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Death metal is a subgenre of heavy metal music. Descended originally from thrash, it often employs heavily distorted guitars, tremolo picking, deep growling vocals, blast beat drumming, minor keys or atonality, and complex song structures with multiple tempo changes.

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A little spot for all things UNIVOX - guitars, keyboards, effects and amplification.

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Welcome to LearnJapanese, *the* hub on Reddit for learners of the Japanese Language.

2023.06.05 05:44 hasanahmad Sam Altman's blogpost, taken down by OpenAI (now archived)

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2023.06.05 05:44 cherrytreehoneybees I turned my 3 year old into a domestic terrorist

Bromos, I’m in desperate need of help with my toddlers behavioral problems.
Before I start, you are probably gonna read this and be like “damn this kid needs to see a professional.” ….Duh. Currently in the process of applying for Medicaid + being connected with child psychologist and early interventionists who take Medicaid but this shit is complicated and they all have absolutely insane waiting lists so. My baby will see a specialist but it won’t happen tomorrow. And this problem needed to be addressed like.. yesterday.
Anyways on to the issue. My 3 year old is an absolute nightmare. I know most toddlers tend to be pretty hard to deal with but I am certain this goes past the normal scope. If you have read any of my previous posts you know I just left an extremely abusive relationship. Well any day where both me and my ex were at home consisted of me acting as a buffer between my children and him. He had virtually no patience for them and was very quick to anger. Judging by the injuries he inflicted upon me I knew how violent he could get very quickly and I needed to keep him from ever putting his hands on one of my girls.
What would end up happening is he would very rarely engage with my toddler so he had no idea how to handle her. His fuse was short and I would see him grow impatient at any sort of normal toddlerhood defiance and immediately remove her from the situation. He was extremely irritated at the sound of her crying so usually this resulted in me sticking her in front of a screen and giving into her demands. Whatever she wanted she got. I needed to keep her in a good mood at all times because I knew what might happen if my husband even overheard a meltdown. When he was away, I was so exhausted and beat down physically and emotionally that I couldn’t handle any type of boundary setting and the tantrums that would ensue. Seriously I don’t think this kid has ever heard the word no in her life until quite recently. Long story short, I let her run the house and walk all over me to keep her safe.
But now we are out and day by day I slowly but surely find my way out of survival mode and into real parenting. My daughter is really struggling. She has been having meltdowns every couple hours. She will refuse to do any and everything I ask of her even if it’s something that she wouldn’t have had an issue with before. She is screaming and crying all the time. Every time we get in the car she will scream te entire ride. It’s exhausting and I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Constant negotiations. She won’t sleep at all/ will barely eat and nothing has worked. I try to stand my ground and remain firm on my boundaries but I honestly don’t think she takes me serious at all. She knows that if she puts up enough of a fight she gets what she wants. She’s right, that’s how it’s always been. Why would things be different now?
Arguably the most concerning is her acts of violence (physical and verbal) towards me and others. I worry that her little brain picked up on her dads behavior. He would often yell obscenities and berate me in front of her. Recently when she gets upset of disregulated she will lash out and say very hurtful things to me (ex: fucking bitch, useless slut, annoying bitch, I wish you would die, threatening to hurt/punish me, etc) that she could have only heard from him. She will also throw things, hit, and bite herself and others when she is upset with the goal of injury.
It’s gotten to the point where I do not feel comfortable letting her play with the other toddlers (my friends kids) in the home because she has such a short temper and I am scared she will harm them. I also don’t even want to take her out in public because I am embarrassed of her huge meltdowns and she gets so overstimulated. Not to mention hearing her call me those things and try to physically harm me has been extremely triggering for me.
I am also in the middle of a custody legal pursuit with the girls father and caring for my colicky infant. I am so exhausted and i don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. Getting her professional help is my number 1 top priority, but I need to know what I can do. How do I start?? She’s not going to be permanently like this right?? I didn’t raise a tiny version of my ex, did I..?
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2023.06.05 05:44 1LIAMWOODS Job For Anyone With Design Experience

Contact Me Here: SirWill#7931 (Discord)
Will Pay Accordingly Per Design You Do (We Can Talk More On Discord)
Payments: Bitcoin, Litecoin, and maybe some other coins


Need Basic Designs Done For Various Products Looking For Short & Long Term Partners. Nothing Super Complicated!
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2023.06.05 05:44 AliasNefertiti Needing more do-able self-care and some encouragement day to day? This app may help. Review follows.

The Finch app is an evidence based option for quick but effective self-care. I have no affiliation with the app. Just an enthusiastic user. Core functions are free, it is a nonprofit with the goal of improving mental health through gamefying self care and goal setting.
I think it could be helpful for caregivers as they cope with the stresses and try to juggle many demands. It may also head off depression that hits the majority of caregivers or at least give earlier notice so contact with professional help can come sooner.
The activities are small and easy to work into a busy day and it can be used for getting some dopamine for the daily tasks of caregiving.
More details follow and then a quick overview of the app interface. Im not an expert but can try to explain
Im just a user of the app, no other association but Ive found it really helpful. The app is Finch and it can be used on Android or iPhone. The free version is generous and you can do all the basics without a subscription. The activities are based on science on what improves mood.
It is first self-care but also a goal setting app. You sign in and receive a baby bird as a friend. The bird goes on adventures and encourages you. (I think there is science behind that--we identify more with less detailed faces).
It asks what "journeys" you want to go on and these will be global goals like self-care, tidy house or care for others. After you pick one or 2 then it suggests some simple goals for each journey and you can pick what works for you. For example. I picked Tidy up and it suggested make your bed and also return 1 thing to its place. You can also make your own goals (of course keep them simple, modeled on the "size" of theirs).
You will get a list of your goals. Each time you check off one as successful you get confetti, your bird dances and you earn some diamonds you can "spend" in the store for bird clothes and decor and buy different colors to turn your bird into whatever you want (eg cardinal, oriole, invented bird etc) with more options. The more you check in, the more options. I thought I wouldnt care about that but it is just amusing enough to bring me back. A lot of users say they didnt expect the bird to have that much of an effect.
Self-care activities can take as little as a minute (or less if you do a 1 word reflection on what is going on). They include: tracking your mood (see next paragraph), breathing, movement soundscapes, reflections, can choose what works for you.
Each time you enter it asks you to rate your mood and at the end of each week it reports back on how you were doing and what was associated with better feelings. Speaking of data they also have a number of quality self measures you can take as much as you want, such as on anxiety or depression.
I thought the app was good for caregivers as you can have journeys for yourself and a journey for your care recipient and you get confetti and a happy bird for all the small steps that otherwise get overlooked.
They encourage reflection but dont require it. They dont require anything. Nothing happens if you do nothing. The bird doesn't die, you dont get fined or guilted.
They also have what they call a seasonal event (monthly)-you get diamonds or something for your bird each day you check in and click on the treasure chest. The season is in the upper right.
GUIDE to the APP
Journeys are selected or created (also) in the upper right. And 3 dots mean edit whatever you are looking at. Goals have a good number of options like repeat or time of day.
You do want to routinely save a backup copy because they dont keep the information (privacy)-set a goal to do that weekly. See Settings.
Lower right is your list of your goals. The big Plus in the bottom middle gets you to goal options and activities.
Across the middle of the main screen is backpack (everything your bird owns).
Pawprints-your bird gets a pet and you collect them across journeys.
Tree- You can have friends of 2 types. 1 is just names you add of your support network. The other type are other Finch members.
However! the birds only exchange scripted positive messages and you dont get any other information about them. At most you see the outfit their bird is wearing. This makes it safe for young people (and you). If you go to Finch social media you will see many offerings of people who want to add friends. If you add a person new to Finch that is worth more but connecting to others is encouraged. I think that could help with the isolation that can accompany caregiving.
*If you want to try adding someone My name in Finch is Beth and my bird is Boudicca. Here is my friend code 8DJF7D8ZZX. Write the code down then you can type it into the designated spot with the tree insignia.
Mailbox is where weekly reports come.
The shopping cart is the store where you can see how many diamonds you have and purchase items for your bird to wear or for the birds house or body colors. You can also sell items back to the store (that may be a reward for sticking around long enough to grow your bird from a baby to a toddler or child). Click on all the options to see what they do.
You can switch back and forth between "Finchie Forrest" where the bird has adventurea with friends and your bird's house that you can decorate. A button/lever in that middle section does the switching.
That is a quick overview. Ask as you have questions and if I dont know soneone at finch will.
Thanks for reading this far. Hope some of you find this helpful. But if you dont, that is fine too. It is all good.
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2023.06.05 05:44 Brb-cryinggg I could respect the hustle if they weren’t so rude.

I respect that pumpkin does her little TikTok side hustle. She’s got 4 kids under 4 and she’s trying to find a way to provide. She seriously lacks customer service skills. Her entitled attitude doesn’t help either. I believe if she would have done this the right way, been more prepared, and respect potential clientele this could have worked for her. Sad.
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2023.06.05 05:44 gehrehmee Can't view/open notifications from app icons?

In Android 13, I used to be able to long press on a launcher icon and get a list of notifications for that application and even open a particular notification. Since upgrading to Android 14, the application icons have little badges to indicate that there are notifications, can't see them when long pressing. The only way to see notifications as far as I can tell is to open the full notification UI from the top bar.
Is this the same experience everybody else is having?
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2023.06.05 05:44 vanessakb_ I miss our Minecraft world

you got me into playing minecraft and we spent hours and hours talking, watching tutorials, and building a cute little world together. Although we hadn’t revisited that game in probably a year, thinking about it makes me so incredibly sad for some reason.
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2023.06.05 05:44 dlil_massive [UPX] Wailisted 2023

Hi, iskos and iskas. Magandang araw.
As the name suggests, I am a waitlisted UPCA 2023 applicant. I was one of the pending unresolved cases so delayed kami ng 2 weeks. But then on May 20, I got accepted na naman sa isang BS course. Through the portal, I accepted the offer of admission to the BS course and I also accepted the waitlist offer for a BA course. To put it shortly, I was a regular passer and a waitlister.
The question is, mayroon po din po ba ditong may same situation sa akin na hindi nag-a-update ang DIWA portal into 'IN PROCESS' yesterday, tapos down pa po ang portal today. Medyo selfish mang sabihin pero I prefer the BA course more, as it is my first prio sa application, kaysa sa napasahan ko talaga. AFAIK, tapos na kasi ang release ng waitlist results and it's bothering me. Can someone please enlighten me of my chances?
Anxious na ako now kasi this is a fight for my future, and for my family. I'm not from a well-off family so I don't have a lot of choices. Need ko karamay na hindi tapos ang laban.
Thank you ng marami sa sasagot. Pagpalain nawa. ✊🌻
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2023.06.05 05:44 CalgonTookMeAway Starsgem Review

Starsgem Review
Vende Specs: Starsgem: group buy Toi et Moi ring (pink sapphire/ paraiba, 10k rose gold, size 9); 3mm wide chevron ring (1/2 eternity Moissinite 14k yellow gold, size 8.5); signet ring setting (14k rose gold, size 8.5); and group buy tennis bracelet (7.5 inches, 3mm, silver).
Rep/ Communication: I worked with Demi at Starsgem for the ring projects- working with her has been really great! 10/10
For the tennis bracelet, I worked with Wendy at Starsgem- also a 10/10 for ease of communication and super fast delivery!
Process/ CAD/ Shipping: This was my first time working with overseas vendors, so I started with Demi’s Toi et Moi group buy. I paid on April 5, got video of my finished ring on April 11, and received the ring on April 17. I liked the ring so much from the video alone that I decided to replace my missing wedding band with Demi as well. On April 11, I sent Demi some inspiration photos and requirements (ring size, thicker band, white gold, estimate request at 10k & 14k, mossinite) and for reference, pics of my old engagement ring that at the time was out for repair to replace missing pave. Demi came back with estimates on April 16, I decided on 14 k & paid on the same day, and she sent the CAD on April 18. While the band was being made, I found out my engagement ring was too delicate for repair and I needed an entirely new setting! So, on April 23, I reached out to Demi with another request, more inspiration photos, and the specs for my engagement ring center stone (a light pink brilliant cut .39 carat/4.8mm diamond). Demi sent me an estimate the same day and I paid on April 25. CAD for this signet ring came on April 28, along with an update- the 1/2 eternity was mistakenly made in yellow gold and the size/ weight of the gold in the signet setting I wanted would be about $90 more than I paid. I was fine with paying extra after reviewing the weight of the gold in the final CAD I approved. Demi immediately offered to remake the 1/2 eternity ring in white gold. But I asked to see the video of the finished piece and I actually preferred the yellow gold and took a chance it would work well with the signet’s rose gold metal. I considered it a happy accident! I received video of the 1/2 eternity on May 2, and video of the signet setting on May 10. Rings were shipped out May 10 and I received them on May 18, along with extra moissinite stones I requested for the 1/2 eternity because the whole pave business with my original engagement ring has me traumatized!
I brought the setting to a local goldsmith and when she measured it, it fit my diamond perfectly, which was a huge relief!
Finished Pieces: 10/10 I am incredibly happy with my new everyday rings. The Toi et Moi is gorgeous and bright and just looking at it cheers me up. Although I was really sad about losing my original engagement ring setting, the rose gold metal has given my little pink stone new life! In some lights it appears icy pink, and in other lights a blushing warmer hue. And the Moissys on my 1/2 eternity highlight my signet ring so beautifully-like tiny Klieg lights! The sparkle is so hard to capture in photos!
I was so pleased with the process that I also impulsively did the Starsgem tennis bracelet group buy (in silver) with Wendy while I waited for my rings—that was also a very smooth and easy experience. I paid for the bracelet on May 15 and received it less than a week and a half later. The clasp is a little fiddly, otherwise a beautiful bracelet that I’ve really fallen in love with! 9.5/10.
I am thankful that I spent a lot of time reading the community guidelines on purchasing overseas because I was able to manage my expectations around timelines and be very clear with my communication. I also did my best to communicate during Starsgem’s work hours so we could go back and forth over details quickly vs. over many days.
I would absolutely work with Demi & Starsgem team again-excited to build up some savings for the next dream project!
CAD / Prices: Toi et Moi ($307, including PayPal fee & shipping), chevron 1/2 eternity ($297 w/ PP fee & shipping), signet ring setting ($427 w/PP fee), and silver moissy tennis bracelet ($103 with PP fee and shipping).
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2023.06.05 05:43 Beanboy4eva Slipmats requirements??

I, 24 f, work at a Starbucks in IL, Chicago. I’ve been telling my store manager for months since I got rehired that we should have floor mats because it wears on your feet and back. Not to mention the anti slip component. Every time I bring it up she says she got rid of the old mats because they were filthy and it’s so much to keep them clean. Today I worked 5.75 hours at my own store, and 8 hours at a drive thru in the area. I have an ankle problem and after awhile being on my feet it hurts to put pressure on it. While working at the other store, I was on my feet a lot as we were short staffed. And my ankle didn’t hurt nearly as bad as it normally does because they mats. I’ve called pcc and they just said talk to my dm since my manager isn’t listening What should I do
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2023.06.05 05:43 ScribbleMuse Realism

I love all the talented anime/Manga style art I see here & elsewhere, but my own preferred style & goals are in realism. I may be wrong, but I've assumed anime/Manga is the main purpose Ibis was designed for, so that's the style used in the official guide tutorials, & also the majority of the custom brushes.
I'd love to carve out a little group on here to talk about realism in Ibis specifically, like maybe a flair for easy sorting or something?
For example, I do know of course all the brushes can easily be used for any style, but I am personally limited in digital knowledge do it would be helpful to read a post where a user explains more about HOW they adapted or used a brush.
So I hoped to see if the mods could give us that flair, or if there's interest from others.
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2023.06.05 05:43 PMSANTOZ Would it be some kind of asterina?, I keep it for a little over a year

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2023.06.05 05:43 easilyintrigued22 Am I attractive?

Am I attractive?
Hey guys I’ve always struggled with low confidence. I had a coworker (also male) tell me that he’s overheard women talk about how handsome I am. So I was wondering, am I even a little bit attractive? Thanks for any info!
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2023.06.05 05:42 MusicMonkey111 Just when I thought the In-Laws couldn't sink any lower

Its documented fact at this point that my In-Laws are terrible people. Well this past weekend they have managed to reach an all new level of terrible. Saturday we dropped our daughter off with my mil so we could deep clean our carpets after a vomit bug payed us a visit. An hour after dropping her off mil calls us to come pick her up because aunty-in-law who we will call Molly (fils sister not mils) was rushed to hospital after collapsing at home from what looked like a stroke. We of course rushed around to get our daughter and to rush off to my partners grandparents place as Molly is their carer and both are in their early 90s and need a lot of help. As we were about to head off fil who had been called by my partners other aunt who we will call June to go sit with their parents so she could rush to the hospital to be with Molly came back. This asshole of the highest order waited until June rang him to say she was at the hospital and knew she would have no clue he had come home to come back to the video game he was playing. Before we could leave he called for my partners siblings who we will call Sarah, Mark and David to come out the front where we were packing our daughter up. He then looking between them all told them Molly will be in hospital at least overnight so someone needed to go stay at the grandparents overnight. Sarah and Mark both declared that they had already organised to pack up their PCs and go to a friends to play some video game so couldn't go. David made up some excuse about needing to be at home to look after his and his girlfriends newborn because she doesn't trust herself to be alone with the baby yet. The baby is 3 months old now. 25 minutes later David has messaged the family group chat to say his headed over to the same friend Sarah and Mark have gone to so he can join their game. I asked fil why he couldn't stay and I quote 'I don't want to' his own parents and he doesn't want to help them. I went to say I would go up but my partner stepped up before I could and said he would go.
The next day June tells everyone that Molly didn't have a stroke but they aren't sure what happened and she could be in hospital indefinatly. My partner tells her he is happy to stay with his grandparents for as long as needed but needs someone to cover for him while he goes to work because we cant afford for him to take the time off. June then looses it. She told fil to stay with their parents and was furious that his lazy ass handed it off to his kids like usual (apparently not the first time he was asked to sit with them and hasn't). June explained that she had paid for fil to do a special course on how to care for my partners grandfather, basically granfather-in-law has lost his memory, has little to no control over bodily function and has basically no mobility. None of the grandkids is trained to look after him. June ripped fil a new one and fil just brushed it off.
As of today Partner is still at his grandparents. Molly is doing a lot better and is basically back to normal and maybe home today. June has been driving the 45 minutes back and forth from the hospital to make sure the grandparents are fine and all the others are still playing video games. Literally all the 4 of them do is play video games all day while mil waits on them hand and foot. I am honestly flaburgasted at the audacity of these people. If it falls on my partner and I took look after his parents where sticking them in a nursing home.
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2023.06.05 05:42 superbeks AITA - How to visit in-laws when there isn’t extra space

My in-laws live within driving distance, it takes about 6 hours to get there when driving because we need to stop to feed an infant. We have two children, 2 and 6mo and my in-laws would like us to come for a weekend visit when some other family members are also in town. This means that we are unable to stay at my in-laws house as it’s fully occupied. I can’t figure out how to make it work, our kids thrive on a consistent bedtime so if we stay in a hotel we would be not available for family time from 6:30pm-8am. Also, we have other friends in the area but no one who has space to reasonably host us. My husband and I decided not to go because of how complicated it is with very little actual time with family. Now this is causing family drama as they think we aren’t making an effort.
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2023.06.05 05:42 TruthOdd6164 Dry concord-style grapes

I mostly use my surplus fruit to make wines, so I do not typically make grape wine. However, I do love a good grape wine. My favorite variety is Pinot Noir.
What will grow best in my area, however, with the least amount of growing effort is not the typical vinifera grapes, but rather the fox grapes. So I planted a couple grape vines, and I'm hoping to make concord-style wine (the actual grape is not technically concord, but blueberry, a closely related variety).
So I've had a lot of concord wine in my time, mainly the kosher wines that are fairly popular and abundantly available. That's a little too sweet for my tastes, as I prefer dry wines. But I would like to make a wine in the more traditional dry style. Is there anything I should be aware of when using this style of grape in a dry style?
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2023.06.05 05:42 HuckleberryThink920 Looking for friends

Im an age regressor and im looking for other age regressor friends in my area. Someone that can hangout with and play Roblox and other games with. Preferably someone 19+. Im currently 20 but im going to be 21 in a monthbut my little age is 0-3. I like to color and play pretend and take naps. Im currently in Pacific Daylight Time.
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2023.06.05 05:42 igiveuptolate If you had to pick a song to end the game what song would you pick as you do sad or happy?

I'm ending a game next week of a game that's lasted for a little longer than a year now I was wondering what songs some of you have played at the last session or plan to play if you even play one at all.
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2023.06.05 05:42 gallopmonkey My dog was charged by another dog today

I'm not sure why I'm posting this; just as a place to collect my thoughts I guess. I was walking my dog this morning. We were going on our usual route through the neighbourhood, when we saw two French bulldogs came darting out of their house. My dog was a former stray from Mexico and has been dog reactive since day 1. We've had him for 2 years and while he's far from perfect, he's come a long ways and we're super proud of him. I know, however, that he still doesn't do well with off-leash dogs, especially when they're charging at him. We moved into the road a little bit. The owner managed to grab one of the dogs but the other one kept running towards us. We turned to move a little further away, and the dog kept coming at us. She was snapping and barking. My dog turned to snap back, and she kept coming. I eventually realized she wasn't going to stop and scooped my guy up before they could get into it. He was wriggling and super awkward to hold onto (he's about 20 lbs, so not a small dog), and then he bit my hand. Luckily he stopped when he realized it was me and didn't draw any blood.
The other dog started jumping up on me to try and get my dog. The other owner finally managed to get over and get her dog and took it back inside. She was extremely apologetic and was shaking as much as I was. We exchanged info and she texted me right away so we knew we had each other's numbers. My poor boy was limping, so we both examined him but couldn't see any external injury. My husband came to walk us home as I had our infant daughter in a stroller, and my dog ran towards him quite happily.
It happened this morning and my boy has been subdued all day. He's definitely favouring his one paw/leg and limps/hobbles when he gets out of his bed if he's been lying for too long. He threw up part of his dinner this evening, and he only seems to vomit when he's stressed. Our vet was closed today and since he didn't appear to be seriously injured, we decided against going to the emergency clinic. I'll call the regular vet first thing in the morning and try to get him in.
The other owner was extremely apologetic and was also shaken up. I don't blame her at all - it was just an unfortunate accident. She's offered to pay any vet bills, and I've told her that I'll update her either way once I hear what the vet thinks.
It's just really hard to see my sweet boy in this situation. He's an absolute gem of a dog and probably the best dog I've ever had. He was making great strides with his reactivity and moments before this happened, we'd been able to pass a reactive German Shepherd without incident.
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2023.06.05 05:42 kashmora Want to slowly read (or re-read) Dust of Dreams over the next three months? Here is the read along schedule.

As you probably know, we have a community read along going on in this subreddit. We are about to start DoD and decided to relax the schedule a little more- 2 chapters per week, with a break in between. We might do the same for tCG too. It kinda looks like we will be done with the entire MBOTF in less than 2 years. Not bad, I think.
Dust of Dreams (2009) schedule-
A huge shoutout to u/zhilia_mann for taking up so much slack and keeping this going. If you havent read his summaries in TtH, you are missing out.
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2023.06.05 05:42 DietEnvironmental141 E1 Outdoor Pro (WIFI 6) [TEST UNIT REVIEW]

E1 Outdoor Pro (WIFI 6) [TEST UNIT REVIEW]
E1 Outdoor Pro (WIFI 6) [TEST UNIT REVIEW]
Came across the new E1 Outdoor POE awhile ago and as soon as I saw this WIFI 6 model is out for tester, me, by having most of Reolink WIFI IP Camera lineup (and with WIFI 6 mesh network running across my house), I applied to be one of the tester for this E1 Outdoor Pro (WIFI 6). Long story short, am lucky to be chosen as one of the testers.

Being rejected initially and received another confirmation email after a week or so. Received the tracking details and received the parcels in another week or so.

Since I have and still using (and will continue to use) the 5MP E1 Outdoor IP Camera, this entire test review will mostly base on my personal use and the comparison will between both the 5MP and 4K model.

First Impression
The box came with the standard Reolink E1 Outdoor accessories, extension cable, 12v adapter, short ethernet cable, screws with wall plugs and mount.
The hardware itself is somewhat similar to the 5MP E1 Outdoor (not sure internally) apart from the 4K sensor (since this is a 4K version right).
  • the Improvement here that I would like to point out here is the 'cover' or 'lid' for ethernet and the reset switch (looks like Reolink gonna implement this new standard across their new products which is superb and KUDOS to REOLINK for this).

Standard packaging for test unit
the new improvements
Standard accessories
Being a 4K IP Camera, the E1 Outdoor WIFI 6 is capable of recording at the followings:-
  • Main Stream - resolution of 3840*2160 at Max 25fps (default 20fps) Max Bitrate of 8192 kbps (default 5120 kbps)
  • Sub Stream - resolution of 640*360 (the only choice) at Max 15fps (default 10fps) Max Bitrate of 512 kbps (default 256 kbps)
  • Frame Rate Mode you get the new option of [Gradual]
Tracking? Yes of course you can! Being a PTZ, this E1 Outdoor WIFI 6 supports auto tracking like the 5MP model. As expected, Reolink implemented their "new" PTZ auto tracking setup to this new model as well by allowing to set the followings:-
  • Horizontal Tracking Range,
  • Tracking Method (limit to PT only unlike Trackmix with Digital Tracking and so on).
  • Track Person, Vehicle and YES, this new 4K model supports PET tracking as well.
You can set the standard detection zone, alarm sensitivity, alarm delay, object size like all the other Reolink IP Cameras.
You can set schedule, Post Motion Record duration to 15s, 30s or 1m like most of the Reolink IP Cameras.
For the hardware (outer part), to me, it is identical to the 5MP version either in size and or the design, as such I believe you can just swap out the 4K WIFI 6 version by using the existing mount easily.
Recordings YES, definitely yes, there are improvements, sharper image, better quality and of course you don't get to use more space since it is recording in H265 format which suppose to be more efficient.
The night time detection (comparing to the 5MP version, the new 4K WIFI 6 definitely much snappier in term of response time in switching from IR to spotlight (I am testing both by hardwiring both to my network switch to rule out the possibility of WIFI 6 being faster than the WIFI 5 IP Camera).
Connectivity you bet it, yes WIFI 6 definitely much better in term of connection but I can't really measure it unless I can run speediest on the camera itself right. However, when comes to range part, it seems that the E1 series have weaker wifi antenna or probably due to internal? Not sure about this though.
Tracking as mentioned above, to me it seems that the outer part is identical to the 5MP version, as such I cannot say if the tracking mechanism has been upgraded or what.
I believe, the million dollar question people (or at least those who owns or owned the 5MP version like me) gonna ask is whether the NEW 4K E1 OUTDOOR PRO (WIFI 6) still 'drift' or lose its monitor point?? The answer to this is YES (this was pointed out by the YouTuber Lifehackster in reviewing the 4K E1 POE as well).
Honestly quite disappointed in this but hey, it has better sensors and WIFI 6 which supposedly better. And to me, like most of the E1 Outdoor owners, we end up using it without the auto tracking which it works like charm.
I personally use it as indoor IP Camera, install it at the top corner of my living room, covering almost entire living room with the 90+ degree FOV (which for this 4K version I believe it should be 94 degree? slightly wider than the 5MP version).

To sum this up, YES this is definitely a better camera than the 5MP version.
  • 4K (8MP sensors)
  • Better Clarity
  • Snappier response (switching between IR to spotlight)
  • WIFI 6
  • Improved waterproof lid / cover

  • the 'drift' issue still there
  • if you were to use the auto tracking, it can only track horizontally and not vertically.
I think that's that for the Con(s) as to me the rest of the Cons (if any) should be nonexistent if you were to use it without the auto tracking.

Good upgrade? must get? to me yes (of course it depends how Reolink going to price this product since by increasing the price slightly then it might get too close to Trackmix price range).

That being said, the above is merely base on my personal test / share experience as an end user. Not any professional reviewer.

Thanks and best regards

PS:- Should you wish to get a PTZ with auto tracking, I would suggest go for the real PTZ, either 823A, 523WA or Trackmix series which is superb and they are good at their own and its up to what you want and what you expect from it.
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