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2023.06.10 23:00 Covozo newsokunomoral weekly top 40!

point: 72
author: tukushityan
2.生きたウナギを肛門に入れた男性が瀕死の重症 便秘解消の「民間療法」のつもりが…
point: 37
author: sukebena_nekoyanen
3.推しへの「投げ銭」で生活苦に...国民生活センターへの相談増加 依存の背景&自衛策は?専門家に聞く
point: 36
author: sukebena_nekoyanen
point: 34
author: fuckinspyle
point: 35
author: sotghi
point: 32
author: tukushityan
point: 30
author: tarotah
point: 31
author: vicksman
point: 30
author: momotaneko
point: 30
author: G-SUN
point: 28
author: Downtown-Giraffe-871
12.【独自】専門学校のバーベキュー炎上、生徒死亡 福岡・柳川市、県警が捜査
point: 29
author: dumbTelephone
point: 28
author: empty-envelope
14.『Excelでええやん』河野太郎デジタル相“マイナ保険証”AI導入提言にネット白熱 「日本の住所のヤバさ」トレンド入り
point: 29
author: nanami-773
point: 26
author: momotaneko
16.「朝の3時4時まで残業も」 マイナトラブル相次ぐデジタル庁 河野太郎氏、組織体制見直しへ
point: 28
author: spring_ephemeral
point: 27
author: redimiru
18.Redditアプリのapollo, Sync, RIFが6/30に閉鎖へ
point: 26
author: nanami-773
19.【角煮R】ついに来たApple Vision Proは「なんとかR」じゃなくて「空間コンピューター」だった
point: 26
author: Covozi
20.「ウマ娘」声優結婚→ラジオで「お祝い5500円」募集にネット困惑 運営「慶事そのものに水を差しかねない」と中止に
point: 25
author: momotaneko
point: 25
author: momotaneko
22.「推し活にかけるお金」の月平均は1万6605円 ジャンル別の消費金額は「俳優」が1位に
point: 24
author: sukebena_nekoyanen
23.アップル、初のMRヘッドセット「Apple Vision Pro」正式発表 3499ドル、発売は24年頭に
point: 25
author: kaisanseyo
24.ノーモラル シルエットクイズ
point: 24
author: Awkward_Wrap411
25.エーザイにサイバー攻撃 身代金要求型ウイルスに感染
point: 23
author: Covozi
point: 23
author: gtx750s
point: 24
author: kaisanseyo
point: 21
author: choconuts5
29.卒業旅行でクルーズ船から海に飛び込んだ18歳男性が死亡 ゲームで指示されたか
point: 23
author: sukebena_nekoyanen
point: 23
author: Awkward_Wrap411
31.「カシオペア」止めた“撮り鉄”3人 警察が捜査 鉄道ファン怒り「もう撮影するな」
point: 22
author: nanami-773
32.マイナビも社員が「サクラ」 オンライン就活セミナーの質疑応答で
point: 21
author: Covozi
33.小川淳也議員曰く「専門の端末で入力すると口座が実在するかは金融機関と連携し確認した上で登録されるから架空の口座は登録できない。ところが金融機関の情報はカナで、マイナンバーの情報は漢字。氏名の突合ができず、実在の口座なら本人確認なしで誰の口座でも登録できるシステム」 【本当なら上流工程とは何だったのか?】
point: 21
author: Denpouji
point: 23
author: vicksman
35.「サクラ」が学生のふりして質問 リクルート、就活セミナー | 共同通信
point: 24
author: spring_ephemeral
point: 22
author: sukebena_nekoyanen
point: 21
author: momotaneko
point: 20
author: xrtrger8rhe158rg48
point: 21
author: Covozi
point: 21
author: momotaneko
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2023.06.10 22:59 stlatos Greek pt-, Armenian y-, PIE *py-

In Greek, many words traditionally reconstructed with *p- optionally show pt- (ptólis \ pólis ‘city’; ptólemos \ pólemos ‘war’). This is obviously not regular, no matter the cause, and since it’s already accepted that *py regularly became pt between vowels, the same change at the beginning of a word seems very likely. Currently, so words are reconstructed with PIE *py- so this does not contradict any correspondences and it would not require any shifting, merely addition. Why isn’t *py- already a part of Indo-European, if needed to explain an irregularity in a language as prominent and important for IE studies as Greek? It seems that not being completely regular is the main reason, though Greek and Armenian already show many such irregularities, often being explained as borrowing from older dialects, sometimes unattested dialects that still remain totally theoretical. Linguists sometimes prefer to say that this began at word boundaries: t#p > #pt when the previous word ended in -t. This is unlikely for many reasons: why relatively uncommon -t (and -d?)?, why not t#k > kt- also (no ex.)?, why not many more s#C > sC- in Greek if this was a common process? Most importantly, Greek is close to Armenian, so if a similar oddity exists there the same cause is more likely.

In Armenian, PIE *p- often seems to give y- (as in *ph2trwyo- > yawray ‘stepfather’, Greek patruiós; *pipleh1- ‘fill’ > Greek pímplēmi, Armenian yłp’anam (yLpHanam) ‘be filled to repletion / be overfilled’; *plh1u- > G. polús, Arm. yolov ‘many (people)’). Since p > y and p > pt make no sense, but py > py and py > pt do (since p > h \ 0 is known in Arm. and -py- > -pt- in G.), a change in reconstruction makes much more sense than looking for ways to force these unexplained *y’s to come from some other cause, having nothing to do with *p yet happening to converge on words that began with *p-. The change py- > p- in most IE, but in G. and Arm. optional py- > p-, then remaining py- > pt- in G., py- > fy- > hy- > y- in Arm., is orderly, not regular. This shared feature of Greek and Armenian would be evidence for linguists who believe they were closely related (they often share exact cognates) https://www.academia.edu/37962055 https://www.academia.edu/4197641

In the closely related Avestan language, h2 becoming both i and ǝ in *ph2tr- > p(i)tar- is irregular, and since both of these changes might be explained by *py- instead, perhaps *pyǝxter- would be better than *ph2tér-. That Arm. shows apparent p- > y- in words from the same root (yawray ‘stepfather’) makes consolidating the explanations for both a better solution. It is not just this one root, in *pleh1- \ *pelh1- ‘fill’ > ptólis / pólis ‘city’; *plh1u- > G. polús, Arm. yolov ‘many (people)’, derivatives show particular reflexes of *py-. There is no reason for oddities to randomly cluster around these same roots if they really began with *p- not *py-. In the same way, Balto-Slavic shows PIE syllabic *l to both il or ul for no apparent reason, so *pelh1- > Li. pilti , Arm. hełum ‘poufill’, _-yełc’ ‘full of _’ (in compounds) would allow *pyl- > pil- here. That these were old changes, not affixes, is seen in Arm. yolov ‘many (people)’, žołovurd ‘multitude’, in which y > ž does not happen in *en > y-, an explanation favored by some (Hrach Martirosyan, Alexis Manaster Ramer). Why would *en > y- attach to p- > 0- more often than others, happening to match pt- in G. from the same root?

This seems to extend to Tocharian as well. TA ypic / ywic ‘full’, TB īte ‘full’, once again an unexplained y- appears. An assimilation at a distance for y-t > y-t^ > y-c in TA might match y-d > y-y in https://www.reddit.com/usestlatos/comments/142wmpe/tocharian_y_j/ . If this root began with *p- in PIE, there would be no reason for y- (or -l- > 0). Since PIE *pleh1- ‘fill’, in Greek, Armenian, and Baltic all show irregular changes, it makes more sense for this root to be *pyel- ‘fill / full/many’, not a multitude of affixes that happened to attach to the same root, all causing palatalization. If *py- instead, a change of yl > l would work:
*pyǝlex^to- ‘filled / full’ > *plex^to- > Skt. prātá-, *flīθo- > Arm. li, *pylēto > *pyēto > *pyīte / *wyīte > TA ypic / ywic ‘full’, TB īte ‘full’
The change of *yl > *y in the onset is probably like *yn when denasalized: *x^nenk^-(i)sk^e- > L. nanciscor ‘get/reach/obtain’, *ylëksk- > TB yäks- ‘grasp/embrace/entangle’, etc. This intermediate stage would explain both. With no other ex. of *yeh > *yē, it is likely raising is regular in this environment. With the many other IE irregularities in ‘fill’, another one in Toch. from yet another separate cause would be too much.

Adding in a stage where VC correspond to syllabic C and h2 = x, h1 = x^, these would include:
*pyǝxter- > Av. p(i)tar- [*h > -i- unexpected in Iran.], Ku. yǝi
*pyǝxtrwyo- > Arm. yawray ‘stepfather’, Greek patruiós, Av. tūirya-
*syom-pyǝxtryo- > G. sumpatriṓtēs ‘fellow countryman’, *sumpitranga- > Av. suptiδarǝŋga- ‘(one) belonging to the same country’

*pyenkWe > OIr cóic, Arm. hing ‘5’
*pyenkWe-dk^omt()- > *yenxi:s^ond- > yisun ’50’

*pyilo- > G. ptílon / Doric psílon ‘plume/down/wing’, L. pilus ‘single hair on the body’
*pyilyo- > LB fem. *ptilyo-wessa ‘having a feather(-pattern??)’, G. ptílos ‘suffering from ptilosis (loss of eyelashes)’, psīlós ‘bare / stripped of haifeathers’

*pyolx^- > ON felmta ‘be frightened / tremble’, G. pállō ‘shake/brandish’, ptólemos / pólemos ‘war’

*pyix^won- > Skt. pīvan-, fem. pīvarī-, *pyehwrī > *yewri > Arm. yoyr -i- ‘fat’

*pyǝlǝtxu- > Av. pǝrǝθu-, Skt. pṛthú-, G. platús ‘broad/flat’, Arm. yałt` ‘wide / big / broad’, Ku. phelaŋ ‘flat’, E. field
*pyolǝ(t)xyo- > OCS polje ‘field’, Kh. noγ-pèti ‘new field’, Kv. *pulti > ptúl ‘cultivated field’, ptsí ‘measure for fields’

*pyelx^- > Li. pilti , Arm. hełum ‘poufill’, _-yełc’ ‘full of _’ (in compounds)
*pyǝlǝx^i- > G. ptólis / pólis ‘city’
*pyǝlǝx^u- > G. polús, Arm. yolov ‘many (people)’, žołovurd ‘multitude’
*pyi-pyǝleh1- > Skt. píprati ‘fill’, G. pímplēmi, Arm. yłp’anam ‘be filled to repletion / be overfilled’

*pyǝlex^to- ‘filled / full’ > *plex^to- > Skt. prātá-, *flīθo- > Arm. li, *pylēto > *pyēto > *pyīte / *wyīte > TA ypic / ywic ‘full’, TB īte ‘full’

So many cases of pt- / y- / -i- can not be explained in any other manner than *y existing in these. Seeing many cases of these in the same roots (ptólis / pólis, yolov : žołov-) makes any explanation besides an inherited *py with sound changes unlikely. There are 6 oddities alone in ‘fill’ above (if Baltic il vs. ul counts).

Alb Albanian
Arm Armenian
Aro Aromanian
Asm Assamese
Av Avestan
Bal Baluchi
Bac Bactrian
Be Bengali
Bg Bulgarian
Br Breton
Bu Burushaski
C Cornish
Cz Czech
E English
EArm Eastern Armenian
G Greek
Go Gothic
H Hittite
Hi Hindi
Is Ishkashimi
It Italian
K Kassite
Kd Kurdish
Kho Khotanese
Khw Khwarezmian
Ku Kusunda
L Latin
Li Lithuanian
Lt Latvian
M Mitanni
Mh Marathi
MArm Middle Armenian
MW Middle Welsh
NHG New High German
MHG Middle High German
OHG Old High German
OBg Old Bulgarian
OBr Old Breton
OCS Old Church Slavonic
OIc Old Icelandic
OIr Old Irish
OE Old English
ON Old Norse
OPr Old Prussian
OP Old Persian
MP Middle Persian
NP (New) Persian (Farsi)
Nw Norwegian
Os Ossetian
Ph Phrygian
Ps Pashto
R Russian
Ru Romanian\Rumanian
Sar Sarikoli
Shu Shughni
Skt Sanskrit
Sog Sogdian
TA Tocharian A
TB Tocharian B
W Welsh
Wx Wakhi

Gy Gypsy
Dv Domari \ Do:mva:ri:
Lv Lomavren
Rom Romani

Dardic Group
A Atshareetaá \ (older Palola < *Paaloolaá)
B Bangani
Ba bHaṭé-sa zíb \ Bhaṭeri
D Degaanó \ Degano
Dk Domaaki \ Domaá \ D.umaki
Dm Dameli
Gi Gultari
Id Indus Kohistani
Ka Kalam Kohistani \ Kalami \ Gawri \ Bashkarik
Kh Khowàr
Km Kashmiri
Ks Kalasha
KS Kundal Shahi
Kt ktívi kâtá vari
Kv Kâmvíri
Pl Paaluulaá
Pr Prasun
Ni Nišei-alâ
Np Nepali
Sa Saňu-vīri
Sh Shina
Ti Torwali
Wg Waigali \ Kalas.a-alâ

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2023.06.10 22:58 Ds_macro_skull Dsi XL Macro Gengar Pokemon

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2023.06.10 22:57 shopping490490 L.E.G.I.O.N. '92 # 36 VF cond: 1992 DC comic

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2023.06.10 22:57 jonslashtroy Got a few mercenaries to max, what do i do with renown?

Question 1: if i take a renown treasure level 1, does that mean that the character always has it active? or does it upgrade treasures i get when im in a bounty?
E.g. Gruff can get "+1 spell damage for all night elves taurens and trolls" and that's easily my favourite thing since all the nature mercs I play are those races. Is that now a permanent battlecry or does the buff I get for winning a fight get +1? (Obviously I don't always get that one when I win a fight.)
Next, what are the best choices for where to put my renown points? I've not spent a single one yet (I upgraded some spells and armours in a poor order and regret it) so I'm being quite careful with them.
So far my maxes are:S Samuro, Cariel, Xyrella, Cornelius, Guff, Anacondra, Millhouse, Tamsin. I'm currently going for Bru'kan next while I level up random things and advance tasks,
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2023.06.10 22:54 Samambaia_H what a hell of a good treasure chest

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2023.06.10 22:51 Produalx Looking for some help. I want to connect a dash camera through a fuse box. CR-V 2023

Looking for some help. I want to connect a dash camera through a fuse box. CR-V 2023
So, Basically title, I want to connect a dash camera through a fuse box. need one fuse for a battery and another for power. The one that is on the battery should always work even when the car is turned off. The layout of fuse box from the manual and from the photo from the car is shown. Question: Which two fuse to choose? Only two numbers are needed. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.10 22:51 innocii How much is a single energy credit worth in relation to our global economy?

How would one answer this question? Let's try together! There is one important thing in both Stellaris and our own reality, which is the same: The sun, our g-type main sequence star.
We can therefore indirectly compare energy credits and dollars, using the energy output of the sun.
So, how much energy is the sun producing in a month? Its output is 3.86 x 1026 watts[1] . Watts are equal to joules per second. A month has 60 x 60 x 24 x 30.42 = 2,628 x 106 seconds (assuming an average amount of days in a month). Multiplying the two we arrive at 1.0107288 x 1033 joule. Joule itself as a unit isn't terribly helpful yet, so we convert it to kWh, which you may already be familiar with from your energy bill. Dividing the energy value by 3.6 x 106 and we arrive at: 2.80758 x 1026 kWh.
We do have to assume that the dates depicted in Stellaris (which always starts at 2200-01-01) are the same lunar years that we experience. But this should be a fair assumption, considering that Sol is in the game, and the default empire is seemingly meant to be our own civilization.
You may already have heard about the concept of a Dyson Sphere. If you've played with Utopia, or frequent this subreddit, that is. It is a construct around a star (mostly encompassing it, though not exclusively [a] [b] [c] [d] [e] ), which harvests its full energy. In the game this is equivalent to 4000 energy credits.
It is at this point that we have to concede an inaccuracy: Obviously not all stars have the same luminosity, i.e. the same energy output. However, in the game, all stars are equal to one another, when measured through the Dyson Sphere scale (and we have no other possible scale). Mods do sometimes try to fix this issue (often relying on vague internal "planet" sizes), but as a result we cannot be certain about the value, as we can ascertain neither the actual mass nor luminosity of any star ingame.
As a result, we should not be putting too much effort into calculating an approximate energy price for our own reality either. It would be wasted effort, especially since we also do not know the effiency of future photovoltaic cells. Let it suffice to say, that energy prices through the last few hundred years (when evaluating coal and other energy sources apart from electricity too) have varied greatly, and as a result of inflation, continued to increase. Any estimation will be a rough guess at best.
We will therefore use the average energy price in the US through the years 2020 to 2023, i.e. $0.17 per 1kWh[2] . If we'd use european data, it'd be 0.24€ per 1kWh[3] instead (prices vary due to local production). Both values are using consumer pricing for households.
Continuing on, we can now assume 4000 energy credits are (very roughly due to the necessary assumptions) equivalent to
Consequently, a single energy credit is worth:
A truly unimaginable amount of wealth, compressed into a single digit.
Considering that in 2022 the world economy was recorded as $101 600 000 000 000 (breaking through 100 trillion dollars for the first time), a dyson sphere is worth as much economic power as 5 637 266 900 000 times (5.6372669 x 1012 ) our own human civilization encompasses. Maybe I should say 'any "early-space age" pre-FTL civilization'?
To put this into perspective (and end on a funny note): Any galactic civilization, with even just a single Dyson Sphere, would care about us approximately two times less than Bill Gates (with a net worth of $128 000 000 000[4] ) would about picking up a single penny ($0.01). And we know he said he wouldn't do it.
Economically speaking, we would never be contacted by an alien species, before it isn't as easy for them as waving their hand, or "value" in reaching us increases otherwise. Henceforth, I don't think anybody should be scared of (or excited about) aliens contacting us in our lifetime, sorry! (Though actually, with FTL travel existing, it might be that easy after all.)
Also: Upkeep for leaders is way too high. At this point governors aren't just ruling planets, they own them! And being a Clerk doesn't sound so bad anymore... Excuse me for a second, I need to invent time travel.
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2023.06.10 22:51 Glittering-Brain1594 Last pack from Dollar Tree that happened to be misplaced, for the win!

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2023.06.10 22:50 MrFakest Discover has served me well... but I need a good 2nd card!

Current cards:
Discover Cash Back $3,000 limit, September 2022
FICO Score: e.g. 750
Oldest account age: 9 months
Chase 5/24 status: 1/24
Income: $90,000
Average monthly spend and categories:
rent: $1800
groceries: $300
gas: $50
other: $200
Open to Business Cards: e.g. No
What's the purpose of your next card?
I'm looking for a good points and/or cashback card. I like my Discover, but outside the revolving categories the cashback is pretty useless. I'd also like to start saving points to redeem for hotels and flights for traveling.
I'm also going to be traveling abroad in a month, so I need something with a Visa or Mastercard signature.
Do you have any cards you've been looking at?
I was considering waiting for my account to be old enough to apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, but as mentioned I'm going to be traveling abroad and need something by next month. I've been banking with Wells Fargo for over 4 years, so I've been looking at their Autograph card.
Are you OK with category spending or do you want a general spending card?
I'm flexibile.
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2023.06.10 22:50 nevermindever42 How to communicate to audience that don't want to listen to you specifically?

There are these fundamental aspects of communication - audience, purpose, context, and then for audience you have to really think about your reputation in the face of audience e.g. you wont ever read article from shitty social media. You will actively avoid it. Same if you hate some person, you will mute it on facebook.
What are the options to still attempt to communicate if this fundamental factor is messed up? If audience don't want to hear from you in particular?
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2023.06.10 22:50 PartyPaul-100 One of my all time favorites of his!

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2023.06.10 22:49 iAte500Benadryl Normalize being a silly little guy

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2023.06.10 22:46 SpicyWalrus Favorite songs of r/QOTSA of each letter (Letter X)

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