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2023.03.28 21:07 Wing_San [Recruiting] Triple Threat #2QCP9JJLL Clan Lvl 11 Master 3 Looking for non-rushed TH14+ Independent

Hello clashers. Triple Threat is a level 11 war clan, Master 3 for CWL. Most of our members are based in the United States, but we also have several international players. Constant wars (optional as long as you update war preference), active donation, and clan capital 9. We always max clan games. If you are non-rushed TH14-TH15 and want to join us, click the link below. Need all heroes and pets to join CWL.
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2023.03.28 21:07 Few-Engineer-6303 [Searching] TH11 Level 134 Farming

Hey im a close to max th11 looking for a clan that’s active,war heavy, completes clan games and CWL.
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2023.03.28 20:46 Qcbj How to attack this TH14

How to attack this TH14
I’m a TH14 and want to know how to attack this base. Any feedback would be great!
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2023.03.28 20:41 EndlessWhimsy12 New DVDs

New DVDs
There's a new gaming/movie store in my local mall that has an amazing DVD/Blu Ray selection, only at $1.99 each! This is what I bought there today, limiting myself to six. I could have easily walked out of there with fifteen.
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2023.03.28 20:39 LiseEclaire [Leveling up the World] - Academy Arc - Chapter 721

Out there - Patreon (for all those curious or wanting to support :))
At the Beginning
Adventure Arc - Arc 2
Wilderness Arc - Arc 3
Academy Arc - Arc 4
Previously on Leveling up the World…
Book 2 of Leveling up the World will be hitting Amazon, Kindle, and Audible tomorrow (March 29th)!
There will be a dedicated post about it later this week, but wanted to thank everyone for all the support and comments you've given throughout the years :D
For anyone curious, you're welcome to take a sneak peek on Amazon until tomorrow :)
There was no rationale for pain. Dallion was fully aware that Nil had been manipulating him for centuries and more, and yet refusing to his face made him feel as if he’d lost a friend. It was easy to claim that it was the lingering effects of emotional blackmail, the overall stress he was subjected to, or some other rational reason. At the same time, Dallion knew all that to be a bunch of crap. The reason Dallion was feeling what he was had nothing to do with the echo or even the mage behind him; the pain came because in a way Dallion couldn’t honestly say he was any different. Several of his main skills were based on manipulation. Every time he used music skills or engaged the abilities of his empathy trait, he was making people, animals, and guardians do what he wanted. The degree varied, but there was never any doubt what he was doing. And the most absurd thing of it—for the most part, no one seemed to care all that much. It was the fight with the Star that had changed everything.
“He’s gone,” one of Dallion’s echoes approached him. “Back to your realm, if I had to guess.”
Dallion didn’t respond.
“We all know it’s messed up, but you know such things happened in this world. Even before you learned, he was the archmage you had your suspicions. Did you think he’d be any different from the other beings of power you’d come across? Two of them tried to take over the world in the past.”
No, I suppose not, Dallion said to himself.
“He was right about one thing, though. You need to rest. We can pause for a few hours so you can take a nap.”
“No.” Dallion briskly turned around. “No naps. I’ll just sit down for a bit.”
“Right. Better than nothing, I guess.” Dallion’s echo shrugged. “Just set your thoughts in order. Would be annoying if Nil ended up being right.”
Dallion sat on the floor and drew a light symbol. It wasn’t strong, just enough to provide a calming blue glow.
“Oh, and I’m sure Eury doesn’t see you that way,” the echo added.
“What way?” Dallion instinctively asked.
“Like Adzorg.”
While it was nice to be reassured by someone, it would have been better if that someone wasn’t an identical copy of himself. Distance was starting to play a part to the point that he considered her a memory. Sometimes the memories would stir him to action, but all it took was another event to make him forget just as much.
Guess you were right about that as well, Nil, Dallion thought. If he wanted his relationship to last, he was going to have to work on it, and that meant leaving the Academy. Either that or—


A green rectangle appeared.

(+5 MIND)
You have successfully destroyed a prison realm from within. Just be mindful that doesn’t make you unstoppable, just persistently annoying.

The suddenness kept Dallion from focusing on the unexpected achievement. Instead, he mentally prepared to return to a fight he had started weeks ago.
Less than a second had passed in the real world; Phoil—or rather the symbiotic echo within him—had started the final attack, though he hadn’t had enough time to complete it.
Splitting into dozens of instances, Dallion leapt back. Not the best move, considering his enemy had an advantage at a distance. In a sword versus dagger fight, it was always better to remain as close as possible. However, Nil’s persistent warnings in the prison realm had managed to cause enough self-doubt for him to err on the side of caution.
Crystal fragments fell to the ground. The rectangles of moments ago hadn’t exaggerated.
Both sides instantly realized what had happened, then reacted appropriately: Phoil spun around, doing multiple circular arcs with his sword. Meanwhile, Dallion pulled off the blocker ring from his finger.
“Ruby, Gem, attack from a distance!” he ordered. Just then, Phoil burst into instances. No longer was it the meager three copies he used in the past. Over fifty instances of the boy appeared in the room, filling it completely.
Caught by surprise, Dallion tried to force split the situation, but his opponent countered. The mental force was far greater than Dallion had felt so far, almost as if he were facing a dragon. Someone with greater ability was attempting to force their version of reality. The tug of war continued for half a second, resulting in a stalemate. When reality hit, Phoil and Dallion were at different ends of the room, neither gaining the upper hand.
“So, the hunter knows tricks,” Phoil said. “I knew I should have gone for you first.”
“You aren’t a mage,” Dallion said, keeping six instances at the ready. “Who are you?”
The large boy just smiled, then burst into instances again and charged forward.
Ruby attempted a wave of wing slashes, but all of them were easily evaded. The echo controlling Phoil was exceptional at acrobatics as well as attack. Based on his movements, Dallion estimated him to be in his seventies, at least, possibly more.
Blades clashed. The Nox dagger, usually capable of shattering objects on touch, failed to cause even a crack on the shimmering surface of the sword. It seemed that the material had a few other added bonuses, which both Nil and Onda had neglected to mention.
Parrying the first attack, Dallion twisted his body, attempting a high kick at the side of the other’s face. The attack didn’t land. With lightning reflexes, Phoil let go of the sword, blocking the kick. Immediately after, he grabbed hold of Dallion’s ankle and took a step back.
The approach was both clever and perfectly executed. Even experienced fighters would have lost their footing, which was why Dallion didn’t even bother to do anything about it. Rather, he twisted his entire body, kicking Phoil in a series of different spots in five separate instances. In three of the cases, the results were less than desirable. In the remaining two, he managed to force his opponent to let go.
Ruby quickly intervened again, sending out a wing slash between the two. The attack hid Enroy‘s dead body, while at the same time preventing Phoil from charging forward again.
“You’re a noble,” Dallion said, using his music skills to affect his enemy with as much slowness and weight as possible. “Are you a count? A countess?”
“You’re so full of yourself.” The other smirked. “You think a count would waste his time on you?”
“Wouldn’t be the first time.”
Dozens of Dallion’s instances attempted to attack from different sides. All of them were constantly pushed back by Phoil’s own.
“I don’t have to kill you,” the large boy said. “Just to keep you here.”
The words sounded almost exactly like the platypain Dallion had faced recently.
“So, I can still ruin your plans?” Dallion took a step forward with his anchor instance.
“Some think that.” Phoil slashed the air with his sword. As he did, Dallion felt a slight tingling in his ears. “Music only when no one knows you’re using it.” More instances of the boy emerged, rushing forward.
Line attack! Dallion thought, doing a horizontal slice.
Any reasonable person knew that performing such an attack indoors was a terrible idea. The entire structure risked crumbling, say nothing of the dozens if not hundreds of casualties on the outside. Being in a mage’s room changed things. For a split second, purple symbols appeared as they shined through the surface illusions that covered every part of the building. Before the line of destruction had a chance to form, a loud bang erupted, everyone was tossed right at the walls behind them. Even Ruby was thrust up, drilling into the ceiling like a razor blade into cheese.
The air was knocked out of Dallion’s lungs as his back slammed against the hard surface. Waves of pain and suffocation swept through him, almost making him black out. The force disappeared, letting him peel onto the floor, gasping for air.
At the other side of the room, Phoil hadn’t been so lucky. His awakened nature had let him survive the encounter with the wall, though unconscious. Only the faint noise coming from him told Dallion that the boy remained alive.
“Gem, can you heal him?”
Err, okay, the aetherfish replied. Unlike Ruby, the familiar hadn’t been particularly useful during the fight, spending most of the time observing in utter confusion. Fortunately, healing magic was something it was fully capable of.
Dallion forced himself up. He was in considerable pain, though nothing he couldn’t handle thanks to his high body trait. Limping slightly, he made his way to Enroy’s body. There was no question that the man was dead, pierced through the torso, then suffering additional wounds during the fight between Phoil and Dallion.
“Sorry about this,” Dallion whispered. Barely knew the man, and definitely didn’t like him, but didn’t want such an outcome.
Casting a spell to summon a blanket, Dallion covered the body, then went to the unconscious Phoil. With him rendered unconscious, he posed no threat. The echo controlling him had been formidable indeed, but all the skill couldn’t compensate for low traits.
Bending down, Dallion took the Vermillion ring off the boy’s finger, then retrieved the silver glass sword. The weapon felt like a natural fit, as if it belonged to him.
“What’s the way out?” Dallion asked as he used his own Vermillion ring to transport the sword to his realm. “Nil?” he added.
There are emergency exits scattered throughout the building. All you need to do is find one and use a specific unlock spell. Alternatively, you can use a Vermillion ring to pass through.
That was interesting. So, Phoil had come prepared in more ways than one. His goal had been to kill Enroy and Dallion, then leave. That was reassuring—it meant that there was a way to avoid the shardflies outside.
“You alright, Ruby?” Dallion glanced at the ceiling.
The shardfly was trembling with such speed that it was outright vibrating. Gradually, its winds moved back out of the ceiling, allowing the creature to re-emerge.
“Anything broken?”
No, the insect said, even if it were plainly visible that his wings were chipped in several places. Flying along a spiral, it made its way to Dallion’s shoulder.
“Lux will take care of you.” Dallion then retrieved his blocker ring from the floor. “Gem, keep him alive. If he or anyone tries to attack you, vanish.”
Okay, boss, the aetherfish replied.
Gritting his teeth to best ignore the pain that came with every step, Dallion left the room, then the building altogether. The situation in the corridor was just as bad as he remembered it. A few elder mages were making an attempt to forcefully impose order, but even they found it difficult with the number of panicking apprentices. This complicated things somewhat. If Dallion tried to run, there was every chance he’d be spotted and stopped. To avoid this, he calmly made his way towards the staircase section, keeping as closely as possible to the nearby buildings.
His effort paid off. Although slow and painful, the trip off the floor wasn’t interrupted. Once on the first floor, things went a lot more smoothly. At one point, he even had an apprentice shout at him to hurry up and get back to his room. Since that was Dallion’s intention, he complied, forcing himself to run as quickly as possible.
If you keep this up, you’ll faint in a minute, Nil said.
“A minute is all I need,” Dallion hissed through his teeth. He was almost at his door. His vision had gotten slightly blurry, and yet he pushed on. Collapsing in the corridor was out of the question. A concerned mage, or apprentice, or even a well-meaning fellow novice was enough to end his chance of leaving the Learning Hall.
Gripping the handle, Dallion opened the door and stumbled inside.
“Lux,” he managed to say. “Heal me.”
Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this story, consider joining my patreon or check out my other stories on redditserials:
The Scuu Paradox (a Space Opera Sci Fi)
The Cassandrian Theory (a Space Opera Sci Fi)
The Impeccable Adventure of the Reluctant Dungeon (Dungeon Core Adventure Comedy)
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2023.03.28 20:37 NineNecks LA based Post Hardcore band looking for a vocalist

Los Angeles based punk/post-hardcore band looking for vocalist.
We’re Nine Necks an early 2000s Midwest post hardcore sounding band from Los Angeles. We’re on the lookout for a vocalist. If you like what we do, live near LA and can sing a bit then we want to hear from you.
Our direct influences are: Planes Mistaken for Stars, Hot Water Music, ATDI, Hot Snakes, Small Brown Bike, Botch, These Arms are Snakes, KEN Mode, Modern Life is War, Etc. etc. etc.
Please be reliable and genuinely into what we do. We have an EP and another EP worth of new material. Give a listen if you like it and can help us pull this shit off live the hit us up. Bonus points if you can play guitar. Thanks!
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2023.03.28 20:36 marcoxnt93 [H] Humble Turkiye Syria Leftovers and a lot games [W] Offers

Humble Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Relief Bundle leftovers

Ticket to Ride
Strange Brigade
System Shock Enhanced Edition
Flynn: Son of Crimson
Into the Pit
Worms Rumble
119 Operator
211 Operator
X-Morph: Defense Complete Pack
Zombie Driver HD Complete Edition
Space Crew: Legendary Edition
Death Squared
Lust from Beyond – M Edition
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
Remnants of Naezith
Planet TD
Firegirl: Hack 'n Splash Rescue DX
Little Orpheus
Detached: Non-VR Edition
Agent in Depth
Meow Express
Arcade Spirits
Non-Stop Raiders
The Inner World
The Amazing American Circus
Hack 'n’ Slash
MirrorMoon EP
Cosmic Express
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Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
Alchemist’s Castle
Soul Searching
Doughlings: Arcade
Doughlings: Invasion
Rym 9000
Cats and the Other Lives
Izmir: An Independence Simulator
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Frick, Inc

Back 4 blood eu
Destiny 2 Planet of Peace Exclusive Emblem
Dirt Rally 2.0 + 3 DLC
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F1 2019 Anniversary
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Road to Guangdong - Story-Based Indie Road Trip Driving Game
the wolf among us

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night
borderlands Game of the year enhanced Edition
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection EU
Chernobylite Enhanced Edition
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Space Pilgrim Episode IV: Sol
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The Adventure Pals x 3
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The Emerald Maiden: Symphony of Dream
The Spiral Scouts
The Uncertain - The Last Quiet Day
Tiny Troopers
Twilight City Love as a Cure
Two Worlds: Epic Edition
Unhack 2
Viking Saga The Cursed Ring
White Noise Online
World Keepers Last Resort
Zombie Party x 2
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2023.03.28 20:33 cogitoergognome [Complete] [62K] [Adult Fantasy] THE GOAT OF DIVINE JUSTICE, Asian-inspired cozy-ish fantasy

Hello! I am an agented author with a first manuscript out on submission, and a second one in progress for which I'm seeking a first round of beta readers.
I am happy to do a manuscript swap for other SFF works of similar length! Looking for any and all kind of feedback, but particularly around pacing (especially which scenes, areas, characters etc might benefit from additional fleshing out, as I'm looking to get wordcount up to 70K+), character development, and tone.
No particular timeline required, but within a few weeks would be greatly appreciated. Also happy to receive feedback either chapter-by-chapter or all at the end based on your preference. Thank you all in advance!
THE GOAT OF DIVINE JUSTICE is Terry Pratchett’s Small Gods meets Chinese mythology, with a dash of The Emperor’s New Groove. It will appeal to fans of the lighthearted tone of Swordheart (T. Kingfisher), the fierce mother protagonist of The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi (S.A. Chakraborty), and the rich East Asia-influenced setting of She Who Became the Sun (Shelley Parker-Chan).
Blurb below:
With her husband long-dead and her only son off fighting in the rebellion, Anzhi finds herself alone, adrift, and fending off her neighbors’ pity. Desperate to be of use, she impulsively decides to go find her son on the frontlines. Soldier or not, he’s still just her little boy – and someone needs to make sure he’s eating properly. The only problem: she has no idea where he is.
Divine intervention offers a solution. When a talking, one-horned goat appears in her kitchen claiming to be a xiezhi, or mythological arbiter of justice, Anzhi strikes a deal. She’ll help Ping the Righteous get to the Imperial City, where he’ll fulfill his calling – and in exchange, the shaggy maybe-deity will help her find her son.
Ping, though, is troubled to find that his latest reincarnation may be less powerful than expected. As a mighty xiezhi, he’s supposed to smite the guilty and cast judgment on kings. But for some reason he’s got hooves instead of talons, a dull stub where his golden horn should be, and peasants keep trying to butcher him for stew.
Bound by mutual necessity, Anzhi and Ping journey across the war-weary kingdom, determined to fulfill their missions as mother and deity. Along the way, their encounters with rebels, loyalists, and distractingly handsome Imperial officers alike make them begin to doubt their purpose. Justice is less black and white than Ping believed. And what does it mean that Anzhi feels more alive as an adventurer than she ever has as a mother?
Excerpt from Chapter 1 below:
Anzhi surveyed her cupboards critically, trying to decide whether a meat cleaver or a fish knife would be of more use on a battlefield. The cleaver was heavy – good for smashing through bone and cartilage – but the slender fish knife had greater reach. She picked up the fish knife and stabbed experimentally at the halved eggplant on her table. It skewered the pale flesh in a satisfyingly solid way – although, Anzhi had to concede, it was likely a very different thing to stab a moving, living person than a vegetable. Particularly if said person was also trying to stab you.
She sighed, putting down the knife. It was useless. No amount of cutlery would make a soldier of her; one only needed a glance to see that. A small-framed woman of forty, her loose black bun was already threaded here and there with silver. Her skin was tanned and tough from years working in a field, and she had all the leanness of an herbivore on a diet. Which, in a way, she was, along with most of the other inhabitants of the village. Meat was a rare extravagance these days. There had already been rumors of famine in the neighboring provinces even before the rebellion broke out; war had only served to worsen the shortages.
But soldier or not, she was determined. It’s not as if I’m going to enlist in the rebel army myself, she thought, trying to squash the doubts bubbling up in her mind. I just need to find Wei. Once I find him, he’ll keep me safe.
Anzhi had made her decision that morning. Somewhere between feeding the two hens, scrubbing out her tired linens, and neighbor Li dropping by with a small basket of snow peas that her husband had “just happened to accidentally buy too much of”, something had snapped. Yes, alright; so she was a widow, and had been for nearly two decades. And sure, her only son had left her behind when he ran away to go fight in the blasted stupid rebellion. And maybe times were hard, and the harvest had been lean, and sometimes at night instead of sleeping, she found herself staring blankly at the cracked mud ceiling and wondering where it all went wrong. So what?
She was alone, and poor, and sometimes dissatisfied with one or both of those things. But that didn’t mean she had to sit still and waste away under the weight of her neighbors’ pity. Anzhi was done with being pitied. She was going to go find Wei, remind him of his filial duty, and drag him back home where he belonged. She was leaving.
On this gratifying thought, she yanked the knife out of the eggplant, switched to the cleaver, and began chopping with practiced aggression. She’d throw the eggplant in a pot with some of her precious fermented chili paste – she had a few spoonfuls left – and have it for dinner with leftover rice.
And, alright, she’d throw in the snow peas as well. She didn’t want the Lis’ charity, but now that she had it, there was no point in wasting perfectly good vegetables.
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2023.03.28 20:30 Mortal4789 easy fix for structure griefs

work out the appropriate server performance per player. i built a huge base this war, and i feel it makes good use of the server performance. we have an active faction, so lots of people gathering, running the facility, products being sent to the front etc. plus partisans come and attack up, so that's good use of the servers resources.
maintenance should be worked out per base / MT, and be entirely dependent on the number of players, so something like a squad lock on the MT, the more players, and the more regularly they refresh the lock, the more server performance can be added to the base, implemented as reduced maintenance cost.
if you don't have the active player count, you cant utilize the machines, so you will be paying huge upkeep on your ego project. this is fair in my opinion. mega factories should be reserved only for mega factions, with smaller factions having smaller, more specialized bases.
if you are building to grief, you'll have just yourself, so costs will be very high.
the issue will be public facilities, as long as people can easily buff the MT that should work itself out. or possibly add in some aspect of production to the maintenance cost, so a busy public oil facility will be pretty much self maintaining, but a huge facility thats rarely running will have a massive maintenance cost
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2023.03.28 20:24 BangTwoThreePodcast Many organizations exist that cause divisiveness either intentionally or not. Could we create an organization that intentionally spreads kindness and acceptance?

Speaking as an American, many people complain that the population is becoming more polarized and divided on many things. This division is rotting society in the minds of people I know. Many cite news media, social media, or politicians for creating the divide. I was thinking though, do I know of any organizations whose sole purpose is to bring people together and spread acceptance of your fellow human despite any differences? The answer is unfortunately no. I'm guessing they exist, I just cant name them.

The Broad Plan

  1. Create a non-profit org
    1. Finances and decision must be completely open to the public
  2. Raise money
    1. This sucks but I think in order to have a size-able impact, it'll require outside funding.
    2. Many powerful and wealthy people complain about division, depression, hate, etc.. in the world. This would be their chance to put their money and resources where their mouth is.
    3. As an example, Elon has been vocal about this in the past.
  3. Spread kindness and acceptance throughout the world
    1. Would likely need some way to re-coup money along the way

How Could We Spread Kindness and Acceptance Throughout the World?

  1. Amplify the voices of those who are already doing it.
    1. Seems like a no-brainer. Lex is a great example of this
    2. Offer support via money, connections, or anything else to make these people heard
  2. Bring large opposing figures together as an example to others. Record this experience and amplify it.
    1. Getting influential people from opposite political views to agree on something. This would set an amazing example
      1. What if we could get AOC and Ben Shapiro to have a 10 minute conversation about what they agree on? That would be powerful in my opinion
    2. Getting influential people from opposite ideological views to agree on something
      1. Example: Get KKK members to hang out with black folks
    3. Getting rich people to sit down and eat with poor people
      1. Example: Get Ray Dalio to eat with a group of low income people and answer financial questions
  3. Engage in the same battlefields where divisiveness is occurring but we need to win the war
    1. Huge bot farms exist to spread hate for a group of people? Lets build better bot farms to spread love for all people
    2. Teens getting bullied at school? We'll let them know how awesome they are as people and then offer them free jiu jitsu classes
    3. Media outlets only telling one side of a story? Lets make it easier and more compelling to hear all sides of a story
  4. Bring people together in real life
    1. Use technology to help people find friends in their area based on common interests
    2. Host large fun events in real life. I'm a huge fan of block parties.
I think #4 is the hardest to achieve but would provide the best benefits. Harvard conducted an 80 year happiness study. It concluded that the most important factor to happiness was close relationships. I feel like it's not a coincidence that depression is on the rise while having many close friends is becoming more rare.

The Sad Truth

This idea likely needs Lex or someone with a platform to help in order for it to make a real difference. I work full time and am not rich by any means. I'll quit my job and dedicate my time to this but I cant pay my bills with kindness :(
A hypothetical scenario to give this a real shot:
  1. Come up with a really compelling plan to address the issues that are laid out
  2. Create a non-profit with small group of people
  3. Get Lex (or someone with a large platform) to mention our non-profit in some way. Maybe even a podcast
  4. Use recognition from the previous step to then reach out to people in an effort to get funds
  5. Change the world

What Can You do to Help?

  1. Be kind to your fellow humans even if you dont agree with them
  2. Please provide ideas you have to address the problem? I'm just one unintelligent lonely coder. I'd LOVE to hear any thoughts or ideas.
  3. Would you be willing to work on an open source project that's aimed somehow at spreading love and kindness in the world?
  4. Share this post with Lex somehow (long shot, I know)

TLDR: I'd like to create an organization that counteracts other groups that cause divisiveness and depression. The organization's goal would be to bring people together despite differences. We'd have to enter the battlefields where the divisive organizations operate (social media, web, podcast, news, etc...) and win not only the battle, but the entire damn war.
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2023.03.28 20:21 Nixhex3 [Recruiting] Hunting Bears #2YPG8GUVY TH13+ Level 10 Clan & Capital CWL/Games/Capital/War

Hi All! Hunting Bears is now recruiting. Ideally, we are looking for th13 and above NON RUSHED accounts to join. We are active, friendly, and participate in all events. Also - not toxic…. So if your bringing in the toxicity you won’t last long. Little about the clan:
Capital - just reached Peak 10. Working on offensive upgrades first. Max CH9 offense. CWL - Crystal 1. Main reason we are looking for th13 plus, as we lack some top end. War - solid record, believe we are on a 14 streak. Games - always max.
Participation in capital is a must, and war attacks must be used. War is not mandatory, and we generally war twice a week. For Clan Games, there is no point total set you have to hit. When we don’t hit max, then one will be set.
When sending invite, mention you are from Reddit. Rushed bases may be declined. We are an active clan in that everybody at least logs in daily and does their tasks. Stop on in and join us for the next cwl!
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2023.03.28 20:18 LCD21 [Recruiting] Immortalis Townhall 14+ Clan Level 13 War/CWL Clan Capital 10 Master League II TAG #2Q0G22R2P

Immortalis is looking for members! Anyone TH14 and up is welcome to apply. If rushed you can apply but will depend how badly rushed you are.
Check us out using our clan link, or search us through our clan tag! Anymore queries feel free to DM me!
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2023.03.28 20:14 TPA239 Cursed Towers a miss?

Obviously the update isn’t live so this post is speculative, but from my understanding stage 1 will be pve & stage 2 will be a 10v10 pvp? The tower event only occurs on a Saturday night? The same night we also have war, BGs & Vault going on??? I could make this post much longer, but this IS NOT WHAT WE WANT.
There’s a large % of the DI player base that want PVP! WE WANT BGS BALANCED/REWORKED - We want ARENAS ( LIKE VAULT ) remove shadow / immortal BS. Let me get with 2 people & go que a 3v3 @ any given time. DUELS?? New BG maps / Game modes??
This is another weird political assignment you will have to do inside a video game just to have a chance at putting your skills time & effort to actual use.
Every instance of PvP is time gated / controlled in this game. This will add more work & inconvenience for a lot of players who simply just want to fight against other players..
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2023.03.28 20:13 NuBoogie [Recruiting] LUVisWAR #2YRPR0C2R TH11+ Clan Level 8 Competitive CWL: Crystal-III Independent

Hey guys, we are a competitive clan but very chill & relaxed. Not too talkative but extremely friendly.
Donate where you can.
Please get at least 1500 points in Clan Games.
Clan Capital Raids are optional.
Our focus is mostly on War Leagues. We are shooting for Crystal I by June, 2023.
Join if you are down for the journey & LOVE ANIME!!
Clan Link: https://link.clashofclans.com/en?action=OpenClanProfile&tag=2YRPR0C2R
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2023.03.28 20:11 autotldr Japan holds evacuation drills amid Taiwan invasion fear

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 80%. (I'm a bot)
Officials are concerned about southern Japan being affected by a potential Chinese invasion of the self-ruled island, which China sees as part of its own territory.
"If China invades Taiwan, the People's Liberation Army may also attack US military bases in Okinawa, which means Japan would be automatically dragged into a war with China," said Kyoko Hatakeyama, a professor at the University of Niigata Prefecture in Japan.
"Japan needs to avoid civilian deaths and casualties in Okinawa, and that's why evacuation drills are becoming more important," she told DW. Last December, Japan's westernmost Yonaguni Island also held an evacuation drill over potential ballistic missile strikes.
"From Ukraine's experience, we know evacuating civilians is very hard to do and mass evacuation is even harder to execute," said Koichi Nakano, a political scientist at Sophia University in Japan.
Residents of the Yonaguni Island, where evacuation drills were held in December, told Japan's daily Yomiuri Shimbun that this incident made them realize the rising military threat from across the Taiwan Strait.
Kingston from Temple University Japan adds that issues related to Taiwan's security have been baked into Japan's foreign policy and there is longstanding sympathy and support for Taiwan in general.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Japan#1 island#2 Taiwan#3 Okinawa#4 evacuation#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.28 20:11 NVision92 31 [M4F] - Cambridgeshire, England, UK - adventurous geek seeking a connection

Hey! 31 year old guy, based in Cambridgeshire area of England, UK. Looking for someone to talk to with the aim of meeting in person for dates etc and hopefully a relationship.
About me:
In the next year I’m hoping to:
What I’m looking for:
If you tick quite a few of the below, I’m definitely interested in talking so drop me a message. A bit of info about yourself or something we have in common would be a great starting point.
Hoping to hear from you soon!
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2023.03.28 20:10 llamageddon11 [Recruiting] Rebel Alliance TH7+ #2Q2Y2UJJ2 Lvl 11 Active/semicompetitive/Social

✨️Rebel Alliance✨️
... is for the weary traveller in search of a place to settle down and play some Clash with a sense of community.
✨️OUR CLANS✨️ Must apply in discord
◇Galactic: Th13+ #2Q2Y2UJJ2
◇Nova: Th11+ #2LQ2UCJ2L
◇Cosmic: Th11+ minimum 120 heros comb. #2Q8RGR2JV
◇Dutch: Th10+ #2QL9UYYP8
◇ Thuglife Th7+ Relaxed


✨️Member Benefits✨️
• Strong & Active leadership • Back to back wars • CWL ranging from Crystal 3 to Master 1 every season • High level donations • Fun/Friendly/Organized Discord Server with burnt base, coach support, events & more!
• Discord & in game active • Seasonal war participation • Clan Games and Capital Raids • Non rushed & minimum TH7 • Respectful and no drama
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2023.03.28 20:09 NVision92 31 [M4F] - Cambridgeshire, England, UK - adventurous geek seeking a connection

Hey! 31 year old guy, based in Cambridgeshire area of England, UK. Looking for someone to talk to with the aim of meeting in person for dates etc and hopefully a relationship.
About me:
In the next year I’m hoping to:
What I’m looking for:
If you tick quite a few of the below, I’m definitely interested in talking so drop me a message. A bit of info about yourself or something we have in common would be a great starting point.
Hoping to hear from you soon!
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2023.03.28 20:08 NVision92 31 [M4F] - Cambridgeshire, England, UK - adventurous geek seeking a connection

Hey! 31 year old guy, based in Cambridgeshire area of England, UK. Looking for someone to talk to with the aim of meeting in person for dates etc and hopefully a relationship.
About me:
In the next year I’m hoping to:
What I’m looking for:
If you tick quite a few of the below, I’m definitely interested in talking so drop me a message. A bit of info about yourself or something we have in common would be a great starting point.
Hoping to hear from you soon!
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2023.03.28 20:05 BlockAdmirable6141 Kaido is definitely stronger than Shanks (Spoilers 1078+)

For an intro, I would like to start with a little rant, to provoke some hate (best way to stimulate response here it seems). It’s very unfortunate that one of the greatest Epics of all time is told through a horribly unfitting medium of weekly shonen (teen oriented) manga. It’s limits not only the narrative but also the audience, to the degree where the story is being read by literal 14 year olds, or people with similar reading comprehension. I would’ve never imagined myself participating in the most debilitating discussion related to this story, namely power-scaling debates, but god the reception of the latest chapter and the conclusions drown from it actually made my skin crawl.
You may already guess that this post is about the conclusions made based on the devastating anal wreckage of one known as Eustass "Captain" Kid, a notorious pirate and even more notorious page waster. His buttocks were spread with such force that the energy generated propelled Shanks stocks hard enough for him to be considered the strongest Yonko; hence the post!
I consider that story has established that the only person that could be seen as the strongest among those who had the title of Yonko is Kaido. I won’t waste my time trying to convince people on the correctness of this statement based on “feats” (however I can easily argue that even in this category Kaido smashes Shanks) and instead will shortly analyze the character, his presentation and role in the story.
Let’s start with his introduction (picture 1). Here everything is simple, we are told “land, sea and air - out of very living thing in the world - this pirate is said to be the strongest creature in the world”. I will ignore the part that states “people say “in a one on in fight, always bet on Kaido”” because it is given within a dialogue quotation marks, unlike the second part of the text which is a direct part of the narrators speech box.
Next his name, Kaido. It’s kanji literally means joy boy. The intention of the author behind it, is obvious, especially when analyzed in conjunction with the following statement of Kaidos uttered after he crushes Luffy for the 3d time (picture 2). This phrase is multifaceted, and is addressed at Luffy, all the people that Kaido demolished during his reign, potentially Ace (as he ones challenged Kaido by crushing dragon statue at onigashima, but fortunately for Ace, Kaido was absent), but most importantly at himself. Kaido developed a cognitive dissonance, he believes/believed himself to be the joy boy (picture 3) but with time started doubting it (picture 4). However, he didn’t fully gave up and therefore he is in Wano (picture 5). Why Wano you ask? Because he obviously knows parts of the Joy Boy prophecy, he knows that Joy Boy has to open up Wano’s borders (a man Kozuki Oden was waiting for) and he is there to challenge anyone who attempts it, until no one is left. So he tries to overpower the winds of destiny, to take the title for himself through force or die trying and witness the Joy Boy firsthand (picture 6).
In the end, during the final clash, he is giving it all to not lose against Bajrang Gun barely keeping himself conscious (picture 7) until hearing Luffy’s answer to his main question (what kind of world can you create, straw hat?) -“a world where my friends can eat as much food as they want”- after which we have a panel of Kaido opening his eye (picture 8), as if the answer hit dead center 🎯, recognizing Luffy as Joy Boy and accepting his defeat.
In conclusion, the story literally tells the reader that no one but Joy Boy can best Kaido. Kaido is the dragon to Luffy’s story, the final step of ensuring his role as the savior, and will definitely remain the strongest enemy he faced at least till we reach EOS Black Beard and last war. So before making conclusions based on “OMIGOD ONE SHOT” at least try to analyze the story.
TLDR; Kaido > Shanks
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2023.03.28 20:04 mrego08 Which game choose

Thinking about start playing this kind of games again, I have played before games like Dawn of War II, Total War... but so so casually and many years ago. Now I want to play again this kind of games but I have an important question. Aoe2 or 4? I've read about other games but these both really called my attention. Luckily or unfortunately the graphic section is usually important to me, definitely aoe4 calls my attention more because of 3d graphics and the interface, but I feel AoE2 is better game with a major player base. and have more civs, I like that! So, which one should I go to?
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2023.03.28 20:02 ImportantDebateM8 Love and Will, Blood and Gold, and how Fromsoft Fooled their playerbase into Worshiping a God of Manipulation

By intentional design by fromsoftware and GRRM, this topic will undoubtedly draw more negative attention than positive. Please hold your reflexive reactions till the end, if you make it.
There is no tl;dr for this. Because if i just dropped the bomb, you wouldnt believe it.
and what a bomb it is..

The phenomena of religious conviction is ubiquitous among our species. One might even say A defining trait.

Our tendency to prop up certain ideas and the figureheads that represent them as being beyond criticism or reconsideration, for the reason alone that we Want the things they represent to be true.

As fromsoft and GRRM understand, we want a benevolent savior, an altruistic empathetic leader, who will rescue us from the worst of the conditions life has to offer.

We want a smart charismatic leader who tells us what we want to hear in the way we want to hear it, and who quells our fears and our doubts.

once we have found someone who we believe fits the mold, we Hold onto this with all we are, and criticism and re-evaluation, become unthinkable; hostile, even.

Worst and most heretical of all becomes contemplation of the possibility that we have and are being Fooled.

This is the story of Miquella, as i understand it; and the story of how a company called Fromsoftware fooled the entirety of its community into worshiping a god of manipulation, by abusing our all to human predilection for the desire for a loving god.


part 1: obfuscation and vague neutral language.


Throughout the descriptions of Miquella we find in game, we are met with an air of primarily mystery, as well as a plethora of neutral statements that are - by design - easiest to think of at first glance as being of benevolent intention.

“My brother will keep his promise. He possesses the wisdom, the allure, of a god – he is the most fearsome Empyrean of all.” - Melanias helm

"The Empyrean Miquella is loved by many people." - bewitching branch

In one sense we can interpret these as descriptions of an empathetic character- in fact most have.

However the prime examples of Miquellas goodwill are rooted in assumptions about his intentions towards the Rot, the Deathblight of Godwyn, and those who worship him, from quotes like those mentioned and those soon to follow.

Yet nowhere is empathetic intention explicitly implied.

Wherever empathy is supposedly being implied, we find statements like 'Oh brother, lord brother, please die a true death' on the golden epitaph or 'he abandoned fundamentalism when he realized it could do nothing to contain Melanias rot' on the Radagons rings of light incantation.

For the former, many interpret this as being a prayer for mercy, when it could equally be interpreted as sinister, or even cold and calculated; As if the true death of Godwyn were necessary for a larger plan. Additionally it is also stated on the golden epitaph that the sword was 'made to commemorate the death of Godwyn the Golden, first of the demigods to die.' - a statement like this is equally ambiguous.

For the ladder statement regarding Melania.. On the one end, there is the apparently obvious surface level interpretation; that he merely wants to cure his sister;

but to me the significance of this lore is more in the fact that it highlights the revelation Miquella had that The Rot Within Melania is Literally a more powerful force than anything contained within the golden order.

This is the point at which he realized he needs to learn and study something else if he is to control the will of the rot- the most powerful force in the lands-

The point at which he decided to create his own order.

In fact, the same incantation states this as the beginning of unalloyed gold, the beginning of his attempts to control the rot.

The main reason for the belief that Miquella is Good, is that it seems to be what people want to believe. We gravitate towards the interpretation that casts him in a good light.


part 2: Love and Will


When examining lore around the 'love' people have for Miquella, we cannot escape the eerie nature of that relationship as it is described.

In fact it is stated within the other half of the bewitching branch quoted earlier that this capacity to invoke affection and worship is something he has spent time and mind on cultivating;

How to best manipulate

As the full quote of the item states: "The Empyrean Miquella is loved by many people. Indeed, he has learned very well how to compel such affection"

This quote, in tandem with Melanias dedication to him as stated in her armor set, implies to me that Melania might be entirely subject to the Will of Miquella. His first and most successful test of the perfected bewitching branch - the Unalloyed Gold Needle.
This interpretation becomes even more clear when we look into the ingredients that compose the bewitching branch.

The fact that she is clad in unalloyed gold, and has had the golden needle within her, leads me to believe that not only was the will of the rot within her being contained, but indeed Melania herself had become subject to the bewitching allure of Miquella.

This lends new perspective to when she calls him the most fearsome empyrean, as well as alluding to a possibility that he learned to compel affection so successfully by having first bent his sibling empyrean demi-god, and her godly rot, to his will.

In fact Miquellas use of unalloyed gold might revolve entirely around his goal of controlling the wills of those present in the lands between. Greater, and lesser.

An aspect of this control happens to involve the capacity to ward off the unwanted effects of these wills-

But Importantly, this is not a property of unalloyed gold alone


part 3: Blood and Gold


Miquella is said to have watered his haligtree with his own Blood.

As stated in the description of the Haligtree knight armor:

"Though watered with Miquellas own blood since it was a sapling, the Haligtree ultimately failed to grow into an Erdtree."

Why is this significant?

The Bewitching Branch is crafted using 2 items. One of the items is Miquellas lily, who's description states "A delicate water lily of unalloyed gold" and "Thought to be beloved by the Empyrean Miquella in his youth."

The branch happens to be the only thing that can be crafted with this item.

The second ingredient in the bewitching branch is the only other item in the game that speaks to the act of someone tending to plants with their own Blood. The Sacramental Bud.

We learn in the description of these buds that they were long ago "cultivated with youthful, sacramental blood." - Just as the haligtree was.

and this Youthful blood combined with the unalloyed gold within Miquellas lily, compels wills.

This realization leads one to multiple conclusions, one of which being that the haligtree itself could potentially be a beacon of will domination of sorts; being grown of his blood, and braced in a structure of unalloyed gold.

This particular revelation also sheds light on the role Mohg has to play within Miquellas larger scheme.

Mohg is an unwanted omen demi god, discarded into the leyndell sewers at birth up until he was elevated by the mysterious 'formless mother'.

Miquella was a prodigy who studied closely with his father and God Radagon and was powerful enough to invent a technology capable of controlling the scarlet rot, and a tree likely intended to take the place of the erdtree as the central governing force of life and death in the lands between.

Yet somehow Mohg was able to obtain Miquellas body without any resistance whatsoever, without ever even having been seen?

More specifically, his 'sacred flesh' as a ghost in the consecrated snowfields puts it, as if to put emphasis on the fact that this is likely Just his body, not his soul.

Furthermore, and somewhat tangentially, in the opening of the game we see Miquellas soulless body being transported by Mohg, yet importantly, it is cocoonless. Meaning the cocoon we find him in with Mohg is one he formed around himself in his new environment. Willingly.

And we know this was him, not Mohg, because it is a perfect match to the cocoons lying in wait at the haligtree.

Additionally we learn from the 'lord of bloods exaltation' talisman, that this cocoon has a literal thirst for blood. as it states "render up your offerings of blood; Drench my consort's chamber. Slake his cocoon's thirst."

All this is to say that Mohg is a part of Miquellas larger scheme.

We know Miquellas empowered empyrean blood plays a central role, nd that seems to be central to Moghs part in this.

admittedly this aspect of the theory, Mohgs involvement, is the aspect that to me still has the most mystery to it.

Regardless, the blood of Miquella, plus unalloyed gold, is what grants him the capacity to compel the wills of others.


part 4: The Rot Tree, and 'Gowry'


The following presumes Gowry's questline, with Either ending, to be cannon.

If betraying Millicent is the cannon outcome to his questline, then there are 3 scarlet aeonia in the base of the haligtree.

If it is not, then there are 2- and the second, Melanias, has been pierced by the needle.

A single one of those blooms caused Caelid to happen. Does this not have massive implications for the future of the haligtree?

No matter what outcome 'Gowry's questline has, it's seemingly all going according to plan.

What plan?

The first time you see Gowry, he asks you to cross the aeonian swamp.

A tarnished on foot could do no such task. Yet, torrent, who's summoning ring is made of unalloyed gold, is unaffected by the rot. We know this is the case because the ring does not burn in the frenzied flame ending. But more importantly;

How does Gowry know we have Torrent? Or that torrent possesses this ability?

We have recently learned from the DLC reveal photo that Miquella was quite possibly torrents previous owner- and that torrent just happened to choose 'us' - the most probable candidate for success.

Before coming to a conclusion on these points I'm throwing up in the air, lets continue.

Gowry asks you to cross the lake of rot in aeonia- why? to retrieve for him a Broken Unalloyed Gold Needle.

But how does he know of the existence of this item? and how does he know it is there?

When we retrieve it for him, he then asks us to leave him be in private so he can Repair it

How does he Know how to repair one of the most advanced pieces of technology in the lands between? Designed specifically to combat the wills of outer gods.

Or what it even is? or does?

We return to find he has repaired it, and once repaired, it has a Tiny Blood Red Spot in the center.. Blood, and Gold.

He then tells us to please give it to Millicent because He Just Knows Exactly what the needle is for, and how to use it.


Lets continue.

We approach Millicent with the needle, and she seems surprised and skeptical that a random needle would cure her rot- as if its capacity to do so is far from common knowledge. She then Immediately falls asleep, and awakens with a sudden urge to go to the Haligtree.

We talk again to Gowry and he acts as though this is All According to Plan.

Sending Millicent to Bloom in the Haligtree.

saying 'now she TOO can begin her journey' - admitting that he is likely the cause for the other bloom we see at the bottom of the haligtree.

Furthermore he knows by exactly what mechanisms Millicent can be made to bloom into the most potent bomb for the haligtree.

How would he know that? and Why the Haligtree?

Throughout the quest he also demonstrates knowledge of events in Millicents quest before having been told of them, as though he is somehow keeping tabs through the unalloyed gold

Again, How?

It's time we ask, Who is Gowry?

what do we 'know'?

He appears at a glance to be a heretical sage from Selia, offering us sellian spells and insights into the town.

He insults the worshipers of the rot as being 'witless', to then Later proclaim to be himself a worshipper of the Rot.

finally, he claims to be father to Millicent and her sisters.

that is more or less all he lets on, but it is not all we know.

It is my belief that in most of the things he tell us, he is Lying, and ultimately It is my conclusion that Gowry is actually Miquella, possessing pests in spirit form.

Upon hearing this, skepticism is appropriate.

However it is important to avoid that subtle trap of mind that moves us to proclaim 'it cannot be', as this gut level reaction is rooted in the reality that we love the idea of loving Miquella. We cannot help it, he was written as such.

In this, we have been bewitched.

If we follow the path of logic laid out by this conclusion, it leads to many insights as to the larger scheme of this would be god.

In my understanding, Melania has been subject to the will of Miquella for as long as she has been known as his blade.

We never learned or even got a hint as to why she would go off and fight in the shattering.

It is my hypothesis that she did so under influence of the will of Miquella, for multiple reasons.

First off, the shattering was potentially seen as an opportunity to test out the full power of the rot, as well as a chance to implement his desire for godhood and the creation of new life, his daughters of the rot.

And second, Miquellas plans for the deathblight of Godwyn might well have been bound up in the stars, which Radahn had halted.

We learn in 'cleanrot knight finlays ashes' that after the initial caelid bloom, Melania fell into an immediately Slumber.

She was then carried back by a random knight clad in unalloyed Gold in an 'unbelievable' feat - Unbelievable that is, unless we realize that this was likely the soul of the demigod Miquella possessing Finlay.

it is my belief that the feat is described as such to draw attention to the fact that this was something abnormal. And this in addition to the term 'slumbering' leads me to conclude this was Miquellas doing.

As we find her in game, Melania is at the base of the haligtree, slowly acclimating it to the rot. As Miquella would well know, plants suffer shock if their environment changes too quickly.

This way, once the blooms develop, they will be developing within an environment already prepared for them. A hollowed core awaiting the eruption of scarlet vines, with a supporting brace structure already in place.

It is a large part of Gowry/Miquellas ultimate plan to have the haligtree become an erdtree of the strongest force in the land- scarlet rot.

With him alone capable of controlling it, his rule would be absolute.

With this in mind we realize that when he calls Millicent and her sisters his daughters, it is because he engineered the circumstances of their birth.

He knows that betraying her will cause a more magnificent bloom because, perhaps, he has done the same thing to Melania to cause caelid, ultimately creating her and her sisters-

Regardless, the logic is consistent.

He pretends to 'worship the rot' allthewhile knowing that without the technology he has to control it, it eats things away to nothing.

Who would know what an unalloyed gold needle is? Miquella.

Who would know that there was one in the Aeonian swamp where Melania bloomed? Miquella.

Who would know that we could survive the swamp of rot with our spectral steed Torrent?

Who would know how to fix a broken unalloyed gold needle?

Who would know how to use an unalloyed gold needle?

Who would know what circumstances need to arise for a perfect scarlet bloom?

Who compels influence through unalloyed gold?

Gowry is Miquella.


Honestly the layers of lies Gowry tells to distract from the reality of his identity are hilarious once you see it.

The slip ups are funny too.

Like when you first give him the needle and he talks himself up 'ah yes this must have been made my a true artisan visionary' - or when he laugh suspiciously after saying 'i must be getting old' like he thought he never would.. Or how when you deny his initial request he says 'I'm used to being patient'

Also, i cant emphasize enough how much of a red flag it is that Gowry just knows how to repair the needle, and is sure it will work to control the most powerful force in the lands between, the scarlet rot. A power that even the golden order was unable to combat. Almost like he has done this kind of thing before..

Some tangential notes:

The haligtree is covered in depictions of what is likely the depiction of an older Miquella wielding a giant golden needle. I believe this will likely be used to kill the erdtree, Godwyn corruption and all. Or, perhaps, control it.

Ordina is the same architecture as Selia- hence Miquellas awareness and associations with Selia, as Gowry.

Miquellas body is in the cocoon with Mohg, but his soul is scheming. And much like ranni or shabriri, he uses possession to enact his will directly when needed. Perhaps his soul is even in some way within the haligtree.

Castle sol was a project of Miquella, and on the ash of war of the prized possession of the castle, the eclipse shotel, it states "Set the lusterless sun ablaze with the Prince of Death's flames, inflicting the death ailment upon foes" - an Explicit intention to weaponize Godwyns deathblight.

I do not have the full picture, but i have enough to understand that the narrative we have developed as a community- the faith held in Miquellas supreme goodness- might well be a sign that we have been profoundly fooled about him, his intentions, and motivations.



I believe the story of Miquellas haligtree is not a tragedy, and his plan has not failed.

In fact, we played right into it.

It is a cautionary tail of unexamined unquestioning faith in a narrative for the reason alone that one would prefer it be true.

The oracles in the haligtree herald the coming god, but its not Melania.

The Truest tragedy of the game is Melania, who never had a chance between the rot within and the manipulation of her brother demigod who sought only to use her rot to seek dominion over the lands between.


Fromsoft has cultivated a mentality within their community around the idea of Miquella, the empathetic and Just, benevolent savior of those unblessed by grace, tragically abducted; plans halted or uprooted

But the actual story at play seems to be far more sinister, and also, far more human.

One version of the story is emotionally appealing and easy to see at a surface level glance,

While the other is unpleasant and unnerving, and requires more in-depth reasoning to discover.

In this, they have successfully convinced the majority of the playerbase, including those who proport to communicate the lore, that this most fearsome and compelling of gods is Exactly who he'd like you to think he is- a god worth worshiping unquestionably- because that is the story that we in large want to believe

So much so that much like with real world figures of worship, many cant even comprehend being wrong in their placement of their faith, because to do so would mean to admit that someone once praised was never worthy of praise at all,

and may indeed have been manipulating all along your desire for something worthy of worship.

Allthewhile those who question the faith held in the belief that Miquella is good, are met with the same reactions of ostracization and scorn as those who dare criticize the religious figures of real life.

Honestly the metanarrative behind this aspect of the game has blown me away. The success with which they have deceived us into believing in a false idol, while also putting the information that undoes them right before our eyes.

building such a masterful illusion of benevolence around a character who is truly a horror-

Yet after over a year since the games release, the community still has not realized; because in large part, they don't want to.

Classic fromsoft.
The GRRM Influences are very apparent here also.

this really is the best game I've ever played.


Thanks for Reading
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