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2023.06.08 17:10 SafeChallenge3451 Any M ex addicts relate? Addicted to women / relationships

I’m 29M and had a pretty intense early relationship with opiates beginning at 14, was shooting dope by 17, quit at 18 and haven’t touched an opiate in almost 12 years
I would say I simply matured out of it, not in AA or anything like that and I still drink a few x a week, smoke pot do psychedelics occasionally but I’m definitely no longer in any kind of active substance addiction
I’m still for sure an addict though, and it comes out via money and women, lately moreso women. I don’t know how to describe it beyond I view attractive girls like I viewed heroin. I ignore any red flags, obsess over them, behave irrationally, and ultimately they make me feel insane. Meeting a hot girl who acts super interested in me is a helluva rush for me. Had a LTR end and I’ve been dating a lot of early 20 something girls off dating apps since and just like H, it’s great at first until they they don’t want me anymore and lie to me etc. I keep a pretty cool exterior demeanor w them and play the game well for the most part but internally..
Have any M former addicts gone onto have healthy relationships with women? How does that work for you, how do you keep yourself in check? I just feel so fucking crazy with how I approach the entire concept with such an addict mindset.
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2023.06.08 17:10 ABriC_O6 I’m going to rant about Axel

I’m so done keeping it in. It’s time I state my opinion about how little attention Axel is getting. I honestly don’t see why people don’t like Axel. They’re seemingly not liking her just because she had little amounts of screen time and action.
This isn’t fault of the character. It’s fault of the producers who cares so little for the character. They could have done so much more with Axel but no. They disappointed us. It’s the one reason why I don’t like this season because they would rather focus on characters that seem to have less personality than SHE COULD HAVE HAD. The producers gave Axel pretty much zero scenes of action. All they made her do what kill a bunch of cardboard zombies, cool up some squirrels, and kick ripper in the face which caused everyone to turn on her and eliminate her rather than eliminating someone like Ripper and Zee. They weren’t eliminated because the producers favor them more. They favored Ripper for the fart jokes and jerkiness and Zee to show off his prosthetic leg. I’m sorry for this rant but I am so angry because of the way Axel was treated. I know there’s another season but I don’t understand why they gave a character such a beautiful design and than treat her like she’s Staci or Beardo. I might even go as far as to say Ripper and Zee are terrible characters because they are not only stupid, but they are not funny and just make people like them because they had lots of screen time. Well, I liked them too but they just seem to be favored by the producers. I can also say that Priya is kinda a Mary sue because I can see her winning from a mile away. Bowie was written well and so were Julia, Wayne and Raj so I can see why they are ranked high for many people.
But I just find it unfair that they treated her this way after showing her to be a survivalist. Like they literally put it to waste just to give boring weak and unfunny character lots of love. Instead of focusing on Axel’s skills and shit they decide to make her seem like a terrible person and eliminate her jus t because they gave their team a disadvantage. But hear me out: they could have still won if Zee hadn’t been so dumb and took his hands off the wheel. They could have shown his prosthetic leg at his elimination, but no. They choose to throw away a potentially amazing character and now no one really likes Axel.
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2023.06.08 17:10 keetohasacheeto Narcissist Father Unfriended Me on Facebook LOL

These are just the highlights!
But yet this man had the audacity to unfriend me on social media and not even come to me as a mature adult. I told my mom what he had done and all she could say was "Yeah. Last week he said "I need to take a break from keetohasacheeto" but didn't exactly say why. I think it's because of these memes I posted:
  1. I heard someone say, "healing can be so hard when your inner child wants love, your teenage self wants revenge, and your current self only wants peace."
  2. The Narcissistic Family Tree: In healthy families, we encourage our children to be loving and lose to each other. In narcissistic families, children are pitted against each other and taught competition. There is a constant comparison of who is doing better and who is not. Some children are favored or seen as the golden child and others become the scape-goat for the parents projected negative feelings. Siblings in narcissistic families rarely grow up feeling emotionally connected to each other.
Mind you, I didn't tag him or outright say "Hey! These are addressed to keetohasacheeto's dad!".
But if the shoe fits, lace that bitch up and take a hike!
I also didn't bother to wish him a Happy birthday at the end of last month, because, well, I didn't want him to have a happy birthday *shrugs*
It's cool though. He did me a big favor by saying he needed a break from me because now I have a reason to solidify No contact with him. Bye Sucka!
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2023.06.08 17:09 Briebird44 Adventure 2020 feels…strange?

Late to the party on this, but making my way through adventure 2020 on crunchyroll. I definitely agree with the consensus the pacing seems super weird. I found it weird how they found Patamon as a captured Angemon and then basically did the same thing with Tailmon. And uhhh what’s with PEGASUSMON being Patamons main evolution in the remake….this is just odd. I love seeing it but thats an armor digivolution that was supposed to be special plot device to adventure 02.
And is it just me but is the story harder to understand? It definitely seems less “kid friendly” and not very enjoyable for a 7-12 year old age group….and seems to lack a lot of the more comedic elements, but maybe that’s something that comes with the English dubs VS Japanese subs?
BUT some cool things. I love seeing the expanded “modes” for Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon. Also Blitzgreymon was SICK to see! And his dark digivolution into Machinedramon was pretty epic too.
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2023.06.08 17:08 Jedidiah_Rau24 Thermal simulation of peltier element in fusion 360

Thermal simulation of peltier element in fusion 360
I am working a two staged cooling solution for a sensor using pelters elements in a vacuum chamber. (See figure 1)
Peltiers elements or Thermal Electric Coolers (TEC) are devices that heat on one side and cool on the other when an electrical current pass through it.
In order to simulate the setup, I have applied a internal heat load corresponding of the electrical power of the Peltier in addition of the heat transfert from one side to another (ie 70W in my case for each Peltier)
Also I have added an applied temperature to the cool side of the first Peltier (-50°C in my case, that is what I want to obtain but I cannot for now)
And finally I have put a radiation load on all the surfaces.
I have done all that but it doesn't seem right, I was wondering if you had more informations on how to simulate Peltiers elements. Is there a way to insert pelters elements and their characteristics ?
Any help would be very helpful, thanks.
Figure 1: Test setup

Figure 2: Simulation results
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2023.06.08 17:07 rossisanasshole Behind The Scenes: The West

Hey guys!
Back for my weekly behind the scenes post! Glad you’ve been enjoying these posts, and hope to continue them through the season if you’re into it! Also, I’m planning to do an AMA after auditions are done! Let me know if there are any specific people you want me to reach out to and see if they’d be down to jump in!
I tend to start writing these out before I see the episode and I’m bad at editing, so lol sorry if there are some things that were shown that maybe I eluded to or if any of this info is stuff you already know!
Per usual, I LOVE seeing all y’all’s support. Thank you guys SO MUCH for being so uplifting and kind to us over the weeks!
@amandadoesfood @gigieats @ptgjlove @megan.hays.reid @alaska.lizzie @bigshinytyson @themadamedonut @calvinberkley @wtfkennedy
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2023.06.08 17:06 littlemissmeggie Dash/Center Console Lights Only Working When Headlights Are On (2000 Cabrio)

Hello! I noticed last night that the lights on my dash and center console are only coming on when my headlights are turned on. When the car is turned on and headlights aren't turned on, absolutely nothing is illuminated—no blue and red backlights on any of the instrument lights, radio, speedometer, AC/heat, etc. Turn on the headlights and everything comes on.
I'll mention that my mechanic did have it last week and pulled everything out from under the dash to disengage the alarm system. My guess is something happened then but I'm wondering if there's anything I might be able to try to fix it myself or if he's likely going to have to pull it all apart again. I can obviously just drive it with the headlights on, whether I need them or not, and just wait to go back to have it fixed before I put her away at the end of the summer but it would be kind of cool to learn how to do something myself (as long as I don't make it worse)!
Thanks for any thoughts and/or advice on things to try!
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2023.06.08 17:06 Odd_Toe Sister wants to confront me about childhood trauma. How do I handle this gracefully?

Same as title. My sister has been seeing a therapist for 6?ish months. She told me that she wants to talk to me about something and pretty much told me it won’t be a pleasant conversation. We keep struggling to find time where we can have the conversation alone, but I think it may happen today. I have no clue what she wants to talk about and it’s really stressing me out. I really want to handle the conversation gracefully and constructively.
For context, my sister and I have always been pretty close. I am the oldest and she is the youngest (of 2.) We come from an emotionally abusive household with a dash of corporal punishment thrown in. I admit that I was a bit of a bully to her at certain points growing up. I have always felt like it was my responsibility to look after her. There are a lot of memories that I have of protecting her from the wrath of our parents, and any time I’ve ever brought any up it seems like she’s completely wiped her memory. I truly feel as though I’ve been trying to make it up to her since high school (when I developed more of a sense of empathy.) I recognize that it’s not necessarily always possible for me to “make up” for something that’s hurt her in the past. I think I’m a bit hurt because of how hard I’ve worked to maintain our relationship and be mindful of her feelings. I don’t usually have a short fuse, but I haven’t been sleeping well this week and I’m worried she’ll bring something up that will immediately put me on the defense. How do I stay cool & handle this interaction with sensitivity? I really love my sister and am worried that if I don’t handle this appropriately that this could seriously damage our relationship.
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2023.06.08 17:05 360Fanatic Hello everyone! I have a question for everyone here about a food allergy I developed in my teens. ( Shellfish )

Growing up my mother used to buy those old bay seasoned peel shrimp from a local grocery store and I never had an issue eating them. Another time I ate it had an itchy lip so I accounted it as the Old Bay seasoning. Growing up in my teens, dating and trying new foods I fell in love with a dish called Civiche that my ex taught me how to make. After eating bowls and bowls of it I broke out in hives. I looked like I was attacked by hundreds of mosquitos and itched everywhere. They seem to happen hours later after eating shrimp and only when the shrimp had been immediately cooked, eaten and not cooled down. I’ve never had my throat close up ( thank god ) but I’ve most definitely had hives hours later after eating it. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t but I’ve always took Benadryl before I ate shrimp and have been fine. I still make this dish and it doesn’t happen when I smell or touch shrimp to prepare It, it seems only when it’s hot and I’m impatient to let the shrimp cool down and marinate overnight. Again it happens sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t but it’s scary to think maybe I’m pushing my luck now in my mid twenties and if it will get worse overtime that I may have my throat close up. Has anyone ever experienced this? Benadryl seems to have been my saving grace to continue to eat the food but after watching a food allergy video I became extremely nervous. To my knowledge it hasn’t happened with stuffed crab, lobster, crab cakes etc or any other kind of “fish” because I love stuffed crab and never had it happen. I was told it could be the fish protein when it’s hot and just cooked but I have no idea what that means. Thank you so much for any help.
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2023.06.08 17:05 Coy9ine The jokes write themselves.

The jokes write themselves. submitted by Coy9ine to LunaSnark [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 17:05 Odd_Toe Sister’s Confrontation At the Advice of Her Therapist- How Do I Handle This Gracefully?

Same as title. My sister has been seeing a therapist for 6?ish months. She told me that she wants to talk to me about something and pretty much told me it won’t be a pleasant conversation. We keep struggling to find time where we can have the conversation alone, but I think it may happen today. I have no clue what she wants to talk about and it’s really stressing me out. I really want to handle the conversation gracefully and constructively.
For context, my sister and I have always been pretty close. I am the oldest and she is the youngest (of 2.) We come from an emotionally abusive household with a dash of corporal punishment thrown in. I admit that I was a bit of a bully to her at certain points growing up. I have always felt like it was my responsibility to look after her. There are a lot of memories that I have of protecting her from the wrath of our parents, and any time I’ve ever brought any up it seems like she’s completely wiped her memory. I truly feel as though I’ve been trying to make it up to her since high school (when I developed more of a sense of empathy.) I recognize that it’s not necessarily always possible for me to “make up” for something that’s hurt her in the past. I think I’m a bit hurt because of how hard I’ve worked to maintain our relationship and be mindful of her feelings. I don’t usually have a short fuse, but I haven’t been sleeping well this week and I’m worried she’ll bring something up that will immediately put me on the defense. How do I stay cool & handle this interaction with sensitivity? I really love my sister and am worried that if I don’t handle this appropriately that this could seriously damage our relationship.
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2023.06.08 17:05 TimmyTurnersDad6 Hi, my name is *truck drives by* but everyone just calls me dad.

Note please don't call me dad.
But yes! Hello it's my first time on reddit! A little-lot about me:
  1. I first used reddit as of posting this about 2-ish weeks ago but I've shadowed Reddit for much longer. I never wanted to make an account due to shyness, confusing rules, and the dreaded censorship that seems to plague every platform. (Plz don't ban me reddit, I beg.) However due to my introvertedness taking over more and more, now seemed like a good a time as any!
  2. Yep! The name comes from a Nickelodeon cartoon, and if I have to explain from: ¹ how dare you. ² we can't be friends!
  3. I browsed over hundreds of subreddits, always thinking if I ever did join - where would I start? I had ideas of where, but not-so-much when...And given said strict rules, I always thought I had a knit and knack for sentence structure, spelling and grammar as I've been complimented on my penmanship and organization skills...yet, reddit I'm sure will truly test me on that. I've been out of an English class for many, many years now. So forgive me in advance I'll try my best!
  4. Speaking of many, many years - I'm not so young and not so old either! It's a mystery. And as per reddit guidelines to not share sensitive information - I suppose I will keep it that way. You'll just have to think of me as an enigmatic mr. magoo-like shape; formless in the hands of it's users, but an organized cut figure in staunch of his allies. Think of Inspector gadget except more mysterious. (And who trips on his own shoelaces.) So...basically Timmy's dad!
  5. I'm a gamer, hobbiest writer and photographer, and a perspective teacher (in my former years) and I plan on adding a bit of each into their respective subreddit categories in some form of time. I write amateur poetry from time to time, stemming from natural & creative to erotic prose gasp! and when I feel like it - short stories. I tend to also gravitate towards shapeable wordless songs and giving them my own spin (like ost's), as well as coming up with songs lyrics of my own. I went to a magnet school in my younger years for all of the above forms of writing as well as screenwriting and playwriting. All of this is fun to me and that's the extent of it. Nothing more. If you stumble upon any of my former pieces searching for an answer as to why I wrote some of the things I said, or why I said comes down to just whatever floats into my peripheral vision in that given moment; sometimes it's music that inspires me, and othertimes it's just what needs to be said. And hey, sometimes I'm blindsided by my blindspots. And other, other, some times I stop using the word "time" so often! Grrr!
  6. As for games, I'm a replayer of not-so-old games that are not so timeless, but not-so new anymore eiGarrett! This is mainly due to financial tightness and that older games charm I can't forget. Games such as:
(There are others, but these are some games I hold dear that come off the top of my head.)
I've found games sometimes help shape and induce flow-like states to help us ease into transitions of moment-to-moment actions defining our playable characters, some. Or in other cases, defining ourselves most when we need to caught between a rock and a hard in a gunfight...(I'm looking you Apex Legends, Uncharted, and Destiny.) But yes, in those instances - I've found that what help shape me along with some of the game's life-lessons taught to our characters, did indeed help shape me into the person I am today. (Inb4 someone says I identify as Harumo-chan the master of hoe-jitsu), lol no I'm saying the best parts about our characters can help shape us sometimes without us even knowing it. (But Harumo-chan did help shape me Timmy, why can't you see that?) More power to you then. The best parts for some and the worser parts for others i suppose. :P
6½. What i mean to the last point is, part of my strength I've found is from when I draw strength from other strong characters I've seen and what they've been through; (or put you through and thus you're going through the sh*t-show together.) Characters that have really inspired me are probably namely Sora, Riku & Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Sonic, and Yusei from Yugioh 5d's. I know, very adult of me right? Mm, I am interested however where others draw their strength from? Which form of medium do they choose, why did they choose it and who do they draw strength from if not in a show or game?
I could talk about why I choose these individual characters but I believe that's best suited for another thread/post. P.s. as for tv shows though? A huge inspiration i draw from is Rick, from the walking dead. I don't watch many new shows anymore. (As for why that is, maybe that's also best suited for another post.)
  1. Speaking of shows - I don't really have time to watch anime all that much but some influential ones I've grown to be very fond of are:
There are others, and I've seen all series of Yugioh and DragonBall alike, but these in particular stood out to me. For DragonBall Super mostly due to the absolute insanity the tournament of power was and that last fight. I've seen other animes or stopped, started and stopped again as I couldn't get invested into them. That's why Golden Time really took me by surprise. Same with Yugioh 5d's and S1 of Sword Art Online. I am interested to see what other subreddits with differing views on what sorts of animes other people prefer or recommend I watch.
Same with games, music or movies.
To wrap up,
Tldr; you can call me Timmy (Timmm-aH!) For short, or even shorter than short - dad, just don't get weird with it, (unless? I'm joking, unless?...) and I'm here like anyone else to peruse reddit on useful or entertaining things!
Anything else I'll either edit this big jumbo post or add on later!
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2023.06.08 17:04 Msoelv HI Here. Does anyone know what that "Mechanics oil" actually is in the Novritsch Maintenance kit

Hi i got that Novritsch maintenance kit, with all the oils, and stuff, and i noticed what they don't sell any of the components separately, i bought the kit mainly for the cool collapsible jamrod and the case for neat storage,
so i started googling to find products that i can refill all the bottles with once i run out, and i have everything besides that "Mechanics oil" i have no idea what it actually is, it is defiantly not silicone since they explicitly say "Do not put on O-rings" but it's good for metal to metal contacts.
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2023.06.08 17:03 laparior Confessing feelings to someone who's in a relationship

There's this girl I've been talking to for three months now. I think she's super cool and we have a lot of chemistry, but she's currently in a relationship which isn't going well. I know this since she was crying at my buddy's place last month, since she didn't feel attracted anymore to her boyfriend. Anyway, because of her being in a relationship, I try to not engage too much by not initiating conversation over text. But after a couple of days not texting, she's always the one who'll initiate the conversation. It's also pretty apparent that she's just coming up with random subjects just to talk to me; she even asked questions which she could've easily found on Google multiple times.
After having two separate gym sessions and a smoothie once together, we are planning to meet up this Friday for some drinks. I'm not sure if this is how she is to male friends or if she's maybe interested in me as well, but I'm done being in this uncertain position. What should I do?
Also, I'd like to point out that she's the one who set up almost everything: our gym sessions, parties and she'd invited to her birthday party. She asked me to join a party this July and we have one scheduled in September. The smoothies after gym and drinks this Friday were my idea.
I want to emphasize that I'm not actively trying to break their relationship here. It's going to end sooner or later, and I just want to know where I stand.
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2023.06.08 17:03 acrimoniousdick Question about heavy barrels

I'm wanting to get my first AR and want to make sure it's legal. I live in TN and I'm moving to Maryland next year. So far, I understand that I need overall length of 26, 19 in barrel, 10 rd mags but in another thread I also read that it needs to be a heavy barrel. What does this mean? and how will they identify it as a heavy barrel? lastly, I know I need to register my handguns within 90 days, does this apply to the AR as well?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.08 17:03 juicylurker Making pattern adjustments for full bust, where to start?

I have been sewing for about a year and have made some simple shirts and button downs (I just use the size that fits my bust but it ends up being way too big on my waist). My bust measurement is about 12” more than my waist, if I find a full bust adjustment pattern that usually works but a lot don’t have that. I would like to find some resources on how to adjust patterns so I can cut shirts that fit me better? Thank you!
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2023.06.08 17:02 Netroidx 4070 EAGLE OC 12 Gb GPU fans keep turning on and off every few seconds

Hello everyone,
I hope you can help me with a problem I've been facing with my graphics card. When my card is not under load, specifically when I'm not playing games or performing any demanding tasks, I've noticed an issue with the fans. At fan speeds around 40% to 55%, the fans continuously turn on and off, creating an annoying noise.
To provide further details, if I manually set the fan speed to 40%, the problem occurs consistently. However, if I set the fan speed to a value higher than 55%, the issue does not occur (Im using MSI AFTERBURNER)
I'm concerned that this repetitive cycling of the fans may potentially lead to damage, and I'm unsure how to resolve this issue. I've taken the necessary steps to ensure the graphics card is properly seated and connected in my system, and I've updated the drivers to the latest version available. However, despite these efforts, the problem with the fans persists.
I've come across other users experiencing a similar problem, and I've even found a video that demonstrates the same issue
I kindly request your assistance in addressing this matter. I would appreciate any troubleshooting steps or advice you can provide to help diagnose and resolve this issue.
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2023.06.08 17:00 AutoModerator It's 'Post your M43 photo' Thursday! Come share your best work with the community!

You've spent an entire week with your Micro Four-Thirds camera, documenting the world as it is, how it was, or how you think it should be. It's time to show us those photos and bask in the glory that only a weekly photo thread can bring!
  1. The photo must be your own. No cross-posting someone else's work.
  2. You may only post one photo per week. Pick only your best work and show it off!
  3. Post your photo in a top-level comment for maximum exposure! (hehe get it, "exposure"?)
  4. Include as much detail as possible about the camera, the lens and the environment as possible. Good: "Shot with Olympus OM-D E-M1 w/ Panasonic 25mm f/1.8 lens @ 25mm f/2.0 ISO100 Time: 5:40PM in Los Angeles, California" Bad: "Look at this shot, isn't it neat?"
  5. Above all, be respectful. There's a big difference between the following comments: "OMG THAT PHOTO IS HORRIBLE" and "The lighting coming off his face looks uneven".
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2023.06.08 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Thu, Jun 08 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


always love a good reminder of why we're right on track
Comments Link
Time to load up on BTC
Comments Link
firm and strong.
Comments Link


Are we safe with Coinbase
Comments Link
Jack Dorsey versus 'Bitcoin Jesus' on Ethereum
Comments Link
Atomic Wallet CEO has been refusing to cooperate in investigating the recent hack, please help us gain his cooperation by signing the petition:
Comments Link


CryptoCurrency will be participating in the June 12th -14th protest of Reddit's API changes
Comments Link
Algorand: Many of us were bullish and invested. Now Algo is down more than 96% in USD and 99% against Bitcoin. What can we learn from this experience to prevent making the same mistakes in the future?
Comments Link
i am not letting the government chase me out of crypto
Comments Link


😆 "I don't see the difference."
Comments Link
Today, the number of CashFusions on the blockchain reached 200,000
Comments Link
buy bch without the government noticing
Comments Link


When everything around you is security!
Comments Link
Exploring Blockchain's Potential in Real Estate
Comments Link
The Potential for Crypto Adoption Amidst Regulatory Concerns
Comments Link


Is it a viable strategy to invest in a project purely based on the strength of its team?
Comments Link
Binance is not ftx, fact!
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Binance.US Halts OTC Trading Portal, Delists Pairs Amid SEC Lawsuit
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The SEC Has Not Labeled Any Proof-of-Work Asset as a Security—Why Is That?
Comments Link
What’s the Difference Between the Binance and Coinbase SEC Lawsuits?
Comments Link
Binance.US Pulls Several Trading Pairs in Wake of SEC Lawsuit
Comments Link


Be careful sending too much Crypto away from Coinbase
Comments Link
is anyone still getting rewards from the Coinbase Debit Card?
Comments Link
Coinbase Stock Plunges 20% Following SEC Lawsuit
Comments Link


Binance Support Thread
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We used this tool and reduced our project development time by Half . With this, we were able to create private and customized Testnets that meet our needs. Check it out
Comments Link


Comments Link
Revolutionizing the Solana Experience: Solflare's New Mobile Update Unleashed
Comments Link
Drift introduces cross-chain swaps partnering with Mayan Finance!
Comments Link


what is everyone doing?
Comments Link
Informal Systems raises $5.3M from the first fundraiser!
Comments Link
Introducing the $JUNO Working Group
Comments Link


Whale buys 430m Algorand
Comments Link
It's this a new low for ALGO?
Comments Link
Algorand's self inflected wound
Comments Link


IOG response to the recent SEC filings: “Under no circumstances is ADA a security under U.S. securities laws. It never has been.”
Comments Link
Fund10 round dates announced with 50,000,000 ada in total value. Save the date.
Comments Link
State of Cardano (Digital Citizen POV)
Comments Link


WARNING: I have the feeling this is a scam
Comments Link
Any Trustworthy Services That Convert XMR to USD?
Comments Link
The Megablock Coin
Comments Link


Yat Fantasy: Using pretend ETH to learn about NFTs and test the waters
Comments Link
This brand is familiar for some reason?
Comments Link
CoinbaseNFT, ethereum collection, ‘cysix’
Comments Link
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2023.06.08 17:00 Welp-man We're joining the protest - Read up

Read this post from Philippines
Philippines will go dark by June 12th in protest of new Reddit API changes
TL;DR: Philippines will be participating in site-wide protests against Reddit's new API policy changes. These new API policy changes will affect moderators and casual users usage of third-party tools and applications. Philippines will be private on June 12th to 14th.
Hello Philippines,
As you may have already known the news, Reddit has announced some changes to their API that will affect developers, moderators, and users alike.
So what's an API?
API stands for Application Programming Interface, a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other. Think of it as a relay between a site and an app, where an app might request something from a site and said site will provide what an app needs.
What's new with Reddit's API then?
Reddit announced some changes with their API usage, that will be implemented on July 1st:
  1. New rate limits for free access.
  2. New Enterprise tier for large-scale usage (previously, Reddit API usage was free of charge).
  3. New way of accessing data for academic and research purposes (previously, this was done using PushShift, a third-party tool that uses Reddit API to gather data).
  4. Limiting access to sexually-explicit content for large-scale applications.
What's with the third-party apps, why do they exist, and why are they affected with the upcoming API changes?
Third-party Reddit applications (such as Apollo, BaconReader, Boost, Infinity, reddit is fun, Slide, Sync, and many more) provide alternative ways to browse Reddit with additional features, quality of life improvements, and tools that are not available in official Reddit apps. They exist because Reddit doesn't have its own official app for a long time, and the only way to browse Reddit back then was through mobile browsers or third-party apps.
Related thread: Reddit Mobile Apps (Dated 7th April 2016)
With the recent API changes, Reddit will charge exorbitant fees to third-party developers to access their API through the Enterprise Tier. Christian Selig, developer of Apollo (a third-party Reddit app for iOS) will have to pay 20 million US Dollars per year with Reddit's planned pricing. Other developers such as Laurence Dawson of Sync for Reddit are also disappointed with the upcoming fees and how limiting the API is:
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2023.06.08 17:00 Rubick-_- I (20m) have been talking with a girl (19F) for one year online

Hi, i'm posting this again cause i need more advice and i think i needed more details I (20m) have been talking with a girl (19F) for one year online ( i know it's quite a lot but we were not that much in touch, especially recently and wasn't very constant, but yes sometimes we talked daily), we are friends and nothing really serious between us,but is it weird if i remind her tommarow would be the first day we talked exactly one year ago and met online? We also go to the same college but we have never actually seen each other in college for some reason on my part( i couldn't get myself to attend my classes), although she asked me once to meet in college. so what can i do to show that i'd like to be her friend and get to know her more and see how things go? I know maybe my question is so weird and random but i've no one else to ask this. Considering recently we haven't been talking much really but only some simple texts which i also was the one starting, like asking how she is doing here and there, and i feel like she is kinda ignoring me after i couldn't make it to see her after she asked me, should i tell her that today would be one year since we have been talking and met? would it be cool or creepy? I'd like to say more things but i'm not sure i want her to know that i value our friendship and would like to become a better and good friend of her and me not seeing her in real life doesn't mean i'm not interested in continuing and strengthening our friendship. I'd like to have a platonic friendship with her and see how the things go But idk how, i need help with how should i message and text her in general, idk what to say to have a conversation, nowdays we don't talk a lot and seems i can't get the conversation going and i bore her out with small talks and she never messaged me first recently...
Thanak you for reading if you read it till here and i'm sorry for any typos/mistakes Any advice and help is appreciated <3
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2023.06.08 17:00 SmolderTheDragon Pony stuff you want to talk about but isn’t worthy of a dedicated thread! #261

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"And that, little ones, is how you earn a cutie mark." —Rainbow Dash
This is the thread for any pony-related topics, thoughts, and questions you can think of that are too small to deserve their own thread. That's all you need to know.
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