarres_jcpp 1.4.14 \-- org_antlr_antlr4-runtime 4.11.1 - java 17 - krypton 0.2.3 \-- com_velocitypowered_velocity-native 3.2.0-SNAPSHOT - lithium 0.11.2 - memoryleakfix 1.1.1 \-- com_github_llamalad7_mixinextras 0.2.0-beta.8 - minecraft 1.20 - modmenu 7.0.1 -- fabric-api-base 0.4.29+b04edc7a27 -- fabric-key-binding-api-v1 1.0.36+fb8d95da27 -- fabric-lifecycle-events-v1 2.2.20+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-resource-loader-v0 0.11.7+f7923f6d27 \-- fabric-screen-api-v1 2.0.6+b3afc78b27 - mousewheelie 1.11.1+mc1.20-pre2 -- amecsapi 1.4.0+mc1.20-pre1 -- coat 1.0.0-beta.20+mc1.20-pre1 -- tweed4_annotated 1.3.1+mc1.20-pre1 -- tweed4_base 1.7.1+mc1.20-pre1 -- tweed4_data 1.2.1+mc1.20-pre1 -- tweed4_data_hjson 1.1.1+mc1.20-pre1 -- tweed4_tailor_coat 1.1.3+mc1.20-pre1 -- tweed4_tailor_lang_json_descriptions 1.1.0+mc1.20-pre1 \-- tweed4_tailor_screen 1.1.4+mc1.20-pre1 - notenoughanimations 1.6.4 - reeses-sodium-options 1.5.1+mc1.20-build.74 - roughlyenoughitems 12.0.622 \-- error_notifier 1.0.9 - shouldersurfing 2.3.2 - skinlayers 1.5.3-mc1.20 - sodium 0.4.10+build.27 -- fabric-api-base 0.4.29+b04edc7a27 -- fabric-rendering-data-attachment-v1 0.3.33+b3afc78b27 -- fabric-rendering-fluids-v1 3.0.26+b3afc78b27 \-- fabric-resource-loader-v0 0.11.7+f7923f6d27 - sodium-extra 0.4.20+mc1.20-build.103 -- caffeineconfig 1.1.0+1.17 \-- crowdin-translate 1.4+1.19.3 - viafabric 0.4.10+39-main -- org_yaml_snakeyaml 2.0 -- viafabric-mc120 0.4.10+39-main \-- viaversion 4.7.0 - vmp 0.2.0+beta.7.93 - wthit 8.1.0 - xaerominimap 23.4.4 - xaeroworldmap 1.30.3 [12:41:44] [main/INFO]: SpongePowered MIXIN Subsystem Version=0.8.5 Source=file:/C:/Users/Ashto/curseforge/minecraft/Install/libraries/net/fabricmc/sponge-mixin/0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5/sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar Service=Knot/Fabric Env=CLIENT [12:41:45] [main/INFO]: Compatibility level set to JAVA_16 [12:41:45] [main/INFO]: Compatibility level set to JAVA_17 [12:41:45] [main/INFO]: Loaded configuration file for Lithium: 115 options available, 2 override(s) found [12:41:45] [main/INFO]: Loaded configuration file for Sodium: 33 options available, 3 override(s) found [12:41:45] [main/INFO]: Loaded configuration file for Sodium Extra: 28 options available, 0 override(s) found [12:41:45] [main/INFO]: Successfully started async appender with [SysOut, File] [12:41:45] [main/WARN]: Force-disabling mixin 'alloc.blockstate.StateMixin' as rule 'mixin.alloc.blockstate' (added by mods [ferritecore]) disables it and children [12:41:45] [main/WARN]: Force-disabling mixin 'world.player_chunk_tick.ThreadedAnvilChunkStorageMixin' as rule '' (added by mods [krypton, vmp]) disables it and children [12:41:45] [main/WARN]: Force-disabling mixin 'features.entity.fast_render.MixinCuboid' as rule 'mixin.features.entity.fast_render' (added by mods [iris]) disables it and children [12:41:45] [main/WARN]: Force-disabling mixin 'features.entity.fast_render.MixinModelPart' as rule 'mixin.features.entity.fast_render' (added by mods [iris]) disables it and children [12:41:45] [main/WARN]: Force-disabling mixin 'features.gui.font.MixinGlyphRenderer' as rule 'mixin.features.gui.font' (added by mods [iris]) disables it and children [12:41:45] [main/WARN]: Force-disabling mixin '' as rule '' (added by mods [iris]) disables it and children [12:41:46] [main/WARN]: Error loading class: com/ishland/c2me/notickvd/common/NoTickChunkSendingInterceptor (java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com/ishland/c2me/notickvd/common/NoTickChunkSendingInterceptor) [12:41:46] [main/INFO]: [MemoryLeakFix] Will be applying 3 memory leak fixes! [12:41:46] [main/INFO]: [MemoryLeakFix] Currently enabled memory leak fixes: [targetEntityLeak, biomeTemperatureLeak, hugeScreenshotLeak] [12:41:47] [main/INFO]: Starting Essential v1.2.1.3 (#5fa5b1cb4) [stable] [12:41:47] [main/INFO]: Java: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (v17.0.3) by Microsoft (Microsoft) [12:41:47] [main/INFO]: Java Path: C:\Users\Ashto\curseforge\minecraft\Install\runtime\java-runtime-gamma\windows-x64\java-runtime-gamma\bin [12:41:47] [main/INFO]: Java Info: mixed mode [12:41:47] [main/INFO]: JVM Arguments: - -XX:HeapDumpPath=MojangTricksIntelDriversForPerformance_javaw.exe_minecraft.exe.heapdump - -Xss1M - -Djava.library.path=C:\Users\Ashto\curseforge\minecraft\Install\bin\d98341de1b6db4336ecb2ae8396513a3ec8d71b1 - -Djna.tmpdir=C:\Users\Ashto\curseforge\minecraft\Install\bin\d98341de1b6db4336ecb2ae8396513a3ec8d71b1 - -Dorg.lwjgl.system.SharedLibraryExtractPath=C:\Users\Ashto\curseforge\minecraft\Install\bin\d98341de1b6db4336ecb2ae8396513a3ec8d71b1 - -Dio.netty.native.workdir=C:\Users\Ashto\curseforge\minecraft\Install\bin\d98341de1b6db4336ecb2ae8396513a3ec8d71b1 - -Dminecraft.launcher.brand=minecraft-launcher - -Dminecraft.launcher.version=2.4.104 - -DFabricMcEmu= net.minecraft.client.main.Main - -Xmx8096m - -Xms256m - -Dminecraft.applet.TargetDirectory=C:\Users\Ashto\curseforge\minecraft\Instances\sexbobm - -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true - -Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates=true - -Duser.language=en - - -Dlog4j.configurationFile=C:\Users\Ashto\curseforge\minecraft\Install\assets\log_configs\client-1.12.xml [12:41:47] [main/INFO]: OS: Windows 11 (v10.0) (Arch: amd64) [12:41:51] [Datafixer Bootstrap/INFO]: 188 Datafixer optimizations took 167 milliseconds [12:41:53] [Render thread/INFO]: Launching a new process to probe the system configuration! [12:41:53] [Render thread/INFO]: OpenGL Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation [12:41:53] [Render thread/INFO]: OpenGL Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060/PCIe/SSE2 [12:41:53] [Render thread/INFO]: OpenGL Version: 3.3.0 NVIDIA 531.18 [12:41:53] [Render thread/WARN]: Enabling workaround for NVIDIA graphics drivers on Windows (issue #1486) [12:41:53] [Render thread/WARN]: One or more workarounds were enabled to prevent crashes or other issues on your system. You may need to update your graphics drivers. [12:41:54] [Render thread/INFO]: Environment: authHost='', accountsHost='', sessionHost='', servicesHost='', name='PROD' [12:41:54] [Render thread/INFO]: Setting user: Rutfz [12:41:55] [Render thread/INFO]: Using Default JreDnsResolver [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Starting DI! [12:41:56] [Thread 3/INFO]: Connecting to Essential Connection Manager... [12:41:56] [Thread 5/INFO]: OptiFine not detected. [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Compression will use Java, encryption will use Java [12:41:56] [Essential Thread 1/INFO]: Using Default JreSocketFactory [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Config loaded [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering S2C receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:request_tags_s2c [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering C2S receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:request_tags_c2s [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultPlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultRuntimePlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultClientPlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultClientRuntimePlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider HideIngredientsFromTagsPlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider ReiRecipeAction [wthit] for REIPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultPlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIServerPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultRuntimePlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIServerPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider FabricFluidAPISupportPlugin for REIServerPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider FabricFluidAPISupportPlugin for REIPlugin [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering C2S receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:delete_item [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering C2S receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:create_item [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering C2S receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:create_item_grab [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering C2S receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:create_item_hotbar [12:41:56] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering C2S receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:move_items [12:41:56] [WebSocketConnectReadThread-77/INFO]: Opened connection to Essential ConnectionManager (code=101, message=Switching Protocols) [12:41:56] [Essential Thread 1/INFO]: Essential Connection Manager connection established. [12:41:57] [Via-Mappingloader-0/INFO]: Loading block connection mappings ... [12:41:57] [Via-Mappingloader-0/INFO]: Using FastUtil Long2ObjectOpenHashMap for block connections [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: ViaVersion detected lowest supported version by the proxy: 1.7.2-1.7.5 (4) [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: Highest supported version by the proxy: 1.20 (763) [12:41:57] [Render thread/WARN]: ViaVersion does not have any compatible versions for this server version! [12:41:57] [Render thread/WARN]: Please remember that ViaVersion only adds support for versions newer than the server version. [12:41:57] [Render thread/WARN]: If you need support for older versions you may need to use one or more ViaVersion addons too. [12:41:57] [Render thread/WARN]: In that case please read the ViaVersion resource page carefully or use [12:41:57] [Render thread/WARN]: and if you're still unsure, feel free to join our Discord-Server for further assistance. [12:41:57] [ViaFabric-2/INFO]: Finished mapping loading, shutting down loader executor! [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: [WTHIT] Registering plugin shouldersurfing:plugin at com.teamderpy.shouldersurfing.compatibility.ShoulderSurfingWthitPlugin [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: [WTHIT] Registering plugin waila:core at mcp.mobius.waila.plugin.core.WailaCore [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: [WTHIT] Registering plugin waila:vanilla at mcp.mobius.waila.plugin.vanilla.WailaVanilla [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: [WTHIT] Using com.teamderpy.shouldersurfing.compatibility.ShoulderSurfingWthitPlugin$ShoulderSurfingObjectPicker as the object picker [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: [WTHIT] Plugin config reloaded [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering S2C receiver with id architectury:spawn_entity_packet [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: Loading Blanket, enabling 9 feature(s). [12:41:57] [Render thread/INFO]: [Indigo] Different rendering plugin detected; not applying Indigo. [12:41:58] [Render thread/WARN]: Static binding violation: PRIVATE u/Overwrite method method_23182 in sodium.mixins.json:features.item.MixinItemRenderer from mod sodium cannot reduce visibiliy of PUBLIC target method, visibility will be upgraded. [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: Krypton is now accelerating your Minecraft client's networking stack ? [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: Note that Krypton is most effective on servers, not the client. [12:41:58] [Worker-Main-1/INFO]: Checking mod updates... [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultClientPlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIClientPlugin [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider DefaultClientRuntimePlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIClientPlugin [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider HideIngredientsFromTagsPlugin [roughlyenoughitems] for REIClientPlugin [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: [REI] Registered plugin provider ReiRecipeAction [wthit] for REIClientPlugin [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering S2C receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:ci_msg [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: Registering S2C receiver with id roughlyenoughitems:og_not_enough [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: Reloaded configs for mousewheelie (universal/highest) [12:41:58] [Render thread/INFO]: Loading Xaero's Minimap - Stage 1/2 [12:41:58] [Worker-Main-1/INFO]: Update available for '[email protected]', (-> v7.0.0-1.20-Fabric) [12:41:59] [Render thread/INFO]: Loading Xaero's World Map - Stage 1/2 [12:42:01] [Render thread/INFO]: Backend library: LWJGL version 3.3.1 SNAPSHOT [12:42:01] [Render thread/INFO]: Debug functionality is disabled. [12:42:01] [Render thread/INFO]: ARB_direct_state_access detected, enabling DSA. [12:42:01] [Render thread/INFO]: Shaders are disabled because no valid shaderpack is selected [12:42:01] [Render thread/INFO]: Shaders are disabled [12:42:01] [ForkJoinPool.commonPool-worker-1/WARN]: [Iris Update Check] This version doesn't have an update index, skipping. [12:42:02] [Render thread/INFO]: Hardware information: [12:42:02] [Render thread/INFO]: CPU: 12x AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor [12:42:02] [Render thread/INFO]: GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060/PCIe/SSE2 (Supports OpenGL 3.2.0 NVIDIA 531.18) [12:42:02] [Render thread/INFO]: OS: Windows 11 (10.0) [12:42:02] [Render thread/INFO]: Instancing error handler class gg.essential.mixins.MixinErrorHandler [12:42:02] [Render thread/ERROR]: Mixin apply for mod shouldersurfing failed shouldersurfing.mixins.json:MixinGui from mod shouldersurfing -> net.minecraft.class_329: org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.throwables.InvalidInjectionException Critical injection failure: u/Redirect annotation on doRenderCrosshair could not find any targets matching 'Lnet/minecraft/class_329;method_1736(Lnet/minecraft/class_4587;)V' in net.minecraft.class_329. Using refmap shouldersurfing.refmap.json [PREINJECT Applicator Phase -> shouldersurfing.mixins.json:MixinGui from mod shouldersurfing -> Prepare Injections -> -> redirect$cbc000$shouldersurfing$doRenderCrosshair(Lnet/minecraft/class_5498;)Z -> Parse] org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.throwables.InvalidInjectionException: Critical injection failure: u/Redirect annotation on doRenderCrosshair could not find any targets matching 'Lnet/minecraft/class_329;method_1736(Lnet/minecraft/class_4587;)V' in net.minecraft.class_329. Using refmap shouldersurfing.refmap.json [PREINJECT Applicator Phase -> shouldersurfing.mixins.json:MixinGui from mod shouldersurfing -> Prepare Injections -> -> redirect$cbc000$shouldersurfing$doRenderCrosshair(Lnet/minecraft/class_5498;)Z -> Parse] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo.validateTargets( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo.findTargets( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo.readAnnotation( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo.( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo.( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.RedirectInjectionInfo.( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at jdk.internal.reflect.GeneratedConstructorAccessor76.newInstance(Unknown Source) ~[?:?] at jdk.internal.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance( ~[?:?] at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstanceWithCaller( ~[?:?] at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance( ~[?:?] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo$InjectorEntry.create( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.injection.struct.InjectionInfo.parse( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinTargetContext.prepareInjections( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinApplicatorStandard.prepareInjections( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinApplicatorStandard.applyMixin( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinApplicatorStandard.apply( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.TargetClassContext.apply( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.TargetClassContext.applyMixins( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinProcessor.applyMixins( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinTransformer.transformClass( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at org.spongepowered.asm.mixin.transformer.MixinTransformer.transformClassBytes( ~[sponge-mixin-0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5.jar:0.12.5+mixin.0.8.5] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.getPostMixinClassByteArray( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.tryLoadClass( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassDelegate.loadClass( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClassLoader.loadClass( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?] at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass( ~[?:?] at net.minecraft.class_310.( ~[client-intermediary.jar:?] at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21-1.20.jar:?] at ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.Knot.launch( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?] at net.fabricmc.loader.impl.launch.knot.KnotClient.main( ~[fabric-loader-0.14.21.jar:?] 
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🆘🆘 EUTHANASIA LIST - DEADLINE 5PM TUESDAY (June 13th) - ORANGE COUNTY ANIMAL SERVICES, ORLANDO, FL🆘🆘 BLU, HANSON and LUCKY only have until 5 PM TUESDAY (JUNE 13th) to be ADOPTED or RESCUED. If interested in fostering one of them for a rescue, please send me a private message. PLEASE SHARE 🙏🏻❤️ submitted by biancamission to petsforadoptioninFL [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:46 Fruit-Motor Start of my gout journey? Is this pain typical?

I am creating this post out of big frustration (sorry it turned out longer than I planned it to be).
First things first, I'm a late 20s male, 180 lbs, over 6 ft. tall, do weight training from time to time, been eating a lot of meat all my life (mainly beef and chicken), unfortunately I drink the zero calories, sugar-free versions of red bull and coke every day and I've always felt I need to drink more water. Never knew "gout" even existed up until a few days ago..
3 weeks ago on a saturday I'm laying in my bed, out of nowhere the underside of my left big toe right on the bone/joint starts to hurt BADLY. I have never experienced such excruciating pain in my entire life. It felt like tiny lighting bolts continuously hitting and rushing underneath my big toe. I was shocked as to the severeness of the pain despite me laying on the bed doing absolutely nothing. I just couldn't explain what was happening and why. The ordeal took around 3 minutes max and then it was over.
Fast forward 2.5 weeks later (last Wednesday), same thing starts happening while I'm eating lunch at work. Same exact spot as first time. I then knew something was wrong with my toe but couldn't explain it. Never fell, never hurt myself, nothing. So I'm thinking it must be my shoes. This time, however, the sudden, sharp pain returned after lunch and it kept bothering me the whole afternoon. Next day I have a day off. I wake up, do my morning routine and sit down on my computer chair. Lighting strikes again underneath my left big toe. I become very frustrated and wonder what the hell is wrong with my toe and where that unbearable pain is coming from. I pretty much suffer the whole day as the pain returned every 10-15 minutes.
Each time the pain returns, it feels like someone just attached small cables under my left big toe and switched on the "electroshock"-button and slowly turns up the voltage until there is a continuous current rushing through the nerve at which point I experience maximum pain and burning. It's always the same pattern: 1. Toe starts tingling 2. First lighting bolt goes through the nerve 3. After 1 second, 2nd lighting strike 4. After 0.5 second, 3rd strike 5. After 0.25 seconds, 4th strike 6. ...etc. 6. At last, there is continuous pain as I'm doing my best not to scream my lungs out while suffering 3-4 minutes until the agony subsides
Eventually I started clenching down my whole foot as soon as I felt tingling in the toe, which helped delay the pain. Keep in mind, I still have ZERO swelling or redness. My left and right foot look the exact same even though my left foot feels like it got torn a new one by Zeus himself.
Next day (yesterday) I get to work and start clenching my foot what felt like every 5 minutes. I decide I need to go to the doctor, which I do after work. He does a visual check on my foot, doesn't notice anything unusual and then says he'll do a blood test to check uric acid levels. 15 minutes later, the results are in. It shows my uric acid levels are on the high end of normal range. I wish I wrote it down but it was 400-something (don't know what unit of measurement was used). Either way, the doctor mentions it's mist likely gout I'm suffering from. He explains to me what it is, what causes it and gives me some anti-inflammatory non-steroidal ointment with ketoprofen and "naproxen", a pain killer. I applied/took both before going to sleep.
I still woke up last night at around 3 a.m. due to pain in my left toe. By now I feel like the pain has transferred more to the side of my toe as opposed to underneath it. But the frequency of the pain remained today to the point it's almost chronic because it keeps returning every 5 minutes. My only saving grace is clenching and flexing my foot as soon as I feel the slightest amount of tingling. But for the sake of hope & optimism: still no swelling or discoloration anywhere. It's evening where I live and it FEELS like the frequency of the pain is slowly subsiding (I hope!!). I drank a ton of water today, ate no meat at all, ate cherries, cashew nuts, banana, etc. and am about to order those typical supplements that are supposed to help with gout.
That said, does my experience above reflect someone who is probably suffering from gout or is this untypical? What would you do in my situation? I always read here and on other sites that people suffered 1 gout-attack and then only weeks, months or even years later they experienced flare-ups.
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  • Identify appropriate use cases for tech and AI in coaching and consulting so you know exactly what you’ll need and when.
  • How to implement tech and AI solutions in your coaching or consulting practice while avoiding getting lost in the “technical weeds”
  • Leveraging AI to create effective marketing messaging, content, offers, copy, landing pages, emails, and calls to action – not only will this save you time but AI has proven to drive better results than professional “copywriters” and “marketers” can produce.
  • How to use AI to create proposals for new projects and follow-ups for prospects in a fraction of the time these significant tasks require.
  • How to implement AI fulfillment and supplement with inexpensive, high-credibility real-time experts with impeccable credentials to be part of your consulting team for pennies on the dollar.
  • How to deploy your AI-enabled and tech-enabled solutions to service your customers, keep them happy, solve their challenges, and follow up to get even more paid coaching and consulting engagements.
  • The critical ethical considerations for using AI in coaching and consulting
Week 3 Lesson Topics

AI Tools and Techniques for Coaching and Consulting

  • An overview of the latest cutting-edge AI tools and techniques commonly used in coaching and consulting and how to determine which tools you should use for yourself…
  • How to use AI to improve efficiency and deliver better results for clients while lowering labor and related overhead, allowing you to keep more dollars in your pocket!
  • Real case studies of AI tools and techniques in action…
Week 4 Lesson Topics

Real-World Applications of AI in Coaching and Consulting

  • Case studies of AI are being used successfully in coaching and consulting, so you can see exactly how to copy or model what’s working now.
  • The most important lessons we’ve learned and best practices from real-world applications of AI
  • Important insights that will help you integrate AI and tech-enabled services quicker, easier, and more profitably than ever before.
30 Day Coaching + Consulting Sprint

Launch And Grow Your Coaching / Consulting Business In 30 Days Or Less…

  • Learn exactly how to use AI-enabled marketing to get new consulting and coaching clients without sacrificing the quality of your customers.
  • The techie-free step-by-step breakdown of setting up your AI-enabled consulting and coaching service platforms, tech stack, and tech-enabled back-office.
  • Your first client: Using AI LIVE to get paid and virtually assist your consulting services with any client.
  • Follow-up marketing and client services using tech and AI-enabled strategies.
Next Steps + The Road Ahead

Next Steps + The Road Ahead

  • We’ll summarize the most important lessons and key takeaways from the training, so you have the clarity and confidence to take meaningful action to get results!
  • Next steps for implementing the AI-enabled and tech-enabled solutions in your coaching or consulting business





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2023.06.10 20:44 Carpenterdon Just in case Reddit implodes, Wanted to share

Just in case Reddit implodes, Wanted to share
Just in case Reddit does implode in the next few days. I got both pairs in and wearing both.
The Whites are absolutely fantastic after they fixed the crooked steel toe. Not rubbing anymore. Wearing them for a couple hours each day at work before switching to a different pair of shoes. Fit is great just a bit on the stiff side yet. So normal break in comfort. The build quality is excellent.
The Nicks are also fantastic out the box. No issues at all. Footbed is pretty stiff, sorta like walking on a board at the moment. But otherwise extremely comfortable. Fit is perfect. I can already wear them for 4-5 hours after work without any discomfort from stiffness. Very similar to my last pair of Redwing Heritage boots only the Nicks leather is far superior to Redwing. I don't think they will have a long break in. Just not sure yet on the leather laces, never had them before, kinda stretchy and I feel like they would break easy. Build quality is spectacular!
Would highly recommend both brands! the men and women who makes these boots are amazingly skilled at their craft! Thank you all!
Only thing right now for me is, how do you keep the white christy crepe soles clean? :p
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2023.06.10 20:44 ohyeahsanic 6800 xt vs 3080 ti

6800 XT nitro+ costs 8000try (can't give the dollar value because the turkish lira loses value every second) 3080 ti palit gaming pro costs 9000try. 6800 xt has an 11 month warranty, 3080 ti does not. I currently have a 6800 xt gaming x trio, I will sell it for 9250try-9500try since the cooler sucks ass and I get to save a few bucks. I don't care about rtx or dlss, I only want raw power. Fsr 3 might bring frame generation and I would be very disappointed if it's actually good and I cant use it. I have never owned an nvidia card. The price difference is negligible.
submitted by ohyeahsanic to buildapc [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:43 cedtrn05 Promoted to manager, what should i do?

I got promoted to manager of my shop, or well, about to be and we discussed briefly about the wage, as I am currently on a min wage of $15.5/hour, I excepted to have an increase of at least up to $18/hour. It is a sudden change as my current manager is leaving Canada and I am not quite prepared nor trained as much, but I do know how to work every positions in my shop. My wage would be $16.5/hour, but I don’t know if i should take the position because right now I am being paid min wage with under 20 hours of work per week, and i’ll only have a dollar increase with at least 30+ hours of work per week.
I was wondering if it would be a good idea to take the position, or just stick to what I have right now, I did ask how long it would take until there is an increase, but he ignored my question. What would you do in this situation?
submitted by cedtrn05 to askTO [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:43 rshunter99 Now that Representation is out.. (Representation, Conformation and Re-creation spoilers)

So I watched this episode a while ago when it was leaked, and after watching the final product, I had fun. However, there are some problems that I want to talk about and of course this has spoilers for the Last Day special:
submitted by rshunter99 to miraculousladybug [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:42 DavidManvell Transferring data from PS4 to PS5. How long?

I just got my PS5 and set it up, updated software etc. It had me log into the same account as my PS4 and it started the data transfer from the 4 to the 5. The PS4 and 5 both state they are transferring but then the 5 rebooted and the 4 still says transferring. It's been that way for 30 minutes. The PS4 states a message it will shut off when transferring is complete. How long does it take? I'm transferring across a standard 1 Gig network. I see PS4 versions of games showing on the PS5 already although not sure if it has transferred all of them or what. I suspect it actually downloads the games from the PS server to the PS5 rather than a direct transfer of the games so if it's just transferring saved files etc. should it not be done by now?
At this point I have the PSVR1 connected to the PS5. It appears to be working although I've not launched anything yet. Will upgrade to PSVR2 in a month or so when cash flow is better.
submitted by DavidManvell to PSVR [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:40 Blaufrosch Some Numbers+Graphs - Confusion Damage in PvE after Patch

Some Numbers+Graphs - Confusion Damage in PvE after Patch
Hello there,
I threw the new confusion numbers into a math app (geogebra) to present the change in Confu damage before and after the patch:
Confu Damage (per second for 1 stack) in PvE
Before i continue: I am just presenting these information, not saying whether this is a "nerf/buff", nor if I find these changes good or not :)
We are using the following equation: Damage = BaseDamage + CondiStat \ BaseModifier + (OnAttackDamage + CondiStat * OnAttackModifier) / TimeToAttack* Old: BaseDamage = 11, BaseModifier = 0.03, OnAttackDamage = 49.5, OnAttackModifier = 0.0975 New: BaseDamage = 18.25, BaseModifier = 0.05, OnAttackDamage = 16.34, OnAttackModifier = 0.0325
For the graph:
  • X in all of these equations is the amount of seconds it takes to attack (e.g. a boss attacks every 3 secs [would be an attackspeed of 0,333]). Therefor the closer to x we get, the faster your enemy/NPC attacks.
  • Y is the damage ONE stack of confusion does every second.
  • Green Graphs (Old0, New0): Confusion Damage at 0 Condition Damage STAT.
  • Yellow Graphs (Old1k, New1k): Confusion Damage at 1000 Condition Damage STAT.
  • Red Graphs (Old2k, New2k): Confusion Damage at 2000 Condition Damage STAT.
  • Blue Graphs (Old3k, New3k): Confusion Damage at 3000 Condition Damage STAT.
  • Lighter colours represent the old patch, darkestronger colours represent the new patch.
  • The vertical lines are marking the intersection point of the new and old graph (therefore the threshhold when the better damage amount is switching for these equations)
(Reminder: Base 25 Stacks Might is 750 Condition Damage Stat, Gear MIGHT bring ~1k Stat for Alac, ~2k for Condi. Obviously these vary depending on Build but for Condi builds you can prob look at 2-3k Stat. I didn't do the minmaxing)
Takeaways here:
  • The graph is flattens out sooner, therefor the damage is more consistent in general
  • The threshold for the damage takeover is at an attacktime of 3.5 sec (attackspeed of ~0.3)
    • The threshold doesn't change much between 1k-3k CondiStat doesn't change much. (Remember: even if you aren't build for condis, at full might you have 750 condi stat!)
    • Something attacks QUICKER than every 3.5s: PrePatch Confu was stronger
    • Something attacks SLOWER than every 3.5s: PostPatch is stronger
    • Remember that these changes apply to PvE! Enemy NPCs aren't spamming skills as fast as players They take time to attack!
  • Very fast attacking enemies will prob still melt from Confu Damage, but less then before
  • Slow/not attacking enemies take more damage from confusion
  • Raids example: Should be less damage for SH (attacks every 1.4s), more damage for KC (attacks every 4.8s)

Interested in what you all think or if you have anything to add. Also feel free to point out if I made an error on these :D
submitted by Blaufrosch to Guildwars2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:39 AutoModerator [] ✔️John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

Super Affiliate System PRO – It’s a unique approach that allows you to use “FREE CREDITS” (more on that in a second) to test and find other people’s “Profit Products” to sell… And then – once you start making sales – you can re-invest the money you made to generate 2x, 3x, or even 5x returns – without any risk of losing it. They say there’s no such thing as safe investment… But, this is damn close. And the best part is… Once you find your “winner”, you can just keep reinvesting your profits to make as much money as you want, as often as you want. Super Affiliate System PRO is NOT a course. It’s a practical, plug-and-play system that does 90% of work for you, so you can start making a full-time income as soon as humanly possible. YOU DON’T HAVE TO “CONNECT THE DOTS” YOURSELF You’ll get access to The Super Affiliate System PRO Training that walks you through the whole process – step by step, click by click. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done any business online before… Heck, it doesn’t matter if you can barely use Facebook and Google… By the time you finish watching the training, you will have enough knowledge to call yourself an online marketer. YOU DON’T HAVE TO “GUESS” WHICH PRODUCT WORKS You’ll get a database of battle-tested “Profit Cycle” products that are guaranteed to sell like crazy in 2022 an beyond… Plus, you’ll be granted access to the best affiliate networks that are otherwise very selective about who they let in. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CREATE YOUR OWN ADS You’ll get the keys to my library of proven million-dollar ads, images, and videos… So you can simply replicate them to create ads that are almost guaranteed to work (just copy and paste them). YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK FOR PEOPLE TO SELL TO I’ll give you “buyers lists” of millions of people who are proven to buy products similar to yours… So you can upload them to your ad network of choice and make your campaign profitable from day 1. YOU DON’T HAVE TO WASTE TIME BUILDING A PAGE OR A WEBSITE I’ll hand you done-for-you, ready to use websites… Hyper-converting, million-dollar sales pages… A domain & hosting for a year… And more. YOU DON’T NEED ANY MONEY FOR ADS I’ll teach you a bunch of FREE methods you can leverage to make those first few sales… Plus I’ll give you free credits so you can start running traffic without risking your own money. About Super Affiliate System PRO Everything inside is set up for YOUR success which means you’ll have an entire team and clear goals to keep you on track and accountable. We’ve even set the entire training up in multiple languages so anyone, anywhere can implement this system and see success… In fact, we’ve even spent tens of thousands of dollars making the members area as easy to navigate as possible so it will work on ANY device! Seriously, you’re going to struggle to find an excuse as to why this won’t work for you… Because it’s working for so many people just like you already!
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2023.06.10 20:38 SplinterLips Portland renters, this is what a quarter of a million dollar campaign looks like. Vote this Tuesday June 13th!

Portland renters, this is what a quarter of a million dollar campaign looks like. Vote this Tuesday June 13th!
Out here in District 5, landlords are inundating our neighborhood with their garbage. I have received four mailers, a door hanger, three text messages, numerous Instagram ads, and countless YouTube ads. Today, I received this printed letter (disguised as handwritten) from a so-called "small landlord" with the words paid for by The Committee to "Improve" Rent Control. This campaign is condescending and insulting to people’s intelligence. It's funny how similar this campaign is to CMP's for November’s state ballot initiative. All these purchases corporate campaigns look the same.
They are attempting to win by targeting the homeowners of D5. Renters, please make sure to get out and vote this Tuesday, June 13th.
submitted by SplinterLips to portlandme [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:38 Novadestin r/Rainmeter and r/RainmeterRequests will go dark June 12-14 as part of blackout protest against Reddit's API changes

Hello everyone,
We’ve received multiple messages asking about this, so here’s the details. TL;DR: Rainmeter and RainmeterRequests will be participating in the larger reddit blackout, going dark from June 12th to the 14th.
As you guys may or may not know, reddit announced multiple changes to their API at the end of last month that will take effect on July 1st. These changes include, but are not limited to, moving from a free to an exorbitantly priced tiered payment system and limiting access to NSFW content. As you can imagine, this announcement caused a massive uproar across the platform since, among other things (see below), it will effectively kill many 3rd party apps, bots, tools, and services.
Due to these changes, the reddit community has decided to stage a blackout. On June 12th, thousands of subreddits (it was nearing 5,000 last I saw), including Rainmeter and RainmeterRequests, will go dark in protest. Some will return on the 14th, while others will stay dark indefinitely unless the issues are adequately addressed. Many users will also be leaving the site once/if the changes take effect while they and others are also wiping their account history to prevent reddit from continuing to capitalize off of it - even in this sub, we’ve already seen tons of posts spanning the entirety of its existence pop up in the mod log because of the latter (several being changed to ‘fuck u/ spez’ (reddit’s ceo), making it clear what the reasoning is).
Along with that, mods from across the platform have stated that they'll have to quit their modding positions as reddit’s changes will make it impossible for them to manage things and/or because this is seen as a direct slap in the face to the developers and moderators who spend multiple hours of unpaid time day in and day out to keep the site running smoothly and to offer usability and quality-of-life that reddit will never deliver on. You can read through the comments on the posts linked below to see just how shit reddit’s track record really is, but it's been said before and remains accurate now: reddit uses its mod's desires to help their communities as slave labor and makes no secret of how little they care.
So, clearly, this isn’t just some small issue and the coming changes to the platform, whatever they may be, are going to have a severe ripple effect. A situation we as a community know the frustration of all too well in dealing with things like weather services, spotify, google, etc. It’s times like this that really make people like HWiNFO’s author Martin Malik, who worked with us to keep his product free and usable with rainmeter, really stand out. So, as a reminder, please be sure to always thank the developers and the creators of the skins and plugins that keep rainmeter going!
Speaking to how this might affect skins specifically though, while most of the discussion right now is surrounding mobile apps and bots, I did find some information on how this might affect rss feeds and it wasn’t good. According to this comment, rss does fall under the API. Of course, that's just one person’s comment and I have not been able to find the original source from reddit just yet, but there is a possibility that use of reddit in feed skins could be rendered impossible in the future. How the rainmeter community may or may not be affected by these changes in other ways, we just don’t know yet.
And, despite the length of all of the above, it still just covers the basics - and, even then, it's more so about what people have planned/how it will affect this community rather than all the reasons why the changes suck. We highly recommend everyone do some reading via the links provided below to see how this will affect them and the subs they frequent. Aside from that, we’ll all just have to wait and see what the future holds. Unfortunately, no one is very optimistic.
Posts and subs with more details:
submitted by Novadestin to Rainmeter [link] [comments]