Northside hospital bcbs contract

question" Is it legal for a company to put a no call off agreement in their contract with an employee?

2023.03.28 20:27 sweetkatsudon question" Is it legal for a company to put a no call off agreement in their contract with an employee?

Context: X's spouse is being hospitalized for a brain injury, but X signed an agreement in their contract to not call off unless extreme personal emergency-and cannot call off today.
Is this legal? Does FMLA overrule the contract?
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2023.03.28 19:27 InternationalSet1293 Travel nursing question. 5th contract

I have been at same hospital since February 2022 and end April 9th 2023 so I took 46 days off between contracts in December. Now I was asked to take a local contract at a close by hospital (9 miles from current hospital) and wondering if that will mess up my taxes or something? I been duplicating the entire time but this new hospital is 49 miles from my house so I would just drive it. Basically I have worked in Austin Texas and the new hospital is round rock so not technically the same metro area? Any advice
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2023.03.28 19:06 obie4000 Required to post workers rights poster not updated since 2008

Required to post workers rights poster not updated since 2008
If required to post workers rights posters should they be updated more than once a decade or is this really meet the standard
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2023.03.28 18:58 UsidoreTheLightBlue Recap of Mox on Oral Sessions

There’s been a lot of individual posts, here’s a full recap:
The show opens going straight into the Punk stuff.
Jon starts by lamenting being dragged into shit. He hates that guys go on social media and blah shit then it blows up.
Jon explains that he wasn’t under contract that summer. He had his contract extended for the time he was in Rehab. His contract ended and he didn’t want to sign a new deal in case he relapsed. He didn’t want to be in a new deal and have it go wrong. He told them:
“If everything stays like it is right now, I’ll be here forever, you can pay me in cash at the end of the night, whatever.”
The night Punk complained about on social media Mox saw himself as bending over backwards to accommodate punk and put him over on PPV.
Mox looks at his career as someone who had to seize opportunity. He wasn’t often the guy, but he’s been given opportunities because injuries and other things have happened.
Explains that he doesn’t like badmouthing AEW but hasn’t seen as much stupid “bullshit” in his life because guys get drunk and tweet then that’s all anyone wants to talk about.
Jon explains that while he’s not an official coach, he loves coaching. He finds that it gives him a “high” like working a match without doing so. “Loves getting the best out of people.”
High praise for Marina Shafir. She’s someone he’s worked with.
Loves setting people up with Rocky Romero. Says he’s fantastic.
He loves that they’re doing house shows. He also loves that he can send guys to Indy Feds he’s known with and have them work as well.
He was really upset to be pulled from OTT, but says he’s still going. He doesn’t say when to not jinx it. He’s still happy to have worked Troy, Ohio. It was less than 90 miles from his house.
He likes doing Indy shows to give himself extra practice, he calls them a “jam session” that helps.
Loved Vikingo and Omega. Mox says BCC waited until after the match to attack Kenny because they knew it would be good.
Mox isn’t sure of how many Indy matches he’ll work this year on Indy promotions.
Mox puts over PW Revolver.
Mox puts over Cincy wrestling again.
They put over living in Cincy.
Mox says he’s building a gym in the basement, a physical location for the black pool combat club. He referred to it as his own version of the hart dungeon.
Renee asks to put a Pilates machine in there, Mox says no. She asks if since it’s going to be in their basement it was her way to join BCC.
Jon got quiet, which seemed to be his way of saying “no.”
They gently bicker with each other over who is Messy.
Edit - this got me because she described his side of the bed and pillows as being covered by blood splatters.
Renee got a cat without telling Mox. She’s been selling it to him as a good Mouser the house they bought is old so they need one.
Swerve, Mox likes the cat.
Mox explains his stance on anarchy in the arena, to do it once in one take in front of the crowd.
He explains some of the blue prints he had for different matches and relates it to football.
You can have a game where one team blows out the other, then you can have a game where it’s defensive struggle. Wrestling stories can alone different and “wrestling can be anything.”
He sees the Texas Deathmatch as an AEW staple now after there have been so many of them in AEW going back to his first one with Lance archer.
Mox couldn’t be happier with the hangman Texas Deathmatch. He thought the crowd would go nuts when he tapped out. (Edit This was a relatively in depth conversation)
He feels like he hasn’t been overthinking things this year.
Edit - he went into detail on what that means, he thinks about his matches before he gets with the ring then goes with the flow when in there.
He says he doesn’t normally like talking too much about how things are broken down because he feels like it ruins some of the magic.
He said he is innocent, until proven, guilty on the charges of sending the young bucks to the hospital and plugged in dynamite.
He also said he has a lot of respect for the young bucks. He put them over for not following anyone’s path.
Renee and Mox put over each others legs. Renee tries to convince Jon to go back to tights. He declines because he likes his boots and they don’t look good with tights.
I tried to editorialize as little as possible here, but I’m not a court reporter. So I had to re-cap in most places because honestly I’m just not fast enough to type full quotes.
The cat is a “Maine coon cat” and is described as able to get massive.
Mox described it as having a “feral” Bobcat living with them, I believe largely jokingly.
He also described in great detail what the “mousing” will look like while Renee described the cat as her best friend.
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2023.03.28 18:11 Holy_mels I think I don't feel contractions like I should (39w+2)

This is me just venting a little. So today I had a fetal monitoring at 39+2 days and they not only saw my baby heart beat but also my contractions, until that moment I wasn't sure if what I was feeling were contractions or not because is was just a weird feeling. I had 2 of them in that moment and they said the last one was big and asked me how much pain I have, and I was like that's a contraction? It didn't hurt I just feel a weird pressure, they only answers was "Oh" and tell me all is alright. Now I fear that I wouldn't know when to go to the hospital because it seems I don't feel them like I should.
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2023.03.28 17:23 Chance-River-490 IC with no external dilation?

Looking to hear stories of others who had cervical shortening and funneling but no external dilation. Or stories of people who didn’t have “textbook” IC but later discovered they did in fact have it.
Some background:
I lost my daughter at 19 weeks in June of 2022 due to suspected IC. However, the report also showed that I had an acute placental abruption.
I lost my mucus plug 5 days before I gave birth. 4 days before birth I went to the OBs office where a PA told me she couldn’t find my cervix then finally found it and said it was closed, 2 days before birth is when I went to the hospital for cramping and bleeding (turns out it was contractions). They discovered I had 5mm of cervix left with funneling (so I was internally dilated).
I’ve had preconception appointments with two separate MFMs. They both have stated they’d prefer to do progesterone and cervical length monitoring because they don’t think I have IC. Fortunately they’ve both agreed to do a preventive cerclage if that’s absolutely what I want. And I think it is but I guess my story isn’t “textbook” IC so I’m looking for similar stories that wasn’t textbook but it turned out you did in fact have IC.
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