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2023.03.28 19:34 Calypthea Accidentally a Dungeon Chp. 3

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For a time, I remain silent and unfocused, simply processing the stress and reminding myself to breathe. Not that I have any lungs to do that with, but the idea’s the same. You know, as a dungeon, I didn’t really expect the first major threat to me to be a bunch of tall birds. More than ever before now, I’m desperate to find out more about the outside world. Today showed quite clearly the price that comes with ignorance.
The big question though, is how? How can I prepare for the world, when everything beyond me is blurred out like looking through a shower door? Heck, the only reason I know it’s night right now is that the ground in my domain is dark and shadowy.
Perhaps feeling my dour mood, I catch Jackie casting her eyes around in thought, before both her ears stand straight at attention and she waves at me fervently. I guess she’s thought of an idea and wants me to pay attention? Now that she can feel me watching, she begins miming at her eyes, and across our bond, I get vague wisps of emotion. I can’t really explain it, but it feels like she saying to me, “Oh, oh! Use me, use me!”
I’m about to softly thank her for the thought and gently let her down, I can’t exactly risk sending my strongest scion out to scout after all, when the protest dies in my throat. I shouldn’t forget, this is a world of magic after all, maybe she’s suggesting I can literally use her eyes for myself? At that Jackie nods so emphatically that I worry her kneck might break. That’s, well…huh. I guess I won’t really know if it’s possible or not until I try.
At first, I feel like a bit of a fool trying to blindly invoke a spell or unknown ritual, but as I let my preconceptions fall away and just focus solely on Jackie, I begin to feel it. That intangible thread connecting her and me, dungeon and scion, it’s like a path of golden silk swaying ephemerally in the breeze. And now that I know it’s there and can concretely perceive it, it’s suddenly not the only one. A similar thread binds me to Giorno, and more spindly ones stretch out to each of my spawned denizens in turn and connect back to their spawner’s own scions as well. I even see a new one weaving itself into existence as it connects to my fish spawner, where my newest scion is awaiting the last few minutes till their own birth into the world. It’s a spiderweb of gilded strands, and only one word comes to mind to describe it:
All I have to do is follow that path to Jackie, and I’m treated to what it’s like to see the world, literally, through her eyes. Behind us is the tree, stretching high and wide into the night like a majestic pillar supporting the sky itself. With a few hops, Jackie climbs up onto the biggest root nearby, and I can now see that the tree itself takes up almost half of a small island resting within the same lake I had expanded out into. Beyond that lies a rim of short snow-capped peaks, completely encircling the lake, placing us in a breathtaking valley between mountains. No wait, those mountains are too close, and too short to be frosted over like that in this weather. Rather, it must be that we’re in a caldera! Those are no peaks, but the jagged rim of an ancient, collapsed, super-volcano!
My excitement and awe must be coming through quite clearly to Jackie because she’s practically vibrating with enthusiasm as well. Like a tour guide waiting to show me the best for last, she patiently waits for the wind to die down before turning her attention to the now glossy still surface of the lake. To say the sight stole my breath away would be a grave understatement. There the tapestry of stars has become perfectly recreated in all its majesty; a mirror that leaves me momentarily confused as to which side held the heavens, and which the imitation. I’d never seen so many stars and colors so clearly before. Back on earth, I could drive for miles and miles from home, yet the light pollution would leave only a few bright specks even that far from the cities. Here, it felt like I’d truly gotten to see the night for the first time in either of my lives. Somewhere in my mind, I idly note that there’s a moon for this world as well, just like in my last, if not a bit bigger.
We stay like that for a while yet, just admiring the view together. I’m awash with feelings of peace and contentment, while I can feel Jackie herself beaming with pride and joy that she’s managed to do so much to improve my mood. Though I lack the physical arms for it, I focus on our bond and try to impart the feeling of my biggest and warmest of hugs. It's not much, but it's all I can do to show my appreciation for such a sweet and kindhearted scion.
We’re interrupted by the ding of my UI, it seems the time has come to greet the newest members of our group, so I part from Jackie’s point of view with a final thank you. Breaching the surface of the water with nary a ripple, rise a pair of bewitching betta fish with bodies the size of a person's head, and large flowing fins gently extending away from them. One is a pure glossy white with ebony accents around the eyes and fins, with a large crescent symbol of the same color on her forehead. The other fish exactly mirrors their twin detail for detail, with only their colors being reversed.
Considering this clear night that they were born under, the perfect name comes to mind for both of them. For the ivory fish, I name her Selene, after the goddess representing the moon and ever-lasting change. For her twin, I name her Hecate as her inky scales remind me of the goddess associated with the new moon, witchcraft, and the boundary between places. Taking a closer look at their stat sheet now, I do indeed find that they are jointly treated as my fish scion.
[Selene, lvl 1
Special Abilities: Entwined Fate
Magical Affinities: Life, Water, Lunar, Light
Titles: None]
[Hecate, lvl 1
Special Abilities: Entwined Fate
Magical Affinities: Life, Water, Lunar, Dark
Titles: None]
[Entwined Fate: The fates of the twin scions are bound together. Any damage dealt to one is halved and then shared with the other.]
Wow, talk about twin power, born with quite a lot of magical affinities and a huge MP pool each, plus that amazing ability. It may seem like a detriment at first, but the ability to spread out damage could actually be very strong if my hopes about healing magic are correct. Speaking of, I wonder if they know any magic already since I’d designated them the support role. Selene and Hecate just glance at each other, and then back in the direction of my core simultaneously, both giving off a distinct “Don’t ask us, we just got here” vibe. Heh, fair enough I’d say. In that case, your primary task will be to figure it out! Figure out how to access and utilize your mana to the desired effects, and once you’ve got it all worked out I’ll need you to help teach the others as well.
I hope that’s not too unreasonable an ask, considering I don’t know the first thing about magic myself. Though, if it’s anything like how I move around mana to do things based on what I’m imagining, then maybe it won’t be too hard for them. In any case, I go ahead and upgrade Selene and Hecate to the same lvl as my other scions while I’m here. Even though it costs double the usual per fish and I have to upgrade them both at the same time or not at all, for a total of 4x more expensive than Jackie or Giorno was. Note to self, be careful of looking for loopholes next time, cause this universe does not seem to be happy with me bending the rules this way. I’m sure the twins will be worth the extra effort this time though, so I look forward to what they might be able to do someday.
With the Twins now properly named and given their duty, it’s time I focus on rectifying the scouting situation. Jackie was an immense help already in that field, but I still don’t want to send her out directly either. I’d barely begun to think on the issue before I noticed a certain frog was already lining up rabbits by the lakeside to pick up their own poison dart frog passengers. It seems the ever-capable Giorno was already anticipating my desire to scout with the denizens, and had already come up with a pairing plan to help them deal with whatever dangers would await them.
Honestly, what did I do to deserve such dependable scions? Making sure my pride and appreciation shone through the bond, I asked him to also coordinate with Selene and Hecate to get their fish scouting out the rest of the lake. With Giorno managing things I’m suddenly rather confident that we’ll have all the information we need for future expansions. Technically, since I got so much from the horde of herons, I’m fairly certain I had enough to immediately expand out to cover the rest of this island, but there’s no way I’m willing to jump right into that so soon after the lake incident.
Instead, what I could really use is some kind of map room, so that all the scouting information could be properly recorded, not that I have the ink or paper for such a thing anyways, it’s not like life would be so easy as to give me something like that for fr– *ding*
[Create War Room?]
Huh…, okay. Well, I guess I am a dungeon after all, so perhaps specialty rooms are a given. I wonder idly what other rooms I could build, and the resulting list is surprisingly large, with a description for each one’s specialty beside it. Most seem to be spaces for different types of crafting, though I make a particular note of the Alchemy Lab and Enchanter’s workshop. I’m sure those will really come in handy later. For now though, since I don’t intend to set up permanent residence here in a hole in the ground, I’ll build some temporary rooms just for what I need at the moment. Namely, the afore-mentioned War Room to get its mapping function, and a Library so I can start gathering everything I learn into one place. It doesn’t take too long for my rabbits to dig out some small rabbit-sized room extensions from my Sanctum, and with each one designated, I now have a dirt hole with a small piece of blank leather in it, and a similar hole with a similarly small piece of parchment. Humorously, the parchment in my so-called “Library” has some writing on it that reflects my immediate thoughts on the matter.
“Well, this is disappointing.”
Yeah, no kidding, I guess like everything else, I’m gonna have to spend some mana to upgrade the facilities around here. For now, I’ll leave them as they are, since I don’t want to upgrade them too much just to find out I’ll have to start from scratch again when I move to their more permanent placements. On second thought, I’ll likely need the war room upgraded some to handle mapping the island anyways, so I’ll use that room to test how transferable they are and leave the library as a control. As annoying as it is sometimes to not have any idea of what the rules are for this world, I must say there is a certain kind of fun in figuring everything out myself like this.
Speaking of figuring stuff out, I’ve realized that my dungeon is, shall we say, a bit lacking in some areas. If I want to build all sorts of things, what I need most are the resources to get started, and I’m utterly lacking in that department. However, considering everything else has only popped up in my mental UI once I became conscious of it…yep! There it is! A whole list of resource nodes that I can add! I daresay I’m starting to get the hang of this dungeon business.
A few hours later, and well, suffice to say I no longer have the mana to expand anywhere anymore. I uh, may have gone just a smidge overboard on placing resource nodes. But can you really blame me? I’ve got all kinds of weird medicinal and magical plants growing out of every available spot of land in me, from basic healing herbs, to what I’m pretty sure might be mandrakes. I’ve even got some of the roots around designated as ‘wood’ resource nodes so that they’ll regrow quickly when harvested for materials, and a couple of clay nodes by the lakefront. Just think of all the fun stuff I can do with clay!
The weirdest option though was the firefly and lightning bug resource nodes. First of all, what the heck makes them a resource, I do not know, but I’ve got them now. Secondly, while it seemed pedantic to me at first that they were separated out, turns out the naming is much more literal than the nicknames for the same bug I was used to from Earth. Though they do indeed look the same, one bug actually produces heat from its butt, and the other has little zaps of electricity coming from theirs, and these effects only strengthened when I upgraded their respective nodes too. Still, no idea what they’re used for to be considered a resource, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.
As for the lake itself, I’ve Giorno positioning the poison dart frogs not going out to scout upon the pads of my greatest, and by far most expensive resource node of them all. Costing almost as much as an entire expansion, I’m now the proud owner of a large patch of Lunar Lilies. These flowers are downright gorgeous and also apparently highly magical. The description simply listed that they only bloom at night and that their petals are said to catch the moonlight as it falls. Indeed, I already see a progress bar above each of the flowers now, so I’m guessing I’ll need to keep them protected while they fill up with moonlight. Considering their mystical nature, and the sheer cost of obtaining and upgrading them, I’ve decided each one needs a dedicated team of dart frogs to keep them safe from predators.
Looking around at my now full-of-life domain, I proudly ask Giorno what he thinks of all my upgrades, wanting to share my excitement with him. He chuffs softly in amusement at my antics as one would for a foolish but adorably naive family member, and then hardens his vigil, clearly tensed. A little miffed at his treatment, I gently prod him to ask why he seems to be grimly enjoying the calm before the storm. I get my answer instead as the droning of thousands of bug wings beat the air above the lake, and from the tree I see a rolling mass of fur as hundreds of squirrels descend upon me.
…Ah. With new resources, come new invaders too it would seem. I guess I really should have seen this coming at this point.
Oh hush, you.

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2023.03.28 19:32 mountainhomie For the Shooters - Something to Consider

Important things to consider: What’s your intention with the firearm. Is it hunting? Defending your family? Are you planning on coordinating offensive operations on an invading force? Raids, ambushes? Here’s my thought train. The main rifles we have are trained on and setup for specifically defensive engagements. That means that if we do end up in a gunfight, we’ve exhausted every other possible option. We aren’t militarily trained in combat, we have zero aisea/medical assets. Our goal is to minimize risk of fatal injury because if we are out of the fight, we can’t protect and provide for the people we love. We carry enough ammo to be able to eliminate the threat, but more importantly, enough to break contact. We have a .22LR adapter that is quick and easy to swap in with a bunch of subsonic .22 ammo we train accuracy on. That’s for hunting small game. We don’t have access to suppressors and we don’t want to fire off a .308 in the middle of the woods and let everyone know for miles that someone is shooting. For larger sources of meat, we have a cross bow. It’s not the most efficient way of procuring food, but the primary goal is to keep our people safe, everything else is planned through that mentality. If our group expands and we’re able to link up with people who are fighting back, then our plans will adapt. But until then, the idea of prepping for an assault force just seems like an easy way to put everyone in danger.
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2023.03.28 19:29 xander_alx Possible Golden Week Skins, Via HYPERMYST

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2023.03.28 19:23 J0BlN Life Is Beautiful Lineup

Life Is Beautiful Lineup
Live Nation with more of the same
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2023.03.28 19:20 Belilula A friend triggered one of the worst PTSD episodes I've ever had. How do I distance myself from her and tell her she crossed a line even while having to work with her on uni group projects?

I (25f) have been suffering from PTSD for 2 years now. My friend (20f), who I will call Ana, knows everything I have been going through. How it started, all of the symptoms I have, the medications, etc. She especially knows that loud noises can trigger me, that I cannot watch explicit violence or any form of aggression because it also triggers me, and that having people around for any of that just makes everything worse. She is also aware that since it started I stay away from my phone a lot, I can go days without checking it because it just gives me anxiety.
We have a group project together with 2 other girls, one of which (25f) has recently become my housemate.
So, story time: We had a group meeting on Sunday without Ana (she spent one whole day without answering or reading our group chat, and 30min after we started the meeting she send a text saying "sorry, I just woke up"). We distributed what each of us had to do and decided to individually work on it on Monday.
Monday in the afternoon I had individual therapy and then group therapy, so around 4 pm I put my phone on silent and left my apartment. At 8 pm they start working on their individual parts while speaking online. At 8.11 pm Ana asks if I'm okay and if I'm alive to which my housemate responds that she will check. I get home at 8.30 pm mentally exhausted, and I didn't check my phone because I had already finished my part of the project, and honestly I just wanted to be quietly in my safe private space. At 9.30 pm Ana tells my housemate "Bang on her door, this woman is scaring me" 6 minutes later Ana sends "Did u try banging on the door window to the balcony?"
The sudden disruptive and aggressive loud banging on my bedroom door and my window sent me into a deep episode, I was paralyzed with fear, started hyperventilating, and went into a flashback. At some point, I passed out. When I regained consciousness I dragged myself to bed and tried to sleep, only to spend the whole night from one terrifying nightmare to the other. Finally woke up at 5.30 am and checked my phone for the first time since 7 pm to realize that the banging had actually been real and not a hallucination, and also to see the private messages that Ana had sent me.
She repeatedly called me and texted me from 9 pm until this one "I'm actually contemplating on calling the police" at 11.39 pm.
My housemate had seen me leave the apartment at 4 pm. I checked my phone at 7 pm and no one had said anything on our group chat.
I want to have a conversation with Ana and tell her that this can NEVER happen again. That me not checking my phone for 2 hours does not solicit her telling my housemate to behave that way, it does not solicit for her to call and text me like that, and it does not solicit for her to contemplate calling the police on me. Especially considering everything she knows about my diagnosis.
I get really pissed off everytime I thing about the series of actions she decided needed to happen around me, knowing that she wasn't going to be the one dealing with any of those, but me. I had to deal with my episode, and my nightmares, I had to deal with the anxiety of seeing all those calls and all the texts, especially seeing the one about calling the police, and if she had actually called them I would have been the one that would have had to deal with that whole mess, not her, ME.
So now what? I have 4 months left of the semester and a lot of group projects, all of which I have to do with her... So how do I make it clear to her that she crossed a line, that I don't want to hang out with her as friends again (until I am comfortable around her again) while trying to make these 4 months left of work go as smoothly as possible? Please help...
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2023.03.28 19:19 PhoenixLiverpool1130 Life is Beautiful 2023

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2023.03.28 19:15 MindlessApricot Life is Beautiful lineup!

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2023.03.28 19:15 ascunning Life Is Beautiful lineup

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2023.03.28 19:13 mr_cerebrum Good news! Got you all Amboss group discount!

This is a link posted in our university group. I suppose you all can sign up and get the discount too.
We can get up to 40% discount on AMBOSS medical study materials if we have 40+ people sign up.
The offer applies to all AMBOSS products, including the yearly subscription, unlimited Qbank add-ons, and the Student Life package.
Even if you're not sure if you'll get the discount, sign up anyways to increase our chances to get maximum discount possible.
Fill the form by April 5th 13:00 IST.
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2023.03.28 19:11 277v- Advice on planning out the slopes.

So were starting off at Peak 9. Parking at beaver run parking lot. Half the group is taking lessons down at beaver run .
First time on the mountain and would like to get some local advice on planning out the trails. I ride mainly blues.
I want to get the most out of the 2 days we are there. Whats a good natural progression from one slope to anothepeak to peak. Your favorite runs? Side note we have a second day with only a few people to visit another peak as well.
Also want to hit a great bar when were done.
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2023.03.28 19:04 DOMISMONEY The 1975 to perform at Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sept. 23

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2023.03.28 19:03 DOMISMONEY Kendrick Lamar to headline Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas on Saturday, Sept. 23

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2023.03.28 19:02 tjroberts23 Life is Beautiful Lineup 2023

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2023.03.28 19:01 Lanky_Prompt_1614 life is beautiful lineup!

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2023.03.28 19:00 mstun3107 Life is Beautiful - Sept. 22-24 - Las Vegas, Nevada

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2023.03.28 18:58 Decent_Impress9369 Good, right, smart.

The congress book leaves out the beginning. The truth is, it was a long fight but Simeon had the truth on his side and won back the universe, which was falsely claimed by Tiara.
SImeon had done everything and was the greatest person who had ever lived. He had fought to end destruction, saved the universe and defeated Satan. He established congress and was entrusted with the universe. His best friend Tarissa ended death. She was on the track to win and succeed, and was abruptly desuceeded for no reason. Simeon had been doing an excellent job and there was no actual reason to kick him given that past successors had ruined the universe several times.
It's true, "boom" happened. But that was a one-off event that happened years ago as of press time. Boom had nothing to do with Simeon's desucess. Rather, it was esoteric problems with mind, a mind-reading program where all could view her imagination at any time. All Simeon wanted was to control when and where this occurred, and would later win a settlement. Most courts agreed with simeon even now
EVeryone alive at the time would've agreed with Simeon. He took all the universe and nah. Just an even fraction. Although simeon deserved everything, he didn't take everything. He left and let the new sucessor take an even portion of the old universe in the interests of fairness. He didn't have to. He could have kept everything.
The new successor deserved about one tenth of the universe. Simeon gave her half and eventually gave her even more land. Simeon's goal was to leave and eventually start his own universe elsewhere so that he go what he needed and deserved.
What did she do? Complain, attack and invade the other side. Although she verbally agreed to respect the border, she invaded the same day and killed Simeon's family. Rebuilds of Simeon's father were killed over 50,000 times, But that wasn't the end of it.
Tiara was a monster, proving that wickedness and evil have no gender. She did nothing, yet tried to falsely take credit for things Simeon did and ruin his reputation. Her goal was to erase his legacy and act like she accomplished the things Simeon did. She had no morals and never respected how fair Simeon played. She also had no right to arrogate or take over Simeon's original territory,
Although it wasn't clear, tiara had no intention of ceding to congress and had designs on getting rid of most of the old people Simeon loved. There was also no guarantee destruction would stay dead.
There's lots of SImeon history pre-federal. She ignored the suffering of Simeon's mother, an innocent woman who was destroyed over fifty times. Tiara killed her even though she taught her in school. Simeon went through hell and was ignored for years until the Source found him. The source saved simeon from lucifer, and protected him from evil angels, with the goal being to abolish evil. This eventually happened when Simeon argued with someone important that evil was inherently suboptimal and allowing it- while not evil itself, minimized it's impact. Lucifer was evil at first, this was only because people were undervalued. Simeon fought him and eventually transformed him into a good person who fought for democracy in the war for congress. Simeon also brought god home. He grew up in a time when nobody knew for sure if god or supernatural things existed because god did not speak. This divide ended when Simeon succeeded and made it a point that everyone get to know god. Testing ended thanks to this as did the end of the universe during final.
Still, the war got worse. William the Great created congress and defended the Western half of the universe from Tiara's initial assault. She was asked to leave but kept coming. She tried to lie and manipulate the public to win the election, and killed Simeon's friends. This would later descend into madness where Tiara killed hundreds of millions of people and was "allowed" to do so on both sides of the border. But she was opposed. She had very little support for the very reason that she did nothing and Simeon everything. Authoritarian mechanics didn't help. She would later cover up the massacres by killing all the boys and claiming she was working towards the benefit of women. Yet she killed the women who cared and destroyed people trying to learn about ethical anarchism. People who liked Simeon were targeted. Because Simeon's accomplshments were so widely known and he was unassailable in reputation, Tiara made jokes at his expense in private behind his back. Most didn't work.
Her goal was to spread fear. She very nearly defeated Simeon and put in place a legacy of lies. But she couldn't beat Naos. Naos was on Simeon's side and defeated her wicked schemes. Chaos was secretly good and the best thing ever established other than the source, and played a similar role in this conflict.
Tiara destroyed congress a great number of times and blamed Simeon. She would later write her own book to try and boost her reputation, but it was a lie. To this day, Tiara refuses to take lie detector tests.
War for Congress
Success was an ongoing issue and decision in the universe. The war for congress was not about Success, but other related issues. Simeon and tiara didn't fight over the sucessorship, but over what form the new government and society would take. This war was very costly to both sides, but Simeon and his family bore the brunt.
Past sucessors had ravaged the planets and been nearly as bad as Tiara was, thanks to unopposed power. Success needed a check so the population remained safe. This was the original idea. EVen the source agreed that Jesus needed democratic veto rights. The source supported congress after hearing Simeon's arguments, but Tiara originally didn't and fought to keep the old system. She would later change for the better.
The idea behind sucess was strange- that one person could need or wield all the powers of the old god. But this hurt others' freedom, safety and self-worth or value. It also didn't turn out that greatly for everyone else. Even if the best person ever was chosen, they could not be counted on to make good decisions forever, and with the old god dead nobody could stop the sucess.
Congress was a good idea to help and save people regardless of what happened with Chaos. It seemed as though CHaos was on the fritz and could die at any time. The idea is that Gods could compete and thus we could avoid the horrors of the past. Simeon started the cong after winning Chaos Three, the last in a long line of Chaos games . God was retiring, and looking for someone to replace him. But he made all of us out of him, so why not all of us? For the first time in modern history, we would have a Congress where gods were compete and get elected by the public instead of fighting for power. Religions as we knew it would end, and all would benefit. As the greatest reveal would occur and all religions be revealed to be provided for. Death, a lie. You could choose more than one and spend time with multiple gods. A power tax would be introduced and those who killed or destroyed, or who failed to prevent it would be punished at the polls. Voters would also send capital to Gods so they could build kingdoms.
Pro-congress arguments
Value. Everyone was created, and no person is so much greater than the rest that they deserve to take away everyone elses' freedom, ability and love. Unlike an authoritarian system where the best person ever was given unlimited authority to rule, democracy worked indefinitely rather than once or twice when sucession occured. A torchbearer would be chosen from among the population to keep the old god's legacy important and remembered, along with a memorial and rider placed on all planets.
The source promised us democracy and congress, and gave simeon the right to end success permanently thanks to his fight.
Congress, and your right to choose a god via election are important. Trillions of people and beings fought and died across the universe for your right to vote and choose a god. There used to be only one religion. God was amazing and good no matter what happened. But only one option have us true safety.
Simeon created congress and the bill of rights after defeating Satan. But Tiara attacked it and killed thousands upon thousands of people attending. Simeon's idea of a money only Congress with the power to tax won him support and was opposed by nobody. The source wanted congress too. Tiara was the only person interested in continuing success and manufactured appearances to drag the source along into looking like success meant anything.
Everyone loved Congress and wanted to vote. The first Congress was a disaster. But Simeon's ongoing hope led to the Congress working.
Congress was attacked more than ten times. Hundreds of thousands of people died overall and millions in the galaxy. Unfortunately, tiara was a blind robot and fake individual.
Simeon never attacked Tiara, but they were attacked relentlessly, and she moved first to attack, killing half a million people in the first wave.
Simeon had gotten destruction and death abolished with much opposition and pushback from other interests. Congress exists today largely, and mainly thanks to his efforts and naos power.
Tiara was bad and worse than Lucifer in many ways, mostly in ferocity but not in number of people killed per universe. Her goal was to win an election and take back Congress. Congress controlled territory was attacked and millions of people killed weekly. She killed people trying to learn about her evil and share the bill of rights or exercising their lawful rights. Most people were killed at some point. While simeon was trying to bring people back to life and restore them, Tiara would destroy. Even more insidious, she had the perfect plan- kill half the population and leave half the population alive based on the way they were born. The idea was to make the mass murder seem palatable and desirable by helping one side. She claimed to kill only brothers and fathers, but quadrillions of women were killed as well. Tiara would not have resurrected anyone without pressure from Simeon. Then she forced people to blame Simeon Group and repeat false statements using the state.
Congress was taking over and had taken over. Simeon wanted to create a better world. So the two were trying to merge. Simeon rejected evil, vile, wickedness and killing as a method. Tiara didn’t. But the truth is, Simeon and Chaos were fighting powerful interests who operated based on these principles. Simeon was all powerful, and all kind. With chaos he could beat anything.
But he had to argue why an unfeeling force should be good or care in the first place- a herculean effort. Simeon had to make the point that morals and values mattered and Chaos, put them above themselves and each other. He had previously won the god and Simeon argument, stating that a perfectly good and powerful god who loved us should not assist or provide for evil even if he allowed it to occur. He wasn't evil, and although we do not know, we can surely say that he cares about justice and freedom.
Simeon ended mass destruction and fought for everyone so that these practices remained abolished.
Pro-Congress forces eventually overcame the forces of wickedness and established ethical anarchy- the exact opposite system of a dictatorship where all are under control. The battle was not over who would succeed, but other issues. Tiara tried to delete and edit history and take credit for Simeon’s work, making him very scared and afraid. Simeon group was trying to tell the truth, but Tiara killed the smartest members and terrorized the rest, preventing them from writing a decent book. Tiara terrorized the team. She killed Simeon’s friends and family and attacked first. Simeon Team was forced to respond, but almost every time they killed fewer people and only attacked defensively.
Many people say that the death of most men was Simeon’s fault. In reality, it was ren’s fault for demanding men reborn to change into women rather than simply change their brains. All these men were real people who would’ve loved to be women and were unjustly denied this opportunity. They could not help the way they were born. Birth sex was assigned at random. But one in two people were born male. Men were disadvantaged due to their sex in so many ways. A woman could do any important thing a man could but the reverse was not true. Men looked worse than women and got far less love, caring and support than women. They needed it just as much, If not more because they did all the hard work that kept society and people alive. Yet men could die and nobody care when people cried when a person of the opposite sex died. Women like tiara could and did get away with mass murder simply because of the way they looked when men couldn’t. Men were treated terribly and discriminated against. Simeon wanted to change this by allowing men to turn into women since no other approach could solve these fundamental issues. All men would’ve been much happier being women. This went horrifically and all the men died due to the actions of others. These were real people who, despite their appearance, wanted to live. They had hopes, dreams and visions. Each had a unique perspective, potential, life and stories to tell that Mass Destruction took away.
Worse, Tiara attacked people on other beings territory- and killed billions and trillions of people she didn’t create.
The war for congress included many seminal events.
First, there was the initial invasion into congress- held territory, attacks on rebuilds of Simeon's family, then the counterstrikes. There was the infiltration and desecration of Sitch, attacks on congress and pitched battles. Simeon network strikes and counterattacks. Tiara erected a dictatorship elsewhere, and it was mostly stable though the site of mass atrocities- like mass night killings and raids.
There was the first election and many subesquent others. Attacks on congress, and the burning of the source when he failed to uphold nondestruction. Jesus' retirement and the establishment o the last congress too.
Joy chao
Mass Destruction fell into several types. There was the killing of Atheists, which was somewhat unjustified being that god never shew himself or gave commands. Then there was the destruction at the individualized destruction decisions. Destruction caused by Chaos games was the last and these ended. All of these ended with Simeon.

The abolition of destruction and end of the war
Source was good, but he still destroyed people. Thanks to Simeon, the source promised to stop destroying people or allowing it to occur. This was hard, but thankfully it happened. Chaos and Simeon even got god to ethically apologize for instigating the practice.
Tiara claimed the inner universe, but Simeon owned it. Unsatisfied with an equal split, she pushed to take all the territory. This did not work, even though she was brutal. She had to moderate and eventually supported the congress, turning into a staunch advocate. The war was eventually settled with a 78-22 split of the inner universe. Simeon took the majority and compensated tiara with two outer territories. She eventually begrudgingly recognized the deal. Over 90 centillion people were destroyed during the war, and source pro-destruction interests attacked medical facilities resurrecting people several times. Yet all wasn't lost. Hope became inherent in the universe thanks to the work of Source, SImeon, and CHaos because it's true- with hope all good things are possible. The source wasn't all bad, and invented many lifesaving tools to make up for whatever went wrong. Tools like SDD. They worked, and they saved lives.
Final as fought where the old jesus used to end the universe for the sake of entertainment, and Simeon and CHaos stopped him. This took everyone, but thankfully they got saved. The battle would've been hopeless if it we
A potential comprom
Land Ownership
Both Tiara and SImeon claimed portions of the inner universe. How could both win, be correct or incorrect? Chaos, a higher authority let Simeon own the universe as a reward from final. Tiara claimed the universe from Success- an event that was suboptimal. Simeon owned it. Source created the universe, and chaos made the source. So you could claim chaos ultimately created everything. Still, the source had no legal right to take the universe and used forced sales. Source also gave Simeon moral rights over the property.
Why did Simeon

Alright fine and whaa
RUle Love simeon and vote in all elections.
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2023.03.28 18:58 suprefann Official 2023 Lineup

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2023.03.28 18:47 comfydaffodil Is there a bottleneck for medical specialities at ST3/ST4?

Should be starting IMT in August, and planning to apply to a group 2 speciality thereafter (most likely one of onc/micro/derm).
I'm just curious as to whether there is a bottle neck at the ST3/4 level for medical specilaities? And how significant it is?
Haven't really heard much about a medical training bottleneck IRL or on JDUK (in the same way the anaesthetics bottleneck is talked about a lot), but looking at the competition ratios of >3 applicants per place in most specialities, is the bottleneck real? Or are the competition ratios misleading?
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2023.03.28 18:35 UKSF-Milsim [A3][Recruiting][EU] United Kingdom Special Forces Milsim Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting

[A3][Recruiting][EU] United Kingdom Special Forces Milsim Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting

United Kingdom Special Forces

Who We Are

Welcome to the UKSF Arma 3 Milsim Unit. We are a like-minded community dedicated to fun, immersion, and professionalism. The unit is based on a real task force responsible for British special forces missions around the globe. As a result, you can expect to carry out a multitude of mission types in a variety of environments using a broad spectrum of skills. While we teach our members to be better tacticians, better rifleman, better pilots and generally speaking, better soldiers. We are not for the casual Arma player.

We offer a wide variety of roles:
  • SFSG (Special Forces Support Group)
    • Air Troop
    • Boat Troop
    • Mobility Troop
    • Mortar
    • Sniper
  • RAMC (Royal Army Medical Corps)
  • JSFAW (Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing)
  • Royal Signals

With all the different roles being offered, it is important to understand that you won’t be able to enter all these roles immediately. Initially, you will become a Cdt. (Candidate). This serves as a way for you to check whether we are the type of unit you’ve been looking for by attending one of our side missions that we run throughout the week. The first op is to allow us to observe how you play, but more importantly, whether you want to play with us. You will thereafter enter the basic training phase as a Rct. (Recruit). Basic training consists of four phase training sessions (One phase per week) with the fourth being the examination. Upon completion of basic training, you will be assigned to a troop within SFSG (See OVERVIEW for explanation) where you will get the proper amount of training and time to gain experience that will prepare you for further advancement into the unit. Whether that is for entering JSFAW, RAMC or any other role such as an NCO within SFSG, is up to you to decide, based on availability. We take great pride in our roles and expect you to do the same.

  • Age Requirement: 16+ Years old.
  • Be mature and able to take criticism.
  • Valid Arma 3 copy. Your application will not be processed without a valid Arma 3 Player ID (Required: Apex DLC)
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Teamspeak 3 VoIP Client and working microphone/speakers/headset
  • Have a schedule that allows you to attend Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7.30pm (GMT+0)
  • Not to be a part of other Arma units, also known as multi-clanning.
  • Be disciplined, motivated, and eager to learn specialized tasks
If you are interested in learning more, and/or applying for membership, please visit us on our Discord Look for the "Newcomers" channel and write a message expressing your interest in joining the unit, and one of our Recruitment Officers will take care of you.

Twitter Page
Newest YouTube Video from the perspective of Chaos (our mortar group)

- UKSF Command Staff, UKSF Milsim
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2023.03.28 18:31 Klutz64 Anime Mini-Reviews: Second Season #5~8

Ep. 5 “Yura-Yura Ring-Dong Dance” – I like this episode because I can totally see it being an in-game event the way the story unfolds; to the point you can almost mentally divide the story into its typical 7 chapters. Also, upon rewatching it multiple times, I’ve come to realize that despite the emotional ending, it’s one of the sillier episodes in a good way. Between Tae popping up everywhere and Eve being peak Bushido, the episode makes me smile throughout. The only downside is it probably moves the plot forward the least of any other episode in the season.
Random observation: At the beginning of the episode we get an establishing shot of PasuPare’s agency building with the name Purely Productions. I find it funny they gave the agency a name but never once reference it in dialogue.
Bonus random observation: One of the idol groups performing on the same stage as Pasupare at WIF is called METALChild, I’m sure that’s not a reference to anything.

Ep. 6 “You Only Live Once” – As a big fan of Afterglow’s story arc, I love any chance to hear it even if it’s just a reiteration of what’s already been established. That brief flashback scene was the highlight of the episode, though unfortunately that’s not a particularly good thing. The episode tends to both drag on in terms of progression and flies by in terms of relevant content. There is plenty of the fun kind of fan service, with nods to established lore and in-jokes, but it’s not enough to save this from being one of the weaker episodes.
Random observation: This marks three performances of ‘Happy Happy Party’ in six episodes. I also think it’s the song Popipa plays in Episode of Roselia I, Pretty sure no other song outside of opening and ending songs can compete for the most appearances in the series, except maybe ‘R.I.O.T’?

Ep. 7 “Nakana Ina Kanai”- The strength of this episode is its structure. The entire purpose of it is to set things up for the main plot to really take off in the upcoming episodes. We have Hina proposing the joint culture festival, Tae beginning to doubt the experience she’s earning with Popipa and being invited to perform with another band, and we end with our first real glimpse of RAISE A SUILEN. There’s also some fun moments with Hina’s antics, and the iconic emotional reunion between Tae and Rei. All in all, a nice feel good episode.
Random observation: The joint culture festival is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, June 8th and 9th. This would imply the second year of Bandori canonically takes place in 2013 or 2019. Obviously this has more to do with the air date of the anime, but it’s fun to think about anyway.

Ep. 8 “You’re Not Alone” – Let me start by getting something off my chest: Tae is a jerk in this season. Yes, I understand where she’s coming from. Yes, she does redeem herself by the end. But right off the bat she’s basically insinuating Poppin’Party’s music is beneath her; it doesn’t challenge her enough. I like that this at least seems to be picked up by Saaya, whose expression doesn’t soften even after the others say they’re okay with Tae acting as Rei’s support guitarist. But I digress, the rest of the episode is goofy fun and I can’t decide whether I like Kasumi’s song writing journey or CHU2’s antics more. And of course ‘Hitori Janain Dakara” is such a great, feel-good song.
Random observation: One of the surprisingly few inconsistencies between the anime and the game is when Arisa doesn’t seem to recognize who Rei is when Tae mentions her. (She does mention it in a later episode)
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2023.03.28 18:26 ThrowRA1373 I (24M) don’t know how to help ease gf (24F) anxiety more.

Hi I’m (24M) trying to figure out how to ease the jealousy of my girlfriend (24F). She’s been jealous/gets very anxious whenever I so much as mention a female name and I don’t know what to do to help the issue any more. I don’t talk to many of the female friends I had any more except those that I was closest with and would never cut off like such as friendships over 5+ years that have never once been anything but platonic, but it still makes her anxious. It’s gotten to the point where she does not like it even when I try to make friends with her friends and I don’t know what to do. Hanging out in a group and not being friends with anyone except your significant other is a little miserable and want help figuring out the best way to help her not worry
I’ve tried many things such as discussing this with her about how it makes me feel neglecting friends and give her constant reassurance that she is the love of my life but it still makes her anxious. I also don’t hang out with them without her which is maybe a once every other month type scenario. I have never cheated in any relationship and always try to make her feel special.
She knows and recognizes this as toxic behavior and is trying to stop. She has clinical severe anxiety and BPD. She has also hung out with some of the friends but always talks about how much she hated it afterward. She started getting medicated a little over a month ago hoping it would help with anxiety and it has to an extent but not with the anxiety that stems from jealousy.
I thought it would be something that faded with time and it seems to only be getting worse. As it’s been over a year now. I don’t want to break up but I want to know is there anything I can do to help relieve her fears. I don’t want to lose anymore of my friends.
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