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This is a judgement-free zone to ask and provide tips, ask questions, and share success stories about sleep-training your little ones. Whether you want to "cry it out" or you want to try a "no-cry sleep solution" (or anything in between), you're welcome here! [Note: We are not medical professionals. You should always consult your pediatrician before beginning a sleep-training program with your child.]

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a place where balloon artists and balloon lovers can come and share their works or learn/teach how to make balloon art. we try to keep it SFW.

2023.05.29 04:37 Adrian-266 [M26] [UK, BRAZIL] Its Adrian [CHAT] - Looking for Vitoria

Message me here vitoria, its Adrian. Lost my other account
Hi, I am Adrian, 26 and from the UK pic of me on profile. Been having a rough few days, especially recently and have the week off work and nothing planned. So thought to meet new people and chat. Learn about someone and keep each other company. Looking for some relaxed and chill chats, long or short term. Mainly looking for girls. Can be from anywhere, come and introduce yourself. Creeps and weirdos will be blocked
To start us off, message with your name, age and where you are from.
Pros - cons of me:
I am a great cook - I will force you to eat my cooking
I am a great listener - I will get you to overshare
I like to cuddle - I will not let go
Great at conversating - Will keep you up all night
Have some of the cutest puppies youll ever see - Covered in dog hair most of the time
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2023.05.29 04:36 iplaygenshit Might get rid of this

Might get rid of this
This is a drift mode tune for the 2013 Subaru BRZ, 757 Horsepower, full pandem bodykit, NFS Heat design. Haven’t been able to get too much fun out of it lately so I might trade it off, KEY WORD: MIGHT. Give me some good offers and I’ll give it a think.
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2023.05.29 04:35 RRRege_21 [Friendship] A chill SFW Discord server for adults 25+

Discord servers are usually filled with cliques and people who already know each other and have inside jokes that new members can’t relate to. You won’t find that on our server. Why? Because we have like 5 active members! Lol. So it’s like having a one on one conversation!
We have plans to run plenty of activities once we have some active members such as movie streams, gaming nights etc.
For now, join our small group of lovely people who are also getting to know each other as much as you! Make some new friends by sending me a DM to get an invite.
*Note: This is a strict 25+ age group and SFW server. Not a dating server. No creeps will be allowed to stay on the server! *
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2023.05.29 04:35 shynailgirl Anthony Ramos Recalls Almost Getting Burned By Fireworks On 'Transformers: Rise of the Beasts' Set

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2023.05.29 04:34 bigdaddyputtput How I Would Balance Radiant Dawn

I've been playing Radiant Dawn a lot recently (I've only played Radiant Dawn and Shadow Dragon). In the future, I'll probably get a newer console for a newer fire emblem.

I love Radiant Dawn, but there is clearly a lot of balance issues between units. These are proposed changes that still keep the identity of the units, while making most units similarly valuable.
Gold/Silver Knight
These mostly need either higher speed or strength caps. Late game, pretty much only Titania and Kieran can hit hard. They can't be buffed to much though, since both Sol and Canto are OP.
Earth affinity needs to be weaker, while the affinities that affect hit rate should be skill activate rate or something.
Laguz are super weird, since they're super strong at 1 range with full gauge, but there's so many 2 range enemies in the game and a lot of laguz gauges are problematic. Most also have issues leveling up without HUGE investment. Poor availability or poor speed cripples laguz who need to build up strike ranks.
  1. Herons: 2 primary changes- Herons get valor (fills Laguz gauge) much sooner. Herons get the same (or half) of the XP of the units they Galdr for that turn. Valor helps the laguz gauge issue, and the XP thing makes leveling up herons possible without BEXP or grinding 100 turns of Galdr.
  2. Cats: Cats are actually good (better endgame because of speed and res), but their gauges are terrible. Decrease the rate they lose gauge while transformed. They don't really need a nerf to gain for gauge, but you could.
  3. Tiger: I'd just raise the speed cap to 30 or 32 (since I'm pretty sure it's 28, which is super low).
  4. Lions: The lion class is fine (it's mostly just skrimir lol).
  5. Ravens and Hawks: The raven and hawk classes are fine.
  6. Dragons: The dragon classes are fine, it's more specific units that suck.
  7. Wolves: Wolves are great.
  8. All Laguz: I'd rework formshift. All Laguz get formshift at 30, potentially lower the levels of a couple Laguz to compensate. Get rid of Laguz gems. I'd also increase the rate that laguz gain XP (not sure how much).

The basic philosophy of this is that most of these units need late-game buffs to offset the work it takes to get there, while some need to show up a bit stronger to be viable. If they're not mentioned, I don't feel they need a change.
  1. Edward: Should have a slightly higher res growth. He's the worst Trueblade IMO, since most of the tower is magic. Make him worth how squishy he is most of the game by making him worth it.
  2. Leonardo: Needs a higher speed or strength growth (or base). He's a bad unit until he's a marksman, since he doesn't double until he gets his special bow and he doesn't hit very hard.
  3. Meg: Give her a tank role by having her join at a higher level with a bit more defense. She's terrible unless she's overleveled, and Marshall's aren't good endgame (though she's probably the best if trained up).
  4. Fiona: Needs to join with a bit more strength or speed so she can deal damage. She should probably be available on the swamp map too.
  5. Laura: Her stats are actually fantastic. She just needs sooooo much more EXP. I'd give her a base paragon that you can't take off until the chapter where you'd normally get it.
  6. Tormod, Muarim: They both need to join the Greil Mercenaries in part 3. Their availability is a joke,
  7. Vika: She should be part of the Dawn Brigade in part 3 as a sort of growth (high potential) Laguz unit. She's unusable in part 4.
  8. Illyana: She can be trained, but it's pointless since thunder magic is terrible except for one Rexbolt against the dragon king. Probably buff thunder magic (either its range or its might).
Elincia's Part
  1. Haar: Needs to join at a lower level so he's not broken OP. Should take investment to be as broken as he is.
  2. Nealuchi and Leanne: Could benefit from some availability in part 3. Leanne's Galdr kind of makes her the worst heron in endgame by far, so she probably needs something like a super high magic stat so she has more utility.
  3. Lethe and Mordecai: I think both of them are fixed via the above Laguz changes.
  4. Astrid: Needs higher base strength or level.
  5. Danved: He should have higher luck so he can be the crit halbierder or something. He basically is only good in the sense he ends with high skill, but nephenee and aran are both much more usable.
  6. Makalov: Start him at Kieran's level so he competes. Kieran arrives with a better weapon type and better stats at a higher level.
Greil Mercenaries
  1. Lyre: She honestly needs a gun. You only use this character for the fun of it. She's probably a solid growth unit if Laguz could gain EXP quicker.
  2. Kyza: Tiger buffs and Laguz EXP gains probably make him viable.
Part 4
  1. Sanaki: She's actually a really good endgame character with a seraph robe, energy drop, and paragon. I feel like her lack of strength and HP make so much sense for her character, but she should probably have one of those things be better at base.
  2. Oliver: I think it'd be a great gag if his supports helped him but hurt his allies.
  3. Pelleas: Make him available in part 3 for the Dawn Brigade if you don't kill him.
  4. Volke: He's honestly awesome, Sothe just shouldn't be forced Endgame.
  5. Laguz Royals, Giffca, Renning, Bastian: They're all fine and serve a purpose. I just feel Royals shouldn't have a monopoly on formshift.
Obviously this game is very old. I hope y'all have feedback for this.
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2023.05.29 04:34 kiisabear My mom hates me and I don't know why [LONG POST]

I (F20) have moved to a new place thanks to my mom (F43) convincing me to. We are living with my great-grandmother and it's been almost a year now. e live in a small village and I don't drive so I relied heavily on my mom to drive me if I wanted to go somewhere that wasn't within walking distance. Almost a month ago, there was a big argument with my great-grandmother who made a racist comment which I did not agree with. This resulted in me staying with a new friend for a bit. When I came back, my mother accused me of drug use; I don't do drugs. I've had a puff here and there from weed and I rarely drink any alcohol. I don't party, I pretty much am a hermit. My mother had said that I need to be aware of the drugs I may be around in which I responded with "no I do not. If others are getting into drugs, it is not my business to be asking about it. It makes it look like I'm interested and I am not." She blew up at me and told me that she "cannot keep an eye on me 24/7". I then responded with "you don't have to, I'm 20 years old, I am capable of looking out for myself." This was the line that completely threw her off her rockers. She said that if I'm such an adult and if I get arrested for hanging around druggies to not bother calling her because she could care less. That as an adult I should "figure it out". My mom, needless to say, has never been a good mom. She neglected me and my siblings growing up to chase a sugar daddy who wasn't really a sugar daddy but a drug dealer. Now I don't know if he got her into it or if it was already something she was doing before she met him (she was a stripper before I was born so it wouldn't surprise me if she was into drugs during that time). All I know is that he encouraged her to get into it more heavily. I grew up never seeing the drugs but I saw the effects. The fighting, the forgetfulness, the fatigue. From a young age, I told myself to stay away from drugs in fear I'd end up like my mom. There's no way in hell I'd ever do drugs, I saw how it made her. Eventually, my siblings and I were placed into foster homes. I was 8 at the time. I was in and out of foster homes, group homes, and even at one point went back to live with my mom. I had attempted which landed me back in my group home. My mom couldn't care less and said I only attempted for attention. I struggled with self-harm from when I was 12, always wearing long sleeves and big baggie sweaters. I was embarrassed. Still, my mom said nothing about it and pretended to act as though she didn't see. A big incident at 17 where I was assaulted by a boy in a group home and was kicked out for it, it had seemed to bring us closer. She was on my side and acted as though she really cared about me. Almost even comforted me. Finally, I came home when I was 18, I was then again assaulted brutally and had to spend time in the hospital. This was when things started to go downhill. She didn't believe me and thought I had staged it despite my being physically shaken up, bleeding, and bruised/in pain. She had even taken me to the hospital where they treated me and gave me a rape kit basically. She kicked me out a few months later, it was November. Wouldn't let me come back to get a jacket or anything. Just a blanket. I couldn't charge my phone either and it was close to dying. Thankfully a friend and her family let me stay with them. My mom eventually allowed me to come home, and I made plans to leave. I stayed in a housing program but it lasted about half a year as the girls were eating my food, not cleaning up, stealing my stuff, etc etc. They were not doing anything to help me truthfully and my mom started to convince me to go back to live with her. So I did. There were more fights, more having to leave the house over and over and over and over again. My mother is my only support system, I had nowhere to really go. So I told myself to just stick it out. Now back to the present day, I've literally had enough. My mother started spreading a rumour around that I do porn. It's a small village so everyone knows everyone. That could ruin my chances of getting a job. She's aware of this. I tried to talk to her to resolve this issue but she doesn't want to talk. So, like a highschooler, she spreads rumours about me and talks shit. I have no car pretty much, no job for the time being, and no place to go. My grandmother has had enough of my mom's attitude and as a result, wants me to leave as she deems me to be the issue. I don't understand why my mom hates me so much and I think our relationship is irreparable at this point. I've tried, given it my all, I have no more to give to my mother and now I'm not sure what's next. Any advice?
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2023.05.29 04:34 Fiveby21 In medieval western europe, what was the average age of marriage for men & women of the nobility?

I'm working on a video game mod for crusader kings 3, and I'd like to tackle the matter of marriage. Currently in the game, characters (of both sexes) are betrothed around 12 years old and marry at 16. From what I have noticed in real life, however, is that women seemed to marry at younger ages than men... however, I've had difficulty drawing a line in the sand for this.
For people of the upper nobility, what was the typical age of marriage for each sex? At what point would a man be considered to be of prime marriage age, and when would a woman start to be considered a spinster?
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2023.05.29 04:33 helloalanlee Request feedback on perfectroomai.com

Hello, fellow entrepreneurs! I'm thrilled to introduce my latest project and would love to hear your thoughts.
PerfectRoomAI (https://www.perfectroomai.com) is a cutting-edge website that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to transform interior design.
With PerfectRoomAI, you can easily create personalized design plans for your home or office, complete with furniture and decor recommendations that match your unique style and budget.
I'm eager to hear your feedback on this exciting new tool! Have you tried PerfectRoomAI? What do you think of the concept of using AI for interior design? Share your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.
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2023.05.29 04:32 etbryan83 Diagnosis difficulties please help

Female age 40. Smoker. I do not drink or use drugs.
-I have access to all of my blood work and can promptly answer any questions you may have.
Past Medical Hx Past Medical History:
. Anxiety - no meds
. Arrhythmia- PSVT - atenolol 2x per day
. FH: migraines - no meds
. History of palpitations-Controlled with Atenolol
. Incomplete abortion (multiple)
. Morbid obesity (HC)
. Panic attacks - no meds
. PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) - metformin
. Vitamin B 12 deficiency - biweekly injections
. Vitamin D 3 deficiency - daily D3 pill
. GERD - daily proton pump inhibitor
. Superficial blood clot in 2021 - no treatment was needed
. Dust mite allergy - daily allergy pill and nose spray
. Vertebral segmental dysfunction diagnosis with an X-ray at the chiropractor. I get small, low impact adjustments.
. 40mg prednisone. Was on 60mg but needed to drop down due to heart rate in the 140s
https://imgur.com/a/sxyWdIl https://imgur.com/a/Q1mxEsa https://imgur.com/a/OfY0BEJ https://imgur.com/a/uW2z2ek https://imgur.com/a/vO4JSAV https://imgur.com/a/tVvqHUZ
Dear doctors of Reddit, I need you. My medical team is struggling to diagnose me. I need ideas to bring to the table, because apparently whatever I have is not very common. I am located in Minnesota and will absolutely take a recommendation on a professional to see.
Over the past few weeks I have seen 8 or 9 different doctors between the emergency room, my GP, a OBGYN, breast specialist, nurses, a PA and a dermatologist, I even saw a hematologist due to unusual blood work. No one knows what is wrong with me, how to diagnose me or how to treat me. But they all agree something is very wrong. Originally they thought Lupus and then the ER said vasculitis. When I saw my GP on Friday he asked me what I had found on google and started taking notes. I’m shit terrified.
Last year when things were bad…. but not even close to this bad I was cleaned by endocrinology. This year I was cleared by allergy. I also have a clean MRI/CT scan of my head.
My baseline of health never feels awesome. I’ve always been someone who felt “sickly” and run down. But I deal with it and don’t complain. When I have these “episodes”. Some symptoms are short lived and less bothersome than others. Unfortunately everything seems to be happening at once and I can’t function.
I am currently on 40mg of prednisone to try to control some of this while we look for answers.
-My breasts are turning purple. Blood vessels are bursting and I experience swelling and pain with this.
-vulva swelling with distended veins.
-I have problems with spikes in blood pressure and heart rate that can’t be explained and I was often told it is anxiety. It comes with a burning feeling in my chest and back. It is usually self limiting to hours and they don’t have a known trigger.
-my hands swell and turn red and purple if I get too warm or too upset.
-I don’t sweat anymore. Being hot makes me feel very sick and my face turns bright red. My skin feels like it is burning. It takes multiple ice packs and hours in front of an air conditioner to cool down to a regular temperature.
-I get stretches of unexplained chest pains. Sometimes I will feel like inside of my chest itches. Sometimes it will feel hard to breathe.
-I get stretches of unexplainable abdominal pains. Sometimes hours and sometimes weeks. I sometimes feel like the pain is generalized to a specific area like around my spleen or around my stomach. It will hurt worse if I touch the area. Sometimes it is full abdomen pain. During my last uppelower I was told there was unexplained esophagus inflammation. I have had episodes of delayed gastric emptying with vomiting during these periods.
-I get weird rashes on my arm if I go outside or get too hot. They are small round dots that turn in to open sores. They do not hurt or itch. They heal as white or purple marks. They just started last year.
-I get swelling in the left half of my face and have very limited sensation in the left cheek. With this I get what I am guessing is swelling in my tongue that causes deviation. The tongue deviation being linked to swelling is just a guess and my personal guess. Doctors have no clue(I was originally told this was anxiety)
-I get what feels like swelling in my inner ears. I feel and hear crunching and popping. Soon this pressure builds and I get feelings of being lightheaded, dizzy, smelling burning, vision changes, and cognitive decline.
-I get pain and stiffness in my neck, wrists, fingers and toes. I have numbness and tingling in my left arm with limited sensation and what feels like limited strength.
-I get lesions on the sides and back of my tongue and what feels like bumpy rashes on the roof of my mouth. This was something I noticed right before the tongue deviation started.
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2023.05.29 04:32 Pizza8989889 Unveiling “Skull Symphony”: An Artistic Exploration of Life's Ephemeral Beauty

Unveiling “Skull Symphony”: An Artistic Exploration of Life's Ephemeral Beauty
Dive into the "Blossoming Skull", a radiant expression of life's renewal amidst mortality. This series illustrate vibrant skulls enveloped by blooming flowers, creating a profound contrast that speaks volumes about existence and transformation.
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2023.05.29 04:32 Corben11 Got tires rotated and balanced - Now I can't go faster than 50 Mph without Major vibration

TL;DR at the bottom.
Went to get state inspection, figured I'd get it rotated and balanced.
2 days ago I could drive my care up to 90 with almost no vibration, Now if I go above 50 Mph it feels like my tire is going to sheer off from the vibration.
Think they didn't even rotate the tires on the right. there is an obvious scoring on the rim from when I was doing a brake job and nicked it, was still on the front right.
The first time they say he couldn't balance it on one tire, it was off by .02. they added almost 9 weights on one tire the first time, something like 7 ounces he said. The other tires have like 4-6 weights too, look thick.
He told me one of the rims looks warped, it was just installed 5 months ago or so.
I knew it was a mistake asking jiffy lube to do it, but I thought how could they mess it up and while I'm here for my state inspection.
I went back today and the assistant manager went to balance them and he was getting reading of 1.0 and 9.75 on one tires and getting 0 - 5.5 on another.
Another guy was telling me, nearly yelling that it was my fault and I need new tires and its cause I let it be out of alignment. The tires have never vibrated or drifted.
If it was that issue, why did it not get fixed after rotating them back?
They "switched" the tires back today and said come back tomorrow for the big boss cause he will be in and can check whats wrong.

They admitted they don't know how to calibrate the machine and can't tell if its all wrong.

What do I do? could they have messed my tires and rims up? I have another appointment with a different shop to balance them. but could they have messed up my stuff?
Tires are 20k in, suppose to be 40k life. I replaced the rotates like 5 months ago and the brakes about a year ago. I never go to mechanics cause this stuff always happens and do all my own work normally.

TL;DR; 2 days ago balanced jiffy lube balanced my tires and maybe rotated my tires, now CRAZY vibration at 50 MPH, feels dangerous at 60 Mph, had to get off the highway right away. Did they mess it up? They are trying to blame me.
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2023.05.29 04:32 lighta_fire_orfish Working up the nerve to go NC

I confronted my (adoptive) dad about sexual abuse he inflicted on me from (approximately ages 12-15). We had 2 actual phone conversations about this, once when I was 25/26 and once when I was 28/29. In the second conversation, he said, "I just assumed it hadn't hurt you this much, that you'd gotten over it or something. I didn't realize you were still in pain." Then he followed that up with "I pulled the pin on this grenade and handed it to you as a child. Now I'm asking you to please walk forward with me, and hold this grenade for me so my life doesn't explode."
I'm now 32 and I have written a letter to tell him that I'm cutting off contact. It's pasted into the text message box, ready to send, and I can't send it. I sacrificed SO MUCH to help keep my family together over the years. And I'm about to drop the grenade. And it's so godamn terrifying. I find myself wondering, is it worth it? But I don't want to keep the charade up in front of my mom anymore, i love her so much and our relationship has been blossoming for the last few years. I finally worked up the courage to ask my sister if anything ever happened to her and confessed my own abuse, and she supports me setting boundaries and going NC. But it's still the most terrifying thing I've ever done. Setting boundaries by cutting off contact. Using the rules he set us as kids (don't lie, own up to your mistakes, make amends and accept consequences) it's only just. But still terrifying. Once it's out in the world, I will lose all control over how others behave, I lose all influence, and as small as that may be, it's really sobering to contemplate losing what I do have....and potentially upending my parent's lives, especially with my mom being so close to retirement from a job she hates. Just terrifying.
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2023.05.29 04:32 deusdobrasil Pedophile mother supported by the media, in Brazil.

It went viral a few days ago a slut who danced promiscuity funk at her daughter's party look what the child learns, I've been seeing whoring from an early age, and after that visualized this same prostitute climbed into a car on the street to show off and gain more fame, today it's all about fame, just see how pornography later From covid there was an increase of 7000% and became a pandemic along with drugs. The extremism of feminists who mutilate their children's penises just because they were born male. And how many boys have seen Transvestites to have an easier and more acceptable life. Because degeneracy is on the rise, and then those who speak ill of it or are against it. It seems that nowadays it is divine to be promiscuous.. first is the woman Then the trans and finally the man as a market value. Just look at the number of views of Pornography. And the psychological problems they cause in society, Not to mention the hypocrisy of psychology and society that accepts pedophile women. And they say it doesn't exist, but the number is greater than that of men. This is already a proven fact.
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2023.05.29 04:32 Wachir I (M34) am frustrated of managing my team at work without any authority or skill to do so

The five of us-- I (M34), M35, F33, F35, F36 are a specialized unit within a department. I have worked here the longest and have a highest rank-- so I get more pay. However, the unit is super small, so there is no real leadership position.
The thing is I got put in the leadership position whenever there are politics involved and there are responsibilities outside of our direct jobs. This is from outside and inside. Like anything involving bigger units got referred to me, and big bosses beat down on my to make decisions for the team in meetings. Heck, most thought I was the oldest one there. (We are in an age-hierarchical culture- so it's a weird thing-- and also I look a little older than my peers.)
In terms of decision, F36 and M35 actually are the ones deciding things because they are the star talents-- they are really good at what they do. They don't care about political and administrative bullshits, but these bullshits are the ones getting budgets and flexible permissions pouring in to our team.
For example, our unit is now assigned to a new building, and we must submit the renovation plan to the superiors and get approved before the end of this fiscal year (takes 2-4 months) or else we'd be moving to an abandon husk of an architecture. The talents went and designed the building (sans my input). Then they asked me to play telephone with the boss to find the right time to present the plan-- or leaving the plan hanging until eternity.
Now I have to admit something. I'm a talentless little shit and I know it. I came in first when they couldn't find anybody to fill the position, and I helped the bosses pull the resources and paperwork together enough to hire my other 4 colleagues. The only thing that made me stay afloat is that I can talk a horn out of a pissed-off minotaur-- but that's not my real job. Furthermore, I suck at making decisions -- especially long term. I'm trying, but it seems like I have made a lot of mistakes that poorly affected the team.
So I feel stuck-- I don't have a position to boss people around. They don't listen to me-- treating me more like a team secretary. I suck at being a leader. But the bosses treated me like I manage the team. And the team needs leadership with more decisive quality.
That's just the thing that need to get off my chest. I know it's not fancy or exciting. But I just hope to get it out. Thanks for reading.
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2023.05.29 04:32 ruja_ignatova Approved for Amex Gold Card (Credit Profile)

There seems to be a thing on this sub about people applying for the Amex Gold and sharing their stories.
Applied and was approved for the Amex Blue Cash Preferred 2 months ago. No other cards with Amex.
Was at a 500 credit score in 2019 because of student loans in default.
Hopes this helps
Anyway, my stats:
Probably will not keep after the first year because I don't spend enough.
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2023.05.29 04:32 walruswhisper 52 [M4F] #Massachusetts Daddy Needs Sweet Little

Fit, attractive professional seeks young women for all kinds of fun and adventure. Any race and most ages work for me. I am very open with few limits.
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2023.05.29 04:32 RenOperative 32/M/United States - Looking for online friends to hangout and share common interests!

Hey all, you can call me Ren. I wanted to make this post as a means to make a friendly nerd gathering. I'm inclined to see if I can meet some new talkative individuals who share similar interests. I'm mainly into gaming, comics, movies and horror (particularly horror flicks & Resident Evil.) I have a wide array of nerd interests there so no conversation is off the table. I just want to connect to down to earth, carefree individuals. We can talk, play or be sociable through group chatting if that's quite okay. If you have any sort of passion, endearing or love for these sorta things then just let me know.
Be 18+ and older since I do like mature games. Prefer talking about mature gaming with adults around that age or older. [This is a strictly platonic request.]
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2023.05.29 04:32 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle Courses (Complete Set)

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2023.05.29 04:31 EconomistOk2475 Linkables pretty much available ✅😤

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2023.05.29 04:31 UniqueUserName_93 Just found out how my mom got her masters degree and I'm PISSED

My mom was a teacher in a private school (she started teaching in the 1980s) She didn't attend college for credit - she sat in on her friends' lower level classes (mainly psychology and sociology) and did tests and assignments not for credit/grades. She wrote her own transcript when her friends graduated and applied to be a teacher's assistant and the school said that she had as many college "credits" as a graduated and certified teacher, so they GAVE HER A POSITION AS A REAL TEACHER. No certification, no pedagogy classes, no teaching experience, nothing!
Over the next few years, she'd teach during the day and sit in on her husband's night classes a few times a month (mainly health and math), wrote another transcript(!!!) and was given a master's by the school she was working for. She went on to work for another private school that acknowledged this "masters degree" and gave her a higher salary. Side note: she didn't teach any of the subjects she sat in on.
Now that I'm moving on to teach at a different school, she's bragging about how "at [my] age", she had a masters and made nearly double what I make. Um... excuse me? Listen, Boomer (yes, she is a Baby Boomer), I had to teach, unpaid, as a resident for a full school year (my university has since changed this policy so now the residents do get paid and its only 1 semester!) I paid my tuition by working, sometimes 2 jobs, over every weekend, break, vacation, and other available hour I could squeeze out of my days. I worked hard jobs with terrible people in shitty conditions for laughable pay. She retired to be a SAHM when I was born in 1993 - I will NEVER be able to retire because her generation ruined the economy!
She's not this genius that I used to think she was! She's not even a certified teacher!!! Though I'll never tell her this, she will NEVER have my respect as a professional again. I love her and I respect her as my mother, but she will not be held in such high regards again.
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2023.05.29 04:31 NazRigarA3D Beast Fables - Voices of the Past Part 2: Merfolk of the Primeval Age

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2023.05.29 04:30 AngryCrowTF Puppy has intense seperation anxiety, and I'm very nervous

Girlfriend and I adopted a puppy from a rescue org at a young age. No one else was taking him, and he had some work I was glad to do with him. I've gone very hard on training and he's gradually gotten to be an amazing dog. He's six months, and his basic commands are solid (recall at the dog park is basically his only shortcoming). However, I have to leave for work for a year, and my partner is far more permissive with him. I worry that he isn't going to listen to her. On top of that, he has intense seperation anxiety. He doesn't destroy things, but if he isn't asleep he is whining or barking. Kongs don't help. Puzzles and sprays don't help. The problem is a neighbor complained to our landlord immediately, so our ability to condition him to remain calm has been limited. If he wakes up we have to book it home or else we get threatened. And as a result, he's been reinforced that screaming gets him his way.
I'm basically at my wits end. I'm debating just giving him to my retired parents because I am in a position where I can't do this last piece of crucial training, and pretty soon if not already, behaviors are going to set.
Just a rant post I guess, but if anyone has any suggestions I'll take them. I really love this dog, and have been doing my best to use emotional distance from him to reward only good behavior, but I'm pretty upset about this. I've been on the verge of screaming at him because I worry we will be evicted or something. And the neighbor is stressed over a professional test they are constantly studying for, so I get it. But I just feel held hostage by him and resentment is starting to build.
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