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2023.04.01 08:08 Remarkable-Good614 The AI carousel spins ever faster

The AI carousel spins ever faster
The new BloombergGPT AI may be the harbinger of the next wave of corporate AI. Current AIs are trained on web data (though firms can add their training)
BloombergGPT is 52% either proprietary data or cleaned financial data. And it shows signs of being better at financial tasks.
The AI carousel spins ever faster
#ai #data #training #gpt4 #bloomberggpt
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2023.03.31 21:44 Fattybuldger Salvation Army with the 50 cent gem

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2023.03.31 16:17 kibbliebear [Live Setlist Thread] Friday , 3/31/23 - 8:30pm CT - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN

Poster: Zeb Love
Official Stream: Nugs.Net
Unofficial Stream: TBD
Tickets: Cash or Trade
Scheduled Start Time: 8:30pm CT (expect closer to 9PM CT)
Set 1 (8:42PM - 10:00PM)
Turbulence & The Night Rays (8)
Dr. Darkness (6)
The Whales (9)
AUATC 1 (7)
Elizabeth (13)
Not Alone (7)
Arrow (27)
Set 2 (10:36PM - 11:41PM)
Hungersite (17)
Feel it Now (12)
Bob Don (6)
Drive (10)
Rosewood Heart (19)
Encore (11:44PM - 11:59PM)
Empress of Organos
Show Notes:
1 Bon Iver
[ ] Flapping them jacks
[🎹] Tickling the ivories
[ ] Bouncing
[🎹 ] Keyboard Warrior
[ ] CLAV
[ ] 2-Guitar Goose
[ ] Time-traveling to the 80s
[ ] Backstage bananas
[ ] Rocking
[ ] Arpeggiating
[ ] Floating
[ ] Hip swangin'
[ ] "Are you freaking kidding me right now?"
[ ] Straight Bird'n
[ ] Channeling evil Goose
[ ] Flipping switches
[ ] Razzle dazzle shoulders
[ ] Entering inter-dimensional travel
[ ] Loving you guys
[ ] Summoning deep space aliens with a mating call
[πŸ‘ΈπŸ»] Crowd Participating
[ ] Wondering whose first Goose show it is
Happy Birthday u/username-checks--out!!!
Venue Info: Click Here
Weather: 70Β°F, with nasty storms
At the show: via Knoxville x2 via Memphis x3 via Detroit via Charlotte via Nashville via 12S At the show x 2 longest merch line on the planet sec 4 row x Sec 8 inside balcony via Pittsburgh front row of the balcony via Seneca, SC
Couch Tourin': NYC The Garden State Chicago, IL Marina, CA Mad Hatter Table, Bel Air, MD Seattle, WA North Central Mass. Asheville, NC Augusta, GA Albany, NY San Jose, CA Williamsburg, VA Newport Beach, CA South Korea πŸ‡°πŸ‡· White Mountains, NH Dayton, OH with doobies rolled! Knoxville, TN Rochester, NY x2 Columbus, OH Dirty South, NOLA Kona, HI Atlanta with kitty couch hogs Denver, CO the Zoo Baltimore Buffalo, NY Decorah, IA Granite State Milwaukee, WI x2 ATL Burbz Alameda, CA St. Paul, MN Hudson Valley, NY HTX Frederick, MD Camping on the beach in Malibu, CA Winston-Salem, NC SyraGoose, NY x2 Bay Area, CA Albuquerque, NM Cleveland, OH CT Midlothian, Virginia Mt. Shasta, CA Dab City, VT Trenton, NJ SSI, GA Indiana Fredericksburg, TX 603 NH some backroad in TexasIndianapolis x2 Corning NY Richmond, VA x2 Fairfield CT Landaff, NH Arlington, VA Madison, WI x2 chicagooooooooooose Rochester, NY ATL Airport Frederick, Colorado Castle Rock, CO Lodi, NJ Norwich, CT
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