Footstool that turns into a table

shitty movie details

2017.07.06 20:20 Pokedude1014 shitty movie details

This [subbie](/subbie) is for the greatest movie details ever.

2014.03.20 17:46 dadschool Cool Guides

Picture based reference guides for anything and everything. If it seems like something someone might print, physically post, and reference then it is a good link for this sub. Remember: Infographics are learning tools, guides are reference tools. Sometimes it's grey.

2021.03.05 02:45 pinkfaun KarutaDiscord

We are an unofficial subreddit for Karuta, a collectible card bot powered by Discord that currently features more than 76,000 anime characters. It turns these characters into unique collectibles that you can earn, customize, upgrade, trade, and more!


Hello everyone, there are still true, skilled hackers and private investigators (PI) that always give their clients a flawless, finished product, but finding them might be challenging. I had the good fortune to run into a cyber warrior who assisted me in remotely hacking the cell phone of my alleged cheating partner. Without her knowledge, this man provided me the password to her social media accounts and access to her cell phone, allowing me to check in and view all of her daily activity on the device as well as read her text messages. I was shocked when he texted me a few hours after I gave him a few details to complete it for me in an undetectable manner and now that she is unaware, I have complete access to whatever she does on her phone. I will always be grateful to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for his professionalism and will always leave excellent feedback about the way he completes his work online. You can contact him for any assistance relating to hacking, and he will respond to you by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I can vouch for him because he is trustworthy and consistently honors his commitments.
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2023.06.08 11:15 Nodicwallartcanvas Whimsical Wonders: Playful Canvas Wall Art to Spark Imagination

Whimsical Wonders: Playful Canvas Wall Art to Spark Imagination
Whimsical Wonders: Playful Canvas Wall Art to Spark Imagination

Canvas Wall Art – In this article we break down everything you need to know about this popular print medium.

First wall art canvas, we will give a brief history of stretched canvas, break down the top 3 benefits of canvas wall art, and we will explain the different ways to order canvas prints such as gallery wrapped canvas, framed or as a triptych.


From original oil paintings to high quality reproductions of both paintings and photographic prints, canvas is extremely versatile. It complements a wide variety of decor styles, from modern to vintage and everything in between. Canvas wall art has proven the test of time, from its origin in the 1400’s to the present day. A glimpse at its history is literal testament to that point! Stretched canvas became the preferred painting medium for classic oil painters during the Italian Renaissance in the 16th century. Italian and French painters had an affinity for the medium for a variety of reasons- and these same benefits are the main reasons it remains a favorite to this day.
Frame styles change and become outdated, while aluminum and acrylic face-mounted art prints are arguably more suitable for modern decor. Over the centuries, classic stretched canvas art has prevailed as the medium that is here to stay.


Back in the 16th century, canvas material was made of tightly woven hemp, used to make sails for sailboats. Painters found that the material was both easy to come by and affordable! Today, most canvases are made of woven cotton, another affordable commodity, with some large canvases made of (more costly) linen.
When it comes to purchasing artwork, stretched canvas is one of the most cost-effective choices because a frame is not required. (Add in a frame and the average price becomes similar to framed fineart paper prints).


Revisiting the 16th century once more, Venetian painters struggled with finding a painting medium that stood up to their humid environment and would not warp, sag or shrink over time. Once again, canvas for the win! The fibers are capable of being tightly stretched, so warping and shrinking is much less likely. On a large scale, that can still be a concern, but mostly that became a non-issue. With inkjet printing these days, canvas prints are an extremely high quality media option, whether you want a small 12×16″ print or a larger than life 72×48″ print.
Additionally, high quality canvas prints have top notch archival properties, often with 100+ year lifespans. Many high quality canvas art prints are coated in a UV protective finish and as another bonus, are naturally glare resistant. If your wall is facing a window or getting a good amount of ambient light, UV protected canvas is a wise choice.


In terms of subject matter, canvas is suitable for virtually all types – abstract, landscape, seascapes, cityscapes, macro, portraits, and the list goes on. Coming from a photography gallery background featuring detailed landscape photography, I had a preconceived notion that crisp aluminum prints and/or fine art photo paper either framed or acrylic face-mounted were the optimal media options to highlight the exquisite detail of digital photography. I will say, seeing is believing.
The first time I saw Bella Bellagio by John Scanlan on stretched canvas (below) with my own eyes, those notions faded away. The detail in this photograph was certainly not lost when printed on canvas – if anything, the warm glow and sense of depth was enhanced. It was stunning!
Contrasting with the detailed landscape image, this abstract beach photograph is perfectly suited printed on canvas.


There are three primary ways to order canvas wall art – wrapped canvas, framed canvas, or as a triptych. Each of those options begins with the canvas print being stretched over stretcher bars.

Wrapped Canvas

For the cost-effective option, once the canvas is stretched, you are done! Simply hang the wrapped canvas print and enjoy. The term “gallery wrapped” refers to the method of stretching the canvas all the way over the stretcher bars and securing it on the back of the piece so that the edges are not exposed once hung. It is a polished look and our preference!

Framed Canvas

Another option is to add a “float” frame. The frame is attached to the back of the stretched canvas, leaving a narrow gap all the way around the front of the piece which creates the subtle illusion thecanvas is floating within the frame. The addition of a frame can transform the piece to complement a variety of decor styles: contemporary, vintage, rustic, modern, eclectic..
Adding a black float frame to a canvas piece makes for a modern or classic look.


This option is only available for certain images. Ordering the stretched canvas as a triptych divides the image into three equal pieces. This covers a large wall with ease, adds interest and is very popular with abstract art.
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2023.06.08 11:15 flameraleona little "update" about my blender learning

A few weeks ago I went here to ask for a little starting advise and I got a really long threat with links and stuff, I was very happy about it. I'm currently working on a pen and paper table and til now I'm pretty satisfied with it being my first own blender project. Again, thank you very much
you helped me a lot to start and gave me a lot input to look into when I run into a problem
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2023.06.08 11:15 Autokpatopik Any mods that give the ruler outfit to heirs?

Somewhat self explanatory, as asked in the title, are there any mods that give your heirs the ruler clothing (specifically talking about humans, the outfit with the red cape). Somewhat annoyed with my heir turning up with a scientist or governor outfit, lol
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2023.06.08 11:15 Holiday-Possible29 The Armored Terran 9

Hello everyone! I have started to post this on Royal Road and will be releasing one chapter per day there until I run out of the backlog that I have. I also have a Ko-fi page if you want to support my writing. Also, sorry this chapter came out as late as it did. I was traveling all day to get to my sister’s graduation, and I had to write this between flights. With all that said, I hope you enjoy this next part of The Armored Terran!
First Previous Next
“Well if I thought politics was boring before, I certainly don’t think that now!” I said with a chuckle.
Aeva finally tore their eyes away from the holoprojector long enough to look at me. “How can you be so calm about all of this? Your people are going to war!”
I grinned maliciously. “The Yaleya Conclave has no idea what they’re getting themselves into. Humans have been practicing warfare for as long as we’ve been recording our history. Sure, size may be an issue, but that doesn’t mean that we’re completely out of the fight!” I proudly explained.
Aeva didn’t look convinced. “Well, how do you know?”
“Well,” I started, “first, they don’t even know if we even have a home planet, let alone where it is. And even if they did, we have enough defenses in system that they probably won’t even get close to it. Second, if I know United Terra’s Space Command, then they’re probably planning a preemptive strike to cripple the enemy before the Yaleyans can even try anything.” Aeva was still not looking convinced. I smiled, “And besides, the galaxy at large doesn’t even know about half of the ships that Terran civilians are allowed to know about. Trust me, humanity will be fine.”
Sergeant Grays
Well, the day that humanity had been dreading has finally arrived. We were about to partake in our first interstellar war. I was pouring over the mission briefing that I had been given, shock written all over my face. This plan that command has authorized is a bold one. If they think that everyone is coming home after this is over, they’re crazy. I looked up from my tablet to survey the scene in front of me.
The hangar that I was in was massive, large enough to store hundreds, if not thousands of the biggest mechs that humanity could produce. It was a beehive of activity, with deckhands moving from place to place. I looked up at the massive cargo mech that was carrying a rack of single-seater fighters and interceptors, the ground shaking as it stomped past before setting down its load of aircraft. I saw my platoon slowly filter into the staging area for our portion of the operation. I looked down at my watch. Three minutes late.
When all my marines finally made it, I stood up and made my way to the holoprojector at the center of the staging area. “Sloppy, marines, you were three minutes late!” I said in my sergeant voice. “That means when we are done with this mission, I expect each and every one of you to give me three hundred pushups!” There were some murmurs of dissent from the group. I quickly wheeled over to the offending group of marines. “STOW THAT SHIT MARINES WE ARE AT WAR NOW! AND THAT MEANS BEING ON TIME TO BRIEFINGS! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?”
A loud “Sir, yes sir!” rang around me as soldiers straightened their postures.
“Damn right I do! For Operation Hidden Phantom, we will be the tip of the spear, so listen up, I will not be repeating myself!” I turned on the holoprojector. It showed the Yalayan capital ship, the Indomitable Crusade. “This is our target, the Indomitable Crusade. Our objectives are to infiltrate the ship and find and destroy the computer components that control the early warning system and the sensors suite for their entire fleet. Intelligence has pinpointed those systems to be here and here,” I said pointing to two different points that started to glow when I touched them. “In the event that they aren’t where intelligence has suggested, then our mission is to find them, and put them out of commission. We have also been encouraged to destroy as many secondary systems as possible, but the sensor array and early warning system are the priority. After we achieve our objectives, we are to signal to command to send in a mech boarding party from the Failure to Communicate’s carrier group. For this mission, we have been given access to the newest and shiniest toys.” As I said that the hologram changed to a depiction a sleek one-seater aircraft/spaceship combo. It was also conveniently sitting in the hangar next to us. “We are being given access to the single-seater F-200. I have been told that it has been outfitted with some of the best stealth technology that humanity has ever come up with.” I turned to my marines. “Any questions?” I asked.
A marine timidly raised his hand. “Sir, what kind of support will we have?”
“Until we take down the sensor arrays of the Indomitable Crusade, we won’t be getting any. We will, however, be given stealth based exo armor and enough explosives to level half of New New York. Command has assured me these measures will be enough for us to get in and do our jobs so everyone else can do theirs. Any other questions?”
Another marine held up their hand. “Sir, the briefing says in the briefing that the Indomitable Crusade has the best shields the Conclave have to offer. How are we getting past that? And what’s our infil?”
“Excellent question marine!” I exclaimed, proud that someone had actually read the mission briefing. “Intel says that the shields don’t even activate unless something is coming at it quick enough. This prevents it from using energy deflecting harmless space debris. Today, we will be disguising ourselves as harmless space debris in the solar system that the Indomitable Crusade is currently.” I saw the marines looking around at each other. They were clearly excited for this mission. “As for how we’re getting in, we will stick to the hull and cut through it until we get into the maintenance shafts, where we will then move to the air vents. This should give us plenty of time and help us avoid the xenos on board.” I looked at my watch. “It looks like that’s all the time that we have for a briefing, so get yourselves suited up and ready to go! We leave in ten minutes!” I shouted as the marines gave a hearty oorah. I couldn’t help but feel proud of my marines. “And may God have mercy on those poor xenos.” And with that, we all made our way to where we would pick up our stealth exo suits.
High Commander Tussus
It has been a long time since we have had a good war. Our people have gone soft and compliant in a way that not even compulsory military service could fix. We needed a war to ensure the strength of our people and the future generation, but we couldn’t declare war on a species in the Galactic Community without risking the ire of that irritating body of pencil pushers and bureaucrats.
Then the Terrans arrived, like sunshine on a stormy day. They were always on the edge of policy making and made themselves an easy target by their secrecy. As soon as their secret came out, high command saw this as a perfect opportunity to strengthen our people in the furnace of war. At this point, we were just waiting for the Terran targets to be given to us by command. This should be easy. They are so small that they can’t even defend themselves without their precious suits.
“High Commander,” said my chief engineer.
“Make your report,” I said irritated that he brought me out of my thoughts of conquest.
“We’re reading some very minor hull breaches in maintenance hallway seventy-three B.”
I paused. “Are we leaking air?” I asked.
“No High Commander. It seems like we are not. And anything that would be moving quickly enough to cause a hull breach would have been deflected by the shields, so it can’t be debris.”
“Is there anything on the cameras?” I asked.
“No, High Commander,” was the response.
I waved my hand. “Send a maintenance team to see what the issue is.”
“At your command, High Commander,” he said. “Maintenance team Delta 32, report to maintenance hallway seventy-three B and report on a possible hull breach.”
I leaned back in my chair. Despite the issue being resolved, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread come over me, almost like an omen of ill things to come.
First Previous Next
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2023.06.08 11:14 thefalsereaper Shop owners who pay salary plus commission to staff: is it still as sustainable and profitable as charging chair rental or commission only?

Having spent most of my time as a barber working in the UK as a self-employed sole trader on a 55-60% commission - which is how most shops tend to operate over here - I've been looking into the prospect of moving to the US or Australia, and one thing I noticed is that most of the shops with vacancies I found actually paid a salary or salary plus commission (at a lower %) and offered extra perks like paid leave, medical cover, bonuses, all that good stuff. Which just seemed a bit alien to me but also a way better deal for the employee when you consider the potential volatility of self employment and the tax and social security implications.
So my question is for people who own shops and operate in this fashion; is it just as sustainable and profitable and if so how do you ensure that it is?
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2023.06.08 11:14 Special_Challenge849 How do I (23 F) ask this guy (27 M) if he's interested in me?

How do I ask this guy if he's interested in me?
I'm 23f and he's 27m. Him and his family are close family friends. He hit me up 3 years ago and we met up in a group with friends. We had some drinks and he told me about how important family is to him etc and how he wanted to settle down and find someone.
We kissed that night and then we met again the following weekend with friends as well. We had sex but he couldn't stay hard because he had been drinking so we gave up. And after that we barely talked.
3 years later he hit me up again just as I got out of another relationship. We met up (my friend came with me again, because I'm too anxious to meet guys alone even though I know him). We ended up hooking up. He messaged me a few times the following couple of days but I tried to play it cool and not sound too interested. He told me he would bring his new puppy around to show me but he didn't, and then we stopped talking.
He is a bit of drinker and I've only gone out with him 3 times, and all times I've brought friends along. BTW they weren't dates... they were just hanging out etc, he never asked me our on dates.
I've messaged him to come see me this week and he said he will... but just to "hangout". Aka have sex
I just don't understand why he doesn't seem interested in me. We are both asian and he hasn't been in many relationships before. I'm not ugly, not fat but not stick thin too. But I think most guys find me really cute/ hot.
I've limited it down to: 1. He thinks I'm too much of a party girl and not wife or gf material but still wants to fuck. (I slept with him pretty quick, I used to go clubbing a lot and party etc and he knows)
  1. I'm not his type
  2. He's really insecure, can't talk to me unless he's drunk. Embarrassed because he couldn't get it up, and I've played it too cool and he thinks I'm not interested so he doesn't try
I know everyone will say he's just not into me but I just need to know why? I think I'm pretty attractive.
Please don't roast me reddit :(
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2023.06.08 11:14 brettol What are these sockets?

What are these sockets?
I have these sockets built around my house I’m presuming they’re old phone jacks? If so does that mean I can get an adapter which will let me run Ethernet through them as I have fibre installed and a master socket which I can plug an Ethernet into directly from the router.
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2023.06.08 11:14 GuaranteeUnique Textbook Corey Wayne style date setting by a 24x Reader

Textbook date setting by a 24x Reader
Her- Good morning! I’m well and yourself?
Me- I’m doing well. Can’t complain at all. Just got off work. I take it your day was productive as well?
Her- You had a pretty long day yesterday. Mine was very slow at work actually so there wasn’t much to do. Which is always good
Me- Slow days are definitely good days. And yeah, I work some pretty long hours with my work schedule. Speaking of that, What's your schedule availability looking like this week/next week to meet up?
Her - I can do Friday the 9th, Monday the 12th or possibly Friday the 16th
Me- Ok sounds good. How about we do Location XYZ in Arlington. Monday the 12th at 7:15pm?
Her- Sure that works.
Me- Ok, cool. so I’ll see you at XYZ Monday at 7:15pm. If something comes up, I will call you and likewise you have my number in case something comes up on your end. Otherwise, I will just see you there. Who ever gets there first can grab us a table. Does that sound like a solid plan?
Her- Yea sounds like a plan, see you there.
Me- Awesome. See you then Goodnight Jessica.
Her- Goodnight 😊
(Moral is, get to the f’n point gentlemen!!! The phone is not for meaningless chit chat)
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2023.06.08 11:14 Inner-Ad3066 FUCK BEST BUY MANAGEMENT

Worked for Best Buy for 5 years. last 3 worked in cell phones for a specific carrier. we earned monthly bonuses by meeting specific sales goals. I depended on these bonuses to survive (living costs in Southern California, living on my own from age 19, I was about 24 then.)
One day our manager held a meeting explaining that the bonus structure had changed. The bonus structure itself however didn't change, the bonus frequency went from every month to every 3 months. Same structure in percentage and amount just had to wait 3 months for the bulk sum instead of every month.
I spoke to my direct manager expressing that It simply wasn't possible for me to wait 3 months because I consistently earned bonuses out of utter necessity to pay rent every month. she replied "well its ok because its the same amount right?" I reminded her "rent is due every month" she responded with something like "you'll be fine, you can figure it out"
weeks later I was having a breakdown because I was about to get evicted and I was called into the office with multiple managers, after discussion of many other issues I focused back on the main issue of my wages being held and causing me to be evicted from my home and the same manager I had spoken to before said "well what's been your living situation?" I was taken aback because I felt it was weird that such a cold manager would suddenly ask such a personal question. caught off guard I answered "im by myself" she suddenly said "you could have told us, we had a place renting and *** and *** moved in" she was implying an invitation to live and pay rent with her along with two other coworkers and her employee boyfriend" The final conversation in the office that day included me breaking down in tears, requesting mental health services or at least contacts... a different manager just said "you know I can fire you for anything I want right? I can write you up now"
needless to say I quit that day. never got any closure as to what the reasoning/justification was for holding our bonuses for 3 months. got evicted, moved to a diff city and eventually out of state shortly after.
Ive got a lot more stories previous to this but just needed to get this one off my chest, holding it for like 5+ years.
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Hello everyone Even today, there are still true, skilled hackers and private investigators (PI) that always give their clients a flawless, finished product, but finding them might be challenging. I had the good fortune to run into a cyber warrior who assisted me in remotely hacking the cell phone of my alleged cheating partner. Without her knowledge, this man provided me the password to her social media accounts and access to her cell phone, allowing me to check in and view all of her daily activity on the device as well as read her text messages. I was shocked when he texted me a few hours after I gave him a few details to complete it for me in an undetectable manner and now that she is unaware, I have complete access to whatever she does on her phone. I will always be grateful to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) for his professionalism and will always leave excellent feedback about the way he completes his work online. You can contact him for any assistance relating to hacking, and he will respond to you by email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I can vouch for him because he is trustworthy and consistently honors his commitments.
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2023.06.08 11:13 sambrother05 How To Reset Roomba? Easy Guide Here!

Want to learn how to reset Roomba? To reset Roomba robot vacuum, you need to use two buttons on your device. Make sure the device is turned On and active. Press and hold the HOME and CLEAN buttons for 20 seconds. After that, release the buttons and wait for a few seconds. The Roomba robot vacuum will reset successfully.
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2023.06.08 11:13 lionsgravee Talking to the dead/dying?

So to start, I am an icu nurse. Been one since 2018. And I frequent my patients in my dreams. Just this week I had a patient I was caring for, for about 2 weeks who’s family wouldn’t let her go. At first she could talk to me over her trach and would say things like “let me die” and such but unfortunately her children were in charge of her care and that’s not my call to make. Well I had about 5 days off and the night before my stretch back into work, I had a dream about her. And she was in bed, talking and happy and so excited to tell me that her family has finally decided to let her go and she’s so happy to see her family in heaven. Well. I came into work that day and her family had finally decided to withdraw care and she passed later that evening. I was so relieved to know she was no longer suffering.
A week prior to this, my cat passed quite traumatically and I’ve been devastated. And I lost my father to drugs in 2018. Ever since my dad has passed I have never been able to talk with him in my dreams. He will just pass by me or walk in the background of a dream that’s not about him. Well the night of my cat passing I dreamt the most amazing dream. My dad and I were sitting on a couch with my cat on our laps and loving on him so much. I just felt like that was their way to tell me that they were okay and together again. Losing a cat you’ve had for 8 years is no joke on the grief spectrum let me tell ya. And it for sure opens up the doors from past grief.
Anyways, does anyone else speak to the dead or dying often? I’ve always had vivid dreams, and lucid dream often but I wonder if this is some type of gift ya know?
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2023.06.08 11:13 Cheops_Parishioner It's the little things that count

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2023.06.08 11:13 VineViridian I can't go back to all of my freeze defenses I've fought to stop. Now I feel even worse.

I just figured out why my mental health has gotten so much worse instead of better.
I've written extensively in reddit trauma subs about having a lifelong freeze/fawn trauma response, utilizing maladaptive daydreaming, being disassociated since childhood, and having disordered eating that I've mostly put into remission.
I even used to think for a time that there was another "entity" following me, as I'd perceive a disassociated part of myself hovering in space or across a room. When I realized that I'd spontaneously disassociate like that whenever I felt anxious, I focused on integrating myself.
That's only an extreme example of disassociation. I legit was in my 40s before I stopped oozing out of my body like that, but the learning disabilities and memory lapses have been life long. I'm only now tackling those in my late 50s!
My brain works better than it ever has, but holy fuck, I'm tired. I've had so much trauma, abandonment, cruelty, failure to launch, etc. built up over a lifetime, I've woke from a waking coma at nearly 60, and have to figure out how to "life" like a functioning adult.
....and I really understand why addicted people do not stop their drug and alcohol use. I work with an addict population, and I don't think its possible to understand why better than I do.
Alcohol killing your liver, but you keep drinking? Yup.
Lost a finger to skin popping, still doing coke and meth? Yup, yup, I fucking get it, damn.
The thing is, I can't go back to my addictions of behavior, other than my final ones that are still in my way: procrastination & executive function challenges. ADHD, or lifelong maladaptive defenses? I don't fucking know.
I do know that I have to change what I do, and how I think of myself.
Get out of low pay manual laboretail: Check.
Get competant & keep learning at current low pay professional position: Done.
Research career move job training for better pay: Procrastinating.
Think of self as competent in learning new skills: Yeah, got that.
Meet new people, don't show trauma history: sigh Learned the hard way, finally.
.....anyway, I am ripped clean of all of my lifetime of defenses. I am alone, I've tried support groups, I don't find them safe or supportive, I don't want to talk about this deeply vulnerable shit in them.
I've been treated pretty horribly by a past therapist, and I've realized that happens with therapists when they become annoyed with our trauma symptoms or lack of obvious improvement.
I feel reasonably safe showing my traumatized self exclusively on select reddit trauma subs.
I've learned the hard way that I can't talk to "friends." It's the fastest way to lose them. I'm not going to fuck up again with new acquaintances.
I'm learning that I don't want to talk about this to therapists. They cannot relate, and become judgmental eventually.
I've used mushrooms for medicine, but have not been able to integrate the experiences.
I'm thinking that if I continue to improve my life externally, while feeling this anguished and barren internally, I'm eventually going to do something epic level self destructive.
I wish I had a safe addiction to find comfort in other than dumping time into reddit. You're my lifeline, guys.
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2023.06.08 11:13 steppe030 Xone 92 what are normal off-sound noises in the headphone?

Hello together,
yesterday i bought i used Xone 92. I checked it before buying and as far as I could tell everything seemed fine, the guy who sold it to me also seemed leggit. Tonight i used it for myself i noticed some things where i am not 100% sure whether they are normal or not so i would love to have some reinsurance, it is all about noises i hear in my headphones.
When i turn the mixer on and i have the headphones on i hear some quite strong humming, which stays for about 10-15 seconds, then it gets weaker and goes away. I noticed that it only appears when the mixer was turned off for some time, if i turn it off and on after some seconds, it is not ther Is this normal or should i be concerned? This noise is independent from the setting on the volume knob.
If i have my headphone on and no music plays i can hear also some sort of humming (really weak). It sounds a little bit like these old fluroscent tubes. ( I actually have one in my room, sounds quite similiar) This sound is not audible if there is sound on the master or the cue (as far as i can hear it, but i have pretty good headphones). This sounds is also independent from the volume knob for the headphones.
And there is white noise in the head phones which gets louder when i turn the volume knob of the headphones up. It is also not audible (as far as i can hear with my ears, if something plays).
So do you have any explainations for it? Do this sound also occur on your Xones? My theory is that it is just the power currents you can hear since it is a analog mixer, but i wanted to have another opinion, so i would be really happy to know, since i spent a lot of money on it and just want to be sure, that everything works as it supossed to be :)
Thank you in advance for any reponses :)
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2023.06.08 11:13 KaleidoscopeWitty218 Post Breakup solutions

Hey Reddit!
I’m going through a rough patch, I was engaged and it got called off. The person no longer talks to me and kinda makes me feel like I don’t exist.
However that’s not the problem. I’ve lost myself in this relationship and I’m learning to find myself again. The days are tough and most days it feels like I’m just idling through time because I’m not getting my “needs” met. Im happy with who I’m becoming and the idea of where I’ll be in a years time. The hope for a brighter future is what’s keeping me going. My problems are lack of socialization and also the need to have a partner around. As it’s much more fun for me doing life with your best friend. Im reading books on bettering my understanding on social skills. Im finding it hard to force myself into social situations. I want to socialize and make friends and do things with others but I don’t know where to start. I also have a inner critic that’s telling me I don’t know how to socialize as I generally don’t talk much to people and I’m quiet. Im seeking advise on how I can work through this and any tips relating to my problems. Im also keen on having a 1 to 1 to find out if this is my issues or if there is underlying issues causing me to think like this. Im grateful for any kind of feedback and appreciate the support.
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2023.06.08 11:13 iaincollins Ardent API for EDDN now in Beta

Ardent API for EDDN data now in Beta
A few days ago I posted a link to the Ardent API for data submitted to EDDN which has been quietly running in Alpha for a few weeks now. I've now move the service from Alpha to Beta and have published the source code.
I have released a web front end for this yet (or integrated it into ICARUS Terminal) but it's the only open source version of a currently active service like this, so I thought I'd share it, and the new API documentation for other developers.
(I probably won't post about it again until the website live, but moving to beta and publishing the source felt like a milestone worth posting about.)

Ardent API​

Documentation and source code for the REST API:

Ardent Collector​

Source code for the service that collects data submitted to EDDN and generates trade reports:

Forum thread / Change log
(Title was supposed to read "Ardent API for EDDN data now in Beta", oops.)
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2023.06.08 11:12 SadDaisyPrincess Does anyone know good resources/book/studies about autism?

Hi, a few month ago my new psychologist asked me if I ever been diagnosed with autism. I wasn't, I'm from a small town in Eastern Europe, our health system wasnt that good (and we are still behind in a lot of stuff). When I grew up and got access to healthcare, I got PTSD, depression, severe anxiety. Psychologists would suggest that I have bpd, but they weren't sure enough. So I dont have diagnosis and I dont have resources to get diagnosed rn in America. I do have an interest in the topic, so I started reading Devon Price, Unmasking autism and some little studies here and there. Than I thought to come to reddit to find autism community. I really wanted to belong somewhere. I read through posts and got scared and felt even more lonely. Also I understood that the books I read are more concentrated on the low needs autistic people(?) Im not sure. I want to understand more. I want to see the bigger picture. I want to be careful with information I get. I really want some suggestions on the books/research papers/articles which would give more in depth look into this spectrum, especially with correct/uptodate terms for describing experience in different levels. Thank you
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2023.06.08 11:12 LauraAndTheBeehive I Posted A Few Months Ago (OP thelivingroomsong), I Need Serious, Genuine Advice With Moving Forward. Questioning My Experiences And Trying To Go Towards Next Steps But Everything Feels Worthless. More Below.

(I don't know how to flair this properly, I'm sorry.) I posted here a few months ago, maybe two (OP / u/,thelivingroomsong) about escaping my abusive household. I escaped, and now I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life. If anyone can try to give advice on what to do next, or try to nail into my head that I'm not in the wrong, please. I need anything I can get right now.
I escaped my abuser and am currently in a safe space with safe people, but it cost me everything. All I could bring with me were the clothes on my back plus a few articles of clothing, bare necessities, and thensome. Realistically, everything I had has been left behind, including extremely sentimental objects from a long-deceased family member that I know I'll never get back. I no longer have a job, and can't make any moves regarding my bank account (that the abuser somehow has access to) or any legal documents like insurance without exposing my exact location. I feel like I fucked up in the biggest way possible, but I know if I somehow go back there, I'm going to be killed on the spot.
My abuser made a fake missing person report on me and plastered it on their social media, which went viral. This post was then widespread across platforms, including on a few subs on this platform. Originally, I wanted to tell the truth to everyone via a Facebook post from my own account, but now I don't have a phone. That, as well as being locked out of all accounts I have that had two factor authentication applied to, to which I'm now IP banned from making any and all new accounts.
I've called the DV hotline (well, multiple) and no one's been of help. I'm waiting to hear back on legal advice as to whether or not my exposal of my abuser in this type of public manner would be, on my end, illegal and give means to the abuser to sue me for defamation or smearing of character. I don't know if I can somehow sue the abuser for financial reparation on grounds of some form of emotional/physical damages so I can afford medical bills for both mental and physical health services. But I don't know if I'm even considered the victim, as the abuse was never directed at me- but the abuser's spouse. I lived there, and am/was the abuser's child, the spouse is a girlfriend. Although I was never the one being physically (or sexually) abused, I have been physically touched twice (choked, attempted s/a), as well as grabbed, starved, forced to be dangerously sleep deprived, as well as extreme emotional, verbal and mental abuse, all the while witnessing the physical, mental/emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse of his spouse. I don't think any lawyer, DV caseworker, or even person (familial) would consider me a victim when nothing happened to me directly. I wanted to, or feel the need to, change my full legal name to further go into hiding, but even that costs an immense amount of money. The same goes for a new license, SSN card, and general documents to prove I exist.
I can't make money as if I were to open my Paypal account, I'm sure it would shut down the account or lock me out of it due to the same dual authentication on the account, on suspicion of the login not being me. I refuse to run a GoFundMe as I don't want to take away money from people who actually need it. Even if I did get money, I'd rather earn it and give the person who gave me the money something in return.
I don't know what to do. I know I have to tell the truth, because the abuser keeps spreading the narrative of me being 'gone' or had 'run away' while continuously spamming my Facebook Messenger with text messages daily, if not hourly, that I can't even view. I can't afford a lawyer or therapist/counselopsychologist, I'm about to be thrown out of school due to outstanding fees, I can't exactly go outside and apply for a job when I'm being hunted for sport, and I'm a burden to the people who let me into their space. I feel like I don't deserve to be here, in this place. I'm weighing everyone here down, especially financially, and it makes me want to fucking die. I have no family now, or friends, or anyone to ask for help. I'm alone, and feel like I made a mistake. I feel hopeless. I genuinely want to give up.
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2023.06.08 11:12 bladderbloodgore MIL has insane expectations and is very interfering

Hello everyone! I didn't expect to find myself here as I've been fortunate so far in this regard, but here we are, glad to have support from you kind people.
My SO suffers from anxiety and depression, this is a long struggle and he has been going through it for years now. He is a very brave man and is doing everything he can to get better. I have been with him through all of it and supported in every way from emotional to financial. We recently got married and have been living in a different country from both sets of families for a little over a year. His parents are an hour away by flight and my mother is 18+ hours away by flight. My dad is an abusive alcoholic and no longer in our lives, my mother is 65+ and ageing with typical age related issues and even though my sister lives with her I always worry and try and spend as much time as possible with her (on calls and a month in the year at home). I plan my trips well in advance to ensure i get cheap flights and time off from work (which is very stressful). My mother also takes care of my disabled aunt and hence can't travel for long periods to visit me. This is a system we have maintained and managed for years.
Last month when I was back home with my mom, my SO had a work stress related panic attack. I helped in every way I could remotely (helping find an emergency centre, helping him write to his workplace that he needs time off and even told him he can quit, talking to him throughout and helping distract with stuff etc). I was 2 weeks into my trip with 2 weeks left. I asked him if he needed me to come back, he said no, he is good at articulating his needs and knows I would be there in a heartbeat if he says it. He got medication and was already feeling better. I requested a friend to check up on him and asked my neighbor to bring over her dog (he loves dogs and they love him).
Fast forward to now when i have been back home with him. MIL sends me nasty messages saying if her husband had been ill, she would be home with him not wathing TV with Mama, and how I don't know how marriage works, and how I have somehow caused his situation. She was drunk when she said this, she gets drunk every day and is nasty to all her family members to the point his sister and BIL actively detest her. She also beat up my SO and his sister when they were growing up so pretty sure she has somehwat caused his issues. I showed my SO the messages and he lost his cool and called her immediately, she doubled down and said more nasty things about how she's a big girl and can speak her mind and not everything needs to be pleasant all the time and some more nasty things about me. My DIL was embarrased and said she's in one of her moods again and should not have done that. She's a failed artist and alcoholic so I can understand she is emotionally charged but I honestly have no patience for this kind of toxicity in my life. I don't tell her to not drink daily or beat her kids, she didn't fly an hour away to take care of her own son but berates me for not leaving my mom and flying 18 hours on an expensive flight when he has assured me he doesn't need that. My SO feels really bad and has apologised saying he won't share information about me with them going forward (he shares openly and I have never had a problem with it except now when it was used against me).
Anyway, I wanted someone to share their experience of how to handle this sort of a situation. I didn't respond to her messages and was not on call when SO spoke to them. I don't need an apology but I have 0 chills for anyone butting in my marriage or making nasty comments about my mom. I don't want to put my SO in a bad situation either. We have a planned travel coming up to stay with them and then a major family event. I don't want to avoid these things but make them manageable esp for SO. Thank you for your advice.
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2023.06.08 11:12 angry_pidgeon_123 i5 13600 and DDR optimal compatibility

Hello I'm building my own rig, so I need to ascertain optimal compatibility between parts for both performance and cost. My analysis I need help with, is what type of RAM in quantity and speed I need to install to optimize I5 13600 performance in gaming. Hope you understand my logic flow: CPU: Intel Core i5 13600K ( *supports dual channel, and runs up to 5Ghz in turbo, so buying 6Ghz (6000Mhz) RAM pointless? Obviously CPU supports 2 sticks, but not 4 sticks although some optimization can exist there I haven't heard of it... * furthermore, specs say I5 13600 supports up to DDR5 4800 MT/s. Dodging the hardware specifics details so I don't open a bigger can of worms, I jump to the point by example from google: "1600 MHz DRAM is thus capable of 3200 MT/s and is often sold simply as 3200 MHz" * * believing the CPU specs, it means DDR5 is supported, but up to which kind, unknown for sure * point of this discussion is, that I can buy RAM exactly or a little over spec, and save money
Then, I google up this: "What is 3200 mt s in RAM? MT/s vs MHz (Datarate vs Frequency) in RAM Modules. So, DDR4-3200 memory transmits data at a maximum rate of 3200 MT/s\*8 Bytes = 25,600 MB/s." \*\* \* since I5 13600 specs say it can achieve 76.8 GB/s, that means also from spec, DDR5 4800 MT/s \* 8 = 38.4 GB/s \* 2 (from dual channel!?) = 76.8 GB/s \* my conclusion based on potential insufficient data and coincidence, is that I should buy maximum DDR5-4800 with an I5 13600 processor", but DDR5-4800 does not mean having 4800Mhz (see \*) as it is sold, so what's the name of the DDR5 I want to buy exactly? I guess it would differ by manufacturer, since specs would differ, and even the naming might be misleading 
I've been told this is good: Kingston FURY Renegade RGB 32GB (2x 16GB) 6000MHz DDR5 RAM (latency 32 kind, but in light of this discussion, it could be pointless if my system doesn't support it Another issue: if I only buy 32GB RAM, how is 76.8 GB/s relevant to me since the CPU can't read data that isn't there... meaning to actually use 76.8 GB/s I should have a minimum of 76.8 GB installed? Which means I should use software or games that actually occupy up to that much space simultaneously, and I admit I can only possibly fill up 32GB in gaming to the best of my ability, meaning I don't need by far 76.8GB/s, and could easily get away for years with say, 48GB total RAM in dual channel, just for slack... except, RAM caching should be a reality therefore having more RAM makes sense, but whether it is generally used would be the greatest unknown, and I would guess it's an issue since optimization isn't a concern for today's cheap software. Maybe some benchmarks would clear this issue up. My experience is, that in RAM there is only what the software loads up as it goes, and there is no precaching of resources generally except minimally so having more RAM won't enable software to become more efficient since it wasn't implemented to be so
I've also picked up another quote from google: "What's the Difference Between 2666MHz and 3200MHz? Most of the time, the difference is insignificant. The difference between 2666 MHz and 3200 MHz may be roughly 8 FPS. " \* which is relevant to me since I build my rig for gaming, and in FPS PVP 8 fps matters if the overall fps is 30, since you need a constant feel of the game to get into that zone where you constantly hit your targets, given prediction is necessary, which relies on stability. A difference of 8 FPS is significant since it means random spiking, not a constant a 8 FPS drop. If it can be constantly over 60 fps then it doesn't matter since the human eye can barely make out the difference. Therefore I want more Mhz for greater refinement of fps, but only to what the i5 13600 can handle, which comes back to the original question, does buying DDR5 6000 Mhz make any sense if the CPU's Mhz is 5000Mhz tops (or rather I won't OC beyond)? 
P.S. With this, I plan to plant a RTX 4070, however the compatibility issues with CPU/RAM elude me completely, I need to look at the specs more, and take into account the motherboard of course since the video card is entirely reliant on that in the end. Maybe the CPU/RAM/MB is too slow for an RTX 4070, case in which I should buy a cheaper card. I will also ascertain in another post if necessary if top speed SSD makes sense with the other parts, and finally the motherboard I need to put it all together without paying for stuff I don't actually use or need
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