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A subreddit dedicated to the wonderful world of Buc-ee’s, a Texas tradition. And also the fact that it’s the biggest gas station you’ll ever see in your life, forcing you to to think it might actually be a moon

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2023.06.10 18:53 carguy2050 [WTS] Knightstick, DD bcg, G$ CH/rail, Benelli m1014 parts, etc

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/JqNtNKd
All prices are shipped via PayPal ff or zelle or Venmo ff
Prices are obo
Knight stick brand new. Just pulled out of package for photo $250
Dd bcg sub 200 rounds $165
G charging handle $75
G mk16 rail 9.3 black $200
M1014 1 position recoil tube with recoil assembly installed $100
Surefire z68 clicky cap $25
Bcm kag $15
A2 grips $11 shipped
Atibal 30mm qd scope mount $75
Unknown brand adjustable gas block $30
Crossbreed g26/36 holster $20
All prices are shipped via PayPal ff or zelle or Venmo ff
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2023.06.10 18:49 Youknow_who__ F(22) havibg trouble managing finances with bf M(21)

So I’m in a bit of a spot. I’m currently dating somebody who is an undergrad STEM student. His education is very tough and he relies on his parents for financial support. I am a humanities student but I do jobs etc and make my own money and fulfill my own expenses. We’re very much in love and he’s a great guy. However handling finances have been a bit off lately. He is in a different city for his undergrad so we get to meet very less. He’s back for the summers. I usually pick him up and drop him home as his house is on the way. However fuel prices have been very high but he doesn’t offer to pay for gas ever and we usually drive around or travel in my car. His parents sold their car and they just have a single car which his parents use for work. We usually hang out at his place as I have strict parents. Whenever we go out (which is rare) he doesn’t offer to pay. Recently I asked him to take me out for food or something and he showed me his bank balance which was almost 0. And jokingly said sure I can take you to a restaurant and you can pay. Now I’m not sure what to do in a situation like this. I feel like having consumed a lot of instagram content, I’ve idealized the concept of a male that usually pays for you and drives you around or at least there is a 50/50 when it comes to finances. It’s not happening here and I’m not sure how to feel or go about this. He’s a great guy in most other aspects. I’d like to hear more opinions on my situation.
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2023.06.10 18:47 bewe3 the Reilly gambit (feat. Long Cast-L)

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2023.06.10 18:47 faceboobs701 Sam's Club is worth it for 2 people.

I've debated posting this as I know it' may get pushback. This pushback is the same reason that I hesitated on getting a membership until they had their annual promotion of $10 for 1 year of membership.
Holy hell, guys. If you buy nothing else, the gas alone is worth it. It's an average .10ç cheaper than any other gas station. The groceries are my favorite part. Yeah, they're bulk items however between my husband and I, the food lasts and doesn't expire before we can eat it. The produce is great, but my absolute favorite are the rotisserie chickens. I buy one each week, and they feed us for roughly 8 meals. The chickens are $5.
The cat litter is the cheapest I've found, too. Tidy Cats went from $17 to $20 the past few months and is almost never on sale, but that's fine because Sam's Club brand litter is $12 for the same size and for the price, the quality is great. Same with dog food. $40 for twice the food and my dog loves it.
Seriously. Don't let being a single or two person household discourage you. It's absolutely worth it to sign up if you can afford to. They have a recurring deal on GroupOn for Sam's Club membership for $25.
Just in case anyone was on the fence, I wanted to share my experience. 100% worth it.
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2023.06.10 18:41 throwaway92837475 Advice on how to manage small inheritance

I am going to be receiving $130k in the fall from my fathers estate. I am currently employed (albeit underemployed) and make just enough to cover expenses. I have two kids, I rent. I don’t have an emergency fund, TFSA, RESP, RRSP, or pension. I’m 48. Kids are (13 and 14).
Current position: Income: $3900 net monthly
Expenses: -Rent: $2125 -Utilities: $325 avg/month (elect, gas, sewer, garbage, water) -Loan: $170 -Transportation: $200/month (gas, insurance) -Phones: $200 (for 3 phones) -Internet/cable: $175 -Groceries: $700 (I’m struggling hard here as this also includes household and hygiene, we utilize food bank and pantries.)
I’m educated and work in my field (have a masters degree). I’m underemployed right now due to caring for my special needs son (I can only work part time right now) but will be able to work full time in one year.
I want to make this money work for me in the most advantageous way for the longest amount of time.
Things that need to be taken care of: - I need a good used car (I currently use my ex husbands vehicle and he uses it as a control mechanism and I must get out from under that. - we all desperately need to see a dentist (we do not have health insurance) - pay off loan (balance is $12,586)
Other considerations: - any emergencies or costs are at the expense of not paying a bill for a month, I incur late fees, or we buy even less food/gas - Looking at downgrading phone plan and internet (cable is essentially free on this bundled plan) - I would love to buy a house/townhouse but I’m being quickly priced out in Calgary, I’m currently rebuilding my credit (640) and need more income to qualify. I estimate that I will need 3 years (2yrs of full time). I do not have any credit cards, was in collections but paid off 2 months ago and rebuilding. - my kids will most likely attend post secondary - there is no sense going after their father for child support as he is unemployed or working for cash and hasn’t filed taxes in 5 years. (He used to be a high earner but got fired in 2017).
Wants: new clothes for kids (thrift and mending is what I do now), I have never travelled with my kids, we need a new computer.
*Most important I want this money to last and/or make a difference. It’s not enough to do anything substantial and I’m unsure how to manage it.
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2023.06.10 18:31 Sonums Being asked to pay £583 for “gas shortfall”

Hi there,
My wife and I own a 2 bedroom flat in London, in a building comprising of 55 flats varying between 1 bedroom and 3 bedroom, and have received notification that our heating/water supplier (Switch2) is demanding that all residents pay a £583 fee for “gas shortfall”. We are on a PAYG meter, and have been informed that this is backdated to November 2022, up to April 2023. as the prices that we were paying as agreed with the company were set incorrectly. They have said that the prices they purchase their energy from are higher than the prices they were charging to us, and therefore we as the residents are liable to pay.
This seems to be a ridiculous amount to me, and the fact that it has been apportioned despite the fact that we are on a PAYG meter is unfair. The amount seems extremely high at a prorated £3.86/day, even if some residents weren’t having the heating on at the time.
Furthermore as a separate issue, the property management company (PBM) have admitted that on the several occasions during this period that when we had no access to heating or hot water, it was a problem with the building facilities itself and not the supplier.
  1. The “gas shortfall” charge being given to residents is grossly high and we believe that an accounting error on the part of the energy company shouldn’t be the residents’ cross to bear. How do we fight this?
  2. During the periods of time (On multiple occasions for periods of 24 hours or more) that we had no hot water or heating, we the residents don’t believe that we should be subject to paying the standing charge as it means that we have been paying for a service that we did not receive, and are owed a refund, by the property management company.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 18:09 RedKittieKat Datsun Hatchback and Sedan by Nissan $3899.00 [1979]

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2023.06.10 18:03 lermandude [WTS] 🇧🇪 FN CHF CL 16” upper w/ griffin handguard + adders to finish your carbine with upper purchase

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/LtwzKEH
YOU MUST BUY THE UPPER TO BUY ANYTHING ELSE. Dibs, select parts, send a pm. PP FF preferred.
Base price on the upper is $300, adders are listed at the bottom here.
Upper is square forged upper, painted. Barrel is FN CHF CL 16” 1:7” 556 carbine gas gov profile, same as that on the FN-15 also painted. Gas block is pinned and salty but works well, painted to match receiver. DSA tri lug flash hider and griffin armament 11.5” SR Rigid mlok handguard in 90% condition. Roughly 1k-1.5k on the barrel and receiver, less on handguard. Barrel nut moly greased and torqued to 50lbs.
Lpk no fcg/grip $10
Mil spec FCG $15
Ruger 452 upgraded trigger $30
A2 grip $5
Black MOE grip $10
Unbranded AR low pro stock $20
90% b5 sopmod odg $50
Carbine buffer kit (everything needed for buffer system, most of it new never used) $30
Ruger basic CH $5
You can be all in ~$550 or less for an FN barreled rifle, value prop is high here.
Edit: if you have a huge pp you can take it all for $440
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2023.06.10 18:00 rup_pup [WTS] Faxon 8.6 Barrel Setup, Vortex Razor 1-6

Timestamp: https://i.imgur.com/hidqg0G.jpg
Dibs gets the item, PM if you wanna negotiate. I may take some time to respond to see if anyone calls dibs at full price though.
Dibs the item and then PM me with how you would like to pay. PayPal F&F, Venmo F&F, or Cashapp.
CLICK HERE TO PM ME: https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=rup_pup
USED Vortex Razor Gen 2 (Non-E) 1-6 BDC Reticle
SV-3 Throw Lever
Precision Extended Cantilever Mount 30 mm
$1000 shipped for the lot. You can see salt as pictured. Overall in good shape. No box.
Used Faxon 12" 8.6 BLK Barrel Set-up
12" 8.6 Barrel 1:3 Twist Gunner Profile
Gas Block and Tube
Q 8.6 Cherry Bomb
Superlative Arms .875" Adjustable Gas Block, Bleed Off - Solid, Set Screw - Melonite Finish
$300 for the whole set-up with the extra GB.
Please also see my previous listing here:
Trades needed/wanted:
Wide Angle <= 24mm Sony FE Lens
CLICK HERE TO PM ME: https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=rup_pup
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2023.06.10 17:50 Chez92 [WTS] Custom Geissele 11.5" complete upper

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/q2zevY1
Call dibs here and then I'll PM you. Can take paypal, venmo, or zelle. Up for sale is an 11.5" upper assembled and accurized by Citizen Arms. 1 moa guarantee with match ammo. Parts include:
Square forge mil spec upper
Geissele CHF/CL 11.5 barrel. 5.56
Geissele MK16 DDC cut down for flusher fit on a Gemtech muzzle device
Geissele gas block
Geissele DDC ACH
Gemtech adjustable BCG
Less than 500 rounds through it. I'm shooting more long range lately and I need to thin out my collection.
$1000 shipped ppff to the lower 48 states. No G&S for flair under 20. I can reduce the price if you want an A2 flash hider instead of the gemtech muzzle device. Let me know if you have any questions.
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2023.06.10 17:36 BarberBettie Why would this ‘boycott’ of Reddit even work?

Just as much as the next redditor, I’m not happy about the path the company has chosen to take, but I really don’t see the point of boycotting for only two days. What would that accomplish once people start posting again? To me, that’s almost like boycotting gas stations for a day or two in order to protest prices, but it wouldn’t do any good since people would start filling back up once it’s over. Is there something I’m missing?
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2023.06.10 17:33 Darrelluminati [WTS] Geissele MK16, Triarc Track 14.5, Unity, Warcomp, ACH

Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/EC7QL2u
All with light salt, nothing beat
-MK16 13.5 FDE comes with barrel nut no wrench. no major salt, might have a mark here or there from attachments but I don’t really see anything, gotta be 9/10. $225 —— $360 if bundled with barrel
-Triarc Track 2.0 14.5 not exactly sure of round count but i think it has to be less than 1000. Tac driver, I can send pics of groupings if you want. Was previously pinned and then unpinned. I ran it unpinned pretty much the whole time. Super clean job no issues whatsoever with installing muzzle device. See pics. There’s no markings on it which I thought was weird but I’ve never had another one of these barrels before so maybe that’s normal, it was sold to me track 2.0. Comes with pinned triarc gas block and mid length tube $200 obo —— $360 if bundled with rail
-Unity Hotbutton mlok crane laser 9in. Black. Basically nib, opened it up to briefly fondle it but never fired with. $80 obo or $65 add on
-Geissele Airborne Charging Handle FDE, fairly clean light salt. Not a ton of use. $85 add on only for now, kinda need it but also kind of want a raptor SD
-Surefire CTN Warcomp under 500 rounds almost exclusively used unsuppressed, shot suppressed with it 1 time. Clean threads never pinned or anything. No shims, device only $120 or $100 add on
Feel free to message me offers if my pricing is off. Really wanna bundle some stuff so let’s deal. Any payment method, ships Monday
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2023.06.10 17:21 Moribunde You guys seem to think inflation is the result of interest rate hikes? Or by cutting rates we'd help Canadians?

I've seen this sub come up on my feed fairly recently since I started trimming some of the crap I cared little for. A notable trend in the posts is a general hate for Freeland and these interest rate hikes, and it seems there's a belief that if we start cutting rates it will help Canadians through these tough economic times.
There appears to be no acknowledgement of the global economic condition that has led us to this point. How the Ukraine/Russian war has reduced supply in oil and gas, fertilizer, and vehicle manufacturing... Three very obvious connections to major inflationary items. Then there's influx of refugees straining an already problematic housing situation... Corporations making record profits by raising prices well above inflationary levels... Climate conditions leading to heatwaves in months we never had to worry about heatwaves for, also leading to conditions that allow for fires to easily start... And well a generally vicious cycle that causes inflation to stay and potentially get worse.
So can someone here explain how they think cutting rates will help the situation. How cutting the interest rate, the one method that the government has to control inflation, will help Canadians in the long run? Cause from my knowledge it will simply aggravate inflation further in the following years.
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2023.06.10 17:14 Wide-Height4882 Can I set a super low gas price, and wait months or years for gas price to drop? Like, is there a time limit?

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2023.06.10 17:08 buddybooboothedood HM Mirra 2

I want to buy a used one. Was offered one for $600. It's been refurbished, and the gas cannister replaced. Do you think it's worth it, or buy a new task chair from Varidssk or similar for around the same price? I'm not sure the right move.
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2023.06.10 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Sat, Jun 10 2023] TL;DR — Crypto news you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit


On June 12th, Bitcoin will go dark for 48 hours in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party apps.
Comments Link
Girl born after Bitcoin delivering keynote at BTC Prague
Comments Link
Comments Link


Vitalik: The Three Transitions
Comments Link
Can I set a super low gas price, and wait months or years for gas price to drop? Like, is there a time limit?
Comments Link
Explanation of the monumental effect zkEVMs will have on scaling the whole Ethereum ecosystem within these coming months
Comments Link


News handles are back on calling Crypto dead and recommending people to quit it, the best bottom-signal you can get.
Comments Link
Bitcoin dominance is breaking out and at its highest point in 2 years, as alts are breaking down - what is going on?!
Comments Link
Crypto.com suspends US institutional exchange service
Comments Link


Announcing Bitcoin Cash Node v26.1.0
Comments Link
The Bitcoin Cash Podcast #83: BCH Guru Mint & Meme Competition 2023 feat. Luke Pryor
Comments Link
Coingate.com disabled BCH payments
Comments Link


Coinbase: "Thought I was just a spectator, but turns out I was the main event in that fight!"
Comments Link
I’m shaking
Comments Link
While entire crypto market is bleeding badly, POKT is performing like a real digital gold
Comments Link


bringing the raffle system to the blockchain - possible pros and cons?
Comments Link
Welp, just about every alt got obliterated in the span of ~30 minutes
Comments Link
Usage of the Dollar as a Reserve Currency is on the decline, per Bloomberg:
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What will the Reddit blackout do to avatar nft values
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Cease & Desist?!
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USDC on Arbitrum Receive Delay
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Cant sell SOL on Coinbase
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Binance Support Thread
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Is FTM at risk being considered a security by the SEC?
Comments Link
I can't undelegate, can't restake, can't claim reward? is this real life?
Comments Link


Solana isn’t going anywhere … in 2 years it won’t be looked at like a security. USA just being the same old crooked USA . Crypto is global . Plus the USA doesn’t look to sharp anyway
Comments Link
Gary Gensler is an Ex Goldman Banker. Don’t be a paper hand by a banker. What more do you expect from a banker lol
Comments Link
Analyst Believes Solana's Firedancer Is The Catalyst To Onboard Billions
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Atom ruled a Security
Comments Link
This Black Swan even happening Could also be a Generational opportunity to Build a position in ATOM on the dip... 👀
Comments Link
A worth read on the security debate, Zaki defends Cosmos:
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Algorand's future
Comments Link
Since no one is posting price... RiiiiiiP Algo at $0.08
Comments Link
Yeah its dark right now but remember its always darkest before dawn.
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Dear beloved community, never waver in the current turbulent market conditions. Hold strong, for the era of Voltaire lies before us.
Comments Link
What would happen if the SEC succeeds in making Cardano a security?
Comments Link
Guys, please thumbs up the YubiKey support in Lace feature requests thread if this is important to you.
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📢 Exciting Announcement: Elite Wallet Now Available on iOS App Store! 🚀
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Shop For Amazon Items Anonymously using Monero on Monezon
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Australian Monero
Comments Link


Comments Link
What do you think of playing in AR mode? Our project growing step by step! new technologies implemented
Comments Link
PAIN, 3/7 Editions LEFT, 5 TEZ , OBJK
Comments Link
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2023.06.10 16:48 TheBlackCycloneOrder If You Gamble Against a Man With a Hat for a Face, Know What Your Wager Is

All I ever wanted was for my wife and I to live comfortably. But the longer we stayed together, the higher our bills increased. We’d already fought off debts from college, barely scraping by. Even after we paid them off, we were only able to afford a tiny apartment on the outskirts of New York City.
Sidewalks laid cracked everywhere while condemned buildings sat sadly against their crooked foundations. Crooked lampposts would hang only by electrical wires. Graffiti marked every street corner in bland art that existed without rhyme or reason. Homeless people could be found on every street corner, a constant reminder of what would happen if my wife and I failed to keep up with our payments.
However, I managed to make somewhat decent money as a plumber. But even then, it sometimes wasn’t enough to deal with loan sharks, the hefty utility bills, food prices, and gas money. I was willing to do anything to get us out.
And that is where I encountered gambling. I was willing to take the risks. I’d take any chance to obtain a reward, even just a small one. It started out with just a handful of poker games. Then I moved on to scratch tickets and slot machines. All I needed was enough to get by. Unfortunately, obtaining a payday from the casinos was impossible. I started growing desperate, which only led to more debt. The whole cycle sucked me down like Odysseus’ ship in Charybdis’ maw. And just like that, my relationship with my wife began to tear us apart.
My wife and I were once so close together. Before we married, there would be days where we’d work together at wood shops, creating 3D prints of various sci-fi characters and video games. Other times we’d study the components of circuits and use them to create elaborate lighting displays whenever Christmas arrived. Our wedding day was supposed to be the greatest day of our lives. Instead of relying on the help of others back like we did in college, we relied on ourselves.
But my actions tore all that apart. I didn’t know what else to do, either.

A few nights ago, I arrived at my shitty apartment, having completed a ten hour shift fixing the drains of several upper class folks. I rested my hand on the knob, expecting the worst from my wife. Sighing, I pushed the door. The moment I did, she was already in the front hall. Her eyes were scrunched and she was holding a bank statement, smacking it for emphasis.
“Care for an explanation?” She demanded.
I rubbed my temples, removing my scum covered overalls and plopping them right into the nearest laundry hamper. We locked eyes. Breaking eye contact with her would only ignite her anger further. She was holding another piece of evidence of my failures. My failure to strike it rich. All I could do was stand there sheepishly, tail tucked behind me, and wait to get ripped a new one. No words could come out of my mouth.
She marched up to me, holding it in my face. “Frank, you wasted three-thousand dollars at the casino AGAIN?!” my wife bellowed.
I set my tool box down and washed the pipe gunk from my hands, looking down just for a bit.
“Turn around and look me in the eyes.”
Resting a hand on my eyes, I glanced over at her petite frame. Then, I began to speak. “We can live comfortably if you just give-“
“Enough of the excuses! We nearly lost our apartment twice by you betting on slots, you wasted our heating money on roulette, and now this!”
I held up my hands reassuringly. “Look, just let me figure this out! I’ll think of some way to get the money!”
“You’d better. Otherwise we’re getting a divorce. Got it?”
Without another word, I put on a casual outfit, exiting for some fresh air. Shutting the door behind me, I gazed back at the unpolished apartment number on the frame. Wincing, I clenched a fist and descended the rickety stairs. Eventually, my boots hit the cracked pavement, and I headed off.
I had only made it a few blocks from my apartment, when I noticed shadows lurking in one of the alleyways. Picking up my stride, I try to evade the figures. They drew closer and closer. My stride changed into a sprint. Another alleyway comes into my sights. I make a break for it, hoping for an opportunity to escape. Only a dead end greets me. Before long, the figures cornered me. The light from a street lamp illuminated two shady faces. Loan sharks. Before I could react, the duo held me up by my throat.
“What the hell are you guys doing?!” I strained, feebly kicking back one of the thugs. He jammed a fist right under my rib cage. My lips pursed as I lost my breath. The other grabbed me by the chin, grinning like a maniac and revealing his tobacco rotted jaw. I gulped.
“Frank, calm down. Take it easy,” every word he said ground my inner ears. Brown saliva sprayed on my cheeks. “We just want to have a little talk…” I didn’t have the courage to speak up. All I could do was let them tell me everything.
“Your landlord is getting rather impatient with your payments. We just came to send a little message. He has some demands.” The other guy snarled.
I tugged on my collar. “What…demands?”
“The landlord wants you to cough up $18,000 for your next payment!”
My hands grew clammy. Were they out of their minds? I was a plumber, not a heart surgeon! I didn’t have that kind of money! Besides, the rent was only $500 a month.
“You have until the end of the month,” one of the goons croaked.
That was only two weeks! I couldn’t have made that kind of money with such constraints! I’d barely be able to afford food and electricity! Negotiating was out of the question. God knows what would have happened to me if I dared speak up.
“The landlord has given you chance after chance to pay up. But you’ve never followed through. He’s let it slide for three months. You haven’t paid shit in that time frame. Do you realize how much he has to pay for his own apartment? If you fail to pay at that time, there will be consequences…” He makes a capiche gesture.
I nodded. The moment I complied, they released me, disappearing into the smog.

I stood outside a graffiti covered subway station, pacing around, hands in my pockets. My fists constricted as I pounded a nearby wall. There’s no way I would have been able to make that kind of money! Craps were too unpredictable, arcade machines were always rigged, and roulette was too high in stakes. Seeing red, I screamed and kicked a wall as hard as I could. My foot throbbed and once I was done with my fit, I broke down sobbing. The sidewalk darkened with my tears. I pressed my head against it, clawing at it until my fingernails turned crimson.
Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Wiping the tears away, I glanced over my shoulder. A card was lying on the floor. Its borders were covered in green dollar symbols. The rest of the card was a silver color shiny enough to reflect my face in it. Written in gold letters were the following:
My eyes lit up. All I had to do was win one game of blackjack, and I’d be rich? Dimples formed on my cheeks and I pumped my fist. I nearly clicked my heels in joy, but decided against it. I’d already caused enough of a scene already, and I wanted to make sure nobody knew my secret. When I flipped it around, it had an address also written in golden letters.
Despite the address being in an unknown area, I still managed to pull it up on my phone’s map and arrived without any struggle. The casino itself was a pigsty, to say the least. Smokers polluted the air in the prison gray interior. Slot machines with broken lights clicked and whirred while cheap dice clattered against tables with peeling felt. Meanwhile, the concrete floor was covered in colonies of roaches while neglected beer bottles sat against the rungs of several tables. The only thing that was kept well was the bar and a room draped with navy blue curtains with golden sashes. Emblazoned above the doorway was the number 777.
This was the first time I had entered a casino smiling. For once, I thought that this was my lucky night.
When I pushed the curtains away, they revealed a room with ornate black wallpaper, an assortment of oak desks and other furniture. The walls were covered in fine Baroque paintings. On the floor was a single blue carpet covered in opulent tapestry. I followed the back wall to a single dealer table coated in green felt. Two seats were present with one patron taking the seat on the left. He was shaking with what I assumed was excitement.
Behind him was the dealer, a trim man with long blond hair and a top hat over his nose and eyes. He wore a dapper tuxedo free of blemishes that shimmered in the light of a single hanging glass lamp. His skin was pure and free of moles, glistening with slight amounts of glitter.
“Why, hello there…” The man spoke in a voice slicker than the gel in his hair. “Are you here to win big?” Unlike the loan sharks, his teeth were cleaner than a freshly washed plate.
“Yup. Deal me in.” I said, straightening my back, shuffling into the last seat. The other player had his jaw locked together. His eyes were drooping and bloodshot. Sweat pooled around his brow like glass beads. Just like him, I always felt nervous about losing, so their reaction was understandable.
“You know the rules of blackjack. I deal out cards. You can say ‘hit me’ if you want more cards. Get closest to twenty one without going over. Dealer only draws two cards. And you can also surrender your cards for half your bet. When you don’t want any more cards, say the word ‘stand.’” The dealer said, shuffling the cards through his hands and manipulating them like a sculptor with a ceramic pot.
I double blinked. Wager? “What do I bet with?”
The mysterious man just focused on passing out his cards. First, he brought out two cards for himself and dealt two more to each player. Instantly, he flipped over his cards. A jack and a king. Twenty.
I clutched the velvet backed cards, seeing what I was dealt.
A ten and a seven of hearts. I forced my face into a neutral smile. My stomach twisted. There was no way I could get twenty one that easily. “Surrender,” I said, pushing my cards to the dealer. All he did was reshuffle the cards and toss me two more. They didn’t even bother looking back up at me during the process.
The other player started clutching his stomach. My smile vanished. I carefully looked over the left guy’s cards. A seven and a two of clubs.
“Hit me…” the guy on the left choked out. An ace of spades. A total of ten. Sweat trickled down his head like a shower in April. His eyes welled up with tears while foam developed around his mouth. I raised a brow, wondering what his deal was.
I knew the stakes of gambling, but my sixth sense kept telling me something was just not right. No. That couldn’t be true. Even if there was some kind of string attached or fine print I didn’t read, I couldn’t risk giving up that money. Besides, this might have been my only chance to obtain such a vast award without much risk.
“Hit me…” The man wheezed. A five of hearts. His teeth chattered.
While I waited for my turn, I stood up and walked around the room, getting a closer look at all the ornate gadgets and such. My eyes focused on a painting on the leftmost wall. It resembled a man in rich military regalia. But something made my hair stand on end. Their upturned white mustache looked damp, and their face sagged like they were crying. Linear, stick-like shadows were cast on the sleeves. Edging forward, they came into focus.
Hands. I followed their forms outward, which extended into oily, dripping arms.
Husssssssssh…” A faint noise echoed from somewhere in the room.
“What?” I mouthed, turning an ear to the source.
Husssssssssh…” It came from the painting. I backed away, hands out at my sides. Was someone dragged in that painting?
“Where are you going? You forgot to pay up!” The dealer yelled back, hands slamming on the table and pulling out a sack of navy blue poker chips.
I double took. “I thought the card said there was no monetary wager needed?”
“There isn’t.”
Then, I looked at the ground. There was a second rug on the ground. The tapestry matched, but its patterns didn’t match with the other rug. It was off center from the rest of the decorations, like someone didn’t even bother setting it up properly. Taking a closer look, I could hear faint whispers coming from it, too. When I looked back up, the guy on the left was gone. I rushed over, checking his cards. A total of twenty five.
Swallowing saliva, I stood in confusion, wondering what to do next. I scraped my fingernails against my palms. I needed that money. If I didn’t get it, I’d lose my wife and my apartment. And what about the loan sharks? Only God knew what would happen to me if I didn’t pay up. What was I going to do? What would happen if I lost? Would I turn into another object just like the other guy? Or would I be in for a worse fate?
“That’s because there isn’t a MONETARY wager. I’m still taking half of what you owe.”
A sharp pain punched my left side. My left side felt heavier than before, like my veins were replaced with tungsten. I grabbed my fingers around my chest. The area around the pain almost felt solid like a tumor. Brushing around the area, I could make out a cylindrical mass. I tried to inspect it some more, but the pain overwhelmed me, and I crumpled to the ground.
I crouched down on all fours, trying to get back to my seat, but the pain froze me in place. Reaching out a hand, I called out for help. Nothing.
Slithering away, I pulled back the curtains to the entrance of the casino. I spat on the ground from the bludgeoning pain.
“Don’t feel out of luck. You can still surrender once more and you still have two chances left!” The dealer smiled, adjusting his hat. It was only a glimpse, but I caught a look at his upper face. His eyes were on his hat and his forehead was blank. The dealer looked like they were plucked straight out of an Alice in Wonderland book. What or who was this dealer?
“Think long and hard about this. I saw you arguing with your wife. And those ruffians nearly killed you.”
I clambered back to my seat. I still didn’t know what that dealer did to me. Something in me forced me to get back up and keep playing. More questions ate at me the longer I played. How did he know that information?
Then, I remembered feeling a tap back at Grand Central Station. And the card that brought me here. He couldn’t have been human. Was he some kind of demon? I didn’t bother asking. There wasn’t any way he would spill the beans about his nature.
After what seemed like hours, I managed to writhe back into my seat, slumping over the table like I’d just had the worst hangover.
“Ready to try again?” The charming man said, resting his chin on his interlocked hands.
Reluctantly, I gave him a thumbs up. He took back the cards and began manipulating the split deck once more. I analyzed every move he made. None of the cards were tricked. He wasn’t second dealing and didn’t have any aces up his sleeve. Never revealed anything under the table, either. The only thing that brought me reassurance was that he was honest. Still, keeping an eye out was critical.
The dealer revealed his cards. Two tens again. One of spades, one of hearts. His face was harder than diamond and glowed like one, too. Not a pleasing glow, but one that would hex anyone that dared gaze at it for too long.
I looked at my cards. An ace and a seven. Eighteen. Gripping my lower abdomen, I stayed crumpled in agony. The odds of getting a blackjack were slim and the stabbing pain skewed my thoughts.
“Surrender…” I wheezed. The words slipped out of my mouth like the dying breath of a wounded soldier. The dealer smiled, holding a pile of blue poker chips around him. He waved his hand over the mound and made an inaudible chant. Then, they vanished.
I held my hands over my face, bracing myself. Suddenly, the pain doubled, shifting to my right like a mudslide down a hill. Now I knew everything the previous player was going through.
I vomited out something hard and blue. A poker chip. Suddenly, my guts turned and another seven spilled out. My esophagus wound itself into knots more contorted than cobwebs. “I…forfeit!”
The man started to smile. “Without these?” With a thud, the hat faced dealer pulled out a jar filled with a kidney and a piece of liver. They still were oozing with blood that plumed and fit their containers. I remembered how the dealer said that there was no monetary wager. He never said there wasn’t a wager at all. My wager…was my organs.
“You want them back? Win them.” He set them back on the ground.
Now there was no choice. My fate was sealed if I tried to leave. I started to shed tears. If I didn’t get these organs back and fast, I was done for. Even if someone saw me passed out on the floor, finding donors for organs wasn’t guaranteed. And even then, I’d be put further in debt. Nothing would be solved. Then again, was trying to beat this guy even worth it? No. The reward was too great. Taking a few deep breaths, I sat back down. Reluctantly, I asked that he proceed.
The dealer drew out cards just like before. He took the cards and gave them a good shuffle. Plucking two cards out of the stack, he revealed them. A king and a nine. Another poker chip tumbled out my throat. I spat it out in a red and blue plastic heap. Not paying attention to the mess I made, he handed me two cards. A jack and a two. Twelve.
“Hit…me.” An ace. Aces could count as one or eleven depending on what other cards were drawn. I still had a fighting chance.
“Hit me.” A five.
His dead stare tore at my soul. I scratched against the felt, the wounds in my fingers reopening. From the corner of my eyes, I could see him frowning. “Are you going to play, or do you want all that money to go to waste?”
I gritted my teeth. “Shut up…Hit me…” Swallowing saliva, I watched the dealer play out my last card. A queen.
“You lose.” The dealer said coldly, grabbing a pile of poker chips and holding them close. He waved his hand over the mound and made another incantation. Then, they vanished once more. Everywhere at once, burning pain sears my skin, making me blackout.
When I wake up and feel my arms, they are covered in something hard, blue and plastic. My clothes were gone. I examined my extremities and my torso.
My skin was missing and replaced with poker chips. They were shaped to fit every part of my body. Cracks filled with blood gushed out with each slight movement I made. Horrified, I spilled my guts. More poker chips slid out my throat. Piles of skin laid clumped on the side of the table in hideous pink and blood red sheets.
“I think you know what’s at stake now. One try left. Better make it count. You want to end up in an object for an eternity?” He taunted.
The rigidity of my plastic coated skin made each movement expose more of the cracks, searing my muscles. I groaned as I raised myself up. Crimson liquid dampened the table. I pounded at the table. This was it. I either walked out with my money and saved my marriage and tied up all those knots. Or I lost and suffered a fate worse than death. Giving up was not an option. I gave the mysterious man a death glare, not even bothered by his resistance.
He plucks out two cards. A nine and a ten. This was my chance.
Then, my cards were revealed. A ten and a two. Fingers rattling, I took a deep breath and let calmness seep into me.
“Hit…Me…” I sputtered. Another two.
Huffing, I opened my mouth to speak again. The dealer just stared into me, tilting his head like a vulture waiting for roadkill. The poker chips rattled again, grinding against each other.
“Hit…” I paused for a moment, recollecting my thoughts. At a value of fourteen, I needed at least a six to beat the dealer. But an eight or higher would result in disaster. Gulping down another chaser of saliva, I spoke. “Hit…me.”
To my chagrin, a five slipped out of the hand. I was now tied. Staring at the pile of skin and my other organs, I closed my eyes and shook in horror. An ace or a two were the only cards I could draw in order to win. I looked down at my cards, sweat dripping on the table. With a quick glance, I gazed at the eyes on the man’s silk hat.
“Don’t keep me waiting.” The man demanded.
I’d begun hyperventilating. His stare grew more intense the longer I waited. His confident smile turned into a frown of irritation. Eyebrows and mouth twisted into a hideous snarl. He rattled his fingers against the dealing table. The cacophony made my ears go numb.
Then, I whispered my answer.
The man darted up, smiling back in anticipation. “I’m sorry, what was that?”
I closed my eyes, expecting the worst.
HIT ME!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.
Then, the last card was revealed:
A two.
I’d won!
My mouth dropped. The sheets of skin unfurled themselves and flattened over me. Two organ jars spilled over, their contents rising in a beam of white and torpedoing back into my body. Immediately, I yelped at the top of my lungs, skipping my heels and doing a jig. I regained my strength, instantly looking around for traces of my prize. For several minutes, I wasn’t able to uncover anything. Staring directly at the dealer’s face, I asked him to reveal my prize.
“I don’t have it with me.” He said, blankly.
Not listening, I scrutinized every inch of the room, looking behind his station, checking under the table, everything.
I searched everywhere for my prize, my happiness dissipating. With each step I took, my smile faded even further, twisting into a frown. My nose crinkled. “Where is the fifty million?” I demanded, overturning the table, ripping off the ornate paintings and yanking the tasseled rugs off the floor. “You promised me fifty million dollars if I beat you! Do you realize what’s gonna happen to me if I don’t get that money, you charlatan?!”
The strange man just stood there, not even acknowledging my pleas.
“YOU PROMISED ME MONEY! You’re a thief!” I roared, pointing an accusing finger at him. “I only did this for my wife, to save my marriage! I almost gave up my life trying to help my family out! How can you take that away from me?!”
The demon stuck his hands behind his back and shook his head. He rolled his eyes back in thought. Something was up with him. “You aren’t like the other gamblers.” He said.
“Other gamblers?” I said, stepping back.
“They all wanted the money for worthless things. A mansion with fountains and a view, hookers, a trip to Tahiti…” He paced around me. His face was rather relaxed and calm. Never once did he lose eye contact with me. “But you had so much determination to help your wife out that you would risk it all. I admire that. It took me a while to figure out that you were actually a kind hearted person.”
I saw red and tried to punch him. He grabbed my fist, shoving it back.
“Listen to me. I understand your rage. There never was a prize in the first place. It was nothing but a lure to capture those that wasted their lives away. But there is one thing that you don’t understand.”
I saw red and I thrusted my hands back. “You nearly killed me all for nothing?!”
“Yes, but that was before I saw you the way you really were. Listen to my words.”
Slowly, I relaxed my posture, but still remained firm. “Why should I listen to you?”
“I can help you out of your situation.” The man said.
My nostrils flared. “You owe me money you snake!”
“You never needed the money in the first place.”
Taken aback, I retreated. “What do you mean?” My arms relaxed once more.
“You are a plumber, aren’t you? I saw you come home from work, just barely catching a glimpse of your schedule. Forty hours a week for thirty-eight dollars an hour for five days a week. That’s $15200 a week for two weeks. You already have everything you need.”
“But you don’t understand. They need $18000!” I pleaded.
He wouldn’t budge. “Trying to earn this money via dumb risks and chances will not get you anywhere. Look at all the things that you’ve done wrong.”
Tears began to well up. “And I want to change that.” I wiped my eyes. “But what am I supposed to do now?”
“The only way you can earn that money is through grit and spit,” He said, walking around me. “You aren’t going to find solace through good luck alone. You have to work for it. And you already have the tools that some people don’t have. If you give up now, you might as well have lost. Think about it.” With those last words, he raised his hand and snapped it, disappearing without a trace. Slowly, I gathered my things and walked out of the casino, head hanging low.
The following day, I sat outside an old woman’s faucet, inspecting how to fix a leak. I wondered what the demon’s words meant to me. Before I stuck the wrench up to a U trap, I remembered my pay. If I worked the same amount of hours as before, I’d only make $15200. But if I pulled off some overtime and worked several extra hours, I might just be able to pay off my debts.
I started staying up much later than before. Not long after, my wife started to become suspicious. Eventually, she confronted me.
“Frank, you’ve been staying up late. Are you going back to the casinos again?” she asked, hands on her hips.
I closed my eyes. Instead of fear, calmness filled my veins and my blood stilled. “Not this time. I’ve been working overtime.”
Her face loosened up for just a moment before hardening back up. I held my hands up and motioned my palms downward. “Listen, I have been horrible lately. All my gambling did was drown us in deeper debt.”
Her expression began to soften up again, her frown vanishing.
“I want to change things. We used to work so well together, doing everything to help each other. Instead of fighting against each other, it’s time we made peace. And we bring us out of our debt, together.” I held out my hand for her to shake it. She kept her arm pulled back and folded like the pincer of a mantis. Inch by inch, she extended it and took it.
The following day, my wife convinced me to go to therapy to get out of my addiction, which I gladly obliged. Simultaneously, she decided to start up another job working as an electrician. Day by day passed and we pooled all our resources as one. Before our eyes, bills were paid and debt disappeared faster than eye floaters. Our financial status wasn’t the only thing that changed. Her once crusty mood lightened up and she began to smile more. She began to believe my words and began to respect the changes I made.
And then, we paid off our rent. We got a letter from our landlord, saying that we now were even. The moment that letter came in, we embraced each other. The only question now was, what were we going to do with this extra money?
Not too long ago, we ended up earning enough money to create another 3d project, this time of a Companion Cube. Day after day, we created more projects. Although we weren’t as happy as our days back in college, we still could make the best with what we had. In retrospect, the hat-faced man put up a good fight, but I managed to come out of a casino with more than I came in with. It wasn’t exactly money, but it wasn’t worthless, either.
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2023.06.10 16:33 H-A-T-C-H Radiator upgrade (99 civic ex automatic)

After a recent overheating scare (nothing big, bad cooling fan switch), I've been looking to replace my stock radiator with some sort of aluminum multi-core business.I know that just replacing this original radiator with a new OEM one would probably do just as much good, but I am fine with spending the extra dough juuuuuuust for some peace of mind.
Everything on the car is still stock and will remain that way for a good long time with the price of gas ever-increasing. But if I'm going to take the time to do the replacement myself, it might as well be something high quality with the potential to handle other upgrades. I was looking at mishimoto radiators, however they don't have one for automatics. It would require an additional transmission radiator thingy and I don't know if I really want to mess with that as well.
Any suggestions or insight would be much appreciated!
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2023.06.10 16:07 Mightknowitall What do you look for in a good welding supply shop?

Hi there welding! I am a part owner in an independent welding/industrial supply company and I was curious what everyone values most in a local welding supply company. Is it knowledge, customer service, price, proximity to you, what machines/brands they carry, etc?
We have been growing at an astonishing rate the last 5 years, and now we are looking at opening our second store. Mostly we have had success from our outstanding customer service and fair pricing (especially on gas), but I’m curious what people from other areas look for in a welding supply store. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 16:07 NatsumenCaps Commission prices & info

Commission prices & info
Currently OPEN for commissions and available for discussion via these few contact methods, after discussion I'll place you in the wait list.
  1. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) (strongly preferable), I highly recommend you read the my ToS below before e-mailing me to lessen any communication issues during and after the work process.
  2. Filling in the inquiry form at my website's front page
  3. For non-Twitch/YT branding related (character art/sheet, monster, background etc) if you would prefer you can fill in the google form for STYLE A-D, CHIBI, MONSTER, BACKGROUND ARTor STYLE E (COLOUR PALETTE) & STYLE F (SKETCH) only.
  4. You may request to DM me to discuss/ask for my availability but know that if we do work together it will still be much easier & better for me to send the full files to your e-mail so I'll still require your e-mail at the end of the commission process.
Active commission : 6 Wait list : 3
Links: Website, Foriio (all portfolio compilation), Twitter, Kofi, Twitch, Linktree (all of my links)

---Terms of Service---

  • Payment will be via PayPal ($USD) invoice.
  • First partial payment (exceeding $80, full payment for below $80) may be done after confirmation of discussion and pricing, I will send you an invoice and begin the sketching process after payment.
  • Purchases made is NOT refundable unless I choose to refund you for reasons of my own.
  • I will consider your commission cancelled (before project begins) due to lack of response and payment not made within 72 hours unless informed of a legitimate reason for the delay.
-Commission process-
  • Do provide visual references of relevance and as much detail in your inquiry regarding your commission.
  • Each time I send a WIP to a Client, I ask the Client to provide feedback to me.
  • Maximum revisions for minor changes is three.
  • Any major changes made AFTER COMPLETION of project, character design, OR confirmed sketches will be charged an additional $15, please communicate with me during the updates/work in progress phase.
  • I reserve the right to stream the progress of your commission at my Twitch channel if the schedule suits me so, if you do mind having your commission progress shown on stream please inform me in your inquiry.
  • I reserve the right to decline any commission that I do not see fit or not in compliance with my terms & work.
  • I would like to be informed if prompt communication via e-mail is not convenient for you, the Client. Informing me which platform where communication is easier via either Discord, Reddit, or Twitter will be highly appreciated.
  • Please keep conversations unrelated to the project at hand to a bare minimum, if not it may further delay progress of the project.☆Lack of cooperation and communication during the project whether intentional or not may result in blacklisting.
-Will draw-
  • Gore/Body horror, Horror, Creatures, Anthropomorphic/Furry, Pairings (same sex/het/etc), GW2, FFXIV, D&D/Tabletop, Original character, Armoured characters, Fanart, Muscled characters, Non-/Humanoid character
-Will not draw-
  • Mecha, NSFW (Sexual activity), Real life portrait, NFT, hate/political content
-Twitch/Youtube branding-
  • Size for overlays will be 1920x1080px, YT thumbnail 1280x720px, avatar 800px, logo A4 300dpi, PNGtuber within 1920x1080px
  • An additional $25+ will be charged for design works for new channel branding.
  • Additional charges may apply depending on complexity in detail (complex armououtfit, weaponary, visible tattoos, horns, wings, etc), character designing from scratch, and more than 1 character present on canvas.
  • Size for illustrations will be A4 (3508x2480px/2480x3507px) 300dpi png file, illustrations intended to be larger than this will require an additional charge.
  • Add background base price starting from $40+.
  • Default background for character art will be plain white or a simple base colour of commissioner’s choice.
  • Additional charges may apply depending on complexity in detail (complex armououtfit, weaponry, visible tattoos, horns, wings, etc), character designing from scratch, and more than 1 character present on canvas.
-​PayPal disclaimer-
  • All of my sales are "Digital Artwork" and it is the Artwork's "Intellectual Property" that is purchased by you.
  • Nothing is ever intended by either me or you (the Client), to be physically shipped to them.
  • I am not required to ever ship any item unless it was explicitly discussed.​
-Licensing & Redistribution-
  • A one-time fee minimum price increase 100% of the original price will be charged per art intended to be used for merchandise/commercial purposes with no obligation to pay me commission fees per sale, I reserve the right to charge more if I deem fit. You must inform me if you intended your commission to be used as such.
  • Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for non fungible tokens. Use of artwork for any advertising or profits associated with any blockchain-related technology, non fungible tokens, NFTs or cryptocurrency is PROHIBITED.
  • Clients are not permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of their commissioned artwork for AI art for personal AND profit purposes.
  • You're NOT allowed to use my work to make any form of hate content, political argument, religious beliefs, bigotry, etc.
  • You are NOT authorized to issue a chargeback for any reason.
  • If for any reason your PayPal account malfunctions or authorizes a refund request without your knowledge, you must contact me ASAP in order to resolve the issue.
  • Purposefully issuing a chargeback will result in immediate blacklisting for you as well as your e-mail address, and anyone sharing your PayPal account, including side accounts.
-​Rush fee-
  • Rush fees are at least +25% of the commission. Fees might vary depending on the project and timeframe provided.
  • Dates provided are subject to change, details are to be discussed should the client have set dates.
-Queue/Scheduling/Work speed/Deadlines-
  • I usually take up to 2-5 days to respond to your initial order inquiry.
  • Your commission will take approximately a minimum of two weeks to the longest three months (longer timeframe possible) depending on the workload and length of discussion during the project to complete due to other work that required priority too or personal real life matter. Feel free to contact me to inquire for status.
  • If you have a specific deadline please communicate with me about it prior to payment so I can rearrange my work schedule accordingly.
  • If you did not alert me to a deadline, you must not send reminders until 4 week's buffer period has passed. Reminders will be ignored if they relate to work that I have prioritized above your project, including other commissions and projects.
  • If due dates are discussed, it is also your (the Client) responsibility to ensure prompt communication. I will not be held responsible for late delivery.
  • You reserve the right to be notified of any delays.☆No harassment over my work speed will be tolerated, regardless of the time that has passed.
-Final product-
  • Files will be given within 48 hours after remaining payment per art(s) is done so please do not ask me to send files ASAP. Don't hesitate to inform me if you need me to send you the completed art(s) first if you're commissioning more than one art from me.
  • Please do not remove/crop my signature if present on the work I've made (exception on banner & avatar which auto crops images).
  • I reserve the right to use the commissions for my personal portfolio, unless requested by commissioner not to do so.
  • You may use the artwork for any community sharing websites, as long as you do not directly claim the artwork is done by you or selling the artwork. (Non-commercial purposes)
  • Please credit and link to either my website, Twitter, or Twitch under the name Natsumen.Caps.
  • Any comments that are rude, inappropriate, inflammatory, and/or non-constructive may result in blacklisting.

In contacting me I will assume that you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of service.

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2023.06.10 15:59 lafras-h Is this good advice for newbies?: Is this home-distilling hobby really for me?

The following is a modernized version of the advice given in the Newbies Corner of Aussie distiller forum https://aussiedistiller.com.au/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=3539 (dated 2013)- it follows the same sort of fictional dialogue with a lot of the original text but structured to include home continuous distillation as an option. I hope this is considered fair use – plz tell me what you think, which parts are good, bad, missing, or just plain wrong:
Is this home-distilling hobby really for me?
This is probably something you have been contemplating since you first read, heard, or watched a show about home distilling. As with most hobbies, you need to go over the pros and cons of why you want to get into it, and what kind of time and costs are involved in getting set up, and continuing the hobby. By the end of this write up you should have enough information to decide whether or not this is something for you!
What do you want to get out of this hobby? First things first. What do you want to get out of distilling?

Do you just want a quick and easy way to get alcohol?
Do you want to make a quality drop that will beat the price and taste of commercial products?

Think about that for a second, and when you're ready, we can move on.
- I know what I want!
Alright then! That is all fine and dandy, but I think we are getting ahead of ourselves.
Do you want to be an early adopter of cutting-edge modern technology or do you want to make it the old-fashioned way, like you may have seen on shows like Moonshiners?
So you want to use the bleeding edge of modern technology? Yes? Let's move on then.
What kind of price will I be looking at, you ask?
A smart, automated, micro air-cooled reflux continuous still will set you back $500 shipped.
- Holy s\**!*
Does that seem expensive to you? If so, you may want to re-think your options. But before that, think of it this way. That price pales in comparison to what you can spend on commercial products. For example, a quick search shows that $500 of alcohol is approximately 10 to 20 bottles of Jack Daniels depending on your country. Once you've finished that alcohol, that's it. You have to buy more. It ain't going to fill itself back up.
Now let's look at the still price again. $500.It's a once-off equipment price that you spend. From there on out you only pay for your ingredients, and you can make as much alcohol as you, your family, your friends, etc can ever think of drinking.
Okay, so after pondering that for a while and consulting the minister of finance, let's move on.
- Sorry, I don't want to spend that much!
Okay, so that's not for you.
-How about less technology and more work, is that less expensive?
Yes, It can be...
Do you want to make spirit that you can use as vodka, a base for gin, in mixes, or with essences designed to emulate commercial spirits, including whiskeys or brandy(a neutral spirit), or do you want to make traditional authentic whiskey/whisky/rum/etc (a flavored spirit)?
If you want to make a neutral spirit, your best bet is to go with a reflux still. We won't go into too much detail with the different types of stills as there is plenty of that around. We just want to work out whether or not you have the time and money to go the traditional route into this hobby.
If you want to make an authentic flavored spirit (whiskey/whisky/rum/etc) a pot still would be a good starting place.
So, have you decided what you want? Yes? Let's move on then.
- I want to make a neutral spirit!
Okay, so for making a neutral spirit, we want to go with a reflux still. This will make a neutral/flavorless spirit that you can mix with flavors. But don't get too ahead of yourself just yet.
If you don't have the skills to build your own, you will likely be looking at buying one. There are many online stores where you can get exactly what you want. They will be more than happy to recommend the best piece of equipment for your needs.
What kind of price will I be looking at, you ask? Going by some stores, a basic 2" reflux still and a boiler will set you back around ~$800 delivered.
- Double Holy s\**!*
Yes, sometimes new technology can do more for less money... but wait, if we go real old school the next option is a pot still.
Searching online you can find a small pot still for under $100, or you could DIY a keg still for under $150
.- That's more like it!
I thought it might be more appealing to you...What's the catch, you say?
Well, a pot still (and a reflux still to a lesser extent) needs a lot of manual mundane repetitive tasks and both need a lot of boring babysitting, watching it the whole time. Basically, block off a long weekend to run a decent haul. And half your garage...you need a lot of space to work in and you don’t want kids running around your still.
Also with a pot still you won't be able to make the quality neutral you would with a reflux or continuous still. That doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get close to a neutral spirit that could be used for flavoring, but if it was that simple, we would all be recommending the cheaper pot still.
A pot still is great for many recipes such as authentic bourbon, whisky, rum, etc. This essentially removes the need to purchase essences from your homebrew shop or mixes for your vodka.
- If I don't need to buy essences, then why would I even bother spending the money on a continuous still or even reflux still?
That's a good question. The reason people use a continuous still (or even reflux still) is because it is very easy to produce a product superior to what you can buy commercially (which was our original goal). Then you can use it as vodka, a base for gin, in mixes, or with essences designed to emulate commercial spirits, including whiskeys or brandy.
Making a simple, sugar wash, is almost failproof, running it through the continuous still is something anyone can manage. Much like reading instructions on the packet of 2-minute noodles.
If you want to make a rum/whisky/etc to run through a pot still, you will need to make a wash that requires experience, and a lot of extra work, whether that is adding grains to the fermenter, or even mashing the grains for a specific time and temperature, your risk of failure is significant when you have no experience.
We've covered the basic startup costs for each type of product so far.
The more expensive reflux still, the convenient continuous still, and the cheapest pot still. Now, that's not to say you can’t build a cheap reflux still (or find a used one for sale), but as a guide, that is what you are looking for in a nice quality still.
So, for argument's sake, you have a limit to spend on equipment and you have decided that you don't care, you're going to get a still no matter what.
-Okay. I've got my still decided. Do I get free alcohol now?
It doesn't quite work like that, sorry. Depending on the still you chose, you will need to make a wash to run through the still.
-Let me guess...more money?
Correct! You're learning fast. You will need a fermenter or a barrel that you can use to make your wash in. These pop up all the time on gumtree, eBay, etc or you might be able to pick one up for cheap (<$30) at your homebrew shop. Really it can be any size, but the bigger the better, you can always make half batches, but you cannot make more than what you have space for. HDPE 200L(55gal) barrels are cheap and handy.
-Easy enough...
Now, you can go to the homebrew shop and drop $10 on some turbo yeast, $10 on some sugar and go home and follow the directions, but chances are it won't be what you're looking for.
We like to use basic recipes that don't rely on a super-yeast that was designed for making fuel.
There are simple recipes such as a Tomato Paste Wash which can be made for <$10 and will make a nice neutral spirit when run through a continuous or reflux still.
-That sounds fine. I've read some recipes and know what I want. Now do I get that sweet nectar?
We're almost there. We've covered the basic costs of equipment and recipes, but we haven't covered the other cost. Time.
For starters, you need to ferment the wash. This can take anywhere from 3-14 days, or even longer, depending on the conditions you ferment in. We will keep that time range for now so you can get an idea of how long this whole process takes.
You've got your wash, it has fermented out, and you're reading to distill it! It's the big day! You're prepared to distill your first wash.
-What do I do now?
Well, this is where the cutting edge of modern technology starts making a big difference. With a smart, automated, micro air-cooled reflux continuous still, you just drop in the feed tube, drop your waste tube in a waste bucket, place your collection jars, and turn on the still, you can get this done in less than 5 minutes, then you come back later to collect a jar of your sweet nectar...That’s it! done! However...
With a pot or reflux still, to get that authentic traditional experience, set aside the whole day, and get a good book.
First, we need to siphon off the wash so you don’t put sediment in the boiler, once filled, get everything set up. This is the quickest part so far. If you are good, you can get this done in less than 15 minutes. After your condenser hoses are attached, the wash is in the boiler and the still is clamped on the keg, we can turn on our gas or electric element.
-Wooo! Finally!! Wait.. my condenser hoses?
For a pot or reflux still, you will need a water supply to cool the alcohol vapors as they come out of the still. This can either be your garden hose or a pump in a rainwater tank or container. Obviously, these are more costs that you need to factor in. A pump is good for recirculating water, but then you need to invest in a pump ($50) and you need a container to hold a large volume of water. ($50+). Or if you want, you can run it straight out the tap, but that can get wasteful.
Obviously an air-cooled continuous still does not need water, it uses the incoming wash for most of the cooling.
-Okay, that's easy enough. Now, back to the distilling. So, how long will it be? 30mins? An hour?
If only...We need to discuss a couple more things first.
Stripping runs and Spirit runs.
-Who and what?!
A stripping run is a process of stripping all the alcohol out of your wash to create "low wines". This process depends on the type of still you run but can take anywhere from 2-6 hours. Maybe more. Once you have stripped the wash, you put your "low wines" back into the still for the spirit run.
A spirit run is a process of making a good quality end product out of your low wines. This process also depends on the equipment and can take anywhere from 4-12 hours. When you are finished, you will have something that is drinkable, once diluted to a sane ABV%.
-Okay, so that is a lot longer than I thought. Can't I just do a spirit run and not strip it?
Yes, you can. But even in a reflux still, you might not get as good a spirit as you would from doing a stripping run first, but it is possible to do and you will save the time of doing multiple runs. This is something that relates back to the first couple of questions of whether you want something easy or something that will be of great quality.
Fortunately a continuous still solve this stripping/spirit run dilemma as it includes a stripping run section (“Analyzer”) and a spirit run section (“Rectifier”) all in one still so it can run from an un-cleared wash without a need for siphoning to a something that is of great quality, all in one go – so easy - no fuss.
-Well, for a pot or reflux still that is a long process. Can I just start it up before work and when I come home turn it off?
No, no, and no!
Pot and reflux stills are manual batch stills, you have a lot of ethanol all boiling at vapor temperature, and a failing water line or leak can quickly fill the room with enough ethanol vapor to reach an explosive level(LEL). The still is dumb and cannot watch itself. You must watch the still and be in eyesight range at all times. You need to routinely check your water flow and your distillate flow rate (a sudden drop may indicate a leak or lack of water) You need to be there if anything goes wrong, and you need to change over the collection jars when they get full. And you need to switch off before the boiler boils dry - so no drinking and passing out on the job!
The traditional tools of this hobby require full involvement. If you can't make the commitment to spend a day with your pot and reflux still, you might want to consider a smart, automated, micro air-cooled reflux continuous still, it is both intrinsically safe (only boils a tiny amount of ethanol at a time, the feed is the coolant so if the coolant stops then so does the feed) and is fully automated (it is smart and watches itself). You can even set the run time so it won’t overflow the collection jar when it gets full. So you can set it up, so you can run a 200-liter barrel and all you do is spend 2 minutes a day to take off almost 2 liters of 90% ABV each day for 10 days, and if you forget a day it will automatically stop itself before it overflows or runs dry.
-Alright. So I know what I want to use, the wash I want to make. Is there anything else this will cost me?
There are a few other things you will need.
  1. An alcometer to measure your alcohol strength. *recommended
  2. A hydrometer to measure your wash sugar content. *Optional
  3. Privacy. You don't want everyone and their dog to know what you are doing! This is your little secret.
  4. Time and patience. This isn't a hobby that happens overnight. There is a lot of reading and questioning. There is a lot of time that will be spent just waiting for the wash to finish, or the still to do its thing.
-Are we done yet?
Yes. If you have gotten to this point, and you have still decided that you want a still even after all the costs and time involved, then you are on your way to a great hobby. As I have said throughout the write-up, we have only just touched the surface of the distilling world. There is a library worth of information that you can read, and most likely will need to read to get on your way to a final product.
Read through the topics in the sidebar and posts to learn more about the types of stills and how they work, keeping in mind the prices involved in getting them set up.
We don't want to scare you off, because we love doing this, it is very rewarding to sit down after a long day, sip on something that you have put money and time into, and just think "I made this." The feeling doesn't get any better.
You get to make exactly what you want, how you want, and for a cheaper cost than the stores, it just takes time and a start-up investment. I would like to personally wish you luck with your decision and hope that you take as much pride in your product as we all do here. Remember, read, read, and read. Ask, ask, and ask some more. You will find everything you will need here and more. Don't be afraid to ask a question, but most of the "beginner" questions you might have will be found right here.
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