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2023.06.09 17:30 Different_Algae4918 Does this one has pull ups bars ?

Does this one has pull ups bars ?
It’s in bin mahmoud ,so anyone been here ? Do they have any equipments ?
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2023.06.09 17:30 slushhhtx Girl at work thought I was flirting with her, then I brought up my wife and now she’s angry??

I’ve always been a talkative guy and I’m always stoked to make friends. My wife’s calls me a golden retriever because that’s just my personality! I just moved to a new city with a new job this year and have been doing pretty well with making friends, mostly because I’m talking with everyone. I work with mostly woman (museum) so alot of the new friends I’ve made are a majority girls and the 3 other dudes in the group! We all hang out with each other, grab drinks. My wife will even come and we all have a good time!
A new girl started shortly after me and she stopped me in the hallway the day she started. We talked super quickly as I was running late to a meeting, and everything was cool and she was super nice and funny! We had a few more interactions around the office that were quick conversations mostly just getting to know each other! I was totally stoked cause she seemed like she would be fun to have in our little group of homies.
Last week, I was eating my lunch outside alone when she stops by my table and asks if she can join me. I say sure and we honestly had fun and we’re getting to know each other. It was the first time were I really started talking about my life and was mentioning my wife. It didn’t seem like a big issue but after lunch another guy friend of mine mentions he was downstairs near her desk and she was talking about me to another co worker about how I had been flirting with her the past few month and now just finally brought up that I’m married.
That’s what really upset me.
I wear my ring everyday, I know for a FACT I mentioned I was married once or twice in passing before. Again, it was definitely in passing and quick when I mentioned her before and at lunch was the first time I had really talked about her and I a lot.
I have been actively avoiding this girl at work now, shit even making sure I don’t walk past her department, but what makes me annoyed is she’s already started telling people in her department about this. I don’t think it’s serious enough to go to HR and it doesn’t bother me if she doesn’t want to associate with me either. But I don’t want rumors spread about me.
Should I just keep ignoring her or talk to her and set the record straight?? Do I need to mention first and foremost that I am married to every woman I talk to now?? I feel like I’ve never even thought about having to do that when talking to women and trying to make friends.
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2023.06.09 17:29 melhen16 Maybe I should have picked a bigger envelope

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2023.06.09 17:29 Mister_Meowski 2023 Topps Series 2 FT

2023 Topps Series 2 FT
LTTF Diamondbacks, Tatis Jr., J-Rod, Ohtani, Trout, Jeter, Ripken, Griffey from the same set.
Please send me a message if you have an offer.
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2023.06.09 17:29 10after10 [WTS] Microtech SOCOM Elite - $285

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my post.
Microtech SOCOM Elite Auto
Photos (Please click and expand each photo to see condition of knife.)
Always sold out and never in stock. Manufactured 9/2018. Has been used, carried and sharpened. Honest working knife that has never abused. Satin finish M390 tanto blade is perfectly dead centered. Extremely sharp. Sharper than original factory edge. No nicks, chips or rolls on edge. Blade has some scratches on either side. Nothing that significant and certainly nothing that affects functionality. Aluminum handles show some wear, the most most significant being being a couple of dings on the forward edge near the firing button. Other than that, everything else is very minor. Pocket clip has some scratches, again nothing major or "really ugly". SUPERIOR ACTION. Blade deploys smooth, hard and fast. Comes as knife only. No box/papers.
  • Overall Length: 9"
  • Blade Length: 4"
  • Weight: 4.6 oz
$285 (If price is not crossed out, it's available. No trades, sorry.)
  PROMPT PAYMENT please after claiming a knife/item, otherwise please do NOT claim.
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2023.06.09 17:28 AES104_XD Can you please help my sister??

Can you please help my sister??
Hello everyone! Can you please support my sister's and her class by reacting the 'LIKE' 👍 emoji in their banner? May I also ask for you to share if that is alright? Your efforts are highly appreciated. Thank you!!
They were in the lead but their teacher said that hearts and other reactions that is not the LIKE 👍 emoji, wont be counted. Im sorry but it just feels unfair to me, so I am trying my best to support my sis to point of posting this on reddit haha-
This is for school purposes daw po.. This is for their grade is what she told me..
You can find it at; (shown in the 1st picture) Values Formation Club - Marcelo H. Del Pilar National Highschool
The post is captioned;;
Greetings, everyone! We are delighted to be here today to showcase the remarkable digital banners created by the talented individuals from del Pilarians. These vibrant and captivating banners serve as a medium through which they express their heartfelt appreciation for our beloved country.
Each banner encapsulates a unique perspective, reflecting the diverse backgrounds and creative talents of the del Pilarians. With their exceptional skills, they have beautifully captured the essence of our nation and its rich heritage.
My sister's and her class is the banner named 7-STE 1 (shown in the second picture)
Again, thank you so so much!!
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2023.06.09 17:28 woofwooflove My cat won't let me give him the medicine

My cat has a eye infection and I've gotten him eye drops but he won't let me put them in. I tried holding him down I tried the towel, he freaks out. I tried the spray bottle. Now my cat doesn't trust me, won't go near me and we are so distant now. He looks at me like he's questioning me and doesn't trust me anymore..... Trying to do something good for him has put a stain on our relationship..... I don't know what to do
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2023.06.09 17:28 Gondall Is there a batter way to improve at draft than draft sim?

Basically the title - I’m trying to improve my drafting and minimize the amount of times I finish drafting and feel like I made a mistake in my picks when choosing between a couple cards. And I really like the draft sim format and their limited format, but I feel like especially for MOM I end up seeing a lot of nearly identical packs in terms of commons and uncommons in a row whenever I try using them, and get weird picks like a P1P3 glissa or elesh norn, when the bots first picked… halo-charged skaab. So I feel like the picks available to me aren’t realistic, and it hurts more than helps because of course you pick a bomb in your colors. Is there an alternative somewhere that people like better? Or is draft sim usually the place to go but this set is weird with the battle slot, DFC slot, and MUL slot making collation weird?
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2023.06.09 17:28 sourceninja My journey to reverse NAFLD

I've wanted to post this for some time. Now with the chance that I'll end my reddit usage at the end of the month I figured it was now or never.
Years ago I was told by my doctor I had elevated liver enzymes. An ultrasound was done and I was told "You have a fatty liver, lose some weight." The doctor wasn't concerned so I wasn't. That doctor retired last year. In December I found a new doctor. He did a full physical with blood work and laid down some depressing news. I had high cholesterol, Stage 2 hypertension, a fatty liver, and was nearing 230lbs at 5'9". He basically told me that my lifestyle was killing me. It was the first time in my life anyone had told me I wasn't healthy. I took it to heart.
The doctor recommended I start a diet and exercise program and starting BP medicine. He suggested the mediterranean diet paired with at least 90 minutes a week of mixed exercise. He wanted to put me on cholesterol medicine, but I suggested we wait and see how the diet changes that. I started researching treatments and diets and learned this new way of cooking. With my wife supporting me we changed how we ate and started taking evening walks. I started losing weight. I added weight lifting and started a couch to 5k running program. As I got in better shape I kept researching and started adding supplements. Creatine, EPA/DHA/GLA, NAC/glycine, Choline, and TUDCA. I cut my drinking and cigar smoking down massively (I still drink too much some weeks, but there are weeks when I don't drink or only have a glass of wine with dinner). I started tracking macros to get enough protein. I've added sports to my activities to take the place of breweries.
Then it happened. I had to buy new clothing. I dropped from a 38" pant to a 36". I needed to go from extra-large shirts to large. Today I am 193lbs and entering a new cycle of needing smaller clothing (I can no longer wear the 36" jeans without a belt). I saw the doctor and my blood tests show cholesterol is normal and my liver enzymes are also normal. The ultrasound shows I still have a little work to do on the NAFLD, but the doctor said it so far has been a great turn around. My BP this week finally hit 117/75 and we are talking about possibly reducing my BP medicine.
Today I workout almost every day. I try to run twice a week, lift twice a week, and attend BJJ class twice a week. On Sundays my wife and I do yoga. We also try to do a 30 minute walk everyday after work. My diet isn't as strict as it was, but I am still conscious of what I eat and my weight is still trending down. I figure I can probably be healthy and happy around 180lbs and that's when I'll start transitioning to maintenance. I see the doctor again in July and I fully expect him to tell me I have reversed all signs of my fatty liver.
I write this to hopefully encourage others to put in the work and find their path to a healthier life.
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2023.06.09 17:27 eggiwites (GROSS) having constant digestive issues and my doc only subscribes laxatives?

so im a female 18, and ive been having poopy problems for a long time. my gastro only says to take laxatives and did a test on my intestines (ifyk) and said all my tests were normal? every morning i wake up with bad stomach pains and theyre only alleviated by going to the restroom. i also have to use the restroom and feel extremly slow and almost unbalanced and heavy shortly after eating, only sometimes when i eat out does it make my stomach hurt though. (usually dine ins, im a vegetarian so maybe it could be all the meat fat in the oils that my stomach isnt used to? ive had stomach problems before though.) im asking here because all the docs ive been to near me have tested me and said the same thing. some diagnosing ibs but usually laxatives for some reason. any info would be cool 😎
TLDR: i have tummy troubles and i dont wanna be on the toilet 3 times in an hours time span. thanks 😊 🙏
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2023.06.09 17:27 Aros001 Andrea Beaumont as The Phantasm and Thomas Elliot as Hush: Why one works for me while the other doesn't.

I'd never really thought about this comparison before but I saw a comment recently that pointed out the two, conceptually speaking, actually do have a lot in common.
Both, at the time of their original stories, were brand new villains for Batman to face. The new hotness that's come to Gotham to f**k up his day, with a big part of the plot being the mystery of who The Phantasm/Hush is, with the reveal being...the only other new and significant character introduced for the story. Both Andrea and Tommy are retconned into Bruce's past and made very important to him (one being the woman he loved, the other his childhood best friend), with said past being shown to us in flashbacks throughout the story. And both serve as a dark reflection of Bruce himself.
With these similarities, why is it that I find one works way more for me than the other? Especially when I grew up with both these stories.
I'm definitely a bit in the minority here but I've never really gotten the hype over Hush. That's not to say I don't like the Hush story, just that Hush/Tommy Elliot specifically is just kind of...okay to me at best. Not bad but not one of Batman's villains I feel a strong attachment to or feel a lot of excitement over when he's going to be in something. I never feel the same as others when they say they want Hush as the villain for a movie or that he should have been the main villain of Arkham Knight. I could certainly believe a good writer could get something good out of his concepts, but as he is, as he was in the original Hush story, the story most people know him from and that put him on the map, he's just...okay.
But then there's Andrea, and while I don't think she really needed to appear in other stories after Mask of the Phantasm, since like Tommy it feels like a case of diminishing returns, I do still find myself a lot more attached to that character and feel like she was very well done despite conceptually being so similar to Tommy. With Hush I don't want him to be in anything more after his initial story because I didn't really care that much about the character, whereas with The Phantasm I didn't want her to be in anything after her initial story because I didn't want them to ruin what I felt like was already done near perfectly and wrapped up.
I think the difference comes down to two big things: Framing within the story, and characterization.
Both stories center around the mystery "Who is The Phantasm/Hush?", but the execution of both mysteries, the pay-off to them, and Andrea and Tommy's place within those narratives is handled very differently.
Hush, in my opinion, is interesting almost solely because of the mystery around who he is and how he manipulates events and Batman's villains to strike at him. When we get the reveal that he's Tommy, not much is added that replaces the mystery in order to keep him interesting.
Why did he do all of this? Because he resents Bruce for being able to inherit all of his parent's wealth as a child while his own attempt to gain the same was foiled by Bruce's father saving his mother's life after Tommy deliberately tried to get his parents killed. In regards to making Tommy a dark, twisted reflection of Bruce, this does work. While Bruce loved his parents, was deeply scarred by their deaths, and he'd have given up that entire fortune and more just to have them back, Tommy was willing to kill his just to get his hands on their money and hated his mother for surviving. But as the big conclusion to this big story spanning most of Batman's rogues gallery and all the manipulations and planning and gaslighting the villain had done, this motivation feels too...mundane. It's too petty.
Don't get me wrong, pettiness does not make for a bad villain motivation in the right context. My favorite supervillain of all time is Lex Luthor and half that man's plans are fueled by pure spite for Superman for daring to make him look bad by being a good person. But for all the build-up and everything that was involved this answer just doesn't feel satisfying. Even things like Tommy's mother always comparing him to Bruce or Tommy creating a new face to look like Bruce to steal his identity and fortune wasn't a thing until later stories. In the original Hush story, Tommy is purely just after revenge on Bruce for getting inherited wealth as a child while he had to wait until he was an adult.
This isn't helped by how little we really get to know Thomas Elliot and Bruce's attachment to him before the reveal.
I think one of the things that works best about Batman: Hush, more than the mystery around who Hush is, is that the whole storyline feels like a semi-celebration of Batman and a love letter to the character. It showcases a lot of his big name villains, shows Batman's connections to his allies, from the Bat family to Huntress to Gordon to Superman, marks the start of what, in my opinion, made Catwoman a genuine contender for being Batman's best romantic relationship rather than just another love interest, goes into Batman's history, from Jason Todd to Harold and even his childhood before his parents were killed, and all while throughout we're getting the narration boxes of Bruce's inner thoughts, going in on what he thinks of himself and everyone around him. It's one of those stories where if someone wanted to get into Batman comics for the first time or needed an introduction to the character (weird as it is to think that when the character is everywhere these days), Batman: Hush would be one of the ones I'd point out.
The story has a lot going for it...and Thomas Elliot gets lost in it all. We get to somewhat know what he was like as a kid, so much of which doesn't apply to him as an adult in the present because so much time has passed since then, and what we do get to know of him as an adult gets put into question once we find out he's Hush since he more than likely was putting on an act every time he interacted with Bruce. We don't even get that much interaction between him and Batman after the reveal of his identity is made in order to get to know the real him, nor does he even take off his bandage mask to fully confirm it's Tommy. He gets shot by Harvey Dent, falls from a great height, and then f**ks off until he can be brought back in an eventual sequel.
This is part of why I wasn't really that upset when the animated movie adaptation of the story had The Riddler be Hush instead of Tommy, who basically was the real mastermind behind everything anyway in the original and was the more impactful twist. He's the one who figured out Batman was Bruce Wayne, being the one to present that information to Tommy, and was the one who got all the villains to cooperate with the plan. Most important of all, I have a feel for who the Riddler is. But Tommy? He's...smart. Apparently. And petty....apparently. What is Tommy's actual character beyond "guy who wanted his parent's money"?
Let's compare all of this to The Phantasm and Andrea Beaumont.
Like with Hush, the main mystery Mask of the Phantasm centers around is "Who is the Phantasm?" but the scale is more simple. The Phantasm isn't after Batman but rather is knocking off members of the Valestra crime family and, intentionally or otherwise, is getting Batman framed for the murders.
Like with the flashbacks to Bruce and Tommy's past with each other, we get flashbacks of Bruce and Andrea's own past together. However, not only was it a past relatively more recent, and thus we get a better feel for who Andrea is since she's already an adult in the flashbacks, but the flashbacks are more central to the movie's plot and don't have a million other more memorable or iconic bits happening around them to take the attention away, in part because these flashbacks show us Bruce's own history with the Valestra mob. The flashbacks with Tommy often didn't have a lot of relevance to the mystery around Hush or what he was doing beyond the fact that they involved Tommy It was mostly Bruce reminiscing about his childhood. While the flashbacks with Andrea also served to give insight on the people the Phantasm is targeting and why someone would want them dead, Andrea especially. Even the Joker, who is brought into the movie to help spice up the climax, used to be a hit man for the Valestras, and in fact was the one who was sent to murder Andrea's father. He ties into the main plot of the mystery while all the rogues used in Hush were mostly there to just wear Batman down or throw him off Tommy and Riddler's trail.
We also get Andrea and Bruce interacting in the present, greatly aided by her quickly figuring out that he's Batman and the two being able to speak frankly to each other, and interacting after he figures out she's the Phantasm. And when we get the reveal that she's the Phantasm, her personality doesn't really change that much, meaning that while she was hiding the truth from Bruce she wasn't putting on a complete front. Unlike Tommy, who we honestly aren't sure if we know anything real about, we feel we understand Andrea quite well. While what we saw of Tommy prior to the reveal helped cover up that he was Hush, what we saw of Andrea had it make even more sense that she was the Phantasm after the reveal is made.
Why is Andrea doing all this? She wants revenge on the Valestra mob for forcing her to flee Gotham, keeping her from marrying the man she loved, killing her father, and basically ruining her life. It's a very simple motivation but the build-up to it is more appropriate given the size and scale of the story and thus that simplicity doesn't feel like a big let-down. And even more so, it makes her a good dark and twisted reflection of Bruce. A normal life upended by crime and corruption unchecked, Andrea took on a terrifying alternate identity to bring justice in a way no one else could/no one else would, but along the way became consumed by the same need for vengeance that Bruce has always had to keep himself from falling into, to the point there's nothing else for her. A sympathetic motivation isn't inherently better than a petty one for a villain. It depends on its context and how it's executed. And Andrea's sympathetic motivation works here because of the parallels with Bruce and how much of a tragedy it's written as. Bruce almost never became Batman because he was so unexpected happy being with Andrea, but the crime Batman was intended to fight against tore him and her away from each other, destroying both of their lives yet again, and ended up corrupting the woman he had loved so much, turning her basically into...well...him.
TL;DR: Despite their similarities and how obvious their mysteries are when you think about them even a little, Andrea Beaumont as The Phantasm works better for me than Thomas Elliot did as Hush for the following reasons:
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2023.06.09 17:26 kcaj140 Suggestions to practice/ improve essay writing?

Following reviewing several finals from this and last semester, the general issue I seem to be running into with my essays is in regards to my rule statements.
I generally can spot all of the issues in an essay and get nearly all of the points for the analysis of the law within the exam, but I have received few points for rule statements & have been told that my definitions at times aren’t detailed enough to provide me with the points in the rubric.
I’m frustrated because from what I’m told and understand, I understand the law being tested upon and am told my exam reads well and is formatted well. However, because I’m not laying out the rules and definitions clearly enough, I’m not receiving any points.
Does anyone have recommendations to practice this way of introducing the rule statements in a timely manner? I feel as though I’m barely able to get through all of the issue spotting and analysis as it is, and while being told by the Prof they were surprised at my grade is somewhat reassuring, my GPA is getting dangerously low…
I’m currently in the process of trying to get accommodations (finally got a diagnosis, insurance took forever) but beyond more time, what else can I do to practice and review so that I can raise my final grades?
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2023.06.09 17:26 Ancient-Pineapple611 26 [F4A] Dayhike this June 12

Any plans to hike this June 12? I was looking in FB para maging joiner pero parang too late na makahanap at this time. So if mayroong may balak mag DIY dito, I can split expenses with you. 😊
Somewhere near lang. And minor. Yung makakauwi tayo ng maaga. Gusto ko lang sulitin bago pa mag bagyo szn 😭
Message me na lang. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 17:24 Ucireddit01 Should I ask my coworker out?

So I have a coworker who is shy, as in she can't go to places alone and usually always says she has no plans for the weekend. She has been wanting to go places but she says she is too shy to go alone.
Recently we have gotten closer and talk a decent amount. She seems relatively comfortable now sharing personal things with me, stuff she sometimes says she hasnt mentioned that to anyone else yet. She also seems interested in me and my hobbies (she will ask alot of questions during our conversations and has indicated she wanted me to teach her a video game i play) however she does seem to talk to everyone.
At one point i did flirt by gently grabbing and holding her arm when asking about a bracelet and after i did this she invited me to touch her other arm. I do have her number but I am unsure if she actually likes me or is just friendly to me at work. Initially she did make the first approach to talk to me but since we have started talking more she never initiates conversation both in person or text. Usually we will be walking and she will be next to me or near me but she will never start the conversation or say anything to me. I always do start the conversation after a bit and she is responsive and prolongs the convo.
I am just unsure if she is just being nice and friendly at work when I talk to her or if she is actually interested in me since she never initiates conversation with me or never texts me either.
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2023.06.09 17:23 my-name-is-jess My first time at the strip club (25m)

I was a little nervous at first before going there. I was expected to arrive around 8:05. That’s 5 minutes after opening. I was scared to be alone so I went to the nearest mall’s parking lot to wait it out a bit. 8:25 came by and decided it was time to go and see some strippers. The entrance fee was 10$, but I left a 5$ tip. I’ve read that they don’t really like non-tippers so I felt obligated to before actually going in. While I was in I didn’t actually get that feeling, but the doorman wasn’t there, it was just a normal girl at a cash register. She did split my 20$ into 5$, probably expecting that we put a 5$ tip, I guess? When I actually got it, it felt weird. Like I didn’t belong. There were no dancers, only a couple dudes around the bar and a barmaid. I sat down at the bar, because that felt like the only place to be. I didn’t get noticed for maybe two or three minutes so I left to go play the money machine. I never really expected to play these types of games in my life since I’m not much of a gambler, but it felt like it was the only thing I could do to wait it out and see what’s going to happen later. I put in a 5$ bill and pressed buttons, and didn't actually understand what I was doing for a while, I was up 3$ by the time I started to understand how points worked. Anyways I played for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. During this time a barmaid came to me and asked if I wanted anything to drink. Knowing they kind of forced people into paying for drinks to stay inside I just picked a Rum & Coke. It cost around 12$ and I paid 15$ for a tiny glass, with ice. It was fine for a drink but very expensive. This would be my last drink of the night.
Anyway, while I was playing with the machine a dancer came to see how I was doing, her name was Layla, a nice blonde with big tits. At that point I had gotten my 5$ up to 28$ and back down to 23$ and some change. She asked if I wanted to cash out and go for a dance so I said yes. She showed me how to cash out as I asked her that I had no idea how this worked. The machine left me a ticket to claim my prize and Layla told me it’s normal for people to give tips when claiming the prize. Sure I just won money, whatever I guess. So I kept 20$ and tipped the change to the barmaid.
Layla then brought me to the cabin section where you have to pay 5$ to get in and then each song you pay 20$. I asked if I was allowed to touch and she said yes and told me the rules and whatever, I made sure whatever I was doing was in accordance with the rules and respectful to her. She started out in her small outfit, a white bra and panties that glowed under the blacklight, and she started dancing. I really liked caressing her body, she was very soft. I don’t actually remember much details about this dance, but I touched some fake breasts for the first time while they looked very nice, they didn’t feel as nice as some other tits I’ll be touching during this night. I got three songs with her, that was enough for her to drop her top and panties. I had a fully naked sexy stranger bouncing on my lap and feeling my very hard cock through my pants, wow.
After my dance with Layla I went back to sit down in front of the empty stage, closer to where the dancers were hanging out. I believe most of them got in while I was with Layla. After a couple minutes a new girl introduced herself, didn’t remember much, but I nicely told her off because I barely just got my lap dance and wanted to look around a bit. Not long after that Yasmine came to introduce herself. I didn’t think I was going to take her to the cabin when I initially saw her, but we talked a bit and I felt comfortable with her and she was fun to talk to so why not? I went to the ATM and got 140$ (7$ fee) and she led me to her cabin. Yasmine was an Italian & *local Canadian province* girl, very nice small and small tits but I’m getting ahead of myself. She starts dancing on me, I feel her out, caressing her body with my hands. This one was wilder than Layla, she was much more dominant. I was surprised by it, she bounced hard on my lap, my cock was rock hard and her bouncing kind of made it hurt, my dick doesn’t really bend that way. That wasn’t the nice part though, I wasn’t expecting this and kind of knew I would like something like that, but never experienced this before. She bit my ear semi-softly, licked my lip, pulled my hair and grabbed my neck. She was probably around my age but yes mommy. She also simulated going down on me by getting down on her knees in front of me, looking me in the eyes and licking her thumb she placed as if it was my penis. Also during the dance she leaned back a bit too much and she couldn’t get back up, I was holding her with a hug and though she was still in control because she was so light I didn’t even feel like she was falling. She told me to pick her up to help her and we continued the dance a bit. When I ended the dance I told her about how when I was a teenager I saw videos on Youtube about pranksters or whatever making videos asking random young men on the street if they can remove a bra with only one hand around her back without looking and was telling her that I never had difficulties with that and that the trick is to use your left hand, always. I asked if I could try on her and she said sure. I got it within 3 seconds and she said that she didn’t expect me to get it that easy. Anyway, I paid for the 4 songs (which I thought were only three, but whatever, I had a great time with her).
I went back to sit down at the same spot, pretty much the same thing some girls sat down next to me to talk and ask me for dances. I didn’t go right away. One girl named Maxime, a very beautiful girl, also Italian and Lebanese, brunette, came to talk to me, also didn’t think I would be getting lap dances from her at first, even less two of them. But she was really nice, we talked for a while and when she asked for a dance I asked her if she could do a little turn around. I wanted to see if she had a bigger ass than Layla and Yasmine, she didn’t really like me asking that. Usually it’s the annoying guys that ask this. I apologized and told her why I asked that and she was very proud to get up and lean on the main stage to show me her ass. Needless to say that I went and got some money out again. Her tits were small, but firm, probably my favorite tits to date. Her ass was perfectly sized, not too small, not too big, nice hips and nice outfit. She was wearing a black strappy bottom with a nice chain around her waist with a black strap and black top. She was so hot, I asked her if I could remove her bra when she was ready to remove it, kind of the same story as before, but more leaning on Yasmine being surprised I got it so fast. She told me to remove her bra soon after, this model of bra was slightly more difficult, it’s not the typical clip, it was a slide in elastic. It wasn’t as easy and I had to look to figure out how it worked. I helped her remove her bra. I touch her bare breast softly caressing her body. She really is cuddly and touchy, I’m really enjoying her at that point. She puts her panties to the side, showing me her pussy. She starts rubbing her bare pussy on my hard cock through my pants, oh my god she’s hot, she then licks her finger and starts rubbing her pussy in front of me, she moans a little. The dance continues and I don’t remember the details in the right order, but anyway she has a part two.
As usual now, I go back to sit down at the same spot, now the place was more crowded and the main stage was actually used for dancers. I was looking for a 4th girl to take on a dance, I wanted to see how a more curvy girl would feel. I had a couple more strippers talk to me, the barmaid asked that I should order a drink because I should have a drink at this point and somewhat tried to force me to buy a drink, but I told her I just wanted to get a last dance before going. So I felt a bit rushed to get a new girl and the girl currently on stage was a nice fat ass and curves so I looked at her when she got off stage and we went to the cabins a bit too fast. I don’t remember why but she told me she had drunk a bit. This part is going to be short. She looked hot, most strippers did anyway, I took her for 3 songs, whatever was left in my wallet. She wasn’t very touchy, she was more of a dancer, her moves were average like most strippers, she didn’t stand out much really. I didn’t remember her name either. When I got out of the dance I didn’t want to leave on a bad note, so I went looking for Yasmine. Honestly my short term memory wasn’t very good while I was there and I had a hard time remembering which girl was the one rubbing her pussy (Maxime) so it was one of these two, but I could only really remember Yasmine. While walking around I quickly remembered the face of girl #3, Maxime. I asked her for her name again and told her I wanted a dance. She knew I wanted to get a dance from another girl so she told me to go find another girl, I told her I wanted her again and we went back to the cabin after I got another 100$ out. She asked if I went with another girl between her two dances and told her that my last dance was not really nice and wanted to leave on a great note. I told her that I was missing the touchy part of the dance with the previous girl and that let her know I liked cuddles more than dances which she was all for. I told her I got 100$ for 5 songs, so she put a 15 minute timer on her phone instead of going song by song, should be more time with each other this way she told me. She asked me to remove her bra since I asked her last time. Which I gladly did, with much more ease this time might I add. This dance was the best. I caressed her, spanked her ass soft-mediumly, we got very close, I could almost kiss her (not that I was allowed to, but damn it would’ve felt so good). She lifted up my shirt, her hand caressed my chest a bit before she got down to slide her soft, but firm breast against my bare skin. She again showed me her pussy, spit on her fingers, rubbed her pussy for a while, sometimes rubbing herself on my crotch. I was so turned on by her. She moaned even more this time. We were both breathing heavily and she told me she was wet after briefly feeling her pussy. I felt so good with her and was so comfortable with her that I almost forgot I was in a strip club. When the dance ended, she pointed out my huge boner that was extremely obvious showing through my pants. I wore it proudly and flirted with her telling her it was her fault my pants had a huge bulge. I asked for a goodbye hug and I might have overdone it a little. It was a pretty sensual hug. This was how my night ended, the best lap dance ever, at least for now. I’m definitely going back to see her someday. I’m thinking of just skipping the bullshit and bringing 220$, 20$ for club entrance with tip plus cabin fee and just have a 30 minutes session with her the rest. On my way home I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing by myself for having lived such a nice experience. I was also extremely horny, horny for more women sensuality so nothing happened after that. I was so happy. I couldn’t go to sleep. I think I went to sleep around 3:30 AM because I simply was too happy to even go to sleep. This never happened to me before. I woke up at 6AM, my alarm was set for 8:20AM. Rough night of sleep. Now I’m writing this on my laptop because I want to be able to relive this experience again. It’s almost 10AM. I finished writing this just in time before my morning work meeting to start my day off. I’m going to be really sleepy today. But it was worth every penny.
I put back the same shirt as last night, I really love that shirt (Henley Shirt, LTTStore.com, not a sponsor), it was still clean since I only put that on last night after taking a shower. It smells like Maxime’s perfume, it's a really nice fruity smell.
Also, the confidence and energy boost this experience gave me is phenomenal. I never went to the gym, I’ve been somewhat considering going for a while now to lose the couple pounds I gained in the last couple years that put me over 200. I now feel like I’m actually ready to get up and put in the effort. Haven’t done anything yet, but I would like to see myself with some visible muscles.
(names used in this story are not their real names)
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2023.06.09 17:23 AuthenticLewis someone please help wtf is wrong with career mode

someone please help wtf is wrong with career mode
so basically i started my first manager career mode at AFC Richmond but can someone tell me why EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. i choose the sim option for matches it totally screws up my whole lineup.. like ill go into the sim mode and then go into team management and suddenly find my goalkeeper in left wing, my cam in striker, my defender in midfield like WTF is happening. i cant find anything about this on google and its ruining my matches damn near every game.
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2023.06.09 17:23 BrokenThrice I so fucking tired of being sexualized by everyone

I know it’s pride month and all we’re suppose to be happy happy rainbows and what not, but I just need to vent for a bit. I’m sick of how simply being gay is so incredibly sexualized by everyone, including ourselves.
Straight people as a whole seem almost incapable of not viewing us as inherently sexual or at least more sexual then we are. Of course you have the genuine right wing bigots who think that we need to be kept away from children because we’re either all predators or that our mere presence is going to infect them with some sorta gay gene. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate on who I mean, the types who see two men kissing and scream about how it’s propaganda and sexualizing children. Honestly, I actually with agree with some conservatives that “woke” corporate media that adds diversity for no apparent reason other than wanting to appear progressive is tiresome and frankly a little demeaning, but they basically make it clear that they don’t want gays to be visible in any form of mainstream media regardless of how appropriately they are portrayed.
Then you have the straight people who aren’t bigoted in anyway but still seem to view us exclusively through the lens of sexuality. Like the ones who will ask if you are too or bottom (and if they don’t ask, rest assured that they speculate amongst themselves when you’re not around, just saying) like it’s equivalent to talking about the weather. I personally had one friend (a girl) who would constantly ask me if I was going to hook up or meeting ppl in stalls when I’d use the bathroom when we were out, as if that’s something all gay people do all the time. She didn’t mean any harm and frankly seemed almost curious about it all, but it definitely demonstrated to how straight people seem to think that we are sexual beings first and foremost, a standard they obviously don’t apply to themselves.
And now for the controversial part, gays sexualize ourselves more so than straight people do. In fact if straight people actually knew what the gay experiment was like I wouldn’t blame them for their promiscuous interpretations of us. And no, not all gay men do this, but let’s not pretend like the overwhelming majority of gay spaces are heavily sexualized or centered around sex.
I know Grindr is an app most people use for hookups but is it really so hard to read someone’s profile before you send them a bunch of dick pics and ask to meet for sex now? Like I use Grindr because I frankly Find it easier to meet people than going to bars and stuff but man, the people on their are so rude and degrading and so disrespectful for no fucking reason. Then of course if I do go out to the club or something chances are some creepy dude twice my age gropes me or something and when I get upset about it I’m being a prude. And before anyone mentions gay hobby groups, you are extremely naive if you think a solid majority of those aren’t primarily used as hookup circles. Also Imma be honest some (SOME) gay men are literally incapable of refraining from talking about sex or their sexual exploits and projecting them onto me or other people. It’s honestly tiresome, I have a healthy and active sex life, I’m not some prude of anything but man it is tiresome to be explicitly treated like sex object by every other gay man I meet regardless of what level of intimacy we share. Rant over.
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2023.06.09 17:23 NewGame867 Is my Spymaster considered Royal or not?

Is my Spymaster considered Royal or not?
He is a direct Descendant of my Founder but he does not have the royal crown displayed to the top Left corner of his portrait. Is he still considered Royal? Turn ~150
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2023.06.09 17:22 mattscazza What Balls do you play with?

I got a dozen balls as a Christmas present as I was just starting to get into golf and after 6 rounds I've only got 1 left. So time has come to buy some new ones. The balls I was using was the Callaway CXR Power which as you can tell by the name is a distance ball. The main thing I'm noticing with my game is I'm losing a lot of shots around the greens and I'm thinking getting a softer ball with more spin and control will help with that. Especially as the course I mainly play gets very dry and greens get super fast.
The thing is, my club speed is up at 100mph and average distance off the tee is 250-260. (220 carry). So the traditional super soft balls for lower swing speeds aren't meant for me?
Can anyone recommend any good all round balls that won't spin too much off the tee so I can keep my distance and consistency there, but will also have a good soft feel and control around the greens as I'm losing a lot of shots to that.
Price is important too, I'm still a beginner and inconsistent, so I'm still losing 1 or 2 a round! Thanks!
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2023.06.09 17:22 magisteralexander "The Mysterious Death of a Octavian P. Ramsden" or "The Fortune Teller who couldn't predict his own Death" Investigation in Victorian London [CoC][PAID][15 $][Investigation][6-8 Session][Tuesday 7 pm UTC/3 pm EST][Campaign][Online][Discord]

Type Campaign
Length 6-8 Sessions
Session Duration 4 hours
Players 0/6 (minimum 3)
Cost 15 $ (Session 0 is free)
System Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, Cthulhu by Gaslight, Cthulhu thought the Ages
Requirements Discord, Microphone
Session 0 20th June
London 1888
Doctor Watson's "A Study in Scarlet" has changed the City, as lords and ladies, businessmen, traders and even simple workers are organising themselves in Gentlemen Clubs dedicated to "solving crimes".
Most of them are just wealthy people playing detective but not the "Gryphons' Club". At least, that's what you like to say and, according to the club's recent history, you aren't lying.
And as you meet once again, a letter come from your officially non existent Patron: "A Man killed himself, I disagree. Find the murderer"
Information and Setting
This is an investigation set in Victorian London. While we will use Call of Cthulhu 7E and Cthulhu by Gaslight, this campaign will have 0 supernatural elements.
It will be real 1888 London with a few tweaks (Sherlock Holmes, for example, is a real person)
As the historical period wasn't kind to many people (Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, etc etc) during Session 0 we will discuss how present will such subjects be in the story.
Your Characters will all be people, wealthy or poor, who are members of the same Gentlemen Club. Your are all interested in ensuring that justice is served, either because of duty, morals or coin.
Character will be created by rolling and assigned the results. Full character reroll will be considered for particularly unlucky results Post Session 0, I'll be freely available for a short character creation private session
Players This game is open to all players, new or veterans, LGBTQ+
Payment Session 0 will be free
All other sessions will be paid through startplaying. This is also the link to the game
Me as a GM
I've been running games for the 9 years and for the last four I run four different Campaigns (including this one) a week. I have more than 1000 Sessions under my belt and I'll bring the accumulated expertise to the table.
I follow and enforece the Rules as they were Intended (RAI) more than as Written (RAW), but the Rule of Cool is an extremely rare occurrence, for the sake of consistency and realism.
Nearly all of my games are Sandbox and all are Open Worlds. In this campaign, you'll be free to run around London (or beyond its borders) and do as you please.
I'll be your number one fan but I will never make it easy.
I always try to make stories and NPC worthy of my players and their time.
Additional Info Fell free to contact me through Private Messages
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2023.06.09 17:21 LumpyGrumpySpaceWale Vinewood car club rant/thoughts

I am speechless. (Proceeds to make a speech)
They first announced that they would be removing clutter from the car websites, a lot of people are angry, but to me personally i thought it would be fine.
I've had many times where I want to browse the websites for a new car, take one look at the near endless stream of cars that I either don't like, already own or aren't even worth my time/money and then get off of the page. Besides, most of those cars aren't even thought about by most people nowadays anyway.
Rockstar go on to add that these vehicles that will be removed will be available randomly from dealerships and the like. I think to myself, "yeah thats a good idea, its a good compromise".
Then i see the latest newswire. The vinewood carclub. A GTA+ member exclusive location where -
"You’ll have access to a curated stock of distinct vehicles to test drive, order to your location and use while in Freemode, and purchase at an exclusive discount of 20% or more. You can also inspect the complimentary GTA+ vehicle inside The Vinewood Car Club and claim it directly from that location."
It goes on to say -
"As a GTA+ Member, you’ll be at liberty to utilize The Vinewood Car Club’s rotating selection of vehicles at your leisure and convenience in Freemode, either by dropping into the Car Club and driving one out or by using the Interaction Menu to order your chosen ride directly to your current location."
I really hope that I'm reading too much into this. If the only way for you to get these cars once they're removed from the websites is at a dealership, the stock of which rotates weekly, then having this paid access to the vinewood car club would give you a much higher chance at getting these cars.
As a hypothetical: lets say a new player logs in. They finally get enough money to buy a new car and the car they want is the hotknife (or something of that calibre) well, it's not in simeons shop, but it's going to be locked behind a paywall... The hotknife, a car that has been in the game forever, locked behind a paywall.
The hotknife was just an example. But apply that scenario to whatever vehicle they choose to remove (notice how we don't have a list of these vehicles) and you'll get the same narrative. You will have a much higher chance of getting the vehicle you want if you pay for a subscription to a 10 year old full game.
I really REALLY hope that I'm just reading too much into this.
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2023.06.09 17:21 throwaway_coin_4_car Bored of my Honda Civic

Hey y'all,

I'm getting bored of my 2016 Honda Civic after 7 years of ownership, and I'm looking to trade it off. It's been great on gas and very reliable, but it's a small coupe and frankly not interesting to drive anymore.

I enjoy road trips, driving down trails, and offering rides to my friends. It's kind of embarrassing asking them to climb way down into the backseat. The Civic definitely prefers smooth, well-leveled, pothole-free roads... a rarity in Oklahoma. It would be great to drive something more rugged and capable for passengers (4 doors please!) and rough roads. Still, you will also see sedans and hatchbacks on my list because I think they are a good value. I make longer road trips occasionally: my family lives 700 miles away, and there are trips to Dallas about 3 hr away. Although they are great all-rounders, I dislike nearly all unibody SUV's made today. They all look and feel the exact same to me.

I'm aware that the car market and most dealers are still horrible, and it may really not be a good time for me to trade away the Civic. However, I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all so I can narrow my search! :-)

Current car:
2016 Honda Civic Coupe LX-P, ~78,000 miles. Paid off.

$34,000 on hand including the expected value of the Civic. Prefer not to finance or lease; don't want to pay interest.

A shortlist of the cars that I'm most interested in, in no particular order:
* Jeep Wrangler w/ the 3.6L (2015+)
* Toyota Tacoma w/ V6 (2016+)
* Toyota RAV4
* Toyota Corolla Cross
* Honda Accord LX (2023)
* Honda Civic Hatch EX-L (2021+)
* Subaru Crosstrek w/ the 2.5L (2021+)
* Subaru Outback w/ the 3.6L

About me:
25 M, single, no prospects, no kids. Apartment. Graduated college and moved out to Oklahoma a year ago. No debts. 10-mile daily commute.

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