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2023.04.01 16:32 puckbunny51 Rebook issue day of flight

Flying out today. Just logged in to review boarding passes and looks like they changed us to an earlier flight (not even sure if we will make it in time). We received NO notification of this change through the app nor via email. AND we are bumped out of first class to economy and separated from each other now. WtH?! Is this normal? What recourse do I even have?
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2023.04.01 16:32 kyrojasper My best friend stopped talking to me

So I just wanna rant freely about this because I feel like i’m going crazy! My best friend, almost like a brother (let’s call him Tom) has been dating this girl he reconnected with for almost a year (let’s call her Amy) at first I was truly happy for them and I enjoyed speaking to them. However over the last few months everything has gone downhill with our friendship pretty fast and I wanna rant about it because i’m going insane. Before he reconnected with this girl him and I had been planning to move together for about a year almost two. I was saving up during this time so we could move out, I went on holiday for a few weeks to Spain and was off social media for the time being, when I came back him and this girl had moved in together and he only told me after I told him i'd seen an interesting flat nearby we could look at. This hurt but I quickly realised we weren't exactly tied to each other and he didn't owe me anything. he'd moved out with her less than a month into their relationship. After this is when the problems began, everytime I spoke to him she would be around and would often weigh in on our conversations. every time I called him she'd be there. EVERY TIME. This would often get annoying because I wouldn't be able to speak freely without her interrupting. We began to speak less and less and meet up rarely. They're about 10 months into the relationship and over the last 10 months every time we have called or met up she would be around. I used to be OK with this but a few weeks ago something changed. Tom had confided in me about his relationship and told me his GF kept picking fights and they kept arguing because her communication was shit, not to mention his communication is also pretty shit. This had created a strain in their relationship. I felt like for the first time in 10 months this was the first time he had been open and honest with me without her influence. There was a time we went out to London and stayed in a hotel. I had previously told them 100x that I would book a separate room to give them space. they declined and insisted we book a larger room for the 3 of us. long story short they had sex in front of me about 4 times while they thought I slept and while I took a shower. I felt very uncomfortable and wore my headphones when I could. they're overly affectionate with each other which makes me very awkward to be around them as I'll be third wheeling 24/7. anyways! about 2 weeks ago Tom and I went on a trip abroad for 3 days. Not even a whole week. the whole time we were there he would actively search for internet points to talk to his GF and I felt like he was not at all present. i didn't bring this up because I did not want to sour the trip. more than once he would call his GF and be on the phone with her for 2 whole hours while I was simply there. there was a lot of other shitty things he did on the trip and prior to the trip but Its too long of a list to go on. Anyway, this bothered me, it was meant to be a boys trip and he had shown that he could not go a single day without talking to his GF who he lives with and sees every day. There was a lot of personal shit he shared about his relationship during the little moments HE WOULD be present and honestly starting to think his GF is kiiiinda toxic and their relation ship is not at all the healthiest but this I won't be sharing for his own privacy. long story short she's done kinda fucked up shit.
anyway, I wanted to bring it up on our flight back in a calmer tone or perhaps when we landed but something happened before this that made me explode after taking his shit for months. I ended up calling him out at the airport, I told him I wanted to get back home and take a break from them and that I wanted to re evaluate somethings and he got offended and told me I had used a tone he disliked and that I was wrong. We boarded the plane and he did not talk to me, gave me the cold shoulder even after I apologised for speaking to him like that even though I shouldn't have apologised. when we landed back home he took off and as I was trying to catch up with him, he sends me a message saying we should just go our separate ways. this broke me. I had wanted to at least say bye to him.
he sent me a message the next day saying that he was taking a break FROM ME. that I was in the wrong and that he wanted to reevaluate if the friendship was for him, I sent him a long document explaining how he had made me feel over the past 10 months both him and his GF and left it at that. I spoke to another friend who asked me "why are you friends with him" and I truly could not come up with a single reason.
Am I in the wrong?
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2023.04.01 16:26 valdentious Valdentious #36; Non-Stop (2014)

Challenge started 01/01/2023
Date watched 04/01/2023
I watched this on YouTube.
This is a Liam Neeson action hero movie. In this one he plays a US Air Marshal that is traveling from New York to London. After the flight is airborne he gets a message on his secure air marshal phone that unless $150 million dollars is deposited into a bank account a passenger will be killed every 20 minutes. These terrorists are pretty clever however and each time someone is killed it seems like Liam Neeson did it. Liam Neeson doesn’t help his cause as he acts like a mad man as he tries to discover who the terrorists are on the plane. And everyone, including DHS thinks he’s the guy. I will stop here with a summation of the story for we all know how it will end up.
This isn’t a good movie. There is no reason for you to watch it. The plot is both preposterous and completely predictable. The action is fine until the CGI is employed then it’s just cartoonish. I will give credit to Liam Neeson as in this movie he shows a wider range of facial expressions than most of his action films, especially when he is acting crazy. So I watched the movie on YouTube and the copy there cut the opening and closing credits off which save 10 minutes of run time, thus I give this copy 1.5 stars out of 4, if you watch on a full copy I’d rate this 1 star out of 4 . Whatever you do, don’t seek this out and don’t watch it.
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2023.04.01 16:24 FitImportance1 Introducing The FIT2000™️!

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2023.04.01 16:20 stay-dead [Store] Aghanim's CC 2021 ӏ TI9/TI10 - COLLECTOR'S CACHE

Hello everyone, wanna trade my TI stuff i opened for TF2 keys or Dota2 items !
My steam profile here - , add me to start 30 days waiting period, and please leave a comment on my steam wall or pm me there on reddit which items you`re interested
Buyer will go first, you can check my steam profile reputation, also my steamrep
Have a nice day! <3
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber Templar Assasin (rare) 6 🔑 or 15💲 in items 2
Evolution of the Infinite Enigma 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Horror from the Deep Tidehunter 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Wrath of the Fallen Doom 4 🔑 or 10💲 in items 3
Crown of Calaphas SD 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 4
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade Rubick 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 3
Talons of the Endless Storm CK 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 3
Beast of the Crimson Ring BB 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Secrets of the Celestial Skywrath Mage 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 4
Blaze of Oblivion Phoenix 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 5
Blacksail Cannoneer Sniper 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 4
The King Of Thieves KOTL 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 5
Clearcut Cavalier Timbersaw 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 5
Mindless Slaughter Pudge 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Flashpoint Proselyte Huskar 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 1
Apocalypse Unbound AA 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 1
Songs of Starfall Glen Enchantress 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Fissured Flight Jakiro 2 🔑 or 5💲 in items 2
Ravenous Abyss Underlord 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Herald of the Ember Eye Grimstroke 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Fury of the Righteous Storm Disruptor 2 🔑 or 5💲 in items 2
Fowl Omen Necrophos (rare) 10 🔑 or 25💲 in items 1
Tales of the Windward Rogue Pangolier 7 🔑 or 17.5💲 in items 1
Fury of the Bloodforge Bloodsekeer 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Drow Ranger 6 🔑 or 15💲 in items 1
Grim Destiny WK 4 🔑 or 10💲 in items 2
Endless Night Abaddon 7 🔑 or 17.5💲 in items 1
Prized Acquisitions Batrider 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Directive of the Sunbound Clockwerk 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Verdant Predator Venomancer 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Tribal Pathways Warlock 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 1
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected Orge Magi (very rare) 8 🔑 or 20💲 in items 2
Days of the Demon Axe 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Cosmic Concoctioneers Alchemist 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Blightfall Abaddon 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Widow of the Undermount Gloom Broodmother 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Perils of the Red Banks Chen 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
Apex Automated Clockwerk 4 🔑 or 10💲 in items 2
Perception of the First Light Dawnbreaker 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Silverwurm Sacrifice DK 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
The Chained Scribe Grimstroke 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 1
Forgotten Fate Mars 5 🔑 or 12.5💲 in items 1
Scales of the Shadow Walker Phantom Lancer 4 🔑 or 10💲 in items 2
Test of the Basilisk Lord Razor 3 🔑 or 7.5💲 in items 2
March of the Crackerjack Mage Rubick 4 🔑 or 10💲 in items 1
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2023.04.01 16:15 a_random_passerby Zefram Cochrane was only inspired because Lt Barclay told him about the future possibilities of holodeck sex scenarios

Cochrane goes from literally running away from his future, to suddenly being willing to fly the Phoenix again, to eventually settling into his pre-written role as a pioneer. What, or who, could have inspired this?
It wasn't any of the other crew of the Enterprise, it was the man who met him moments before and was so thrilled. After Cochrane ran away, Lt Barclay - armed with his extensive knowledge of holodeck smut - took him aside and explained the, ahem, possibilities of the holodeck, and how none of this would be possible without Cochrane's actions. Cochrane is suddenly inspired to usher in this new future and goes along with everything.
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2023.04.01 16:14 between_pauses Can't tell if I'm being slow-faded while match is on vacation

Hey everyone,
I matched with a girl on hinge around a month ago. We texted for about a week after meeting up, every time she'd send me multi-line responses and ask questions at the end but I noticed she always took 24 hours or so to respond. Since this was pretty consistent from when we first started texting I figured it's just her communication style as opposed to not showing interest. Date rolls around and it goes great, started with coffee and we both seemed to be clicking so I suggested to extend the date by checking out a small museum nearby and then later grabbing lunch. She paid for the meal and turned down my multiple attempts to try and split it which I thought was a nice gesture. We kissed before parting ways, all in all it was a pretty good first date. I texted her the usual "lmk when you have made it home safe" afterwards and then asked her out again for the following weekend.
She takes a day to respond to this, saying she'd love to but is traveling to Mexico for the next week and would be down after returning (which she told me that she gets back today, her trip was last weekend through all of this past week). Knowing that either side traveling is usually a good catalyst for losing interest or ghosting I asked her out to just watch the sunset on the Friday before her trip but prefaced it with "totally get it if you're busy packing then or have an early flight". She turned it down saying she was going to be packing then but reaffirmed interest in meeting up when she's back.
I continued texting her during the period she was supposed to be in Mexico (been more or less matching her energy by sending messages once a day or so), not knowing if she's able to send/receive actual texts in another country since it depends on carrier, foreign phone plans and whatnot. We had exchanged instagrams during the first date and I noticed that she was posting vacation pics to her story however. She responded to my text about 2.5 days later which was Tuesday, indicating that she does have cell service out there or at least texting capability in some form. I responded Wednesday night and also asked her out for Sunday (again mentioning "no worries if you're tired from the return trip" to show that I respect her time/other commitments and avoid coming off as a little pushy or desperate to meetup). Since then it's been crickets for about 60 hours.
The thing is she was posting vacation stuff on her IG story almost every day at first but not since Wednesday before I texted her. This makes me think that since then she's just gone somewhere remote and doesn't have reliable service, or just blocked me from viewing her story (highly unlikely scenario that my anxious-attachment style mind cooked up lol, chance that someone who's basically a stranger would live rentfree in her head enough to take the effort to do that is slim, also if she was going to do that it'd just make a lot more sense to block or remove me from insta entirely at that point).
So yeah idk if I am being slow faded/breadcrumbed or if I should give it a couple more days and reach out again and see if she wants to do something next weekend (at least it will be a more clear answer depending on if she responds, since as a rule of thumb in online dating "if it's not a fuck yes, it's a no"). I feel like me asking her out twice now on a more tight notice might have made me come off as too pushy and made her lose interest :/
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2023.04.01 16:14 Balobics 230401 NewJeans Google Update without Hyein

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2023.04.01 16:09 hopeleshit Pakistani Passport/Temporary HongKong ID holder

Hi! I've applied for a Thailand tourist visa from Hong Kong - I'm a student here, but my nationality is Pakistani. How long can I expect the visa application to be approved? Is there a way to try and expedite it since my flight is in about 6 days. TIA
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2023.04.01 16:08 wsikora24 Flight from Atlanta to San Juan

I was nervous about my flight because of all the horrible stories but the only bad thing was the seats. They didn't really check anyone's personal bags unless they were bigger than them. Flights moved on time and we got to both locations earlier than expected. As much as I loved it, my back and butt can't take the seats. So I'll probably buy one of the front seats next time
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2023.04.01 16:06 whozeppelin224 Looking back on my first trip to Italy

Hello all,
My wife and I just recently returned from our first trip to Italy and I wanted to share some of my experiences and observations from our trip that may help others looking to go for the first time.
Here was our itinerary:
March 22-23: Rome (stayed near the Pantheon); March 24: travel from Rome to Positano, stay one night; March 25-26: Positano to Sorrento, stay two nights: March 27-28: train from Sorrento to Rome (Trastevere), two nights; March 29: return home.
The first thing I want to express is my wife and I had an absolutely fantastic time! I was super nervous about this trip as this was my first time overseas and furthest I'd ever been from home, but very happy we went.
Topics I wanted to share:
Mobile Passport Control: If you're from the US or Canada, download this app before you go. Do it. Don't think twice. If the airport you're returning to accepts it, this is a game changer. My wife and I skipped at least a 1.5-2 hour long line at customs and breezed through in about 15 minutes, time in line included. The actual process with the Customs office took less than 5 minutes. You answer some very simple questions in the app, take a photo of each traveler, import your passport information and then once you land, you submit all that information and get a QR code. You scan that QR code with the officer and you're basically done. If it weren't for that app, we would have absolutely missed our connecting flight back home. I will forever sing that app's praises-- it was an fantastic experience.
Research: absolutely do research. Don't just "wing it" going to Italy. I felt like having a general plan of what we wanted to do, when we wanted to do it, budget and understanding the travel necessary to complete our trip was huge to our trip's success.
Scammers: one common "prepare for this" I saw before going to Italy was these people who try to give you flowers or bracelets seemingly for free, then ask you for money afterward. Definitely saw them, mostly in Rome, and some of them have some interesting tactics to get your attention. For me, I heard a lot of "hey, I like your beard!" or "Nice beard, man!" We also saw some others who dressed up and would get in a photo and then ask for money after the photo. Just keep an eye out and so "no" or "no thank you" repeatedly and they eventually leave you alone.
Pickpockets: this was another common "prepare for this" I saw before the trip, but we never had an issue. My wife and I both wore crossbody bags and I wore a jacket over mine to hide the strap from behind. I had nothing in my pockets the entire trip, except for maybe my phone a few times, but nothing in my back pockets.
Cars/Scooters/Pedestrians: man, sometimes it felt like IRL Frogger, especially in Rome! Those scooters find any sliver of light and they're going for it to weave in and out of cars. At some crosswalks that didn't have crossing lights, you kind of just walked and hoped traffic saw you and would stop. From that perspective, Rome felt very similar to New York City. Even walking in alleys and streets off the main road could be a fun experience as well with narrow streets and cars or scooters driving your way. I never felt in danger at any point in time, but I felt like I had to keep my wits about me at all times.
Smoking: So. Many. Smokers. This was probably the biggest culture shock to me, and this is coming from someone who has been in bowling alleys their entire life including back when you could smoke there in the states. Smoking was everywhere, except on buses and trains. It's not like in the states where there are designated smoking areas or people try to separate themselves from others while smoking. That really surprised me and I had smoke blown in my face while walking, eating...even with our hotel window open it wafted in.
Moovit App: So, I had heard this app was really helpful in navigating the buses around Italy. I had mixed results. Sometimes it was very accurate, sometimes it wasn't. We also got on the wrong bus (but same number?) once and had to get off and call an Uber because we wanted to get to our hotel and didn't want to deal with a bus again. YMMV of course and some of it may have been user error, but I was lukewarm on it.
Buses: Speaking of buses, that was a wild experience. Some of them in Rome were packed to the gills and then some. It was crazy to see how many people could pack onto those buses. Overall, they were useful and got us where we needed to go, but thankful that neither my wife or I get claustrophobic.
Trains: We took TrenItalia to Naples and Italo to Rome. Both were fine, I didn't notice a huge difference between the two lines. We took the Campania Express from Naples to Sorrento and back and it was fine-- it was more expensive than the Circumvesuviana, but I thought it was nicer and a bit quicker. In Naples, you follow the signs to the Campania Express, but don't go through the gates to actually get on the platform. There is this alcove near the gates where you see people wearing Campania Express shirts/hoodies and they'll escort you to the train when it's close to arriving. But, in Sorrento, they don't do that and my wife and I almost missed our train back to Naples because we didn't realize we were standing right outside of's not labeled as Campania Express anywhere, so just be aware of that. The other issue with the Campania Express is its schedule-- it only runs four times a day, so if you're using it, you really have to plan your entire journey around that schedule.
English: I know this is a common question, so I thought I'd share my experiences as well. I knew only a few Italian words/phrases that I looked up prior to the trip and I had no issues at all with the language barrier. Some people spoke English very well, others knew enough to get by. In my experience, the people who knew the least English was the taxi drivers-- we took three taxis during the trip: one knew a decent amount, one knew very little and one knew none at all (luckily I knew Italian for "Colosseum.") Other than that, really had no issues at all with the language. Funny enough, there were some times like at a store or something where the cashier could tell we were tourists (not that it was hard by any means lol) and I would say "Gratze!" and they'd be like "Thanks so much!"
That's just what is off the top of my head, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask! Happy to share.
Again, absolutely loved the country, loved the trip and had a wonderful time.
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2023.04.01 16:00 Soixante_Croissant On Harrold Westerling going forward

In Fire and Blood, Harrold Westerling is made lord commander of the Kingsguard upon the death of Ryam Redwyne in 105 AC, only to die himself seven years later. The book literally only mentions him when he dies. However, Harrold's role is greatly expanded upon in the show in some very specific ways. Firstly, he is made Rhaenyra's sworn shield, presumably from a young age, and the show begins to flesh out their close relationship from the very first lines of dialogue. The show also changes it to be Ser Ryam who dies in 112 AC, with Westerling taking on command of the kingsguard from then up until the green council around 19-20 years later. Having not aged a day in those years, Harrold quits the kingsguard when ordered to lead a mission to kill Rhaenyra.
So, where to from here? The most obvious answer is that he goes to Rhaenyra, probably joining her Queensguard. There are several points at which this could happen. He could take a ship and get to dragonstone at some point earlier in season 2, or he could lie low in the capital until Rhaenyra captures it at the end of season 2 or somewhere in season 3. There is a small chance he only joins her just before or during her flight from the capital, but this is unlikely. The truth is, we just don't know what they'll do with him during this time period in the show. I do, however, think they've been setting up his death since his first scene with Rhaenyra. Hotd has always been, in a way, Rhaenyra's story. The first season opens (kinda) with her and Syrax, the "second pilot" opens with her giving birth, and the finale ends with her staring at the camera. Rhaenyra's story ends with her becoming Sunfyre's latest (and last) snack on dragonstone. just prior to this, in the book, her last three Queensguard are killed in Alfred Broome's betrayal. I believe that these three will be combined into/replaced by Harrold Westerling. Interestingly, one of them, a knight of House Darke, is also named Harrold. It makes thematic sense for Harrold, perhaps Rhaenyra's first protector, to also be her last. Or maybe he'll claim The Cannibal and fly him off to Skagos to hit it off with some unicorns and fellow cannibals. This, unfortunately, will most likely be relegated to my wet dreams.
If you have any other ideas as to where Harrold could go as the show goes on, feel free to share below.
TL;DR: The show MAY end Harrold Westerling's story with Rhaenyra's, with him being killed protecting her and Aegon the Younger when they return to dragonstone, making him her final Queensguard.
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2023.04.01 15:59 NaivePrawn A brief rant about my bad decision

Just coming here to get this off my chest because complaining to my friends would be unseemly.
I've been running a four year long, meets every week, 5E campaign with the intention to end it at 20th level when the characters have the resources and allies to beat the BBG. The overarching plot is prisoneescape. We've been playing this for about four years, the characters are on the cusp of 19th level, and we are about 4 months from the finale.
In real life, BFF has been sick for about a year and just got sent home on hospice. She says she wants a big ending for her character. A phoenix transformation thing. She wants to tie some Egyptian god stuff in there. She says she wants it to hit hard.
I give her free reign to tell her own ending during the campaign last night. That was a mistake. She tells this dramatic ending for herself and, in the process, makes the rest of the campaign unplayable. As a final benevolent act, she frees everyone and sends them where they want to go. I didn't know what she was going to do, but I also didn't interrupt her narrative once I figured it out. As the song goes "No one says no to the boy with a terminal illness."
So now, my campaign is over. I have a big ending I will never see played out. I'm a lot sad and a little pissed. Can't complain about it because - dying girl.
The other players were shocked at the abrupt ending but after it was over they were like, okay, what are we playing next. It's nice they want to keep playing. I still want to play. But right now I'm pissed and disappointed and don't want to write anything new. I also don't feel like I can stop the gaming sessions right now because it's the only time some of them get to see dying bff and I think it's important we stay in the routine while she's still with us.
Don't want to write. Don't want to stop playing. Just want to sulk:-) Gah!
Anyway, thanks for listening internet strangers. May your games have better endings and may your friends stay well.
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2023.04.01 15:56 Asad_Farooqui Mario Golf World Tour on 3DS is what the Mario sports games on Switch WISH they could be! (a written review + discussion)

(Just to preface, this is not an April Fools joke everyone! This is a legit written review on a game I’m genuinely passionate about.)
Mario has been participating in one kind of sport or another since the 80s. From tennis to soccefootball to basketball to the Olympics, if there’s a sport out there Mario has most likely done it. But by far the oldest Mario sports series, which was inaugurated in 1987, is Mario Golf. You may think of golf as an “old people” sport, mainly reserved for country clubs with too much cleared grassland… and you may very well be right about that. You may also think that golf video games aren’t anything special; after all indie devs put out golf games all the time. But throw in Mario in there and things suddenly change. Golf became fun, accessible, and exciting to master, all thanks to a new developer on the scene: Camelot.
Ever since they took over the Mario Golf series in the late 90s, Camelot have developed every single entry since on both home consoles and handhelds. The home console entries typically focus on arcadey sports action while the handheld entries focused on being single player RPGs. Toadstool Tour on GameCube is still a fan favorite played by millions due to its refined controls, deep mechanics, and Mario charm. And while the Mario Golf series had a great run in the early 2000s, shortly afterwards they just… stopped for a while. For context, the last Mario Golf game before World Tour was the GBA one back in 2004. Fans had to wait 10 whole years for a new one, so will it be worth the wait?
**This Game Has Loads of Depth!**
After nearly a decade of waiting, [Mario Golf World Tour]( finally launched on the 3DS on May 2, 2014, and right from the start things we’re gonna be different. Unlike previous handheld iterations, World Tour follows more in line with the console games. This was also true for the previous Mario Tennis game on 3DS, however that one was severely lacking in terms of content and gameplay depth. Folks were worried that Mario Golf would similarly be dumbed down for its 3DS debut.
World Tour was seemingly Camelot’s big apology for that tennis rushjob, and so they made sure this time to keep the accessible yet deep gameplay of Toadstool Tour intact. You can adjust the spin of your ball, apply fade or draw to adjust its flight path, and even use Mario Kart-style items to further strategize your shots. And if you were struggling to pull off any of these maneuvers, don’t worry! There’s a built-in training facility to practice these techniques to your heart’s content. All of this creates a gameplay experience that rewards your skill as a player rather than dumb luck.
**This Game Has Tons of Characters and Stages!**
Back when the game launched, there were 17 playable characters you could unlock and play as. Most of the regulars from previous entries returned, along with some surprising newcomers. Each character also has their own unique stats and shot arcs to consider when you’re picking which stage to play on.
And those stages oh man. World Tour launched with a whopping 10 golf courses, the most of any Mario Golf game to date. 4 of those are more traditional courses with 18 holes each, and the other 6, dubbed “Mario World” courses, contain 9 holes each and feature much more Mario-inspired visual themes, course hazards, and mechanics to consider. Now there was a way to obtain even more courses and characters, but I’ll talk about that towards the end.
**This Game Has Tons of Content for Both Single Player And Multiplayer!**
This was probably the biggest point of contention with the Switch-era Mario sports games: the lack of content immediately available at launch. And if the sheer number of characters and courses didn’t clue you in already, World Tour was dead set on overloading the player with content right out of the box.
In terms of multiplayer, all of the standard game modes from previous Mario Golf games return, including the standard Stroke Play, the 1v1 mode Match Play, the decathlon-inspired Point Play, and the time attack-based Speed Golf. Yes, Speed Golf was in fact not a new mode introduced on the Switch. You can also adjust the wind strength, whether items and coins appear on the field, whether everyone should take turns or tee off at the same time (a first for the series), and whether or not to enable randomized clubs (known as Club Slots). And all of this can be played locally or online for up to four players.
But if you fancy yourself more of a solo player, don’t worry because this game offers plenty for that crowd too. There’s an entire single player mode called the Castle Club, an RPG-lite campaign kind of like the previous handheld Mario Golf games! Here you play as your Mii and you must rise through the ranks by winning three progressively more difficult tournaments on the aforementioned 18-hole courses. You can also partake in the various extra practice challenges to improve your skills or just for fun.
But arguably more substantial than the Castle Club is the dedicated Challenge Mode section. Now this is where all the good stuff is at. Are you a fan of the Mission Mode from Mario Kart DS? What about the Striker Challenges from Mario Strikers Charged? Well this is surely going to keep you busy for a really long time. These challenges are how you unlock the various courses and characters for multiplayer, and the rate of unlocks is pretty smooth! These range from collecting enough coins, shooting through rings, beating the course under the time limit, taking on a character in a Match Play session, and so much more! And guess how many of these challenges are there. If you correctly guessed 200 on your first try, I’m willing to bet you cheated and looked up the answers.
**This Game Is Dang Beautiful For 3DS Standards!**
That last section went on a little longer than I thought, so let’s bring it back for this next section. Simply put, the visuals and music in this game are a real treat for 3DS owners. Camelot made sure every course in this game immediately stands out unlike Toadstool Tour or Super Rush, and the music that plays is audible candy. There are a ton of delightful remixes to listen to, from the underwater theme from SMB1, the title screen music from Yoshi’s Story, a super jazzy rendition of DK Jungle, and even Peach Gardens from Mario Kart DS!
The characters are all nicely animated and their hole animations are all really elaborate, almost like the character animations from Mario Strikers Charged. But don’t take it from me, [watch them for yourself]( and see how much love and care was put into them!
**This Game Had… Actually Good DLC?!**
Back in the early 2010s, paid DLC was still very much a foreign concept that not all publishers knew how to get right without pissing off a lot of people. Looking at you, Capcom. But when Mario Golf World Tour first launched, it also came with a first for any Nintendo game: a [season pass]( This terrified a lot of people back in 2014, because Nintendo had only just got into the DLC game with titles like Fire Emblem Awakening and New Super Mario Bros 2. Yet despite all those gripes, I feel that World Tour did DLC right in this particular instance. The base game actually wasn’t full price, it was only $30 dollars. And the season pass included 4 new characters (all of whom were newcomers to the series) and 6 new golf courses that were actually remakes of the 6 courses from Mario Golf 64. I loved using Toadette to clear challenges, Nabbit for his animations, Rosalina because of course, and Gold Mario to farm for coins!
And all of that extra content came at the affordable price of $15 dollars, which was cheaper than the other 3DS titles with paid DLC and set a new standard for post launch game support for games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Brothers. It certainly beats the “free updates” model Nintendo loves doing with their Switch games anyway. Unfortunately as of last week, it is no longer possible to purchase this DLC officially, but I’m sure if you’re really committed you’ll find a way.
Holy crap, this review was SO much longer than I originally anticipated! So that was my giant schpeel on Mario Golf World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, what I genuinely believe is the best Mario sports game I ever played. Y’know this game went under the radar of most Nintendo fans, likely because Mario Kart 8 on Wii U was just coming out around that time. Reviews at the time were pretty sparse but generally really positive, and according to VGChartz it sold roughly half a million copies, and that’s being generous.
But if any of what I said interests you at all, don’t skip out on this one. Just because it’s a Mario sports game doesn’t mean it’s a filler title or something that isn’t worth keeping an eye out for! People are still playing Toadstool Tour to this day, in part because of how disappointing the recent sleight of Switch titles have been for a lot of players. World Tour is probably up there with those GameCube greats, and it deserves to be played by as many people as conceivably possible. This was, by all accounts, the last truly excellent Mario sports game we ever got and the last amazing game Camelot ever put out.
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2023.04.01 15:53 Dry-Neat-2818 Hiring an investigator for SO - Nightmare version

Hey fam,
This happened in 2014 to the friend of an acquaintance.
M, was and is a multi entrepreneur with 3 businesses, one of which was software services. She is based in Hyderabad with her hubby and kids. She had a founding employee, S who became like a little sister to her. M took her under her wing and trusted her like family. Then, she was invited to S engagement and felt that the soon to bride looks dissociative. She tried to talk to her next day at work and S immediately looked guilty but evaded questioning. According to M, she looked like a full on PTSD victim when talking about her fiancé - the Devil.
So M, who is a woman of resources and power, hired a cyber PI to get to know Devil better. She thought maybe he was in debt, or had a past marriage that was hidden or lies about his career - the usual suspects.
Turns out
Devil was a leading member of a secret society of swingers in Hyderabad who shared their wives with the group, beck and call. Devil had run through multiple girlfriends to avail the benefits of being a part of this group but his parents and community now expected him to be married. How he got his exes to essentially service this elite Eyes Wide Shut Desi version - we don’t know.
M confronted S and demanded to know if she knew this about Devil and this was the reason for her confused gloom. S broke down and said that she discovered after she had slept with Devil and he had threatened to leak her intimate pics if she didn’t marry him and join the swinging Hyderabadis in their cult. S didn’t want to ruin her family reputation and ACTUALLY gaslighted HERSELF into believing she could change Devil after marriage with her love.
No, really. That’s what she told M. Women who are in a flight or fight mode, get dissociative to the point of delusion.
M knew better. She created 2 folios with Devil’s history and sent one to her parents, met them and explained that S was too traumatized to act rationally and they needed to step up and protect their daughter.
The other folio she sent to Devil and threatened to put him if he ever misused the intimate images he had of S. S was so thrown by being dumped by Devil that she blamed M for meddling where everything would have been fine after marriage 🫠
S left M’s office and cut all contact with her, as far as I last know. Her parents obviously were grateful to M and troubled by their daughters mental state. They tried to get her into therapy.
I know this is a freakishly extreme case but after my own divorce from a narc abuser I never felt the urge to trust like a blind romantic again. I used a PI for hubby 2.0 too. Before our third date. I just couldn’t imagine relaxing and being vulnerable without a clean bill of health for the man.
I know not everyone can afford PI’s.
But we can all also not afford being blind in our faith on men.
Edit: S was dating Devil. This wasn’t an AM match.
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2023.04.01 15:50 HeroOfTheDay545 Why Are Stewardesses So STUCK UP??!?!

Edit: I'm getting confused. I've received messages that I'm in the wrong subreddit, but I read your FAQ and it says this is for passengers??? God you guys are stupid.
Hey everyone, long time lurker here, first time poster!
I travel for work alot so I joined a bunch of hotel and airline membership programs, as well as tanked my credit score by applying for an AMEX Black card without an invitation until they took me out of pity.
I'm still a virgin despite my killer looks and 6 figure salary, so I've started shifting my strategy to picking up flight attendants. What I'll do is after boarding with the military guys (not a veteran but they never check lol), I'll make sure to "accidentally" drop my wallet in front of the stewardess at the door when I walk in. I spring loaded it to jettison my AMEX credit card and various Honors Member cards upon impact, and I'll make sure she sees them as I fumble around for them as the other passengers sidestep around me in the galley. I've been asked a few times if I'm drunk, no doubt a product of my suave nature.
I also stick my head in the cockpit to see what kind of competition I'm up against. Most of the time, I'm clearly the better man, so I'll smile and mention I have a private pilot permit, and to call me if they need anything.
After that, I'll take my seat after stuffing my oversized rollerboard and 10lb wool coat in the overhead bin, and wait for the stewardess to start serving drinks. When she gives me my champagne, I'll give her a wink and mention how this will really take the edge off as I get ready for a power meeting later today where I'm negotiating a multi million dollar business venture. She usually rolls her eyes, they're so playful!
Later on during the flight, I'll make a point of chatting up the stewardess on my way to the bathroom. I've been trying various topics, but my recent one has been talking about my former job as a porn star and how they fired me because I was TOO big (it's only kind of a lie, I'm 7 inches if I push the ruler into my pelvic bone). The reactions so far have been mixed, with typical reactions being "Uh..." all the way to "Get the fuck away from me you creep."
I'm trying to stay positive, but I still haven't had any success despite trying this since I was 19 (I'm 45 now). It seems to me like flight attendants are just entitled bitches and can't take a joke, and they only want bad boys.
Thanks all!
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2023.04.01 15:42 According-You-6088 He threw away my letter

So we have been together for 1.5 years. I am someone who loves writing letters, he is not into it. I get it, totally. No issue.
Í gave him a letter 2 days back, when he was in town to visit me. It was a short note, but very heartfelt. He was going back to his city, I had told him to open it later on, and tell me over the phone how he feels.
Today morning, I was surprised that he has never mentioned anything about the letter. I thoughthe must have forgotten, so I asked him.
He said he had thrown it away at the airport! He was in a hurry to catch the flight, so was getting rid of wrappers and papers from his pocket. So he threw away that too!
I mean, if he had just tried to read it once I would have understood. Also it was so unimportant for him that he didnt even feel bad about it.
He says I need to grow up and be practical.
Am I being unreasonable here?
TL;DR he threw away my letter
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2023.04.01 15:41 mstransplants How to prepare physically?

I plan on doing the PCT next year, and am doing a shorter 300 mile hike this year. I currently work as a delivery driver and walk between 12-18 miles a day depending on my route. 6 of those miles are walking to and from my work and I usually have about 10 pounds on my back. The rest just depends on what I'm delivering. It could be an envelope three steps from my van or it could be 50 pounds up three flights of stairs.
What, if anything, should I add to my physical preparation?
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2023.04.01 15:40 According-You-6088 BF[22M] threw away my [23F] letter

So we have been together for 1.5 years. I am someone who loves writing letters, he is not into it. I get it, totally. No issue.
Í gave him a letter 2 days back, when he was in town to visit me. It was a short note, but very heartfelt. He was going back to his city, I had told him to open it later on, and tell me over the phone how he feels.
Today morning, I was surprised that he has never mentioned anything about the letter. I thoughthe must have forgotten, so I asked him.
He said he had thrown it away at the airport! He was in a hurry to catch the flight, so was getting rid of wrappers and papers from his pocket. So he threw away that too!
I mean, if he had just tried to read it once I would have understood. Also it was so unimportant for him that he didnt even feel bad about it.
He says I need to grow up and be practical.
Am I being unreasonable here?
TL;DR he threw away my letter
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2023.04.01 15:38 Elegant_Sweet_9612 Paragliding In Bangalore - Let The Wind Take You Away

Paragliding In Bangalore - Let The Wind Take You Away
Paragliding in Bangalore is an exciting activity that lets you experience the beauty of the city from a unique perspective. With the city's beautiful landscapes and stunning views, paragliding in Bangalore offers an unforgettable experience.
Paragliding in Bangalore is a thrilling adventure sport that requires an experienced instructor and a good dose of courage. After a basic training and safety briefing, you will be ready to take flight. The paragliding flight starts from Jakkur, which is located at an altitude of about 1800 m above sea level. The flight can last for about 30 minutes, with amazing views of the city and the majestic hills of the Western Ghats.
Nandi Hills Paragliding: Soar High Above the Clouds
  • Nandi Hills Paragliding offers a unique and unforgettable experience for adventurers of all levels. Nandi Hills Paragliding offers an array of packages for those that wish to take to the skies. From beginner courses to advanced courses, you can find something to suit your skill level.
  • The beginner courses are designed to give you a basic introduction to the sport, while the advanced courses will take you to new heights and let you experience the thrill of paragliding. You’ll be able to learn the basics of the sport, such as how to launch, land, and control your glider.
  • The Paragliding in Nandi hills school is also well-equipped with the latest in safety equipment. All instructors are certified and experienced, so you can be sure that you’ll be in safe hands while you soar through the skies. Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll be able to take part in a number of exciting paragliding expeditions.
Price of paragliding in Nandi hills
  • Paragliding in Nandi Hills is a popular adventure sport enjoyed by thrill-seekers, nature lovers and anyone looking for a unique experience. Paragliding price experience in Nandi Hills varies depending on the package and duration of the flight.
  • For a basic paragliding experience, you can expect to pay around Rs.2,000 to Rs.3,000 for a single flight. This includes the cost of the equipment and the instructor’s fee.
  • The duration of the flight will depend on the wind conditions and the skill level of the pilot, but it typically lasts between 15 to 20 minutes. If you’re looking for a longer flight, you can opt for a tandem paragliding experience.
  • This is a great option for those who are new to the sport, as it allows you to fly with an experienced instructor. Tandem paragliding packages usually cost around Rs.4,000 to Rs.5,000, and the duration of the flight is usually between 30 and 45 minutes.
  • For the more experienced paraglider, there are also advanced flights available. These can include flying over the hills, soaring in thermals, and more. The cost of these flights can range from Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000 and the duration can be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour or more.
No matter what type of flight you choose, paragliding in Nandi Hills is an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave you with lasting memories. So if you’re looking for a unique and thrilling adventure, then paragliding in Nandi Hills is the perfect choice.
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2023.04.01 15:33 Allforthe2nd [WTS] THIS IS NOT A JOKE: #BASICBITCHSLINGS ARE BACK! Multicam, MC Black, MC Alpine, MC Arid, ATACS Ghost, and plenty of solid colors inside! Plus a MEMER, TQ hammocks, Flecktarn pants, steel target/training plates, XD9 holster, CMC flat bow trigger, Surefire eliminator 762, and HS515 with mount

I’m back, baby! No M81 or MC Tropic my shipments were delayed... but soon yes.
What you see listed below is what is available today. Buy more than one handmade item get $2 off each additional!
BASICBITCHSLINGS. Made by me in my craft room with my 1940s Singer sewing machine with: 1" MIL-17337 and/or A-A-55301 nylon webbing; ITW/Duraflex USA plastic 1" hardware; 550 cord; and TEX 75 heavy-duty thread. Webbing, 550 cord, and hardware are Berry compliant.
10x MC Black V2 $22 shipped each
5x MC Alpine V2 $22 shipped each
5x MC Arid V2 $22 shipped each
5x 4x Multicam V2 $22 shipped each
10x ATACS Ghost V2 $22 shipped each
5x 4x Ranger Green V2 $18 shipped each
2x Camo 483 V2 $18 shipped each
5x Sage Green V2 $15 shipped each
5x 1x Just Black V2 $15 shipped each
5x 4x Wolf Grey V2 $15 shipped each
5x 2x Coyote V2 $15 shipped each
TQ Hammocks PICTURE MYOG. TQ hammocks are MIL-W-5664 elastic with generic hook and loop. $12 shipped each.
2x Coyote elastic/tan hook and loop
1x RG elastic/ODG hook and loop SOLD OUT
MEMERs PICTURES MORE PICS Mostly Elastic, Maybe Ergonomic Rigs. Similar to something a credit union thief would use. Made from MIL-W-5664 elastic, AA55301 webbing, TEX 75 thread, and ITW buckles. The outside seams are a little messy due to figuring out the settings on my machine but they will hold. Each holds 4 AR mags, both have been fit tested with PMAGs G2s, Lancers, Hera, and USGI Mags. Asking $55 shipped, 1 available. Mags not included, demonstration only.
Flecktarn pants PICTURES Impulse bought from here and they have just sat in my closet. As far as sizing I don’t know how they do it overseas but I included a picture of the tag. I wear a small short and they seemed to fit okay. They are high-waisted so even the the legs are 27 inches long they fit more like a small short unless you wear pants like my grandpa. They are washed and no smoking or pets in the house. $30 shipped.
Steel target or workout plates PICTURES NOTE: THESE ARE NOT BULLETPROOF PLATES. DO NOT USE THEM AS SUCH. THEY WILL NOT WORK Here’s some steel pieces I bought a decade ago and never really worked out in them and didn’t shoot them. There are 3 big ones and 4 small ones. Some of them are coated in Flex SealTM. Uncoated ones could use some cleaning or whatever. The big ones are 10”x12” and weigh 6 pounds. The small ones are 6” x 7.5” and don’t weigh 6 pounds. They are all 3/16” thick. Asking $250 $245 $240 $235 $230 $225 $220 $215 $210 $205 $200 $195 $190 $185 shipped for everything here. Bundle with other stuff for $10 off.
ALIENGEAR XD9 Holster Pictures GAFS catch and release. Bought it, tried it on once, went into a box. I think it’s made for the XD9 compact but it fit an XD9 just fine. Asking $40 shipped. Bundle with other stuff for $5 off.
NEIGHBORHOOD ITEMS PICTURE These are items I'm selling for a friend, any questions please ask and I can relay. Shipping is included.
READ THE RULES!!! NO NOTES!!! Zelle (preferred), CashApp, PPFF, or PPGS for +30 Flair ONLY with NO NOTES. I will ask you to send a PM when you call dibs so you know it's me you're PMing. Please let me know if you wish to use PPGS; I will use a Paypal fee calculator and send you a total prior to payment. If you use PPGS and we did not discuss I will refund you what you sent less the fee Paypal charges me. If you are forced to use notes by Paypal just put in ":)". Everything will be shipped USPS priority or First Class and I ship everything insured. Anything dibsed and paid for prior to 2100 nightly generally goes out next day.
What will the slings fit through? Anything that has a 1" slot, whether it's a QD, HK clip, plastic clip, rifle sling mount, paracord, zip ties, etc.
How do I install this through something or to my weapon? Step by step procedure here of what I do.
Do I have any clips or QD mounts? Not at this time, no.
Do I have XXX color? If it's not listed I don't have it at this moment. I have some webbing not yet turned into slings. Also, I have only been using Berry compliant webbing and no I have not found waifu webbing that is Berry compliant. Yet.
What does V2 mean? V2 means a longer tail end; this mod came from buyer feedback.
Is this introductory pricing? Nope! Several months ago I was in the market for an inexpensive sling in a color other than black and also made in the USA. After I made a few for myself I started to produce these as a low-cost, good quality sling for anyone who was in the same boat I was in.
Any other questions or anything let me know! Thanks for looking!
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2023.04.01 15:29 Substantial_Deal4452 Scammed $17000 at bar?

I have a friend (31 yo, single, engineer, male) who went on a bachelor party last month in AZ. He came back and looked at his bank account Monday to find a bar charged him $17,000. He doesn't have any recollection of buying bottle service or anything that would even come close to this amount. None of the 11 other guys remember anything either. Uber receipts show they were only there for a couple hours that night.
He started by disputing it through chase and reaching out to the bar to see if there was a mistake.
The fishy part to me is that someone from the bar told him they had a picture of his ID and a video of him that they would send him in a couple days - but never did. Multiple employees from the bar were texting him things such as "you were a legend here" etc.
Chase claims the charge is valid.
What next steps can he/should he take to recover this money? TIA
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