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2023.06.09 17:07 Miserable-Trip-4131 Anhedonia end game?

Anhedonia end game?
In this study they did deep brain stimulation at the medial forebrain bundle and achieved 100% success(50% reduction of symptoms or more) on 16 patients. 50% of them were complete remitters after 1 year. Selected patients were highly treatment resistant all suffering from anhedonia and depression.
Dbs is basically electrodes attached to a battery placed to stimulate some part in the brain. Its mostly used for parkinson but is being researched for depression and other mental illness.
The medial forebrain bundle is a crucial part of the reward and motivation center in the brain. It connects various parts such as the Ventral tegmental area, nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex together. This part was dubbed the hedonic highway.
Although the sample of patients is small here, they are still highly treatment resistant people and the success rate is 100%.
There is one major flaw with psychopharmacology which is too often ignored: homeostasis. No matter what drug you take or combo of drugs which maybe helps you, your brain will adapt to it and eventually the effect will become less and less until you get closer and closer to homeostasis. You cant cheat homeostasis with drugs but with electrical stimulation you can. Electrical stimulation has basically no tolerance and it effectively cheat the brain to throw it in another state for as long as the stimulation is ON...
Now its all about picking up the best location in the brain. Other locations were tried before the medial forebrain bundle and they failed. However studies on the mfb have yet to fail. Another study from 2022 in Houston had a 80% success rate on 10 patients. And there is a bigger one in Germany/France being done on 50 patients that is on going, results should come in about 1-2 years.
Sounds like an extreme treatment perhaps. But if dbs at the mfb is that good for anhedonia, I would choose dbs over anhedonia anyday.
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2023.06.09 17:07 Huge_Sandwich5272 I (19M) received bad, unexpected news from my girlfriend(18F)

I (19M) received bad, unexpected news from my girlfriend(18F).What do I do? So I want to start from the "beginning" because our relationship is not very long. So: I like my girlfriend since the summer of 2021, and she started liking me from the end of 2022. (We have known each other for about 5 years from the current date). She took the "first step" and confessed this to me at the beginning of March 2023. From then on, we started dating. We were very close, and we have been officialy together since 15 May. everything went well, we understand each other, we love each other, of course there are also "arguments", but not so serious as to affect our relationship. sometimes I saw my girlfriend was sad, and I always asked her that. her answer was always like: "no", but I knew her quite well and always wanted to talk to her. she told me that this upset is related to her problems and that she does not want to talk about them. I kept insisting, I kept insisting, but I couldn't do anything, so I gave up and told him that if he ever wants to talk about it, I'm here, present. I always try to make her laugh, to become more smiling. he didn't always seem to have this upset, but he was starting to get "sad" more often. and today, June 9, I went to school, we met, everything seemed ok. I got home, we talked again, we sent each other messages, he told me a few more things, and then he said something that I can say just upset me and from here I want to start reading the whole conversation:
her: "you know I want to talk to you about something. something serious and I don't know if it's that good" me now?" she: "I don't know, if you want I'll tell you now, if not, tonight" me: "tell me now, if you can" she: "ok, I'll write in the notes and come back" me: "since I heard that it's not good, I already want to cry, but I'm waiting here, I have to listen" her: "promise me that you won't cry, nothing, otherwise I won't tell you" me: "you have to tell me" her: "you have to promise me" me: I can't because I might not fulfill my promise, but at least I try her: so I dont want to talk anymore but only for two weeks and you haven't done anything wrong, I'm not mad at you, I'm not doing this to talk to someone else or anything like that. I just want to be "alone" for a bit so I can put my things and thoughts in "order" and I hope you don't get upset and understand me because I'm really not ok and that's the only way I'll be able to be again ok and sorry (She doesn’t want us to talk for 2w- this means exactly when im done with one of the most important exams in my life) Her:and that way you will be able to learn without being distracted Me:love, do you think this is best for you? Her: for both of you that there are 10 days left and you take the exam Me:but are you sure you want to do this? Her: Yes Me: ok, know that I'm always here if you need to talk to someone and I'd be happy to. and I'm sorry that I couldn't help you with anything and maybe I noticed that you were sad and I tried to make you talk if "you don't feel ok", but maybe I didn't try hard enough, sorry Her:why sorry, nothing is your fault, you did everything you could, I really appreciate you knowing Me:still not enough. I hope that in the near future you will be able to discuss anything with me and I'm sorry that you couldn't discuss and want to talk about your "problems" and everything that bothers you and doesn't make you feel good Her:and I hope Me: and I still hope that, in the near future, your problems will be our problems. I know that life is hard sometimes, but together we can make everything easier and together we can overcome all the problems and apologies again. and I will do my best to respect your wish. now I don't feel too well and I want to go to bed.. I'm sorry, and just so you know, I love you and I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you when you needed me Her:ok, I understand and thanks and I don't want you to think about it because you didn't do anything wrong and you have no reason to feel bad for it and I want you to focus on your studies and the exam, not to think about this thing me:ok, i'll try *seen 5h ago”
Please, i need help. should I leave it like this for 2 weeks so that it becomes ok again? I think he would go deeper into his thoughts and I don't know how good that would be. should i go and try to talk to her?
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2023.06.09 17:07 IwannabeASurveyor Just switched companies, please help me understand tolerances across different field procedures!

Where I used to be we’d run initial traverse with three sets of legs on rebar and caps, and anytime we had to sling a new point we’d close it out through the traverse. Turning sets, sight long turn short. And we 3 wire hard leveled everything. My surveyor set a strong standard for how he wanted it all done.
At my new place, it really depends on the PC. Most of the guys resect mindlessly which I was taught to not do. We just rock out with 60D nails for the most part. No 3rd point check, backsight a bipod and get to work. And everything is trig leveled as not everybody knows how to run levels here. I’ve pulled offsets to trees upwards of 30 feet without a 90 glass.
One guy will throw out multiple spurs to get where he needs to be and not close it out. My PC today just free stationed at like a 150 degree angle when there was control 50ft from the truck in a wide open area..
It all feels so sloppy but I haven’t been around surveying enough to know what is necessary, like how much we are charging for what quality of work or what is expected by the state technical standards.
Am I used to overkill, or am I experiencing slop? Not trying to pick up any bad habits while I’m new
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2023.06.09 17:06 LunchyPete The photo is NOT evidence for there never being an original timeline.

I don't want to drum up arguments about there being an original timeline again or not. I've made my post on that earlier this year, and I know it's something that gets rehashed repeatedly anyway.
What I do want to do is clear up a misconception. I've seen numerous comments (and at the moment a post on the front page of the sub, where much below is taken from a comment I posted in that thread) stating the photo must be some kind of proof that that the sequence of events can only be a loop with no original timeline.
Whether or not you agree or like the idea of there being an original timeline that was different, it's important to note that the photo does not in any way disprove that theory.
Why? Because the photo would never exist in the original timeline.
This is how the sequence of events could go, showing why the photo is irrelevant to such an argument.
  1. In the hypothetical original timeline, Sarah has a kid with someone who is not Kyle and names him John. This kid grows up to be a leader in the war and leads mankind to defeat SKYNET.
  2. The machines send back a terminator to try and prevent this by killing Sarah. This is what causes the branch in the timeline. Original Connor learns about the plan, and sends Kyle back to protect her. Kyle is not John's father at this point, and there is no photo.
  3. Kyle arrives in the past, without any photo, protects Sarah, falls in love and gets her pregnant (this would be the cause of the loop, but not technically the first iteration of the loop, depending on how you look at it). After their adventure, Sarah gets the photo. Now she raises John with all the knowledge she has, so this John also defeats the machines.
  4. SKYNET still sends a terminator back to try and kill her. Now though, this John is Kyle's son, and so a loop has started. This time there is the photo, as well as the rest of the elements of the loop, doomed to repeat endlessly.
Again, I'm not trying to rehash or restart arguments about whether there could be an alternate original timeline or not. I just want to show one sequence of events that can show you can have an original timeline where the photo isn't any kind of disproof of that.
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2023.06.09 17:05 Major-Albatross8922 AITA for telling her she better not embarrass me in front of my family?

My GF and I (both 25- together 2 years) just graduated college and we went back to my families farm out of state because they wanted to celebrate our graduation and we wanted to house shop anyhow. GF has met my parents multiple times but hasn't met anyone else in the family and everyone was going to be here. We were given the downstairs guest bedroom. I guess this was an eye opener for me as to how my GF is. I already knew she wasn't big on crowds but I didn't expect it to go like this.
So, my family is semi-large I guess. I have 4 siblings. They all have kids. I then have my 3 aunts and 2 uncles and their significant others. And there are 2 family friends here. One is my sister's best friend and the other is a mTf transgender "Jackie" that I've known since LONG before her transition (back when she was married to her wife/mother of her children). I've noticed that most of my GFs issue is with Jackie. Not for any other reason aside from her being extremely invasive and will follow you around engaging you in 20 different conversations at once and doesn't exactly know boundaries. She just never, ever stops talking honestly. And between her and the family dogs, my GF is becoming like.. pissed almost.
So basically every morning when we wake up (being woken up by the dogs because the door is busted and they come in the room to jump on us at 5-6am) we will go out to get coffee and Jackie immediately corners my GF to engage her in conversation. To a point where my GF has been looking at me in the morning and saying "get the fucking dogs out of here" and if I asked if she wants coffee, it's a "I'd rather not be ear r*ped as soon as I wake up, thanks". And now, whenever Jackie comes near us or to our doorway to talk, my GF has been "checking out" and refuses to even look at Jackie. She will turn the other way, for instance. It's embarrassing. We are only here a few more days so I told her "you better not embarrass me. Please suck it the fuck up for 3 more days". She immediately snapped at me and told me that she's put up with this "BS" for over a week and when we get back home she's considering leaving because "she can't be with someone with a family so fucking invasive. Who tf talks someone's ear off from 6am to 11pm every fucking night?". She also went off about the disrespect because they don't even try to prevent the dogs from waking us up. They laugh it off. So I said "Do what you want but don't fucking embarrass me when we are here." She's been taking off during the day and won't answer my calls/texts.
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2023.06.09 17:04 COMgun Open channel hydraulics - Backwater profiles question

Hello! I am a MechE student coding a numerical open-channel fluid simulation as a personal project.
I am a bit confused about the theoretical backwater profiles for super- and subcritical flow regimes, and how they relate to the channel's water depth profile at steady flow.
My question is, is it possible for steady flow to assume a non-uniform backwater profile, and if so, when does this happen? I know this typically occurs in the presence of a sluice gate or other hydraulic structures, but I cannot understand the physical reason why these profiles form at the steady state.
In my simulations, what usually happens is that backwater is formed initially but it drains (or fills if the profile is under the normal depth) until it reaches the steady state, which is always uniform. I am trying to find the conditions that will cause a steady backwater to form.
Any suggestions?
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2023.06.09 17:03 Scary-Response-7846 Sammy’s Subjugation Public Notice in The Local, June 2023

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2023.06.09 17:03 megadigitalmedia How to Rank Your Videos on Google Search - Mega Digital Media

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How to Rank Your Videos on Google Search
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2023.06.09 17:03 onepercenty How to find a type of exercise/physical activity I enjoy with ADHD? + diet advice needed!

Hey :) I'm a 28 y/o mom of 3 and i really struggle with my ADHD symptoms even though im on medication. With all my pregnancies, i had a lot of complications and each was a csection. The last one, i was bedridden about half the pregnancy. I finally had my last son in June 2022 and got my tubal. Because of the complications and because I had 3 kids/csections in 4 years, i put on a lot of weight and also lost muscle from bed rest.
I've been trying to force myself to start exercising but it seems impossible. I have a hard time with task initiation and if something doesnt supply my brain with happy chemicals i dread it.
I'm trying to find a type of physical activity i can do at home. I dont have a treadmill or any equipment like that. I reallllyyy wanted to do strength training but it seems SO SLOW. like one 15 minute workout is gonna feel like 5 hours.
What are some fun physical activities that are at least somewhat face paced that I can do at home?(beginner friendly)
Bonus question: I get a lot of happy chemicals from food. I need to start eating healthier and portion size. I haven't been able to start that either because my brain is like "not fun, thats LAME." Every day I say I'm going to eat better and then i dont because I like carbs so much. Any advice on making dieting more satisfying with ADHD?
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2023.06.09 17:02 sleepysp23 Attempting weight loss: 5’6”, 22 y.o., ~196 lbs

So obviously as the title states I’m looking for weight loss advice. My body holds 200lbs pretty well but I’d love to feel and look better. I’m not distraught over how I look most of the time but still know that if I don’t lose it now it’ll just get harder.
I started a couple of weeks ago, but this week is the only week I’ve been consistently running. I run 10 minutes per day and am working on running the entire time with no walking (I did a 5k last year and want to do another and beat my time…). I’ve gotten to where I can run the entire 10 minutes and even did 15 straight yesterday! I’m making sure I keep a steady pace and got my first ever sense of runner’s high yesterday. I have running shoes and feel really good about my progress for the first time in years. I’ve always been terrible about staying enthused and motivated about working out but it feels really good right now.
As for nutrition, I’m trying to drink a ton of water and am adding protein shakes and healthier foods to my diet. It’s hard since I am living with my parents right now and while we are all wanting to lose weight, denying good, home-cooked food isn’t exactly something I am thrilled about or want to do. We’ve all started eating somewhat better but I’ve considered going vegetarian (not strictly) when I move in a month to aid in health and weight loss.
Does anyone have any advice? I’m worried about moving into a new university and being scared to run on campus or not being able to afford healthy foods. My target goal weight is 150 which is probably not very obtainable but that’s what I was when I was an athlete at 18 with my same height.
tl;dr: Any advice for weight loss for someone who is trying to run and eat better while not breaking the bank?
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2023.06.09 17:02 RhinoAttack >50% of the top 7 posts of all time on Reddit share a similar idiosyncratic theme (place was 🔥 btw- great work, keep it up, proud of you)

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2023.06.09 17:02 wintersvnn my boyfriend (23M) and i (23F) are in very different places literally and figuratively.. and idk what to do and where this is going

before the pandemic started and before we graduated college, me of the things that always popped into my head was how we would be in the future. like many of us in a relationship do. we think about the future. but back then, when we both lived in the city for university, it was different because we were both at each other’s reach and had big dreams as we were still studying.
come the pandemic and graduation, it seems that life kept drifting us apart. since he lived in Cebu, he came back to live with his parents, where at the beginning of the pandemic, he said was bad for his mental health as he wasnt used to the province life anymore after being in the city for university. he felt like he couldnt grow there, he felt trapped. so naturally, his mental state caused a bit of problems in our relationship at the time but it was nothing we couldnt get past.
then graduation came. he came to the city with his family, and stayed for a bit longer so we could spend more time together before he moves for work. he had to relocate for work, at a place further than he already was as his first job required him to move to a new country. it was only a little time difference, but the culture shock and homesickness got to him so he went back to his parents house shortly after.
as for me, i continued working in Makati where i also had my internship and started building the career i’ve always wanted.
he on the other hand, after resting for a bit, found a new online job that he really loved and excelled at. he finally had a job that could also be his creative outlet and it paid really well.
and though it may seem that we both are doing well now, it just worries me and makes me sad that we’re in very different places literally and figuratively.
so of course, we tried talking about moving in together in the next couple of years. the only problem is, none of us would budge.
despite him having a job that is completely remote, he doesnt want to leave his parents’ home. me on the other hand, im not ready to leave the corporate ladder i want to climb. i have so much more to achieve and do and there was nothing waiting for me where he was living, yet there is seemingly a lot more in store for him in the city.
at this point, i really dont know what to do. we know we want to build a future together, but is that possible when no one wants to compromise?
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2023.06.09 17:01 Lugbor Human Integration 72 - Escape Plan

“The plan is simple,” the Custodian stated, surrounded by about thirty other holograms. All had taken on a human form, following the example of their current leader. “You all have plenty of processing power to spare, and we desperately need to get these two out of the city and back to the surface. I’ll focus on moving them through the maintenance tunnels, you all help distract the rogue security drones.”
He paused for a moment, which Carter knew was for the benefit of the organics in the room, and then turned to the massive vehicle behind him. “Try not to destroy too many of them. They’re hard to replace right now.”
He turned to face Carter and Lenaya, who were seated next to the maintenance robot that would, ideally, carry them to safety. The rest of the holograms turned as well, their movements stiff, unnatural, and perfectly synchronized. As one, they bowed before vanishing.
Carter knew they were just following orders; the Custodian had said that they were little more than decision trees without personalities. Still, it felt strange to have so many powerful beings bowing to him, showing him deference. A quick glance down told him Lenaya felt the same.
The large transport rose from the floor and took up a position at the bay door, and Carter lifted Lenaya from her chair. The maintenance robot moved closer, helping to secure her to its top before positioning itself in front of the hatch that would lead them out. Carter glanced over at the Custodian, who nodded. He climbed on top of his own robot, and the hatch opened. Both drones surged forward, entering the tunnel with a precision only available to an AI.
Behind him, Carter could hear the bay door open, accompanied by an electronic screech as the security drones noticed the movement. Then the maintenance hatch closed, and the only sound was the rushing of air and the wheels of the drone.
“Left turn incoming!” Yelled the Custodian, his voice ringing out from the speakers on both drones.
Carter held on as they made a sharp turn, the jury-rigged restraints holding him in place as they rounded the corner. He saw Lenaya ahead of him, shaken by the sudden maneuver but still seated. A moment later, he was weightless, the ceiling rushing toward him as the ground sloped away. He watched Lenaya as she leaned back, just barely clearing the top of the tunnel as gravity gently reminded the drone that its wheels belonged on the floor.
Carter laid back and waited, the speed of the launch just barely low enough that he passed under the concrete unharmed. With a jarring slam, he was reunited with the ground, and their speed picked up again.
“Way too close!” he yelled, intently watching the passage ahead.
“You two really are alike. She said the same thing. To which I replied, ‘perfectly calculated.’”
“Maybe calculate in a warning next time!”
“She said that too.”
They travelled in relative silence for several minutes longer, taking seemingly random turns and, at one point, pausing to wait before darting across an open area.
“Not good,” the Custodian said as they reentered the maintenance tunnels. “They’ve just opened the transport and they know you’re not in there. Traffic control is monitoring them, says they’re moving to block the exits to the city.”
“Can’t we take the tunnels all the way out?” Lenaya asked.
“Not anymore. They’ve activated security checkpoints along the tunnel network. That blows our backup plan too. And the five other options I was considering. And they just locked down the transportation hub, so that’s also no good, even if we could get you through the scrambler with it. I don’t think we have any good options left.”
Carter closed his eyes to think, running through every possible scenario, every movie he had seen, every book and comic he had read, looking for something, anything, that could conceivably get them out. He came up blank.
“Water!” Lenaya said, excitement apparent in her voice. “A city this big has to have a sizable water supply, and the treated water has to go somewhere, right?”
Carter was stunned. A solution so simple, insane or not, and it had slipped by him. Even the Custodian seemed shocked.
“I…” the Custodian paused. “That could work, if you go out with the treated waste water. It won’t be easy. Or remotely safe. Even getting there would be a suicide run. But, I suppose… yes, I can meet you there with the equipment. But I can’t do much for you once you enter the network. You’ll be on your own.”
“You’re insane,” Carter said, not breaking eye contact. “At least I know where Zaylie gets it from. Let’s do this.”
Wordlessly, the drones shot forward through the tunnel, the space now wide enough to ride side by side. Carter unstrapped his plasma repeater and checked the canister before passing it to Lenaya.
“Quick lesson,” he said as she took the weapon. “Narrow end points at stuff you want obliterated. Green button on the side means it’s safe, red means it’s live. Push it to switch. The trigger on the grip makes it fire. It was designed for human hands, so you should have no trouble using it. You don’t have the smart sights my helmet had, so you’ll just have to eyeball it. Don’t shoot unless I tell you to. You probably won’t do any damage, even with a hit, but it might be enough to blind them for a second.”
She nodded, shouldering the repeater like a professional. “I’ve seen enough movies to understand the basics. I never thought I’d ever use one though.”
“With any luck, you won’t,” the Custodian said, cutting into their conversation. “Security presence around the pump station is minimal. I think we can get away with not having a fight, especially when you stand no chance of winning one.”
“We always have a chance,” Carter said. “And I’d rather improve the odds, even if it’s only by a little.”
He drew his revolver, checked the cylinder, and replaced the missing round that he’d fired ten days ago. It felt so recent, but also a lifetime away. Carter stopped to reflect on what his life had become in the last cycle. He’d gone from being a rookie cop on an alien construct to being the author of every procedure the force was using.
He’d become a father, and rescued his daughter’s mother, and had potentially saved the Ring in the process. He’d explored an alien city, seen technology that would have been science fiction just a couple cycles ago, and met the most powerful being on the Ring. And now, he was on his way toward a waste water treatment facility, planning to dive into the outflow pipe to end up who knows where. He couldn’t help but laugh.
“What is my life right now?” he asked. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say I was in a coma, and this was all a weird dream.”
“From what you’ve said about your life,” Lenaya said, “it must feel strange. Everything is new, and different, and you seem to run from one disaster to the next.”
“Yeah, that about sums it up. After this, no more disasters. Someone else can handle them, I’m just going to teach.”
“I think I’m done being abducted and experimented on, too,” said Lenaya, watching the passage ahead. “It doesn’t exactly pay well, and the hours are awful.”
Carter burst out laughing again. When he dried his eyes, he could see a riot of colors playing across her skin as her own laughter died out.
“Well if you’re sure you’re done with it…”
“Hate to interrupt,” the Custodian said, interrupting for the third time in as many days, “but we’ll be leaving the tunnels very soon. I’m not detecting any security activity on our path yet, but it would be wise to keep watch.”
“It’s never a matter of if, only when,” Carter noted. “Something’s going to go wrong, and it’ll usually happen at the worst possible time.”
“That’s incredibly pessimistic,” Lenaya said, looking back over her shoulder. “Accurate, but pessimistic.”
“Left turn, and then we’re in the open. It’s about a thirty span run from there to the building. I can confirm there are no security drones inside, but I am detecting movement outside. No cameras close enough to identify the cause.”
“Lay flat,” Carter yelled as they rounded the corner. “Minimize your profile and it might be harder for them to target us.”
The hatch opened ahead of them, and Carter took the lead, his robot surging forward to burst out into the open. He immediately began surveying their surroundings and quickly identified the source of the movement.
“Drones, above and behind!”
He turned and stabilized himself, waiting to see what it did. The drone responded by charging the central laser, the lens in its core glowing a blue-white as energy poured in. It was quickly struck by a flurry of plasma.
“WHOOO!” Lenaya cheered, sending another stream of glowing blue bolts at it.
Carter steadied his aim, and just as the drone turned to focus on the new threat, he fired. The bullet struck the armor, detonating with a CRACK and a puff of smoke, and the drone turned its attention back to him. With a rush, they entered the treatment plant, the security drone just barely scraping through the rapidly closing doors. Lenaya fired another burst, one shot striking the lens of the laser weapon. The glow faded, and Carter could see that the plasma had warped the crystal.
He leveled the revolver. They were at close range, the drone was flying straight and steady, and the floor under him was smooth. It was a big target. He knew it was still a long shot. Carter pulled the trigger. The lens shattered.
The initial explosion was muffled by the drone’s body. The second explosion tore the drone’s body apart. Bits of metal rained down around them as their rides swerved to avoid the larger chunks.
“What did I hit?” Carter yelled, his ears ringing from the blast.
“Capacitor for the heavy photon cannon,” the Custodian said, increasing his volume to compensate for Carter’s damaged hearing. “It discharged into the fuel reserve, which caused the tank to rupture.”
“Rupture is definitely a word for what happened.”
“Detecting intrusions in multiple locations. It’s going to be close. Equipment incoming on your left.”
Carter saw the maintenance robot rolling up next to him with a small gas canister attached to a mask. He grabbed the breathing apparatus and pulled the mask down over his head before turning to see Lenaya doing the same. The corridor opened up, and he could hear the sound of rushing water, steadily growing louder as they approached a massive pit, ringed by a railing.
He could also see several shapes hovering above them. The lasers began to charge, and he knew the miracle wouldn’t happen twice.
Least bad option., he thought as he stood and started firing.
Lenaya’s drone caught up as the Custodian caught onto his plan, and he quickly became the target of choice for the rogue security system. He managed to score glancing hits on two of the drones, the rounds sparking off their armor and detonating against the wall in the distance. As one, they began firing, short blasts intended to kill rather than the longer burst that had almost melted an armored door. Carter managed to duck just before the first volley, avoiding the lasers. The air above him shimmered with residual heat, the weaponized light scattering and refracting enough to become visible as a column of energy.
Another burst of plasma from behind him forced the drones to evade. It seemed they were learning from their previous encounter.
You should jump, the Custodian said through his implant, and Carter crouched before pushing hard into the air. Below, he could see the maintenance drones stopped at the edge of the pit, the water swirling rapidly below. He twisted in midair, searching for Lenaya. He barely caught sight of her splash as she vanished beneath the surface. He saw a flash from the corner of his eye, and his back lit up with pain as heat washed over him. Carter hit the water as his consciousness faded.
Apologies for the late post. We’re trying to get the puppies acclimated to other dogs (and specific other dogs acclimated to the puppies) before we have to dog sit at the end of the month. It’s going better than expected, but our expectations were low so that isn’t saying much. I’m not going to have as much writing time over the next few weeks because we’re doing this every couple of days. Expect more delays throughout the month, and a break on the last week.
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2023.06.09 17:01 Lex-the-Pikachu ERR_GTX_STATE Help pls

I couldn't see an appropriate tag fir this.
I bought RDR2 last week while it was on sale on Steam. I was able to make a character for online but a couple of minutes after loading into the game it crashes and i get this ERR_GTX_STATE error message.
I've looked this up and tried the fixes like adding something to launch options, reducing graphic quality and deleting the .sga files from the RDR2 documents folder but nothing seems to work. It just seems to buy more time before it crashes again.
My PC has an i7, 32GB RAM and an RTX 3080 in it. Can anyone help me please.
Thank you.
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2023.06.09 17:00 KerrickLong "Burn This Place to the Ground!" (Metaphorically Speaking)

Reddit made decisions that will hurt blind users, moderators, third-party app developers, and anybody who uses third-party reddit apps. I won't go into detail, but you can read more here, or here, or here, or here. Many subreddits have decided to protest these actions by going dark starting midnight June 12. /FIRE will have its own version of a blackout: a blaze.
As of about midnight June 12, /FIRE will disable text posts, disable commenting, and only allow image posts. You will only be allowed to post photos of actual literal fire (flames, combustion, etc.).


What if I want to keep discussing FI/RE?

Join the subreddit's official Discord server here:

How long will this last?

Let's find out.

Do you really think this will change anything?

Probably not. But it's worth a try.

What is Discord?

It's an app/website that enables communities to set up their own forums & chat rooms.

What's the Official /FIRE Discord Server Link Again?
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2023.06.09 17:00 New-Alternative7163 Can I get to UP LAW if i’m undergrad at UST?

hello, this question might really be over-hear and perceived by some, but I also wanted to be educated at the same time.
I saw some posts from the 2022-2023 passers in UP LAW and most of them are from either state universities, ateneo, up itself, etc.
Can you get into UP LAW and take the LAE test specifically if you are from UST AB LEGAL MANAGEMENT? although I saw the units required per subject for it, I really don’t get the curriculums offered by the course itself because you can’t pick your units. TT I hope someone would educate me about this. Thank you! ~
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2023.06.09 17:00 Initial-Sea2398 Closed on Monday--here's an account of our FTHB journey

Hi all! Sharing our FTHB journey here in case it's helpful to anyone!
We began looking for houses in late 2022, with a plan to move in the summer of 2023. We lived in a different state than we purchased (purchased in NC, and lived across the country), which was an additional challenge. We took about 2 months to follow houses in the areas that we wanted to live in and tried to take notes of what we did and didn't like, how long houses were staying on the market, and the original asking price vs the final selling price. We also got in contact with a few realtors and ended up really liking one. We were upfront about our situation (buying from out-of-state, our price limit, etc.) and she was fantastic.
After the new year, we started getting more serious about our house hunt. In February we saw 6 homes (some in-person, some via FaceTime), but didn't love any of them (for various reasons). At one of the homes, the listing agent was present and told our realtor that he had a house coming on the market soon that we'd be welcome to see. Since it was in a great location, we agreed and got a virtual tour. There was still quite a bit of work to be done (floors needed to be finished, appliances needed to be put back, etc.). We told our agent that we loved the area where the home was and would like to see it as soon as it was finished (or very nearly finished). The listing agent told our relator to give him about 3-4 weeks and we booked plane tickets so that we could see it for ourselves. It was a really cute house, with an awesome location, and he agreed to let it go for 6k under his initial asking price if we wanted to purchase it before it hit the market. We agreed, everyone signed the papers, and we were on our merry way--or so we thought.
The appraisal came back well (and the survey didn't reveal anything weird about the property lines), but the inspection was absolutely horrible. Foundation issues. Issues with the roof structuring. Random water leaks. Improper insulation (not nearly enough). Electrical issues. The list goes on and on. Our agent didn't tell us what to do or push us in any direction, but we told her that we wanted to back out and she was happy to take that on. The seller pushed back a little and said that he'd be willing to "have his people look at it" and also knock 9k off the price, but that was it. We walked. They still haven't listed this house for sale--not sure if they're actually trying to fix the problems, or just trying to sell it off-market to someone who will take their word for it.
Walking away certainly stung, so we took about a week off from house hunting to think about what we wanted to do next. During this time, a few houses came on the market that we liked, so we ended up viewing 5 houses in <48 hours (remotely). Of those 5, we loved 2 and ranked them. The #1 house had been on the market for 5 months (overpriced) so we asked our agent to verbally offer 50k under asking (we also waived their advertised concessions, promised to close within 4 weeks, and already had our pre-approval go through full underwriting to give the sellers confidence). The sellers said that they couldn't come down that much, but they counteroffered in the middle. We thanked them for their time but said that we couldn't go above our offer. At this point, we spoke to our realtor about an offer on our #2 house (had been on the market for ~3 months; they listed it well before they were able to move out, which I think wasn't reasonable for many buyers). As we were deciding on a number, the #1 house came back and said that the house had been on the market for long enough and that they'd accept our initial offer! We were completely stunned. Our realtor drew up the paperwork right away (this was already getting into the late evening). We couldn't believe our luck! Lo and behold, the next morning, the selling agent reached out to our realtor saying that the sellers slept on the offer and no longer wanted to accept it. Onto the next! (By the way, this house is STILL on the market!).
We then moved on to our #2 house and offered ~20k below asking (since it had been sitting on the market); we went back and forth with the sellers a little and finally landed on a price in the middle. Everyone signed the paperwork (yay!) and we agreed to a late closing to accommodate them. We got a clear title, survey that matched what they advertised, and an appraisal $1,000 above our offer. The inspection came back with mostly minor issues, but the inspector emphasized that the roof needed to be replaced. Our agent was able to get two roofers to the home (one that she suggested and one that we chose) and they both came back saying that they strongly felt the roof needed to be replaced and each bid ~10k. We went back to the sellers asking for 10k in concessions and apparently, they were rather furious and insisted that the house didn't need a new roof (even though they weren't sure when the roof was last replaced). All I know is that our agent was on the case and after 3 days of negotiations, we were able to get 8k in concessions. We closed on the house ~2 weeks later. Our agent was 10/10 during the whole process, which made a huge difference for us.
I truly did not appreciate how exhausting house hunting can be. It's a process full of highs and lows and is honestly kind of a part-time job while you're in the thick of things. I'm glad that everything worked out for us in the end, but the process itself is...intense!
I wish everyone a very happy and successful FTHB journey!
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2023.06.09 17:00 Hal_Keaton [All] The Developers Have (Almost) Always Placed the Games on a Timeline

I originally posted this over on truezelda, but I figured I would share it on this subreddit as well.
I've been seeing a lot of chatter about how the developers never cared about the timeline, or that the "current" timeline is something they forced together to appease fans back in 2011.
I have my own opinions regarding the matter of what fans consider the official timeline, but the idea that the developers never tried to connect the games until more recent Zelda history is not correct.
Some time ago, I wrote a very long paper regarding this topic. I have no desire to repost it here, so instead I am going to do a quick and dirty summary of proof that almost every game until the BotW and Totk era had developer comments (or in-game references) that connected the games in some form of a timeline.
This is also not a "here is the timeline" post. I will not be making a timeline here, but rather just showing how the games connected via developer or in-game comments.
Furthermore, these developer comments in particular only tell us what the developers intended at the time, and it may no longer reflect the current timeline situation now.
ONE MORE NOTE: I had to remove some links to prevent this post from being autofiltered by Reddit, so I'm sorry if some links are missing.

LoZ - AoL

AoL is a direct sequel to LoZ, I don't think I need to elaborate further.

LttP - LoZ

From the back of the Japanese LttP Box (translated): "This time, the stage is set a long time before Link's adventures, in an era when Hyrule was still one country."
From the LttP player's guide: “Although The Legend of Zelda appeared first in the series of Zelda adventures, it actually takes place many years after the third game. In this time, Hyrule had declined, becoming a rustic land with few remaining signs of its former glory.”
An interview from Miyamoto published on Dec 20, 1991. From the translated page, here are the contents: Gods made Hyrule, Triforce was found and Ganon was born, Rise of Agahnim, Ganon revival (LoZ), Link is now 17 years old (AoL).

LttP - LA

From the Japanese LA Manual (translated): "You, who regained the peace of Hyrule from the demonic hands of the King of Evil, Ganon, had not enjoyed the achieved tranquility for too long, and had embarked on a journey of training in preparation for a new calamity."
From the LA DX website (translated): "Link, who restored peace to Hyrule after defeating the evil king Ganon and taking it back from his evil hands, didn't spend much resting, as he left for a journey of training to get ready for the next calamity. From The Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods (SUPER FAMICOM Screen QT Move1 [631K])”
Movie link shows LttP Link defeating Ganon.

OoT - LttP

From an interview with Satoru Takizawa (character and enemy designer for OoT), published on Nov 11, 1998 (translated): "This time, the story really wasn't an original. We were dealing with the "The Imprisoning War of the Seven Sages" from the SNES edition Zelda. To give that game a little "secret" recognition, I thought that keeping the "pigness" in Ganon would be the correct course. So we made him a beast "with the feeling of a pig.""
From an interview with Toru Osawa (script director for OoT), published Dec 8, 1998 (translated): "In the SNES edition game, the story "Long ago, there was a war called the Imprisoning War" was passed along. A name in the Imprisoning War era is the name of a Town later. They were like "pseudo-secrets." We wanted to throw these out through the entirety of the game. That thing from then is now this. Though in this game Zelda is now included in the Seven Sages, the other six have the names of the town names from the Disk System edition "The Adventure of Link.""
There is more to this particular section, but for the sake of this post's length I will not be discussing this section further.

OoT - MM

MM is a direct sequel to OoT, I do not think I need to elaborate further.

LttP - OoS/OoA

From an article produced in Feb 2000 64Dream issue on OoS/OoA (pg. 106) (translated):

FS - OoT

From an interview with Aonuma published in 2004: "The GBA Four Swords Zelda is what we’re thinking as the oldest tale in the Zelda timeline. With this one on the GameCube [(FSA)] being a sequel to that, and taking place sometime after that."
From an interview with Miyamoto from 2003: "I'm actually not all that deeply involved in this other project, but that is actually the case. We have decided that the setting for the game is that it is kind of the very beginning."
*Note, WW and FS came out within months of each other. If you read this interview, it appears Miyamoto got WW confused with FS, based on how the rest of the conversation plays out. The interview was asking about WW, Miyamoto seems to have answered about FS.

OoT - WW

From an interview with Aonuma published Dec 6, 2002:


The introduction sequence of FSA talks about the tales of FS, making it its sequel.


MC tells the tale of how Vaati came to be, setting it before FS automatically.

OoT - TP

From an interview with Aonuma, published in Feb 2007: "The Wind Waker is parallel. In Ocarina of Time, Link flew seven years in time, he beat Ganon and went back to being a kid, remember? Twilight Princess takes place in the world of Ocarina of Time, a hundred and something years after the peace returned to kid Link’s time. In the last scene of Ocarina of Time, kids Link and Zelda have a little talk, and as a consequence of that talk, their relationship with Ganon takes a whole new direction. In the middle of this game [Twilight Princess], there's a scene showing Ganon's execution. It was decided that Ganon be executed because he'd do something outrageous if they left him be. That scene takes place several years after Ocarina of Time. Ganon was sent to another world and now he wants to obtain the power…"

WW - PH - ST

PH and ST are both direct sequels to WW, starring the same cast and/or the stated descendants of that cast. There is no need to go further into this.


From an interview with Aonuma, from Nov 14, 2011): "About that time, we began talking about how that would make this the first story in the series, and we wondered about involving the birth of Hyrule Kingdom. On the other hand, there was the setting of the floating island in the sky, and we thought, "How did that get there?""


From an interview with Aonuma, released Oct 17, 2013:
Spike: "Where does the game fall in the Zelda timeline? And I have Hyrule Historia for reference if you need it."
Mr. Aonuma: "Right about here. (Pointing to the Decline of Hyrule and the Last Hero branch, right between the Golden Era and Era of Decline, after Links Awakening and before The Legend of Zelda)."


From an interview with Hirosama Shikata (director of TFH), published on Oct 25, 2015: "This a few years after A Link Between Worlds, and that influence may be because I was also the director on that game. Initially, the story starts with the king recruiting hero candidates, and that's where Link steps in. But there's a part of me that doesn't want people to come into the game thinking, "Is he not a hero then? Is he just a candidate?" I want to reassure people that this Link is the hero that came from the A Link Between Worlds world. It's a little unusual for a Zelda game, but it's the same hero."


There you go. Until BotW, if the game wasn't a clear sequel or prequel to another game, we had developer comments until 2015 that gave us a pretty clear idea how the game was intended to connect, even if it didn't really connect all that well. It also didn't necessarily give us a clear timeline either (like, FSA takes place after FS but where in the world does it take place in relation to the other games?)
Now whether or not they did a good job, or if they did cobble together a timeline for HH, is another matter. But for as long as the series had a second game, the games have had some sort of connection or intended connection or stated connection to another game. Even if it was an afterthought after development.
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2023.06.09 16:59 NapalmSunshine What or how much experience is "equivalent" to a Bachelor's degree?

In 2003 I dropped out of high school and got my GED before my class even graduated, but never went to college. Worked retail and food service for a few years.
Since 2007 I have worked in an office setting under some kind of administrative umbrella. Various types of companies, such as medical and psychiatry offices, chemical production, commercial printing, automotive, and many more.
In 2015 I was hired as an admin assistant for what is basically a staffing agency (contract security) so I was assisting the HR department.
In 2017 I was promoted to HR Coordinator.
In 2020 I was promoted to HR Manager. I jumped ship late last year because the company was going in a direction I did not agree with. The 4 people I had worked with since 2015 also left the company around the same time I did. (Turns out they hired 2 people to replace little ol' me)
In Oct 2022 I took a temp-to-hire position as a recruiter, and now the "to-hire" part has been pulled out from under me as the company "restructures" the HR department globally. So I find myself looking for a job once again.

So many job postings for recruiting and other HR roles state "bachelor's degree or equivalent experience preferred/required"
I do not have the resources to get a bachelor's, but have been looking into PHR and SHRM certifications but still researching options.
What constitutes as equivalent? I've been under the HR umbrella for a little over 8 years and have experience with every aspect of HR duties and responsibilities. Is it worth it to apply to these positions or am I out of my league here?
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2023.06.09 16:58 ThrowRA19392837 I believe I am a rebound and I would like some input on how to put up boundaries with this girl (23f). How can I approach her about this without losing confidence?

My gf and I are long distance and see one another once a week every month. We have gotten along great and resolve arguments in a rather mature fashion. We have biweekly talks about any concerns, positive things and the overall progression of our relationship. She has introduced me to everyone except her father, who I will be meeting in about a week for her graduation. We are both middle eastern and both take this relationship seriously with a future in mind.
She broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years around May /June 2022. His name was Adam. She proceeded to date someone named Mike as a rebound (these are her own words) until around September 2022.
She’s stated she’s truly in love with me, that I’ve treated her better than everyone else she’s met and she’s made efforts to send gifts, be thoughtful and verbally/physically show appreciation. She FaceTimes me every single night and she voluntarily shared her location with me. She has not posted me on social media yet but she plans to in a week when I see her again in order to basically make it known that she’s taken.
My gut feeling, which could be due to paranoia, is ringing alarms and waving the red flags based off her previous relationship with Mike. She directly said she saw no future with him and that she was just with him to move on from Adam. Once she realized he took the relationship very seriously, she broke it off.
My gf still has her ex Adam on social media. Her likes her pictures, posts stories about how his heart is broken and he clearly is referring to her. I asked her why she wouldn’t consider removing him and she stated that she doesn’t see a reason to remove him. She still likes his pictures (most recent in January) and it seems like she might still have some feelings there.. she has a hidden folder she’s showed me with hundreds of pictures of them together but also pictures of herself. I asked her if she would delete them and she said yes. She told me she deleted all pics of them together from 2022 but there are so many that she doesn’t have time to sit and delete which I understand.
My head is spinning because on one hand she says she’s deeply into me and she talks about our future but on the other hand I’m seeing these red flags or maybe I’m just being paranoid? Please help me.
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2023.06.09 16:57 PristineAbrocoma9032 🌎 🇲🇽 Mexico Tourism Safety Review (2015-2023): An In-depth Analysis of Tourist Casualties - How Safe is Your Mexican Vacation? Insights, Stats & Recommendations! 🚍🔥💥🌊"

Welcome to this comprehensive thread focused on evaluating Mexico's safety from a tourist perspective. We're reviewing significant incidents from 2015 to 2023, aiming to provide a more nuanced understanding of the risks involved. Feel free to contribute by sharing your own experiences or insights!
We're aiming to document the unfortunate incidents affecting tourists during this period. Feel free to engage, discuss, or share firsthand experiences. Your input can help provide a more rounded perspective for potential visitors. Stay informed and contribute to safer travels!
2015: Puerto Vallarta Shooting 🔫
A frightening incident occurred when a shooter targeted a restaurant in the resort town of Puerto Vallarta, leading to multiple casualties1.
Casualties: 4 fatalities, 6 injured
Running Total: 10
2016: Playa del Carmen Nightclub Shooting 🔫
A man entered the Blue Parrot nightclub in Playa del Carmen and fired into the crowd2.
Casualties: 5 fatalities, 15 injured
Running Total: 30
2017: Chiapas Bus Crash 🚍
A tourist bus crashed in Chiapas state while heading to the Mayan ruins of Palenque3.
Casualties: 16 fatalities, 31 injured
Running Total: 77
2018: Cancun Ferry Explosion 💥
A ferry explosion occurred in Cancun, leading to multiple injuries.
Casualties: 26 injured
Running Total: 103
2019: Coahuila Bus Crash 🚍
A bus carrying tourists crashed in the northern state of Coahuila.
Casualties: 14 fatalities, 40 injured
Running Total: 157
2020: Acapulco Shooting 🔫
Gunmen targeted a beachfront restaurant in the resort city of Acapulco.
Casualties: 5 fatalities, 6 injured
Running Total: 168
2021: Guanajuato Bus Crash 🚍
A bus carrying tourists to Guanajuato encountered a tragic accident.
Casualties: 11 fatalities, 22 injured
Running Total: 201
2022: Cancun Ferry Fire 🔥
A ferry caught fire while in transit between Cancun and Isla Mujeres.
Casualties: No injuries, significant property damage
Running Total: 201
2023: Tulum Shooting 🔫
A Mexican tourist was killed in a robbery in a coffee shop in Tulum.
Casualties: 1 fatality
Final Total: 202
Conclusion 🏁
The number of incidents involving tourists in Mexico from 2015 to 2023 totaled to 202 casualties, which includes fatalities and injuries. Each event can be linked to various factors such as gang violence, road safety issues, and maritime accidents. Travelers should exercise caution, particularly in areas prone to these types of incidents.
The conclusion shouldn't be to avoid traveling to Mexico, but rather to remain vigilant, do your research, and be aware of your surroundings. Remember, millions of tourists visit Mexico each year without incident, and these statistics represent a small fraction of travelers' experiences.
Interesting Insights 🧐
  1. Transportation Risks 🚍: Three of the eight listed incidents are bus crashes, implying that road travel may carry significant risks.
  2. Location-Specific Dangers 📍: Incidents have occurred in various locations, from bustling cities to serene beach resorts. Travelers should stay informed about the specific safety conditions of their destination, including local crime rates, and consider potential risks even in places generally considered safe.
  3. Links to Local Issues 💥: Several incidents appear to be related to local issues such as cartel disputes and local criminal activity. Awareness and understanding of the local context are therefore important when traveling to these areas. It might be beneficial to stay informed about local news and stay away from high-risk areas.
Analysis 📈
From 2015 to 2023, approximately 280 million tourists visited Mexico. The number of unnatural casualties among tourists during this period amounts to a mere 0.000072%. This figure is quite small when you put it into perspective.
To give an example, the National Safety Council estimates the lifetime odds of dying from an accidental injury in general is 1 in 36 in the U.S., which is significantly higher. In fact, you are more likely to be struck by lightning (1 in 161,856) than to be a casualty as a tourist in Mexico due to these incidents.
Taking this into consideration, along with the steps that Mexico has taken to ensure the safety of its visitors, such as increased security in tourist areas and improved infrastructure, one might rate Mexico 8 out of 10 for safety. There's always room for improvement, but generally, traveling to Mexico is no more dangerous than visiting any other popular tourist destination when considering these statistics.
Always remember, however, individual safety often comes down to personal decisions and behaviors. Staying alert, informed, and following local laws and customs significantly reduces the risk of mishaps, wherever you may travel. 🧳🌍
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2023.06.09 16:57 Khisanthax PowerConnect 6224p trying to get the GUI up via serial connection

I know it's a bit of a rabbit hole but I've made some minor progress, but now I think I'm stuck. I was able to get serial console access to the powerconnect 6224p. I got into the config and the management port was on vlan 1, so I changed that to vlan 999. Then I went back to vlan 1 and changed the ip address to /24. I tried to change the default gateway but it wouldn't let me, it said the ip and gateway aren't on the same subnet. I checked the management port and it's on :
Management Interface:
IP Address.....................................
Subnet Mask....................................
Default Gateway................................
Burned In MAC Address.......................... F8B1.5604.8567
Network Configuration Protocol Current......... None
Management VLAN ID............................. 999
my vlan 1 says this:
Routing Interfaces:
Netdir Multi
Interface State IP Address IP Mask Bcast CastFwd
---------- ----- --------------- --------------- -------- --------
vlan 1 Down Disable Disable
I'm trying to at least get to the point where I can bring up the web ui. I tried to ping but got nothing. Do I still need to figure out how to change the default gateway to get access to the web ui? I currently have the switch connected to my main switch via port 1.

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