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Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network

2011.08.13 08:34 pesqair Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network

VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network) is the go-to online flight simulation network, where virtual pilots can connect their flight simulators to a shared network and enjoy realistic communication and procedures by VATSIM's trained virtual Air Traffic Controllers. Since founded in 2001, VATSIM has built up a community of over 100,000 active users, making it the largest online flight simulator community.

2010.12.26 10:06 PapaTua Ayahuasca - wisdom and healing from the plant medicine

Information, discussions and personal experiences about the shamanistic plant medicine Ayahuasca.

2013.11.11 04:02 jumpstartation Boston Virtual ATC: Blurring the Line Between Simulation and Reality

Boston Virtual ATC is a free multiplayer aviation community for Microsoft's Flight Simulator X. We provide live, realistic, and professional virtual air traffic control in a truly communal environment where everyone is willing to learn and happy to help. Because we keep our server restricted to BVA members, you'll work with highly-skilled pilots, many of whom hold or are training for real-world ratings. Too read more, head over to [www.bostonvirtualatc.com/](http://www.bostonvirtualatc.com/)

2023.03.22 22:38 Itchy-Animator-2111 Paypal Bank Transfer Issue!

Today i tried to transfer my funds from paypal balance to my bank after i added my bank credentials i forgot i had a wrong account number which was not mine and i didn't notice that by accident, so i sent the money and it worked somehow and after a couple of hours i asked my mom where can i find my account number on the credit card of mine and she told me it's here and i was blown away when i noticed i wrote down the wrong number on the paypal bank.
The amount that was transferd is $151.38 USD, before i went to bed i opened a case through paypal "Resolution Center" and about 15 mins later after sending the case they replied back saying " Thank you for reporting this case. After our review, we found that certain transactions weren't unauthorized and hence couldn't be covered by PayPal Purchase Protection. " which conculded as Transactions Not Refunded.
Also i put case as unauthorized payment idk why.
Is there a way i can get this money back because i'm really in need of it.
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2023.03.22 22:35 AhbzV Higurashi Ep. 8 - Matsuribayashi (Thoughts and Review-ish)

Chapter 1 Review // Chapter 2 Review // Chapter 3 Review // Chapter 4 Review // Chapter 5 Review // Chapter 6 Review // Chapter 7 Review
Context - This is my eighth review of Higurashi. As stated in earlier reviews, I have no experience with anime, manga, or Visual Novels (with the exception of DDLC). This play through is also blind, as I knew nothing about the game before jumping in. With this in mind, let's get to the analysis of Matsuribayashi.
Episode Eight - Matsuribayashi (SPOILERS BELOW)
If you want to skip my initial thoughts on the plot of the arc, skip down to reaction to get my analysis of the story as a whole.
Initial Reactions: Fun fact about myself, I hate endings. I struggle finishing stories because endings bum me out. I hate having to say goodbye to a world and characters I spent time getting to know, even if it is fictional. Needless to say, I struggled with finishing Higurashi. I had to force myself to read despite often not wanting to, and I am happy I did.
The first four chapters of this arc were backstory for Takano. Truthfully, I found these to be, mostly, very boring. The orphanage scene was intense, and learning about her transformation from Miyoko Tanashi to Miyo Takano was interesting, but the rest of the scenes were a bit slow for me. But these scenes did establish an important plot point - Takano's desire to avoid having her grandfather's work stepped on, both literally and figuratively. Furthermore, the final scene in Takano's background was excellent, her face off with Hanyuu. It corrected the misconception that Takano's battle was with Rika. It never was, it was always with Hanyuu.
Connecting the fragments was very cool. For a largely un-interactive VN, this bit of interaction was a very nice touch. It filled in the few remaining cracks in our knowledge, and beautifully set up "the game board" for which the rest of Matsuribayashi would take place.
I could spend hours discussing each fragment, but I only want to touch on two instances. First, the splendid moment of Keiichi's father seeing Rika and Hanyuu play in the field. This fragment had been hinted at earlier in Higurashi, but getting to see it play out was a genuinely beautiful moment (especially when coupled with the piano score by Dai). His insight about why children playing is beautiful because it makes us reminisce on our own lost innocence was deep. And while yes, Keiichi's father sometimes comes off as a bit creepy, I found this moment to be very innocent as he saw the future his own son could have.
Secondly, there was an immense horror that creeped through my mind when it seemed as if Satoshi would be dissected for the sake of research. This was a very well done red herring, as I truly believed Irie (or at least Takano behind his back) sliced open Satoshi for the sake of furthering their research into Hinamizawa Syndrome.
After connecting the fragments, we are given a glimpse into Akasaka's life. And it becomes clear he will be the X-Factor the club needs to finally, maybe, defeat Takano. Also, he's a badass. Sure, some of his fights are a bit over the top, but I was fine with it. His character model in the console arc is very corny, so I used the Remake models for his scenes because he actually looks like a monster fighter.
After the fragments, the arc picks up at school where they have a new student - Hanyuu. Hanyuu's introduction was brilliant with the line "Therefore she didn't exist" later followed by "To be involved in something is the same as to exist. Therefore, she existed." *chef's kiss* Tremendous writing. Hanyuu was now on the stage, and immediately the arc started with a type of hope unfamiliar to Higurashi.
Naturally, everyone loves Hanyuu. Rena wants to kidnap her, the club accepts her, and she fits perfectly. There were some questions about her horns, but everyone simply accepts her for who she is. To me, this quick acceptance of Hanyuu and all of her quirks is a microcosm of Higurashi's overarching point about friendship - it doesn't matter about a person's oddities or their past, if a person is truly "our friend" we will and should accept them.
Hanyuu guides Rika through setting up the plan to combat Takano and eventually everyone is brought into the loop. The battle is nears its start again, but this time the club has a secret trump card - Akasaka. I said in my last review how I believed Akasaka would be critical in defeating the conspiracy, and that rang true. Without Akasaka, things would have never gotten off the ground.
We see some huge character development from Ooishi, as he accepts his mistakes then accepts the risk in taking down the conspiracy. He even makes up with Akane Sonozaki and they become mahjong buddies by the end. Ironically, as important as Akasaka was to their success, Ooishi played (arguably) an equally big part. He wasn't just helpful to the club in his actions, he was also helpful in what he failed to do - create paranoia around the Sonozaki family. In nearly all of the arcs, Ooishi is partly responsible for a character's descent into a maddened, paranoid state. In this arc, he spreads none of this. He is simply reliable, and that is what the club needed.
While I expected more trading of punches between the two sides, the battle between Takano and the club is largely one-sided. Tomitake is captured, and Irie nearly dies. Furthermore, the Mountain Dogs and Okonogi almost capture Rika, but she is saved by Akasaka in a triumphant entrance. Side note, this guy absolutely manhandled the Mountain Dogs and Okonogi. I was a bit bummed he didn't land his haymaker on Okonogi, but by the end I understand why (and appreciate why) they had Okonogi make it out of that fight.
But after these events, the Mountain Dogs and Takano are completely outclassed. While there are a couple close calls with the team who raid the clinic, Mion's plan goes off, more or less, without a hitch. Mion was never truly given a chapter, and while this is definitely not a Mion-centric chapter, she gets some love here. She is shown to be a shrewd commander capable of outthinking someone of Okonogi's status. In an interesting and heart-warming scene, Okonogi pays his respects to Mion when he reaches her. He wants a warrior's end, and she gives it to him. But Mion is not happy at the end of it, but we never understand why.
Also Satoshi is alive and being treated for Hinamizawa Syndrome. Shion and Satoshi deserve their own analysis, but I will leave that to THIS excellent video discussing Shion and her relationship with Satoshi.
The final tense moment comes when Takano draws her gun (with one bullet) and intends to shoot one of the club members. I enjoyed the symbolic nature of this moment, as Rika subverses the expectation established throughout the chapter. We are constantly told of the figure who needs to take on the sins of humanity to bring peace. We naturally expect someone to die because of this, we expect there to be a sacrifice. But Rika corrects this line of thought and states the world didn't need a sacrifice, it needed the card it was missing (Hanyuu). She stops the bullet when time freezes, and Takano is arrested.
Tomitake saves, in a way, Takano. He takes her to the Irie Clinic stating she may have contracted Hinamizawa Syndrome.The chapter concludes happily, and for the first time in all of Higurashi there is a truly happy ending.
I want to touch on the Staff Room scene, because it (to me) is important to understanding why Takano isn't killed or disgraced at the end. Ryukishi states that he did not want there to be winners and losers. He, throughout the eight arcs, carefully crafted a message about the need for people to come together to help one another, stating that when we avoid this then conflict arises. He acknowledges that maybe Matsuribayashi is not the perfect ending to this world, but he is happy with the message he has created. And with that, the curtain closed on Higurashi.
Review: I have taken a lot of time to process the ending of this story. I was emotional finishing it because I have sunk so many hours into this over the past four months. Yes, I know there are animes and console arcs I can watch/play (and I probably will), but this is the original. This is from the lips of the creator himself. This was his 4.5 year project. When I think of Higurashi, I will always think of these eight arcs first.
Furthermore, I could dig in and analyze all of the characters. But that would require a short novel in and of itself. Instead, I will just highlight my thoughts on the culmination of the Higurashi story.
To me, this is a masterpiece. It is a shame that the medium of this story (Visual Novel) keeps this story from getting the exposure and appreciation it deserves. We are looking at a story longer than Harry Potter that steps across multiple genres of storytelling. Higurashi is not a psychological horror, it is not a mystery, it is not a tragedy, it is all of these things in a single story. To me, this deserves the love that something like Star Wars or Harry Potter gets. I don't want a fucking Harry Potter world at Disneyworld, I want a Hinamizawa at Disney World (I've never actually been to Harry Potter World so don't crucify my off-handed criticism).
But masterpiece does not mean perfect or without flaw. There are definitely scenes that are a bit over the top/corny. For instance, the idea that a group of five teenagers can outwit and level an entire unit of trained, counterintelligence agents is unrealistic. There was nothing indicating Rika could step through frozen time and stop a bullet. Akasaka probably can't 1v5 a fight. I recognize the flaws in these scenarios.
But the masterpiece comes from the symbolic significance of these scenes. Higurashi spends seven arcs showing the club members go through so much shit, and we see them all grow significantly. To them, after seven arcs of chaos, the battle with the Mountain Dogs is nothing more than a club game and it highlights their unfettered trust and love in one another. Yes, Rika had never been able to move through frozen time to stop a bullet. But the story always stated that Rika was one miracle away from escaping her dark fate. This was that miracle. Through the sheer will of everyone involved, a miracle happens. Akasaka was so overwhelmed by grief because of his failure to save his wife and Rika that he spent his remaining days training as a way to try and rectify his "wrongs." Once he is given that chance, he does rectify his mistakes because of his training and preparation.
In the same way that all visual art is not intended to be hyperrealism, Higurashi is not intended to be a hyper-realistic piece of fiction. It is a story about the complexity of friendship, the need to learn to live with one's mistakes, and the unknown truth that we don't need losers (i.e. we don't need an us vs. them mentality). In a society (at least in America) where traits such as isolationism and distrust are common, the first half of Higurashi serves as a warning to how these ideas can tear relationships and people apart. Kai then conveys the beauty that can arise when we trust those in our lives and challenge the ideas that we believe hold us back from attaining that which we want.
Mion encapsulates this idea perfectly. When Okonogi is heaping praises upon her stating that she could command any army in the world, Mion proudly exclaims that she wants none of it. She wants to play with her friends and enjoy life with them. Mion is not driven by selfish desires and she does not believe her dream is unattainable. In those final scenes, Mion believes nothing can stop them, and she places all of her trust in those around her.
So this was Higurashi. I could say so much more, but like Ryukishi said - it is up to you to create what you want from Hinamizawa. I have loved this story, and I am heartbroken that the journey is over. I'll play Rei, but I probably won't write anything about it. If you have read this review and/or any of my other reviews, I appreciate you joining me in this journey. I don't think I could have chosen a better first Visual Novel.
I'm not sure what I will read next, I am considering Clannad or Fata Morgana, but haven't decided on anything. I will eventually get to Umineko, but I want to change the genre up a tiny bit. But who knows, maybe I will just start Umineko. I have sixteen hours of travel this coming weekend, so if you have suggestions please drop them below!
Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts and ideas to my reading. Take care everyone :)
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2023.03.22 22:27 Parking-Strength-324 Do any of y’all know what this secret badge is? I’m trying to collect em all.

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2023.03.22 22:21 Semi_Chenga Audeze LCD-X 2021: Electronic music listening/producing + neck strain

Hey everyone, I've owned LCD-X's for about 4 months now and wanted to give a few of my impressions, mainly the ones I haven't seen anyone else make. When I was reading reviews for these cans I saw a lot of people noting how heavy they are, and I didn't really see any reviews from people that specifically listen to or produce the niche genres of electronic music I like.
For starters, I'm in an untreated room using a Scarlett 2i2 solo 3rd gen. I listen to hi-fi when its available, FLACS/WAVS if I have an album downloaded, and Scarlett ASIO when I'm on Ableton.
First, I wanted to make a quick note about the weight:
Honestly, in my most tender and humble opinion, it's no big deal. These things weigh like 640 grams, which might be a lot for some people, but if you are remotely "athletic", I don't think you'll have an issue. I have worn these dozens of times during 8-12 hour sessions and barely ever notice them. I think I used them for a few hours when I was hungry/tired/hungover and started to feel the weight, but 99/100 sessions with these things are just fine. If they're too heavy for you, take that as a sign to start drinking some protein shakes and doing neck workouts at the gym (ladies love a thick neck).
Listening to electronic music:
First of all, "electronic music" is like saying "rock". If I said I listen to "rock" you have no idea if I'm talking about Imagine Dragons or Beefheart. Nomsayin? Sames goes for "electronic music". So, let's get into some micro genres. I like Drum and Bass, specifically neuro/halftime with a big fat dip in the mids. I want sharp, crispy highs sitting on a bed of thick sub bass. I also like really well-produced trippy, downtempo stuff with lots of tiny transient percussion and resonant filter movement. Some of my fav artists in no particular order (but sort of bundled by vibes):
Impressions: 9.5/10. Straight up gobsmacked. Super wide soundstage and a ton of detail in the mix. Every single element in a proper mixdown sits in its own little place and you can almost see the music. The highs spin around your noggin' while a nice, present, meaty sub rocks your brain right in the center. For the type of tracks I listen to, these things are damn near perfect. My only wish is that they had a little more sub bass without EQ, but that's just me being a doped up bass head with an insatiable lust for all things sub 90hz. 40-90hz comes out real nice, but the lowest of the lows could be a little louder (but I'm not even sure if that's possible with headphones). My new party trick is having people listen to a few tracks when they come over after smoking some spirit lettuce. I have a 100% success rate with people saying "That's the best thing I've ever heard". For $1,200, it better be.
Producing electronic music:
I produce the same shit I listen to, and my mixes have gotten noticeably better. I've had friends and peers point out the differences in my mix. My low end is just way more articulated now, and I have a much easier time honing in my kick/sub sidechain, keeping my mids tamed, keeping my highs smooth, etc. I was producing with Adam T5V monitors in an untreated room, so things under 400hz started getting a little muddy. I got these cans to compensate that range, and it has definitely paid off. If you're a producer of heavy bass music and are trying to tighten up your mix, I can't recommend these bad boys enough. I can't find the exact links right now, but two behemoths of the industry that have given these cans gold-star endorsements are Mr. Bill and one of the dudes in Noisia. Those dudes know what they're talkin' about.

In summary, I fuckin' love these things and can't reccomend them enough. Your listening experiences will be elevated, you'll tighten up your mixes, and your sweet, sweet neck will be just fine.
Bonus: Tracks that I think display the power of these cans...
The Re-Up, by Tipper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKSC8g9kUA0
Bamboozled, by Jade Cicada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pD6BRptuKU4
Not sure if this should be tagged "review" or "impressions", so I'll flip a coin.
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2023.03.22 22:11 Tytolus [T6-X] Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser Phaser Build (aka if everyone does it, it probably won't hurt to start there)

Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could get some thoughts and feedback on my current main character's main damage output source, my Kitbash Lexington Tophat Flagship.
This phaser build is the result of around half a year of (worryingly consistent) playtime, grinding, lots and lots of screwing around, more grinding, research (aka Wikis, YouTube, this Subreddit, other posts), advice from long-time playing Fleet Members, a sheer amount of luck resulting in a certain Domino Console, and some seasonal Z-Store discount purchases.
I am very comfortable completing Advanced Content (TFOs etc) with this ship and in one test-run stood enough of a survivability to complete an Elite Mission, so the primary goal of this post is more of a double-check to rule out any possibilites of narrow-eyed me missing some obvious flaws, since I'm still in a learning process and to find out if there are some unbeknownst-to-me consoles, weapons and/or traits my build would profit from.
Any advice is more than welcome and appreciated!

Captain Details

Captain Name  Richard Josiah Simon   
Captain Career  Science   
Captain Faction  Federation   
Captain Race  Human   
Captain's Outfit  Odyssey Long Jacket   
Primary Specialization  Intelligence   
Secondary Specialization  Pilot   

Space Skill Tree

Rank  Engineering    Science    Tactical   
Lieutenant    Advanced Hull Capacity      Advanced Energy Weapon Training  Advanced Projectile Weapon Training 
Lt. Commander  Improved Electro-Plasma System Flow  Advanced Impulse Expertise  Improved Control Expertise    Advanced Targeting Expertise  Defensive Maneuvering 
Commander  Hull Plating      Shield Hardness  Advanced Weapon Amplification  Advanced Weapon Specialization 
Captain  Defensive Subsystem Tuning  Offensive Subsystem Tuning  Advanced Exotic Particle Generator  Advanced Long Range Targeting Sensors  Advanced Hull Penetration  Advanced Shield Weakening 
Admiral  Improved Warp Core Potential          Improved Tactical Readiness 
0 Points Left  13      24   

Space Skill Unlocks

Purchases  Engineering  Science  Tactical 
Hazard Emitters III  Science Team III  Tachyon Beam III 
Battery Expertise  Sector Space Travel Speed  Threat Control 
Feedback Pulse III  Photonic Shockwave III  Jam Sensors III 
10  Maximum Hull Capacity    Projectile Critical Chance 
12  Polarize Hull III    Tractor Beam III 
15      Energy Critical Chance 
17      Viral Matrix III 
20      Accuracy 
24 (Ultimate)      Focused Frenzy 

Ship Loadout: Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser

Slot  Item 
Fore Weapon 1  Targeting-Linked Phaser Beam Array 
Fore Weapon 2  Terran Task Force Phaser Beam Array  
Fore Weapon 3  Trilithium Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher  
Fore Weapon 4  Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo Launcher  
Aft Weapon 1  Omni-Directional Phaser Beam Array  
Aft Weapon 2  Kinetic Cutting Beam  
Aft Weapon 3  Trilithium-Enhanced Omni-Directional Phaser Beam Array  
Aft Weapon 4  Wide-Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher  
Deflector  [Non-Baryonic Matter Deflector ]() Mk XV [HullCap]x2[HullHeal][ShCap] Ultra Rare 
Impulse Engines  [Mycelial Wave-Impulse Engines ]() Mk XV [Full][Spd][Turn]x2 Ultra Rare 
Warp Core  Mycelial Harmonic Matter-Antimatter Core Mk XV [AMP][S->W][SCap][SSR] Ultra Rare 
Shields  [Tilly's Review-Pending Modified Shield ]() Mk XV [Cap]x3[Cap] Ultra Rare 
5 Engineering Consoles  Console - Universal - Adaptive Emergency Systems 
  Console - Universal - D.O.M.I.N.O. 
  Console - Universal - Flagship Tactical Computer 
  Console - Engineering - Reinforced Armaments Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Engineering - Trellium-D Plating Mk XV Epic 
2 Science Consoles  Console - Universal - Assimilated Module Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Science - Bellum Inertial Dampeners Mk XV Epic 
4 Tactical Consoles  Console - Tactical - Lorca's Custom Fire Controls Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
  Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator Mk XV Epic 
T6-X Universal Console  Console - Universal - Multi-Directional Artillery Barrage 
Universal Console  Console - Universal - Hull Image Refractors 
1 Hangar Bays  Hangar - Elite Mirror Universe Shuttlecraft 

Officer Details

Bridge Officers  Power 
Commander Engineering-Miracle Worker  Engineering Team I  
  Reverse Shield Polarity I  
  Emergency Power to Shields III  
  Directed Energy Modulation III  
Lt. Commander Universal  Tachyon Beam I  
  Tractor Beam II  
  Photonic Officer II  
Lt. Commander Tactical  Torpedo: Spread I  
  Attack Pattern Beta I  
  Attack Pattern Omega I  
Lieutenant Tactical-Intelligence  Tactical Team I  
  Beam Array: Overload II  
Ensign Science  Hazard Emitters I  

Traits & Duty Officers

Trait  Name  Description 
Personal Traits  Superior Beam Training  Increases Beam Weapon Damage. 
  Projectile Training  Increases Projectile Weapon Damage. 
  Operative  Increases Critical Chance and Critical Severity. 
  Innocuous  ''Space Trait''': Slightly increases Critical Severity, and makes enemies less likely to attack you over other targets. 
  Impact Defense Specialist  ''Space Trait''': Increases Resistance against [[Kinetic]] and [[Physical]] based attacks. 
  Techie  Space Trait. Improves your Hull Repair skill, which increases the effectiveness of abilities that heal or regenerate your ships hull. 
  Enlightened  Increases Exotic Damage and Hull Regeneration. * +15% Exotic Damage * +15% Hull Regeneration 
  Blue Skies  Space Trait. Starting at 75% Hull, you will gain increasing bonuses to Flight Speed, Turn Rate, and Defense Rating as your Hull continues to fall lower and lower. This bonus is recalculated every 0.5 sec. 
  Warp Theorist  Space Trait. Improves your Warp Core Potential skill, which increases all power levels of your ship. Also improves Electro-Plasma Systems, which improve power transfer and regeneration rates aboard your ship. 
  The Boimler Effect  Space Trait. Provides a chance for using Bridge Officer Abilities to recharge all other Bridge Officer Ability recharge times up to their respective Shared Cooldown Categories. 
Starship Traits  Adaptive Hull Plating  - While this trait is slotted, activating any Hull Healing or Command Bridge Officer Ability will boost your maximum hull hit points for a short time. This effect stacks up to 3 times. 
  Weapon System Synergy  - Game Description: Each time a directed energy weapon is activated on your ship, you will shunt a small amount of power to your projectile emitters. This is represented by building up stacks of Weapon System Synergy. Upon reaching 10 stacks, your projectile weapons will become primed and deal additional damage and shield bleedthrough for several seconds. After this expires there is a short lockout window before you can begin building up Weapon System Synergy stacks again. 
  The Best Defense  Attack Patterns grant Hull Healing Buff to Self 
  Super Charged Weapons  - Game Description: Firing a torpedo will provide a stack of the Super Charged buff. This buff provides a boost to directed energy weapons, increasing their damage, critical hit chance and critical severity for a short time. This buff stacks up to 3 times. 
  Predictive Algorithms  - Activating any Weapon Enhancement Ability removes 1 Debuff effect and grants +5 Accuracy Rating for 30 sec (stacks up to 4 times). 
  Dimensional Modulation  - To self, max once per 10 sec: +3 - 30% Bonus All Damage (based on number of targets) with Starship Weapons for 10 sec. 
Space Reputation Traits  Chrono-Capacitor Array  Reduces Bridge Officer Recharge Times 
  Tyler's Duality  Critical Chance based on Hull Capacity 
  Precision  Increases your Critical Hit Chance in space combat. 
  Advanced Hull Reinforcement  Provides minor damage resistance in space combat. 
  Advanced Targeting Systems  Slightly increases critical severity in space combat. 
Duty Officers  Projectile Weapons Officer  [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes 
  Projectile Weapons Officer  [SP] Chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes 
  Assault Squad Officer  [SP] Secondary Shields from Tactical Team 
  Systems Engineer  [SP] Chance to add power to all Sub-Systems 
  Gravimetric Scientist  [SP] Chance to create an aftershock Gravity Well 
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2023.03.22 22:07 maverickztc Experience from a spectrum customer

I'll preface this post by advising that I am not a Spectrum employee, and I have no affiliation with Spectrum other than being a customer. For a really long time, I've viewed the Spectrum reddit without a reddit account, just trying to get a real feel of what other people's experiences are, and get some insight on certain things.
I've had a long issue with Spectrum that began almost 4 months ago (roughly when this account was started). Without getting into gross detail about the issue, long story short, saw a promotion on the Spectrum website that offered Spectrum Gig at $39.99 for NEW customers, which is also the same pricing for Ultra, and called Sales to see if I could get this as a current customer as I was still within 30 days of opening the account, which they immediately stated Retention would have to get involved, and there began this 4 month back and forth between sales and retention pointing fingers.
Now, I have a lot of experience with call centers, I'm an OM for one that manages multiple clients (if you know, you know). This back and forth finger pointing between departments is not a Spectrum problem, it's really a customer service problem rather than being dictated by one company, and it really comes down to knowledge of an issue, guidance provided with said issue, or lack of actually giving a shit. Training and management obviously at fault for the first two, and well, if you just don't care, you just don't care, and unfortunately the customer has to deal with that experience.
With this promotion offering, I experienced a lot of all three things. Proper training on the issue is not provided, a lot of "I don't know how to fix this issue", misguidance provided by management when needing further assistance "Just throw THIS 1gig code on his account and call it a day". And then the occasional "There is nothing we can do about this because the code doesn't exist, and that promotion should have never been offered on the website." Basically, Retention decided to add a code to my account that would provision my modem to Spectrum Gig, but kept my plan at Spectrum Ultra, and EVERY time there was an update to any of the equipment, the modem would revert back to the actual plan on my account, which makes sense. I'd have to call retention who would then get sales involved, and typically it took a few calls to get the issue resolved, which was to figure out the code the initial agent used, and then that's it. This was not a permanent fix, it was a half-ass management doesn't want to actually look into the issue because they can't be bothered with it, temporary fix.
How do I know that last statement is true? Simple, over the last several months trying to get this issue resolved, most of the time my calls ended with speaking to a supervisor. There was a far-too-often statement made, which would have resolved the issue from the beginning, which was to listen to the initial call. Please listen to the call, I would plead. Every supervisor I spoke with, stated they didn't have time to listen to the call, or they couldn't be bothered with listening to the call, so would argue for about 10-15 minutes about how this promotion doesn't exist, and they don't see proper notes on the account so can't determine if what I'm saying is actually true or not, rarely actually read the notes, they were just hoping this would be a simple "NO" Sup call where their response could be bare minimum.
About a week ago, after I had posted on Social Media and had messages with Spectrum Support over Twitter, and getting nowhere (same issue, but also returned router and spectrum pod months ago but was still paying for it, that's on me) - I GOT A PHONE CALL. This gentleman stated my account landed on his desk because an agent reviewed the notes on my account, the issue I had, and all of the people I had spoke with, and how it had been months, and my issue was still not resolved, and they went above their supervisor and sent it directly to him for assistance.
He said he reviewed the account, couldn't really understand why there was so much confusion with the issue, and stated he had updated my account to reflect the proper plan at Spectrum Gig, at the $39.99 per month, and for 48 months - this due to the experience I had with customer service. He stated there is a stigma in call centers that he has seen for the 25 years he's worked with Spectrum, and his limited experience elsewhere. This is where we both agreed. Agents will not know everything, they typically have a KB for most issues, but some require further assistance, so usually a TL, Supervisor, or escalation support of some kind - some complex issues would ultimately take this escalation support going beyond their knowledge, and asking another colleague, or even those above them, but this doesn't happen as often as it should. I know this because with my employer, we experience the same issue, and call centers I have worked for before, similar experiences. Agents ask for help, managers don't.
I had spent countless hours on the phone, over chat, over twitter, with so many different people, and 1 employee fixed a 4 month issue in 20 minutes, and per his statement, all of which could have been completely avoided, if management actually sought further assistance - ONE OF THEM BEING SOMEONE HE IS DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR. WILD.
If you don't know, you don't know, and that's okay. Go ask someone who may, and seek an actual resolution, because if you're not learning at work constantly, you're not bettering yourself constantly. Gotta do better to be better. Managers - regardless of what industry you're in. If you don't know, ASK QUESTIONS LIKE YOUR AGENTS DO. PLEASE. ASK YOUR OM. ASK YOUR SITE DIRECTOR. ASK SOMEONE.
Also, to customers, HAVE PATIENCE. I DID. Not everyone knows how to fix your issue. If you've called before, good for you, that rep you just got has no idea who the fuck you are, so please treat them with some respect. Not everyone knows everything, and your issue might take some time to get resolved, but kindness and patience go a LONG way. Frustration is okay. Disgusting and shitty behavior often reciprocates. If you don't know the difference between your internet and your wifi, your "I pay good money" entitlement goes completely out the window. Some issues may actually require a tech to come to your house, so you know, instead of going to reddit, maybe, JUST MAYBE, call customer service instead of projecting your lack of knowledge to the entire world.
Managers - regardless of what industry you're in. If you don't know, ASK QUESTIONS LIKE YOUR AGENTS DO. PLEASE. ASK BOSS MAN OR WOMAN. IF HE/SHE DOESN'T KNOW, ASK SOMEONE ELSE WHO MAY.
TLDR; I now pay $39.99 (typically $69.99 in my area) a month for Spectrum Gig, pricing for 48 months.
submitted by maverickztc to Spectrum [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 22:04 joonv2 🔥[FREE TRIAL VOD REVIEW] RANK PROOF IN POST! Professional PG/CLOL Challenger Coach - 3,000+ Students $25 - 5 Roles GM+ All Roles/Ranks/Solo Q and Competitive Coaching Low Prices Bundle a Free Session 🔥

🔥[FREE TRIAL VOD REVIEW] RANK PROOF IN POST! Professional PG/CLOL Challenger Coach - 3,000+ Students $25 - 5 Roles GM+ All Roles/Ranks/Solo Q and Competitive Coaching Low Prices Bundle a Free Session 🔥
- Hey everyone, my name is Joon and I am a GrandmasteChallenger player on the NA server. I also achieved the Master rank in 100 games on the Korean server. I currently have 5 accounts in 5 roles in MasteGM Elo and I constantly play Solo Q to keep up with meta changes (No Season 3-High Elo-washed up player coaching here 😉). I am also a CLOL collegiate coach for Ryerson University and verified both on Pro guides (https://www.proguides.com/coach/joon) and the League Coaching subreddit.
Why Choose Me?
- More than anything I am very proud of the work and progress that I have achieved with all of my students over the course of years of coaching. I would encourage you, my potential new students, to have a look at the student progress page on my server, where many of my students post frequently showing the tremendous progress that they have made since they started coaching with me (https://discord.gg/SUrJuazdBz). My approach to each student is individual and I can quickly identify your strengths and weaknesses. Unlike many other coaches, my goal is not to push you to play my playstyle or my champions but to highlight YOUR strengths in your gameplay and minimize any weaknesses you might have.
- Each coaching session takes 1 hour and costs $25 per session.
Do you offer bundles and plans?
- Absolutely, I will give discounts for more hours and on top of that, I also include a FREE 1-HOUR session for every 5 sessions that you take from me.
Is there a trial session?
- Yes, a trial session lasts around 15 minutes, in which I will review and analyze your OP.GG and watch one of your recent VODs of choice. During the trial session, I will focus on the common fundamental mistakes that you often make as well as point out some windows of opportunities that you tend to miss.
Rank Proof
Unlike many other "High Elo" coaches out there with no proof or accounts dating back to Season 6 or other prehistoric times when the game was completely different, I grind Solo Q on multiple high elo accounts and servers constantly while reaching top GM+ ranks on every lane from top to bot on different servers (NA, EUW, KR) every season. In the last 2 seasons, I have climbed to Grandmaster + in every role. Accounts are posted on my discord for proof with screenshots and have my students added on my accounts as they tend to refer to my games for their own improvement.

Pro Guides Reviews
Rank 4 Rumble 64% winrate on champion and 60% winrate overall Grandmaster
https://discord.gg/kB25pSwMEM - My accounts posted on my server
What can I expect from the sessions?
- A Session's format will depend on what you and I both believe would be a better fit for you based on your learning style (practical, theoretical, observing, etc.) and will consist of:
  • VOD Review
  • 1v1 Custom Practice (to apply the theoretical knowledge of mechanics, wave management, trading patterns, recall timers, solo kills etc.)
  • Co-Piloted Live Game
  • Champion-Specific Coaching
  • Duo game with Commentary
  • You can expect Guaranteed Improvement in every aspect of the game such as trading, jungle pathing and ganking routes, wave management, objective control, team fighting, split pushing, increasing your lead, mid and late-game macros, etc.
  • No longer will you run around the map cluelessly after the laning phase is over and question yourself on your next move, you will have ALL YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED.
  • Ever wondered how smurfs can 1v9 games in your elo? You will learn how to gain and how to push your advantages like a smurf focusing on resource accumulation and keeping your in-game tempo high and close-out games early as well as how to come back from unwinnable games.
- Your dedication to improving combined with the knowledge I can provide you will result in the growth of Divisions and even Tiers.
❗This is an example of a Full Coaching Session with me: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1257158400
Recent Achievements:
My recent students climbed from
  • Diamond 2 to Master 190 LP in 2 Sessions (MID) (Updated 300 LP)
  • Diamond 3 to Master 250 LP 3 Sessions (ADC)
  • Diamond 1 to Master 10 LP 1 Session (ADC) (Updated 200 LP)
  • Diamond 3 to Master 100 LP (JG)
  • Platinum 3 to Diamond 3 in 3 sessions and 3 weeks (JG)
  • Gold 3 to Diamond 4 in 5 sessions
  • Bronze 4 to Silver 1 in 1 month (ADC)
  • Platinum 4 to Platinum 1 in 3 weeks (Renekton) (Updated Diamond 2)
  • Diamond 2 to Grandmaster 480 LP in 2 sessions! (TOP Riven)
  • Platinum 1 to Diamond 1 in 3 weeks (ADC)
  • Silver 2 to Plat 3 in 3 weeks (TOP) (Updated Diamond 1!)
  • Silver 4 to Plat 4 in 1.5 months (MID)
  • Gold 4 to Plat 4 in 3 sessions (MID) (UPDATE - PLAT 2!)
  • Silver 1 to Diamond 4 in 2 months (JG)
  • Diamond 2 to Master in 5 sessions (MID)
  • Platinum 1 to Diamond 2 in 4 sessions (SUPP)
  • Gold 1 to Plat 3 in 1 Session (ADC)
  • Platinum 4 to Diamond 4 (ADC) and many more!
Recent Students reaching Grandmaster from Diamond 2 and Diamond 1 from Platinum 3
Master for Top and ADC students (NA and EUW)
All of these achievements and more you can see posted by my students in my Discord Group (https://discord.gg/SUrJuazdBz)
- Imgur links to students' progress (Names Blurred for Privacy): https://imgur.com/gallery/Supm2J1-
- I am available practically 16-17 hours a day as I am a full-time League of Legends Coach
- Session lasts for 1 hour and the price is $25 per session
Contact Details
My Discord is Joon#7556
DISCORD SERVER: https://discord.gg/uhvrcH5yYS
Proguides Review Page: https://www.proguides.com/coach/joon
VOUCH POST: https://www.reddit.com/LeagueCoaching/comments/nkx9td/vouch_post_for_joons_coaching
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2023.03.22 22:04 MysteriousLecture2 [Hire Me] A Verified Urgent Essay Writer (100%)

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2023.03.22 21:59 Vloxalion [USA-PA] [H] 12400 based complete pc w/peripherals & accessories & spares [W] Local Cash

"Bump" of previous post due to no activity, added webcam, clarified descriptions. All have been unused since last post with the exception of the monitor. If you want more information about anything, feel free to ask. The second hand items from the 12400 guy have much less fragrance compared to when they were obtained.
I got most of these parts under half a year ago, but the only benefits over my tri-core phenom ii and gtx 460 build from 2010 are way less poweheat, 2min faster mp3 encoding, and loading content seconds sooner. I'll try for modern hardware again some other time, but looking to recoup some of this massive waste of time, effort, and resources(1405.34) for my use case. pet/[email protected]/[email protected]/scent free household, and do not eat near computer area.
Asking $842.10 $800 local cash for everything, quakertown-doylestown area in bucks county. Not looking to break it up, but perhaps into two sets because there are almost enough parts for two computers.
pcpartpicker links with sort of up to date roughly current pricing:

part name comments value at
i5-12400 2nd hand. H0 stepping, not the more power hungry C0, and is AVX-512 capable going by the production date(did not verify; see motherboard notes). blemish from previous owner's cooler on ihs, but can't remember if it was permanent indent or rubbed off mound. includes box and cooler. 140
unknown 6 heatpipe thermalright cooler - possibly the burst assassin non-argb model without fan 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. tower only. has blemish/nick on contact surface. his laundry detergent had fragrance, so i couldn't use it. he also didn't clean the paste off and shipped it in a ziplock bag. i cleaned it as well as i could and replaced the bag. 10
noctua s12b redux 1200rpm 2nd hand from the 12400 guy. same scent problem. 5
arctic alpine 17 co BNIB, but box looks beat up 7
id cooling se-224-xt-basic used to cool a 3800x for a few months before the faulty mobo went kaput and sold the other parts of it. no 1700 mounting hardware because it was produced before alder lake. the win10pro key from the msi pro mobo is written on a slip of paper tucked inside the instruction manual. 15
msi b660m mortar wifi ddr4 mobo vrms have coil whine crackle-hum most likely related to powerstate/frequency switching (disappears when fully loaded or not doing anything), tried a whole bunch of bios settings to stop it, C1E enabled reduces it. integrated graphics culprit unverified due to case and difficulty with it; haven't tested a discrete card to eliminate igpu cause. latest bios(v19) is flashed, need earlier bios version for avx512 capability, tried to get it working but found out it involves tainting my kernel and i don't use windows but if you do, the only os-side step is to move the specific intel microcode file out of system32. replaced the ilm with the thermalright one. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 110
msi b660m a pro ddr4 wifi 2nd hand from 12400 guy. has smudge on backside near cpu bracket from alcohol solubility test on the paint; backside is alcohol soluble. has same scent as others from him. he did a bad paste job on cpu area and shipped it that way, i cleaned it up (no socket pins got paste on them thankfully) tested and it works. comes with windows 10 pro key. the m.2 wifi card was verified working, but putting it in the board... i didn't have enough finger dexterity. one of the contact n!pp!es is bent, needs to be bent back. can't get it back out to do that, stuck. includes piece of factory glue that goes between the contacts and holds the leads in place. treat as non wifi version with potential bonus for trying hard enough. anti static bag on one side MAY have trace of urushiol due to being blown away when airing out onto a patch of cracked concrete where two weeks previous had been a sprout which was uprooted then the area alcoholed then two rainstorms. includes right angle usb3 header adapter. 90
teamgroup 2x8gb 3200 c16 2nd hand from 12400 guy, works, had somehow strongest scent of them all. 30
timetec 2x16gb 3200 c16 dual rank with hynix 8gigabit jjr ic's (lower binned cjr) remember to lock in the voltage to safe level for that ic instead of auto. partially manually overclocked, enabled xmp then increase to gear1 3466mt/s (what i can tell, max speed with the locked vcssa without loosening timings) and the few timings changed are: command rate to real 1N; did not test tighter than tRRD to 6, tRRD_L to 6, and tFAW to 24; tREFI should be able to be higher than 24960 but didn't test; tRFC has errors at 460, can't remember what 480's result was, and 500 is stable. stressapptest for an hour after each change made, no errors. may go tighter, less than 10 attempts worth of tweaking. 70
western digital sn770 500gb 2nd hand from the 12400 guy, but didn't smell. has been secure erased. smart data said 2.4tbw. 25
samsung 970 evo plus 2tb 2nd hand from best buy geek squad refurbished. smart data indicated literal open box condition. smart data now says 3.28tbw, has been secure erased. 100
xfx rx460 4gb 2nd hand from a miner in 2021. was dirty but cleaned it, had mining bios, and the standard bios or other custom bios don't seem stable, but it works with a rx560 bios i modded to rx550 clocks. thought i saw something spherically, iridescently marbled green-yellowgreen falling from it when putting it back together after cleaning but couldn't find the drop or where it may have dropped from, capacitors look ok. single fan version. has annoying blue led. requires 6-pin pcie power even though it draws less than 75w. 35
arctic p12 pwm pst 5 pack 2 used in the sama im01, 3 unused 25
sama im01 hohboy this case. removing the front panel carefully according to the manual causes the top clips to break(so that's why it included two spares...), and is difficult to work in even though all sides but the back come off. can't put a discrete gpu in because it can't go into the slot all the way; something about the mobo tray or pci slots stops it. front left usb3.0 defective doesn't work but the right one does. pci slot magnetic swinging screw cover hinge is a bit bent because the top and bottom packaging foam were switched in factory(cutouts did not align). matx mobo prevents bottom from having second fan if not want to risk mobo header damages 30
lian li lancool 216 opened the box and took out the inner accessory box on top but put it right back because became busy and never got around to using it. did not take out the case. almost literally open box. do not know state of tempered glass but jiggling box does not make broken glass sound. 90
corsair sf600 platinum 3 months use. powered the 12400 using integrated graphics, don't think total system power exceeded 150w from the wall 100
thermaltake tr2 430np don't know if it was 2nd hand or not. used to power a windows xp office machine which was bought without one. Don't use more than 350 watts; here is a review of the unit showing why- https://www.hardwaresecrets.com/thermaltake-purepower-430w-np-power-supply-review/ its F-tier but would personally trust it in a system pulling less than 100 from the wall. one cable with 20+4-pin motherboard connectors one cable with 6-pin pcie connector one cable with 4-pin 12v connector one cable with 3 molex connectors two cables with 3 molex and 1 floppy connector one cable with 2 sata connectors one molex-to-sata converter 5
cablemod black modflex EPS 4+4 pin 45cm extension sf600 needs the extension to reach the mobo receptacle in the sama case 10
thermalright 1700 anti-bending ilm comes with thermal paste(used once) and original ilm of the mortar mobo 8
hp zr24w + ergodepot J2 monitor arm 1920x1200 resolution. 12 years use. ccfl backlight has been on for ~3.3 years. came with a scratch not noticeable when on most of the time. has smudges from over a decade of use, not trusting myself to clean it without scratching. includes J2 monitor arm (desk clamp), but makes it skew a little. when powered on, it knocks channel 6 out of the airwaves until it is turned off. flickers below 100% brightness. 70
tecknet um013 mouse awful scroll wheel. defaults to the lower of the two dpi settings every time it loses power. 2 months use. 3
redragon karura k502 rgb keyboard 2nd hand. works, but did not verify all keys. 6
presonus eris E3.5 studio monitors were on my desk for 10 days and powered on at low volume for under an hour, may be low amount of specks of dust, and the speaker wire had been connected, but otherwise is as if you opened up a new one. didn't like the space they took up and preferred my headphones, but B&H would not take these back because i told them i used the included speaker wire. no joke. 80
samson go mic 2nd hand. works, good shape. has sticker covering the led to diminish the brightness. 15
xbox 360 wired controller didn't use it often, but owned it for a really long time. the left thumbstick has worn down, is low tension, and can drift slightly if off center to the northwest. 4
asus xonar dx 2nd hand. used for a few months in 2011 but was too close to gpu intake so put it away. 18
logitech c600 webcam works, model V-U0007 5

longer longcat.jpg
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2023.03.22 21:49 Ambitious_Weird1281 How to succeed on YT? My Two Cents #3

How to succeed on YT? Data Is King!
In my last post I promised to write about thumbnails. But NO! Thumbnails can wait. At the expense of repeating myself, in my first post on this forum I wrote:
“Second method is to use a proxy. What is the proxy? Successful channels in your niche. Not by imitating them but by studying them. What, how and when they upload a video and most important why they upload a video. Which topics get most traction?”
You do need to study your competition to answer following questions.
What they are doing?
How good is the video?
Is the creator able to keep viewers in the video?
How is the intro?
How is the production quality? Sometimes something simple as production quality can make the difference. How good is the thumbnail?
Can you make a better one to rank higher?
Now, Question is: How do you study your competitors? By collecting data.
Below are two quote from people who know something about data. Geoffrey Moore, Management Consultant & Theorist, wrote, “Without “big data,” you are blind and deaf and in the middle of a highway”.
Reference: Page 316 -
Chip and Dan Heath, authors of Made to Stick, wrote, “Data are just summaries of thousands of stories – tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.”
So, here is the story of Johnny Harris, YT creator with 3.78M subscribers and 187 videos, through data of his channel. Please download the data files using the following link to follow along.
Data Download Link:
Every aspiring YT creator always ask a question, “when and how many times a week I should upload?”
Until April 2022 Johnny uploaded 96 videos. And 75 videos out of 96 (78%) were uploaded between 11AM and 2PM. There are outliers but In Johnny’s view best time to upload is just before lunch time. He seldom upload on Saturday and Sunday. However, during the week his uploads are almost evenly distributed. And this makes sense as well. Most of his videos are about geopolitics and/or have something to do with maps. What do these facts tell us about his audience?
According to Pew Research Center, survey conducted in October and November of 2019, “U.S. adults who say social media is their most common way to get political news are the youngest by a considerable margin. Nearly half of the adults in that group 48% are under 30, and perhaps even more striking is that only 12% of them are 50 and older. 58% are women, 56% white adults and only 11% Black adults”. These are the people most active during week days and working hours. His upload time makes perfect sense. His casual style, choice of words and overall vibe resonate with this audience as well.
Average video Duration
Total video length 1 day 1h 9m 19s
Average video length 15m 43s
His tags and keywords also speak volumes about him. He used 675 unique tags to describe his videos. However, he used following 6 tags 430 times, once in almost every video.
Vox Borders 90
Johnny Harris Vox 89
Johnny Harris 88
Johnny Harris Vox Borders 87
Vox 76
This too makes sense. Before working fulltime on his own channel he was host of a popular show titled “Borders” on VOX. He is still trying to capitalize on his successful show.
And please don’t lose sleep over TAGs. These are there cause of legacy issues and at most for misspelling corrections, which aren’t many anyway. Modern engines can understand even worst misspellings. It’s a myth that tags can help in ranking videos. Of course at the end of the day the official Google documentation has final say on this matter.
"Tags can be useful if the content of your video is commonly misspelled. Otherwise, tags play a minimal role in your video`s discovery."
Present YT algorithm isn’t dependent on these lists of mere words. This doesn’t mean the age of SEO is over. As long as there are search engines there will be SEO. It’s just that techniques will change. In a 175 page long research paper published by google researchers revealed that YT started using AI to track and improve viewer satisfaction back in 2015. You can very well understand what the state of the technology is today. However, there are tools made available by google to improve content SEO. One key take away is this: Today one cannot cheat AI but it is possible to work alongside AI to get better traction online.
Popular videos Here is the list of his most popular videos till April 2022.
Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)-5,113,597
Here’s What Happens If China Invades Taiwan-6,447,921
Putin Will Lose, Here's Why-7,466,282
Why People Think the World is Flat-7,818,523
NFTs, Explained-7,929,629
The REAL Reason Putin is Invading Ukraine-8,164,155
The Man Putin Fears The Most-8,250,751
The REAL Reason McDonalds Ice Cream Machines Are Always Broken-10,032,664
But the interesting fact is he uploads his videos in 8 different categories namely:
News & Politics
How to & Style
Science & Technology
Nonprofits & Activism
Travel & Events
Film & Animation
what do you make of this? This data also include thumbnails of all his videos. But that is a topic for another day.
Then there are trending videos on YouTube. The data you just downloaded contains list of videos trending in the U.S. this year in news and politics category. The most striking fact about this dataset is that so-called “Main Stream Media” still has clout among YT viewers in the U.S.
Above is just a glimpse of the gold mine we call data. WE can answer a long list of question with the help of this data. For example:
Which Topics are trending in a specific category? Which titles and thumbnails attract most viewers? Which keywords are popular in a given period of time or a category?
Which topics generate most engagement? Can we find trends and patterns among a given set of Creators in a given niche?
And many more…
Do this exercise for minimum 10 and max 30 popular channels in your niche and you will get a clear picture of your desired audience preferences. You will have a long list of Ideas in your pocket and you will have a clear benchmark in view. Otherwise you are standing in the middle of a highway.
A word of caution, if one thinks Data is the elixir and it will unlock the gates of the city of success and fame. Then one could scarcely be more wrong. Data is a guide, honest guide. It will guide you in the right direction. It will help you in making right decisions. It will help you in finding ample opportunities to put you on the path to success. You will have to work for it nonetheless.
Please share your ideas, comments and critique.
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2023.03.22 21:49 MysteriousLecture2 [Hire Me] A Verified Urgent Essay Writer (100%)

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2023.03.22 21:47 yrn_Glucose Seaplane rating

Could use some guidance regarding seaplane ratings. I want to get rated and pursue an air taxi caravan job, and eventually make my way into fractional ownership or something along those lines in the corporate realm. Any advice on where I should seek this rating out?
Commercial pilot with just under 250 hours, obtaining CFI, MEL, and possibly MEI within a calendar year. Located in Chicago and willing to travel.
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2023.03.22 21:46 amateurdwarftosser Downtown DC recommendations

Hello all,
I am traveling to DC for work or a few days and staying near the mall. My teenage son is accompanying me and we’re going to see the sights over a weekend coming up.
I am platinum and I do have some suite night upgrades available. I was thinking the Westin City Center, Renaissance Downtown, Courtyard Convention center, or the Marriott at City Center.
I am not renting a car and we are happy with the metro.
Any recommendations? Anything to avoid?
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2023.03.22 21:33 MysteriousLecture2 [Hire Me] A Verified Urgent Essay Writer (100%)

HI! I am a professional urgent essay writer with more than 5+ years of genuine experience in the urgent essay writing industry. I'm competent in essay writing, research proposals, articles, movie summaries, report writing, personal statements, admission essays, and in-depth research among others. Get your money's worth.
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2023.03.22 21:30 WPBaka Mint Mobile's reply to a TrustPilot review. Pretty succinct if you ask me 😂

Mint Mobile's reply to a TrustPilot review. Pretty succinct if you ask me 😂 submitted by WPBaka to NoContract [link] [comments]

2023.03.22 21:28 Leos-moon Upper Blepharoplasty UK

I have an appointment for the procedure and I’m quite nervous. I’ve tried to research my surgeon online and have only found positive reviews. Is there a forum other than trust pilot, Google reviews etc that can provide more information.
It’s with the Signature Clinic in London and Dr Aoife Turner.
Also if anyone has had this procedure I’d be appreciative if you could also share you experiences.
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2023.03.22 21:27 mrjunejuly45 My Timeline and my 2 cents

My timeline:
On 01/14/2023 - I Submitted my Passport Renewal Application online. Selected Expedited and 1-2 delivery. At that time, it indicated 3 to 5 weeks. I had international business travel for March 22, 2023.
On 01/17/2023 - that online status indicated “In Process”.
On 02/15/2023 I signed up for the USPS Informed Delivery. Just I case my new passport is shipped without any formal notification.
On 03/09/2023 – (14 days to my travel date) I called the #877 phone number and the moment I mentioned that I submitted online, I was transferred to the online team. I was on hold for 3 hours. When I finally got to speak with a person (they are a phone bank and not actual Passport Specialist) I was told that the status indicated “In Process” and nothing much they could do “Goodbye”. I tried calling back the #877 number several times, but they refused to answer any questions since I applied online. They just kept transferring me to the Online team. Endless loop.
On 3/10/2023 Morning - I contacted one of my state senators (I did my research concerning which state representative had the best record on helping its state residents with federal agencies). In my case for passport assistance. I provided the required information and documentation. They responded the same day (afternoon) by email that they contacted the Passport Agency in my state and no in- person appointments were available at the moment. And told me to try #877 to check if they had appointments in other states.
On 3/10/2023 Afternoon – I read a Post by “Sullim4” that he had determined a way to check the network traffic when the Passport Application number was clicked on. The response payload provides status that could be the most current. Mine was set to Fulfillment – Approved/Printing. This status is the most information I have gotten in more than 8 weeks. The information I have gathered that when a passport is in the Approved/Printing state, it can take from one day to 3 weeks to actually get it printed and shipped.
On 3/16/2023 Thursday late afternoon- I received an email from the senator office indicating that I have been granted an in-person appointment for the morning of 3/21/2023 in the city that I live.
On 3/20/2023 afternoon - I had everything ready for my in-person appointment on 3/21/2023. The DS-82 form and just in case the DS-11 form, passport picture(s), old passport, proof of payment when I submitted my online application.
On 3/20/2023 at 9pm I checked my Online Passport Application status and this time it had changed from “In Process” to “Printed.” And I could NO longer get the GetExisitingAvailActionsData status information. It is no longer in the response buffer.
On 3/21/2023 at 3:20am I received an email from USPS indicating that they received Pre-shipment information from the PASSPORT SERVICES/DOS TUCSON TUCSON ,AZ
Well, I had a decision to make fast. Go to the in-person appointment or cancel and trust that my new passport will be shipped from the DOS Tucson location. I decided to cancel my in-person appointment so that another person will be able to use it. Only way to cancel is to send email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with the Subject field set to “Cancel My Appointment”. And provide the needed information on the email to cancel. Confirmation number, Unique Identifier, Date, Time and Location. I sent an email at 4:00am.
On 3/22/2023 at 1:30pm my new passport was delivered to my home. Finally, got my new passport. Too late to make my international trip, my flight was at 3 pm. Which I had to re-schedule for next week.
On 3/22/2023 at 3:30pm I received an email from u/state.gov indicating that my passport was shipped. I checked my Online Passport Application status and now is set to “Shipped” and if you click on the Application Number, it provides the USPS tracking number.
I was wondering why there were such delays and confusion in a passport application process that I had used four times before without major delays or issues. (every ten years I needed to renew).
Here is what I have found out and my 2 cents:
  1. The Passport Application process started to have issues with delays about 3 years ago.
  2. The people that handle passports Applications are called “Passport Specialist” and in the last three years the number have gone from 1,457 to 1,237. They have not kept up with the demand for passports.
  3. During the Pandemic 2020 - 2021 there were about 2 million Passport applications in backlog.
  4. During July 2021 there was a rushed by U.S. citizens submitting Passport Applications which led to more delays and a minimum process time of 18 weeks (4.5 months). Many contacted their state representatives , many traveled to different cities for in-person appointments, most had selected expedited and 1-2 day delivery. (Sound familiar)
  5. On December 13, 2021 the current administration issued an executive order for the State Department to create an Online passport Application process.
  6. On February 2022 the initial pilot online Passport Application is opened federal employees and contractors.
  7. On 8/2/2022 the limited online Passport Application is opened to the general public for 25,000. It closes on 8/12/2022.
  8. It has opened three more times for limited service. The last one was in February 2023.
  9. On 3/09/2023 the current administration allocated $163 million to revamp the Passport Service.
Note: From all the information I have read, and the comments and issues experienced by many of us with the current Passport Application process. The system is currently overloaded, and the Online Passport Application process is not really the problem. In my opinion is the fact that they do not have enough personnel (Passport Specialist) to handle the number of applications and I do not know if their printing and shipping process has the resources to keep up. Yes, the Online service needs more development work since it’s still in Beta stage.
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2023.03.22 21:26 FonzoLabStudies Grief Intervention/Support Resource: Investigating Psychedelics in Prolonged Grief

The Center for Psychedelic Research and Therapy at The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School is currently seeking individuals to participate in a paid research study that examines brain responses and how they may be altered following a course of treatment including psilocybin or 5-methoxydimethyltryptamine (5-MeO DMT) along with psychotherapy in bereaved spouses, significant others, or family members of veterans or military service members. We hope to learn more about how brain function is influenced by psychedelic assisted therapy and how this may impact psychiatric symptoms related to the loss of a significant other. You may qualify for this study if you are:
If you are interested in more information, please contact us! Individuals can earn up to $900 for participation in this study and will additionally be provided two all expenses paid trips to beautiful Austin, TX! This is a prime opportunity to contribute to providing better mental health treatment to bereaved romantic partners or family members of military service members. If you would like to participate, the first step would be to complete a brief online questionnaire for your contact information: https://redcap.dellmed.utexas.edu/surveys/?s=8FFRTT3X4MTXJ3PT.
This study has been approved by The University of Texas at Austin Institutional Review Board. For general information about participant rights, contact 1-512-232-1543 or email at [email protected].
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2023.03.22 21:20 FilFoundation FIP0056 in Last Call until 03/24: Introducing a Sector Duration Multiplier and Increasing Sector Duration Times

FIP0056, a proposal aiming to address some of the broader challenges facing the Filecoin network, is in its last call until Friday, March 24. This proposal would introduce a Sector Duration Multiplier, increase the minimum sector duration from 6 months to 1 year, and increase the maximum sector duration from 1.5 years to 5 years. For more detailed information about FIP0056, read the full proposal
Beginning in early 2021, researchers in the Filecoin community began to notice unsustainable cryptoeconomic trends. They authored FIP0036 to counter them, but it was rejected by the community for proposing too many changes at once.
However, the underlying cryptoeconomic pressures that initially inspired FIP0036 remained. Community members continued to seek solutions for the economic headwinds faced by the Filecoin ecosystem. The authors of FIP0036 soon released FIP0056, a revised proposal that sought to reflect more community feedback by limiting the scope and severity of proposed changes. You can read more about these discussions in this community post.
FIP0056 would change this framework by introducing a 2x independent Sector Duration Multiplier, which is multiplicative of the existing 10x Quality Multiplier incentive introduced by Filecoin Plus. This means the maximum multiplier available to any sector would increase from 10x to 20x. The multiplier increases the amount of FIL a storage provider can potentially earn for each sector over time, depending on the length of their storage commitment. This would also proportionally increase the amount of collateral that SPs would need to pay. The intention is to encourage longer-term storage agreements, leading to better-aligned economic incentives and improved stability within the network.
As FIP0056 enters its last call phase, the Filecoin community is piloting a hybrid soft consensus process that will drive consensus around the proposal. This approach prioritizes gathering community feedback but recognizes that community feedback may not necessarily lead to a clear decision; as a result,Core Devs will be asked to generate soft consensus amongst themselves after publicly reviewing and debating community feedback.. You can contribute to the official discussion until the end of Friday, March 24.
Once the last call phase concludes, Core Devs will meet on April 6th and post their decision on April 7. If FIP0056 is accepted, it is expected to be implemented in the v19 network upgrade; if it is rejected, the FIP will not be eligible for inclusion in any future network upgrades.
What do you think of FIP0056? Let us know in the comments, and make sure to weigh in on the official discussion before the end of Friday, March 24.
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Garber's done it again! The fix is in, the MLS All Stars team is gonna beat Arsenal 2-1. It's all there for those who have eyes! Look! Look at the All Star Game banner! Look where it's centered. Not the Mall, or the Capitol or the White House or even Buzzard Point. It's centered over the H ST CORRIDOR! And not just anywhere along the H st corridor, but over the QUEEN VIC! Why would they choose that spot for the basis of their marketing? Because they're telling us something. We just need to open our eyes and hear! Listen! The Queen Vic is a LIVERPOOL bar. Who is Liverpool's arch enemy? MANCHESTER UNITED. And who is ManU's most famous player? SEÑOR WAYNE ROONEY. Do you see it yet? Do you think it's a coincidence that Señor Wayne just happens to be an English product who traveled to DC for soccer... JUST LIKE ARSENAL!? Of course not! It's planned! Garber is telling us that Arsenal is going to perform like Señor Wayne! This year, Señor Wayne's record against MLS teams is 1 win and 2 losses. Convert that to goals, and you have the English product (Arsenal) scoring 1 goal and the MLS team scoring 2!
MLS All Stars are gonna win 2-1!
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