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MyNiGa -we all love our NiGa

2019.07.19 17:44 MyNiGa -we all love our NiGa

Tracking developmental work of my Niga(Nitin Gadkari) in india. Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India. Post development related stuff only, memes are allowed only if they are positive about MyNiga.

2015.04.17 03:45 CGM-Devo MySummerCar

Anything related to My Summer Car -drinking simulator by Royal John Love, AKA ToplessGun.

2018.08.08 09:45 Henry9960 Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjo - Our Last Crusade - The last battlefield

Kimi to Boku no Saigo no Senjo, Aruiha Sekai ga Hajimaru Seisen (Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World) or KimiSen is a Japanese fantasy romance light novel series by Kei Sazane, telling the star-crossed love story of war-torn enemies. It follows Empire swordsman Iska (Successor of Black Steel) and Nebulis Imperial Household Agency star mage Aliceliese "Alice" Lou Nebulis IX (Ice Witch of Calamity) as they battle, seeking peace and finding love.

2023.06.08 10:57 modest-cat I only feel valuable if I feel beautiful

I have been spiraling lately because for some reason I put my worth in my looks and how other's perceive me. I feel like I am not that pretty, and it freaks me out. I look at myself in the mirror and feel distain for everything I see. All my imperfections that make me feel like I am ugly and can never be loved. It doesn't matter how pretty people say I am, or how often I am hit on by creepy middle-aged men (seriously don't hit on retail workers). I feel like I can never be beautiful or loved and it makes me hate myself so much. It seriously affects me to the point where both of my ex boyfriends are absolute losers that I stayed with for way longer than I should have (sounds mean but I have reasons to say this lol). Idk why I even think this way, but it pains me to see people who are happy and are actually in happy relationships because I feel like that can never be me. I have no idea how this line of thinking even started but I just want to be happy.
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2023.06.08 10:57 nik-l Hospital taking a long time to do a fracture surgery.

Hello guys, so I’m in my last Erasmus month and two weeks ago i fell on my arm while bouldering.
The ambulance had to come, my ellbow was dislocated and I have a fractured it and I need surgery. After first treatment in Hospital del Mar, they told me to call 061 to find out about my referral hospital, which turns out to be Vall d’Hebron. I went there, did more X-rays, they gave me a splint in a bandage that im wearing since then. They told me that surgery will probably happen after a few days and they need to do CT first and they will call me. Fast forward one week, no call (called them in the meantime, they just said they’re gonna call me again) I get a letter that I need to do the scan the next week. I did it yesterday, it was only the scan, again “They’re going to call me”
The problem is that now 14 days passed already without surgery, last time it took 5 days for their letter to arrive. The bandage is starting to get smelly now and I dread even leaving the house. Sadly my spanish is bad, last time they had one english speaking doctor, but I am afraid that they’re not calling me and sending letters instead because of that.
I will probably bring a catalan friend that can translate next time, but I really don’t know what to do know except waiting. Id love to at least get a new bandage but not sure where I should go for that.
Does anybody have a similar experience?
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2023.06.08 10:57 Goodman_TheMagicMan My best friend took my girlfriend from me

Now I have no definitive evidence that she cheated on me. For me, my best friend, of 10 yrs+, asking if I'd be mad/what would I do if he and my girlfriend (friends 4 yrs + 3 yrs dating) got together should she and I breakup is enough. My response was I'd never speak to either of them again. I assumed he was busting my balls and didn't read too much into it, especially since they would talk shit about what an asshole the other one is. Not long after, she dumps me over the phone with no warning and little explanation while I'm out of state at school (only and hour and a half away) and not long after that he completely ghosts me with zero warning or explanation. Guess who's together now. I know everyone says this but I never thought this type of shit would happen to me. They were the only two friends I had. I was there for them when no one else was. As far as I'm concerned he took her from me. Fuck friends. Fuck love. Fuck them both.
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2023.06.08 10:57 throwawaysj92 I'm in love with my best friend of sixteen years.

To my best friend turned boyfriend,
I love you. It's only been two weeks and I've always heard that when you meet the one, you just know.
You've always being my shoulder to lean on. Whether it was through the sudden death of our mutual friend, relationship woes, or any other hardship I've faced, you never wavered. Ever.
The flirting didn't start until a few weeks ago, and honestly it took both of us by surprise since everything has always been platonic between us. And when I kissed you for the first time at the end of my driveway, it felt like a home I never knew I longed for.
Between the late night messages, ranting about season eight of Game of Thrones, and the heated discussions about Avatar: The Last Airbender, a part of me started to feel more than friendship, but we had been friends ever since high school in 2007. I had no idea if you felt the same, so I stayed quiet, wishing you well from afar out of fear of losing the one constant in my life.
My constant. Every time I felt like my world was falling apart, I'd message you and you always responded. You respected my boundaries, and always found a way to cheer me up and build my strength so I could face whatever was being thrown my way at the time.
Then you called me gorgeous, and we took the plunge into something scary and unknown, and wonderfully new.
Sixteen years and five heartbreaks later, here I am in love with my best friend. I can't tell you yet, it's too soon and I'm terrified. But I will tell you eventually. I need to be patient, and do this right because it's YOU.
But I love you. I love your beautiful eyes, and your breathy little chuckle when I snuggle into you. I love how protective you are of the ones you love. I love the silver strands that are starting to grace your hair. I love your sense of humor, and your mind. God, you're so smart. And so handsome.
I love your laugh, and your outer disdain for Disney musicals even though we both know you have all the words memorized. I love your humility, and your kindness. I love the way you hold my hand even in your sleep. I love your smile, and I love that you finally spoke up about how you felt. Otherwise I never would have known this feeling I feel now as I sit in bed and type this.
I love my best friend, and I'm so afraid. But I hope you'll continue to be my shoulder to lean on for sixteen more years and then some. You deserve the world, and I hope by some miracle I can give it to you. I hope I can be your constant like you've been for me.
You're worth the wait, you always have been. And I can't wait to wake up next to my best friend again.
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2023.06.08 10:57 momo_is_cool i need advice, like i have no idea what to do with these feelings

Ive already posted pretty much this exact text in lgbt and actuallesbians but i sadly did not get any responses.
ok, so, I'm most definitely sapphic and both sexually and romantically attracted to women and I thought I'm a lesbian, but lately I've been a bit confused about that.
So basically, there's a guy in my school who i personally think is very attractive and who i am somewhat attracted to, but I'm not entirely sure if it's more than platonic. I could imagine kissing him specifically and maybe other guys, but not rlly being in a relationship with him, i think, like dates and stuff. An important part of this, i think, is, that he is entirely unattainable for me, since he is in a) a different class, b) has never once acknowledged my existence and c) is in an entirely different social group and has a much higher social status that me. Actually, he's in the kind of group that im literally afraid of, bc they're the kind of ppl that judge ppl that don't 100% fit into the norm. Another thing that ive noticed is, that if i imagine myself being male, ive come to the conclusion that I would be attracted to other guys, which is a bit weird maybe. If i had been born male i would identify as such probably, like i would be just as happy being male i think, but that's not rlly the point of this.
TLDL: its just confusing, bc i do feel like i have a crush on a guy, but can only imagine kissing him, not actually dating him and also only in somewhat specific scenarios, unless i imagine myself to also be male. I think i need to explain that had i been born male i would probably identify as such, i would be just as content with it. This is all very confusing to me currently. And id rlly love some advice on that! Thanks in advance <3
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2023.06.08 10:57 SFRex26 First novel is YA Fantasy

Here is a link to the third chapter of my first novel, Wise Folk and the God of the Grove. I’ve finished the second draft, making sure it’s structurally sound, characters work, dialogue is natural (as natural as it can be when you write a novel including people who are clearly lean toward the “pixie” kind of fairy but never use either of those words lol), and editing for mistakes.
I think it’s pretty good. That one AI seems to like it, but I pay for that so the algorithm is probably biased in my favor. Id love to hear if anyone else thinks it’s readable, engaging, fun, or utterly “nice try.” Thank you to anyone who reads this!
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2023.06.08 10:57 Pretend_Invite2160 I sold my computer to invest in bitcoin. I love streaming on twitch. Please send money, I want to buy a computer🫶🥺. my link ERC 20 0xa3a1ce0e5e044207f7856ea4ea11424ab17215a3

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2023.06.08 10:57 another_secret_prof 37 [M4F] London, UK/Online - University prof looking for chat buddies of all sorts

Hi, I'm a normal-ish British guy looking for random chats with people. You can be anywhere and almost anyone, but I'd particularly like to chat with ladies in my timezone (UK/Europe) or people interested in students and academic life. I'm a professor at a UK university who teaches and does research, but it can be a bit solitary and I'm working at home a lot. I'm mostly looking for random chat and I won't put pressure on you for anything more. (I suppose I'm not against that if we get on well) Looks are not too important, but I'm 6'1, white, brown hair and scruffy beard. I have a typical English accent and like voice chat. We can chat or message on here, but I also have apps. I come and go on reddit, and I know that people are crappy at responding properly, ghosting etc. I understand if real life gets in the way. But if you message me I will respond and I think I'm a good conversationalist. If things aren't working or I have to disappear, I'll tell you first. I do appreciate thoughtful replies and proper sentences etc. What else am I into? Well I'm curious about lots of things including you! I love travel and have done a fair bit myself and lived abroad. I'm interested in science, history, politics, current affairs etc. And fun stuff too! I probably haven't seen what you are watching, but I do like movies and books and music. If any of this sounds interesting, let me know and maybe we can start something!
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2023.06.08 10:56 Odd-Baseball-5022 I made out with a semi-famous guy and it was amazing

This happened about eight months ago, but it has been on my mind for a while. I used to do a lot of social media and made a lot of cool connections doing this. One of the connections in question was one of the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen in my life (I will not name him for obvious reasons).
He was a mutual friend, and I didn’t know much about him until I was told that I would be hanging out with him in a group. As soon as I saw him, I was absolutely bewildered by how tall, perfect, handsome, and well dressed, he was. He was my definition of a 10 out of 10 and he really had the whole package. He is known to be extremely handsome in the community. I had a small crash immediately. Me being sort of a nobody never thought that I could get with a guy like this.
We didn’t talk that much on the first day of meeting, but we did share a few laughs, and I tried not to stare too much. However, on the second day, I was asked out to a bar by that same group. We ended up getting quite drunk, and I thought he might’ve been flirting with me. I wasn’t sure if he was just a player (I wouldn’t blame him considering how hot he is). And he was asking to try on my sweater because it was fluffy, and he wanted to wear some of my jewelry (I put it on him and I made sure to get close).
I was nervous, even looking at him. As the night went on, we somehow ended up sitting beside each other, and we were talking a lot. We clicked. One thing led to another, and I ended up making out with him. It was in front of everyone it was a little bit embarrassing but I was just enjoying the moment.
We held hands and kissed quite a bit until it was late at night, and he invited me back to his house. I wasn’t quite sure what he was expecting, but I was so lovestruck that I didn’t even mind. I don’t remember a whole lot because I got pretty damn drunk by the end of the night . Nothing extremely exciting happened at his house but I did lay on him and we made out for hours. I went home eventually.
I had asked him to hang out add an event the day after and he said yes, multiple times during the night however, the next day he ended up sleeping in and cancelled on me. I know that it was nothing personal, but I wanted to see him again so badly that I drove me crazy. I never ended up seeing him in person after that. He is now in a different country pursuing work and honestly I could see him blowing up and getting big. He has connections to some of the biggest creators. I told some of my closest friends about this and they knew who he was just by his name. It was really such a surreal experience.
I have his number. I don’t think that we will ever end up talking again unless he comes back to visit and we all hang out in person again.
It was such an amazing night, and it gave me a bit of an ego boost, considering I’ve never thought of myself as anything special, and I was able to get with someone that was as gorgeous as him. He was also extremely polite, caring, and just an overall really cool guy.
It’s driving me crazy because I was so drunk and I barely remember it. I just know that it happened. I have dreams about him occasionally which is really weird since I don’t really think about him on a daily basis (anymore).
I just thought that I would share this story because I literally had another dream about him last night and I kind of just want to go in on a rant about it.
If anyone else has any similar stories, I would love to hear them.
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2023.06.08 10:56 mangoprimee Help

Idk how many OIs I've read but lately they're all just starting to all sound the same, plot becoming so predictable cause they all literally follow the same thought process, ML's have different variations of the same person in multiple OIs, same goes for the FL's.
Idk I do love OIs a lot but I'm just tired of seeing another black-haired red eyed Duke of the North, canonically ruthless people suddenly turning soft and puppy-like because of "she's..... interesting", my first 8 OIs were a breath of fresh air even with the extremely overused isekai genre. But at this point, as soon as I see a new OI and see their characters, the fact that I could 100% of the time guess what kind of attitude/mannerism they have is bothering me. Its actually starting to feel painful reading through a lot of them.
If there are still OIs that actually feel original/not predictable, I'd be thankful if you guys can recommend me some.
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2023.06.08 10:56 lovejune00 29 [F4M] Craving for soulful and mind-stimulating conversations

Hello! Looking for new people to talk and (possibly) date with.
About me: •Good conversationalist. •Always in awe with the ways of the Universe. •Loves to learn new things. • INFJ personality.
I love genuine connection! And I hope this time, I’ll meet someone who can be my real constant. Will wait for your DM.🙂
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2023.06.08 10:56 Consistent-Strain-23 26m - looking for long term friends

Hi! I’m looking for people I can talk to regularly. A little about myself: I love to read and write, huge anime nerd, cooking is one of my favorite things to do. My favorite things I like to make are steak, lamb, and duck. I’m down to talk about absolutely anything, don’t be shy!
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2023.06.08 10:55 professor_tinkerputt Ex bf & I had an amicable breakup. Now he’s talking down on me on social media.

My ex bf got evicted earlier this year (when we were still together) and I let him stay with me and only charged him 1/4th of rent so he can save up money and get his own place.
We eventually broke up 5 months later because he was not only making absolutely no progress in getting his own place, but he stopped paying rent altogether or really putting effort into anything. He was failing community colleges classes while I was getting full ride scholarship offers for my masters, he started taking less and less hours at work while I secured a job that was double his salary, he was spending more and more time playing video games while i was scheduling more volunteering time, etc. I checked in constantly while he was living with me to see if he was depressed, if he needed anything, and how I could support but he always told me he was fine.
When we had the conversation and he told me he wanted to end the relationship to focus on getting back on his feet I was extremely supportive. I told him not to worry about owing me the last two months of rent and utilities because I would take care of it so he can one less thing to worry about. I also gave him as much time as he needed to move his things out and let him know over and over again that I loved and supported him and that I would miss him so much.
Overall, it was a pretty decent breakup but I still made the decision to go no contact for at least a month so I could truly process this and accept that things were over.
We never unfollowed each other on social media and he still watches all my stories so one day last week I decided to check his Twitter and, to my surprise, there’s a slew of negative posts subtweeting me. Multiple posts claiming I “fumbled” him, that I wasn’t kind or supportive, that I wasn’t worth his time, etc.
To say I’m furious is an understatement. I haven’t told anyone but my closest friends about the reasons for the breakup because I didn’t want to embarrass him so seeing him trashing me publicly when I not only accepted the breakup and gave him his space but also showed empathy, understanding, and love AS I WAS GETTING DUMPED is messing with my head. I feel like I’m being framed as a bad person and an unworthy or unvaluable partner for no real reason by someone I have genuine care for.
I am SO, so tempted to break no contact just to set him straight, but that feels like such a dumb reason to break no contact—especially when I’m so deep into the healing process.
I’m just so, so upset about this and I cannot bring myself to stop thinking about this. I keep bouncing between feeling like I want to scream and crying into my pillow. The whole thing makes my heartbreak so much worse because I would never do something so immature and mean-spirited to him. This makes me feel like we were never even friends which makes all of this feel so much worse.
I hate to admit it but this is bothering me so much I’ve been thinking of responding to his tweets with the real reason we broke up or making my own petty tweets calling him broke, unsuccessful, etc but I’d hate to kick him in a time where he needs to be uplifted.
Any advice for how I can move past this?
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2023.06.08 10:55 Plus_Sail_4656 Having trouble focussing on one thing at once

I think it's bad mental health and I am wondering how to improve my mental health. I'm making a post to explain that I want to live but I have trouble going up against enemies and I want to love myself but I'm also feeling really nerdy I want to know how to be cool. I think I need a good influence in my life but I don't want to get close to anyone. I can't seem to focus on anything and keep changing what I'm doing, like I'm resless. I'm grateful but then immediately after I get bored or I feel like I am in lack or lonely or I can't find inner peace.
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2023.06.08 10:55 DJGringito Mexican Airlines #2. The amount of love and care I put into my plants just doesn’t compare to any dispo flower I’ve tried. I wish everyone here could try this and see the the difference.

Mexican Airlines #2. The amount of love and care I put into my plants just doesn’t compare to any dispo flower I’ve tried. I wish everyone here could try this and see the the difference. submitted by DJGringito to bostontrees [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 10:55 starcrossedvagabond I feel guilty ashamed and depressed over what Ive been doing

I want to start off by saying I am not and will no longer justify my actions whatsoever. You see I'm a gay guy in a deeply rural area and every male crush I've ever had I fall head over heels for and often it gets me lead on, made fun of, or just dismised and it ends with immense heartbreak now here is where I am a terrible person. I'm not bragging by any means but pretty much every girl I'm friends with gets a crush on me (they admit this) and I often take out my frustration on them by doing to them what happens to me but I want to stop after particular incident that absolutely destroyed me for lack of better words. One of the girls that I picked on (she was the one who got the worst of it because I was jealous of her loving family) came to see me at work and specifically went out of her way to talk to me I just couldn't understand how could she be so happy to see someone that would be so spiteful to her who set out ruin her day because he hated his life I talked to her normally and joked around like nothing was wrong after she left I ran to the bathroom and puked and sobbed over the sheer remorse and realization over the fact I was hurting people that cared about me I just could not handle that thought and even considered ending my life that night Im not trying to even get sympathy I just want this to serve as a cautionary tale that its okay to hurt but if you put that onto others you will be even more hurt and be forced to live with the fact that you harmed someone
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2023.06.08 10:55 dadparty6969 best ways to prevent flare ups? (diet, products, anything!)

I'm extremely new to my HS diagnosis, but have had to for many years. I'm trying to learn as much as I can about prevention. I've heard its very good to cut out diary sugar and gluten, and use salicylic acid serum and Clindamycin gel, but other than that I'm completely clueless. id love to hear the ways you've found help to prevent flare ups.
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2023.06.08 10:55 Electronic_tana Immigrant stepparent

I just migrated to a different country to be with my wife and SK (8y).
While I am not struggling that much, I would love to hear some success stories to get me more motivated.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.08 10:55 e554_ My catholic family won’t accept that I’m an atheist- what do I do?

Alright so basically each summer I go to Poland to visit my grandparents and aunt. Both my grandmother and aunt are very religious, to the point where they just brush it of as either “your just a child” or “you don’t know what you’re saying” when I tell them that I don’t believe in any type of god. I’m starting to get pissed of from this to the point where I’m thinking to straight up tell them to fuck off, but I don’t want to. I love them very much and vice-versa, but they can’t accept the fact that I’m also a human and I get to chose what’s best for me. I’ve realised that it’s not just them who think that I’m robot which they can program to do whatever they want me to do, it’s also my parents whenever I argue with them about anything that has my say in it they also say that they don’t care and usually end up grounding me. I feel like this is kind of psychotic that my family thinks that I’m just some type of doll that they can do whatever they want to do with. So, what do I do?
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2023.06.08 10:54 Useful-Yak-2115 Sicily lyrics from the vinyl social media ad

Read from the ads that have been on social media, showing the inside sleeve of the LP. Couldn’t make out a few of the words as they were quite blurry.
I’m all used up again I beat myself like a broken record Objectified, misuse me as directed My sweet nothing
The pound of flesh again Silhouettes witness sheer devotion I trace your hips in slow motion I live between your legs
You’re all peaches and cream __ nightmares Lust a wild __ Don’t rescue me I’m drowning in wet dreams it seems
Look in my eyes, I come to revel Tangled and tied, now and forever Better warn ya.. loves assassin Kisses on the lips Love’ll make ya sick
Kisses on the lips Poison on the lips Look in my eyes, I come to revel Tangled and tied now and forever
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2023.06.08 10:54 dr_skellybones do allos even want to be in love?

writing this rn, im at work and it’s an open mic poetry night, and several people have gotten up and bascially just said “i’m in love and it’s so gross” or otherwise just not wanting to be in love and it’s just so funny how people apparently dislike being in love but also romance is like a big important thing and idk this is my live thoughts being broadcasted onto my phone
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2023.06.08 10:53 Scineronic The Painting of the Truck

I was driving down back roads to get home. At that point I had been on the road for six hours. I was coming back from an art show that featured some of my art. None of it sold. Not even the one I loved most, the one I had spent months upon months making. It featured an old Ford Thames Trader (an ugly shit of a truck) driving down some dark road, on some dark night. I mention this particular piece of art, because I saw that damned Trader following me that night. When I first saw it, I thought it was just sleep deprivation. I hadn’t gotten more than three hours of sleep each night for the last week. I saw the ugly green fucker out of my side mirror. I did a double take, but the Trader was gone. I dismissed it and carried on driving. The next time I saws, it was also in my side mirror. Before I could do a double take, the Trader sped up and, before long, went over the hill and was out of my view. My hands were now sweating. The steering wheel was now slick in the places where my hands sat. I thought I was going insane. I’m thought I was just pissed that my art hadn’t been sold, and my subconscious was creating this little fantasy because of it. Those ideas were quickly dispelled. The Trader suddenly appeared in my rear view mirror, in time for me to see it smash into the rear of my car. The truck then pulled beside me. I was trying my hardest to keep from fainting, so I didn’t look at the truck for a good while. When I did,I noticed that the truck was undamaged. I noticed another thing. No one was driving the motherfucker. That’s when I did faint. I was in a hospital, when I woke up. Police told me I had crashed into a tree and that my car was totaled. He also mentioned that I was lucky to be alive. I asked them where my paintings were. The officer told me that they were in a box with the other shit that was in my car. When I was discharged and got the box, my plan was to burn the painting that had that truck in it. It seemed fate had a different plan for me. The painting that had feature the Ford Thames Trader that had haunted me that night was gone.
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