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Home of Mazda3, CX-3, CX-30, 323, and Protege. The answer is always Miata but sometimes you have to haul more than two people and a purse. Welcome to our Family.

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Design ideas for Mazda3

2023.04.01 09:03 meletoys wooden block

wooden block
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2023.04.01 09:02 easylife500 how can I keep that red headed guy out of my car?

how can I keep that red headed guy out of my car?
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2023.04.01 09:02 easylife500 how can I keep a mess out of my car?

how can I keep a mess out of my car?
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2023.04.01 09:01 Caffeinoodled Funky popping/creaking noise on front end?

Hello all! Quite literally just joined this subreddit. Now, I’m not really knowledgeable on cars, so forgive me for not really knowing what I’m talking about- but I have a 2013 Veloster I just bought in January or so. It has about 120k miles, maybe a bit more, and drives almost perfectly.. but there‘s a weird popping noise on the front end. It doesn’t make this sound on a lift, and I’ve taken it ti two different people/shops and they’ve said stuff from the transmission to the front axle. One of them even told me to sell it and buy a Toyota or Honda but I don’t really wanna do that- I like my little blue car 🥲
I‘m planning on taking it to an actual dealership when I have time/money to do so, in the hopes they can figure it out, but until then I figured it couldn’t help to ask here if anyone had any clue what was going on. I know it’s probably hard to determine without seeing/hearing, but I can try to get a video next time I drive anywhere.
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2023.04.01 08:57 nuraman00 Season 4 Insiders Podcast Notes: 4x07 - 4x08.

During the original broadcast, I didn't discover the Insiders Podcast until season 5. I'm doing a rewatch now, and listening to the Insiders Podcast after every episode.
I made similar threads for seasons 1 - 3.

From the 4x07 Insiders Podcast: Something Beautiful.
* Gilligan was worried that they had put so much effort into the teaser, that they wouldn't have much left for the rest of the episode.
He's glad he was wrong, as the rest of the episode came out great too.
* The montage in the teaser also coordinated costumes and colors across the vertical split screen. For example, on one side, Kim is squeezing a green stress ball. On the other side, Jimmy is wearing a green track suit.
I'll post a pic later.
* To get the same view and angles on both split screens, they used a lot of tape measures so that when they filmed the other side of the split screen, they'd get an identical mirror view.
* The music during the montage is usually done through the center channel in a 5.1 mix. However, because the music was the lead, they spread it throughout the channels.
The male singer is off to the right, and the female singer is off to the left.
* "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed was one of the other songs they were using. However, since it was already used in the movie Trainspotting, they avoided it. It's also used in "Fear Of The Walking Dead".
* There's a montage in a future episode, where music supervisor Thomas Golubic wanted to use a certain song, but it was already used prominently in another film.
He then had to think, do we let the music be a beautiful moment, or do we not use it because someone out there will notice that it was used elsewhere, and it may appear they were stealing the idea?
The idea did come naturally to him. He was informed later that it was used elsewhere.
* With this 4x07 music, the two finalists were "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed or "Something Stupid" by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra.
With "Something Stupid", the song is only 2 minutes, and the montage is longer.
Also, it was very expensive to use that song.
"Something Stupid" was also done with an orchestra, which meant there would be union fees, and everyone has to get paid.
They then decided to record the song from scratch, using the band Lola Marsh.
When pitching to potential artists, they told them they were going to pay them a fee for the song, but that the artists would not own the song.
They gave potential artists a bpm; told them it would be a duet; and told them it would be 5+ minutes, instead of 2 minutes.
They narrowed down the list to 14 after hearing the demos.
Then they narrowed it down to 2. They told those two to finish the song.
Then they had a several hour Skype session with the artists.
They went through every bar of the song from those two artists.
Then they got the final version back from the two artists, and with with Lola Marsh.
* To make the song 5+ minutes, they would change the instrumentation throughout the song, and also which vocal takes the lead. That's how they kept it from feeling repetitive.
* They omitted a lot of dialogue during editing when Jimmy meets Kim at Schweikart and Cokely at the end, because they felt it wasn't necessary.
* The scene where Huell is with Jimmy on the bench inside the courthouse, was supposed to be outside.
But there were threats of lightning, so they moved it inside.
It came out better that way.
* They also liked how they were able to transition from Jimmy on the bench with Huell, to Jimmy waiting for Kim at Schweikart and Cokely.

From the 4x08 Insiders Podcast: Coushatta.
Music Supervisor Thomas Golubic and Michael Mando are guests.
* Mando says that while Lalo's words seem nice, all of his actions are disrespectful.
Lalo comes into Nacho's space without calling ahead and letting him know.
He cooks in the kitchen.
He blasts music.
Nacho reaching for his gun as he goes into the kitchen tells you what he thinks of the situation.
When Nacho sees Krazy-8's face, he knows something is wrong.
* They had wanted to film in Louisiana, but realized that they would need too many shots, so it would be too hard.
* They did not want to use a green screen, for the outside background through the window of the bus. Gilligan says that it just doesn't look good using a green screen.
* Since the bus scene was filmed in Albuquerque, instead of Louisiana, they enhanced the outside to make it look greener; added water; and made the roads look less dry.
* Vince Gilligan didn't know that the scenery outside the bus window were digital effects. He had thought they found something in Albuquerque.
They tell him that some of the scenes where Jimmy is talking to the passengers, and giving them postcards and letters, were filmed in Albuquerque. But other shots were visual effects.
* The visual effects were done by Crafty Apes, who had also worked on shows Lodge 49 and Halt And Catch Fire.
* They like the actress who plays D.A. Ericsen.
There was some trouble, though. They sent her the script with other scenes blacked out, for security purposes.
When she got to the set, they asked if she wanted to rehearse the phone call scene where she calls Jimmy and the UNM students, who are pretending to be Coushatta residents.
She ask, "what phone call scene"?
It turns out that the phone call scene had been blacked out too.
Bob Odenkirk had a day off. He spent the day rehearsing that scene with her.
It is unusual for someone, especially the lead, to do that on his day off. So that was very nice of him.
* 10+ months have passed since we last saw Nacho in 4x04.
Nacho has healed. He now lives with two meth girls.
Mando says that two things can happen when someone goes through the trauma Nacho did in 4x03 - 4x04, when he was shot at multiple times to try and cover up Arturo's death, and make it looks like he wasn't involved.
Either someone can implode, or it can be like when a bone breaks and comes back stronger. He thinks Nacho is the latter. He's harder now.
He's now the enforcer during collections, while Krazy-8 collects money now.
* Peter Gould says that Nacho had always imagined himself as being in the pilot's seat in the future.
He now has the money and power, but there's a lot of catches. It's not as good as he thought it would be.
* Mando says he's always wondered why Nacho went into this business.
He says Nacho is ashamed to be in the business, because of his father.
He had to keep it a secret that he was working for the Salamancas, until 3x09.
Mando says Nacho never wanted to be in Tuco's place, Nacho was only in it for the money.
But if he has his father's shop, why is he doing this?
And if he's hiding it from his father, then he thinks he won't be doing it for long.
He says the materialistic things Nacho has is a front. He has no interest in the girls or cars.
The safe is his real heart. His father, and going to Canada, is in his heart.
He's not power hungry or ego driven.
From his upbringing, it's a shameful thing to work for Hector Salamanca. It's like saying I'm the most appalling thing in the community.
Also, Gus knows that Nacho didn't betray him, because he didn't know Gus had it in for Hector.
He thinks Gus could relate to Nacho, in that they both think Hector is horrible.
Mando says no one gives a shit in this underworld. They're all fighting for themselves.
Getting shot in the shoulder, was ok. Getting shot in the stomach, was ok. But getting left alone in the desert (in 4x03) for 11 hours, that's torture.
* Peter Gould says Nacho is the most vulnerable and human, because he's motivated by the love of his father.
* One of the other hosts says Nacho is like Jesse. He got into this for the money, but then it got away from him.
* One of the hosts says that after Nacho tosses the meth to the girls, goes in his room, closes the door, puts down his gun, and sighs, that's when you know that he hates what he's doing, and a part of himself is still there.
* They also point out that he didn't shoot Blingy (the guy with the earring) a bunch of times. He didn't mortally wound him.
He ripped out Blingy's earring, which is teaching him a lesson, but not going overboard. He's not Hector.
* Mando says Nacho thinks "fuck these guys, all these guys who hold power are assholes, they always look down on people and think they're morally superior."
* He's teaching both Blingy and Krazy-8 a lesson, and it's better to learn it from me, than to be burned by one of these other guys.
* Mando says during the milk scene in 3x09, when he is with his father and tells him he's working for the Salamancas again, and that Hector is going to come into his shop and run the meth business for a while, he thought he would be standing, during the scene at his father's house.
It threw him for a curveball when he got to the set and realized he would be sitting.
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2023.04.01 08:52 LordMMII Moving to Ames

Hi all I am going to relocate to Ames for work at the Iowa state university. I know that Ames is not massive but which region do you suggest in order to be near to workplace and grocery shop availability, as I don't think I am going to buy a car for staying there. Also, do you know if there are any carribean dancing schools/events (salsa/bacgata/chachacha). Thank you
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2023.04.01 08:44 StepwiseUndrape574 Rockstar Launches GTA+ Subscription Service With Member Exclusive Benefits But Is It Worth It?

Once upon a time, it was commonplace for online games to have subscription fees. The earliest popular graphical online games, including Ultima Online and EverQuest, all had recurring service fees, as did many games that came after, such as Final Fantasy XI and World of Warcraft.
That model has largely given way to the "freemium" model where the publishers give the game itself away for free, but much of the game's content is locked behind the choice of either extended play times "grinding" for materials, or the option of skipping that grind with a real-money payment.
However, some games have both, and that usually includes the longest-lived and most-successful ones. Sega's ten-year-on Phantasy Star Online 2 is free-to-play, but has extensive cash purchases and also has a "premium" subscription available. In Final Fantasy XIV and the venerable World of Warcraft, the subscription fee is still required despite the presence of a cash shop.
Grand Theft Auto Online has a lot of similarities to what we usually think of as qualities of "MMO" games. While it isn't "massively multiplayer" on a local scale—sessions normally include a maximum of 32 players—there are tens of thousands of players online at any given moment. It has named player characters with persistent progress and all of the other things we think of from MMO games: equipment, appearance customization, player housing, difficult multiplayer "raid" events, and so on.
With that context in mind, it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Rockstar is launching a subscription service for GTA Online. It's called GTA+, and it costs $6 a month. Ponying up for the premium subscription earns you a cool $500,000 in the in-game GTA$ currency every month and extra GTA$ on "Shark Cards," as well as exclusive benefits. Here's the list of benefits for the first month: The Principe Deveste Eight — along with a complimentary Hao’s Special Works upgrade for it before it is made available to purchase by the general public — plus the HSW Orange Trip and HSW CMYK Glitch Liveries. The Auto Shop located in La Mesa, introduces an assortment of gameplay updates from Los Santos Tuners. Current Auto Shop owners can relocate to La Mesa at no additional cost. Waived LS Car Meet Membership fees. Current LS Car Meet members with GTA+ will be reimbursed GTA$50,000 during this event period. Yacht owners can upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht at no additional cost. The Gussét Frog Tee and Broker Prolaps Basketball Top and Shorts automatically added to your wardrobe. The Conveyor Livery for the Mammoth Avenger, HVY APC, and TM-02 Khanjali. A selection of free paints and emblems for the Auto Shop. 3X GTA$ and RP on Hao’s Special Works Race Series. 2X Car Meet Rep on the Street Race Series. It would be easy to criticize Rockstar for this move because the company has already taken $60 of your money for the game. That's to say nothing of the grind-heavy nature of GTA Online that practically forces players to purchase Shark Cards for in-game currency if they want to make progress at any kind of reasonable rate. There's also the fact that the company is charging money for what is honestly an extremely minor update on the current-generation consoles.
In the interest of fairness, though, we'll note that many players who bought GTA V (including GTA Online) purchased it nearly a decade ago. Just like other major online games, GTA Online has seen years of additional content and improvements through continual updates, and that stuff does cost money to create.
deveste eight The Principe Deveste Eight, one of the rewards for subscribing this month.
If you own GTA V, you don't actually have to pay Rockstar anything to play it for the rest of eternity, so giving players an option to spend a little every month to support continued development is fair. However, the list of benefits, at least for the first month, is pretty weak.
There's another caveat, too: this program is only available to players on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. We've asked Rockstar if GTA+ will be coming to the PC version, and will update this post if we get a response.
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2023.04.01 08:42 PrettySax3 Gunpoint attempted carjacking and guilty for feeling traumatized

(Contextual story, then request for advice at the end.)
So, like 2 or 3 days ago I was outside of my friend's apartment on the phone with him waiting for him to decide if he was coming over or not. It's not the greatest part of town, but it wasn't *too* late and I was feeling less than nervous, I was in my car, doors locked, windows up, never experienced violent crime before, etc. That's to say I wasn't feeling scared or anxious that anything bad might happen.
20 minutes on the phone pass and this white pickup truck passes me on the other side of the road and I think nothing of it. They stop just behind my car (facing the other direction) and I don't notice. I was just checking the notifications on my phone and 2 people come up to my driver-side window and one points a gun at me and says "I'll f*cking shoot" and the other says "get out of the car" and begins ripping at the door handle. I am absolutely paralyzed in fear and tell my friend over the phone "[name] there's someone with a gun. Help."
While I'm panicking, the person hits the driver's window in frustration that I'm not getting out and trying to break the window open. I hit the emergency button on my phone and the 2 people at my window got scared and ran back to the truck and drove away. By the time my friend had gotten outside, they were already gone and I was on the phone with 911. I barely caught a glimpse of the vehicle, and even in my panicked state thought to get the license plate #, but I couldn't see it.
Regardless, dispatch gets police headed in my direction and patrols out to look for the vehicle I described to them, alongside the best description I could give of the 2 people at my window. They took my statement and said that they had people out looking for the truck and they'd update me if they found anyone.
I head home with my friend (about 20 minutes) and on my way I see a police car FLYING down one of the roads. All I could think was "Get them" and commented to my friend that maybe they found the vehicle. As I'm pulling into my condo parking lot I get a call, it's the police, and they ask me to come to the scene of the end of a vehicle pursuit with the suspect vehicle to identify the suspects.
There were 4 of them. The first one I knew was the one with the gun, the second one was the other one that was pulling at my doorhandle, the 3rd I had never seen, and the 4th I thought I had seen standing by the truck. Anyways, they had me stay in my car and put each individual behind a police cruiser with a spotlight on for me to identify, and the kid that they pulled up first looked at me with this glare that screamed "I should have just killed you when I had the chance". The other 3 just looked scared, angry, and maybe (?) remorseful because they got caught.
Beyond having just been faced with the possibility of being shot and killed, I am surrounded by about 15 police cars, all with lights on, and I already have (diagnosed) PTSD and one of my triggers is illuminated emergency lights. I am absolutely panicked and freaking out.
Anyways, over the last few days, I have responded in the same ways I did when my car got stolen last month (when the carjacking was attempted, I was in a rental as my car was recovered and is currently in the body shop). I was just telling people things like, "Wanna hear something traumatic? XD" and "You want to hear something awesome?!" and then telling them what happened. I was a little bit more humored when my car got stolen and looked at it as positively as I could, with this, I still have played it off as casually as I can with some humor involved. I've had my friend over at my house since then, the same one I was waiting to pick up, and all I've done is try and put on a strong face and pretend it's okay. Every time a victim's advocate or DA or whoever calls me about what happened, I start to break down. I had a car's headlight flash through my curtains last night and I immediately feared for my life and started crying. I went out the day after the carjacking attempt and bought a gun with all my rent money, so I don't even have rent and I'm freaking out about that. I keep having flashbacks. I was curled up in bed with the blanket over my head crying and all I felt was shame for crying. I just want the flashbacks to go away, I feel bad for feeling traumatized. I keep telling myself that I'm better than this and that I shouldn't be crying and that shit happens.
My stepdad tells me it's my fault for sitting parked in a bad area of town when it was dark. I'm not saying I'm unappreciative of the concern of my friends for my physical safety, but nobody really cares what is going on mentally or emotionally except for the friend I've had over and my cousin. Everyone else has just assumed I would take it like a champ as I did with the car theft. I just keep trying to compartmentalize and forget and not feel. I'd rather feel numb than scared or depressed or whatever else. I don't know how I can even reconcile these feelings or justify to myself that it's okay to feel what I'm feeling.
To make things worse, the kid with the gun was FOURTEEN. He's literally in middle school. I sat in the preliminary hearing in court the day after the crime and asked for no bond and no contact (both granted) and I feel bad for wanting the worst for this kid for what he did to me. I feel even worse because his mom has no clue of the gravity of the situation (an immigrant from Africa and English is a second language) and kept saying in court "he's a good kid" and "It's *just* a stolen car, nobody got hurt". Like I feel awful because this is a kid, and seeing how his mom felt just makes me feel bad. The kid is already on probation and already has a record of gang activity, fraudulently obtaining a firearm, and theft. The defense was saying "Well he's in school, he's a straight-A student, and keeping him in jail could severely affect his future and his progress in therapy and school." Like, I know they're paid to say that, and defend him, but like are you fucking kidding me??
How to I let myself be okay with what happened? Any tips for mot feeling guilty over how I feel?
Side note: I can't do therapy because I don't have the upfront for therapy and the VC people say they only reimburse, so that's not an option either.

TL:DR: I was a victim of violent crime, I keep having flashbacks, I'm depressed, crying, fearful of my life, etc. and I just feel ashamed for feeling that way. I feel worse because the perpetrator is only 14 and his mom doesn't understand how bad the situation was/is no matter how the judge tried to explain it and she's just confused. I'm upset with myself for wanting this kid to have the worst punishment possible, at 14, and I'd rather just forget about it all and not feel how I do. There's no way I can justify how I feel to myself. Does anybody have helpful tips on how to be okay with how I'm feeling? Also, therapy is not an option as I do not have the upfront for it and victim's comp will only reimburse me.
edit: typo + clarification
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2023.04.01 08:33 StepwiseUndrape574 GTA Online Fans Discover Possible Hidden GTA 6 Assets Rockstar Added Years Ago

It's only been a few days since some interesting GTA VI gameplay was leaked. The leak, which was authenticated by Rockstar Games, confirmed the location to be Vice City, and that there would be male and female protagonists. Some eagle-eyed viewers noticed something about GTA Online, though. What they found was an art asset that seemed quite familiar. A texture asset specifically.
Those viewers of the leak video noticed a Vice City Metro sticker in the Arena War update for Grand Theft Auto Online that hit a while back. ViceCityMetroMule GTAO White Back Art Asset from Grand Theft Auto Online showing the Vice City Metro Mule Logo
The original tweet no longer displays the side by side imagery, unfortunately. The Arena War Update for Grand Theft Auto Online was release four years ago after all. While this is interesting, it is not uncommon for developers to re-use assets, especially if there isn't a significant change to the artwork. Asset re-use can shorten development time in most cases and it is not limited to video games. Many people are familiar with the "Pixar Easter Eggs" in that film studio's pieces. It's an excellent way to not waste development cycles on things like debris and common texture work that is repeated throughout the virtual worlds -- whether in games or movies.
It is also not uncommon for Rockstar to hide Easter eggs in their games that may reference other games in the same series, or different titles altogether. Bully even included a Grand Theft Auto vehicle asset in its shop class. Sometimes the developers just throw in things to drive community interest, such as the inclusion of Bigfoot in a later patch of GTA V. Another fun Easter egg is known as the "Mount Chiliad Mystery." When it was found, players suspected it meant there was a jetpack somewhere in GTA V -- there wasn't -- but one eventually appeared in a GTA Online Mission
gta online arena war t shirts T-Shirts from the GTA Online Arena War Update
It's definitely an interesting inclusion, but it's certainly not the only reference to Vice City within GTA V and GTA Online. There's an entire wiki article on Vice City related Easter eggs on the fan wiki for Grand Theft Auto. Still, this particular metro logo was not seen until GTA Online, and now in the unauthorized leak, so in a way, players had confirmation Vice City would be used in GTA VI, if they were paying attention and connected the dots.
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2023.04.01 08:31 Clay_Bricks Every retiring LEGO set (April 2023 update)

Welcome to another month! That means it's time for our monthly update on retiring sets. Not many changes this time around, but there were a lot of sets added to the database!
As always, we owe a massive thanks to ZombieYeti from the BrickHound Discord for providing this valuable data. If you're looking for real-time in-stock/deal alerts for and other sites, make sure to check out his server.
This information is scraped directly from Lego's website, and all dates are subject to change. ZombieYeti is currently developing a website to host this data and offer real-time updates. In the meantime, here is a list of every set and their corresponding retirement date as per LEGO's system!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Due to Reddit's character limits, we can't include everything here, but the full spreadsheet contains every set.
Theme Set # Set Name Old Date New Date Change
Creator 40646 Daffodils Dec 31, 2025 Dec 31, 2023 -2 years
Icons 40516 Everyone is Awesome Dec 31, 2023 Dec 31, 2024 +1 year
Promotional 60369 Mobile Police Dog Training Dec 31, 2023 Dec 31, 2024 +1 year
Minifigures 71038 LEGO® Minifigures Disney 100 N/A Aug 31, 2023 NEW
Minecraft / BrickHeadz 40624 Alex N/A Dec 31, 2023 NEW
Minecraft / BrickHeadz 40625 Llama N/A Dec 31, 2023 NEW
Minecraft / BrickHeadz 40626 Zombie N/A Dec 31, 2023 NEW
Indiana Jones 77012 Fighter Plane Chase N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Indiana Jones 77013 Escape from the Lost Tomb N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Indiana Jones 77015 Temple of the Golden Idol N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Jurassic Park 76957 Velociraptor Escape N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Jurassic Park 76958 Dilophosaurus Ambush N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Jurassic Park 76959 Triceratops Research N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Jurassic Park 76960 Brachiosaurus Discovery N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Jurassic Park 76961 Visitor Centre: T. rex & Raptor Attack N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Mario 71423 Dry Bowser Castle Battle N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Star Wars 75346 Pirate Snub Fighter N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Star Wars 75358 Tenoo Jedi Temple N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Star Wars 75361 Spider Tank N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Star Wars 75363 The Mandalorian's N-1 Starfighter Microfighter N/A Dec 31, 2024 NEW
Duplo 10998 3-in-1 Magical Castle N/A Dec 31, 2025 NEW
Icons 10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90 N/A Dec 31, 2025 NEW
Theme Set # Set Name Retirement Date
Minifigures 66733 Minifigures - Series 24 Apr 30, 2023
Classic 11015 Around the World Jul 31, 2023
Creator 31123 Off-Road Buggy Jul 31, 2023
Disney 10780 Mickey and Friends Castle Defenders Jul 31, 2023
Disney 43203 Aurora, Merida and Tiana's Enchanted Creations Jul 31, 2023
Dots 41962 Unicorn Creative Family Pack Jul 31, 2023
Mario 71404 Goomba's Shoe Jul 31, 2023
Mario 71407 Cat Peach Suit and Frozen Tower Jul 31, 2023
Mario 71409 Big Spike's Cloudtop Challenge Jul 31, 2023
Mario 71412 Big Bad Island Jul 31, 2023
Mindstorms 51515 Robot Inventor Jul 31, 2023
Minecraft 21187 The Red Barn Jul 31, 2023
Ninjago 71738 Zane's Titan Mech Battle Jul 31, 2023
Ninjago 71754 Water Dragon Jul 31, 2023
Ninjago 71756 Hydro Bounty Jul 31, 2023
Ninjago 71759 Ninja Dragon Temple Jul 31, 2023
Ninjago 71762 Kai's Fire Dragon EVO Jul 31, 2023
Ninjago 71770 Zane's Golden Dragon Jet Jul 31, 2023
Ninjago 71773 Kai's Golden Dragon Raider Jul 31, 2023
Technic 42129 4x4 Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck Jul 31, 2023
Minifigures 71038 LEGO® Minifigures Disney 100 Aug 31, 2023
Architecture 21054 The White House Dec 31, 2023
Art 31203 World Map Dec 31, 2023
Art 31205 Jim Lee Batman Collection Dec 31, 2023
Art 31206 The Rolling Stones Dec 31, 2023
Art 31207 Floral Art Dec 31, 2023
Avatar 75571 Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch Dec 31, 2023
Avatar 75573 Floating Mountains: Site 26 & RDA Samson Dec 31, 2023
Brickheadz 40540 Lion Dance Guy Dec 31, 2023
Brickheadz 40541 Manchester United Go Brick Me Dec 31, 2023
Brickheadz 40542 FC Barcelona Go Brick Me Dec 31, 2023
Brickheadz 40554 Jake Sully & his Avatar Dec 31, 2023
City 30638 Police Bike Training Dec 31, 2023
City 30639 Dog Park and Scooter Dec 31, 2023
City 41723 Donut Shop Dec 31, 2023
City 41726 Holiday Camping Trip Dec 31, 2023
City 60253 Ice-Cream Truck Dec 31, 2023
City 60313 Space Ride Amusement Truck Dec 31, 2023
City 60314 Ice Cream Truck Police Chase Dec 31, 2023
City 60315 Police Mobile Command Truck Dec 31, 2023
City 60317 Police Chase at the Bank Dec 31, 2023
City 60318 Fire Helicopter Dec 31, 2023
City 60319 Fire Rescue & Police Chase Dec 31, 2023
City 60320 Fire Station Dec 31, 2023
City 60321 Fire Brigade Dec 31, 2023
City 60322 Race Car Dec 31, 2023
City 60323 Stunt Plane Dec 31, 2023
City 60324 Mobile Crane Dec 31, 2023
City 60325 Cement Mixer Truck Dec 31, 2023
City 60327 Horse Transporter Dec 31, 2023
City 60330 Hospital Dec 31, 2023
City 60332 Reckless Scorpion Stunt Bike Dec 31, 2023
City 60333 Bathtub Stunt Bike Dec 31, 2023
City 60335 Train Station Dec 31, 2023
City 60338 Chimpanzee Smash Stunt Loop Dec 31, 2023
City 60339 Double Loop Stunt Arena Dec 31, 2023
City 60341 The Knockdown Stunt Challenge Dec 31, 2023
City 60342 The Shark Attack Stunt Challenge Dec 31, 2023
City 60343 Rescue Helicopter Transporter Dec 31, 2023
City 60346 Barn & Farm Animals Dec 31, 2023
City 60348 Lunar Roving Vehicle Dec 31, 2023
City 60349 Lunar Space Station Dec 31, 2023
City 60350 Lunar Research Base Dec 31, 2023
City 60351 Rocket Launch Centre Dec 31, 2023
City 60353 Wild Animal Rescue Missions Dec 31, 2023
City 60354 Mars Spacecraft Exploration Missions Dec 31, 2023
City 60355 Water Police Detective Missions Dec 31, 2023
City 60356 Bear Stunt Bike Dec 31, 2023
City 60357 Stunt Truck & Ring of Fire Challenge Dec 31, 2023
City 60358 Cyber Stunt Bike Dec 31, 2023
City 60359 Dunk Stunt Ramp Challenge Dec 31, 2023
City 60360 Spinning Stunt Challenge Dec 31, 2023
City 60361 Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge Dec 31, 2023
City 60371 Emergency Vehicles HQ Dec 31, 2023
City 60382 Vet Van Rescue Dec 31, 2023
City 60385 Construction Digger Dec 31, 2023
City 60388 Gaming Tournament Truck Dec 31, 2023
City 60390 Park Tractor Dec 31, 2023
City 60393 4x4 Fire Truck Rescue Dec 31, 2023
City 60394 ATV and Otter Habitat Dec 31, 2023
Classic 11014 Bricks and Wheels Dec 31, 2023
Classic 11018 Creative Ocean Fun Dec 31, 2023
Classic 11019 Bricks and Functions Dec 31, 2023
Classic 11021 90 Years of Play Dec 31, 2023
Classic 11022 Space Mission Dec 31, 2023
Classic 11031 Creative Monkey Fun Dec 31, 2023
Creator 30641 Panda Bear Dec 31, 2023
Creator 30642 Birthday Train Dec 31, 2023
Creator 30644 Vintage Car Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31111 Cyber Drone Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31118 Surfer Beach House Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31127 Street Racer Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31128 Dolphin and Turtle Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31130 Sunken Treasure Mission Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31131 Downtown Noodle Shop Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31132 Viking Ship and the Midgard Serpent Dec 31, 2023
Creator 31143 Birdhouse Dec 31, 2023
Creator 40461 Tulips Dec 31, 2023
Creator 40469 Tuk Tuk Dec 31, 2023
Creator 40568 Paris Postcard Dec 31, 2023
Creator 40646 Daffodils Dec 31, 2023
DC 76181 Batmobile: The Penguin Chase Dec 31, 2023
DC 76220 Batman versus Harley Quinn Dec 31, 2023
Disney 10777 Mickey and Minnie's Camping Trip Dec 31, 2023
Disney 40521 Mini Disney The Haunted Mansion Dec 31, 2023
Disney 41168 Elsa's Jewellery Box Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43187 Rapunzel's Tower Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43189 Elsa and the Nokk Storybook Adventures Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43194 Anna and Elsa's Frozen Wonderland Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43196 Belle and the Beast's Castle Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43197 The Ice Castle Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43198 Anna's Castle Courtyard Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43199 Elsa's Castle Courtyard Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43202 The Madrigal House Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43204 Anna and Olaf's Castle Fun Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43207 Ariel's Underwater Palace Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43208 Jasmine and Mulan's Adventure Dec 31, 2023
Disney 43209 Elsa and the Nokk's Ice Stable Dec 31, 2023
Disney / BrickHeadz 40377 Donald Duck Dec 31, 2023
Disney / BrickHeadz 40378 Goofy & Pluto Dec 31, 2023
Disney / BrickHeadz 40476 Daisy Duck Dec 31, 2023
Disney / BrickHeadz 40477 Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey & Louie Dec 31, 2023
Disney / BrickHeadz 40550 Chip & Dale Dec 31, 2023
Disney / BrickHeadz 40553 Woody and Bo Peep Dec 31, 2023
Disney / BrickHeadz 40622 Disney 100th Celebration BrickHeadz Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41801 My Pets Bracelet Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41802 Unicorns Forever Bracelet Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41803 Extra Dots series 8 Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41805 Creative Animal Drawer Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41806 Ultimate Party Kit Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41807 Bracelet Designer Mega Pack Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41808 Hogwarts Accessories Pack Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41809 Hedwig Pencil Holder Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41811 Hogwarts Desktop Kit Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41947 Mickey and Friends Bracelets Mega Pack Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41948 Cute Banana Pen Holder Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41950 Lots of DOTS - Lettering Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41951 Message Board Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41957 Adhesive Patches Mega Pack Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41959 Cute Panda Tray Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41960 Big Box Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41961 Designer Toolkit - Patterns Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41963 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Stitch-on Patch Dec 31, 2023
Dots 41964 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Back-to-School Project Box Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10411 Learn About Chinese Culture Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10872 Train Bridge and Tracks Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10882 Train Tracks Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10899 Frozen Ice Castle Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10930 Bulldozer Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10938 Dinosaur Nursery Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10944 Space Shuttle Mission Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10948 Parking Garage and Car Wash Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10949 Farm Animal Care Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10955 Animal Train Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10956 Amusement Park Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10960 Belle's Ballroom Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10962 Buzz Lightyear's Planetary Mission Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10963 Spider-Man & Friends: Funfair Adventure Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10964 Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10968 Doctor Visit Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10972 Wild Animals of the Ocean Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10973 Wild Animals of South America Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10974 Wild Animals of Asia Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10976 Santa's Gingerbread House Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10977 My First Puppy & Kitten with Sounds Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10978 Creative Building Time Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 10979 Wild Animals of Europe Dec 31, 2023
Duplo 30648 Whale Dec 31, 2023
Friends 30633 Skate Ramp Dec 31, 2023
Friends 30634 Friendship Flowers Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41443 Olivia's Electric Car Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41677 Forest Waterfall Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41696 Pony-Washing Stable Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41697 Turtle Protection Vehicle Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41699 Pet Adoption Café Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41703 Friendship Tree House Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41704 Main Street Building Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41705 Heartlake City Pizzeria Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41707 Tree-Planting Vehicle Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41708 Roller Disco Arcade Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41711 Emma's Art School Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41712 Recycling Truck Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41713 Olivia's Space Academy Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41714 Andrea's Theatre School Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41715 Ice Cream Truck Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41716 Stephanie's Sailing Adventure Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41717 Mia's Wildlife Rescue Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41718 Pet Day-Care Center Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41719 Mobile Fashion Boutique Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41720 Water Park Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41721 Organic Farm Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41722 Horse Show Trailer Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41729 Organic Grocery Store Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41732 Downtown Flower and Design Stores Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41733 Mobile Bubble Tea Shop Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41735 Mobile Tiny House Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41741 Dog Rescue Van Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41742 Cat Hotel Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41743 Hair Salon Dec 31, 2023
Friends 41751 Skate Park Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 75968 4 Privet Drive Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 75969 Hogwarts Astronomy Tower Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 75979 Hedwig Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76386 Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76398 Hogwarts Hospital Wing Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76400 Hogwarts Carriage and Thestrals Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76401 Hogwarts Courtyard: Sirius's Rescue Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76403 The Ministry of Magic Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76406 Hungarian Horntail Dragon Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76408 12 Grimmauld Place Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76409 Gryffindor House Banner Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76410 Slytherin House Banner Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76411 Ravenclaw House Banner Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter 76412 Hufflepuff House Banner Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter / Brickheadz 40495 Harry, Hermione, Ron & Hagrid Dec 31, 2023
Harry Potter / Brickheadz 40560 Professors of Hogwarts Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 30643 Easter Chickens Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 40426 Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 40522 Valentine Lovebirds Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 40523 Easter Rabbits Display Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 40570 Halloween Cat and Mouse Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 40571 Wintertime Polar Bears Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 40575 Year of the Rabbit Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 80110 Lunar New Year Display Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 80110 Lunar New Year Display Dec 31, 2023
Holiday 80111 Lunar New Year Parade Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10255 Assembly Square Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10265 Ford Mustang Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10270 Bookshop Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10273 Haunted House Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10276 Colosseum Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10278 Police Station Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10289 Bird of Paradise Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10290 Pickup Truck Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10292 The Friends Apartments Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10293 Santa's Visit Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10299 Real Madrid - Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10306 Atari 2600 Dec 31, 2023
Icons 10497 Galaxy Explorer Dec 31, 2023
Icons 76989 Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck Dec 31, 2023
Ideas 21325 Medieval Blacksmith Dec 31, 2023
Ideas 21326 Winnie the Pooh Dec 31, 2023
Ideas 21329 Fender Stratocaster Dec 31, 2023
Ideas 21331 Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone Dec 31, 2023
Ideas 21337 Table Football Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76943 Pteranodon Chase Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76945 Atrociraptor Dinosaur: Bike Chase Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76946 Blue & Beta Velociraptor Capture Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76947 Quetzalcoatlus Plane Ambush Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76948 T. rex & Atrociraptor Dinosaur Breakout Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76950 Triceratops Pickup Truck Ambush Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76951 Pyroraptor & Dilophosaurus Transport Dec 31, 2023
Jurassic Park/World 76956 T. rex Breakout Dec 31, 2023
Lightyear 76830 Zyclops Chase Dec 31, 2023
Lightyear 76831 Zurg Battle Dec 31, 2023
Lightyear 76832 XL-15 Spaceship Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71374 Nintendo Entertainment System Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71406 Yoshi's Gift House Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71413 Character Packs Series 6 Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71414 Conkdor's Noggin Bopper Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71415 Ice Mario Suit and Frozen World Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71416 Lava Wave Ride Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71417 Fliprus Snow Adventure Dec 31, 2023
Mario 71418 Creativity Toolbox Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 10781 Spider-Man's Techno Trike Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 10784 Spider-Man Webquarters Hangout Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 10790 Team Spidey at Green Goblin's Lighthouse Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76187 Venom Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76193 The Guardians' Ship Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76206 Iron Man Figure Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76207 Attack on New Asgard Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76208 The Goat Boat Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76209 Thor's Hammer Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76211 Shuri's Sunbird Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76212 Shuri's Lab Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76213 King Namor's Throne Room Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76214 Black Panther: War on the Water Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76215 Black Panther Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76216 Iron Man Armory Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76225 Miles Morales Figure Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76226 Spider-Man Figure Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76230 Venom Figure Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76241 Hulk Mech Armor Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76242 Thanos Mech Armor Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76243 Rocket Mech Armor Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76245 Ghost Rider Mech & Bike Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76253 Guardians of the Galaxy Headquarters Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76255 The New Guardians' Ship Dec 31, 2023
Marvel 76256 Ant-Man Construction Figure Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21164 The Coral Reef Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21170 The Pig House Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21172 The Ruined Portal Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21177 The Creeper Ambush Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21180 The Guardian Battle Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21181 The Rabbit Ranch Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21183 The Training Grounds Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21184 The Bakery Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21185 The Nether Bastion Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21186 The Ice Castle Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21188 The Llama Village Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 21190 The Abandoned Village Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft 30647 The Dripstone Cavern/The Stalactite Cave Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft / BrickHeadz 40624 Alex Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft / BrickHeadz 40625 Llama Dec 31, 2023
Minecraft / BrickHeadz 40626 Zombie Dec 31, 2023
Misc 40174 LEGO Chess Dec 31, 2023
Misc 40382 Birthday Set Dec 31, 2023
Misc 40584 Birthday Diorama Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 30656 Monkey King Marketplace Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80008 Monkie Kid's Cloud Jet Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80030 Monkie Kid's Staff Creations Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80032 Chang'e Moon Cake Factory Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80033 Evil Macaque's Mech Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80034 Nezha's Fire Ring Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80035 Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80037 Dragon of the East Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80038 Monkie Kid's Team Van Dec 31, 2023
Monkie Kid 80039 The Heavenly Realms Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 30649 Ice Dragon Creature Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71757 Lloyd's Ninja Mech Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71760 Jay's Thunder Dragon EVO Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71761 Zane's Power Up Mech EVO Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71763 Lloyd's Race Car EVO Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71765 Ninja Ultra Combo Mech Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71766 Lloyd's Legendary Dragon Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71768 Jay's Golden Dragon Motorbike Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71769 Cole's Dragon Cruiser Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71771 The Crystal King Temple Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71772 The Crystal King Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71774 Lloyd's Golden Ultra Dragon Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71775 Nya's Samurai X MECH Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71776 Jay and Nya's Race Car EVO Dec 31, 2023
Ninjago 71781 Lloyd's Mech Battle EVO Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30435 Build Your Own Hogwarts Castle Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30509 Yellow Yoshi's Fruit Tree Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30510 90 Years of Cars Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30560 Pineapple Photo Holder & Mini Board Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30584 Winter Holiday Train Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30590 Farm Garden & Scarecrow Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30646 Moana's Dolphin Cove Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30651 Quidditch Practice Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30652 Doctor Strange's Interdimensional Portal Dec 31, 2023
Polybag 30657 McLaren Solus GT Dec 31, 2023
Promotional 40393 LEGOLAND Fire Academy Dec 31, 2023
Promotional 40534 LEGO House Chef Dec 31, 2023
Speed Champions 76900 Koenigsegg Jesko Dec 31, 2023
Speed Champions 76901 Toyota GR Supra Dec 31, 2023
Speed Champions 76906 1970 Ferrari 512 M Dec 31, 2023
Speed Champions 76907 Lotus Evija Dec 31, 2023
Speed Champions 76910 Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro and Aston Martin Vantage GT3 Dec 31, 2023
Speed Champions 76911 007 Aston Martin DB5 Dec 31, 2023
Speed Champions 76912 Fast & Furious 1970 Dodge Charger T Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 30654 X-wing Starfighter Polybag Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75288 AT-AT Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75292 The Razor Crest Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75300 Imperial TIE Fighter Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75301 Luke Skywalker's X-wing Fighter Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75309 Republic Gunship Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75312 Boba Fett's Starship Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75317 The Mandalorian & The Child Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75318 The Child Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75320 Snowtrooper Battle Pack Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75322 Hoth AT-ST Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75323 The Justifier Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75324 Dark Trooper Attack Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75326 Boba Fett's Throne Room Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75327 Luke Skywalker (Red Five) Helmet Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75329 Death Star Trench Run Diorama Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75330 Dagobah Jedi Training Diorama Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75332 AT-ST Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75333 Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75334 Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Darth Vader Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75335 BD-1 Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75336 Inquisitor Transport Scythe Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75338 Ambush on Ferrix Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75339 Death Star Trash Compactor Diorama Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75342 Republic Fighter Tank Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75343 Dark Trooper Helmet Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars 75344 Boba Fett's Starship Microfighter Dec 31, 2023
Star Wars / Brickheadz 40539 Ahsoka Tano Dec 31, 2023
Technic 30655 Forklift with Pallet Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42096 Porsche 911 RSR Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42107 Ducati Panigale V4 R Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42111 Dom's Dodge Charger Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42117 Race Plane Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42118 Monster Jam Grave Digger Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42122 Jeep Wrangler Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42123 McLaren Senna GTR Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42125 Ferrari 488 GTE 'AF Corse #51' Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42127 The Batman - Batmobile Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42128 Heavy-Duty Tow Truck Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42131 Cat D11 Bulldozer Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42132 Chopper Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42133 Telehandler Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42134 Monster Jam Megalodon Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42135 Monster Jam El Toro Loco Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42137 Formula E Porsche 99x Electric Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42138 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42139 All-Terrain Vehicle Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42140 App-Controlled Transformation Vehicle Dec 31, 2023
Technic 42144 Material Handler Dec 31, 2023
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2023.04.01 08:20 Spare-Reality5301 I can't find what fits this bracket on my windshield. I have a 94 Civic DX Hatchback, and part hunting isn't working for me. Please help, it's the only car i have and i can't drive it until I can mount a rearview mirror.

I can't find what fits this bracket on my windshield. I have a 94 Civic DX Hatchback, and part hunting isn't working for me. Please help, it's the only car i have and i can't drive it until I can mount a rearview mirror. submitted by Spare-Reality5301 to Autobody [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:20 BageIBoy My crush and I just stare at each other

My crush happens to work at a well known retail store in the same area my job is at so sometimes after work I’ll shop there. First time I’ve ever seen her it was just the back of her head but her hair and her baggy jeans stood out to me.
Second time I needed help with something so she came to assist and that’s when it all went downhill. I unintentionally locked eyes with her and time felt like it stopped. I’ve never seen such a pretty face before and she looked so cool. I don’t know how it affected her but when I went back to the store a week later to do a return I caught her staring at me but she didn’t look away, she stood up straight and smiled at me. I don’t know how she recognized me because I usually wear a mask and I don’t remember what my own customers look like. I had to do my return with her and it was very awkward, I wanted to escape! I thought I was safe after that while looking through an aisle but then she walked by and she stared at me while passing through. Her eyes were on me until she was an inch away from the backroom door and she finally left.
A few months later I was shopping with my sister when I noticed someone who looked kinda like her in small huddle with other employees. After it was over she walked past me real close which was strange since the rest of the walkway was empty. As we were walking to self checkout I could tell that she was looking at me. While she was busy talking to another coworker I thought it was my chance to get a good look at her face but she then quickly turned to stare at me with her eyes wide. I realized too late that it was her so I looked away after giving the same expression. While I was scanning I felt her eyes on me, even more so when I had to turn right to bag an item and when I had to dig in my purse for my wallet. After I paid I turned to look back at her and she nervously looked away and went to do something else.
A month later I decided to give myself bangs and I stopped wearing a mask in most places (due to peer pressure, please I live in a small southern town where barely anyone wears one). I had only two goals to do while going inside this store, one to pee and the other to find a milk frother. The restroom is right next to the customer service desk and while I was walking towards it I noticed her staring at me from behind the desk. I stood still and stared back. I don’t even know how she recognized me without my mask on and a different haircut wtf. We were both frozen in place forgetting that she was assisting a customer who looked all confused and looked at me to see what she was staring at. I lifted my heels and that seemed to snap her back to reality and then I went on with my business.
When I left the restroom I could see her across from me through my peripheral vision, like she noticed me and lifted her head or something. When I was done shopping she was watching me walk to an empty self checkout register. After I paid and got my bag I turned around to face her. She was looking down, avoiding my eye contact and she said have a good day but I knew it was directed towards me. Due to me being a chicken I looked to the side, smiled, and mouthed thank you. As I was putting away my basket she was staring at me again! When I made it inside my car I could see her through the store doors and she looked like she was pondering with an upset expression.
A week later I just came out of the store and I thought I saw her in the parking lot but it was dark out so I couldn’t really tell but I think she was staring back at me. My dumbass decided to drive in front of the store after seeing her gather a bunch of carts and to my shitty luck it was her and of course she saw me drive by. I made a fool of myself by doing that! I’m never stepping foot in that store ever again! It sucks being a lesbian in a small town and having a staring game with some pretty stranger who I can’t even tell is gay who can’t even tell if I’m gay because we both appear to be femme. I don’t know what she thinks of me without a mask on but now she probably thinks I’m creepy even though she’s been pretty creepy too. I’m sorry for the five page essay. I hope you enjoyed my pathetic chance at a relationship.
submitted by BageIBoy to actuallesbians [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:18 ShamsDoha The Brabham is a fantastic car to drive. What’s the best way to get the key?

The Brabham is a fantastic car to drive. What’s the best way to get the key? submitted by ShamsDoha to Asphalt9 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:15 Some-Ad4143 2001 R34 GTR V-SPECII TommyKaira RZ 530hp one of only 11 in the world.Built and modified by the car manufacturer NOT tuner shop.Tommykaira also built the ZZII.This is the world most power skyline GTR not even Z-TUNE (493hp)can compete with it,in power chassis and production numbers.

2001 R34 GTR V-SPECII TommyKaira RZ 530hp one of only 11 in the world.Built and modified by the car manufacturer NOT tuner shop.Tommykaira also built the ZZII.This is the world most power skyline GTR not even Z-TUNE (493hp)can compete with it,in power chassis and production numbers. submitted by Some-Ad4143 to JDM [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:14 Spare-Reality5301 I can't find what fits this bracket on my windshield. I have a 94 Civic DX Hatchback, and part hunting isn't working for me. Please help, it's the only car i have and i can't drive it until I can mount a rearview mirror.

I can't find what fits this bracket on my windshield. I have a 94 Civic DX Hatchback, and part hunting isn't working for me. Please help, it's the only car i have and i can't drive it until I can mount a rearview mirror. submitted by Spare-Reality5301 to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:11 Spare-Reality5301 I can't find what fits this bracket on my windshield. I have a 94 Civic DX Hatchback, and part hunting isn't working for me. Please help, it's the only car i have and i can't drive it until I can mount a rearview mirror.

I can't find what fits this bracket on my windshield. I have a 94 Civic DX Hatchback, and part hunting isn't working for me. Please help, it's the only car i have and i can't drive it until I can mount a rearview mirror. submitted by Spare-Reality5301 to hondacivic [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:02 easylife500 how can I keep that red headed guy out of my car?

how can I keep that red headed guy out of my car?
submitted by easylife500 to prisonerofwar2020 [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 08:02 easylife500 how can I keep a mess out of my car?

how can I keep a mess out of my car?
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2023.04.01 08:02 Worldly_Language_241 Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Guidelines

Outdoor LED Advertising Screen Guidelines
The outdoor LED advertising screen is an electronic display that is used for promotional purposes. You can easily install or mount this LED on the wall and get the best of everything. If we talk about the pixel pitch of the LED screen is around PH1.25mm. It will help you display all the necessary information to the targeted audiences. However, the screen of this display shelf is not very large but it can play high-definition pixel videos effectively.
The manufacturers of shelf LED displays make use of GOB technology. It gives out improved IP protection along with other benefits. You get waterproof, anti-collision, and dust proof features in all such screens. It is easy to control this display with the help of a remote. Users can change the content with a single press making things easy.
What Is Outdoor LED Advertising Screen?
The outdoor LED advertising screen comes packed with a lot of prominent features. Nowadays every supermarket is using these screens for displaying information. There is no doubt that this display gives out a strong advertising impact and leads to higher profits for businesses. Whenever a customer sees the product it will convince them to purchase it right away.
These screen provide water and dustproof features. You will be surprised to know that the screen can protect itself from possible water or collision damage. It has an extensive service life and gives you the best results without much maintenance.
outdoor LED advertising screen
If you are planning to hold an event this outdoor LED screen will benefit in many ways. You can achieve excellent advertising results and enhance the viewing experience of customers. Some prominent event organizers like to get these screens installed.
It gives good vibes to their business and customers are drawn toward towards the screen. Most of the advertisements from supermarkets are based on the promotion of their products. There is no doubt that a better understanding of product details can lead to higher sales. It also enhances the customer's desire for shopping.
Features Of Outdoor LED Advertising Screen
The outdoor LED display offers prominent and useful features for all customers. Some of them are mentioned below:
  1. Dynamic Play
The LED screen features a high refresh rate and color saturation. It results in a vivid visual effect that is not easy to ignore. Your customers will be drawn toward the screen very easily. Businesses have the option to advertise their product details on the screen. It is helpful for holding events and engaging audiences.
  1. Easy To Set Up
You will be delighted to know that LED screen is lightweight and thin. Customers can transport it from one place to the other without any difficulty. The installation process is easy and you can handle it without professional help too. It is easy to use this display on various shelves without any tool maintenance.
  1. Easy To Use & Manage
The outdoor advertising LED display are high in demand. It is installed to play advertisements and promote your upcoming events. You can change the content with the help of a control room. Moreover, this LED screen is more like a USB plug-and-play.
  1. Convenient Pixel Size
The pixel size of the LED screen is P1.25 while the size is 300 by 60 by 21. It offers plenty of ways to display content that includes video, images, or text. You get a high resolution and it is very easy to install and use in daily life.
Who Can Benefit From Outdoor LED Advertising Screen?
The outdoor LED advertising screen offers high-definition characteristics. It offers a clear and enjoyable viewing experience. The general structure of the product is easy to use and install. You can scroll down and play your dynamic advertisements easily.
Many stores and supermarkets will like to get this screen installed. It leads to enhanced sales while the brand also becomes prominent among buyers. Many enterprises and event organizers are also making use of this screen display. Here are some businesses that can benefit from LED screens:
  1. Retail Shops
The traditional supermarket shelves will help you display all the product prices and pictures. It is useful for promoting your products through videos. Many youngsters like video display more than other types of information. You can engage a lot of customers by displaying the features and benefits of your products on the screen.
  1. Advertising agency
Most advertising agencies make the best use of outdoor LED advertising screens. They like to get it installed right next to the product. Whenever customers are confused while choosing a product, the product display will help them. It will significantly increase their desire to make a quick purchase. Nowadays customers are smart and they will not purchase products without knowing all the details. When you give your buyers some benefits, it leads to a win-win situation.
outdoor LED advertising screen
  1. Show Rooms
There is no doubt shelf LED screens are used in many businesses. They are commonly installed on the display shelves of the showroom. It will help them display all the product details they have to offer. Customers will get attracted to the display and make quick purchases. All these promotional activities can lead to bigger and better profits.
How To Control Outdoor LED Advertising Screen?
The control center can easily control this LED screen. However, it has varied control methods for your benefit. This control method is suitable for a small amount of LED screens. Users can move towards the LED screen and control the time or plug and play.
You need to change the program with the help of a mobile app. The features of this control method are easy and convenient to use. There are different types of programs that you can edit according to your requirement. It is easy to control remote and multi-shelf LED screen programs via the internet. This control method is suitable for plenty of LED screens.
If you are planning to purchase a new outdoor LED advertising screen, look no further. Enbon offers premium quality LED screens that can fit into your budget. Why not promote your business and organize various events easily?
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2023.04.01 08:01 s001196 Next Bike Debate

Hi everyone.
I'm shopping for my next bike, hopefully something with a bit more power. I've got about 8 years of riding experience. Current bike is a 2019 Street3 R (low seat version). I'm looking around at a couple different models and am torn about which one to get. I'm really strictly pavement based, street riding, someone who will usually be riding around town, but during the nice season, I'll take the bike for long solo touring rides around and canyon carving. I'm 33, 5'9" with about a 30" inseam. Here is what I'm considering on my short list:
2023 Speed3 1200 RS:
Looks reasonably nice. Cruise control is desirable, the TFT looks sleek and functional. Seat height doesn't seem too bad. I've heard that this bike is really more of a track machine than a street machine. I read someone mentioning the suspension is a bit stiff.
2023 Ducati Multi V2S:
The only sport touring bike I'm really even considering. It does look nice. It's got cruise control too and the ability to take heated grips. It's the only Ducati that has these things. It's not too high on the seat unlike the V4 versions. But from what I've read, it is a comfortable ride for both commutes and longer tours. But it's still kind of a "dweeby" looking machine. I suppose that's not entirely fair, it's a Ducati with the red and that does help it somewhat in the category. If I had to get one, this would probably be it. I'm concerned that it might feel underwhelming/underpowered/boring, and that the windscreen shakes at higher speeds.
2023 Ducati SFV2:
The looks on this bike are calling to me. It's devilishly good looking. It's evidently fun to ride, although most of that fun factor is in the final third of the RPM range? It's ergos are more welcoming for general riding than the Panigale. But no windscreen, I could maybe get one added to the ride to help. I've heard some things about a hot seat on this in slower traffic. The seat is higher and might be a bit more challenging for my shorter inseam? And no cruise control and heated grips for what it costs is disappointing. Still, it's a nice looking bike, and I suppose it may be worth having one. I've read things saying that it's probably a better value to get a V4 instead of a V2, but that's going beyond my budget, I'm not going to buy a bike for more than $20k unless it's really worth it.
2023 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 (base):
This bike came back into consideration since a new dealer opened recently. It looks to be more purposefully made for easier touring than previous year models with the windscreen and more accommodating ergos, plus OEM saddlebags. It's got the tech I'm looking for too, like cruise control. I have yet to read feedback on this bike that said it was boring, everyone seems to *love* this bike for its fun factor. But is it too "aggressive" for commuting? I could certainly understand if it was the Factory being discussed, but the base model? Is it going to scare me with its sheer power? I mean I'm coming from a Street3 with about 115 hp, it's not like I'm coming off something like a Ninja 400 or a Yamaha R3.
2023 Ducati Diavel 1260:
This bike is the exception in my budget consideration, because there is also something about this bike I like in the looks. It's that muscle cruiser type, it's a lower seat height which would be nice, but it still handles very well like a naked without feeling overly "cruiser"-y. I think this also did have cruise control which is a plus. The only real criticism I think is the price point is steep for a bike that's really only intended for street riding, and whether it will be sufficiently comfortable for longer touring days.
Thanks all for any sharing of your experiences. It's exciting to imagine what I could get, and so hard to make a decision, because they all have things I like about them. I may be setting my bar so high for expectations because I had gotten myself a car which was everything I really wanted and had no buyer's remorse. With bikes, there is so much variety out there that I feel like it's a lot easier to fall into buyer's remorse and wishing you had gotten something else that fit more closely with what you wanted.
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2023.04.01 08:01 sum1akaj Is this Cigna Global health insurance sales rep using scare tactics or is the 10% lifetime discount/upgrade real?

Hey Reddit, I hope this is an appropriate place to post this. I wanted to get another take on this email I got from a Cigna Global Health Insurance Sales Rep. I'm shopping around for a good international health insurance plan and spoke with this agent on the phone once after submitting for a free quote on the website. He followed up pretty actively (several calls and emails), and when I emailed back that I was busy but would follow up soon, he wrote back about a "10% lifetime discount" expiring this week which he never said anything about before. That gave me red flags already, and then he sent another email below yesterday (Mar 31st):
Subject: Cigna - Final day to avail of March promotions
Hi J__,
I wanted to give you a gentle reminder that both the lifetime 10% discount and the lifetime upgrade (pdf attached) are March promotional offers.
What this means is we need to take the first months payment during this month for you to avail both offers, if not, your price will increase by 10% and not lifetime upgrade can be allocated to your plan.
Can you let me know if you are intending to move forward with these offers or I can allocate them to a different customer wanting to move forward.
I look forward to your response.
Kind Regards,
P_________ – Telesales Executive
Cigna Global Individual Health
Cigna Insurance Management Services (DIFC) Limited
FYI: The PDF attached had no mention about any discount or upgrade or March promotion. All it was was a 2 page "International Health & Wellbeing" handout showing coverage amounts for Silver Gold and Platinum plans.
Several things bother me about this email. Most ridiculously, the threat to "allocate [the offers] to a different customer" seems completely illogical. If these are March offers expiring, how would it make any sense to "allocate them" to another customer? Secondly, why would you even need to warn me that you might need to allocate them to someone else? What kind of scare/scarcity tactic is this? First there's no mention of this promotion, then he mentions the promotion, and then he mentions the promotions are even limited!! All on the last day to claim them!! Incredible! And also, there didn't seem to be anywhere mentioning any such March promotions, whether on the website (, or in the document he sent.
So basically, from the tone of his email, the lack of any corroborating information, and the nonsensical threat to "allocate the expiring offers to other customers", it seems to me that this is some pretty awful manipulative sales-y tactic, where he's making up some 10% lifetime discount to scare me into purchasing right away, and it makes me pretty disgusted to see Cigna using tactics like this when they're supposed to be a health and wellness company (I thought), not a sleazy used car sales lot...
Am I right or am I missing something? Did I actually miss out on some incredible 10% lifetime discount and special March only upgrade and he wasn't being pushy he was just really trying to do his best for his customers??? *cough cough*
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2023.04.01 07:55 ur-mum-lolz A low rank I picked up killed one of them once

A low rank I picked up killed one of them once
It's been almost half an hour at this point I'm just AFK seeing how long they'll go
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