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2023.06.10 18:44 yhpargotohpts Nation, I need your help

Straight to the point, my mom is battling cancer. To make matters worse, the VA isn't covering a bulk of the cost because VA disability care is only assigned at 100% in situations like this to veterans themselves. And yet, I wasn't allowed to use any of my own coverage to help...because obviously my mom is not a dependent. It's a God damn mess and we're about $5000 in the hole even with savings and pulling an early portion of my retirement.
To recoup some of the cost, I'm selling a couple of my Raiders items...the season ticket boxes from 2020 and 2021. I'm asking $400 for each of them. I would've asked for more with the 2020 box, but I don't have the tickets anymore and as such, I'll send five programs from 2020 (games vs Broncos, Chargers, Chiefs, Colts, and Dolphins) as a replacement. The 2021 box is completely intact. I'll pay for shipping and pretty much will get them sent out either the same day or the next day assuming it's a business day. Anyone interested, please email me at [email protected] can get details and everything sorted there.
In the event you'd like to donate, you can through Venmo at StudentsCallMeMrB or Zelle with that same email ([email protected]). If nothing else, pray for my family. Thank you all.
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2023.06.10 18:39 uhtw anon's brain fried by the board

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2023.06.10 18:30 smbrynien Complete List of Gluten Free Places to Eat in Philly

My partner has celiac and we have lived in Philly for a long time and eaten at many places in Philly and the surrounding suburbs, so I thought I would post my list of all the places she is able to eat at safely and that we like. Feel free to add any suggestions or places you have been to in order to help grow this list.
Obviously everyone has a different level of sensitivity to gluten, I cannot speak for cross-contamination at these places. If that is a concern to you, please call ahead to verify.
Restaurant Cuisine Location
Schmear It Bagels Center City/University City
Batter & Crumbs Bakery Passyunk
Flakely Bakery Manayunk
Happy Mixer Bakery Chalfont/Langhorne
High Fidelity Bakery South Philly
Taffets Bakery Italian Market
P.S. & Co. Bakery/Cafe Rittenhouse
Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse BBQ Northeast Philly
Winkel Brunch Washington Square West
P'unk Burger Burgers South Philly
Front Street Cafe Fishtown
Gilda Cafe Fishtown
EMei Chinese Chinatown
Unit Su Vege Chinese Vegetarian Fairmount
Fox & Son Fair Foods Corn Dogs/Funnel Cake/etc. Redding Terminal
T-Swirl Crepe Crepes Chinatown
Okie Dokie Donuts Donuts South Philly
Doro Bet Ethiopian University City
Lovebird Fried Chicken Sandwiches Various (suburbs)
El Merkury Guatemalan Rittenhouse
Real Food Eatery Health Food Rittenhouse
Veda Indian Rittenhouse
Cry Baby Pasta Italian Queen Village
Giorgio on Pine Italian Washington Square West
Panorama Italian Old City
Prunella Italian Center City
Double Knot Japanese Center City
Jomon Japanese BBQ Center City
Moonbowls Korean Bowls Girard
Bar Bombon Latin American Rittenhouse
Mission Taqueria Mexican Rittenhouse
&Pizza Pizza Rittenhouse/University City
Couch Tomato Pizza Manayunk
D'Oliva Pizza Northern Liberties
Emmy Squared Pizza Queen Village
Jules Thin Crust Pizza Various (suburbs)
Slice Pizza Italian Market
Prohibition Taproom Pub Poplar
SouthHouse Pub South Philly
Jay's Steak and Hoagie Joint Sandwiches Langhorne
Middle Child Sandwiches Washington Square West/Fishtown
High Street Sandwiches/Pastries Washington Square West
DanDan Sichuan/Taiwanese Rittenhouse
Kalaya Thai Fishtown
Primary Plant Based Vegan Fishtown
Puyero Venezuelan Queen Village
Some personal favorites of ours:
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2023.06.10 18:09 supersonicflyby [WTS] LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier (eCarrier)

All, selling a lightly used LMT FA enhanced carrier. About 1,400 rounds of use. Works great. Please post here, then DM me (NOT chat). Venmo/Zelle/Paypal FF preferred. Payment within 30 mins please.
Looking for $170 firm.
More pics: 1 2 3 4 5 6
Thanks boys and girls.
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2023.06.10 18:01 Gorio1961 Travel Pay filing extension expires today

The extension granted by Congress to allow for filing travel pay claims submitted more than 30 days after the appointment date expired yesterday, June 9, 2023.
Veterans are asked to please remember that proof of attendance is required for all community care claims and claims could be denied for lack of proof. This sometimes occurs when non-VA care providers do not return medical records in a timely fashion, so please ask the provider to do so without delay.
Thank you!
Reference: 42 USC 1320b5(g)(1) & 38 CFR Part 70, subpart A
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2023.06.10 17:52 misskristine94 The diary: my first 24 hours on Ozempic

So! It’s happened, my first 24 hours on Ozempic are officially over. Before I started, I went through every single similar post online just so I know what to expect, so I really hope it’ll help someone!
My stats:
Female 28yo Height: 5ft11 Weight: 165lbs BMI: 22.4
Now, please don’t judge me for my stats. I know my BMI is in the healthy range, but I don’t feel in the healthy range. I’ve always been around 20 and in the last 12 months I’ve had a lot going on and sadly returned to my binging habits from teen years. Why am I taking ozempic? Because I want to lose 2 stone, I simply don’t enjoy exercise, I have a busy job and I also create content in free time - and end up spending 12 hours a day in front of a screen. My problem isn’t just weight - it’s also overeating (therapy didn’t work, before you ask).
So, yesterday I gave myself my first injection, and here is a little diary:
2pm Ozempic arrived in the post. I cannot tell you how how excited but nervous I got. It gave me such an adrenaline boost.
4pm I finished work, and decided to do it. I watched a couple of tutorials. I hadn’t eaten for a couple of hours apart from a protein shake. I also took one tablet of Cetrizine (anti allergy tablet). In the past, this always helped me with nausea so I thought I’d counteract any potential nausea from Ozempic.
4.15 Shot done, it’s in my body. Wow, I’m so nervous. What if I get a heart attack? What if it’ll kill me? What if I’ll vomit like crazy? I had so many thoughts go through my mind, I couldn’t explain it.
5.15pm I’ve talked myself into having side effects. I was chilling on the sofa and kept telling myself I’m nauseous (I wasn’t) and the anxiety made me nauseous.
7.15pm nothing has changed. I have an ice cream.
9pm Still not much apart from little nausea which would probably be caused by not eating food (I was too scared I’d end up vomiting). I have a sweet chilli chicken ready meal.
11pm A little bit of nausea but quickly evaporates as soon as I have Diet Coke. I fall asleep as usual.
8am Wake up in the morning feeling fresh as a daisy. I slept all through the night. Nothing happened. Miracle!
10am I get some nausea. Again, it’s likely the lack of food this morning as I didn’t really feel hungry + low blood sugar. I have an ice cream and nausea goes away.
11am I don’t feel hungry. Normally by now I’d have had so much food at my desk.
1pm Some more nausea, a little bit more intense but nothing that would make me sick. I have a slice of cheese and Diet Coke and it goes away.
3pm I still feel full. I have a lollipop just to keep potential nausea away.
4pm I feel absolutely fine. Currently sat in the garden typing this and drinking Diet Coke. I’m working away on my ipad and I feel great. I still feel full, I don’t know if it’s ozempic kicking in, or if I’m just talking myself into not being hungry. Either way, I’m not craving anything. It’s only been 24 hours and I already don’t think about food. Having suffered from severe eating disorder in the past (anorexia + binge eating), this is probably the best thing that’s happened to me. I feel free. It’s only been 24 hours, I don’t think about food, I don’t think what to eat next, how many calories I’m going to eat, how many I’ve consumed, if I’m fat, if I’ve eaten too much. NOTHING. My brain is clear. I’m sitting here smiling like crazy, because something I’ve done since I was 14 is no longer there. No brain fog, no anxiety. Is this what normal people feel? Is it normal to not think about food constantly? Wow, it’s been life changing. Can I stay like this forever?
TL;DR 24 hours on Ozempic, no major side effects apart from a little nausea that was easily cured with a slice of cheese and Diet Coke. I no longer think about food constantly, and my brain is so clear.
Let me know if you’d like me to do a one week summary next Friday!
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2023.06.10 17:33 starstruck93 Questions concerning everything about a TT, mommy make over, financing, DC northern VA area possibly.

Hi, I had a 2nd baby late in life ( I was 47 in 2020 when he was born.) I opted for a c-section with this one because my first was a vaginal birth and it was an awful recovery. The c-section recovery was almost painless what I'm left with a flap/pooch over my incision line. Yes I'm still around 10lbs over what I weighed before I got pregnant but losing that isn't really going to improve the lower abdomen area. Not only do I have a fatty flap over the incision but I have alot of excess fat on the upper abdomen. My boobs are a bit saggier than before but not awful. Iv'e looked at a bazillion before and after pics and it seems as if some surgeons don't remove as much fat as others. I have a fear of paying this much and not being pleased with the results. Did did you discuss the expectations with your surgeon before surgery? What was your cost for a tummy tuck, upper abdominal lipo with breast lift and did you finance it? For anyone living in the DC, northern VA, Maryland area do you have recommendations? TIA!
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2023.06.10 17:29 partiallycolonized I have made some huge mistakes.

I am at my wit's end. I think I have messed up my baby. He is 22 months old now. He will be two in August. He is the pickiest eater. He just doesn't want to eat at all.
He started eating sand and paint a month ago, like crazy eating. He would chomp down the wall and legit chomp with bites on corners. I got worried and took him to a doctor. We got some blood tests done and it turns out he has a haemoglobin of 7.5 that is very low. He gave us some multivitamins and told me to drop milk.
He is just NOT leaving breastfeeding. We have a horrible sleep association, he can't sleep without milk. We have coslept always and he wakes so so many times in night to have milk. He can't nap in the afternoon without milk too. It's so difficult for me that I feel like crying and screaming. I can't even think of a single night since the past two years where I didn't have to get up at least three to four times.
He is not gaining weight. He is not eating well. I offer him eggs and everything. He just likes dry stuff. Like plain rice or plain bread. That's it. That's all he wants. I offer him nuggets or chicken or minced meat or eggs but he just doesn't eat. I am so worried, even now I am crying as I type that what mistakes have I made that he is has this relationship with food.
He is a healthy baby otherwise not autistic, extremely active but all everyone says is he has become so weak eventhough he has been the same weight since he was 11 months old.
I am having a big meltdown at the moment since I made him mac n cheese that he wouldn't touch, then I made him a potato quesadilla that is left untouch. Now I have no choice but to make him cerelac so that he has had something to eat.
Please help me moms and dads. I have no idea how to fix this..
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2023.06.10 17:14 CourtesanCeremony Can it ever be too hot for a steak pie?

Opinions please! As I left the house to go to the farm shop this morning, I asked my husband if there was anything he’d like me to pick up for dinner. He requested a steak pie
I vetoed this on the basis that the weather forecast is 24-30°c for the next week… surely this weather is too hot for a pie and gravy dinner.
Husband is disappointed, but in my mind, pie is a dinner for cooler weather. Am I wrong here or is he weird?!
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2023.06.10 16:29 Cautious-Use-9036 ED letter

ED letter
Someone explain this to me as if I were illiterate, I think it says they are gonna service connect it secondary to PTSD but it still hasn’t changed
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2023.06.10 15:18 ddezzy Does anyone else do this?

Does anyone else do this?
I’m not sure what flair to select. I just want to see if I’m alone in this or not. Does anyone else use their bullet journal for spreads AND journaling? I have a digital to do list on my devices to keep up with my daily productivity and tasks so I would find it repetitive to also write those in the journal. (My time is somewhat limited as a mom of a toddler and 33w pregnant.) I’ve been going back and forth with myself as to whether I should just have 1 for journaling and 1 for spreads (I also have another for sermon notes/bible study) But I like the variety it gives the journal? Do I make sense?
Anyway, hope someone relates haha
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2023.06.10 14:58 Ilovefilliment0 I Suck Pus from hooves

I am a farrier. A specialist in Equine and Bovine hoof care for those who do not understand the gig. In less glamorous terms, I trim and rebalance the hooves of horses and cows. Nothing ticks me off more than seeing a lame beast, swaying to and fro. The reason I got into this work was because I witnessed the deep breathy moans from my grandpop's prized bull as his hoof became a capsule of fluid.
When my granddad parred and shaved down the keratin, the hoof exploded like a firework of pus. My grandpop pointed toward the dermatitis lesion and sucked the pus clean from the hoof. He spit it on the ground and roared "That's how it's done son". He put a wooden block on the healthy claw to elevate the injured one, and the prized bull Tessy hobbled off like John Wayne with a twinkle in her big greedy eye.
I was fascinated by my grandpop's strength. A man of a rare old fashioned gusto. He'd take no guff and if you questioned his methods, you'd might as well have stabbed him in the back. The man knew his success purely by working hard to learn from his mistakes, so when he told you something was the right way of doing something, you didn't question it.
I watched my grandpop trim many a hoof, and suck the fluid clean out of the lesions. One day when I was about 10, I thought it would be brave of me, being a decade old, to question my grandpop. "Pops, why do you suck that stuff out of the hoof?". His face turned right at me, and I cringed. I was expecting to be lectured, but no, my grandad, a true man of learning, told me about how cows become abscessed and it was more effective to use your mouth.
The pressurised suck of the McCarthy lips was the best method, and I believed that little old git. Now obviously the years went on, and my pops died leaving the farm to daddy, and let me tell you, that man wouldn't go near a hoof. He was great at rounding, palpating, administering, caring, but a hoof was not his forte. When daddy got an idea in his head he ran away the fairies with it. He got three geldings on a whim and that's when the care and obsession for horses started.
I hated the farrier that my father used for the horses and cattle. He was an arrogant prick down the pub and he didn't do as good as a job as my grandpop so I trained hard, studied under the I.M.F.A and got my certification.
I obviously never followed my grandpop's methods for clients. I did however decide to try it on one of daddy's geldings when she was lame. I parred the keratin, flakes flying toward my face, and hungrily sucked the fluid from the lesion line like a vampire. The gelding let out an exasperated moan that quickly turned to a big sigh. The horses love language to signify relief. You can say that the horse was succoured. (Excuse the Pun).
I now still use Popsies method. Also if you smell the keratin sulphate chunks you can tell what level of infection is going on down there. There's different smells for horses and cattle. The horse keratin smells like burnt Brussel sprouts stuck to the bottom of the pot. Now if there's a black discharge from the frog of the hoof it's thrush and that itself cannot be sucked. I didn't realise that before in the past when I was first starting out as a farrier. I buried my lips on the frog line and sucked a brazen amount of liquid in my gob. I spat but it stuck to the teeth. There was a foul smell of rotting eggs so I could taste acid in my mouth that burned.
I rinsed my mouth out with the hose and threw up. Days after I had a sore throat and white cauliflower growth on my tongue. A bad case of thrush. I was nearly hospitalised over not being able to swallow. Never suck the frog of the horse. Especially if the horse is presenting signs of laminitis.
Now another thing I want to add. The cattle keratin smells different sweet but stinky. It's a bit like when you burn steak. When it's full of infection it smells like gone off beef. When it gets slimy and smelly. The cheese-like odour wafting from some Bovine hoof is a sign of keratosis pilaris. I will often smell and sniff the keratin and breathe in the hoof like a bloodhound. It helps me determine the level of sickness or diagnosis of disease within the hoof. I've not been wrong yet and I'm quick, efficient and my clients credit me with strong recovery rates in their animals.
I know my methods seem fucked up, sick, insane but sometimes the human has to use their natural senses to help animals. Those animals do not have the capacity to be able to help each other medicinally. If a human can help out as quickly and efficiently as can be, then why not. I love it when I see recovery in the animals. There's nothing that grinds my mental health down to the scut than seeing a bad hoof or an animal in pain. I do go on the road for a drive and pass many a field and see bad hooves. There's no excuse.
I don't care what people think of my method, well I do care I suppose, because I like to work in private. Nobody would understand the old fashioned way. They did not have fancy machines or tools. Sometimes it's best to keep it old fashioned. To any other Farriers out there who follow the same methods, Peace to you my friend. Anyway it's just something I thought I'd confess because sure.. Why not?
Love, Peace and happiness to you all. 🙏
TL:DR: My grandad used old fashioned method of sucking hooves, I now use it in my work. It's quick and effective. Good release for the animal.
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2023.06.10 13:47 InspectionPrudent563 Just had to put my dog down last night

I have 3 dogs and the middle one she was turning 14 and a few weeks ago she was totally fine and then her breathing started to get really bad and she’s half shih tzu and has a pretty smushed face so she’s always had heavier breathing but this time it got really bad really fast. And we took her to the vet and she had a heart murmur last year. It was a 1 on the scale they use. When we took her it was at a 4. Her heart has enlarged and she had all this fluid and she had escalated up to a 4 without any signs until it was to late. We started her on medication but it was to late. They didn’t help at all. And yesterday she could barely breath. And we texted her vet and her vet said double her medication. But she wouldn’t eat and we couldn’t get her to take the pills and the pills were huge so without crushing them into food we couldn’t manage to get them in her. And this dog was the type of dog to finish her own food and then rush to try to eat her sisters food and then still try to get more. And then for the first time in her entire life she wouldn’t eat anything. I tried everything. I tried to give her chicken fingers and ice cream and cheese and French fries. She wouldn’t eat anything. She loved food more than anything in the world and now it’s killing me that she couldn’t even have a last final meal. We wanted to make her a steak or something she would have loved. But we didn’t know. It all happened so fast. She was eating normal and happy just a few days ago. Her breathing just for so bad so quickly. And we couldn’t make her go the weekend. It wouldn’t have been fair to her to make her do that. The last time I lost a dog I was only 12 and I was really upset but it was different. Snoopy has been there for me for my entire adult life. She was there when I started to drive, when I got my first kiss, graduating highschool and college, every heart break I’ve been through. Every loss and every happy moment. And she’s not even the oldest dog we have. Her sister is 14 going on 15. And we don’t know how much time she’s gonna have left either. But we didn’t except snoopy to go first. And it’s probably a blessing that it happened so fast and that she didn’t spend months suffering. But a week ago I would’ve said we had a year maybe two left with her. I never would’ve thought she would be gone now. And I keep wondering if we should’ve given her the weekend and maybe the meds would’ve worked. I know she was in heart failure though. And my parents couldn’t take being in the room with her when she passed so I was the only one there. And now having to wake up and know that she’s gone is killing me. And I don’t know how to even begin to deal with all of this when she’s been one of my best friends for over half of my life.
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2023.06.10 13:15 GoGoGoldenSyrup You want roadside food? Then get out before we get to Little Chef...

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2023.06.10 12:55 anon82747283 Boyfriends son destroyed arcade game

Struggling with how to handle a ongoing situation regarding my boyfriends son. Son is 9 almost 10. Son is very spoiled by my boyfriend and his family and also his mother. Custody is split 50/50 essentially since birth. He rarely gets told no. And when he is told no, he tantrums or acts very disrespectful. A lot of disrespect especially regarding his games (switch) example : had talked about breaking his game or something in passing and my boyfriend said well then you would be without your game and he says no you would have to buy me a new game. My boyfriend says no, son says yes you would.
He is 100% addicted to screen time and Fortnjte. Recently he has been diagnosed with ADHD which I try to keep in consideration when I think about his behaviors. I try to be understanding of any limitations but at the same time I find these behaviors unacceptable and a result from poor parenting and not a disability.
My boyfriend loves and dotes on his son but he is a permissive parent. But at the same time he hates this disrespectful attitude also. His son runs the show. Just to give you a few examples we were taking a walk the other day and had to turn around because his son smelled a bad smell in the neighborhood and said he was going to throw up. He started crying and tantruming. We can not mention the word puke or throw up or else he screams and says he will be sick. His teacher said he threw a fit at school the other day when they turned the lights off for a movie. He does fine at home with lights off for anything. He exhibits poor sportsmanship during his sporting events when he doesn’t feel he did well (crying sometimes or throwing hat on ground). He can be very emotional. He still talks in baby voice and uses wrong tenses often. Writing is poor, reading compression is poor. Can’t recall things or events we did in the not so distance past (fun stuff like going on a trip). He gives up when things are Tom hard. He only eats Mac and cheese and nuggets. Never once even tried anything I’ve cooked. Never forced to eat what the family is eating. Doesn’t say please or thank you ever. Demanding, example asks grandma to get candy at every game. Takes it and leaves. No thank you or appreciation ever. I honestly don’t go out of my way anymore to get him little things. I used to pick up his favorite candy or if I saw something cool that I know he would like because he never once tanked me or said thank you for Christmas or birthday gifts I bought him.
I’m struggling to form a connection with him although I love him very much because of how unappreciated he makes me feel. I have nieces the same age so I don’t think I’m being unrealistic as they are generally polite and say simple thank you to people and act appropriate most of the time.
His mother called last night and said while bowling he had went into the arcade and picked up those rifles from the game and for some reason smashed it into the screen causing a huge crack. He was unprovoked. No one was even playing the game and I believe he wasn’t even playing as he didn’t have money. When the mom walked in she asked about it and He lied and said the screen was already broke. Later management came up to her and informed her he broke it and showed her the video footage. My boyfriend was upset but honestly not really. He just said he would talk to him about it. I feel he should be grounded and lose a privilege like screen time for his behavior. Am I being too harsh because of his ADHD diagnosis? I feel we are raising a spoiled brat and I’m the only one who wants to help him become a better person. His mom is worried too I think but she is also a permissive parent.
I am at a loss here. I can only enforce boundaries for him around myself because I feel like no one else sees these behaviors as concerning as I do. It is not my place to try to override their parenting or put myself in the middle. But I want the best for him and feel like he needs help and they are creating a monster. If you met him you would not immediately think he had any disabilities. He can do normal tasks and does not appear off until you start noticing he is behind other kids his age in terms of maturity and academic skills.
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2023.06.10 12:30 Beaushaman AI DIRECTOR HATES these TEN SIMPLE TRICKS

Things that (imo) you sometimes have to luck into learning, because sometimes Tide games are so pressurized that most of your time is spent just trying to stay alive using basics, and not so much trying different mechanics. A lot of these tips have to do with action economy, and using the map.
  1. If you're trying to cross some jagged terrain or obstacles where your character might otherwise get stuck, just walk up to the first sticking point, then press and hold spacebar and you should basically parkour over everything. Also hold spacebar to vault. Somebody in chat was raging about the jump and when I asked they said they were just tapping spacebar. P.O.P Hold It Down.
  2. On the subject of terrain - use it to block more damage! Almost every piece of terrain that's big enough to hide your body can be interpreted like: "When standing behind this barrier, gain 100% damage immunity to all damage sources in a 180 degree arc opposite the barrier"... In short - walls and barriers are actually OP. When you enter a room, you should scan for enemy types, barrels, barriers/chokepoints, then chests.
  3. On barrels - know where they are, because blowing a red barrel at the right time, and denying an angle to that group of shooters can be the diff between winning or losing an objective. Please also think of barrels as an expendable ability that your character can use. Explosive barrels perform very well against slow moving crushers, and fire barrels are super potent area denial for lower health enemies, because they last forever.
  4. Most of us know that you can dodge & jump while reloading, but you should know that there are actually lots of things you can do while reloading like operate medicae, open chests, and even VAULT over terrain. this last one is especially useful, as it can allow you to reload safely in the thick of combat. Don't be afraid to cheese the enemy pathing a bit. The AI is trying to cheese you too.
  5. Try and default to using your melee weapon for a while, and becoming a trench-core hardboy - this goes for psykers and vets as well. Once you're more comfortable with that, then get comfy with fluid weapon/ability/grenade swapping in combat, and feel the tiers of fun unlock.
  6. By now everybody should know the door cheese for when you're deep in a damnation run and you really don't wanna lose all that plasteel. Basically - you can simply close doors on hordes and it spaces them out so you may comfortably weed whack them at your own pace.
  7. Please block. I have scoreboard installed, and while this is not a flame, it is a plea for people to start using their block button and push attack more often. You can also do a push attack while carrying power cells and contagion samples.
  8. The Auspex thing can actually scan a source of plague residue from a good distance away, so if you already know what the source is going to be, you don't have to walk right on top of it. It can also scan through walls iirc.
  9. Throwing a frag or stun grenade into a horde, or hitting them with a powermaul or some such staggering tomfoolery, makes the horde more dangerous as it spreads out their angle of attack. If you nade them in a choke, you're setting up a critical density issue, because the naded poxwalkers will get up, having taken almost 0 damage, and re-join the fresh poxers bearing down on you. Save nades and heavy stagger for rager packs and enemy ogryns almost exclusively, and just take out your melee for the horde. Note for ogryns with nade box feat - IT STILL DOESNT DO A TON OF DAMAGE... You stagger the entire room, which is really cool, but then please mop up with actual damage. Don't throw the second box, tempting as it may be, becaue you're gtting a very diminished return.
  10. You can do a cute 360 during a slide.
  11. (Bonus tip for the real sweats) - Leave no stone unturned. Never die with a grenade. Never give up on timing a dodge, or a block. If you're the only one left alive with a Chaos Spawn, well brother, you better lace up them boots and get to steppin. Play your class to its fullest potential.
TLDR - Use all mechanics - don't leave advantages/buffs on the table.
There's definitely more stuff but I am tired of writing this post, so I leave you with a haiku:
Plasma thrumming
Molten metal on my axe
A fallen mountain
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2023.06.10 11:47 Scanman67 Halifax Chili Dog

Where can a person get a good Chili Dog in Halifax? The mood struck me the other day but all I could find was a Taco Dog at Cheese Curds and it's just not the same. The must be a food truck here somewhere that has them, Please help, the craving must be satisfied,
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2023.06.10 11:23 Mawsonism [SOUSN] South Sun Industries - Sov Null - EU/US TZ

SOUSN is seeking foolhardy pilots to join our ranks; we’re a proud member of the IGC alliance (part of Imperium) and we’re eager to welcome new recruits into our hearth and home!
We are a tight-knit community that splits its focus between PvP, industry, and PvE. We have a highly collaborative, friendly group of individuals, and we’re always welcome to those with a sense of humour. We have no place for toxicity or drama, we recognize this is just a game and not a job, and simply want to continue creating an exciting environment, full of banter and cheese. That being said, SOUSN is organised, goal-oriented, and has achieved incredible growth within her first year of inception.
Our current objectives centre around the development of our members into capable, experienced pilots, with a penchant for both world-building and blood-spilling, which is exactly what nullsec was made for.
If you’re new to null, we have a good degree of experienced pilots and a wealth of custom-made guides to give you a leg-up in your first couple of weeks. Our team is willing to help you achieve whatever goals you seek!
What we are Looking for:
★ Well-rounded, comms-active pilots with an interest in PvP, Industry, and PvE
★ Self-starters with whacky ideas and a sense of adventure
★ Friends who simply want to talk nonsense and chill with a crazy bunch of dudes
What we can offer:
★ An excellent selection of industry infrastructure across multiple regions
★ Regular corp-focused content, including industry projects & mining fleets
★ Privately-owned corp moons
★ Plenty of PvP opportunities with corp/alliance/coalition (including corp & alliance SRP)
★ Full access to one of the largest player-run markets in the game
★ A wide selection of buybacks on corp, alliance, and coalition level
★ Corp-exclusive jump freight service
★ Thriving community that extends into the real world.
★ A friendly, organised and no-drama group that puts player needs first
What we need from you!
★ Full ESI registration
★ Discord (corp comms), TeamSpeak (alliance) & Mumble (coalition)
★ A working mic
★ Omega account
★ Minimum of 8m SP and 5 months of in-game history
We primarily operate in the EU TZ, but we do hold a sizeable US population.
Any potential applicants should start by completing a short questionnaire via a ticket on our Discord, as well as registering on our corp & alliance authenticators, following which a member of the leadership team will start a chat with you. Please allow up to 24 hours for a response (though we do try to respond immediately).
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2023.06.10 11:22 Ayesha24601 How do I connect directly with SEO agencies that buy guest post placements?

I run a website with 30K/mo traffic in a health niche. I write some articles and pay some writers from the community to create content. To help monetize the site, since I don’t bring in enough from affiliate income and display ads, I started accepting guest posts. It's my best/only option to keep myself and my site afloat right now so no judgment, please.
I am very strict about what I accept and everything must fit with the niche. Most of the posts I've accepted so far have had links to medical offices, surgeons, nursing schools, psychologists, etc. My fee is currently $50 for a guest post and $30 for a link insertion. My goal is to make $500/week from guest posts, so accepting about 10 per week OR increasing my prices. I might be undercharging a bit considering my niche, but I'm trying to get steady money. Currently, my number of placements is wildly variable, but on average I'm making $100-$300/week.
To deal with the 10+ guest post inquiries I receive daily (that I never sought out), I created templates so I can answer every email in seconds. I don’t use an auto responder because when I get an inquiry from an actual agency or business that was written by someone who is fluent in English, I will often send a different template. The sketchy ones have to jump through hoops.
The email reply to the sketchy ones instructs them to fill out a form. There, they are given the rules about acceptable and unacceptable content and the $50 fee notice, along with the following text: "This fee is FIRM and we do not offer lower prices for agencies. Any attempt to negotiate a lower price will result in us ignoring or blocking you." Then they must choose between two radio buttons regarding the price, one agreeing and the other saying that they will try to negotiate a lower price despite my stated rules. If they choose that one, once they finish the form, they are automatically notified that they don’t qualify for guest posting. You would be surprised (or maybe not) at how many of them check that button.
As you might guess, quite a few of them just reply to the email and ask for the price. Then they get a second email (also a template) telling them that I don’t have a record of them filling out the form and that they will be given the price when they fill out the form. Sometimes they do fill it out at that point, but usually, I just don’t hear from them again. Good riddance.
Many of the sketchy people who want to place guest posts, especially the ones who try to ridiculously lowball me and offer $10, tell me they are with agencies, but most seem to actually be, and even say they are, resellers. My question is, resellers for whom? How do I bypass the middleman and connect directly with the people they are selling to?
Over months of slogging through the swamp of emails, I have managed to connect with two agencies that are solid and send me posts semi-regularly. One is based in the UK and I email directly with one of their employees. They are wonderful. They always pay on time and send me high-quality articles. But they only send me something to publish every other week or so. I’m trying to find more agencies like them to work with directly. Specifically, I would like to work with US or UK-based companies and deal directly with an employee who is fluent in English, not a Fiverr VA.
Any leads would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 11:00 mrlolo200 SM7B/Animation Experiences/Advice!

So a while ago, I made a post regarding how the SM7B is for this industry. I got a lot of valued opinions, and the consensus was that it isn't exactly ideal for performance-oriented VA jobs, such as video games or animation (although it works well with narration, so I've been told). I happen to already have one for unrelated reasons, and also GoXLR Mini and cloudlifter. Anyway, I was specifically wondering if there is anyone here that actively uses (or has used for a fair portion of their work) an SM7B. In particular, I'd ideally like to go down the route of animation dubbing and videogames/interactive media. I *really* would like a career in that direction, I'm just not quite sure how to get started angling for a specific route in VA.
Before you say so: yes, I am aware of the importance of proper sound insulation, treatment, and EQ skills. If you want to give an opinion on the SM7B or routes into animation, I'd live to hear it! Please, though, with respect to the SM7B try to evaluate with all other such factors held constant across the choice of microphone.
Now, after lurking here and watching videos/doing some research for a while (as well as using the 'getting started' guides on the subreddit) I have a sort of plan for how to get started. I'm a grad student right now, but will probably settle into a well-paying career once I graduate in December. The first thing I plan on is investing in is a coach, who can help me train my voice and ideally has experience understanding how to find work in animation dubbing/interactive media (if you have any recommendations for this in specific, let me know!). After building up some skills, maybe look to do agent workshops and the like, invest in a proper recording environment and perhaps upgrade to a new microphone (tlm 103 seems to be the standard for this kind of thing - I am aware of multiple high-profile individuals who use this microphone in this sub-industry for their home studios). I LOVE the sound of the MKH 416 as well, but I'm not sure if it's right for that. Then, get a professional demo produced and try to get the ball rolling! What do you think? I already live in LA, so that's nice. I thought about asking some professionals in studios around the area to see if I could come watch a session sometime to get a better understanding of all sides of voice acting, not just the recording part. What do you think?
All opinions and perspectives valued. I'm hoping I can get a good amount achieved in the span of a year - not necessarily to where it can be a primary source of income, but where I have my foot in the door and might be in a position to audition for mainstream animation dubs and videogame roles, big or small. Might be an ambitious/optimistic goal, but I am passionate!
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2023.06.10 10:57 driedpotato02 My crush akong manager sa jollibee…

It’s just as what the title says. Idk kung sino mapagsasabihan ko, so rito na lang. Mahilig talaga akong kumain sa jollibee, kahit once a week. Then more than a month ago, nakita ko yung isang manager and he’s really MY type. Nag-play talaga ang Gorgeous by Taylor Swift sa utak ko at nawindang ang mundo ko, omg ka. Since then, lagi na tuloy ako kumakain sa jollibee. I’m in college, so kapag may time ako I try to eat there before or after school😭(The things I’d do for love, nukajan!) Tapos itong si Mr. Manager, tumitingin-tingin din sa akin everytime na andun ako. Baka nakilala na ako kasi I was always there, like “wala ba itong pagkain sa bahay nila?” djfjakaekrjrj sana hindi. Kilig naman ako so much lol! Please approach me, hindi naman ako nangangagat lol. Jk, what if delulu lang pala ako.
Pero gusto ko talaga malaman name niya, but it seems so inconsiderate to ask since nagtatrabaho yung tao, and ayokong makaistorbo or mag-cause ng kahit anumang gulo. Kaya kapag kakain ako, I just sit there, eat, and serve effortless looks😭 Kaso it’s hard to see him sometimes kasi may shift din yata managers sa jollibee. So kapag wala siya, I’ll sadly eat na lang yung burger steak, jolly spaghetti, sundae, at fries ko. Thinking about how much I miss him and those days na he’s there… sino ka diyan?! Omg, that sounded kinda creepy, naurrr!
And that’s all. I look so stoic in real life kasi and ppl around me even thought na hindi ako nagkaka-crush kasi I look so serious sa life and acads. Kaya wala akong mapagsabihan. To that manager, I wish you all the best and sana lagi kang masaya tutal bida ang saya sa Jollibee lol.
From the girl na naging alipin ng kapitalismo (jollibee) just to see a glimpse of you.
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2023.06.10 10:10 Jok3rgirl1 Crap day at work

Sorry guys for this being long, there's perhaps some misspellings and errors... Since I haven't proofread yet). 38/f/va
It was one of those days, I sat in my car for an hour after work, crying and contemplating life.
I cried at work, almost in a panic, I excused myself to the restroom just to contain myself. Like the scene from 'Midsommar', where Dany grieves over her family in the airplane bathroom. That's how it was.
When I finally went into my house, I came back outside to smoke a cig and cry some more. Then, my boyfriend asks me how my day went, I told him how sh#tty it was, then I cried some more.
I don't know, man. I guess saying 'I'm depressed', is an understatement. Sometimes I feel like I'm losing my mind, like I'm literally going crazy. There's something wrong with me mentally. I wanna seek help, but don't know how to go about getting it. I feel like weight is put on my shoulders and I don't know if I can safely say, everything's going to be alright. Because I don't know. That's what's so hard. It's the not knowing part.
I keep thinking of solutions. I keep thinking of making changes. It's just hard because I've put blood, sweat and tears into my job and now with the people that's there now, treat me like I am dirt. I miss the old days. I miss my old bosses and coworkers. Things have changed a lot drastically over past few years. I just wish people could respect me on a little bit higher level than what I'm getting. I always feel like I'm being watched like a hawk, always feeling like nobody wants me there; like my worth isn't good enough. I'm tired of being cut with my hours. Not being able to make the money I once did is so fking hard on me mentally. I was doing good. I was making money. I was needed. Now, I'm constantly fked over. Everyone else is sailing along just fine. But I'm not. I feel like I'm drowning.
It's too much to go into detail. I just wanted to express my feelings on here. All day today, the depression got so bad, I started thinking about suicide again and actually trying to figure out ways that would make it easier. I was doing fine until people had to run their mouths. That right there, makes me just want to end it all. I'm scared of killing myself. I wish it were easy. Actually, I wish life were I wouldn't have to think these thoughts. I know everybody feels hopeless and lost as much as I do, and it makes me feel somewhat better that I'm not alone. I thank each and every one of you for your stories; I do try to read as much as I can. It gives me relief because I feel like there's gotta be somebody else out there that's going through what I'm going through just as much, if not, worse. I do honestly wish I could trade places with somebody and look at things differently. I don't know.
I thank God for my boyfriend. He's a helpful ear and great advice giver. I don't know what I would do without him. I hate feeling like I'm not doing enough for us, or causing him to worry about our financial aspects. This is all job related/financial related. He's days he understands, but I do feel like I'm disappointing him.
Please people, whatever you do, don't go 'round making others feel like sh#t. It's not cute nor funny. You never know what someone's got going on unless you talk to them or just show a little kindness. That's all it takes. When did we become a world that's so cruel, cold and callous?? It's getting worse day by day. They say to reach out for help if you need it...if you're thinking of committing suicide, or talk someone out of it if they're talking suicide. But then, why do we go as far as to hurt others intentionally for our own personal gain?? Why do we treat people like crap and then think we can save them from themselves? It really is true. People will only care or listen when someone's gone.
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