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New Aniara fan fiction short story - The Lost Voices of Aniara: A Space Saga

2023.06.10 06:37 Imaginary-Zebra-3589 New Aniara fan fiction short story - The Lost Voices of Aniara: A Space Saga

The short story you are about to read was created/inspired/based on a variety of sources related to or about Aniara. Aniara rock opera (Seventh Wonder) - The Great Escape, the Aniara wikipedia page, the Aniara film, poem etc. So if you read something and it sounds familiar, it's probably because it comes from or is based on, one of those sources. I have also tried to incorporate some of the thoughts and ideas expressed here on aniara, so some of you may see that reflected. I have not read everything that has to do with the Aniara universe, but I have found many of the resources listed on aniara very helpful in creating this short story. Thank you for those. I have also included a couple alternate endings.
Also, this story belongs to everyone, so everyone should feel free to to fill in the blanks, add to, subtract, or change any part of the story, in anyway they see fit.
I dedicate this short story to all the fans of Aniara, this story is for you and of course the late Harry Martinson.
Like many people who watched the film 'Aniara', I was mesmerized/traumatized by it. It really had a profound effect on me. So much so that I decided to write this fan fiction short story. I am not a writer. The short story that you are about to read is my (very) amateurish tribute to the film. I apologize in advance for all of the grammaspelling and other errors. Despite the (many) flaws of this short work, I hope that you can see what I was attempting to do. Anyway without further or do, I present to you:

The Lost Voices of Aniara: A Space Saga

Note: The following represents the most complete (so far) chronicle of events that happened onboard the Aniara.

Year 18 - Song of Melancholy - My name is Benjamin Jenkins, but everyone calls me "Benny", I am proud to announce that I am the new "Captain" of the mighty space "cruise ship" Aniara. Of course, my title could just as easily be the Admiral of Mars or the Conquer of the Universe, or some other ridiculous sounding grandiose title. Sometimes you must laugh in the face of despair otherwise you will go insane. It's all just for fun of course. I was given the title "Captain" by the crew because I was able to restore the communications transmitter. At least I think I was able to retore it? The lights show green for transmitting, so yeah I bet it works, and besides, all of this is being recorded for posterity and it will be placed in a time/memorial capsule. After that the capsule will be sent in the (general) direction of Mars/Home, where hopefully someone finds it. I'm also the Senior Maintenance Tech in charge of repairing/prolonging various ship systems, etc. There are now only a few remaining livable areas of the ship so it's not as much work as one might imagine. And to think 18 years ago, I was just an ordinary passenger, how far through the ranks I've come! As the "Captain" I will now recount the entire history of the Aniara, the various events, the everyday happenings, from the awe inspiring and amazing, to the boring and mundane, great triumphs and crushing defeats, all the feelings of happiness and joy that come with new life and all of the sorrows and despair that come from (too) many deaths and (too) many hardships. All of our great accomplishments, setbacks and everything in between will be laid bare before the entire universe to witness. Our love, our hate, our dreams, our wants and desires, disappointments, anger and fear but above all our HOPE. Our precious HOPE, the only thing we have left, which has kept us alive for so long. Our HOPE that this message will be received, that someone, somewhere will know our story and our struggle, our HOPE that Mars will be successfully terraformed into the paradise that we all know it can be and our HOPE that Earth will be restored to the paradise that it once was. It's all here, it's all being recorded for the future. I will start our saga from the very beginning of our trip all those years ago...

Hour 1 - Routine Voyage - Well, this is it! Soon I and many others will make a new home on Mars... of course if we hadn't ruined the first one...

Week 3 - Without a Map/A Slight Detour - Today the Captain made an announcement that there would be a slight detour in our trip. In order to avoid a collision with space debris, (which would have destroyed the ship) we had to veer off course. Some of the debris hit the nuclear reactor (a very rare event), which forced the crew to eject all of the ship's fuel. The Captain told everyone that we will be able to resume our trip to Mars once the ship passes a celestial body, which should (probably) happen in about two years. Everyone is (understandably) disgruntled by this unfortunate news. As for me I have no one waiting for me on Mars so it's not as bad.

Year 2 - Wait and See - After several long months of trying out all of the various amusements and other distractions, I was starting to get bored, so I spoke with one of the senior crew members and asked if I could volunteer to do something, anything. Also a job would help keep my mind off our current situation.
Today, my request to work was approved and now I'm part of the crew. My job is to do general maintenance tasks around the ship. I also help take care of the algae, which are used to supply the ship with oxygen and food. It's not a very challenging task, in fact I find it very tedious, but the algae are crucial for the ship's survival, so it gives me a sense of purpose and on top of that I also earn extra points.
Eventually, because of my (part time) job in maintenance, I would come to know every nook and cranny of the Aniara. On one particular day I noticed a slight problem (Electrostatic Diffusion Impaction or EDI) with the ship's air filtration mechanism. I was quick to inform my supervisor about the issue and together we fixed it immediately. If I hadn't spotted the problem, it could have gotten much worse and that would have been catastrophic for the crew and passengers. Afterwards my supervisor bought me a shot of (rationed) Dutch brandy. Other than that, nothing of note has really happened. Everyone is basically in a holding pattern.
One last thing. I've heard a disturbing rumor that there is no celestial body for us to turn around at... If this is true then, that would mean... But for now all we can do now is wait and see...

Year 3 - The Yurg/The Passing of Mima - A memorial was set up to honor the end of Mima. So much joy had she given us. On the wall among the thousands of drawings, pictures, and sad goodbye letters was a poem that went like this:
We sit and stare at all the marvels that she brings us.
Mima lead the way.
Shine your light!
Be the beacon of hope at night.
Perfect grace in the barren house of space.
Shine your light!
Blind us when reality bites.
We so need the magic she does.
Many rumors are going around about what happened to Mima. People say that the Mimarobe (MR) was the one that ended up causing Mima to die. As for me, personally, I don't believe it. The Mimarobe just didn't seem like the type. A few times after I got off from work, when I walked to the end of the long line of people waiting to see Mima, the Mimarobe would come out and say "Ok, everyone that's it that's enough for today, you have to leave now, sorry." My own personal opinion is that she was just trying to give Mima a break, so even though I was of course disappointed, I completely understood. Sometimes we all just need a break. Sometimes things just get to you and you start to feel overwhelmed. I understood the feeling. Mima was like us in that way. Anyway, Rightly or wrongly the Mimarobe was locked up in the ships brig, her and another woman, I think she was one of the pilots, Isabella\, I think was her name but I might be wrong. Oh well, our lives must go on, much sadder of course, but that's life, I guess. ****Isagel, the pilots name was Isagel, her and the Mimarobe would later become a couple.

Year 4 - The Cults - Strange things have started happening. Various cults have sprung up all over the ship with bizarre and strange names. One of these (that I am a member of) is called the ゴールデンサンライト・フォーエバー・クラブ - Gōrudensanraito Fōeba Kurabu - which roughly means the Golden Sunlight Forever Club. Some of these phony cults are/were created as a disguise to have outrageous sex orgies. The cult that I am part of is one of these. (HELL YEAH!). The other cults are very boring, stare out the window and worship the stars or something like that, types. (Glad I'm not a member of those!).

Year 5 - The Calculation - A few weeks ago I met someone special (Carmen) at one of the "worship" services. I've seen her before a few times, but this is the first time that we "connected" and it was amazing. I'm glad that she accepts my physical imperfections (burns scars). Now we are a couple and have left the cult.
Fantastic news! The Captain has announced that an Emergency Refuel Rescue Probe is on its way! The news of the rescue probe has had an electrifying effect on the crew and passengers. Everyone is so excited that no one even cares that we will have to wait just over a year for it to get to us. People are starting to clean and pick up trash again, and the sex clubs and other cults are starting to go away (in anticipation of a return to proper civilization). Now we have hope again! Thank GOD!

Year 6 - The Spear - The rescue probe is almost here. (Only one week away!) I also have even more great news! My girlfriend fiancée is pregnant!, now I will be a Father just like I always wanted! I have spoken to Captain Chefone and he has agreed that he will marry us on the day that the Aniara turns around and heads (finally) back to Mars/our new HOME! Even though it will take us several more years to get back, it will have been worth it to me. I am grateful for the "slight detour" we had to endure, because it allowed me to meet the love of my life! Now with our precious child on the way, I am truly happy. PURE JOY - beyond all words...
Something is wrong... After an entire year of training and preparation, the crew has successfully grappled the refuel probe and brought it on board. Everyone expected that within a few days, (a week at most) that we would turn around, but it's been three weeks and nothing. Every day the passengers ask the crew what's going on? When will we turn around? and every day we get the same answer: "Soon, everything is going according to plan, just be patient." People are starting to doubt and lose hope. I even walked right up to Captain Chefone but he knew what I was going to ask and he brushed me aside very angrily saying "Not now, I'm busy!". Now I don't know what to think. One minute I have a future and the next nothing. How can this be? I don't understand! WHY?
Catastrophe! After work I went straight to my quarters to sleep, it had been an exhausting day. Just after I fell asleep, I was awakened by a rumbling. Then, over the speaker came the announcement: Return immediately to your cabins and fasten your seat belts! Since I was already in bed, and had no idea what was going on, I quickly fastened my belt. When it was all over [missing] passengers and crew left. I was told that it happened because of something called "bow shock", which [missing] kind of like a shock wave. The bow shock had badly damaged many systems. [missing] so now I've been "promoted" to Senior Maintenance Tech. Repairs must [missing] don't have any more spare parts for [missing] so many are dead...
Today the Mimarobe completed her beam-screen project. So now when you look outside you can see beautiful waterfalls and green fields etc. I try not to look at it too much. For me its just too painful...
Year 7 - The Fall of Heaven - Today marks the one year anniversary of the arrival of the so-called "Emergency Refuel Rescue Probe". What a very official and grand sounding name for a giant stupid looking dart or as some call it "The Spear". I've even heard some people refer to it as the "Devil's Javelin", but whatever you call it, it's of no use to us. The Astronomer had once told me before she died "supposedly" from a heart attack, (rumors say she was murdered by the captain, I don't doubt it) that all the work and tests they had done on the probe were useless and that even the hardest drills were simply ground into dust without even making so much as a scratch on the probe. Despite a literal barrage of tests and every possible experiment known, even using our most advanced lasers, they had achieved NOTHING! That was the moment I realized that we would never make it home. I even visted "The Spear" once, it was years after all the experiments had ended. There was a time when the area was heavily guarded by the crew and only authorized personnel were allowed in. Of course when I went to see it nobody was around, nobody cared, everyone had given up on it long ago. I saw all of the black marks from what must have been hundreds, if not thousands of desperate attempts to get inside it, or just to figure out what the damn thing was supposed to be. On the floor all around it were small heaps of black and silver metalic dust, remnants of our strongest and hardest drills, remnants of our hope. Our best and brightest couldn't even figure out what it was made of, let alone figure out how to use it to take us home.
I beat my hands against it over and over and I cried out my pain and anger at it. "You were supposed to save us!" "You were supposed to take us home!" You Damn! stupid thing, help us! save us!" But of course it was all useless my cries went unanswered, all I did was injure my hands and hurt my soul, assuming I even have one. After that I (I'm ashamed to admit it)... in complete and total desperation... I got down on my hands and knees in front of it and begged it to save us. "Oh, great magic spear, please save us and I will do anything, anything..."
After I had exhausted and humiliated myself I got up and went back to my quarters broken and alone. All hope was lost before my visit with "the spear" and afterwords it didn't even exist, not even as a word, as though there had never even been such a thing or concept as "hope".
I had been struck by the spear, just like everyone else, head on. My now ex-fiancée and I have split up. Things just weren't the same after the procedure. I don't blame her at all for our break-up, after talking about it, we agreed that if there was now no chance for us to make it home then... what was the point? I went with her when she had the procedure done. But before we went I secretly met with the doctor who would perform the operation and told her what I wanted done after. She told me that I was sick... that it was "disgusting", and what did I plan on doing with "it". I told her that it shouldn't matter, none of this matters, then I pulled out an EFR (emergency food ration). EFRs could remain edible for an indefinite period of time. (In theory they could last for hundreds of years.) Here I said, "one now and one when I get what I want". The doctor was stunned, I knew what she was going to say and I interrupted her and said,"Unlike everyone else I saved my emergency rations." "I only have the two left (I was lying) so don't try to extort me for more." After years of eating only algae, EFRs were (almost) more valuable than oxygen. Of course the doctor agreed and I got what I wanted. It might sound crazy but I had a plan. Fate had taken my family away, but I was prepared to defy even the gods themselves. I was determined that I would have my FAMILY! No matter what! Nothing and no one, no force of nature, no power in all the universe would take that from me. NO! NEVER!
I asked me a question, no reply.
I dreamt me a life and live a lie.
Dream me a nightmare...
I traveled the stars but passed them by.
For trapped on Aniara, here was I.
...always been leaving.

Year 8 - [missing]

Year 9 - The Daily Grind - I have now returned to reality. I have stopped all of the sick and sad mind games that I have being torturing myself with. I once created a "plan" to do the impossible, but no more, no more. Everyday now seems like an endless pointless, struggle. Sometimes [missing] and hours. Some of my co-workers stopped [missing] for now that's all any of us can do...

Year 10 - The Jubilee - Tonight at the Light-Year Hall, those of us that are still left are going to "celebrate" the 10th anniversary of our 3 week voyage to Mars or as I like to call it the "never ending space adventure" Ha!
Captain Chefone gave the Mimarobe a medal for her creation of the beam-screen device. I sat in the front row and couldn't help but notice that one of the Captains wrists was bandaged, probably from another suicide attempt...

Year 11 - Hope Restored - My ex-fiancée is dead. She commited suicide like so many others before. I was hard at work trying to revive the algae (they had been neglected for some time) when my assistant rushed in and told me the news. "They were about to send her body into space, you have to hurry if you want to see her". I immediately and literally dropped everything I was doing. The algae pack I had been working on fell and splashed on the floor as I ran out the door as fast as I could. As luck would have it, I made it just in time to see her, and I even had time to cut a lock of her hair. I then kissed her one last time and said "Goodbye my love... but, goodbye is not forever."
Then that was it, off she went into the empty, endless, void. She was gone I told myself, but not dead. I squeezed the lock of hair in my hand and vowed that I would bring her back to life, somehow, someway, I would make things right, we would live the life we were supposed to have. I would make it happen. It would happen. Suddenly, I felt a force deep inside me rushing to the surface. It had been years but I knew what it was, It had returned to me, a feeling of exuberation, of joy and the certainty of knowing that everything would be okay. I now resurrected my "plan" and now I had a reason to live again, I had a purpose, and now I had......HOPE! And this time I was determined that I would never lose hope again. NEVER!

Year 12 - Return of the Cults - Some of the old cults have started making a come back... However this time they are no longer sex/fun cults, because after so many years of eating just algae, almost everyone has lost their sex drive/ability to reproduce... I think because the type algae on board was genetically modified to produce the maximum amount of oxygen possible, so it was never intended to be used as a permanent main source of nutrition. If we had access to more than just the one type, things might be different...

Year 13 - Foward, Foward into the cold empty night! We ride! - Captain Chefone is dead. Suicide. I knew he had been on the brink the past few years so it's not much of a surprise. I would often hear him say to himself "We should have been home by now." Of course he was right, we should have, but instead here we are stuck on this eternal "voyage of the damned".
A week after Captain Chefone died, I found myself walking by his quarters. I had the sudden impulse to go inside. I don't know what it was (probably just morbid curiosity), but I think I just wanted to find some answers...
I was surprised to find that his quarters were just as much of a mess as mine. (And everyone else's.) I think because he was the Captain, I expected a lot more. (He was only human.) After looking around the room, I went over to his desk and inside I found the Aniara's Offical Ships Log, but the electronic notepad was damaged beyond repair (on purpose). However, underneath it was a small paper notebook. "Ah, I said out loud, now this should be interesting." When I opened the notebook I was immediately disappointed. Most of the pages were torn out and those few that remained had been harshly scribbled over.
On one of the few pages not missing or completely marked over was written this: Today, we almost lost the entire ship, were it not for my quick and decisive actions as Captain. [illegible] an incredibly rare occurrence [illegible] critically damaged our main nuclear reactor. [illegible] only seconds [illegible] forcing me to [illegible] off course [illegible] have power for some time. This evening I will break the news to the passengers in such a way that will cause the least amount of panic and at the same time not destroy their hope. If they knew the real situation, it would only cause unnecessary chaos. In this way, I will maintain order and keep the passengers safe. Fear and [illegible] as Captain of Aniara [illegible] that is now my primary job. [illegible] now like a Shepherd Father and the passengers my sheep children. In many ways we are very lucky, [illegible] this trip, Aniara's sister ship crashed into Jupiter heading towards the Orion belt colony. Everyone on onboard was killed.
On another page was written this: The rescue refuel probe is here. [illegible] turned out to be [illegible] not what I expected. I have [illegible] for clarification, [illegible] Mars [illegible] -----cation. Testing will continue. I still remain confident that [illegible] the project called "[illegible] ---elin" can still be used in someway to turn the ship around and resume course.
The last two pages were so scribbled over that I could barely make out any words let alone a full sentence. I did however, notice what looked like the word "Devil" written over and over. Very strange. I left the Captain's quarters with more questions than answers...

Year 14 - [missing]

Year 15 - The Light Show Ends - Today the projection device created by MR, (Everyone still calls her the 'Mimarobe' as a sign of respect.) had to be shut down to conserve power. The Mimarobe often expressed to me her regret at not being more forceful with Captain Chefone in explaining the problem with Mima. She told me that if she could back in time she would say to the Captain:
"Just imagine what it will be like if Mima isn't here... do you understand how hellish the situation will become? My life is dedicated to this program and I'M TELLING YOU, IT WILL BURN OUT AND DIE! Imagine if people can temporarily go back to earth by turning on a light switch, now imagine if the bulb blows up, and there's no replacement..." "I know how important Mima is and you don't get it!"
The beam-screen seemed like a great idea at the time to keep everyone's spirits up, but in many ways it may have done more harm than good. People lost their minds staring all the time at something they knew they would never have...

Year 16 - [missing]

Year 17 - [missing]

Year 18 - The Time/Memorial Capsule - The Mimarobe was the one that came up with the idea for a time/memorial capsule. She (like all of us) has suffered greatly, but from time to time she would show a small spark of her old self. The idea, while slow to catch on, would eventually give those of us still left a renewed sense of purpose. (People now had a reason to get out of bed.) But, it was I who would take the idea and transform it into something greater. Our first attempt at creating the capsule was successful (it was little more than a metal box) but at the same time, as the Mimarobe pointed out it looked too much like a large coffin. I agreed. We could do better. We had to do better. But we had to be careful [missing] effecting power systems. I asked the Mimarobe if she could sketch a better design. After two days the Mimarobe presented me with a new design, it was beautiful, but simple, yet elegant. Above the sketch was were the words, "Heart of Aniara." The name was perfect. We would fill the "Heart of Aniara", with our art and our poetry, with our hopes, dreams and wedding rings. We would pour into it our stories, our struggles, our trials and tribulations, we would fill it with the tear drops from our very souls.
The "Heart of Aniara" is almost complete. It has taken an entire [missing] solid effort to build and everyone took turns polishing it, so now it shines like the golden sun. We also wrote [missing] and painted two large red hearts on the sides. It [missing] long and on the inside are different [missing] created using metal partitions. [missing] was instrumental in its consruction...

Year 19 - A Slight Delay - Disaster! Several Power systems, including all emergency back up systems across the ship have begun failing for some unknown reason. [missing] working around the clock to figure out what is wrong... I don't know how much longer we can hold on...
We finally found the [missing] will work for the time being, but [missing] restored power [missing] will do for now...

Year 20 - The Heart of Aniara - At last the time has come for our send off. Everything is ready. As the "Captain" of Aniara it is my great honor to commision this new vessel "Heart of Aniara". Behind me I heard someone whisper "vessel?". I continued, "It is my firm belief that the "Heart of Aniara" will make it back home to Mars and everyone will know our stories..."
A moment before send off, I told everyone to wait. Theres one more thing left. I then slid open a hatch on the side and told everyone that I hated to do this to them, but I was going to Mars with my family. The Mimarobe approached me with a half smile on her face and said in a very serious tone "Good Luck, Captain Benny", "tell everyone on Mars hi for us and that we wish we were there." I smiled and promised that I would. Then to my suprise all the others came up to me, with some shaking my hand and congratulating me, asking me to say hi to their family and friends as well. I then ducked down into the newly christened "Heart of Aniara." Then the hatch was sealed. A small rechargable electric candle that I brought with me, provided the only light. Knowing that we would be leaving in a moment I opened a small box, took Carmen (lock of ex-fiancée's hair) and Sarah Ann (small jar with dead fetus) and held them together in my left hand against my chest. I could feel my heart beating with a mixture of fear and excitement. I took out a small children's book with my right hand and began reading it from the beginning. It was my daughter's favorite. It was called "The Duck and the Noodle." "Daddy are we there yet?" I laughed as tears ran down my face and said "Yes, my little princess noodle were almost there."
The Memorial Capsule lauched into space with a loud whoosh...
(Mimarobe, MR) - When everyone had just got through waving goodbye and were getting ready to leave, the view screen turned on and with it a pre-recorded message from Captain Benny. "To celebrate this great day, I have arranged for you a "Grand Feast", then he paused. A few people exchanged questioning looks. Then the Captain spoke again. "You see", he said with a smile, "Unlike all of you, I saved my emergency rations. You will find them hidden inside the mattress in my quarters, enjoy!" "Also, you will find two bottles of wine, yes! real wine!" Before the video even finished several people had started shuffling as fast as the could to Captain Benny's quarters. The Captain wasn't lying, it appeared that he had indeed saved almost all of his emergency rations for some special occasion(s).
What a feast it was! To make it fair for everyone we took all of the rations and put them together to create a kind of giant stew. Each of us not only savored each precious spoonful, we cherished it as though it was a long lost loved one. It is not an exaggeration to say that each bite was chewed one hundred times or more and then held in the mouth for ten minutes or longer, swishing the pulpy liquid around and around. I even saw one person spit the food back into their bowl and then put it back into their mouth, over and over again. That seemed a little bit unusual to me, but everyone should enjoy their last real meal the way they want. As for the wine their was enough for everyone to have a shot glass filled to the brim. We talked about the "Great Feast" for months afterword...

Year 21 - [missing]

Year 22 - The Living Dead - (Mimarobe, MR) We've had to abandon almost the entire ship to conserve power, but basically were still good alive... I still dream about Isagel and our son from time to time...

Year 23 - [missing]

Year 24 - The Sarcophagus - A few remaining survivors, including the Mimarobe, sit cross-legged in a dimly lit room. One of the few survivors speaks in a rhapsodic manner about the divine power of sunlight on Earth.
The Aniara slowly descends into final darkness...

Note: Years 25 through 5,981,406 are missing.

Year 5,981,407 - Lyra Constellation - The Aniara, derelict, frozen and devoid of human life - reaches the Lyra constellation and approaches a planet as verdant and welcoming as Earth was formerly. It quickly passes by continuing on into the endless void of space...

Date Unknown - The Warm Embrace - Ages come, Ages gone, Aniara soon embraced, engulfed by warmth and shine, newest born crimson light, Aniara far from home, aflame, not even ashes remain.

Epilogue: Year 100 - The Triumph of Hope - Despite the faliure of many valiant rescue attempts, including all attempts at communication, we remain confident that those onboard the Aniara knew that they were not forgotten. It is difficult to imagine (the speaker momentarily shuttered), the impossible challenges they endured. The story of their lives will remain in the collective hearts of humanity for all time. It is our hope that we will do right by them, now and in the future. We vow to never repeat the mistakes of the past... and that is why today, on the one hundredth anniversary since the Aniara was lost, we reach across time and space to bring their souls back home, home to this sacred place... We hereby consecrate this new park as the "Aniara Memorial Park and Museum Complex." As you walk through these doors, one of the first things you will notice is the "Heart of Aniara" on display. Along the walls are the names and pictures of the passengers and crew, their artwork, poetry, and most importantly, the stories of their lives, their hopes, dreams and wedding rings...
Aniara Memorial Plaque: We ourselves are the sorrow, we are also the joy, everything human is rooted in humanity, and no human being can escape humanity, not her hatred and her self-degradation, nor the joy she spreads, nor the love she forms.

Date [redacted] - Project "Devil's Javelin" - Status report #[redacted] - As of today's date we are aware of a total of four "spear-like objects" [redacted] and has contextualized that there are many more as yet discovered. Because of [redacted] we now know they are made of [redacted] and probably come from [redacted] the first was found on Earth 86 years ago, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The second one was discovered by the crew of the Aniara [redacted] years ago. The third was found here on Mars, near [redacted] and moved to its present secure location. The fourth and newest one was found when [redacted] the far side of the Moon. [redacted] buried inside the [redacted] impact crater. We have yet to discover the purpose of these "spear-like objects."
After [redacted] to prevent another type of incident. [redacted] have been able to gain access to the inside of the one here on Mars. [redacted] only after [redacted] and the entire team. [redacted] using the most advanced technology and research methods. Dr. [redacted] found [redacted] which is impossible and should not exist. However, we must now come to grips with the horror that this new revelation about humanity has [redacted] general public must never find out...

Alternate ending 1
Year 5,981,407 - The Sarcophagus World Destroyer - As the ship Aniara descended towards the lush and green planet, the crew rejoiced. Or at least they would have if they hadn't all been dead. After thousands of millennia wandering through space, they had found a planet that was almost identical to Earth.
The planet's gravity was very strong, and the ship had become trapped in the planet's gravitational pull and started hurtling towards the surface.
The Aniara crashed into the planet with a deafening roar, causing massive destruction and sending out shockwaves that rippled across the surface.
As the dust settled, it became clear that the landing had been catastrophic. Plant and animal life had been completely obliterated, and the once green planet was now a barren wasteland. Soon not a single living thing was left to witness the horror and the devastation that had been caused.
Another beautiful, thriving, planet, a blue and green jewel, once teeming with life has been turned into a lifeless barren wasteland...

Alternate ending 2
Year 5,981,407 - The Second Chance Sarcophagus - As the ship Aniara descended towards the lush and green planet, the crew rejoiced. Or at least they would have if they hadn't all been dead. After thousands of millennia wandering through space, they had found a planet that was almost identical to Earth.
The planet's gravity was very strong, and the ship had become trapped in the planet's gravitational pull and started hurtling towards the surface.
One one-trillionth of a second after the Aniara crashed into the planet the mysterious spear-like probe on board finally awakened. A God-Like Power. In that one one-trillionth of a second the Aniara was scanned by the powerful probe and the events and lives of the crew had become known to it. At the same time, both the ship and the planet were saved by a force field of immense power. The ship was now resting safely on the surface of the lush, green planet. The probe had determined that the primitive life forms on board were worthy of a second chance at life and it was able to resurrect the entire crew and all the passengers from microscopic DNA that had been left. The Aniara was perfectly restored and even the Mima had been brought back. The crew and passengers awoke to find themselves in a veritable Garden of Eden, a paradise. Maybe this time things would go better and the mistakes from the past would not be repeated...

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2023.06.10 06:34 flippenphil (OFFER) Trauma Center, the little mermaid, super troopers 2, yesterday, marauders, mr. holmes, scary stories, a thousand words, the dark tower, big hero 6, jungle cruise, strange world (REQUEST) Ambulance, the Menu, ISO on bottom / offers

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2023.06.10 06:21 CaliSunSuccs SATIRE SATURDAY My favorite turkey recipe

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2023.06.10 06:13 LordBloodrevan Anders III- Eclipse

Anders Dayne

Embarrassing. It was all that could be said about his performance. He hadn’t really had much experience in fighting in Andal melees, and it showed in his performance. He could fight nearly any man one-on-one, but it wasn't an easy fight when every man in the tournament was his opponent. The blow had taken him off guard, and the hangover didn’t help. But he didn’t regret the drinking. He’d gotten closer to Aelinor in the process. His only hope was that he wasn’t too disappointing.
When he entered his ship, he shouted at all the sailors to get off and take a break. It was a mood that he was rarely in. They all scattered away from the ship and returned to the harbor. As he stormed into his cabin he immediately threw his helmet to the side and heard it clatter to the ground.
He opened the cabinet that was in the corner of the room and grabbed a bottle of the dornish strongwine and immediately drank a few large gulps of wine and took a sigh. He looked into the mirror and saw a man he barely recognized, was he even Anders Dayne anymore? Did the Sword of the Morning take him over?
He spat on the mirror before punching it, wincing as the glass cut his hand open. Blood poured from his hand and he cursed under his breath. He poured the wine over the wound on his hand and grabbed a wrap from his desk, wrapping it. “Fucking stupid, Anders.”
He took another long drink of the wine and sat on the bed, staring at the wall where Dawn hung. He hated that fucking sword, he wished he had never earned it. He wished he’d never had the expectations thrown upon him that came with it. He was just a man. He wasn’t a mythical being.
He watched as the wraps on his hand began to be be stained red with the blood that would continue seeping from them. It wasn’t enough to cause him to die, he knew that. He’d lost far more blood than that before.
All of the doubts that he’d had about himself were rising. He took a deep breath, perhaps he was being too dramatic. He didn’t need to act so foolish. He was still worthy, a silly tournament duel was not worth being so angry over. But it was so hard in that moment to not hate himself.
Be the knight you would have looked up to. He heard in his head once more.
“I’m trying, father.” He breathed. "I'm fucking trying."
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2023.06.10 06:13 Zagaroth [No Need For a Core?] - CH 094: Boing!

Cover Art <<Previous Start Next >>
Mordecai was simply giving into temptation with this second boss. He had wanted to save it for later development, but he also wanted to play with this idea now. And he felt that it would be a nice surprise. So for the first time Mordecai turned his attention towards the technically hostile organisms occupying a part of the dungeon.
“Wait, really? You’re going there? Ewww.” Came Kazue’s mental voice when she realized where his focus was shifting. Mordecai smiled at her response, but kept his attention on his search. He was being picky in a way, but he didn’t want to create something completely mindless. His small constructs might have very simple minds, but they did have minds.
Most of the auras he encountered were far too weak to even consider, despite the size of some of the creatures. There was a certain amount of strength developed from the mind; physical vitality alone could create large amounts of spirit but it took a mind and will to focus it and make it strong.
Of the auras that had a little something more to them, most of them tasted of little other than basic hunger. Those were not what he wanted. No, what he wanted was … there. It wasn’t much, not yet, but there was the slightest hint of curiosity, of hunger turned beyond physical satiation. That would do quite nicely. He could make an offer to a creature like that, a promise to help fulfill this new sensation. He didn’t offer safety or food, he offered stimulation and experience.
There was a sense of confusion at first, and Mordecai couldn’t be happier. If it could be confused, it could learn. The primitive proto-mind briefly stilled, then hesitantly reached back towards the connection to accept. Mordecai’s sense of the creature sharpened and solidified as it became one of his inhabitants, and he mentally grasped it to draw it to the boss room where his avatar awaited, and he opened his eyes to examine what was to become his newest boss.
A gelatinous mass of fluorescent colors shimmered in front of him. If the child-sized ooze didn’t glow slightly, he’d have considered it iridescent instead with the way its colors flowed and shifted. The surface of the creature had a texture that was constantly changing between smooth and crinkled, with occasional bits briefly becoming solid. And floating in the very center was a nearly invisible tiny sphere of crystal. “Oh, you are beautiful.” He murmured to it as he walked around and examined it. “You have the best integration of living crystal and slime I’ve seen yet. I would like to see something.” He stepped up close to it and raised his hand over its surface. “Just a quick poke. Relax and let your reflexes happen, I won’t hurt you and you can’t do any real harm to me.”
Once it acknowledged him, Mordecai used his middle finger to jab at it swiftly. The surface gave slightly before rapidly hardening against the impact and it reflexively built pressure behind that point, then as his finger retreated and the surface tension released the pressure behind that part of the surface automatically flung acid-coated shards of crystal at his hand.
Mordecai spun to the side to avoid most of it, but a few flecks still hit him. They did more damage to his sleeve than to his flesh, but a normal person wouldn’t have taken it quite so well. “Oh, I am going to be happy with you little one. I think we need to start with a name however, and then move on to enhancing you. What do you think of Klastoria?” It pulsed with a pleased-looking flash of color, and Mordecai smiled. “Then it is a pleasure to meet you Klastoria. I am Mordecai.”
“And I’m Kazue!” Announced his wife as she manifested her avatar. “Oh goddess, you are too cute Klastoria!” She practically danced in place as she squeed over the slime. “Mordecai, I want to hug her so badly! How did you find something so cute in that place?”
“Heh, I don’t recommend that just yet love, she needs to learn a bit of restraint first.” Wait a moment. “Um? Her?” He’d initially followed the gender identification before he realized what Kazue had said.
“Yep! Someone this shiny and cute has got to be a girl!” The little kitsune said, and Mordecai couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile.
“I think Zushi might have something to say about boys not being allowed to be cute.”
“Nah, he’s fluffy-cute, that’s different. Klastoria is shiny-cute and pretty like a girl.”
Mordecai decided to translate that into ‘I want her to be a girl’ more than being any sort of rule Kazue was truly serious about. He’d attribute it to youthful whim if it weren’t for the fact that he was pretty certain that a hundred years from now she’d be inclined to do the same sort of thing. He had met her mother after all. “Not a good idea just yet love. Your avatar isn’t acid resistant, and your clothes certainly aren’t.”
While they’d been talking, the little bits of crystal and acid that had hit the ground had melted together and flowed back to rejoin Klastoria. “And I have a spell that can help with that, but let me finish getting Klastoria ready first, alright?”
“Fine fine, hurry up, I want to hug her!”
It was hard to not laugh at Kazue’s eagerness as he turned his attention back to their newest boss-to-be. “Alright, looks like Kazue has decided you are going to be a girl. If you ever decide that’s not right for you, let us know. Now, we want to make you stronger and smarter, though the smarter might be a little slower to come.” Klastoria wouldn’t be able to fully understand what they were saying yet, but she would be able to remember.
He mentally grasped the available boss node and began feeding it the concept of the crystal core in the center gradually growing in size and its paths becoming smaller and more intricate. “We are going to want you to become much bigger …” he paused as a new idea came to him. “Oh wait, how dense can your crystal get?” He had already noticed that the fluid had been compressed when it turned into crystal. Oh, that should work.
“But you won’t always have to be that big. No, with a little enhancement, we can help you compact yourself into a completely crystal form. Yes, that’s going to be your focus, complete mastery of your form and the transition between fluid and solid states.” He had been thinking of focusing more on the acid attacks of a slime-type monster, enhanced with ranged attacks and crystal shards, along with Klastoria being better armored than a typical ooze-type, but this would be, hmm, not necessarily ‘better’ from an absolute sense, but more custom and unique.
Mordecai connected the boss node to Klastoria as he continued to feed in his concepts and took several steps back, motioning for Kazue to do the same. It took a moment for anything to change as all the mana began funneling in, but then Klastoria began to grow rapidly. In just a couple of minutes she grew into a sphere about 15 feet in diameter, jiggling excitedly at all the changes happening. Knowledge came as well as power and mass, and as soon as the connection was finalized she began experimenting.
The huge blob suddenly shrank, transforming into a hard, sharp-edged cube of crystal only about 5 feet across. Mordecai blinked as he ran the math, then double-checked what was happening. It took only a second to realize she’d evolved the concept into a limited version of Shape Change, allowing her to displace a portion of her mass the way many other shape-changing creatures could. But not all of it, she was still nine times as dense in this form, which was a rather intense compression. It put her somewhere in between iron and lead.
It also seemed uncomfortable based off of the emotions from Klastoria, who then began moving through a rapid series of other form-changing experiments. Most of them were manipulating her ability to shift between fluid and solid phases at will with nearly unlimited amounts of discreteness, but she was also able to shift and recall any amount of mass she needed to within her ranges.
She could form long limbs able to swing as freely as any tentacle, but could instantly harden her surface and/or interior to act like exo- or endo-skeletons, and her limbs could have any sort of surface she desired, creating almost any shape of blade or point. The hydraulic pressure that powered her limbs and gave her the ability to fire projectiles of crystallized acid also combined with her size-changing abilities to allow her to leap, and even spin or slightly course-correct by altering her density in one or more spots mid-air.
Climbing was easy too. Any sort of tree-like structure could just be grabbed and used to haul her body up, but she could also flow up walls and crawl along the ceiling by letting her body flow into the tiniest imperfections and then harden into crystal to obtain a surface-wide grip. Mordecai even created a smooth glass surface for her to try on, and Klastoria was able to figure out how to flatten her body enough that simply air pressure could hold her onto it, though she was a bit slower this way.
She couldn’t go perfectly flat though, that sphere of crystal that was the seat of her very self could not be altered. But the ability to change her form so freely gave her lots of options that she was going to be experimenting with for days. Mordecai did point out one new thing for her to try later: With her abilities, there is no reason she shouldn’t be able to drop from almost any height. In her larger form she could increase her internal pressure to just high enough to create a collapsing cushion, while if she made herself a dense, sharp cone she could fall straight into the ground or another object and force it to take the shock of her impact, the rigidity and hardness of her body keeping her from being damaged.
Kazue slid up beside him and asked in an ever-so-sweet voice. “Are you two done playing yet?”
Mordecai chuckled, then swept her into his arms to give her a lingering kiss. “Alright love, you can go hug the squishy slime. She’s learned great control now and should be able to be just soft and pliable enough.” Which honestly would be another great exercise for Klastoria, but he made sure not to mention that thought out loud.
“Yes!” Kazue flung herself at Klastoria with reckless abandon and was quick to explore other play options as the slime could also be anything from a soft cushion to sink into, to a bouncy spring to jump high in the air. Mordecai amused himself by sending some images of what Kazue was doing to Moriko, and the half-elf’s envy was tangible across their link. He doubted she would be initially quite as carefree as Kazue about it, but he didn’t doubt she would enjoy herself.
While his wife played, Mordecai set about double-checking the level and inhabitants, making sure everything tied together and worked smoothly. It would take a few days to get everyone into their routines and roles, and weeks of practice to become well-trained for this mix of terrain and style, but it would be well worth the effort.
The final step was to sweep through again and set limiters. The creatures could simply feel his intent and hold back where needed, but all the more trap-like organisms needed to have a second layer of mana woven over them to reign them in. Things were less sticky, hit softer, and were easier to break. But in exchange, he was able to apply a soft layer of vitality absorption that would increase the fatigue of dealing with the various dangers, roughly approximating how they might feel after dealing with the trap’s full strength.
It increased his overall costs for growing them by about 50%, and if he’d been trying to make them more deadly the expenditure would have failed.
Mordecai snorted. Intent indeed. He’d not thought to layer things like this, he’d grown up just knowing what his limits were on how strong he could make something based on where in his dungeon it was. He’d never tried making something strong, and then ‘waste’ mana by placing a restriction on it. A restriction he could release as needed, but his sincere intent was to only do so if he felt it was needed.
Well, that would cost them a few days at least until they had enough to push down and start the sixth floor, but that was okay. He wanted to work over some ideas with Kazue first anyway. The organization of the first five floors was fine, but despite the theming, the layout was a touch repetitive, and they were deep enough already to make brute forcing a ‘second’ entrance infeasible for most.
<<Previous Start Next >>
My Discord if you would like to talk about the book or see what else I am up to.
My Patreon if you want to support me directly.
Also to be found on Royal Road.
$3 Patreon: Early chapters, lore excerpts $5 Patreon: Short Stories $10 Patreon: New stories not published anywhere else (Until after I finish this story at least)
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2023.06.10 06:12 lemonpeelingwhore Burrowing?

Howdy! I’ve noticed that my girl (2.5 years, about 4 feet long) has been burrowing recently. While I find it somewhat amusing seeing my little idiot ran her head into her substrate and make herself some tunnels along the walls of her enclosure, I am a little concerned because ball pythons aren’t known to burrow.
Her humidity is consistently 70-75% and her cool side sits at 26°C and her warm side at 32°C. Substrate is a layer of coco fibre then a bunch of forest floor. She has plenty of enrichment in her tank (both draping and free standing fake plants, smooth rocks, a bamboo wine rack to climb, hammock, etc). I bring her out at least once a week for further enrichment. She also has three full hides and a couple of logs.
Is there a concern I’m missing? Could she possibly just be a silly goose that likes to dig?
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2023.06.10 06:07 Additional_Set_5819 LG You Suck!

LG You Suck!
Who designed this!?!
I can't for the life of me take apart the bottom shelf of my fridge. I had a spill, it leaked between the glass and the plastic, but I can't get the glass out without either breaking it or the plastic shelf...
Any ideas? Am I just being dense?
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2023.06.10 05:52 isthatagarlicbread The list of manga (incomplete) I've read and my ratings for them

---Not everything I've ever read, just since I've decided to start keeping a list----- THE EXTREMELY LONG LIST OF EVERYTHING I READ ACTION: solo levelling - I'm not explaining this, read it if you havent 10/10
raise me up infinite gacha - same author as solo levelling, dude basically put into afk arena but it's good 9/10
rankers return - man the reviews for this one are mixed but it's just a very very niche genre, i loved it, imagine hardcore levelling warrior mixed with overgeared, really good and it's a piss take on the genre a little bit so u get to laugh a lot 8/10
sss class suicide hunter - readable, story is all over the place as well as power scaling, has a relatively generic plot too, not a bad read exactly but you may as well just read kill the hero or something. tldr mc respawns 24 hours ago whenever he dies so he's just super OP the end. 5.5/10 eminence in the shadow- Man... I'm really bummed about this one, imagine you know a really cool secret sesh spot and u go there to sesh sometimes and then u show up one day and u find out it's been built into a shopping mall, it's still really good but i don't know i hate when things i like get gentrified the second they make a anime out of it, happens a lot when you read these things, should have seen my reaction when i heard redo of healer was getting an anime, anyway dude basically trains like crazy and is super op and has 8th grade syndrome but it's funny 9/10
legendary mechanic- one of the extremely few Chinese manhua i can stand usually they are terrible and full of really cringe tropes, this one isn't completely free of those but it's ignorable, classic transported into game yadda yadda. escapes evil organization in a game, gets stronger with mechanical things, destroys people. honestly pretty good, 10/10 as far as Chinese manhua go, 7/10 total.
martial peak - it's alright i guess, very one piece coded, just imagine this is Chinese martial arts one piece. It's unnecessarily long, repeats the same format over and over again, you meet new characters u only see once or twice. boy is weak, gets strong martial arts thing (of course he does) becomes super strong over and over and over and over ... 24 or 25 more overs again. any time he becomes too op for the world he just goes to another higher existence world lol there's even a arc with spaceships lmao. if u like the genre and don't mind the literal like 8 page chapters this is a lot of manhua to entertain urself with. tldr if ur super bored this will keep u occupied for quite a while 6/10
tower of god - ok, the art isn't good for a while for this one, but seriously, it gets really really really good, story is confusing at times but it is really entertaining, I've read all of it up until current chapter, guy from outside a magic tower enters it to simp and then climbs it becoming really strong and simping less, very good read 9/10
player from today onwards- not bad, don't really like the art tho, dude inherits level up ability from demon king constellation 7.5/10
the youngest son of the renowned magic clan - if you've read any of those return to past fantasy world manhua this is that basically, read it if ur in the craving for some of this type. 6.5/10 return to player - this is probably almost up there with solo levelling honestly, very good manhua. imagine solo levelling but not solo and better art style, story is a bit worse but that's in comparison to solo levelling. 9/10
kill.the hero - gotta love a good necromancer manhua, this one is one of the better ones honestly. antihero necromancer evil as fuck "hero" 8/10
return of the frozen player - ur generic "player" type manhua, very good though, art isn't the best (still good) but unlike others of the genre the story is actually very well thought out and interesting, probably worth rereading more than a few others of the same genre. man gets frozen after beating the boss of the first floor of a 10 flooworld tower, after 25 years comes out and starts getting stronger to revive friends and conquer tower 8.5/10 what happens inside the dungeon- OK LISTEN RIGHT NOW, R 18+ WARNING!!!! That being said it's a really funny story about a fantasy world with... interesting sex culture, if ur 18+ and want to see a fantasy manga with cool action scenes and a lot of fan service and... other stuff... this one is pretty good 8/10
the wrong way to use healing magic- ok I'm gonna start off by saying, ahem- I WANT ROSE SO BAD I WANT HER SO BAD SHES SO FIND I WANT HER SO INCOMPREHENSIBLY BAD. ok with that out of the way this is a really fun take on the "hurr Durr i use healing magic but not to heal people" fantasy setting. probably my favourite in that category. dude gets accidentally summon to another world with hero classmates, has aptitude for healing magic, gets kidnapped by my wi- ... Rose... and trained into a combative healer. very fun, equal parts comedy, action, Isekai and fantasy. something i would recommend to people who don't like Isekai. 9.5/10
Carsearin - cute little story about a dragon wanting to live like a human and getting up to a lot of shenanigans, art style is super cute 7/10
Is this hero for real? - FFF class trashero creator i think, crazy good, even has a master molong reference :3 mc can't die or be injured but can't level up past level 1 and a shitty goddess 10/10
overgeared - personally very biased this one can go either way, i personally like it a lot, it's a manhua about a dude who gets a legendary class in a realistic VR game and his shenanigans, again, I've finished the almost 2000 chapter light novel because i liked it so much so very biased score 9.5/10
hardcore levelling warrior- you will either love the art style or hate it, in my opinion i think it's super cool and innovative and the manhua itself is very entertaining and interesting too, best player in a vrmmorpg gets his shit deleted, has to start from the beginning and becomes strong again because he's addicted to gambling and has to pay off a massive debt. more shit happens but that's spoilers anyway 8.5/10
the greatest estate developer- i mean it's not bad but it's not really great, at least it tries to be innovative but not my kind of thing, blah blah generic Isekai manhua but mc knows how to build buildings and makes money and uses a shovel as a weapon. 6.5/10
THOSE ONES: Mina sama omocha desu- the one with the crazy girls, nothing really special but at least interesting? good if bored and ijousha no ai has been recently read (if not read that first) 6/10
ijousha no ai - I'm not explaining this one, it's the god i wish i was MC one of those, first few chapters are awkward to read because reasons so just Try to ignore them, very easy 10/10
ana satsujin - basically just a worse ijousha no ai from what I remember, mc isn't as real and it's pacing is a bit worse so only this rating but it's still pretty good 7/10
GS FOR FEELING NOSTALGIC: Asuka hybrid - super super super cute, not good exactly in a solo leveling way or anything but i love the art style, premise and characters, one of the better GS manga 9.5/10
Boku girl - every day i wish for a sequel to this one, even easier perfect score than solo levelling 10/10
Mida love - Some of these are just really fun and god, i was like 14 or something when this stopped getting translated feels super bad, another one of the better ones but only 20 chapters 8/10
nyotai ka - aged like fine wine, the one that actually has sex in it, dude wishes to be a chick and then ruh roh raggy anyway 8.5/10
sekainohate de aimashou- If any manga of this category were to EVER give Boku girl a run for it's money it's this one, goofy as fucking hell, the space one 10/10
the exploding girl - haha this one is just, fun i guess, i could have put it in action but nah, probably sadder about this one getting discontinued than Mida love, Mida love is better in like almost every way but this one is just really fun in an unexplainable way, GB magical girl story but edgier 8/10
tensei pandemic - basically downgraded Boku girl, just imagine it's like the nicotine patches for when u get nicotine poisoning from smoking too much Boku girl, can be pretty hard to finish sometimes 6/10
change- the pink pretty one nuff said, pretty good but have fun translating the Indonesian If u want to read the last 80% of it like high school hahahaha 7/10
thank you Isekai - one of the best Isekai comedies I've read in a very long time, if you don't really like GS this would be the one GS manga I'd recommend you, it's really funny, Isekai but 2 dudes get trapped in the bodies of chicks, goofy behavior ensues. 8/10

(content warning: this is one especially is extremely biased to just what i like, it's ok for this specific category if u have differing opinions)

hatsukoi zombie - really fun, love zombie concept is cute and fun really worth a read if ur bored and haven't ever read a decent romance manga 8/10
When I Returned to My Hometown, My Childhood Friend was Broken - TW: SA other than that, cute story about a guy moving back to his hometown to see his childhood friend seems off but they hit it off and he is very sweet to her and the art style is cute but it is a bit short. don't read the comments wherever u read it though, no clue how romance manga somehow manages to attract sigma grindset red pilled bros. 8.5/10
story of an otaku and a gyaru falling in love - not really traditional, just thought it was really cute, definitely worth at least one read 7/10
Jingai San no tome - this is quite possibly the strangest romance manga you will ever read, also a very well written and done one too, basically a student marries a monster and they live together happily it's really cute, other students also have monsters and they hang out and stuff. super cute manga, i loved it. 8.5/10
SHOUNEN/MAINSTREAM: (Here i will just put anything i consider to be so mainstream i don't care enough to put it in another category, you probably know most of these) Black clover: I. Will. Eternally. Gatekeep. This. Series. YOU DO NOT KNOW IT LIKE I DO. THIS MANGA HAD A 1 EPISODE ANIME FOR 2 YEARS AND IT DROVE ME NUTS WAITING FOR THE REST OF THE ANIME. anyway really good manga honestly, one of the few Shonen i can stand. boy can't use magic, gets ability to use magic that destroys magic, gets super buff and can destroy even more magic, there that's the entire plot summarized 8/10
Attack on Titan: ok so brave statements only on this list, i really don't recommend attack on Titan or like it, in my opinion it's very boring and the characters are unlikeable and there's too much sus shit. big naked people destroying walled cities or something idk, bedtime manga only worth reading as a child or bored out of your mind. 5/10.
My hero academia: ok honestly? it's not even that bad the fanbase just sucks, that makes it not as bad as AOT at least, boy can't use power, finds way to use a lot of power, beats people with powers. 7/10
one piece: I mean, depends how you read it, if u just skip to water 7 or marineford its a 7/10 and becomes a 8/10, if u read from the start get ready to read the most 4-5/10 boring ass shit for at least 400-500 chapters. boy wants to be pirate king, eats magic fruit that gives powers, other people also eat different fruit, still wants to be most powerful and assembles characters to help him be the most powerful fruit eater. 7/10 overall. tensei shitara slime Datta Ken: I'd put this in action or something but it's mainstream now. this is THE Isekai manga, if you had to give the title of Isekai manga to one manga this is the only one deserving of that title. dude summoned to other world, becomes slime, can grow by eating things, rinse repeat, if you read the LN there's even some Lovecraft stuff is it obvious i like this one yet? 9/10
ao no exorcist: I'm a sucker for demons and underdogs, mc is both, also mephisto pheles is a fucking stud and i want him horrendously. tldr boy is son of Satan wants to kill Satan because Satan kills adoptive father. 8/10
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2023.06.10 05:48 Dead-Bowl-4572 Seaside (Season Four, Part Thirty) Getting Comfortable

"Best sleep I've ever had in a year," I said, yawning as I sat up in my cot and looked out the window.
Thankfully the room Kyle and I were handcuffed and locked in had a small porthole in the wall, but the glass was eight inches thick, making it nearly impossible for me to punch my way out.
"Fuck, you're awake?" Kyle asked, as he did push ups on the floor. "I've been trying my old prison workout. Hits different."
"Yeah, well I haven't been to prison yet, so I wouldn't know."
"It's also a huge fucking shame that Task Force Nova Compass Hunter hasn't found us yet. Thought those guys would be coming over here, guns blazing by now."
"Same, but looks like these guys are the real deal anyway. Can't wait for the super-informative job opportunities we'll be faced with today."
Someone slammed on the door, and after the beep of an electronic keycard, Dennis unlocked the door, backed by a dozen guards in riot gear, and Lucy.
"You can chill with the security," I said. "We won't pull anything."
"Correction, you won't do shit." Kyle said, wriggling his wrists from his handcuffs as he jumped up, kicking Dennis in the solar plexus and sending him flying.
The room went fucking wild as I sat back and watched, while Kyle started brawling with a dozen men at once, as his face and head were battered with nightsticks and tasers. He waded through half of them until Lucy finally jumped in, pulling him off and picking him up with one hand before slamming him against the wall, choking him. Kyle kicked her in the face and cracked her nose, and she yelped in pain before throwing him against his cot.
"You like that, yeah?" Kyle said, waving his fists in the air. "Roger, c'mere. Back me up."
"Nah, I know exactly how this is gonna end."
Kyle jumped and drop-kicked the fucking mob of guards at once, planting both of his feet into a riot shield and sending the crowd soaring.
"Why aren't they shooting at us?!" I yelled.
"We're too valuable to shoot, dumbass. Now break your handcuffs and start fighting."
I sighed, telling myself I would wait ten more seconds, and if nobody beat the shit out of Kyle by then, I would jump in to help.
"ROGER!!" He yelled.
Luci picked Kyle up and slammed him into the wall, and stared directly into his eyes, and grabbed his arms as he slowly fell woozy and slumped over.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." I said, panicking. "What did you do?! Did you fucking kill him?!"
"Relax, he's alive. I just 'put him to sleep'."
"You know, that's the expression most people use to say they killed someone."
I slumped off my cot, standing up and stretching, yawning as I watched Luci and the guards drag Kyle into a cell somewhere below decks.
"So… he's like, really not dead, right?"
"Like I said, he's just fine. I can influence people's minds and emotions by touching them."
"So what's going on with me then?" I asked.
"Since you didn't go apeshit like your buddy," Dennis said, standing up and groaning as he rubbed his head. "We'll proceed as planned. You'll be going on an operation with our combatives team."
"Is Kyle coming with?" I asked.
"Fuck no, who knows what that unpredictable shit is going to do."
"I'm not going if Kyle's not going."
Dennis tensed.
"Roger, I'll talk with my superiors and ask them what they think."
"Sounds fair. Should I get ready to go in a few hours?"
"Yeah, I'll come by here to pick you up near the evening. And, I'll tell you what came of Kyle."
I lied back down on my cot, taking a deep breath and falling back to sleep, waiting for the knock at the room's door calling me to action.


"It's time," he said, as he walked in.
"Fuck it, let's go." I said, stretching and yawning as I stood up.
"You haven't changed out of your fatigues, so I'll just give you the same kit and rifle we picked you up with, all freshly cleaned and loaded. Of course since you're still a high-risk person, we're not giving them to you until the mission officially starts. Follow me."
I got out and walked with him into the corridors, ducking under the steel pipes of the ship until we finally took a short flight of stairs to the main deck, overlooking the ocean, just as the sun began to set. He took me to the side of the boat, where there was a ladder on the side of the hull of the anchored ship, leading down to several airboats filled with armed men. I noticed Kyle was in one of the boats, having no weapons or gear besides a helmet, plate carrier, and a flashlight. He was handcuffed and his feet were shackled to a hundred-pound weight. Dennis tossed my gear and weapons down into the boat, as I climbed down the hull and jumped into the airboat.
"They'll guide you through the mission," Dennis said, before walking off.
The dozen men sitting in the airboat with me all had assault rifles, wearing balaclavas and dark camoflauge under plate carriers stuffed with magazines.
"Listen," one of the men, supposedly the leader, said as the boat started and zoomed away. "Our main objective is to meet with a demon to exchange the skull of one of the Five Leviathans for a demonic artifact we're selling. It might be a setup, so we're keeping our numbers high and risk low. Stay quiet, and don't even fucking think of running, we'll shoot you if you even breathe suspiciously. If you do manage to get away, we put an ankle monitor on while you were sleeping that will explode if you take it off or disable it."
"That's comforting," I replied. "How the fuck did you get a skull of one of the Five Leviathans? Which one is it?"
"Don't worry about it. Focus on shutting the fuck up and paying attention, genius."
Kyle and I sat across from each other in the airboat, sandwiched on either side by the armed mercenaries, as he kept trying to blink at me in morse code while whistling, but he stopped that when he got pistol-whipped. Our boat droned on and on until finally, I caught sight of a small, rocky island covered in trees in the horizon, rapidly approaching in the falling sunlight. The lack of tropical vegitation combined with the weather of our surroundings led me to believe we weren't anywhere near the equator. Most likely in the Pacific or Atlantic, I had gotten familiar to the Northern seas during the months I had spent on battleships during the holy war, as well as my time studying as a marine biologist.
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2023.06.10 05:44 Leftylizard9085 I play a game they call "Sleep Points". Every night I hide under my blanket (Part 7)

Part 1 - https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/11ovngn/i_play_a_game_they_call_sleep_points_every_night/
Previous Part - https://www.reddit.com/nosleep/comments/13deva8/i_play_a_game_they_call_sleep_points_every_night/
When I got home from school, even though I knew the clock wasn’t literally going to try to eat me alive like it always seemed to want to on weeknights, I still watched it intensely, dreading every minute that passed. Even though this had all been what I was hoping for over the course of the last week and a half, going through with everything I would need to do to meet up with Anastasia at her hour in the middle of the night still seemed way scarier than just dealing with the clock’s nightly threats against my life which, by that point, had become something of a routine for me.
At 11:00 PM, my parents looked like they had gone to sleep. I would wait another hour as Anastasia had advised. I would leave at midnight. And that wouldn’t be a problem since it was a Friday night, and my clock wasn’t going through its usual changes. By that time, the clock hadn’t started glowing or even turning the slightest shade of red.
When midnight did come, the clock was still in the same state as it was at 11. My parents were still asleep. They hadn’t even gotten up for a bathroom break. I turned on the kitchen lights, hoping it wouldn’t wake my parents up. It didn’t. I went to the kitchen table to take the keys to my father's truck. They weren’t there. I had no idea where else to look for them.
I tried looking all around the kitchen and living room. I checked mom and dad's bathroom. Nothing. I didn’t know how I would make my way to Anastasia’s house now. I could just picture her, spending all night at her back door, waiting for me to show up, without me ever coming. Maybe I'd find the keys tomorrow. But that seemed like a fat chance since dad wasn't gonna be driving anywhere tomorrow.
I wouldn't have him to find them for me. It looked like I’d have to wait a whole nother week on any answers now.
I had recently invested in a new watch. I had some allowance money left over from when I was a kid. My school has a little gift shop with small things like school-themed wristwatches, so after my last class of the day, I stopped by and picked up a College High watch so I could check the time without needing to look at the clock in my room or at my phone. I'm bringing this up because at around this point I was watching with increasing anxiety as time was passing by. According to the watch, the time now was 12:30 and I still didn’t have any access to my father’s car.
I was already feeling hopeless enough, just thanks to that fact, but then I remembered that I still didn’t even know how to get to Anastasia’s house.
Since I still didn’t know where the keys were and it didn’t look like I’d find them any time soon, I figured I’d take a break from looking, and go on my phone to look up her address on google maps. I knew I shouldn’t have been using my phone since it was apparently super important not to let it die. I figured it must've been one of those rules like keeping my head under the blanket when The Sandman showed up, along with the rest of my body. But I would only need my phone for a few minutes. Just enough time to look at google maps and sketch out a rough map of the route from my house to Anastasia’s.
The first thing I noticed when I typed in her address was that, thankfully, her house wasn’t too horrendously far away from mine. It would just be a 4-mile drive. So hopefully this meant that, if push did come to shove, I could still just walk there if I had too. I’d probably be late, but that would be better than not showing up at all. So, I at least had that as a back-up plan if nothing else. But it would still be risky. It would take a lot of time to walk there, and then to walk back. Maybe mom and dad would be up after all was said and done. Maybe they’d hear me coming back inside the house, regardless of how I made it to Anastasia’s. Maybe I’d wake up Anastasia’s parents too.
Since I only had an hour and thirty-five minutes left, I had no time to worry all that much about any of this though. I had to get to work, jotting down the path to Anastasia’s house. I would turn left out of my driveway, stay on that road for about a mile and a half, then turn right and stay on that road for another half-mile, then turn left for another mile, and then left again for a final fourth mile.
Another thing I noticed was that Anastasia lived out in the middle of absolute nowhere. I thought I did too, but Anastasia’s house was on a whole nother level of out there.
Fortunately, that meant I’d be driving pretty much exclusively on backroads, so it would literally be impossible to take a wrong turn after I made my first turn out of the driveway and the next right turn after that after about a mile and a half. It also meant that I would be pretty much guaranteed not to run into any other drivers, especially at that time of night. But I guess her remote address explained why she didn’t have the internet connection she would need to do a video call.
Since it was a quarter to 1 by that point, after I found out how to drive to her house, I put on all the layers I could find, took the flashlight that my mom had given me for the walk I had went on during the week prior, and started trying to walk over there, without my parents’ car, despite her recommendations. Even though it was four miles by car, I wouldn't have to worry about staying on the road if I just walked there. If I walked in a straight line, I could get there in just over 2 and half miles or so. I had decided to leave, not out of the front door, but out of the door in the hallway that led to the garage. That door made less noise than the front door.
Unfortunately, I started to get the sense that I hadn’t thought this plan through when I realized I would still have to open the garage door in order to make my way into the outside world. Which, yeah, made considerably more noise than the front door. But then I realized it didn’t matter, since I was gonna have to open the garage door anyway if I wanted to get the car out of the garage and onto the road. So, I had still made the right decision. Except no I hadn’t, because I had just remembered that I still didn’t have the car keys, and so I was supposed to be ditching the whole car idea anyway and had just randomly forgotten about all of that.
I know that all probably sounded pretty messy and wasn't very easy to follow, but maybe someone else reading with ADHD can relate. But anyway, confusing thought processes aside, I walked out the front door and started making my way to Anastasia’s on foot. It really was freezing though. I really did wonder if I could actually make it all the way to her house.
Before I even made it to the end of the driveway, I began to change my mind and decided driving really would be a more reasonable alternative. Obviously, the backroads wouldn’t even be close to snow plowed. But the snow only looked to be about maybe 6 or 7 inches deep, which was still driveable enough with the snow-proof tires that my dad had on his truck. This level of snow isn't all that uncommon around here, so those tires are pretty much a must-have for anybody living in deathly cold climates like us.
So, I could still drive despite the snow, albeit only very slowly what with how much the snow would slow me down. But I was supposed to be driving slowly anyway because I was only 14 and didn’t have a license. But I still couldn’t drive without those keys. Then I remembered I still had my bike in the garage. It was supposedly “all terrain”, so hopefully that meant it could handle the snow. I went into the garage, got my bike out, and tried riding it. Unfortunately, the tires on that bike weren’t even close to capable of handling the snow. I tried pedaling as hard as I could but hardly got anywhere before falling over. I had a feeling this would probably happen. It seemed like a dumb idea but, since I didn’t want to steal my dad’s truck and I couldn’t even seem to find his keys anyway, I figured it was at least worth a shot.
I was just about to say “fuck it” and try meeting Anastasia again on some other night when, just as I had put my bike down in the garage, I had seen that my dad had left behind his keys in the key slot of his car door. Apparently, the reason that they weren’t where they usually were was because my father had locked the truck and just forgot to take his keys with him. I turned the key sticking out of the driver’s side door and it opened. So I really could get inside of his truck after all.
I put the key into the ignition and then put it in reverse. The truck made quite a bit of noise when its ignition started, so I had just hoped that I hadn’t woken up my parents with that. Luckily, my garage is on the other side of the house from where my parents sleep, so the sound did at least have a long way to travel. Once I started backing the truck out of the garage and into the driveway, I ran into another problem. Since the roads weren’t plowed, they were just as snowy as anywhere else. So even with the rearview mirror, I had no idea where my driveway stopped and the road started. I figured I would just keep backing up until I felt like I’d gone far enough.
Far enough came sooner than expected though. Eventually, the car had very clearly backed into the grass, meaning I had backed up too far. Fortunately, I saw that I hadn’t veered too much out of the straight line I was trying to go in, because driving in reverse meant I could see the truck’s tracks right in front of me with the help of the headlights. The car fell onto the grass from back to front. So that meant that the road was now directly in front of me. Since I needed to take a left from my house if I was facing away from it, and I was now facing the opposite direction given that I was looking right at it, that meant that I now had to make a right turn in order to still be going in the right direction.
I took a moment to make sure my logic was right and, once I felt confident, I turned the truck right and then tried to feel for where the road was based on how well the truck was able to move. Eventually I was able to drive relatively smoothly, so I took that to mean that I was back on the road. I tried to angle myself properly so that I wouldn’t wind up veering off the road again. Now and then I would wind up driving myself off the road. But since I was only going like 5 miles an hour, I was able to catch myself before the car wound up falling into any ditches or something.
Since the road was entirely empty, I eventually made the decision to just drive in the middle of the road. Or at least, wherever I thought the middle of the road was. That way, I’d limit the likelihood of driving myself off the right edge.
After about 20 or 30 minutes of driving painfully slowly, I finally saw the sign for my first turn. Since all the turns I was making were fairly sharp ones, they were basically all 90 degrees, there were road signs that I could use to gauge when I should turn without needing to see the road itself. So I still knew when to do it, even though I couldn’t see the road under all the snow and I couldn't use GPS since my phone had to stay on the charger at all costs.
But the snow still made those sharp turns very difficult to make. So I had to start all my turns pretty far ahead of where they actually would’ve been in the road. Naturally, I wound up driving off the road when making literally all of them. But I was always able to work out where the road was supposed to be soon enough. I guess since people are more likely to veer off the road when making turns as opposed to when they’re driving straight, there didn’t seem to be any ditches around all those sharp turns, thankfully enough.
After I made that first turn, I checked my watch. It was now a quarter after 1. I still had 50 minutes to go. I wasn’t making great time, but I had still made it about a third of the way in only about 25 minutes. If I kept up the pace, I’d be there after just under an hour of driving. Which would put me there a little bit after 2 AM. So, pretty much exactly at 2:05, the time we agreed on.
I kept on driving incredibly slowly for what felt like forever. Finally I had made my last turn, and after a bit, I could see lights from the houses off the side of the road in the distance. I figured that this must be the neighborhood Anastasia lived in. If you could even call it a neighborhood. The houses were so hugely spaced out that it hardly even made sense to say you had neighbors. But then, she really did live out in the middle of nowhere.
Every time I passed by a house, I got out of the car and looked for an address with my flashlight. This slowed me down, but it still ensured that I would be headed for the right house. I kept the slip of paper with her address on it since I knew that, without that sheet, I’d absolutely forget which address was hers. I was actually pretty pleased with myself for having thought ahead like that. I usually didn’t. I guess I still usually don’t, if I’m being honest.
I was worried that this whole procedure of getting out of the car to scope out for an address every time I passed a new house would make me late. But fortunately, Anastasia’s house was the third house I came across on that street. So thankfully, I didn’t wind up having to check that many houses and it only cost me maybe another 5 minutes. When I checked my watch, I found I had actually arrived sooner than I had thought. Even with checking every house I had come across up to that point for the address, it was only 1:50.
I had made it with 15 minutes to spare. That meant I had made that last two thirds of my trip in about the same amount of time that I had spent on my first, meaning I had wound up going twice as fast. I suppose as I had gotten comfortable with driving, I sped up the car a little without even realizing it. Doubling your speed sounds like it should be a huge difference, but when you’re only going from 5 miles per hour to 10, I guess it must be pretty hard to notice.
Since I had so much time left and the weather outside was still hellishly cold, I stayed in the truck with the heater blaring. After a couple of minutes, I noticed an ominous red light glowing out of the side of the house. That seemed off to me since surely that couldn’t have anything to do with Anastasia’s clock. It wasn’t a weeknight and even if it was, it was still well past midnight. I remembered what she had told me about how I was still on Stage One. Maybe the fact that she was on a much later stage had something to do with what I was seeing. The fact that I was still on Stage One did, after all, seem like it had something to do with the fact that I was only threatened by the clock on weeknights.
My curiosity had gotten the better of me, and so I braved the cold and snow to go check out what was happening. There was a window on the side of the house. The curtains were left open so with the red light blaring from it, I could see inside fairly easily. Especially since the house was only one story, so it wasn’t like the window was too high up off the ground for me to see through, either.
My fears had been confirmed. Upon looking into the room, I could see exactly where the red light was emanating from: the clock on the nightstand. The face inside was as clear as ever. Every feature slowly growing, approaching the glass in front of the clock’s face. But it wasn’t looking at me. It was very clearly directing its vile and hateful gaze at the person under the covers.
The person had her head covered underneath the blanket, so I couldn’t directly tell who it was. But I figured it had to be Anastasia. For one, there was no way in hell anybody else in her family was playing Sleep Points too. I mean, what are the odds of that? And for another, the room pretty clearly looked like it belonged to a teenage girl about Anastasia’s age. Everything looked like it was pink and had all kinds of frills to it. I even noticed some boyband poster on the other end of the room. If this wasn’t the most stereotypical teenage girl’s room, I had no fucking clue what was.
Finally, 2 o’clock had come. I could see why she had told me 2:05. I had never seen the monster from the clock break out. I had always had my head under the covers whenever it happened. But since this was Anastasia’s clock and not mine and since the face in the clock was staring her down and not me, and since I had entire wall separating me from the thing, I guess I somehow managed to muster up the courage to watch the monster in action.
Suddenly, the hands and numbers of the clock’s face began to almost melt into the monster’s face. It had broken out of the sheet of glass holding it back. But that seemed to be the only thing that was broken. The rest of the actual clock remained pretty intact as the unspeakable thing from within started to slither out of the clock and onto the floor. Since the hands and numbers were still on its face, it kinda looked like they had been imprinted on it like some kind of tattoo artwork. It very quickly expanded in size and let out this unholy screech that I could hear very loudly even from behind the window. But Anastasia was still sleeping very peacefully. Totally motionless like nothing at all was going on.
It prowled around her bed, looking for the slightest sign of motion. It looked almost skeptically at her. As if it could tell whether she was really sleeping or not. And God only knows what would’ve happened to her if she wasn’t. Eventually the monster seemed satisfied with what he saw and shrunk himself down to his original size. He slid back into the clock and as he did so, there was one last glow of red light. The glass had been restored. It was now 2:01.
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2023.06.10 05:36 Chokeonafruitypebble Just woke up to a thick spider in my hand from the back of my head.

i woke up around 3 minutes ago to a strange feeling on my head, assuming that is what woke me. the other week i was having a sleepover, and in my bed in the darkness while watching a movie i saw a fat ass spider on my wallpaper. it was dark so it wasnt incredibly clear but it was, however, incredibly large. this wasnt a skinny, daddy long legs loser kind of spider. it was a short, kinda hairy, thick-legged beast (and this is also what they called me in highschool). i was closest to the wall too, and it emerged from right behind the headboard and past my pillows and blankets. once i showed my friend, it started moving and went behind my riddler poster. with its legs only poking out it reminded me of clock spider... my friend immeditely told me to smack the poster to kill the spider but i was quite shaken and i just kind of slapped it lightly. i did hit it, but it fell from the bottom of the poster back into my bed and i was on the verge of tears considering how terrified ive been of them in the past. we brought my brother in to try and find it to kill it so we could sleep easy but he couldn't, so i made a makeshift hazmat suit with 2 dressing gowns and a blanket before i could return to my position at the wall. and just now, i assume from a half asleep state i reach my hand to the back of my head and in my bare hands i see the fat evil spider (i think). it is very dark, its 4.19 am and i didnt have my glasses on, but i am short-sighted and im sure that thing had dark legs veiling ny fingers. there are very few things you can find in a bed and mistake for a spider who's offended in the past. when i realised what it was i didnt have time to think so i just flung it across my room like a monkey with its own shit to get it away from me and layed in my bed almost hyperventilating. my "hazmat suit" was since forgotten, same with the tension and fear of the spider, but i just found it on the actual back of my actual head. and i didnt even kill it, so im certain it survived the ride across my room, and when i turned my light on to investigate i couldn't find it. this is a horrific experience to me and i feel like ive just been attacked by an enemy, i felt its body between my fingers- it even *felt *spidery. crunchy. its inevitable return to its home under my bed is one that sickens me. i hope it gets eaten by a cat on the way back.
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2023.06.10 05:25 brother-of-moroni Questions about wine

Is there anyone out there that likes wine or knows about it? I'm really curious about it as far as it goes with pairing flavors together with food. I've had my fair share of alcohol since leaving the church 18 months ago, but no wine yet. And there's a special occasion coming up and I'm kinda feeling like a glass of wine might be nice but I get overwhelmed by it all lol.
What wine do you like, if any? Any good flavor pairing recommendations? Any resources that helped you when you left the church?
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2023.06.10 05:12 Sunbather- Tried Pinot Noir for the first time. Got a sommelier to recommend me a good bottle. Very disappointing.

I guess I had a distorted an unrealistic view of what Pinot noir was going to be.
California, 2017.
Most things I read and hear about it make it seem like it’s the holy Grail of wine.
Well, I got a pretty top shelf bottle. $48 exactly
I’m let down. It basically taste like old Kool- Aid and Vitamin water.
So, I went back and got a different bottle. This time from France…
It’s even worse.. it’s like fermented Capri sun and dish soap.
0/10 on both..
The Washington merlot I got last week for $14 is far better, more complex, juicy, mysterious and all around more enjoyable and interesting.
Maybe I’ll find a good one someday but for now, even though I wanted to be, I’m not a noir fan.
Monday I’m trying Nebbiolo for first time.
I heard it’s nice and meaty and rich.
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2023.06.10 05:10 BitchBass The giant wine glass

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2023.06.10 05:09 Aeincrad Story

Its been 10 years since i started this dark Journey. It all started cuz my perfect life in a bubble burst due to heartbreak. Heh It's g Funny once you think about it. If she didn't make a fool out of me I wouldn't have started doubting myself, I wouldn't question everything, I wouldn't have started rebelling against society, against the world. If I'm being honest I'm thankful to her for making me who i am now. Ah you are probably thinking why I'm telling you all this rubbish. Hmmm call me ... sentimental. Well to be fair, after the pentacross society of fantasy unlocked the secrets of magic, rebelling against the world is as easy as sipping tea from a wine glass. Tho it's not easy to carry the weight of people you killed in cold blood. U never get used to the feeling of warm blood dripping from your hands... you know you should count yourself lucky i haven't taken your heart out of your body.. sigh I told you people.. NO! I specifically warned you people not to enter my domain, I told you not to disturb my peace, I TOLD YOU NOT TO TRAMPLE THE SANCTUARY I CREATED... . .(the dots represent time skip) . You said you name was ##***#.. hmmm I'll call you.. hero, yeah it suits you. A hero tied up and tortured in the evil villains castel.. if you ask me its been 3 weeks since u guys attacked me and lost and i captured your heart... literally. Hahahaha haaaaaa.... well it's not like you could do anything to me or escape till u have this curse etched in your heart.. rest easy hero we've got a lot to talk about . . . Ah you're awake... What's this? You're wondering why this castle is clean without any cleaning spells or servants.. that's because of the robot I made with my magic.. technically you can call them golems cuz th3y use magic instead of electricity.. but that's not what u really wanna ask, do you... you wanna know why you're alive after all it's been 3 months since your capture.. like i said before It's me being sentimental.. and i got no one else to talk to …
. . I've got to show u something.. this... see how the magic lines just wrap around the nodes and its not creating any redundancy in the formula.. i've added extra mana circuits to battle the looping problem and the efficiency... looking at your face you don't understand a thing... let's see... "magic circle function, will do job fine". Heh now u get it.. silly human.. well u go do what u want except leaving of course.. . . . . WHY ARE YOU HERE? DID YOU READ YOU JOURNALS!?.. I TREATED U LIKE A GUEST AND NOT A PRISONER... AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME.. BY READING. MY. JOURNALS. ABOUT MY OLD. LIFE... get out, go now before i rip you tO SHRED.. GET THE FUCK OUT THIS INSTANT. . . . . What do you want? I told you you're free to leave.. you're "people '' have not entered my realm for the last year and haven't done anything suspicious.. you can go to your world and leave this place behind.... why do you wanna know what i will do.. ah i see, the evil villain can't be left alone without any good reason.. don't worry, now that I've completed my magic circle I'll use it to go back in time... No. Not to turn things around... I just wanna see how i was before i lost her... you've read my journals.. you know she didn't love me as i did her but i did love her more than she could know.. she was killed as a result of my uprising. I never forgave your government to drop glintstone shrapnel missiles on my home town to stop me... and I never will... but if i stopped before.. she would be alive.. she would be happy... anyways get out or I'll really kill you this time... . . . . . Hmmm.. hero you've come back... it's been.. 3 years since I last saw you I think.. i don't know what time it really is due to all the chrono-disallow around me... oh this... it's nothing just a wound from a glintstone shrapnel... yeah i tried to change it.. change the history of the world itself... the world rejected it.. countless times.. until it didn't. It was probably an error but still it was something... I saw the universe split into two the moment I decided to redirect the missile. Although this world.. which I ruined from my actions still exists.. be happy that there is another version of this world which goes on normally... oh yeah after i die... the two universes will collide and the best possible result will be dominant and absorb the less dominant one... the less one being this universe... I'll cease to exist but everything else will have a chance to flourish... hero.. you'll be the new ray of hope for that world... heh yeah for you I've made some adjustments... you'll forget about me but you'll never forget the stuff u learned here... help the world flourish into a new golden age... a world without darkness. A world without me.. without Aeincrad.....
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2023.06.10 05:08 BitchBass The giant wine glass

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2023.06.10 05:04 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 65 (Efrain)

[←Chapter 64] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 65→]
The sensation of dreaming was still somewhat foreign to Efrain. Part of him was fully integrated into the dream, believing whatever strange logic that was thrust upon him. The other part was an independent observer, watching as its counterpart was tugged about on the tides of absurdity. Most of it was inky and jumbled recollections of the past few days, monsters and pages scrawled with ink and sharp steel.
Then it very much wasn’t.
He was in a contorted, expanded reminiscence of the office in Karkos. Wood panelling stretching into misty heights, lined with the relatively unadorned bridges and walkways of the Kakros canals. Bookshelves upon bookshelves were laid into the walls of this now titanic space.
The first sensation that came to Efrain was the ache of vanish eyes at the sheer expanse of the library. Even the cathedrals and halls of Angorrah paled in comparison to the immensity of the endless bookshelves. The second sensation was marvelling at how he was aware of any of this at all.
Tentatively, he picked a book from one of the many shelves, its red cover bearing no inscription. As he opened the pages, they flickered and tessellated out, until his whole world was the text and paper. And slowly, words began to resolve into their real, physical components.
‘Water’ became a sparkling sea, ‘orange’ became a expanse of bloody sky, ‘friends’ stretched and warped into the shape of two men, sitting on the steps of a stone pyramid. The city around them was far smaller, without most of the wooden constructions and walkways that now dominated it. There was a clear line to the sea, and Efrain was sitting under the shade of a parasol, dressed in purple robes.
“Well, that about settles it,” said Nicolo, his dark beard just beginning to take on the fullness that would remain throughout his life.
“No it does not,” Armsted responded, “I’m already on the ropes with my family for how many women I allow you to visit here. I do not consent, I don’t even have the authority to consent to this.”
“Oh you’ll figure it out,” Nicolo said, shoving his friend, in a move that might’ve been dangerous for anyone less heavily built than Armsted, “everyone knows you’re the real heir anyways, not that pig that buries his heads between every set of thighs he comes across.”
“Rock, meet glass house,” said Armsted, shoving back.
“Oh please, I’ve reformed,” Nicolo said, pressing his hand to his chest, “I’ve seen the errors of my ways - there’s only one woman for me now.”
He turned around to look at Efrain under his parasol, his expression shining bright through the veil Efrain was wearing.
“Attest for me, friend,” he said, plantiff.
“Reformed?” Efrain mused, “Well, if you mean in the same sense as Angorrah - costing far too many innocent lives in the process, to dubious ends, then I’d be inclined to agree.”
Armsted laughed, and the two young men began to playfully wrestle in the roof top pool, surrounded by modified lunar lilies. He sighed and shut the book on the various sun dances he’d been reading, hoping that their splashing didn’t get too much water in the planters. The poor plants were so sensitive after all, too much water and they’d rot from the stem up.
“You know-” Efrain said, “some might say you-”
Bam. Like a book being shut hurriedly, Efrain was back in the impossibly huge library, the book closed in his hands. Efrain looked down at the cover, only to find that it was now gone, lost somewhere on the infinite shelves.
“What?” he said, “No, no, hold on, give it back.”
He tried to parse the various volumes, and couldn’t find a single one of the deep blood red that the volume had been. Still, there were plenty more, so he picked one at random. It was an older text, with yellowed pages, and worn leather coverings.
Once more the text on the page expanded and morphed into the real world.
He was in another office, larger than the one in Karkos, the wood panelling in this one darker, the bookshelves larger. Red curtains were drawn back from a whole wall of windows, overlooking a city of considerable size. Efrain recognized it from his earliest memories.
He was in Angorrah. But where? When? Just after he’d completed his transformation.
His question was answered and saw the dark coloured hands that rested on his massive, and cluttered desk. He wanted to reach up to his face, to feel if there was still meat on his cheeks, eyes still in their sockets. But alas, this was just a memory and he only could watch it play out before him.
There was note on his desk, stained with what looked like tears. Were they his? What was the note saying? He couldn’t quite notice, given that his gaze was locked on the city. The note remained stolidly at the edges of his vision, despite how he might will his eyes to move.
He came up towards the glass, laying a hand on it, feeling and marveling at the cold against his now living flesh.
There was a knock at the door, a student perhaps. Efrain wiped his eyes, and hastily composed himself for the visitor. Without so much as looking, he walked over to the desk and seized the note, crumpling it violently and thrusting it into a pocket.
“Yes, ahem, yes! Come in, please,” he said.
The door creaked open and in walked-
Bam. He was out, back in the library. The book was gone, lost once more on the shelves.
“No!” he cried, “That was- that was-”
“You don’t belong here,” came a voice.
He turned, finding a suspended platform, littered with desks, and what looked like an immense pile of written on pages. As he watched, it rose, swirling as one enormous mass. There was something familiar about it, just at the edges of his consciousness.
“I am familiar, because you have seen me before,” came the voice, “but you should not have come. This place is not for you.”
“The books in this place, are they all memories? Even the ones that happened before I-”
“Not memories. You’ve said - memories are knowledge. Knowledge can lie. They are truth. Not in the absolute, but the truth of what happened in time.”
“Well,” Efrain said, “I want to know more.”
“No,” said the crawling lines of text, constantly forming and reforming, “twice you have been pulled back from this place. First by the-”
The voice made a sequence of sounds that Efrain couldn’t parse. The whole scene seemed to shudder at what must have been language.
“She knocked you loose, hence you can float free. I doubt it was intended. Now I must deal with the consequences.”
“Here,” he said, “where is here? What are you?”
“No one,” said the thing standing tall as the space blurred and contorted around her, “My name is gone. By function, I remember when all forget. Here is here. My garden, my library, my vault. You have been brought here by mere chance, now GO.”
With that final word, Efrain was sent careening forwards as the entire scene shifted sideways. Falling with the contents of the entire library, soon the pages became his entire vision.
Then he was back in the office of Karkos, the mentor craning over him, clearly concerned by his lack of movement.
“Master Efrain?” he said, holding a tray with a pot and cups, “I had fetched the tea like you asked, but you weren’t responding.
Efrain flexed his fingers, touching his mask, and found nothing but cold bone and stone, respectfully.
“Yes, well,” Efrain said, “I must’ve fallen asleep. Odd, I rarely need it. Oh, and you brought the tea, how thoughtful.”
“Yes. I have it on the recommendation of the professor you sat in on that the persimmon blend is particularly fragrant. ‘Warms the soul’ he said.”
“Let’s hope he doesn’t bare a grudge,” Efrain said as the tray was set before him.
“If you were anyone else, he might’ve,” laughed the mentor, “but seeing a historical figure, one of the founders of the academy no less, come to refute his own work? It doesn’t get much better for a scholar of history.”
Efrain chuckled as the tea was poured, filling the room with a scent that indeed warmed the soul.
“To tell you the truth, I thought that I’d forgotten how to teach,” Efrain said, taking the cup and inhaling deeply, “I’ve spent so many years on my own, lost in my books in distant locales. I haven’t had true students in decades. Well, except…”
The mentor sat forward, clearly curious at what kind of person Efrain might’ve taken on as a student.
“I met a girl, young girl, in a mountain village,” he said, smoothing over the church, “well, quite a few things happened. It all got a bit messy - overlapping parties with overlapping interests, and all that. She ultimately fell under my wing. Curious girl. Actually, her mother was from the city.”
The man nodded vigorously, encouraging him to continue as he sipped from one of the cups.
“Now that I recall, her mother was…” Efrain snapped his fingers, “now what was her name? Well, it doesn’t matter. I’ll think of it later. In any case, she was bizarre. Has a magical affliction.”
“A magical affliction? Do you mean a curse?”
“Well, perhaps,” Efrain said, tapping his temple, “curses on objects are hard enough, especially if you want them to endure. Putting on living creatures is notoriously difficult. In fact, did you know there’s some old accounts of the sorcerers living on the steppes north of Angorrah. They came in conflict with the church, and they would send in goats to the city with bezoars loaded to the brim with magic. The poor animals would then explode.”
The scholar could not possibly be more interested than anything else. Efrain was unsure if this was merely perfected flattery, or genuine fascination on the man’s part. Either way, it elevated his opinion - if flattery, this level was an art in itself.
“Unfortunately, it didn’t do them a whole lot of good in the end,” Efrain sighed, staring out the windows, “none of those that resisted the Helgacite expansion did well. Angorrah was too well organised to leave stragglers.”
“Except the northern mountain kingdoms,” said the mentor.
“Well, that’s true,” conceded Efrain, “only because Angorrah had conquered half a dozen other countries by then and didn’t want to spread their forces further. The mountain men were shrewd - locking them into a contract like that.”
Efrain thought about the forested regions of Inalthia, where the borders of Angorrah ran up against its northern mountains. It’d been nothing when he’d passed through, almost three hundred years prior. He wondered if it had also expanded into sprawling townships, like Karkos had in his absence. Of course, they had the notable advantage of being basecamp for any and all mining operations in the region, and the reception point of the mountain men’s tithes to boot.
“But, back to the girl I spoke of. Odd creature. Bright. Part of a set, actually,” Efrain said, putting down the teacup.
“Yes, of three. The other two are twins. Completely unrelated to her, from Erratz actually.”
“How curious!” said the mentor, nodding to indicate he knew the city.
“Yet all sharing the same affliction. They have these… scars. They wrap around their arms and hands. No pattern that I could see. And when they use magic, they glow from within.”
The mentor had put down his cup, and was leaning into Efrain now, hardly daring to breath.
“It’s fascinating, really,” Efrain said, “and they have these memories. Not their own. Supposedly they’re of the founding gods of the church.”
“Bizzare!” said the man.
“Oh yes, quite,” Efrain said, enjoying the exaggerated reactions of his converser, “and they have the most striking capacity for magic I’ve ever seen. They pick up things in a handful of tries that might take others hours to do. Not to mention just how deep their wells run.”
“And they all share this same trait?” said the man, fiddling with his spectacles.
“Oh yes,” Efrain said, “different children, obviously, with their own individual identities and personalities, but all with the same affliction. Fascinating isn’t it? So, through some twists and turns, one of the ultimately came to me for guidance. I should go check up on her, to see if she’s alright.”
“If you know which families they’re staying at, I could bring you to them,” said the mentor, “but you’ll be seeing them at the Festival tomorrow, or so it is said.”
“I see, well, there’s no rush, at least for now,” Efrain said, reclining in the chair.
“By the way, I can’t help but notice you’ve not sipped your tea. Is there something wrong? More honey?”
“Err…” Efrain said,thinking fast, “of course. Speaking of cursed items! This mask. Fused to my face. Quite unremovable, I think. Can’t eat or drink anything.”
“That’s horrible!” said the Mentor, standing up, “we must remove it at once! You’ll starve.”
“No, no, my good man, though I appreciate the thought,” Efrain said, “it’s been stuck to me for some time, you see. Quite useful in a way, it would seem it’s curse also spares the wielder from starvation and thirst, also sleep, for the most part.”
“Oh,” he said, “well how did you come by such a device?”
“It was a curiosity, one that I didn’t take care when handling,” Efrain said, wagging his finger, “a good lesson for you. Even the wisest can be unfathomably careless. I might miss the comforts of food and drink, but I’ve found other ways to amuse myself. My nose has gotten quite sharp. The professor was right, the blend warms the soul.”
That seemed to placate the mentor, who resumed sipping on his blend, though not without occasional guilty looks at Efrain’s full cup. Before they could resume the conversation, there was a knock at the door to the study.
“That’d be some of the students,” said the mentor, getting up to let them in, “they went to the library to get the texts you requested.”
Several young men and women filed in, arms filled with bound volumes, as well as brushes and inkpots. The mentor was quick to dismiss them as he began to reorganize the journals in order of instruction. Efrain was happy to sit and scent the tea as he did so.
“Well, there’s that,” the mentor said, slightly sweaty after moving so many volumes around, “Twelve in total, representing most of your attributed work. There are other books that reference yours. Oh dear, I’ll suppose those will have to be changed as well.”
“That’s was second editions are for,” Efrain said as he flicked open the cover of the first book, reading the brief foreword, “I assume you have a press in the city.”
“Several,” said the mentor, “we took the designs from Angorrah, and improved upon it. The artisans called it “woefully inefficient” when they first started building them. Also “tacky”.”
Efrain laughed as he finished the prelude, more self-aggrandizing nonsense from Nicolo, though not as audacious as some of the lies he’d put together in his youth. Seems like age had tempered that particular tendency.
“They would,” Efrain said, “I assume you just lease copies to them?”
“Oh yes. The previous mentor tried to sell the entire manuscripts to them!” he huffed, “selling off our academies heritage for profit, I say.”
“Can’t imagine too many were happy about that. I can see why you were selected as his successor.”
“You flatter me, master Efrain,” he said, bowing his head low with a smile of appreciation.
Within the first few pages, Efrain already knew exactly where the bulk of this book had come from. He also knew that it would have to be entirely rewritten for accuracy's sake. He’d already committed, however, there was no backing out of this one. To his surprise, however, the historical footnotes were both well sourced and actually quite informative.
Always more interested in history, Efrain thought, shaking his head and smiling in his mind.
“Well, is there anything else you’d like to discuss master?” he said, “or should I leave you to it?”
“I think we’re done for the time being, my friend,” Efrain said, gesturing to the piles of papers, “I have my work cut out for me, it would seem.”
“I can send up a senior student to serve as a scribe if you should wish,” he said, getting up and retrieving the tea set.
“Not as a scribe - I prefer to write my own notes,” Efrain said to a nod of appreciation, “but send one up all the same, so I can fetch more paper and ink should need demand. Preferably a quiet one if possible.”
“Absolutely,” said the mentor, “I can’t tell you how excited we all are to have you! And for you to grace us with your knowledge - ah, golden opportunities abound!”
“Yes, yes,” Efrain said, before snapping his fingers, “ah yes! I figured it out.”
“What would that be?”
“The name of the girl’s mother. My student from the northern village.”
“Ah, I see. What is it?”
“Assyeria, that’s what it was,” Efrain said, wondering how he would have forgotten something so simple.
The mentor, on the other hand, turned white then red, and had to scramble to catch the tray he dropped.
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2023.06.10 05:01 Patches_Mcgee Went to a bar for the first time since quitting.

And I only drank topo Chicos. It was a really nice restaurant bar. My wife had a few glasses of wine and of course everyone around me was drinking. It kinda sucked but also had its perks. I’ve never done that in my life. Glad to see that I could.
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2023.06.10 04:56 Frankencowx G2/G3 wall mount question

G2/G3 wall mount question
Hi all I'm looking at getting one of these tvs and want to wall mount but the problem is there is a small crawlspace door that the tv would be blocking. This door sticks out about an inch off the wall. The mount should fit perfectly above the door since the placement is at the top of the tv however I'm worried with that 1 inch depth of the door protruding will cause problems for the flush mount. Should I consider mounting a large one inch deep board to the wall above the door first and then mounting to the board? Or any other ideas? Thanks.
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2023.06.10 04:53 happyabee Essence

periwinkle apartments fluorescent signs just right smooshy cookies and smooth milk splashy bubble baths
a wall of books a broken espresso machine a chuckling brook neighbor happy dress shoes ready for a walk
brewed tea and waiting crumpets a soft pillow tired spectacles a blackberry meadow
hand quilted blankets abrupt goodbyes minimalistic scrapbooks tipsy dancing for days
well written letters an ethereal lantern post lavender soap fresh white linens
sun-kissed cheeks a raven familiar off-brand crayons an ironic welcome mat
an herb garden Palo Santo incense faded pink hair don't care December snow angels
a weighted blanket for a while biting at vibrant bubbles letting you win visiting Pluto
Toys R Us a crackling fire a field of sweet, soft grass chasing sunsets
a reminder that you're special car rides with the windows down a color-coded day planner river pebbles
glass that won't break cloudy days missing socks that match daisies in an updo
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Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/5RJDVav
Huey serial number in pictures. Romeo is painted and mounted.
Huey- Almost new, few small marks from the safe. Glass is super clean, optic works perfectly. have box for it. $415
10.5” Quad Upper- Andro upper, barrel,BCG and CH, Midwest industries combat quad rail, dead air keymicro, Bcm grip. Not may rounds through it, shoot suppressed and was not gassy at all. $300
Romeo 5 on Arisaka offset- romeo has been painted, glass is clean and everything works great. Arisaka offset with the t2 footprint- not looking to separate unless buyer for both items.- $170
Dead Air Muzzle Brake- brand new never used. 5/8x24 thread pitch. No shims. $65
B.A.D MRO mount- co-witness height, was never shot with. Lightest mount but super strong. $60
All prices are shipped. PayPal or Venmo FF only no notes. Comment here them PM. Dibs rules apply. Not really looking for trades but feel free to send offers always open to listen.
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2023.06.10 04:42 CTAVI A detailed reconstruction of warframe anatomy

Tl;Dr - Any of you guys have any theories as to how Warframe's function? As in specifics, like "what is armour made of", or "how are they powered", etc. Not vague lore things like "The Heart of Deimos does it", but rather specifics as to how exactly those things work in universe.

Hey! Obligatory spoiler warning! For a while, I've been wondering about the actual anatomy of a warframe, beyond just the old "person is infested, person is augmented, person is now warframe" that we know, and have been trying to theory-craft the specific details as to how they could be actually constructed in universe. The reason being is because I'm someone with a love for graphic design, and am considering getting into Tennogen, though I don't have a ton of actual confidence. Hence, I'm thinking of doing the single most complicated thing physically possible, and am going to use this knowledge to attempt to actually 3D model the full internals of warframes, removing pieces as needed whilst keeping others, in order to design the "Subderma" series of skins, which I'd then submit. The idea is to have them reveal the internal workings of a warframe, whilst not going full Sunder helmet and clearly showing a person inside to prevent spoilers. As a result, I'm wondering - what theories do you all have, based on what we know, as to how they function? Anything goes, so long as it's supported at least somewhat in game, and feel free not to read all of this before commenting, as what I'm about to go through is a god damned essay. But it is also a very detailed essay, so if you wanted any info as to how frames work, I guess here's a launching point for that. So without further ado, this is what I'm working from after six to seven years spent staring intently at at a monitor, doing literally anything other than studying:


Looking at the systems blueprint of any warframe, it's clear that it's representative of a skeleton. There's a clear collarbone and set of ribs visible, with a spine connecting it all. Looking at Xaku, however, won't actually reveal this structure anywhere on them, which to me implies that the systems are often directly implanted into the skeleton of a Warframe themselves. Now, Xaku isn't exactly a... normal... warframe, and so I'd be willing to wager that not all of the systems are present, instead just working through "void magic", and based on that, I can go on the assumption that all warframes contain a structure that at least superficially resemble that skeleton. Furthermore, whilst Xaku clearly has three different warframes making up their chassis, the skeleton is also just as clearly a single component, to me adding credence to the idea that warframe skeletons are all relatively similar, with similar (but not identical) shapes, and the same material across it, consisting of a tightly woven metal mesh. Plus, the systems blueprint only shows two ribs, but also shows an odd structure at the base of the spine, telling me that when crafting that component, all that's being made is the circuitry that's implanted into the frame's skeleton during infestation. As a result of these points, I'm quite confident that by finishing making a 3D render of the systems, and by slapping them onto Xaku's skeleton, we'd have a baseline on which to go from for all frames, ready to be customised individually when the time came around.

Power supply

Warframes clearly contain two power supplies, based on what we see in the Heart of Deimos quest. One being the Heart itself, providing a link to the void in order to power abilities and advanced, physics defying movement, and the other being designed to sustain basic functions such as comms, and simple, ordinary motion. The uplink to the Heart is actually really easy to design, as we already know what it looks like. The uplink would be directly connected to the systems, as they power abilities and such, and so all we need to do is get a clear look at some systems. Bringing out our old friend Xaku again, we can see that they have a small structure in their chest cavity with three glowing lines moving out in an inverted triangle pattern - the location on the skeleton where emissive effects are most prevalent. Now you may be thinking "Okay, cool, there's something that could be the Heart uplink, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the Heart uplink", which is a fair point, though if you look at the file containing Xaku's model, courtesy of DE themselves on their "content files and examples" page, importing the FBX into Blender allows you to see the oh-so-conveniently individually named components that make up Xaku, with the structure in the centre of the skeleton being not only classed as within the same object data as the skeleton (aka entirely separate from the armour pieces you can see around it), but is also straight up called the Heart. Whilst this probably means nothing, lorewise, as nobody was really intended to see this outside of Tennogen artists, I'm taking this name and running with it.
The second power supply is a little more complicated, however, as we don't actually see it anywhere in game that I know of. In this case, the power doesn't come from any form of void uplink, otherwise during the Heart of Deimos quest, we would have instantly had our frame shut down with no way to move it. Through this, it'd make sense that whatever is providing energy here is some sort of battery. Based on this, and the fact that almost all frames require them for crafting in some capacity, I'd venture to say that this secondary power supply is made out of Orokin cells. In addition, as the cells are only rarely used when building individual components of frames, but rather are mostly featured as the fourth component, being used alongside the systems, neuroptics, and chassis, it'd have it's own mounting beyond being included in those. Due to this, I'd say that the secondary power source is probably sandwiched between the infested material and remaining muscle of the host, and the chassis, fitted just below it. In my eyes, it makes the most sense for this to be most often fitted atop the warframe's shoulder blades, as that region seems to have little in the way of actual mechanical parts.

Movement capabilities

Warframes contain ordinary people within them, however featuring extremely hardened, metallic skin, and immensely tough muscular tissues. The infestation used to make them is defined as a "technocyte", as seen in the description of nano spores, which means that infested cells are essentially tiny artificial machines in a similar vein to isos (and funnily enough, considering that the sentients are manufactured through a dark black sludge referred to by the tenebrous ephemera as "sentient unlight", and that the Alkonost has the ability to "birth neuro-carnivorous memes directly into the brain stem" of an ally, which results in them taking on a more sentient appearance - the sentients). Whilst Caliban would likely be made more of unlight than helminth cells, most frames therefore are a mix of human and infested flesh, which has hardened to become a very tight bond. Movement, thus, is accomplished exactly as in an ordinary human - with muscles.
However, some more advanced maneuvers, such as bullet jumping or aim gliding, become disabled when the Warframe looses connection to the Heart of Deimos. In addition, these specific methods of locomotion have effects associated. In the case of a bullet jump, a small explosion is detonated near the feet of the frame to act as propulsion (moddable with elements, implying void shenanigans); and in the case of aim gliding, the effect of the lifted status effect appears, but instead pointed downwards. As the explosion created when bullet jumping is entirely blast damage, and it's almost inaudible, I'd be willing to go on the assumption that it's less an actual detonation, but more just a rapid application of force in all directions from the feet of the frame - sort of like a radial aim glide at the feet. Whatever that visual effect is, it clearly applies force in the direction it's pointing (downwards for aim gliding, upwards for the Orvius/lifted status, and backwards when the Heart emitted a large energy pulse in the Heart of Deimos quest). As the Heart was able to generate a pulse in the same way that a bullet jump does (radial application to all nearby), I'd go on the assumption that this is effectively just pure void energy, as it either mimics the colours of whatever it's near, or takes on the energy colour of the influencing tool. Due to this, frames must have some method by which they can efficiently and reliably transfer void energy to near the outside of the frame, that isn't necessarily visible above the frame's skin. To work this one out, I recommend we take a look at Valkyr.
Valkyr is pretty useful to us, as when captured by Alad V, he removed all of her skin to put it onto Zanuka. Because of this, we can see to an extent what the chassis beneath looks like that's on every other frame. Looking here, we can see small silver inlays all across her body that appear different to the corpus technology that was grafted onto her, ending in small lights, with the same silver being used as plating in her head (As in by looking at the plates that cover her skull, they're tipped in the same silver. This is to distinguish it from the "halo" and collar that she was given by the corpus). To me, these look to be the most likely candidate for the void energy channels. They resemble a sort of exposed wire, in contrast to the other wires seen on her body, which are very clearly still coated in a cyan material. As these appear to encircle her whole body, in some capacity, and otherwise serve no clear purpose beyond sort of just being there, it makes sense to me that void energy is sent from the Heart uplink and through this specific cabling to allow for this temporary levitation, and for bullet jumping.


Shielding is a short one, as we don't really ever see that much that indicates where it's generated from. What we do know, as a result of the Heart of Deimos quest, is that it's composed directly out of void energy. We also know that shield emitters are indeed a thing, as a result of Hildryn and her Balefire, but as for the construction of these, there's very little to go off of. Interestingly enough, these emitters appear to be biological in nature, as when Pillage is subsumed onto a Warframe, regardless of the frame that's using it, they will always have the pads appear atop their shoulders as a part of the animation, implying that Helminth augmented the frame to allow them to produce these. As these pads are also what allows Hildryn to roll, instead using a dash, and this isn't disabled by the destruction of the Heart, it implies that these aren't actually shields. This is also evidenced by the fact that Hildryn's dash doesn't affect her total shield count, and that Hildryn Einheri's shield blocks that comprise the skin are also not turned off when she runs out of shields. The Balefire, however, which does affect shield count, does make use of an emitter of almost identical design, and provides no defensive capability, does indeed become disabled when running low. This means that these emitters are capable of converting ordinary energy from orokin cells into a form of ineffective shielding that does little more than apply a slight force in a direction, however are also capable of using void energy to manufacture shielding constructs, such as a full protective barrier, or in the case of the balefire - a concentrated bolt. These emitters appear to essentially control where power is directed to on the frame, and how it's manifested. As a result, I believe that in some capacity, all frames outside of Xaku, Inaros, and Nidus make use of these emitters. Inaros and Nidus Lacking shields implies that they're using an alternate route by which they can cast abilities, and aren't at all employing emitters, meanwhile Xaku is almost completely corrupted and is more of a thrax than a warframe at this point, meaning their shielding likely come from the void tendrils somehow.


The chassis is quite interesting in my opinion, as Valkyr and Limbo both clearly demonstrate that there are a lot of components to a chassis. Focusing on Valkyr first, there appears to be a combination of four different components that are integrated directly into the chassis, each distinguished by colour - black, orange, cyan, and silver. We already discussed silver in the "Movement Capabilities" section, however the others all seem to actually have an apparent purpose.
As we know that armour is integrated as a part of the chassis, because it can't be a part of the other components beyond natural toughness, we should in theory be able to see it here. Conveniently, Valkyr also happens to be the second most armoured frame in the game right now, second only to the actual tank that is Lavos. Due to this, I don't think it's unreasonable to infer that (whilst the skin of a warframe is described as "sword-steel" by Ballas) the actual toughness of a frame comes as a result of the orange plating that surrounds most of her body. Whilst the crafting ingredients suggest it's made of an alloy, I'd actually argue that it's some sort of highly resilient polymer. The reason for this is that polymers can be just as strong as metals when it comes to resisting damage, plus they're far less likely to corrode when facing the threats that a Warframe would be expecting to face. Also, if we're going on the assumption that Helminth is assisting in crafting these frames due to the nature of their assembly, and that they aren't made exclusively of the materials listed in the crafting recipes (just in majority), then taking a look at the description of a secretion made by any synthetic compound within Helminth tells us that they "exude these rope-like strands of filament", which could feasably make highly resistent armour, without requiring so many resources that it becomes a crafting requirement.
Adding credence to this is the second most prevalent type of component that we can see. As the alloy used to craft Valkyr comes specifically from pellets of ferrite and morphics, it makes a lot more sense that these materials make up the black sections of her body, assuming a strong, dark alloy, rather than becoming somehow corroded, making armour that's already compromised through rust, explaining the orange colour that way. As for what these sections of the body are, to me they seem to be a less dense form of armour that forms long, interlocking plates along her body, allowing for free movement whilst still providing some modicum of protection. Despite not being as strong as the polymer armour, this would still provide an added layer of protection, which to me says that frames with higher armour likely employ the polymer in their design, whilst those with lower make use of armour predominantly made from alloys. In certain cases, such as with Valkyr or Lavos, both may be present in the design.
Lastly, Valkyr has several cyan wires visible on her body. As Alad V used her skin to plate Zanuka (implying that even the skin of a warframe, despite it being physically far weaker than the armour plating beneath, still offers relatively strong protection), we can infer that there had to be a reason that these cabling-like sections were left untouched, implying that they're somehow integral to the warframe's function. As these sections can be seen passing into and out of the chassis, this says to me that the wiring here is actually the cabling used for the secondary power supply, as it's insulated like an ordinary wire would be (side note, exactly how gross is it that the wire insulation is literally just made of the skin of the warframe? Like actual tubes of skin inside the flesh. Blech).


In the section regarding the chassis of a Warframe, I mentioned that both Valkyr and Limbo provide a good insight as to how warframes work under the hood, however I didn't get into Limbo. This is because, whilst Limbo has a fully intact chassis, he does appear to have several glass "portholes" on his body, through which a constant swarm of raging energy can be seen. This answers a couple of very important questions, which is "if warframes draw void energy from the heart to power their abilities, then how do they run out of energy? And when they run out of energy, why don't they also lose the ability to bullet jump and maneuver in the ways that they do like when the Heart broke down?". The answer to this, in my headcanon, is actually pretty sneaky. In two specific transmissions over the radio on the top floor of the orbiter, it's possible to hear a grineer authorising ships for punching to different planets, and in these transmissions they appear to be monitoring for traces of what they specifically refer to as "Tenno energy residue". Not Void energy. This never sat well with me, as everywhere else, they refer to void energy as completely separate. So I was left wondering - what is this residue we keep hearing about?
To answer this, we can take a look back at Hildryn. Previously, we discussed how warframes often make use of a special kind of emitter that allows void energy to be channeled into specific forms, which to me says that whilst the tenno are capable of controlling void energy and directing it into each specific region of the frame, they are incapable of innately producing complex void constructs without at the very least a hell of a lot of training. If it were the same between tenno and warframes, then the newly awakened tenno wouldn't be capable of using any abilities until they started earning focus points, which clearly isn't the case. Tenno can fully master a warframe and their range of abilities without having any idea how to use void energy effectively without a frame. So what gives? Well, to me the emitters show that to make complex use of void energy, it has to pass through some sort of sequencing medium first. In the case of these emitters, they can produce slightly more advanced constructs, such as bolts, beams, thrust and auras in the case of Hildryn, however innately won't produce complex forms on their own.
I would argue that one way to resolve this would be to treat "energy" as two things. Void energy is raw energy from the void itself, and essentially works as you'd expect, however Tenno energy is entirely different, and isn't even energy at all. In fact, in my eyes, Tenno energy could be viewed as a form of technocyte cloud. By taking technocyte cells and charging them with void energy (which we know can happen thanks to Deimos showing infestation beginning to glow blue in the presence of void energy), they can be sent through emitters and can produce far more refined abilities. This would explain not only how Warframes can cast such advanced abilities, but also how they can manifest physical objects like exalted weapons. Physical things can be made out of void energy, but the only place we see this happen in lore is exclusively through conceptual embodiment (the love of Belric and Rania; the trauma that made Duviri; and the fear felt by the Zariman crew), and unless Wukong's iron staff is but a metaphor for something much worse, it wouldn't make sense for this to be made from the same Void energy. Saying it was constructed out of a technocyte swarm charged with void energy, however, makes far more sense to me. This means that energy is fundamentally just charged technocyte clouds, ready to be used as abilities, stored within the frame, explaining how we can run out. Limbo's windows show this energy within them, almost like viewing panes into the energy cells.
One small snag is that Sevagoth throws a bit of a spanner in the works with this one, as the shadow is described as being "concentrated void energy" by Cy, and was manifested long before Sevagoth himself went missing. Whilst we could hand wave this and say that the shadow is a manifestation made because Sevagoth was already searching for people to rescue before he went missing, and it's a manifestation of that need to save people, it doesn't quite feel right to me, and I'd be interested to know your thoughts on this.

The dreaded neuroptics

Ah, neuroptics. The thing that drove the Warframe community nuts a while back trying to work out what it's supposed to look like. The thing is, I was watching this debate, and I realised that I disagreed with every single side on display. Neuroptics is clearly just a portmanteau of "Neuron" and "Optics", very heavily implying that it's a device designed to link the visual feeds of the warframes with the operators undergoing transference. This is very unlikely to be crafting the ability for the Warframe to see, simply due to the fact that the warframes already contain people who could already do that. That'd be like crafting leg muscles. We got those already. For the same reason, this couldn't be building a brain of some sort, because again, we already have one of those to work with. So far, so simple. Instead, it must be some sort of device designed to facilitate some form of optical interfacing directly with the brain, rather than building those things itself. The issue I'm having with the debate, however, is that everyone appeared to be saying that it resembles a helmet somehow, and that you're crafting the helmet of the frame when making this. To me, this... makes no sense at all. Whilst I can see why one may see this as a helmet, especially as it used to be referred to as such in the foundry, this has since been changed, meaning it can't be relied on for current lore. Plus, when crafting alternate helmets, they're now called helmets in game. As a result, if we were just making the warframe's helmet, wouldn't we just see the head of the warframe instead of this vague shape? Just like when we make any other helmet in the game? It feels to me like a bit of a weird continuity error if we look at it that way. Considering that this was a deliberate change made by DE to specifically stop calling this a helmet, on top of the fact that there are many other things referred to as helmets which just show the actual result as their icon, I think it's safe to say that that isn't what this is. Plus, Citrine is missing, like, half her head, and unlike Xaku, there are no implied random void rules that would allow her to be visually missing a component. Also you can see all the way down to Umbra's eye, and there's clearly nothing between the chassis and the skull but flesh.
So, what is it then? Well, I think an alternate way to look at this would be to instead on trying to figure out what this looks like, to try and figure out how it specifically works. In the picture we see a side view, whereas in the systems and chassis, we see the front. As a result, it's possible that the side that we're seeing is simply the most external part of the device. In my mind, this would be implanted on the temple of a warframe, and would interface directly with the brain to harvest optical information through some form of internal wiring/direct connection to the nervous system, and would also double as the method by which operators controlled the frames. As it was stated by Ballas, warframes are fitted with transference bolts to allow for control, and so it isn't entirely out of the question that the neuroptics are effectively a variation on the transference bolt that also allows for the operator to see through the warframe's eyes, explaining how Umbra/the operator was able to override the control Ballas had at the end of the Sacrifice quest. Overload the bolt, drowning out his signal, and you can stab him. This is very much just theory-crafting, however, as there is very little in-game information regarding the neuroptics, and almost nothing we can gather visually from the blueprint beyond its shape. Another thing I'd be very interested to hear your thoughts on.


If you guys have any further info or theories, or alternative ideas to those presented here, do tell! And if you just skipped to the end after seeing how long this was - fair enough, I have ADHD as well. I'm very interested to hear how you guys view this, and if I can get good enough with 3D modelling, I'd absolutely love to use this information to design some Tennogen based on it. There are probably some pretty cool designs you can do, and I'm already working on translating the systems blueprint icon into a full model around the size of an actual warframe's body, so as to employ variations of it when making future skins! Let me know your thoughts!

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