Where can i watch geronimo stilton


2009.09.06 20:48 ksan Evangelion

God's in his heaven. All's right with the world.

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2023.06.11 00:17 Substantial_Ad2762 19f looking for [friends] Netherlands

Hi, iam an 19 year old Dutch girl looking for friends in the Netherlands to text with and hopefully meet with. Im not the best at social things and iam pretty lonely and depressed. I just want someone to talk to and a friend.
About me: Iam autistic and im doing an internship by a sheltered workplace where iam going to work soon. Im darkskinned and have darkbrown eyes and black hair. I like metal, rock and i dress mostly in black and grey clothes. I love animals, nature, hiking,drawing,gaming,watching youTube. I have 2 Guinea pigs 2 rats and 2 bunnies they are my world. Im also an introvert
Im not the best texter mostly im all over the place so if i don’t respond just text me again.
Hope to hear from u soon(:
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2023.06.11 00:16 Suspicious_Logger Instagram question?

I'm worried about my F26 friend M24. They won't answer my calls or texts. I'm not spamming either or blowimg up their phone. But I don't even know if they blocked me on insta or deleted/deactivated it. I can search their instagram user and see their profile by name in the search. I can see their account/followers when I click on the search profile. But in our message thread, the DMs says instagram user. I'm worried about them and I can't seem to find them on snap either. We didn't fight. Did they block me on insta or just deactivate? They have a history of depression. I don't know where else to post. Please help calm me down.
Tldr: i don't know if my depressed friend blocked me on insta or deleted it
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2023.06.11 00:16 ChrisMorrison93 Dynamic Mix/Master Question that I feel semi embarrassed to ask

Hi all, hope you are doing well. I've mixed/mastered for about 15 years now but have been really loving a certain type of dynamic mixes. Ones where they hit about -11 or -10 LUFS in the verses but when the chorus hits it can go to -6 or -5.
Issue is, when I attempt it, I can't get the same result as the references. If I master everything hot and lower the verses with automation, the drums lose their punch in the verses, if I do vice versa, the drums become too loud in the chorus.
Would anyone have any tips on this? I feel this should be a common thing but being it's the first time I am trying something with this "wide" of a range in dynamics, not sure what is the best approach.
Almost tempted to mix the quiet part and chorus part in different files to mix the reference of the songs and "splice" them in.
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2023.06.11 00:16 223am Dell G3223Q 4k 144hz monitor. only able to select 144Hz up to 2560x1440 and not 4K

Dell G3223Q 4k 144hz monitor. only able to select 144Hz up to 2560x1440 and not 4K
So the monitor supports 4k @ 144hz and my graphics card is nvidia rtx 3060 laptop gpu.


above pic is for 4k, as you can see max showing is only 60hz refresh for this res

above pic is for 2560x1440 where the max refresh is 144 hz, no idea why cant show the same for 4k...
I realise it shows the Intel UHD onboard graphics in those menus. While playing a game I'm pretty sure it is correctly switching to the Nvidia card, because I did a test where I disabled the Nvidia card and the game ran even worse. It's just that it's not allowing me to select 144Hz in the windows menus, unless I drop the resolution to 2560x1440.
I checked the monitor firmware and it is up to date.
Any idea much appreciated. Thanks.

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2023.06.11 00:16 Tom1923 My Top 10 Mods

This is inspired by this post, it was a neat idea to bring this in now (especially since the next top ten poll is just a week or so away.)
Also I'm excluding 1948Red from this list because it's my mod and I'm naturally biased.
For this list, also worth noting I'm choosing based on mods I replay the most often instead of what I think is, like, higher quality or whatever. It doesn't matter if a mod is super well written if it doesn't grab your interest and make you want to replay it.
  1. 1793 ANAR by RouteVenus — 1793 ANAR is the latest reiteration of RouteVenus' towering creativity and modding talent. I had the pleasure of playing this mod while it was in development, and it wowed me then as it wows me now. The endless amount of endings covered in that New Vegas slideshow style make this mod infinitely replayable and it's the only mod where I can say every choice on the Trail matters.
  2. 1844c by Rekkotekko — This selection knocked off 1976IT from my last list, but... I'm sorry, I just keep coming back to it. Maybe it's because I find the Mormon origin deeply interesting or because it's so innovative with the unique survival aspect, but I just love it. It's super underrated, mostly due to how out-there it is.
  3. 1964Midnight by Gardfeld — Gardfeld is one of my favorite people in the community, and he delivered with the prequel iteration of the Midnight Series. It's a solid mod.
  4. 1936L by Calgar77 — It's a solid mod, and no doubt will get better with the release of the Dawes side. A lot of people just assume it's a HOI4-style mod—and that's not totally inaccurate—but 1936L also manages to capture the 1930s aesthetically and in the writing in a way no other mod has yet done.
  5. 1916b by SkipperPengn — This mod revolutionized the presidential simulator, and managing the War as Roosevelt is really fun. My two problems with the mod is that the Bryan side is a little boring by comparison and the mod is filled to the brim with landmine answers that tank your support.
  6. 1968Romney by Obummer — I really didn't like this mod when it was first released. I thought it was sorta weird and the writing was stilted. But over the previous months my opinion on this mod has gradually changed, and I now recognize what I failed to see. This mod has narrative, it has characters and it has style. And it doesn't just have that style, it exudes it. This mod is probably the best-written mod of all time and that's not hyperbole on my part.
  7. 1996Powell by Astrohunch — It's crazy how slept-on this mod is. The writing is fantastic and it's very well-coded. Could've used a Clinton side though.
  8. 1972d by RouteVenus and others — It's the quintessential mod about a third-party candidate, and famously swept the Dan Bryan Awards in March. I love this mod, it's well-written and the gameplay's fun, but the fact that's really only one path to feasible success (get to 5%, get to 5%, get to 5%...) hampers replayability somewhat.
  9. 1920b by SkipperPengn — This was for a long time my favorite mod, but it has regrettably lost that throne in the previous weeks. Still, I love this mod and I replay it often. 1916b revolutionized the presidential simulator, and the Bryan side of this mod perfected it. The Wood side is also really cool.
  10. 1864 by Astrohunch_o, Verbluffen and... the other guy, SVEN! — I don't know why, but I just keep coming back to this mod. Listen, I love history, and 1864 takes the historical mod genre and just ascends it to a whole different level of awesome. The 50 question length is absolutely necessary given the scope of the Civil War, and means the mod can go into as much detail as possible. This has become my "comfort mod", if that makes sense, and the Butlerverse addition just makes it even better as the most detailed alt-history lore we've seen—in a historical mod! This mod was so good they made a movie about it with Daniel Day Lewis. What else can I say?
Honorable Mentions: 1976IT (I'm really sad this was left out), 1828, 1930 Weimar, 2008
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2023.06.11 00:16 Zyclexx Should I buy this game?

I really like these type of games, but I’m afraid this game is similar to lost ark in a sense where it becomes homework to play (lost ark players know what I’m talking about).. so can a casual gamer enjoy this game, or do I have to grind in order to find some enjoyment? I just don’t have that much time anymore..
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2023.06.11 00:16 gelsackin Does anyone know where i can find a table that's 48 by 24 by 24?

I'm setting up a new 120 gallon enclosure and i wanna find a table to put it on. I would prefer it to be a little over a foot from the ground. Any suggestions would be awesome. Thanks!
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2023.06.11 00:16 Odd-Document8129 Question about load bearing wall.

Question about load bearing wall.
Ok, so I ask out of curiosity, plan to have engineer out in coming months once we put together som more questions for them.
I always assumed this wall was load bearing due to it being perpendicular to the ceiling joists, but there is drywall between it and the joists.
Explanation of pictures;
-1st pic shows a faux beam from one side. You can see it was dry walled around.
-2nd pic shows the beam from the other side.
-3rd pic is the two walls in question. When looking from above (4th pic) you can’t see the top plate, only drywall.
-4th pic; drew lines to show where the walls in question are from pic 3.
Assuming that these were now thrown up at some point after drywall and therefore not load bearing walls.
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2023.06.11 00:16 B0gG0blin 23 F/NB4A Looking for friends!

•Single/Taken/Complicated: Single but not really looking
•Seeking Relationship/Friends/Squish/Other: Friends
•Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
•Gender: Nonbinary
•Pronouns: She/they
•Age: 23
•Height/build: 5'5, small/medium build
•Physical description: Long black + red hair, pale, eccentric clothing choices
•Personality description: Introverted, socially anxious. I do love going out and doing things in the world (concerts, hiking, festivals, driving around) but I'm usually housebound 🤷. I'm very left leaning politically, and I have firm convictions - but I try not to be outspoken about an issue unless I'm educated on it.
•Location: Canada
As mentioned above, I'm interested in befriending other asexuals! Being in my 20s as an ace (who's also not interested in a sexual relationship) is filled with rejection and loneliness. So, I'm at a point where I feel it's important to at least try to talk to others who are in a similar place as me. Don't feel pressured to respond if you're not feeling it though, I don't mind testing things out to see if we vibe or not 👍.
I am an anthropology major, with a minor in ancient and medieval studies - I'm quite interested in history, an emphasis on the spooky parts. Besides school, I take care of my Australian shepherd and help out around the house/garden as I live with my parents. I love to cook, as well as paint and do all sorts of crafty things.
I'm a metalhead first and foremost when it comes to music. I mostly listen to melodeath, folk metal and.. stuff - but I'm not an annoying ~name three songs~ elitist. I also enjoy gothic, new wave and retro music in general.
I play video games, mostly single player since voice chat is scary 🫠 (red dead 2, dark souls 3, elden ring, skyrim, etc.). I play dead by daylight as survivor from time to time, but I get anxiety from being chased 🤣. I love horror in general, but games are expensive so I probably watch more playthroughs than I actually play myself.
Hopefully that wasn't too long-winded! My schedule is all screwed up, so my apologies if I reply at ungodly hours 😅.
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2023.06.11 00:16 shreksgreenc0ck As problematic as this OI is, the og!fl is so refreshing [I want to punish the sadistic prince!]

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2023.06.11 00:15 -ahoySexy- bank robbery application

are you a woman interested in living a life of dangerous adventures and many riches? have you ever thought about a life of being an international bank robber? well this is the chance for you!
you can be anyone, I'll consider any applications, but there are some things that would make your application more likely to be successful. and here are they:
having knowledge in history/geography/languages. after all, it's important to know about the places we're gonna rob, how do the people in that particular place act and how to communicate with them. also know about how the country works, so we can choose the right place to rob for more efficiency.
playing videogames. I know it might seem a little weird requirement for a bank robbery, but. multiplayer game voice chats are the perfect place to organize a crime without being traced [see the 2020 movie "The Hater"]. also it'll let me know that you have a sharp and quick thinking mind, something very necessary to rob a bank.
being a fan of drama movies. also weird requirement. but see, bank robberies also involve emotional manipulation of the people in the bank to get them to work for us, and drama movies show a lot of emotions, therefore a thing or two can be acquired from watching those movies. also, complex/non-linear movies are important. bank robbery plans are usually extremely complex and often lose their linearity depending if something unexpected happens during the act. so being versed in those movies might help in the adaptation to those aspects and give you an easier time.
writing is a great aspect in bank robberies. a lot of it is documented and thoroughly analised, so if you're a good writer, you could be of great help.
liking post-punk music. to channel your inner emotions and bring yourself to an equilibrium of mind. and also for the sheer intensity of it. a lot of intensity is needed to rob a bank.
a sense of adventure, liking going out to walks and appreciating the world. it shows you're active and connected to yourself, less likely that you'll be wild card.
that's it! see if you fit, and even if you don't, you might still message me if you're interested and want to try out. your age should in the 21-28 range. since I don't want too young people already entering this life of crime and, I don't want old people slowing us down.
all you need to know about me for now: I'm at GMT -3. bellow the Equator. I might be hard to reach sometimes due to robbery planning, but I'm always up to discussing them. I'm a woman.
well that's it, I'll be waiting for your applications!
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2023.06.11 00:15 OrderflowTrader SPY & ES Trading Plan for 6/12/23

SPY & ES Trading Plan for 6/12/23
I share my plan for educational purposes and not as trade recommendations or ideas. This post uses the S&P futures for analysis.
Recap: The plan for Friday provided several opportunities, whether playing for the gap-and-go off support at 4300-05 at the open, the breakdown at resistance at 4321, support from the old black structure at 4295, or the recovery of support at 4300 later on, which didn’t run as far as the others. I took the first of these trade opportunities, getting long just after open on support plus the gap up, exiting at resistance at 4321 and letting the runner get taken out by a trailing stop. It goes to show that there’s no need to chase because the market often presents multiple opportunities, and I only need to trade one of them to be successful in trading.
** This post now switches to September contract prices.
Balance/Trend: I defined the balance zone from the past week as being between 4314 - 4349 and Friday’s settlement price of ~4349 makes judging the strength or validity of the breakout from balance tough. There was finally a move up to 4361 to check previous liquidity that I’ve written about and resistance up to 4365, but the market moved back towards balance and I’d watch this 4349 area to determine whether or not it was a breakout. The market remains in yet another expanding range and I’d watch this structure for further confirmation of any breakout. Markets are still holding mid- and long-term trend lines up.
Analysis: The market has departed from the 13-month balance range that tops out at 4287 and spent this past week establishing price acceptance and value outside of this balance area. If we strip away some of the “noise” in a 4H chart vs. a daily chart, the move also looks more like a breakout from a bull flag than the expanding range on the 4H chart would suggest. However you look at it though, the primary trends are all bullish and the market has now moved up 20% trough-to-peak, which is a technical bull market.
If we dive a bit deeper into things, the rally seems to be showing broad support beyond the S&P. With large and medium cap stocks already showing strength, small caps are also joining the rally as the IWM breaks out from its base. As usual, analysts, investment banks, and forecasters are all over the place and still point out the market risks. For day trading, I ignore all of this noise and just focus on the technicals and trading in my corner of the market. Long-term projections and bull/bear market labels have zero influence on how I prepare or trade, and I go short or long on any day of the week and in any market cycle.
  • The market broke out from this past week’s base and I am viewing 4349 as support, or staying above that level as being moderately bullish, and increasingly bullish as the market moves over 4367. Note that the old black structure line would place support at 4341-46 and I would use this as a gauge for trading support
  • There is important potential support lower at 4317, confluent with last week’s balance lows as well as the bull flag
  • If the market moves back inside of the bull flag structure, I am watching for support at 4290
  • There is potential support at the 4276-84, and this acts more as a two-way pivot zone for trades for me and is a favorite setup of mine
  • Aqua trend line support is at 4264, and this is an important level for bulls to hold if they’re to keep the trend from the March lows intact
  • Other potential supports are at 4236, 4221, 4204, 4196
  • The market found resistance at the yellow line that I brought into the plan for Friday and this level moves to about 4367 as the nearest level of potential resistance
  • If the market breaks away from the yellow resistance line, then buyers still need to contend with the blue expanding range highs at 4374 as a potential resistance
  • The next level up that I’m watching for resistance is at 4387, with strength above signaling a long or a failure here signaling a short
  • If the market can begin to base around 4000, I am looking for a move up that meets resistance at about 4427 followed by 4434
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2023.06.11 00:15 Justinhastingsx Sanguine Ichor?

Anyone know what traits it can be used on? I have 7 and would like to know where to put them.
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2023.06.11 00:15 will_haven1 Help with location in Zakopane

Cześć friends!
Saw this video on a travel blogger twitter page that was hiking through Zakopane. Can somebody help me figure it out where it was made? It looks so magical with that heavy rain and mountains covered in clouds. I want to go there next month and need some tips on where to stay.
PS: I asked in the replies without success of course.
Bardzo dziękuje!
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2023.06.11 00:14 Electrical-Mind-3863 m38 4 A - [chat] and compliments

Hi there. Looking for someone to talk to without any form of judgement?
Got a new hairstyle? New fit? Any accomplishments you definitely need to be congratulated and complimented on?
Got a problem or secret you need to get off your chest?
Look no further!
I provide a safe space where you can share anything about anything. Opinion is only shared upon request.
DM only
Anybody welcome
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2023.06.11 00:14 Jobber19 Mike Fisher video says a Dak Prescott extension can add another 20 million in cap room this season. Is this accurate?

I just watched a Mike Fisher video where he claims after speaking to cap experts a Dak Prescott extension could add another 20 million in cap room for this season.
However, I am suspicious as he did not break down how this is possible.
Is this real or is Fisher going off the deep end again?
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2023.06.11 00:14 ShakeNBakeMormon P.O.W.E.R. Rating System adjustment: P.O.W.E.R.S. Rating System!

Alright, people seemed to generally really like the concept behind my P.O.W.E.R. Rating System, and even the post where I demonstrated LCA’s scores. However, while doing some thinking I realized that the system nearly left out a key aspect of fights: distance. Under previous iterations of P.O.W.E.R. I lumped the ability to fight at range into Options, but this didn’t quite sit well with me as Options was more meant to convey the ability of a fighter to adapt to a variety of different opponents or switch things up when their primary style didn’t work, so I have decided to alter the P.O.W.E.R. Rating System by adding a sixth element: Striking Distance. This statistic illustrates the ability of the character to outspace a conceivable opponent, attacking from safe distances and being able to wall out the approach of the opponent. This statistic, like Wits, is a sum total of multiple statistics, but only two this time: the first is Melee Reach on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is only having one’s bare hands and 2 is average. The second is Effective Range, which covers ranged weapons like guns and bows on a scale of 0-5 where 2 is average. This isn’t necessarily a measure of how far one’s bullets and arrows go, or even their power, but instead how far a distance they can cover before they become ineffective. Slower projectiles like Yang’s rockets from the Yellow Trailer, inaccurate projectiles like Sun’s shotguns at long range, or less effective projectiles like Ren’s or Blake’s bullets will score much worse than faster, more accurate, and more powerful projectiles which can be effective from long range like Harbinger’s shots or Crescent Rose’s bullets.

Now, for a complete rundown on the new P.O.W.E.R.S. Rating System:

P stands for Power: The assisted striking force of the character in question. This can be with melee or with guns, and simply translates to how hard they can hit or, conceivably, how much they can lift or carry- higher weight will inherently boost this score, as will mechanisms like using dust to swing harder or rocking a larger caliber. Lower scores indicate characters who either prefeuse a “death by a thousand cuts” style or characters who simply don’t have the mass or caliber to pack a punch, while higher scores indicate characters who can hit like trucks to cause considerable damage to the environment or to their opponent, regardless of how rapidly these attacks can actually be delivered. Characters like Yatsuhashi will score well here, while characters like Weiss will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

O stands for Options: The ability to switch up what you’re doing to adapt to your opponent. Having multiple weapon forms immediately helps with this, as does having multiple different techniques for using the weapon which cover different scenarios. A variety of dust types also improves this score, and a semblance which accomplishes multiple purposes with proper application is yet another bonus to this statistic. Lower scores indicate one-trick ponies or characters whose strategies require more particular parameters to function, while high scores indicate fighters with a wide array of tricks and backup strategies in the less likely chance their primary one proves ineffectual. Characters like Weiss will score well here, while characters like Yatsuhashi will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

W stands for Wits: Knowing is half the battle, and this statistic indicates the character’s ability to strategize either in advance or on the fly as well as general knowledge of skills. Advance Planning is effectiveness in making tactics before the mission, In-The-Moment is effectiveness in making tactics immediately when danger appears, and Learned Skills is general smarts. Lower scores indicate characters that don’t or can’t put much thought into how they fight, while higher scores indicate the ability to detect and set traps and quickly react to new information. Characters like Jaune will score well here, while characters like Nora will score fairly low. The score is derived from Advance Planning on a scale of 0-3 where 1 is average, In-The-Moment on a scale of 0-3 where 1 is average, and Learned Skills on a scale of 1-4 where 2 is average.

E stands for Engagement control: The ability of the character to pick their fights, whether it be by having higher mobility or the ability to impair that of their opponents. This score is mostly just a measure of mobility, be it fast movement or the ability to get airborne, but does also include things such as being able to trap or hinder the opponent: anything that lets them pick their battles or control the distance at which engagements happen. A lower score indicates a character who is generally slow and has trouble keeping up with or fleeing from opponents, while a higher score indicates characters that can rapidly close or create distance to control whether the fight happens and at what distance it happens from. Characters like Harriet will score well here, while characters like Jaune will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

R is for Resilience: The ability of the character to withstand the hits they take and keep on fighting for considerable periods of time. This score can indicate tankiness, but it can also indicate high levels of stamina that can keep the character going for longer than their opponent. This stat includes things that reduce incoming damage like a semblance that renders them immune to certain types of attack, or things that enhance their endurance. A lower score indicates a character who either can’t take hits well or an inefficient one can’t keep up fighting for a long time, while a higher score indicates a character who can take a beating and/or keep on fighting for a long time due to more efficiency or greater endurance. Characters like Yang will score well here, while characters like Weiss will score fairly low. Average score is 4.

S is for Striking distance: The ability of a character to fight at further ranges than their opponent, whether it be greater reach with a melee weapon or greater effective range with projectiles. A low score indicates a character that either doesn’t have good reach at all with poor or no projectiles, or a character who might only be effective at longer ranges while suffering in close quarters, while a high score indicates a character with good reach in melee combat and effective ranged combat over great distances, allowing them to be comfortable no matter how far away their opponent is. Characters like Ruby will score well here, while characters like Yang will score fairly low. The score is derived from Melee Reach on a scale of 1-5 where 1 is bare fists and 2 is average, and Effective Range on a scale of 0-5 where 2 is average.

If you want to measure your own OCs according to this system, you can either list their ratings in the comments of this post, or make an infographic like I did for LCA under the previous system as a post of its own, with or without credit for the idea! Happy rating!
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2023.06.11 00:14 chynablue21 Can you save money making fresh pasta?

Boxed pasta is already pretty cheap, about $1.50-2.29 per box. But flour is cheaper. Can I save money by making fresh homemade pasta? I’m not a good cook or a baker, but I saw an automatic pasta maker where you just add the measured ingredients and the maker does the rest. I think I could handle that. Anyone have any experience with this?
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2023.06.11 00:14 Massive_Win_5240 I Miss You, But...

J, I miss you...
But I have been thinking about it recently and I've come to realize that you're a hypocrite and a narcissist wrapped in one package.
You said that you wanted to see me grow, you wanted us to learn and grow together, yet you wanted me to do most of it while you watched instead of doing it together side by side.
You didn't want to be put on a pedestal, yet you kept yourself on a high horse refusing to come down to level.
You accused me of giving up on us when in reality you were the one who gave up first leaving me no choice but to end things at the time.
You wanted a man who would never give up on you, but when I tried to come back you were the one who turned me down.
You want others to not hold on to their past, but you refuse to let go of yours, you hold every person that comes into your life to the standard of your father who abandoned you.
You keep yourself in a neverending loop of misery, you yourself are the reason you can't find a good partner, that's why I gave up at the time.
You think you have yourself and your life all sorted out, but in reality you're still a mess, maybe looking at me was like looking in a mirror to some degree.
I know that I'm guilty of the same things between us, and that is something I will put forward because I know that I was not perfect and I wish to remain honest.
But let's both face the fact that knowing and admitting your troubles and issues is not enough to excuse the negative behavior and double standards.
If you wanted to try again I'd stay by your side this time, I'd be happy to be yours again, but I'd want to be more than a compliment or accessory to your life, I'd want to be the piece that completes it, the one thing you said nobody could ever be.
You were the only person who ever truly wanted to be with me, the only woman who was ever attracted to me despite my flaws and internal problems.
"I am the monster you created, you ripped out all my parts, but worst of all for me to live I got to kill the part of me that saw, that I needed you more"- Sting Ft Ray Chan, What Could Have Been
You held me to the expectations of your fear, the fear I'd leave you like your dad did, and your fears only fed into my own until we were both consumed by them, that's why our fears came true.
I'm not going to wait forever to see if you come back, to see if you reach out.
I'm done crying and pining and beating myself up over someone who doesn't have herself sorted out but expects others to be.
I miss you u/yojesseme but I have some healing to do, nobody hurt me as much as you did, you flat out broke me where nobody else could.
I hope this post finds it's way to you, sincerely -Hex
P.S. I really was going to keep my promises to you, and I still would if we were able to work things out.
I don't know what the dreams I've had of us together mean, but maybe there is something to them, maybe they were just meant to get my mind and eyes open.
Goodbye for now, I hope that maybe we'll come back together soon enough, but I won't hold my breath or hold out hope.
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2023.06.11 00:13 sanas_husband Do you want me to be your friend?

I watched the movie and read the book. So, I was thinking that maybe I can be that friend to someone. If you are open to it, I will also write to you.
But, the thing is I am having difficulty finding the platform to share this things if it happens? Will reddit DMs would be good? We will discuss it.
One thing to keep in mind, don't include personal details (obvious one).
If you are interested, please either comment or message me.
This is my alternate account, I didn't want to post from main because I have many personal details there.
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2023.06.11 00:13 PayCharacter7530 Loud austistic neighbour: what are my options?

Just moved into an overpriced London apartment two weeks ago. Upstairs neighbour has an autistic child that screams and bangs multiple times a day. I’m struggling to focus on my wfh job, can’t have dinner with my gf and can’t relax on the sofa during the child’s meltdowns. The screams make me freeze up, make me anxious and have been affecting my sleep.
I’ve had two interactions. First where she mentioned she has an autistic child. She said she wants the council to move her to a flat with a garden. Second was tonight when I went up after a huge meltdown and asked if she was okay. She said she was being scratched by the child but all would be sorted within 30 mins (it wasn’t).
After interaction 1 I contacted the council autism team who said I could remind her of services available, complain about noise or raise child safety concerns.
Honestly I don’t want this to be my problem. Ideally I’d want to move out as I know this noise problem will not go away overnight. Help!
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2023.06.11 00:13 Axellopithicus Anyone know where I can find a 2010 17 inch (a1297) case?

I tried eBay and Amazon, the hardshell case that clips on to the body.
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