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2005 G35 Coupe 6MT no start after trip. Need help diagnosing.

2023.04.01 16:14 DoggieTamale 2005 G35 Coupe 6MT no start after trip. Need help diagnosing.

Hello all. I bought this car 200 miles away from home and it died 6 miles before getting home. It turns over and you can tell it almost wants to start, you can hear the compression and the soft muffled "pop" from the exhaust. Here is some relevant info. I picked up the car and drove 40 miles and it had consumed half a tank of gas. No SES light at this time. Stopped for gas, drive 5 mins and SES light came on however no change in the engine performance. I was cruising at a steady 75mph. After the SES light came on, the fuel mileage was phenomenal! I had used a quarter of a tank the rest of the 160mi with the light on. 6 miles from my house, on the freeway, I slowed down and downshifted since there was a collision on the side of the road. After passing it, shifted back to to 6th and 75mph, engaged the cruise control, it hesitated a little and the car died. The SES never flashed. After this I couldn't get it started. The car has 155k miles on it but I have zero information about it's history. I checked for codes and got 4 on my crappy Bluetooth OBD2 dongle. P0084 (status pending), P0078 (status pending), P0455 (status pending, and P0455 (status confirmed). Those first 2 are pretty scary to me but it seems that I do have spark since I can hear a small ignition pop when it turns over. Oil level shows low, about 2-3mm from the bottom of the hash marks on the dipstick. How screwed at I?? Is it something simple like a fuel pump or a sensor or am I gonna have to do the timing components. I've worked on cars for over a decade as a hobby but I've never had a newer import so this is a learning experience for me. I can test sensors with a multimeter if I know what to look for. Other than this nightmare issue, the car was a blast to drive for those 160mi!! Thanks y'all. I'm hoping I can get it back on the road and start enjoying it!
TLDR: 155K mi G35 Coupe 6MT. No start after driving 200mi. Possible has spark. SES on but never flashed. Codes P0084 (status pending), P0078 (status pending), P0455 (status pending, and P0455 (status confirmed).
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2023.04.01 15:50 NucularOrchid Does anybody else find sex embarrassing?

I am nearly 30 but the older I get the more I don’t want it anymore. I’ve been with my man for 5 years and he’s great but I just never want him to touch me. Having someone touch you and judge your reactions, having someone go down on you and not knowing what to do, where to put your hands, how to silent the negative thoughts in my head, feeling shy because you feel like you need to act a certain way but then moaning is embarrassing, am I doing to too much? Not enough? Getting stressed because there’s some light in the room and I don’t want someone to see me undressed. He reassured me all these things he finds so sexy, everything I do he finds sexy or attractive, even things like eating nice food, talking about my passions, even when I’m painting (hobby) he says it’s so attractive to watch me work and get lost into creating, but I don’t feel sexy.
Even if I do get into it as soon as I’ve climaxed I’m absolutely mortified. I don’t have any sexual trauma. I have childhood trauma where mum was emotionally neglectful and she used to hit me so I don’t know if that has a long term effect. I’m sure it does as I’m typically embarrassed walking into a shop or crossing the road haha.
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2023.04.01 15:07 Inevitable_Ebb_7708 Have questions/need pointers: I have 1-way stretch velvet and satin to line it (string bikini)

I bought a few yards of velvet for a good deal, good quality besides 1-way stretch. The satin was recommended as a liner by the fabric associate at hobby lobby. I plan to get 1/4” rubber elastic to line the parallel sides with, and make it wider to make it bunch on bottom (string bikini). Also, I will use a sewing machine instead of a serger, and make the straps with the velvet (if possible). I assume the direction the velvet should stretch is horizontally, is this correct? Also, should I take back the satin and go for a stretchy liner?— I didn’t think about that until later in terms of fitting. I will first make dance wear (that will be washed occasionally), and then eventually create a swimsuit in the same style once I learn.
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2023.04.01 15:02 JBUnlock 4th business/lobby closed today

4th business/lobby closed today
Got an early route over base rate. Was doing pretty good timing, probably would be done by 9:30am. Then it started:
*Next stop due- Leave at lobby(due at 7am) = Lobby closed - tried calling, no answer, delivered sent pic.
*Other - Amazon Hub(due at 10am) - Hub opens at 11am.
*Other 2 for same building complex (leave at package room, provided code, IN THE NOTE ALSO they put the business hours, for today 10am - 5pm), it's 8am at this point BTW. The building is locked from everywhere no way in unless you leave there, work there or leasing office is open.
If you leave in a place that's locked, want stuff delivered to the lobby or have any type of business/open hours, why can't people just add this info to their address in their amazon account settings, we're talking about millions of orders all over the country, do tou really think they're gonna be reading these notes and say: ohh no let's put this one in a later route.
And the Amazon HUB, for god sake, they own that and dont know their business hours. 🙄 I'm starting to think they make this stuff on purpose to have us on the road for the full route timeframe.
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2023.04.01 14:53 doomedgeek I was a security guard until an encounter with a monster hunter changed my life

I was scraping a living working as a security guard.
I was stationed in shopping malls where my days were spent asking teenagers to move on. I sat behind desks in the lobbies of office blocks staring at CCTV monitors where nothing happened for hour after hour. And I patrolled construction sites on freezing cold nights, actually wishing someone would try and break in and steal some of the building materials. At least then I could get warm by chasing them.
My job was garbage.
One night, I was responding to an alarm which had gone off at the lot of a car dealership.
I parked up outside. The alarm was flashing but there was no sign of damage to the building so I assumed it was yet another waste of time.
I stood in front of the window and looked at the sleek, high-performance vehicles on display that cost more than I would earn in a lifetime on my pathetic wage. My reflection peered back at me: a sad figure dressed in a grey security guard’s uniform.
I sighed, turned away and headed back to my car. I had left my work phone on the passenger seat. I had to use it to fill in an online form after every call out before leaving the scene and would get my wages docked if I did not complete all the boxes correctly. It felt so futile.
I unlocked the car and was reaching for the door handle when I saw movement across the road. A glimpse of something running on all fours.
It slipped down an alley and away out of sight.
I thought at first that it might have been a fox.
There were a small number of exclusive restaurants in the surrounding blocks and their refuse would be packed with tasty morsels for scavengers. They wouldn’t care that it was leftovers from haute cuisine prepared by a chef with his own show on cable tv.
But my hand hovered over the door handle.
What if it had been a dog? I wondered. A stray destined for the pound that would eventually, heartbreakingly, be put to sleep.
I had always liked dogs a lot. I admired their loyalty and their tenacity, though my circumstances over the years had meant I had not owned one since I was a teenager.
And though I should have got busy filling in the mind-numbing online form, I decided that could wait.
I wanted to see if it was a dog. If it was, maybe I could rescue it and give it a home. That would give my empty life some kind of purpose.
Trying not to think about how I was going to afford to pay for dog food and veterinarian’s bills, I set off on the animal’s trail.
The alley I had entered was narrow and dark. I gave my eyes a moment to adjust then carried on. I moved slowly, not wanting to spook the animal.
I knew that if it felt threated it could lash out, and the last thing I needed was a trip to ER to get treated for a bite.
But there was no sign of it and the only sound was a drunk singing in the distance.
I shook my head sadly. I would have to give up and get back to the car. There would be another job lined up for me by now and the supervisor would be wondering where I was.
I turned – but did not take another step.
A pair of eyes glowed in the darkness ahead of me. They were red and burning with rage.
I could see the snout of the animal now as well and its teeth… only they were not the teeth of any kind of dog or fox. They were way too big, way too sharp.
They were fangs. And they were coming my way.
My guts cramped with fear.
I needed to get out of there or stand and fight. I clenched my firsts.
The animal was close. It began to snarl and crouch. I realised with horror that it was about to go for me.
Suddenly the alley was filled with the sound of screeching tyres and an engine roaring like it was fit to burst.
A car sped into view. It was backing in and barely fit into the cramped space. Its sides scraped along the sides of the alley with a sickening screech. Then it slammed to a halt.
I heard a door open, and a man stepped out of the driver’s seat.
He wore a battered leather coat that reached almost to his ankles. A fedora was balanced at a rakish angle on his head.
He smiled, and I saw the glint of a gold tooth.
“Well, howdy,” he said to me, “I will take it from here.”
The animal had not moved since he had arrived on the scene. It had remained low to the ground, its teeth bared, its hackles raised.
The man stood tall before it, patted a holster on his hip and said, “I got six silver pieces in here. I will need only one. There will be no morning after regrets then. The only thing waiting for you will be a cold hard grave.”
It was insane. He was speaking to a crazed animal as if it could understand him.
The animal responded with a howl, then leapt at him.
Moving with lightning speed and agility, the man rolled out of the way and was back on his feet in a flash. He drew, and a loud retort filled the alley – all while the animal was still mid-air.
The impact of the projectile sent it spiralling down. It hit the ground heavily and did not move.
I stood there transfixed, barely able to breathe.
The man opened the trunk of his car, picked the animal up and placed it inside.
As he closed the trunk, I could swear I saw pale human skin appearing beneath the animal’s fur.
The man turned back to me. “Word of advice, stranger. Stay out of dark alleys on nights like these. The full moon’s real pretty, but she brings out the beast.”
Then he tapped the brim of his fedora in a relaxed salute and climbed back into his car.
I was left standing watching open-mouthed as he drove away.
I had not noticed that it was a full moon but, when I looked up, I saw it burning bright in the dark city night.
I took a deep breath and headed back to my car.
There were missed calls on my work phone and a red-flagged email telling me to report to personnel in the morning.
I did not tell the drone in the suit who I met in the security company’s headquarters at 9.30 the next day what had happened in the alley. I knew that was pointless. There was no way he would believe me – and, it turned out, the damage was already done.
I listened as he told me that I was fired for taking an unauthorised break.
It took all my self-control not to reach over the desk, grab him and tell him exactly what I thought of his organisation and his stupid face.
With my head held high, I walked out onto the street. I had my dignity but nothing else. I was unemployed and close to broke.
I needed to think. I decided it was too early to go to a bar and consider my options over a stiff drink, and my cramped apartment was the last place I wanted to be when I was already feeling down, so I set off walking.
I had no destination in mind, I just drifted.
As I paced the streets, my mood got bleaker and bleaker. I could not see a way out of the dire situation I was in.
Finally, as dusk fell, I gave in to the temptation of a drink. There was a bar on the corner. It had no windows and there was broken glass and cigarette ends scattered across the sidewalk in front of it.
It was a dive.
Ideal for a loser like me then, I figured, and headed in.
The inside of the bar was hazy with smoke and dimly lit by a fluorescent strip that was dancing with flies. There were half a dozen patrons nursing beers, and a juke box was playing a song about looking for love.
The only thing anyone was going to find in this place was regret and stale breath.
I headed to the bar and ordered a double bourbon neat. The barman slid over a glass and poured out the drink.
The rim of the glass had more fingerprints on it than a crime scene. Telling myself that alcohol was a very effective disinfectant, I downed the bourbon in one, then turned to leave.
Call it the ambiance, call it the dirty looks I was getting because my eyebrows did not meet in the middle, but this bar was not helping my mood one little bit.
I was almost back at the door, when it swung open and the man from the alley strolled in.
His fedora, long leather coat and confident strut made him stand out a mile in the seedy bar.
He looked at me and I saw recognition in his eyes, but he carried on right by me without a word and made his way towards a lone figure sitting at a corner table.
I’d paid this man no heed before. He was keeping to the shadows and, even as he was approached, he had eyes only for the drink that sat in front of him.
Common sense was telling me that there was about to be trouble and I should leave, but I had not ended up one step away from the gutter by listening to my common sense.
So I leant against a wall and watched and waited.
The man wearing the fedora had reached the table. He had his back to me, but I imagined a gold tooth glinting as he said, “It is time to end this.”
His voice was calm and cold. He meant business.
The lone figure responded by taking a long drink, then placing his glass back down slowly and deliberately. The sound of the glass clinking on the tabletop was the loudest sound in the bar by now.
The juke box was silent and everyone else in there seemed transfixed by the encounter as well.
The lone figure got to his feet. He was slender and dressed all in black. In the gloom, his eyes were two points of darkness and his skin looked drained of all colour.
Then he smiled, and I felt a cold chill run through my body.
The tips of his teeth were viciously sharp points. Had he had filed them down to be like that? I wondered. Or was there another explanation?
One that belonged far from the light of day, in a dank, dark place like this.
The lone figure kept smiling as he said, “That’s not going to happen. It’s night now, so I will be leaving here to get myself a drink that satisfies my thirst. The plasma they keep behind the bar for me here just doesn’t cut it. In fact, this whole situation lacks bite.”
Then he snarled and his jaws snapped open. His grotesque teeth looked like a steel trap. One that was about to close around the neck of the man in the fedora.
But, once again, he moved at speed, producing a sharp wooden stake from inside his leather coat and striking it into the heart of the lone figure – who screamed then crumbled into dust.
The man in the fedora turned to walk away.
Only his path to the door was blocked by the barman. He held a sawn-off. “You should not have done that,” he said. “Vampires are my best customers.”
Then he let loose with both barrels.
There was nothing the man in the fedora could do. He was sent flying backwards, crashing through chairs and tables before sliding to a halt.
Appalled at this vicious assault, I threw myself at the barman and knocked him out with a right hook.
Then I scrambled over to the man in the fedora. He was in a bad way, but he was still breathing. His eyes flickered opened.
I forced a reassuring smile onto my face and said, “Don’t try and move. I’ll call 911.”
“No, there’ll be too many questions.” he gasped and tried to sit up. His face contorted with pain and he swore. Then, through gritted teeth, he said, “Help me get out of here.”
I had no idea what he was talking about and still thought calling the authorities was the best thing to do, but I saw that the other customers were giving us filthy looks and that the barman was coming round. I decided that getting out of there as soon as possible was the wisest option after all.
I helped the man in the fedora get to his feet and took as much of his weight as I could as we struggled towards the door and out into the night.
I recognised his car parked across from the bar. He gave me the keys and collapsed into the passenger seat.
I was about to tell him I was not insured to drive his vehicle when I saw the door of the bar open and the barman emerge.
Getting pulled over for a traffic offense was small change compared to the volley that was about to come our way, so I dived into the car, gunned the engine and gripped the wheel as we sped away.
I almost hit a car at the next intersection but swerved just in time. My heart was beating way too fast and I was coated in sweat. Then the headlights of a truck filled my line of vision and its horn blasted out a warning.
It missed us by inches.
I could not take it anymore. I pulled up at the side of the road and sat there shaking.
I glanced over at the man in the fedora and was amazed to see he was grinning.
“What in Hades’ name is going on?” I snapped.
“I am a freelance operative,” he replied. “I am paid by the government to eliminate monsters.”
I looked at him, lost for words.
“Sounds crazy, I know,” he continued. “But I assure you I don’t need a straight-jacket, just one more favour. I live a couple of blocks from here. I’m figuring it would be safer to walk the rest of the way and, while my Kevlar vest, soaked up most of the blast I’m still in a world of pain…”
He left it hanging there.
I sighed then told him I’d help him get home but that was it.
A day that had started with me being fired had descended into chaos and my nerves were shredded.
With him leaning on me we made our way slowly through the streets, until finally we reached what looked to me like a derelict warehouse. Even though it was late, a steady stream of traffic passed by. This city never slept.
“This is my place,” he said, while unlocking the door with a big brass key. The door opened with a creak and I helped him inside.
He flicked a light switch on, revealing a long open plan room that was a strange mix of workshop and living space.
An old and very comfortable looking sofa sat in front of a tv that looked about thirty years old. There was a fridge nearby, a stove, and a sink that was piled high with dishes.
A tool box stood open on the floor near to the sink, and a wide wooden workbench ran along the side of one wall.
There was an unmade bed as well, and an empty clothes hanger. Rumpled clothes lay scattered across the floor.
“I’m guessing you live here alone,” I said.
He shrugged and responded with, “Wherever I lay my stakes, that’s my home.”
I thought he was joking until I saw the row of wooden stakes lined up against one of the walls. The tip of each was sharpened – just like the one he had used in the bar.
He tapped the nearest one and said, “I like to keep plenty of replacements. Always seem to be leaving the things behind.”
Then he made his way over to the sofa and sunk down onto it.
I could see he was still in a lot of pain, but his breathing was regular and as I watched his eyelids closed and he started to snore quietly.
It was time for me to make my exit – only I could hear the rain falling heavily against the roof of the building. It sounded filthy outside, and I was beat.
There was an armchair in one corner of the room. It looked ancient and the lining was split open in a bunch of places. At that moment in time, it also looked incredibly comfortable.
I dragged myself over and pretty much collapsed onto it.
I don’t even remember closing my eyes.
The next thing I knew, I was blinking and yawning and rubbing my face. The morning sun was reaching into the room from a skylight and there was a pot of coffee brewing on the stove.
There was also a fax machine whirring into life.
I thought they’d gone the way of the dinosaurs so was bemused by the spectacle as a printout appeared. I went over to see what was on the sheet of paper.
It was a two-tone reproduction of a mug shot. Whoever it was, was not going to win any beauty contests. He looked desperate and dangerous. He also appeared human, but I assumed there was more to him than met the eye, if he was of interest to a monster hunter.
Below the picture there was a dollar sign followed by four figures.
I whistled quietly to myself. To a man in my dire financial straits, it was a substantial sum.
I was thinking how having that kind of money in my pocket would have made my life a whole lot better, when the man who I had helped the night before came into the room.
He took the printout from me, studied it, then said, “Looks like it’s time for me to go back to work.”
His leather coat and fedora were on the floor. He started to bend over to pick them up but pulled up in pain.
“Look,” I said. “If I understand this right, and you’re going to try and take out that desperado for that fee, then I would say you are going to fail. I reckon at the best you’ve cracked a couple of ribs. What you need is a partner, with a fifty-fifty split of the money when we succeed.”
He did not look happy about my suggestion and replied, “It will be dangerous in the extreme. You must realise that after seeing the last couple of vermin I took out?”
Unease trickled through me. But I wasn’t going to be put off that easily. I really wanted the money.
I pointed at the mug shot and asked, “What kind of monster is this?”
He grabbed a second page that had appeared from the fax machine, read it, then told me, “It says he is a shapeshifter. He is more dangerous than the lycanthrope I killed in the alley because he can change at will, not just during the full moon, and he could well share the cold logic of the vampire from the bar. The amount of the fee reflects this.”
I swallowed and tried to pretend like I was not scared as I said, “My offer to partner up with you still stands.”
He felt his ribs then looked me in the eye and growled, “Let’s do this thing.”
He drove this time, wincing every time we hit a pothole.
I had the two printouts on my lap and was leafing through an old A to Z of the city. I was looking for the street name that was among the details provided on the second sheet of paper.
“You do know it’s much easier to do this online,” I told him, as yet another bump in the road made me lose my page.
“Easier, but risky,” he told me. “Emails and messaging services are frequently hacked but no one is looking for information sent by fax. And who’s to say someone is not looking at the results of your internet searches the moment you bring them up.”
“I guess you don’t trust money being wired into banks either. So how do you get paid?” I said with a cynical tone.
He replied without missing a beat: “In cash. Used notes. Collected from drop off points, and never the same place. Do you like being given cash in hand? I know I do.”
I had to smile. He had me there. I went back to the A to Z.
After a couple of unnecessary detours caused by my rusty map reading, we finally turned into the right street. The apartment block we were looking for was on our left.
Finding monsters in alleys and dive bars had made sense. I also assumed monsters would hang out in graveyards, crumbling mansions, and other generally creepy and run down locations.
As I climbed out of the car and looked up, I was surprised.
The apartment block was sleek and modern. Balconies extended below each window. The views from the upper ones must have been stunning. And back down at ground level there was no graffiti or trash anywhere in sight.
“Are you sure this is the right place?” I asked.
He looked me at me and said, “The fax never lies.”
Then, hiding his pain behind a swagger, he strode up to the entrance and pressed a bunch of intercom buttons all at once.
“Someone is bound to be expecting a delivery,” he said, and sure enough we were buzzed in straight away.
We made our way through the plush lobby and waited on the elevator. The details we had been given also told us the shapeshifter lived in the penthouse suite.
“Must be profitable being a monster,” I said as the display showed the elevator descending.
The man in the fedora kept his attention on the display as he replied, “For some it can be. They use their differences to gather fortunes and power, sometimes through deluded acolytes, sometimes through violence and cunning. For others, though, being different is a curse, pure and simple. They wallow in filth, driven by base instincts to feed and hide. Either way, it is only a matter of time before they are identified as monsters and an operative is sent to end them.”
The elevator arrived and the doors slid open. The interior was wallpapered and there was a small, ornate sofa on one side. More signs that the shapeshifter had clearly done very well for himself.
That was all about to change.
The elevator ride was smooth and swift, and we emerged into a corridor where our boots sank into a thick, white carpet. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a security camera fixed high on the wall turn to face us.
I pointed it out and whispered, “Motion activated.”
The man in the fedora drew and obliterated the camera. “Not anymore,” he said and walked up to the door leading to the penthouse.
“It’s over,” he yelled then slammed his boot into the door. I noticed for the first time that he had steel toe caps and steel heels. The door cracked, he forced it open and stepped inside.
I followed. I could feel the adrenaline pushing my fear away.
The downtrodden security guard was history, I was a monster hunter’s partner now.
The vestibule of the penthouse was larger than any of the rooms in my apartment. There were oil paintings on the wall and light fittings that sparkled like jewels. A door opened up off it.
The man in the fedora was already barging through it. I hurried after him, into a living room with a floor to ceiling window. High rises soared in the distance.
A man sat in an antique chair in one corner of the room. I recognised him from the mug shot.
He had an arrogant sneer on his face. An arrogance that spread to his voice when he said, “Breaking into my home was a mistake. The last one you will ever make.”
Then he rose to his feet – and began to change.
His entire body expanded and within seconds he loomed over us. His skin cracked and dark fur began to appear. His fingers split open and claws unfurled, and the sneering face that looked down on us was now that of a beast.
It growled and with dizzying speed went for the man in the fedora.
He made to draw, but his injuries must have slowed him because the shapeshifter reached him before he could.
The shapeshifter lashed out with one of its claw-tipped paws, and the man in the fedora was sent flying across the room.
He lay there looking dazed. His leather coat and Kevlar vest were ripped and blood was seeping out.
The shapeshifter raised its claws, ready to inflict a fatal blow.
I had to act. I grabbed a chair and swung this at the shapeshifter. It turned and smashed the chair out of my grip.
I was left standing there as the shapeshifter snarled at me. The only thing I had achieved was to move up the victim chain. I would be diced and sliced and left as a gory mess on the floor.
My life flashed before my eyes, and I felt sick to the core as I realised my last thought would be: I have wasted my time on this earth.
Then something whipped into sight, a blur of silver. The shapeshifter looked confused, then its head toppled to the floor.
The man in the fedora dragged himself into view. He was holding a silver boomerang. “An excellent weapon,” he drawled, “Portable, with an edge that will cut through most anything, and very loyal. It always comes back.”
The decapitated head was already changing back into that of a man. A very dead man.
I turned away and was violently sick.
By the time I had recovered, the man in the fedora had left the room. I ran after him and called out, “Do we still have a deal? I get half of the fee.”
He was stepping into the elevator and did not turn round as he replied, “Yeah, sure. I’m going to collect it now. I’ll meet you later to hand over your share. Be at the alley where we first met, at midnight. And don’t be late.”
The doors slid closed behind him.
I punched the air and said, “Yes!”
I was too wired to head home or go for a drink so once again found myself pacing the streets.
I was excited at the prospect of the cash coming my way, but I wanted more than a pay-off. I wanted to be back on the trail of a monster. I wanted the rush of the confrontation. The elation of victory.
Sure, I was green and I knew there was no way I could strike out on my own. But the way forward was obvious. I had persuaded the man in the fedora to partner up with me once. I would do that again.
I was still telling myself that as I waited for him in the alley. It was five minutes to midnight.
Then midnight came and went and there was no sign of him.
I told myself not to worry. He would be there soon, with my money, and I would seize my opportunity to change my life forever.
But, by one a.m., I was still alone.
I cursed the man in the fedora. Did he think he could rip me off?
Well, there was no way I was going to let that happen.
I set off for his base.
It took me hours to get there on foot. I was exhausted but still furious, until I saw that his door was hanging open.
I knew that someone as security conscious as him would never have left it like that, and my anger dissipated.
My nerves tingling with dread, I slipped inside – to be met by a shocking sight.
The man in the fedora was lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
“No,” I cried out and ran forwards. I knelt next to him and tried to find a pulse, but there was nothing.
I began to weep. And as I did so, laughter drifted from the edge of the room.
I span round. A tall, pale figure dressed all in black walked into view. His eyes were pools of darkness. My mind flashed back to the lone figure in the bar.
The vampire.
Was this his kin?
“You did this.” I spat the accusation out.
The pale figure smiled. “I took my revenge.”
I was shaking as I screamed at him, “You murderer!”
The pale figure shook his head. “No. I did not kill him, because there are worse things than death I can inflict. You will see.”
Then, he walked away, out into the night.
My mind was racing. I needed to do something. But, what?
I decided I should take care of the body first. It was an empty shell now, but I still wanted to treat it with respect.
I grabbed a towel from among the things on the floor and began to clean away the blood. I stopped when I saw two wounds on the neck.
They were small and deep and I knew in my heart what they were.
Bite marks.
I recalled the vampire’s words: … there are worse things than death I can inflict.
And now when I looked down at the man in the fedora’s chest, I could see it was moving. This was so slight, it was no wonder I had missed it, but there was no question now. He was not dead.
He was undead.
I knelt there and watched as his chest rose and fell, as his eyes opened.
I could see the pain in them, the confusion.
“What happened?” he asked. His voice was very faint.
I told him. There was no point in lying. No way back.
And he knew that. Better than me.
“I can’t exist like this. As a monster,” he said in a quiet, weary voice.
Then he asked me to help him get up. I supported him as he struggled to his feet. He took off his fedora and handed it to me.
It was dawn by now and the sun was starting to reach into the room through the skylight.
He began to move through the shadows that remained towards the still open door.
He hesitated for a moment on the threshold, perhaps remembering his own life, perhaps summoning the courage he needed, then he stepped outside.
Through the gap, I could see the smoke rising from his exposed skin as the sunlight touched him.
I closed my eyes. I could not bear to watch.
I stayed like that for a long time. After a while, I moved over to the sofa and collapsed onto it.
I felt more alone and lost than I had ever done in my whole miserable life. The world was infected by evil. How could I find my place in it now my eyes had been opened to this?
At dusk, I made a decision.
There was one thing l could do. One thing I had to do:
Take revenge.
The need for this burnt white hot inside me.
I put the fedora on, picked up a stake and stepped outside.
The rain struck the streets as I stared out into the night. The lights of cars blurred as they passed, and sirens rose and fell in their endless serenade.
I took a deep breath. Excitement and fear mingled inside me. It was time to go to work.
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2023.04.01 13:17 BoulderMaker America's car culture and unsafe roads destroyed my favorite hobby.

RANT: I used to love riding my road bike long distances. I once road my bike from Delaware to Virginia through DC. I could ride 100 miles in a day!
After too many close calls, getting side-swipped & run off the road by guys in a pickup truck "as a prank" and looking at the abysmal road safety data, my fiance convinced me to stop riding my bike altogether except for the rare (where I live) 25 mph or less not-busy neighborhood streets.
It's just sad and no one cares that our roads are completely unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists or anyone not encased in thousands of pounds of steel.
I miss riding my bike. 😞
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2023.04.01 10:28 ChristheINFJ INFJ male at 24 in need of some reassurance/advice.

Hey fellow INFJs. I usually rarely ask for guidance on here because I mostly just spend time answering questions in an attempt to help people, but I've concluded that it's now me that needs a bit of help. I've struggled with this all my life, but I have a really bad case of the "grass in greener" syndrome. However, the ultimate negative thought process begins with knowing or believing the grass would in fact not be greener, since in the past when my desires came true they were never as great as what I expected. But that still doesn't mean they were awful either. So now I'm confused on whether I've just been suppressing my desires because I'm fearful of pursuing them or i really do believe the grass wouldn't be greener. For instance, I haven't been in a relationship for 2 years because I decided I wanted to learn a bit more about myself without a partner after we broke up in college. At first, it was extremely difficult because I was close to this person - you know how relationships are for us - but nowa side of me loves not having someone as I've realized how much mental energy they took from me. But even though I've learned to embrace the single lifestyle, and believe that another person could potentially disturb my comfort, there are times when I do miss a relationship and want that companionship and intimacy again. So i go down this road in my head where im like "fuck, i'd love a girlfriend" to the point where I begin to feel like I'm missing out on an experience, which makes me feel shitty thinking that my life could be better than it is. However, in order to combat this thought, I will then go down a path where I begin to remember everything I hated about a relationship and how much time it took up. The second thought helps to ease the pain of the first thought but since both are true, I find it hard to know which one i actually really want. Being alone is strong yet there are times when the desire of a relationship is much stronger. Would the grass be greener? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows? This is basically my thought process with everything in my life right now. Jobs, apartment struggles, and general life shit. Am I Ni-Ti looping? If anyone has gone through similar difficulties let me know.

I actually found a piece in the Harvard Business review that describes how I feel aka the second part about about separation and isolating oneself. I feel like i began experiencing this right after I graduated college.
"Regardless of the cause, the quarter-life crisis often spans several years and includes four typical stages. It starts with a feeling of being locked in to a commitment at work or at home: people take on jobs, rent apartments, and enter relationships, but then feel trapped in pretend adulthood. Then, at some point, they leave their romantic partners, jobs, or social groups and become separated and lonely. They spend the worst part of this crisis reflecting and recalibrating their plans, alone and isolated, until eventually they go out and explore new hobbies, interests, and social groups, finally emerging at the other side of the crisis happier, more motivated, and with a greater sense of clarity. This process can last for years, or repeat itself. It is a painful process, but it is also a tremendous growth opportunity, as it can create individuals who go on to lead more meaningful and happier lives.
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2023.04.01 07:20 Repulsive_Buy_5555 Lost Aurora puppy

Lost Aurora puppy
So I lost my 7 month olds aurora puppy. I think he threw it out of his stroller when we were shopping and I feel terrible. My grandmother brought it to him in the hospital when he was born and it breaks my heart that I lost it. I want to replace it so hopefully in time I will forget that the original is gone and the sentiment from his Nana is the same. The mom guilt is real. I didn’t tell anyone I lost it and tried to replace it this week and thought I’d found it. Not so fast. My nine year old picks it up and goes, “oh baby brother got a new stuffed puppy” 😑 apparently it isn’t the same even though I was sure it was. 9 year old says this one is smaller. Here’s the only pic I have of the original, bought around 7-8 months ago. Any ideas? The one I got to replace it is this one from hobby lobby but apparently it’s not the right one 🙄
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2023.04.01 07:16 awakening_7600 22 [M4F] #Denver Looking to preorder a MILF!

Got your attention with the catchy title. Now let's see if I don't fumble the bag. Lol.
I'm a 22M master's degree student in Boulder graduating this May and will be living in the Denver area. Just for a little bit about me, I'm often described as a classical, masculine type of guy. I favor my dominant side, traditionalish roles, and bodybuild as well as train jiu jitsu for hobbies and have recently found a love for skiing. At 6 feet tall and 212lbs, I'm often a little bit intimidating to some people but attractive to others.
I've spent the last 3-4 years really developing myself as a person and becoming confident in my own skin and mind. It has made me own who I am as a man and made me feel more grounded in purpose and places I want to be. I've been single for the last 2 years and while I've enjoyed an inconsistent but albeit, fun sex life, I'm open hearted and open minded for a relationship again if the chemistry is mutual. I ultimately want to be tightly bonded to my partner and be a present father to my children in the future we get to raise together.
I'm looking for someone who wants a relationship and seeks monogamy, ideally around my age and has similar goals of family and fulfilment. Someone whom we get to grow together with. Sharing some hobbies would obviously be even more fun but that's a mild component of making relationships work where the backbone is filling eachother's needs and an understanding of keeping chemistry and effort going.
Where could we be down the road? Who knows? Maybe, I'll blink and we're sending the kids out on the slopes early to squeeze in some fun time in the airbnb where it might mean another youngster on the way.
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2023.04.01 06:48 ashdur17 How long?

I'm 28f with 2 healthy kiddos, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage with my 3rd the other day and still going through the bodily process of that, mentally is a bit more than that. My toxic trait is I flip a switch in my brain and shut it down, I go cold and numb and usually that's what I use to process anything and everything if possible. However, I can't do it now, it's unhealthy I'm sure and I'm sure I do need to grieve, I was still pretty early in my pregnancy, I would have been 6 weeks today had I not miscarried so I feel like it should be easier but it really isn't and I give kudos to anyone who has had a miscarriage later in pregnancy. Apart from not using the toxic trait I normally would, I do alright during the day, I keep busy with hobbies and my other 2 loving kids and I have busy lifestyle as it is, but I'm still in my eyes an emotional wreck. I'm just sad all the time about everything now. I'll give some examples; we were supposed to take a little family road trip while my hubby is off his full time work for 2 weeks to recover from deviated septum repair as well as do a little work on the road trip for our own Trucking business that's just starting out..due to my truck being down for 3 weeks now and we haven't been able to make extra money, the trip is probly getting canceled and I'm sad. I'm sad cuz my truck is still in the shop, I'm sad my laptop broke and even though I could probly buy a new one..today while at best buy my hubby didn't come out and say go ahead and buy one. I'm sad that i/we have been staying home a lot more since my truck has been in shop, but I'm sad when I have to leave my house. Today while out, after best buy I wanted to go to another couple stores but I always already disappointed twice so another store just felt like it would drain me.
I've never actually had depression or a depressed part in my life, I'm always usually pretty happy about almost everything, but I mean I am human so there are some things that get under my skin. I'm just sad about everything right now, even the smallest dumbest minute things.I got good news from the doc today so I can still try for our 3rd in a month or so, but despite the good news, I'm sad cuz I have to wait for a full cycle. How long is this going to last? I don't want to feel blah and boring and sad anymore! And I don't want my other 2 children to be affected...(effected?) by it either or start reacting cuz mommy isn't acting the same. Which or course makes me sad to think that 🤦‍♀️
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2023.04.01 05:40 Wash-Forward Best mirrorless camera for travel, landscapes, and a few nightscapes?

Hi guys,
I am thinking about upgrading from by old Canon 6D I to something that would be good for travel photography, landscape photography, and nightscapes. Thank you in advance!
Main issues with Canon 6D (current camera):
  1. I never have great confidence that my images are sharp with having to focus and recompose (there are only 11 focus points)
    1. I have spent a lot of time calibrating lenses... ugh
  2. More resolution could be nice for landscape
  3. I feel like I waste a lot of time reviewing images right after I take them since you do not "see what you are going to get" with DSLR, unlike mirrorless
Intended use:
Experience Level / use: Intermediate
Current lenses:

I see a couple of options:
Option 1 - New Canon R6II
Option 2 - Used Canon R5
Option 3 - Used Sony A7IV
Option 4 - Wait until canon comes out with something between the R6ii and the R5 aimed mostly at photography. Unfortunately the R5 will not be getting a Mark ii anytime soon.
Option 5 - something Nikon?

What would you do? Thank you for your help!
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2023.04.01 05:30 TLCTugger_Ron_Low Louis XVI has phimosis, and had a hard time producing an heir

I'm watching Marie Antoinette on PBS. Since it's historical, I was curious if she ever produced an heir for Louis XVI. So Googling turned up this old Reddit posting: = = =
User spl1ff_
10 yr. ago
It is widely believed that Louis XVI had phimosis, a condition that made sexual arousal very painful for him. Even in those days there was a relatively simple surgery to relieve phimosis, he was deathly afraid of going under the knife until he was convinced to do it after those few years between their marriage and the birth of their child.

Allow me to go out on a limb here, as this is my personal opinion. I don't think he was gay. There was an enormous amount of pressure on him to produce an heir and even if he were gay, I think he could have...taken one for the team, so to speak. Even though he finally did produce an heir, the length of time it took irreparably damaged his reputation. Locksmithing was a hobby of his and there was a popular joke that he was having difficulty putting his "key" in the right hole.

10 yr. ago
Actually after looking deeper into the matter, it seems that he did not have surgery.

"However, it is agreed amongst most modern historians that Louis had no surgery[14][15][16] – for instance, as late as 1777, the Prussian envoy, Baron Goltz, reported that the King of France had definitely declined the operation.[17]" (Wikipedia)

Sources: Fraser, Antonia (2001). Marie Antoinette: The Journey. "Dictionary of World Biography". Author: Barry Jones. Published in 1994.
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2023.04.01 05:12 NetRiff I told an AI (GPT-3) to write a wubby biography

Early Life
PayMoneyWubby, also known as Wubby, was born on November 14, 1994. He grew up in Southern California and was homeschooled until high school. Wubby was a smart kid and excelled academically. However, he was always interested in gaming, and spent most of his free time playing video games.
Career in Content Creation
After high school, Wubby decided to pursue content creation full-time. He started off as a YouTuber, making funny videos and commentary on various topics. It wasn't until he discovered live-streaming on Twitch that he found his true passion. He quickly gained a following for his hilarious and entertaining streams.
The Wubby Community
One thing that sets Wubby apart from other content creators is his devoted community of fans. The Wubby Army, as they call themselves, are some of the most loyal and supportive fans in the streaming world. They've raised thousands of dollars for various charities and always show up in droves to support Wubby.
Like any popular figure, Wubby has had his fair share of controversies. In 2020, he was banned from Twitch for showing inappropriate content on stream. While it was a setback for his career, Wubby bounced back and continued to create content on YouTube.
Personal Life
Wubby is notoriously private about his personal life, but he has shared that he is married and has two cats. He often incorporates his spouse and pets into his content, and fans love to see them make guest appearances on his streams. Despite the challenges of being a full-time content creator, Wubby has managed to maintain a work-life balance that allows him to spend quality time with his loved ones.
Future Plans
As for what's next for PayMoneyWubby, only time will tell. He's hinted at possibly branching out into other forms of entertainment, such as stand-up comedy. However, one thing is for sure: the Wubby Army will be there to support him every step of the way. Whether he continues to create content on Twitch or ventures into new territories, his fans will always be there to cheer him on.
The Rise of PayMoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby might have started off as a hobby, but it has become a serious career. Today, he is one of the most successful streamers in the world. However, his beginnings were humble. He started streaming on Twitch from his living room, using his laptop and a cheap microphone.
The Wubby Magic
Despite his less-than-ideal setup, PayMoneyWubby quickly built up a dedicated following. There was something special about his streams. It wasn't just his humor and commentary that made him stand out. It was the way he engaged with his audience. PayMoneyWubby would regularly interact with his chat, making everyone feel like they were part of the show.
The Road to Success
As his popularity grew, PayMoneyWubby started to invest in better equipment and improve the quality of his streams. He also expanded his content, playing a variety of games and introducing new segments. But no matter how much he evolved, he never lost sight of what made his streams special: the personal connection he had with his viewers.
A Beacon of Positivity
The Wubby Army is drawn to PayMoneyWubby not just for his humor, but for his positivity. He has created a community that is welcoming and inclusive. He regularly promotes mental health awareness and encourages his viewers to support each other. In a world that can be dark and cynical, PayMoneyWubby is a beacon of optimism.
The Future
PayMoneyWubby's continued success is a testament to his talent and dedication. As he looks toward the future, he has a variety of options available to him. He could continue to build his brand on Twitch and YouTube, or he could branch out into other forms of entertainment. Whatever he decides, it's clear that the Wubby Army will be there to support him every step of the way. As the community continues to grow, so does PayMoneyWubby's influence on the world of streaming and content creation. He has become an inspiration for aspiring creators and a beloved figure for fans around the globe.
The Impact of PayMoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby has had a significant impact on the world of content creation and streaming. He has paved the way for other creators to build personal connections with their audiences. He has also shown that it's possible to build a successful career while staying true to yourself.
The Power of Community
One of the key takeaways from PayMoneyWubby's success is the power of community. By fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment, he has created a group of fans who are passionate and loyal. The Wubby Army has become more than just a group of viewers - they are a family.
Breaking Barriers
PayMoneyWubby has also broken down barriers in the streaming world. He has shown that you don't need to fit into a specific mold to be successful. His content is unique and unapologetically authentic, and his success proves that there is a place for creators of all types.
Spreading Positivity
Perhaps one of the most significant impacts PayMoneyWubby has had is the way he spreads positivity. His streams are a source of joy for many people, and he has used his platform to promote mental health awareness and raise money for important causes. By sharing his own struggles and encouraging others to do the same, he has helped create a community that is supportive and compassionate.
A Role Model for Creators
PayMoneyWubby is more than just a streamer - he's a role model for creators everywhere. His dedication to his craft, his commitment to his community, and his positive influence on the world are qualities that all creators can strive for. As the world of content creation continues to evolve, it's clear that PayMoneyWubby will continue to have a significant impact. Whether he's inspiring others to start streaming or raising awareness for important causes, he has become a true force for good. As his career evolves and he continues to pursue new opportunities, one thing is for sure: PayMoneyWubby will always be a beloved figure in the world of streaming.
The Legacy of PayMoneyWubby
As PayMoneyWubby's career continues to thrive, his legacy is already cemented in the world of content creation. He has inspired countless creators to build personal connections with their audiences and showed that being authentic is the key to success.
Changing the Game
PayMoneyWubby has changed the game in many ways. He has proven that streaming can be more than just playing video games - it can be a platform for personal growth, community building, and positive change. He has also shown that creators don't need to rely on sponsorships or brand deals to make a living. By building a community that is passionate and supportive, he has created a sustainable career that allows him to pursue his passions.
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2023.04.01 04:48 Proper_Ad_4789 I Got This....

I Got This....
Bit nervous.
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2023.04.01 04:09 Rockgnomestudios Yarn Substitutes?

Yarn Substitutes?
I got this yarn from hobby lobby (I love this yarn) and would like to find an alternative. I love the rainbow speckles on white and need it in weight 4. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!! Thanks.
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2023.04.01 04:02 Rick-van-pickle 6 days in Tokyo Itinerary draft (Attempt 2)

Hello. Based on feedback from my first itinerary post, I made additional changes especially regarding timing. I will be traveling to Japan from June 22-June 27/28. This is my first trip to Japan and traveling solo. I am not getting breakfast out because my hotel provides breakfast for free. I plan on exchanging $1200 into yen at my bank prior to leaving. Please help me make additional changes so that I can attempt to finalize before I go. My plan is to eat at street food places in between my travels each day. (Not included below). My itinerary is a follows:
Day 1: (6/22/23)- Arriving in Japan at night. Check in to hotel and sleep off long travel.
Day 2: (6/23/23)- Joypolis, McDonalds(curiosity), Odaiba beach, Divercity shopping plaza (food and shops), 7-eleven (Minato city and Sumida City)
Day 3: (6/24/23)- Sanrio Puroland (food and shops), Kiddyland, Mandarake, Magnet, Parco, and Nabezo for dinner. (Puroland and Shibuya)
Day 4: (6/25/23)- Taito Station, Super Potato store, Steak House pound for lunch, Hobby Off, Animate, 2nd hand stores, and a nearby Ramen place. (Akihabara)
Day 5: (6/26/23)- Nakano Broadway (food and shops), Ikebukuro station, Otome Road stores, and Sunshine city (food and shops). (Nakano and Ikebukuro)
Day 6: (6/27-28/23)- Packing up to leave, Unazen for lunch, Daiso, Kanda Myojin shrine, packing up more, and leaving for the airport to catch plane at midnight.
FYI: My actual Itinerary has time stamps and travel times.
My shopping for this trip is mainly focused on finding items that are difficult or impossible to get in the US for a decent price. Merchandise of Sonic, Kirby, Sanrio, Sailor Moon, and 80's-00's magical girls. Please suggest good places to look for plushies, dolls, or figures of these themes.
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2023.04.01 03:55 LaserBerk Natural population control?

I'm looking to get back into the hobby for the first time since I was a kid. Id like to try a well-planted 10 gallon tank with 7-8 pygmy corys and 4-5 cherry shrimp.
I'm concerned about overpopulation down the road, though. I don't want to deal with a bunch of unwanted fish/shrimp babies because:
- I'd rather not deal with culling fish kids.
- I don't know anyone else with aquariums that I could give them to.
- I'm in a smaller community with only a single chain pet store which won't take fish from customers. (and the nearest big city is over an hour away)
So my question is, what sorts of fish could I add would eat the eggs and fry, but would play nice with the adult fish/shrimp? I'd prefer fish that would otherwise eat whatever I'd be feeding the corys, but that's not a requirement. Any advice would be appreciated!

EDIT: Also, I probably won't be in a position to get only male or only female specimens.
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2023.04.01 03:48 MonstrDuc796 Questions from a beginner

Like the title says, I am a beginner in this hobby and I purchased a 1 lb bag of cocoa butter to make my own dark chocolate. Well to make things short and direct, the chocolate smelled like a rubber glove. From my google search on this it would seem that the stuff was contaminated during its refining process. I won't use that stuff again but what is a good source/brand I can be sure of that is within reasonable price( I'm a beginner so stuff happens)
Another Question: White Chocolate, The recipe is simple, its cocoa butter, confectioners sugar and fine powdered milk with an amount of vanilla extract. I have had success with this recipe but of course being the beginner it was rather unrefined. I've read that condensed milk is able to be used, I've tried this and wound up with something that resembled a white road tar instead. When I attempt another go at this process I intend to further process both the confectioners sugar and the dried powdered milk-I assume this is why my last "success" was rather grainy.
Last question. Is there any way I can make the temper a little softer- this is the part I always seem to get right except I want to make the chocolate a little softer. Perhaps instead since I usually use it to coat things, I should try and make it a thinner shell instead?
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2023.04.01 03:33 Rockgnomestudios Any good Substitutes?

Any good Substitutes?
I got this from Hobby lobby, its "I love this yarn" but forget the color. I'm looking for an alternative in weight 4 preferably with the bright rainbow speckles. Please let me know if you have any substitutes! Thank you!
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2023.04.01 03:20 Lewyn_Forseti [34M4F - SE PA] Putting myself out there to see if I can find love

I’m a laid back and easy going guy looking for a serious relationship with someone who is equally chill. My background is in science, so I know a thing or two about building chemistry! I currently work at a chocolate factory, alternating one week on and one week off. This schedule can be tricky at times, but I believe strongly in working to live and not living to work, so I always make the most of my week off however I can.
Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor adventures and hikes just as much as I enjoy hanging out at home with my cat, playing video games like Pokemon Scarlet which I've been hooked on recently, or listening to 90's alternative or metal on the road depending on my mood. Being close with my family is really valuable to me, and I try to spend time with them whenever I can. I’m not usually one for barhopping or a night out on the town while on my own, but I definitely enjoy meeting new people, having good conversation and making quality connections.
My guilty pleasure is exploring different spiritual and supernatural belief systems, like Paganism and Astrology. Astrology and the hard sciences can often be at odds with one another, but I find a lot of joy in keeping an open mind and learning about both sides. I'm also find it really fascinating how accurate readings can be. Tell me your birthday and I'll tell you if a connection is written in the stars for us! My ideal relationship is one in which we’re truly partners - working toward similar goals while supporting and learning from one another along the way. While I harbor no judgment toward anyone finds purpose and value in having children, it’s been clear to me from an early age that being child free was the best path for me. I can’t ever remember the idea of having children of my own being appealing to me, and as I grew older, entered the workforce, and met people around my age or a tad older than me who had kids and shared their experiences with me, it confirmed to me that kids would not be in my future.
I feel that making the significant sacrifices that parenthood entails is a noble pursuit, however, these are not sacrifices that I am interested in making. I value few things more than my freedom and independence because they serve as the foundation that my life is built on. I enjoy having the ability to travel, explore different places, develop new interests and hobbies at a whim because these things make me feel fulfilled, and in a child free lifestyle, I have the ability to allocate my financial and energetic resources as I see fit.
While I do enjoy that type of freedom, I also understand that relationships often require some level of sacrifice and compromise. By no means am I against making these sorts of concessions for a partner in my life, because having a strong connection with someone who I can build a life with makes me feel purposeful and fulfilled.
I'll happily provide some photos in dms to anyone who is interested. No questions asked :)
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2023.04.01 02:57 blueportcat How do you enjoy driving as a hobby these days?

I just got back from what supposed to be fun Saturday drive here in Melbourne.. what I got was pretty much roadworks, potholes, generally worsening and frustrating driving attitude from the majority of the road users.
I'm not even driving a fun car atm but I just wonder how do you even manage to enjoy driving as a hobby these days?
You cant barely stretch your car on the street (for good reason). You have to content with increasing number of traffic and neverending roadworks. Many more tracks are closed and limited to those who can pay expensive amount of sessions plus consumables. There seems to be hardly any cheap trackday or skidpan.
I just see myself getting fun cars but everything is at least 20k plus for decent one.
Somedays I just tell myself maybe this is not something i cant do anymore and accept the fact that driving for fun is no longer viable..
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2023.04.01 02:34 Independent-Level839 30 [F4M] Michigan USA- looking for something serious and forever

Hey everyone here, I’m just here looking for something serious in term of relationship, being with that special person seems impossible these days but here I am trying my best as I believe that there’s always someone out there for me. I want to be with someone who want to grow with their partner, someone we can both build each other up, someone who’s caring, honest
My hobbies are long distance road trips, music, watching YouTube videos, taking long walk, I like to working out to keep my body in a good shape and I’m down to try new things with that special person.
Feel free to chat me up if you think we’re in the same boat. Not here for some game
Put a face to your chat to get a reply because looks are important. USA/Canada
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