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Sexy lingerie models on Etsy. For admirers of harnesses, open bra, sheer, BDSM or just sexy lingerie.

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A place for the discussion of lingerie from fit to fashion, trends, history, reviews, where to buy, and more. Whether you're an expert or buying your first set, whatever your size, budget, or style, everyone with a love for lingerie is welcome.

2023.06.02 22:06 trashqueenratmom Looking for high quality cute/dainty lingerie recommendations + some of my own finds

Hello friends!
I would love to hear your recommendations for where to find lingerie that skews more towards cutesy/dainty themes. By this I mean lingerie that tends to incorporate more pastel colors, cute patterns, soft fabrics, lace, bows, embroidery, is often vintage-inspired, and generally offers softelooser shapes in terms of the garments themselves. I've been growing my collection and would really appreciate to hear about what you've found :)
Some things that I like/am looking for, please let me know if you have any recommendations!

I'll share some of my finds! I feel as though my list also places an emphasis on sustainability or supporting smaller businesses/artists as I try my best to be a mindful consumer.
Thank you for your help! I apologize in advance for any headaches caused by reading the word "cute" three times a sentence. I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions, and if we have similar tastes, I hope you enjoy my finds!
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2023.05.17 05:27 Chazzyphant [Crafts, Dolls, Personal Style] A Cloud in her Rainbow: the rise and fall and rise and fall and rise of an irrepressible, colorful creator and influencer Studio Mucci

Studio Mucci IG here is a force of nature, a creator, an influencer, and someone who keeps getting ripped off by big brands with no shame...but keeps finding their way back onto that rainbow.
This is the story of one creator who's personal style and craft is so enviable, it's irresistible to Big Stationary, Big Creepy Baby Doll, and Big Hotel. Everyone wanted--and tore off--a piece of Studio Mucci's flair.
Studio Mucci: Tassel Fairy.
Studio Mucci is the name of the brand created by Amina Mucciolo (they/them/theirs). It started with a humble etsy shop, where i[n their own words](Six part story starts here: they started in 2011 with "like $6".
The creator found themselves popular, their bright, rainbow tassels and paper decorations taking off and gaining overwhelming popularity, even among celebrities.
As Amina tells in their own story, there were brand collaborations, features in magazines, talk shows, and more. The small business they'd started as a way to make some extra coin was a rocket to the moon.
Amina worked for 4 years, building the business and the associated studio. But as they explain, the high cost mentally and emotionally of their then-undiagnosed autism would catch up, and Amina closed down the studio space with regret, deep in burnout. They explain in their IG reel series that a deep depression set in and worst of all, they felt that they had ruined the only success of their life.
A Ray of Cloudy Sunshine
Amina moved into a new space in 2016. Exhausted, confused, depressed, and drifting, they were encouraged by their wife Lavender to do something creative. Thus Cloudland was born. Amina's talent for maximalism in decor, combining bright rainbow colors, and infusing joy into every aspect of their space was a perfect match for their next venture. Cloudland, what they called their unrecognizably colorful apartment's new iteration was bursting with unique, vibrant, eclectic, and very distinct style. Slowly but surely over the next few years, the space became a venture of its own for Studio Mucci. A feature in Apartment Therapy cemented the space as the hipster version of Barbie's Dream House and Amina as a force to be reckoned with as a creator of color, a queer visionary, a bright light, and more.
But trouble was just around the corner.
The Unicorn War Machine paws the ground
The hard-won peace and ease in Cloudland would soon get a very ugly jolt. In the form of a seemingly very thinly veiled rip-off version of her space by Hotels dot a building owned by the same developer as their own.
An article in House Beautiful detailing the controversy explains: "Mucciolo was surprised to open [their] phone one day and see the internet flooded with what looked like slightly off images of it, but was actually a Lisa Frank suite."
"People were tagging me and sending it to me, and I was just in shock," Mucciolo tells House Beautiful. Indeed, looking at the photos side by side is telling: Similar color-block cabinets, similar use of stuffed toys as decor, even eerily similar teal-colored coffeemaker. And it just so happens that the Lisa Frank Suite is in a building by the same developer, just across the street from Mucciolo's Los Angeles apartment—the Los Angeles apartment whose owner had been mysteriously trying to evict Mucciolo since August."
But..was it mysterious? To be fair, a blog post "Going Viral Doesn't Make you Rich explains
"Despite her online success, apparently they and their husband has been having problems with paying the rent on time. This has happened not once but several times and, according to Studio Mucci, these late payments were the result of being short on cash. Studio Mucci has said that each time this has happened they have worked things out with the landlord and [they and their] husband has been able to pay off the back rent each time.
"Studio Mucci’s Cloudland is in an apartment building that’s in a two-building complex that’s owned by a corporation. The second complex is located across the street from the building where Cloudland is located.
"The corporation that owns the apartment complex had some empty apartment space and it hooked up with and Lisa Frank to do a joint project: A popup hotel that would take up one apartment space in one of the apartment buildings that would only be available for the general public to rent on a day by day basis in October.
"At the same time Studio Mucci was once again late with the rent payment. When [they] tried to work things out with the landlord, the corporation that owned [their] building told her that [they] must leave by October."
So...this does put some context to the mystery, although it's still shady AF from the Lisa Frank, landlord, and Hotels dot com side, by my reading.
Rainbow, Rip-off, Rage
Lisa Frank is not exactly known for their cooperative, generous, and giving nature. In fact, As House Beautiful notes:
"In 2018, Lisa Frank—or whoever runs the Instagram account—started reaching out to me," the designer recalls. This was shortly after Cloudland had gone viral online, amping up Mucciolo's own internet presence. The Lisa Frank account sent her several DMs, commented on posts of her apartment, and even shared some of her work—in posts it has since deleted.
"Despite its reputation for rainbows and smiling characters, Lisa Frank (both as a person and a company) has a less than gleaming reputation. In 2013, Jezebel ran a piece titled Inside the Rainbow Gulag, a scathing look at workplace practices at the company."
By the way, that Jezebel article is very well worth a read.
Amina posted a plea for help on their IG as things heated up and they appeared to be facing eviction.
Lisa Frank got a little weird/ugly with it, making a post that strongly hinted at making Amina's race and general racial issues a "talking point"
"Nearly 8 months after designer Amina Mucciolo called out Lisa Frank for opening a hotel that looked suspiciously like her viral apartment, the company has issued a public response via an odd Instagram caption that uses the current buzz around the Black Lives Matter movement to criticize Mucciolo, a creative of color. Below a graphic that (somewhat ironically) reads "Please support and love one another," the brand addressed Mucciolo's claims, which had resurfaced recently in light of increased conversations on racial inequity in design. The statement includes this paragraph:
"While all of the country was spending time reflecting, learning, listening, and taking action during Blackout Tuesday, we were disappointed to hear of an opportunistic individual taking that moment to focus attention on herself, for her own personal benefit, by repeating her false accusations that we have stolen artwork and designs from her. Over the past months, we have silently forgiven her need to deflect blame away from her own failures by perpetuating this false narrative; however, we owe it to our fans to speak out this one time to address these lies."
Holy CRAP Lisa Frank! Dang. Not a good look, to say the least.
Sadly, it appears that the eviction did push through (or the artist was ousted through other means) and Amina was pushed from the high of a second career peak--which they'd climbed out of after the first burnout/depression into a second plunge.
And then it got worse.
LOL Surprise! It's you!
But the drama didn't end with Lisa Frank's jeweled unicorn eyes setting Cloudland ablaze and burning Amina's dreams into confetti.
In 2019 LOL Surprise Dolls waddled into Amina's life and blew it up again. LOL Surprise is a brand of dolls that's like Bratz doll that you dip in water to reveal another outfit. The doll's been plagued with its own separate controversy, namely that some dolls had provocative lingerie supposedly painted on them!--
"The water feature first went viral as early as 2019, when one Reddit user noted that cold water made her 3-year-old’s doll “look like a hooker." PHEW. Mercy.
Well, LOL Surprise released a doll that is very similar to Amina's signature style. As this article details the hair, the clothing, the facial expression, and the race of the doll all added up to "yep, it's's got to be, right?" But...Amina was given no credit, and it wasn't a collab.
As the article says: "Mucciolo says she became aware of the LOL Surprise doll, known as Rainbow Raver, after it hit stores in July 2019. Her fans sent her photos of the toy–some because they mistakenly assumed it was an official collaboration, and others because they were concerned that Mucciolo’s likeness may have been used without her knowledge."
And then LOL Dolls went for the racial angle again (gross!)
"Isaac Larian, the founder of toy company MGA Entertainment which is responsible for both Bratz and L.O.L Surprise! dolls, called Black artist Amina Mucciolo a “disgrace to Black Lives Matter.” Article here
"Mucciolo’s Instagram post describing the situation was taken down. [They] allege that Instagram removed the photo after MGA filed copyright claims on the doll from her post. Undeterred, [they] went out and acquired one of the dolls so that [they] could upload her own photograph of it. [They] reposted [their] complaints against the company on both Instagram and Twitter."
"This claim seems to refer, at least in part, to Larian’s behavior. The founder rapidly responded to her claims on Twitter with insults and accusations of his own. He called Mucciolo a “#LIAR and a #Extortinist and #Fraud.” Then, he went on to demand that [they] share [their] lawyer’s information publicly so that he could contact them."
Um, Issac? Da Fuq, dude?
"People who have previously worked for or with Larian have also come forward to accuse him of racist and abusive behavior in the workplace. Many people also said he’s quick to sue."
Okay, so Lisa Frank is not the only Toy Tyrant out there who is weirdly targeting Amina!
Quoted in a [Buzzfeed Article]() Amina says
"I’m not going to let this stop me from expressing myself and putting love, color and positivity into the world," she said. "I will continue to speak up for myself because I feel like in doing so, I’m also speaking up for every other Black artist and independent creative, who is experiencing this kind of theft, but may not have the kind of platform I do. This behavior from big corporations has to stop. It’s too easy just to pay and collaborate with an artist instead of stealing."
Despite the back and forth and a painful legal battle that the creator hints at (but for legal reasons, it appears can't discuss openly), Amina is still creating. Recently coming out as nonbinary and creating cool new works about this, and getting what sounds like a long overdue diagnosis that helps them manage their creative energy and is bowed but undaunted.
If the past is anything to go by, Amina may face more controversy, drama, and takedown attempts, but this rainbow unicorn will face them with sparkle, grace, and pride...and come out on top.
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2023.05.16 03:17 SophusP Quality Store Recommendation Question

Looking to pick up two items for my partner: a cow-print / cow-girl (as in anime anthropomorphism, not rootin-tooin western) lingerie / bikini and a maid-themed lingerie. I think it would fall into what I would describe as "real horny cosplay" rather than straight lingerie or cosplay itself.
Budget guess is: $75-$150 per item? That feels like a budget that is above the trash-tier, but not absurd, right? I'd entertain higher price items tho so its not so strict.
There are a ton of etsy stores of course, but I'm suspicious of their quality. I could just go to a Don Quijote but I want to avoid the quality level of a spencers gifts / generic sex-shop.

They're 5'2" / 157cm, busty (34 or 36DD), with wide hips and thighs. Specifically, they say, pants are size 33 waist / size ten, dress size 10 (probably).
I don't do a ton of online shopping in general, much less for someone else's lingerie, so I don't know how diverse the sizes come in typical stores but my assumption is that they tend to be aimed a skinnier bodies.

First time posting a question like this so if more information is required it can be supplied.
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2023.05.07 07:05 MrCaine1204 Question on flashyouandme lingerie

Is the lingerie by flashmeandyou a quality brand? Also is it better to order from their website or their Etsy store? I’m shopping for my wife and the lingerie looks amazing. Thanks for any help. She is size 36D in bra size.
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2023.05.05 04:14 businessnewstv Do you have some ideas for an online business?

In today's business world, there is a growing number of new business ideas that are exploding on the scene, and over the last few years, the idea of starting them as an online business has become a popular one. As you are probably aware, the internet is a 24/7 marketplace, where you can buy and sell just about anything. But, this also means that you can sell anything online, provided you have a website which presents your product in a professional manner.
The problem is that when it comes to business and entrepreneurship, many people still believe that if you’re not doing something on your own, then it’s not a real business. However, the truth is, you don’t have to be a part of a formal business to be an entrepreneur. Since, I work in this space, here’s the ones I’ve found to be good ideas for online businesses:
I own a channel where I share profitable business ideas with the startup cost. I think watching some of those videos would be a good place to start. Best of luck!
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2023.05.02 23:25 eticariter2 setsy 3

PDF Sewing Pattern and Instructions: Ladies' Cropped Top - Etsy Singapore
Ladies' Soft Bra High Beams - Etsy Singapore
Wedding Underwearbridal Lingerie Setsee Through Lingeriesee - Etsy Singapore
Сrotchless Lingerieopen Pantiesopen Pantyopen Crotchopen - Etsy Singapore
Сrotchless Underwearopen Pantiesextreme Open Crotchsexy - Etsy Singapore
Love it when the owner models herself
Romantic Floral 'midsummer' Victorian Cabbage Rose - Etsy Singapore
Floral and Geometric 'elemental' Gray Cotton Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
Blush Lace and Soft Grey Floral 'belladonna' Soft - Etsy Singapore
Black Lace Lingeriesee Through Lingerieblack Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
Unusual Lingerie Set Black Mesh Underwear Sensual Hot - Etsy Singapore
Black Lingerie Set Open Panties and Half-cup Bra in Calais - Etsy Singapore
Black Transparent Lingerie Set little Heart - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Lingerie Set Crop-top and Fuchsia Pink Panties - Etsy Singapore
Panties Resille Plumetis Transparent Bloomer Froufrou Flesh - Etsy Singapore
Red One Piece Fishnet Bodysuit Open Crotch Black Lace Choker - Etsy Singapore
See Through Lingerie Lingerie Openlace See Through Babydoll - Etsy Singapore
Bride Lingerie Undies Set White Lace for Your Dream Wedding - Etsy Singapore
See Through Lingerie Set Polka Dots Transparent Ruffles - Etsy Singapore
Sheer Bra See Through Lingerie Front Closure Clasp - Etsy Singapore
Sheer Lingerie Set See Through Bralette Black Soft Tulle - Etsy Singapore
Sheer Lingerie See Through Panty Ultra Transparent - Etsy Singapore
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2023.05.02 21:59 eticariter2 setsy 2 - owner bares it

Love it when owners bare it all
Dana Bela✨apakšveļa un attiecības (@wildspirit_lv) Instagram
Bondage komplekti (
Wild Spirit✨handmade lingerie (@wildspirit.lingerie) Instagram
Polka Dot Transparent Lingerie See Through Romantic - Etsy Singapore
Polka Dot Mesh Lingerie. See Through Lingerie. Bralette High - Etsy Singapore
Polka Dot Lingerie See Through Romantic Lingerie Soft Cup - Etsy Singapore
Bondage Lingerie. Black Mesh Lingerie. Transparent Lingerie. - Etsy Singapore
Romantic Lingerie Soft Cup Lingerie Set Thong Lace Bra - Etsy Singapore
Bondage Bra. Lingerie. Bodyharness Sexy Lingerie Erotic Open - Etsy Singapore
Bondage Lingerie. Bodyharness Set Crotchless Panties Sexy - Etsy Singapore
Erotic Lingeriebondage Lingerie. Bodyharness Set Crotchless - Etsy Singapore
Bridal Lingerie Wedding Lingeriebondage Lingerie. Crotchless - Etsy Singapore
Bondage Lingerie. Bodyharness Set Crotchless Panties Sexy - Etsy Singapore
Harness BDSM Lingerie Sexy Erotic Open Lingerie Strappy Set - Etsy Singapore
Black Lace Lingerie Sexy Lingerie Lingerie Garter Romantic - Etsy Singapore
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2023.04.28 01:08 eticariter2 Super setsy!

SavageLingerie - BEST
Khaki Sheer Crop Top Transparent Erotic Bra See-through - Etsy Singapore
Nano Monokini Mini Bikini See Through Bodysiut Micro - Etsy Singapore
Angel Wings Bodysiut Slingshot Bridal Lingerie Gothic - Etsy Singapore
Open Wet Looking Dress Spanking Dress Cupless Dress - Etsy Singapore
Khaki Transparent Monokini See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Khaki Sheer Crop Top Transparent Erotic Bra See-through - Etsy Singapore
Half Sheer Crop Top With Open Thong Transparent Erotic Bra - Etsy Singapore
Khaki Transparent Monokini See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Open Pencil Dress Open Back Dress Spanking Dress Cupless - Etsy Singapore
Black Transparent Monokini See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Cupless Lingerie Set/ Performance Outfit / Open Top and Skirt - Etsy Singapore
Black Sheer Evening Dress See Through Dress Transparent - Etsy Singapore
Nude Wet Looking Sheer Dress Transparent Dress See-through - Etsy Singapore
Khaki Transparent Monokini See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Half Sheer Crop Top With Open Thong Transparent Erotic Bra - Etsy Singapore
Black See Through Lingerie Set / Open Top / Cupless / Bondage - Etsy Singapore
White Transparent Swimsuit See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Nude Transparent Bathing Siut See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Body Harness Open Bodysiut Crotchless Teddy Valentine's - Etsy Singapore
Harness Bodysiut See Through One Piece Caged Bodysuit Open - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Bathing Siut See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Harness Bodysiut See Through One Piece Caged Bodysuit Open - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Bathing Siut See Through Bodysiut Sheer - Etsy Singapore
See Through Bikini / Brazillian Style Bikini / Transparent - Etsy Singapore
Black Open Back Skirt / Erotic Skirt / Performance Outfit / - Etsy Singapore
Open Cup Bra See Through Lingerie See Through Bra Cupless Bra - Etsy Singapore
Open Cup Bra See Through Lingerie See Through Bra Cupless Bra - Etsy Singapore
Babydoll Lingerie See Through Lingerie Ddlg Lingerie Sissy - Etsy Singapore
Suspender Belt See Through Lingerie Ddlg Lingerie Transparent - Etsy Singapore
Suspender Belt Transparent Lingerie See Through Lingerie Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Open Cup Bra See Through Lingerie High Waist Panties Cupless - Etsy Singapore
Open Cup Bra See Through Lingerie See Through Bra Cupless Bra - Etsy Singapore
Babydoll Lingerie Suspender Belt See Through Lingerie Ddlg - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Lingerie Suspender Belt Mesh Bra Harness Panties - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Lingerie Suspender Belt Mesh Bra Harness Panties - Etsy Singapore
Black Transparent Lingerie Erotic See Through Lingerie Black - Etsy Singapore
Pride Harness LGBT Lingerie Garter Belt Lgbt Harness LGBT - Etsy Singapore
Open Cup Bra See Through Lingerie See Through Bra Cupless Bra - Etsy Singapore
Full Body Harness Set Strappy Lingerie Fetish BDSM Harness - Etsy Singapore
Lingerie Harness Set Full Body Harness Strappy Lingerie Fetish - Etsy Singapore
Harness Lingerie Set Full Body Harness Strappy Lingerie Fetish - Etsy Singapore
BDSM Body Harness Set Body Waist Harness Sexy Strappy Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
Full Body Harness Set Body Waist Harness Sexy Strappy Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
BDSM Restraints Full Body Harness Set Bdsm Cuffs Strappy - Etsy Singapore
See Through Bra Sheer Mesh Black Bra Transparent Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Shelf Bra See Through Lingerie Open Cup Bra Transparent - Etsy Singapore
Erotic Panties Transparent Bikini See Through Lingerie Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Black Crotchless Panties Sheer Panties See Through Panties - Etsy Singapore
Chest Harness Women See Through Lingerie Open Cup Bra - Etsy Singapore
Bdsm-gear for Women BDSM Thigh Cuffs BDSM Bondage Open Panties - Etsy Singapore
Mesh Nude Lingerie Nude Lingerie Set Sheer Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
See Through Bra Sheer Mesh Nude Bra Transparent Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Lingerie Suspender Belt Mesh Bra Harness Panties - Etsy Singapore
Babydoll Lingerie Suspender Belt See Through Lingerie Ddlg - Etsy Singapore
Sheer Bralette See Through Bra Sheer Mesh Nude Bra Transparent - Etsy Singapore
Black Transparent Lingerie See Through Lingerie Black Mesh - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Lingerie See Through Lingerie Mesh Sheer Underwear - Etsy Singapore
Nude Transparent Lingerie See Through Lingerie Nude Mesh - Etsy Singapore
See Through Bra Sheer Mesh Nude Bra Transparent Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
See Through Panties Transparent Lingerie Ddlg Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Nude Lingerie Set Beige Transparent Underwear Nude Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Blue Sheer Panties See Through Lingerie Erotic Lingerie Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Open Uncensored See Through Lingerie Cupless See Thru Bra - Etsy Singapore
Open Cup Bra No Cup Bra Shelf Bra Underwire Bra Erotic - Etsy Singapore
Green Open Bra Open Cup Bra Non Cup Bra Shelf Bra Underwire - Etsy Singapore
Feminine Open Bra Frame Open Panties Sexy Valentines Gift Gift - Etsy Singapore
Sexy See Thru Hot Harness Strappy Nude Classy Open Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
Plussize Lingerie Sexy Erotic Mesh Nude Red See Thru Gift - Etsy Singapore
Women Plus Size Lingerie Xl Curvy Sexy Erotic Mesh Black See - Etsy Singapore
Crystal Rhinestone Body Jewelry Sexy Gold Body Jewelry - Etsy Singapore
Gold Body Jewelry Chain Womens Accessory Fun Bohemian - Etsy Singapore
Black Sexy Fishnet Mesh See Through Bodystocking Bodysuit - Etsy Singapore
Sparkly Sheer Crystal Jewel Black Mesh Fishnet Toxic Bodysuit - Etsy Singapore
Gold Body Jewelry Shoulder Body Chain Waist Body Chain Body - Etsy Singapore
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2023.04.27 22:32 caromiaido Okay, so what am I forgetting in the budget...

Somehow, I've made everything fit. Lots of family pitching in and a small guestlist. But what am I forgetting that might be nice to have? Here's what is accounted for in my budget. If you're wondering how all this is affordable, my in-laws are in the wedding catering business and we got a great deal on the venue.
Venue: rental fee (incl. lodging), outdoor arch and small table for ceremony items, bridal party getting ready suite/staging area
Catering: Food, Alcohol, Other Beverages, Taxes and Tips, Ice, Linens, Flatware, Dishes, Serveware, Dispensers, Containers, Glassware, Extras for Mishaps, Temporary Liquor License, Cocktail Napkins, Champagne Opener Device Because I WILL put my eye out otherwise...
Photography: Two Shooters, Photobooth, comes with prints and scrapbook/guestbook
Flowers: Renting (Something Borrowed Blooms) silk aisle markers, flower crown, bouquets, garlands, comes with LED candles and batteries. plus cake flowers and path petals to 'keep'.
Cake (speaking of): making it myself but buying a new Stand Mixer off my registry lol, Ingredients, Modular Display, retail Doughnuts for those who hate cheesecake, Sales Tax/cream cheese inflation buffer for all that.
Attire: Custom Made (Etsy) so should not need significant alteration, Rewearable Shoes, Reception Flats, Extra Allowance for swatches or sketches or ribbons or pins or minor alterations as needed, One Month of Rent the Runway for rehearsal dinneaccessory/honeymoon pieces. Hoping my MIL/SILs will throw me a 'lingerie shower' for underwear etc. They are doing one this summer for my future BIL's bride, who is getting married to him in the fall. If not, I could go pretty plain because I'm wearing pants and a custom top that is basically a bridal body suit. Sticky bra chicken cutlets, here I come.
Jewelry: Wedding Bands, Switch+ Subscription to rent day-of jewelry
Music: Ceremony Musicians, Travel Fees and Tips, DJ, Another Tip
Videographer: Fee, Tip
Stationery: The Knot Printing, Shipping, Postage
Gifts: Fiancee, Parents, Grandparents, Officiant, Wedding Party, Kids, Flower Girl's Outfit, Financially Challenged Bridesmaid's Outfit bless her heart, My Mom's Outfit double bless her heart, No Favors
Ceremony: Officiant Fee, Marriage License, Vow Books, Nice Pens, Ceremony Signage, Handfasting Cord
Transportation: Transportation to venue, Gas for Family Catering Van, otherwise everything is onsite
Beauty: Hair Wash, Trim, and Blowout day before, Salon Tip, Mani-pedi with massage and facial, Spa Tip, False Eyelashes and Tools, Use Everyday Makeup sans SPF
Rentals: Chairs, Tables, Dancefloor, Backup Tent, Wireless Lighting
Other: Name Change Kit, Wedding Insurance, Dry Cleaning, Premarital Therapy, Petsitting, Tip, Custom Apron for Wedding Cake Baking, Fee to Register a New Family Tartan
Other Parties: no engagement, shower only if thrown by family, combo bachelor-X and rehearsal dinner pizza and drinks, morning after pastries and coffee accounted for in catering bill
We hope to put most of this on cards (and pay it off immediately ofc) to use the cashback and rewards for a minimoon.
What am I missing???
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2023.04.26 23:21 eticariter2 Setsy 3

Finnish beauty with erasers!
Crotchless Lingerie Set Open Panties With Pearls Cupless - Etsy Singapore
See Through Lingerie Crotchless Panties Open Cup Bra Open - Etsy Singapore
Lingerie Babydoll Harness Lingerie Crotchless Lingerie Open - Etsy Singapore
Erotic Harness Lingerie Open Cup Bra Open Crotch Panties - Etsy Singapore
Erotic BDSM Harness Lingerie Set Strappy Women Body Harness - Etsy Singapore
Crotchless Lingerie Set Garter Leg Submissive Uncensored - Etsy Singapore
See Through Lingerie Crotchless Panties Open Cup Bra Open - Etsy Singapore
DDLG Lingerie Set Body Harness Open Crotch Lingerie Sexy - Etsy Singapore
Crotchless Lingerie Set Open Cup Bra Open Back Panties Sexy - Etsy Singapore
No Cup Bondage Fishnet Mesh See Trough Cupless Bra and Panty - Etsy Singapore
Red Harness Lingerie Set See Through Lingerie Sexy Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
Crotchless Lingerie Set See Trough Cupless Bra and Panty Set - Etsy Singapore
Ankle Length Sheer Mesh Robe Long Sleeve Wedding Robe - Etsy Singapore
Long Sleeve Sheer Mesh Robe See Through Sexy Dressing Gown - Etsy Singapore
Long Burgundy Red Sheer Mesh Robe See Through Sexy Dressing - Etsy Singapore
Erotic Harness Lingerie Open Cup Bra Sexy Strappy Garter - Etsy Singapore
No Cup Erotic Harness Lingerie Open Cup Bra Submissive - Etsy Singapore
Womens Crotchless Panties Sheer Open Crotch Open Back - Etsy Singapore
Womens Open Back Panties Mesh Open Crotch Panties Crotchless - Etsy Singapore
Fooken amazen
Wedding Sheer Open Lingerie Set Open Uncensored - Etsy Singapore
Uncensored Lingerie Black Crotchless Lingerie Cupless Bra - Etsy Singapore
Uncensored Lingerie Black Crotchless Lingerie Cupless Bra - Etsy Singapore
Open Cup Braopen Cupless Braopen Nipple Bracrotchless - Etsy Singapore
Sexy Crotchless Lingerie Fetish Open Crotch Panties Erotic - Etsy Singapore
See Through Lingerie Sexy Body Harness Strappy Cage Bra and - Etsy Singapore
Black Crotchless Lingerie Set Lace Open Bra and Crotchless - Etsy Singapore
Fooken amazen
Open Crotch Lingeriecrotchless Lingeriesuper Hot - Etsy Singapore
Cupless Corsetsexy Lingerieopen Pantynaughty - Etsy Singapore
Sexy Lingerieopen Lingerie Setcupless Lingerieopen Crotch - Etsy Singapore
Strappy Lingerieharness Bracupless Brasexy Harness - Etsy Singapore
Underbust Corsetopen Cup Bracupless Braopen Lingerieopen - Etsy Singapore
Cupless Bra Open Cup Lingerie Lingerie Crotch Less - Etsy Singapore
See Through Night Dress Mesh Sheer Underwear Sheer Nightgown - Etsy Singapore
See Through Night Dress Womens Sexy Night Gown Sheer - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Black Glitter Bra size 38/M - Etsy Singapore
Plus Size Carmen Bodysuit With Floral Lace Plus Size for - Etsy Singapore
Satin Dressing Gown Long Classic Floor-length Kimono Black - Etsy Singapore
Open Step Bodystocking Lace Ornaments Fishnet Lingerie OUVERT - Etsy Singapore
Transparent Mini Dress With Skirt Plus String Sexy Clubwear - Etsy Singapore
Bead Body Necklace With Collar Fringed Puschel Boho Bead - Etsy Singapore
Plus Size
Plus Size Lingeriehandmade Lingerieplus Size Brabra and - Etsy Singapore
See Through Lingerieopen Pantiesbdsm-gear for - Etsy Singapore
Lilitus Invisible Midi Slip Dress - Etsy Singapore
Lilitus Invisible Mini Slip Dress - Etsy Singapore
Lilitus Short Robe - Etsy Singapore
Lilitus Short Robe - Etsy Singapore
Lilitus Catsuit - Etsy Singapore
Raven Full Bodysuit Spotted - Etsy Singapore
Raven Suspender Belt Spotted - Etsy Singapore
Raven Thong Bodysuit Cyber Leopard - Etsy Singapore
Raven Thong Bodysuit Geometric - Etsy Singapore
Raven Full Bodysuit Geometric - Etsy Singapore
Raven Thong Bodysuit Spotted - Etsy Singapore
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2023.04.24 23:55 eticariter2 Setsy 2

ABBY Harness Bralette Sexy Lingerie See Through Ouvert - Etsy Singapore
French Lace and Silk Bralette lucy Soft - Etsy Singapore
Laila Lace and Sheer Mesh Bralette Comfy Lace Bralette Heart - Etsy Singapore
Lace Bralette Sheer Bra - Etsy Singapore
Handmade Sheer Bralette See Through 'sassafras' Lace - Etsy Singapore
Handmade Lace Bralette Beautiful Blue Wireless Stretch Lace - Etsy Singapore
Black Mesh With Gold Hardware Adjustable Back Bra - Etsy Singapore
Slingshot Bikini - Etsy Singapore
Red Bikini With Hoops - Etsy Singapore
Bikini With Loin Cloth and G-string Pants - Etsy Singapore
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2023.04.24 23:37 eticariter2 Setsy

Lingeriezone - milf finally turned to the dark side
White Sheer High Waist Panties Sheer Panties Sheer Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
White Sheer Camisole Plus Size Lingerie Sheer Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
White Sheer Tank Top Sexy Tank Top Gift for Women - Etsy Singapore
Deep V-neck White Sheer Camisole See Through Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
White Sheer Babydoll Sheer Top See Through Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Pink Asymmetrical Top Sheer Camisole See Through Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
Pink Asymmetrical Top Sheer Top See Through Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Green Asymmetrical Top Sheer Camisole See Through Lingerie - Etsy Singapore
Sheer Top Pink Sheer Sweatshirt See Through Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Green Asymmetrical Top Sheer Top See Through Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Green Sheer Camisole See Through Lingerie Sheer Nightgown - Etsy Singapore
Blue Sheer Babydoll Sheer Top See Through Lingerie See - Etsy Singapore
Green Sheer Tank Top Sexy Camisole Gift for Women See - Etsy Singapore
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2023.04.21 11:54 duckieduckduckie WILN Underwear legit?

Hi everyone :)
I’m always on the hunt for new lingerie and stumbled upon WILN underwear on Etsy. Their lingerie is to die for. Has anyone ordered from them before and can tell me about their experience?
I know a few of their pieces are copies of other popular brands and some pieces do look like Sets I’ve seen on shein, so I’m worried I’d just get dropshipped low quality stuff…
Thanks in advance 🫶🏼
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2023.04.12 11:41 Fresh_Technology2310 I bought lingerie on Etsy and left a review. I did not expect receiving creepy PMs on Etsy of all places. The picture is a compilation of some of the creepy PMs I have received so far.

I bought lingerie on Etsy and left a review. I did not expect receiving creepy PMs on Etsy of all places. The picture is a compilation of some of the creepy PMs I have received so far. submitted by Fresh_Technology2310 to creepyPMs [link] [comments]

2023.04.05 19:27 Anja_DollHouse Smartdoll clothes

I made these lingerie as resize from my Minifee clothes collection 😊 Do you like it? If you want see more you can visit:
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2023.03.30 03:23 Massive_Lie_3012 Sewing pattern for high rise thong

Hey All!
I've shared my first digital pattern!
Looking to spread the word, Check it out :)
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2023.03.26 23:58 Culpion Seller since 2014 - sales have dropped off a cliff; is my shop too stale now?

Hello! Like many others, I've experienced a sudden and severe drop in sales since the beginning of this year. As of today I have zero open orders, which hasn't happened in years.
I'm going through and fiddling with the SEO in some listings, updating photos where I can and uploading videos as I make them.
I'd love to hear what you all think, and if there's any glaring issues with my shop that you can see! It's been awhile since I've set things up and while I've read through the Etsy Handbook, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I post on all social media channels (instagram, twitter, pinterest, you name it), work with influencers and collaborate with photographers, stylists, etc.
I do know there's a TON of new competition in my niche (leather harnesses), especially of the cheaper, mass produced kind. Is there anything I can actually do on my end to bring sales up? I feel like I have some pretty unique designs, but it doesn't matter if no one actually sees it.
TLDR: my shop isn't doing well, is there anything glaring that is an issue that I can fix and hopefully resuscitate my shop? Also is it better to keep old listings (that aren't very popular) up or should they be deactivated?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 14:16 Lizzy0-0 Looking for specific polewear

Hey! Hopefully this is allowed to post in here:)
Idk if this is a me problem or if it happens to other people here but it seems like some girls can just wear the tiniest thongs with the smallest strip of fabric on the front and it literally just does not move around at all. Whereas for me, the moment I do a single trick with cheekier underwear I just flash it all!
I really like more on the sexy style fits, so like sexy bodysuits or bikini style thongs that are cute and pink but I don't necessarily LOVE the more sporty ones🙏
If anyone has been experiencing the same thing but found some brand (or sellers on etsy etc) of either lingerie or polewear that sells something that is a lil wider on the front but still cheeky on the bum plz hit me up cause I'm desperate for some cute outfits that don't flash LOL
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2023.03.23 23:46 im_avoiding_work A Guide to spotting dropshippers

Dropshippers have been a problem for a while now, but I’ve been seeing an increase in relatively slick websites (and even some brick-and-mortar stores) getting in on the scam. After seeing the post about I thought it might be helpful to pull together advice on spotting them, because their website is scarily convincing at first glance! So, how do you spot a dropshipper?
First, if you’ve never heard of a brand before, do a google reverse image search on some of their products. While some of these brands will include their own photo on a model, they almost all also use the same generic image of the lingerie set lying flat on a surface, often surrounded by a couple aesthetic objects. That image is your best bet for getting a quick result. Right click on the image and select “search image with google.” If you see results for the same image come up on etsy, aliexpress, and amazon, you’re done—the company is dropshipping.
Sometimes a reverse image search won’t turn up anything if the company has taken the extra step of only using their own photos.
In that case, look for common red flags. Any company that is selling full sets where you can only select a single S/M/L size is immediately suspect. Legitimate lingerie brands that are producing their own products do not do that. While some budget brands do use s/m/l sizing or sell sets as a unit, they will still let you select the bra and underwear size separately.
Another warning sign is if the shop seems to have an overly eclectic style where pieces look reminiscent of other brands. Legitimate companies can absolutely have eclectic styles, but dropshippers will often carry idiosyncratic pieces that don’t look like they were designed by the same company because they weren’t.
Finally, if you’re skeptical of the brand, look up their domain name on Does the information that comes back match up with what the brand claims? Can you even get any information, or are they using a service to hide it? Legitimate brands do not do that.
Please add your tips in the comments! These brands are so scammy and I hate to think that people are getting tricked into buying from them.
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2023.03.05 16:17 Time_Traveling_Nerd Welcome to CosplaySFW - More Detailed Explanation of the Rules

Welcome to CosplaySFW! We are so excited to see so many new people join. Thank you all so much!
With the sudden increase in members, we, as a Modteam, just wanted to clarify the Subreddit’s rules, as there is a limited number of characters in the rules section, and we want to make sure everyone is on the same page.
Rule #1 Be Kind.
We want this subreddit to feel like a safe place for everyone to post their cosplays and creations. We ask that you refrain from comments that judge someone’s body, progress, or creations negatively. We want to avoid hurting feelings and anything that would discourage someone from ever cosplaying again.
We will not tolerate comments that are racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, fatphobic, or insult the way someone may look in any way, shape, or form. Please don’t tell someone that they can’t cosplay a character because they don’t naturally look like them. Cosplay is for everyone, and everyone is allowed to cosplay anyone they want.
Remember that we are all humans that have feelings.
If you wish to receive constructive criticism for your creations or cosplays, please feel free to list “Constructive criticism welcome” in the title of your post so others know it’s okay.
Rule #2 No NSFW Content.
As the rule states, no lewd, pornographic, boudoir, or suggestive content is allowed.
We want to keep this subreddit PG-13. We realize that some canon characters can have very NSFW costumes, and that may fly in other subreddits, but not here. We want to keep this subreddit as kid friendly as possible, so please keep your cosplay convention friendly.
To give a more detailed example, cosplays like Succubus Marin from My Dress-Up Darling, Rebecca from Cyberpunk, and Daki from Demon Slayer are not allowed, even though their costumes are canonically NSFW.
Cosplays much cover your crotch, behind, and at minimum most of your chest. Some cleavage is okay, but side cleavage and under cleavage are not allowed. We understand that those who are more endowed tend to be judged harsher for being NSFW more than those who are small-chested, but we will do our best to judge equally.
We do not allow swimsuits, bunny suits, or lingerie cosplays.
Please keep your poses non-sexual. This is not a NSFW subreddit, so don’t make it one. We will remove posts if the focal point of the photos is of the chest, crotch, or backside. If possible, choose photos that showcase most, if not all, of your cosplay.
Do not sexualize characters that are minors. This means no crotch shots or cleavage pics of Nezuko from Demon Slayer or Misty from Pokémon. Even though these characters are fictional and the cosplayer is clearly an adult, the characters are children.
Rule #3 No OF Promotions.
Please keep OF Promotions to their respective subreddits. We do not allow that here. And yes, “Have you seen my other pics 😏🌶 💦🤤” counts as a promotion. We’re not stupid. This applies to both posts, links, and comments.
OF Promotions will result in a permanent ban.
Rule #4 No Posts Where You Are Not the Cosplayer, Photographer, Prop Maker, or Otherwise Involved.
We want to make sure that those who deserve credit get credit, so please, be respectful and don’t karma farm. Crossposts are not allowed. Please post your own content.
We used to allow crossposts at the start, but that was to help get the subreddit rolling. Now that we have a lot more members, we have decided to remove the rule allowing crossposts.
Rule #5 No Spamming or Selling.
We really appreciate everyone who has been posting their creations and cosplays! You guys have helped us so much and we are so grateful for you!
To help prevent spamming within the subreddit, we ask that you keep your posts to once a day. If you have multiple photos from one photoshoot, please try to compile them into one post.
If you have pictures of one cosplay from 2 or more different photoshoot sessions, it’s absolutely alright to post more pics of that cosplay, but just try your best to keep each photoshoot session in its own post. For example, we just don’t want to see a new photo of Yor from Spy x Family, done by the same cosplayer, for 40 days straight.
We don’t accept selling of any kind here. So, no Etsy Shop or Commission promotions.
Lastly, if you see someone breaking the rules, please report it! It helps us mods so much. Unfortunately, we can’t be on the subreddit 24/7, so sometimes things sneak through, but by reporting posts and comments, it helps us remove them faster.
Thank you all again for supporting CosplaySFW! If you have any questions, please feel free to message us.
The Modteam
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2023.03.05 03:04 plant_person_09345 How to search for wedding tops?

I’m thinking of doing wedding separates- a bodysuit with a skirt. I think it’d be much more flattering on me and I know I definitely want a silk a-line bottom, so it makes searching for a top easier. I’m also looking to keep cost down, so I’m looking for any lacy tops/bodysuits that would look good.
However, when I search for lace bodysuit- I get lingerie. Not what I want. I’m looking for something that covers most of my back and has thick straps- more blouse like coverage wise.
What search terms should I use? What are some good shops that have tops <$700?
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2023.03.02 20:10 Past_Investigator888 Recommendations for pretty but semi-affordable lingerie?

I’ve been trying to find really pretty, lacy, princess-y lingerie in a light colour — especially babydolls, garter belts, and matching sets. But so far I’ve exhausted all my local options and have had trouble finding stores online. I looked on Etsy but a lot of the options in my price range are clearly dropshipped/stolen pictures. Does anyone have recommendations for that follow the soft, dreamy and feminine aesthetic that aren’t too pricey? Hoping for $50-75 total for a few pieces (eg bra, bottoms and garter incl) but maybe that’s too optimistic lol.
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