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Carlton Dance Gifs

2015.02.11 17:50 IranianGenius Carlton Dance Gifs

Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air dancing!

2020.02.26 08:49 TheFreshPrince

A place for fans of Will Smiths Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, the 90s Sitcom!

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This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down just take a minute and sit right there I’ll tell you how I became the fresh prince of bel air Only Fresh Prince memes

2023.03.27 15:50 AdRev0lutionary Where are the charismatic Mafia MMCs at?

I am ABOUT TO finish The Emperor by Runyx and I never knew how attractive a charismatic Mafia/Mob boss is.
Don't get me wrong I get the hype behind the usual dark and brooding mafia MMCs but I feel like it has (personally) become oversaturated in the mafia genre, I do get that a mob boss would have a dark personality but a charismatic one is just a breath of fresh air–and DANTE MARONI proved that.
Here's additional details for what I'm looking for :))
-Mafia MMC who uses his charismatic nature to influence people. He gets his power from that (manipulation, influence, etc.)
-Mafia MMC has moral boundaries (ex: Dante draws the line with anything related to women and children and is very protective of them)
-Bonus points if he actually has a dark past but despite that he wasn't broken by that. He never used what he has been through as excuses.
-HEA only please! :)
Thank you to everyone who took the time to read and recommend!
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2023.03.27 15:17 Accurate_Number_1818 How do you choose the right window coverings for a modern interior design?

Windows are a crucial element of any modern interior design. They offer natural light, fresh air, and the perfect opportunity to add a touch of style to any room. But choosing the right window coverings can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure where to start. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some tips and tricks for choosing the right window coverings for a modern interior design that is both stylish and functional.
Determine the style of the room
The second thing you should consider is the style of the room. Is it a traditional or modern design? If it’s a modern interior design, you may want to consider sleek, minimalistic window coverings such as roller shades or cellular shades. If it’s a more traditional design, you may want to consider drapery or Roman shades.
Consider the size of the windows
The size of the windows should also be taken into consideration when choosing window coverings. If the windows are large, you may want to consider motorized shades or curtains to make opening and closing them easier. If the windows are small, you may want to consider blinds or shutters to allow for more control over the amount of light that enters the room.
Think about the color scheme
The color scheme of the room should also be taken into consideration when choosing window coverings. If the room has a neutral color scheme, you may want to consider window coverings that add a pop of color, such as patterned curtains or blinds. If the room has a bold color scheme, you may want to consider window coverings that are more subdued in color, such as solid-colored shades or blinds.
Take into account the material
The material for the modern interior design of the window coverings should also be taken into account. If you live in a hot climate, you may want to consider window coverings made of lightweight materials such as bamboo or sheer fabrics that allow for airflow. If you live in a cold climate, you may want to consider window coverings made of heavier materials such as wool or velvet that help keep the room warm.
In conclusion, choosing the right window coverings for a modern interior design requires careful consideration of the purpose of the room, the style of the room, the size of the windows, the color scheme, and the material of the window coverings. By taking all of these factors into account, design and building firms such as Flipspaces you can create a stylish and functional space that is perfect for you and your family.
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2023.03.27 15:16 Elric138 I seriously hope this is the last of my misfortune today

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2023.03.27 15:01 egypttours_123 Hurghada Tours With Oasis Reserve Highly Recommended Tours

Hurghada Tours With Oasis Reserve Highly Recommended Tours

![img](v7r50hk75aqa1 " Hurghada Tours ")
Hurghada tours with Oasis now and live the most robust adventures in Hurghada, Book now with Oasis Hurghada tours at the lowest prices
At Hurghada Tours, you will combine a wildlife encounter with a horseback riding adventure with Oasis Hurghada Tours.
Access terrain in Hurghada Tours that would take a long time to explore on foot at Hurghada.
With Hurghada Tours, there’s no need to worry if you’re a beginner.
Helmets are provided, and a trainer is on hand to coach you and provide assistance if you need it on Hurghada Tours.
you will try the one life experience that takes you away from night skies with as little light as Hurghada city.
Drive to Hurghada Out-of-City Valleys, and start by camel riding with Hurghada Tours.
in Hurghada Tours, you watch Bedouin women and Handmade products in Hurghada Tours.
Also with Hurghada Tours, we move to do sunset view watching from an amazing clear point on Hurghada Tours.
While the Bedouin man at Hurghada Tours is barbecuing the delicious Bedouin dinner and drinks.

Quad bike in Hurghada Tours:

Enjoy a thrilling adventure on a quad bike in Hurghada Tours, a dune buggy, or a Jeep to the Bedouin Village in Hurghada Tours.
and learn more about the local life and traditions in Hurghada.
It is a unique experience with Hurghada Tours to try this tour in the best vehicle during Hurghada Tours through the desert.
Furthermore, Hurghada Tours allows you to meet with the Bedouins during our Hurghada Tours and learn about their culture.
Additionally, on Hurghada Tours, you will enjoy dinner and oriental dances in a Bedouin tent.
We recommend you book with Oasis Hurghada Tours because it allows tourists to ride quad bikes.
Also, Hurghada Tours enable you to see the desert and familiarize yourself with the Bedouin lifestyle.
Hurghada Tours is the most active excursion in the desert.

Experience fun quad biking in the desert at Hurghada Tours:

Hurghada’s flat deserts that dot the inland, rugged coastline are ideal terrain for quad biking via Hurghada tours.
On Hurghada tours, quad bikes are easy to handle, and you don’t need any prior experience to drive them.
You can join the regular Hurghada tours that head into the desert, search for hidden canyons, or rush over the Hurghada safari dunes.
Take a four-wheeler into the Sahara Desert and tour a Bedouin village experience from Hurghada Tours with a private guide.
On Hurghada tours, you can learn how to ride camels, savor local food, and enjoy a colorful evening performance.
You will have the best adventure of your life at Hurghada Tours.
So book your tours now with Oasis Hurghada Tours in Hurghada.

The Best Things to Do in Hurghada with Oasis Hurghada Tours:

Going on beach Hurghada tours are always one of the best you can take.
Because, after all, Hurghada is a beach resort city.
Hurghada has grown from being a small and quiet fishing village to a popular tourist center on the Red Sea.
On your Hurghada tours, you can find long stretches of wonderful white sand.
Most hotels open their doors to the beaches, but there are plenty of great public beaches for Hurghada tours.

Things to do in Hurghada Tours for snorkeling tours from Oasis Hurghada Tours:

Swim with turtles in Abu Dabbab Bay on Hurghada Tours.
You can snorkel on the coral reef in Sharm El Naga Bay.
Snorkeling tour to Giftun Island with Hurghada Tours
In addition, you can do a snorkeling tour on Mahmya Island with Hurghada Tours.
You can also take a Paradise Island snorkeling tour.
Swimming with Dolphins on Hurghada Tours.
At Hurghada Tours, you will see that the dolphins usually look so cute, jump around you happily in the sea, and are always in a good mood.
The dolphin is a great experience, and swimming with dolphins is the dream of many vacationers, Hurghada Tours makes it come true.
Discover the mysterious world with Hurghada Tours! Snorkel and swim with wild dolphins in the open sea.
Lean back and relax on the boat and enjoy the picturesque landscape on Hurghada Tours of the area!

Paradise Island at Hurghada Tours:

Enjoy unforgettable swimming on the private beach on Paradise Island.
Paradise Island, which you can visit through Hurghada Tours, is a nature reserve in the Red Sea off Hurghada.
and offers its visitors white-sand beaches and colorful, pristine coral reefs.
Swim and snorkel with Hurghada Tours, full of different fish, and discover the unique underwater world.
Don’t lose the chance and book Hurghada Tours with us.
Through the Hurghada Tours variety, we will pick you up from your hotel in a fully air-conditioned vehicle.
During our Hurghada Tours, you get onboard your boat, where you can choose a comfy seat on the deck.
In our Hurghada Tours variety, there is both sun and shade on the deck; these make you feel comfy.
After the friendly crew has introduced themselves and briefly briefed you on safety onboard, it’s awesome.
Swim with exotic fish and admire the colorful corals on our Hurghada tours.
After a snorkeling stop, we will continue to Paradise Island.
So book your tour now with Hurghada Tours.
In our Hurghada Tours, you will receive lunch and have time to relax, swim, or snorkel on the white sandy beach.

Questions about Hurghada tours in Oasis:

Our Hurghada tours offer you the opportunity to have a fantastic vacation in Hurghada.
You’ll discover info explaining Hurghada travel restrictions, quarantine policies, and more.

How much do Hurghada tours cost?

Discover the best of Hurghada through Hurghada tours cheap.
On our Hurghada tours, we offer a great selection of flights, hotels, and rental cars to suit your budget.
Pick up even better deals when you add some tours or experiences to your package through our Hurghada vacation packages.

If I’m not able to travel, can I change my Hurghada vacation packages?

You may be able to change or cancel your Hurghada tours at no cost within 24 hours of booking.

How do I get Hurghada tours for cheap?

One word: bundle. Flights, rental cars, and hotels — combine whatever you need into Oasis Hurghada tours and save your money.
Score even cheaper Hurghada vacation packages when you add extras such as day tours to your booking.

How far in advance should I book my Hurghada tours?

Indeed, on Hurghada tours, it’s tricky to pick the ideal time for airfares, but we generally say the earlier, the better.

What do Hurghada tours include?

On our Hurghada tours, you can choose from rental cars, hotels, flights, or any combination of these options.
Whether you’re venturing to Hurghada with the family or traveling by yourself, Hurghada tours are affordable and fit every budget.

What should I know before booking Hurghada tours?

Find deals that fit your budget.
You’ll save a tidy sum just by booking your Hurghada tours with us.
Whether you’re embarking on a ski adventure or relaxing on a sunny beach, your dream vacation is just a few clicks away with Hurghada tours.

City Center in Hurghada Tours:

We go to Downtown Hurghada, full of local cafés, shisha bars, and shops.
If you head to the Corniche and Marina, you’ll be able to walk uninterrupted along the waterfront, with sweeping views of the Red Sea.
At Hurghada Tours, travelers travel between sites in an air-conditioned vehicle.
And visit the beautiful Grand Mosque, St. Mary’s Church, and the scenic Hurghada harbor area.
Stop halfway for a delicious lunch and finish off with free time to haggle over souvenirs at the colorful souks on Hurghada tours.

Shop in Hurghada markets:

Oasis Hurghada Tours will take you to a great place for Hurghada tours and shopping, or at least to buy souvenirs.
While safari markets in Hurghada are not as large as the ones you’ll find in Cairo, it is much easier to navigate Hurghada tours.
On Hurghada tours, you can find shops and vendors selling everything from Egyptian headscarves—you’ll need these if you’re going on Hurghada tours to the desert.
You can bargain and joke with shopkeepers—yes, bargaining is mandatory here if you do not want to pay the highest prices!
Then you can relax in a local cafe or enjoy fresh juices, tea, and coffee after making purchases in Hurghada.
On Hurghada tours, you will experience the true meaning of adventure.

Marina Activities in Hurghada Tours:

The majority of boat tours from Hurghada to the Red Sea depart from the marina.
Options on Hurghada tours range from snorkeling tours to the Giftun Islands; glass bottom, submarine, and dolphin watching tours; water sports; and diving tours.
The marina is a common starting point for desert safari tours, which usually include time for shopping and sightseeing.
Other popular activities at the marina include one-night shows, dinner packages, and waterfront transfers.

Go to the Marine Museum and Aquarium in Hurghada Tours:

Safari Hurghada Maritime Museum and Aquarium provide you with the opportunity to go on underwater Hurghada tours.
And go on Hurghada tours to get close to the underwater world on safari without having to get wet.
If snorkeling isn’t your thing, this is the best way.
On all-day guided Hurghada tours, you can stroll through the underwater tunnels and learn more about the aquarium and marine life.
Book your tour now with Oasis Hurghada Tours.

Go Scuba Diving at Oasis Hurghada Tours:

Discover the amazing view of the Red Sea and the vibrant marine life on Hurghada tours.
Diving Hurghada tours are among the best things to do in Hurghada.
In fact, for many tourists, diving is the main reason they come to Hurghada.
and many of them return year after year once they get a taste of the Red Sea on safari in Hurghada.
There are a plethora of dive sites along the coast, making Hurghada an ideal place for a Hurghada vacation.
It’s a great place to learn as well as do a lot of Hurghada tours.
Once you qualify, there are shallow snorkeling tours in Hurghada that you can access by walking straight.
There are also deeper Red Sea diving Hurghada tours, and there are excellent specialized dive Hurghada tours if you are more advanced.
Including night diving and wreck diving in Hurghada tours.

Enjoy incredible diving with Hurghada tours:

If you’re not a qualified diver or just want to spend a more relaxing time on the water in Hurghada, go on safari.
There are plenty of great snorkeling Hurghada tours along the coast too.
On Hurghada tours, some of the best diving sites are the reefs, which are located just a few meters under the water.
and this means that you can go on snorkeling tours in Hurghada with ease.
In Hurghada, you will be fascinated by the biodiversity of the Red Sea and the clarity of the waters.
Enjoy the sun, sand, and world-class snorkeling on Hurghada tours.

Diving into shipwrecks in Hurghada Tours:

If you are an advanced diver, one of the best things to do in Hurghada goes on wreck diving tours.
Due to the strategic location of the Red Sea and its use as a shipping channel, shipwrecks abound here.
especially on safaris in Hurghada, which you can see on Hurghada tours.
During Hurghada tours, the most impressive sight is the wreck of the Thistlegorm supply ship, which sank during World War II.
If you like diving, you can try diving in Hurghada, and you will experience the true meaning of adventure.
Book your tour now with Oasis Hurghada Tours in Hurghada tours.

Try some water sports in Hurghada:

In addition to activities and snorkeling tours, Hurghada tours are great for water sports.
At Hurghada Tours, you can rent everything from jet skis to banana boats to add a bit of excitement to your beach vacation.
Hurghada tours are also a great place to go windsurfing and parasailing.
And you can take lessons in the Red Sea or easily rent equipment for the day.
You will also be able to organize private Hurghada tours; you can rent kayaks and canoes; or you can just rent a sunbed and do absolutely nothing!
Take Hurghada tours over the Red Sea to the spot and swim with wild dolphins and ride a banana boat on these full-day tours.
On Hurghada tours, you can go on tours to the Dolphin House, an area known for its abundance of wild dolphins.
While you’re here on Hurghada tours, you can snorkel around the fish-filled reef or sunbathe on the deck—the choice is yours.

El Gouna at Hurghada Tours packages:

It is situated on the Red Sea in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt.
El Gouna Hurghada tour packages and structures were planned by numerous powerful European and American architects.
to look like conventional provincial Egyptian engineering.
like that found in the Egyptian open country and in Nubian towns.
El Gouna represents considerable authority in water sports.
including scuba diving, kitesurfing, waterskiing, parasailing, and swimming.
There are a few seashores in Hurghada.
if there is an occurrence of plunging mishaps in Gouna Hurghada tour packages.
Hurghada Tours at Gouna has a completely prepared global emergency clinic that can deal with numerous clinical medicines.
including Hurghada Tours for dentistry, plastic medical procedures, pediatrics, ophthalmology, and general medical procedures.
Get superyachts Hurghada Tours and additionally house a little gallery for certain 90-foot displays.

Al Ahyaa Hurghada Tours:

Experience the sights of Hurghada Tours on a private visit and get a taste of life.
And culture in the genuine Al Ahyaa, Visit the lovely Cathedral of Saint Shenouda and the staggering Al-Mina Mosque in Hurghada.
Find an opportunity to investigate the customary souqs. A visit to both the basic food item market and the fish market is not to be missed on Hurghada Tours.
You will likewise get time to investigate Marina prior to getting back to your retreat in Al Ahyaa.

Sahl Hasheesh at Hurghada Tours:

Sahl Hasheesh is a tourist area located 25 kilometers south of Hurghada.
It is one of the latest mega tourism projects on the coast of the Red Sea.
This place here is the center of Hurghada.
Among the tourist attractions is exist an upper bridge inside the sea, which makes this place one of the most beautiful.

Soma Bay at Hurghada tours:

Soma Bay is a tourist resort on the Red Sea coast in Egypt, 45 km south of Hurghada International Airport.
The area surrounding Soma Bay is about 10 million square meters.
There are several Hurghada tours wonderful, and there is a golf academy.

Hurghada tours “Makadi” :

Makadi Bay is the most beautiful bay of the Red Sea It includes a group of hotels and visitors who want recreation in Hurghada tours It embraces a tourist attraction in Egypt.
Makadi Bay tourist area in the Red Sea Governorate is known for the beauty of its beaches and its charm.
As the visitors to that area are those who desire tranquility and recreation, as it has a special nature.
Different from all the beaches of the Red Sea on the Hurghada tours.

Makadi Water World in Hurghada tours:

This beachfront water park in Hurghada is a favorite spot for many Hurghada tourists that visit this area.
With 46 different water slides, a wave pool, water cannons in Hurghada, tours
and surf simulators for surfing, and waterfalls all around Makadi Water.
And the turquoise ocean is just steps away. There are dozens of ways to enjoy the water in Makadi.
On Hurghada tours, the brightly colored structures provide ways to stay cool while climbing and playing in the freshwater.
Palm trees create shade in the lake area when it’s time to relax.
Don’t waste time and book your Hurghada tours with Oasis Hurghada Tours.
And you can live amazing tours and great adventures in Hurghada tours with Oasis Hurghada Tours.
Book your tours in Hurghada now with Oasis Hurghada Tours.

The Old Town or Sheraton Street with Hurghada Tours:

It is the main street in Hurghada and the first tourist attraction in Egypt.
On Hurghada tours, we can go to many bazaars and local shops for clothes, gifts, and jewelry.
as well as local restaurants and cafes that serve all kinds of Egyptian and international dishes with Hurghada tours.
Popular coffee brands are available there, such as Costa Coffee, and more with Hurghada tours.
as well as international fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, and much more.
Every year, the area receives hundreds of thousands of local and foreign tourists through Hurghada tours.
Not surprisingly, it is a popular holiday and touring destination.
Because Hurghada tours have something to suit everyone, whether it’s relaxing in a resort or snorkeling in the Red Sea.
Once you book your tickets and submit your visas, you can enjoy all that Hurghada tours have to offer at Oasis Hurghada Tours.

Giftun Islands with Hurghada Tours & Oasis Hurghada Tours:

The vast majority of visitors to the Giftun Islands arrive as part of organized daily tours from Hurghada on mainland Egypt.
With Hurghada Tours, enjoy snorkeling over the bright coral reefs, relaxing, and swimming on a white sandy beach.
With Hurghada Tours, you will enjoy watching dolphins on the way to and from the islands.
Most daily Hurghada tours include lunch and any necessary snorkeling equipment.
Certified divers can book guided diving tours to get a closer look at coral gardens, sea turtles, skates, and other marine life.
all on Hurghada Tours with Oasis Hurghada Tours.
If you want to travel and have fun, consider booking with Oasis Hurghada Tours in Hurghada.
wherewith Hurghada Tours you will find a resort with some facilities to spend a wonderful day at sea.

Abdel-Moneim Riad Mosque in Hurghada tours:

Once a small fishing village, Hurghada tours have grown into the most popular Hurghada tour in Egypt.
Although it is located beside the bright blue waters that attract many visitors to Hurghada,
The Abdel Moneim Riad Mosque stands tall on its own, providing visitors with an opportunity to get in touch with the daily life and culture of Hurghada.
On Hurghada tours, you can see the intricate design of the mosque’s classical Islamic architecture.
along with the scenic location in the area between the main street and the perimeter—making this mosque unique.
With Hurghada tours, minarets can be seen from far distances, and the call to prayer can be heard from within their walls.

Have we sparked your Hurghada tour wanderlust?

Hurghada Tour Packages:

Our Hurghada tour will give you the chance to enjoy amazing packages to experience the best attractions in Hurghada.
After an amazing experience on Hurghada tours, you can discover the beauty of Egypt by visiting the sights and prominent places.
I recommend cutting some days from your holiday with Hurghada Tours to discover it.

Western Desert Safari Tours from Hurghada Tours:

Explore the Egyptian Desert with Hurghada Tours and enjoy the pristine nature!
In this unique adventure experience with Hurghada Tours, see the unique areas known in the black and white deserts of:
Bahariya, Dakhla, Siwa, Farafra, Wadi Al-Hitan from Cairo, Wadi El-Hout, and Fayoum Oasis with Oasis Hurghada Tours
And you can live amazing tours and great adventures in Hurghada tours.
Book your tours in Hurghada now with Oasis Hurghada Tours.

Marsa Alam tours from Hurghada tours:

Book now your tourist offer to Marsa Alam from Hurghada Tours.
With Hurghada tours, there are many activities that you can do in Marsa Alam.
Such as diving, snorkeling, a desert safari, and visiting national parks.
Hurghada tours give you a chance to enjoy Marsa Alam tours to the most attractive sites in Marsa Alam.
On Hurghada tours, explore the desert with the locals during a safari in Wadi Al-Gemal National Park.
With Hurghada tours, you can snorkel and dive with adorable dolphins at Dolphin House in Marsa Alam.
Take a look at our tours to Marsa Alam at Oasis Hurghada Tours.

How many days do you need for the Hurghada tours?

If you are looking for great Hurghada tours and the perfect vacation, 5 to 8 days is the perfect period for a great trip.
This number of days is sufficient for Hurghada tours.
See the main attractions on the coast of the Red Sea in Hurghada.
The turquoise waters have been perfect for a long time, which has made Hurghada tour packages a resort.
with easy access to the picturesque Giftun Islands and the affluent Eastern Arabian Desert.
Hurghada tours have seen significant growth in the last decade—and certainly, the number of tourists is often unimaginable on Hurghada tours.

Best Time to Visit Hurghada tours:

Conclusion the ideal opportunity to visit Hurghada tours depends on various elements.
The expense of convenience and voyaging, the number of guests, and the environment.
The environment is, nonetheless, the main element in choosing an opportunity for the Hurghada tours.
Hurghada is renowned for its seashores and water sports and can be visited throughout the entire year by Oasis Hurghada tours.
Because of its warm environment yet for an ideal visit being familiar with the best opportunity to visit the Hurghada tours is significant.
In the event that you are attempting to choose when to visit the Hurghada with Oasis Hurghada tours:

June to August at Hurghada tours:

This is the late spring season and the most sizzling season in the Oasis Hurghada tours.
The temperature during this season changes Despite the great temperature.
this season is the most active travel-to-industry season in the Hurghada tours.
During these months at Hurghada, the quantity of vacationers is the most noteworthy.
When contrasted with different months of the year are higher than ordinary Hurghada tours.
So individuals should reserve a spot a couple of months before this season, its possibilities are higher to get a fair plan Hurghada tours.

December to February at Hurghada tours

This is the colder time in the Hurghada tours of the year season.
In the Hurghada, the daytime is warm to the point of taking a dip at the ocean side and appreciating different water exercises.
This is the most active vacation season in the Hurghada tours after the mid-year season, This season is ideal for your vacation.
And the best opportunity to visit Hurghada is on the grounds that it is neither exceptionally hot nor freezing.
As this is one of the two most active seasons for the travel industry in Hurghada tours.
Will get incredibly limited rates and good offers on Hurghada tours.

September to November at Hurghada tours:

The temperature on the Hurghada during these months shifts very well.
And the breeze makes the environment charming in Hurghada tours.
Not with standing the positive climate, the fall season is the slowest season on the Hurghada tours for the travel industry.
The fall season is an optimal opportunity to visit Hurghada at Hurghada tours with a restricted financial plan.
To visit Hurghada, you can go whenever of the year with Hurghada tours.
You will live the best adventure of your life with Oasis Hurghada Tours.
So book your tours now with Oasis Hurghada Tours.
Phone: +201223481575 +201009657455 +201286066502
Email: [email protected]
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2023.03.27 14:49 autobuzzfeedbot 20 Child Actors Who You've Definitely Seen Before But Might Not Know They're Still Acting

  1. To start, Ashley Johnson played Chrissy Seaver in Growing Pains during the early '90s.
  2. Thora Birch played Dani in 1993's Halloween classic Hocus Pocus.
  3. Danica McKellar played Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years during the late '80s and early '90s.
  4. Tatyana Ali played Ashley Banks in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air during the early '90s.
  5. Joseph Mazzello played Tim in 1993's Jurassic Park.
  6. Amber Tamblyn played Emily in General Hospital from 1995 to 2000.
  7. Lacey Chabert played Claudia Salinger in Party of Five for over 140 episodes between 1994 and 2000.
  8. Christina Ricci played Wednesday in the '90s Addams Family movies.
  9. Haley Joel Osment played Cole Sear in 1999's The Sixth Sense.
  10. Kyle Massey played the lead character in Cory in the House, a spinoff of That's So Raven, from 2007 to 2008.
  11. Daryl Sabara played Juni Cortez in the Spy Kids franchise during the early '00s.
  12. AnnaSophia Robb played Leslie Burke in 2007's Bridge to Terabithia.
  13. Sara Paxton played Staci in 2004's Sleepover.
  14. Alyson Stoner played Sarah Baker in the Cheaper by the Dozen films that were popular in the '00s.
  15. Fred Savage played Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years from 1988 to 1993, starring in over 110 episodes.
  16. Jaleel White played Steve Urkel in over 200 episodes of Family Matters between 1989 and 1998.
  17. Jonathan Lipnicki played George Little in the Stuart Little movies in 1999 and 2002.
  18. Keshia Knight Pulliam played Rudy Huxtable in The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992.
  19. Madeline Zima played Grace Sheffield in The Nanny from 1993 to 1999.
  20. Finally, Anna Chlumsky played Vada Sultenfuss in the '90s My Girl movies.
Link to article
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2023.03.27 14:48 Tigra21 Hunter or Huntress Chapter 163: Beehive

Tom had been a little anxious about going back to the workshop, fearing that dealing with Edita would sour the thus far rather good day. But after all he had gone through, she too seemed a bit different. She was still absolutely bubbling with questions. and her doe-eyed admiration of him was a little unsettling. As was the fact that she treated the drawings he had changed with near reverence. But Jacky hadn’t swung in to pry them apart or made any threatening noises and Edita had adopted a more respectful attitude. Like she was talking to a superior, he kinda liked that if he was being totally honest at least just a little bit.
Tom guessed it had all been a bit much on the first day. And thinking back he had done a rather shit job of saying no to her. He thanked his lucky stars that she was better behaved now, but deep down he knew Saph and Essy were probably the actual reason. Hell, he might not even have lucky stars here.
He could hear Jacky and Saph chatting in the corner, catching each other up on recent events while everyone else got down to work. while the rest of them got to work. Shiva had eventually come in from the forge to hear what all the commotion was about, and after a short rundown, she had left with Jacky. Tom guessed she wanted a little bit of one on one with her daughter after all that had happened. Quite understandable in his mind, and frankly he would have expected her to do it much sooner. Jacky had handed Sapphire the halberd along with instructions to ‘stand guard for me,’ which did seem to surprise Saph just a little. But, to her credit, she still did it.
He couldn’t help but feel much safer and happier down here. Even he and Shiva were definitely on the same team, and he couldn’t imagine a scenario where he would have to worry about Edita short of him making some very egregious error in her eyes. And thus far she had seemed rather loose when it came to rules. Thinking back, that was probably his answer as to why Joelina had chosen her for this job despite the rather extreme difference in personality.
They had gone over the designs for the water jacket and made some more changes, including a new tighter recoil spring to compensate for the lighter inner barrel. The second Tom approved them Edita had wanted to get started. He had managed to talk her into telling him a bit about what she knew of arcane machinery first though. It had been a rather enlightening tale, if a little depressing too. She knew how to make enchantments, and with Apuma or Linkosta providing the actual magic they should be able to replicate many enchantments that Edita was quite certain not even Linkosta knew about. Even if the two mages might need some more training on some of the finer points.
But her tales of magic shields and such apparently lay beyond them. It turned out what was needed for enchantments like that was beyond simple hand-carved commands. She had fished out a book detailing among other things how the central core at the capital worked. Before starting though, she gave the most half-hearted ‘don’t say this to anyone’ speech Tom had yet heard. He just nodded as did the rest of them as she opened the locked tome with a key produced from under her flowing metallic robes.
“See all these pages?” she went as she rapidly paged through page after page of solid text.
“Yeah?... I can’t read any of it. I’m sorry.”
“Looks like magical runes to me,” Tink interjected, clearly trying to be helpful. Edita nodded to the inventor.
“Precisely. Hundreds of lines of enchantments. This is all that we have found in just one finger responsible for suspending the energy inside the core. There are 24 fingers in total. 24!” she reiterated, looking around at them with wide eyes.
“Must be in a tiny script then,” Tink concluded, clearing his throat and huffing a bit. “What did they do, shrink down the one who scribed them in?”
“No no, you don’t understand. It is tiny. Some of what we have found is so small that you could write thousands of words just on a finger claw.”
“Miniaturized technology,” Tom replied with an appreciative nod. “Like our computer tech.”
“Precisely,” Edita went, pointing at him before returning to paging. “But if we try to scribe runes even several times that size, we can hardly get anything to flow through them. The enchantments are powerless.”
“The resistance Linkosta talked about a while back. The reason she wanted dragon’s blood for Jacky’s armor.”
“Dragon’s blood is alright… did you use some of the unicorn horn you have?” Edita asked cautiously, looking up from her book.
“Sure did.”
“Very good. That will make it much better. But yes, the resistance becomes far too high in such inscriptions if they are made normally. But with machines and precision, it can be done better and smaller. But the key is inscribing using pure essence. The stuff you found in the cylinders down below.”
“The gravity oil?” Tom asked. “Problem solved then, we have plenty of that.”
“That is the base ingredient. We tend to just call it essence in the form you have. More work is required though. And then the enchantments must be bound with what the ancients call an eldritch forge. Normal containment spells cannot contain the inscribing. They will rip apart and break immediately.”
“The stuff Linkota did after she painted the runes.”
“Yes. The enchantments are first etched, then inscribed, then bound. Often you seal them too to try and protect them from damage. You know, to prevent scratches and such.”
“Makes sense I guess. And a person can’t do that well enough, so you need a magic machine to make magic machines.”
“More or less, yes.”
“And you have some.”
“We do… just not out here. They are rather big, and the power draw is immense, we would need a core. And I know of only two left.” Edita apologized, looking truly sorry. “Even if we did, doing that amount of etching and inscribing would be near impossible to do by hand.”
“I bet,” Tom sighed. “Well then, I guess we can’t rely on that anyway then. We’ll have to go with what’s actually available. So those enchantments of yours… How could they affect, say, barrel life?”
“They could nearly eliminate wear if that is what you mean. But they must be powered.”
“Right… power.”
“Everything comes with a cost,” Edita apologized once more, like it was somehow her fault how the world worked.
“Not your fault, don’t feel bad about it. Oh right, that core of yours. It contains energy… Like a battery of sorts. What about that, can we make that? I guess not if there are only two left.”
“Indeed, I’m sorry. The enchantments that contain the energy are immensely complex. The ones used to capture it even more so. Those can be replicated rather primitively though if they don’t need to reach far and wide without becoming hopelessly inefficient.”
“So snatch it from the enemy then? Why not just do that?”
“Because they can cut off the flow of magic? That is part of the immense complexity of the cores. We do not understand how it was achieved but they can bypass such restrictions… Have you not tried using magic items before?”
“I mean… a pair of earrings once,” Tom admitted with a shrug. “They are quite expensive, okay? we only had like 4 magic items here before you showed up.”
Edita just stared at him then looked around at the others with a look of betrayal on her face. “You didn’t teach him what to do if someone tries to drain him? What if you had fought a witch or something?”
“I’m pretty sure he did at some point actually,” Tink added, rubbing his chin thoughtfully before Saph poked him rather hard in the side with the haft end of the halberd. Something which Edita did in fact seem to notice, turning her attention to the huntress.
“Why didn’t you teach him?”
“Because no one would ever try that? Everyone can just go ‘No, fuck you’ and turn off the flow. Why waste a complicated spell on it?”
“A lot of animals don’t know how to. What if they didn’t know what he was?” Edita countered, clearly appalled by this apparent lack of training.
“Dude is talking and running around with a magic fire stick. Pretty sure they wouldn’t mistake him for an animal, in fact he would seem more like a mage himself,” Saph replied, seeming less than pleased at the accusations as Tom just blinked a couple times trying to work out how he should feel about this. He was pretty sure he had been told by someone at some point that he could just turn off the flow of magic if he wanted. But if he was being totally honest here he couldn’t quite work out how. When he had the earrings on he had just started feeling sick.
“Uhm question?” he interrupted as Saph and Edita were having a little discussion about whether anyone born in the last thousand years would ever bother trying to magically drain an opponent in combat.
“Yes?” Saph questioned, turning to look at him, Edita’s head quickly snapping to look at him as well.
“How exactly would I do this? Sounds important.”
“Simple. You feel the flow of magic and shut it off just like when you are using your own magi…” Saph started before trailing off.
“I see a flaw in this plan.”
“He must learn this. If anyone finds out he cannot fight such an attack he could be doomed,” Edita interjected, seeming deathly serious.
“Never even heard of anyone getting killed like that,” Tink added in, scratching the back of his neck, seeming a little stumped as well. “Well, aside from people who managed to off themselves by accident when mucking about with magic that is.”
“I guess we put a magic gizmo on him and work out if he can cut the flow then?” Saph questioned, still sounding a little annoyed as she looked at Edita.
“Yes, right this instant. Wait here,” the artificer replied with a new and certainly surprising determination entering her voice. Like she was dealing with a serious matter. “Imagine what would happen if one of our enchantments failed and he couldn’t stop it from killing him! Oh by the gods!” she complained as she started going through boxes.
Tom did as he was told and waited. Insane as it sounded, he trusted the slightly nutty artificer not to want to kill him. He didn’t have to wait long before Edita returned with a small lacquered wooden box with a very extravagant set of decorations on it. She unceremoniously popped the lid off of it, setting it down gently and lifted out a small octagonal metal rod with inscriptions running down each side, little metal sliders also sitting in various positions along said sides. To Tom the inscriptions looked tiny enough to be a real fucking bitch to do by hand, but he guessed they were nothing compared to what she had been talking about earlier.
“This is a load. It can be used to, well… put a load on an enchantment,” Edita explained with a nervous chuckle, looking at him.
“But a person can use it too?” Saph questioned, tilting her head.
“Yes. You need that sometimes. One moment,” Edita went as she started fiddling with the sliders. “Right, minimum setting. Run it for long enough and it should start getting warm. Should take a while, it is designed to be very inefficient. And you can turn it off there or just drop it. Just please… on the table, not the floor,” she explained, almost pleadingly on the last bit, clutching her hands after putting it down on the table for him.
“Well then… I guess only one thing for it. This should be interesting,” Tom shrugged as he scanned the room to confirm Jacky had still not returned.
“I swear by all the gods if this puts you back in bed,” Saph let out, shaking her head as Tom picked up the small device.
“Oh relax, I’ve done this before. Worst that’s gonna happen is I can’t stop it and I have to put it down,” Tom replied sarcastically as he held the rod with just a bit of apprehension. ‘You better be right this time, knucklehead.’
he hesitated for a second holding his hand over the little slider, before manning up and moving it upwards one notch. The tiny runes started to glow a dim blue, almost like there was LED backlighting at play.
It certainly felt funny. It was hard to describe. It was almost not noticeable. Like the life getting drained out of you by discussing politics with family at Christmas or something.
“Okay, now try and feel the magic flow and cut it off,” Saph added in hopefully.
“I’ll be honest, I don’t feel much really.”
“How is that possible?” Saph questioned, looking to Edita.
“How should I know? He is not a dragonette. Not born with magic.”
“But he can still use it,” Saph protested.
“Evidently,” Edita responded, sounding a little disheartened as she looked at the rod. “We could try pulling more to help you feel it.”
“Or we could not,” Saph squeaked out, not sounding overly pleased with that particular idea.
“Worst that happens is I faint, right?” Tom questioned looking at the strange device.
“In theory,” Edita relented, though not sounding overly convinced. “Unless you hold onto it after fainting, at which point it will drain you until you die… it’s not a bad way to go really,” Edita replied very reluctantly. “We would pry it away from you before that happens. Obviously.”
“Yes, obviously,” Saph echoed as Tom turned to look at Tink and Junior. Tink was just giving him the thumbs up with a big smile on his face, Junior looking rather more worried.
“Well what are the chances of me being the victim of two different life threatening magic phenomena that can’t be explained in the same week, ey? Don’t tell Jacky,” Tom chuckled though not quite as calmly as he would have hoped. Still he felt fine… just a little funny. So he moved the slider with the numbers on it up a little, giving Edita time to stop him if it was the wrong one he had grabbed.
She didn’t and he felt the sensation grow stronger. Now there was no doubt as he felt his breathing quicken and fingers start to ache a little. He then proceeded to close his eyes in the hope some Jedi zen shit would help him close his chakras or whatever it was he needed to do here.
He honestly didn’t expect much success from that idea, but what he got as he settled down a little and tried to feel what was happening was best described as continuous shiver running down his spine. It was faint. Not much of note, only really enough to be annoying once he noticed it. So he did what he always did with shivers. He focused on it to make it go away, releasing that nice sensation all throughout his back that wasn’t ever really enough.
He got the exact same result here and opened his eyes to find the rod inert in his hands.
“Well that worked, I guess.”
“Baah, I wasn’t worried,” Tink loudly proclaimed, giving Tom a good slap on the back as the two women stood there staring at him then to each other, both pulling cautious smiles.
“Better safe than sorry, I guess?”
“Are they putting her to work right away?” Saph asked, looking out from the greeting platform over the green rolling hills and two small shimmering lakes surrounding the keep. Change was in the air, the small patches of trees starting to yellow and the grass was starting to fade a little too. The wind was starting to bite a bit more to the point Saph was wondering when winter clothes might be needed.
When the cold started to hit properly they would need to stay moving when outside, which was good for working spirits but still sucked. In the distance the glinting black form of Yldril slowly grew larger as she crested a hill heading towards them slowly and steadily.
Behind them, inside the shelter of the greeting hall, Archeon was being loaded for his trip to the capital. Dakota was overseeing as Vulzan and his crew labored. Saph and Ray had lent a hand earlier, but they were mostly done by now so they had excused themselves to go watch Yldril’s arrival.
“Fengi will go easy on her I am sure,” Ray replied a little forlornly. “Is she as mean as the other said?”
“Downright evil,” Saph sighed, shaking her head a bit. “And Fengi is dead set on trying to fix that.”
“Do you think she can?”
“I have no idea. What I do know is she will try her damndest. I hope that damn dragon doesn’t make her anymore depressed… It’s gonna suck next time Tiguan swings by too.”
“He’s not gonna like her is he?”
“No, I don’t think so… she’s a real piece of work,” Saph sighed, trying not to sound too depressed at the notion.
“Where is she staying? Just down in the grass next to Galaxer?” Ray asked cautiously.
“Yup. Just in the grass and outside every night. Fengi wants her to have nothing so she can make her earn it slowly. Make a lesson out of it. I think she’s trying to do what Tom did with Jarix. Biggest difference being that Jarix isn’t an evil murderous arsehole, she is.”
“What about winter?”
“She’ll be fine, dragons hibernate all winter anyway. Might just get her some cover if she comes around enough to earn it.”
“Are the winters bad here? It normally feels warm, but it’s starting to get quite chilly,” Ray asked carefully, rubbing her shoulders a bit.
“We’re pretty southern. Usually isn’t that bad, but we do get snow most years.”
“I hate the snow,” Ray responded, sounding quite unhappy. Saph could guess why easily enough. If the cold was rough on folk with a roof over their head, she didn’t want to think about what it did to people living on the streets.
“Well here you’ll have a warm bed, even if it gets a bit chilly outside. Woodstocks are more than plenty too, our dear Rachuck makes sure of that.”
“He’s very nice isn’t he? He cares so much.”
“I guess so, I think Dakota put it best. ‘Don’t tell him a horror story or he’ll try to prepare for it and then you’ll be working all night,’ ” Saph chuckled, letting a cautious smile creep onto her face.
Ray chuckled lowly as well, still looking out over the changing landscape. It was still quite beautiful, and the sun was shining. That was likely to become a rarer and rarer sight moving forward though. She would miss bathing in the sun to relax. This year had been so damn busy they hadn’t really gotten away with much relaxation.
They weren’t exactly lazy normally, but one needed breaks every now and again. She let her mind drift back to the time at the lake, the movie nights, the little festival and the various feasts they had held. It had been a good year in its own insane way. Maybe winter would be cozy if a little boring just like the old days.
‘Who am I kidding. It will be crazy all winter long.’
“Who did she say that to?” Ray questioned, Saph taking a second to remember what she had said.
“Oh… me. She told me that back when I came here. Gotta say, she was certainly right. She still grumbles about giving Herron the same advice. Little did she know he would take that one a bit too much to heart.”
“Oh come on, he’s not that bad… He’s just a bit sleepy.”
“At all hours of the day” Saph replied, finding it her turn to chuckle a bit. “You wanna go say hi to our first unwilling member?”
“Not really, no…”
“Me neither,” Saph echoed reluctantly. “But Fengi needs friends right now. Gotta go give her a hand.”
“Don’t get hurt, she sounded real mean. Oh, maybe have her bring some water. Rachuck wants the emergency barrels changed before winter.”
“I think that can wait till it starts getting a bit colder, we want it fresh for winter don’t we,” Saph replied with a reassuring smile before letting her wings fold out, starting to feel out the cold air. “See you in a bit, and don’t let old Rachuck work you to the bone.”
“Oh no, don’t worry, I’ll be busy with the floors and the dishes.”
Saph stood there watching Ray, letting her wings feel out the wind for a second longer as she sighed, still smiling. “Well, no taking everyone’s chores either, gods know least of all Herron’s.”
And with that Saph let herself drop off the platform, wings catching as she silently glided down towards where Tom was busy planning out their next bunker while Kulinger had a second group of people planning out where their new warehouse would go. All in all the whole place was bustling with activity both inside and out. Even the techies were out lending a hand with construction planning.
Saph had a hard time believing they would get it all done in time for winter, but with the workers assigned to Hylsdal and Grevi helping out, they might just manage it, depending of course on how soon said construction crew could move their asses over here.
‘There’s gonna be a lot of hard work this autumn isn’t there… fucking hell we better get paid good.”
It had been a while since Tom had last seen the black dragon, and that encounter had left her with freshly broken bones, the tip of her tail snapped off, and blood leaking from reopened wounds everywhere.
‘... I want healing like that,’ Tom concluded to himself as the dragon limping her way past them. It was several kilometers to her little camp. It was only a short hop on the wing, but it was still quite the walk. And she was evidently still in far from good shape. She wasn’t dripping blood or anything, but she was definitely limping quite badly. Enough to make Tom wonder if some bones hadn’t quite set right. Or perhaps she was just sore after walking for several miles while not quite healed.
As she came by she didn’t seem to pay him or anyone else any mind whatsoever. Work came to a halt as people stopped to stare, most of them hatefully. Yet she simply carried on as if they didn’t exist. No prancing, no cowering or looking worriedly around trying to guess who was gonna throw something at her first. She just carried on like a wounded robot.
‘I guess Fengi has been working her magic then,’ Tom just noted for himself solemnly. It made sense. Yldril wouldn’t really be up for walking several kilometers while wounded to a place she hated for its mere existence and which hated her just as much in return.
Everyone wanted a good look at the dragon. Some hadn’t seen her since the battle, and the mood had grown very grim to say the least. Tom didn’t know how to feel about it all. There could be no doubt she was guilty of some truly heinous crimes, yet here she was, a slave for eternity. Fengi walked out front, doing her best to stare down most of the keep. She wasn’t stupid, she knew half the keep didn’t want Yldril anywhere near here and the other half would quite happily see her worked to death in short order, at least before the whole Kalestine mess which made it all rather complicated.
Tom couldn’t decide what he wanted. What he knew though was that Fengi wasn’t letting either happen. ‘Damn girl is even more naive than me,’ he caught himself chuckling quietly as everyone else remained somber. There was the odd spitting in the dragon's direction, but mostly just staring and hateful glances before people started to get back to their jobs, turning their back on the dragon.
Tom had a feeling that if anyone had some rotten tomatoes, Yldril would have gotten a face full, but as it was he just stood there and stared.
“Well, at least she’ll be useful,” Raulf the gruff old farmer let out from next to him, leaning on his shovel like a pro and looking after the dragon as she carried on toward the base of the keep. “Are they letting her sleep that close to us? Really?”
“I don’t know, maybe they just want to unload the camp supplies. I see they made her carry most of it.”
“Well it was her camp, wasn’t it?” Raulf replied with a chuckle, standing up straight and hefting his spade. “Think she’s in shape to dig yet?”
“At least give her a bit to rest after that walk. Maybe we just set out the markers today and get to work on the wood we have. Plenty of work to do before we start digging anyway.”
“Fair enough,” Raulf concurred. “Think we can convince the white one to help haul some logs until the tax collector there is ready to pull her weight?”
“I guess we can try. I think we might want to try and have a meeting with dear Kalestine first though. I have a feeling she’s not in a great mood.”
“You’re making it rather hard to get to work, you know that right?” Raulf jested as Tom sighed deeply. “I guess so… I was just gonna send Kulinger and cross my fingers.”
“Brilliant plan, I’ll fetch him right away. Should have thought of that.”
“Wait, no.”
“Soo how is she doing?” Saph asked once she managed to spot a rather distraught-looking Fengi wandering away from everyone else. She probably wanted some peace and quiet, but Saph wasn’t sure that was smart right now.
Fengi was a little startled before turning to look at Saph with a forced upon looking smile. “Oh you know. Everyone hates her and she hates them, both convinced they are in the right.”
“She thinks she’s in the right?” Saph questioned, trying not to sound disrespectful and failing at least a little bit.
“Yes, she somehow does,” Fengi admitted. “In her own stupid, selfish way.”
Saph walked up and placed a reassuring hand on Fengi’s shoulder giving her a little shake. “Hey, you got this. If anyone might rub off on her it’s you. Heavens know you can be infectiously happy sometimes.”
“Not right now I’m not… And if I mess up, she will hurt someone. Probably out of spite more than anything else. I can’t let her do anything. She’s gonna hate me for it. Well more than she already does.”
“Normally I would say some trust is in order to prove you mean well, but…”
“She’s not trustworthy at all. Doesn’t even try to hide it,” Fengi carried on, sounding defeated, ears hanging limp by the side of her head as she looked down, kicking the ground a little. “She’s a fucking arsehole.”
“She’ll crack eventually. Sounds like she might have been at least decent at some point… even if it was a few centuries ago. If nothing else, she might behave just to get a tarp over her head.”
“That was the plan, wasn’t it?” Fengi sighed nervously as she looked up at the keep, the blue sky silhouetting nicely behind the tall stone structure sitting perched atop the outcropping. “I just hope people at least leave her alone in the night.”
“Might wanna tell Rachuck and the guards to keep an eye on her… How’s Unkai doing by the way?”
“Oh he’s over there,” Fengi replied, gesturing over her shoulder at the diminutive dude who was currently talking with Rachuck about something next to the wood-drying hut.
“I mean how are the two of you doing?” Saph reiterated gingerly, hoping there was at least some good news on that front for the young huntress.
Fengi turned to look at Saph, clearly trying very hard to not look sad, which only made her look more tragic. “He told me why he was so scared of me… What do you even say to that?” Fengi pleaded, eyes starting to turn wet.
“Oh come here,” Saph went, hoping a hug would at least help as she embraced Fengi, stroking the back of her head. “It’s gonna be fine I’m sure. He just needs to get used to it, you know? Like when we went swimming. Remember that?”
“Mhmhhm,” Fengi nodded, burying her face against Saph’s chest.
“It was scary, we had all been taught to fear the water, right? What can be in it, the cold, drowning, all that? Right from when we were little.”
“Yeah?” Fengi sniffled, not letting go.
“Well, he has to go swimming now. He is scared, he’s been told to be scared all the way since he was little. Maybe he’s like Dakota, but the little bugger loves you. I mean come on, he would be over the hills hiding if he didn’t.”
“But he’s scared of me. I can’t even whisper in his ear without him going stiff as a plank. Talking around the fire at night, he just sits there with fear in his eyes.”
“Well even with that medal he got, he’s never been the bravest, now has he? Keep trying. He’ll grow used to it. He’ll learn to trust you just like Yldril will. I have to say I don’t envy you right now. Even with a dragon at your beck and call.”
“Please don’t say it like that. Makes me sound like some evil witch from the stories when we were little.”
“Well, remember what one evil witch could do in those stories. Now imagine what you can manage. You could turn out a damn hero one day, you know that, right?”
“I guess so,” Fengi had to concede, even if it didn’t seem to cheer her up overly much. She didn’t even move a muscle from where Saph was holding her tight, still stroking the back of her head. “She might have got her ass beat by Glira, but she is incredibly strong. If I can somehow bring her around, she could make everything so much quicker without making every day a living hell.”
“And hey, it would only be the what… fourth, fifth, sixth? miracle to happen here this year?” Saph tried jokingly, giving Fengi a bit more of a squeeze and holding her close. “Odds are on your side there’s a couple left before winter.”
Fengi did let out a chuckle at that before sighing and looking up, though still not letting go. “Thanks, Saph.”
“Don’t mention it. Now I think I better go have some stern words about not giving our not-so-nice black dragon further reason to hate our guts. Think you’ll be okay in the meantime?”
Fengi just nodded, sighing a bit as she let go. “I’ll be fine.”
“You know what you could do? Go find Ray, it’s been a bit, she might have some ideas too. She won’t admit it, but she’s actually sorta smart.”
“You know what… I might just do that,” Fengi replied with a cautious smile as Saph gave her a last rub on the back, wearing a big smile.
“Catch you later then. I won’t be long, I promise.”
There we go, progress is being made in more ways than one and no one got hurt for once. that's always nice. Well unless you count poor Pho. Or not so poor depending on how you look at it lol.
I hope you enjoyed it, do go check out the art show/wiki we have got some new pieces yet again. I like them a lot, hopefully, you will too.
Until next time. Take care and catch you around.

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I am not an indoor person, I love to go out and visit new places whenever I get time and money. And fortunately I am able to collect people to roam around every time, I appreciate and am thankful to my family and friends as they are always with me. After I had traveled the entire country, I wanted to go to some new place, luckily in a get together, one of my friends told me about her trip to Europe explaining that the Europe is a must visit place and showed her photographs which totally impressed me. Finally when I made up my mind, I Googled around few keywords and found various options to reach Europe from UK including Ferries, Bus, Eurostar Train, Flights and I found that the cheapest and best keeping in mind the time and cost, Eurostar was a better option.

It was totally a new place when landed at Heathrow Airport, in London on our Day 1 after a long journey. The next day, we packed our bag packs, totally in tourist clothes and took a London bus tour to see such a beautiful city of the world. It was month of May soothing climate and we hung around here and there, clicked photographs, getting familiar with norms of UK. We visited London Eye, Madame Tussuad, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar square, Piccadilly Circus. We went to Oxford next day and saw the University and some other places as well. There are many ways to travel in UK you can go by Train, bus airbus or you can hire your own taxi. London underground was the best experience to travel local in London.

We had already booked entire trip tickets and we traveled to Paris from London in Eurostar. Paris is capital of France and after reaching Paris, we took some rest and this time we did not waste our time in resting much because Paris is such a nice city where you just want to look at the fantasy of nature and world famous creation of artists. We just wanted to capture every place in our cameras you will not believe a point that came where we were running short of memories. We visited Pont Royal and the Louvre Museum, Arc De Triomphe at Night, Eiffel Tower, Place de la Concorde and many museums and gardens they all are full of creation and beauty. We had to cut down our plans as we had to get back to London and from there we had to fly back to our country. From Paris to London, we again took Eurostar because we had taken Eurostar Group Travel Booking facility and had pleasure taking it. We came back to London and all were discussing Paris trip and travel. Everyone was happy and for me it was pride who brought smile on my family and friends faces. I enjoyed it too. Next day we got back to our country and I guess we would cherish Europe throughout our lives and thanks to family, friends and of course Eurostar train, which made our trip memorable.

I think, it is important for everyone to know what to do during your trip and how to plan it properly. Few tips you should remember while planning a trip to Europe -

Without proper planning, you will face problems while you travel and it is practically not possible to plan better trip while you are traveling.
Find for cheap air tickets, train tickets, concert tickets and hotels. You should best avail all discounts available so that you can travel more with the same money.
Must carry a digital camera / video camera and chargeable batteries. A universal power converter plug is a must, else, you will feel yourself handicapped when you reach hotel
While booking your hotel rooms, ensure you manage to get complementary breakfast, or dinners etc.
Drink only mineral / bottled water while you travel
In places like London, must carry an umbrella and a torch.
You must have knowledge of traffic rules as you would be crossing roads and streets.
It is advised to carry a small dictionary of the language as may be required from country to country.
Do write your experience, upload your photos on daily basis, which will help you keep your memories fresh.
The trains in UK / Europe are on time always and you must reach your station well in advance
You must not interact with any stranger during your trip and try to be friendly with him. Of course, you can make friends but you need to take care before you come closer to them
You should take some common medicines you generally take in your country since you would not be familiar with the kind of simple medication in a foreign country
You must ensure that you are carrying overseas valid insurance policy document with you
You should make a record of all your credit cards, and other important cards held by you. In the event of any loss of the same, you will have handy record with you.
You should not take excessive currency with you and try to use your cards as much as possible
A big savings is taking an international SIM Card from your country. This will be helpful for you to receive free calls and do cheaper outgoing long distance calls.
and finally, you should not drink too much while you are abroad and try to keep yourself in limits.

Ruan Moita is a frequent traveler to UK, Europe & India with deep interest in Rail and Air Travel. If you are planning to travel to UK, Europe, you can get more information regarding London Paris Train Travel tips in details so that you can plan your holidays with much better knowledge about your travel.
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2023.03.27 14:26 BrotherBattleFist Home brew Warband Short Story "The Binding" (the trials of an Eightbound)

Home brew Warband Short Story
***Continued from "Maelstrom's Fall"***
I'm not the greatest writer but I enjoy sharing my imagination and want to improve so please let me know what you think!
Garius Sentris opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. He found himself standing in the fighting pit of a great colosseum. Eight towering brass gates were spaced equally around the walls of the great arena. Pits of rusted spikes and boiling blood and varying sizes of pillars of stone like sharpened teeth dotted the red sands of the main fighting field. Thousands of spectators roared in celebration of the bloodshed sure to come.
Garius turned his eyes to himself. He was armorless, garbed only in a crimson loincloth. He was a two and half meter tall mass of rippling muscle dotted with black carapace contact points and a grotesque array battle scars. He felt his face with hand. He HAD a face. The horrifying visage of his flesh-stripped skull was no more. The blessing of Khorne was gone.
Garius looked down at his calloused hands. He clenched his fists as the Butcher’s Nails in his mind drowned out the roaring crowds. The Nails screamed like chainswords cutting through ceramite. He could feel the bloodthirst of the Slake overtaking him. Garius knew only one thing would bring him peace.
Blood,” he thought.
As the word formed in his mind the first of the eight gates opened. Eleven emaciated men, naked except for crimson loin clothes, stumbled through the open gateway, covering their faces with their arms as the sun blinded them momentarily. They were slaves of some kind, weak and unarmed. Garius started toward them. They fell to their knees, all of them. Some begged for mercy. Some sobbed uncontrollably. Some simply stared at the Slaughter Lords that were now running toward them.
Garius was moving in a flat out sprint when he reached the group of kneeling men. With a perfectly timed kick, Garius struck the foremost man beneath the chin with his foot with such force that his head was torn from his neck and flew careening over the other men, showering them arterial sprays from both head and body. They all began screaming in horror as Garius threw himself into the ten remaining. His massive frame crushed the torsos of two men and snapped their limbs as he slid and rolled to a stop over their bodies. They died of massive internal hemorrhaging in seconds.The malnourished slaves scrambled to their feet but Garius had already sprung up. With a jab he dropped another man, his ears and nose fountaining blood as he fell, with a left backhand he broke the neck of another. Garius ran forward and kicked one man in the chest, his ribcage exploding into shrapnel that shredded his organs, and followed up by stomping his foot through the skull of one who had fallen.Garius screamed ceaselessly in his berserk rage, only ever pausing long enough to breathe.Three of the slaves found their courage and fought back. It was a futile effort. They kicked, they punched, and they tried to grapple, but they found nothing but air as Garius’s reactions were too fast. He grabbed one by the face and clapped his other hand against the back of the man's head. Brain, bone, blood, and gray matter exploded onto Garius and the other two men. Stunned by the vulgar display of violence they had just witnessed, the two men could do nothing but sob hysterically as Garius gripped each one by the head. Garius roared again and again as he smashed their heads together repeatedly until they went limp.
The other two simply stared in slack jawed terror at their screaming murderer. Garius wasted no time. He picked both men up by the face, his huge hands smothering them. They clawed and kicked and screamed muffled cries of protest, but only for a moment. Garius hoisted them high and, with a roar, he slammed the men into the red sands of the arena floor, smashing their skulls with a sickening squelch.The Nails and the crowd had both grown quiet as Garius slaughtered the eleven slave men. He breathed hard, hoarse breaths as he looked into the stadium stands at the shocked spectators. Then he threw his fists up in triumph and the crowd went mad with excitement.The second gate opened and this time the eleven near-naked men ran out screaming as if each were a miniature parody of Garius. Garius and the eleven warriors made for each other. The Butcher’s Nails were screaming. Garius was screaming too, allowing the Butcher’s Nails to take over and put him into a transcendent state of murder lust.
Garius’s twin heartbeats were a percussive boltgun firing full auto, and his fists were the shells. Left. Right. Left. Uppercut. Hook. Left. Right. Seven warrior’s were dead in a second, their heads bludgeoned open or their bodies punched through by the gene wrought might of Garius’s strikes.Garius front kicked another with such force the man’s heart exploded before he was sent tumbling. A flurry of blows and two more were dead. One man remained. Garius and the last man charged towards one another. The warrior looked like a child in comparison to the towering Astarte. Garius struck both hands open palmed. The fingers of his hands penetrated the man’s torso and gripped his rib cage. Both screamed as Garius raised the man overhead and ripped him in half. The Nails quieted as Garius opened his mouth to catch the shower of gore. He drank deeply and felt the Slake fade.“Skulls,” as the word came to him the third gate opened and Garius suddenly found himself wielding a gigantic black blade wreathed in flames. He watched as eleven warriors clad in furs and armed with axes, swords, and bludgeons charged forth, roaring curses in the tongue of Old Skalak.
Garius was lost in the cacophony of noise and violence as the singing of the burning Hellblade competed with the screaming of the Nails, the percussion of Garius’s hearts, and the roaring of the crowds. Heads were set alight and lopped off left and right as he swept the Hellblade in wide arcs. The daemonfires of the Hellfire burned all organic matter from the skulls leaving them polished and white on the red sands before their owners’ bodies had even fallen.From each gate came greater and greater challenges. Red skinned astartes who continued to fight blindly after their heads and limbs had been lopped off. Warp Spawn that had to be hacked apart to stop from regenerating. Khornate hounds that stalked in organized packs like the wolves of old Terra. Even daemonic champions atop great horned mounts of brass and flesh. He fought them all, and he slew them all. By the end of the ordeal the crowd was chanting his name. Eighty-eight foes had fallen before him. He would fight eighty-eight more if given the chance. He would kill every last man, woman, and child chanting his name if he could only reach them. He would gladly lose himself in the Nails and bloodthirst and the slaughter.“Slaughter,” he thought.
“Yes brother,” came a familiar voice from behind Garius. He turned to see Ventrilios and six of his other brothers. All had died. “Slaughter,” Ventrilios growled, “we followed you brother. We followed you through the Chapter. We followed you through the wars. We followed you into Heresy. Into Slaughter. We followed you and we are dead because of it. You failed us, Garius. You killed us.”The other brothers stood silent and glowering at the elder brother Garius. They were clad in crimson loincloths just like Garius was. Each held a crackling power axe or power sword. But Garius could read his brothers like an open dataslate. Their hearts were all beating as one. They were anticipating combat, but they were not being tested by the bloodlust of the Slake or the clawing of the Nails. Not one of them was tense, twitching, or breathing hard. And Garius had never known Ventrilios to whinge or accuse like a mewling weakling. These were not his brothers.
Garius narrowed his eyes at the warp spawned apparitions before him. His voice was hoarse from screaming, “my brothers are dead, yes. It is my fault, yes. But fail them?” Garius spat the words, “I did not fail them! They sought Purity just as I did! And they found it in the Slaughter I led them to! And just as I delivered them unto Purity, so too shall I deliver you, daemon!”The Butcher’s Nails roared as he slashed through Ventrilios with the flaming Hellblade, bisecting him from shoulder to hip. Before the others could react he had swung the blade the opposite direction, slicing through another two of his brothers at chest. The cauterizing dismemberments left Ventrilios, Tranio, and Adamus in heaps of steaming meat. Were these truly his brothers they would have reacted in an instant and killed him by now. Garius casually sidestepped Euclio’s two handed overhead strike and brought the hellblade up through Euclio’s neck, decapitating him. Garius followed through and brought the Hellblade down on Melaenis, who tried to block the strike but found his own power sword pushed into his shoulder by the force of Garius’s strike. Garius whirled around, beheading Soteris before coming back around and finishing off Malaenis, cutting him in half just above the waist.All that remained now was Saturio. Before Garius could strike Saturio began convulsing violently and spewing fountains of blood from every orifice. Garius waited impatiently, his Butcher’s Nails clawing for control, as the daemon shed its warp molded flesh suit. Saturio’s screams were cut short as his skin split and his chest burst open. Two huge taloned hands reached out and spread Saturio’s already gaping wound ito an impossible width. When finally the red skinned daemon thing had climbed from the splayed open corpse of Saturio, it stood and stretched its long limbs. The Daemon Prince towered over Garius, at least twice his height. The Prince’s muscled body bore the symbols of Chaos and Khorne in the form of glowing scars and brass implants that had been pounded into its flesh. Its face was punctuated by rows over razor sharp teeth and its head by horns that sprouted skyward.
“Blood! Skulls! Slaughter! Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!” The audience seemed immune to the horrors of what they were witnessing. They cheered for the violence that was to come.
“So then, Garius, will you show me the Purity in Slaughter, or will you be slaughtered?” The Prince asked with a smirk.Garius did not speak. He focused on suppressing the Nails, and answered with his weapon. His overhead strike kicked up red dust as it struck the ground. The Daemon had lept back from the strike, into a crouch, and now lunged back at Garius, talons forward in a piercing strike.
Garius barely rolled out of the way, “Too slow Daemon!” He had to keep his wits about him in this fight, and so he put up a ferrosteel wall in his mind to contain the screaming chainswords of the Nails. It was a task easier said than done.
Garius brought the hellblade about just in time to deflect an upward swipe of a taloned hand from the roaring Daemon Prince. This created an opening. Garius lunged forward with the sword, cutting deep into the forearm of the towering Daemon Prince. The Prince reeled back and kicked Garius, launching tumbling him twenty meters across the sands of the arena. Garius hit the wall hard, gasping to bring air back into his shocked lungs. His chest was wet with coagulating blood where the clawed foot had dug in. The daemon limped toward him. Garius hadn’t let go of the hellblade, and managed to drag it across the ankle of the great beast even as he was launched away from the beast.
Garius stood leaning on the blade, its burning point buried in the sand. He feigned exhaustion and positioned his feet for the strike. “Come on Daemon, is that the best you can do?” Garius taunted the Prince. The Nails screamed for control, and he fought hard to resist giving in to the bloodlust.
It was in the nature of the Daemon Princes to be vain and petulant and this one was no different. The insulted Prince took the bait and roared, “When I am through with you, I will find your remaining brothers!” The daemon reached the leaning Garius and held one taloned hand high in the air, “ and the skulls of Quintus and Korvelios will join yours upon the Skull Throne!”As the Daemon Prince brought the talons down Garius pushed off the wall, launching himself and twisting in air. In one revolution he struck the taloned hand of the malefic Daemon Prince from the wrist it was attached to. With another revolution he chopped the front half of the Prince’s foot off. Garius balled up, rolling as he made contact with the red sand. Behind the Daemon Prince now he slashed wide, cutting the Achilles Tendons of both the Prince’s legs. The Daemon Prince howled in pain and began to fall back. Garius held the Hellblade high, impaling the towering daemon through its spine as it fell over him.“I told you Daemon!” Garius held the weight of the crippled daemon for a moment, letting the Nails take over.
“Just as I delivered my brother unto the Purity of Slaughter!” Garius roared with effort as he braced himself, the veins of his arms bulging with effort.“So too shall I deliver you!” Garius gave himself fully over to the Butcher’s Nails and with his new found berserker strength he heaved the Daemon Prince up off the blade, nearly cutting the screaming cripple in half as it slid off the hellblade. Garius screamed as the Nails drove him on. He charged at the now limp, dying Daemon Prince. Garius chopped up and down again and again and again. Boiling daemon gore burned his skin away and his raw throat spewed up with every scream. For a long time he hacked at the corpse of the Daemon Prince.
The crowd never stopped chanting. “Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!” They roared ceaselessly. It was all Garius could hear as he became lost in the euphoria of the Purity of Slaughter. The Butcher’s Nails had gone quiet. His heart beats had slowed. The Hellblade fell from Garius’s hands as he turned away from the mass of bloody meat that was once a Daemon Prince of Khorne. He stumbled a few steps and, hands in the air, roared in victory. The crowd chanted even louder.Then the red sands began moving. They eddied and swirled up around Garius as his pulse quickened. Armour formed upon him, materializing from his feet up even as his body swelled in mass. The five fingers on each of Garius’ hands fused into three. They became long, talon tipped things. Horns sprouted from his skull and face as he screamed in agonizing pain. Garius’s feet burst through his armoured boots and bone claws erupted where there should have been toes. Sharpened bone protruded up and down his limbs through his armor. Garius fell to his knees as his chest began to split, sharpened teeth burst through him from his navel to his neckline and fused his armour to his body. Garius’ screams of pain began to fade to pained groans as a deformed astartes power unit formed on his back and huge chainfist blades formed upon each of his gauntlets.For a long time Garius knelt there, his energy spent, his mind reeling, and his body completing its metamorphosis. When finally he stood Garius could feel the rage and blood lust of the Eight Khornate Daemons within him. He had not only bested them, but had become one with them through the Purity of Slaughter. Garius could no longer feel the Butcher’s Nails, as Daemons kept the Nails at bay.Then Garius came to the realization, “No. Not the Daemons. All of us. We keep the Nails at bay. We are one. We are Garius. Me. I am Garius Sentris. I am bound to the Eight as they are bound to me. I am the Exalted Slaughterer and I am Pure.”
Garius stood, relishing in his spiritual victory over the Eightbound Trials. He had grown in height by over a meter and now bore armour and skin as tough as tactical dreadnought armour. Unlike the terminator armour though, Garius could move as swiftly as if he wore none at all. Garius was stronger, faster, and now equipped with brutal melee weaponry like he had never seen. His mind and body blurred the lines between mortal and daemon. He was now counted amongst not only the first Eightbound of the Slaughter Lords, but the first Exalted Eightbound. Garius was one of the few to undergo the Eightbound trials and emerge as a full fledged Exalted, his soul already synthesized into one with the other Eight souls within him. He expected his brothers would soon either be completing their trials, or emerging from their tests as grotesque spawns of the warp. His brothers. Quintus and Korvelios. Garius longed to be by their sides in the slaughter once again. He knew it was time to awaken from the Eightcage sarcophagus he had been interred in for his trials.And so Garius joined the chorus of the chanting crowd, his voice an echoing rumble like eight chainaxes revving at once, “Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!”
“Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!”
“Blood! Skulls! Slaughter!”
And then he opened his eyes.
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2023.03.27 14:24 FeetEnj0yer High Potential Individual UK visa

Assuming I’m not picked since lawyer said I’m still shown as “Submitted”. If you graduated from a global T50 school, check it out!
I’m sad to leave what has been my home for the better half of this decade. You could do everything right, work hard to go to an Ivy, do good and honest work at a top firm and still not get picked. But this is my Plan B, and the more I research — the better it sounds compared to playing the immigration game for the rest of my life in the US. Making an alternative plan was the breath of fresh air I needed after all this anxiety and despair, and you guys should too!
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2023.03.27 14:20 greg0525 I will never go back to the forest

It was early morning. Thick clouds were looming in the sky. It was a powdery grey with no hint of sun, so thick and pregnant with rain that it blackened the edges of everything. The clouds hung overhead, drifting slowly in and out of the trees, their shadows were thrown on the ground, swaying across the ground. Fish from the river nibbled at the bank, sampling the cool air. The thick leaves of huge trees formed an almost impassable barrier between the forest and the town. The air was full of moisture as damp leaves soaked up water from the ground and released it again in a cool mist that clung to everything it touched and left behind a scent that smelled like rain and new beginnings.
I had been running for almost an hour. Water splashed from the puddles that my feet pounded against them, darkening my pants and splattering mud onto my tracksuit. My shoes dug into the dirt and grass, which crunched beneath me, my breathing was heavy, and my heart was pounding in my chest. The cool air was like a gift, sent by God himself as I was sweating profusely. This was not how I pictured myself getting ready for my wedding to the love of my life. The running was only meant to help me lose weight, and yet, I found myself falling behind my ideal fitness level. Just when I thought I could go no farther, I could run no longer, I found myself at the end of the Black Rain forest, which was still a mile from my home. I leaned over, hands on my knees, trying to catch my breath. My lungs felt like they were on fire. The air smelled of green plants and animals and decomposed leaves. I breathed in deeply, feeling the weight of this morning pushing me along.
I checked my watch and got relieved that I had reached my goal and the 3 miles of running were done. I looked up at the sky. The clouds were darker and more threatening now. I did not care if I got soaking wet but at that point, I changed my mind and decided to cross the forest before it started raining. Catching a cold would not be a good idea before the wedding. I started walking towards the trees and turned onto a smaller dirt road that bordered the edge of the forest.
It was the same forest in which I had played as a child and watched birds build their nests and run around with my best friend Robert hiding from their parents. My aunt always complained about me wandering off into the woods and getting lost on occasion but by that time, I knew the forest very well. She told me that I was too old to be doing such things and I should be at home with her or out hunting with my uncle and cousins. I remembered watching the tall trees swallow my parents and sister when we ventured up past them to get the lumber I had stacked there earlier that week. Or, what gave me peasant memories were the picnics with my family. It was always me who was tasked with finding a nice meadow or clearing where we could settle down, set up the temporary table with chairs and have a nice meal.
I remember the sun, which was bright and warm and the grass smelled like my mother's freshly-baked bread. The sandwiches, covered in plastic and smelling like my mother's homemade soup, were a little taste of home, even if they were eaten far from it. I spent hours just sitting there, watching the dance of the creatures through the trees. All sorts of mammals socialized that day: foxes, badgers, otters, and a single raven perched in a tree while its companion spoke with another raven on the ground. Sometimes they stayed out even after dark, supposing the weather was warm enough. My father used to make fire and my brother, my parents, my uncle and aunt and their kids were all sitting around the fire, singing. The fire was bright and warm and it made the night feel cosy. The fire served as the centre of their camp circle and it was the place where we roasted marshmallows on sticks and sat around telling stories when it got cold. The fire sputtered and crackled, sending sparks of light into the night sky. The smoke spiralled above us up into the branches of the trees that made a canopy over their heads. I sometimes played with my cousin or caught lightning bugs with my brother.
My uncle sometimes told exciting campfire stories. Stories about the forest, which was believed to be haunted by the ghost of some children who had disappeared years ago and some locals could still hear their screams and voices. The ghosts' voice was said to ring through the dead branches and whistle through the empty air, keening like a siren. Sometimes at night, their cries could be heard ringing through the hollows. But I myself had never experienced anything like that. I had never seen more than a shadow in the woods.
What I have seen, was something much more terrible. But before I tell you more about it, you need to understand what the place where I live is like.
Black Rain is an island not far from the western coast of British Columbia. It rains every day because of the wet climate. The community of this island is like a big family. Almost everyone knows everyone, and many people love and hate each other at the same time. But those who think fondly of each other are very close. Oscar Gray, an athlete who has won several of the running races organised on the island every year, donated one of his kidneys to Louis Barnes, a terminally ill boy. His act was in the papers for weeks and his heroism is still remembered today. Not everyone made such a sacrifice, but if someone broke down on the road, for example, you could be sure that the second or third car, if not the first, would stop to help. If you came for dinner, you left with a stomach full of Mrs Keagan's apple pie. Or you were almost bound to meet Mayor James Harrison, who always had a wry sense of humour and smelled like pipe tobacco.
But Black Rain (the town has the same name as the island itself) also has its dark little secrets that the visitor would never see. It is a town of many contrasts that hide these dark little secrets behind charming smiles and gentle voices. For example, no one really knows the kind and charming Mrs Keagan, who raises her grandchildren by locking them in a dark cellar for weeks. Mrs Carter owns the local sweet shop and regularly bakes cakes of sweet dough full of dried insects, which she then feeds to her neighbours without their knowledge. The Crimbles were a family living on the outskirts of town and raised chickens in small coops on their land. One day Mr Crimble murdered his wife and buried her under an old walnut tree, which then grew through her skull, forming an intricate root system that was shaped like a woman's face. Or few people know Mr William, who regularly buried animals in his back garden and performed strange rituals.
But there are also open secrets, such as Martin Owens Jr. who is said to talk to extraterrestrials and some patrols have also seen UFOs over his house on more than one occasion. But it is also well known that Martin would smoke weed before watching space alien movies on the History Channel. There is Kim Nguyen, the receptionist at the clinic; she always has a cut on her finger and smiles with her eyes but never with her mouth. Betty, the Greek lady who owns the pastry shop—nobody had ever seen her smile, not even in photos from when she was younger. And Brad Fritz, whose wife left him for a man from Holland, and Diandra Beck, who almost stabbed Lisa Chapman through the heart with a serving fork at the local restaurant.
Allan Wilson could sit in his rocking chair for hours on end and stare out the window overlooking the street without batting an eye. But then there was Emma Perez, who used to spread her clothes at night while she sang loudly. And Carl Young was famous for going to Black Rain cemetery to talk to ghosts.
There were thousands of other little things Black Rain is hiding.
As in all small towns like this, news spread fast by word of mouth. It is just a comment or a whisper, accompanied by a suggestive wink or a pat on the back of the hand, and the human chain of news is set in motion. And it works much faster than anyone would guess. Gossip spreads like wildfire through the island and many people liked gossipping about couples as well, sometimes to great success. However, these couples are so close that they could survive the rumours and stories that emerge about them. The saga often disrupts the ties between friends, but there is also a growing sense of belonging and community at Black Rain. People are drawn into the group with the power of their friends and neighbours because they never know when they may need help or help from others.
So I was still looking at the huge trees that used to be my playground as a child. Even after I had my first major success in my career as an architect, I will secretly visit these woods, hoping that someday I will find the clearing where I spent my childhood summers. I was still looking down on the woodland clearing when the first raindrops fell on my face. I couldn't help but smile – had I ever been that young? That carefree? I was standing under the trees of the forest, watching how tiny rivulets of water made their way through the carpet of leaves, forming translucent streams between tree stumps.
But as I was walking deeper into the forest, the first raindrops fell on the leaves. It seemed I would not make it home before the rain but I did not want to run anymore. I wiped off my forehead, leaving a line of a mixture of sweat and rainwater on my skin. I stopped took a short break to collect myself and drank some water from my bottle. I looked up, inhaled deeply and took a deep breath. The taste of fresh spring water was soothing and refreshing, the way water tasted when you first woke up in the morning.
Deep in the forest, the shade of the trees and the mild, steady breeze that roamed among the leaves was now getting rather chilly than pleased with the cold raindrops. The trees were swaying, their branches parting to reveal the dark sky. A few drops of water landed on my cheek and soaked into my hair. I brushed my hand over my eyes to keep them open and shook off the rain droplets from my skin.
After a while, all the signs of sweat and exhaustion were gone as I started to shiver, my breath coming out as white clouds in front of his face. I shook off the polo shirt that I had put on as I marched on toward home. I stepped into a puddle and water splashed all over my shoes but he didn't care, just kept walking.
It was gloomy, the light from the sky stretched through the forest but they were not enough to fill in all the shadows. I tried to focus on walking straight but it was now pouring so heavily that I could no longer see where one tree ended and another began. I stumbled over a branch, which I had not seen. My feet found roots underneath them and I fell down but did not hurt myself because I landed on a thick pile of leaves that cushioned his fall. After standing up, I noticed something odd.
One moment, it was not the rain that I could feel on my body. I sensed something else in the air, something sinister and eerie, hiding around me. A feeling of heavy stillness of the ominous sensation that something terrible had happened there. Or was it only my mind? I looked a few meters away to my right. I was not sure what I saw because it was covered with some bushes and the rainfall but the ground was disturbed and it seemed that there was something.
I started walking towards it slowly. As I was approaching it, for some unknown reason, my heartbeat was getting faster.
Black Rain was a small enough town for anyone to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, and if something terrible happened, someone had to see something. I just hoped I wasn’t the first one.
There was a point I was not sure that I should get closer. Because whatever it was, did not belong there. As I was trying to get closer to the undergrown and find my way among the sharp branches, I was careful not to slip on a wet rock. A few seconds later, when I went through the last group of bushes, I saw it. And that was the most terrible moment of my life. My heart was beating in my throat and the blood rushed inside my ears. I suddenly felt as if someone was watching me and he turned my head, but I could only see brambles and trees. Some voice urged me to go back but my curiosity was stronger than my instincts.
And then I saw her.
The girl was hanging from a branch of a tree. She was naked but so dirty with mud that her face and parts of her body were not visible. Her arms were tied behind her back and her legs were tied together. She was still, lifeless and motionless. I turned away quickly and took a few deep breaths and had to throw up. I didn't want to look at her anymore.
The body was twisted and contorted. A human body but with the features of a wild animal, the girl was a young girl, she appeared to be 18 years old with long brown hair. She had a beautiful face but was so dirty and bruised, that she was beyond recognition. The girl’s naked body with its purple bruise, its blackened eye and its mouth open in a scream of terror.
But it was not only the sight of the girl which shocked me. The strange items around the murder seemed out of the place too: a mound with candles on it, a pile of sticks, some kind of pentagram symbol, and a bloody cross were placed around the hanging body.
'Jesus Christ! 'What a sadistic bastard would be capable of doing such a thing?' - I told to myself.
The girl's body was swaying ever so slightly in the breeze, her lengthy hair obscuring her face. I couldn't tell if her eyes were open or not, and I didn't want to know. I turned away, but the image was burned into my mind and I started running back to town as fast as I could, not caring how much the sharp branches hurt my face anymore.
My first destination was the police station. I was running there like crazy without looking back not looking back. I didn't even realise that my running performance was like crazy. Sadly, the lady looking at the reception desk told me to find officer Miller at the Seven Bears Pub. Of course. I should have known that.
Roger Miller wasn’t a particularly intelligent person. There were more police officers in town but he was the only one I didn’t like. In front of his favourite place, the Seven Bears Pub, he smelled alcohol. He was wearing denim, a brown jacket and a baseball cap. His scruffy clothes and unshaven face gave the impression that he was a homeless, rather than the local constable. The man's eyes were bloodshot and his clothes were wrinkled and covered in dirt. He looked like he had been sleeping in his clothes for days. His hair was greasy and stuck to his head in clumps. The smell of cigarettes and alcohol wafted from him in a cloud. The man stubbed his cigarette on the ground and stubbed it out with his boot.
When I told him what I had witnessed and it took ages until he found the car keys (he left them inside the pub). There was Freddie Tucker with him, a local guy who was actually a member of a weird community and they called themselves the Black Purgers. They were a bunch of folks, they went to the parks and forests all around town with flowers, they played music and all. And I had always known they were hiding something.
Anyway, Roger and Freddie were great friends and drinking buddies. Probably that was the reason why Freddie had never got caught when driving drunk or had never been charged with domestic violence because it was known he hit her sister a few times.
I begged Roger for bringing some more people with us and surprisingly he wasn’t against the idea. Probably because he was aware of his own cognitive limitations too.
Roger went back to the pub and came out with Keith Young, a local lumberjack.
‘Hey Keith, this young man says he has witnessed a witch hanging from a tree in the forest. Wanna feel like checking it out? But I think he is still on drugs so what probably will happen is that I will just arrest him.’ - he told him as we were approaching the jeep.
‘Sure!’ - he said and he jumped into the car. Roger cranked the engine and we were on the way to the forest.
On the way there, they were busy sharing gossip and idiotic jokes with each other that I totally ignored. However, I was happy that I was with three strong men because the murderer could still be lurking in the forest.
The image of the witch was burned in my memory and it was only the girl who I could think of.
After a few minutes, Roger turned to the left, onto a dirty, narrow road. On both sides of the road, there were huge pine trees as if guarding the forest. A few minutes later, the car came to a halt and we all got out as we had to walk from them.
The rain had stopped, but the ground was still wet. My shoes made squelching sounds as I walked. The air was cold and damp and smelled of pine. There was a sense of foreboding in the air as if the forest was warning us to turn back. I wasn’t sure the others had the same feeling though but they weren’t the type to back down from a challenge. Countless night fights in the pub taught them how to be tough.
‘So, which way, young man?’ - Roger asked me and I pointed in the direction I believed was the right way to the crime scene.
We all followed Roger into the forest, stepping over roots and around trees.
The ground was uneven and we had to concentrate to keep from tripping. As we were going into the deepness of the forest, a cold chill of dread ran through me like an electric current because I was sure the people with me had no idea what they were going to face.
We all crept through the undergrowth, the sharp branches snagging our clothes and scratching them. The leaves were so thick that it was difficult to see more than a few feet in front of us. The ground was squishy beneath our boots, and the air was damp and smelled of blood and fresh mud. I could hear the sound of something moving through the brush, but I couldn't tell what it was. I had the feeling that we were being watched. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I was sweating despite the cold. I could hear the others breathing around me, and I was sure they were all thinking the same thing: what was waiting for them?
‘So Freddie, you are also a member of the Black Purgers, right? What are you doing, if that’s not a secret?‘ - I just wanted to have a small talk, to break that depressing silence but instead, the most stupid thing left my mouth.’
‘Oh you know, just cleaning the area from negative energies. We have some rituals to summon good spirits and forces to put them in the right state of mind. We light candles, stand in circles and chase away any negative energy or entities that might be lurking. Once the area is purified, we begin to chant, filling the air with positive energy. Staff like this.’ - he said.
Then I thought for a moment and replayed the same things in my head. Purifying the area from negative energies…
There was something in his eyes I didn’t like. He had thought at the back of his head, I was sure.
‘Do you believe in witches?’ - I blurted it out.
‘The fuck are you talking about?! No such things as witches.’
But I knew he was lying.
Could he? Could he know about it? Could he have been the murderer? Was there the killer with me? It seemed his community hid dark dark secrets. I started to shiver more but I didn’t have more time to think about it because I realised we reached the crime scene. I could recognise it from the shape of the trees and bushes.
The only problem was that the area was empty without any traces of disturbed ground and the tree itself was completely untouched, without any signs of a dead body hanging from the tree.
I stopped.
‘So? This is it?’ - Roger asked.
No words could leave my mouth. I looked around. No religious items, not a drop of blood, nothing would tell that the place was a horrible scene of a murder.
‘What the fuck has just happened?’ - I said out loud.
I started to feel embarrassed but only until the point when I looked at Freddie. His expression was shocked and his face was as pale as a dead body. His face told me everything.
I didn't know what was scarier: the fact that I was standing next to the murderer or that the body disappeared with all those religious items around it. Because I could tell you, man, he himself didn’t know what the hell had just happened, just like me. We both expected the same scene as me.
Then I felt the presence of something behind me. I turned around and noticed a girl standing there. She had long black hair, her face was white and blood was running down from her eyes. Other than that, she was beautiful.
And then it came to me: she was the girl from the tree. And none of the men around me saw her. Only me. She was staring at the tree which she had been hanging from.
I didn’t want to know what would happen next but my legs told me to run away as fast as I could and they didn’t have to tell me twice. The trees passed by in a blur and seemed to fly by faster and faster as if they were being sucked into the centre of a tornado. They moved in a hypnotic circle around me and everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. My legs pumped harder than they ever had before, harder than when I ran against Ryan Field or when I tried out for the track team my junior year or even when my football coach had screamed at me for not being fast enough to catch the quarterback's long pass. My heart thundered in my ears, just like the skies in the distance, which sounded like the prelude to an apocalypse.
They have been reported as missing people ever since and I have never told anyone I was the last person who saw them. No bodies have ever been found.
Later the girl turned out to be Hannah Howe, a local teenager who went missing. She was believed to be a witch by some locals because she was interested in witchcraft. Well, they weren’t far from the truth. When I checked her Facebook photo, I immediately recognised her and I knew it was her.
What I don’t want to know is what happened to the three men but I am sure, Freddie Tucker is still burning in hell. When I approach the forest, I still hear his screams.
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2023.03.27 14:17 themiamian 22 [M4F] [Relationship] USA - Let’s have a good week (preferably longer than that) together!

What a way to start the week off! It’s Monday, which rhymes with fun day because all Mondays are awesome. I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’m still looking. You guys for the most part all feel similar. It feels one sided, we talk for a couple of weeks, the qualities listed below never show up, which is crazy because those are important things.
Anywho, I’m not saying anything about me. Im just gonna say im on the east coast. Be near there!
I say this in the list, but BE YOURSELF. Be silly and goofy. (I like silly and goofy)
Qualities you would have (and our relationship would have)
1: Respect: you know that we would both treat each other with maturity. We can be goofballs, and I beg you to be goofy but respect is a good thing
2: to feel seen and heard: this is something I always run into. I don’t feel this at all whenever I talk to people. It feels like I’m putting effort in when they aren’t even trying. If you KNOW that you want to put effort in, I welcome you sincerely!
3: Communication: this word is overused when talking about important things in a relationship. I’m gonna be straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell me your feelings. If you’re able to be direct with me, that is a breath of fresh air. I don’t think in all my time on Reddit I’ve ever had someone be straight up with me without my prompting them.
4: authenticity and vulnerability: be. Your. Self. I struggle with this but I know in my heart of hearts I try to be myself. That’s why it hurts when people don’t try at all! If I can sense you’re being yourself, without feeling any shame, that is a wonderful thing.
5: emotional availability: this goes back to what I said about feeling heard and seen. I will be available emotionally for you when you need it, but, as with respect, of course I need it as well.
If you are the one person reading this, tell me your favorite state. No one ever does this lol but we will see. Have a wonderful week!
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2023.03.27 14:17 themiamian 22 [M4F] [Relationship] USA - Let’s have a good week (preferably longer than that) together!

What a way to start the week off! It’s Monday, which rhymes with fun day because all Mondays are awesome. I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’m still looking. You guys for the most part all feel similar. It feels one sided, we talk for a couple of weeks, the qualities listed below never show up, which is crazy because those are important things.
Anywho, I’m not saying anything about me. Im just gonna say im on the east coast. Be near there!
I say this in the list, but BE YOURSELF. Be silly and goofy. (I like silly and goofy)
Qualities you would have (and our relationship would have)
1: Respect: you know that we would both treat each other with maturity. We can be goofballs, and I beg you to be goofy but respect is a good thing
2: to feel seen and heard: this is something I always run into. I don’t feel this at all whenever I talk to people. It feels like I’m putting effort in when they aren’t even trying. If you KNOW that you want to put effort in, I welcome you sincerely!
3: Communication: this word is overused when talking about important things in a relationship. I’m gonna be straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell me your feelings. If you’re able to be direct with me, that is a breath of fresh air. I don’t think in all my time on Reddit I’ve ever had someone be straight up with me without my prompting them.
4: authenticity and vulnerability: be. Your. Self. I struggle with this but I know in my heart of hearts I try to be myself. That’s why it hurts when people don’t try at all! If I can sense you’re being yourself, without feeling any shame, that is a wonderful thing.
5: emotional availability: this goes back to what I said about feeling heard and seen. I will be available emotionally for you when you need it, but, as with respect, of course I need it as well.
If you are the one person reading this, tell me your favorite state. No one ever does this lol but we will see. Have a wonderful week!
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2023.03.27 14:16 themiamian 22 [M4F] [Relationship] USA - Let’s have a good week (preferably longer than that) together!

What a way to start the week off! It’s Monday, which rhymes with fun day because all Mondays are awesome. I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’m still looking. You guys for the most part all feel similar. It feels one sided, we talk for a couple of weeks, the qualities listed below never show up, which is crazy because those are important things.
Anywho, I’m not saying anything about me. Im just gonna say im on the east coast. Be near there!
I say this in the list, but BE YOURSELF. Be silly and goofy. (I like silly and goofy)
Qualities you would have (and our relationship would have)
1: Respect: you know that we would both treat each other with maturity. We can be goofballs, and I beg you to be goofy but respect is a good thing
2: to feel seen and heard: this is something I always run into. I don’t feel this at all whenever I talk to people. It feels like I’m putting effort in when they aren’t even trying. If you KNOW that you want to put effort in, I welcome you sincerely!
3: Communication: this word is overused when talking about important things in a relationship. I’m gonna be straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell me your feelings. If you’re able to be direct with me, that is a breath of fresh air. I don’t think in all my time on Reddit I’ve ever had someone be straight up with me without my prompting them.
4: authenticity and vulnerability: be. Your. Self. I struggle with this but I know in my heart of hearts I try to be myself. That’s why it hurts when people don’t try at all! If I can sense you’re being yourself, without feeling any shame, that is a wonderful thing.
5: emotional availability: this goes back to what I said about feeling heard and seen. I will be available emotionally for you when you need it, but, as with respect, of course I need it as well.
If you are the one person reading this, tell me your favorite state. No one ever does this lol but we will see. Have a wonderful week!
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2023.03.27 14:09 PageTurner_Official Macbeth (Act 1)

William Shakespeare; originally written as a tribute to King James I in 1606. Legend says a coven of witches cursed the play because they objected to Shakespeare’s use of real incantations. The first performance was supposedly riddled with disaster.
Translated into modern English, otherwise left exactly the same.
ACT 1, SCENE 1: A desert
[thunder booms & lightning flashes; three WITCHES enter]
When will the three of us meet again? In a thunderstorm, in a lightning storm, or when it rains?
When the chaos is over; when one side loses the battle, and the other has won.
It will happen before the sun sets.
Where’s the place?
It’s in the field.
We will meet Macbeth there.
[calling to her familiar] I’m coming, Graymalkin!
Paddock is calling me.
[calling to her familiar] I’ll be there soon.
Fair is foul, and foul is fair; hover through the fog and filthy air.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 2: A camp near Forres
[trumpets blare; a battle rages offstage; DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, & LENNOX enter with numerous attendants to meet a wounded SERGEANT*]*
Who is that bloody man? By the looks of him, he should have news of the rebellion.
This is the Sergeant; he’s a strong, courageous soldier that saved me from capture.
[to SERGEANT] Greetings, brave friend! Tell the king what was happening when you left the battle.
The outcome was uncertain. The armies were like two tired swimmers dragging each other down. Macdonwald is a villainous man— a natural rebel; his merciless armies were reinforced by foot-soldiers and warriors with Irish axes. Luck smiled on his damned rebellion like it was his whore… But that wasn’t enough. The brave Macbeth defied the odds with his sword as it carved a bloody path through Macdonwald’s army— straight to the man himself. Not stopping to shake hands or say goodbye, Macbeth cut Macdonwald from belly to jaw and placed his head on our castle walls!
Oh, heroic cousin! You are a worthy gentleman!
Just as the sun rose, a dreadful storm began and thunder boomed overhead. It seemed like the battle was won, but we soon faced new troubles. Listen, King of Scotland; please, listen! The moment we defeated the Irish soldiers, the Norwegian king took advantage of us and began a new assault with fresh soldiers and new weapons.
Didn’t this distress our captains, Macbeth and Banquo?
Yes… As much as a sparrow bothers an eagle or a hare worries a lion. Truly, they were like cannons loaded with double the powder charges; they fought with twice their earlier ferocity. Maybe they wanted to bathe in their enemy’s blood or make the battlefield as infamous as Golgotha… I can’t tell, but I feel faint; my wounds are begging for a doctor.
Your words— as well as your wounds— speak to your honor. Take him to a doctor.
[attendants help the SERGEANT exit]
[ROSS enters]
Who’s just arrived?
That’s the worthy Thane of Ross.
He has a wild look in his eyes! He seems like he has an incredible story to tell.
God save the king!
Where have you come from, worthy Thane?
Great king, I've come from Fife, where the Norwegians are in power; they mocks our land and terrify our people. The king of Norway started a battle with his huge army, and the traitorous Thane of Cawdor’s support. It looked as if we would lose until Macbeth entered the fight wearing armor that made him look like a god of war. He defeated Cawdor in a sword fight, and victory was ours.
That’s great news!
Now Sweno - Norways' king - is begging for a peace treaty, and we are refusing to let him bury his dead until he retreats to Saint Colme’s Inch and pays us $10,000
The Thane of Cawdor will never fool me again. Go announce his execution, and tell Macbeth that he will receive the man’s title.
I'll see to it.
Noble Macbeth has won what the Thane of Cawdor has lost.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 3: A heath near Forres
[thunder booms; the three WITCHES enter]
Where have you been, sister?
Killing pigs.
Sister, where were you?
A sailor's wife had chestnuts in her lap, and she was munching, munching, muching. I said, “give me one,” and the fat-assed, scabby woman cried, “get out of here, witch!” Her husband is the captain of a ship called The Tiger, and he has gone to Aleppo; I’m going to sail there in a strainer, and— like a tailess rat— I’ll do this to him, and this, and that.
I'll conjure some wind so you can sail there.
You are very kind.
And I’ll conjure some more wind.
I already control the other winds— where they begin and which way they blow. I’ll drain that captain as dry as hay, and he will not be allowed to sleep during the night or day. He will live a cursed life. For 81 weary weeks, he will grow continuously sicker and waste away from grief. I may not be able to destroy his ship, but I can still hit it with storms; look what I have.
Show me, show me!
I have the thumb of a captain who was shipwrecked on his way home.
[a drum is heard offstage]
A drum! A drum! Macbeth is coming.
[dancing together in a circle] Hand-in-hand— dancing round and round— the weird sisters swiftly travel over the sea and land. Go your way three times, then go mine three times— and going three more times, adds up to nine… Quiet! The spell is ready!
I have never experienced such terrible weather on such a wonderful day.
How far is it to King Duncan’s palace in Forres? [sees the WITCHES] What are these creatures? They’re so withered and their clothes are wild. They don’t look like they’re from this planet, yet here they are.
[to the WITCHES] Are you alive? Are you capable of answering questions? You seem to understand me since each of you has placed a gnarled finger to your thin lips. You look like women, but your beards make me think otherwise.
Speak, if you’re able. What are you?
All hail, Macbeth! Hail to you, Thane of Glamis!
All hail, Macbeth! Hail to you, Thane of Cawdor!
All hail, Macbeth! The future king!
[to MACBETH] Good sir, why do you flinch and seem afraid of such fortunate predictions?
[to the WITCHES] Be honest. Are you an illusion? Or are you genuinely what you appear to be? You greeted my noble friend with his current title, and then you predicted additional titles— including a kingship; these things have left Macbeth in shock… Yet you haven’t said anything to me… If you can look into the future, tell me which endeavors will pay off and which will fail. I do not beg for— nor fear— your favors or your hate.
You are lesser than Macbeth, but you are also greater.
You are not as happy as Macbeth, yet you are also much happier.
Though you’ll never be a king, your descendants will— so all hail Macbeth and Banquo!
Banquo and Macbeth, all hail!
Wait! You haven’t told me everything; tell me more. I know that I inherited the Thane of Glamis title when my father— Sinel— died, but how can I be the Thane of Cawdor? The Thane of Cawdor is alive and well— and I find it even more difficult to believe that I might become the king. Where did you get this strange information, and why did you deliver it here, on this deserted field? I command you to tell me!
[the WITCHES vanish]
The earth is bubbling like water. These creatures must come from such a bubble. Where did they go?
Into the air; they appeared to be solid, but then they vanished like breath on the wind. I wish they would have stayed!
Were those creatures even really here? Or have we eaten something foul that’s caused us to hallucinate?
Your children will be kings.
You will be king.
And the Thane of Cawdor too… Isn’t that what they said?
Yes; those were their exact words… Who’s here?
[ROSS & ANGUS enter]
Macbeth, the king was happy to hear of your success. When he read of your personal heroism against the rebels, he couldn’t decide whether to praise you or remain silently amazed. He was speechless upon learning that you fought Norway’s army on the same day— and that you showed no fear as you killed those around you. A stream of messengers brought this news to the king, and they praised your defense of his country.
We have been sent to relay the king’s thanks and to escort you to him, though we do not have your reward…
But— to give you a hint of the honor to come— he said to call you the Thane of Cawdor. Hail, most worthy Thane, for that title is now yours.
What? Can the devil tell the truth?
The Thane of Cawdor is still alive; how can you call me by his title?
The former Thane is still alive, but he has been sentenced to death— and rightly so. I don’t know whether he fought with the Norwegians, secretly helped the rebels, or conspired to destroy our country with both— but he confessed to capital treason, so he lost his title.
[to himself] Glamis and Cawdor! With the greatest part of the prophecy still to come...
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Thanks for your efforts in delivering this news.
[whispers to BANQUO] Are you beginning to believe your children might be kings now that I’ll be made Thane of Cawdor as promised?
By trusting them you might also eventually become the king, but all of this is strange. The agents of darkness will often tell us a bit of truth in order to lead us to harm. They win us over by being honest about trivial things, but then they betray us when it comes to the most important things.
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Cousins, come speak with me for a moment, please.
[ROSS, ANGUS, & BANQUO step off to the side]
[to himself] Two of the prophecies have already come true… It makes it seem possible that I might really end up on the throne...
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Thank you, gentlemen.
[to himself] This supernatural temptation cannot be a bad thing, but it cannot be a good thing, either. If it is a bad thing, then why did it promise a truthful success? I am the Thane of Cawdor… But if it is a good thing, then why am I thinking about something so horrible that it makes my hair stand on end and causes my heart to pound. The things I should actually fear are less frightening than the horrible things in my imagination. My thoughts of murder are only a fantasy, but they shake me to my core. My racing thoughts prevent me from taking action, and all I can think of are things that don’t exist.
Look, our friend is lost in thought.
[to himself] If it is my fate to be king, perhaps fate will give me the crown without my having to do anything at all.
Like new clothes, Macbeth’s new titles won’t seem to fit right until he’s worn them for a while.
[to himself] No matter what happens, time will continue moving forward— even through the roughest day.
Noble Macbeth, we’ll leave whenever you’re ready.
Excuse me, my mind was preoccupied with forgotten thoughts. Kind gentlemen, I will always remember your efforts here today; let’s go see the king.
[whispers to BANQUO] Think about what’s happened here, and we’ll discuss it amongst ourselves once we’ve had time to consider exactly what it all means.
Until then, we’ll keep this to ourselves.
[to ROSS & ANGUS] Let’s go, friends.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 4: Forres, the palace
[trumpets play; DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, LENNOX, & attendants enter]
Has the Thane of Cawdor been executed yet? Have the executioners returned?
My lord, they have not returned yet, but I spoke to someone who witnessed the execution; the Thane of Cawdor confessed to treason, begged for forgiveness, and expressed deep remorse. Dying was the noblest act of his life— he died like someone prepared to throw away their most valuable possession like a worthless trinket.
It’s impossible to know what a man is thinking by the look on his face. Cawdor was a gentleman, and I trusted him completely.
[to MACBETH] My noble cousin! I feel guilty for not showing you enough gratitude. You accomplish so much that— no matter how fast I reward you— it’s never enough. If you deserved less, maybe I’d come out ahead for once! I owe you more than I can repay.
The loyalty I feel toward you and the chance to serve you is a reward unto itself. It’s your duty to accept our loyalty and service, while our duty to you and the country is like what a child owes their father— or a what a servant owes their master. We’re only doing our jobs by keeping you safe.
Be welcome here! Your rewards are like newly planted seeds, and now, I will endeavor to help you grow them into a great future.
[to BANQUO] Noble Banquo, you are as worthy as Macbeth; that’s something everyone should know. Let me embrace you and hold you close to my heart.
Then, if I grow to greatness, it will benefit you as well.
I’m so full of joy that it brings tears to my eyes. Sons, relatives, and friends— I hereby proclaim that my oldest son, Malcolm, is my heir; he is now the Prince of Cumberland, and he isn’t alone in gaining a new title. Noble titles will shine on all who deserve them.
[to MACBETH] Let’s go to Inverness; your hospitality will indebt me even further to you.
Efforts in your service never feel like work. Now, I’ll humbly take my leave so that I may be the messenger who delights my wife with the news.
My noble Cawdor!
[to himself] Malcolm is the Prince of Cumberland; Since he’s standing between myself and the throne, I must either move above him or give up any hope of the crown… Stars, hide your light so that my dark desires are hidden. Blind my eyes be to my hand’s actions! Though— if I perform this deed— I’ll still be forced to see it once it’s done.
[MACBETH exits]
It’s true; Macbeth is incredibly heroic, and I also benefit by rewarding him. Now that he’s gone ahead to make preparations, let’s follow him; no man is his equal.
[trumpets play; they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 5: Inverness; Macbeth's castle
[LADY MACBETH enters, reading a letter]
[reading] “I met the witches on the day of my big victory, and I’m certain they possess supernatural knowledge. I was desperate to question them further, but they vanished into thin air. While I stood stunned by this, the king’s messengers arrived and greeted me as the Thane of Cawdor— that’s what the weird sisters called me before referring to me as the future king. My dearest partner, I wanted to deliver this news so you could also celebrate the good fortune we’ve been promised. Keep this close to your heart; goodbye.”
[puts the letter down] You are the Thane of Glamis and Cawdor, and you will be the king— just as you were promised… Yet I fear your nature; you’re far too kind to take trecherous shortcuts along the way. You wish to be powerful, and you have ambition, but you lack the nastiness needed to go with it. You’re hoping to gain honor with virtuous acts— you don’t want to lie or cheat. You want to win, yet you’re too afraid to do it... Come home, so I can whisper in your ear and scold you. Then you will no longer be affected by the things preventing you from taking the crown— the crown that both fate and magic want you to have.
[a MESSENGER enters]
What’s your news?
The king is coming here tonight.
That’s a crazy thing to say. Isn’t Macbeth with the king? If your message were true, he would have sent word sooner so I could prepare.
I beg your pardon, but it is true; our lord is coming. Another servant raced ahead of him, and he was so out of breath that he was barely able to deliver the message.
Take care of the messenger; he brings great news.
[the MESSENGER exits]
The messenger croaks his announcement of Duncan’s fatal visit to my castle like a raven would croak out a warning. Come on, spirits who encourage murderous thoughts; strip away my womanhood, and fill me with cruelty from head to toe! Thicken my blood, and block my veins from feeling regret so that no guilt can sway me from fulfilling my dark desires. Demons of murder, come to me from wherever you hide; help to inspire me with evil feelings, and turn my mother’s milk to acid. Come, thick night, wrap me in the darkest smoke of hell so that my knife cannot see the wound it makes, and heaven cannot cry out to stop me.
[MACBETH enters]
Great Thane of Glamis, noble Thane of Cawdor… You’ll be greater than both of those when you’re the king. Your letter has made me think of the future as if it were already here; it has taken me beyond the worry of not knowing what will happen between now and then.
My dearest love… Duncan will be here tonight.
And when will he leave?
He plans to leave tomorrow.
He will never see tomorrow’s sunrise! My lord, your face betrays your troubled mind and allows other men to read it like a book. To deceive the others, you must look like the others. When you greet the king, welcome him with your whole being— with your eyes and hands as well as your words. You need to look like an innocent flower while being the snake that hides beneath it. The king must be provided for… Let me handle everything tonight; what we do tonight will bring us sole power and mastery of all our days and nights to come.
We will speak more about this later.
Just keep your head up and stay calm; if your expression changes, it’ll arouse suspicions. Leave the rest to me.
[they exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 6: Outside Macbeth's castle
[torches light the stage; oboes playing; DUNCAN, MALCOLM, DONALBAIN, BANQUO, LENNOX, MACDUFF, ROSS, ANGUS, & attendants enter]
This castle is in a pleasant location. The fresh, sweet air is pleasing to the senses.
The martin is a summer bird that builds its nest in church steeples; the fact they build their homes here is proof of how sweet the breeze is. They prefer to live where the air is finest, and there are nests on every overhang, carving, and corner of the castle.
Look! It’s our honored hostess! Sometimes, it troubles me how far my subjects will go to please me, but I’m still thankful… In saying that, I’m suggesting you should thank me for the trouble my presence is causing— since my presence is proof of my love for you.
Even if our efforts were doubled twice, they would be poor and small compared to the profound honor you’ve brought to our home. For all of the honors you’ve given us before— and for all that you’ve added now— we will always support you.
Where's Macbeth? We were on his heels and hoping to catch up with him, but he’s such a skilled rider. Plus, his great love for you is as sharp as his spur, and it motivated him to get home even faster. Beautiful, noble hostess, we are your guests tonight.
We - along with our servants - will always serve you, and everything we own belongs to you. It’s all for you to use at your leisure; we’re only returning what is already yours.
Give me your hand and lead me to Macbeth. I love him dearly, and I will continue to show him my favor. We may go when you’re ready.
[they all exit]


ACT 1, SCENE 7: Macbeth's castle
[oboes play; torches light the stage; a butler & many servants enter with dishes & utensils, & MACBETH enters after]
If this will all end once the deed is done, then it’s best to do it quickly. If the king’s assassination could nullify the consequences of committing murder, then the act itself would be the end of the whole affair. At this point, I’m willing to risk my place in heaven, but such crimes also carry consequences in our world. Violent acts only teach others to commit violence, and the violence done by our students will always return to haunt us. Justice is even-handed; it takes the cups we poison and returns them to our own lips. The king trusts me completely; I’m his cousin, his subject, and his host. I should be protecting him from murderers— not trying to kill him; Duncan has been a good leader— honest, humble, and free of corruption. The angels will cry out against his murder; sadness will ride the winds over the land as the tragic news of his death spreads, and a flood of tears will rain down. Ambition is the only reason to act, and ambition rushes people into action— and therefore, tragedy.
What news is there?
He has almost finished eating; why did you leave the dining-room?
Did he ask for me?
Of course he has; didn’t you know that he would?
We’ll go no further with this plan; he recently honored me, and many people have formed good opinions of me. I should be enjoying my new position— not discarding it.
Were you drunk when you were so hopeful earlier? Have you slept since then? Did you wake up pale and feeling sick about what we freely planned? From this point forward, I will see your love in a different way. Are you afraid to act on your desires? Would you rather take what you want most? Or live like a coward— always saying, “I can’t” after, “I want to”? You’re like the cat who wanted a fish but refused to get his feet wet.
Stop, I’m begging you; I will only do what is appropriate for a man to do. He who dares to do more is no real man at all.
Then what beast was it that first told me about all of this? When you dared to do it, that’s when you were a man, and— if you actually do it— you will be even more of one. The time and place weren’t right before, yet you would’ve done it anyway… But now, the time and place are perfect, and it’s turning you into a coward. I know the feeling of a mother’s tender love for her nursing babe, yet I would have plucked my nipple from its smiling, toothless gums and bashed its brains in if I had sworn to you that I would.
But what if we fail?
What do you mean, fail? If your courage doesn’t falter, we won’t fail. When Duncan is asleep— which will be soon after today’s hard journey— I’ll give his two serving-men so much alcohol that their memories will disappear in its fumes. They’ll sleep like the dead, and there will be no one to stop us from doing whatever we want to the unguarded Duncan… Or from blaming his murder on the drunken servants.
May you only give birth to boys, for your fearless spirit could create nothing else. Are you sure people believe the servants murdered the king if we mark them with blood and use their daggers to do the deed?
Who would possibly think otherwise? We’ll wail with grief at the news of his death.
I’m convinced; I’ll rely on all of my strength to accomplish this terrible act. Go now, and pretend to be extremely friendly with everyone; you must conceal your false heart behind a false face.
[they both exit]


Act 2
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2023.03.27 14:08 FocusRemote2967 Vanishing Valentine

Ever since I moved here, I’ve watched the world through my window. It’s my little rectangle of theatre that doesn’t need an orchestra’s accompaniment or a well-versed script to recite. All it requires is an observant onlooker. After a week or two, you notice the regulars. Those people who are ritualistic in their routine, who never divert their plans. Two elderly women strolling past around eight-thirty in the morning, noisy shopping trolleys following their shadows. A small group of middle-aged men. Arriving a minute later, dedicated patrons of the café opposite. They’ll emerge again in an hour, and when it’s warm enough, they’ll stop in the fresh air, sipping and chatting on the stools out front. Around nine, another group wanders down the street. The mummies with kids kicking for freedom from the seat of their prams. Those trusted to walk but stumble, reaching for the hands swinging at eye level. After they’ve vanished, the street goes quiet, and there’s a lull sprinkled lightly with a few peddling bikes.
In the afternoon, the next wave swells into life. First, a few students from the school down the street. Sometimes it’s a couple escaping the peeping peers for a moment of serenity. Other times a whole study group turns up, ready to roleplay adult life for an hour or two. I suppose the students have lunch a fraction earlier than the rest of us; they’re always the first to pass by in the middle of the day. After them, it’s the office workers, their building passes swinging from their necks. They, too, are after some caffeinating and prefer nothing more than an accompaniment of smoke. The last few regulars in the afternoon are those I call the outliers. They’re the ones I’m not sure where they’ve come from, where they’re going or why they’re walking past my little glass rectangle.
Usually, the outliers are the least interesting. They’re a mismatch of backpacks, messy hair, and tired eyes. Some of them are more put together than others and choose clothes that complement each other. Others pay little attention to what they wear. Most of them, if not all, are men. But there’s one woman among them. A woman who, like the rest of the people recorded during my time at the window, is consistent with her routine. Perhaps she’s the most regimented out of the lot, but one thing’s for certain; she’s definitely the most fascinating. There’s a uniformity to her steps, each one falling exactly the right distance from the last. This afternoon she’s wrapped up in her biggest coat, one that descends all the way to her ankles. I’m not sure it’s cold enough for it. I’ve never seen her hands, and today’s no different. They’re nestled comfortably in her pockets. Thinking about what’s inside rolling between her fingers loosens my concentration, and she steps beyond my frame and out of sight. For a few seconds, I try to remember her details; the pinned chocolate hair and pearl white shoes poking out from under her coat. Did she have a backpack, or did I imagine it? Were there headphones in her ears, or was she listening to the city go about its day?
The next day I took my seat again, but I was a little later and I heard the old ladies walk past without seeing them. They’d never been late in their lives. I watched as the middle-aged men came, as usual, laughing about something hilarious as people do when they have little work to do. The kids arrived before the mummies, but only a fraction earlier. Their mothers’ voices chased after them. “Come back! Stop!” I watch on as each runaway has their laughter turned to tears.
Once the afternoon comes along, I’ve already spent an hour wondering when the woman will arrive. I wonder if my observations are correct. I wonder if she is actually the most regimented or if I’ve just awarded her that title through some kind of distant affinity. First to arrive into view is a pair of outliers. They aren’t walking together, instead one hangs a few metres behind the other. One after the other, they take a right and open the door to the café. Neither has tried with their appearance. Right on time, she’s here. Both hands, tucked deep in the pockets of her long coat, and white shoes flash beneath it with each measured step. She’s pulled her hair back tight as usual, but today it falls down her back in a ponytail. Again, my mind is wandering. Today it falls on her fragrance. There’s so much I can tell from behind my little rectangle, but her perfume isn’t among them. Roses and something citrusy, I tell myself, and then she’s gone again.
A couple of days pass the same way, and each time she walks past from one side of my frame to the other, my picture becomes a little clearer. She’s reluctant to wear makeup; only once were her lips painted a subtle red, and her eyebrows shaded a tone darker. It was a day when she adopted black leather shoes over her pearl white trainers. And she had a backpack, a small black one, which struggled to stand out from her long coat and chocolate hair. There’s also something else, a reckless idea with no outline or colour. It’s more of a feeling, one that whispers in my ears every time she walks by. She knows I’m watching on from my little rectangle.
Now, I’m hoping for a sight of her; the afternoons drag their heels in the mid-morning sun. I wonder if she could have been anyone. Was she just the one who grabbed my attention at the right time, an infection of infatuation burying itself in my soul through chance? Or was it something unobservable? Was I drawn to her because she was who she was? I was supposed to see her, to notice how she walks, what time she arrives, then leaves, how her hair is pinned or the shoes she likes to wear. The afternoon crowd arrives in their usual sequence. There are more office workers today, folders held tightly under their arms and laptop bags resting on their shoulders. A school couple walks into view and then runs out of it, screaming. Their peeping peers have spotted them in their serenity. Soon enough, she arrives. Today she’s back in the pearl trainers, and they seem even whiter than usual. Her hair’s pinned in a bun, loose strands flapping clumsily in the breeze. Without a thought, I tapped on the window. She looks up, missing my little rectangle. Then we find each other, and she smiles. Her eyes are blue and swarmed with life, like looking into a coral-filled reef. Hi, I mouth, she does the same, then as she always does, she vanishes.
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2023.03.27 14:00 Rokkarokka Finally figured out my DA

Thanks to people here recommending Avoidant, I Have clarity about the anxiety and sad end to my last “relationship”. What do you all think? She was sweet, fun, beautiful, but way younger than me, and we work together. We had a lot of fun initially, and it seemed to be moving towards a cool relationship. We pretty quickly talked about being in a committed relationship, but she would only admit it sometimes. The next few months have been so inconsistent and back and forth dependent on the day. We took a trip out of town, and had a great time until she dropped that she wanted to meet up with her ex boyfriend that lived there that night bc it was hood birthday. Red flag. I was frustrated as he was the last person she slept with before me. She didn’t understand and was cruel. I finally agreed to go, and she abandoned me at the bar when he arrived. Apparently, he ignored her and she returned to me and we went back to the hotel. That was surprising and disappointing, but I thought maybe it was a fluke. We spent a lot time together when we could. I paid for pretty much everything, although we make the same money. We made plans to meet in a foreign city that I previously had plans to visit. She met me there as she was already in the country. It was Valentine’s Day, so I got her some gifts from consulting with her best friend as to her taste and her favorite food, and decorated our little air bnb with flowers. I expected a small token at least, nothing. It brought my anxiety to the forefront so I got drunk and told her bff how disappointed I was. She was so angry when she arrived that I’d sent her bff a text apt how I was disappointed. Through a week abroad we barely had sex, she was cold, slept with her back to me and extremely late every day, slapped my hand away when she was being verbally cruel and I reached out to touch her. On the way home, she was critical, angry, and just making up things to criticize me for. We barely hung out over the next few weeks, she was always out partying, like 6 nights in a row until 5 or 6 am I was pretty calm about it. She’s younger, it seemed excessive to me. I found out one of my old friends died on a day we were supposed to have a date, I requested we just get takeout and hang out at my place bc I was feeling sad. She said she was feeling sick (she was sick the week before too!) She canceled the plans and we rescheduled for the next day. She said “she didn’t feel so hot.” Same the next day. We kept messaging often about how much she missed me, but I only saw her in passing over the next few days. We had a little time in between our shifts so I asked what she was doing. She said she was up until 7 am with some of our coworkers and really hungover. I grabbed some fresh oj, and other treats, and headed over. She was giggly when I arrived and still seemed drunk at 3pm. I noticed she had a big hickey (I know! Yuck). When I called her on it, she tried to be cute. I explained how that was hurtful and embarrassing. She’d brought our coworker home, but claimed he didn’t spend the night. A lot of her story didn’t make sense. She said she wasn’t interested in anyone else, but we should see other people if we want. I left after we talked and held each other and kissed a little. I still liked her. I asked her to make plans to talk because I was feeling really devalued. She pretty much shut me down, called me delusional, told me to grow up and other names which frustrated me because I’d been careful to not call her names. I spent the last couple weeks really depressed. We had to work together so I brought her clothes and things back from my place. Her tone had become mocking instead of the sweet woman (mostly) I’d spent time with. I haven’t heard from her bc she was out of town again. I started reading Avoidant last night, and she is so classic DA. It made me feel better because I was missing her. Through therapy, I’ve been able to minimize my anxious tendencies, but I didn’t think anything about the person I was dating prompting the anxious side out! I thought I just fucked up and didn’t follow my therapy recommendations 😂 Does it sound right to others?
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2023.03.27 13:30 wilmwrjhti 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦




From what I last remembered he was a scrawny 4'9 little boy but he grew up. He had dirty blonde hair, not too defined but a noticeable six pack starting, brown eyes, big hands (lol I have a thing for hands), and he was now about 6'3. He got hot. I couldn’t believe I was looking at the same person!
“Here?” I asked, “In the shop, in front of the glass door and window?”
I’ve got a girl in Tallahass, she’s got dimples on her ass
"Isn't her husband a policeman?"
"Janey Pritchard?" she asked, naming the most
Three and a half months into her night shift routine and Dr. Cadbury is starting to wear down her resolve. She is so horny It’s becoming unbearable. The dildo is helping, but she needs the real thing in her pussy. She pulls her chestnut brown hair back and ties it in a tight ponytail. She applies a sparse amount of ruby red lipstick and then inspects her appearance in the full-length mirror. The lipstick and the way her light blues scrubs hug her slender body gives her the young professional look she wishes to project. She is pleased with her appearance. She kisses the children good night and leaves for work.
as he dismissed everyone. Dante cursed heavily under his breath as he began his punishment.
He ducks to lick a nipple and whispers, "You are very observant. I like you."
“It’s fucking wonderful,” I croaked out. She laughed a little and went back to sucking my cock. I got a little braver and put my hand on her head and started to thrust up to meet her mouth as it came down. She would suck it a little while before pulling it out and giving it a good beating while she looked up at me and smiled. She would suck on my nipple as she jacked my cock and then just dive back down and start sucking again. My hand eventually found it’s way to her tits. I took one of her erect nipples between my fingers and gave it a gentle tug. I rubbed my finger lightly on the tip of her nipple. This made her moan around my cock so I kept it up.
"And you think Adam will be willing to have sex with his cousin with both his aunt and his mom present?" she asked her sister.
Naruto bit down hard on her extremely swollen clit. Sakura felt pain redefined as his bite sent waves of agony through her. Agony which she welcomed with open arms.
She hung her head and felt her face go red, “No, we just do it until he shoots off then we are done.” She looked up and tried to validate him, “but we make out and feel each other up a lot.”
The affair lasted for a month before he was spotted with a short-skirted girl, coming out of a pub and jumping into a taxi. He was supposed to have been taking Sonia out for a meal that night, but didn’t call. Sonia found out about his alternative plans when Tracy, one of their few friends, gleefully told her what she had seen. Sonia was mortified and, inconsolably threw herself on the bed, promising to let her life’s blood. Michelle thought it a bit over dramatic, but made the right clucking noises to her flatmate until she calmed down.
“No!” she yelled, just to spite Draco. “Fuck me, Malfoy. That's it, you nasty man!” Draco put a hand over her mouth to subside the screams. The pair continued to fuck like rabbits until they climaxed together. “Mr. Malfoy, that was great. Thank you,” she said, resting her head on his pale chest. “I really needed that.”
"Well I like this girl Allison, but she's just a friend."
The shockwaves of her orgasm hadn’t quite settled, actually were still really strong, when his seed-shooting brings her to yet another soul-shattering orgasm, this one more powerful than anything she could have accomplished on her own. Carissa didn’t realize that she needed to pee any, but when her second orgasm was winding down, her bladder started to leak out her golden nectar, her piss trickling into the arm of the sofa she was leaning over. Since Jake still had his hand in her crotch, he felt her wee leaking out onto his fingers, and marveled at how warm and good it felt, thinking that he could ask Carissa, later of course, for her to pee on him, especially on his cock and balls; maybe to wash her juices off him? Not that he minded it, as he kissed her neck and shoulders some more. Later, though. Right now, they both needed to catch their breathes. Neither one, however, had any inclination to pull away from each other yet, the after-sex bliss the sweetest thing that either one had ever felt, wanting to prolong the joy as much as possible before they showered, and enjoyed each other as many more times as possible.
“So, the way I see it,” I say once I've finished, “we have two options; either we stay in here until we dry off completely, or… we take off the rest of our clothes and dry ourselves properly.” She looks at me nervously. Nevermind the third option, her going into her room to change and me doing it in here, I've already manipulated my way into her house and her into skintight clothes. Might as well get her out of them too.
“Me neither, Alex. Me neither.”
“Ok Miss bossy britches.” I said grinning, even though she wasn’t paying me any attention anymore. I sighed as I pulled off my clothes, releasing my cock from its constricting enclosure. Eve couldn’t speak, but her eye followed me as I crawled behind her.
"Thank you." I said.
Mom said, “Don’t worry about it. We have the same effect on him.” A slight hesitation on her part and then she said, “I bet you will have the same effect on the other boys in your school too.”
her shirt. She felt horrible. She knew how hard her first hunt had been on her, even if it was 500 years ago,
Feeling a little more daring, I lifted my free hand and grabbed the base of his cock, pumping in time with mouth. He was more than a mouthful - and that was just the first few inches. But I wanted to try for more, and I gingerly pressed forward, taking him in until it almost hurt. I couldn’t fit all of him in my mouth, but my hand made up for the difference, and I sucked him fiercely until he was panting. On my head, his fingers grabbed my hair - more for balance, I guessed, since he hadn’t tried changing my pace.
With her mouth facing down like this maybe it would work. When I came I
For a least a few seconds her only protestation to this treatment was to squeal a bit and struggle to push me away. A some point, she apparently decided that the situation was serious and started to make more noise. I quickly clamped my hand across her mouth to stifle it and moved to the next part of the assault. With one hand across her mouth and the other holding one of her arms in a hammerlock, I shuffled her off a few dozen feet to a my chosen spot. Although it was not sound proof, it did block the view and I had scoped out the escape routes ahead of time.
“That came out before 2005 though, why didn’t you wear it before?” Rita asked.
(The Next Day its a Saturday)
Shefali explained, "now, I will apply a topical anesthetic to your scrotum to numb it, and make a small incision for the implant." She displayed the small black pellet, about the size of a multivitamin, still in its sterile container. "I will insert it and connect its leads to your testicular conduits, and then close you up. As the opening will not be large, I will use adhesive rather than stitches -- almost like super glue, you might say -- and a little topical gel to assist with the healing. You will be as good as new in no time! Just lie back and remain quiet, please."
“Where’s Cynthia’s boyfriend?” Taylor asked, and they all laughed. Eventually they would pick themselves off the floor. Taylor and Julie slept together, as they were dating, and Alex go the top bunk to herself. Of course none of them could think of anything other than the triangle that had given them all so much pleasure.
At around 5 I arrived at Alex's place, all ready to have some fun. Alex's parents were away on a business trip for the weekend so it was just us four attending.
“Oh god, yes! Oh, that feels so good!” she cried out, rubbing her sopping wet pussy as she came.
It pretty much goes like this. No alcohol while you are playing unless instructed. Couples tasks must be completed with members of the opposite gender. And finally, no backing out of a task.
Write another one please
Draco Malfoy was enjoying life; his latest revenge plot and money-making scheme had netted him a decent amount of gold in just a couple of weeks. It had taken him a week to perfect his revenge plot and the spells and enchantments which were needed, but after testing them out on his loyal slut Pansy Parkinson, he was very pleased with the results. Malfoy had used the ‘Imperio Prostitutus’ spell on a charmed coin and had branded her with it to control her actions. Malfoy used this power to turn her into a common prostitute, charging twenty Galleons to whoever wanted to fuck her. It had been a week since Malfoy had branded Pansy and turned her into his very first unknowing prostitute, and although he had been raking in good gold, he knew he could make more and further his plot for revenge against Hermione Granger if he expanded his business. He wasn’t quite ready to make Hermione a card-carrying member of his little prostitution ring, but he was ready to add a second piece of ass to his escort service.
Shortly after I moved to her tits and as soon as I touched them she started moaning and asked me to play with them. I started pinching her hard nipples and rubbed them and then I moved my head down to suck one into my mouth while I was playing with the other. Bailey kept moaning and said she wanted more so I laid her down in the tub and started rubbing her pussy with the soap. I threw the soap aside and started rubbing her pussy with my hand. She grabbed my hand and pulled it tighter to her pussy. I slipped one finger in at first and then started to put another one in when I surprised her. I removed my hand and lowered my mouth to where my fingers were 10 seconds ago. Bailey went crazy.
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My mom ran over and she too, to my disappointment,tackled me in a bear hug. "Oh sweetie, I'm so glad you're okay, I love you so much. Are you feeling better?"
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