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For fans of the 10mm Auto

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2023.04.01 02:04 petermat97 First 1911 purchased. Excited.

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2023.04.01 00:53 HareTr1gger "We be of one blood ye and I" - Kaa

Shere Khan is a Ported 10mm 6\" Bull Barrel 70 Series Longslide Hard Chrome 1911 Designed by HareTr!gger, built by Bob Cogan, Artwork by [email protected]!gger, custom color grips by [email protected]!gger
This post is a tribute to those who collaborated and took a journey to create a bespoke piece of 'muricana art in the form of this 1911.
Shere Khan was inspired by many and made by family and some new friends met along the way. This journey now complete produced this gorgeous heritage/heirloom piece.
The story.
I was home (along with the rest of the world in 2020) and rediscovered my like for firearms. I looked at many and ultimately landed on 1911s. The basic cool pistol of my youth, simple, unmistakeable and what the little plastic army guys that I played with as kid carried.
I went from wanting a Desert Eagle .50 (illegal as it is classified an assault weapon based on it's weight being over 50 ounces and semi-automatic in NooYawk-istan - wait...WTF ) to a DE 45 to Colt Combat Elite Commander to Dan Wesson Silverback 10mm (retired by the time I came upon it). I made a number of attempts to have my Irish Silverback (nickname for me from a friend) built by DW, but they were hit hard by Covid, so I took Keith Lawton's advice and looked elsewhere for a gunsmith.
I stumbled on Bob Cogan at Accurate Plating and Weaponry through this post of his work CZ Shadow 2 - Hard Chromed - SAO converted and started on the 7 month journey (parts took a while due to supply chain challenges then more Covid impacts) to go from order in March of 2021 to delivery October 2021.
After a fair amount of revisions I made to my original design and taking some cues from Bob's work, as well as artwork from my son (I asked him for an original Asian influenced font for the name Shere Khan and he drops Shere Khan himself in with it, which [email protected] laser engraved on Shere Khan.
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2023.03.31 01:09 PhyrexianAltarBoy Has anyone found a compatible Rock Island Tac-Ultra FS HC Extended Slide Release

Has anyone found a compatible Rock Island Tac-Ultra FS HC Extended Slide Release
I am a left handed shooter and I'm looking for an extended slide release as it makes operation a little easier for me.
I tried a Wilson combat extended release but it doesn't quite have the shame profile as the OEM one and magazines won't fall free when the slide is locked to the rear. No issues with a closed slide.
Thanks for looking.
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2023.03.30 08:12 Glass-Service-7487 I Need help with 1911 tac ultra 10mm 8 rd disassembly

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2023.03.30 03:24 crmathe1 Rock Island 10mm Tac Ultra 10mm. What would y’all pay used for one? Seller says he has around 100 rounds through it.

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2023.03.30 00:51 BRAAPITBRO Custom cut and trigger recommendations

I have an RIA Tac Ultra FS HC .45. I’m wanting to mill a couple windows on top of the forward end of the slide and port the barrel under the windows to help shot more flat and reduce weight and also avoid adding weight by installing a compensator. Who have you guys used or recommend? I also want to replace the factory trigger with a flat trigger. Obviously wanting the trigger to be smooth with little take up and clean break. Quick reset. And around 4#. Need recommendations on triggers as well. Thanks!
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2023.03.29 02:47 Montague1984 New Here

New Here
Hey there. Thought I’d introduce myself with my carry gun, a Tac Ultra FS HC. I’ve carried it daily for a year (sans tlr-10) and once I’ve made my holster I’ll be able to carry with the light. Literally nothing negative to say about it except that it wore a crescent into my pant leg from the thread protector so my underwear shows. I party hard.
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2023.03.29 02:40 Upset-Equipment-5347 RIA Tac Ultra FS first day at the range - 15 yds +/-

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2023.03.28 17:41 pepethetech RIA tac ultra hc 9mm, egw plate, vortex venom, Olight baldr pro r.

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2023.03.27 23:21 bigdust80 Using a commander bushing in a full size

Is there any risk in using a commander length bushing in a full size 1911? I accidentally ordered a Wilson Combat thick flange bushing for a Commander instead of my full size. I can’t return it because I already started fitting it to my slide. I’m new to 1911’s so if it won’t work, I’ll just chalk it up to learning.
Also, my RIA 1911A1 FS has a full length guide rod. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a guide rod plug for a thick flange?
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2023.03.27 16:57 Representative-One39 ADS LEAN updated gun list.

Pistols : M9a3,Colt 6520,Glock 19x,Glock pack,Browning Hi-power,Colt 1911,Hunting revolver,Mk 23,Sr1mp,hk usp,hk usp .45 with tactical knife,Beretta m9-fs,single action army,
SMG : MP5 complex,Hk ump,10mm smg,Cbj-ms,Mac-11,Sr-2 Veresk,Kriss vector,sig mpx,Thompson smg,
Shotguns : Mossberg 500,Select Shotgun,Remington 870,AA12,Benelli M1014,Caravan shotgun,Hunting shotgun.
Assault rifles : All Zenit guns,9x39 project,Modular Kalash,Sig mcx,honey badger,Sa58 plus kukri,Ak5c,Mk18 cqbr,Fn scar-h,Bh stg-44,Br 55,G36,Grease gun,G3A3,MA37,Misriah armory,Modern firearms,Rifles rebirth,R-series,Skibadaa pack,RU556,Steyr aug a3,VHS-2,Wattz laser gun,Chinese assault rifle,M4 pack,
Dmr and sniper : M1 garand,M14,SV-98,anti-materiel rifle,Bullpub bozar,Cowboy repeater,Mosin nagant,Rangemaster,DKS-501,Varmint rifle
Others : RPG7,M 79 grenade launcher
🙏 let me know,if i missed some weapons. Thank you TEE_l for helping me fill this list!
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2023.03.23 06:52 Cantaloopresident RIA 1911 a1 10mm

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2023.03.20 22:58 ThredzC RIA Tac Ultra HC 45 with Holosun 507k and threaded barrel

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2023.03.19 17:17 Twenty1Gun Here's everything you missed last week

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2023.03.16 11:16 HopeOfAkira Lying, deflecting blame and character assassination: a collection of Eteri Tutberidze's comments on her injured skaters.

(Content warnings: Abuse, eating disorders, injuries.)
In response to the latest revelations from Team Tutberidze, I felt like assembling a series of the moments where Eteri Tutberidze - a winner of the ISU's Coach Of The Year Award - has demonstrated her frequent tendency to abdicate responsibility in the media whenever the issue of injured skaters comes up. This is not a fully-exhaustive collection by any means, but it's still a useful illustration of a recurring pattern.
Because my own Russian isn't up to the task, everything here has been translated through DeepL. Lines in bold in quoted sections are questions asked by interviewers. Footnotes are my own additions for the sake of providing context.

Polina Shelepen:

Shelepen was one of Tutberidze's very first skaters to achieve major success, winning a pair of Junior Grand Prix Final silver medals in 2009-10 and 2011-12. In July 2012, Shelepen left Tutberidze to train with Svetlana Sokolovskaya at CSKA.
A year later, Tutberidze gave the world an early and startling insight into her coaching style, media approach and what she saw in her work with Shelepen. It offers invaluable context for everything that follows.
Did the departure of Polina Shelepen, who had won five Junior Grand Prix stages under your guidance, upset you a lot?
"I was upset by something else. I've been coaching Polina since she was four years old and everything we accomplished was in spite of her, not because of her. Firstly, Polina never had sporting ambitions, I had them. I was the one who tried to prove to everyone that she could jump and win. Everyone kept telling me otherwise. Polina was too tall, uncoordinated and "clumsy" - that is, not suitable for jumping. Nevertheless, she jumped. In the last two years our relationship wasn't very simple. I understood that sooner or later Shelepen would leave me, moreover, I was ready for it. And I was upset because my work for many years and in fact very hard had gone so quickly into the sand. And of course, purely as a human being, I was offended that Polina, having decided to change coaches, did not even consider it necessary to come to the rink with a bouquet of flowers and say "thank you"."
You know, I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that when you break up, it's very difficult to keep a warm feeling for the person who led you to the result. Because that is the person with whom an athlete intuitively associates not the most pleasant memories: hard training work, the need to break yourself every day, overcome, endure pain, give up some pleasures...
"So it is. Of course, it is much easier not to put girls on the scales at a transitional age, not to take away their food, not make them run track ... Of course, the child is hurt, and he often looks for someone to complain. Not everyone understands that if the coach shouts, it means he loves you. It means he sees something in you that other athletes don't have. I went through a similar situation in my sports life. I was catching every look, and I was getting one reprimand a week. That's really scary.
It's very important what position the parents take. They have to explain to their child that everything the coach does, he does for the good. And they should understand that since they came to such a difficult sport, they probably came for results, and not just for fun. And if so, you have to be patient.
If the parents simply take the side of the child, the coach will always lose in this confrontation. And a figure skater's sports life is so short..."

Source: September 5, 2013, from a Sport-Express.ru interview, titled "Этери Тутберидзе: "На Плющенко можно сделать ставку в командных соревнованиях"."
Shelepen ultimately retired in 2014, at the age of 19, citing a chronic ankle injury.

Adian Pitkeev:

Pitkeev was one of Tutberidze's first high-profile men's skaters, training with her for the majority of his junior career.
In his first senior season, he took bronze at the 2014-15 Russian Nationals (with a sore throat), and was named to the Russian team for the following European Championships. The preparation for this event wasn't all smooth sailing, as Tutberidze noted after 2015 Euros:
I can't help but ask about Adian Pitkeev and his preparation for the World Championships. Before the [2015] European Championships Adian said that he was ill, and it prevented him from performing at his best in Stockholm. How are things now?
"We're training, but at a relaxed pace. It is always difficult to recover after antibiotics and a serious illness. In Stockholm Adian did not hide his feelings, as if his arms and legs "came off", but even in this state, on painkillers, he performed. On the eve of the championship, he had a fever for almost two weeks. Doctors did not immediately diagnose him with maxillary sinusitis. They were treating him for the flu, gave him antipyretic drugs, but his temperature kept rising until, finally, they found out what was the cause. They put him on antibiotics, but the process was already at an advanced stage. Probably, all of this gave us a sad picture.
We decided not to withdraw, although such an option was not excluded. I asked Adian: "Imagine, you're preparing for the World Championships or the Olympics, and suddenly you get sick. Will you withdraw?" He answered, "No," and tried to show everything he could at that moment. In the quadruple we didn't even "go in" because the guy was very weak and it could have had serious consequences."1

Source: February 9, 2015, from an FSRussia.ru interview, titled "Этери Тутберидзе: «К каждому старту надо учиться правильно себя настраивать»".

1: Pitkeev's Euros short program began with a fall on a quadruple toeloop, and his free program began with an obviously-unplanned pop into a double toeloop. In his own words: "I started to get ready for the championship on January 16, so I was not ready to do the quadruple toe jump confidently. I had no thoughts of not doing the quadruple. Since we are competing in men's singles and I know how to do a quadruple jump, you can't and wouldn't want to lower the bar. We need to jump it." [Source: January 28, 2015, from an FSRussia.ru article, titled "Адьян Питкеев: «Из-за болезней толком не смог подготовиться к чемпионату Европы»".]
For context - Tutberidze, following 2014-15 Russian Nationals, spoke of how Pitkeev's transition to the senior ranks meant "he needed to do a quadruple jump", and that "we were forced to work on" it. [Source: December 28, 2014, from a sports.ru article, titled "Этери Тутберидзе: «Работа над четверным прыжком у Питкеева была форсированной»".]
Two years later, however, Tutberidze is painting a very different "sad picture" of Pitkeev's 2015 Euros:
"Almost a year before Yekaterinburg [2015-16 Nationals] Adian had the [2015] European Championships, where he didn't want to go. He shouted during the trainings: "Take me off, I don't want to go there as a tourist". What do you mean, "take me off"? Why "a tourist"?1 Before that European Championship there was a great Russian Championship. Why did he suddenly start behaving like that? We persuaded him, we loved him, we persuaded him again, and in the end we took him to the championship by force. But before the competition it was not a training process, it was a disgrace. And as a result at the European Championships Adian showed us with his whole appearance and skating: You shouldn't have brought me here, I told you, I'm not ready to compete!"

Source: May 5, 2017, from an RSport.RIA.ru interview, titled "Этери Тутберидзе: если воспитание проецировать на спорт, получится дисциплина".

1: Former Team Tutberidze skater Morisi Kvitelashvili says this is a term that Tutberidze and her staff use to describe uncompetitive skaters. In his own words: "Bad experience and bad memories - that's how I'll take it [if I perform poorly at the 2023 World Championships in Japan]. It's not like I'm a tourist - I'm going to Japan as an athlete. And before that I work and train - for what? To come and show results. And if you don't have a result, are you just coming to see the city? That's what [my Team Tutberidze coaches] would say if something goes wrong: 'Well, are you going as a tourist?'" [Source: February 3, 2023, from a sports.ru article, titled "«Сегодня в спорте я просто мучаюсь». Крик души Мориса Квителашвили, который поймал выгорание".]
Between these two interviews, Pitkeev had left Team Tutberidze to train with Elena Buyanova at CSKA.
2015 Euros wasn't the only time Pitkeev competed while in very poor physical condition. A season later, the 2015-16 Nationals saw an even more serious example - to quote Pitkeev's own recollections of the competition:
"The back pain didn't go away after practice. I came here to perform as well as I could. I wanted to compete, but I couldn't get up after I fell on my toeloop, so I had to skate, I don't know how. I was in a lot of pain, but they gave me three injections today and I did not know how many pills I had.”

Source: December 25, 2015, from an RSport.RIA.ru article, titled "Фигурист Питкеев заявил, что выступал на ЧР на уколах при сильной боли в спине".
You shocked everyone by saying that you skated through pain at the Russian Championships. Shouldn't you have quit?
"I was also ill at the time. Because of all that, my morning training session was not very good. It was simply painful to perform crossovers, I skated like a lost man. Before the start I was completely drained, and after I fell, I don't even remember what I was doing."
But you wanted to compete at all costs?
"People paid money, they came to the competition. Of course, I couldn't give them a proper performance, but even in spite of the pain, I wanted to perform well. I realised that I could have done something, maybe even made it into the top three. But falling down after a perfect jump, I didn't understand what had happened, and after that I was absolutely drained. I just wanted to make it to the end of the program."

Source: February 8, 2016, from a sports.ru article, titled "Адьян Питкеев: «Один раз я три часа без перерыва играл на электрогитаре»".
In that same 2017 interview, however, Tutberidze was less than sympathetic toward the struggles of her student-at-the-time:
You haven't come across any material that could make a champion product in men's singles skating yet?
"Well, look: Adian Pitkeev is a very talented boy. The judges and the audience liked him. He had Kalmykian roots. He was the closest of all the athletes in our group to the material from which we wanted to mold the product."
Why didn't it work out?
"He was going through adolescence and the athlete began to have too many questions... At that time, there were several guys who were skating at the same level, but the coaching staff had to prove their love for him every day. There were genuine tears when he felt like he wasn't needed. Though of course he was needed, how else could he be? But he thought differently, and the whole training period he spent in that state led to the anti-result at which it all ended. There were even training breakdowns somewhere. The guy was running away, throwing his skates in the trash... Of course, he didn't want to give up skating. But he wanted someone to take those skates out of the trash, wipe them off, bring them back to the locker room and call him with the words "Adian, come back."
What's more, what happens now is that guys from another generation suddenly start behaving the same way. They want us to show our love in this form. And I don't understand that."
That's what you said at a recent press conference - pity isn't about you?
"Pity doesn't help in the workplace. It really doesn't. What does it lead to? Results?"
I have the mental image right now - Pitkeev's free skate at the 2015-16 Russian Championships in Yekaterinburg. He falls from the quadruple jump unluckily, it hurts, and you meet him by the boards with a harsh phrase: "If you're going out there, you have to endure it".
"Yes. If you're going out there, you have to skate."
But maybe he wanted different words at that moment? The same pity?
"By this stage he was already in the state that had led to this kind of skating. In the training process there was already a certain provocation." [Note: the quote about 2015 Euros above, beginning "Almost a year before Yekaterinburg", directly follows on from this sentence.]

Source: May 5, 2017, from an RSport.RIA.ru interview, titled "Этери Тутберидзе: если воспитание проецировать на спорт, получится дисциплина".
Pitkeev left Team Tutberidze in March 2016. According to a 2017 Absolute Skating interview with his new coach Buyanova, his injuries were severe enough to require treatment in Russia, Germany and America, and the doctors still forbade him from on-ice training as of January 2017. He ultimately announced his retirement from singles skating in June 2017, citing his chronic back injuries.
His post-Tutberidze interviews have been nothing but complimentary toward her. He even bought her flowers upon his departure, just as she always wanted.

Polina Tsurskaya:

Tsurskaya was one of the generation of young Team Tutberidze prospects in the Pyeongchang cycle, and took gold at both the 2015-16 Junior Grand Prix Final and the 2016 Winter Youth Olympics. Injuries plagued her career, withdrawing from 2016 Junior Worlds and the following season's JGPF.
At 2016-17 Junior Nationals in February 2017, she described her injuries that season:
Tell us, please, what was the injury?
"I thought it was just a leg injury but it turned out that I have this genetic condition that was inherited from my parents. It's quite a rare disease, Koenig's disease [osteochondritis dissecans]. You can't blame anyone for it, you can't write it off to intensive training. If I hadn't played sports, it might have been the same. We just wouldn't have known about it, because there was no exertion, no discomfort."
How did the disease manifest itself?
"My knee was hurting. As the doctors explained, a piece of cartilage had fallen off and was floating around the joint cavity. It was hitting some places, which caused a lot of pain. There was no other option than to have an operation to remove this piece."

Source: February 4, 2017, from an FSRussia.ru article, titled "Полина Цурская: «Надеюсь, что предстоящий чемпионат мира сложится для меня лучше, чем предыдущий»".
Tsurskaya went on to finish tenth at 2017 Junior Worlds, and Tutberidze spoke about the skater's injury problems in a post-season interview:
"She (Tsurskaya) has been taken to Germany many times, operated on, but she has genetic predispositions that are rare. If you know diseases like exostosis... when the bones grow in one place and they just fall off in another place. It's a rare genetic thing, she has it from her father. She came to the [2017 Junior] World Championships this time with a very serious diagnosis. But she wants to skate, so we'll do everything we can," Tutberidze said at a press conference at the Russia Today news agency.
"A girl with complicated health, with great talent to skate, but complicated health. We and the federation are trying to support her health, and as long as she has any chance to skate, has the desire, we will do it," the coach added.

Source: April 28, 2017, from an RSport.RIA.ru article, titled "Цурская имеет редкое заболевание, вызванное генетическими причинами - Тутберидзе".
Hours after Tutberidze attributed her student's injuries to primarily genetic factors, however, Tsurskaya’s mother publicly disagreed with Tutberidze’s version of events.
"Polina's current injury is a herniated lumbar spinal disc," Natalia Tsurskaya told me in a telephone conversation. “Before that she had a torn ligament, then Koenig's disease, in which hereditary predisposition is far from the main cause.1 She has no other illnesses, nor does her father have any. She is now training and is determined to continue her career."
"Polina underwent a course of treatment in Germany, the doctors allowed her to perform jumps. But she is not jumping yet by a joint decision of the coaches and doctors - only because it's the end of the season and it's not necessary," added the mother of the skater.

Source: April 28, 2017, from an RSport.RIA.ru article posted five hours after the above Tutberidze quote, titled "Полина Цурская продолжит карьеру, несмотря на поясничную грыжу – мать фигуристки".

1: To quote from the Wikipedia article on the disease in question: "Despite much research, the causes remain unclear but include repetitive physical trauma, ischemia [restriction of blood flow], hereditary and endocrine factors, avascular necrosis [loss of blood flow], rapid growth, deficiencies and imbalances in the ratio of calcium to phosphorus, and problems of bone formation." Tsurskaya's mother appears correct in noting that Koenig's disease is not exclusively hereditary in origin; while "repetitive physical trauma" is definitely something that would occur in high-level figure skating.
Tsurskaya would ultimately go on to leave Team Tutberidze in May 2018. She announced her retirement from skating a year later, at the age of 17.

Evgenia Medvedeva:

Medvedeva was the first of Tutberidze's skaters to win a senior world title, triumphing in both 2016 and 2017. Following the 2018 Olympics, where she took silver behind fellow Tutberidze pupil Alina Zagitova, Medvedeva left Russia to train with Brian Orser in Canada. Following the pandemic and its associated effects on international travel in 2020, Medvedeva left Orser to return to Team Tutberidze once more, though she never skated competitively again.
A few weeks after Medvedeva announced her retirement in December 2021, Tutberidze offered her own perspective on Medvedeva's injury-hit 2017-18 Olympic season.
"How did I come to terms with her leaving? What's there to accept? I mean, she left, not that I had a choice. And frankly, I wasn't offended.
She had an interview where she said that she begged us to keep the original [free skate] program that was set. That's not true. She came off the ice in Bratislava [at the 2017 Ondrej Nepela Trophy in September], put on the [skate] covers, and said to me, "I'm not going to do this program again." I had already called Daniil Gleikhengauz [Tutberidze’s choreographer] from the plane and told him to do anything but put the program on. He said: "Are you crazy?" But we didn't have time to prepare. Because instead of getting ready for the season, Zhenya toured all the Japanese shows over the summer. We came out skating in very weak form. Next came the weight game, because someone told Zhenya, I even know who, that she looked anorexic and would have low components [PCS], even though Zhenya already had 10s at the time. She started deliberately letting the weight go, then came the under-rotations and the stress fracture of the bone. We did the best we could under the suggested circumstances.”

Source: December 22, 2021, in an interview with a Channel One show called "Пусть говорят"; the above excerpt is quoted from a Championat article.
When discussing her retirement from competitive skating, Medvedeva cited her chronic back injuries.

Daria Usacheva:

Usacheva was one of Tutberidze's new seniors for the 2021-22 season, taking the silver medal at 2021 Skate America as part of a Team Tutberidze 1-2. During the 2021 NHK Trophy, Usacheva suffered a horrific hip injury in her short program warm-up session, and had to be carried off of the ice. Some differing reports followed about the severity of her injury, but whatever the case - Usacheva hasn't competed in any competition, international or domestic, since that day.
Tutberidze's own perspective on the matter is as follows:
For a long time nothing was heard of Dasha Usacheva.
"We tried to restore Dasha for a long time, but she would start jumping and the pains would come back. Perhaps it was a psychological moment, phantom pains. Every time I sent her back to the Federal Medical and Biological Agency for consultations and examinations. She went to various specialists, including Christian Schneider in Germany. It got to the point that the doctors could see no reason for the problems, but she was still in pain. I'm not a doctor, it's hard for me to say what it is. But she can't jump."
From her content throughout her two pre-Olympic seasons, there is a sense that the problem has been with her for more than a year. I could be wrong, of course.
"In fact, Dasha has come to us with this problem before. For the last two or three years as soon as we came to the training camp in Novogorsk and after the break, the chronic pains appeared. We started to heal, reduced the load, and then gradually, very gently from season to season. So we just did not have time to work on the elements of ultras, and we were afraid that it would aggravate her problem. Of course, we always took care of her, Dasha was under control of the doctors. Well, last season started the same way traditionally, but usually the pains were gone by the beginning of the season. This time the pains in her hip continued to bother her."
So, maybe she shouldn't have gone to Japan for that unfortunate Grand Prix? Though, as I remember, Sasha Trusova had to miss it, and it seemed to improve Daria's chances?
"Of course, it was the Olympic season, and Dasha really wanted to take her chance. We had a conversation two days before we left, with Daria's mother, the athlete and the doctors present. I was adamantly against going to this event because it looked to me visually through her movements that her pain had increased. In this conversation, Dasha's mother insisted on her participation, while Daria herself cried and asked to give her a chance and not to be removed from the start. Her main argument was that the doctors would be there for her, that she would try to take care of herself. She didn't even practice until that first six-minute warm-up. Everyone saw how it ended. For our part, we always try to give an athlete the best chance, but this time I regretted that I didn't insist on a complete withdrawal.
Only recently, in a casual conversation, the doctors learned that her older sister, who also did figure skating, had ended up with exactly the same injury. Maybe if we had known about this earlier, we could have handled this problem differently. But nothing can be changed here."

Source: March 13, 2023, from a TASS.ru article, titled "Этери Тутберидзе: постоянное давление не может стать частью привычки".
First, note the return of the "her family's genetics were to blame for the injuries" explanation, previously used before with Tsurskaya.
And second, according to the coach herself, Tutberidze was "adamantly against" Usacheva competing - out of concern for the skater's health - and she only gave in after Usacheva herself pleaded to be allowed to participate in the NHK Trophy. It's impossible to reconcile this characterisation with her differing attitude toward another Team Tutberidze Olympic hopeful that same season.

Aliona Kostornaia:

One of the most high-profile skaters of the Beijing Olympic cycle, Kostornaia dominated the 2019-20 season with her consistent triple axel and her lovely skating skills. A turbulent two seasons followed - seeing her departure from Team Tutberidze in 2020/21, followed by her return in 2021/22 - but as Beijing approached, she was one of Tutberidze's skaters, and chasing her Olympic dream.
Two weeks before the 2021-22 Russian Nationals, Kostornaia withdrew from the competition with a fractured hand. Tutberidze was unimpressed.
Is it true that you forbade Kostornaia to talk about her injury?
"I don’t know who forbade her to comment. I think, on the contrary, she could have told quite calmly that she fell, and she had a crack on the bone of some finger.
In general, here’s such a situation. You can think of it in different ways – maybe some kind of cruelty or something else. But honestly, I believe that it was possible to try and skate with this injury. Because Evgenia Medvedeva skated with a plaster cast on her arm at the Russian Nationals and no one even knew about it. And she won that Russian Nationals perfectly.1
Of course, there are some injuries incompatible with the continuation at the moment, when it is necessary to heal. And there are some injuries that athletes have been skating with for years. Moreover, it’s Russian Nationals – selection to the Olympics. It seems to me that she should have trained, should have tried. But it’s a shame. It seems to me that it was possible, maybe I’m wrong.
There is no formula for how to fulfill yourself a person. Maybe she, having missed all her opportunities in sports, will become super-famous and popular. I don’t know. For everyone, there are different concepts of what is good and what is bad. It’s a pity, because I believe that this is a missed opportunity. I believe that with such an injury it was possible to skate."

Source: December 27, 2021, from the fs-gossips.com translation of a sports.ru article, titled "Этери Тутберидзе: «С травмой Косторной можно было кататься. Мне обидно, это упущенные возможности»".

1: In an April 2016 interview with International Figure Skating Magazine, Tutberidze describes Medvedeva competing at Russian Nationals with a fractured arm “in her first appearance in 2012”, as well as at 2015 Skate America. Medvedeva was wearing a cast under her costume at 2011-12 Russian Nationals, as Tutberidze describes, when she competed in the senior field for the first time - see this image for reference, taken from Russian TV coverage - but she only finished 8th, and came nowhere close to winning. Either Tutberidze is blatantly lying here to embellish her argument, or there was a third major competition where Medvedeva was competing with her arm in a cast while training with Tutberidze.
Kostornaia would later describe the full extent of her injury, and say she was "very hurt" that her coaches would attempt to downplay it by saying it was just "some finger". (Credit to @kostojuliet on TikTok for the video and translation, and @kimichkis on Twitter for mirroring it.)
In the end, this long and likely-not-exhaustive collection shows that Tutberidze has an extensive history of having her athletes skate while injured, before publicly slandering them in the media if their subsequent performances are anything less than gold-winning.
Either you're not 100% willing to compete while having health troubles and Tutberidze paints you as an obnoxious, insufferable brat for it (Pitkeev); or you are 100% willing to compete with health problems and then - when you don't win - Tutberidze says those injuries are because of your own failure to control your physical condition (Medvedeva); or you don't compete at all, and Tutberidze explicitly says to the media that she thinks you could have been competing (Kostornaia).
Then, when the inevitable happens and an already-injured athlete is hurt even more by competing when they shouldn't, Tutberidze will publicly come out and say that the skater wanted to compete, and that the injury was because they just wanted to compete so much (Usacheva); or she'll act as though the mere decision to compete means the skater shouldn't expect any pity or sympathy for the suffering they endure as a result (Pitkeev).
Either way, she seeks to wash her hands of any blame whatsoever. After all - she says that if a coach shouts at you, it's because they love you. And portraying her students as uncoordinated nobodies or petulant divas or children who won't listen is just her shouting in the media.
Maybe her skaters could use a little bit less of her love.
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2023.03.12 00:26 Upset-Equipment-5347 1911 Leftie Issues

Hi, I've never used reddit before, maybe you all can help me with this. I picked up a Rock Island Armory 1911 A2 Tac Ultra FS about a week ago. My only issue with it is that the magazine release button digs into my middle finger which is annoying now and likely to be painful long term. It is not ambidextrous, as one side is a circle and the other is that oblong deal.
Do any of you have experience with this? Any tricks to fix it? My first thoughts were to have a Smith weld on and smooth out a ramp at the base of the release so it wasn't so much of a bite. Also considered having them shave down the button but I don't know how much they could take it down without impacting the operation of the release.
Any assistance you all could provide would be greatly appreciated.
submitted by Upset-Equipment-5347 to 1911 [link] [comments]

2023.03.11 22:55 Sneaky_Sandwhich My RIA 10MM with issues...

So I made the dumb decision of buying a Rock Island Armory 1911 MS in 10mm (4.25 in barrel).
F****n' thing sucks. (As expected lol) Slide stop engages in the middle of a mag, consistently stovepipes on the last round with every magazine and ammo type I've tried. 500 rounds through it now. The first problem I can fix. The 2nd issue, I don't know if it's worth it because I'm not sure I'm not sure exactly what it is other than the extractor. So if y'all throw some suggestions of what the issue could be at me, I'm going to either fix it or sell it depending on repair costs. Not waiting months for RIA to fix it. Any help appreciated, thx
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2023.03.10 02:52 unixfool Front Sight Slid Off - Rock Ultra MS

I noticed my front sight on my Rock Ultra MS was loose today. Noticed it when I was cleaning it. I've the feeling it's been detached a few days, but it's been holstered, so the sight couldn't slide off and fall.
I looked closely at it and notice it's loose AF. There's absolutely no traction. It appears as if they (RIA) purposely fitted it loosely and then used red Locktite as glue to keep it in place.
There was a large dallop of threadlocker on the bottom of the sight, and it was catching on the slide. I sliced my index finger badly on the slide cutout (it's surgically sharp). Just now noticed blood on the slide in the picture!
I've put the Rock Ultra aside for now - will attempt to fix it on my own first, and if I have issues, I'll try to locate a local gunsmith.
For now, I've rotated to my Tac Ultra MS (switched to the 9mm barrel).
Shared Google Photo album of the slide:
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2023.03.05 21:57 Spaceman__jd [WTS] Vortex Micro 3x, Vortex Venom 3 MOA, Vortex Riser, Magpul Foregrip, 1911 front and rear sights, Glock OEM front sight

The goods: https://i.imgur.com/Qfdx99b.jpg
$220 - Vortex Micro 3x Magnifier w/ flip mount and rubber lens covers (like new, but white logos darkened w/ aluminum black)
$160 - Vortex Venom 3MOA w/ 2 hex screws and rubber cover (like new, but white logos darkened w/ aluminum black)
$60 - Vortex QD Riser (like new, but white logos darkened w/ aluminum black)
$20 - Magpul fore-grip, like new
$20 - 1911 sights, light salt, full function, OEM from Rock Island TAC Ultra
$7 - Glock OEM front sight (like new, comes with normal screw and gen 4 screw
Free Shipping to continental US PayPal G&S (buyer to pay fee) no notes
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2023.02.27 04:08 deskpopjoe What do you guys think of the RIA tac ultra? For the low price I feel like it’s hard to beat?

What do you guys think of the RIA tac ultra? For the low price I feel like it’s hard to beat? submitted by deskpopjoe to 1911 [link] [comments]

2023.02.25 21:14 TikiBumbershoot Any recommendations for rubber grips on my Rock Island Ultra FS 10mm 1911? They need a particular type.

Any recommendations for rubber grips on my Rock Island Ultra FS 10mm 1911? They need a particular type. submitted by TikiBumbershoot to 1911 [link] [comments]

2023.02.25 03:01 Yoinkmar Swapping out guide rods

I just got a RIA Pro Match Ultra FS in 45 and it comes stock with a full size guide rod and I want to swap it to a GI (or standard? I’m not 100% sure) and I want to see if I should also swap out the spring or leave the one it came with. Im also open to suggestions for other modifications just for fun or performance. Thanks in advance!
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